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By April

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Hey everybody, if you're ready for the latest, greatest shiny, newest, give me one. Give me a pill. Yeah, sorry, I had to do that man. I want it to feel like a regular marketer, at least once in my life I wanted. I had to do that. Anyway, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is what episode Are we on? 345. Three, this is 343 44. Last week, we're on 345. If you guys are not seeing it, refresh, but you wouldn't be seeing just the moment. It's not done yet. We'll be in just a moment. Refresh the page. As soon as Bradley gives you okay. Or, as soon as you get the chance, and you'll, you'll be able to watch this live. Actually, right now guys. Ask us questions. Because, I mean, if you don't ask questions, then then we just move on. Right? We'll just put an end to this. At any rate, I don't really have any announcements other than I want to talk, as I mentioned about Rob's scheme, of course, of course, you can see

you can see the light. Like Do I really have to go into the bin over a year that I've been showing you guys the life that I live this this is what I get every day of my life and I'm loving. What's up with you in Austria, Chris?

Well, too much sun too much shade here. Like last couple days, we had like 96 degrees here in US temperature already calculated it though, work. So it's just below 36 degrees Celsius. And I don't know like I'm not used to it. Like, it's just too much. I'm keeping it easy. relaxing in the shades jumping into the pool sometimes. And yeah, not too productive times at the moment you.

What's up with you, Bradley, what have you been up to? Oh, my God, working my balls off.

I've got so many so much stuff going on right now. It's ridiculous. And um, I guess I'll uh, I'll let you finish talking about what you want to talk about. And I'll take a moment to talk about the project that I'm going to be starting next week. I've mentioned before the Magic Page plugin, a kind of mask page project. I'm going to be starting that group next week. So I'll talk about that a little bit more. Right before we start answering questions. Oh, by the way, I'm dropping Rob's links for the schematic architecture course and also for his done for you service for schematic art is schema done, Rob's using Rob's methods.

This Stuff Works

So they're pasted on the chat box. So that's, that's what I wanted to talk to people about because you're going to see a lot of noise. In other groups, you're going to see a lot of people that it's in their self-interest, to say it doesn't work, just like they've been saying all but it doesn't work. Throughout the years, it's been about eight years that our stuff hasn't worked. And we're still here. So we have to be doing something right. Or else we'd be broke as fuck, giving them giving shit away for free every Wednesday. So there you go on that. So you're gonna get a lot of noise, people saying, well, it doesn't work, it makes no difference. It's not really a game-changer. Well, for the people who say that I would like to say you're just not doing right. You have an app or plugin that you're using that everybody else is using Bluehost, for example, not that I don't want to even mention that name. Because it's not even worth it. But if you're using what everybody else is using, so imagine, and I love this analogy, imagine a parking lot full of a white cart, Ford, Chevy Toyota doesn't matter. It's a parking lot full of white sedans. How in the hell are you gonna stand out in a parking lot full of white sedans. But you might check out the tires or whatever, or how about you get a different paint job to stand out what we're doing with schema, we're taking it to such a level that we make Google pay attention to us over others, because of the way that we do the schema, not only at the organization level but at the local business level, at the page level of just overall how and how we reference the nodes, to everything that belongs to the entity and to the brand. So we bring everything together and tie it all together in such a way that it becomes the best choice. For the query. It's the best. It's the best answer for a given query. That's what we're doing. And if it's not making a difference for you, is because you haven't tried schematic architecture. It's because you haven't done it the way that we've been doing. We've tried to where all we can do we could do on on a website is that schema and we were able to take a project from our nobody 8k a month to over 100,000 in 90 days. Applying schema and then link building, just letting Google know this is the best option. Because this is the best friend the best entity in the niche, that's what you can do with schema. And so Rob finally came out with training regarding schema, how to put it all together how to apply it.

Not only that, people often tell us what I don't have the time to go through an entire course. Well, what I would say to us, make the time, find the time, make sure that you give yourself time, because, this is an entirely new ballgame. It's an unfair playing field when you apply this correctly. Now, if you still cannot find the time to do something that you have to do, what Rob has come up with is a done for you solution. So fine, don't spend money on the course don't spend time going through it and learning it, well just go ahead and do what I do. Although I have gone through the course.

Buy it, get it done for you. But it's not an option anymore. Whether you should have a schema, you have to have a schema, you have to tell them but whatever you think about imagining this, I read an article recently that 80% or so of the websites on the web are still doing either RDFa or refer doing schema, micro sorry, Margaret, Mark microdata or RDFa, rather than what Google tells you, you should be using. Because what that's what they prefer. So imagine Google telling you, here's what we want. And this is the way we want you to give it to us, we'll create a website where you can go and reference everything so that you can give us the recipe so that we can go in and pick up the variables that we need from your website so that we can direct our bot into what your entity is all about what your project is all about. Imagine this. And yet 80% of the people that you're up against 80% of your competition isn't doing the right and I'd venture to say it's over 90%. So imagine the unfair advantage that you can get over others by just applying this correctly. But not just schema, not just any old JSON plus LD. It's the schematic architecture way. It's the schema tech way, done, right. So you either learn it, you go through the course, or you learn how to do it yourself, or you get Rob to do it for you, either way, it's a win-win. And it's quick wins. And it happens very fast. And I'm about to do a post in one of our free groups on Facebook on my page, as a matter of fact, and I'll share it to show you what only doing schema can help you achieve. So there you go. That's my piece for today. And if you don't want to do it.

Don't say I didn't tell you. I'm always putting you ahead of the game. My partners and I are always giving you the information that keeps you years ahead of the competition. And if you didn't take advantage of this, if you don't, if you don't take advantage of what I'm telling you right now then five years from now, don't say you didn't know.

Because you should know that you go I've said my piece right on.

So besides that, we got a couple of other things just that I wanted to talk about briefly before we get into the questions, guys. Number one is I just did a recorded kind of interview slash webinar or whatever with Jeremy from Press Advantage again because Press Advantage premium is rolling out. And so we're going to be you know, bringing that to you guys next week. I don't have a date on it just yet. But sometime next week, we're going to send out some emails about it. We'll talk about it again on Hump Day hangouts next week. But he opened up a pretty special offer that he swore up and down the last time that he wouldn't open it again.

But actually, there are a few different levels to the Press Advantage, subscriptions that he's offering, because of the new premium features that are also rolling out. So I can't really get into what it is. Just wait next week, we're going to have the recorded webinar that I did with Jeremy it's short, it's like 45 minutes long. So it's not super long, because most of you guys are familiar with what Press Advantage is. And you've probably seen previous webinars that we've done with Jeremy. So a lot of what's already been covered, he didn't want to rehash, he just kind of really wrote into what the upgraded features are for the premium. The premium features that are rolling out for the, you know, different subscription levels and such. So just be on the lookout for that because I know some of you guys are.

In fact, Jim wells just commented on Facebook, excuse me on YouTube on one of our previous webinars we did with Jeremy and he was like, Damn, I missed this out, I missed on I don't know how I missed this blah, blah, blah. It was funny because he literally just commented within the last 24 hours about that. And so I replied back and said pay attention next week because there'll be another similar offer kind of coming out and so or a comparable offer, I should say. So that's number one.

This Stuff Works

Number two, guys, I'm going to be starting the Magic Page, plugin case two, or project I guess as an accountability group builds with Bradley, we can call it um, I'm gonna be starting that next week. I haven't determined the date yet, but probably will be Thursday next week.

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm going to be starting that next week. So, anybody that's interested in that, that has, it's either in our mastermind or the Heavy Hitter Club that you guys can join without, you don't need to, you don't need to show proof of purchase for the Magic Page plugin or anything to us as long as you're in the mastermind or the Heavy Hitter Club. Or, if you don't know what I'm talking about, and you want to come to join us, I'm going to drop the link to the rank and rent the mass message, essentially, for Magic page plugin webinars by Mike Martin. It's an automated webinar, but it's good. And it will show you exactly what it is that we're going to be doing in the build with Bradley group that I'm going to start next week. And it'll be every two weeks, we'll meet for probably an hour but maybe an hour and a half to just go through builds and start building these Magic Page sites. And I'm going to be applying it to my directory site, and a couple of Legion projects that I've got going on. So this will be like real-time building guys with just sharing information, you know, with this with a small group. So in order to join the group, again, you have, you have to meet one of the prerequisites either you're in the mastermind, you're in the Heavy Hitter Club, or you've purchased the Magic Page plugin through our link. And you can provide you know, proof of purchase. Now, I meant to set up an opt-in page I'm gonna drop the link in the chatbox here guys in just a moment. And that's from Mike's Mike Martin's webinar. For and it's again, it's an automated webinar so you can sign up and watch it within a couple of hours is what I'm saying.

But I meant I tried to get a meant to get an opt-in page put up for that today guys and I didn't so just I'm gonna have to tell Chris G to be on the lookout but just contact support at semantic mastery comm if you want to be a member of this group, I'll have Chris forward them the messages to me and I'll reach out to everybody that has responded individually with instructions on how to join probably I'm probably just gonna set up a zoom meeting. So I'll just send you the Zoom meeting link so that we can all join and kind of talk and work through these builds together. So again, I'm going to drop the page the link for you guys to check out the webinar from Mike Martin. If you purchase and you want to join the group with me then just contact support at semantic mastery or if you're in the mastermind or they have a better club contact support at semantic mastery COMM And you know, just say that you want to join the group and you're part of the mastermind or the Heavy Hitter Club and like I said, I'll reach out to each one of you individually with zoom meeting link for when we start with the dates and times as well. Okay.

guys want to talk briefly while I paste this.

Sure, I was just thinking while you were talking that we give people so many options to succeed online, there's no reason why anyone shouldn't be succeeding online unless they're just not taking action. Because it doesn't even have to be like our ship, but I was like whatever it is that you do go ahead get that training and see it through to the end because the only way that you're going to know whether it works is if you see it through to the end but if you do like most people where you just leave it and you go on to the next best shiny newest whatever you're never going to know it like this is the only industry that I know of where people do that when you don't see the project through until the very end where you just give up and go spend more money maybe gambling maybe I can equate that to gambling the what is the shiny new object syndrome where you go spend more money and you go and spend more money and even more money I don't know of any other industry where people do this right in the industry like all those outgoings sheet coins and stuff SPECT same with stock markets and stuff.

I don't know if that's the same I don't know if it's the same as because in that at least you make the purchase and you hope that the stock goes up and you hope that the crypto goes up in this it's like you buy it and hope that it works but then you never see it through to find out whether it works which is really surprising to me. I don't understand that that type of thinking.

Well and I think it's quite similar like for example people buy a shit coin then like I don't know like Bitcoin like that some like unexpected curve, the sheet coin dumps little people are getting nervous and they are ejecting out of it right.

Even if it was a successful project, they already accepted it way before they actually had the chance to chance to have it succeed. It's in my opinion, it's the exact same thing.

This Stuff Works

Again, like people are on the way too many shiny objects to the dancing on or I don't know how to say it. But my advice, my advice to people is to keep whatever training it is get it, see it through to the end, find out whether it works. And if it doesn't go to the next one until you find what works for you. Then you develop the process and the system so that you can repeat it. And then from there, it's just lather, rinse, repeat, make more money, hire people to help you. Now you are a business owner. Now you're an entrepreneur, you're a boss now, and you have people who are helping me make money and you can just grow your business or extend into other things. But first, you have to figure out whether it works. the best advice that I can give you. Well, there's a shortcut.

Yeah, there's not there isn't one. I know there. I was already working from MGYB. Man. hours. Forget that. Yes, sir.

Right on guys. Well, can we get any questions? Let's do so. Okay. Grab the screen. I saw a couple of good ones.

All right. Let me close down some ops. Excuse me. There we go.

All right. I'm assuming you guys are seeing my screen.

Why Does Your Drive Stack URL Are Shortened Through The MGYB Shortener?

Yes, yes. Okay. So the first question I read through earlier, would be a great question for you to answer, Marco, but I'll read it for you. It says when or excuse me, Edie says, You always say the MGYB URL shortener is powerful. Okay, a word is taken. But can you explain why your drive stack URLs are shortened through the MGYB shortener? Does this provide extra slash more juice? Does this buffer protect the money site more like an additional step? Why not just link directly to tier one and tier two properties not using short URLs I get why not link directly to the money site. I just don't get why it would really even matter to use a shortener inside the drive stack files. Any further technical explanation is appreciated. I feel like I'm missing something. Thanks, Ed.

Alright, so I can only answer this part, though, that I can only give a full answer in the paid groups. And I've only given a full answer. In the page groups when we're discussing link building, which we have gone into, you've seen that you've seen our link building method and how we talk about how we develop it, and how everything works in conjunction, and the MGYB shortener.

And I'm not just going to going to say the MGYB shorten or any shortener that's a 301, would work in this.

The difference is that we control the MGYB shortener. If you have a paid account, in the MGYB, shorter, you can even change the destination of your shortened URL, should anything come about that where the link, maybe it becomes a, it's no longer there, right? It's a broken link or whatever the website is no longer there, you can always change the destination to go somewhere else. The features inside that shortener are amazing, you can geo-target it, you can customize the URL. But more importantly, we're only building into that every single day. Because dedhia, our link builder fulfills our orders. So imagine something that's getting powered up every day, all day, over and over and over again. So the power that we're building into that everything that's inside the shortener benefits from it, all of your shortened URLs benefit from the shortener, and it happens time after time after time. So what we're trying to do is bring this up to what the Google shortener used to be, where you can track clicks on the link, you can track everything. So think of having this so that if we're going to build so much trust in authority in this, that it will that it does provide a buffer. And we do it through Google properties, which also provide a buffer. And so not only are we providing that buffer pool, but we're also boosting it. We're providing trust, trust, trust, and authority into the link stream. So we're doing multiple things. So yes, we do recommend, by all means, build links directly to your tier one. But do not neglect that MGYB shortener it's a fantastic way to boost everything. Yeah, and I've said this before, it's really interesting. But some of the drive stack files

This Stuff Works

Well, when they index though, index with the MGYB short URL instead of the long, ugly Drive File URL. And it's really interesting to do that because it's a redirect. And you wouldn't think that the redirect URL would be what would index but the index is, but sure enough, I've seen that happen many times. And I was like, Wow, that's pretty interesting because it's a cleaner-looking URL number one, but number two, it's interesting because it just redirects to a drive file.

And also I started building my I mean, because I from my tree care directory, my Tree Service directory site, I set up my own shortener on a, you know, a basically a branded domain, really. And I've been building a lot of links to that for stuff that I'm doing for the directory and for lead gen projects and stuff like that. And it's crazy, because in just a few short months, my own direct redirect URL shortener essentially, is started to build quite a bit of power too. And, you know, I've been, I've been doing a lot of backlink analysis using majestic for the last couple of months now, not something that we've talked about a lot in Semantic Mastery. But I, in the last couple of months, I've been doing a lot more analysis with this. And trust flow is still something that I've been kind of using as a metric to gauge the power of the links, some of the links that I've been playing around with, and it's really interesting, but you know, to see, I mean, mg y B's got the 24 Trust flow, which is fairly good. And what's interesting is to see kind of an even, you know, trust flow citation flow metric, because a lot of times when you're spamming stuff, which we do this a ton of MGYB shortlinks, like, a lot of the times you'll get real high citation flow, but very low trust flow. And that just shows that there's a high quantity of links, but the low quality of links. And it's interesting to see this balance, because again, like look at the number of backlinks compared to the number of domains, it's a significant difference, yet the trust flow is still there. So it's pretty interesting. And that's why those mg y v links, I think, are so strong. And I'm starting to see similar kinds of results with a hell of a lot fewer links, but through my own shortener that I'd set up. So that's, that's part of the reason you can do some really cool things with redirects, guys.

So anyway, I thought that was a really good question. By Edie. By the way, if you're a member of one of our paid groups, you get the MGYB shortener, you get the top tier for the in-between for the price of them between here. So instead of paying 50 bucks, you pay something like 27 bucks a month. Yeah.

And it's powerful. I mean, there are definitely some really cool things that you can do with redirects. I'm doing a lot of stuff with redirects actually. So, good question.

Will Adding Posts With Relevant Keywords And Proper Backlinks Help Boost A City Page?

Gordon's up next he says, Hey, guys, if you're building a multi-city, local business niche WordPress site using categories or silos, but instead just creating a separate page for each city and keyword combination, will adding posts with relevant keyword and city location content for each city slash keyword combination with the backlink to the related city keyword page, boost the SEO ranking juice for those pages are what confused Google take the SEO focus off the related pages, as always, Your help is very much appreciated. Okay. This is a no, it depends how it depends on what your supporting posts are optimized for. Because you can cannibalize your top-level page, right? So in other words, if you're setting up a separate, let's say, if you're going to use, like if you have a flat site, right, or what I mean is, let's put it this way, if you have, like, if you're setting up a site where you don't have necessarily like topical silos and in location silos that are trying to be you know, subcategories of the topical silos or the service silos, that would be another term for it. Whereas let's put it this way, like if it let's say, for, for us using a Tree Service, for example, you know, I don't really technically need to have service-based silos for a Tree Service Company. Because Google considers Tree Service, tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting, all synonymous, they're all kind of on the same level. So if I wanted to, and I started doing this, one of my multilocation lead gen sites is I've kind of switched from the silo structure that I have been using for the last several years to kind of more of a flat site structure in that the city plus service plus city pages are really top-level category pages. So in other words, each service plus city page is a top-level category, right? With the more complex structures you know, typically I've talked about this many many times, but I like to use categories for the topical silos or the service silos and then I like to use tags silos for the location-based silos but I've been testing for the last couple of months with one of my multilocation Legion sites where I converted it to city plus or service plus city location panic pages, which are basically location landing pages that are the top that essentially they become their own silo, right. So that becomes the top of the silo page. And then from there, yeah, you can do because then you can select that location category, right as your top of the silo and then place supporting articles published supporting articles under that right so you select that category, and then you can create depth to that silo.

This Stuff Works
So, you know, in that case, you just got to be careful about what type of content you're publishing. You can, for example, on the service plus city type landing page, you're typically going to want to list, you know, at least descriptions are summaries of all the different services that that company provides from that location or for that location. Does that make sense? So then supporting articles, or posts with so adding depth to that silo, a great strategy there would be to take out one, you know, highlight one particular service for each blog post, right? So in other words, you create a blog post that is highlighting and expanding upon one particular service that's mentioned in the overall top-level syrup silo page. But it's not competing with that page, because it's, it's just reinforcing it. And also, the internal linking structure is incredibly important when you're doing that. Something else you could do is geo post, like what, you know, what is it Brian Willie teaches a lot about, you know, he called him geo posts, but start doing geographically relevant posts or location-based posts that are, you know, optimized for neighborhoods or towns, you know, things like that, that would also be placed as child posts or supporting posts within that, that silo, does that make sense? And once again, very important that you understand the internal linking structure for all of that, so that you know, number one, cannibalize your top-level page. And number two, that you're you're making sure that the bot is flowing through all that content in a very particular way. obviously can't cover that here. But it is covered in the Heavy Hitter Club, for sure. And also in the mastermind. So I hope hopefully that answered your question.

But you got to make sure that you're not repeating the same information multiple times in multiple blog posts, because then and also, your SEO titles, you know, your page titles, all those kind of things, you got to make sure that they're unique enough to where they're not cannibalizing the top-level category page, which is what you usually what you want to rank, because that's usually what's going to produce leads if that makes sense. So, Marco, that was my explanation. Do you want to test it? Now, we tested this in the last solutions that work city plus keyword combinations. And so there's I think, 19,000 something cities in the United States, and say, let's say you're doing 10 keywords? Well, now you're dealing with nearly 200,000 pages. How do you make those unique enough?

And this is the key, how do you make those pages unique enough so that they don't compete for one another? what you're referring to as cannibalization? And how do you keep them in the active index, because if Google finds too much similarity, they're just not going to display them to anyone, and then you just did all that work for literally nothing, because Google won't bother indexing your pages? We went from 15,000 pages in, in the last solutions network to 1000, something we're still getting leads, we're still getting traffic, it still ranks really well for targeted keywords. But it's really difficult to keep those pages, those 15,000 pages or so in the activity is that that they're D index, in a bad way. It's just that Google doesn't find them different enough or good enough to display to anyone. And that stands to reason because we're not giving Google a reason.

I mean, it's just logical. For this to happen, what we have to do is go in and get this even what you need to phi, each page to give Google a reason to come back in and re-index and put those pages in the active index once again.

And you know, one really good way to unique of phi pages.

Was that schema? Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course, schema. So there are some pretty cool things I'm going to be testing with Rob's schema method for the Magic Page sites that I'm going to be building with the build with Bradley group, I'm going to be implementing Rob's awesome fucking schema stuff into those sites. And I think that's gonna be the killer for that. So.

But yeah, because you can, I mean, the pages can look similar to us, but then the bot sees entirely unique stuff. Yeah. So there's a lot of really cool stuff that can I think can be done with the Magic Pages with Rob schema applied to it. So looking forward to that. Okay, moving on. hopefully that was helpful. Helpful, Gordon?

Man, Gordon, you need to come to join us join the damn mastermind on time, Jesus.

It's about time man. And he's only getting parts of it here. He's never going to get the whole picture from just the free. Come join. The heavy hitter. Doesn't matter. At the mastery mastermind, and take your agency and your project, whatever it is that you're doing, and get the results that you really expect to get. I mean that you can set your expectations and your bar really high. And then you're going to actually outperform your expectations.

This Stuff Works

How Do You Outrank A Competitor With Hundreds Of Location Pages To Its Website?

The next question says, Hey, SM, I have a competitor who's created hundreds of location pages like SEO city, etc. They have also gone and created a subdomain with the same city pages but created in very short WooCommerce product pages with a schema that is just duplicated versions of the same keywords, but they have digital marketing city, online marketing, city, SEO Services, city, etc. And they've done this across multiple domains taking over the SERPs. Seems like they're pretty smart. They can do it. How can I compete against this? I've created PRs, a drive stack for the brand, and individual city pages that factor in all the keywords in the content for each. But this site is still ranking everywhere. That's a really good question. What do you think?

Yeah, I was looking at this one was, I was looking at this picture yesterday.

So I'm gonna take it that he has a WooCommerce website. And one of the things that we did to outrank competitors, regardless of what they were doing, is schema is one of those things, it just keeps coming up over and over again, how did we unique if I, our products versus other products where they had blown? Well, we just coded a plugin, a custom plugin, that delivers dynamic schema, so that when the price change or a site sit, whatever color, whatever it was that that can change on that page, the plugin will automatically give Google the new information. So think of the advantage that you have over somebody else when you're applying schema. And when you're delivering schema immediately to the button, any changes on the page. So it's not only seeing it at the content level, it's seeing it at the schema level is getting all the information. And now all of that garbage that they're doing tow up to outrank you or to outdo you, it's not even a concern. And then you applied the rest of the semantic mastery process, the heavy hitter, system, it all because all right, so separate, and apart, you're going to have to really brute force it. Once you have the scheme in place. Once you have once you've done everything, you have to brute force it, which means just lots and lots of backlinking and embeds plus link building, lots of press releases, lots of GMB posts, anything and everything that you can do to push power into your website. Whereas if you come and do all of the things and put them all together, fit them the way that we show, then it becomes really simple because we teach you to exponentiate. The power we don't just teach you we show you I mean, it's over the shoulder. This is how we do it. Well, I would say that we're one of the few people in this space that actually take you behind the scenes, I take you into analytics Search Console, I take you into the GMB, and actually show you on projects that I'm working on how this all fits together. I see very few people do that when they do, it's usually throwaway shit that they show and they won't really show current projects. But I'm actually showing that I mean, I'll tell you right here, go look at pet food patrol, pet food patrol, calm, that's one of our websites, please spam it so that I can rank better.

Well, that's what I was gonna mention to cut it because you didn't mention this market, which of surprise meant to strengthen the entity, right? If you do that, you know that and that's part of what you were saying was by doing all of that the schema having all your tier one entity assets up and then just powering it up? That'll strengthen the entity as well. And then you get to a point like what Marco just said, which was inviting spam.

Because at some point when the entities powerful enough, it'll just take it like a champ. And it'll just take a licking and keep on ticking tight, so to speak. So Well, I didn't say strengthen the entity because it's a given that you apply the SEO shield.

And which is why you're going back to what you were just saying, inviting Gordon, to the mastermind and the heavy hitter. If this is the only way that you can get it or that you can become the best entity in your niche, and actually not care. Does Google care who comes in spends? Does Amazon care who comes please send us a few million but we'd love you to give us more so that you get to that point and where spam becomes. Thank you very much kind of thing. Yeah, please, sir, might have another.

May I have some more?

Rejection Issues Concerning GMB Map Embed Link

Next up what's up Nick? I chatted with him just recently. And this is answering this question, I'm going to answer the part about the redirect. But I'm not going to get into the first part of the question if there are any follow-up questions about it that would only be reserved for paid groups, guys. So, Nick, you might have revealed a little bit more than we would like for anybody to reveal on a free setting in your question alone. So I'm just not going to expand on that. But I will answer the second part about what you know about the URL structure itself.

So he's saying is having issues pasting a GMB embed link that gets rejected every time the post only gets through when I put the GMB embed power link in a Bitly shortener any ideas here are? Yeah, I'm just wondering, my follow-up question for this Nick to be able to answer it would be because I have not had that issue whatsoever. I know exactly what you're talking about. And, and I've not had that issue, not even one of them has been rejected.

I've had GMB posts rejected recently for two things. Number one was phone numbers in the post text and number. So in the post body itself, if you want, if you want to call, you know, a call action from the post, use the call button, right, the CTA button, which will be a call to tap the call button.

So that's number one. Number two is interesting, I've had some, like trigger words, words within the post body that apparently, Google doesn't like because it considers them, you know, offensive or whatever. For example, you know, all I do is Tree Service stuff anymore. And there was one post in particular that kept getting rejected, and I couldn't figure it out. And then I like, literally read word for word through it. And there's, they talked about it was it was talking about tree pruning methods, right. And one of the things was you make a crotch cut, and the word crotch cause the fucking No kidding, even though like contextually, it had nothing to do with like, somebody's crotch, it was talking about what they call, it's a technical term called a crotch cut. And I removed that word crotch cutaway and it took the post. So it was really interesting. It took me, multiple attempts to figure out what it was. And then I realized like, oh, I wonder if it's that one word. And sure enough, it was that one word. So the URL structure itself shouldn't have any effect on whether it gets published or not. At least I have never experienced that. Have you marked a bit? It's a forbidden term. Yeah, crutches. But the URL that I'm sure that he's referring to shouldn't cause any issues.

However, you can just to kind of get to answer your question.

This Stuff Works
Use a shortener, I wouldn't use Bitly. Guys, I don't know. I know there's a lot of people out there using Bitly. And maybe Bitly stopped doing this. I don't know. Because I don't really analyze Bitly links anymore, or bit links, whatever you want to call them. But a number of years ago, Bitly, would they were 301 redirects, but then arbitrarily Bitly would just apply a 302 tag to it. So in other words, it would become a 302 redirect at some point, and there was no rhyme or reason to it that we could discern. And so you know, what you think is a 301 redirect could eventually become a 302 redirect without you knowing about it. Now, again, I don't know that Bitly still does that I just stopped using Bitly years ago, because of that reason. So I would again, point you back to mgyb.co/s. That's the MGYB.co shortener that gives you the same or a lot more functionality than Bitly does unless you have a Bitly premium account. And so you know, again, that's, that's one thing you could do. Or you could always set up your own redirect, which, you know if you've got a brand, you know, stuff that you're doing for branding and all that it might make sense to do so.

So, I don't tell people to use their own shortener because it takes so long to power it up does, it does, I just said, Come use ours, I mean, get into one of the paid versions of our plug, do yourself a favor, do me a favor, because at 27 bucks a month or 47. I'm not making any money on it. We're just switches, charging the maintenance on it. And all of the things that we have to do to keep it going, that's what we get from it. But do yourself a favor and get the shortener and then just watch it go crazy. I'm also going to show in the Heavy Hitter Club webinar a week from tomorrow, how to create a double shortened link. So how to use two shorteners to double shorten the link and multiply the power and then you blast both of thought it's fun stuff. There's a lot of fun stuff happening in the Heavy Hitter Club that provides just tons and tons of power guys, come get it.

So that just the last thing, so there are the alternatives, Nick, but will a redirect past juice. Yes. As long as it's a 301 Yeah, that's the point. That's the point. You know, if you use a redirect, it becomes a three co2 or set as a 302, or 307, or a metal refresh with any more than a zero-second delay, anything like that kills link equity like it just stops that link equity from flowing. So, you know, as long as it's a 301 redirect, or can be a matter of refresh with the zero. You know, whatever redirect timing, then then it will pass PageRank Okay.

Do I need a niche? Joe? I guess you I'm not sure what unless you're asking about Do you need a niche? For what for the Magic Page thing? Um, no, but it makes sense to have one. So you say I just want to get leads, but what do you just want to get leads for?

You know, I mean, if you want to get leads for a particular business, then you have a niche. If you just want to get into the lead gen business, then I would take some time to focus on you know, figure out what industry you have an interest in, which is also lucrative. And then you can really drill down into that particular niche and find, you know, perhaps a particular service within that niche that you can start with, it makes sense to drill down with the Magic Page stuff, the mass page stuff, but, you know, specifically, I'm going to be using Magic Page plugin. And it makes sense to kind of drill down into a specific service, especially when you're starting out because you'll be able to get results faster if you go with just a broad like niche or industry where there's high competition, so like plumbing, or you know, General Tree Service or HVAC stuff like that, then you could end up not seeing results because it'll take a long time to see results because it is competitive. But if you were to choose a very specific service within you know, so a service within the industry, like Magic Page they talk about for plumbers doing underfloor heating, right. So that's, that's just an example that they use for tree services. You know, I could go after stump grinding, very specifically, like stump grinding, stump removal, that kind of stuff, those it's not, that's not a super lucrative service for Tree Service contractors. So I'm not going to be targeting that, specifically. But I do have a subset of the tree service industry that I am going to be targeting To start with, which that'll be reserved for the group members. But yeah, I would recommend that you had a niche that you would and then you would drill down and find a service with like a particular service within that niche to start with. And because it'll help to help you to get better results, quicker results anyways, and then you can always expand from there and go to more competitive stuff. That would be my suggestion.

How Do You Strategize Selling Local SEO Services Packages To Clients?

If that's what you were asking about, which I don't even know, that was really what your question was about a rod I guess, says, Hey, I'm here, a new here, and I'm trying to start an agency to sell local SEO, My plan is to sell an initial package with on-page SEO, and an SEO shield for the first month. After that I'm struggling with what I should sell them for SEO, I don't want to just sell them some random backlink package like most other agencies, I want to help get my client's great results and be a regular customer, so I can make this my main income. Well, yeah, and that's, I mean, that's really the goal would be to put a client on a retainer, or you could do you know, performance-based stuff, lead gen or a hybrid where you're kind of charging, you know, a monthly retainer, but then you also get a percentage of sales or equity or profits. There's a number of different ways you can structure an arrangement and agreement. But you know, when it comes to like, the traditional SEO retainer model, you know, there's a lot of things that it's not just about backlinks, but content marketing is a big part of it. So you know, publishing blog posts, GMB posts, press releases, which can also be considered off-page, but it's both on-page and off-page, right content marketing, and off-page link building. So you know, there's just a number of things that you can do, you can constantly expand the entity footprint, which is what we teach in Syndication Academy, right?

This Stuff Works

I mean, just the SEO shield and in building links to that expanding content, adding depth to the silos, there's just so much that will make the head spin that you can do, you know, something like that, if you're looking to start an agency and make that your full-time income. You know, I would highly recommend, as soon as you're able to come to join the semantic mastery mastermind because that is precisely what that is about. You know, it's about more than just SEO, it's about how to build a business around it. So that would be my suggestion market you want to come in. There are so many things that you can offer. Like I can't begin to list them all. How about offering them some content? How about offering them if their local GMB optimization about offering them content through the GMB like so you add images, you add posts, you optimize the GMB How about an extension of the footprint Syndication Academy, where your costs adding new profiles into the existing syndication network. How about optimization where it too me optimization never ends, it's not as if you just do it for one month. And that's it. If you're constantly producing content, it constantly needs to be optimized. It constantly needs to be worked on schema about schema, offering them that I'm learning what schema is how it can benefit you and then offering it to your client press releases, then link building to it all then embeds and link building, but you to me sell it in a way, where you're just not selling things where you're just not selling your activity, sell results of what I'm going to do for you, is I'm gonna, I'm gonna make you money, you make money, I make money, we both win, learn how to do that, learn how to get results, and then go in there with such confidence that you can charge anything you want, and they're going to pay you because you're going to be able to show results, I can take people into my analytics, my search console, and my insights and show them, this is what I can do for you. Do you want to know what the next person does, it becomes reality, it fills itself, your pipeline, your client by fills itself because people will know you can get results. So there are so many things in this SEO thing, where you could do branding. And you can do now when you're working on the brand, showing the brand amplifying the breath, working on Yeti I mean, it just gets ridiculous. Maybe we should come up with a PDF that people can go and grab one on the different services that can be offered, not just because SEO is search engine optimization, that becomes meaningless because that's not what you do, you get results. And how you get results is by doing all of these different things. And then you can offer maybe a package. But it should all just look if you give me

I'm just gonna throw a figure out there 3000 a month and I'm going to get your results. And the client is going to pay you the 3000 because they know you're going to get results you're going to get them cause you're going to make their money.

So when you learn to do that, and the only way is by getting in a group where you have professionals like you who want to get results and who will help each other get results. When you get in a group like that. And you've shown what's working right now and what will work into the future what has always worked. I mean, that's when it becomes magic. And you can really go and take on anything you want and when.

Yeah, I've recently just jammed in you quickly. Yeah, might be overwhelmed by all the selection. I don't know if I'm interpreting that because he says like, I'm struggling with what I should sell them for. So you might be overwhelmed with all the options because he's starting out is maybe looking for something simple. He can just upsell them for months, two or three years, something like that, but that might be interpreting it wrong. Yeah, then. I mean, that would be perfect for like GMB posting service and MGYB. Is that out of beta yet?

Again, the GMB posting service at mg y B. Is that out of beta yet? No, it's being added to the back end, but it will be offered soon. Okay. Yeah, cuz that want to reply to or to Chris's point, I shouldn't say that would be something that would be simple to fulfill on your part because it's not you actually fulfilling it, we would be doing it for you. But like that, that's just an example. on-page SEO, which could be on-page SEO for the like, for example, what I'm doing for my tree care agent, my Tree Service Agency, a marketing agency that I just have been working on for about six months now, as I'm focusing purely on GMB stuff like if a client even if they have a self-hosted website, then that is if they want me to do anything their self hosted website, that's a completely new conversation. That's an upsell. That's an add-on because I am pitching my lead in services GMB optimization and getting their maps. You know, their GMB profile to rank to produce them produce leads for them. And so I'm doing everything in the GMB ecosystem. And I'm not even touching their website. In fact, I don't even link to their website in the GMB right now, I've got a couple of clients that it's interesting but they're they have their own website, but I'm not even linking to it because I'm doing everything I'm building all the tier one entity assets with the SEO shield, and all that and I'm doing everything in the Google ecosystem. And so what I'm saying is you could do purely GMB stuff, that's just an example. But you could do on-page optimization where you're producing the content for the GMB website and then optimizing it doing all the GMB posts like Marco said, you could be doing, you know, optimization for the SEO shield stuff and then you could hire us to MGYB to do GMB posting which would be a monthly service that you would just mark it up you know, double it, triple it, whatever it is you're gonna do, and then that would just be money.

The revenue that would come in from the results, the activity that you are able to provide that we would actually be doing the fulfillment for if that makes sense. So that's something easy that you could do. Something else that I've recently started doing through my, you know, I've been doing a lot of prospecting for contractors and something that I've found, which is a pretty cool kind of hybrid model that I'm, I just had two people sign up within the last Well, it's been about six weeks now. But then I'm kind of experimenting with a new model, which is I'm using I created an app and high level go high level, that for three contractors, that helps them to manage leads, it's essentially a lead and sales pipeline for three contractors that manage quotes, requests, jobs and that sort of thing. So it's five stages in the pipeline. Anyways, it's just, I developed it inside of a high level. And what I've been doing is offering a kind of a hybrid model to treat contractors that don't, that don't necessarily want to hire me to do like on a traditional retainer basis.

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Or so what I've been doing is saying, Okay, look, I'll tell you what, I work on your assets, what at my expense, but you give me 10% of any of the jobs that close. And in order for me to be able to track the leads that I generate through your assets, you have to subscribe, you have to subscribe to my app like and use my app because then all of the leads and everything is always going into the app. So everything can be tracked, I can always see where that what stage the lead is in, whether it's an estimate, proposal pending, or you know, the job has been scheduled or job has been completed. And so I'm actually selling them on using my app, and they have to subscribe at $200 a month to use my app. And but they get the optimization and everything is done for free. But then every job that goes through the app that gets closed, I get 10% of that. And it seems to be a pretty cool kind of hybrid model because it's a very low, you know, commitment for them. And they're only paying for leads that generate money for them. If that makes sense. And then I get that's how I get compensated. So it's a performance-based kind of, I don't mean to confuse you what I'm just trying to say you can get creative with different ways to kind of create a, you know, the traditional like retainer model, I think is kind of becoming more difficult to sell, at least in the industry I'm in it is. So I've had to come up with some creative ways to make what I have to offer attractive. And that was just one of a few different ways that I'm testing right now.

So a follow-up comments on that for a move on. Yeah, I mean, when you're in a group with a bunch of people, agency owners, and professionals who work at this, who make this that they're calling, it's their job. They're entrepreneurs, they're business owners. You can even offer for example, if you don't have to know web design to offer it. Because you'll have people who are experienced other than you, you just mark it up, or you'll get them you get charged a finder's fee. Look, I got a client who needs web design, I know who to go to. And he'll give me a quote. And then I'll go back and say, Okay, I want this much. I also know that another woman who does it, who I can reach out to if it's something that at a lower price point. So it depends on what I need. I have the developers, I have all of these people that I can reach out to graphics if I need graphics. So there are so many things that you can offer, it becomes ridiculous, you will have this menu, there's a wide-ranging menu of things and options that you can upsell a customer on over the life span of that customer.

Right on So, Nick is up again. He says I definitely picked up Rob's course but I haven't been able to even start it I'm so busy and I'm having to I'm trying to hire my first employee. If you want results, you need to implement everything including schema, but most people just won't go to those lengths effort is the difference-maker for sure. And you're right about that shit.

CT Fletcher that's I was I just drawn a blank. But my magnificent obsession, you kind of really have to develop your own magnificent, magnificent obsession with your business or with SEO in order to be able to implement all this stuff. You know that a true? That's true, I had actually lost my passion for it for quite some time, which was rekindled at POFU Live last year because of Rob schema presentation, honestly. And I have completely redeveloped a magnificent obsession for it again, and you're right, Nick. It's like, you know, 1214 hours a day. And it's the first thing I think about when I wake up. And the last thing I think about when I go to sleep anymore, it's nuts. But that's really the only way in my opinion to get results. I mean to get good at it. And then like you what your what you mentioned when you're hiring an employee, that's, that's exactly the point, learn it, figure out a process that is repeatable, which you know, we provide you a lot of that. And then train somebody to delegate that workout so that you can focus on expanding and scaling. That's the whole that's the perfect way. So

Does Google Drive Stack Works For A New To Rank?

James says if Google Drive stack will work for a new site to rank? yes, I mean, it works for any site, you know, provided that you implement everything, you know, you can't just implement parts of it and expect it. And you can't just add a drive stack and expect it to do much. I mean, there's, there's a number of things that you have to do once you have a drive stack to which we, you know, we offer those services, and we also teach how to do all of that. So do you want to comment on that? No, I mean, it works. We've shown it time after time that we have, we have, I can't even begin to name the people that that use our products and services, for their clients, for their agencies, for them for their own services, for everything that they're doing. It's an integral part of what they do because it's an integral part of what we do. It's what we give you. I mean, it's what we do on a daily basis to rank our projects and our clients.

How Do You Charge A Long Term Client Who Asks To Setup A YouTube Channel And Add Videos?

So Aaron says, I just had a long-term client asked me if I could set up a YouTube channel and add videos, I know how to do this, but I've never had a client situation where this is a separate service help. How do I charge for this? Thanks, guys, sign me desperately in Washington?

That's a good question. I mean, again, just like I was talking about, you know, with the previous question about, you know, being creative on how to monetize your service.

This Stuff Works

Again, it really depends on the situation, I mean, because there's a number of ways you could do it, you could charge them, you know, just a, you know, a setup fee and, and charge them on a per video basis, whether you're producing the videos or having them, you know, outsourcing that or whatever, you could do it that way, which I think would be a pretty simple way to monetize that or to build for that. But also, you know, if it's something that is expected to produce results for them, like leads, or sales or something like that, I don't know what the industry is. But you could always, you know, work out some sort of an arrangement, like I was just talking about where it's an equity share or revenue share, right, where you get a percentage of profits or revenue that's generated from the campaign that you are working on, or that you're, you know, executing for them if that makes sense. So, I mean, there's just a number of ways that you can get creative. What I like about not having a commoditized or productized service is that you can negotiate on how to bill for it right on what the term the arrangement is going to be. And so sometimes that makes a lot of sense because it can be more lucrative, just like I talked about with the tree contractors, and getting a percentage of close sales is more lucrative than just selling leads. For me, and it always has been, it's hard it before I developed an app, it was difficult to track, which leads were actually being closed and sold because a tree contractor could lie to me. And I've had it happen many, many times where they were basically stealing work from me because they were costing jobs, and then lying and saying they weren't closing jobs. And I developed a kind of a tedious way of, you know, verifying that information. But I stopped offering that as a potential arrangement for many, many years. Because it was just, it was too difficult to enforce. But, but now because of the app, it's something that has opened that possibility back up. And it's, it's something that I'm kind of running with right now. So again, just a number of different ways to do it, I would suggest either on a per video basis Plus, you know, setup fee or something like that, or try to work out some sort of arrangement, where if there's revenue being generated from that campaign, getting a percentage of it, or some sort of, you know, pay for performance. Does that make sense? How would you address that Marco?

I mean, this is this could be part of the ongoing you want me to keep the channel optimized, the playlists optimized to create new playlists to create, are you going to be doing the video creation because that adds to it. But all you have to do is just hire someone who doesn't. Yet it's that I just mark it up and someone can do the video for you someone can be the spokesperson. Give them the script that what to charge for it. I mean, it depends. Are you doing something for a plastic surgeon? Or are you doing something for Joe the local plumber? To me, there's a big difference in what I would charge a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, or joe the plumber down the street, suite.

Does Ordering Drive Stack Help Rank A Plumbing Client?

We've got just a couple more minutes to try to roll through. We only got a couple of questions left. So try to roll through them really quickly. James says my client I'm sorry. Yeah, I was just reading James's question. My client running a plumbing website. His website is new. I would like to know if I order a drive stack for him means it will help him to rank Yes, yeah, yes, yes. But again, there's going to be more to it James than just a drive stack. So but you're welcome that that is that. The SEO shield is what you should get for your plumbing client. Okay, the SEO shield, the SEO power shield, which is like all of the components combined, that you're going to that becomes

As the foundation or the base your fortress of fucking solitude that's your base you know anyways, those are you know, the Popo video you know what I'm talking about. But um, that's what I would do is get the SEO power shield and that becomes your base. So you can always come back here and ask questions about what to do next. And we're happy to provide you with some guidance.

Raise Risa rate Raisa, just contact [email protected] mastery. And you can join the group as long as you meet the prerequisites.

Should You Publish All Posts With Silo Or Just Initial Posts In GMB?

Robert says thank you SM team for continuing to show up on Wednesday. I'm an HHC or Heavy Hitter Club member. But these Hump Day hangouts are golden and much appreciated. You're welcome, Robert. Thank you for welcome Robert showing up. What's up, man? He says when it comes to silo posting on GMB, what do you suggest publishing all posts with a silo or just initial posts? Should be a silo in the recipe normal? I'd say yes, both. I do both. I do a mixture of both. I do GMB post silos for very strategic reasons. And then I also do one-offs occasionally. And I've started using that call button for one-offs quite a bit because people will tap that for mobile devices to call. So it actually is a good lead generator. Not necessarily it still helps with SEO because it's activity. But those call buttons you can't you know, there's there don't produce. I do the call button type of posts for generating leads if that makes sense. So I do and I do both. What would you say, Marco? Yeah, you should do both. But there's a reason why you should do both. Which I'm not going to get into here. Yeah. Nick says apologies for letting it slip. But your answer has been helpful. This is probably something I'm not seeing causing the issue. Yeah, it could be like I said, check the text. There might be some sort of word in there that Google doesn't like. Also, sometimes images will cause rejection from GMB posts, although I haven't really had any image issues in quite some time. So just check a couple of those. And guys, we've got we're a little bit over. I'm gonna answer these last two, and then we're done. Aaron says comment, anybody and everybody on this webinar should take Rob's schema course. Yeah, the training is excellent. And in-depth, his schema is far beyond any others especially load Yoast. Yeah, just want to mention that the bloke's name. Yeah, yeah, that you're right. And thank you, Aaron, for mentioning that.


And lastly, Raisa says, Do you cover the app set up? used to track client sales covered in the mastermind? Yes, I do, actually. And it's in high level or, you know, people call it to go high level, but that's just their domain. It really is high level. If you're interested in that, yes, come join the mastermind. We have a quarterly offer. It's 500 bucks per quarter guys. Like it's silly to not come to join it for at least three months. And see what you know how much your business can grow by coming in and getting help from other people that are in the same boat as you right? So yeah, come check it out. Because I do I cover Exactly. I've even got process docs like that show how to set those triggers and campaigns up and everything inside of high level specifically for what I've built. So and I share everything in the mastermind, guys. So Alright, thanks, everybody, for being here. Appreciate you guys. We'll see you all next week. Bye, everybody.

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