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And we’re live What’s up everybody, Marco here. Welcome again to your reason to like Wednesdays, it’s Hump Day Hangouts, it’s time for you to ask questions so that we can answer them live. If you haven’t posted your question, you should be posting it now, or this is going to be a real short Hump Day.

Now, just so you know, and in a case, you haven’t been listening to us for the past six months, POFU Live is the weekend of September 24. Those of you don’t, who don’t know POFU Live is our live event, of course, it’s going to be digital. So it’s not as if we’re all going to meet in one place and all hang out together for three days. We did it last year, as a trial in September also, and it flowed really well. All three days, we got to sit down, we got to share beer, we got to kick it. So it was we had a really good time, a really good time was had by all if you want to get the inside scoop if you want to get like on the right track to where you need to be for 24 2021 moving forward. Because we’ve been ahead of the game the whole time. What Jordan gave the group in 2020, people are just trying to figure it out today. And they’re using one or two pieces of software as a service, they’re using those apps to try to get them to work together. Meanwhile, we’re using five or six different pieces of software to kind of it’s like a patchwork quilt. It’s not as if you’re going to find all of the pieces in the same place all at once you have to go look for them, you have to know what you’re looking for. And you have to know how it all applies.

And so we got that last year. And we’ve had a whole year ahead of the game before people are finally starting to catch on because Google published something in their Webmaster Tools, which we already knew in there. Sorry, in their blog, which we already knew we already knew about this. We already had it. We already had the information. Will it be people I see the whole my mind is blown. Oh, I’m sorry. Oh, my God, this is Google is revealing the source of the algorithm? No, hell no. They’re just giving you guys what you already had what you already knew what we all already knew. It’s nothing different. They just gave you they might have said it in a way that obvious gates, what they were really saying, which was nothing things that you already know, links work, content works. Link Building, therefore, works really well. We should know that they didn’t say that. So they tried to escape. They didn’t mention the algorithms? Of course not because they’re not going to give you that they’re never going to give us that ever again. We had it when we had the PageRank bar, they will never give it to us again. They didn’t mention ranking score, not once. And that’s the holy grail of SEO right now building a ranking score better than anybody else. How is that determined, let’s call it a project, is weighted against everybody else’s project in your niche, and against what Google’s optimum project looks like, in the database. And this all happens in real-time. So when you do a query that goes out, we have AI all over the place in the algorithm pulling in information, how can I get this person the best query for what he wants? Is it educational? Is it different? Is it informational? Do the Is it an emergency? What is this person looking for? So all of these things happen? But underneath, and I can’t believe this is still being questioned? It’s all math.

Variables are being pulled in. It’s weighted. We have the math, we have the patents, we have the math.

That’s beyond discussion. And yet people still ask well, is it math? Is SEO math? Well, hell, if it isn’t then I don’t know what it is. It must be black arts that I don’t know about. It must be something that somebody is doing in their base burning candles and hair and shit, calling to whatever dark God to pray to, to help them in ranking me while we’re targeting the algorithms. We’re targeting the variable, we’re expanding the entity, we’re making it broader, deeper, better for us, not for anybody else. For us. We know how we figured out how that doesn’t, it doesn’t take a genius in Mountain View. To understand that way. There’s math involved and where there’s a bot, sent out to learn and collect variables that you can inject variables. So these are all things that we’ve been sharing, not only in powerful AI but in all of our paid groups and all of it even in the free groups, which are a lot of information. And even here, so that’s what’s going on. TOEFL live, if you’re not there, get there go buy your ticket, POFU can’t ever forget what POFu stands for his position of power.

Hush your mouth, not gonna say it, pofulive.com, go get your ticket, reserve it and be there attend, you cannot listen, there’s nowhere else on the web, I don’t give a shit who it is who you follow, that’s going to give you the information that we give you.

That’s how it is point blank, they’re going to mislead you, they’re going to tell you crap that is five or six years or six years behind, they’re going to get you to buy more software, more training more and more and more because their job, what they live for is marketing. And they need you in that funnel continuing to buy their training beyond otherwise they go broke. So they need you in that, what we look to do so so here’s where my mind, I never wanted to be that that oily, greasy guy, and the statistics, that just juices you for money, never wanted to be that guy. I actually want people to be successful. And so understanding that I know that I have to give them the most up-to-date information, even if it contradicts previous information that I have given people because the web is fluid. algorithms are fluid, they continue to be tweaked. So we understand that we test we continue updating, we just found out something do something amazing with content, that I’m not going to give away for free that I might give away a poll for life Hinton something amazing about content and how it works, and how you have to prepare your content. But and how you have to kind of remove things from content in order to make it work the way that it’s supposed to imagine that your content, existing content, and new content has to be done. schema How does that work? I mean, these are all things that we’re sharing right now. Whether it’s in the heavy hitter club, or in the semantic mastery mastermind, in fact, I have a webinar in semantic mastery tomorrow to answer any and all questions. I don’t care what they are, I will answer anything during the semantic mastery mastermind because our members deserve it. Anyway.

Let me stop because I just go on and I’m on a hot date about how good our shit is versus anybody else. Okay, who did? And let me tell you if they even get close to what we have is gonna cost you 10 15k or beyond to get the information that we give you. Where are we? We say no, come on, come on in. Become a member, join the mastermind. Join the heavy hitter club, get the training. Apply. Make money, so that you can train some more hire, somebody, to train with you. And help you apply and make more money. lather, rinse repeat the only way to scale.

We want you to succeed. We don’t want you to keep just keep giving given us money just because or because look new, shiny. Where were these cheesy marketers that are always promoting something new? We have to promote something new. Every week. Almost every day. I see from some people where they’re promoting the pushing, getting trying to get us to get you to buy buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, of course.


That’s what they need. That’s what they want. We don’t I want you to succeed. I want you to come back. One of the best examples here is Jordan Fowler, who started out in syndication Academy and now has like a nationally recognized agency national. So how good is that? How good is it when like I love seeing people coming to me Marco This is what I’m doing? Thank you Marco yo shit works. He is approved. Thank you and I see that time after time after time not gonna go on any further Chris. I see you there in Austria you were able to join us what’s up man? Yeah, like things are good here. Funny that about the things that you were talking about? Like I just talked to an agency selling SEO services and I really had to laugh because they’re literally selling PBN links and citations without doing the groundwork like Jason and stuff schema like I’m not even talking about like almost non-existent and they’re using that for local right.

Well, yeah, like it is what it is. And yeah, of course, it’s a good business. Right? If you’re selling PBN backlinks and stuff, you can keep it going forever. And I mean, like, six months later, you move up to positions and yeah, like, slowly getting there. But yeah, other than that, see?

He’s a pretty good friend here. No hurricanes, no storms? No, nothing. So quite happy.

Perfect. What’s up with you, Adam?

I tried to play Bradley today and finding out that copying and pasting code is hard.

So we had some issues with the page. Apologize. Hopefully, you’re watching live. Now I had a couple of people in the Facebook group comment on it. But things appear to be working now. So we’ll, we’ll glide Platt past that and say things are going pretty good. got nice weather. It’s summertime here. Families healthy people are doing well. So I can’t complain. Yeah.

Best Practices For Mass Page Site Optimization

Cool, man. Let me what I’m going to do, since we’re doing things a little off today or differently, I’m just going to share my screen. And if anyone’s got questions, by all means, pop them on here. We just got a few. And I’ll just kind of keep this up if you guys want to look at my screen, or I can kind of read through them. And then we can go if we’re ready to jump into it. Like you can go ahead and read through them. I can see them on my I have multiple screens so I can see them anyway. Cool. Well, let’s talk about this one. So we got Chris is asking us here any suggestions for mass page site optimization training or best practices interested in building HTML mass page affiliate sites where each page would have unique on-page elements content, header tags, schema images, if possible. For off-page, I’m guessing Semantic Mastery strategies such as syndication networks, stacks, SEO shield may help with the overall authority of the sites to increase their staying power and help rank for a good amount of longtail keywords? Assuming the on-page is correct. So mass page on-site off-site is how this breaks down. Mark, do you want to kind of I got a couple of ideas here. But you want to touch on this? Well, I know Bradley’s doing something with WordPress with a WordPress plugin. Yeah. Except that he is saying that he’s interested in HTML. Interesting. You should say that make it well, also the content part. And how do you make it unique? If I have that word, I don’t think it’s a word. But how to make every page unique. Because that’s the problem with mass page builds, right?

They look so similar to each other, that they’ll index a whole bunch initially 1520, I’ve seen over 100,000 pages index, and then slowly over time, Google starts to get rid of them from the active index. Why? Because it begins comparing AB ABCD. And if the pages are too similar, they just drop because it finds a master page that it considers the original copy of the page. And that’s the page that will stay on the index. And slowly over time, like in the land solutions, dot network case study, we went from over 15,000 to about 2000 over time.

And that’s simply because the content wasn’t unique enough. That’s a website that’s built WordPress on the front end. And at the state and city level, we use something called a mass MPC, the mass page creator.

Now, the interesting part of this is that in I would say in two or three weeks, Rob is going to start a mass page creation webinar series in the heavy hitter club.

And, Rob, if you want to drop the Semantic Mastery affiliate link for that, I mean, Adam, please drop that on the page for the heavy hitter club. Because if you want to learn how we’re going to show you how to make the pages more unique. We’re, as a matter of fact, we’re in the middle of optimizing the content in the last solutions that work to make each state page unique. So we’re starting out with 50 states that we’re going to take those pages and work through them so that every city page that we’re targeting, then becomes a unique page. And you can only do that, or the only way that I know how it is through Rob’s what Robbie is that his software. But he’s really, like close with a developer and can get anything done that we want. And yeah, then we can do titles and we can do descriptions. And we can just create different tokens to then begin making each page a little bit different, a little bit more unique, moving the images around different images, tag schema, as a matter. And please, please, please, not just any schema. If you have the same schema as everybody else, then you’re just going to be in the mix with everybody else. There’s no reason for Google to take you and consider you above anybody else. If you’re not giving Google The reason I said this last week. Give Google a reason to take your entity, your site your project and rank it above everybody else’s? How do we do that? By giving the but data that it doesn’t already have, by giving about different data that everyone isn’t already giving it. Everyone is using Yoast for the most part. And then so everyone using Yoast for schema, how in the hell are you going to become unique?


The way that we do it is through custom schema. schema tech is the schematic architecture is the course that Rob did just recently on the schema. It’s phenomenal the way that we do schema, the way that we blue blueprint, the way that we identify entities, the way that we reference the nodes, is just an entirely different ballgame. Nobody else does schema, like what Rob is teaching in his course. So how would you do that? That’s how you would do it, you have to identify each section of the page that you can change. And try to change the elements try to change the layout, try to not make them all the same. And so the content then has to be different, or it’s going to drop off the index. If there’s enough uniqueness for the page to stay, then you’re on your way, because the schema that you write for it is custom and is therefore going to support all of the work that you’ve done, and then smashing it with all of the off-page entity work that you’ll be doing through the SEO shield, and through link building is just going to prop it up that much more. And we have a few aces and aces in the home, in the heavy hitter club to help you up to show you how to push even more power into your destination. That’s all part of the case study that we’re doing in the heavy hitter club through lens solutions. through the website, or on the website, Land Solutions Network. That’s part of the case study. As far as Bradley, I can’t speak for what Bradley is doing. I’m not in that group.

But I mean, he has talked about what he’s doing before you guys can go and look for what he’s doing. Or Adam, if you have a link for what he’s doing, then please add that because I mean, a WordPress plugin would also work if you take the trouble to make the pages as unique as possible, unique, unique, meaning that they’re different from one another. And from every other page on the web. If you’re just using if you’re in real estate and you using like the sell and buy houses fast market, and you’re just using oncarrot, you’re screwed because everybody in that market is using oncarrot. Why should google care about yours in oncarrot? your site versus anybody else’s? So assuming the homepage is correct, meaning that you made all of those changes to the HTML document that you’re going to deserve? Then everything else that takes place off-page will just help prop it up, push it up and just keep it up at the top of the rankings.

Oh, yeah, I just popped a link in there as Chris, if you’re watching this build with Bradley, I think was the group that Bradley put together. And one of the ways to get into that was to join the mastermind. If you’re interested in that you can check that out at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. I think the plugin was the Magic Page plugin. And then also Jeremy with press advantage is still working on contests. There’s some stuff going on there. So you can find more about this stuff by going back to previous Humpday Hangouts as Marco said, and kind of see what’s going on there. So that touched on the on-page for the off-page. He’s saying, you know, should I use the strategies you guys talk about such as syndication networks, SEO shield with the overall authority, and help ranking for a good amount of longtail keywords? Do you think that that’s the strategy he should take Marco?

Is it the strategy that anybody should take on any project? Is that just this any project needs an entity needs a clear entity needs, it needs to be verified, validated, and solidified?

Those are the three steps I outlined bout five years ago, what the steps are for your entity. This is how long we’ve been talking about this. People are just now starting to pay attention. Because Google happened to mention something or because people rip our training people rip our products, and then they sell them for a buck 99.

And so we’ve been taught, we’ve been telling you that I’ve been telling you that exactly what you have to do. Any project doesn’t matter, local or global. It makes no difference work on your entity work on that content so that you’re working on the entities within the content. Custom schema good. That’s part of the good, unpaid, right content, schema, ties, just images, proper images.

I’m even going to tell you the entity and the image supporting entity in the image. I think the power of iphon the power of iframes people ignore the power of iframes. I don’t understand why. But yeah. anybody, anybody doing this, you need to work on your entity, the way we start? Is the SEO Power Shield.

Cool. Chris, do you got anything you want to add to this before we move on to the next question? Yeah, I think Bradley had a lovely working procedure for that, if you know the link for that.

Is It Worth Using Google Local Ad?

I don’t, we’ll have to. I’ll have a look if I find it. Okay. I think this gets asked twice. So we have a question from the Facebook group. But let me see. Okay. I’m not familiar. Marco, maybe you know the difference here. I don’t do advertising right now on Google. So there was one question about anyone using GMB map ads. And then they were asking down here, Google Local ads. So is there Do you know if there’s a difference between those two?

I don’t do that.

And like I can, guys if you have questions about pay-per-click advertising? I’m not your guy. Yeah, I can’t answer this one. I think the best one, I’m trying to think of a good resource even for I’m not super good. GMB. I mean, any sort of local advertising I’ve done is at a national level or targeting. So I don’t actually have a good resource, but I’m gonna write it down. Because that’s something which probably, gee, I’m pretty sure Bradley will know about it. Not so is he asking whether or no I do, I run out, what I’m saying is, I have no, I have not taken the time to learn that ever since. I mean, I haven’t worked in it in about seven, eight years, maybe longer, doing the ads myself, I pay someone to do them. And I pay someone to do them locally, very strategically. Depending on where I want to draw the people, I want local people coming into my project that works incredibly well get people if you’re working locally to go into that landing page into that location page into that map, and interacting with these as part of art, the art of art activity, relevance, trust and authority, people coming into your map interacting, ending up on your website, you can track them through and through analytics and Google search, Google Search Console, in insights, you can track everything that happens. And then in the ads console, when you get the report, you can see it that adds further trust and authority, because just one person going through to the end, and giving you their information and paying you for whatever it centers it, it gives Google that trust and authority that it needs to find more people. And Google will say that running ads will not help with rankings. And it’s kind of like the right but the full shit at the same time. Because the ad in and in and of itself will not rank that page. But what happens is that activity, relevance trust, and authority that you’re injecting into that stream will. And so maybe it’s a byproduct of the admin and it’s correlational, rather than causational. It’s not because you run ads that your PageRank. But it’s what happens because you running ads, that helps to wreck that page. And you don’t need at the local level, I’m telling you right now, you don’t need to do 1000s of people don’t go buy a Fiverr gig for traffic.

Don’t do that very strategically inject traffic into your stream, and you can’t get any more targeted traffic than to have Google through the Display Network, or through YouTube, ads to send people wherever it is that you’ve set up your lander. And there are multiple ways to set up a lander if you’re running YouTube, and if you’re running local ads.

Yeah. I agree. And I think just in the general sense, you know, the question is, is it worth using it? The answer is, of course, it depends. There’s no, yeah, it works. And it’s gonna work for everybody and everybody’s gonna be successful. Otherwise, we’d all you know, I want to be killing it and every advertising platform. So I personally haven’t heard negative reports is all I can say to that. And just to say, it’s like any other ad platform, you’ve got to test and if it works, great. If it doesn’t, great, that’s fine to move on. Like you’re gonna learn either way. So

How Long Does It Take For A GMB To Rank After Applying SM Methodology?

um, okay, so this second one, from Digital Wahid, is definitely. Marco, I’m giving this one to you because the answer for this, how long does it take for a GMB to rank after you acquired it? What do you tell people to do?

Alright, how long it takes you versus somebody else versus Bradley versus me. It totally depends on how well you apply the methodologies. I don’t control that. I have this compensation with my clients all the time when they ask, Well, how long is this gonna take? I don’t control Google. All I can say is I’m going to get your phone to ring. After 90 days, you should, you should see a difference in how much your phone is ringing, how much more. So there will be a percentage increase in calls, there will be a percentage increase in website clicks and asking for directions if they have a brick and mortar, more takes over to the website, more action on the website. These are all things that you can show. And these are I always tell them third party metrics that we use our analytics search console and Google insights. I will not use anything else because I can set up my goals and analytics and show this is what happened. This is a director I don’t need correlational data from a third-party service provider. I don’t need that. I like that to me. That’s almost deceitful to Telecom. Hello, how are we ranking Look how well this is doing it and you’re not making sense?

After six months, after six months, then then it really gets to see the cause really start coming in. And then you get into the lather rinse repeat mode, where it’s just more for link building more embeds plus link building, continuing to post in in the GMB posting, though, the way that we tell you doing the post from the website, if it’s local, then the location pages.

Now here’s something that most people don’t even know it won’t necessarily rank in the three-pack.

So third-party trackers won’t pick it up. What’s happening is is that Google is serving it according to that person’s history. In their smart device, whatever it is, Google is serving in their electronic device, right? So they’re seeing they’re going in, they’re looking for the term, and Google serves it to them, you can see the impression, you can see the impressions in insights. That Well, yeah, but we’re not ranking. This is why I stay away from telling clients, I’m going to rank you for x because that’s meaningless. You can you could rank for 1000 keywords that will not bring your playing a penny.

But you can rank for turns that are money terms, not rank, get impressions and or insights, I forget what they’re called, where people actually, your project, your GMB project was served to that person as a result for that keyword. And you can keep targeting that keyword and sets of keywords with that main entity in it. And then that’s going to get even better results. What tells me what’s happening is the increase in the percentage increase over time that I can show time after time after time on the project after project after project, through the metrics that I said, analytics search console, and Google insights. In analytics, you can set up goals. For example, if you have an e-commerce, and you set up a goal that a person at the thank you page is worth, whatever. So you can have an average cart value, let’s say $150, your products range from whatever to whatever. But you know that after a week, however many people you put in that cart, the average was 100 150 bucks. You set that goal so that when you see that increase, you can both show the client, look, this is how much you’re making because you hired me.

That’s how I handle that I can’t tell you how long it takes. It takes as long as it takes. The more that you do, the better it is. And the closer that you stick to the game plan. The closer that you follow it, the quicker the results, I can smash something and have it producing results in six weeks.

But then not now we get into how much risk? Am I willing to take? And am I willing to risk the client’s project for the sake of getting results? stead of doing that Guess what? run ads and get some quick results. And so now you look like a genius. Wow, you got me 50 calls in six weeks. Wow. The other people who couldn’t get me to sit in months didn’t do anything. They just took my money, you’re actually bringing me cost.

That’s what I use a paperclip for quick results Quick, quick, quick, while I’m getting everything else to come in and produce results. So applying our methodology is going to help you get results ranking I can’t help you with because I don’t control Google. And nobody can tell you that they can help you rank in Google because nobody controls Google. So nobody can guarantee your keyword in Google unless it’s some longtail garbage that nobody needs and nobody’s going to make money from it because nobody’s looking for it. And so nobody’s looking for it. Why would you want to rank for that anyway, but that’s the garden.

The type of garbage that’s being sold right now, that’s not what you want, we go after the market level keyword. And over time, the closer that we get to it, the more money that we produce, I don’t care to rank for the term Amazon, or for the term Google, because I know that I don’t have the billions of dollars is going to take the pick them down. But I know that I can watch the verticals. And take a chunk here and a chunk there next, you know, a client that was making 80 90k a year, is pulling in 150k a month. And all they can do is Pat you in the back and say thank you, how much is it gonna cost me next time. We have a rollover, that’s all they can save, or risk, that they’re gonna lose all that money coming in. So get it gets really interesting. Apply all of our strategies, not just partially, if you get our stuff from somebody else, it’s not our stuff. And we’re not responsible. If you get link building from somebody other than daliah, you’re on your own, you hit your drugs tax from somebody else, you’re on your own. If you get hacked training, if you go and get an RYS Academy Reloaded hack from somewhere, well, you’re not getting the updated information that people are getting in the heavy hitter club.

And so you’re only getting partial information. And yeah, of course, you’re gonna say, Oh, this doesn’t work. Excuse me, but yes, it does. Yes, it does. And I’m going to have something really interesting probably regarding g sites and drive stacks. But we’ll leave that for another time.

What Are Some Effective Strategies To Rank Videos Fast On YouTube And Google in 2021?

Cool. All right, then the next one is talking about YouTube. So Reza, Reza, what is working well to Rank YouTube videos on YouTube and Google fast right now. Well, I’ll start with this one and say that I’ll take a little bit different tax, I do a lot of YouTube videos. And I generally don’t follow up with them beyond anything besides a syndication network. And so a lot of this, like anything goes into proper on my end, proper planning. The beginning prevents having to do a lot of stuff afterward. So if you’re doing this for a client, knowing what you’re getting into, do you know the niche like for myself, a lot of this I’m doing for myself, I’m not doing videos for clients. So I understand already the industry, I know what words I’m using, and what I need to be talking about what I need to be targeting in my title and in my description, and how I want to go about that. So having all of that laid out beforehand, instead of producing a shitty video and then going out and trying to force it, where it probably isn’t gonna rank saves a whole lot of time and effort. So I’m just gonna say that upfront to say, put in the time a little bit beforehand, you know, do the simple things like what are other people already ranking for their video results in the terms you’re looking for? And like some of the really obvious stuff, but I feel like because I’ve done it myself, I’ve overlooked this in the past, and then been like, oh, why is this video not getting any views? Well, I tried to swim against the current. So don’t do that, make sure you’re swimming with the current.

I totally agree. And I just got done talking about running ads to your video, which is just people who are interested in affinity. I don’t, again, I don’t do it. I have somebody who does it.

I have somebody that I can go and pay and say here who will apply our YouTube Silo Academy who will apply other training resources that we that we’ve been through that I’ve put them through. So I’m not interested in necessarily ranking videos, the moment I am, I’ll go in there, I’ll investigate the algorithm, I’ll see what’s going on. And maybe I’ll come out with something regarding YouTube videos, but I know I know that it’s traffic. So it’s, again, activity, relevance, trust, and authority. If your video has activity, from people who somehow have relevance in that niche, through their watch history, through their browsing history, through whatever, that’s going to help that that video to rank way faster than if you just let it sit there or if you have someone on Fiverr send traffic not that it doesn’t work is that you can get it to work better. You can get things to work better by focusing on this relevant traffic that’s going to build trust and authority, but it’s really watching time on your video. And what people do with the video after does it get shared? Because then what you’re doing is is it becoming viral? Now you’ve picked, for example, the YouTube algorithms interest. If you get a whole lot of people that Google sent you or your YouTube send you they’ll give you more people to see what those people do with your video. So like Adam said, If you focus on quality already, if you focus on optimization video optimization right from the start, then when those people do come, it’s going to have a greater effect than if you just pop up a garbage video to see what happens. So take the time to not only produce a quality video that people are going to watch, which is key, but also that people will interact with and hopefully share through other media because Google will go and look what those people then do. So it’s really interesting how Google follows all of these parents because there’s a, there’s an algorithm for it. There’s an algorithm that measures what happens with these links where these things go, because Google can only go through links to all these different sources.

Will It Be Beneficial To Have 50+ GMB Posts Per Month?

Good stuff. All right. He’s got another question. I think this is good. It could be summarized a little bit. I’m not bagging on you. While he that just was thinking that this goes back to what we tell people to do. This is really good. So let me get the question out, and then I’ll explain what I’m saying here. He says I used a tool to reverse engineer the A GMB and found that first on the pack or map pack was doing 40 plus GMB posts a month. So I should start if I start to post 50 or more a month, would that be beneficial? And so first of all, congratulations on actually doing some research though, I think that’s better than just saying, I want to do 50 am I gonna rank like at least you’ve gone in there and started to look at Okay, in this niche on this, here’s what I’m seeing. So to you hats off on that you’re taking the right first step in my mind. So Marco, going past that, though? What do you think? I have no idea. Because I don’t know what else is happening in that 40 plus posts per month, Jimmy?


How are they doing their images? Are they doing them? Are they doing videos? How are they optimizing their images? Are they getting images? locally? Can you get images locally?

Is post the only thing that they’re doing that but what about citations? What about other things that you can do to help your GMB to rank? Did they take care of the business site? Did they publish it? Did there are so many things that can be involved with it, that this is an impossible question to answer? Is it beneficial to post 50 plus per month?

If that’s all they’re doing, then yeah, you should be able to win. But now here’s the thing with content, how well are they focusing on the entities in the niche through their posting, because if you only measure the number of posts, so they’re doing 40, I’m gonna do 41. And you might 41. Post with the same thing over and over again. No, that’s not how it works. But if you take the time out, to filter or to extract the entities, at the start pushing your entities through those posts, and to interlink them, the way that I’m showing in the heavy hitter club, because that’s key, it powers up your entity and powers up everything that’s linked to your entity. Are you using the right buttons in the GMB? Yes, there are right, but what else in the GMB are you using? What else are they using?

So and are they getting reviews? from their clients? If they’re getting reviews? How many do you have? And are they getting reviews with the entity mentioned in the room in the reviews? Because that’s one of the keys, you’ll see it?

I’m not gonna share it here, right, and I can’t share it for free. But we showed it in the heavy hitter club, how much our review can influence what you rank for, and how well or what you get displayed or impressions for.

It has a direct influence. So everything that’s happening right now, in GMB is?

Well, it’s almost as if you can see the cause and effect. So I like to think in if then else, I think I’ve shared this before. So if I see someone posting 40 times per month, then I’m going to go see what it is that they’re posting in those 40 posts per month. And I’m gonna go and try to extract the entities from those posts and see how well they’ve done it. Because I know that I can do it better through the system that Jordan developed and that I expanded on a little bit. With his permission, of course, I always talk to him and say, hey, look, I’m gonna build out on this. Is that, okay? I’m not giving away the training, but I just like him to know that that he is is teaching, what he shared is being kept private and that we’re honoring that commitment. Having said that, I can go I can totally tell you to go and extract the entities how you do that. I’m not going to tell you, but go and go and see how it’s done. And measure that against yours or figure out how you’re going to develop your posts to target those entities. So sad to so in that will it be beneficial. I’ve no idea.

What Are The Best Practices To Get More GMB Reviews?

Yeah, last one here, we’re gonna wrap it up after this, because it’s kind of a follow-on question, but a good one. So what are the best practices to get more reviews? Are there any blackhat methods? So I’ll start out real quick. Yes, there’s always a black hat, man, I think you can do all sorts of shit, that’s against Terms of Service illegal, you know, unethical, or the, you know, just as something you should or should not be doing. I’ll leave it up to you, it’s incredibly easy to find out ways to do that. But the best practices to get more reviews, I mean, the one I love is just, a lot of times businesses forget to ask people and ask people, if you’ve got a good service are a good product, it’s not hard, people don’t mind sharing their opinions, right? Everyone loves to share their opinion. So ask them to write a review. And then beyond that, all I’m gonna say is make it easy. You know, if you’ve got a follow-up email, include a link that say, hey, we’d love it. If you’d share your impressions here. We love the feedback, you know, let everyone else know make it easy and tell him what you want. Beyond that, Marco, what do you think?


So, the best practice for me, it’s exactly what you said. And one of the best ways that we have found is right, when that person is face to face, with whomever, salesperson, service provider, whatever, and then tell them Oh, my God, you saved my life. I don’t know what I would have done really? Here. send the link, can you mention that, please? On on, mentioned our company, and you send them the link to give you the review? Like right there. Don’t wait. Don’t wait. Because if you let that cool off, then there I don’t have time I have to go cook, I have to go clean, I have to. But right there while they’re talking to someone. So what did you think about it? And so can you tell me more. But while you’re doing that, can you just go here and kind of like type it in. And let other people know that you did appreciate our service.

It works. It’s just flat-out work. Because I just want to hop in and say that I’ve got a real-life experience of being on the other side of that. And the last week, I did instacart order, they bring the groceries here. I was busy, I couldn’t get out. They dropped them off. And the guy I’ve never had someone do this. He’s like, hey, thanks, hope you have a great day. By the way, if you could leave me a review and really help. And like I’m 5050 on whether or not I leave a review just because I’m busy. Or I’ll forget or I swipe the notification, but it stuck in my head. And I’m like that guy asked me right reciprocity. He did a good job. He did what he was supposed to. So you wouldn’t give him a review. And I’m like, Damn, that worked. Yeah. Now, are there blackhat methods? I hate the word blackhat. Because it’s it’s something I think it’s something that Google made up for anyone that goes against that Terms of Service. And guess what Google goes against its terms of service. So Google is blackhat. By that, by the very definition that was set up for blackhat. SEO, or however you want to call it. So what I say is, I am the unrepentant spammer, I am an unrepentant manipulator, I will manipulate anything to get the results that I need. I cannot afford to wait for Google to take its sweet time to come to crawl my website and decide where it’s going to position you whether it is because it could decide there, we don’t like it well enough. I need to know right away that what I do is going to have a positive effect on my client or for myself, or else why do it. And then when I realized that there’s no such thing as a black or white hat, you either manipulate or you don’t. And if you don’t, then you’re leaving yourself at the mercy of someone that’s telling you do, as I say, not as I do. Google is one of the worst offenders of its Terms of Service, including manipulating search results. And that includes making it known in one of the patents, how it is that they manipulate the results come on.

But you don’t know but they’ll say publicly that they don’t, but it’s in a patent. This is how we can change the seed side or a seed said, not gonna get into that too technical for this. But just so you know, no such thing, go and manipulate to your heart’s content. Go and spam the web to your heart’s content, get results. Again, trade applies, make money, get someone to help you, and train that person to apply and help make you more money. lather, rinse, repeat. Definitely. Chris, any, any last parting comments on this about reviews?

All reviews less. I mean, like as he said like you just got to ask but like you also need to have like a proper system set up. So to make it easier to make it less complicated, right. And like, a review is not just on Google itself. It can be on Trustpilot it can be on Yelp can be in all kinds of places.

Online, right? Because like Google, and like, not only Google in like pinions on, like, they also crawl a lot of places and to see those things. So especially, for example, Trustpilot. Like, I don’t have any proof or anything, but like, if you have just negative reviews here and just positive on Google, it’s kind of like looks manipulated, if you want to call it that way. And, yeah, if Google doesn’t care, your customers will care.

So yeah, cool. All right, guys. Well, I don’t see anything else. So I think we’re going to wrap it up. Thanks, everyone, for watching. And thanks, Marco, and Chris, for being here. And I think that’ll do it for this week. Sounds good. All right. Cool. All right, everybody, remember to go check out POFU Live, pofulive.com. And thanks for watching.