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Welcome everybody Hump Day hangouts Episode 335, also known as 335. Today is the 14th of April 2021. Get the whole game here. So we are going to give our greeting Say hello to everybody. Got a couple of announcements to go over and then we are going to jump into your questions. If you’re watching live. Go ahead, you can add your questions on there and just say What’s up? Say hi. Let us know you’re alive and still kicking. If you’re checking out the replay, come join us live sometime it’s every week at 4 pm Eastern at semantic mastery comm slash HD questions. Let’s see her nine you are first on the list here today. How are you doing man?

Cool, why don’t they What did they do? I’m good, man. I’m good. Good, happy to be here. Whether it’s still nice. Here, when Osiris we’re heading into the cooler season, but it’s good. Everything’s good.

Cool. What’s going on in Facebook ads lands these days, what’s the biggest Oh, it’s crazy, man. It’s crazy. It’s insane. Like, there’s a bunch of changes coming up. But you know, we’re still looking good. There’s a bunch of changes when it comes to privacy. When it comes to specifically, apple, iOS, you know, anything that has to do with with with that environment, there’s going to be higher privacy and force, which I think it’s cool. But it’s also, you know, a challenge for us marketers that are trying to, you know, develop or deliver relevant ads to people. So other than that, you know, it’s looking good on we are we’re finding our way through it. So it’s challenging as you show, you know, that’s the name of digital marketing.

So, fair enough. Bradley, how you doing today?

Good, man. super busy. Lots of lots of good things going on. Just a lot of things on the horizon that are starting to pop and it’s just been good. So glad.

I think you were talking yesterday, don’t let me spoil a beat or spill the beans here from not solely talking about this, but I think you were working or you’re working with some members in the mastermind for some sales type of stuff.

Yeah, we started the last Thursday was kind of like the orientation meeting. But you know, we have many mastermind groups. In the mastermind. I’ve had one that I’ve been hosting for probably close to three months now with anybody that’s new, that does marketing and real estate either for their own real estate business for investment purposes or for flipping or for if they doing marketing services for realtors or real estate agents. And we do that once every two weeks. But then I just started another small mini mastermind it’s meeting every week on Thursdays now for anybody that is doing a lot of heavy prospecting in sales for their own agency. Because I want to, you know, get better at sales myself. And so we’re, we were going on a 40 starting tomorrow is our 40 to 42 weeks of consecutive mini accountability groups meetings every Thursday, where we’re going to be talking exclusively about prospecting and sales methods and you know, just in trying to get better at that so I’m really looking forward to it at the end, you know, 42 weeks is going to take us all the way until January of 2022. And you know, we should all the members of the group which I think there’s six of it plus six plus me right now, we should all be better at sales by the end of that for damn sure.

So, let’s say if you’re not you guys all got a problem. But yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah, more Bradley’s talking about if you’re not in the mastermind, we regularly form we tried to do it about quarterly form small groups and kind of the mini masterminds if you will racing to get more one on one time. And we’re going to be starting that back up again pretty soon. So if you’re not in the mastermind, you’re thinking about joining now’s a really good time to get in before we start forming those up because once we do that we wait for another you know, quarter, and then we’ll do it again.

So Alright, Chris, how are you doing today?

Good. So happy that spring is here. Like temperature is up and down like it is in April but things are pretty good.

Good deal, man. All right, Marco. What’s the weather report?

It’s the rainy season in Costa Rica. Catch it? Oh, looks awful.

It’s horrible. It’s horrible. It’s overcast. And it’s a little bit cooler than usual. So I have my air conditioning turn up to 72 I think it is. And I don’t I don’t want to get too cold. Right. Is it comfortable? But yeah, you know, we have to suffer through these. Through these horrible seasons in Costa Rica. It’s either dry, or it’s raining everywhere. So life is what it is. Can anybody say? GMB posting service? Oh, was I supposed to say that?

Somebody today I know. The VA that I trained to write for me according to Jordan training, which I’m not going to mention live Of course, nothing of that is ever going to get out but we write for both the bot and the person we write for the entity and to try to get the person’s click. So the VAT is trained for that is actually writing templates. And they’re tuned that as far as you can tune 1500 characters, you can domain entity and some supporting. But it is being they’re being set up that way. And that’s so they’re going to be well written, everything is going to be checked and double-checked. But of course, if you should happen to be getting that service, you should always edit your content according to what your message is, right? If so, if you see something that shouldn’t be, you can send it back to us. However, it is we’ll work it out. But it’s going to be up to me. The best way to do it has always been getting people in the GMB as managers and get them to post from the GMB. I’ve never been a fan of auto posters. And we recently had some issues with some auto posters where the API was tagged as dirty by Google. I don’t like mentioning names. I don’t like saying what who or what, let’s just say that when you get people like Rob, our partner in crime and MGYB, and then the heavy hitter club involved in anything, an IP is gonna get muddied up, it’s gonna get dirty. All right. So if you know that, you have things that you care about, why would you put that through a risk of that nature, where it could be tagged as dirt. Now, we didn’t know this until now, but my whole system has always been getting them added as managers in the GMB and they post from the GMB. They add images. In the GMB videos. Everything gets done inside the GMB. Fortunately, I’ve only had a couple of suspensions during this whole time. So something must be right about adding the person as the manager in the GMB. Of course, it’s mostly the GMB the one or one of the times that I did get suspended, it was a, it was added as a post office box with the street address. Those are usually are generally known as legit, right. But they do carry a risk. And one of those risks is if it gets suspended, it’s kind of difficult to get it verified again or to get the suspension lifted. And anyway, there you go. It’s coming. It’s another thing to be really excited about. We just continue to add what people need in MGYB to write their ship, which is what we’re all about, right? You should read your ship, make money, change someone to help you make more money, lather, rinse, repeat, making the system making money should be a system.

Oh, yeah. Well, if you’re new to us, if you’re new to Semantic Mastery, you’re new to MGYB and you want to find out more about what Mark was referring to there, find out how to shield your site, don’t worry about algorithm updates, and you can find out what the hell the SEO shield is because I guarantee you’re gonna hear it like 10 times today. So head over to SEOshield.com it’s a free training, it’ll explain a lot of this stuff. Plus, it’s actually got training in there about how you can apply this stuff. If you’re looking to take things a step further beyond that, grab the battle plan, alright, that’s step-by-step processes for SEO, all the stuff we do in check out that battle plan dot semantic mastery calm. And for those of you who are like us, if you’re an agency owner, or you’re just a consultant, running a small team, and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your business, write more revenue, and you want to steal your team, then to x your agency is what we recommend you to check out and that’s at 2xyouragency.com and we’ve already mentioned the mastermind on top of the mini masterminds on top of the webinars from everyone here on top of the community, that that’s just where you’re going to get the best and quickest turnaround on information and a peer group is second to none. So if you’re looking for that, whether you have a digital marketing business, again, whether you’re a consultant or maybe even have a brick and mortar like some of our members do, you can find out more about that a mastermind dot semantic mastery.com Let’s see. Last but not least, I wanted to mention POFU Live. So this is year four. Are that right guys? Yeah. I think so.

No, it is four because yeah, last year, we didn’t do it. We did a virtual event. So that’s why I didn’t register. But yeah, this is

Yeah, I was like wait a second. So POFU Live we settled, we were able to schedule this in. So it’s gonna be the last weekend in September 2021. So that’s going to be the VIP day on the 24th. And then we’re going to have to go hard on 25th 26th. With ourselves with some amazing guest speakers, it’s gonna be a ton of fun. I was really happy this last year, the feedback was probably the best out of the last three years, which we were really happy about going virtual, of course, you know, we weren’t sure. But we did that feedback was great. Everyone got a ton of value out of that. We’re gonna be opening up tickets for that pretty soon, as usual for those of you who are taking action and grab them faster will definitely be a kind of a pre-launch or early bird offer. So make sure you take advantage of that and we’ll be sharing more information about that over the coming weeks and then over the summer too. So Stay tuned for that. Anything else you guys before we drop into the questions.

I just wanted to mention real quick that, you know, it’s crazy because you said the peer group is second to none in the mastermind. And I agree. And it’s funny because one of our longest members had kind of gone dark for quite some time, but he remained a member. And just recently, the last few weeks or month and a half or something like that he’s resurfaced. And he’s been participating a lot in the group and joined the mini mastermind with me. And he’s also joined a small accountability group that I hold with a couple of other members on a weekly basis. And it’s, it’s just great to see, he’s been with us since like day one. And so for, you know, somebody to be all these years and in this still participate with the group, it just goes to show you that, you know, it is a good peer group to be in guys. So I would recommend you do it. definitely get access to the small groups and all that. So, alright, well, I’m gonna grab the screen, and let’s get into it. We’ve got several questions already.

We can see your screen.

Should We Avoid Using Billing/Credit Card/Address Info Between Projects To Avoid Footprints In Google Suite?

Okay, good. Thank you. It looks like Justin is the one that we’re starting with cases, I just listened to a video where Bradley was talking about adding a G Suite account for all new projects with their own billing information. Okay, are we supposed to avoid using the same billing credit card address info between projects to avoid different footprints? Excuse me? And if so, what’s the most practical way to do that? I don’t, I don’t, I don’t use different billing information for G Suite stuff. You know, for client stuff, they do it right. But for my own stuff, I use my same information, because it’s me that’s required to pay for the billing. I’ve never had an issue with it. I know I’ve heard other people say that they have. But I’ve never had an issue with having multiple Google workspace accounts. It’s never caused me any problem whatsoever. So I’ve got like, literally, well, well over a dozen, I can say that I don’t know if I got two dozen yet. But well over a dozen workspace accounts that I pay for $6 a month, every single damn month for every one of them. But there’s a benefit for it. And most of those accounts make me quite a good amount of money. So there, it’s totally worth it. And I’ve never had any trouble with having the same billing information. So I’m not sure which video you were watching Justin but I don’t have any problem with it. That doesn’t mean that it can’t potentially create a problem. Maybe somebody else here has had a problem with it.

Marco I’ve you know, I’ve never had problems, but I use multiple credit cards I get like I get people to give me something like a $500 credit limit. So that you can use it in ads and all these different things. And the only pain with that one is having to update it. Like every time the card expires, you do have to update the information, but you just hire a VA to do to make all those changes. Okay, that’s how I do it. I know, I know, you do it your way, you’ve never had trouble, I do it my way. I’ve never had problems.

We’re good. Next, Gordon says. And by the way, guys, if you are worried about it, a lot of credit card companies will allow you to create virtual credit card numbers where you can like, they’ll give you a unique credit card number for one specific account so that you’re not using the same account number across all the different things that you sign up for several credits, you know, a lot of credit card companies will offer that as an option now. So they’ll give you it’s all tied to the same card, the same account, but they give you virtual credit card numbers. So that might be an option you can look into if you’re worried about that.

The only problem with that one is if you’re using it with Google ads, and for some reason, the virtual card gets declined. everything related to that card will then get declined, including the main card really well that yeah, that’s an issue and I know someone that it happened to, which is why I’m mentioning it.

What Is The Reason Why You Have Different Link Building Approach For Yelp And GMB Listing?

Okay. So Gordon’s up longtime Gordon and he says, Hey, guys, I believe you mentioned previously that we can blast a ton of backlinks directly to a Yelp listing and get it to page first page of Google search results. Yeah, it’s been a few years since I’ve done that, but that used to work incredibly well. He says if it’s not in a super high competitive niche or area without getting any Google penalty, wow, for GMB listings, we should, of course, use our way as Google Drive stack from MGYB or web 2.0 sites as tier one buffers so as not to incur any Google penalty. So I was wondering if you could explain what is the reason that Yelp and GMB are different in that respect? They’re not. You can I mean, you know unless Marco has something to say differently. You can just hammer away to Google the GMB profile with you know, just like you can a Yelp listing. So I’ve not had any trouble with that either. Is there anything that I’m misquoting here Marco or no, that’s a misinterpretation of what we said? We said, Oh, all bets are off. And when it’s Google when it’s a Google property, you Yeah, I mean, in GMB, a GMB listing is a Google property. It’s on Google subdomains on the maps, subdomain. All of the business domains are on a Google-owned domain, that business site has a lot of power, man, you’re shaking, a lot of power, those posts will push a lot of power. So no, all bets are off, though they get hammered. They get hammered. We’ve never made a distinction, the only place where I’ve made a distinction is just leaving the money site pristine, never hitting it directly. Because you want that to get links, naturally. However, whatever that means, but in a natural manner, so people are going to link to it, people are going to share it, people are going to do whatever the whatever it is, naturally, you want that to happen to the money site, where off-page and through Google, as I’ve said, or through something that that really powerful, you know, to be a really powerful domain like Amazon, MSN, Yahoo, just whatever YouTube or YouTube is, is a Google property anyway, but you understand what I’m saying? Yeah, it has that high trust and authority. According to Google, not according to vanity metrics are third-party metrics. But according to Google, they’re not then hammering it citations hammer those yellow Yeah. Yellow Pages all hammer them S3 @ID, all of your tier one assets, hammer them. That’s what we say. Leave your money site, pristine. I know Bradley likes to go with press releases to the money site. I don’t recommend that unless you know what you’re doing. Because it’s going to mean hundreds of links to whatever that page it is that you’re linking to. So you better know what you’re doing. Other than that, I don’t see any problems. How’s he any issues?

There you go. And yeah, so I was gonna disagree with what Marco said it Yeah. When we talk about using our drive stack and you know, syndication networks and all that as buffers, it’s for any money site or money page that you’re trying to push. You know, you don’t want to but when you’re hitting the GMB website, the Google Maps URL, GMB, or Google Site know those kinds of things, you just hammer away. So okay. By the way, this is good. This is good because this is a question about press releases. And I wanted to kind of touch on what Marco just said, You know, I do use press releases to link sometimes to the money site. When I do though, you know, it’s always a naked URL or a brand anchor. That’s it. Like, it’s either a naked URL, or it’s a brand anchor if I’m going to use an anchor text, which is okay, for the money site, but that’s it like I don’t do any keyword rank links using, you know, so keyword anchors from press releases directly to the money site. However, you can use keyword anchors in press releases when you’re linking to an SEO shield property, for example, or GMB. You know, an asset for example. So, you know, again, it’s, it’s about very strategically using press releases, but um, I do like using press releases as an actual link-building tool for my money, you know, money site stuff, so.

What Are The Best 3 Links URL And Anchor Text To Submit When Filling Out The MGYB Press Release?

Alright, so the next question was from Ron, he says, when filling out the MG y b press release form, for best results to boost Google rankings for a service-oriented keyword page, like domain comm slash general contractors fail Fairfield, California, and help boost my Google My Business Page, general contractors, Fairfield CA is the keyword I’m wanting to rank for number one, what are the best three links, URLs or three links to submit? And the anchor text? Okay, well, as I just mentioned, if you’re going to link directly to your money site, to that to that particular page is like in that example, then I would leave that as either just a make a URL, so the URL is the anchor, right, or a brand name. And that’s it like nothing else. If you’re going to link directly to the money site, okay. One of the best three links, well, it’s not necessary to always put three links in there, you also have to consider what you’re doing. If you go to Semantic Mastery, excuse me, youtube.com/semanticmastery, you can search for in search our channel, use the channel search feature and search for press release SEO or PR silo stalking, any one of those terms, and you can go through and watch and maybe we can even drop the link in here on in the chatbox. But there’s a webinar that Marco and I did ship probably close to two years ago now about how to silo press releases together. And that’s a very, very powerful way that’s kind of what I’ve been doing now for many, many months, is just doing PR silos. And we talk about exactly how to do that. So it’s not necessary to you know, you can still use three links, but you got to think about what you know how you’re splitting up the PageRank or the link equity that you from those from the press release. And it’s better to try to limit your URLs like I try not to do more than two Links now and press releases, I was doing three for a long time, but I really just stick to two now. And that’s always because it’s one to my target property and one to the previous press release in the silo. That makes sense. And we talked about that in the press release silo webinar. So if you just go check that out, it’s really it’s on our channel. And it’ll help you to get better at understanding how to use press releases in it, as you know, just to stack them in a silo order or fashion, if that makes sense.

All right, I’m on record, I’ve always recommended links.

Yeah, and that’s what I’ve been doing now for months. So, and I agree. And usually at the top of the silo, I only have one link in the press release. And that’s to whatever the target is, and I’m trying to push the power to you know, and contextual doesn’t make it an I’m gonna drop you some more knowledge. mega contextual doesn’t make it a naked URL. Contextual works much better for creating the semantic relationships that we’re looking to create at the top of the silo, Papa silo. Yeah,

yeah. But remember, don’t do that. If you’re linking to your money page, right? Do that linking to one of your SEO shield properties don’t. So again, if you’re linking to your money site page as the top of the silo and the press release silo, then you want to use a naked URL or brand anchor in that case, I would probably go with a brand new anchor Well, except that your naked URL has your keyword in it here. So that could be a way to do it too. So but just like I said, Be careful what you’re doing with the press releases, if you’re going to be linking to your money page, just stick with either naked or brand anchors, naked URLs, or brand new anchors. As far as the best three, like I said, that I select. Typically, it’s going to be an SEO shield asset, you know, the G site mirror page. So the page that has been mirrored after the page that I want to promote on the money site, except it’s on the G site if that makes sense, or GMB or, you know, whatever it is that I’m trying to link to. But if you’re going to do two links, then it would be whatever your target is that you’re trying to push the most power to. And then usually to one of your other tier-one entity assets, one of your other branded entity assets within the SEO shield, syndication network, GMB website, g site, Google Map URL, any one of those, if you’re trying to push maps, like in the local three-pack, then I would recommend linking to your whatever your target URL is, again, if it’s going to be your money site page, then so be it. But as the second link, I would always link to either the GMB website or the GMB map URL. And I’m gonna I know that was one of your questions, what’s the best URL to link to there? I’m going to show you how to find that in just a moment. Okay. As far as anchor text, as I said, if you remember, if you’re linking to SEO showed assets or any tier one branded entity asset, you can use keywords. And that’s what Marco just said is actually better. That’s more powerful than naked URLs. So your anchor text is going to be whatever you want it to be. So for example, general contractors, Fairfield VA, I would probably word it slightly to where it reads naturally, like, you know, General Contractors in Fairfield, California, or in Fairfield Kat ca and use that as an anchor text to link back to, you know, again, your GMB website, or your GMB map URL or something like that. Okay. Marco, do you want to comment on that while I show him how to find that URL?

No, no, that’s fine.

So if we go to like, if I just do a quick search for big bamboo marketing, there, it comes up. And when if you do a brand search, you get a knowledge panel to pick up here. Then there’s a Chrome extension. It’s called gather up. So gather up Chrome extension, and you just click that, and right there is that that’s the maps URL that you want to use. It’s the dub dub dub dub google.com, slash maps, question mark, CID equals URL. Does that make sense? And again, it’s called a gather up Chrome extension, just go to Google and search, gather up Chrome extension, go add it to Chrome, and then go do a brand search for the brand that you want to grab that URL from. And when the knowledge panel appears, you can also do it inside of Google Maps. It won’t give you the Google writer review URL if you do it inside of Google Maps. But if you just do it for standard Google search, and the knowledge panel appears, you’ll get both of these URLs. And that’s the URL you want to use. Okay. It’s a good question.

How Do You Find The Right Google My Business Link To Submit?

All right, number three. Oh, how do you find them? So how do you find the right okay, and should it be one of the three-link URLs? Well, it can be but also remember, if you’re buying press releases from us press advantage allows you to add a Google My Business map to the organization page when for that brand right for that company. And one of the options is to embed the GMB map into the press release. So, you know, you can link to that map URL if you’d like but you can also just opt to have the map embedded, which is typically what I do okay.

What Is The Best Practice To Optimize The Image For SEO Purposes?

Okay, moving on the number, what is the best practice for the image filename. The image with the keyword with the best practice for the image, again, if you’re doing maps is to use the use, or trying to rank locally, or whatever is to use the URL of an image that’s already been published on your money site. So like, if you’ve got a page, in this case, your general contractors, Fairfield ca page, whatever image you have on that page, that’s already been optimized. Hopefully, you’ve already optimized that image, the file name, the metadata, all of that stuff’s been optimized geotagged and everything and it’s been added to the page on your money site, then add the image through the URL, because then what press advantage does is it publishes the press release, using the source URL for the image source from your money site page. So now you’ve got your website, your photo, that is a media file on your website, which has now been syndicated out to hundreds of press releases, you know, published on a bunch of different news and media sites. So it’s pushing credit back to your money site, image URL if that makes sense. So that’s what I do. And then likewise, if you don’t want to, if you’re not linking back to, you know, you can also use an image from a from Google My Business, for example, from your Google My Business profile, you can embed an image from there using the image URL there. So just think about where it is that you’re trying to push the power to. If it’s all trying to push the power from the money site landing page to the location landing page, then use the image URL from that page. If it’s that you’re trying to push maps, grab an image from maps, make sure it’s been geotagged before you upload it, but then grab the URL from maps and use that as your embedded image URL. Does that make sense? And then for keywords, I just usually put whatever keyword I’m trying to optimize for. And then I put by like, the letter B y, and then the brand name so that I’m creating that association between the brand and the keyword.

Any comments on that? Yeah, one of my press releases will have my logo. Another one of my press releases will have the logo from the GMB. So it’ll be it’ll create that relationship between my GMB logo and the logo on my website. And then I’ll just keep adding images that are part of my entity from around the web. So, however, many press releases are in my stack, that’s the number of images that are going to go out, they’re all going to be related because I’m going to be claiming all of those in my same as the information in the schema. The idea here is to reinforce all of these entity relationships that we’re creating all of these brand relationships that we’re creating. So I’m going to use my logo, I’m going to use the GMB logo, I’m going to use images from the GMB and images from my website and related images. So I’m going to have between three and seven press releases before I start my next stack, and so on until I read it. And then if it one of the ways that you can also do it is you can do like an image and bedroom to continue creating those relationships to continue powering up your images. And you’ll pop an image carousel with joy. So when someone does a brand search, you’ll get that nice image carousel, you get a nice video carousel if you have videos. And then that adds. So the reason for this and why I like doing this is because people will often when they look at if they’re going to hire your service, they’ll do a brand search, what is this company about? And when they go in, I only want them to see my stuff. So I want to pop all that up for them. When they come to that you’ll see people doing the brand search when they come they do the brand search and they see everything that’s related to wherever they click, they’re gonna land on one of your properties. And if they click on it, hopefully, they’ll go to a CTA. So you’re always trying to create a way for that person to convert. It’s not just the idea of creating the relationship or whatever. There has to be, like, a purpose behind all of this. And the purpose behind it all is to try to convert as many people as possible trying to get them to click trying to follow that call to action. Yeah.

Yeah, and it’s interesting if you notice, if you do a lot of GMB stuff, you’ll notice there’s a lot of brand searches that come in GMB insights, you’ll see that a lot. And what I’ve kind of discovered is that you know, and I guess this has been known, but it’s, it’s interesting to see it more and more and more recently, but um, I think a lot of people will when they do like a generic search for, you know, a keyword search for a service or whatever, and they find the company that they’re going to contact. Again, in my case, it’s pretty much all Tree Service stuff now. So if they can’t find a Tree Service contractor through a generic keyword search that they’re going to call to request an estimate from, they oftentimes will go do a brand search before making the call. And so the and so it’s really interesting, but in GMB insights I see all the time now, that brand searches are one of the top keywords that are used to trigger the maps listings. And it just makes you wonder who’s doing all these Brand searches. And it must just be that people were kind of being conditioned to go look at what else is being said about the company before calling them, especially for contractors. So, so you remark up. Yep, yeah. And so here’s the other thing, this is what I was talking about. So here was an image just from big bamboo marketing example, that was the URL. So you can see it’s in the actual, you know, domain, but this could be the embedded image in the press release. And then there was one that I just took from a this is a GMB post from Semantic Mastery. And if you just click on a GMB post image and click copy image address, that’s what it looks like. And so you can also look at that’s a Google user content domain that’s already been associated with your brand. It’s tied to it because it knows where it’s been placed. And so that’s a very powerful thing to do as well. So, those were really good questions, by the way.

What Is The Best Practice To Optimize A YouTube Video?

So we’re gonna keep moving. What is the best practice for the YouTube video? title name with the video with the keyword? Yeah, I mean, it depends on what you’re trying to do. I don’t do a lot of video SEO stuff anymore, but I still optimize them the same way that I did years ago, in which I always do the primary keyword, then a separator, and then the brand name. That’s how I did it. It works to give them the link to YouTube silo Academy, and it’s only seven bucks. And I think it’s why T dot silo dot Academy,

I’ll grab the link and put it on there.

Yeah, go grab that, man. , this is one of the best investments, you can make only seven bucks.

A tip right there. Beautiful. Now you don’t see my fat face on there anymore, either. Now, I had to replace that I saw it like six months ago, and I was like, holy shit. I was almost 300 pounds at the time I recorded that sales video. Anyway, Alright, moving on. Those were really, really good questions. Um, okay, and you can embed a video into press releases, they don’t get embedded on all of them. But you can add a video URL to a press release.

Why You Teach Your SEO Methods To Others Instead of Keeping Them To Yourselves?

Okay, Bb’s up with a list of questions. What’s up, baby says, Hey, guys, why won’t you rather keep all of your methods to yourself and telling it to others? Why do you teach this? Why do you want this kind of income stream? Then rather hammering your methods for you only? That’s a good question. I mean, originally, when we got started, it was just the well, it was all of us that you see here today. But we had got together through a forum that another like mastermind that we had joined, which was basically a forum, it was supposed to have a webinar once per month, which didn’t end up panning out. But we were all paying $200 a month to be a member of this particular, like mastermind community type thing. And it was mainly just access to a forum. And we would all chat often in, you know, in the forum. And I ended up deciding that I wanted to create a weekly accountability group so that we could just meet on a weekly basis unit at the time as Google Hangouts and, and just kind of share what was working, what wasn’t working, and just learn from each other. And so all of us connected and as well as many others, and we would just start meeting every single week. And what happened was, it was funny, but we at you know what, before we decided to monetize it and turn it into a business, I think we had on any given week, roughly 25 to 30 people show up every week, but it was really like just a handful of us it was us and a few others, there’s probably about seven, or probably about eight of us that would constantly be sharing every single week, and talking and sharing and talking and sharing, everybody else would just show up and listen, which was fine. But uh, you know, after the original group that we had all joined in, we’re paying $200 a month for wasn’t providing what it had promised us. You know, we decided at some point, we realized, like, hey, we’ve got we’re putting out better information than what we’re paying $200 a month to be a part of. So why the hell don’t we monetize this and turn this into a business? And so that’s what we did, we formed Semantic Mastery. Before we actually became a corporation, we went out and kind of just, we just started trying to develop an idea of how we were going to monetize stuff. And then you know, took a few months before we actually incorporated and we had to work out you know, we lost a few that were originally going to be partners with us, but it ended up being just the five of us. And part of it was because you know, it was there’s so much that we can’t do at all like in other words, even if everybody that comes and watches these webinars on Hump Day hangouts wanted to get into specifically Tree Service marketing, there are enough damn Tree Service contractors in the United States alone, that there’s enough for all of us. There’s a big ocean of money sloshing around out there and there’s not really any one of us can do at all. Do you know what I mean? There’s enough room in the space for all of us is my point. And so there was really no reason for us not to share some of our methods and techniques, especially because you know, in this industry, you guys know there’s a lot of garbage, there’s a lot of shit that gets pushed out there. And our methodology was always such that and this was what we literally developed a semantic mastery on was that we would only teach stuff that has been proven that we’ve proven and because each one of us has our own digital marketing businesses and various forms, we have a vast amount of experience. And we only share what we know, to work with our own projects on our own clients and such so that it makes it not risky for our members and our students. And that was part of the reason that we wanted to do it was to kind of help to, you know, provide some good stuff out there among all the bullshit if that makes sense. And so, and it’s just stuck, you know, this is not my primary source of income. But it is been good to us to me, you know, and so that’s part of the reason we do these free on every single week is so that we can give back to this industry, which has been having treated me well over the years. So that’s my take on it. Let’s say you. Yeah,

I’m thinking about this. And from the numbers that I know. I think it’s at least $4 trillion that was spent online. only online shopping last year, fortunately, how much of that? Do you need to be happy? Or how much of that deep? I know to want? Want? This is like a really heavy word? How much do you need? Yeah, I want to I want the entire trillion. Well, I’m sorry, I’m not greedy like that. I’m happy with a piece of the pie. I’d love to compete. So I don’t mind people coming on with it. As Bradley said, there’s plenty of room in the Tree Service market if you want to get in it. But not only that, if you want to compete with me, you’re more than welcome. Let’s see, let’s see, we have an even playing field because I’m giving you the same information that I use to get results. Now, let’s see who wins because at that point, now we’re at war, or how what I see as war, and I’m at war with you if you’re my competitor, and I’m going to do all I can to knock you off, man. Because of the date, there’s only room for one, number one, and I’m going to try to get as many of that to three of those other positions in the top 10. to knock you out. I mean, and it’s just, it’s but that’s my competitive nature. But I’m also saying I’m not a person who comes, from scarcity. I don’t like that I don’t like people who look, there’s only $4 trillion. I’m like, holy crap, 4 trillion, only in online shopping. That doesn’t include how much money is traded online, how much money there is, for example, for example, in the service sector, and all these other things that take place online, you can do so many other things online, other than having an e-commerce site or an affiliate, you can provide services, you can provide services for service providers, so many different things that you can do. If a person comes into my neck of the woods and they want to compete, then you’re more than welcome. So BBD and the answer is like I don’t give a shit. I want people making as much money as they can off Google and of the other search engines ones that once they dominate Google, go ahead, go after going after whoever else you want to go after because it doesn’t make a difference. You’re not taking money or you’re not taking food off my table, by me sharing my, my methods, my systems with you by making them available by this being an income stream. And I laugh when I see that because this is free. We don’t make any money off of this. This is free stuff. So if we had any kind of scarcity mentality, we wouldn’t even be doing this. So you wouldn’t even have this available for you to come and ask this question. And then not only that, like my main source of income isn’t Semantic Mastery. It’s not MGYB it’s not the heavy hitter club. And in fact, I do Hump Day hangouts because it’s fun because I enjoy I’d like to talk shit. I’d like to share information. I like for people to know the bullshit that they’re being fed in other SEO groups. And I like to give back to the SEO community that has given me so much. During the time that I’ve been online, which is 18 years 18 and counting right now. So that’s my acid is that scarcity. It’s fun. And there’s plenty of money to go around, man. Plenty. Yeah, I agree. I mean, as I said,

I think it’s fun and also, this might sound cliche, but over the years we’ve had many students or members, because like I said in the mastermind, I don’t consider those guys students or those folks, students there. They’re members, right? Because they’re colleagues essentially. And we’ve had many of our members or whatever that have over the years become very, very successful. And, you know, they’ve given us some credit for that, obviously, it’s them that does the hustle, we’ve just provided them information, but they had to apply it, and put in the work and everything else. So it’s them that did it, but we had some part and we’ve been given credit for that at some level and helping them to succeed. And that’s, that’s very rewarding. It really is, that’s part of the reason I got into doing this just to help encourage other people to make a change in their life, you know, to get over the rat race, you know, working just over broke, right jlb having a job being just over broke and doing something to secure their own financial future, or at least give them more control over their own financial future. And that’s what, that’s part of the reason I got into doing it. Because, you know, I spent many years literally behind a computer screen studying in in testing for, you know, 14 1516 hours a day, before I started making any money. And then once I started making money, I wanted to be able to help other people to do that, as well. And on all of us, my partners, and I all have that, you know that that desire to help others where else we wouldn’t behave done this all this time. And that’s what I was pointing out up here 335 episodes, this is the free webinar that we do every single week. So that’s well over six years, we’re going on close to seven years now. Which is insane. So anybody else wants to comment on that? Adam, Hernan. We got time.

I think you guys kind of, you know, a combination of all of that. Yeah, you know, it’s fun. And, you know, sharing this is definitely a part of it. And I think over the years I have moved more into that non-scarcity mindset. You know, there’s so much out there and you know, there’s so many ideas I pray even gone even further was just like, yeah, we could share all day because so few people are going to take the time to implement things done. And it is work right. You know, when it comes down to it, you got to steal from Marco do they do, right? You can listen all day, but if you don’t implement it doesn’t mean shit. So yeah, it was it is fun. I like getting on here and talking. And you know, I’ve just thought it’s funny if you guys go back a few years in the archives on YouTube and check us out and are you know, I especially would be like, Hey, guys, like, Hey, I’m Adam. Now it’s like, man, screw it. I want to talk to people. Let’s do this stuff. Good.

Yeah, SCR our new since we got time guys up, we don’t really have any other questions coming through. But SCR new, you know, the member who’s an instructor for syndication Academy. She, when we were launching that a couple a few weeks ago, she and I got on a zoom call to record basically the sales video sales letter. And, and she was super nervous. And it was funny, because she was like, you know, I don’t know if I can do this, blah, blah, blah. And I was telling her, I was like, Yeah, you’re gonna get better, don’t worry about it. Like, honestly, you’ll get better. It’s just, it’s just like anything else, you get better at it with time you get more comfortable doing it.

And I remember, that’s what I was talking about the YouTube silo Academy. That was one of the very first few products that we launched. And, you know, I was close to 300 pounds at that time, it was a real close-up headshot, and it was just my fat face talking into the camera.

And it’s so funny because as Adam says, you know, you look back and it’s like, wow, we’ve come a long way I’m so much more comfortable talking to you on a webinar and such now. So yeah, it’s been interesting to watch kind of the progression of all of us. And we still we’re still here, we’re still doing this every single fucking Wednesday.

I mean, again, 335. We’re going on seven years now. So you know, I’m proud of us for doing that.

Are Your Methods Invulnerable To Google’s May Core Web Vitals Update?

Alright, last question. And we’re gonna wrap it up a little bit early unless somebody else posted another question. Maybe says, Does your method when I take a hit from the May update about core web vitals? I don’t know. Most likely not big. I mean, we’ve been fortunate with the methods that Marco mainly has developed, you know, with this semantic, semantic SEO, essentially entity based SEO, that we’ve been able to just slide right past all the major updates for the last several years, which is why we just keep sticking with what’s working instead of trying all these new things. That, you know, because we were we’ve enabled very fortunately to our methods have escaped any problems with all the major updates that have occurred over the last couple of years, for sure. So I don’t expect to see any difference, but we don’t know until the rollout is until an update is rolled out whether it’s going to affect we can again, BB that’s a purely speculative question. And we’re not going to speculate on that. But my assumption is that we will do just fine. But we will find out for sure when it happens. Let’s say you Mark II, I’d like to give him my answer because it’s my standard answer. BB. If I could answer that question, what I would do today is jump on a plane to the US and get on that Mega Millions and hit it and never look back. I forget what is it some ridiculous 300 million 500 million? And I’m out? See? That’s if I could answer what Google is going to do tomorrow. Because we don’t know, like day to date, much less what Google is going to do in May. What I can tell you is that up until now, our method has always been worry less SEO, it’s entity-based, we focus on the entity, everything goes towards that part of the algorithm. And what I have seen from what Google is testing for my Google is rolling out my Google has rolled out is that art, activity, relevance, trust, and authority, will trump anything. And I can almost guarantee that art, if you do this, right, if you have the entity set up properly, if you have all the bases covered, and if you have all of the pillars as we’ve always had it up, that’s going to overcome any negatives that you can get from PageSpeed, or from the core web vital. That doesn’t mean that you ignore the core web vital, because why ignore them if they can give you an additional boost? Yeah, but as far as negative, out, the way that we do it since we’re focusing on the entities has always avoided any of the negative aspects of the algorithm. And I think that as long as you’re sending good signals, you’re always going to overcome any negatives that could happen. Now, is this going to hold true into the future? I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m gonna wake up tomorrow. How can I answer what do am going to do in May? I can’t say whether I’m gonna be here in the next five minutes, 10 minutes, whatever. I hope I am. That’s all I can say. And that’s all I can work towards. I can all I’m gonna do is continue doing it do I do into the future? And should google changes should web core vitals, make a difference? That will just adjust it so that we incorporate core web vitals into everything that we do? And that’s how we that’s how we’ve always done everything. We’re just we didn’t start out with the SEO shield. We said we started out with Syndication Academy. Everything that you see today has been building off everything else that we do. It was IFTTT SEO Yeah. Then that wasn’t as strong as it should be. We unquote we went and see okay, how can we make it better? Okay, RYS Academy, RYS Academy reloaded @ID we incorporate more into syndication Academy Coco genius. Yoshi, what’s a local? Yeah, local GMB Pro. But with the SEO shield, PR Pro, local PR Pro with local GMB Pro with the SEO I mean, this everything has been building one, one or the other. This didn’t happen overnight. So should anything happen overnight? When this rolls out, we’ll go take a look and see what happened. And we know what it is. So we just adjust for it. It’s very simple. Yeah.

All right. So I guess we’re gonna wrap it up. But a shout out also that should have said this earlier to Adam. He posted in the Slack channel with SCR instructor from syndication Academy, a really, really good find, which I’m not going to reveal here because it will be revealed in one of the upcoming syndication Academy update webinars, but I played with it. Adam, just because you mentioned it. And um, I’ve got some tests, I want to run with that. But I could see the value of it immediately when you said that. And even on the free account. They are publishable, by the way.

So how standing? Yeah, so I’m a partner with them. And they gave me some training. And I was like, Huh, this could apply outside of productivity. Let me absolutely again. So I’m looking forward to that. So yeah, I guess SEO be given an update to the syndication Academy members. And yeah, that’s a good one. So I just want to give a shout-out for that, because I even took time out of my day, which I really didn’t have time to play with it today. But I was just like, oh my god, that sounds amazing. So I went in and played with it, and I could see how we can do some pretty nasty stuff with that. I’m gonna test with it a little bit.

What Is Digital Marketing In A Nutshell?

So the last question just came in. an unknown person says, Can you tell me what digital marketing is? In a nutshell? Yeah, it’s marketing. Online. That’s what digital marketing is. is marketing online.

Advertising delivered through digital channels if you want to get taken, yeah, but who wants to get you know, the way that I’ve thought about or I had heard a definition of, you know, marketing is one too many. Sales are one to one. That makes sense. So marketing is sales to many and sales. Sales are one to one. I’m sorry, marketing is one too many and sales is one to one. And so Mark Mark digital marketing is just marketing, in any of its forms, but online, right. That’s the way that I look at it. So Okay, thanks to everybody for being here, a mastermind with me tomorrow, as well as the real estate, excuse me, the sales mini mastermind starting tomorrow is the first of 42 weeks. So if anybody wants to join that join the mastermind and we can talk about