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By April

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All right, we're live.

Go for it.

Sure, what's up, everybody? This is Hump Day hangouts number I forgot to mention number two, man, we've been doing it too long. And anyway, if you're here is because you want your questions answered. And we're here to answer your questions. But first, let's take care of that a little bit of sociability since we're not very good at that. And I'm going to call on you as I see you left to right. So the first person that I see is Adam, what's up, Adam, what's happening where you are now, as opposed to me? I moved from an empty room. Yeah, and the bay area to an empty room in Seattle. We're waiting on our stuff to get delivered. So I've got this like echo chamber a room, but I'm here in Seattle, and I'm loving it. So I know Marco I like the sunshine. I see you when you're on there. But I like the variation here. So I'm looking forward to being up here with the clouds a little bit of rain and gonna go head up into the actual mountains this afternoon after Hump Day Hangout, so can't complain, man, thanks. So good. Well, about a couple of miles. That way north. I have a volcano that still was about 3000 feet or so. I'm already up way high. So it's 30 504,000 feet from the foot straight up. So we got plenty of mountains if you want to mount there's plenty of rain there. If you want rain. I mean, it's always cloudy throughout the rainy season. But cool to know.

So you went from a lot of rain in San Francisco to a lot more rain in Seattle.

Oh yeah, definitely. Alright man, Dynegy Chris. What's up? What's up in Austria, Chris?

Well, things are pretty good. Like with pretty warm weather. A 631 degrees yesterday and before that as well. So full-on summertime here.

According to the weather report, it's kind of rain for 10 days from tomorrow. And so enjoy is really the last couple of days. But we'll see because I don't believe that it's going to rain for 10 days. The summer in Austria, man. What's that famous hotel? That hotel is really famous for? What was the black forest cherry cake? Well, maybe it's that Asha. Maybe you're thinking jump back a hotel? Or you go? Yeah, one of the places I want to go to any black forest cherry cake man. Yeah, man.

You're welcome. Just open or not right now.

What's up? I see you. Good. What's going out? Man? It's good here. It's getting colder. you motherfuckers. We're going into the other season the calling season where everything is good. Everything is good. It's been a busy day. But you know, productive. So happy to be here as always.

Bradley, your turn to be social.

What's up, guys? I happen to be here. I don't know why I was locked out of my own damn sight, Semantic Mastery. But I was unable to get an answer. I have a little funkiness getting started today, guys. Sorry about that. But I'm glad to be here. I just got off a webinar for conversion AI with the developer from surfer SEO. And it was at noon today, Eastern time. And it was really good. Because it really kind of helped me to get a better idea of how to use those two tools together. So I spent the last 90 minutes or so optimizing content, and it's pretty powerful, man. It's pretty cool. Pretty cool strategy for local, you can kind of crush it with just really good on patient or Spark. So it's a really cool strategy, but happy to be here. I see. We don't have a lot of questions just yet. So hopefully you guys would be having to post them. Because you got our undivided attention for the next hour. This reminds me of you saying that I have a video that my VA did on her content writing process on how she uses enlink in links conversion and server so ping me so that I can remind myself to share that with you so you can take a look at what she's doing. And maybe no no, I don't count. I guess.

I'm sorry. All of you who did not attend POFU Live, do not and cannot have access to any of this. I'm sorry. You want the benefits of the POFU Live to attend portfolio.

Madden how that works. If you want what's impactful life, you should attend a poll for like start saving up so they start saving up the pennies that you can attend. In September, October. Have we defined that yet? Last weekend of September. There you go last weekend of September, mark it on your calendar, start saving your duckies put all your ducks in a row so that you can attend the whole weekend. Like, send the family on a trip. If you have a family. No Holds Barred. We're going to give you everything that it takes for you to be successful. That's how we do it. And anyway,

you see how it works for me right?


I'm sorry. Um, it feels like I have to apologize for living in a country with beautiful weather. Warm, beautiful weather still in the T-shirt. I was just in a tank top. I only change for Hump Day Hangouts. I'm still in my underwear.

I just think it was Charlie Babbitt when he was an excellent driver. And I don't have any underwear.

He hadn't been shopping at Kmart, what am I can't remember. Anyway, if we're done, Adam, you want to take over and drive this train? Right? Yeah, definitely let just a couple of quick announcements, you know, Marco mentioned post we live. And we're definitely gonna be putting that out there. As always, we offer an early bird special to people who hop on that we're going to be having some news coming out about that later, May, maybe early June. As we can get that to you once we get things kind of laid out. But highly recommend when you see that hop on it, and it is going to be the last weekend in September, we got some great speakers lined up again this year. And it's just going to be kick-ass. I think last year was the best feedback we've gotten and feel like I'm kind of tooting our own horn. But it's been really good feedback each year. And last year was the same and even better, which was really cool going virtual, because there's a lot that, you know, we get out of in-person meetings. And when I say we I mean ourselves as well as you. But we were also able to do some things, squeeze in some more talks adds more value to it with it being digital, so and my music came out well, and the feedback was that it was done very well. So really happy about that, and glad we can bring you guys that much value.

So beyond that, if you're new welcome. If you're new to Semantic Mastery MGYB heavy hitters club. If you're not sure what those things are, then the place you should start is the SEO shield calm. That's the word the SEOshield.com. Find out how to shield your site. Don't worry about algorithm updates, it's a free training, go grab it. Also, if you're looking to easily automate content syndication for authority, relevance, and trust, then syndication Academy is the place you should be. Okay, you can find out more about that at syndication dot Academy just had a massive update to that we've got ongoing training, ongoing updates with that we have a dedicated team member dedicated just to syndication Academy. So if that sounds at all interesting to you, automating content syndication for all of that, head over to syndication dot Academy. And if you're ready, I'll go ahead if I can just cut you off there for a second because this is so important. So imagine that you attend POFU Live like you should. And you do content, the way that you're supposed to prepare your blog posts, the way you that you're supposed to tuned to further but and for the user giving the user what the user is looking for solving the pain. And then you syndicated you send your content out there into your property, your tier one branded so so you have your own platform that's going to display your content. And incidentally, that we're going to show images, we're going we did we just did gifts.

Two weeks ago from this from tomorrow, we did a website and we showed up. And we showed how to take advantage of it, which is the best thing about what we do is that we show you how to take advantage of the website for SEO. So it's great your no gifts are a great thing for grabbing somebody's attention. But then how do you use the website for SEO, which is where people most people don't know. And that's where SEO is really fantastic. I just had her going and looking for more websites. So that we could connect these in a way in a way that I'm not going to teach out here. But she is going to be teaching in Syndication Academy. So tomorrow we have another webinar, she's doing iframes by the way that she will be showing a companion for the other website that we showed. And this is continuing because Bradley gave us a list of over 300 websites that we have to go and explore, along with the list of web websites that I had already given her to explore. This is why we got a dedicated person so that we didn't have to just keep hounding Bradley and for his time for him to go do the updates, we actually got someone to go through the training, someone who didn't know anything about SEO, let alone Syndication Academy, go through the training. And by the end of the training, she was able to go and explore the websites that I gave her without any instruction, other than to see what you can do with this website. I had already been in there knew what you could do, but I wanted to see what she could do, what she could get out of it. And it was just fantastic. And so we have a meeting Friday as a matter of fact, on how we're going to be fitting all of these pieces of the puzzle together all these extra things for extra SEO benefit. So we're adding power to tier one branded as we go and we're adding more ways to feature content, more ways to feature your brand you have to deliver that brand message, maybe you want to be comical. In a gift, maybe you want to show people a big wide shot, maybe a 360. However, it is that that you want to present your brand your message, and feature your entity so that you're feeding Google and the visitor so he's really taken care of several things. Syndication Academy isn't just for blog info, it should be for content syndication anymore. It's a way to validate and solidify the entity, it does a really good job of bringing everything together. Once you put all the links together, you can't just do one thing. If you really focus on syndication Academy. Over time, it will work but it takes longer than it used to. And so we do several other things to get Google to pay attention. But Syndication Academy still foundational to what we do that has never changed that I'm just gonna shut up. Fantastic. Yeah, so guys go check it out syndication dot Academy. And then I saw there's a question on the hump day hangout page about POFU Live. Just to be clear, this is gonna be digital again this year, or online, rather. So you know, with the way things are in the world right now, we can't predict the future. So we want to do it in the best way possible. So we can guarantee you guys it's going to happen. So we decided last month that that's the way we're going to rock it this year. So it's going to be online. And then last but not least, just want to have one more quick announcement and we'll get into your questions. I've talked about the SEO shield comm you heard about Syndication Academy. And last but certainly not least, you know, if you're ready to grow your business, whether it's we do have a brick and mortar members, although mostly digital marketing, whether it's agency consulting, but a mastermind if you want to join an experienced community, you want fast access real-world info testing news from not only ourselves on the video here, but also the other members of the mastermind who are actively engaged in these pursuits like agency owners building their own businesses, then the mastermind is a place for you. You can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. So with that said, Guys, unless there's anything else, let's get into the questions.

Sweet. Grab the screen. I'm still having issues. Chris is trying to fix it for me, but we'll get it sorted.

Can I Hire You To Do The SEO Not The DFY Service?

All right, you guys are seeing my screen, correct? Yeah, yep. Okay. So the first question looks like is from rocket blast? Zack, can I hire you guys to do SEO? Not for done not done for you services? Well, if it's for tree service companies, then I'm your man.

or anything else? You talk to these other guys cuz I won't even entertain the potential for it. So yeah, he can send us an email and I'm probably not interested either. And unless you've got the budget for it. I'm talking about the real budget. But I got people in my mastermind, who will do depending on the budget, and we have several levels of people that I can reach out to. And we have people in our semantic mastery mastermind, yeah, that we can also reach out to, to hook you up. So if it's not Vf y that you're looking for, and by the way, we will use the DFY services anyway, which is why you're white. The budget should be that you just start thinking so you've seen what the cost is. And we do have a way of stacking it together. That's what I show in my private mastermind, how to get this extra bit of juice out of it. So just send an email, you can send it to support you can send it to me directly. You can contact us on Facebook, you can even private message me on Facebook and say hey, you told me to contact you from Humpday Hangouts. And I will hook you up with someone who will do a really good job for you.

Yeah, that's just a quick follow on to and a quick plug for the mastermind. I think the last few months I've referred two or three clients intimate to mastermind members. So that's another benefit like we do funnel work in there. We know who's doing what. So that's another side benefit of that and I know a couple of those have turned out quite well. So just another good reason to be in the mastermind.

Yeah, we had a post in the mastermind today from one of our members that was shown a great big geogrid that was just green is could be it was beautiful. Anymore gave it gave us a shout out saying this shit works. What I meant to ask him if I could post that live. Yeah, it was pretty cool. Let me read something else. He said to him. Something else is you know, we've got the mini masterminds going, which are like little break off groups inside the mastermind with where we do different things I've got, I was hosting, really three of them all simultaneously, and I just shut one of them down about Well, last week, I guess a couple of weeks ago now, which was the real estate mini mastermind but some of those members are still meeting, which is kind of cool. I just backed out of that, because that's not my primary focus right now. But I've got an accountability group with a few of our members that we meet every Monday, where we're talking about a very specific type of SEO agency, build that I'm, I'm in the process of doing, which is what I'll be covering and hopefully live this year as a matter of fact. And then on Thursdays, we have a sales mastermind, which is awesome. When there's like six or seven of us in that group, and where we just talk about sales stuff, and it's really cool. I get a lot out of those little mini masterminds. You know, it's not just like me going and talking. It's like, we're all helping each other. Like, we're all you know, they say, iron sharpens iron or something like that. Right. So that's kind of like what we're doing is we just meet on a weekly basis on Mondays and Thursdays, it's two different groups, but Mondays and Thursdays and just kind of hold each other accountable and, you know, share stuff that's working. And that's exactly how Semantic Mastery got formed. Way back in. I think, 2012. We think we incorporated in 2013. But it's the exact same way. So it's very, very beneficial.

Guys, I would encourage you to check out the mastermind, because there are a lot of perks and a lot of benefits for being part of that. You know, I was just thinking my son was a baby. When we were in that other mastermind. And he's in fourth-grade man. Wow. Great. But yeah, time flies, man. sure as hell does not remind me my daughter turned 16 in about five weeks. Oh, my God. Yeah, I'm gonna get into that bank account, man. Yeah, she's where we, you know, every weekend that I have her we go out driving together because she's got her learner's permit. And she's a responsible young woman. So I'm not really all that worried about her driving, but I can't believe she's almost 16. It's unbelievable. So anyway, moving on, Gordon says, Hey, guys, hope you're all still well and say thank you, Gordon, I believe all of us are, he says, I have two quick questions I need your help with. Number one, I know you're not an advocate of creating a mass page, local Legion sites. And that's true, I have not been for several years. For many years. However, I am starting a mess page-type site. I'm actually like, I'm in I just got my content back from the writers, I ordered a really in-depth article for what I can't really give away the details on that just yet. But I am starting a project where I'm going to be testing some of that in the next couple of weeks. And it's something that I'll be covering in the mastermind as well as there's, we're probably going to be doing some sort of an offer to our audience once I have the initial setup done. And there will be an opportunity to actually join with me on a probably bi-weekly basis to build sites, mass page type sites for local Legion. So that's something that will bring you guys the details will present you with the details as we finalize them, but it's probably going to be within the next month for sure.

What Is The Estimated Max Number Of Mass Pages Allowed To Avoid Google's Red Flag?

So anyway, getting back to the question, I believe that Google now has the ability to see that 1000s of pages on a website were created simultaneously and red flag it, is that correct? And if so what is your estimation? What is your estimation is the maximum number of website pages you can use software to create at the same time to avoid a Google red flag? Okay, I don't know the answer because I haven't done that. And so long, it's been I mean, it's probably been four or five years since I've even attempted any sort of thing like that. However, the way that I'm going to do it now is going to be to build out much smaller clusters of pages, you know, like, maybe a 10-mile radius around a particular location, and do it that way, and then also drip the build-out.

Just to be clear, the system that I'm going to be using will allow me to schedule, the pages to be published, as opposed to just doing it all in one big dump. For example, I used to use lead gadgets years ago when I was doing a lot of mass-paid stuff. And that would build a 32,000 page or post WordPress site that would cover every single town name or city name in the United States, all in one fell swoop. And it was crazy. You know, it would take it didn't actually take that long to build a site like preparing to build took a long time, but the actual build process only took a few minutes. And then the site would just as I mean, we're talking and if you added tags, like three tags per post, I mean, you're talking about 100,000 tag pages. And me it was crazy. It was just enormous sites. And then the way that they would index was really it was strange, it just like the rules. Typical rules for money sites just didn't apply to those types of sites. And I don't know why. Maybe Marco can shed some light on that. But what I'm saying is that the method that I'm going to be using now gives me the will have has ability for me to go in and say you know, I want to build out, you know all the locations around a 10-mile radius of a particular you know, location or geo coordinate or app address or whatever, and then it'll go out and I can set it to drip it out and say like, you know, I don't know, if there are 150 pages, I don't know if there would be that many. But if there were, I want those to be published over the course of 30 days. So it would drip them out, as opposed to doing it all in one like a dump. So again, I will share more of those details when, when the time is appropriate. But I do think there is a reason to use those that I'm going to be testing because of the new project that I've been working on for my new agency, this, this would actually fit really well with it, if it's something that I can get to work. So more and more on that will be coming market, what do you think about that, as far as fit, think about it, you have a domain, that, well, the domain doesn't exist, all of a sudden you go in and buy the domain. Or let's take it another way, maybe you buy an expired domain. Google knows everything about that expired domain.

They may have even de-indexed that expired domain if you don't do your due diligence, but let's say you went you go and buy an expired domain suddenly, that that expired domain goes from a parking page to I don't know 50,000 pages.

I mean, anybody doesn't take Google to know and understand that's a mess page bill. That's not a problem that in and of itself, are you creating 1000s of pages simultaneously is that the problem? It's the value that you're providing in Google's eyes to the visitor. Because if you're just giving the visitor the same thing over and over and over again, with just a couple of tokens, flipped out with it with just a couple of tokens, change city and service, maybe just whatever, there's really no value, there's no reason for that other than manipulation. Google understands that we understand that. It's not difficult to code something to go look at a timestamp and see, this didn't exist. All of a sudden, this guy's submitting a sitemap with which we did when I submitted it, to get it and Nick, and Google didn't kick. And as a matter of fact, the more care that you took, make unique refine, here's a word for two unique fi doesn't exist for but just to make it unique, then the better they would index, the better. They would stick over time, Land Solutions Network still has a ton of pages that were mass built. And they're there to this day, because Rob, who did the mass page build took special care to make each page as unique as possible. And to change things around. If you feeling Google the same day, is everything in the same place over and over and over again, just flipping out words. Isn't that obvious? that no human being can create that number of pages that quickly.

So whether that's a red flag, like I don't think so I think there are other things about that raise a red flag, like how unique it is? How much value are you providing? How much manipulation are you doing? How much are you trying to get away with within the terms of service? So I think it's just more than that just okay, I'm creating a mass page website, that's going to raise a red flag and is going to get me killed? No, as far as maximum or minimum?

I don't have one because what we do is, I don't know, 15, 20, 25,000 pages. But I see how if you drip these out, and you start submitting, then as they drip out for indexing, how that would make it more difficult to pick out as a mass page builder, instead of just a team producing the pages and content, which is what you're trying to do. So if you're just using software and you go from that software, straight to the server or whatever. Yeah, there are several ways that Google can tag that and raise that raise a red flag, whether just building the math pages is a red flag. I don't know the number of pages that you can get away with. And it's a red flag. I don't know. But I know Rob is about to do 250,000 pages in a build. And we'll let you know.

Yeah, just to be clear at one of my new local agencies, it's just strictly for tree service contracts as well as landscaping and excavating contractors, but I built the directory site and you know, I'm doing one state at a time. And I just so far I've only got Virginia done and I actually just finished my prospecting list for that which I imported about 783 contractors for the state of Virginia. All in one fell swoop I did it with with the CSV upload to the directory theme that I'm using and it created, you know, roughly you know, 750 or so, company pages, on the directory site and, uh, you know, other than some, the SEO shield, and if you are is expansions for some of the service categories on the directory site, they're all tree related to Tree Removal related or tree Tree Service related categories. I really have and I did a, I think about 15 press releases to the site. But other than that I haven't done any link building to it or anything else. And you should see. And it's been about two and a while probably three, three and a half months now since I initially uploaded all those pages that were created the directory pages and which were very, very scarce and information and just add a company name, address it, you know, city street, zip phone number and then a link to their website with a text-based link, it was a hyperlink, when that's just the way that it worked when I uploaded the CSV file with all the contractor information. So it ended up being just a very small amount of text with literally company name, city-state or city-state zip, phone number and in what a text link not on a hyperlink, but a text link to their website. And that's it. And then what I've been doing is that you know, I contact the contractors through cold email and or voice drops, you know, through phone, and, you know, ask them to confirm their company information. And anybody that replies back to me, then they get put into my sales pipeline. And then I have a whole process where we go in and actually gather all their information from that we can find on the web about their company, and then optimize the directory page. And that is what I use is kind of my foot-in-the-door strategy to get a conversation going. And it's been working really, really well. It's probably been the most successful type of prospecting method I've ever done, to be honest with you. But the reason I'm telling you this is because just through that process of optimized, like, again, importing 750 contractors all at once. And then, you know, slowly but steadily, we're going through, I've got you know, my VA, who does the optimization, once a contractor replies and confirms their information, then we go optimize their page. And so she does, on average, probably four or five directory pages per day, sometimes it's many more just depends on how many people were replying. And what's happened is if you go look at Search Console, and I was going to pause the screen while Marco was talking about I think I didn't get a chance to do it. But I can take a screenshot of the Search Console to show you because you'll see it's a flatline until the site was added to the search console and all of a sudden, you can just see steadily over the last couple of months. Like you know, the Search Console default view is three months the last but you know, the last three months. If you look at that, it's just crazy to see the the the graph inside of search console that is just, you know, going way, way up, and it's a steady increase. And again, that's a mass page-type site. Right? It's a directory site with even the mass page sites typically have much more content on the page than this just my directory site, which just had literally name, address, phone number, and a text-based link to the web address, like in other words, not hyperlinks. So it's just crazy to see that kind of results that you know, even though it was a mass like it was a mass import of 750 contractors, it's gaining traction to the point now that I'm getting organic listings submitted by three contractors all across the country. And all I've targeted is Virginia contractors so far, I think I've got like 10 Maryland contractors in there that was just cuz I was doing some testing on the Import side of things. But I'm just getting ready to, in fact, it's on my daily planner to do the next state it's either going to be North Carolina or Maryland. And it should but it's crazy because like in the last three weeks alone I think I've had seven or eight users submitted listing so contractors that have found my directory site and then submitted their own listings. So and what's interesting is I've got I'm using that site also as a secondary monetization method is for lead generation. So I've got my Lead Simplify form on there. And we actually occasionally get like this random lead from somebody for submitting the form to have Tree Service contractors contact them but I got one from California within the last week I've gotten some from Rhode Island from Massachusetts from Florida and this is a directory site that so far only has Virginia bass well primarily Virginia based contractor yet I'm getting lead form fills from like various states across the country. So it's just it's crazy because that's just showing that like the site itself is starting to gain some organic authority with like literally no SEO work done to it other than the SEO shield with some RBS expansion stacks and like I said, I think I did like 15 press releases initially, but I had to cut that back because I was burning up all my press release credits, so pretty cool. What are your thoughts on that Marco anything?

Is It Okay To Use A Google Site As An Actual Local Lead Gen Site?

Okay, number two, since it is my understanding that a Google site is considered a nonspam authority asset by Google. I was wondering if it was okay to use it for an actual local lead gen site? Of course. In fact, that's all Rob did for a long time. I don't I think that's still his preferred method, isn't it?

Good if that's what he does? Yeah. He doesn't even like WordPress sites. Look, go like right now we've been showing Gordon, where have you been? DC plumber? Can you just pop that up and incognito?

I'm not signed in here. So that's all Rob likes to use is the G sites.

So there we go. DC plumber LLC. There it is. Right there. That's it's. It's also that one there. Same thing. That's a G site.

So there you go. I mean, if you don't cry, yes, right there, then you've been living under a rock. And you know, not only because of the next question, the next part of the question is about iframes. I don't like, Gordon, where do you begin?

This Stuff Works
Yeah. So and does Google have? So I'm sorry, let me back does is it okay to use Google Sites as a local lead gen site over Google? akar? Say that? No, not at all. Remember, Google loves Google. its own art, right? It's very narcissistic. So Google loves Google. And it's so much easier to promote a Google Site than it is anything else. In fact, you know, that's one of the things that you can do to actually determine, like, you know, low-hanging fruit is, create a page on a G site, right? That's optimized for the keyword that you want to target with maybe a normal site build. And then and then just give it, you know, get it indexed and see where it lands. Because a lot of times, you know, if you've got, if it's optimized, well, just the page itself on it doesn't have to be a separate Google site, either. But like just a page on a Google site, that you optimize for a particular keyword that you want to test and see where it lands. Now, obviously, you're gonna have to do more work if it's on your own domain than you would on a G site because Google loves itself. But you can oftentimes find, you know if you've got a page that ranks on a G site for that's optimized for a keyword that you want to target for a site build or for a page on an existing site, and it ranks fairly well, without you doing any off-page SEO whatsoever, then you know, that that gives you a good indication that it's a keyword that could probably be optimized for that you could rank well, with some additional work, perhaps, and some off-page or some really good internal linking from your existing site. If you were to publish that sort of a page with the same content on your money site, does that make sense? So it's a kind of a good, like, what do we call it poking? We used to call poking keywords with that we didn't do a lot of that with YouTube, but you can do that with G sites do? Would you agree? Absolutely. I mean, we do it all. And um, yeah, that's a fantastic way to figure out how quickly you can rank, and then you just transfer not gonna tell you how to do it, he just transfers the power over to the money site. That's right, and build more power into the money site. So you can really take over with the money side of it. And you can see here that there are actually two in the DC plumber, sorry, one away from in the DC plumber example, there are two. Well, sorry, there's there are two properties in the map pack. And there's like three or four, organic, so six out of a possible 13 are the guides, think about that think about the power that's in that when you can do this type of thing, working this way, because both of those had the same approach, the DC plumber, and the plumber in DC, which is actually money sees your WordPress money site, rather than using a G site. So so it's both approaches. And both you can see them maybe I don't see how else you can look at this except to say, holy shit, what have I been doing? Why have I been taking advantage of this? Yeah, I totally agree.

Which by the way, when I do launch my mass page project, you can bet your ass that our SEO shield will be an integral part of that and our is expansions for each location that I build mass pages around. So I've kind of got all this planned out, and I'm really excited to bring it to you guys. But it's not just it's not ready just yet. So stay tuned.

Well, uh, yeah, I saw what you said, well, you should be able to see the number here always. But perhaps not here. So, thanks for the suggestion. Aaron. Yes, we answered your question post who lives at the end of September and it's going to be online again this year. Adrian's neck says Hey guys, are you having trouble indexing public Google Docs. I got a full public folder from a friend. So I created a few docs but haven't been indexed. And I've tried spamdexing with no docs index. This has been tried for the last two weeks. The Google docs are just random spun content.

Are You Having Trouble Indexing Public Google Docs?

About 2000 words? Well, my question is, why are you trying to index a Google Doc with just random?

Like, well, I don't understand what the purpose of that is, if you have a document that is optimized for topical relevancy and things like that, then I don't know why you would, sometimes things I know, I know, sometimes it takes a lot of stuff to index with Google public or, you know, public files. But I mean, they, they typically don't have any problem indexing, they just sometimes take a while Marco decree shed some light on that.

No, because, dude, we don't pay attention to indexing, we want them crawled, we want Google to know that they're there for a specific purpose, then the iframes will give us anything else that we need, once we get going into the G sign wasn't g site is enough. Like we could care less whether the rest of the docs and everything else inside the drive stack stays indexed, it stays in the index and the public, let's call it the public index in what you see as the index. That doesn't mean that not in Google's database, that doesn't mean that Google doesn't know about them that Google doesn't know they exist, that Google doesn't know that that the links in them don't exist, people were saying that maps the mind map wouldn't index anymore. And we're able to index my map. I don't know what the hell people are talking about, we're able to index them.

So maybe, so we go again, to the subject that you've said before Bradley, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And this is a perfect example, random Doc's that are useless. Give giggle give you a reason to index the duck for you. So I mean, it hasn't even been crawled, do you know whether Google winning crawled it? If not, then I'm giving you too much game, if I tell you what to do, on on the G site and how to get Google to crawl that and how to see if it's if it gets crawled, we know exactly when they get crawled, we know how to get them to crawl, we can get them crawled immediately. Not to say that they'll index immediately. But we see Google when Google goes and crawls it. So we know what's happening. And that's all we care about how we build the power within the drive stack. And then how we create the iframes on the site, and on the expansion stacks and how we create those expansions that all go together to push all that to the money site.

Not it's not like it used to be where we used to just index it in seconds and see results. And we could rank it in seconds. We're not seeing that anymore. But we are seeing a whole lot of SEO benefit from how everything works together.

So that's not going to help to get the Google Doc indexed. That's not going to help because you have to give Google a reason to keep it in the public index rather than to just not displayed in that public or live index doesn't mean that it's the index. And it doesn't mean that using spam tools is not necessarily going to index. Google has to have a reason to index it and display it to people.


Okay, so the next question is from Aaron. Aaron says Bradley was your training today conversion our server webinar? Well, it was both it was but it was hosted by conversion AI. That's why I pulled up this page. It was the one that was right here. This one today. Mass. No, it might know where it was, I'm sorry, it was this one. But Wednesday, May 12, at 12 pm Eastern how to write and write blog posts fast with surfer and Jarvis. So Michael ski or Sue ski or whatever his name is, and I'm probably completely butchering his name. Anyways, that guy that one of the developers for surfer was on with one of the people from conversion AI and they they kind of like back and forth It was about a 15 Minute Webinar, but it was it was great for me because it gave me kind of a better understanding see what I was doing was I was using conversion AI to write stuff right and then I would go over and copy and paste it into surfer even though I know that there you can have like the the windows kind of merge inside of conversion AI But anyway, long story short, I was doing it kind of more of a back and forth between the two tools where I can see now just from watching this webinar today it gave me some ideas plus I asked a bunch of questions in the webinar about how to use it for local stuff specifically because I wanted to see some examples but anyways, the web the replay should be on their YouTube channel within the next you know, I don't know how long it takes them to put it up but probably soon and it was it was pretty good webinar gave me some insight on how to better use the tool I can tell you one thing I'm gonna have to increase my surfer SEO account though because um, I've already pretty much burned up all my credits in just like the last two weeks, so it was a really good a good webinar though.

This Stuff Works

What Semantic Mastery Group To Join If You're A Seasoned SEO With Eagerness To Learn?

Next is Robert he's: I'm a seasoned SEO and I still have a lot to learn about how to do the do what group should I join the first mastermind or heavy hitter club? The follow-up to that was I have clients in my own lead gen sites, I need both sides of the deal. Well, I'll give you my version of it. And then we can also hear from Marco and anybody else who wants to chime in but if you're looking for SEO, how to specifically SEO out to the nitty-gritty, the technical shit, that's heavy hitter club all the way that's exactly what Rob and Marco do. They deep dive into all sorts of SEO tactics, our overall strategy, get real technical, and all that stuff. mastermind we do cover some SEO stuff, but it's primarily more about business building, agency building, consultancy built business-building processes, outsourcing, you know, apps and tools, you know, all that kind of stuff, you know, so again, if you want, if you want the best of both worlds, then we do offer discounts if you join both, if you're a member of both. So just reach out to [email protected] mastery.com and we can get you set up with or provide you with the offers for that. But like I said, if you just need SEO training, the heavy hitter club is absolutely where you want to go. Marco and Rob have taken over all of that, you know, I cover stuff that I'm doing in my own business as far as SEO, in the mastermind webinars I host but the mastermind is more of a community about you know, it's a peer-based community where we all learn from each other, I ask questions in the mastermind just as often as any of our members do so that I can get input from others. It really is truly a mastermind. It's not just us teaching you guys stuff. It's more about interacting, sharing tips and strategies and methods that work. things that don't work, we share that also. And then like I said, the mini masterminds is what I think one of the most powerful and the best things about the mastermind is having these little accountability groups, I had three of them running simultaneously. Now I've just got two but I'm about to start that third one, which will also answer Aaron's question in a minute, about the kind of mass page build stuff, that's going to be another accountability group that I'm going to set up that all mastermind members are going to be part of whether they join the mass page, you know, program or not. Because in the mastermind, again, the mastermind has its privileges. But yeah, there will be another one that that I'll be hosting where again, probably every other week, I'll be doing a webinar specifically around building those sites and how to apply it to local Legion. So both is where I'm going to tell you to get the mess. You know, if you're if you've got clients and lead gen sites is mean, it means it probably means you're making money, which reinvest some of that money so that you can make even more your turn, Marco.

Yeah, it's an investment in your education and in furthering your knowledge, the first thing in that in that path to enlightenment, lack of a better word, is to understand that we really don't know. And we can't know what we don't know. And that so once you realize that this if you approach it, I already know, you said you're a seasoned SEO but you don't really know, which is called there's so much that you don't know dude, there's so much I don't know, so many people who are better. That's why I surround myself with people who are way smarter than me, who are way better than me. But who are also action takers, because if you tell me to do something, I'm going to go do it. And I'm going to stay on it. But this is why it really pays to the Mac magnificent obsession, CT Fletcher. Quote, this is where it really pays to be obsessive. Because if you tell me something, or to do something, I'm gonna go and get it done, no matter what I'm going to get it done. Now, if you tell me I can't do something, then I'm going to double the effort just to prove you wrong. So tell me something I can't do. I'm going to show you how I can.

That's where I am. But I also understand that there's a lot that I don't know. And if I'm going to get something done, then first I have to learn how to get it done. What Rob and I are doing is taking that approach from that there's so much that we do know that we want to share with people. But there's a whole lot more that we don't know that we need to explore and see how we can take advantage of it. See how we can use it. As far as technical SEO is concerned. I'm not going to do ads, no PPC, no anything. I'm not even going to go into any other cloud or any other services but maybe s3 to show you how to get results. Because we do you just saw the DC plumber that's been there for what for almost four years, maybe five, I don't know. Three years at least. Yeah going on for it. You've seen it. So you see what can be done with what we do. If there's ever a reason to go into any others and explore then I want it to be because we need the power not just to see about the park because our approach is an entity first approach, and how combining the brand and the entity, the brand message and the entity. And how solidifying that throughout the web, validating and solidifying throughout the web creates fantastic results. But we do it two ways. We don't only do it through content, we don't only do it through on-site, but also through off-site, SEO. So it's not only your own page, it's also your off-page. And it's how you relate everything to one another. It's the entity that manages it. I talked about the entity game end game, when I started my charity webinar series, the entity, endgame, I've been talking about this for years, how it's all about entities. And now with Rob schema training, he shows how you create all of these entity relationships, so that you further define what you let's call it a top-level, and it should be a named entity. But if it isn't, it can be a level under the named entity, and how by creating all of these relationships by learning to reference them by using them in the content. And then by powering it up, how that has fantastic results. Now, I'm not going to show again, how it's done here. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna tell you how it's done. I'm explaining the overall approach that we take, which nobody else takes. We take that what Bradley calls a holistic approach to technical SEO, where we try to explore all of the different aspects that Google, I could care less about being Don't even mention being I don't care, we can think about being later first we conquer Google, then we move on. Google's where the money is not to say that there isn't any money and think Google's where the big money is Google's where the big fish are playing. This is where we want to play, compete and win.

So from that standpoint, if you want the nitty-gritty, yeah, in quotes, on how to do the dude in technical SEO, and how to take the approach that wins today and will win tomorrow. That's the heavy hitter club.

If you want to join a community of like-minded individuals that are there to support one another, for business growth, or maybe for networking, Bradley's showing all of the different things that he shows, through his webinars, having access to that Facebook group, which is just fantastic. You can go in there and ask anything having access to my webinars, he asked Marco, anything, webinars, so you get webinars, actually, every week, where you can go in and ask your questions and get them solved. Bradley Bradley will talk to you, I'll talk to you rob joins me in the ass Marco, any guys, I should make them ask Marco and Rob anything? webinars, but it's just so you know, so again, this isn't one or the other approach. This should be how do I get into both are we gonna hook you up, we got the hookup, we will take it you want to, it's not a question of wanting, you need to join both. One, because you have all of these individuals who have that mindset of I am going to be successful. And the way that I'm going to be successful is by learning the semantic mastery way. And the other way that I'm going to be successful is by them taking this mindset going and getting that SEO training, applying it. Because you can't just learn it, you have to take that knowledge and use it I keep telling people, you have to take some sort of action, it involves actually you can't just think about what the fuck you're going to do because you're not going to do anything you have to do.

This Stuff Works
It seems facetious when I say do the do. But there's a lot to that it means to take that step joining the mastermind and the heavy hitter is just like it's the initial action, you go from inertia, and you begin the movement, but then you have to train and apply, then you gotta make money you apply, you make money. And then we show you how to do everything else because we have all the systems set up so that you can be successful. So this might seem like a pitch fest for what we do. I'm glad you asked the question, though. But it isn't because it's exactly the approach that we take day to day, in our business with our clients with the different leads and projects that we have with the different shit that I have that's not online or different things from Semantic Mastery from the heavy hitter that I'm also working on. It's the same approach. I am going to do it again and again and again until I succeed at it and if I fail, it's just a stepping stone toward my eventual success. What I learned from my failures. Anyone who hasn't failed hasn't tried a fucking thing. But what I learned from my failures is how not to do something. It just means Okay, I can't go that way. Let me then back up a little bit. And try it another way, let me try something different. Let me try another way. And again, you just continue building until you succeed at whatever it is that you're doing. Nobody goes into the gym, benching over 300 pounds, nobody, um, yo, for who it is your first time in the gym. First time in the gym, I got under 135 pounds, and I had been away from the gym for so long, that they literally had had to live 135 paths. And look, I looked like, like, T Rex, man, on the beginner of it get out of me. It had been so many years that I had since I've been in the gym, that I couldn't do it. But the people who laughed at me, I took that as a motive as my motivation to say, Okay, give me six months cuz I know where I can get, and I know how I am about it. Give me six months, then we get Demasi who laughs is how you deal with failure in all of this, that's going to lead to your eventual success. And I know I'm saying a lot but it's so fucking important. Especially for this, you deciding on what steps to take if you have the money to make the investment.

Invest in your education and your knowledge, because that's going to lead to greater success. And Are any of you listening? Do the do but Marco we don't have shiny fucking objects to not sell nothing no can new new new tactics and, and I'm being an asshole guy, because, you know, the fundamentals don't change. And you know, in all my years now that I've been doing this shit, and I've gone from shiny object to signing object, I always returned back to the fundamentals for consistent, repeatable results that are reliable, like in other words, you know, always go back to the fundamentals and stuff that isn't sexy. It's not fun sometimes. But it works. And that's, you know, again, you can go get the newest Jvzoo offer or whatever, I don't even know what the hot marketplaces for that stuff anymore, because I stopped buying all that shit. But, you know, go from one thing to the next to the next. Because remember, as entrepreneurs, we always think the grass is always greener on the other side, right? We always, again, and this is as an entrepreneur, we are, I think we're conditioned to see opportunity, right. And so it's easy for us to get caught up in shiny objects, because again, as a marketer, as I get sucked into sales letters, which is why I just unsubscribe from as much as I possibly could because I know me, I'll go through my email inbox, and I'll click open and be like, Oh, that sounds interesting. And then go, stuck on a fucking sales page for 15 minutes, then end up buying it and then wasting three days playing around with something that is never going to actually really benefit me in any way, shape, or form. All it did was benefit the developer or whoever made the product or whatever. And so my, my guilty pleasure now our app Sumo deals.

This Stuff Works
I buy this shit on App sumo deals all the time. But the beautiful thing about the app Sumo is for the vast majority of their products. If you have a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back, you know, refund policy for most products, you have to read the fine print. But I love those because I go in and buy those app Sumo deals if it's something that I think I could absolutely use in my business, and then I give it a test, and that's in my downtime, I consider it sick. And I learned this from Marco years ago. But I consider that my playtime. I go in and I play around with an app when I have some time that I would have otherwise been doing something like watching TV or whatever. And if it if I find it useful and can see how it will apply, or I can integrate it into my processes for my business or for my you know, integrated into my VA processes, then I end up keeping it if I don't like it, then I just request a refund. And I keep the credits in the account so I can use it for something else. That makes sense. So again, you know, that's what I was making that comment, guys, because you know, a lot of the stuff that we talked about, you know, we don't launch products all the time. And why because we have stuff that works. And that's why and so you know, we could come out with a new product every three months, like a lot of guys do, a lot of developers do. But there's really no point for us to do that when we can just keep doing what we're doing and improving upon that. Scaling that.

Okay, so the last questions, which are from Aaron. But not only. It's not only that it works but we show the results. If you go to the free Facebook groups if you go to the paid groups. If you come to the webinar, we show you the results that we're getting and how it is that we're getting. It's not as if we just tell you as if you guys just get images because anybody can play with that there was a guy not too long ago who got caught photoshopping his images. We don't do that. I will show you the back end and GMB and analytics and in Search Console during the webinars live, I'll show you come to see it. And then we'll show you how we got the result. That I don't know anybody else in the industry that that's doing things this way.

Will You Be Forming A Group Among Heavy Hitter Club Members For The Creation Of Mass Pages?

Yeah, I'm a fucking open book in the mastermind. There's no question about that. Probably, where it's at times I shouldn't be when it comes to like show and projects and stuff, but so far knock on wood. I've been fortunate. Aaron says, and this will be the last question, guys, we're gonna wrap it up. But he says, will you be forming a group for heavy-hitter club members who join you in creating mass pages? You know what I know, I wasn't planning on it. But I'll tell you what, I will amend my requirements. As long as you are a paying member of either the mastermind or heavy hitter club, then yes, you can join the mastermind that I am the accountability group where I will be doing like I said, probably bi-weekly.

Will we meet we will meet bi-weekly for either 60 minutes or 90 minutes, I haven't decided yet, it's probably going to end up being 90 minutes because I can imagine that that page builds are going to be a bit involved. And again, I haven't started doing it yet. So I don't know. But regardless of how long they are, every other week, we'll be doing a webinar, where you know, it's basically built with Bradley. It's where we can call it. And I would say yes, we can, as long as you are a paying member of either the mastermind or the heavy hitter club or both. That Yes, you can attend those. But you have to be a paying member of one of those in order for both in order for you to be part of that.

More details will come. But yes, Aaron, you can join me in that

last question, because he snuck this in at the very end. He says in regards to Google Docs, it was an experiment, as I wanted to publish tons of Google Docs to get the most juice out of it. Yeah, that's how you get the most juice out of everything.

I mean, we've done hours upon hours and hours of testing months, and months and months and months. And we can continuously produce g sites and drive stacks to this day. We've done 1000s of these especially MGYB you've done a bunch of them, Brandon, we've all done them hundreds Yeah. So dude, yeah, I mean, the testings have already been done, come join one of the groups where you can get the most advantage of what we already know about what it is that you're trying to do. Because if we haven't done it, then we will go and do it and we'll show you how to take advantage of it. That's what we do in the heavy hitter club. That's exactly what we do. That's exactly what it's for. Show you how to get the most power out of everything. Try it for a month. You know, give it a fucking shot.

You'll never leave a tip. Just give it try for a month. And if you like it, keep it you know what I'm saying? That's pretty much the easiest way.

So cool. Thanks again. Appreciate that. And you're welcome Aaron as well. I'm glad to have you guys here asking questions. So thanks, everybody for being here. I do have a mastermind webinar tomorrow. So I will see some of you there. Otherwise, we'll see you all next week. See you

This Stuff Works

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