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By April

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We should be live. Welcome, welcome. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is number 338. Today is the fifth of may also known as Cinco de Mayo.

And we got a great episode for you. We got a lot of questions to go through, we got some announcements, but the first one to stop Say hi to the guys. I was really hoping that this hump day hangouts would land yesterday so that we could make some may the Force jokes but instead, I'll settle for the fifth of May. So is what it is. Let's go around say hello and see what's going on here. So Chris, how are you doing today? Well, things super good here. Whether it's good can't complain somebody is coming.

Apparently, they're going to like remove the lockdown on the 19th. So everything should be opening up. I mean, like capital things already opening But

well, I believe we do NICs rights-related couple of times. So it's looking promising. Nice.

Marco, how about you How you doing today, man?

Welcome to my world where Marco goes off into the light, we don't see the light, man.

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Sorry, sorry, my daughter's in the office. So I can't move the camera. Well, I'm not gonna show the backyard ahead this time. But I mean, you can see it from here from the highlight it is in the office that is light outside, it's beautiful. It's warm. And best of all, our shit is still killing it, it's killing it. We're supposed to have had a December update, I posted an image where it went up. Interesting enough in December, that one, but I mean across the board. When I post images across the board, new stuff, old stuff. Just Just whatever, it just goes up. I just did one in the heavy hitter club, the free heavy hitter club, where I'm showing the eighth-most searched term is yacht rental. And that that's the client that I always talk about the luxury client. I'm going to give away part of my niche where it's 10k in pocket, minimum for the clients, okay, so that's what they knit.

But it can be into the business or so imagine you're doing a luxury yacht for a week of it's a wedding, it's a base of Bachelorette is a bachelor, just whatever.

Go ahead and look for door to door you want, you're not going to take me down because it's too much money in this shit. But go ahead, by all by all means please, I welcome the competition, just to show 270 something if it's not done 73. But that's in a month, right? That's, that's the last 28 days, it's an average of almost 10 pretty just for that one. But there's seven above that, I wasn't gonna give away all the keywords that I'm targeting. There's seven above that. And there's four or 500 below that maybe more, that are all bringing in action. So imagine, when we talk and the guys are toasting The guys are drinking, and they're slipping 30 year old rum that I sent them, and everybody saucy and then in the funk and ended looking at the results. And everybody's giddy, literally that laughing the end, high five. And so that said, Guys, it's all there are shit worth I posted also join the heavy hitter club. But listen, go join only if you're going to take action, the action isn't joining this part of the action, you then have to go train apply, and make money. That's the other part of it. So isn't it's not just joining and sticking your thumb in your butt and doing nothing except sticking a thumb in your butt. Taking action training, applying it. So you can't just train you can't just consume information and think that that's going to rank is it. It's not going to do anything except Have you store information in your brain, your brain is capable of storing way more and doing way more. So you're not really doing anything. you're storing information so fucking what not when you apply it and make money and then you go and hire someone so that they can train to apply that help you make money. That's when it starts just boom, it's that a snowball rolling downhill if it were to pick everything up in its weight. And we see it time after time after time. And I'm gonna tell you right now, updates don't matter. They make no difference because we're sending Google the right signals rather than negative signals. And so many of the right signals that if you happen to send Google a negative signal, it recovers. You see a little bump it'll go down in any case back up and even better, most of the time. So, I'm here and I'm where I want to be rather than where I have to be. Because our shit has shown itself to work year after year after year update after update, and I'm gonna shut the fuck up now and let you guys go about your business. don't join if you don't want to like I don't care it makes no difference to me. But if you want to help yourself, you know where to go.

Thanks for the summon your button mental picture. Action takers want to let them in. But no, that's not an action that we want.

Alright, well, that's you heard on I'm not sure how you're gonna follow this one up. But how are you doing today? I'm doing great, man. I'm just gonna shut up now. Raise your hand yet. I only see one and I want to make sure all are accounted for. Yeah, he's got this funky passing here.

Now it's good, man. It's good. Everything is good. I've been out. I've been away for a couple of days. And it's been good. I've been in Patagonia for like 10 days or so. And it's been awesome. So happy to be back home. Happy to be back in the routine Hayden back to the gym. There's so much freedom and routine like Bradley would say so. Anyways, happy to be back. Definitely. Cool. And Bradley. Last but not least How you doing today? busier No shit. But you know, that's a good thing, I suppose. So glad to be here. Cool. Good deal. Well, I've got a couple of quick announcements. And then we will get into it. Marco, of course, mentioned heavy hitters club. I'll put the link on the page there. If you want to take action and check that out. You can check it out at heavy hitter dot club. And again, I'll put the link on the page for those of you who are here live. If you're new to semantic mastery, or you're new to MGYB heavy hitters club, we recommend starting here and by here, I mean the SEO shield calm. That's the word the SEO shield.com. It's free training, find out how you can shield your site, you don't worry about algorithm updates again, and you'll find out about all these terms like SEO shield, so highly recommend checking that out.

Next, recommend grabbing the battle plan. And that's for step-by-step processes. So you can get SEO results in a multitude of areas. So we cover everything in there that we do, you can check that out and find out a lot more about that battle plan dot semantic mastery COMM And then the next place we recommend people get started if you're an agency owner or a consultant, and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team if you want to do those things, and hopefully the answer is yes to at least one. If not all of those, then 2x your agency is where you should be. So check that out at 2x, your agency.com. And then if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, or perhaps you're also a brick and mortar business owner, we have a few of those who want an experienced community they want fast access to real-world info and they want access to not only a great peer community of others who are doing that, but also to us, then the mastermind is where you want to be. And you can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. And I mentioned mg y b at the very beginning. But this is where you get all your done for you services, right. So things like link building press releases, the SEO shield, syndication networks a ton more. And there's just been some huge updates done on the back end to make this even better for those of you who are managing projects, which I would assume as most of you. But go and check it out. If you haven't put in an order yet, hop over to mg y b.co. Wait for the pop up, take advantage of it, you'll get a discount sign up there and then put it to use. You know this is the stuff we use for ourselves and for our clients. So highly recommend that you check that out.

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With that said, you guys, is there anything else we need to cover before we get dive into questions?

I don't think so. All right. Well, let's do it. All right, standby. Let me get the screen is not a lot of questions. And it's probably because last week we were had the site down I don't know. But it was down for a few days. Back up now. Thank god after Marco spent way too much time dealing with those.

So thanks, Marco. Let me grab the screen.

Okay, you guys are seeing my screen correct?

Yep. All right.

Heavy Hitter Club Public Folder

Ah, so looks like the first one up is Adrian, who asks, I just checked the heavy hitter club site but it only says how to make a file or folder public only if you have someone or another account that does have a file or folder as public any help guys. I think he's referring to last week there was a question specifically about how to make folders or files public in Google Drive, and we referred him to the heavy hitter club for that. So I'm not sure because I always have folders, public folders because I've had to have so many of them myself. So I can always create my own Plus, I always order stuff from MGYB, so they deliver it to me with public files and folders. And you only need one. So I don't know what to tell you about.

That specifically Marco, do you want to comment on that? No MGYB.co via drive stack, and you're going to have a seated folder for whatever else you need to do. Then in the heavy hitter club, you can learn how to how to move it over what it is that you need to do, because you have to go through several steps now that shared in the heavy hitter club, we are going to ask you about Yeah, I'm saying I think he understands that. So he, I think your best bet Adrian would be to purchase of, you know, MGYB, drive stack, SEO shield, or something like that. And then you'll have your own file folder that's public, then you can create additional files and folders from or make them public. I mean, that makes sense.

Is There A Way To Know The Delivery Date Of MGYB Products Before Ordering Them?

Okay, so Terry's up says, I want to order a couple of things from MGYB, is there a way to see when each product will be delivered before I order?

It's a good question.

I was adding, I want to add a couple of things. Is there a way to see no?

No, we don't? Because it depends on how many orders are in the queue? Yeah, we have a window that we provide, you know that you know, what your typical times when things are delivered sometimes or sooner, sometimes it depends on how much you think. Do we have? Is that listed on the sales page? Like when? What expected eta delivery time is? I'm not sure.

Okay. Well, you could always reach out to support and ask, that'd be the last. One thing you could do is just contact support and ask what the expected delivery time would be for whatever it is that you're trying to order. And I'm sure somebody can provide you with a kind of a window of when it should be delivered. Yeah, just for anybody else watching this. And just so you understand our support, whether it's Semantic Mastery, whether it's MGYB, wherever it is that you're going to go, they are under strict instructions not to answer SEO questions. So if you frame the question, in an SEO manner, you're going to be referred back here to get an answer to your question. So ask It's simple, keep it concise. What is the wait time to have an order delivered? Be clear, because that could be interpreted to mean that you already have an order. And then they're going to tell you to check the dashboard, or they're going to go check the dashboard, they're not going to see the order. And it's going to waste your time. And there's so try to be clear and say, I would like to place an order. But what is the waiting period? What wait period can I expect, you're going to be told two to three weeks, which is general could take. But again, it depends on the number of orders that we have in the queue ahead of yours. That's when yours will be delivered. So from the time it started, it takes about a week, maybe two.

Having said that, I'm going to say it again, if you frame it in an SEO way, what they're instructed to do is any SEO-related questions must be either in must be asked in Facebook, or in in the paid groups or here. They will not answer any SEO-related questions. Please remember that.

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What Are Your Thoughts On Autoblogging?

Right on so the next question is from and he says, what are your thoughts on auto-blogging? Is it obsolete? Or can it still be viable for traffic? No, I mean, it can be viable for traffic.

You know, press releases, one of our something that's still kind of in beta hasn't been launched publicly yet. But Qantas, which is an app that press advantage developers from press Vantage, Jeremy has created, it's like, it's crazy, but it creates news style, kind of like, you know, distribution sites for that are very much like auto blogs. And man, it's crazy, because some of the sites in that network are ranking like, almost every time I publish a press release, and it gets pushed out through hit through that particular network, I see some of those sites, ranking on page one for brand searches for you know, the brand, and the, for the projects that I'm using the press releases for so they're absolutely viable for traffic.

You know, it's up, it depends on how they're built, and the way they're built, and the content that you're using. So there's a lot of variables there, but they can be it still can work for traffic and also kind of like blog network sites. They can be used for that purpose as well. I think that the two most successful apps or strategies methods that I've seen, using that sort of kind of like auto blogging would be daemon masters or daemon Nelson's excuse me RSS master technology, and then Jeremy's you know, from press advantage the app that they've been building, which again, still not ready for public, to be released to the public yet, but the too, I've seen some really good results using those types of apps, not so much with the others. But with those, I've seen some pretty significant results. So it can be it just depends. Again, there's a ton of variables that go into that. But if it's done right, it can be a viable source. Comments, guys. Well, isn't syndication Academy, part of that kind of blogging? Right, because we syndicate into and we have at least three properties where our content is syndicated will trigger, Twitter is also triggered. And I've seen that that over time, when you power it up correctly, they will rank really well for branded searches. And some of them will even get people to take action. If you have the right CTA. They'll bring people to the website.

Yeah, I agree.

Is It A Good Idea To Build Out Citations To Each Individual Location Page For A Business That Serves Clients On A National Level?

Okay, next was Jerry says, Hey, guys, I got a question for Bradley. Suppose you have a service area business client that can serve as clients nationally. The website has main service pages, and then location pages for the different cities, a branded stack, PR, and branded citations have been made for the business name linking back to the homepage. The business offers multiple services and has all the location pages made? Is it a good idea to also build out citations of each individual location page eg or for example, citations to business? Name service, one city name.

It's a weird Long's whatever that is, and a different batch of citations for business name service to the city name, thanks. Only if they have locations like in other words, if you have physical locations for each one of those cities that you're mentioning in that example, then yeah, you can you certainly can. There's no I mean, the way I look at it is every individual location, if it's a multi-location, company, right a brand with multiple locations, then every single individual location can absolutely have its own citations, and there's no reason why you can't or you shouldn't do that. If it's a valid a legit business with a real location, then you can absolutely have citations for each one of them. And I do that for legitimate businesses and legitimate GMB assets. I still build citations. In fact, I recently just started using sem Russia's local listings service because it's just Yext. They're basically resellers for Yext, but it's only 20 bucks a month, and it gets you into you know, like, at some directories very, very quickly. And you can go in and edit details if needed. And it will update all of them. It's, you know, again, it's Yes, but specifically, the why the reason I did it was because there's Voice Search now, right? There's like a lacks Alexa or whatever, I don't use it. But Google Home, you know, a lot of those Voice Search apps. And by getting using Yext or a Yext reseller, like sem rush, for example, then you get added to the voice search stuff to which, you know, that's gaining in popularity. And it's just a matter of time till more and more of that is like becomes critically important for, for traffic and for leads, obviously. So, yeah, I mean, again, if you have a legitimate location, for each one of these cities that you're mentioning here, then there's no reason that you can't or shouldn't create citations for those as well. I think some citations are still, you know, pretty powerful to have, there's no question. So I would encourage you to do so. Any comments on that?

Not totally me. But it requires a specific location. I just built citations, because now you're confusing the bot. But yeah, GMB assets. That'd be, that's the only reason. But the only way that I do it, is if I have a GMB for that location. Because it then has an office and it has a number, it has the NAP. And you can differentiate that location from all of the other locations. And you can create the node relationships or the relationships between the parent or the main branch and the children or all other branches that belong to that main branch. So I hope that makes sense. But that's the only way that I would do. I would not just build citations to a page in my website that has that location if there is nothing to back that up. If there's no physical location to back that up.

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And I agree, that's what I was in. I'm glad you mentioned that because it reminded me to kind of clarify something. So the business can have the same name, but for each individual location, it should have a unique address, a unique phone number, and a unique website or landing page, right so I'm going to put a landing page. Does that make sense? So the thing is you don't want you can have out of so this is really four points, we talked about AP. But there are really four data points here, right? Because it includes the website slash landing page. So if the name is going to remain consistent, because it's for one brand with multiple locations, then you have to have the other three data points as unique. So unique physical address, unique phone number, and a unique website slash landing page. Because if you don't, then you can ambiguous eight, the main entity, which would be what you've done so far to the homepage. Does that make sense? So like if you have one location as the main primary location, like the headquarters, corporate headquarters, whatever you want to call it, then that's going to be typically the way that I've seen most multiple multi-location businesses set up is there will be a GMB associated with that main corporate headquarters, and typically the landing page associated with that GMB. So the website URL is going to be the root domain. And that's fine. That's perfectly fine to do it that way. But then for each individual or subsequent location, right, so each additional location, it should have its own separate landing page, which would be you know, root domain.com slash location, whatever that is location, one slash location to use for however many they are so that it has a unique web address for each individual location, then each phone number should be unique as well. Now can you have one singular like 800 number for example, for all locations, yes, but each individual location should also have its own local number? And you can have two phone numbers and a GMB, you can add multiple phone numbers to a GMB. But you should display your primary number as the local number in GMB and then add the 800 number as a secondary or alternative number. So that Google makes that association between 800 number and all the different locations. But the primary number is the local number, which disambiguates that particular location. Does that make sense? And then again, the physical address will also have to be unique. So as long if you're going to have the same name, now something that I do for a lot of multi-location businesses is I will append the city name to the brand name for other locations.

In other words, the main brand will have the brand name for the GMB but then for the like, you know, location number one, it'll be the brand name, Location One, brand name location two Now, again, that that I do that specifically because it has some a lot of the times when I'm dealing with tree services and such tree services in the name, which is a keyword. So if I get the city name in there too, then it helps to optimize the GMB slightly. But just keep in mind that technically, you should be just using the brand name. As long as you're keeping three data points unique, then you can keep the same brand name across all locations in your font.

Does that make sense? Hopefully that was a good explanation.

Is There A Ranking Benefit If You Attach Location Pages To The Main Service Page?

All right, moving on. The next one, Robert, from California apparently says Is there much benefit and ranking benefits and ranking benefits? If I attached location pages to the main service page, like this HVAC New York did separately? Or do I? Do I separate the location pages out on their own and then add internal links from the main service page? So I'm not understanding the question, because the way that it sounds here is it sounds like you are creating the location pages a sub page of the primary service page. And that's perfectly fine. You can silo that way if you'd like that's, I mean, again, you can do that. But I don't understand what you mean by attaching the page unless you're talking about nesting it as a sub page or a child page of the main service page, which I get that from the URL structure. But then your follow up or the second part of that is do you separate the location pages out on their own and then add internal links from the main service page? So I just I don't understand the question, if you can clarify that. Can anybody else interpret this question? I'm not sure what he's asking here.

No, no. Okay.

Yeah, if you can clarify the question, I just this to me sounds like it's the same thing. So I just don't understand what you mean by that. I would put that in on one page, h v, AC New York. I don't understand or New York HVAC.

Yeah, service service plus location. Unless you have multiple services, which you would then do the location page into, and then list the services and link from the services out to each individual server. So New York, or hbse, New York, New York hbic with a list of services, so just be services, right, whatever HVC services you have, and then you list them on that page and you would go out to the individual service pages and just with the button understanding because you will create the schema relationship that this is all related to New York, to the services that you provide in the city of New York.

Yeah. So what I like to do is this, and I've talked about this many, many times, we have I think it's we, you can go to semantic mastery comm slash process. And I believe our redirects are working right now. Let's just pull it up real quick. And it's going to redirect to an opt-in now that's I think mg y b.co. Slash process, perhaps, the same thing, it's the same. Okay, well, then just go to mgyb.co./process. Okay. And I think because I set it up on Semantic Mastery, but I think we redirected it, let's just double-check it. Yeah, okay,  go to mgyb.co./process, sign up, it's free, you're going to get a process street training template that I had created, which has got videos and notes and all that other kind of shit in there. And I'm going to and I talked very specifically about for local businesses, how I set up silos now because I use category structure for the topical silos or service-based silos on a local business type website. Right. So for example, for tree services, I might have a tree removal silo, and a tree trimming silo, those are my service or topical silos. Then for the location-based silos, I just use tags, because tags create essentially categories like it's a taxonomy structure, right? So you can accomplish something very similar to categories in WordPress, using tags. And so I separate them out that way. And I build location-based silos using tags, and topicals, or service silos using categories. And I talked about how to do that, at least conceptually, in that process, Doc that I just pointed you to. So again, MGYB.co/process, it's free. And you can go in there and set it up that way, the way that I prefer to do it is on the service page, which is the, you know, top of silo service page, as I like to put a table. So I usually use plugins like a, you know, insert table type plugin, in WordPress, that then I add all of the different locations that that service is available for, right. And so in that table, a link with just the city name to the actual location landing page to look at Does that make sense? And the reason I do that is that then what I like to do is link bill, you know, through our SEO, power shield, and through syndication networks, and all that other kind of stuff, I like to link build to the topical service page, which then has individual links that go out to the location pages for that particular service. Does that make sense? And that way, I'm powering up my pap topical page or service page in this case, is going to flow through the links at the bottom of the table to the individual location pages. Hopefully, that makes sense. So anyway, I talked about that in that process street training, which you can get for free. Yeah, since I split my length in a very specific manner. I really like to keep tight control of what I do rather than then breaking it up that way. So just different ways of accomplishing the same, right? There's more than one way to skin a cat, right?

So for those that skin cats

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All right, next is a Marco's pretty, pretty impressive image there.

Do You Have A Step-by-Step SOPs and Checklist For Those Who Want Semantic Mastery SEO?

Okay, ah, next digital says do you have step by step standard operating procedures and checklists for I guess who's in Semantic Mastery SEO, or for Semantic SEO? Yeah, I mean, I give out SOPs all the time in the mastermind. When people ask for them.

I've given out tons of SOPs that I developed for my own team. You know, as long as it's what I try to do often is create recipes for my team first and then kind of whitewash them. In other words, make them more get rid of an individual like stuff that's proprietary for my own agency or operation like you know, account details and stuff like that, and then provide kind of a vanilla version of it, if that makes sense to our semantic mastery mastermind members. So I give away a ton of recipes all the time or when somebody asked me for one specifically, if it's something that I need that I'm doing currently in my own business, then I don't mind producing one because I generally have one already. Anyway, I produce process training for just about absolutely everything I do. In fact, I've spent the last week and a half now doing process training for my new agency's team.

It's just been an enormous amount of work but once again, I've said this a million times, by spending the time investing the time in developing processes, even though it's incredibly time-consuming. For example, I have one very specific GMB post-process that I use, that gets results, but it's time-consuming and, and I tested with it, doing it myself for about three weeks, and got really good results from the various tests that I did with it. But it's very time-consuming. So I budgeted out an entire day to do to create the process training for that GMB post-process that I could hand it off to one of my the little that I know that like, you know, I always underestimate how long it's going to take to develop a process. And it took me three damn days. So I fell behind all the other work that I had scheduled last week by two days, because it took me three entire days, full days no shit developed to complete that process. And it was a lot of work. And it's frustrating because it pushed me back on some, you know, behind schedule on some of the other stuff that I had scheduled for the week. But I don't have to worry about doing GMB posts in that particular method anyway, because I've anymore excuse me because I have a VA now that does it for me. And so again, it's very much, I just recently started using something that I needed some article spinning for. And I forgot because I haven't done article spinning in a long, long time, I forgot how tedious it is, and how much I don't like doing it. So I spun one article on my own like them and then I was like, That's it, I'm developing a process. And it took me a day and a half to develop a process to teach one of my VA how to do article spending the right way. So again, it's very, very time-consuming, but it's something that should be done. So yes, just to answer your question in the mastermind, I often share my SOP when people request them.

So yeah, we do. By the way, this is a process that I was just pointing at. This is a conceptual-level process. In other words, this is what we what our components do, and why that why we use them and why we stack them or build them in the way that we do. If you want the how to do it. That's where you join the mastermind or the heavy hitter club or purchase one of our training programs are trying to one of our training products that teach you individually how-to for each individual component of the overall SEO shield. Does that make sense? So this is why we do what we do the How is inside of our mastermind heavy hitter club or in our individual training products. You want to comment on that Marco.

I mean, that's fine. Animals opposed to the battle plan, which also includes like an overview, not so much a checklist, but an overview of how to go about doing SEO, the semantic mastery way.

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Wherever you go. I mean, in our groups, whether it's the heavy hitter club, whether it's the Semantic Mastery mastermind, you're going to get a firehose of information. But it basically comes down to get your own page, right. And get your schema tight, I mean and create the right relationship with relationships between the nodes, you can use an app to start, you can use a schema builder to start and you can use SEO ultimate, which I recommend fully. But then you have to take that and you have to edit it, and you have to do it right or else. You're just doing what everybody else is doing. And there's no reason for the buck to come and pay any special attention to what you're giving it because you're not giving it any reason to treat it differently is when you start creating those nodal relationships, that shit really starts to happen. That's on-page. off-page. You get the SEO shield in place, order your press releases, and then start link building. If it's local, even if it's not local. I mean, you go into the GMB and you do that the local GMB pro weight and with some extra spicy hot sauce that I shared in the heavy hitter club. So but but it's all of these things put together You can't just go and do I think you say I'm going to get the SEO shield and I'm going to rank for DUI attorney. The fuck you're not. I'm gonna go and build a syndication network my way and rank for Amazon. No, the fuck you're not. It's when it all comes together is when you put all of these different pieces together now, in and of themselves. If you haven't sent if you have a syndication network, it's great. It's great for syndicating your content. And for powering up your tier one branded and your brand and your entity over time. Build an ad ID to give the bot an idea of what your organization is about, build, drive stack and decide fantastic for pushing power. But how do you put all of these pieces together? So that if you call it once a holistic, right, including pay per click advertising, so holistic SEO, where all of these different pieces are put together in one, so that you can have the full effect so that you can go after something in the luxury niche like yachts and win. Because guys, I don't just like to compete, and I hate second place. Second place to me as the first loser. I'm not the guy that you want to say, well let these you know, I went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. And at least I didn't get knocked out. Got your brain ship loose, got a couple of teeth out. But yeah, I survived. Well, I don't want to be that guy. I don't want to be that guy. I want to be the guy who wins. And I want to I want to be the guy who wins time, after time after time after time. I'm obsessive that wait. I'm competitive that way. I don't like to come in second. I hate the second place.

I want first place. And so because I'm like that our everything that we do, has been developed in order to be able to achieve that. And all it takes and I'm saying all it takes because a lot of work is more of it when you're doing and more of it. And then we have all of these other things in our bag of tricks that really baggage, but in our SEO bag that we can reach to. If it gets hyper-competitive, if people start coming after you, if people just start trying to take you down, we have things that we can reach out to. But the whole point is to learn to put it all together. And the only way that you can put it all together is by being in one of the pay groups and being active and asking questions. You're not going to get everything here. I gave you an overall. But I'm not going to tell you how to put all of this together. I mentioned everything including pay-per-click advertising, how it's done, the step by step the over the shoulder, that I'm going to show you these results that you guys are seeing a part of it in this image that I shared in this group in this webinar. Part of it is is that but we show that live.

We're showing case studies where we actually go into Google, not third-party bullshit where we show them anything you want. But actual Google numbers, Google results, Google metrics, which is what really matters. And all your client is going to care about is those phone calls and those form fields and that money in the bank account. They don't give a shit about Oh, yeah, well, you know, we have this many lights and in social media, and we had these many visitors to the website. And we're doing really good in organic because they don't give a shit, they want money. So given that, and the only way to give them that is learning. To put it all together.

The only way you're going to get that is if you join the paid groups. So this checklist here will give you the battle plan and is a great start. And we'll give you the SEO shield for free. And that's a great start. But it's only a beginning, you can come here and ask questions. But that's just that's just the start of it. It's not the end-all to it all. You cannot expect to go and compete in the luxury yacht niche and win if you're just going to go after the free ship and never come and get the real training that you need to go after the really heavy shit where you can make some really good back. And I'm going to get off my pedestal now and let you guys continue. But as you another question came in, but I hope that helps digital what is a digital Wahid you can only get so much from a checklist from a battle plan. And from asking free questions, BB if you're watching, you can only get so much at some point, you either gotta jump into the big groups or go on to somebody else who can help you get the results that you're looking for. Because here, although we've had people, build agencies and build businesses, just from the free information, you're never going to get the results until you go and learn to put it all together.

Yep, I agree.

This Stuff Works

Are You Using The GMB RSS Feed To Setup GMB Syndication Via IFTTT To Other Sites Like Facebook Or Twitter?

All right, looks like we got one more, and then we probably just wrap it up early guys because I don't unless guys have other questions. Go ahead and post them now because if we don't see any more questions come out after this. We'll wrap it up a little bit early which is fine by me. I got a shit ton of work to do. That said parents is Bradley are using GMB RSS feed to set up GMB, syndication vi IFTTT to other sites like your Facebook or Twitter now and I'll tell you why. I tried testing several different times, and more recently within the last, it's probably six or eight weeks ago now because I was still using local Viking at the time, which does produce an RSS feed for you from your GMB posts. And I tried different apps that did that that would produce the RSS feed from GMB posts. And I've tried multiple times to set up applets in IFTTT and various configurations to try to get the GMB posts to syndicate in a way that looked decent, and that would, you know, for SEO purposes, why I was doing it. But in every single case, I can never get it because there's no way to separate the post text of the GMB post. From alike as a title. There's no way to separate a title out of the GMB post text. In other words, when it goes to syndicate, especially to the blog sites, it uses, it just basically pulls in whatever the first part of the text is of the GMB post. And it will pull in all of the text of the GMB post as the title until it reaches the character limit of whatever platform it's being syndicated to for the character limit for the title. Like in other words, like so there's no way to separate it out to specify like, this should be the title of the syndicated post and then the post text and the GMB posts will be the body of the post. There's no way to do that. And so what happens is after you start syndicating the post, your blog accounts in your syndication network, especially your blog accounts.

You'll start having these posts with these really super long titles, they get truncated. And it's just like a, you know, just a block of words for the title. And so it's not, I don't advise that because you will, it looks spammy ish yet, and your it's just a matter of time. If you continue doing that before your posts, your excuse me, your your your profiles in the syndication network will get will be terminated or suspended for spam because it looks spammy as hell. So as far as syndicating directly to Facebook or Twitter, I guess you could, you might you'd have to test with that I was testing more on the actual syndication network properties, not the social media properties. And I couldn't get it to work no matter which configurations I tried. So I gave up on that.

And just decided not to worry about trying to syndicate GMB. I was for a period of time that I was going to try to get away from doing any sort of work for clients on their websites at all and strictly just new GMB optimization. But that's not really it's not really possible. And not only that, but it didn't it limited my opportunity for you know, upselling different services for website stuff. So, but just so you know, I can say I tested with that many different times, and most recently, within about the last few months and I could not get GMB posts to syndicate in some fashion that looked decent without it being super spammy on the syndication sites. So that was my experience.

Yeah, that's because there's no separate title in a GMB post. Yeah, it all runs together. So it's a block of text. When you syndicated out when you try to share it, it's going to share the block of text rather than having a separate title. And even if you try to add a title tag, it'll look crappy. In the GMB posts. Yeah. If you try to make it like an h1, or some kind of title, and you really can't do it, there is really no way until Google adds a separate title into the GMB post so that it can be syndicated. And trust me, they're not going to do that they know the power of syndication. They know the power of RSS feeds to this day. I know. But if you just took a moment to go and investigate and figure out why Google not only trained, its NLP and Bert and everything else that is doing its entities in Wikipedia. And you did a little bit of digging, you know, why RSS is still so powerful to this day. All it takes is a little bit of digging, like I said, it's not as if it's all it's said and done. It's so pre 2008. And no to this day RSS feeds are powerful. And Google does all it can you see other websites to try to get people not to use the RSS feed, they don't even produce an RSS feed, and others that know how to feed the machine do because that's how you're doing with an RSS feed. you're feeding the bot a whole lot of data through RSS feeds. Having said that, you know, on posts, I get it and it should be an update to local GMB Pro. I'm not going to give it all away here but there is a way for you to share the information from your GMB and then have that be the trigger point rather than try to have the GMB be the trigger. It's an extra manual step. So don't you do it? Make sure you got a VA doing it. But you could do a whole lot more you can get a whole lot more traction from your GMB posts that way because then everything that goes out through your RSS feed from the other trigger points will be formatted correctly.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and one place Aaron that you can put the GMB feed is go submitted burner feed burner feed out of it because you're not actually syndicating. But you're basically injecting your GMB posts into another Google property by just burning up the feed burner feed out of it, or from it. Does that make sense? So there's, you know that's something that you can do and then you could always, but Feedburner gives you what's called a buzz boost embed code. And then you can actually embed that in some of the other areas like that. We talked about theme mirroring, and G sites, and stuff like that. And that helps too, because then again, it's a way to feed your GMB posts into your other entity assets without them looking like shit. Because you can, it actually looks pretty decent in that Feedburner embed. So that's just another kind of tip that you can do. And again, that's all free stuff. They recently changed our I got a couple of months ago, I guess some updates about Feedburner. But it's still alive. So thanks for the information.

Do You Have Another Service For GeoLocations Ranking Maps Now That You Stop Using Local Viking?

I think I heard you say you're no longer using Local Viking or using another service for geolocation ranking maps. Well, I just use social media apps for posting for my team to be able to post a GMB, I talked about this last Wednesday as a matter of fact, and I'm pretty sure they still have the deal. But this is the one that I'm using specifically guys that are a dime a dozen. You can find a million social media apps out there that will post a GMB. So you don't have to use this one. This is just one that I found that I like. And I did it because it was on appsumo. But it's called EZ clout. If you go to premium, it's 99 bucks one-time lifetime deal. You can have up to eight platforms or profiles in any one platform into these premium easy cloud accounts. In other words, you can have eight GMB locations, right. It also does Tumblr, and Twitter, and Instagram all kinds of other shit. I use it only for GMB stuff right now. From it's just so that Mike, what I do is I said, You know, I have multiple of these easy cloud premium accounts. And I put eight GMB is in each one, if that makes sense. And that way, it separates them to where they're not all underneath one social media app. It just gives me a little bit, it's a little bit safer that way, in my opinion. And that way, all of my VA s can log in and post directly to the GMB without each one of them having to have their own logins, all they need is the login to the easy cloud app. So this is what I use because again, it was a lifetime deal, I got four or five of these, I think I got four of the premiums. And in one of them when I tested it, I got the standard or whatever, which is like four accounts. So I've got several of these that I've been using right now. And I'm hoping they'll keep this lifetime deal open for a while longer, because I know I'm going to need more of them. So, but this is a great app for that.

As far as for geolocation stuff, you're talking about, creating like the local search grid map. So yeah, I've been using bright local. I've had a bright local account since like 2012 or 13, some many, many years. And when I stopped using local biking, I started using them, right local, what they call local search grid reports. And I actually like those better, because you can track up to five keywords in the same search grid report. And you can go starting with I think, I think the lowest amount is five by five grid, but you can do five by five, seven by seven, nine by night, and I think 13 by 13 grids. So it's a really, really cool app. I'm really happy with bright local for the search group reports. So

Why Can't You Put 5 iFrames In The General Embed Gigs Through MGYB?

Alright, the last question was Dan says you're welcome there. And he says Excellent. Thanks for the information. Dan says Hey guys, I ordered at least 20 embed gigs through MGYB why can you put in five iframes in the general gig but only wanting to map in video gigs? Thank you. First of all, I didn't know that. But did you just so you guys are all aware of the general gig is the same like it's the same networks. It's just if we there was the separate packages because it makes it easier for people and like some people might not understand that a YouTube video is nothing other than just an embed code or a map is nothing other than so we had it separated out to make it easier for people that didn't understand that. But like typically whenever I buy embed gigs I just use I just buy the general gig because it's all the same. So I didn't know that we had restricted cuz I never again just to be clear, I never purchased just the map embed gig or the video on that gig because I always just purchase general embeds and then just submit either maps or videos or whatever it is that I want to get through that. But I didn't realize that it was like that Marco is that.

The map gig is to push for one map only all have to push all of that power to that to the GMB map.

Okay, that's what you should be submitting that map. Gotcha for the video, it's that video that's going to get the power. If you order it into five videos, you're dividing the power that you're using, so you would have to buy a bigger kit. So either way, so if you go to the five iframes in the general, and you submit a map and a video and three others where all of the links that you then ordered to that embed gig, or the embeds themselves are going to be divided by that much. So we're just helping people or trying to have people understand that if you're going to do maps, push all the power to that map. If you're going to do a video, push all the power to that video, if you're going to do a general go ahead and split it. But make sure that you order enough so that each embed get gets enough. And then when you order the link building account for each one of those that you're ordering. through the gate. So it isn't simplified while you're gonna get five here and one there. Why don't I just go do the five you better know what you're doing? Yeah, so we just tried to simplify it for people without having to do a whole webinar on what each one of those is.

Very good. So there you guys go. I'm seeing other questions. And we're almost at the five o'clock mark. So I think we can wrap it up. guys want to cover anything else. Are we good?

I'm good to go. Okay, thanks, fellas. We'll see you guys next week. All right.

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