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By April

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All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 337, also known as 337. Today is the 28th of April 2021. We got the last show in April. And we got most of us here. I think Hernan is off gallivanting around the countryside, or maybe at some business meeting or who knows what he's up to, but the rest of us are here ready to go. And we're gonna say hello before we jump into the questions. So let me start up top here. And let's see, Chris, you are first, man, how are you doing today? Good, super cozy, warm. Spring is definitely here. And my chili is also like, ready. Like I think it's two more weeks or so. And it's harvest season. So then what are you growing over there? What kind of chilies?

Well, jalapenos ones, you probably know then also yellow.

I don't know like yellow want to die like this.

Yellow lemons. I can't remember the exact name. They're really good. Called a couple of other ones as well. Like I've like I don't know, like 12 different kinds. And about, I don't know, 50 plants or something like that this year. I can't expect that I have that many actually. Like, it's I don't know, like, what's up this year, but like just too many sprung up. Well, you guys heard it here. First. Chris is starting a side business selling Chili's. So if you need Chili's, go to Chris.

I don't think I'm gonna shoot for this. I didn't say it was gonna be cheap. But all right. Well, let's keep going. Marco, how you doing today? I'm good, man. As you can see, well, guys, first of all, for those of you who are expecting something else of me, I have my daughter with me today. So I have to be like, I have to watch my mom. Not that she hasn't heard daddy go off once in a while. But I got to try to mind my P's and Q's so that she doesn't earn alert, learn any new words that I might come up with. If I start talking about what's happening with a server, for example, I might just go off the deep end. But instead, what I'm gonna say is, I'm living the life that I want. And I usually say you guys are seeing it for over a year now. warm, sunny, rainy, Sunny, always sunny and warm, or rainy, and warm, but always warm, beautiful. This is where I choose to be my Fortress of Solitude my base, you guys haven't seen the POFU video then by all means go look at it so that you can see how we developed the whole portfolio mindset and why we started doing POFU Live so that people could also benefit from how we live from how we tailor our lives or we custom customize our lives to fit our once our needs and not chase after like the just everything. All these shiny things Hollies buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, and that will lead you to be broke if you're not careful. We have a whole bunch of examples of people going broke. Because of how they spent their money even though they had what you would think is a fortune that could never be spent like 60 $70 million dollars. How do you go through that 400 million, you get it stolen from you if you don't know how to be a good custodian of your money and how to manage your money. So this is where we are we learn all these things. We learn how to live we don't let others tell us how to live. We don't let others dictate what we have to do or what we need to do. We tailor our lives at some point what I tell people is to write your own effing book like I'm not gonna say it but write your own effing book men enough reading the damn books and I'm reading all of this self-help shit. You want me to like give you the best advice and it's not going to cost you a penny just do something and see it through to the end, finish it finish whatever it is that you start don't get stuck in the middle don't go off chasing after do all this other shit that that's meaningless train apply to make money so that you could train someone else to apply and make more money lather, rinse Repeat as free. Now how that's done might be an investment. But it's really worthwhile because I mean, you're seeing it in all of our Facebook groups, right? How people just take our shit and apply it and make money they get crazy results for their clients who then give them more clients. And it just snowballs man but all of you who are now watching this or are going to watch this at some point or listening to me. This is just a step like it's not even a step. You just started moving in the right direction to that first step which is being here and getting this for free because I get a lot of money for telling people

This Stuff Works
But what I'm telling you here, in my consultations, which is do something, whatever it is, please see it through to the to the end, even if you see they're going to fail, you have to make sure that it's a failure so that you don't repeat the steps that got you to that failure. And you can build on that, to your eventual success. It's only a temporary failure, if you use it as a stepping stone. And it's abject failure. If you deal with that, as not, can't be done. Sorry. But so a lot of a lot of gold in there you guys who want to follow it, see it through. I mean, all it takes is literally that I would take kind of facetious approach I do the do. But when you start understanding that and you're actually doing the math, that's when the magic happens. And when you just start building on it, more processes, more systems, more money, more clients, better results, which then you can charge more. And now you can have some of the things that you want, because you were smart with your money. And you save what you needed to save. And you have this this extra income that's disposable, and that you can do with as you wish, but it's all a process and it starts with that first damn step. And if you don't take it, nobody's gonna do it for you. Nobody's gonna give you money, man. Unless you play the lottery, you get lucky, which is another thing altogether. Marco, I like it. Yeah, I've got something I review as my kind of personal and business principles every once in a while and add to them and update them as I need to. And one of them I had to write for myself was learn, plan and take action. All three I have to have because I'm I'm maybe it's the engineering background, but I'm prone to, you know, learning, learning, learning, learning and so I kicked myself out of that habit, but you got to have all three. You can't always take action with no learning. You can't plan endlessly and so I think Yeah, it's a good reminder though, you got to have those three and at the end, there has to be an action otherwise there's nothing behind it. Nothing will get done. And the what is it the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I intend to train. I intended to do that. And meanwhile, you're just sitting there watching kitty videos. Although the cat scratching and barfing, whatever hairballs and who gives a shit go make money so that you can watch the cat videos that you enjoy nothing wrong with watching cat videos by the way, you love cats, watch the videos all you want but make sure that you got the money backing you up so you can sit there for an hour or two or however long it is that you want to sit there watching cat that's fine. Nothing against anyone I'm serious about this. But it's just people waste time on meaningless shit that's not gonna make the money and so that's how to make money. I guess the logic in that is flawless. You cannot make money with something that's not gonna make you money.

Please do something and see it through to the end. Definitely. All right and Bradley How are you doing today man?

Well happy to be here busy as hell I don't think I've been obsessed about what my work is in many many years I have been lately and it's just crazy but the momentum is building like it's crazy. I was telling you guys yesterday during our corporate meeting that I got so many leads coming in from my Tree Service stuff right now that I've got to hire multiple many more lead buyers because the guys that have been buying leads from me can't keep up with them so I got leads coming in that are like just not even being returned like calls aren't being returned. And it's crazy because all I've been doing is just applying what Marco and Rob have been teaching and heavy hitter club and you know, I had I have several dozen GM bees that I've just started using to apply different methods on and testing all different kinds of things. And it's all you know, it's all you know, kind of coming to a head it's all bearing fruit now in other words like in other words, I've got so many of these lead like assets that weren't even producing you know that we're producing okay, but now like it's just crazy the calls I mean it's every single day we're getting 567 new leads every single day it's crazy so and in fact, I've even got some assets in other locations outside of my normal you know Virginia area that is generating leads that I don't have any buyers at all like we're getting two-three leads a day for some of these assets that I don't even have buyers in yet because I'm trying to prospect for you know, buyers more locally in the meantime, but it's crazy. I just see a lot of potentials there are some of the tools and stuff that we've been using lately. Like I just saw on conversion AI Jarvis, they just released a Google My Business post template. So you can like write GMB posts with the conversion we've been doing that anyway, but what we were doing is going out and copying you know paragraphs out of Tree Service articles or articles on the web about Tree Removal tree trimming and that kind of stuff and then just rephrasing them, using Jarvis or conversion AI but now it's got like a template writer.

It all is. It's crazy, man, it's getting easier to do this shit, not harder, it's getting easier. So what I tell people, this has always been easy, right? the ranking is the easy part. But it's selling the lead that was the most difficult until you find the providers, man. But yeah, if you guys want to get that how it's done, then I'm sorry that that requires an investment. And I'm not sorry, because it's 18 years worth of knowledge, more than in my case, it's what that's what I'm giving you, that's what you're paying for, you're not paying for something that that just came out for a new guy on the block with it with a new shiny thing. You're paying for 18 years of experience. And so of course, that has to be compensated Bradley's experience has to be compensated, Chris, you, Adam, Hernan, who's on here, all of that experience has a price. But it's an investment. It's not a cost. Because if you apply here we go again, if you apply, if you take that action, you are going to see results, and then you build on that. But it requires action, we have a bunch of people who come through our training through our methods and don't take action, or take limited action or take the wrong kind of action that we don't even have in the training because they saw it somewhere else. And they thought that in conjunction and all this other shit that irrelevant. But the point is that it's there, it's a lot of knowledge, a lot of planning and thinking, and systems and methods that came into play. And the difference between they says that those who can do and those who can't teach. The difference here is that we all do on a daily basis, businesses, ranking people, like all over and we're talking about projects that are in the millions, fortune 500 companies, is what we're talking about.

This Stuff Works
So it's not something that you're just getting what we teach you, it's what we go and test and apply and then convert into something that's repeatable for us. Because we first test through each other to see, okay, can we repeat this? Can I get these results? And when we do, then we formulate that the how it is that we're going to introduce it to our paid members. But that's a process. It's not as if we just Oh, yeah, we're gonna teach you how, and we have no idea how to like, people are going to you're right now if you're paying for those courses, man.

Cool. Well, guys, let's get into it. Just sec. I just want to mention people if you're new to us, first of all, thanks for watching. If you haven't yet, head over to YouTube, find Semantic Mastery. Subscribe that way when you ask questions. If you can't attend live, you'll always get notified of when the new episodes come out, or rather the recording so you can watch your answers as well as stay up to date on what other people are asking. Also, if you're new to us, or MGYB or heavy hitters club, where you should go first is the SEO shield calm that's the word de then Seo shield.com it's free training How about how to shield your site you're not having to worry about algorithm updates again, go grab that check it out. We've got three other things we generally recommend depending kind on where you're at. For everyone, we always recommend checking out the battle plan it's a step by step processes for SEO results you can find out more about that a battle plan dot semantic mastery comm if you're more on the agency owner or maybe consultant side you want to get more clients to grow your revenue scale your team then 2xyouragency is what you definitely want to check out no matter kind of where you're at in there if you need one of those things if you need two or all three but check that out at 2xyouragency.com and we've mentioned the mastermind today but you know if you want already have an agency you're already a consultant you but you want to network with others you want Martin direct access to us as well. As well as many many many other benefits you can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com And we've mentioned mg y B and heavy hitters club mg y b real quick if you're not familiar with it, that's where he can get done for you services.

All right things like SEO shield, syndication networks, link building, press releases and a lot more is coming down the line in fact as of Marco correct me if I'm wrong isn't Friday or Saturday that the big update is happening Saturday the first so we have actually the first and the second, move everything over May 1 and second to move everything over and have everything up and going by the third and we got a big sale going on right now in anticipation of that move. So maybe we ought to make sure we drop the coupons and oh, I don't get a pop that in there. And yeah, you guys have got till the end of the week to take advantage, and anticipation is in prep for the big day. The big thing, the big update. We wanted to have that sale going on and reward the people who were in there and customers now so take advantage that we are looking forward though to having you be able to use the new back end. There's a lot of updates going if you're on the email list, you've already heard about this, you know what all the benefits are. If not, you should definitely head over to mgyb.co. And hop on the list. We'll give you a discount as well but also so you can stay up to date and we send out some amazingly good content as well as some others.

So either go to Semantic Mastery, go to MGYB, hop on the email list. And then last but not least, Marco we occasionally talk about this but heavy hitters club, if somebody wants to find out more or join, where should they be going, they can go to heavy hitters club. Or they can just go to our free Facebook group and start that we have a lot of free training, we have a lot of resources that we give away for free and the people are taking and training and using them to take action. That's a great beginning. But if you want the spicy sauce, I mean, the real deal, stuff that's going to get you to where the competition is irrelevant. That's only in the member's group. And in the pay, excuse me, the paid members will, we're not giving that for free. So don't expect the v3. I mean, don't expect Rob's schema training in the free area, although we do some schema in the free training. So if you want to go above and beyond that, to where you got a competitor that's bugging you just want to get rid of them. That's the way awesome. Alright, guys. Well, with that said, let's jump into the questions. Yeah, I saw Austin dawn, he posted a question about the mastermind saying that he's got, he's in the heavy hitter club already. And he's wondering if we're still doing the mastermind specials, which I think we are but reach out Austin to support at semantic mastery Comm. And we'll, we'll get you sorted out with whatever, you know, offers we can do since you're already in the heavy hitter club, we'll see. We'll see what we can do just reach out. But he was saying and we'll get to the question. He said, I got so many I got a bunch of clients that just go I'm getting overwhelmed and I need to systematize my business. Well, the mastermind is perfect for that buddy, trust me because that's I cover a ton of stuff about automation and developing processes and all that kind of stuff in there. So that is where you want to be for sure. Let me grab the screen. And I'm going to expand upon something that Marcos and Adam were both talking about just a minute ago first before we get into questions, not a whole lot of questions right now. Anyway.

So as Adam was saying, stick to something right? Too many people I think, and I've been guilty of this myself, but so many people try to, you know, they think that they got to get something right. Like, before they can attempt to do anything, they've got to learn and learn and learn and learn. And so that when they do attempt to finally do it, they try to do it. Right. Right, that makes sense, they try to learn to the point where that when they finally attempt to do whatever it is that they want to do, that they don't make any mistakes. But don't you understand the quickest way to learn is to be is to make mistakes, recognize the mistaken course correct and go and try again, like the fastest way to learn to do anything is to do more of it, make a mess out of things and figure out how to clean it up. Like that is absolutely the quickest way to learn. And I'm going to talk about this for just a couple of minutes, guys because this is important. And I found out I just finished a book that's amazing that talks about some of that as well. But this is part of the 2x your agency training. In fact, this is week one. And I'm just going to cover two slides here. But this was actually I think from the book called go for know by I think his name is Robert Fenton. But he talks about in that book that, you know, most people think that they start here and that they're either moving towards success, or they're moving towards failure. So like in other words, people think if they're making mistakes, then they're obviously moving towards failure.

But that's really not the case. In reality, this is the way that things are going right, you start here, and you move through failure to get to success. Does that make sense? You can't, you've got to, you've got to take action and make mistakes, and figure out you know, recognize the mistakes you make, be aware of the mistakes you made course correct, make some changes, and then try again. And then that's how you start to learn. And that's so in other words, don't think of making mistakes is like oh, I'm a failure, and I can't do this and blah, blah, blah, take a minute figure out you know what it is that caused the mistake. And what you can do to do it differently the next time so that you avoid that mistake and make more progress and doesn't mean that you're just not going to take one more step forward and not fall flat on your ass again, you may, but then you get up and figure out what you did wrong and how to overcome that obstacle and then do it again. And that's how you get the most progress. Like that's how you make the most progress, trying to avoid failure. Most of the time, people will never get started if because they want to try to, you know, convince themselves that they have all of the answers before attempting anything. And I've you know, I've been guilty of that too. But I've learned to just start taking action. Imperfect action will be perfect inaction any day of the week. Right. And lastly, I just want to talk about this briefly. There's a great a fantastic book. This is outstanding. I think it's absolutely fascinating. I just finished this one. It's called the talent code by Daniel Coyle. And he talks about in that book, you know, specifically, that and I've said this before, but how do you get good at anything?

This Stuff Works
You do more of it? Right? You know that. And what he talks about in this book is it's again, I found this book absolutely fascinating. And I listened to it on audio I very rarely read anymore other than, like online stuff, you know, for work, but I usually listen to books. And this one was, I mean, I thought it was just, it was easy to listen to, it was entertaining as well. He's got a great sense of humor. So it's, it's a very intellectual book, but he makes it funny as well. Anyways, what's great about what I thought was great about this is he talks about threshold training, or what he calls deep practice, in other words, and trying to learn how to do anything the best of the best, like the people that are borderline savant in any endeavor, whatever it is, that they're, you know, really good at. He's gone around and made a career basically, of researching those types of people and what makes them different. How do they get to be exponentially better than anybody else? How do they become world-class performers versus just professional performers? Right? So we're talking about the elite of the elite? Like, how do people do that? And so when he goes around, he spent, you know, a much of his career kind of researching this stuff, and traveling around to what he calls talent hotbeds to figure out like, where this kind of talent is cultivated, and that kind of stuff. And what he said was that you know, he watches as people do, what he calls deep practice, or threshold training, which is where they are, you know, practicing at the edge of their capabilities, to where they're making mistakes, like, fast, they're making mistakes fast and often. And but they recognize and he says, He calls it the HSC, the holy shit effect, it's funny as hell to win. Again, he's got a great sense of humor, but he talks about when you see somebody in that deep practice what he calls threshold training, right? Where they're, they're, they're practicing at the edge of their capabilities. And watch that kind of reaction as they kind of, you know, learn and like they're so engrossed in what they're doing and all that, that you can't help, but when you're watching it go Holy shit. So he calls it the HSC, the holy shit effect. And it's, um, you know, I thought this book was really, really good because it kind of just reinforced, doing anything that you want to get really good at, the only way to get good at it is to just start doing it and practice and practice often. And if you can do that you can get like he's talking about in the book, essentially, that, you know, some people are obviously born with some inherent or innate talents, or some level of talent, maybe above others in certain respects, or regards or whatever. But and, you know, talent can be developed, it can absolutely be developed. And that's what he talks about throughout the book. So I would encourage you guys to check it out. If you like, listening to books, it was a great audiobook. If you'd like reading pick it up. Does anybody want to comment on that before we get to questions?

Good to go. Okay.

How Do You Set A Public Folder?

All right, sweet. Let's see. I don't know where we are on this. Because we weren't here yet. Scroll up to. Let's set up Adrian Fletcher. Yeah. Right here. Yep. Yep. Okay. Adrian says, Hey, guys, how can I set a file or folder as public on the web? If I don't have a public folder or a file in the heavy hitter club? I think even in the free group. That's correct. free training. Go join the go to heavy hitter dot club not.com dot club heavy hitters club. Join and you will have access to the free training. Heavy hitters club right there.

Is It Risky To Use One GMB Posting Manager For More Than One GMB?

All right, next one. GMB posting manager for more than one. GMB too risky? No, I don't think so. No, no.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
No, I use um, you know, I have several manager accounts. I'm using an app called EZ cloud for posting to GM B's for Well, when my VA is due anyway, so that it's one manager account, but multiple VA is can access it. But I haven't really had any problems with manager accounts. So anybody else?

No, I mean, but I, I would never give one manager 50 accounts, right? mitigate the risk? Yeah, if the manager for some reason, if IP gets tagged as that dirty, for whatever reason, then everything under that is going to go, but you mitigate the risk. I have one that's doing I don't know. 3035. And then another one that I started out recently, not recently, but a few months ago, she's doing six or seven, I mean, maybe more. I know it's about 10. So at some point,

I just get someone else and so on and so on. But again, that's just to mitigate the risk. Not that I see any danger, but it's just not putting all my eggs in one basket. not risking all of the clients like all of the stuff that matters.

Gotta take all of that into account. I think you can have up to 50 I think it is. I can't remember for sure. 50 100? I don't know, but I would never put 100 or 50 for that matter. And just want to count. Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Should You Build Links To An FB Page To Rank It Against A Competitor Page Ranking Organically?

James says, I have a competitor, his Facebook page ranks in the top 10. Organic? Should I build links to my Facebook page to rank it organic? Yeah, you can you certainly can Facebook pages will rank and the next question was, would what kind of links would be best? If so you can throw kitchen sink spam at Facebook pages? Like in other words, like whatever kind of links you want to throw at it? You know, obviously, we're going to point you to MGYB. Because like our kingdom spam links, is Daddy, it is really freaking good at it. He's been doing it for, like, 10 years, almost 10 years now, I think. So he's really good at that we've got link building packages, it would work great for something like that. But you could pretty much throw any sort of link you want at Facebook pages, they will take it because of all you know, it's one of the real high authority type sites that can take anything, Marco. Yeah, if you want the ones that would be best, it's always torn contextual, of course, HTML hyperlinks with relevance from the page to the source. And of course, the source has to be relevant, which is why we develop the link building packages and MGYB the way we did I worked with Dedhia. And we spoke about how to categorize the network, he has like 5 million profiles. Now, of course, plus or minus 100,000, at any given point, because they do fall out of the index. And you have to end they get suspended and they get terminated. And so you continuously have to work on it. But these are categorized and they are relevant. And we do provide contextually. And so I would go with web two Dotto contextual make sure that Yeah, we will make sure that they're relevant Dedhia make sure that and then the tiered link building works especially well. So you can start at 7500 at the first tier-one step back. If you can, you can build your own, try to get double, that's a 20k. And behind that 40k. Now, of course, it depends on what your budget is, the way that I do it, I shared it in the heavy hitter club, because I do the embed packages and link building the same way. So I will spend money on a package that's about $800. When I'm setting it up, I don't expect you guys to have that kind of budget, especially not monthly. But it's magic when it happens. And then behind that at the last year, GSA and I do the GSA to get them to index better. So there's a method to the madness, the way that this is built out, it's not going to be cheap. So you can start you know, at something low, and get higher as you go up so that everything gets powered up downstream so that you're delivering nothing but relevant power. When it gets to that Facebook group, I see that Facebook page, make sure that Facebook page is public, it has to be public can't do anything to anything to something that's private, because it defeats the purpose of trying to wreck is not going to rank it's private. So nothing private, make sure that yeah, that it is public. And all of that power will get Google to take notice I guarantee it. And then of course the natural traffic and natural signals have to take over. There has to be a reasonable goon want to rank it, which you're giving it, but then there has to be a reasonable Google Keep is ranked above all others, which is now the natural engagement takes over the natural signals take over. And they signal Google that this is something where you're finding or where people are finding a solution to their problem.

Yeah, and I mean, there's a ton of on-page stuff you can do to help that with the Facebook page too. I mean, guys, a lot of times people don't. Like I know a lot of people don't apply the same sort of opt-in on-page optimization techniques that we would do for like a GMB, for example, to a Facebook page, but you absolutely can like geotagged images and all that kind of stuff. You should be doing that you should also be, you know, posting content that is relevant on the page, that kind of stuff, which will help something else that we just discovered in the last, I don't know, five or six weeks was that you know, Facebook videos. So videos on Facebook are starting to appear in Google search results in the video carousel, which I never thought I'd see that. But we're starting to see Facebook video posts indexed in the video carousel that shows up on page one of Google which is crazy. So think about using video to you know, use keywords in your video all that kind of stuff. You know, you can upload videos, you can do live streams, you can do things like that, but then you can power those up by hitting links directly to those so instead of just hitting your Facebook page, you can hit individual post URLs, video URLs, image URLs, all of the above. So my point is you can optimize your Facebook page and it'll rank I mean, it'll rank really well Facebook pages are not that difficult to rank, you just do on-page stuff. And then just pound them with links Nola, low rank. So in the comments on that,

Should You Do Brand Only Gsites Without GMB For A Client Website That Doesn't Have Blogs?

So Austin says I've got a new client, in addition to real estate, my clients do not have blogs due to the platform they're built on. I'm using the SEO location shields for them. Should I do brand-only initial g sites without MGYB adding a keyword to the brand name in the URL? Hope I made sense? Yeah, that's honestly, Austin. That's the way I do it. Now for all drive stacks. Unless, unless it is like a single location for a business that has like one service, which is very rare that I come across anybody like that. So um, yeah, all the drive stacks, that mg sites that I order now is always the first initial stack with SEO shield, essentially, SEO power shield is what I get for a new project is always just the brand name. And then I do ROI, s expansions for each and every single silo or, you know, topical category or for each individual location. So again, I always just do brand now going like and I have been for six months or so now at least. Where I don't even try to make that keyword association to the brown brand because I do all the keyword associations in the RBS expansions for the topical silos and in four locations. You know, if it's a multi-location business, so that's the way that I do it. comments.

Do you want to add to that Marco or no?

I mean that that's fine.

Okay, short and sweet. Oh, no, no, that yeah, that's fine. That's perfect. I don't see anything different than I would add.

This Stuff Works
Also, is the special still going on with the mastermind group? I'm gonna have her here. Yeah, that's why I said, if you're already in the heavy hitter club, just reach out to support at Semantic Mastery. And we'll get you the details on if you were to join both. There is a special offer for that. I'm not sure what it is because I don't handle any of that ship. So contact support and we'll get you sorted. Okay. He says he thinks he ordered 10 shields today. That's awesome. Hope you used our coupon.

Okay, cool. Dan says.

James says Where can we watch? Where can we watch what James? I think he means this video. I don't know if he refreshes the page. Oh, yeah. James, if you're not seeing that, well, he won't hear us anyways. No.

You let me refresh the page. It's up here, buddy. If it's not go to YouTube, and you can see it there.

I post it in there. There you go.

MGYB Link Package Login Issues

Alright, Dan says, Hey, guys attempting to buy link package on mg y b, the same thing is happening is last purchase. It is not allowing me to complete the purchase. But scrolling to the top of the page over and over again. It brings me to a message saying an account is already registered with your email address. I'm logged in. Okay. I just contact support. Have you contacted support about that already? Dan? I mean, this is not a support forum. Love to hangouts is not a support forum for account-related issues. So I would just contact support, we'll get you sorted. Okay.

Okay, we're out of questions. It's only 430. What do you guys want to do you want to head out or you want to cover in particular while I was looking at Austin Don's question again, just to make sure we got answered correctly. We're going to do brand anyway on the SEO shield.

Now he says he's going he's doing location shields. I'm not sure why you'd be ordering a location shield.

Because we always recommend for you to go brand with a new client. we'd recommend for you to go with the branded SEO shield, not a location shield. Because then you expand and do the location in the x with the expansion stack. Right. That's what I do. Yeah, yeah. That's what we all do. That's what we recommend. That's what we teach. This is a question that we could go way more in depth in the heavy hitter club on Monday during the webinar, but I mean, there's no reason for you to go location like right from the start, especially they're ever looking to expand then you're going to be looking at something that has to be maybe edited or pointed to something else. It just creates more problems than it's worth and if you start branded to start with which is what we recommend Brandon and you did make sense. I just what I'm saying is, I don't know why location for them.

Even if they don't have blogs, I mean that that's no difference here or there from your whether you're using a branded shield branded or an SEO location shield?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I don't even use the location shield just because it's a separate g site. Yeah, I build everything on. As I said, I just whenever I, like I just, I just landed a new client yesterday in fact, and so I haven't ordered yet. I'm going to order today, but the SEO power shield, and it'll be the brand name only. Yes, and I'll have RYS expansion for the server, he does tree services and landscaping. So and I'll probably just do two silos. So there will be one specifically an expansion specifically for tree services, and then another expansion stack for landscaping. And that'll be it then. But the top level Seo Power Shield is just going to be the company name, that's it, which happens to have Tree Service and landscaping in the company name, which is great. But again, like I used to I would have the brand name and then like, you know, Tree Service or Tree Service plus city if it was a single location business. But I got away from doing that because I ended up like just the top-level stack like especially the G site because I like to do the slug or the URL, right of the G site to be just the brand name instead of brand name plus keyword. Because then when you start doing expansions and adding, you know, inner pages and silos on the G site, then you end up with duplicate keywords in the URL. And it looks spammy and it's an extra-long URL and all that kind of shit. So I like to just stick it on. Look, Rob's coming in. Yeah, I asked him to come on or he wanted to come on and talk a bit about this talk about the expansions and the location shield and bargiel.

This Stuff Works
Cool, Rob, what's up? Okay, can you hear me? Yes, sir. Okay, so I get this question a lot in support. So I want to jump on real quick. So the way that this is kind of set up, so the SEO power shield is everything you have, right? The location shields if you already have a syndication network, you don't need the syndication network. And if you do, the starter just doesn't come with an IDX page. Okay, so the way you can set this up as you order the brand, so the SEO power shields the full thing starting fresh, it gives you the syndication network, the branded RYS stack, and the entity loop. Okay, so our idx page entity page into the frame loop, whatever you want to do. Okay, the location shield can be used for a secondary location. So similar to how you guys talked about using just an expansion stack on its own. So it can be done as an expansion stack that already includes another entity loop for that GMB location.

So you can order so for Bradley for will use your Tree Service once you talk about right. So you have your top-level Tree Service Company and then you have like for GMB right. You could set up the top level with the SEO power shield. So that's the full brand doesn't have a specific location. And then each one of those GMB locations makes that very clear because we've had someone tried to order for every neighborhood that they're coming after they try to order a location shield and the location shield is for when we talk about locations. We're talking about a GMB MAP LOCATION, not just a random suburb that you're trying to target. You don't need a location shield for every suburb, right? So you can order a location shield, as part of the order process will ask for the logins to the already created branded stacks. And where do we do for expansion stacks? And what that does that then also creates the entity loop for that entity slash individual GMB location. So you'd end up with, if you have, let's say, four locations, you'll have a branded power shield. And for location shields, you can do it that way. What that'll get you is the expansion stack where you guys are talking about but it also gets you an entity loop for each of the GMB locations to build their own press release their own GMB map embeds business site embeds because they're all going to have that. So, but the reason why I don't like I haven't used the location shields was that it was another g site each time it won't. When did you order it'll ask you, right? So eight, you can create a new Google site. Yes. If you don't have one at all, it's out. The reason I brought that up was that in the past, I had ordered SEO location shields. And I would get a separate g site and not because I ordered it that like it's not because I asked for it, I would just come with another g site for that location. And I said, Well, that's not what I want. Because I've been building power to the branded g site of the original SEO power shield. So I want everything built as silos in that original g site. So that's why I switched to doing our ys expansion stacks, and then free IDX pages. Again, I just I just clone my own idx pages because it's just it's super simple. That's Yeah, you're creating them yourself. I understand. Yeah, but then that's been a while back. Yeah, hang on. I said the super simple for us, who do this on a daily basis.

Metro people are coming on in, and they don't know and they want one built out the right way. And before you go on, Rob, let me just say that the beginning of all this how I've always started my projects is keyword research, I can't do anything without some kind of data to the target.

Once I have that, then that gets turned over to the team when the SEO power shield is built out because they need the information, but maybe not the builders, they need more information but of course, at the ad ID level, going to need a schema. So if Rob is with me, then I get him to do the schema. And if not, then then I'm gonna have the schema done through our templates in the heavy hitter club. But I need that information also. Because if we're not referencing the nodes correctly, then it's going to be that much more work. Once I have that in place, the syndication that was going, that comes back, the IDX page then gets ordered, and that comes back then the giant stack and G site get built out with all of that information. And the keyword research that I've already had done. But that's done to create relevance. And at the top level, when that's getting built out, it's just the brand. Yeah, and nothing else. Now the way that we've done it is and as Rob is saying, you get a choice whether you want an additional g site built out or if we're going if it's going to be an expansion.

Oh, we updated the order intake form, probably since you did that last Friday, you were asked is an expansion to an already branded stack? And that was the login details? Yeah, I mean, it's been shipped six, eight months since I ordered location geo because of that, right? I've just been using our wise expansions. But yeah, that's an option now then shit, then I can stop doing my own idx pages I just have Yeah, exactly. That's why we update it. And part of it was we updated it based on the errors we were getting from where you were saying we didn't we weren't asking the appropriate question of is this an expansion location of an RV brand? Or is this a new g site where all you had was the syndication network? Because it can be used for either, but based on you ask how you answer that question. Now in the intake of is this a part of already a branded stack, if it is, then gives us your login details, and we'll make an expansion. So I want to just clarify that because I knew there was some confusion around that. And we've been getting some emails I was playing, I'll probably shoot a video anyway, just to kind of summarize what I'm trying to say here.

And post that on the side as well eventually.

Alright, since what I do is ordered the keyword research, right, right from the beginning, what happens is when everything comes back, and I've been working on on the money site, and I've been siloing, the money site and creating the categories, I have already some kind of framework to go by. Because our keyword research sets up those categories, the client can give us the categories, or we can give the client suggestions for the categories and other suggestions. The client always knows the market better than we do whatever niche they're going after. But at least you have that so that when you then build out the money site, and you start to build the categories, you already have the information to provide the team for when they do the expansions. So this is all done so that it works in conjunction, you order the keyword research, you order the SEO power shield, you go and work on that money site, you apply the keyword research, you build out your categories when you get everything delivered back, it's ready for your expenses or you can just submit the expansions. If your website is ready to go, if you have a location page on your website, it should be an expanded expansion. If you have a services page on your website, it should be an expansion on the G site all of these things need to take place because of what we do what we call it and it's not ours give credit to network Empire theme mirroring, which simply means you apply a mirror to them to your website. Seriously. And whatever you see in that image is what you do on that g site. But we have the drive folders. Right and the press releases and the GMB website everything. Everything gets theme marriage, everything, everything gets copied. But we're only going to teach you how we can tell you conceptually what it is that you need to do but the only place that you're going to get the nitty-gritty on how this all gets bolted on you and you seem to training in the heavy hitter club. It's where we show you that and I actually diagram it out and show you where the link building needs to be

This Stuff Works
Got to have the greatest effect. And I show you where the how it goes money site dry stack and D site, GMB post press releases, and then how link building will have the greatest effect when it goes downstream into your money site. But without all of these different things in place, it's never going to have the effect that it's supposed to unless you're working in a niche that has such low competition, that a dry second t site and something meringue will take care of everything and you're going to rank and start getting results. Right. From time to time. It happens. Yeah. From time to time.

So, Danna man, he's the one that was asking the questions about saying he's having issues with ordering links, Rob. So yeah, in fact, he just followed up and posted a couple more times. And he was saying that last time, you had to send him a special link to purchase, be happy to jump on a live screen share to show whoever needs to know. So it looks like he's having continual trouble with his account specifically. I don't know, Rob, if there's some way that somebody could accommodate him to try to get it worked out. Yeah, contact support, Dan, they'll be able to help you. This is an issue where our MGYB dashboard is trying to communicate with the WooCommerce ordering system. And sometimes they get out of sync. And it requires that special link, they send you to resync those passwords as you've done in the past, I'm not sure why your account continues to maybe do it more often than others could be where you're purposely logging out or clearing cash or doing different things in your browser that's getting them to unsink.

With the new system that we're launching next week, or over the weekend, that should be taken care of. So that's why we didn't put a lot of effort into fixing it in this old system. Because it's taking care of it in the new one. So it's kind of one of those that doesn't happen, everybody. But when it does, Yes, I understand it's a complete pain in the butt.

But it's gonna be fixed in the new system. So that's why we didn't try to go backward and fix it in a system that's on its way out anyway.

So contact support, they'll help you, they'll have to send you that link where it auto log in. Because that does more than just auto-login, it syncs the two dashboards that are trying to communicate it syncs the passwords, so

Is It Safe To Tie Multiple GMBs Together In A Manager Account?

yeah. Alright, so I'm going to backtrack a little bit to grant because grant was said my question about a single posting manager was geared to avoiding the dirty API associated posting tools that Marco recently mentioned in Hump Day Hangout. Are you saying it's safe to tie multiple jammies together in a manager account for this purpose? I thought this was a risky move for getting suspensions. I mean, you know, it, Grant and, by the way, it's been a while grant so good to see you here, buddy. Um,

I have a manager account tied to a bunch of GM B's that are precisely the type of GMB's that you have, right? maybe different industry, but the same, you know, the same type of GMB. Right. So I'm not really had a problem with that. I've not had a problem with a manager account, taking down GM B's, I've had an owner's account that takes down GM B's and but not a manager account, not saying it can't happen. I'm just saying I haven't experienced that. So I do have several manager accounts that have multiple GM Bay's one is with as many as 20, some 20 something 2324, or something like that. But I do try to split it up. So you know, to where I don't have like a ton of them all in one account. But as I was mentioning, I've been using it, and again, I was using probably the same tool you were when there were some significant issues with it. So I bailed on that immediately when Marco brought it to my attention and thank God I didn't lose a single thing. But I started using it again, there's, they're out there. They're a dime a dozen but social media posting apps are good to tie to a GMB if they have GMB posting functionality. Because not the SEO, not the GMB SEO tools. Because I think those potentially are raising a flag and again, I can't I don't know this to be true, because there's a ton of them out there. Now. It's not just, you know, there's not just one or two of them. There are many of them out there now, like the GMB SEO tools that also do posting and geogrid reports and all these other kinds of things. And I don't use any of those anymore. I do. I use BrightLocal to generate geogrid reports, but BrightLocal doesn't do GMB posting or anything. And then I use a social media posting app that ties that also ties to GMB to do posting and I use I'm using EZ cloud because they had an app Sumo deal. And then I bought several of those and what I like about the EZ cloud app and again, you can just go to App Sumo and find GMB are apps that will allow you to social media posting apps that will also post to GMB and I don't know if easy cloud still has their deal going on. But what I did was I bought several easy cloud perfect rational plans or whatever lifetime deals, then they allow up to eight profiles for any one platform in each account. So what I do is I have multiple, easy cloud accounts now with eight GMB is in them. My VA is log into the easy Cloud account to do the GMB posting and all that kind of stuff so that they're not, actually, I don't have to ask all my different clients or all my different lead gen. I don't have to make my bloggers and VA s managers of each one of those GMB's, I just add the GMB is too easy cloud. And then I give them access to easy cloud so they can all post to them if that makes sense. And I've got them separated in the group. So I don't have any more like, you know, easy Cloud account has eight GM B's in it. Does that make sense? So everything is split up the way that I do it. But that's just the way that I do it. But like I said, I don't particularly like using the GMB posting apps anymore, like the, you know, the GMB SEO tools that connect the API because I feel like that's like just asking for Google to come to scrutinize what you're doing. And that and I've would have used those tools had that not have happened in the last couple of months, where there was an issue with one of those tools. And I said no, I'm I took my tail between my legs and ran away as fast as I could. And I don't think I'll ever go back to those tools, because I just want to be safer. That makes sense. Does anybody want to comment on that? Yeah, the problem isn't the SEO Software, per se. The problem is where it's how the SEO Software is applied. And the way that's using it, the way that the API was being abused.

This Stuff Works
And the reason why it was being used and how it's being abused, was such that Google took notice, and a whole lot of suspension started occurring. And so I mean, Good riddance. Because if you have clients and you're trusting that software for clients, the right, you know, what do they say, be careful of the people you hang around with. Right, because it's a reflection on you not on that. So the people that you hang around with, it's like that dirty neighborhood, in the server. If you were in a dirty neighborhood, then you will be tagged as dirty, even though you might not be doing anything dirty, that it's the same thing. So even though you in that software might not be doing anything, the ones who are muddy the API, and it's the same API for everyone. And that's when the problems happen. And if you get suspended through those, it's really hard to recover that. And especially if it's like grant says, what you have is assets. I love po foo one. Remember though, yeah. Oh, man. So so so yeah, there's no way to recover, though. To protect them. And what I will tell you is, listen, if you've been using posting software, then keep doing it don't change. Because that that that might be an issue. Or as Bradley's recommended go to something that's just for that purpose. And for nothing else, right? As the call to the API is simply to post it or to do your posts and your image to do your posts and the video. And that's it. If that's the case, then you should have no issues. And of course, they'll start testing and everything all at once, do one, and start adding them in over a period of time. And to see how everything reacts. You should be good to go. I wonder if it's only showing me as the top review, because I was unlogged I don't know my life, and logged in. No, I'm not. That's crazy. Look, my reviews, the top review.

That's crazy. And so I'm not lying guys, I use the shit out of this. I love this app. It's great. The guy, Bill, whoever the developer is he's on the support chat all the time if you ever have any issues. He's incredibly responsive. I just find this app to be great. I wish I've already asked him if he would, you know, open up some sort of an agency plan so I can connect more accounts to it than just eight at a time. But he said that he didn't have any plans for that just yet. But he said I asked him I said well then fine. Can I buy multiple accounts, so that I could because I've managed way more than just a GM ease and he was like, Yeah, I don't see any problem with that? So that's what I did. I bought several of the premium. It's 99 bucks, lifetime deal, dude, it's so much deeper than any of the other stuff and it's a great app. I only use it for GMB posting for nothing else in my VA is like it, it's really simple to use. So anyway, I recommend this and they still have the appsumo deal going. So seeing it a 59 and in App Sumo. Well, that's that's for only four accounts. Then there's one for 79 which is six accounts and then there's one for 99 which is not eight accounts, which is what I've been buying.

So it's a great app very inexpensive, I actually canceled like I said some of the other tools that were costing me you know, 100 bucks a month or whatever they were just to use these now and I think it's a really it manages all these other social media apps too but like I said, I just use it specifically for GMB posting. And that's it. And it's, it's a great tool. So there you go.

Okay. See?

grant says, Yes, makes sense. Thanks, Bradley, I need to make some changes saying you're welcome grant anytime, buddy. And Adrian says, I just checked the heavy hitter club site. But it says how to make a file or folder public only if you have someone or another account that does have a firewall for the public. And you help guys more if you want to tell them where to find that inside the heavy hitter club.

So the way to do it inside there is if you have a file or folder public. But if you watch the video, it'll show you how to share that with any you'll have to have an account, but I'm sure you have one account that you have access to that has one public, so you can utilize someone else's account, share the folder, make it public, and then give it back. So I walked step by step. You just gave it away here so well, yeah, there's a lot of steps. not that simple. Okay. It's not that it's Google being Google, you got to do a few things to be able to transfer back and keep public and things like that. So you got to hold your tongue just right. That's right. Yeah, stand on one foot, your face and southwest, you know, now the other way, which is the MGB way, way we're not sharing with anybody. You could always get a j stack from MGYB. That'll be that'll come public. Yeah.

As long as you have one account anywhere that has a public folder, then you can do the process I show on the video because I utilize more than Webby. Yeah, so you can buy one for MGYB and then use that as your public file creator as your seed. Yeah, you got your seed set.

Sweet. What's about five o'clock, I think is about four minutes ahead of the top of the hour. So I think we can wrap it up. There are no other questions. Thanks, guys. Hey, Rob. Thanks for jumping in man. Good to see you. Hey, no problem guys are good to hear you I should say. Yeah. Alright, guys. See

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