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By April

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Right about now. All right. Welcome, everybody to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 330. Today is the 10th of March 2021. We got almost everyone here, maybe her nominal show up here in a couple of minutes. We got a couple of announcements today some things we want to go over and then we are going to get into the questions but want to say hi, real quick. Get everyone. See how they're doing. If you're watching, by the way, go ahead and let us know how you're doing. If you're watching live, you can pop that right on the page. Say hello. Let us know what's going on. So I'll just go down my list here. I see Chris is first. So Chris, how are you doing today? Good. Glad to be here. Super excited.

Yeah, can't complain. Whereas getting actually spring is almost here. Like is where it's being really good here.

So I can't wait to actually gonna lift the lockdowns at some point, hopefully. And it's all outside time. Very nice. All right. Marco, how about you How you doing today? Let me see. Let me see. Let me see.

I started going off into that fake background, that fake co story comes back. It's impossible for it to be this nice. 365. But you've seen it tight. It's been actually March, February, we came to this house in February of last year, just before we got locked out. And you guys have seen it live for 52 weeks. It is what it is, man. It's beautiful. I keep telling people, it's the price I pay for the life I live, this is what I choose. This is not where I have to be. This is where I choose to be. If you want that moment if you want that. It's called the POFU position of Fuck you. We do POFU Live, where we go in and we have a bunch of experts giving presentations, then there's me giving you my mindset and not that I'm calling myself an expert. I just, it's what I do. For both, we'll try to get you in the right mindset so that you go and do the things that you need to do. And that you have to do. In order to be able to do the things that you want to do is funny how that works out. First, you have to do and you need to do. And then you can do whatever you want. Because you're in that position where you can decide whatever it is that's best for your life. So just fantastic. And we were just talking about how it is that we're going to do it. And that's coming.

Not only is that coming but I'll just tease it a little bit Syndication Academy. Syndication Academy is in the can, the videos are recorded. We have 300 website updates to go through or over 300 there's a couple of them that the syndication Academy, I don't know what to say she's just a fantastic director, we'll just call her the instructor, the syndication Academy, instructor, the person who's going to be guiding the person who's going to be giving you support in Facebook to be in there daily, supporting the group. It's an overhaul, it's a complete overhaul, it's a complete, completely different idea. The concept stays the same, you have to expand your entity, expand that footprint. let Google know everything that belongs to your entity, make it known, make it better hook it up altogether, so that the power flows the way that it's supposed to. syndication Academy is fantastic.

Our trainer, instructor, she's fantastic. She will be up to giving you webinar updates every month, he'll come up to three websites.

And again, she'll be in the Facebook group, I think it's going to totally rock, and you guys for you guys wondering because somebody did ask me. Well, if you guys do it in syndication, Academy networks, and MGYB. Well, then why should I buy Syndication Academy? Well, I just said that we will be having 300 Well, looking through 300 websites to see how they can be manipulated, manipulated, and added into the syndication networks that we built. Our VA is It'll take a while for them to catch up. And if we do offer the service we can offer everything that we will be adding to syndication Academy, we always had what's most important what we think you must have, as far as that footprint goes as far as that entity, but there are others and we're going to have fantastic opportunities like when we came across.

Now, it's slipping my mind, but, oh boy, when we added all of the weekend and all the drive stacks, all of the folders and pro trees. Yeah, yeah. came across that and it was fantastic. And there wasn't originally in it. It was a webinar update. And that became part of the syndication networks, or part of the ad ID, and yeah. I mean, it's just a fantastic website. So all of those will be coming. There's plenty of other website websites out there. So as a matter of fact, I was telling you guys yesterday one of the ones that already in the can, is a fantastic website. So fantastic semantic hub. And it's just a really novel way to approach SEO. Yeah. Bradley coined that will be with us. She's fantastic again and so I'm really really looking forward to working with her on expanding and making syndication Academy way better than what it is and it's fantastic already.

Oh, Stan, I got nothing to add on to that I wanted to make sure we touched on it, it's coming up and I just put on the Early Access opt-in so if you want to be first to be notified, there's definitely going to be something special for people who are on the early access list. So if you're pumped about Syndication Academy you just want to find out more you're thinking hey this may be for me maybe for my client's good way to make money a way to get more exposure better rankings more traffic all that hop the early access list. If you're not watching this live and you're checking it out on YouTube just go to semantic mastery comm slash each D questions and you can find the link there and get that all taken care of.

Let's see as I go through here realize we haven't said hello to Mr. Johnny come lately also known as her non How's it going, buddy? I'm good, man. I'm banging on the door. And it's rainy and cold outside and you guys won't let me in, dripping wet on the outside looking in. Yeah, man. Come on. Let me in. I'm good, man. I'm happy to be here. Outstanding. Last but not least Bradley, how you doing? I'm good, man. Happy to be here. It's freaking warm. All of a sudden, Virginia. And it's like 70 degrees, almost 70 degrees outside. It's crazy. It's like, you know, three days ago, it was cold. And I had sweatshirts on and space heaters up here. And now it's like,

oh, that time of year, man spring is around the corner. And I'm happy about it. That's things get really busy for my tree. Contractors come springtime and stay that way all the way through fall. So I'm looking forward to this season for sure. Nice. Nice, nice. Well, Bradley, we had a cool conversation all of us did with somebody yesterday. So you mentioned the cold email mastery course that you went through. And you mentioned that on Hump Day hangouts last week, and we ended up hooking up with Daniel, yesterday and talking to him. So you might tell people a little bit about what we might end up what they might see from you and him. Yeah, we so I mentioned a really good cold email course that I picked up about, I don't know, maybe three weeks ago now. And it was really good, and it's inexpensive. There's a ton of value for what you pay for it. And I'm not gonna mention it now, because we're going to talk about it when with Daniel, I'm going to jump on a call with a video call with Daniel over the next two weeks or so. And he's going to go through his methods that he teaches in the training and how to specifically apply it because he does email marketing for all kinds of stuff.

This Stuff Works
But he's going to talk about how to apply his methods specifically for prospecting for clients, for consultants in for agencies. And so I think that's going to be really valuable. It's not going to be a live webinar, he and I are going to jump on and just him and I are going to banter back and forth. And he'll go through some demonstrations that are all be recorded. And then we're going to present that to you guys. Again, I picked it up for myself and I was blown away by I thought it was really, really good. Let's put it that way. And so Adam reached out to him and got it set up. And we had a meeting with him yesterday. And he's stoked in real cool guys a lot like Marco and that he's not politically correct when it comes to speech and it's great. I love that kind of instruction. And so it's real punchy, real to the point no fluff and all that. And so I'm looking forward to having a video call with him that we can bring to you guys. For those of you that are looking to generate more clients for your business. It's a really good strategy.

Awesome. Yeah. And I'll just say for those of you who are listening, and again, if you're not live, you can leave this on the replay on YouTube, if you guys have any questions about cold emailing. So b2b is what this is, right? You're not just emailing people, you're emailing references as an agency. If you've got any questions, pop them in there, you know, and if we can, we'll work those in and get those answered, because he's got a lot of background in that. I know Bradley. I mean, most of us, I think, have at least some experience, but Daniel certainly got a lot so that you know, just a quick met note for internal processes, we might want to post in our groups, a little survey about questions about cold email, prospecting, post them here and we can incorporate that into the video call I do within Yeah, that's a good idea. Yeah, Bradley, just let me know when you're gonna when you guys set up the call, and I'll do that a couple of days before. So. Real quick. Before we jump into questions, just want to say to everyone if you're new to SM and MGYB, I know we get new people. We see that a lot of people commenting and we love it. We know there are more people out there who just watched and that's cool too. But if you're wondering where to get started

The best place to you'll hear us talking about stuff like the SEO shield and syndication networks and all this other stuff. But go to the SEO shield, comm grab that it free training, find out how you can shield your site, don't worry about algorithm updates. And you'll find out a little bit more about what we're talking about why this stuff makes sense how it works, and then where you can get it. So as Marco mentioned, you can go get this stuff done for you, if you want, that's great, go to mgyb.co, if you want to more, maybe understand the nuts and bolts or build your own team and start building this stuff out, then, of course, you know, we have the training available as well. Beyond that, if you want to find out more about getting repeatable SEO results, you can grab the battle plan of battle plan dot semantic mastery com. If you're looking at an agency or you're a consultant, and you want to grow and become an agency to x, your agency comm is the place to be, and then last but not least, if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, or for some people, they're brick and mortar and they want to expand the online side, the mastermind is the place for you. You can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And with that, I think we should dive into the questions unless you guys got anything else.

No excited about the Syndication Academy launch. I'm going to be spending some time this upcoming weekend going through a lot of the training that SEO is recorded, you know, to provide some feedback and stuff and it's gonna be pretty, I'm pretty excited about it. Because, you know, it's been a few years since we've updated it. And this has been completely redone as Marco said, with just a ton of sites that we're going to be expanding the foot, you know, entity footprint with. So as he's going to be doing a training on each one of those sites, and that'll be the monthly updates, or maybe even bi-weekly updates, depending on what we decide, because of the sheer number of sites that we have to expand upon. probably end up doing bi-weekly webinars in the Facebook group for that. So anyway, just looking forward to that, guys, if you have any questions about it, let us know. Otherwise, let's get into questions.

Let's do it.

got quite a few.

I think this is the newest one. We still don't have the dates and times on here. Let me see. It should be right after I commented I think Jared Yeah, it was one Conrad is just before that. I don't think we got to his.

Does All Of The MGYB Services Work For Non-English Sites?

Yeah, we did. Actually, you bounce. Okay. You had a call? Yeah. You had a call come in? And I answered that. But I was looking for you to reply to that one. Anyways, I said that we don't do anything in non-English, but from what I understand applying non-English or English drive stacks to non-English sites will still benefit. Is that correct?

That was the question. I mean, yeah, Hernan and I worked on a Swedish website. Also, what we did is we actually went and had the team do it in English. And then the guy who was working as he translated it into Norwegian or Swedish, whatever it was.

This Stuff Works
So I mean, it works perfectly well. If you take the time to go then to then go in and target your language might not even have to, because what we're looking for is relevance, the AI should be able to make the connection that is basically the same.

So yeah, I mean, the answer to that is, I don't see why you can't get the MGYB services, we don't do it in your language, we will do it in English, and it's up to you to go in. For example, syndication network, it's up to you to go in and translate the profile, but it won't take that long for the descriptions and everything else.

So that would be my suggestion, you go in and or you hire someone better yet, go into Upwork or something like that, and hire a translator to translate everything so you don't have to, you can go concentrate and focus on something else.

There you go.

What Are Your Thoughts On AI Content Like Marketmuse, Frase, And Menterprise?

Alright, so Gerrards up first, for this week. He says, what are your thoughts on AI content with stuff like market news res enterprise, etc? Is it fine to use our money site with some manual editing and manually added content? Yeah, I mean, I use phrase.io is the tool that I've been using?

And yeah, I mean, I would, for money site stuff, I wouldn't just, you know, use the content that it pulls back or creates without manually editing it. Maybe for link-building stuff. You could but I wouldn't do that on the money side. I would still manually edit stuff.

But yeah, I mean, it's I think phrases are good too. I haven't used any others. So I don't know. But I do actually use sprays for some of my projects as well. So what about anybody else in length is a go-to because of the way that we can relate the entity, the way that we can work with the entity and focus and I'm not going to go in-depth in that because

That's something that was presented in POFU live. And I'm not going to share it out of purple light, but the way that he focuses the entity, not only within links but another tool.

Man, I'm slipping today because I'm presenting all of the software that we use SEO surfer or surfer SEO. So the way that that those two are used in conjunction, you can even put phrases in there. And there's quite a few other software as a service SaaS software that you can use and really, really getting great content. Now what you get is a, or what you should be getting is a template, if it's for your money site. And then you would use that template to write your content, I wouldn't use what you're given directly, I would edit it and make sure that that is hyperfocus for the bot. That's how we do use the content. That's how the VA was trained to use the content.

So the follow-up to that was can this be used to automate curation for our blogs the way Bradley does it? Thanks a lot. Again, I wouldn't, you know, yes, you can use it to help kind of like, you know, augment, or supplement the blog posting for curated content, because it will actually pull in content based upon a search query or a question.

This Stuff Works
And it will pull in the top results. And, you know, so yeah, you can use that to help with curating content. But I wouldn't use it again, not for money. So I would I use that as like, automated content production. Right, I wouldn't do it for that, not for money site, all of the content that I, you know, for my clients is manually curated by my bloggers. So we don't use any automated fashion. Now. I mean, you can streamline and make manual curation a lot more efficient. For example, we started doing social posting for tree contractors. And so we've been developing out the Feedly account, feed the pro account with a ton of content, I've been paying my one of my bloggers by the hour to just find and collect good content that's relevant in all different types of categories, specific to tree services and landscaping.

And it's crazy because, like, Feedly, has what they call, I think it's called Leonard, meet Leonard or something like that, anyway, it's, it's some sort of AI system that's built into it. And so when you like, save content articles into a content board and Feedly, then you can go through and select, you know, certain pieces of content that are in that board and tell Leo to go find content like that in overtime, it's machine learning, right? It trick, you can train the AI inside of Feedly to go out and find content that matches what you've trained the bot to do. And it's really cool because it will auto-start automatically finding content and adding it to your content boards or your pool of available content that can be used for curating. And so we'd like in just the last three weeks have amassed quite a library of content that's categorized in specific categories, like, you know, tree services, General tree services, spring tree services, summer tree services, autumn tree services, winter, you know, and so on, and so forth through various categories. And it's great because it's giving us like this, basically, almost unlimited. And once you train Leo to go out and find content, similar content, it's basically unlimited content that you can use for curating. So it makes it a hell of a lot more efficient to curate manually, when all you got to do is click into a Feedly content board and find articles that you can use for support content, for supporting content for art for blog posts. So again, I don't do anything automated, except for perhaps finding content. Everything else is done manually, but in a very efficient manner, which is what Content Kingpin is all about. It's still the same processes we use, there's just Feedly has improved drastically over the last couple of years, especially with the addition of AI machine learning. So, you know, those are some of the things that I would recommend.

And yes, you can curate content and focus it on the entity and focus on the entity also, it works really well in conjunction with the Content Kingpin, all of the software that we mentioned earlier.

What Is The Best Way To Build Lead Gen Properties?

Alright, so the next question says, looking to get into lead gen and I have a nice domain I found aimed at contractors nationally, what's the best way to go about building lead gen properties? these days? Would you just get a GMB and do a mass page? Thanks, guys. I mean, if you didn't get a GMB, it's still in my opinion, the best way to do Legion.

Good luck with that. It's very difficult to get GMBs right now.

It's really hard to do much of anything with GMBs right now. I found as far as new ones are making edits and stuff Google's real estate suspension happy. So I would be really careful. And good luck trying to get it. I mean, I hope you can, but I know it's been difficult to get GMBs recently or last for the last few months. So what do you say, Marco? Well, the spammed listings are not only hard to get, but hard to keep are the key. Because when you get them, as soon as you start going and making changes, Google suspends it. And then they make you show paperwork they make you re-verify, which is the whole point. I mean, their whole point they want to know if you're in legit.

And if you can't re-verify you can't show the paperwork, then you can't get it back. I mean, it just doesn't make sense to try to recover something that you know, isn't legitimate in the first place. makes absolutely no sense, however, are the method that you've always shown the Semantic Mastery way, which is going to peel box with street address still works really well. Those will sometimes get suspended. Yeah, even that, but it's less likely to get suspended.

Oh, guys, I'm not gonna mention the companies. But be really careful when you're using an API to publish content into your GMB to publish schedule content. Because some of those have a muddy IP. Google has tagged it with suspicious activity and it's a really good way to get suspended. So be really careful what it is what you're doing, what it is that you're doing with those. To this day. The original training in local GMB process, add a manager Never Never again go back in as the owner, I stand by that. I've only had one, one GMB suspended with a manager. So out of all of this out of everything that we've been doing, the way that has worked for me, the original training in local GMB Pro, you add a manager and let the manager go in. And it's like, well, I'm not gonna go through the whole training. But try not to make any changes once you've sent for the pin. Once you have that pin lie should never go in again, except for tempos, and add pictures. And that's it. Never again do anything else no changes, because it will get suspended if you make major changes, especially the NAP category that attend any of those even slight changes. I once added a video to one of the VA added one I added a video. And it wasn't even any it's not anything major adding a video and they got suspended. But then again, it wasn't something that was truly legit. It was, and as a matter of fact, the post office box was through with street address, but we recovered it, we were able to recover that. Wow. So just be really careful. Just be really careful what you do because Google is out for blood to right now. They're suspending a whole bunch of them. And they'd rather suspend you and have you legitimize the GMB then to not suspend you and let you get away with an illegitimate or spam. GMB. That's the way that they're doing this right now.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and you know, it's interesting because I had a client or I have a client excuse me that when I plugged it into a GMB post scheduler through the API, it showed that there was like no physical address associated with the GMB and it was weird. And so, I actually reached out to GMB support and I was wondering why I was having such a hard time getting the GMB to move correctly or move like Porter respond to the things that I was doing to it like they normally do. And once I discovered that there was an incorrect back end, a physical location associated with it, or really not at all in one when I plugged in the API will show you and by the way, you can figure that out. Where the location is of a GMB by plugging it into something like right local as a geo grid search report tool now. So if you get the cid for service area business GMB URL and plug it in, it'll show you the center point where it where it's where Google thinks that the business is registered. And it's interesting because this was like the way out in the middle of like, nowhere, it was weird. It was like, like in a park or some shit. Like seriously, like, like, some crazy big national park or something. There's nothing there. No buildings ran. And so I'm wondering why it wouldn't respond. And when I plugged in an API, that's what revealed that to me. And that's when I started like wrecking realizing that some GM bees don't have on the back end and actual physical location tied or it's incorrect for especially for service area businesses. So anyway, I contacted Google support. And they said, go ahead and change your like I got this reply back from Google support and said go ahead and add the GMB or the address even though it was a service area business. They said go ahead and add the address. But it's likely going to end support told me this is likely going to trigger re-verification. And so I contacted the client and I said, this is what they replied. I say we go ahead, do it because the maps listings not responding the way that they should be. And I feel like we're gonna constantly be fighting an uphill battle, they said, go ahead and do it. So I did it. And fortunately, in that case, because they have a physical location that was verifiable, all that was required, though, was the postcard, just use standard us mail verification. And within seven days or so we had the card verified, and it's responding better, it's still going to take a little bit of time, but it's coming back. So if you can't like well, Marga said, If you can't reverify something, don't even bother trying is really the point.

So the follow-up questions, would you just get GMB into the mass page? I don't do mass page stuff, period. I just don't I don't like to do it. It's not that it can't work. It might work. But I'm not the person to ask her. I don't know that we are maybe Marco can shed some insight on it. Land Solutions Network is a mass page built with WordPress like the front end was WordPress pages. Mass page builder, it's there to the public. It's there for people to spam to report. It gets the UCI to get leads to this day because I post them in the group whenever so one comes in, we're in a place where I'm not working. I post one from Hawaii the other day, I posted another one from Arizona, there was some from Florida that I that Chris Pillman got Chris G got some.

So if you do it right, there's a reason why mass-paid build can't work. But it just requires a little bit more work than what people are willing to put in a kind of in air quotes to kind of legitimize to build.

Would The RSS Masher Cause Footprint Issues If You Use The Same Account That Has Adsense & Affiliate Codes?

Hector's obviously I saw your old webinar about David Nelson's RSS masher and eager to access it. Would it cost footprint issues though if I use the same AdSense or affiliate code for each site? Or set I get a separate account for each? I don't know about AdSense? I just don't say I don't do anything like that. So I just don't know. Does anybody here have an answer for him about that?


This Stuff Works
Sorry, I can't answer that. I just don't know. Um, as far as AdSense, I don't think affiliate code would cause a problem. I don't know because again, I just don't do affiliate stuff, guys. I haven't even attempted affiliate marketing in two or three years other than occasionally we do a promotion for Semantic Mastery. I just do local stuff. So I suddenly he wants to use RSS masher, to push content into multiple websites. And in those multiple websites, he is going to use the same AdSense code from the same account. That's what he's asking, Oh, that looks like a really good way to lose your account. Well, there you go. So you have an answer. That's what I was asking. I don't know. I mean, I don't really it to me. That doesn't seem like a very good idea. Yeah. And it's not something that it does. I mean, it seems like the footprint is the AdSense code, Google picking that out?

And then you'd have a problem with Google suspended the account?

Yeah, I don't know. There's got to be I'm sure there's some groups and Facebook and shit like that, that where people do a whole bunch of heavy AdSense stuff that would that would be what I suggest or even go to YouTube and do some searches, I'm sure you can find the answers you're looking for this is probably just not the place for Hector. And it's just not something that really any of us do. So that's why we can't answer that one.

What's The Best Way To Monetize Autoblogs Safely?

He says, What's the best way to monetize these auto blogs safely? Would it be good to buy phone-verified Gmail accounts and run them in isolated browsers for this purpose? Thanks for all the great SEO stuff. Yeah, I mean, I think that's good practice anyway, I mean, for example, I'm still using a browser to the old desktop version.

It still works if you right-click and open system Chrome. That's the only way that it works. But it works. And I got, you know, dozens and dozens and dozens of profiles in there. And I don't even change IPS, like it's all just my IP, but it keeps the browsing sessions and gross ghost browsers want another one's called session box. That's one that I'm looking into. If I eventually switched from browser to eventually I will probably try the session box. I know ghost browsers. Good. We've talked about that a lot, a little bit more expensive, but I know it's really good. So I think it's best practice to do that anyway to keep sessions in browsers specific to accounts and that kind of stuff. But you know, so yeah, having different Gmail accounts associated with each one of those projects. I think it's probably a pretty, pretty wise thing to do. You asked me. Does anybody want to comment on that? No, I totally agree. That's that would be the same thing to do. Isolate each account. Yeah. So you don't get tagged for any sort of footprint.

Is There A Way To Get A Virtual Office Address For A Service Business To Get Citations And GMB?

Okay, next one man in the SEO says, Hey, guys got a question about citations for a business that operates in different countries like the US and Canada. I would like to secure some citations from other countries but the business doesn't have a physical office there as they are a service business. Is there a way to get a virtual office address so I can get citations? And potentially GMB if not a GMB citations would be plenty. Thanks for your help. Um, yeah, I mean, again, I think having a GMB is great.

For many reasons, if you could get a second location for it, like in the, you know, as you said, I guess we're in Canada, for example, if you don't have a physical office in Canada, physical office, excuse me, or location in Canada, but you would like to build citations there as well, then yeah, you can add a second location as long as, as we just mentioned, already today, many times, if you can get a verifiable address, that's what I would recommend. It's, you know, it would certainly help. And then you could have two sets of citations. I would tie that to a set separate that the second GMB, I would tie it to a location page specific for that second location. In other words, you don't want if you've got to GMB, right, you don't want both GMB is pointing to the same page, like the root domain or the homepage of the site.

This Stuff Works
Because that could cause some ambiguous ambiguity, right, some NAEP issues. So it would be because it's going to be the same company name, right. And so as long as you have only one data point, and name, address, and phone number as the same or website URL, because it's really four points, right, we always call it an NAP name, address, and phone number, but also includes the website address. So there are really four data points. And as long as you're not, you're not sharing more than one data point across those four, then you can do that. So in other words, if the company name is going to be the same, which it should be, unless you added a location modifier to the company name, which you can do, but if you want to keep the company the same in both locations, that's fine. But then you should have a separate physical address, a separate phone number for each location, and a separate web page. So if you have a primary one, that the website URL is tied to the home or the route, you know, the homepage or the routing domain, that's perfectly fine. But on the second location, you should have the website tied to a specific location page for that location. Does that make sense? So again, you want to only have one common data point across those for the name, address, phone number, and website, or else you can create any IP ambiguous ambiguity issues, which will cause both locations to not rank as well. That makes sense. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Yeah, I mean, you can get virtual office addresses all over the US that you can rent an office and have the postcard physically mailed that to that address. There are multiple ways to do that. I mean, there's even a Craigslist that you can use for that. I mean, Craigslist. It's worked for me in the past that I tried. Like, not too long ago, I tried one in New York City and got a dormant to get me a verified GMB. So you can still be done because you just have to be creative about how you go and get them to kind of legitimize what it is that you're doing. And understand that if you lose it, it's spam. There's nothing you could do. Try it at first, you don't succeed, try it again.

So that would be the only way I can think I would know nothing about Canada to know how the post office works there, whether you could get one there. But you could still get someone to verify a business for you. Or those virtual offices, man, virtual offices, they work really well. Yeah, Chris Genie was he provided me or I don't have it to share with you guys. I'd have to go search for it. But there are virtual mailbox services now that, you know, you can register a physical location, right, so to speak, and they'll receive the mail and scan it and send you an email with the images of the mail. So you might want to try I've never tried that. To be honest with you. I've never tried it. So I don't know if that would work or not. But you know, it's worth a shot, right? So you might want to consider that.

Can We Take The URLs From AWS For The Images And Build Tiered Web 2.0s To Pass Juice To The Money Site?

Right, next is Phineas and Ferb. Okay. Hey, so I'm wondering if we are using AWS or another cloud provider like Microsoft, for CDN? Can we take URLs from AWS and all our images and build tiered web 2.0s to them to pass us to the money site? Or could this cause a penalty? Curious to get your opinions? You know, that's an old tactic. Jimmy Kelly talked about that way back in I think 2000. And what was it 14 when I went to the certification, networking power certification, I think it was 2014? Anyways, he was talking about that way back then when we were doing domain authority stacking, RYS, which worked like freakin gangbusters back then it was crazy how good that worked. And that's what we would do like subdomain manipulation and all kinds of stuff that we would do.

And that was one of the things that I remember was taught way, way back then, which was seven years ago now was taking the CDN URLs and using those like for images and files and all that and just hammering them with backlinks and pushing domain authority into the entity or the root domain at that point, we weren't really talking about entity based SEO then. And it worked. I don't know if that still would have much of an effect now, because I just don't really do domain authority stalking anymore. We, we do our methods, which is about relevancy, and entity and art.

So I don't know if that would work or not. What do you think Marco? Yeah, I don't see why you wouldn't. Because you're building tiered web two dot O's to pass link power through. So the tiered web $2 would absorb most of it. Or if you're building it into the AWS or Microsoft, or whatever the CDN of choice is.

It would still absorb, like any of the negative.

But I mean, to me, nothing like Google, nothing works like Google. That's why we're in the belly of the beast, not Google doesn't trust anything like it trust Google. So we'll stay in there for as long as we can until we can't, and then we'll figure out something else. Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Hey, it's worth a test. Yeah, sure. I mean, all of these people come, and they come with these ideas, these theories? And the standard answer is, try and see, the only way that you would know is if you try to see because if you have us, or you wait for us, in the heavy hitter club, of course, if you wait for us to try, we have a long list of things to try, because we're already getting result. And so what we would have to do is put it on the list, because it isn't necessary with what we're doing right now the system that we have in place.

And how we do it, we get results time. And again, it's a repeatable process that we've built, that works, period. So to build all of these different things, right now, it doesn't make sense, because we don't really need them. It's nice to have them in the chamber in case something happens. And so we do have all of these other things that we could turn to if something happens, but right now, it just isn't necessary and hasn't been for me for quite a while. But going on six years now that we've been using our methods and our system and the way that we do things.

Does Your Selection Of The GMB Service Area Option Have Any effect On Geographical Search In The 3-Pack?

That's right, so Gordon's up what's up, Gordon, it's been a while he says, Hey, guys, I need your help. And two quick questions. Does the GMB service area you select in your GMB listing have any effect on the geographical search area that gets Google to show your listing in a three-pack it does to a degree.

You know, Google tightened its proximity filters. A shit year and a half ago now. Time flies, I guess it's been a while. But it used to be that. Yeah, you could get your maps in the show in your designated service area. Relatively easy, right? If it wasn't that difficult, especially for like, again, tree contractors typically have a very big service area, like multiple counties. And so I would list all that, right. And a lot of the times I could get for some of the GMBs that were really powered up really authoritative, they would rank three cities away, right? Like because it was, you know, might be in an adjacent county altogether, right. And it was crazy. Um, but that'll kind of change. A year and a half ago now, maybe two years ago, whatever, whenever the proximity filters got a lot stricter or tighter, narrower, so to speak. And so now it's a lot more difficult. Yes, it can still be done. But it takes a lot of effort. And time, cumulative effort, in other words, in order to get that to occur, and that's what we teach it local GMB Pro. So, you know, it is possible, but it does take consistent, repeated effort in order to end in a very specific way in order to do that. So what I'm saying is, is you can put a large service area, right, and it might be relevant to that business, but Google is likely only going to show the maps listing for people that are in close proximity at the time that they search for that service, unless you can force it to, you know, Marco, I suppose, expand the centroid by doing the methods that we teach in local GMB Pro. But it's difficult to do that. I mean, it's not that it can't be done. It certainly can. But it's difficult to do that. So, you know, again, Google is going to really show the maps listing to people that are in close proximity when they're searching, especially if there are other businesses, like if it's a very obscure business, that there's not a lot of other companies that provide that product or service, then yeah, you can get maps listing to appear from I mean, you know, 10s or hundreds of miles away even That's true, but it's very rare. If it's a type of business that is common, then and there are multiple providers within you know, you know, there are multiple competitors, I should say, then it's, then it's likely that the Google My Business profile is not going to show up in adjacent towns because of the proximity filter, and that's what I've been experiencing. So I typically now really just focus in on an immediate local area, at least initially, and once I start getting that to rank then we start targeting, you know, expanded areas through content marketing, GMB posts, and all that other stuff that we teach in the local GMB pro market. What do you say? activity, relevance, trust, and authority, right? The more trusted and authoritative you become, the more that the centroid will expand. How you do that is in local GMB Pro, there has to be a reason why Google will display you to someone that further away than that they should be. There has to be a reason for that proximity factor not to kick in. We did that with the DC plumber, right? It's a case study in RYS Academy Reloaded.

This Stuff Works
But it works perfectly well here where we built such massive trust and authority into that, that it became the keyword for the niche. And so because it has that trust and authority, it gets displayed to people outside of what you would expect the radius to be from the Business Center, the way that we did it. As I've said before, in New York City was a bike messenger server, the way that we did it in LA is Uber drivers. And I'm not gonna say how it was done, I'm just telling you, that's what we used to just create massive trust and authority to relate, like, create relevance between where we wanted Google, to display to people to give us impressions, to put our results in front of people to get us in the map pack in front of people. And then I mean, if you're there one to one or two, sometimes three people start clicking on it. And then that reinforces the trust and authority that Google is giving us and creates even more. The whole process for that it's a local GMB Pro. I won't get into it here.

Yeah, and I'm testing. You know, I've talked about many, many times over the last year and a half, two years here on Hump Day hangouts about click-through spam bots, and not using them. And I've just been using paid traffic from Google. But I, I have started testing, Michael bows, his Viper tools recently, because he's been getting a lot of good results from people that I know in the space. And so I've actually just recently started testing with that. And that's something that I'm hoping I don't have any results yet, but I'm hoping that I can get similar results to some of the people that I've chatted with about it. And that could be something I mean, you could do paid traffic, which is what I've been doing but you know, you can specify like certain clicks to come to for within a certain geographic area, right? From a topically relevant audience or an audience that would be relevant to you know, what you're sending them to, and that that works to, to kind of help with that stuff, too. So I'm actually testing the tool right now. As I said, Michael's tool doesn't have any results to share yet but I'm hoping that it works well. And if it does, I will let you guys know for sure.

Can You Create Massive Direct Backlinks Without Using Buffer Sites?

Alright, the next question was do you have to be careful when creating direct backlinks to GMB listings as you do when doing direct backlinks to the websites, or can you create massive direct backlinks without using a very small number of buffer web 2.0 sites as tier one layer, maybe even a tier two-layer and what parts of the GMB listing should be targeted with backlinks to get the most SEO bang for the buck? Thank you very much. We hope as usual as always greatly appreciated. That seems almost like a consultation question Gordon. It gets very intricate on how things we try not to do in Hump Day hangouts is don't discuss the How is what people pay us a whole lot of money for who can tell you what we do but that this is kind of getting into how isn't it? I don't know unless you want to answer because I'm not. Yeah, no, I mean, I don't have any problem running backlinks directly to GMB stuff for tier-one entity acids period. I don't like to run direct backlinks to the money site. But to tier-one entity assets, we did I hammer everything.

That's my answer. Do you want to comment on that? Anyone? You can hammer that as far as I'm gonna go. Okay. And that's what I do Gordon distances short answer. All tier-one entity assets. I don't game. Yep. Just Hey.

And that's why we do what we do with the SEO SEO guy. That's why it's called the SEO shield. Right? It's the SEO firewall, it shields the money site. So you can do all that really nasty, off-page SEO stuff to your shield, not to the money site. But that's the whole point. Right?

So we keep the money site procedures. The first place they're gonna go look is the money site. Yeah, the only thing I run directly to the money site besides syndication posts, like syndication network backlinks or press releases.

This Stuff Works
And that's pretty much it, you know, occasionally I'll buy some guest post links.

From a really good provider. They're expensive, though. But even then, it's only very, very specific circumstances. Other than that, I just use the same methods that we teach. So I do absolutely nothing to the benefit, sometimes a precedent, a precedent, but I'll usually run press releases elsewhere to one.

How Does The Google Bot Understand The Schema Through The Tag Manager If There's No Placement In The HTML?

So BB is up with a list of questions as usual. What's up, bb, he says, Hey, guys, you said there is a way to the schema to add schema, I guess, through the Google Tag Manager. But how the G bot understands the page that there's no placement in the HTML, it'll render it. So it's a script, right, the container will display the scripts within the container in Google Tag Manager. Now, Google even says in their help files, that that is not the preferred way to display JSON LD structured data on a website, doing it through Tag Manager is not the preferred way, as per Google's own help files or documentation. However, it still works. And there are certain circumstances where that's the only way you can do it. So for example, I have a website, one of my sites that has a website theme that there's no way to add code to the home page. It's really weird. It's the home page is like built into the theme. And there's no, there's just no way to add code to the home page other than through Google Tag Manager. Or if I were to hack the JSON LD directly into the theme files, which I don't like to do. So in that case, I just added the structure data organization schema, in that case, to the container code, and Google Tag Manager, and yes, it will render. Now if you go to a view page source, all you're going to see is the GTM Tag Manager, excuse me, the container code, the Google Tag Manager container, but that's all you're going to see. But when you do a structured data testing tool test on the homepage, it will render the JSON LD code on the site. So you can actually see it in Google, excuse me, the structured data testing tool. So yes, again, it's not the preferred method, if you can add the structured data directly to the code of the site using SEO ultimate Pro, which is what I use mostly, sometimes use as a header and footer plugin. Sometimes themes will have the ability to add code to specific pages or sitewide, globally. So you can add it there, although I recommend only adding, you know, like organization schema to the homepage or whatever, just as per best practices. So but you know, in those cases where you can't Google Tag Manager is a viable alternative, even if Google says it isn't because it still reads and recognizes the code. And he comments on that.

No, I mean, that that's a perfect answer because that's exactly what it is Google, it will render on the website as everything renders as HTML eventually, right. All it is all the Google tag manager does is it sets up a JavaScript call between Google servers and your server to render the HTML. That's all it is.

Did Your Site's Bounce Rate Increase After The Passage Index Update?

Question number two, did the bounce rate increase in your site after the passage index update? Don't know, haven't looked at it. It's not a metric that I'm typically Chase.

So I don't know I can't answer that. Anybody have? No, I haven't seen any changes. So and my metric is called my metric is form fields. My metric is what's going on in that box? Any thoughts or takeaways on the new update? No, I honestly don't have any sorry. Usually, I don't even know about updates until somebody like you brings it to our attention. So and I mean that I don't stay plugged in all that shit. I don't I just look, if I start seeing some significant fluctuations in my own properties, or plant properties, then I go in and start digging into it. But if I don't see any major fluctuations, why bother? I've got other things to work on. Do you know what I mean? So I honestly, I can't give you an answer to that. I don't have any opinion on it.

Or for the new update that will come out in May for speed testing? No, I mean, it's Google PageSpeed. has been, people have said, it's been a metric for a long time, but I really haven't seen that. It's, but it's good for user experience. Right. So what I'm saying is PageSpeed for an SEO metric, a ranking metric is not something that I've seen it really have much of an effect on.

This Stuff Works
Even though people have been saying that for years, I really haven't seen that in my own experience. But for user experience, it absolutely makes a difference. Especially on mobile, like if it was if a page loads really slow on mobile like people get irritated in the back out and go somewhere else. And so that's really important, I think.

But as far as like what I know, I did read someone that I guess it was the experience update or whatever they're calling it, where it's, it's, it covers a number of things. PageSpeed being one of them. You know, I really don't have a prediction on that, because I just don't know, we'll see what happens when it comes. Any comments on that? The whole point of entity-based worry-less SEO is that to worry about those things. And again, I'll go back to just measuring the metrics that matter, which is the four are the form fields, steady, and are the phone call steady. And it's the clients' bottom line increasing that, that my job is not to worry about bounce rate or anything else like that. Unless I see a problem with any of the metrics that really matter, then I'm gonna go and see if anything has happened to affect that. And then I'm on it. But by the time I'm on that, I'm past the period, where everyone's panicked and everyone has gone and done whatever they could to try to affect the garden themselves in trouble, maybe even sandbox, I'm going to be past all that. I'm going to be passed that point. So I'm going to let the dust settle. And then I'm going to go in and I'm going to start checking, I'm going to look at the data and see what it was that happened. And why. And then I'm gonna go into fixing it. I haven't needed to do that literally in Oh, I did just recently, but it will it had nothing to do with the core update. But I did have to recently go in and fix something and it can't my back, everything comes right back. And what we continue seeing since Google started announcing updates until now, when we've been applying these methods is Google doesn't update, and our shit gets even better, it gets stronger. If we hit more traffic, we get better results for our clients, our clients. Sometimes, it's 10x, sometimes going from 8k a month to 80k. Going I don't know from 100 to 150k. I mean, those kinds of results going from seven, 8 million to nearly 30 million a month. Those are the results that we're talking about. I don't care about anything else. I don't care about Google. And I'm gonna stand by what I have said all along that the art of art the art of activity, relevance, trust, and authority trumps everything on the web.

What's The Best Way To Merge Two GMBs Quickly?

Sweet. So Dee Dee is up he says, What's up, he says brown new. He's a mastermind member and has been for like, many years, I think since the beginning. So anyway, he says a proud new user of go I level through semantic mastery today. Thanks for all the info Bradley, you're welcome to and great, great tool.

Let me know when you want me to cover more stuff in the mastermind about it because in fact, I've got I've been building an app in high level for my contract as my three contractors that I'm going to be selling as a SAS software, the software is a service, right. And it's great because it's a low barrier to entry, low cost. But super, a super valuable tool that they can use to help them get more leads from their existing web assets, manage those leads through automated conversations. And then and through like a pipeline a lead pipeline inside high level and then also solicit reviews and basically build up the reviews. So it helps us retain reputation. And it's a really cool app, and I've just finished well I'm not 100% done with it, I'm gonna I'm meeting with my one of my first three contractors is going to be beta testing it for me, either on Friday or Saturday, I'm still waiting on a reply back. But this week, and so next week, it will be in use by a tree contractor so that I can start working out the bugs and stuff. But that's going to be one of my leading products where my new agency is that app because it's only I'm only charging $200 a month I level says you should charge 300 a month, but I'm doing it for a specific reason. Anyways. And I think it's gonna be a really, really good tool to get my foot in the door at a low cost with contractors, right? So anyway, let me know if you want me to cover more of that in the mastermind, I'm happy to do so and I'm in fact, next Thursday when I have my next mastermind webinar.

This Stuff Works
My tree contractor who's going to be beta testing it for me and working with me to work out the bugs, you know, he will have about a week's worth of use out of it. So I'll have some pretty good experiences to share with you on that point. By the way, guys, if you're curious, go to semantic mastery comm slash high level. It's an outstanding platform. It's an automation platform for agencies essentially. And it's a really, really powerful tool. There's a hell of a learning curve, there is no question, but it's worth putting the time and effort into learning because it can really help you to grow your business I'm using it for right now primarily prospecting for my own business and I mean it's just great to set up all these things. Automations that just run like clockwork day in and day out to fill your pipeline full of leads. And it's just, it's crazy. I've only been running it for three weeks now. And I've got, you know, 6760 to 70. Some leads in my pipeline are in various stages of communication, but it's crazy guys. It's a really, really, really good tool. And I'm doing a ton of I'm going to be doing I'm developing training right now, that will become the semantic mastery mastermind training, like a 90 day or a 12-week program. And the high level is an integral part of that. So if anybody's interested in that, go check out semantic mastery comm slash high level, it's a 14-day free trial, that is our affiliate link, but then come join the mastermind because I'm hoping by, you know, the third quarter of this year, to have the training that I'm going to be rolling out to the mastermind available and ready. And once that is launched, we're going to kind of restructure how you can even join the mastermind, the cost everything. So if any of that interests you now would probably be a good time to get in. So you're grandfathered. Anyways, following up on that. He says I have a client that needs a merge of GMB accounts. I've been trying to get this done by Google for the last four months with no luck. I keep filling out the GMB form they provide and I don't get any response Yeah, it's weird I'm so hit or miss with Google support. Sometimes they're really responsive like they were with that client that I just mentioned.

We contacted them about adding a physical location to a service area business they were actually really responsive in that case, but in other cases, I go three weeks without getting a reply back so I understand your frustration he says this is a legit business that moved and we do not have access to the previous listing as another company did it. Is there any other method to try to get this done that you know of? Okay, here's one thing d I would suggest because you're in the mastermind is post this as like asking for help in the mastermind within describing the issue. Because we there's a lot of local Google Local Guides in our mastermind, myself included lane Clayton, Greg Greenberg, there's a bunch of them in there that, you know, in the past, when we've had similar weird issues occur, we get high-level local guides to go in and suggest that it's and after a handful of that those occur, then oftentimes the attics will the edits will go through. So let's start a discussion in the mastermind. That's what it's for anyways, D and C, see, you know, we put all our heads together, we ought to be able to come up with something to help you or at least give you some additional ideas. That's what the mastermind is for any comments on that guys? Yeah, ask Marco anything mastermind is tomorrow. Right? So just come in and ask that question. Because I do have some suggestions for you on what would work for this because someone just went through this and it was a nightmare. And the way that you're trying to do it just filling out the form, not gonna work. They are not going to respond to that at all ever takes you'd never get anything when you fill out that form. And they don't tell you what we'll call you. Right right back. Never call. You never get any response and never get any emails. And I'll give this in public.

You're not the one that should be doing this. That GMB if it's legit has an owner with all the documentation. That should be the person, not you. The owner. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. documentation should be the one that's initiating all of the contacts. But let's talk tomorrow. Let's talk tomorrow. So I can talk to you in-depth on how to how to get through this. Yeah, there you go. And that's good advice.

You know, from the primary owner's account, if you contact support, you might get a response. So that owner, not the manager, not never the manager.

Alright, the last question, which is great and by the way, hey, Jordan, yo, yo, yo, you pretty people. I don't know who you're talking to join. But

This Stuff Works

Is Local Viking Good For GMB Postings?

anyways, this last question says is local biking, okay to use for GMB posting? Or is it one to be aware of, alright? I talked about this for the last couple of months, I switched to local Viking about two months ago. But, you know, according to some crazy shit that happened last week, apparently,

I have canceled my subscription. And I'm just not going to use it anymore. I'm concerned about the API connection being a flag. I'm not saying whether it is or not, I don't know. But I have revoked local Viking access to my GM bees. And I'm not going to continue to use it. And it's just because it's better safe than sorry. And I'd rather be overly cautious. And I'm afraid that that might be a flag because of some of the issues that had happened a week ago. And it wasn't just them. There were a couple of others as well.

And so I've literally revoked access. There's only one app that I'm using right now for posting to GMB. That does in it, that's all it does. It doesn't, it doesn't connect in any other way other than to allow for posting and it's called fan booster fan booster calm. There are some limitations with that app though. So and I'm only testing that across like three locations right now. All my other locations are going to be manually posted to for right now by my VA logging into as a manager to those GMB locations one at a time and posting manually, which sucks, but it is what it is. And right now I'm afraid to use any of these like SEO-based GMB posts schedulers, a social media-based post scheduler, I think is different because it's not scrutinized the same way that the SEO tools are by Google. At least that's my assumption. It's logical. I don't know if that's true or not. But fan booster is a social media posting app. That's the one that I'm testing with right now. And that is pretty cool. There are some limitations. But there are also some really cool benefits to that. So I mean, I'll share more information about that when I have it. But again, just to be 100% transparent, I have canceled my subscription to local biking and it sucks because I just worked it into my processes for my team. And I had to cancel it right after we got really good at using it. Fucking canceled it. But it is what it is Welcome to the world of online marketing, right? So any comments on that, before we wrap it up, my motto is always to protect what's making you money. always protect the better to be safe than sorry. Some of those APIs were tagged for suspicious activity. I'm not gonna say which one.

Which ones it was more than one, they were just getting heavily spam that was being used for purposes other than posting. And so I mean, it is what it is, every time that I'm gonna put myself and spammers get hold of something. It gets muddy to get dirty, Google starts looking in. And their job is simply we're gonna get rid of it. So we'll just knock it all out. Yeah, we just knock it all out. We don't care. They'd rather do that. Then take a chance of letting the spammers continue spamming. That's the same thing that they're doing with GMB period. Prove that if it gets suspended, prove that it's real. Yeah, that that's it. They don't care. They don't care if it was real to start with. prove that it's real. That's it.

Yeah, and I want to thank you, Marco, again, for bringing that to my attention last week, because, like I immediately went in and revoked access and fortunately, knock on wood. I still got my assets. So anyway, thanks, guys. We'll see y'all next time.

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