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By April

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Good to be live. Perfect. And we are welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts Episode 334. Man, we're getting up there, but welcome. And today is the seventh of April 2021. We're going to say hello and got everybody here today. And then we've got a couple of short announcements and then we will get into its own. Let's see, I'm gonna start off with Chris, how you doing today, man? thing good here. Like it's it's quite interesting. Whether you're actually

like, a snow storm with Sunday and stuff earlier today. And yeah, like then after that back to sun and warm again. So like, well, April what else to say? But other than that, things are really good. I can't complain. And yeah, like, just a couple more weeks, and we all should have full on summer here. Nice. Marco, how about you? How are things going?

Not a fake background. You know how it is man players gonna play. It is going, Hey, and that's the way life goes, man. And if you want to have the life you want, you gotta work for free, lets you hit the lottery. I keep telling people you go, you can just go right play those those numbers. However infinitesimal, your chances of hitting the lottery or work for it. Work hard, because it does take hard work. Create a repeatable process, like we've done over the past seven, eight years. And then just train apply, make money. So you can train someone to apply and help you make money, lather, rinse, repeat.

It's an entire process. I mean, it were not overnight success. It doesn't take 18 years to become an overnight success. Or you don't become an overnight success.

During the past 18 years, it's been just a lot of work. And a lot of dedication, a lot of hours sitting here and trying to think of ways to spam Google. I'll be the first to say I am an unrepentant spammers. I'm going to change ever. Unless Google once someday for some miraculous reason starts following its own terms of service. Right. And anyway, it is what it is beautiful in Costa Rica as always, it's not raining yet, although it should be any minute.

And I love the life I live.

Fair enough, man. Alright. Hernan How about you? How are you doing? Good, man. Everything is good. I'm excited to be in another Hump Day Hangouts. And things are getting a little bit cooler. A little bit chillier here. So you know, I don't know, there might be some restrictions coming out. But we'll see. For the time being everything's cool. Yeah. What does that mean for you? Does that mean it's below like 28 Celsius or silver? Ah, yeah, man. 25 now I mean, now what a Saturday doesn't get wet on Saturdays doesn't get like colder than maybe zero Celsius, which is like minus 1500. The firing came about but it's like it doesn't get to call it's the community. So that's the problem, but it's good. It's good. Yeah, I think anyone who's ever interacted with anon before no see, it's generally a pretty, pretty happy positive type of guy. I think one of the only times I've seen him maybe you'd like it was like, Oh shit, I think you might actually be upset was when we were at Denver. We flew in and it was snowing the day you blew, it blew me. I was in Miami. It was like a million degrees. And then I flew into Denver to Colorado and was snowing and I'm like, Corsini. I was like Adam, where the fuck did you bring me? You know, it was funny. I was getting I like that it was evil and kind of fun. So yeah, yeah. Good times. Bradley. How about you, man? How you doing? Good, man. That was That was fun. I remember that too. Because it was like 20 degrees and snowing when we got off the plane. But then the next day, it was like 70 degrees and in Denver. It was nuts. So

yeah, anyways, I'm glad to be here. been crazy busy this week, got some good progress going on with my new agency. So things are really good things are picking up man. It's that time of year too. And the tree business it gets really busy right now. So got a lot of work ahead of me, but the money will be good. So it's worth it. Awesome. Well, real quick, I'm gonna grab the link before I've got some other announcements but we shared with people the kind of interview or the presentation you and David hood did. Can you tell people if they haven't checked it out yet? A little bit about what that was all about? Yeah, I think that's maps SEO ninja Woody.

Yeah, I interviewed David hood. He's he was a former mastermind member of ours A long time ago or, and bought some of our courses. And he he's been doing nothing. But we're mainly primarily Google My Business stuff for a number of years now. And so he's developed some of his own processes that he, you know, put together on a course a training course. And there's obviously some of the stuff that we've taught has been an influence on him as well as some other

Instructors out there or people out there that do stuff and teach and teach courses and things like that. So he's, he's kind of created his own flavor on how to get results for GMB stuff. And it was really good. And I, you know, I always encourage people to get training for more than just one, one place. And kind of I mean, you know, and kind of come up with your own site, that's, that's what we have all done over the years is, you know, we learn things from various locations, and we apply them to what we've been, you know, what we already know, and things that we've been trying on our own and come up with our own kind of modification, or interpretation of something and test it, and when it works, then we duplicate it. And if we can duplicate the results, then that's when we end up teaching about it or producing courses about it or whatever else. And so that's kind of what he did. And that was really cool. Because it was, it was a great interview.

And I think some of the stuff that he teaches is a good complement to local GMB Pro, for example, because it's just an additional tool or additional methods that you can add to your toolbox, so to speak, or your arsenal for attacking GMBs. And I think it's always good to expand your knowledge in any one of those areas.

Awesome. Good stuff. Before we get into it, just want to say too, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, thank you for watching. Thanks for being here. Whether you're watching us live right now or whether you're checking it out on the YouTube channel. If you are live, make sure to pop your question in. If you're not live, you can always come to semanticmastery.com/HDquestions and ask your questions throughout the week. We realize this one hour of time may not be available to every single person. So you can always head over there and then subscribe to the YouTube channel and you get notifications when the videos come out. So we have the full thing and we also cut them into clips so you can easily go through and get your answers. And then the first place we tell people to start, you know, if you're new to semantic mastery, you're new to MGYB and you start hearing things like SEO shield and you're wondering what the hell we're talking about, then where you need to go is the SEOshield.com that's the word the SEO shield calm, find out how to shield your site, you're not gonna have to worry about algorithm updates again, and it's free training. Go check that out. Now, if you want step-by-step processes for getting SEO results, check out the Battle Plan. And you can find out more about that battleplan.semanticmastery.com And then for the agency owners, consultants, you know that are hopefully like me and the rest of these guys that you want to have more clients, you want to grow your revenue, and you want to scale your team, check out to x your agency.com. And then last but not least, if you're really ready to grow most of your digital marketing business, although we do have some people who have brick and mortar businesses, then you want to join an experienced community with faster access not only to ourselves but to a peer group that can help you and that's really what our mastermind is about. And you can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And although I already said last not least the last but not least, save time and money for you're done with your done for you services. And that's why we mentioned mg y v.co. If you haven't checked it out, go over there. Seo shield syndication networks, link building press releases a whole lot more. And these are all things that we use, you know, it's kind of funny, I see the orders coming through. And I can see when one of us places an order. And that's where all of this came from was processes or things that we were doing that we needed to scale. So it was training a VA doing this or that eventually it turned into offering that to other people. So by all means head over there, make sure you get on the email list as well. We have some great offers from time to time. So you want to get access to those.

Before we get going guys anything else we need to cover?

All right, let's do it.

Right. Grab the screen.

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Is It A Good Idea To Buy Niche Relevant Domain With Hundreds Of Thousands of Links And 301 Redirect To Gsite?

guys have seen it correct? Yep. Yep. Yes. I cool. We've only got a handful of questions. So guys, anybody here watching if you got questions, now's a good time to post them because if we get down with these questions early, we just wrap it up early. So we'll get right into it Jose's first he says is it a good idea to buy niche relevant domains from somewhere like expired domain dot net with hundreds of 1000s of links and 301 redirect to the G site. You know, I haven't done anything like that in a long time. We used to do that a lot when we talked about this last week actually was called domain authority stacking or within the last few weeks, we've talked about it. And that's what I used to do a lot of times that was a method that worked incredibly well. Shit way back in like 2013 14 timeframes. And we would buy a lot of times drop domain so close out domains that went through the auction period and everything and didn't get bought. And they ended up you know being on sale for you can pick them up for five bucks or eight bucks per year. And what we would do is look for like Chinese domains a lot of the times they'd have sometimes like 10s of 1000s, and sometimes even hundreds of 1000s, have subdomains that like so there's all these backlinks built into the domain. And you could buy it and like it might have been a really spam domain. But the idea was to buy it and then do what's called a wildcard redirect from the subdomains to the root. And then the root would redirect to, you know, like a subdomain of a domain that we were trying to manipulate the domain authority of, and we could boost domain authority, sometimes 40 points in one Moz cycle refresh, which was about I think, 21 days, or thereabouts about three weeks. And it was insane. And it worked incredibly well. However, we got away from doing those kinds of tactics.

Several years ago now, when really, I really when Marco and Dr. Gary first developed the RYS Academy strategy, or method, because we were able to get just as good results using spam links from data, for example, and things like that to the SEO shield. So the drive stack and the tier-one entity assets. So we got away from doing that. I suspect it would still work as long as you're only re, you know, redirecting to, like the G site, for example, or one of the entity assets not to your money site, though, want to make sure that, but again, I haven't done anything like that in quite some time. But I can't imagine why it wouldn't work. Marco, what's your opinion on that?

I don't use it. So I would have to speculate. I haven't done it probably in longer than you have. Because we came up with our RYS Academy to introduce our own domain authority, not even domain authority, our own authority and trust, according to the ranking score algorithm, and the ranking score pattern, and the distance graph. That's what we went after. So when that came out, and we realized what was going on. We just started developing that and we got away from spamming our own subdomains. So now we're not even I'm not even doing subdomains I'm going straight to the root on the domain because I don't have to protect the money site, the money side is always protected because I'm not gonna build links to it.

Well, I do because press releases are link building. I don't recommend for you to do it, guys, unless you know what you're doing. But then everything else takes place through the G site and drive stack. Why? Because it's the belly of the beast. We're getting Google protection, why wouldn't we if Google is kind enough to provide us with something in their domains and subdomains including the GMB assets right, the GMB site, and the post, why wouldn't we use those instead of going and grabbing somebody else's spam domain and running it through a 301 to the G site, and G site to me is much easier to just do my own stuff, the way that I know how, if I need to do an extension of the G site for the book, for example, local relevance, force service relevant, then I'm going to do that. And at each step of the way, I'm going to have to hit it with link building anyway. And I've seen that look, I've done two, 3 million backlinks through.

It's funny, man, you shouldn't do that. But I've done two, 3 million through a direct drive secondary site, I know Rob did a 10 million test. And now almost from Fiverr, by the way, and that was still dancing. I think we just talked about that the other day. But I know this other one that we did, it just hit it went it went bananas. And it's still going. I mean, it did the hockey stick, and your 10x and then 5x. After that. So it was just fantastic to see how well link building works through these relevant apps assets of the or extensions of the enterprise of the main entity, how well they take all of this liquidity. The press releases, the media center that you get the T one branded assets, the @ID assets, everything takes link building really well. So if I have that, I don't have to go and spend like what he's talking about with hundreds of 1000s of keywords and then redirecting it. It might be costly, or it might be like a ticket to disaster. You never know you. But I would say do your due diligence really look into those backlinks. Sometimes you buy the domain and like, the links aren't even there. So you really have to know what you're doing. Is it a good idea? I have no clue. I don't do it anymore. I do my own thing. My own way. Like Bradley said we develop our own flavor. And that's what we do we drink our own Kool-Aid what we talk to you, to you on this on the show about on Hump Day hangout is actually what we do. Adam just said we go in order from mgyb.co. We order the label we order the prestaties is everything that we have we use and so in order to do something like this, it will require to go and test and see if it's still working. And I'm not going to take the time out to test something new. If what I'm doing is working so well, I always say you can't get it, you can't get better than number one, unless you go for zero position. just takes a little bit of extra work. But if you already one in maps, and one in organic hum, like, how much money how much better results. Are you expecting?

Then one?

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Yeah, so that's my answer. I can't answer that any different, I would have to speculate on whether they work and I'm not gonna do that. Yeah, one thing I would caution against that is, you know, when we're talking about domain authority, manipulation, or from years ago, the relevancy wasn't as important at that point. Now it is, it's much more important. And so that's part of the reason I don't do that anymore. Because I'd have to find domains that had relevant backlinks to it like in other words, it was a topically relevant domain, when it expired or got dropped, or whatever that makes sense. And back when I used to do that sort of thing years ago, it that relevancy really didn't matter. It was about manipulating the domain authority metric itself. And that was, you know, I know, that's a proprietary metric, but it worked. And when we teach, and we practice, relevancy, right? activity, relevance, trust, and authority. That's what Marco calls ART and that's the Absolute Truth. And that's why we do everything with the SEO shield. And then we can buy even spam links from you know, the tools that link building tools and things like that, that media uses, because they're at least they're relevant, right? They're topically relevant to what they're linking to, which would be our money site, excuse me, our SEO shield, tier-one entity asset. So again, it's about relevancy. Although, as I said, I don't know that it wouldn't work. We just don't need it. None of us have really done any of that kind of stuff in quite some time.

So you could always try, you know, Marco always says nothing beats a try go to fail, right? Yeah. Try it and see, man, do your due diligence. There are good websites out there that you can pick up with a really strong backlink. Now, when you're weighing websites don't just look for the link, right? Where is that link coming from and is it relevant, like Bradley just said to whatever it is that you're doing, you may have one that seems to be stronger because it might have more links? But if you get one from the wiki, let's say it has a link from Wikipedia, and the Wikipedia link, whatever page that is that's on if it's relevant to what you're doing, you want that that's what you're looking for, versus something that's more generic, the more hyperlocal that especially in local, right, so more hyperlocal that you can get with those links, Chamber of Commerce, local government, anything like that, that's really going to enhance your entity. And you're going to see those work much better than generic links from what you would assume or think, are stronger links, and they're really not. Activity, relevance, trust, and authority. Beats anything out there right now, including PageSpeed, by the way.

Yeah, that's gonna be the next big thing we get a ton of questions about for sure.

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Should You Include A Location Modifier When You Order The Link Packages In MGYB?

So Sean's up. He says for keywords, or excuse me for the keywords that we give dedhia give to Dedhia for link building packages. If running a local campaign. Do we include the location modifier for each of the keywords? So not just snowplowing service but Snow, snow plowing service, Washington, etc? And we're not including exact match keywords for a target keyword is snow plowing. Okay. To answer your question, no, no, I thought that that was

I thought that was explained in the order either on the sales page or in the ordering process in MGYB if it's not, then we need to probably make sure that that gets added but I'm quite sure it's there somewhere. Maybe we need to make it more prominent, but uh, we don't recommend that it is recommended just use market-level keywords that make sense. So keywords without location modifiers. Now, there are times when you can work some location modifiers into it, but it would only be what I and again, I don't recommend this. For most uses for best practice for most people's uses. Just use market-level keywords. Why? Because the location relevancy can be created on the page right? So whatever it is that you're wanting to boost, you're going to have your on-page optimization, that's where the location relevancy is, is created or generated. That makes sense.

So it's just the reason why it doesn't make sense to link using keywords with plus location modifiers is anchor text is because the thought of where the links are coming like at which level right so at which tier The links are when we talk about building links through the MGYB link building service.

To like our SEO shields, for example, those are essentially tier two links to the money site. Right? So if you think about that, because they're first-tier links to the SEO shield, but they're second-tier links to the money site, right, because the SEO shield links and all the assets, they're in the link to the money site. And then we build links to the SEO shield. So those are two steps out, so two tiers out from the money site. And it doesn't really make sense to be linking multiple tiers away with anchor text links that include location modifiers, right, that would be something that I would announce, I don't even like to link with location modifiers from, for example, content marketing, from the blog that I know is going to be syndicated out to the syndication network, right. So any blog posts, if I'm going to be linking from, you know, an internal blog post to an internal page inside of from the money site, right, which is what Syndication Academy and syndication networks do, right, use the blog to build internal links that into, they get syndicated out to the syndication network, which provides a backlink from those sources. And I don't like to use location modifier anchor text in those blog posts, because then that ends up becoming a location anchor, a location, keyword plus location, anchor text, even at the syndication, network level. And again, that's a tier-one link. And it just doesn't really make sense to do that. In my opinion, and through testing that I've done, it is better, you get better results by using market-level keywords to link back to like the money site, for example, because the location relevancy is created on the page. And it just, it looks like you're trying to manipulate your backlink profile, Google it, the algorithm will pick that up if you've got a bunch of location modifiers and anchor text pointing back to your money site. So and when you get further out, the further out you get. So the more tears away you get from your money site, right from ground zero, so to speak, the less likely or natural it would be for there to be links that are linking to your second, third, fourth tier properties with location modifiers. in them, it's just not natural. So the short answer is no, it's recommended not to use location modifiers if you really know what you're doing. You can work some of them in but only a small percentage of your overall keyword file that you submit. So for example, if you submit a keyword file with 200 keywords, you know, a very small percentage of those keywords, could you know you could potentially have some location anchors in there. But again, we don't recommend it. So that's my best explanation. How would you explain it, Marco?

Well, you should have a drive second fee site as part of your SEO Power Shield. If you haven't ordered one. And then I don't know why not. Because the whole point of having that is, you're then going to clone mimic mirror femur, however, you want to call it doing the same thing on the G site that you're doing on your money site. However it is that you're siloing that whether you're doing that service, and then location or a location pay page and services, however, it is that you're going to do that, that's going to be on your G site also. So you're going to be expanding your G site to include that location page, or in some way, that location is included. So that when you have it on the G site, now you can build things into that location, which is going to push the location relevance into your location page, which already has location relevance, the button is no longer.

And this error code is no longer stupid that you have to hit so or so stupid that you have to hit it over the head time and again, with all of this location relevance now, if it's local, then you're going to have of course a mind map with location relevance from the drive secondary site and you're going to have the GMB map with location-relevant because Google is going to have all of the information about your business in that GMB.

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You know that we recommend iframe I mean, we're doing this in the heavy hitter club. We just did the second webinar on Monday.

Link Building iframes how everything works together link wheels, and I framed I mean just a whole bunch of different things that we're working in here. I'm not gonna say exactly how it's done. Not going to say how we do it. If you want the how you're going to have to come to the heavy hitter club and learn how we are employing all of these different things to get all of this reveling relevance over to the money side. Because conceptually, yeah, okay. Yeah, no, I know. I know how those work. You just interlink everything. Well, no, no, you don't. All right. There are certain ways that I will not in any way discuss in public. However, when this is all employed correctly, and you're pushing all of this relevance, especially your citations because those will be part of your link building also.

Okay, so here we go, you're going to submit your citations, and you're going to submit your location pages. If for all your pages from your ad set, you're gonna put all those together. And you're going to include at least 200 keywords, I suggest that you get our keyword research gig, and that's going to include sometimes hundreds of 1000s of keyword-relevant for your link building. submit those today because he knows exactly what to do this question. I mean, I don't even ask Dedhia I just here's all his all the shit, you know what to do.

He knows exactly how to take everything that we've built, and everything that we've interlinked the right way.

How to make it so that it pushes massive power to whatever it is that you're trying to rank. In this case, it's that service and location, right. So it's affordable, snowplowing, Washington, DC so that you can get results as we got for DC plumber, plumber in DC, where this guy is still to this day. And listen to this, that, that GMB and that g site, they have not had anything done since we worked on it three, four years ago. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. And that that fucking guy's getting at least 200 calls per month average To this day, man. So there you go. When everything is put together correctly, your onside is right, your schema is tight, everything, everything is interlinked. The way that we teach to interlink. It just flows in the power will go to wherever it is that you're trying to get the power to accrue. And it's going to stick there, and it's going to pop it up. And this is an option that you're giving any kind of algorithm or whatever because you're sending the correct variables to the algorithms so that it accrues PageRank and ranking score, which is what you're trying to get in the first place. That's what this game is all about PageRank and ranking score, if you can build that, then you can forget about page ranking, the page speed, and time to first payment, all that bullshit that they're telling you. Because what Google cares about is whether that person stays on the website, and gives you the damn information that you're asking that person to give you. And if the person decides to say, five minutes on your website, before they give you the information, that's what Google's want to see. They don't, they're not going to care how long it took the damn page to load. Because the person who gave you the information, so that I'm telling you that's going to overcome any obstacle that you could have encountered with PageSpeed.

Should you fix basically, yes, for the user, you don't want that page, taking a minute to load, that user is not going to want to wait that long. Fortunately, logo, you just give him a click the call number and they don't need to wait to load anything. At any way. That's how we do it. The right thing for this would be for you to follow the training that we give you on how to use everything correctly, how to hook it correctly. So that when you do use the link building, the power flows to the end that you're trying to push, but you have to know how to push that power correctly.

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Should We Just Use Organization Schema For The Press Release Schema?

Right on Austin Don's up, he says for the press release schema, should we just use the organization schema? So it depends on what you mean, awesome, Don, if you're talking about the organization page, the media page within press advantage, yes, then I just go with organization schema unless it's for a specific location.

For example, if I've got, you know, a multi-location brand for one of my Tree Service assets, for example, then each one of its own locations is going to get its own separate media page and press advantage an organization page. Does that make sense? And so each one of those will get their own location or low local business schema markup structured data markup, right? And that's, again, if you have if that's what you're talking about for the organization page. If you have a primary brand page, then you can have an organization schema within that. But then for each individual location, if there are multiple locations, you would want to have local business schema on that if you're talking about 40 specific press release itself, how to mark that up properly, then know what you would do in that case? And again, I'm not sure which question it was that you're asking specifically. But technical SEO comm has a schema markup generator tool that you can go and select article markup and then news article. And then what you would do is you would go through here and complete this based upon the details of that particular press release that you're marking up. Here's a hint, though, because I've got this question many times before people say, Well, what is the URL of the press release, if you're submitting the press, the structured data markup for the press release before it's been published, you don't have the URL? Well, that's where you could use a redirect URL like a pretty link from the brand, the branded domain, right, you could use like pretty links, plug in to create a redirect that you could just link to the organization page, for example, in the meantime, and once the pup post has been published, or the press release has been published, you would just go in, copy the URL of the press release. Right. And again, from press advantage, you'd want to use the press advantage, the press release published on the press advantage domain, and then you would copy that URL and swap out the target URL from the Pretty Link to include the press to you know, the so that the target of the destination would be the press advantage. Press Release. Does that make sense?

So again, if you're talking about a single press release, you want to use article news article markup. If you're talking about the organization page, it depends. If it's just a branded page, then you can go with organization markup, if it's for individual locations, which I recommend if you have multi-locations, you create a separate organization page for each location. And then you would put local business schema on in each one of those organization pages with impressive manage if that makes sense. Do you want to comment on that? No, no, that was perfect. Okay.

Let's see what next question was, I had asked before about which schema to use on location slash city pages and was advised to use local business on those and organization on the homepage. That is correct. I use the ID page created with the power shields on all the pages schema. I'm sure Marco and Rob have covered this in the heavy hitters club. Yeah. So again, very similar to what I was talking about with the press advantage stuff. If you have multi-locations, then what I would do is you for each individual location, I like to have a separate ID page. Right. So each location has its own ID page. And so for that when within local business structure data, the ad ID page designation would be that specific ID page for that specific location. Right. So again, if you've got a drive stack, and you're going out, the way that I do it now for multi-location businesses is I create the drive or I order it from MGYB to have the drive stack, the initial drive stack and G site built around the brand name only, I don't even associate a keyword with it anymore. The on the top-level one, it's a multi-location business, I have the brand name only as the top-level drive stack. And then what I do is for each location, I had to order an RYS expansion from MGYB, which includes basically an inner an internal page of the G site as well as basically the build-out of the drive stack, again, is a subfolder for that's optimized for that particular location. And again, that's the way that I do it for local stuff, you can use our last expansions for different silos on the site, whether they're located or topical silos or whatever, it doesn't matter.

But what I'm saying is I do the RYS expansions for the locations, and then I don't order the IDX pages separately, if you wanted to do that, I think you can do that in mg y b, but I just cloned the top ID page from the organization. Right, so the top-level brand ID page, I just cloned that myself because it's simple to do, and swap out the details and then upload that to create my own ID page for each location. Now there is also an SEO shield ordering, you have what's called a location shield, and a location shield will give you it will produce an ID page for that specific location. So MGYB will produce an ID page for that. But why I don't use the location shields is because it creates a separate g site. And I prefer to have everything underneath the one branded g site. So that's why I use the ROI as expansion stacks. And then I duplicate the ID page myself. Marco, do we have an ID page-only gig in MGYB? I've never ordered if we did so I can't remember if we don't so okay, well thanks. Well, that's the way that I do it. I'm sure Marco has an opinion on it. But that's you know that the way that I prefer to do it is for each individual location that has its own ID page. Does that make sense?

Man and that's perfect than the way that it should be.

Oh, so let me see.

Yeah, I mean, done. That's how we show you how to do it.

That's how we show you to work I'm just reading this over again to make sure that I got it.

Yeah, location city pages. Use local business organization goes on the homepage or the about page. You can use either or but not both and never site-wide anymore. We used to use a site-wide Not anymore. And yes, of course, include the IDX page on all your pages schema or at least the ad ID node that we identify. If not the entire page, that schema you can include. You can include the page. You can reference the page with. It's not an ad ID. It's not an ID page. It's an entity stack, with iframes of all your company's information everywhere around the web. So you can use all that information reference that through schema, that's perfectly fine. And yes, we have covered all this and etc. And I'm glad about the last part of that comment. He slammed with clients. That's awesome. It's always an awesome thing, man. It's a good problem to have.

This Stuff Works

Okay, moving on. Next. Happy hump day as well. Aaron Kay, again, asking this question that he asked last week, and we'll and Joe and Aaron.

Aaron, I think you're the new mastermind, one of the newer mastermind members. No, you don't get a syndication Academy t-shirt. However, we may be having some swag-like storefront available sometime in the next few weeks. Adam? Maybe? Yes, maybe. So something like that may be happening soon. So yeah, you could always order one if you want to. But as a mastermind member, you should be getting my mind really faded because I wear it a lot. But a mastermind t-shirt as a mastermind member you do get one of those? Well, at least, especially if you're in the US, I know that I received a really, really, really beat-up package a couple of months ago, a few months ago now. But I mean, the package looked like it had been through hell and back. And it was a T-shirt that we sent to one of our mastermind members that were in Africa, I think was john curry or something. anybody's thoughts on Africa? Yeah, South Africa or something in the shirt had gone out and was out in the mail for like, five months.

And somehow ended up back at the return address, which happened to be my address, and it beat all to hell, and open it up. And it was a shirt that was supposed to go to South Africa.

If you're in the US, you'll get a shirt. I don't know about outside of the US though.

Adam, you want to comment on that? No. Yeah, that took the slow boat around the world a few times. But yeah, we much less control over going overseas. But yeah, if you're in the US, we can pretty much guarantee shipment. So there you go.

Should You Put Off Link Building Once The Shield Is Already Ranking?

Alright, sweet. We got a few other questions. Dan says, Hey, guys, I built a small shield based on DC plumber, but recently purchased a full SEO shield from you. Here's my question, the original shield is already ranking, should I still promote it? Or put all my link building behind the new SEO shield from bought from you guys? Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Right? I mean, I'm saying is it's already ranking, you can use the new shield to kind of power up what you've currently got.

But I mean, I wouldn't like this disband or whatever, you know, eliminate the original stack that you built, if it's working, if it's ranking. I don't know Marco, what do you say, and if this is Dan, I think he's in our mastermind and or the heavy hitter club, ask him there so that I can go into more detail on how you would make full use of this. But I mean, all it takes is a link from one to the other, to push the power from one to the other. And then from there to the destination, you're adding a hop. And if you're in the heavy hitter club, you know how to account for that hop, because it introduces link loss, adds or link atrophy at each hop. So you already know how to make up for that. And those are, those are the things that you need to look out for so that you deliver full power at the destination. But I wouldn't get rid of either one. And I wouldn't edit either you already have one ranking, make full use of the one that dragging that's taking up real estate, it's pushing power, you know, it is because it's ranking. So make full use of that.

Yeah, and if you're going to build links, you link builds, you build links to both, as long as you're not ambiguouating the entity. Now take a good look at these and make sure that you're promoting the same business through both. And that Google isn't thinking that it's two separate businesses that kind of have the same name and are and are kind of targeting the same keyword set. That's ambiguity, the bots aren't going to know what to do with it. So it's going to either pick one over the other, or it's going to start where it's deciding which one to choose and how and that's a clusterfuck. You never want to get into that situation.


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Do You Need To Create A New Folder Inside An Existing Folder To Mirror New Content From The Client To The SEO Shield?

Okay, so the next question from Dan says to oh, and he says he's in heavy hitter club, by the way, asking the heavy hitter club. Yeah, they'll go into much more detail there. Then. The next question was to mirror new content on my clients' money site to the SEO shield like a new blog or new blog posts, I guess. Do I create a new folder inside or add the Add to an existing folder in the SEO show? Well, that's a good question to think about that, you know, if you've already got your Alright, your SEO showed your drive stack essentially siloed right through RYS expansion stacks, which we just talked about. So you've got folders that are, you know, mirrored to your silos on your money site, then whatever category, you're going to place that blog post in, that's where that blog post should be pushed into the drive stack that same folder, right, that same silo, right. So again, if you're going to be if you have silo architecture on your website, which you should, and you're gonna be publishing content to the blog, you're going to select a category to place the post within, right. So that would be the same category, right? So the same folder and the SEO shield or the drive stack, that where that article should go. And here's the thing remember guys, you can, IFTTT, you can take a category RSS feed or a tag RSS feed for that matter. And put and use either one of those RSS feeds right either category feed or a tag feed depending on how you're structuring your silo and set up a separate set of triggers inside your IFTTT account to publish any article that is placed within that category or shares that particular tag, again, depending on whether using categories or tags for your silos that will push only articles that have been published with either that into that category or share that tag into a very specific folder that you can select in IFTTT by connecting drive to it right so for example, you could do what an IFTTT applet that triggers is triggered by the category RSS feed, and then Reese or syndicates that post automatically through to Google Docs as a G doc into the particular folder, that specific folder that is mirrored to your silo. Right. So think about that. That's it's a way to automate all of that. So again, you want to make sure that your drive stack is siloed mirrored the same way that your money site is structured. That's what we talked about, then. And like I said, you can go in and set up a second set of applets for free. So let's say you got three silos, then you should have three corresponding folders in your drive stack. And then you could have three sets of applets using the category feed for each cat for each category, each silo to feed content into the appropriate drive stack folder in your drive stack. Does that make sense? It's a good question. Do you want to expand on that Marco?

No, no, man, that's the perfect mirror but by just creating content within the relevant folder, in the drive stack, and on, and on the GSI page, man. And whether you use iframes whether you use Bradley's IFTTT strategy, whether you use RSS, well, that's up to you, you have a whole bunch of different ways that you could do this. Yeah.

What Are Your Thoughts On Running Syndication Network To Money Site And RYS To Social Properties, Vice Versa

So bb's up with a list of questions. I don't understand. I've read that like three or four times while we've been answering questions, and it confuses me more each time I read it because I have no idea what it's saying.

So please, maybe you can make heads or tails out of it.

I think what he's saying is, have you done that? God got dances Got it? Thank you. Um, I think what baby's asking us is what do you guys think it's always these hypotheticals? Maybe? It's always what do we think about? Yeah, what if? Which I don't do yeah, I don't do. Ah, so I'm gonna make an attempt. He says, What do you think of doing syndication only to money site and RYS as to the social property? So I think what it means is how the syndication network is the only tier one links to the money site, and then you create the drive stack with the syndication network properties as the target URLs in the drive stack, but no direct link from the drive stack to the money site.

It would be speculation, I don't know I don't know why you wouldn't want to link directly from Google properties to your money site. That's where I think the most power is pushed anyway. So I can't imagine why you would want to do that. So maybe I don't you know, I give you some wild ass guess but it would be pure speculation. And so there's really no reason for me to even waste the time.

Would you agree Marco?

This is something that I go over in both the Semantic Mastery mastermind the Ask Marco anything webinar, and the heavy hitter club webinar? Are you in my head I think especially when I'm trying to think logically if then else, and when I try to drop this in an if-then-else statement or an if-then like IFTTT, right If so, if I started out with with with a money site, would I do IFTTT, syndication only from the money site, and it makes no sense from what we teach, which is creating the entire ecosystem for the entity? Now you're trying to break up the entity if that's how we read and separating it into different pieces, you could do that for testing purposes. And you're welcome to do it, I'm not going to speculate on what's going to happen. And vice versa, you do our RYS our wires only to the money site. But what we have seen, as Bradley often says, we know that the sum, or what is it, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, if we start breaking it up, it doesn't work as well, as when we put everything together, and we give Google this presentation, where the on-site SEO is spot on, we know that that the schema is right, it's tight, we know that we're giving the buyer all of the information that it wants, the button goes off of the page, following all of the information, all of the breadcrumbs that we feed it and finds everything, all of the nodes that are related to our entity to be coherent and relevant, totally relevant to whatever it is that we're doing so that everything powers up the way that it should, because you're showing Google a proper entity and an entity with other profiles of the relationship. And if we start to break that up, or if we insert ambiguity into it, we know that it doesn't work as well as it should.

So why? So here's my question, then, if I'm thinking this way, if then else, if this is working, as as well as it is right now, then why would we ever want to change the way that it works? For the sake of testing? Well, that's fine. I when I'm making money like I don't have time to go test, I'm busy making money, man. Like, testing is fine for like, I have some downtime. And I can go and play and I can go try to manipulate things, and I find these things that I share. But other than that, well, no, because it works.

If again, if we're already gumming, coming after number one, we get results, repeatable results like we do the Dixie plumber example, if we're getting those ultem, why would we go and do anything else other than what we do? If I'm hitting someone in the mouth, and I'm much and I'm knocking him out, Time after time after time? Why would I want to hit them in the shin? Makes no sense.

That's how I see that I'm sorry. And if I'm misinterpreting it, and if I'm misreading it, BB, then please explain. Because I just don't get this question. I'm sorry. So the follow-up to that was RYS is only on money site yet, and do syndication on our last properties. I don't even know that that would work. Because there's no syndication point from an RYS property. In other words, there's no RSS feed. So you know, what would be the trigger? So that again, I don't, I don't know why you would even attempt that. But you know, if you want to BB as we always say, go do it. Now go set it up, just let us know. And let us know what you find. That's right.

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SEO Shield Process Questions

So the next question, Is this sentence true? The shield is not proprietary, but the links and embeds are proprietary for you only and more specifically, more to dedhia gladding? I don't understand that. Is there any process to build what he did? How much time does it take to create this process? Well, the process for RYS and SEO shield stuff is what is taught in RYS Academy reloaded. And specifically those methods. What daddy does, is there any way to learn that not unless you go work for data as an apprentice in which you know, you could always contact him and ask him if he needs another link builder? And if he'd be willing to train you, and blah, blah, blah, and all that kind of stuff. But what dedhia does, that's his own proprietary methods that none of us know how to do, because none of us have any desire to know how he does it, because he is just so damn good at it, and we have a dedhia we don't, we don't need to know how to do it. We just need to give him the work. And so I'm not saying that be and ask Dedhea, baby. I mean, I'm not saying that to be an ass seriously. I mean, that with all sincerity, that, you know, I don't know how to do any of the stuff that he does. And I really don't have any desire to because we have him. Like, there's no reason for that. So I don't know of anybody that teaches what he knows. I'm sure that you can probably find some places to learn how to use link-building tools and all this stuff that he does. But it's also he's been at this for well shit for eight or nine years now that I know of. And that's all he does. So he's a master. He's mastered it, right. He's achieved mastery. Right? Which do they say it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery. He's there. He's been there. So. So yeah, you could reach out to him and ask him but I and by the way, you can always ask him the free SEO Facebook group and he may be able to point you in some sort of direction. I just can't do it. Alright, so here's the deal. He has something like four or 5 million profiles in his network and he has separated them into real limit niches. So this is, when when we talked about this when we talked about creating this, or Dedhia. I remember when he got his first million, we're still working with subspace. So it's been about three years that he spent building that network. So that's one aspect of it. I know that it's taken them three years to build up like a four or 5 million profile network. And you have to remember, you keep replacing them, because you lose these profiles from time to time, and it happens over time. It's natural. Not only does he do that, but I know that he started out way back when with Senuke, yes, then Senuke X and x rumor, then GSA, and then all of these other tools that came and went, came and went. And each one has its own idiosyncrasies. And each one has a learning curve. So he had to master all of these different tools. And as he went on learning these tools, he was able to apply them to them, the new software that he was learning, he had all of these other methods that he had already learned. So it's, so it isn't just you jump on a bicycle, and ride the bicycle. And because you can jump on a bicycle and ride that bicycle, that you're going to jump on in an 18 Wheeler and drive the 18 Wheeler doesn't happen that way. And because you can drive an automobile, a stick shift doesn't mean that you can drive that 18 Wheeler, man, it's two totally different things. So, his expertise is not proprietary, and that it's not his software that he uses. And it's not proprietary in that the social profiles that he's built up in the social networks, and whatever else is proprietary to those profiles. But his method is proprietary. And I'd venture to say the same thing about the methods that we use in our SEO shoot. It's since syndication Academy, it's our training is our entity stack, or @ID. That's ours. Also, nobody else came up with what we did. And it's dry second drive Section G sites, always Academy reloaded is how to put it all together. Nobody else did that. So I don't see how it's not proprietary how it could be anything but ours.

It's difficult to understand the question if I'm thinking this or seeing this in this way where it is.

Right? It's our training, it's what we do, and how we do it.

Do You Optimize Title For Clicks?

So he says, Do you optimize the title for clicks? Does the Ctr effective on the shield? Okay, so those are two different questions. But number one, do I optimize the title for clicks? Well, it depends.

It depends. I don't necessarily optimize the SEO title, right? So like the meta title, typically for lead gen stuff that I do, you know, it's very basic, it's service plus keyword or service plus city, excuse me. And then pipe symbol or dash number, whatever. And then like the brand name, and that's typically it for the SEO title, what I try to optimize is the meta description, right? Because that it's like 140 characters or whatever of ad copy, right? That you're, you're it's just like, if you've done Google ads, you have the headline and in the description, and you optimize for click-through rate. And that's what I do with the description. But typically, for the title tags, like SEO title, not the actual page title, the page title and make it more conversational, but that's not what shows up in the search results, right. It's the SEO title that you designate in your plugin or whatever. And so typically, again, because all I do is local stuff, and local lead gen, I optimize for what works and that's just usually service plus city.

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Is CTR Effective On The SEO Shield?

So there you go, I optimize the meta description for a higher click through make it more attractive than a lot of the competitors perhaps. So like a compelling call to action is what that means, right? So as far as does the CTR as is click-through rate effective on the SEO shield, that's not something I've tested, I'm sure it would be. I've been testing some click-through rate stuff recently, a lot with GMB stuff, specifically, but I haven't been testing yet. I've got it literally it's on my to-do list to test running traffic through the SEO shield to the target URL, whatever that may be.

But I haven't tested that yet. Now we know through like I'm talking about specifically for CTR manipulation, right. I have not tested that yet. But I have run ads to Google Docs, for example. So Google ads running traffic, so relevant traffic from specific geographic locations from a known audience to specific Google Docs that were connected to the money site and run traffic that way and definitely seen a benefit from it. But as far as specifically click-through rate manager like some of the tools and stuff that are available now? No, I have not tested that. Marco, have you know? And okay, so So the first part of that, and I'm going to try to answer without confusing you. And without you then coming back and saying that I said something, I didn't say, I do optimize the title, and the description.

But not until it's top five, listen to this. I don't optimize it until I reach the top five. So one positions 123450 positions or 123 in the map pack.

And I'm an organic, and I can see, and I'm looking at Search Console, I'm looking at all of the data, and I see no cause. So if I don't see the result of those rankings of that map pack, or that organic, and I'm not getting anything, that I'm going to go and take a look at what I've written, or what has been written. And I'm going to take a look at my competitors, not only with so let's say I'm three I'm gonna take, I'm gonna take a look at 123 or four and see why they're getting clicks, as I know, they're getting clicks. And why I'm not. So not unless I'm not getting anything once I get to the top five. So yes, yes, I do. But not until, and unless I hope that was clear. Bradley if I wasn't?

No, I think that's and you know, that's not something I've tested. That's a good idea. And thank you for sharing that Marco because that's something I could test once I'm got something in a, you know, top-ranking position, play around with that title tag a bit I have, or the SEO title. I mean, I haven't done that, because typically I just leave it at, you know, again, very basic for local stuff. It's I mean, because if you look, the SERPs are always like that. And so I've always just done service plus city, and then a divider and in the brand name. Sometimes I'll include the phone number in the SEO title as well if there's enough character room, you know if there's enough room for it, but I've not tested going back and changing the SEO title once it's in the top ranking or top positions. That's something that would be worth trying for sure. Well, sometimes it's a tell, at least for me, because I'm, you know, I'm a data nerd. If I'm well positioned, and I know that I should be getting clicks, or just whatever it is that I'm looking for. And I'm not, then someone else is taking them from me. And I want to know why. And I want to know, I want to go and copy what those guys are doing to see which one gets like the action, let's say. And oftentimes, of course, when you change it, it sometimes dances it'll drop, it'll come back. Yeah. And then you'll start seeing a difference, you start seeing Yeah, you'll start seeing some clicks. And then that even helps in the position to a good idea to try it. So the next was, or will you stay high position no matter what the user does? I'm not sure what that means. And then that follow-up was that same question for the content? Will the page behind position no matter? What if it has the shield, even though it has lower value content? So I think what he's asking here, and then we got to wrap it up, guys, we got about three minutes left. So if I'm interpreting this question correctly, I think the question is, if you have an article page that has lower value content on it, as you know, quality is not that good.

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And you're able to rank the page doesn't matter whether the page, the quality, the quality of the content is, is good or not, if the page is ranked, and it has an SEO shield, and here's the thing, you know, click-through rate is one metric bounce rate is another, right? So if you've got a shitty piece of content that you happen to be able to rank, but you get it to rank and Google notices that people click through to it because it's at the top of the search results, but it's shitty content, and it doesn't answer their question, it doesn't provide value. So they click back and go click to the next result, and perhaps maybe another result or two on the same page. And then they spend more time on that page, and they engage with that page. And they perhaps Converse, submit an opt-in, or quote, request form or make a purchase or click the tap to call button or something like that on one of the other pages. Because they backed out or bounced from your content because it was low value, then it's only a matter of time, and usually, in quite short order that Google will demote or devalue your like, you know, demote, so essentially, it will start to slip in rankings. And that's, again, because of the user, the engagement signals are such that it's clearly telling Google that the content is not solving the problem. It's not answering the question that the searcher was seeking. Does that make sense? So now as far as brute force, can you get it to stay? I don't know. Because typically, if you know, if I'm going to end up ranking something, I'm going to try to have content on there that is going to be compelling and produce some sort of result.

So what do you say about that? Marco?

Yeah, we don't determine what value content has anyway the user does is correct. And it's what the user does, that then determines whether that content sticks. So here's the thing, you could get a professional writer to, to write your beautiful piece of content, the most beautiful piece of content that you have ever read, and you say, holy crap, I'm gonna be a millionaire, because this content is gonna give me all the money in the world, then you go and put it up. And you realize that you're not speaking to the user's pain. And the user is going somewhere else with on a page that you consider garbage or crappy content. And that page is converting like crazy. So we can determine that your users telling you by the bounce rate, whether your content is of any value. So if the if the user is bouncing, if you're not getting conversions, you're supposed to be getting conversions on that page, go and change it, go and change it and use what works to get those people to convert. Because if you're not converting you sending bad signals. Yeah. And that's, that's the whole point. And you can see that in analytics. Yep. You can see like time on site time on page, whether they click through to other pages, you can see scrolled up, you can set up events inside of analytics using Tag Manager to show like scroll depth, for example, if it, you know, you can set a trigger to trigger an event that shows like scrolled up to 50%, or clicking on certain elements of the page, things like that. So those are all things that you can set up with analytics to monitor, or you can use even things like heat maps, right? So heat maps, you can actually take, which takes screen recordings of what a user is doing on the page when they visit the page. And so you can clearly that's conversion rate optimization, right? That's how you can start to optimize for conversions. And I would recommend that you do that. So set goals, set goals on your pages. If you have an e-commerce website, and you don't know how many people end up on your checkout page, which is, which is generally a thank you, then you're wasting money because you have no idea what's converting what isn't how many people are ending up in your cart, and you're not sending that to Google and Google should have all of that information so that it knows how well you're doing and reward you for doing well.

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