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By April

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but welcome welcome welcome to a fit for SEO hump day hangouts we got the triple three-episode it's episode 333 we got everybody here we're gonna jump into it in a minute first we got some hellos to say and a couple of announcements to go over if you're joining us live leave a quick low on the page let us know you're alive and kicking and if you got any other questions now is a great time to get those on there so since Hernan kicked it off I'm going to start with him first how's it going its good man it's great, I mean, downtown Buenos Aires for a couple of days it's good.

yeah and I'm not used to this being in the big city but everything's good

nice alright Chris how about you how are things in Austria.

well today was absolutely amazing

with let me calculate 77 degrees here sunny almost summer weather like everybody loved it but tomorrow we're going into hard lockdown till 11th of April so I went all out capillary psycho went out for like one and a half hours bike tour and yeah you gotta use the time as long as you can still do it

right nice nice nice yeah I had a call with you ladies from Vienna who were like yeah getting kind of tired of the back and forth so I was like yeah I've heard that oh man Marco how you doing

well can I say we're gonna we're gonna go to yours every week and you're gonna see the same exact thing if i stop if i start going over that way if i start going off into the it's my fake background you know now with this zoom thing i can fake the backgrounds and fake sunny all day long it is what it is man it is what it is syndication academies what's up sc is great i don't know it's just it's been it's been fun it's been a journey because we started on my birthday last year so that's what's august to now getting it already getting it all set up and she's in we have we i say we i mean se because you she rocks three update websites already all three updates let's call it two websites and an update where she went into depth about something that i talk a lot about which is just fantastic and so to and above and beyond the call of duty in sharing that i just think it's fantastic man and i think the people are going to get a lot out of this train so someone nobody what's the difference though we never rebrand our shit and just call it like v3 and repackage the same thing and so we never do it we've never done it we know that it's standard in the industry you call it something else and it's still the same old shit we don't do that we actually do cover new things different things of course user interface has changed the way the approach might change software comes and goes right people they'll put out good software next thing you know that they're not supported they made enough money they go they stopped support and waited the only idiots who support a facebook group for over over six years or almost sorry six years we have to be the only one but we do i mean that's why we have the name that we have and that's why we've developed the trust that we've developed we've got to be the only idiots what seven years giving away free information free knowledge for people so that we give back to the seo community to the people that support us anyway all that to say syndication academies that just re recorded training no it isn't it's new and improved ses in the facebook group i just saw her yesterday actually your day before answering your question so she's in there she will be in there daily answering questions for you guys or giving you updates or just whatever it is i think to me and what people are getting sometimes it hurts i see those numbers come through and what we're charging monthly and like if we were taxing that it would still not be enough for me but that's another story altogether anyway syndication academy

rocks definitely yeah it's been really cool I've already been in the group a little bit seen SEO responding to people because I was like oh this is a good question I just saw that notification so I went in and I was gonna say something like nope already got to it so he's doing an awesome job and helping people out in there so yeah if you guys haven't checked it out head over to syndication academy and find out more about that but Bradley how you doing

I'm happy to be here a busy as all hell it's that time of year for me where the three guys are you know their business is really starting to pick up so things are getting really busy on my end and that's a good thing just in time

cool well I've got a couple of quick announcements to see what else we got with you guys but I wanted to let everybody who's watching know, you know, if you're new to semantic mastery you're new to MGYB new to heavy hitters club you're just kind of watching or just getting started with us, we highly recommend heading over to the SEO shield comm that's the word the SEO shield calm, alright, find out how to shield your site don't have to worry about algorithm updates, and it's free training head over there get started there and that'll also help you understand some of the stuff we're going to be talking about. If you want to take things up from there, you can grab the battle plan it's our step by step processes for getting results with SEO and how we do it the services we use the way we do it the order we do it in a battleplan.semanticmastery.com if you're an agency owner, maybe more of a consultant, you know, you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team, hopefully, all three of those things have you saying like, yes, those are things I want to be doing. So that you can work less earn more and work on your business, then to x your agency is the place for you to go and check that out. Beyond that, if you're really ready to grow and you want and know that you know, an experienced community is the place for you to be, which is how we all got to know each other because we independently realized that's what we needed. We met each other online. And that's how Semantic Mastery came to be. Well, if you know that that's the next step for you, then we highly recommend checking out the mastermind You can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And I mentioned mg y v real quick but I just want to say if you're not familiar with mg y b, it's where you can get your done for you services, all sorts of stuff link building the SEO shield syndication networks done for you, right? In case either you don't want to go through and learn all the training or you don't have someone to do it for you. There's also the done for you option, and so much more of it, go over to mg y v.co. And check that out. So with that said, Guys, is there anything else that we need to cover? Before we get what

This Stuff Works
one last thing, if you happen to join the mastermind, then you get a great discount into the Heave Hitter Club, where it's Rob. And I going into like the technical aspects of SEO, the why and the house. So not only do we explain why things work, the way they work, we show you literally step by step, how to apply everything and how to make it work the Semantic Mastery way not to say that our way is the only way or the only correct way. Because there's plenty of ways that you can rank. But we know from Personally, I know from 18 years of experience, what works. And so we've created a system where we've each sprinkled our own pieces of knowledge so and put it all together into one ecosystem where everything works together. And we just apply that over and over again, doesn't matter if you're local, if your global-local is relative, the niche doesn't matter. The competition doesn't really matter. Sometimes the budget does matter. But the only thing that matters is or the only thing that's going to be in your mind is when this happens is that there's no longer if it's when you start rocket ranking for whatever it is that you're asking when you start making money. It's become the system has become that really that could I would venture to say people get tested, it's ridiculous. It's what we're doing. It's predictable.

I just want to add to what Marco said because all I'm doing right now is GMB stuff for my new agency and a number of my own lead gen assets in the stuff that we teach in local GMB pro and then what Marco and Rob are teaching and Heave Hitter Club combined with like those two things combined are just fucking crushing. GMB ranking right now. It's insane how quickly I'm able to get GMB to move. And then I've sprinkled some of my own flavors into what local GMB pro and what Marco and Robin been teaching and Heave Hitter Club. And I talked about that in the semantic mastery mastermind and it's just like, I've got dozens of GMB's that I've been testing across now for the last six or eight weeks different methods and the local GMB pro method with what they're teaching and Heave Hitter Club is just absolutely crushing GMBs right now like to the point where I'm offering a guarantee to my to prospective clients when I'm pitching GMB services, I'm offering a money-back guarantee within 90 days and it's insane because it's not something that you know people typically do. And I'm willing to take that risk because across all the dozens of sites that are GMBs that I've been testing with in the last six weeks or so I've gotten every single one of them to jump into the three-pack it's just insane. So it's you know if you guys are doing local stuff or even not local as Marco says local is relative, but I know it works. It works for hands. It's crazy how quickly it works, too. So

yeah, any follow-up on that? It's just what we're doing is ridiculous and people say they can't be done that way or too simple, or it can be used that way, the way we're using it in ways that people can't even think about using they have, they can't conceive it as but the only way that we're going to share that is come to join the Heave Hitter Club or join the mastermind and the Heave Hitter Club through the mastermind. And come see what we're doing in there. Because it's like I said, they get ridiculous results that we get.

Sweet more, we're good to go, guys, I'm gonna grab the screen. Let's do it.

I can find it. There it is.

What's The Best Way To Associate A Brand's Acronym To The SEO Shield?

Alright, looks like Tory is the first one for today says Hi, I already have a successful SEO shield, the keyword URL Association has been made. But now I'd also like to associate my URL with its acronym. What's the best way to do this by an extent an expansion for the main URL schema update? Not Oh, I guess that's or a schema update. And if it's simply schema is this something that can have support do for me. Um, there is in schema there is a difference there's an alternative name, there's that is a designation that you can add in the schema Marco can give you better advice as far as like what to do with the drive stack. But there is definitely an alternative name designation within the schema and either at either the organization level or the local business level. I know that to be true, because a lot of my lead gen assets I have branded, but I have their DBA or doing business as from my primary LLC. So in that schema for those assets, I put the brand name, which is it's a registered brand name for the state of Virginia, but it's a fictional name or doing business as a name. So that'll be the primary name of the asset or the entity for that location. But then I put my LLC company name as the alternative name, or whatever the designation is the specific designation, I'd have to go look at my schema code to tell you what it is. Marco, what do you say about doing it for the drive stack?

Rob just ping me. And he said that it's not something that that support will do. Right? He answered this in one of the groups but for the sake of our Hump Day Hangouts, it is not something that support will do, you can go in and you can update the schema, I mean, you own the s3 bucket that your ideas and you can change it, you own the schema that you have on the website, and you can change that. Now as far as the acronym, be careful, be careful how you approach this and that you create the relationships correctly. Because you don't want to create ambiguity is going to take you 10 times as long to fix the ambiguity because it only takes one shot. And it's ambiguous and the bad taste that is two different things. They have to bring it back together. And it's not that simple. By unexpected, yeah, you could buy an expansion stack, but all you would have to do is relate the name of the company to its as Brad was saying alternative to alternate name, if it is an alternate name if it's used a lot, then that's why you would be using it and if it's something that's referred to, commonly, why didn't you brand it from the beginning as the acronym, and then provided the alternate name for whatever the company name is? Like, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish? Or what you're trying to do from the question is just association that then it's just creating the parent-child relationship with alternate name schema, go to schema.org and see what you can use I'll be there's a whole lot of things that you can use for alternate name schema.

Yeah, here's one of the legal name is a schema.org property. That's where I do like so for example, I'll have for a location that is a lead gen asset, I'll have the, you know, the brand name for that location as the schema name for that business. But then, and the legal name, structured data output, you know, the LLC, which is the parent where essentially, it's not the parent organization, it's the same organization just it's the actual legal name of the organization if that makes sense. So that's one of them. Just go to schema.org and look at the alternative name, legal name, you know, stuff like that, see what you can find and that should help.

Okay, moving on.

Is It Okay To Make An Entity To The Website Or To The Gsite Or GMB?

There's a good question though. Dwight says Hey guys, schema question for Marco. Is it a good idea to make main entity our website or should we point to G site or GMB? also is a good idea to put us three ID and our ad ID schema section or would it be better to leave it out so competitors don't find it interested to get your opinion? Well, I was Specifically just to you, Marco. So I'll turn that one over to you.

Yeah, but that's not how the main entity works. No, it's not that no, no, no, no, no, not at all. Again, I'm gonna direct your brand, if you care to share your screen to the main entity of the page in schema.org.

This Stuff Works
Let me see, right there.

Yeah, it's a creative work URL, it's a thing. But if you go to the JSON LD, like click on JSON LD, it gives you an example of what it should be. It's a context at type, the main named entity of page, which is, now they give you a subdomain, in that case, but that's the main entity of the page, right?

So if I can just add to that briefly. So here's the thing, guys, if you've got different structure elements on the page that are marked up, then that's what the main entity of page comes into play because it's one of those smart up elements of the page is the main entity of the page. Does that make sense? So for example, that's where I was talking about over the last few weeks, this question has come up a few times. But I used to just put organ I used to create organization schema, and it would go sitewide, even for like a multilocation. a, you know, lead gen business or, or for a client or whatever, let's say they had multiple locations, what I would do is I used to put the organization, schema sitewide. So that would be global structured data, right? That would be it would be added globally to the site. But then on each individual location page, I would add location or local business structure data. Well, unless you nest or connect those data items correctly, then that ambiguous it's the page because Google doesn't understand whether the organization schema is the main entity of the page where the local business schema is the main entity of the page. And that's where something like the main entity, a page designation would help to clarify that. But unless those two pieces of data are still connected properly, it's still going to be treated as two separate pieces of structured data, which is what is incorrect. So that's where like, again, if you were to markup say, for example, Article markup, and you have image markup video markup blog, you know, the actual article markup for the entire page, but then you have individual elements marked up, then that's where the main entity of page could come in to help disambiguate that, is that correct? Marco?


Yes, not only that, the main entity. But I don't want to get into all that because it gets too technical domain entity can also be a named entity, the main entity could be a supporting entity or the main entity, and that that's just getting way more intricate than we can go into. I mean, we, I will do this in a one hour webinar, focusing only on that on schema, right, and all these different attributes that you can use to solidify the entity, the main entity, the supporting entities, and however it is that you're looking to push that page or post, go to schema.org and go to schema.org. And look through it. And you'll see that the wealth of information that you can provide through that main entity in schema.org.

Yeah, and I was just gonna see if there were any, like help files that talk about connected data. I mean, schema app has some help files, but it's very specific to their app itself, which I use schema at myself, just because I don't have the patience to go through it the way that Rob does, although I know he's created a lot of really good templates. But I use schema app just for my own projects. And they've got some really good help files, but it talks about how to, you know, it teaches schema on and how to create it through their app. So it does give you some kind of like conceptual understanding, but it's also very specific to their app, but that might help you to get a better understanding of what it is that you're supposed to do. So

Alright, we're moving on.

Is It A Good Idea To Put The S3 ID In The @ID Schema Section?

Oh, I guess we had additional questions in here said, Would it be a good idea to put s3 ID in our IDs schema section? Or would it be better to leave it out? So competitors? don't find it? Put it there? I mean, if you don't put your ID page in, then how is Google going to know to go to your idx page? If you're not designating that as your idx page? Am I right in saying that Marco?

Well, I don't understand why you wouldn't need an @ID if you're, you're giving it an identification. That's your node identifier. Why would you not identify that like I see with this what comes to mind is like we don't care about the competition? We could give a crap about what they do. We just go and focus on how we do things correctly. Because once you start out, you'll be so far ahead of the competition by the time they're catching up. You'll be forward in something else. That's why it's so crucial to like to be on the leading edge on the cutting edge of all this. Like I understand schema up and all that shit but The place where you're gonna get what's working right now is in the Heave Hitter Club. Oh, I agree with you through our teaching, and how we show you what does not only teach you the education that you get the examples that you get through the way we show you how to manipulate schema because it's not just using schema, it's manipulating and stacking it in such a way that your competition becomes mean, it's worthless SEO for a reason. Not only do we not worry about Google and Google updates and everything else that Google is trying to throw at you, but we also don't care about the competition. Because we only focus on what we do, we focus on doing the things that we do, creating the system, putting it in place. And letting that takeover and overtime is you start seeing these ridiculous things happen, where you can rank in 90 days for pet food. Oh, like who does that, where you can get displays in GMB for the keyword pet. Who else is doing that right now? But it happens, because there's a system in place. And every, if you just go and use schema app without everything else that it entails without focusing on the entity correctly without getting your onsite correct without getting the off-site. Correct. So that everything works. It's a big piece of the puzzle. And you put that last piece of the puzzle in, and now you can enjoy the work, you're going to enjoy the fruits of the labor. But the only way that that that can happen is by putting all of these different pieces together, going and doing the ad ID is fine. And creating that node identifier for all of this information is fine. But it's how you replicate all of these across the web is how we present the entity and the supporting entities, the named entity, the supporting entity, sub-entities, and everything else that we're pushing at Google so that when when when the buck comes in and looks at our, the data that we're feeding it, we become the best answer for whatever query, it is that we're after. That's what we do. We established ourselves as the best as not only the best entity but the best answer for whatever it is that we're after, which is how, five years later, the guy in DC plumber, His phone is still ringing off the hook. I just looked at his analytics and search console. And it's ridiculous what's happening and all of that before we even knew exactly what it was that we were doing now. Now we know. Now we know exactly what it is back then we were testing and looking and seeing and yes, we were working with entities and brands, and putting all of these little pieces of the puzzle we'll get we're getting the patents, getting the information doing the math. Now we know. And now we're focused, and we share all of this in the Heave Hitter Club and nowhere else. I mean, yes, go and create your note identifier. But that's only one small piece of a much bigger puzzle.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and just to clarify, when I mentioned, like schema app is a good resource, it's, it's, I totally agree with what Marco said, the schema map, I've learned more about, like, the concept of structured data and like connected data items and things like that from training that I've got from schema app, but again, it's very specific to how to use their, their tool. So I've learned some high-level conceptual, like understandings of schema from schema app. But as far as how to put all those different pieces of the puzzle together in a way that gets results. That's not something that like schema training teaches, it's, um, it's putting together it's applying what I've learned from Marco and Rob, and some of our other mastermind members and the POFU Live event that we add. And so it's all of those pieces combined. And that's what, what Marco is saying is, uh, you know, I think it's still important to get an understanding of schema on a higher level. But then as far as how to put it together in an effective way and apply what you know, in a way that's going to get results. That's a different story. And that's where, again, Heave Hitter Club is the place for that. Those guys, it makes my head spin sometimes, and I've been doing SEO for about a decade now. So anyway, I would encourage you to go join there if you really want to figure it out. I'm gonna keep moving. Next question. Dave says when adding multiple syndication networks to a YouTube channel, is it better to add multiple two-tier rings in parallel IE all fired by the same trigger? Or to add additional tiers to a single network? Excuse me? Alright, so Dave, I haven't done any, you know, Video SEO campaigns and several years now because I stopped attempting Video SEO. It wasn't really I use Google ads for YouTube stuff now. So I want to just, you know, I want to preface my answer to your question with that. I just want to be 100% clear that I don't do a whole lot of video SEO anymore at all, I still go through the on-page process of optimizing a video before I upload it, or publish it to the channel, whatever channel I'm publishing a YouTube video to. But as far as hardcore SEO stuff for video, I just don't do that anymore because I use ads for that. That said, when I was doing which, for a long time, was a pretty significant part of my income was I was doing video SEO services for a number of clients, but also for a video production company that so I had a whole lot of clients that they managed, but I just provided like wholesale SEO services to during those that time, I did a lot of testing. And what I found was, you can get a better fat excuse not better, but faster-ranking results by having a whole bunch of single-tier networks connected to your channel, whatever channel you're using as a trigger, but what would happen is you would get like when you would Livestream or upload a video, it would you know, syndicate or cascade across those syndication networks, and it would rank rather quickly. But then unless you were and at the time, it was more about links and stuff than it was engagement signals. So unless you started hammering that video with links and getting engagement signals, at the same time, like it would start to after a week or so or just an initial like really good ranking, it would start to drop. And if it. So what I learned over again, through testing was that what I would do is the two-tier networks, but I would stack multiple two-tier networks onto the channel, to where they weren't, it wasn't any more than two tiers, right, I didn't go out to tier three and tier four and all of that, and there's a reason for that. And that is that becomes much harder to manage. And also, it becomes harder to troubleshoot when stuff breaks down. And the more tiers you add going out. The likelier it is that something we'll break down. I'm not saying you can't do it, you can we had one of our previous members, I think it was a female. And I think she took our syndication network stuff and created like these massive multiple tiers, networks that would just absolutely crush anything. But what I found was, all I would do is just so two-tier networks, right, which would be tier one, and then three-second tiers, or tier two rings, I should say, I would stack for every new project at the time that I would start for video SEO stuff. If I'm starting a new channel, for example, I would always come right out of the gate with three to tier networks attached, which would be a total of 12 syndication networks, right, so three first-tier networks, and then nine, tier two networks. And that was just what worked incredibly well as I said three or four years ago, is to not like the video wouldn't rank as quick when you would syndicate to that many networks, those two-tier networks. And that same kind of setup that I just mentioned. So again, I would always come right out of the gate with three two-tier networks. And it wouldn't rank as quick. But when it did rank, it would stick and it didn't slip or do it didn't dance as much. And it didn't fall back as quickly as just a single-tier network. So with all that said,

I don't know if that's still the case, because I don't really do a whole lot of video SEO stuff anymore. But I would probably still opt for the two-tier networks and just stack as many of those to get the results that I need. But don't forget that, you know, just having syndication networks is I mean, that's good in itself. But you can also power up existing networks, or like, for example, if you had one tier two network, so you'd have liked the branded network around your channel. And then you'd have three persona-based themed networks, right. And you could add additional networks, but you could also spend money on powering up that network, that two-tier network, so all three rings within that network. And again, I haven't tested this because it's been a few years. But my assumption right now would be that it would be better to power up really well-themed kind of, you know, a network that has content that you know, you're continually adding content to power that up over adding more networks that haven't been powered up if that makes sense. And if you have the budget, and you can do both, you can add more networks and power them up, then that would be the way to go. But it really depends on what your budget is. So who wants to comment on that?

No, no, I totally agree on that. themed network, right? activity, relevance, trust, and authority. Always try to get traffic into that because part of art is activity. It's right to get real traffic and the real traffic, the ads training the YouTube Traffic YouTube and Google Ads training. The Bradley does. It's a real simple way to get if it's local, then people from that geographic area, and if it isn't local then people who are at least interested who haven't. Bradley knows that you can create an affinity audience, people who have an affinity for this now what Google is affinity and what you consider an affinity. And affinity might be two different things. But the whole point in all this is, first and foremost, you're getting your credit card and Google, you're paying Google, you no longer become a leech, you no longer lead, you're actually a paying customer, you're paying for ads. Now you are, you're a real person, an entity, who is part of this bigger entity that's now running ads to this other entity. So you see how it all begins to coalesce and take shape as it being a real thing. So now you take that, and you drop those into maybe the tier one part of your network because you should have a tier-one, even though you're going to get a tiered network, you're going to have the main one. And then you're going to have the three blogging point, blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, which are going to distribute to your tiered network, you can still have your tier one branded, he said, Yeah, but um, it's only a YouTube channel, well, then you don't want to sell hosted WordPress, that's fine. Use the G site that we provide for you in the SEO shield and make that your money site and embed your videos in there, too. Now you have a link building target for your videos, and you have a trusted source that you can send your Google ads, traffic, and your Youtube traffic to, to start watching your videos in someplace other than in YouTube, of course, trying to kick the YouTube algorithm in the ass to get you're going to get you more visits from YouTube. I mean, there's a whole bunch of different ways that you can manipulate this. But the idea is always to verify the entity meaning create the entity and make sure that Google has information on this entity, validate the entity, nothing better than to get real people interacting with your entity, and then solidify it. Meaning that you extend the entity with all of these different nodes that you create that are part of your main entity. And you're showing Google all of these different things that are all you and these get traffic and they'll get traffic over time and you run Presley's and then you run LinkedIn, it's the system is always the same, it doesn't change, whether it's YouTube, whether you do it with Facebook, you can make Facebook your part of your golden frame, your money site, whatever it is you want to call it. But it doesn't matter, we get this question all the time also doesn't matter if you if you don't have a money site, because we will create one for you with the G site and you can work from there.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, just again, just to add back on to that I agree that you know, again, if I were going to and I have to test if I was going to be doing video SEO stuff, I would test these, you know, different methods to see what works best. But um, I would I mean, again, my assumption is, and this is just a wild-ass guess because I haven't done any testing recently. But it would be to do one two-tier network. For the brand really power-up that brands it well, all three networks, but especially the branded networks and the tier-one network. And then as Marco said, it's about the activity too. And that's one of the biggest things for YouTube, for ranking YouTube videos is the engagement, right, the activity, and engagement. And so there's a number of ways to do that, the way that I have been doing it for the last few years, which is why I don't even bother with the SEO side other than on-page anymore, is by buying engagement signals from Google ads. It's very inexpensive, and it works and it works really, really well. So you know, that's something I would recommend is, you know, a single a two-tiered network, if it's YouTube syndication, only then, you know, to networks are great for that, and start powering it up with link building, you could also do embed, embed gigs for that. So you could take like your profile, like, again, your blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, those and actually embed those do embed gigs, for those that would help and then link building to the embeds all of that's like all off-page SEO stuff. But then, again, the fuel the fire that you can add, or the fuel that you can add to that fire is the engagement signals that you can buy directly from Google, from Google ads. And it's very, very inexpensive. And it works really well for both geographically targeted clicks, but also clicks and views from a known audience that Google has already determined is interested or at least likely interested in your product, service topic, whatever. Does that make sense? So it's a good question, though.

Is It Better To Point A Forbes Or 90 DR+ Link To The SEO Shield Instead To The Money Site?

So we're gonna keep moving babies up with a list of questions is always what's up baby? He says, Hey, guys, do you say that if you can get a link from a Forbes or some other 90 domain rank plus, then it will be better to link to the shield rather than to the money site?

No, that's not what I said at all.

Yeah. And if I was getting a link from a really powerful source like that, and it was in a relevant article, you know, that it was on topic, which I don't know how you could get a link from one of those if it wasn't relevant. Then I would link directly to my money site with that that's me personally that I would absolutely Marco might have a different opinion but i would like to my money site with that what would you say

what's always been my caveat do not link or build links to your money site unless maybe i didn't say on this or maybe that day i forgot to say i always say unless you can get a link from one of these trusted authoritative sources especially in the niche or it doesn't even have to be relevant just getting a link from forbes new york times any any of them but especially if it's relevant like wiki or wikipedia link getting a wikipedia link all of these reinforced and solidify the entity so why wouldn't you want to link from these highly authoritative sources to your directly to your money site now in order to avoid any type of penalties we say do not build links to the money site does not listen please do not build links to the money site unless it's from one of these high power domain amazon would be another one unless you get them from there or unless the links are coming to your website naturally so those you can't avoid but you didn't build them so there's the key do not build links unless they're from these highly authoritative sources now 90 dr or whatever that dr after it whatever it is like i could care less because that's that's a vanity that's a third party metric it's not a Google metric we know forbes is powerful so just the name itself are what it is will tell us whether we want the link coming to the money site or through the seo shield to power up and if you could if you could both into your drive stack and g site and into your money site i know it costs a whole lot more but that would be the way to get power into both i never said not to the money site from these high power domains

aaron says i enrolled in syndication academy do I get a t shirt? I don't know, man. I know when you're doing the mastermind to get a shirt we on this week we're sending out shirts. I don't know if yeah sorry reserved shirts for the trainers only train yeah

I think he wore it well and that's why I was brought up I'm sure.

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What Do You Mean By Source And Destination In The MGYB Embed Gig?

so alright moving on next question and Marco this one's for you because I think it's about the terminology that bb is basically asking for clarification on he says any embed gig on it must be on the sales page for the embeds he says the power from and it's in quotes the power of link building will flow to the source and back but both the source and the destination will be protected by the embed itself what is the source what is the destination and how is it protected I guess you just asking for like clarification on what that means the sources is in the iframe itself, right? Right in the inline frame which is an iframe, there is an src equals that's the source that's where you're grabbing the information from the embed on the destination which is somewhere else iframe source equals this right by and then you have a URL in quotes that's your source the destination is wherever you're going to embed it ours is the URL the sources the page that you're embedding correctly the destination is where it is embedded wherever it's going correct know-how would it be protected it's protected because it's not an HTML hyperlink and all of Google's algorithms focus the ones that build PageRank and ranking score hope to focus on HTML hyperlinks and so iframes are an entirely different beast an entirely different animal and that's as far as I'm going to go with iframe explanations outside of our paid groups.

It's interesting in SEMRush you can see iframes as empty anchor links which is interesting i thought that was interesting because i hadn't seen that until recently and i'm seeing that now it just says it's it's it says empty anchor and it but it's an iframe it's weird so anyway moving on baby says how is it going in eecom store and the shield of use and sale so i guess that one's for you adam but that that project is just now getting really started with the off page stuff right

yeah definitely so we're doing kind of a live case study but that's really you know it's a on the side case study we're doing it as we can and so it's kind of happening in real time so yeah maybe we'll have some information once that's wrapped up but i guess just to give everyone a quick update we got the blog up and running we've got posts we've got syndication networks got the rest of the seo shield in place we've got a gmb asset and we're literally just starting with some hosting and doing some other things so We'll be back. What is this march almost April, so I would think early summer would be a good time to probably give people an update and put something together.

Are G Sites Different From GMB Sites?

Cool. Tony's up. He says I work part-time and manage a few actual business GMB listings in the UK. You've in the UK, excuse me. You frequently mentioned g sites are different from GMB sites? Yeah, GMB website to the free like one-page website Did you get with your Google My Business profile, which has a limit of 5000 characters, by the way? Or maybe it's 50,000. I think it might be 50,000. Anyways, it does have a limit because I reached it on one of them recently. Anyway, g sites are sites.Google.com. So if you go to sites Google.com, you'll see what a Google site is. And that's what we talk about. And when we say g sites, that's what we're talking about. If we're gonna, if we're talking about GMB websites, we're gonna call it a GMB website. So G sites or Google Sites is sites.Google.com. It's like, you know, a, it's a full kind of CMS, I guess, that you can have within Google sites that, you know, we use for the drive stacks and the SEO show. So you want to comment on that Marco?

Yeah, G sites are the only ones they all in ones that Google gives for free. The other one is the business site. And it's not just a one-pager because every post that you put on there actually becomes a page in and of itself, you can actually silo it. It's like an inner page. Yeah, it's really cool. What happens in those and how you can manipulate that. And it's something that we go into in local GMB Pro.

Yeah, and that shit was working like crazy, right? Now.

Imagine that.

It's crazy.

I'm gonna go off of skip off, skip for a second, right? And just say the training was done. How long the three years ago for probably, for now, I think and people asked, has it been updated? And we're like, no. But why? Why would update something that's working? The same thing with RYS Academy, same thing with the SEO shield, something's changed. Like, right now what we're recommending is when you send for that GMB pin, to have as much detail in there as possible, so you never again have to go and change anything. So that you don't run the risk of getting suspended. If it's real. It's hard to get a suspension, but it does happen. You've had real businesses suspended by Google, which is ridiculous. But I mean, the basic foundational principles of that training, which is what we always work on, we don't go with the latest greatest. We don't go with the newest, best, brightest, whatever. We just don't go with what works. And if it's a hack, we try to tell people like when we were able to verify GMB, that it is a hack, and that it's liable to get terminated, which is why we gave people a money-back guarantee and a suspension even guarantee on on some. And we ended up giving people a whole bunch of money back because it was something that we knew Google could close or shut down at any time, others other ways. We work on foundational principles in the GMB, we're going exactly by what Google says to do that we do it our way. Well, that's just us. And it's and it's open like that, that it can be manipulated that way. And you're still I mean, yeah, it's getting really close to the edge. But you're still within the boundaries of the terms of services we're allowed to post. We're allowed to post images, we're allowed to post video, we're allowed to do a whole bunch of different things. And it's exactly what we do. And they just keep opening up things and making it better and making it easier, making it simpler, and making it more powerful. So why, I mean, if you could, why would you not take advantage of that GMB? And it's ridiculous yet and no, I do have plans to update it at some point. We talked about it. But just so people know it works and it works like crazy. And if you go into the Heave Hitter Club, you learn the foundational principles and apply that to whatever you're doing Local GMB Pro, people are not going to know what hit them.

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Yeah, there are two things I want to add to that. Number one is the fundamentals don't change guys. You know, and that's the thing everybody's looking for the shiny new object, it's sexy and you know, and all that kind of stuff, but man some of these principles, they just fucking work and so like why to deviate from that if you know that they work and it's not some loophole that is going to be exploited for some short period of time and possibly closed. Do you know what I mean? loopholes can become closed can be closed, but some of these you know, like local GMB pro stuff that's fundamentals that shit doesn't change. And just one other quick tease to kind of encourage more people to join the heavy inner club is, and I'm just gonna make one statement and I'm not going to expand upon it. So don't ask because you'd have to find out and the Heave Hitter Club, but you know, using GMB for organic rankings is it works. Let's just say that it works. And I've proven that in the last couple of weeks over and over again across multiple examples, where clients said like, Hey, I know My Maps is ranking really well. But I'd like to get a push organically and I've done a couple of things that I've learned, again, local GMB Pro Heavy Hitter Club, and been able to push organic rankings with the GMB. It's insane. So just throwing that out there.

Anyway, moving on. The next question was from I saw a couple coming up from D, who's one of our mastermind members, I'd like to get to those also D Just so you know, we've got a mastermind webinar tomorrow, where you know, I can deep dive into your questions over there, where I can't hear if that makes sense.

Would It Be Better To Order All The Parts Separately If You Don't Have A Syndication Network In Place?

So Jim's up, he says, I just joined a syndication Academy v3. But after realizing that I don't really want to build out the stuff myself, I just ordered a full SEO shield from MGYB. Well, that's good. And we encourage you guys even though those of you in Syndication Academy to order a syndication network from MGB so that you can have a finished product to compare what you're doing. With you know, what I'm saying, you can get you can learn a lot from looking at a finished product, while you're learning how to actually build that finished product. It can help you shortcut your learning curve and see what a really well done, the properly interlinked network looks like. So we would encourage you to do that. So I think that was good that you did that, Jim. Let's see. He says, given the fact that I don't have my syndication network in place and very few social profile links, would it be better to order all the parts separately in the future for a brand new affiliate display ad blog site, also, as the full SEO showed overkill since my sites don't have any local aspects, such as maps? Okay, so a couple of things on that. We, you know, we don't recommend ordering a part separately, unless you needed to, like, for example, if you had built a syndication network already, but then you decided that you wanted to add an SEO shield, then, you know, you could go in and actually buy our y S Drive stack and G site separately, you could buy an idx page separately, you could buy each one of those components separately, but it's better, it's more cost-effective. And it's also faster in delivery because it makes it easier for our Build Team. If you order everything under a product bundle, like the SEO shield. That makes sense. As far as whether or not you have a local project doesn't matter, the SEO shield Should I mean, like, we used to joke about syndication networks about, you know, everything gets syndication that we're Marco used to say if my dog sits still long enough, it gets a syndication network built around his neck. And so that's how we feel. I mean, syndication networks are still foundational, there's no question. But really, the whole SEO shield now is foundational, in that, like every project, we recommend, whether it's local or not, it doesn't matter, guys, the SEO shield helps to validate solidify the entity, it helps to start building authority. And as Mark always says, it's being in the belly of the beast. So again, whether it's an affiliate project or a local project, it doesn't matter. You should have an SEO show. Do you want to comment on that? Yeah,

I'm using it for everything. It's one of the foundations of everything I do, everything goes through my SEO shield. Not only that, it's a way to power up everything. And it's a way to protect from everything so so why wouldn't you, I mean, it doesn't matter. And, again, local, is relative, it doesn't matter what it is you're doing, you need, no matter what, no matter what. So please remember this, if, if you don't remember anything else, no matter what you need to be an entity focus in today's web environment. The World Wide Web now requires you to have a present entity, your thing has to be well defined on the web, or else someone who has defined it better will outrank you, and get the money if you don't brand, and present the entity correctly so that it's easy so that Google can see where everything fits together, then it's going to guess how everything fits together. And how to codeword says everything is going to be treated as separate. Instead of it instead of everything being part of what it is that you're trying to show Google no matter what works on that entity and works on that brand. Yes, it exact match the work as the artificial intelligence gets better and gets better, as the natural language processes get better as the filters they've installed in local especially in the GMB Get better, those exact match domains will not be as effective. Will they ever lose relevance? I'm not sure. We'll just have to see Time will tell. But if you look at the people who have been successful online, Joe's plumbing in Bismarck, whatever, oh no, I definitely north south South Dakota, wherever, wherever it is, hasn't ever become nationally or internationally successful. Look at the brands go to the supermarket, look at the brand. Go wherever it is, look at your TV and watch the commercials that you get. Yes, you will get some local commercials, of course. But look at the national chains, especially in what in the hell is and I will say this what's a Google? What is it? What's a Yahoo? What's a Benz is a charity. But how does it apply to a search engine, Bing, MSN, Microsoft, IBM International Business Machines, all of these businesses that became these giants Amazon? I don't think I need to say anything else

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How Long Does It Take To Rank A Map In The Three Pack After GMB Verification?

may have said these up. He was up he says Bradley, how long is it taking to get map rankings and three packs after GMB verification? It varies every time. But I did just I just got a new brand new project at the end of last week. Well, actually it was over the weekend really. So I've got a brand new newly registered GMB that I'm going to be applying all the tests that I've been doing for the last, you know, six weeks or so to you know, existing assets that I've just been crushing it with lately. So I've got this new one, like I said that I'm going to start applying that to, in fact, I just asked my VA today to start doing some posts and stuff for it. So you know, you know me, I share that shit in the mastermind D. So, in particular, I can actually share this as a case study because it's for my own brand, not for a client brand. So I'm happy to talk about this a little bit tomorrow in the mastermind as well as actually show that particular brand because I'm going to be building out more assets underneath that brand as time goes forward. So, but it does, it always varies. Like I don't have a specific timeframe on it. You know, depending on how well the proximity of the GMB was physically located when it was registered, compared to like the, you know, city center and things like that, that has a huge ranking factor that I found his location, right location of the GMB where it's physically located. What I've experienced is that has a huge factor in how quickly it will rank. But we can do all the other things that we do. And it just varies it also I think, as I think it varies more depending on like how competitive it is, like how they the other people that are competing for that same term, or same terms in that same area, like how well they're optimized with some type of age and authority that they have and that kind of stuff. Not that we can't overcome that we certainly can. But it varies. So if it's in a less competitive area is typically going to happen a lot quicker. If it's in a more competitive area, it's typically going to be slower. So it varies if that makes sense. So the one that would stand by one-moment market, the one that I'll share tomorrow, D and the mastermind is like the third or fourth most competitive area for tree services. Why don't know if it's the most competitive, but it has the highest search volume, the third or fourth highest search volume for tree services in Virginia? And so I specifically wanted to target one of those higher competitive ones with a brand new listing to see if all of the stuff that I've been doing, which I'm talking about in the mastermind. If I apply those methods to a brand new listing, if I'm able to get the same type of movement in the same timeframe that I'm able to get with more aged GMB is that have already had a like a presence that you know, they've had an existing presence. So it'll be a great case study to track and talk about in the mastermind. I'm sorry, Marco, what were you saying?

Yeah, I think you guys have heard my pitch to clients, 90 days give me 90 days to show results. Everything I do is results-driven. If I can't show results within 90 days, with everything that we have in our arsenal, then our shit just doesn't work, man. I just know from experience that it's inside of 90 days. So that 90 days whatever that 90-day sandbox that people talk about what that is after 90 days and there are 180 days, you can force shit to go. You should start seeing movement within six weeks did the trick. Right meaning that your GMB will start telling you that and you should start seeing signals, visits to the website phone calls a lot of spammy Phone calls in the BNA this how you know because they'll be the first one to first ones to find you the Yellow Pages people and all of these guys know HomeAdvisor relentless. So they will all find you. So you know, I'm starting to move up because I'm getting the spam calls and then the good calls start coming in, they actually help the spammy calls because Google sees that click to call on the number. So they'll help you with that art. But then the phone calls start coming in. And then over time, it just starts to snowball. And all you have to do is just keep doing the same things that we talk about in the semantic mastery mastermind and in the Heave Hitter Club man.

Yep. And that's, uh, you know, like I said, it's, within 90 days is absolutely possible, I should have clarified that day. Like, again, my, I'm actually pitching that to prospects right now is guaranteed within 90 days in the three-pack cross a 25 square mile area, or your money back. So that just goes to show you how confident I am and being able to do it within 90 days. Does that make sense? I don't encourage other people to do that unless you have that level of confidence. And right now I just, it's crazy what we're able to do.

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Is It Worth The Effort For A Multi-location Business To Create A Syndication Network To Each City Location?

So. Anyway, moving on. Next question was, we only got a couple of minutes left, I want to try to complete these last few questions and comments. He says for a multi-location business, is it worth the effort to create a syndication network for each city location? Or, if not competitive, just create one syndication network for the main entity and have city categories in the blog, your thoughts? Anyone? That's a great question D. I've covered that many times. And so yes, I absolutely have an opinion on that. And that, in my opinion, stick with one branded network, it's so much less work. And you just completely power-up that network. You know, the branded network through link building and embed gigs over time. And if you're, if you silo your site properly, whether you're using categories, so traditional silo structure using WordPress categories, or using tags silos, in either case, you can do it because you get specific category feeds, plus you get specific tag feeds, RSS feeds that you can use to power up location-specific networks if needed. So to clarify, for multi-location businesses, or lead gen assets that I build, now I do one branded syndication network. And then I do exactly what you just mentioned, which is I'll set up categories and either usually the way that I silo local sites is I do topical categories where service-based categories and then I with, with, with categories, and then I do location-based silos using tags. But what it does is it gives me the ability to, you know, publish content that is to targets each location by just placing it in either the proper category or tagging it correctly, if that makes sense. So that now I have silos, either category silos or tag silos that are all the content is optimized for that particular location. Does that make sense? And so again, that can all go out to one branded syndication network that you just juice, right, you just power that shit up. Over time, you can build a massive amount of power to a syndication network, where I will do location-specific syndication networks is if I have a particular location that just isn't responding as well to having that, that the format that I just described, if it's not responding as well to that as some are perhaps some of the other locations, then I might, I may go in and actually build a or, you know, have MGYB, build a specific local location-specific network for that. And in that case, then I would just publish content directly to that network-specific font. And by the way, you can cross-post into both, right? So for example, if you're using a category, you can have the category RSS feed, feed, or trigger that one location-specific network, and you still have your content publishing to your main branded network. Does that make sense? So you could cross-post to both locations because it's still the same brand, you just have a location-specific network, and you can do that using the category or the tag or RSS feeds. So, again, one network is so much easier to manage, that's what I recommend. But if you have particular locations that aren't responding as quickly as or as well to them as to the content marketing that you're doing, then you can always build a location-specific to only do it as needed is what I'm saying. Okay, any comments on that?

That's fine.

Okay, Aaron, by the way, I think Aaron is one of our new mastermind members. So if you were asking about the syndication Academy t-shirt, we were giving you we were joking around earlier, but if your mastermind member we will likely send you a mastermind t-shirt. We are still doing that, aren't we on?

Correct? Yeah, if he's not, if he hasn't seen something about that, then just yet send an email to support at semantic mastery.com.

There you go. So Tony says thanks for a very comprehensive explanation, as always, really appreciate it. I guess they were different. So he was talking about the G site versus a GMB site. And then lastly, Tim says, okay, Jim, excuse me says Okay, thanks for the answer for a brand new sight? Are there any sort of timing issues for a full Seo? Shoot? I don't. I haven't experienced any of that. And because it takes about three weeks or so, roughly for it to be delivered? Well, depending on what you ordered, the SEO show could take a month because it's the syndication network, then the ROI stack and G site, and then the IDX page. So about a month, I think, is that the correct market right now? About a month? Yeah, yeah, three, all components to be delivered. But I don't wait, when I start a new project, it's right off the bat. You know, I just ordered the SEO show. As soon as I have all, you know, all of the details ready for the order, then I ordered that shield because it does take some time. And there's not really any timing issues for that, that I'm aware of. Is it best to let the site age a bit or get content onto it now, not really, just for the syndication network? And this is what we do at MGYB. And we teach this in syndication Academy. But that is when you first create those brand new accounts. It's best to post content that wasn't syndicated content, so post natively on that platform. And again, we do this at mg y b, we'll go find a relevant article from the same platform. So for example, on blogger, we go find an article that is relevant to the topic that that blogger blog is that you know, the branded profile was supposed to be about, we go find an article on blogger and repost it onto the new blogger that was set up for that project. And then we link back give attribution to the source. That way it's an internal link in blogger from one blogger blog to another blogger blog. So and then we allow that to sit usually for several days of we recommend about a week to let that kind of in, we call it seasoning, right? So network seasoning, we let it a season for about a week before we start automating posts through IFTTT, and then when you do start automating posts through IFTTT, start slow, do like one post per week. For the first maybe the first week, do one post and then the second week, maybe do two and then to whatever frequency of publishing that you ultimately are going to end up with. You just want to ramp it up kind of slow, so that you don't get your networks terminated. That's about the only extent of any sort of timing issues that I would worry about as far as the syndicate, drive stack, g site, Id page, all of that. There's no need to wait. Any comments on that?

No. Okay,

I think we're good then guys. Thanks, everybody, for hanging out mastermind webinar with me tomorrow for all of you in the mastermind if you're not join, and we'll see you guys next week. Thanks. Bye.

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