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By April

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Be I've got a number live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 341. Today is the 26th of May 2021. We got the full group here, we got few announcements for you. And we're gonna get through those right after we stop, take a breather, say hello to everybody before getting in, and then answering your question. So first of all, let me start here on my left, turn on, how are you doing today? Oh, wow, I wasn't expecting that. It's good, man. Everything is good. I'm excited to be here. As usual. It's getting really cold down here. Well, let's call let's see, it's not as cold, but it's getting cold. And you know, what, everything is looking good.

That's good. I sent her a picture of what I did last week, when I went for a run and ended up in the snow, I think I scared him away from ever coming back up to visit North America again. Yeah, at least during specific times of the year, it's just, you don't know, during spring, like 1515, the best 15 days of spring. And that's it. There we go. Let's speak of the spring Marco, how are you doing today?

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Land of eternal spring, Costa Rica, man. I'm good. I can't complain. I am so overworked, working on all the different things, the plugin software, trying to push out all these different projects all at the same time. And then I'm starting a crypto trading club does that is that investment, so we're not going to hold the coin, we're not going to fall in love with it, we're not going to know what there is just buy it low, traded high, make money. That's the motto of the group. Before anyone reaches out to me, you have to meet certain conditions. One of those is I reach out to you to offer membership in the club, you don't come to me and say I want to be a member doesn't work that way. Of course, you have to be one of our paying members, it can't just be anybody coming in either. I already have nine people, by the way, that is in this. So we're just gonna start you know, we're just gonna have fun and play and see how many times we can double the whatever money we start with, no probably be 250 bucks a person. So nobody feels bad about losing 250 bucks. So it can be one of those things where you lose money. I haven't seen it yet. There you guys play this shit, right? Like on a daily basis, you can make money, even when it's going down because it will go up as it goes down. It's really interesting. All you have to do is look at the charts, look at the graphs, look at the math and apply it put in the stops, right the sell orders and the buy orders all at the right time. And so if you only make 1% daily, which you can't make anywhere else, by the way, but one thing I can think of it 1% daily. So over eight days, that's 8%, you do that nine times. So over a period of about 10 weeks, and you just double the money. And that's all you have to think of people are thinking well, I got to make 50%, I got to make 100% return for it to be worth if you make 1%, which you can make. I mean, 2030 is totally doable. You're just 1% and you're there. You have to be fearless. You can't be in that worrying about losing money, you have to be in there looking to make money. And that's the mindset, I'm going to make money, you have to look out anyway. It's just interesting. In between everything else that I'm doing, client, you guys saw the training video from not the training video but MFIs process on how she writes content. We're bringing in another person to write to help her right because we're so busy writing, so I'm getting some help for her. It's just all these different things. And I'm putting out the software and I'm clients and I got all these other things that I'm into. And now on top of all that I'm in a club. And it should be fun. I'll keep you guys posted. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes. And by the way, all members of the Semantic Mastery team of the Semantic Mastery owners are of course invited to join. So let this be the official welcoming of you in the club. If I don't know why you'd want to be a member of a club that accepts Marco.

yeah. Yeah. But I don't want to be a member of any club that would have me as I wouldn't have me.

But yeah, hey, I'm in there. That's the riffraff we won't let anybody else in any other riffraff.

But yeah, I like the 1%. I posted something on the page there for everyone. Take a look. It's from atomic habits, the book by James clear. And so that applies so many places. That's why you'll see sometimes businesses have that as our I know, at least click. I interviewed the founder said and he talked about that's part of their mission statement because you know, 1% everybody can do that. And we're not talking about investment anymore. Most people cannot do that. But personally and with their business, you make those tiny gains and that stat, so you do that for a year you multiply it, it's, it's not 37 times, right? That's or is 37 times, but that's 30 700%. Like that. Yeah.

In the book, he called it the aggregate of incremental gains. Your little photos are a lot more simply worded. But yeah, but yeah, the aggregate of incremental gains, but that's an outstanding book. If anybody's not read or listened to the pramukh habits, I highly encourage you to pick it up.

So without reading the book without reading a book, I can do the math and see that 1% daily, when you're accruing it daily, cost a whole lot of money over 365 I like anybody who can't do that math, please go back to school, please go back to first grade and start over. Because you need it. Those of you who can do the math, that 365 accruing days, man, that's a whole lot of money. I don't know whether we'll meet the goal. But you heard it today cuz I like making my goals public. Right? And I like speaking Yes. Now I have to live it. Yeah. I told you about and I told everybody publicly, anybody who sees this can hold me accountable. What the fuck are you doing? Did you do that? So here I am. It's public. I spoke it. I'm putting the club together, we're gonna put we're gonna see how we can all access, like the trading platform, from the different places in the world that I had to do, of course, can do the math. And he's in. So here we go. Here we go. I'm excited.

Jordan. Yeah. Jordan just said it's not 365% by the way. All right. Well, let's keep going on we got to get through saying hello to everybody. We got a couple of quick, other announcements. So Chris, how are you doing today? Doing well here. Cool. I like it straight into the point moving on, Bradley, how are you doing? Man, just excited. It's an exciting night. That's enough time to move on. Now.

It's an exciting time, because of the AI tools that are coming out, I've just really changed the game, guys. I mean, now it's just, in my opinion, this is an exciting time to be an SEO because the tools are making everything so much easier if you know how to use the tools and how to put all the components together, which is what, you know, Marco and Rob, teach and heavy hitter club, and then how to actually monetize those processes and systems what we teach in the mastermind. And I don't think I've been this excited about digital marketing since I first entered that space, you know, a little over a decade ago now. And I'm just a bucket excited about it all the time. Now, it's fun. I was just recording to process training for my blogger because I just offered her she's been working piece work for me for eight years. And I just offered her a salary position. It's a significant promotion for her. And it's because I've got just like Marco said, I've got so much need for content right now. And so I was just recording process training videos teach her how to use some of the tools that conversion, ai outranking.io, surfer SEO, some of those tools like that and just incredible man, you can bang out five 600 word articles and you know, posts in a matter of minutes that I mean, it's just insane. It's just a lot of fun. And all of them, you know, stuff that I've been doing over the last couple of months, which is testing a lot of these tools, and developing processes around them have started to bear fruit like a weed. I mean, I've got so many fucking leads coming in right now. Like, I can't even keep up with the need nor can the contractors that I have that are buying leads for me. So there's like a real demand for this kind of stuff. So it's just a great time to be in SEO, I think. Very, very exciting time. And this is a good place to be with us guys because we've got kind of a really broad spectrum of, you know, skills right here with our group. So it's fun, and I'm excited to be here.

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Oh, yeah. All right, well, a couple of quick more things I wanted to touch on. First of all, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, you're new to MGYB, you're new to Heavy Hitters Club, you're not sure what some of that shit is then the place you want to start at is SEOshield.com.

Alright, you're going to hear us talk about the SEO shield itself a lot and you can find out more about that as well as a hell of a lot more at the that's the word duck SEO shield.com free training go grab it done deal. Now if you're looking to easily automate content you want more authority you want relevance you want for us Syndication Academy if you have not heard of it that's the place you should be at You can find out more about that at syndication.academy and if you're ready to grow your business whether you're consulting you have an agency maybe you're one of the brick and mortar owners who's doing stuff online, then you want to join the best community for that and the place for you would be the mastermind is Semantic Mastery mastermind you find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com and just a minute ago I mentioned mg y B and Heavy Hitters Club. You can find out more about MGYB that's where you get all your done for you services like SEO shield I mentioned syndication networks done for you link building press releases a ton of other stuff at mgyb.co and Heavy Hitters Club Marco I need to Better URL. I don't have it written down. Where's the one place? They should go? I just dropped it into the chat. It's heavyhitter.club. That's right, thanks. I always screw that up because I don't write it down. And I'm fixing that right now.

All right, there we go. So head over there. Go check it out. And keep coming back to Hump Day Hangouts. This is a place I do this when I posted in the Facebook group. But seriously, come to Hump Day Hangouts. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Yes, we want you to subscribe. But also that way, if you ever ask questions, we get it. You can't attend live all the time, then you'll get notified. And you can at least go back and check it out, see if maybe what other people are asking or if you asked a question, and you can get it answered. So it doesn't just drop through the cracks. So do those two things. And reach out if you have any questions about what you don't know or what you should be doing. You can always ask at Hump Day Hangouts. And we can point you in the right direction, whether it's a course whether it's something you need to do, maybe it's just something you need to read about. That's why we're here. So with that said, Guys, anything else we need to cover before we get into it? Let's do it. Let's do it. Got a whole bunch of questions. Can you guys see my screen? Right? Yep. Okay.

Are There Any Tools To Help You In Optimizing 20k GMB Names And Categories Of Banks And ATM Locations?

Let's see. The first one I see is a meal. He says, what would you do if you needed if you need GMB names and category optimization for 20,000 banks and ATM locations in multiple languages are there but I don't think I understand that question or what it is that you're trying to do?

So do you want to scrape the names and categories of 20,000 of the names of 20,000 banks and ATM locations?

Sounds more like the opposite to me not knowing and I don't work with GMBs. But I'm thinking like the conversion AI stuff like coming up with unique descriptions for each or something. Does that make sense to you guys?

I don't know. Because you can't add unique or you can't add custom categories to GMB. I'm unable to do that for years, you have to select an already existing category. So I don't know what, you know what he means by if you need GMB's names and categories? To me, I would think it would. Again, the way I'm interpreting this is I think more like what Marco was interpreting is is there some way to scrape that stuff? I don't know if you can clarify the question. I'm happy to try to give it a shot. But I just don't really understand what it is that you're trying to do here what the intent of the question is, does anybody else have an idea?

No, but I mean, we had software when we could go when we weren't going to nine and 10. Remember when Google Local Guides, and we had a script that would go and find the ATMs and the bags and drop reviews and all kinds of things, things, images in all the different points of so I probably somewhere in all my stuff. I probably have any Python script that does that. But he would have to be adjusted for ga for specific GMB names, or banks, or whatever it is. To find them to go scrape fine. And then like, I'm not sure what it is that you want to be done and the languages like I don't know. But of course, it's not free, because it took us a lot of time to code that up. Yeah.

Yeah, as far as data scraping, there was a question that came up recently in the mastermind about that there were two tools that I've been using recently a lot. D seven lead finder, which I don't know if that's, again, pertaining to your questions specifically. But I know that questions come up recently, multiple times. The seven lead finder I've been I had been using, which is good. If you're doing a lot of like bulk scraping and stuff that it's 100 bucks a month actually went up. I think it's like $120 a month now. But you know, if you get the professional plan, which is great for bulk scraping, like most, you know, up to 100 cities at a time for a particular keyword. And that works great for what I'm doing for my directory. But then more recently, I've been also using Tech's out I think it's called TX au, which is a different kind of scraping tool, but it does a ton of like it's almost like a Zapier. It's got what they call spices, which are individual tasks. And then you can create recipes by combining different spices. And it does all kinds of scraping, like custom scraping stuff that you want that you can develop or you know, create your own recipes or use some of their already created recipes, which I mean some of the really cool things is it'll scrape profiles from Facebook groups, which is pretty cool. There's I mean, it's just got a ton of different functionality and they're always adding to it. So that's it's a there's an App Sumo deal right now. It's gone up a little bit but there's it's still on appsumo and in my opinion, is still worth it. You have to buy three codes minimum for you to get an hour of processing time per day. Which is what I'm using. And that that's more than enough for what I've been needing. But it's a pretty powerful tool, and I see a lot of stuff on their development like a roadmap, that's going to make it continue to get stronger and stronger. So that's a really good tool as well. I've checked that out if you guys are doing any data scraping.

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Is It A Good Idea To Buy Aged YouTube Accounts And Reupload Videos From Branded Syndication Ring For Extra Backlinking?

Alright, so the next question is, looks like Brad or Brady, one of the two. Hey, guys, is it a good idea to buy aged YouTube accounts and re-upload all of our videos from our branded syndication ring? For extra backlinking? Or will this cost duplicated content penalties? No, it won't. There's no such thing as duplicate content, especially on YouTube. The only time that you can get duplicate content on YouTube is if you're trying to upload the exact same video to the same channel. If you take one video that's on one channel, and you upload that same video to 1000 other YouTube channels, YouTube will take it. It's only if you try to upload the exact same YouTube file or video file to the same YouTube channel and YouTube, it will start to upload, and then it will stop it and it will say it's duplicate content, and it won't allow it to upload. But if you change the encoding, or you change the metadata, or you change the title, or you change the file name or anything else, typically it will take. So it's just I don't know, the filename will do it anymore used to be able to do that. But that might it might still catch it if it's the same encoding and everything. But if you change something, they call it video spinning, right, which is just modifying the encoding, metadata, things like that to allow the same video to be uploaded to the same channel, which I don't know why you'd want to do that for spam purposes maybe. But you know, it's in my opinion, there's no need to have the same video on the same channel more than once. But you can take the same video and upload it to many, many channels and it won't cause duplicate content issues. There's really no such thing as that on YouTube except for on the same channel. So is it a good idea to do that? I mean, I don't know. I don't do a lot of YouTube-like SEO stuff anymore. I know it's still you know, I still create YouTube channels for you know, all projects, there's always a branded channels, just part of the SEO shield anyways as part of the syndication network and ultimately part of the SEO shield, and I still always like I'm using David's Sprague's rap videos. It's great. It works great because it creates nice-looking videos. It's inexpensive. And so for all my clients or my lead gen assets, we use David Sprague's rep videos to create content for the YouTube channel and then embed NAP name, address, phone number keywords, links to all the tier one entity assets, and all of that in the YouTube description. And then you can even upload though you can download those files and even upload them to GMB. So it's an again, optimize the file use something like mass optimizer pro or something like that to optimize the video file to embed. You can't put latitude and longitude in the video file, but you can add in the comment section like NAEP, publisher URL, copyright URLs, things like that. So you can link out to tier-one entity assets in the metadata of the video file and upload it to GMB. It's another great little hack to get. And by the way videos in GMB's attract a lot of views. You notice that if you upload a video, they tend to get quite a bit of using photos are also crushing it in GMB right now, too.

So this misses the point. All right, so you buy a million age YouTube accounts, and you upload the video file a million times across all of these YouTube channels. And if nobody watches the video, you just wasted a million true YouTube accounts. No watch time activity. Guys. I've been saying that for years activity, relevance, trust, and authority, trust and authority going hand in hand. Because you can't have one without the other. If you don't have some kind of ART in whatever it is that you're doing. If you haven't thought it out, where you are going to get people somehow to watch whatever it is that you're doing that you just wasted a whole lot of time and got nothing back for it except a while I own a million YouTube channels. You're so fucking What have you made any money from it? The whole point in all of this is to get people in there. How are you going to get people in there? What's the point of that same video a million times, Hey, why don't you take that video and syndicated across your properties? Because you should be building a social network where you're being social in your social media properties and you're blogging and you're sharing your content, and you're building that audience up so that somebody is watching the video. Somebody who reacts to your video or acts on your video goes to the channel watches more videos. Hey, how about buying some ads at pennies? per watt? How about that getting people in there into that video or getting people into your tier one branded, wherever that video file is? Hey, how about getting in embed gig from MGYB when backlinking so that when you do that power push, you push a person through those ads in there and make everything just mushroom. How about thinking this through, which is the GMB way so that you get the most bang for the buck. So that instead of wasting all that time with a million Youtube channels, you're powering up your, your branded channel, your T one properties, everything that's attached to T one, your GMB your drive stack your G site, and you're actually getting people in there who might convert and actually make you money. That question that you asked her is in contemplating how you're going to get people to watch and take action on your channel. That's what Google is looking at activity, relevance, trust, and authority, been saying it for years, and will continue saying until the algorithms change what the algorithm is all about?

Yeah, I'm glad you brought that up. Because, you know, I posted began yesterday in the mastermind for the third week now in a row, posted an update about using Google ads for buying activity, you know, buying art, essentially right activity, relevance, trust, and authority. And using Google Ads with a $2 a day budget, and getting incredible map ranking results from that alone from just buying traffic from a relevant audience and a very specific geo-targeted area. And it just moves the needle. I mean, it moves the needle in a matter of a week. It's incredible. And it's very inexpensive, and it's incredibly effective. And so I'm going to be covering that a little bit more tomorrow in the mastermind webinar. Because I was going in a very specific way. But I just started setting up some additional testing using Google Ads traffic. So I totally agree. It's here's just a quick hack that, you know, in talking about what Marco was just talking about with also embeds in link building. If you were to take the Google Ads traffic and send it to a video, that you want to rank for SEO purposes, which by the way, you can use that also to help to rank whatever it's linking to GMB assets, money sites, whatever, in the video itself, right. So because it's essentially the YouTube video becomes a tier-one entity asset. So if you run traffic to it using Google ads, and you start to get some traction with it because of the activity, then you go, and wow, that traffic is, you know, running to it. You do an embed gig and backlink gig that looks natural, it's a very kind of natural occurrence, start to traffic first. That's the way I do it anyway, and then run embeds and backlinks as the traffic is building to it because it looks more natural In my opinion, than just running, embeds in backlinks. And then you know, sprinkling a little bit of traffic in if that makes sense. It seems more natural to have a traffic start. And then like embeds and backlinks start to catch up, because it mimics more of a viral nature, like more of viral activity. So anyway, that just tends to work really, really well. And I've not been doing a lot of stuff with YouTube. But I have been doing a lot of stuff with Maps and Google Ads traffic, and it just it works incredibly well. It's hard to beat to be honest. So I know the comments on that.

Should You Rebuild A High Authority Wiki Type Domain And Link Out To The Money Site?

Robert says I acquired a high authority wiki type domain on the unexpired drop. Should I rebuild the wiki site as best I can then link out to a money site or 2.0, this domain, new content with similar historic navigation to pass through traffic to a money site? That's a good question. I don't know. I mean, I would think you would lose potentially some power. If you didn't build it back out. If it was a wiki-type site? I don't know. That's not something I could really answer. I don't have an answer to that. Marco, What do you say?

to pass traffic through that? I'm kind of lost on that. So the expired domain that has traffic? I mean, once you pick the back up the still traffic going to that domain? Or you're expecting traffic to come to that domain, once it's built out and then pass traffic through that? Or did you buy the wiki-type domain for the linking power? that it could provide the I'm not really understanding this, what's the point of building it out? Doing all that work when you could be working on your money site and your SEO shield and building that out? And you could just do one, this expired domain as long as it has good metrics and passes the link power that way? Yeah, three, I wanted to like the G site or something, right? Yeah, the G side, the GMB site, and anything that can handle it, and then you can hammer the expired domain. This way you can even hammer because it's going to a G site or to the GMB site and they can take it all day long. Yeah. And you're powering that up and that should be hooked up to the right Wait, the local GMB pro, and the heavy hitter club way it should be hooked upright so that by the time the power reaches your money site, it will be exponential rather than just linear.

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Yeah, I agree. I mean, I can see potentially some benefit of rebuilding it with the old content. But I agree with Marco and that that seems like a whole shit ton of additional work. But you could be spending that time energy, money on, you know, working on building your tier one entity assets out of your G site, your SEO shield powering that up, I mean, just do a quick 301 redirect from the domain to a G site or GMB. Whatever it is, as part of your you know, part of your SEO shield. I agree. I think that's probably the quickest way to benefit from that. So Robert says join heavy hitter club recently very pleased so far. So ninja schema training, Rob is produced to Yeah, that's that course is amazing. Working through all the webinars at the moment. Thank you. Well, that's cool. So wasn't even a question. It was just an accolade.

So yeah, thank you. Asked me, I was gonna say asked me on Monday, but Monday is Memorial Day. So we're honoring the fallen even though I'm in Costa Rica, we still honor the fallen all over the world. That so let's honor Memorial Day, we're not gonna have a heavy hitter club webinar that day. But for the following two, Monday's in a row, we will have webinars so we'll make up the webinar that you guys losing. But just ask us not a week, not this Monday, but a week from Monday, on what to do with that expired domain and we can give you some really good shit that you can do with it that I refuse to talk about, like in public, but when you can ask me you remember the heavy hitter club and we'll figure out what to do with it, and how you can best benefit from it. Especially if you're going through the training you should already like once you get to how we do the link building and how we hook everything up on-site on the GMB on the G site press releases and how we hammer everything you'll know exactly what to do with this.

Very cool.

How To Put Schema In GMB Business Site And GSite?

Alright, digital why he says hi, the schema course is amazing. Can you please guide me on how to put schema on the GMB business site and the G site? We've talked about. I don't think you can do it on the GMB site. You can't. Yeah. But on the G site, you just embed a property that has schema, money site page, which is what we teach anyways. ID page, press advantage organization page anywhere that you can put schema, you just didn't do an embed.

And I'm pretty sure that in the training in the heavy hitter club. I think even at the free level. Rob, because we did it during a webinar, we showed how you can insert schema into G site directly onto the G site. Now, the problem is Google sometimes gets rid of it. Yeah, for whatever reason. Yeah. But the ability is it to do it is there because it's not the way that this was intended to be used. But you can't use it that way. So you can inject the script into the G site. Again, the problem is Google sometimes will just kill it. Other times it'll come through and it'll read it just fine. If your iframe something with schema, Google will sometimes go through and see it and other times, it just won't. But that's Google, as long as it reads it that one time. That's all we care about. Because we know it hasn't stored it's in the database and the bot can access it at any time at once. And that's all we care about. I think with schema, as long as you've had it crawled and indexed, it will state it will still show it again, we showed that live and I can't remember we showed that live on a paid webinar or if it was shared in the free trade lots of free stuff in there, Wahid. So go Look, just go join for free, go through the free stuff, go through our YouTube channel, a bunch of free stuff in there, you can get a whole bunch of free training as far as it goes. All is information is all over the place. Just go find it.

What Schema Structure Should You Use For A Personal Branding Site With Service Pages?

Yeah. He says number two is I have a website basically a personal branding, where I have listed my services page, what should be the schema structure for this? Can you please define Should I create a separate brand for the organization? Or what should it be? I don't know. Because I don't really completely understand what the structure of that is not never, never a separate brand. Yeah. Never ever, ever. Because then you're creating ambiguity is making. If you create a separate brand, you're making Google think that it's two different things, two different entities, you never want to do that. For your services page, that services schema. It should be in the training and if it just goes to schema.org and find services schema and put it on that page. And then Rob does talk about how to reference the organization in that service schema and how to write reference the service in the org schema. I can't remember if I forgot, yeah, it should be because there's a parent-child relationship. Parent claiming the child claiming the parent, everything's fine. If you're not clear about what to do, there's a Facebook group where you can ask this question, and Rob can answer directly, but I'm pretty short. Yeah, this is, to me, the whole thing about this is you get it right. So your organization schema goes on your homepage, or on the about page, I prefer the homepage, to services goes on the services page or having many services pages, you're going to set up talking about the different services. And there's a whole bunch of schema that you can add regarding the services. If you're looking to reference, this is where the ad IDs come in, go back, go through the training. And you'll know exactly how to link these up, go through the templates. If you after having gone through all of the training. And after having gone through the templates, you still have questions. That's why Rob has a Facebook group. Yeah, go in there and ask him this very question. Because honestly, I cannot give you a better answer than Rob. I mean, he's right now he's the schema savant in the semantic mastery. sphere. I don't want to answer for him, I can only give you what I know, or my very limited knowledge of schema. And I can tell you right now, that question, whether it should be separate the separate brand is no, never, ever, unless it's a DBA. Doing business as which you then reference in a parent-child relationship. That's how it works. Sweet. What's up Jordan?

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Are You Still Working On The SEO Ultimate SEO Plugin To Work With The Current Version Of Divi Theme?

See, Mark, Aaron, says Marco is used to working on the ultimate SEO plugin? Yes, I'm asking because I cannot use the current version with the Divi theme. Thanks.

We know the remastered version that we're currently beta testing has resolved the Divi theme. And there was another conflict with another theme. There was another issue. Was it Elementor or whatever it was, yeah, Elementor? And it was conflicting with WooCommerce. For some reason, that's all been taken care of what you're going to get functions with every theme until they update one of the fucking themes, and then we'll have to go back in and fix it probably. Just so you know, how far out is it? Well, Bradley has a copy of it. He's beta testing. And I saw Jordan drop in. And he's beta testing and a few other people in my dire wolf mini mastermind. They're testing and I'm testing and together we should be able to come up with something in the next few weeks.

Yeah, I have not been testing it as much as I should be, as I've been focusing more on GMB stuff, but I'm transitioning more towards organic stuff now because I've got people doing GMB stuff for me now. So hopefully I'll get to test a little bit more. That said, moving on.

See, Adam says I always assumed the AU is a reference to go No, it's um, text, a textile. He mentions in his training videos what it stands for something like technology automation or something like that.

Yeah, that's funny, man. I realized I've got two licenses from 2020. And so I was like, No, I've got to get back in there and check it out. Again.

It's a great tool, man. It really is. It's pretty powerful. So they've got some pretty good training videos and stuff too.

What Image Metadata Is The Most Important Among The 6 Types (IPTC-IIM, IPTC Core, Plus or Dublin Core, GPS, EXIF, Image Data or Pixels)?

So digital, Waleed says there are six types of image metadata. He lists them all. What are the important ones? Which metadata should be considered mandatory? I couldn't answer that I just optimize the fields from I'm still using mass optimizer at the time currently for geotagging images. And I just use whatever it modifies. That's what I do. But do you have a better answer, Marco?

No, no, because I don't really worry about images that much as long as I get them. Yeah, again, I'm not gonna go into what I teach in the heavy hitter club that does wonders for whatever it is that we're targeting. But yeah, you can go into the metadata. You can go into the x if you can get really carried away because you can add tags in there. You can add the author you can add the year you can add a whole bunch of information. You can add a wedding review the stars on it, the year that it was given that just a whole bunch of information. I'm gonna tell you right now, though, if this is for local, nothing, absolutely nothing works better than images taking at the location both Yep, at the centroid. So wherever the business originates, even if it's in your garage and how that relates to the surrounding area because that's how Google will create the radius. That is where it's going to show up to people that are close by. That's how that's what Google is going to look at. The further that you can extend that again, that's part of the training that we've done local GMB Pro, the further that you can extend the centroid, the better it is that it's going to be for your ranking, especially as you get closer to the metro centers. If you're not already at the centroid of the city, the centroid meaning the geographic center, not what everybody considers the center. But what Google considers the geographic center and what Google considers your business centroid or the exact geolocation of your business in relation to everything else, and in relationship to everyone else competing for that keyword set that you're after, or that niche.

Yeah, Marco, he's 100%. Right. I've got just a couple of clients that provide me with original photos from tree Tree Service jobs that they're doing, that they take with their phone, and there's no question that those images move the needle for the GMB significantly because they're uploaded directly to the GMB through the app on their phone. And it's very, very powerful, I still geotag a shit ton of images from for most of my clients, because they don't give me any original images. And that works. It does work. But it's not nearly as effective as original images taken from the phone and uploaded directly to GMB from that device. And that seems to just, it's incredible how powerful that is. And people overlook it. And I've tried to tell that to clients over and over and over again, and they just and I don't know why. So many fucking clients have difficulty, they will find it so challenging to just snap four or five pictures on every job that they do. Like, how is that difficult? You know, it's not at all or snaps, take a quick short video. Hey, this is Joe on top of the tree right now in Fairfax County, Virginia. You know, we do Tree Removal in Fairfax, give us a call anytime. Phone numbers like a 22nd video clip can like do significant movement for a GMB. And it's just it's crazy that so many people don't want to do that. So many clients just don't want to do that. But whatever. You got to kind of got to make it work however we can, right.

Yeah, I mean, if you have no other option, then you go and you go into the data. But if you do have an option, if you have a client that's willing, I think about it, you're at the location on your phone connected to GPS, right. So So yeah, Google knows exactly where you are. Google, in fact, will know the wind speed will give Google the the the elevation, where you are not just the geolocation. But there are so many things that you're feeding Google from that geolocation is, and here's the thing and what most people miss. Google is nothing but a fucking set of servers somewhere the part of Google where we've like because of course, it's also alphabet, Inc, the bigger conglomerate Corporation, whatever you want to call it, that that's an alphabet that has a whole lot of things. That is, but the part of Google where we play is a set of servers around the world. What do these servers store they store information? They have a graphical repetitive representation of the information. It's a relational database. That's all it is. When it's all said and done, all you have is a bunch of servers with a bunch of stores holding information about whatever niche about whatever entity in that niche. And all you're doing. Because this is a hungry monster. So hungry data monster, it's looking for new information every day. Because that's how a relational database works. It doesn't work on just old information, it incorporates new information, it needs it, to continue filling out this niche, all of the information that it needs to relate these two different things to the best entity that it's creating in that niche, and how your entity relates to the best entity in that niche. It's all information. It's all math, it's all algorithms and that's all it is. Whatever they use to access the information, whether they go through AI, whatever else it is that they're using. When it's all said and done, it's math. If you fill in the back the variable better than anybody else, you win. How I can't make it any simpler than that. You feed the back the right variable. better than anybody else, you win. If you don't, if you have to give the bot the same variables that everybody else is giving it, then you have to give the bot a reason why it should rank your garbage better than anybody else's garbage that it already has. It already has garbage from everybody else. Why is your garbage more special than anybody else's, make it not garbage? It can be Spam. Spam isn't necessarily garbage. And you can spam all day long. And it's going to love whatever it is that you're giving it. But if you don't give the bot a reason. So if everybody else is doing x f, and you're not, you're going to lose. If you do X, and everybody else is there's no reason for Google to take your shit above anybody else's. So you better be applying other methods other than just that to win. If you're giving google images on a daily basis, from everything related to this geographical area, then you have a better chance of winning than anybody else, because nobody's doing it. Bradley just said it. History service clients hardly ever do it. But the ones who do get great movement. And so so please, stop thinking of Google as this all-knowing, all-seeing all-powerful thing that just rules the world because it isn't. It's a fucking database, it's looking for information, give it information, new information, better information, different information than anybody else. I just told you how to when Atomy looked like you want to say something,

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I just more of a maybe a tip, somebody could get something out of I randomly did this for a client. Maybe this would be helpful for you guys. That was unrelated. But they needed people that worked with them to send in pictures and they were tired of people being like, Oh, just connect my phone to your computer or like trying to remind them. So what I did was set up as what there's a PR account, you can send in, you can create an email in Zapier that you can send emails to, and then connect that to a Google Drive folder. So I created a shared Google Drive folder, created the Zapier email account and connected the two, and then said great, just tell people to send stuff in and you can set it up so you can see who sent the email. When they sent it stuff like that, which was important for them for this. It sounds like it's not so important. But I realized it's not difficult to send but giving them like that one thing instead of like, remember to send me an email to be like just dump every picture you ever take. That's important. The end of this folder can kind of help people out sometimes.

Yeah. But you know, one of the things that I've tried to convey to my clients, entry service contractors is that all they have to do is take photos on-site and then just upload them directly to the GMB from their phone just through digital. Yeah.

Yeah. And I would think that there's value in doing that. But yeah, and that's why I just said like, it's maybe an edge case. But if somebody else finds this helpful, maybe,

yeah, it helped. The problem I've had with having them send me the photos is depending on how they send them, oftentimes that metadata gets stripped out. Yeah. And so that's the problem. So it's just easier, and it's more efficient, to not put that additional step in to have them send them to me just upload them directly through, and then I can use those photos. When we're publishing GMB posts, for example, because they're part of the GMB like photo archives or whatever if that makes sense.

So I mean, I think about this in terms of like human psychology, then like, so incentivize the behavior, and don't expect them to do something new that they don't like doing. So like even though you're telling them, Hey, this is gonna benefit you. So I'm thinking like, send them a reminder email, if so long as they're an active client every week asking them if they've uploaded their emails, and then if they have, you can, you know, add a carrot instead of the stick? Maybe like, give them a discount, say like, hey, if every time every week you upload more than five pictures, you know, I'm going to knock off 10 bucks or I'm going to give you a free blog post at the end of the month. If you do this for weeks in a row, something like that idea.

Yeah. A couple of GMB posts, man. So every out of every 10 images, you get a free GMB post. That's a great idea. Yeah. That might be something had to work into our processes. Yeah, but we got to test it to see if it works and then Incorporated.

Should You Target Specific Keywords When Running Google Ad Traffic To Maps Or G Listing Of An HVAC Site?

Alright, cool. So jack says Google Ad traffic's maps g listing HVAC site, should it be targeting specific keywords or keywords are irrelevant just to get some traffic on it? No, it's important. Look, the more relevant the traffic that you send, the better the results. So I'm not going to give you the specific details because that should be reserved for pay groups like the mastermind, which by the way, there's a mastermind webinar with me tomorrow. As I said, I've posted for the last three weeks and update each week regarding this specific strategy. I'm going to cover that more in-depth tomorrow. We have a quarterly plan. Jump into the mastermind four-quarter comm check it out for three months, you'll probably stay. But if you want the exact specifics on what I'm doing, as well as some of the additional testing that I'm going to be that I just started setting up yesterday, and I'll provide updates weekly on that as well. It's credible. I've got geo grid maps to show the results. And then this is from a GMB listing that was optimized, and it was just sending relevant traffic to it. But you just got to think about how if you know how to structure Google ads and the Display Network, which is what I'm using because you can get incredibly cheap or inexpensive clicks, you can target your geographic region, very, very tight geographic targeting, and then also set up traffic from a relevant audience. And there are a few different ways to do that. But, you know, again, I can't give away the farm here on that. But I would, you know, encourage you to come to check it out. Also, if you're not in the mastermind, and you're in a beta club, I don't really I haven't really other than I think once done a webinar with the guys with Robin Marco for the heavy hitter club. But I'm happy to jump in and do some additional, you know, guest presentations over there with Marco and Rob. So that's something that we could cover and heavy hitter club if there's enough demand and heavier club for that. I'm happy to do another webinar with you guys for that. So okay,

yeah, by the way, Google ads, it's in the training. Yeah, I don't know if the jack is in the training. But Brad, the charity webinars are included in the heavy hitter club. And we went through the whole entity. That's what the charity webinars were all about. We told you from step one through Step five, in five webinars how to take advantage of entities in today's web. I mean, we showed it Bradley went in there and gave us a form on how to do ads for branding and keyword Association. So it says really solidifying the entity all around through your brand and keyword Association. Fantastic training man. For free not being for not for free. But for the price of a donation to the charity. Should you choose not to be a member of the heavy hitter Club, which is perfectly fine.

Okay, let's see. The next question as well, I guess it's Yeah, Aaron's that's more of a comment. He says new SEO ultimate plugin up I love the plugin I really want to work with. Yeah, I agree. I agree. As a matter of fact, it was one of my sites that it didn't play with nicely. So I switched to using rank math on that one site, and it's still on that site, to be honest with you, but I missed it. Because I got so used to using the SEO ultimate plugin.

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Is There A Step By Step Guide To Start Using The Info In The Heavy Hitter Club?

So Alright, next one. Um, jack says Do not laugh. Is there a step-by-step guide to start using the info in the club? For the heavy hitter club? Or do I need to be an expert? Thanks?

Nah, man, expert. As far as what you have a whole bunch of experts and ninjas and gurus on the web or those who claim to be who don't know shit. Either about SEO, I have never ranked anything, I've never really done anything other than sell. That's all they do. And that's all they're good at the greatest sales, the greatest marketing and marketing themselves. That's all there is there a step-by-step guide, I just finished a spreadsheet with a step-by-step method on what you should be doing. But the webinars are set up in a way where we go fresh those entities, then we went into the schema, then we went into linking, then we're currently doing iframes. And you're now that Bradley has volunteered to do ads. So I'm thinking I'll take him up on it. I'll show where it fits in with what we're doing with our case studies and everything else. But we can have him in for a couple of free webinars to really detail it to carry on through, show it over the shoulder how it's done. And yeah, that would be an awesome addition to the training. But no, man, you don't need to submit it to me. It's much better for you to be an action taker, meaning that you're going to go and watch the webinars from beginning to end and take action. Then if you are an expert, and you go in and do nothing, nothing from nothing, leaves nothing. It just does. So if you go in there with an open mind, because I'm counterintuitive to the garbage that's taught people that I'm not going to call everybody else's garbage. But I'm counterintuitive to what seems to be common in SEO. I go the opposite way. Because they tell you you can't manipulate Google, I go and manipulate Google. They said you couldn't go in the belly of the beast. I go in the belly of the beast. I live in the belly of the beast and I get results time after time after time. Don't work, Marco. I know. None of us know syndication networks are obsolete that their 2008 style liquid, we were told, I thought it was a compliment, by the way, but anyway, it's just to tell you, jack, that what like what's, what's an expert, you need to be a professional, and really study if you're going to be a neurosurgeon, because he can't fuck up people's spines, you can't miss mess with their brain, unless you really know what you're doing. But with this, all you need to be able to do is follow over-the-shoulder training, watch the watch video training, watch the webinar. Most of what we show, we show it live in webinars. It's how we do it, we show you we go in and we show you this is what we're doing. This is how you do it. And all you have to do is replicate it. I don't see why anyone that's not an SEO per se, would not be able to go in and watch the training a replicated site is a perfect perfect example, isn't she, she came into syndication Academy didn't know anything about SEO might have known what it stood for might doesn't matter. She went in, follow the training. And she's able to go and manipulate any website on the web at will if it can be manipulated. So isn't that interesting that a person just walking off the street-focused on what she's doing? And following the training and applying the training? can do it? I hope that answers your question. And if not, go into the heavy hitter, clump, join the free part of the training, see what's shown in there and what's taught in there. And you'll be able to determine whether it's for you and just follow through john get then there are different levels to the training, there are different paid levels that you can join, I would highly recommend to be there for the webinars, not only so that you can watch the training live, and watch us do the live training, but also to ask questions where we can really get into detail on how you do each specific thing. That's one thing that I would advise.

I'll definitely take you up on that Marco and do some additional training for the heavy hitter club members about the Google Ad stuff. Because of the training I've done before, it's still, it's still the same concept. But I've been testing some other some of the campaigns that I've set up have evolved slightly. And I've got as I said, I've been tracking it very closely over the last few weeks. And I just started with some additional tests yesterday. So over the course of the next two to three weeks, I'm going to be tracking those results too. And so well, if we can push them out, you know, three weeks from now or something like that, a month from now then I'll have a lot of data that I can share and show you guys the results and very specifically how I set up campaigns and all that. Just like I said, it's just it's, it's like the fuel to help ignite the fire for everything else that we do. It's just incredible. And just to show how this running very relevant traffic to a GMB listing that was optimized and how much movement I was able to get from that with doing nothing else is just incredible. So when you combine that with all the other stuff that we teach, it's just like just what competition What is that?

Alright, so next up is Jordan and we're almost out of time. He says okay, working with a church that meets in a school and they want school as their GMB seeing this church did it. Does anyone know how the located-in feature is? Yeah, I've actually it's funny. I've seen that recently. One of my Tree Service contractors has a GMB that. Jordan, very similar to what you're talking about. It's located it's interesting. It even says directly in the GMB. In fact, let's open this up because it's probably going to show exactly what I'm talking about. Yeah, it says located in. It's funny because it's the Tree Service contractor that's located in a church. So it's funny, you got a church that's located in a school and I have a Tree Service contractor is this is located in and it's a church. It's like Grace Episcopal Church or something like that. I forgot but I think when you set that when you set up a GMB, there's an option for that. It's been a while since I've seen it though, but I vaguely remember seeing that as an option, when you're setting up a GMB to state that it's located in another building. So it's like a shared space type thing. So as far as like, how do you do it? I don't know. But I thought that was an option in the process of setting up the GMB but I haven't seen it recently that I can remember off the top of my head. So Marco, do you have an answer for that?

No, I think that I've never really tried to do it. Yeah, so I've never really seen it. First time I've seen that as a matter of fact.

See, that's not the first time I've seen it, but it was interesting. The first time I saw a tree contractor that had it and is located in a church and it's I thought that was pretty interesting. So my guess is he's a Tree Service contractor. Just ask the church Hey, can I use your location as my registered address? And apparently, let them so oh problem.

So you just said the way to do it have what he called it the church or the school receive a bin?

Yeah. So I guess that's it. Jordan as you know, you know, again like you'd have to probably go through the process of setting up a GMB to see where that option is, but I think you can.

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So did you did a wiser Braley used to be fat? Wait keto and cross side, keto and keto, the ketogenic diet and CrossFit. I started that in 2000, August 15, 2015. And I lost 100 pounds over two years. Actually, over one year, yeah, because I lost 102 pounds over 52 weeks. It was like two pounds a week for an entire year that I lost. So anyway, now I just maintain it. I don't stick to the cross or the keto diet anymore. I but I only eat one meal a day. I just eat dinner every day. So I just eat one time a day. So it's intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. And I've been able to maintain my leanness for the last two years doing that I still work out but I don't stick to it. I eat carbs. Now. I love pizza and burgers and fries and all that kind of stuff, but only one time per day. So that's how I did it. Good question. Thank you for asking. All right. The last thing was me. Okay. That is the charity webinars still available through donation. I posted in there. So it is below. Okay.

Lastly, Aaron says, Brad Hey Marco, I really appreciate knowing more about Google ads and Heavy Hitter Club I tried G ads previously, and I didn't go bankrupt. But it was close. Now and this I'm not talking about running ads. For conversions. This is strict. I mean, with a targeted audience, there will be an occasion that you'll get an actual conversion from it. But I'm talking about using Google Ads with as small as a $2 per day budget. for SEO purposes. It's you're buying art from Google. That's it. Now, and again, for example, if you're running traffic directly to a Google map or GMB website, you can't set up conversion tracking. Anyway, there's no way to do it. So it's not you know, you may still get an occasionally an occasional conversion, but it's not going to track in Google ads or analytics as a conversion because if you know somebody goes to your GMB website, and they click the call button, it's not going to register unless you're using a Google Ads phone number as the phone number in your GMB website. It's not going to register as a conversion. But if they actually call your customer, your client and they convert, that's a conversion. But it's not trackable if that makes sense. So my point is that it's not like we're using these ads for, like, I would search ads, like call-only ads or whatever to send people to a landing page and then convert as a lead. And I would track that and everything else. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about literally buying clicks to go to a very specific Google asset. And from a very targeted geographic radius and a very targeted audience. And it moves the needle, it absolutely moves the needle and as little as a week or so and differently.

At two bucks a day. There's no way that you can go broke. That's right that you have less than 60 bucks to spend on your Twitter, SEO, which you should be actually looking for a job if you only have 60 bucks to spend on your SEO.

So Alright guys, thanks, everybody for being here. Right? That was just really good timing. So we'll see.

I'm in the background to go write an article and conversion AI on how to make keto lasagna. So I'm just getting sucked into this. Jarvis will spit out an article pretty quickly. So

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