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By April

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All right, hope so welcome, everybody. we're tackling some technical difficulties right now, but we wanted to keep the streak to get your guys' answers. So we were able to check out your questions. So we'll get to those. And I'm going to be posting the link, I guess you're seeing this. So you'll have found it, but we'll share the link and hopefully, you can view us on YouTube. But that said, Today is the 21st of April and this is episode 336. of Hump Day Hangouts. We got almost everybody here. So we're gonna do a quick round of hellos and then dive into your guys' questions. So let me see Chris here at the top of the list here. How are you doing today? Doing good was up to us to recycle today. Really good weather here. So can't complain. Everything is nice.

Yeah, things are good.

Sorry, what was that? Things are good. Ah, good. Good. All right. Well, Marco, you're next on the list. How about you.

And I'm good.

I can't come. There are many things that I can complain about. I cannot complain about the life I live in how I do that dude. I was just talking to Rob about a client that has over 95 locations. So we're driving it nationally. We're driving it locally, but it's really nationally. And each location is either at the same level as the one where we're driving everything from or better. And so I'll be posting about this, of course, I'm not going to show the client. But I'll be posting about this in the Facebook group so that you guys can see how this works.

I'm not going to show why.

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And I'm not really going to show how I'm going to show the results of how it works. But you can totally do this. And it's time after time after time. And as you build power, as you build power into everything, as you link building to everything, and everything powers up and greases up. You crease up those wheels the right way. And the next thing you know is just snowball. It's a snowball effect this has been going on for about two or three years. There were no since the inception of Local GMB Pro Bradley, and I can't remember when we released that. But I got that client right after the attorney. So I just started applying everything to him. And then he said, Well, you know, you know what, I got these other with them. The client has them. I got these other locations that I want you to take a look at them. Okay, yeah, sure. And then we just started figuring out how everything was going to work together. And it seems like a nightmare trying to manage 9595 plus locations.

But they pay really well. So I don't mind. It's not a hassle to me, I just hire people. That's it. Just hire good people to help you. train them the right way have proper systems and processes are the shit so that you can train your people and they can create the systems and processes so that when you bring in more people, they train the new people. And it just flows like clockwork they pay you people will treat them well. give them time off, don't have them working like crazy, wicked hours. Give them what they deserve, pay them. Whether it's Filipino Thai, wherever it is, in Africa, Latin America, wherever it is that you're hiring, pay them Well, according Of course, to that country's economy. So you're not going to pay someone in the Philippines $2,000 a month, but neither should you be offering 150 bucks a month.

If I know what the minimum salary is kick it up about 50% 100% if you can 400 is 400 $450 a month man for a Filipino VA untrained Of course, as they get trained, they get raises, they get increases, they get bonuses they get time off.

And these people are the ones that will help everything flow smoothly. And the ones that will help you make real money. That's what the real money is when these people are helping you do the do that you can't do without the people. So that's my Thought for the Day. And the result of this is this is the life I live it's

Yeah, I can't agree more on the processes and hiring and I've recently updated a little bit of how I'm doing and in the past, I've had trouble and I think a lot of people do finding good writers. And so I've updated and found some new places to look and I just spent the last few days I interviewed nine people and found some real gold nuggets now I can take that the things I change pass that on to my team and be like okay, now you guys can do this next time so it's taken me a while but any updates you can make to those processes man those things that are just gold when you can get that stuff down. Did you finally hire AI?

Yeah, that dude, that's more of an idea generation tool. We got to talk some more about that. I know everyone's really interested in these AI tools. I'm sure Bradley can talk a little bit about conversion AI right now.

Marco at least played around if not using these. But that's where I kind of stand on those right now. Still, I'm not saying that can't be used for production, I cranked out a blog post just to see if I can do it. And it was pretty good. Took me a few minutes, a few minutes of editing, but I really like it for the idea generation. I think good writers can use that to get the juices flowing. So anyway, before we dive into that, Bradley, how are you doing today? Doing great. And yeah, there's, you know, I've been using conversion AI for the last two weeks now for just a ton of stuff for like tier two type posts, things GMB posts, going out and taking other people's content and just putting it into Jarvis. And then hitting rephrase like, a paragraph at a time. And it'll basically, it'll, it'll, it's not like a spinner, it understands that the intent of the, you know, the paragraph the concept, essentially. So what are we write it and it's, it's really interesting because sometimes it's, it'll, it'll pull in like some garbage and stuff like that. But for the most part, it's really, really good, especially for I mean, I've got a long-form editor, which I'm still you know, kind of messing with, but I'm doing a lot shorter type posts, like GMB posts and things like that makes it super easy, because like, literally, I'll just go to Google and search for, you know, Tree Removal Service or something like that, and just pull up somebody else's article. And then just grab a couple of paragraphs, put them into Jarvis rephrase them. And that's the GMB post, boom, it's ready to go. And then they're all unique that way, and it's just it just, it's making things a lot more efficient. And I just want to add on to what Marco was saying, and what Adam was talking about. I've been developing processes for my VA is now I mean, I always do that, but I've been doing a lot of it in the last few weeks. And

I mean, the amount of work that it saved me, it's a lot of tedious work to do the develop the process, there's no question. And it sucks, man. I mean, it's awful. It's awful doing some of these processes because it takes so long, but once it's done now, it's like, what a relief, right? Is this weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I'm going to delegate that to somebody else, and it's going to get done because if it was left up to me, it probably wouldn't? And so you know, it's really, really important, I've, my new agency is really starting to build a lot of momentum, and I have my VHS to thank for that is if they if I didn't unload a lot of this work to them, there's no way possible, I would be where I'm at with, you know, made the progress in the short amount of time that I've had. So I would encourage you guys to definitely take the time to go through and put processes together, even if not for training others is to keep your own processes, you know, intact and so that you can produce consistently, right, the same level of quality every time. So I think it's really, really important. Yeah, I mean, I know it's happened to all of us, right? As much as it's like, Yeah, we do a process. We do this, we do that, but you get in a hurry. And you're like, I'll just do it this time. Yeah, come back, like three months later, you're like shit, I've got to redo this because I totally forgot.

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Yeah, and even at the most basic level, and I've talked about this before, is just create a checklist. If nothing else, even if you don't develop a full process to hand it off to somebody to learn how to do it, at least develop a checklist of like the important, you know, the biggest steps and then chunk it down, break the biggest steps up into a group of tasks. And even like, like I said, even if you don't define every single step, it's good to have a checklist that way, if you do revisit it in three months, you know that you can just pull up the checklist and you'll be like, Oh, yeah, this, this and this instead of having to kind of fumble through it all the way over again, if that makes sense. Definitely. Well, let me run through some announcements real quick, and then we'll get into the questions. I believe Bradley was able to recover most of the questions and then if you're watching too, you can ask him on YouTube on the sidebar there we got the live chat feature we'll be checking out too so if you're new it's Semantic Mastery noon MGYB heavy hitters club find out how to shield your site you won't have to worry about algorithm updates again That's right. No algorithm worries actually we got a funny picture we should probably post later But anyways, you can get the free training we have about that at SEOshield.com that's the word SEOshield.com. Next to that we suggest getting the battle plan this is a step-by-step process for getting SEO results and you can find out more about that at battle plan dot semantic mastery comm we also have 2xyouragency, okay, if you're an agency owner, you're a consultant. We know a lot of the people that watch our YouTube channel that come to Hump Day hangouts that are in our Facebook groups are agency owners or consultants. And if you're one of those and you're like us and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue and you want to scale your team, then this is a great place to go. Whether you're you know you're starting out and you are not sure what the next steps are or you're already in progress and just want to do it faster 2xyouragency is definitely worth checking out. And beyond that, of course, is the mastermind. You know if you're ready to really grow your business again, if it's an agency or brick and mortar but you're wanting to really get deep into the digital marketing side of it, then an experienced community is going to help you.

You're a hell of a lot faster. And you can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And we mentioned it at the very beginning. But if you haven't gone to mg y b yet, I highly suggest you head over there. This is where all the good done for you services are at syndication networks, SEO shield link building, press releases, all that sort of good stuff. It's all the stuff that we use, and that's why it's there. And if you go there and you see something, or rather you don't see something that you want, just shoot us an email to support and let us know. Alright, let us know how we can help you out. And since we're on YouTube, the only kind of today, I highly suggest subscribing to the YouTube channel. So if something like I don't know, the site goes down in the middle of the day, then you can always stay up to date with Hump Day Hangouts. So with that said, Guys, anything else we need to cover? Did we explain to everybody that a site is the service is changing servers, and that's why it's down? I don't read a lot of people probably going where do I ask questions? We do have the actual minute chat page that people can ask questions there. Hey, Adam, if I post this in Slack, could you add this to the I think somebody did. Either you or Marco made a post on the YouTube channel or? Yep, yep. Okay. Yeah, we're good. Okay. All right. Cool. So we're good. We can get into questions. Yeah, let's do it. There's not a lot and I have a feeling that we're not going to get any new questions during the webinar. So if that's the case, we'll just have to wrap it up early. But recently, we're thinking about missing the Hump day Hangout because the page isn't up. And then I was like, No, no, no, we can't do that. We've never missed a single Hump Day hangout since we started. And we're almost at seven years now. We've missed two. But we had those were scheduled Wednesdays off, where we had, you know, made it notified everybody that we weren't going to because it was on a holiday or whatever. So in almost seven years, we've never missed a single Hump Day Hangout, and I'll be damned if we're going to miss one today. So, alright, let's get it also monitor the YouTube comments, just to let everybody know, okay.

If you guys see one that just, you know, interrupt me or whatever, and I'm happy to do.

Is It Okay To Include Existing Business Citations To The SEO Power Shield?

So here is our page for the day. And it looks like ed is the one that uh, or EJD, I should say, is the one that asked the first question. So he says, I have a question regarding SEO power shield purchase. I have existing business citations. Anyways, I was getting existing business citations, and I was wondering if those should be interlinked with the power shield? Or should they be left as is and create new ones? With the SEO power shield? existing business citations?

So I think the question is, if you have existing citations already published on the web, should you try to work those into the power shield for interlinking purposes, or just add new ones? You know, I'll just tell you what I do on it. This is a question that Marco will have the best answer for. But personally, what I do is I don't include citations in the set power shield order. And it's just the way that you know, I do the money site, any GMB assets, and then all of the syndication network properties, you know, profiles essentially. And then, you know, for me, I have a press advantage organization page, which typically, if we, if I don't already have one for a brand, because I have my own subscription directly to press the advantage, as opposed to through MGYB. So I will usually have that organization page already created for the brand. If I didn't, then mg y B would create it, when they when I ordered the SEO power shield. And then obviously, the IDX page and all that other stuff, which gets created for the SEO power shield order. So I typically do not include citations in the power shield, probably could I've just never done it. I haven't really seen the need to do it. So personally, I would say I wouldn't, I wouldn't. I mean, again, what the way that I do it is I don't bother with citations in the power shield. Although there could be some benefit for that. What do you say, Marco?

Well, isn't a citation a reference to the source?

Isn't that what it's for its information. They're using information from you, to refer you. So that takes care of any issues in that's what's expected. Yelp, Yellow Pages local, wherever it is that you're going to go for a citation, whether it's hyperlocal, or you're going to extend to something that's national, that's what it is.

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What you're claiming is the same as, and in our entity stack. We call it an IVR ID page, which is actually the entity stack where all of the organization information is located. Well, there you're claiming that all of these profiles are yours You can't collect Well, it's not expected for you to claim Yep, although you can show it as same as although is not expected.

You can take the most powerful ones, and the ones that bring the most power to you, as part of your organization, which is really all it is, is information about your entity. So it is another node that's referencing you. But these websites are expected to have your information without that being in your schema. Whereas when you're doing your Facebook, your Twitter, and all of these other social media properties, those are expected to be part of your entity and of your brand. And you're expected to claim them in a schema, I mean, the original purpose of schema. And same as was, that was the purpose. we've extended it so that we include s3, and all of these, of course, the @ID page or the entity stack. But I'm with you, Bradley, like I'll claim in the schema, but only and the only schema. Yeah, some of the main ones. And I might just go and check out some other ones and see what effect it has. guys know, I'm always testing different things, different setups, different combinations. So those are, those are two different things, should you add it to the SEO shield, I wouldn't, what I would do is I would get a link in those to the GSI, or to the SEO shield, and build links. Or if they have a link, going to your website, build links to that citation, make that citation as powerful as possible, because it will rank and it will push power, not necessary, not necessarily link equity, but it'll push power over to your entity. So it's just a way of reinforcing the entity, co-citation, citation, co-occurrence, all of this referencing of your nodes and all these different places our powers up your entity better than anybody else's because nobody else is doing. Nobody even knows how.

So you're way ahead of the game when you start referencing the different material that's out all the different pages or profiles that are out there the right way.

Agreed. And yeah, so just to clarify, you know, that I do include, and not always, but I usually will include the very most powerful citations in the same as the schema for the business. But not I don't usually include them in the actual drive stack build as links to be built to in the drive stack. In other words, so because if I'm I always take my drive stack the G site and embed my money site pages, right, so we do one to one ratio, that's called theme mirroring. And so I always end up embedding my money site corresponding money site page into the G site anyways, and that my money site page is gonna have a schema in it. So it's going to end up, you know, essentially having schema injected into the G site through the embed from my money site anyway, so it's still referenced, it's just not like the citations are referenced. And same as only the and again, I only do that with the most powerful citations according to Google. I don't do it like with all of them. I've seen some people that have the same as dozens and dozens if not over 100 100 links. And that's fine. I just I typically don't do that. So

What Link Package Is Best For Competitive Keywords Like Spirituality, Meditation & Mindfulness?

anyway, moving on. Next question. Dan says, Hey, guys, I've got a syndication network. It's a YouTube syndication network. And then SEO shield and is the RYS drive stack. This is for a competitive market, spiritual meditation, and mindfulness-based on your keyword research package, which link package would be best at this point to show the greatest effect for these tough keywords? Thanks much. Well, the Nitro kit, which is the high-level kit, the like the third, like a pre-bundled package of links, you know, that's probably the most cost-effective and will get you, you know, if you're in a competitive niche, I wouldn't go with anything less. That makes sense. Comments? Yeah, Dan, oh, man, if you were in the heavy hitter club, I just posted in there on the type of link-building packages and embed pack packages that I get when I'm going after something that's hyper-competitive. So I always see you coming in here and asking questions. If you want to move your game up to where it should be to know what it is that you should be doing besides what you've already done. That's the place to be because I covered this exact scenario, what should I do showing people how it is that I build my link building packages and then an embed package plus link building?


He says I should have let you know that. I should have let you know that the RYS drive stack expansion was for spirituality likely being the hardest keyword to rank for and spiritual enlightenment being the main keyword and the expansion. Yeah. So again, what I recommend is, if you're doing expansions for each silo what you should that's right, that's correct. And then once the expansion is done, you'll have the list of URLs. When you get the spreadsheet delivered to you from MGYB, you're going to have like the list of all the files and URLs that were created in that expansion. Now, you extract all those, put them in a notepad file, that becomes your target URL list for a link building package. And what I would do is segregate or separate all of your individual silos out so that you have separate target URL files, and each one of those would get its own link-building campaign. Because then the keywords that you're going to submit a minimum of 200 looks like you got to a deep keyword package, a deep keyword research gig from us. So you already have probably, well, well over 200 keywords per silo. So then you would have essentially, you would submit each keyword set for each silo specific to that link building gig for that particular silo. Does that make sense? So again, it's a way to get to stay really, really relevant, topically relevant, and very tight keyword themes. And that's, that's the way that I would do it. So it's in my opinion, it's way better. That's the way that I always do it. When I do our ys expansions. Like, for example, I and I use this all the time because this is all I do anymore history service stuff, tree services, the general keyword, right, that's the overall arching top-level market keyword. And then some potential silos, even though that it's not necessary to have silos for this would be tree removal and tree trimming, right? Those would be two separate silos. And so if I'm going to do RYS expansion, for tree removal, for example, I'm going to extract all the URLs from the tree removal expansion, then I'm going to have a separate set of keywords that is just Tree Removal related keywords. And then I'll have another one for tree trimming stuff with tree trimming and pruning-related keywords. Does that make sense? And then I could hit all three with the overall set of Tree Service keywords because that covers all of them included. But usually, when I separate out silos as I said, I have separate keyword sets that are more relevant or tightly themed around that particular silo. So any comments on that?

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When we're looking at something like this, you have to be really careful, especially with a keyword like spirituality, what's the aim? Because I'm sure that the aim isn't to rank for spirituality, because that could be anything.

Excuse me, there are a ton of keywords that are related to spirituality that you're probably trying to rank for. So though, the end goal would be trying to rank for the keyword spirituality, I bet that the competition for that is through the roof. So by trying to rank for that keyword you're going to rank for, for the keywords that are down one notch below that. So we're talking about market level or top-level keyword, then the market level keywords that are going to bring the money, then the supporting keywords, to put it in today, kind of says we're talking about a named entity, we're talking about the main entity, and we're talking about supporting entities.

And how it is that you use those because we're even writing content? Well, we focus in this manner, named entity, main entity supporting entity, because that's how the bot is meant to look at this is their main entity for or a named, this has been named entity for whatever it is that you're trying to do spirituality being one. And if there is a named entity, how closely Are you matching the meaning of this named entity? Or how closely are you dealing with any questions regarding the word spirituality? And then how do you feel that database in Google questions and has worked really well, especially in something like this, where it's very informational? Where you will be given Google the questions and the answers, but you have to be focused, you have to know what your again named entity, main entity, and the supporting entities are? Or else, you're just gonna you're way off base. And you could get it to where are you meaning religion? Are you Meaning what? What spirituality Are you directly referring to? You're talking about meditation, you're talking about mindfulness? Are these the three categories that you gave us to research? Because if you did, then we gave you a whole bunch of main keywords for though for each one of these categories and supporting keywords, and questions and answers that we gave you the stuff from answer the public, we gave you the stuff from now, I can't remember the name of that we use so many websites to give you the keyword research, what Google gave us back what Google Ads is what people are targeting in Google ads so that everything together will allow you to focus on this. But the only way that you can make sense of this I'm done. I'm gonna say it again. It's the heavy hitter club that where all of this technical knowledge is being shared is not being given away for free. If you and if you don't know what a named entity is, then go watch the charity webinars, because I had Dixon Jones covered just that. The very subject.
Very cool. Okay. By the way, I just found, actually, through the conversion AI community, somebody posted some training about how to get better results. And they pointed out this Chrome extension called SEO minion. It's fabulous. It's really, really good. So for just, for example, spiritual, see if I can get this right enlightenment.
Okay, see, I knew I was gonna spell it wrong. Okay, so this is Seo minion. It's a free plugin. And it's a four Chrome Chrome extension, I should say. And it's, um, it's got a lot of really cool stuff in there. But one of the things that I like about it the best is you can go to FAQ.

And you can actually pull in the top questions. Let's see, people also ask, excuse me, that's what I wanted. And if we go to people also ask, like 20 clicks, for example, what it does, and it'll, it's, it's actually pulling in the data right now. And it's going to prompt a CSV download. But what it does is you see, all the people also ask here, every single time you click on one of these Excel, it creates like another three or four questions. So for example, if I click on this one, you'll see all of a sudden adds another like four of those. So if you go up here, and you click on PA, people also ask suggestions, and you, you click like 50 and say go, it's going to actually go and extract and just keep clicking on it. And once it's all done, it will pull all of those questions and answers and the link to you know, where the answer is published. And now you have a CSV file of all the questions, people also ask questions directly from Google that you can now create content around for FAQs. And it's interesting. The reason I point this out is that there are a few tools out there. So you just prompted it. Now, there are a few tools out there too that you can pay for that will do this, and this is free. And it's funny because I almost bought a tool the other day that like seriously, like a week and a half ago that had a monthly subscription for exactly what this thing does. And this is 100% free. It's called SEO minion. So check it out. It's a really cool Chrome extension.

How Many Hours Do You Work Daily And Weekly?

Alright, moving on. The next question is from bb. What's up bb? He says, Hey, guys, just for understanding how many days you work in a week? And how many hours each day? And how many should you work when starting? And medium stage? And of course your level? Okay, that's those are good questions. Maybe right now, because I'm OCD about things. I'm working like literally, at a minimum of 12 hours a day, five, at least five days a week, but on the weekends that I don't have my daughter, then I'm usually working at least one day over the weekend. So I'm working five or six days a week right now. And about 12 hours a day, sometimes as much as 14 like last night, I worked, I guess work yesterday over 14 hours. But that's because I'm OCD. And you know, I'm obsessive-compulsive I should say about things. And I'm hot on the trail of some projects that I've been working on that I'm so close to some pretty big breakthrough. So like, that's all I can fucking think about. I mean, I go to bed thinking about this stuff. And I wake up thinking about it. And so all I want to do is work on it.

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But you know, up until about three months ago, when I started my new agency, I was working a lot less than that across a few different businesses. But I was working typically about 10 hours a day, five days a week. And then I would you know, I almost always took my weekends off more in the last three months or so because again, I'm hot on the trail have some projects that I've been working on. You know, again, it's, it's because I have the desire, and the motivation to just work on this too, you know, I'm working a hell of a lot more. So it varies it, you know, I go through different stages of how much you know how much time I devote towards my businesses. And right now I'm at, you know, the startup phase of a news agency. So it's requiring a hell of a lot more time and effort. There's an interesting analogy that I heard a few a couple of months ago, I guess, in one of the audiobooks that I was listening to, they were talking about, you know, any new endeavor is, it has a lot of inertia, right? It's very much like a locomotive, right a train like a freight train on a train track that stopped, right, you know how much mass those things have and how much energy it takes to start it to like to get it to start moving. It takes so much force to get something that massive that's at a dead stop to begin moving. So once it begins moving, though, it requires just a fraction of the energy to keep it moving. It's very similar to rocket launching off of a, you know, leaving launching off a launchpad, it takes an enormous amount of energy to get it to start moving. But once it starts moving, it requires just a fraction of the energy to keep it moving. And so that's kind of where I'm at with my new agency. So I think it depends, it depends on where you're out with your business. And also kind of what your own personal, you know, how your what your own work habits are, and all that kind of stuff. As I said, mine goes in cycles, and right now it's like balls to the wall. But I'm excited about it. And I'm happy doing it, because it's, um, you know, I can see the momentum building. And I know that it's going to be very lucrative when it does finally get off the ground. So that's my take on it. What about you, Marco?

I am obsessive. Also, not good either. I've been known to grab on to code. I mean, this is a story I always share. I misplaced a common PHP. And for about a month, I did nothing, but I didn't know it was a comma. But I did nothing. But try to find out why I had a broken website. Literally, and I'm talking about working like three days straight, no sleep four days straight, no sleep, crashing for like 1620 hours. And then back at it three, four more days. Not a good way to do things. But I mean, 72 hours of work and you'll get shit done. Of course, it's not healthy. I'm not recommending that you do this, but I'm known to go to those extremes. RYS Academy, RYS Academy reloaded, working weekends and holidays, to get it out to get it done. Because it was so much fun. There was just so much to do. There were so many new things and new things were coming up. Right now, I am forbidden from working weekends, but especially by my kids, right? They just know because I don't have to, there's always somebody who can do what I can do not as well. But if I can get 70% of me, I have one of the best employees that I can find. And so that's what I try. No, I don't try to get 100% of me, because that person is only me.

What I try to get is someone who is able to do the things that I asked in a timely manner. And so I have someone on weekends, and I have someone on holidays, people get paid for doing all of that so that I can be with my children that the time that they need from me.

I tried to get off my computer by 6 pm. Even though I'm up at 5 am just about every day. So that doesn't mean that I'm not getting other things done or that I'm not doing other things. But as far as work things and I do a whole bunch of different things. I try to make it from nine in the morning, my time in Costa Rica until five or six sometimes in the afternoon. But that's because I have a lot of people helping. I've already tried doing the one-man gang thing and it doesn't work. It doesn't work because I burned myself out and you end up at a point where you just collapse literally from exhaustion. And your body can't you're number one your heart. And number two, your mind cannot handle that kind of you taxing it in that way. You asking so much of it in that way. So I don't know if that answers your question.

Yeah, well, how many days a week and how many are five days a week? About about about, I'll say 36 to 40 hours, but I've been known to go I don't know, 100 hours more in a week, if needed. I hope that never happens again. Yeah. Unless you had the desire to you know, and that's the thing sometimes you get again, like right now I mean it's all I want to do is work on this stuff. Like honestly, even when I want to take it looks like Adams gonna jump into so but even like, you know, sometimes it's eight or nine o'clock at night because I start my workday around 8 am official, it's not till 9 am but I'm now especially I jump in, you know, as soon as I get back from the gym in the mornings, which is usually around eight and I get right on my computer and try to again because it just got so much work to do right now. And so usually by like nine o'clock at night, I'm like, Okay, I need to shut this shit off. Go sit on the couch and watch TV for an hour and you know, unwind and go to bed. And you know, the problem is I get a go sit on the couch and as I'm sitting on the couch trying to unwind I'm thinking about all the fucking stuff that I could be doing it so I can't even enjoy like the downtime because I'm just always like, obsessing about what needs to be done. And it's I don't know, it's not I don't think it's in a bad way because it's, you know, we interviewed CT Fletcher.

Many years ago now, and he called it his magnificent obsession. And that's kind of how I feel about it. And I haven't felt this way about digital marketing in years, like no shit. So, so I'm riding the wave while it still exists. And I think it just I think it's it varies at different times and where you are with your career and that sort of thing. So, please, yeah, I'm actually looking for that video, I'll post the YouTube link up with CT Fletcher. That's a good one. Yeah, I just wanted to chime in just to offer some different opinions, because I think this is such a personal thing that I'm happy to share what I do, and then to kind of add my two cents on what I think people should try. And so for myself, in general, it's like four to four and a half days, and I several years ago, just carved out like Wednesday afternoon. So for me, I'm on the west coast. So this is it's 130 in the afternoon. For me, after we wrap up Hump Day Hangouts, it's in my calendar, I take off and I go for a run, sometimes I'm really pinched for time, and I still go for a run and I come back and finish some stuff up. But most of the time, I tried to wrap things up. And that's just to give me a break in the week and to kind of get out and do something that I still enjoy. And I also know what myself, I need time to just think things over and to let things kind of ruminate and to review in my head. And that's when I get my best work done. Not just from that, but as a result of having that time. And so if I'm constantly doing then my output suffers in the long term. And I'm not saying that I can't do that, because there are times where you got to grind, you got to get shit done, whether it's like yesterday, and the day before where I interviewed nine people in two days. It's like, I do not want to do that every week, but that's necessary for the growth I want to have. So getting it done is fine.

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But yeah, finding that balance for yourself. And if you're happy and you're comfortable, and your relationships are good, and you're okay with your life, and you're working 10 hours, then that's fine, right? There's nothing wrong with that. You know, for myself, I'm, you know, angling a little bit different way. And I know where I operate the best and what kind of work I enjoy. So I think that you should play around with that. The only thing I will say is if you want time to do other things, like review your work to learn, start putting stuff into your calendar, because I know a lot of people have a really hard time with this. And there are two things you can do either put it in your calendar, and live by your calendar, or you do the important ship first. You know, like Bradley says go into the gym first thing in the morning. There's a reason he doesn't do it at night. Right? Right. So those are my two big pieces of advice for people to do the important tip first and use your calendar. Yeah, and I just want one more thing, I want to comment on that. And I totally agree with what you know, I go back and forth from using, you know, daily planners and not using them. And right now I'm using one, it's not the best self journal, it's called get stuff done. It's very similar to the best self journal. But I definitely find, you know, that I get more done when I have a plan. And I use a daily planner Plus, it helps me to stay on track, especially when I have bigger goals. And I think that's really important. And one of the things that I've had avoided over the years as I've never been a big fan of like learning of shit ton of different, you know, software's or software or applications or software apps, whatever you want to call them. Because I'm just not a tech geek. And I have never been when it came to that kind of stuff. So for years, I avoided trying to learn how to use different software apps to automate things. And to make my own job more efficient, I always just preferred developing a crude process for how to do something manually then delegating that to a virtual assistant giving them the process and that they could learn it and then telling them to figure out a way to make it more efficient since you're going to be the one doing it. And I would let them do all that shit. But in the last few months, since I started my new agency, I decided okay, there are, there are certain apps that I know, I need to learn how to I need to become proficient with which are going to make it's going to be an enormous amount of work upfront because there's a learning curve with all these things. But once I get the hang of all the things these things it's going to make my business grow with less overhead and less management because I won't have to manage VA as many VA is and I will make it to where you know it the work is even more consistent. And so like for example high level being one of them, a high level they roll out so many new features and high level like it's really hard to keep up with it really is.

And so you know I designate time out on a weekly basis to go review new training and play around with some of the new features that have been launched. For example, just yesterday, and I didn't even have this schedule it's been on my planner for about a week and a half every day I write it down. But yesterday I decided to use the Facebook integration with a high level which integrates Facebook Messenger directly into a high level so you can communicate in high level and stuff and I ended up going down a rabbit hole. And I know spending about three and a half hours yesterday working on that and developing some automation and things like that and so it put everything else off that it back, you know, push back a lot of other things that were on my calendar for the day yesterday that I'm behind on now. But it was one of like a bit like, you know one of those things that were a relief, I got it done it for like a week and a half every single day I've been writing in my other tasks, what would be nice to cross off your list your to-do list, I've been writing that down like Facebook Messenger integration with high level. And so every single day, I've been writing that shit down for like a week and a half. And Jay yesterday, I just said that's it, crossing this one on my list. And I did it. And that's I think that's important. You know, that's one of the things that I like about the daily planners is, there are sections for things like that, like things that you want to get done, that would be nice to get done. But they're not priorities. But if you keep writing it down every single day, it comes to a point where it's like, you just got tired of writing it down. So it's either just doesn't do it, and then you know that you just didn't do it, or just get it done so that you can get it off your damn list. Stop writing it down. And so those are like little hacks that I use to kind of force myself to get things done that I would otherwise let slip by. So am I my planner? is Google Calendar still to this day? I can't live without my Google Calendar.


Is It Okay For A Semi Good Article To Rank Or Choose The In-depth One?

Alright, so next question. And that was a great question. By the way, baby. Next question is, is it better, right semi-good article to rank or goes for a very in-depth article, but it will take more time to write depends on what you're trying to do, in my opinion, you're better off spending the time creating a long-form in-depth article that is going to become a powerhouse article. And then save your semi-good articles as supporting articles, right to create like a silo around a focus page, or I guess other people call Cornerstone content or whatever. But if you have a focus page on your site that you're trying to rank for competitive terms, spend the time developing the content, long-form content, make sure it's you know, written for the Semantic Web. In other words, and again, Marga talks about this kind of stuff in the heavy hitter club. But there, you know, using tools that help you to flesh it out. So where it's referencing the proper entities, the theme is correct, all of that kind of stuff. And that ship takes time. But I think you're way better off spending the time on the one really, really good article, than doing a bunch of you know or several, you know, lesser articles and trying to achieve the same results. Because if you have one good article, then you can always create supporting posts within a silo that link back up to that article to help push it. But you're, in my opinion, like, you know, again, I got away from doing a lot of long-form content for a long time, when now with the help of Jarvis and conversion AI, it's becoming a hell of a lot easier to produce content. So, so I prefer long-form content for stuff that I'm trying to rank, and then I use supporting articles to help push it when needed. That's, that's my take on it. Next, yeah, I'm gonna say, it depends. Because what are you trying to accomplish? And you should be trying to accomplish conversions? And then the answer to that is, which is better?

It'll be which is best, which converts best? Does long-form convert better or best? Or does long-form convert best? Or does a picture convert? Does an iframe convert? Sometimes you don't even have to write content, as long as you focus on the entities correctly. That I mean, that's how it is now. It's actually how it's always been. As soon as long as you deliver something that is focused on the pain that the person is feeling when they come to you for answers, then that's the best content, if you're not focused on that, from the beginning, that you could write for the bot all day long. And it's not going to matter because the person that comes to your content is not going to find find the answer that they're looking for focus on both the law whether it's one form short form, the entity has to be there, of course, the supporting the named entity, if there is one it or make yourself a named entity intent.

And at the same time, right for the person that's coming to you for an answer, because it makes no sense to write five, five, I don't know, going down scrolling, evidently through garbage, if I can't find what I'm looking for. And maybe I'm trying to find the phone number. That's all I'm looking for. That's all I want from you. A phone number, its content. Yes, it is. But it could be just a button that says call me now. So I guess I'm gonna go back. It depends on what you're trying to do.

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Well, he asked him this question about ranking specifically. That's why I said that because you can brag which is an iframe. Well, I understand that but what I'm saying is if you've got, you know, if you're an A, it, I haven't been able to rank and just an iframe against, you know, long-form content, if that's the norm for that particular industry. And again, so I try to, you know, mimic what the others, the top-ranked pages are doing. As far as content length and things like that, I totally agree with what Mark was saying about conversions. But I'm talking about specifically for SEO purposes, I try to develop more longer-form content for those types of art, you know, content that requires that because they're competing with other types of long-form content. But again, I do all local stuff. And all of my sites are optimized for conversions there, you know, lead gen type sites where the contact form is above the fold, tap the call button, all that kind of stuff. I totally agree. It's about conversions. That's what we should be focusing on. But in order to get people to the site, I need to focus on ranking. And so a lot of times, I will, again, we'll start focus, I've been starting to focus a lot more on content recently, because of some of the tools that have made things easier to develop content. And it's not just the number of words, it's also how you optimize the content. So like conversion AI, using Jarvis, for example, is great for spitting out content. But then you still have to go tune the content, right? You still have to go optimize it, it's not, you can't just spit out a 2000 word article from conversion AI, right? And then just paste it into a WordPress post or blog or whatever. And expect that to rank because of the length of content, you still have to optimize it. And that's where, you know, some of the other tools surfer SEO Mark talks about in links, I've still not used in links yet. But some of these other tools out there that you can use to help optimize the content for SEO. And so I use now conversion AI to spit out a lot of content, and then I use other tools to tune it. And then I publish it if that makes sense. Yeah, what I'm now seeing in GMB, especially since I use it for other things, and how it was intended, is that Google since it sometimes displays a two-pack, or even just one result in the map pack, it doesn't even show the click to call button, it'll show visit the website. So that person is coming up with a view if you've done your job, and that pose got that person's attention, they're coming over to the website to do whatever it is that they're going to do, which is give me that phone number because I'm trying to call so that that action, activity, relevance, trust, and authority is what's going to help it right. You could have, as I said, an iframe on that page, where now what's happened, it's really interesting because now it's all one umbrella, you can't really separate this one thing from this other thing, because all of these different factors come in. So yes, long-form does have a place in it, especially if the competition has a but that doesn't exclude you from ranking. Other ways. It doesn't you don't 100% have to have long-form, that there are other ways you can get. I mean, you've done it with your branding, and ads, of course, what we'll do, getting people there, from Facebook, Instagram, from other places, will help you rank because of the signals that people are sending back to Google. And so it's just, um, what was it that you call the just recently, your brand of SEO where it was all-encompassing? It wasn't just focusing on one thing, but taking everything taking a look at everything that's available, and applying whatever it is that you have to do this. So if you just focus on content, and you think that's the end-all to it, oh, you're absolutely wrong, BB. Because that's not the focus. That's a part of it. And it could be a big part of it. But I'm gonna tell you, all right, activity, relevance, trust, and authority will overcome anything. I have a website that just went up to around well, clients either went up to 400,000, over $400,000 in a three-month period where the guy was doing 90k a year.

And the website has hardly any content.

And so I'm gonna say it again, it depends on what your focus is. And if your sole focus is that content, without doing as Bradley said, you focus on the entity, you tune it, you make sure that it's set up for conversions, and it's optimized for conversions. Then you just wasted a whole lot of time writing a whole bunch of something that nobody's going to see.


What Press Release Services Can You Recommend?

So Toby's up, he says, What press release services can you recommend? Press advantage, which, if you That's it, yeah. Which I mean, you can order press releases from press advantage, like through mg y BS. So that's for one-offs, if you wanted if you're doing a lot of press releases, then you're gonna want to get your own subscription.

I think we still have an offer for that, which I don't know if we do or not. Maybe Adam can jump in if he knows, do we still have the site switching? I can't access our notes. But I believe there's a deal if you go to semantic mastery, comm slash price advantage, press advantage, I think he can just go to MGYB on orders, press releases. Yeah. Now, but I'm saying if you're doing volume, though, you're gonna want a subscription for sure.

You know, and there have been opportunities where Jeremy, the owner of, or cone or press advantages, we've done webinars for subscription services to buddy, he closes it off, you know, it's been open and closed a few times. So I don't know if it's still available right now, or at what level? If you're doing a lot of volumes, then you know, it's always in your best interest, in my opinion, to have a subscription. But if you're not, then yeah, just get it from MGYB. That way, you don't have the monthly expense. If you're not using them regularly, and have a high volume need for it, then there's no reason to have a subscription, you could just buy it from MGYB. But that's the same service, we just, we are a reseller for press advantage under MGYB.

But what's really cool about that is, you know, it's such an integral part of what we do. And so much of what Jeremy has developed into the press advantage platform has been because of you know, collaborating with us. And so it's just a great, great relationship, and I can't say enough good things about it.

Jarvis AI Conversion

Moving on, Aaron, yes. See, Adam already answered you. But uh, Jarvis is just the name of the AI bot. For conversion AI. There's a learning curve with that, too. There's no question. I'm still learning how to get better results out of it. But it's, it does speed things up. There's no question. It's good to have.

Moving on.

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What Is The Ideal Video Posting Frequency In A High Competitive Market?

I think we're about done. Dan says, Now that I have a syndication network and SEO shield set up what to do what to you is a good weekly video posts frequency. For videos, it doesn't like, here's the thing I've not, I've not seen a limit to the number of videos you can publish, where it causes any sort of problem. In fact, years ago, now we're talking like 2014, maybe there was I had gotten back from the network Empire certification event, and they had a video silo plugin, that would create like, it would create silos on a site. And it was just using YouTube API. So it would pull in YouTube videos to create like these automatic auto Video Traffic sites or something they called it. And it was crazy, because you had to have a special server for those sites because it would pull in so many, and it would just publish, publish, and like the database would grow so huge for those WordPress sites because of the sheer number of posts that it would pull in and publish from YouTube videos. And I had them connected to syndication networks. And I mean, it would just, I mean, sometimes it'd be hundreds of videos published in a day. No kidding. It was unbelievable. And for the most part, I mean, occasionally, some of the syndication network profiles will get terminated, but it was very rare. And the reason why, and let me rephrase that, if I imported the video descriptions to what those would also, if I also publish the video descriptions, as opposed to just the embed, then oftentimes, the syndication network properties or profiles will get suspended. And that's because most people spam the shit out of their video descriptions, right? You guys have seen it, you guys have probably done it right. And so I don't recommend that. But when you're just republishing videos like that the embed codes themselves, I've not seen that create any sort of issue. So what should be the maximum really you should kind of determine like, what what what is what's going to produce the results that you're seeking. And again, I would also go back to what are others in your industry doing? And you want to try to meet or exceed that? Typically, but again, it's all about what are you trying to accomplish? And what volume or frequency of publishing will help you to reach that goal. So it's not necessarily a number thing. Because when it comes now when it comes to blog posts, that's different. And again, it depends on the industry, right, like in a technology space, you know, there could be several posts per day or dozen posts per day, whatever. And that's normal. But if you had a roofing blog, and you were trying to do 12 posts a day, I think that would be overkill, and potentially, you know, could cause some problems. So I think it's really going to depend on comments on that. I totally agree that it depends on what niche you're in. What's the competition doing? Don't do one more.

And then power up everything else and then it's guys it's, it's there's no question with what we do whether you're going to write the question is, how badly Are you going to beat up the competition? That's how it is right now.

It's literally that simple.

I'm not gonna say easy, but if you do the system, you work the system. You work the processes. You do, as we say, do as we show you in the training, and it's a done deal. It happens time after time after time. I'm showing it time after time, how it just hockey sticks. We have a question, by the way, from Scott Walker in the YouTube channel. Yeah, it looks like Adam answered it, but Oh, did he? Yeah, he did. We can cover we got about four minutes. He says one of my clients insists on approving all GMB posts that will be shared on Facebook. We are producing 15 GMB posts per week. Any ideas about what I quit what I can do? Um, I fired a client.

That was gonna be my first answer, but I was gonna give them I understand now there's a yada check. Occasionally app Sumo has some pretty good deals on collaborative apps that help content producers.

I've seen some in the recent months, I don't know of any I don't use those because I typically don't have that kind of an issue with my clients either. Like Margo does. Usually, my clients just hand the content over to me and just say, do it, just get the leads coming in. I don't care what you do. And that's typically how I do it. But I know that some of our mastermind members have even brought to my attention some of those apps that help to collaborate between clients and agencies and even content writers for that matter. The cut helps kind of speed that whole process up. So I would look on App Sumo product on you know, capterra, some of those like app marketplaces that are for, you know, funding the apps, and look for some stuff that you can get on a lifetime deal. And start testing what I love about appsumo is you get 60 days to test. And you can refund no questions asked. So I've been buying the shit out of app Sumo apps lately.

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And I try them. And if I don't like them, or whatever, I just refund it. And it's a great way to get some really good deals. Yeah, I just wanted to toss in my two cents on that. So I also use notion for this since it's based on the calendar. So Scott, if you're interested in seeing some of that I can record a video for me you just hit me up privately. But for other people who are doing this, yeah, if you can batch this, then you could just share, like a Google Doc, where they're all at. And maybe when a new file is added, you know, you can set up an app that sends an email to the client or you tell them hey, every Monday check, there's going to be a new one. If we don't hear from you. It's going out, you know, so that whatever makes sense. Of course, if you have regulations, then they have to review it, but set it up. So it makes sense. automate what you can and then don't get hung up on making 100% automated just get it going. And then you'll figure out the rest. Yeah. Check it what do you Oh, God, check the call log? That is what I would tell him to check the call log. If you disagree with that, then we can talk about the post. Other than that, shut the fuck up, man. I'm making you money. What? What else? Is there to talk about? client relationship management one-on-one? Yeah, not not not not from me, not from me, because you're gonna make money, and then complain about making or approve about it? I don't I don't get it. I'm sorry.

Should You Buy A New Syndication Network For The Blog On Money Site To Be The RSS Feed?

We got about a minute and a half left. Dan had as a follow-up question. You said also, does it make sense to buy a new syndication network for the blog or on the money site to be the RSS feed, and his weekly posts a good number here, or two to three because of higher competition? Again, I can't give you a straight answer on the number of posts, because I don't know what industry and have to you know what the norm is, and all that kind of stuff. But I can tell you, you don't need a separate syndication network. For your blog, if it's the same entity, the same brand, use the same network unless you were just publishing blog posts, which were just republished YouTube videos from your YouTube channel that you've already published to the syndication network. If you were doing that then again, because a lot of guys that do SEO, like video SEO, and I haven't been doing that kind of stuff in years. But what would have companion sites or WordPress sites that were there, you know, for their brand, but all they were doing was using that as a broadcaster for their videos because they were really doing video SEO. And so if you have YouTube triggering your syndication network, and then all you do is take the video that you published on YouTube and then go create a post on WordPress and then publish it again to the same syndication network with really little to no changes, then it's going to be like duplicate posts on your syndication network. And that's not it's not a problem for SEO, but it's a problem for the platform's because if they think it's a duplicate post, they're going to and you do that repeatedly, they'll, they'll terminate the account.

But if you are and again, I don't know that's what you're doing, but that's what a lot of people have done in the past and it will cause issues with your syndication network. But if you were to take that same videos that you publish your YouTube channel and then create blog posts like that

Add blog posts that you're just embedding that video in with, you know additional text content and all that other kind of stuff then that's fine as well because they're not going to look like duplicate posts on the syndication network. But again if you have one brand and you're doing YouTube as you know YouTube syndication to it, but then you also have a blog or money site that you're going to be blogging from, then use that same one because it helps to build topical relevancy and authority back to the brand. You don't need a separate network for that and I would encourage, I would recommend against a separate network in that case. Alright,

Does Syndication Academy Teach You How To Build Your Own Press Release Distribution Network?

last question, and we're done guys to remit it over anyways, Toby says does syndication Academy teaching how to build your own press release distribution network? Not specifically but you can, you can take those same methods and do that right syndication networks are going to teach you how to create syndication networks, you can use them for whatever you want, you can create press release distribution networks from Syndication Academy because you can go out and create a whole bunch of self-hosted WordPress sites as your trigger like your primary trigger, and then have syndication networks around each one of those. And then you can use your press release like in our case press advantage organization has its own RSS feed. So every single time we publish a press release to a particular brand or company, it automatically likes because I do that now with all my syndication networks. The organization page RSS feed is another set of applets that are used as a trigger for another set of applets in IFTTT to trigger syndicating to the branded network. So yes, you can create syndicate press release distribution networks using syndication Academy methods and comments.

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