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Adam: Welcome to your HumpDay Hangouts. Today is the 16th of September. This is episode 46, so we're rolling right on towards 52 straight episodes here. We're going to keep our finger crossed. Everybody stays healthy and be able to make this so we can hit our year mark. Let's see. Almost everybody; Chris is not with us. He's out. I believe he's doing a marketing conference, but we do have Hernan, Marco, and Bradley. How's it going, guys.

Hernan: Hey, everyone. It's good to be here.

Marco: Hey, everybody. What's up?

Bradley: Hey, guys. It's me, Bradley. Adam, your video or camera is not working today. What's up with that?

Adam: Really?

Bradley: Yeah, it's just a black screen.

Adam: It's just awesome new webcam I got, I guess.

Bradley: I think it's probably operator error. It's most likely.

Male: That's too bad.

Bradley: Now I can see at least your image. That's better than nothing. Okay, guys. We don't have really any announcements other than, like Adam said, we're 6 weeks away from 52 weeks, which is our 1-year anniversary. We haven't missed a single week yet, so knock on wood, we'll make it another 6 weeks. If we do, we're going to be doing something special. We're gonna leave it at that, so just count on for our 1-year anniversary. We're going to be doing something special so, guys, be on the lookout for some more announcements as we get [closer 00:01:34] to it. There is Adam. Adam, say hi.

Adam: How's it going? Sorry about that. That was maybe user error but we'll never know.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Bradley: [Put money 00:01:45] on it. We got a lot of questions already so let's jump right in this stuff today and roll through as many as we can. You guys are doing well with posting questions early and ahead of time. That's the only way to get them answered really because this continued to fill [00:02:00] up. We're going to start with Carlos. He says, “Hello, Semantic team. Bradley, you mentioned that you have a template site that has specific plugins that you always use. Question: what are the must-have plugins for any WordPress site, not the security plugins.”

That's a good question. I use WordPress SEO WP editor. I could probably post a list of plugins that I use but [WordPress 00:02:26] security. I know you said don't mention that there you go. I do Video Thumbnails. That's the name of the plugin, VideoThumbnails. That's great for a lot of video blogs because it will create a thumbnail of the featured image out of a thumbnail that it pulls from the video. It does it automatically. That's a good plugin. Disable comments. Always put that in Contact Form 7. Those are a pretty standard plugins. Then I use Backlinks Commando, which we talk about multiple times in our own training and stuff. I use that. I'm trying to think of some of the other ones.

Hernan: I use Ninja Popups.

Bradley: It depends on what the site is for because I use popup sometimes, sometimes I don't. Just depends on what the site is for. There's pretty much just a standard handful of plugins that I put on it. Yoast SEO, I think I mentioned that. I also have the Yoast Video SEO extension. I use that a lot because a lot of blogs I do are video stuff.

Adam: You did say MainWP, right?

Bradley: Yeah. MainWP Child, yeah, because I manage most of my sites through that because it just makes it so much easier to update and keep track of stuff.

Hernan: It really depends and you said, Bradley, what you're trying to do, Carlos with [Ed 00:03:43] for [PBNs 00:03:44], for example, Yoast and some security and something like XML sitemaps or better, XML sitemaps and a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache or something that that will [crosstalk 00:03:56]

Marco: Something to keep [the juice 00:03:58] on sites so something [00:04:00] that real ones by default, right?

Bradley: Yeah, there's a couple of them, 404 to start is one of them. A new one that I've been using recently that I like is called 404 to 301. It's 404, t-o, 301. It's like Link Juice Keeper or whatever, so it's very similar. You can redirect all the non-existent pages back to your home page. If I'm using Yoast, I use the Yoast XML sitemaps not, I don't [inaudible 00:04:28] the additional plugin because they have a really good site map function inside of Yoast. For PBNs, it's good to switch up like the SEO plugin sometimes, just so you're not leaving the same footprint. Again, just totally depends on what the site is for. There's just a handful, like I said, about six or seven plugins that I pretty much install on every single site. If you want a list of them, I'll try to post a list maybe later after this event is over tonight and you can see it there.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:04:58] you can't go without the Semantic Mastery RSS plugin that you must have.

Bradley: That's right.

Hernan: Yeah, if you're doing IFTTT. I've also found that having some kind of social plugin like Digg Digg or something like that, especially on PBNs, it helps. You'll get some social signals but it helps you know appearing as a legit website. That's what I'm trying to say.

Bradley: I like one called Social Media Feather for that. I like it because if you guys put a social media, a floating social bar plugin on your WordPress site, you'll notice if you go check in GTmetrix, it will slow your loads time way down and because it's calling the API to see what the social counts are on those counter bars. It really does slow the page load down. I like to use a plugin called Social Media Feather because it does not call the accounts until you actually click on one of the [00:06:00] social media icons. Then it will call the count. It doesn't slow the page load. I do like that plugin quite a bit.

Marco: Another plugin that I like to use is the one for the Facebook widget, and then maybe Twitter. If I put the Facebook widget on there, I won't do the Twitter. If I do the Twitter, I won't do the Facebook. It just adds variation and just to keep constant, fresh content on that web page so when bot comes in, it just sees new content over and over.

Bradley: I would suggest, and I've started doing the Twitter widget a lot recently because of the ninja Twitter recipes that we've been working with inside Semantic Mastery because of the RYS Academy. Guys, Twitter SEO Academy is coming up very shortly. That'll be our next product launch, product release. It'll be inexpensive. What's the price point on that going to be? Like 147, I think.

Marco: Right, yeah, we're planning for 147. We're trying to keep the cost down so that we could keep it at that price range.

Bradley: It's awesome, guys. Twitter, because there's this whole bromance going on between Twitter and Google right now. Twitter is a great source of traffic but it's also really good for SEO now and so installing a Twitter widget when you could set up automated recipes that can pull in content very specific to your niche into your Twitter feed and then you can just put a Twitter widget on your site. That's going to keep relevant and fresh content constantly on your site which is great for all sites really. That's coming up very soon. Mastermind members get that included obviously for free as part of their membership. Everyone else, it'll be rather inexpensive and nobody else is teaching this kind of stuff. You [want to 00:07:53] look out for that.

Plain URLs or Anchor Texts When Backlinking

Carlos, number two, he says, “When buying backlinks for your Tier 2, do you like plain URLs or anchor text better?” Mix, Carlos. For Tier 2 backlinks, I use a mix of generic terms and very broad keywords, not exact match keywords but broad keywords. For example, like if it was Dallas plumber, I might use plumber or plumbing, plumbing contractor, plumbing company, that sort of thing, as the anchor text but then I also use generics and then URL anchors, like you said. Just remember, if you're going out, guys, Tier 2 links or when you're buying Tier 2 links, you don't really want a whole bunch of exact match anchors.

You actually want very little of them because [inaudible 00:08:39] Google is looking out two levels now at your anchor text profile and it wouldn't be natural to be linking with exact match anchors to Tier 1 links, for the most part. You can link with Tier 2 links with brand terms though, however, depending on what you're linking to. For example, if you're linking, if you're building links to your Tier 1 IFTTT properties and it's a branded Tier 1 network, then you could be linking what brand anchors to your, say, WordPress.com or Blogger or Twitter or whatever because it makes sense. It's a branded property. You can make some brand anchors in there as well and that actually would look natural.

Marco: Bradley, you know what I've seen working really well?

Bradley: What's that?

Marco: It's if you link an entire sentence that actually answers the question with the keyword somewhere in there. It doesn't have to be in sequence but as long as the keyword is in there, that Google figures it out and so that works really well.

Hernan: The newspaper does that a lot. That's a pretty cool technique if you're doing and it will allow you to do some conversational searches. That's pretty cool because Google, then you know they're trying to keep answering the questions from the user so [00:10:00] conversational keywords that will add a lot of value.

Bradley: That's what Hummingbird was all about. Hummingbird is what actually made the Google's algorithm. It basically replaced the search engine with the Semantic Web engine which is Google's version of the Semantic Web search engine and that was really what it was about. It was about longer tail conversational type queries. Because a lot of people are doing searches via mobile device now and instead of typing, they click little microphone icon and speak their query. That's what hummingbird was all about, was about being able to provide search results based on, or understanding more complex queries based on natural speech patterns.

Like what they're saying with using long sentences or long phrases as anchor text is actually a really good way because it can reinforce and actually help you to show up for mobile searches when people are speaking the search queries in. That's a great way to optimize, as well as like with Marco said, you don't have to have your keywords, guys, anymore. This has been for quite some time now.

For example, we'll say plumber Atlanta GA. You know people always try to optimize for crap like that but you don't need to do that. You could optimize for “looking for a plumber in Atlanta”, something like that. The point is is the key words occur and that phrase but they don't have to be exact match like side-by-side. As long as they occur within the sentence. On another note, just so you know this, you can have a [raw 00:11:38] like a naked URL with a keyword preceding it or after it, just in close proximity to the URL and it will pass relevance that way as well.

That's another good strategy if you're building backlinks and you're doing contextual links. You can have the key word in a phrase prior to or following a naked URL and that will actually pass [00:12:00] relevant keyword relevancy depending on how close it is in proximity back through that link. Because, remember, Google's algorithm is becoming more and more advanced all the time. Guys, welcome to the Semantic Web. That's what it's looking for [is 00:12:14] semantic relationships between words and then it will pass that relevancy even through naked URLs. Hopefully that answered your question, Carlos. We'll move on.

Flagged YouTube Account Because of Third Party Content

Adrian says, “Hi, guys. I recently received a strike on my YouTube account from Google. Ouch, that sucks. [And was 00:12:28] hoping you might be able to help although Google let me know the reason for the strike, sort of, I thought [that 00:12:33] would just [checked 00:12:33] if you guys had anything helpful to add. They said the reason was third-party content, which I'm guessing mean, might mean duplicate content. I'm using my channel to promote affiliate offers, by the way.”

It can, yeah. I've had third-party content flags before. I've never got an actual strike but a lot of time, most of the time that I've ever seen that happen on my own channels is when I've had music that was copyrighted. What I'll do is I'll go in and delete. I haven't got a strike though. I've gotten a flag. I've gone in and, actually, if there's no speech that I have to worry about on the video, then you can actually use the YouTube Editor to replace the audio and get rid of the copyrighted audio. Just use something that's in their Creative Commons library but if you have speech obviously you can't. You have to pretty much just delete the video, rerender it with a new background music track or whatever and then reupload it.

Now, I don't know that that's particularly your situation, Adrian. If you also have third-party content, if you copy somebody else's video, for example, you download it and then upload it on your channel and they catch you, they can report it as copyright infringement. Then you can catch a strike that way as well.

I have been fortunate enough that, first of all, I don't do that anymore but I used to do that years ago. I would copy other people's video or even just sections of their video, edit out sections of the video to include in my own videos. I actually [00:14:00] had a tree service company for lead gen videos that I was doing. I had another tree service company contact me via YouTube and told me that they saw that I had used sections of their video in my own and that they were going to report me unless I took them down.

Unfortunately, I had used a section of their video about 35 or 36 videos so I had to go in and actually delete all those videos and start over. Luckily, they didn't give me a strike. They could have but they were cool enough to at least reach out to me first and give me the opportunity to take them down. Most people don't give you that option. They'll just go report your ass especially if they feel that you're a threat. You guys got anything to add to that?

Hernan: No, I think you nailed it probably.

Marco: [Now 00:14:43] read through the questions so you'll get to it.

Bradley: I was trying out live events for the first time struggling a bit when I edited a video after I'd finished. I'd noticed after I had received the strike that the unedited version was still on my channel. Could this have been deemed to be a copy of the edited version which was deleted? I'm pretty sure this would be duplicate content as I think you mentioned that live event videos were always unique.

Yeah, they they should be. I don't think that's the issue. Again, only if you were trying to live stream a pre-recorded video that was somebody else's content. Again, if it wouldn't be the YouTube algorithm that picks up the duplicate content, it would be somebody finds it and reports it. That's one way to catch a strike. I did, however, have the same video uploaded on the normal way to the same channel so I wondered if this would constitute duplicate content, as in it was the same video as the live events.

No. Guys, again, if you try to upload a traditional or standard upload a video and it's the exact same file, YouTube won't even allow you to do it. It will give you a red warning error and it will say duplicate content, duplicate video, duplicate file, something like that. I know because I've done it. I've done it on accident where I've uploaded a video on one tab and then forgot that I had uploaded. Then [00:16:00] another time I tried to upload it and it will flag it. It won't you to do it but if you change the file or you live stream it, it will allow it. I've never seen anybody getting a third-party content flag from uploading the same video twice to their channel. It has to be third-party content, which means it's somebody else's content that you using.

Again, most of time I've seen that is from music. However, if somebody says that you're using images that you too from their website or whatever, they can report it and you can get a strike that way.

Regarding the description, [having 00:16:39] description rewritten on Fiverr and was wondering about Copyscape. If the guys on Fiverr put rewritten descriptions through Copyscape checking against a description that I haven't yet posted, it would show that it was indeed unique because I hadn't yet posted the original. Then when I do you post the original, it is flagged up or did the guys on fire put the original in their own versions through Copyscape to check? Sorry, but never knew Copyscape well.

I don't know because I don't know that the Fiverr guys do Copyscape check stuff. How do you confirm that? You have to check it yourself. Copyscape is cheap. Don't spend 20, put $20 in Copyscape. It's $0.05 per Copyscape check so go put $20 in there you get twenty checks per dollar. You can do what, 400 checks for $20 bucks? Those credits last a year so ago put $20 in Copyscape. It's called Copyscape Premium and in that way you can check your own descriptions and stuff if you want. However, I've never seen a description [cause 00:17:36] a third-party content.

Adam: Adrian, if you're worried about this, I mean, it sounds like you're making this way too complicated for yourself. Just don't use something that possibly be a duplicate. Just don't do it.

Bradley: Make an original.

Adam: That's right.

Bradley: Honestly, Adrian, because this is a lot of work for something. Obviously, I would just say try to create your own content [instead of uses many else 00:17:57]. It sounds like you used somebody else's content is what I'm saying [00:18:00].

Hernan: Yeah, and if you're doing Fiverr, sometimes you [can 00:18:05] contact the provider and ask them to pass their contents with Copyscape. They will likely do it unless they are doing something duplicate content. If that's the case, you know what to do.

Bradley: Number four, [so 00:18:21] since the video has been deleted by YouTube I can't check but there is a possibility that I may mistakenly put the same description in the two videos. Again, I've never seen a third-party [inaudible 00:18:31]. Remember, a third-party content issue is you're using somebody else's content, whether it's the video, the music, images, anything. I've never seen a description cause it. I'm not saying it can't happen, I've never seen it. I don't think the descriptions have anything to do with that, honestly. I think it has to do with the video content itself. I could be wrong but that would be my assumption.

Recovering Live Events on a Flagged YouTube Account

He says, “In which case, I suppose I have to hold my hands up. Unfortunately, I've lost [the use 00:18:59] of the live events on the channel. Do you know if and when I might be able to use them again?” Yes, 6 months. First of all, delete the videos that's being flagged. If it's not already deleted, delete the videos that are being flagged and then make sure that you don't do anything else spammy with that channel for 6 months, and then that strike should be lifted. Hopefully that helps.

Software for Setting Up IFTTT Networks

Jack Joseph says, “Hi. I know that you've referenced Tony Hayes' IFTTT software. If I am short on time and resources to get the IFTTT setups done right and quickly, do you recommend the software to help me with this problem? I have like other stuff he has done. Thanks.” Jack, if you used software to set up your networks, they're not going to be nearly as effective as if you set them up manually. If you don't have time to set them up manually, purchase them from us. Honestly, I mean, you could hire a VA and train them to do it yourself, that's perfectly fine. If you're short on time, you have to work, you got to put the time in to train them or you can [00:20:00] hire us to do it. We've got done for you networks that are set up properly, themed correctly, they have strong identities and/or strong brands, and they're very effective.

Adam: Jack, just in case you don't know the difference. I mean, I've used that software too. I just wanted to check it out. I forget, and don't quote me on the numbers here, but I think you could open accounts on something like maybe five to eight different types of platforms. I think some of them started getting shut down or it wasn't able to really do it reliably. It's making these ones that what Bradley will call orphaned accounts. It opens them up but then they're not connected to each other and that's it. It just makes these ghost accounts which has its purpose but it's not the same as having these interconnected, having them themed , having a persona behind it, things like that. Just so you know, by all means, use it for what you want to you or do it our way but it's kind of two different things.

Hernan: It doesn't only happens with Tony Hayes so far. I mean, if you use FCS Networker, if you're using [Moneybot 00:21:02] or standard [poster 00:21:01], whatever software you are using to create IFTTT accounts, they will get the same treatment because they're automated. That's why we don't automate it.

Bradley: All the stuff that in our done-for-your networks, they're created manually by a team of the VAs, virtual assistants. They're all manually created, they're all themed, they're all interconnected, they are interlinked with each other, phone verified accounts, the whole nine. They're just much more effective.

RSS Syndication in Blogger

Lynn says, “My question is, if I create an RSS feed from a blog that is being supplied content from my video uploads on YouTube, example Blogger, can I create an RSS feed from that blog and feed it to my newly created recipes as per your blog Excel sheet I downloaded?” Sure you can, of course you can, Lynn. Sure you can. You can feed an IFTTT network with any sort of RSS feed. It could be your main money site if you have one, like a self-hosted WordPress or whatever site [00:22:00] platform you're using. It could be a Weebly RSS feed, it could be Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com, anything that has an RSS feed. You can feed and IFTTT network with Twitter. Even in Twitter you don't even need an RSS feed.

You can, though. In fact, somebody actually shared a Twitter RSS feed generator. I think it's Valerie [Tobin 00:22:20] inside the IFTTT SEO Academy. Anything that has an RSS feed, Lynn, you can use to feed an IFTTT Network. In fact, let's just go look at that really quickly. That's not it. Valerie [Tobin 00:22:37] shared in the IFTTT SEO Academy a new Twitter RSS feed generator. I haven't tested it yet but it looked easy to use and so check it out if you're already inside the Academy. It's in the Facebook group.

Marco: If not, we did a way a [webinar 00:22:53] on it.

Keyword Research and On Page- SEO on Local Leads

Bradley: [Cesar Cabo 00:22:56] says, “What is the best way to do keyword research and on-page SEO for local lead gen? I've read that Google's latest algorithm update eliminates the need to target geo-modified keywords, such as niche plus city. I would not believe that article. I've noticed that in some niches doing just the broad keywords, like plumbing service, where [we turn 00:23:16] a lot of maximum results exactly, [Cesar 00:23:19], that's why you want to add the geo-modifier. Maybe one or two local results for other niches typing in only the broad search without the geo-modifier returns a lot of local results.

It also depends on what kind of device you're searching from. If you're just searching from a desktop or laptop, a lot of the times if you type in just the broad keywords, it is going to return national results mixed with local results. On a mobile device, if you search [for 00:23:49] normal, like broad keywords, it will often just return local results, so it depends on device you're on. That's why I recommend you still use the geo-modifier.

Like we were mentioning earlier in the first question, you don't have to optimize the content for like plumber Atlanta GA, which is what people still do. They still hammer that away, hammer away at that keyword phrase exact match because they think that that's what they need to do. They don't need to do that. You don't need to do that anymore. You just need to have the most important place for you to have the geo-modifiers and the title tag, which is the SEO title, the meta title. Then, to have it just in the content a couple of times that's it.

The keyword density things that used from years ago people saying, “You know, every hundred words you should have the keyword.” Now, you don't need to do that anymore. You just need to have it mentioned a couple of times. Google's algorithm is good enough. If you've already got it in the domain, by the way, you certainly don't need to mention it [more than 00:24:46] in the title tag. That makes sense.

Let me let me open something up real quick because this [worth covering 00:24:52]. I know we got a lot of questions to get through.

Marco: Hey, Bradley [inaudible 00:24:55]

Bradley: Yes, sir?

Marco: While you're doing that, my suggestion to him would be to mimic a mobile search and you could do that through Bluestacks, right? Bluestacks and a local IP and then type in the keyword without the modifier, with and without, and see what kind of results you can get on mobile to just to see how it behaves and then he can optimize that way.

Bradley: [Agreed 00:25:27]. Again, anybody that tells you that that's not important anymore, they don't do SEO, honestly, because if you do local SEO, you'll realize that it's absolutely still necessary at least for all the niches I work in to have the local modifier at least a couple strategic places, a couple key places. What I'm showing here, guys, this is, through my testing, the four most important places that you need to be aware of when you're optimizing a page, the first [00:26:00] four things that the bot, the Googlebot looks at when it comes to [index 00:26:04] to crawl your page is: the SEO title, number one; the URL, number two; number three would be the page title, what's called the h1 tag. [Most of all 00:26:13] WordPress themes, by default, the page title will be in h1 tag and in the meta description.

I can't tell you how many people have read or heard said meta descriptions don't count anymore. They actually do. There's two things about a meta description that are an important. Number one, first let me get through this. The exact match keyword, I only need or care if the exact match keyword, like plumber Atlanta GA, the only place that I would ever use that exact match keyword would be in the SEO title. That's what shows up in the search results. What usually I'll do, like plumber Atlanta GA, dash, and then phone number.

Although that's kind of a double-edged sword now, putting the phone number, and the title tag, only because you want to entice a click-through now because not getting a click-through can actually hurt you. Click-through rate is a huge metric right now for ranking.

That's beside the point. For [keyword's sake 00:27:09], purposes, or keywords purposes, I would put the exact match title and the SEO title or, excuse me, [that 00:27:14] exact match keyword in the SEO title. URL, I'll try to keep it short and succinct. If you got a partial match, that's okay but I would not put the exact match like what old-school SEO would tell you, you want to repeat the exact match keyword in the URL. I don't do that anymore. Page title, the h1 tag, I use a variation of the keyword. It does not have to be like plumber Atlanta Georgia. It could be plumbing company, what to look for in a plumbing company in Atlanta Georgia, or something like that. I use a conversational type title that basically announces what the rest of the content on the page is going to be about. It's like a full sentence, it's not just a keyword, and usually LSI keyword.

Lastly [00:28:00] the meta description. The meta description, do not put an exact match keyword in. Put a variation of it but use that as a call-to-action like ad copy because that's what's going to differentiate you and entice a higher click-through on the search results pages. If you have a strong call-to-action in your meta description, you can work a keyword into there. I just wouldn't make an exact match. I would only put one exact match keyword in any of these four and my choice is always going to be the SEO title. You want to optimize the meta description to entice a click-through and make it stand out. You want it to be almost like ad copy for Google AdWords. You want it to be really strong call-to-action, very compelling, in other words.

Keyword Research Tool

He says, “I've always been a little confused [as 00:28:50] how you gauge potential traffic when researching keywords.” I'm sorry. As far as the keyword research, [Cesar 00:28:58], I would recommend, again, I use Power Suggest Pro to find keywords now, depending on the niche. If it's a very narrow niche, you might not get much results returned but I like to use Power Suggest Pro to find out keywords that are suggested phrases based on my seed set of keywords. I use that because those are no absolutely have traffic and, especially, they provide mobile traffic. A lot of mobile traffic comes from suggested phrases. That's because if you start to search on a smartphone.

Guys, take out your smartphone. Go to Google.com and start typing in a local search phrase. You'll see half of your phone is the touchpad keyboard, half of the screen. The other half is suggested phrases. A lot of traffic comes through from Google suggest on mobile. I you suggest Power Suggest Pro to find those. Like I said, if you have a very narrow niche, it might be difficult to find keywords. For most larger cities, you'll find suggested phrases, nonetheless. [00:30:00]

Hernan: Sorry, Bradley. That's https://semanticmastery.com/powersuggest in case somebody wants to check it out.

Bradley: Yeah, I think so. Is it Adam? On top of it, he usually is.

Adam: Yep. Sorry. What link are you looking for?

Bradley: Power Suggest.

Adam: I'll toss it in there real quick.

Geo-Modifier Keywords

Estimating Potential Traffic

Bradley: He says, “It's always been a little, uh, I've always been a little confused as how to gauge potential traffic when researching keywords and with or without the geo-modifier and Keyword Planner.” Guys, the Keyword Planner is an AdWords tool. It's not an SEO tool. You can use it as a reference point but it is not an SEO tool. It's an AdWords tool. It's for people purchasing or bidding for pay-per-click. Again, you can gauge as a benchmark, kind of as a reference point, but do not count on the Keyword Planner, keyword data for SEO. There are other tools.

Power Suggest Pro is beautiful. There's another one and just being relaunched, again, that a lot of people like to use. What's it called? Long Tail Pro. There's another one by Peter Drew, RankSpy, that does competition research, which is actually really cool. It's got a monthly expense but it's a very powerful tool. I use a combination of Power Suggest Pro. I go to the keyword planner first to get ideas, then I go to Power Suggest Pro, and then I go to RankSpy. Those are the three keyword tools I use religiously.

Ranking with Geo-Modifier Keywords

Let's see. The last one would be, I'm sorry, “If you rank on page 1 for keyword with geo-modifier, would it be safe to safe to assume that you would also rank on the first page without the geo-mod?” It depends on which device, [Cesar 00:31:42], again, if somebody is searching from. If it's from a desktop, there's a likely chance that you would not rank. From a mobile device, if somebody's in your local area for that keyword, then there's a very good chance it will rank. Also make sure your site [00:32:00] is mobile-optimized or else you won't.

NAP for Businesses without Maps Listing

I know it's good to put the NAP on your site to help Google find you locally but what if you don't have any maps listing? Should you just make up a local address? Does having NAP on your site make it a big difference in local search? It does if you have an address. I wouldn't put a fake one on there, though. If you're worried about it, go rent PO Box and use the street address so that you actually have a local address. That's what I do. Having NAP on your site is important but actually you don't even need to have it visible on your site anymore. You can have it in header using JSON-LD Structured Data markup. We've been teaching that inside the master class.

[Cesar 00:32:40], I believe you have access to that. Go back to the local case study that we did and you'll see exactly where the JSON-LD Structured Data markup is and we did a whole training on it, examples and everything. Isn't [Cesar 00:32:56] in the MasterMind, guys?

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: We did a whole webinar on it inside the MasterMind, [Cesar 00:33:04]. It's very important. Having an structured data on your site if you have an address is very important. Even if you don't have an address, I think you could still put same as [a tribute 00:33:18] and the header. Can't you, Marco? Would you know that? We're saying [crosstalk 00:33:22]

Marco: What's that again?

Bradley: Even if you don't have a local address, you can still use structured data and use the same as [a tribute 00:33:27]?

Male: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:33:30]

Bradley: To point to all your other properties? [You know 00:33:32] you're supposed [crosstalk 00:33:33]

Hernan: Yeah, of course. I've been doing it for some affiliate sites that I've been developing recently and the Google structured data [testing 00:33:45] tool lights up like Christmas.

Bradley: That's right. Again, [Cesar 00:33:52], I believe you're in the mastermind so you can go back and search our webinars, the webinar replays category in the mastermind and you'll see. We did a whole entire webinar specifically about [00:34:00] structured data markup.

Geo-Modifier in Anchor Texts

Lastly, should your anchor text backlinks include geo-modifier? No, not anymore. The reason why, guys, is, especially the last part of this, is it says if your site has the city name in the URL or the meta, I don't know what you mean about the meta, but as far as having any URL [then no 00:34:17], because anytime [you're noting 00:34:19] naked URL link, which everybody says, “You know, you gotta use naked URLs.” That's true but if you have an exact match domain, so you got your exact match keywords in the domain, guys, that can get you into trouble for over optimization and trigger a penguin penalty.

I recommend that you don't use EMDs anymore but if you have one, that's fine. Just use more generic brand or broad keywords in your anchor text. You don't need to include the geo-modifier because that looks unnatural. If you go to Google Keyword Planner and you look at search volume which, again, it's AdWords [search stuff 00:35:01] that you're looking at but you can use it as a benchmark, as a reference.

If you look at it, and let's say Dallas plumber or Atlanta plumber [or if 00:35:08] she's Atlanta plumber. Let's say that gets searched 120 times per month. You need to look at how many times that keyword phrase gets searched per month and then you don't want to build, let's say, 50 links in a month with that exact match keyword anchor back to your site because that would be an unnatural ratio of searches to inbound links, new inbound links, because that's just natural. Nobody would link to that that many times with that kind of a keyword phrase.

I don't even use exact match anchors in my keywords or, excuse me, exact match keywords as my anchors anymore except for every now and then if I need a boost, I get a Sape Link, something really powerful and I'll use an exact match anchor in that, but that's only if I have a very diverse anchor text profile already. Then I'm just trying to really hammer home a specific anchor and that's when I'll use like a really powerful Sape Link or something like [00:36:00] that to boost it.

Setting up Old Domains for IFTTT Networks

These questions are deep today. Let's keep going. Bill Thomas says, “I have at least 400 domain names relating to the [IM field 00:36:11] and one GoDaddy account. Some have been in there for 7 years. The newest is 3 years old, all have the same ownership info. Okay. If I want to use some and a PBN, I realize I need to mix up the hosting and site platforms. But what can I do to change the domain name registration info other than just making them private? Also, is there anything else I should be doing? What would [be the do 00:36:30]? Thanks, guys.”

You could set up other GoDaddy accounts under personas and then push them into those accounts. If you have control, Bill, over other persona accounts that you set up [what 00:36:44] you should anyways, if you're on this webinar or posting questions on this events page, you should have multiple personas already setup because of the IFTTT training. You can set up new GoDaddy accounts underneath those different personas and push those domains from your account into the persona accounts at which time they would be considered new domain registrations. You know what I mean? That's one way you can do it. Anybody else got any suggestions on that?

Hernan: Yeah. I was about to say that he could also push them, for example, I would take them out if he has, like, how many, 400 domain names? I would also take them out from GoDaddy only and go [for example 00:37:29] to Namecheap or something like that. To diversify a little bit, now he here's something that I've been thinking. I have an agency and a lot of times we have domains that are not our own. There are clients domains that they decide they don't want to open a Namecheap or GoDaddy account or whatever. We register it for them but the registrant name would be theirs, the technical content [00:38:00] [and whatnot 00:38:00]. I'm just holding the account or the domain in my account but it's not mine. It's the registrant name. I know that Google is registrant as well so you can have a lot of domains that aren't actually yours. Just to diversify little bit, you can push them into a name chip account, for example, or use different registrant names and contact names.

Bradley: He says, “I also meant to ask when I joined the mastermind, do I get the master class as well?” Yes, Bill, of course you do. You get everything that we have included in your mastermind membership 100%. Anything under $300 is included including access to all of our other membership programs and then anything over $300 is a 30% discount if you so choose to purchase.

IFTTT Recipes for Similar Channels

Earl says, “Is there any reason why you cannot have IFTTT recipes to push book, blog posts, and YouTube videos to the same network?” No, there's no reason you can't, Earl. You certainly can. If you got a channel that's syndicating to a branded network, for example, and then you got a website, a money site that's also syndicating to the same, I just recommend that you don't take a video that you upload to a channel and then embed that into a post and publish a post on your site [or 00:39:19] the same video because then you're networks are going to have basically duplicate posts, two posts targeting the same thing.

Now, if you switch it up, if you have a video that syndicates from your channel but then you use that same video on a blog post but the content is different, like the written content, the title is slightly different, that sort of thing. That's fine too. There's no reason you can't [dual-purpose 00:39:38] it. Feel free to do so. Florian has got a bunch here.

Male: [inaudible 00:39:47]

Multiple Subdomains, Local Citations for Different Target Cities in IFTTT Networks


Bradley: Florian, everybody else can go home because Florian is just going to spend the rest of the time with [them 00:39:55]. He says, “I landed a client who wants me to get him on top of Google for 10 different locations, for two [00:40:00] main activities: plumbing and locksmiths. It's kind of an odd combination. I'm planning on creating 10 different subdomains, one for each city, so a total of 20 total subdomains. Then I will order 20 IFTTT Networks from you guys, one for each subdomain.” Right on, Florian. Bring it, but I don't want to do all the work for this client without warranties. I'm planning to duplicate the client subdomains on one of my own domain and then 301 on a subdomain by subdomain and page-by-page basis the client website.

This is an advance question. This is something we typically won't answer on this, guys, because this is more reserved for mastermind stuff.

Hernan: He's talking Switchbox SEO.

Bradley: I know he is. This is something we don't typically answer on. Let me just finish reading. That way I will build backlinks and everything on my own domain and protect my investment while ranking my client. “If I do this strategy, actually create the IFTTT Networks on my own subdomains.” I can answer this. No. Create them, Florian, for your clients. If your client is paying you, then I create the IFTTT Networks and I charge them a lot of money to brand it for the client. They get to keep the network in case they let me go or decide that they don't need me anymore. They get to keep the network.

That's why I charge them such a premium. I understand you're trying to protect yourself and that's fine. We teach that. However, there were certain things that just makes sense to give the client. One of the them being their IFTTT Networks.

Local Citations

What about the citations?” The citations you build direct to the client site. Don't build them to your own because that wouldn't look right. If they went to Yelp and they saw it pointing back to your domain, which is 301 to their site, then they're going to raise hell with you. You you can't do that. You got to treat your clients correctly. Look. I understand completely. That's where clients are a pain in the ass. I don't like working with clients much either but there are some things that you just have to do. For citations and blog postings [00:42:00] and stuff like that, that all goes on the client domain. Any kind of link building that I'm doing outside of citations or IFTTT blog posts syndication is all done to a 301 domain that I have control over.

If I connect IFTTT my own domains when I publish a blog post now, again, don't do that. Connect the network to their site. Do the blog posting on their site. Don't worry about it. “Sorry for the long post, need a guidance to set this up.” It's okay, Florian. That's something, again, there are certain things that you just have to provide the client with and those are some of them, citations. If you're going to be doing blog syndication, use their IFTTT Networks that are theirs so that the attribution link is pointing back to their domain. Otherwise, you're making double the work anyways.

If you have to do the blog posts on your site first and then go over to their site and post on their blog, duplicate the content, copy the content over, you're going to double your work. To me, that's not an efficient way to work.

Hernan: Also, Florian, have in mind that a branded IFTTT Network has all of the contents that belong to the client. That's one of the things that we cannot take when we leave.

Bradley: That's right.

Hernan: Because if we have their [inaudible 00:43:18] that's what makes them so powerful, that they have all of those semantic little snippets of text and keywords and whatnot that makes the brand of your client a real brand [under its 00:43:28] Google sites, the logo. We know that Google can recognize images now so it keeps s seeing the image over and over again on the same meta data, on the same description, the keywords and the content. That's something that we usually cannot take with us if we decide to leave.

Doing SEO on E-Commerce Sites

Bradley: Florian says, “Following with the previous question, if I want older IFTTT in bulk, is it better to contact you directly?” Yes, contact us via Support. We do have bulk options for volume purchasers and we have a separate order form and separate pricing for that, [00:44:00] Florian, so we can certainly accommodate you. Contact us via Support. Florian says, “I'm on fire today. I also have a new eCommerce client who's in the paving and terrace field [to 00:44:12] hire, he hired me for doing SEO. [I'm 00:44:13] really competitive in national keywords [crosstalk 00:44:16].”

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:44:16] Florian.

Bradley: Good for you, buddy.

Hernan: He's killing it.

Bradley:Do you guys have any specific advice on tricks on eCommerce?” I am not an eCommerce guy. However, what we typically have done in the past [or 00:44:29] have done eCommerce stuff. It's not my forte, so to speak, but I will put a blog on a subdomain of the eCommerce site and install WordPress and then set up IFTTT Networks and do blog syndication like I typically would with any other type of site and use that, the subdomain, as a content distribution engine that I manage and control so that I don't have to worry about trying to optimize e-product pages and everything else. Then I just use contextual links from within the blog post to point to the product pages.

Hernan: Right. What I've done for eCommerce, Florian, is that you have a good opportunity to you some Schema markup, and not only for product description but for the prices. If you got reviews, you have stars us, all of that click drawing little snippets that you can add to the description, that could work really well for eCommerce. You have a great opportunity with product descriptions and silo in categories, usually eCommerce sites or eCommerce plugins will help you do that really well.

Marco: Videos, tons of product videos and videos properly marked up also.

Bradley: Yeah, and targeting product keywords because you can get a lot of traffic targeting product keywords and they're generally easier to rank for. If you go very specifically product like product names and model numbers and stuff like that because people do search for that kind of stuff. They're generally a lot easier to [00:46:00] rank because they're so specific.

Hernan: They have [biting 00:46:03] intent, too, so if you get your planned rank for that, not only you will increase their rankings, you will increase their revenue.

Bradley: That's right. You're right. When people are searching for specific model numbers of products, they are ready to purchase, like they're looking for somewhere to purchase it from. Because on that scale, I think I will have to do some white hat stuff. If he's paying a lot of money, then you can. That's the thing, guys. If you have a budget, a proper marketing budget, then you can do a lot of additional things. You can start doing press release campaigns to generate those ton of traffic as well. There's just so much stuff that you can do if you have a proper budget.

Sape Links and PBN Links

Kevin says, “What will be the best way to use my PBN link to my money site? Then after that, will you Sape links to the PBN links? Would it be better to create a post with contextual links to my money site and hit that with Sape links or embed a YouTube video that has two links to the money site and the description and hit the post with Sape links or combine both and have YouTube EmbedPlus one contextual link.” Kevin, links within YouTube descriptions are nofollow links. They're still valuable links but if you're looking specifically to push juice, which is why I'm assuming you're going to be using Sape links. Why else would you use them?

Don't get me wrong, guys. I love Sape links but the whole reason we use them is to push juice. Hitting a nofollow link is not going to help. You still want to do the video because you can drive traffic to your product offer or through that link, so you still want to have the links to your money site in your description of your video regardless. For pure SEO reasons, yes the contextual links from your PBN over to your money site is the best way to go. You can combine both. You can absolutely combine both and have the YouTube EmbedPlus the one contextual link and that's a great strategy because we all know that Google loves YouTube. [00:48:00] Having a YouTube embed on the post is great as well. That's just going to help everything overall but where your power from the Sape links is going to come from is the contextual link from your PBN over to your money site as a dofollow link.

Creating a Directory for an e-Commerce Client

Florian says, “This is the last one for today. I swear.” It better be, Florian. No, I'm kidding. “The eCommerce client works with a lot of landscaping companies and he's planning to do partnerships with them by doing a directory for landscapers. He gave me the idea to really go in, all in and create a [Legion 00:48:28] website for landscapers and dominate all the big cities here in France but I will not be able to handle all of them. So I was thinking about offering to you guys some sort of partnership (laughs) to invade France and all the landscaping plus city keywords. I'm also thinking about joining the MasterMind so maybe I will find inside the mastermind partners easy, want easy ranking and money.”

Yeah, Florian, that's what I would recommend. Personally, I don't know about my partners. I can't speak for them but I can tell you right now I'm not partnering with anybody for any kind of projects like this because we got too much shit going on at Semantic Mastery and I cannot spread myself anymore thin. I don't know about my other partners. I can't speak for them but I know that inside the mastermind, there are a lot of other really good, high-level SEOs that may very well be a great joint venture partner for you.

Hernan: Even in France, I can think of two people off the top of my head on the mastermind.

Adam: [inaudible 00:49:20] [the place 00:49:20] to do it.

Hernan: We have a lot of people doing foreign SEOs so I know Florian is up for a treat if he joins the mastermind. [Then we'll 00:49:30] be able [crosstalk 00:49:31]

Marco: I can tell you right now I don't speak a word of French but I've ranked videos in France number one before, so it's like stealing candy from a baby. I wish I spoke French.

Hernan: Foreign SEO, guys. Sorry, Bradley. Foreign SEO it's like [crazy easy 00:49:51] sometimes. English SEO or US SEO, I should say, it's the biggest market of the work [at said 00:49:58], that's fine. If you're going for [00:50:00] foreign SEO, you can go for keywords like I'm doing Forex, credit cards, payday loans, those kind of things, unless you have deep pockets, you can not do it on the USA or the English market. You can do it and get away with murder on foreign languages.

Bradley: As far as economic model, honestly, it would depend, guys. Whenever I do it in JB agreements with anybody, it's a case-by-case basis, again, Florian, I highly recommend that you join the MasterMind because we do have a lot of people on our MasterMind. We got 120 members roughly. There's a lot of people and they're doing some really good stuff that would probably be happy to partner with you and tackle a project like that.

Changing Original Content for PBN Posts in Curation

Ryan says, “When using curated content for PBN posts, is it fine to alter the content of the original article? For example, adding your own outgoing links to content.” I would not, Ryan. I would not because, remember, you should only be using very brief, small snippets of the curated content anyways in the article. That's just like courtesy. You don't want to copy much of the article to be used as curated. You just need a paragraph or two, make sure you're citing the source, but you can work your links into your commentary that either precedes or follows that curated content. I would not change the content whatsoever that you're curating. Again, that's just a courtesy thing and I don't know if it's copyright issue but I would not even attempt it.

Linking in IFTTT Properties

Daniel says, “When backlinking to your IFTTT property, should we be linking back to the root domains or post URLs or combo or both?” Daniel, both is great. The problem I have with linking back to the post URLs on the IFTTT properties is that it's a lot of work because you have to constantly extract those URLs [00:52:00] and then set up new link building campaigns. Because of that, for an efficiency factor, I only build links back to the root so the home page because that's where the blogroll is anyways.

Let's say that it's a WordPress.com site or a Blogger site and 10 posts are going to be on the first page before [that it 00:52:20] starts to paginate, before a post gets pushed off the first page anyways. I just hammer the hell out of that homepage URL over and over again because those posts are going to benefit from that homepage juice until they fall off the first page but, generally, by then, whatever it is, and I'm trying to push juice too, has already received juice and it's already received the benefit of it. To be honest, the best method would be to build links to the post URLs as well as the homepage URL.

Again, that requires a ton of additional work and I don't have the time to do that. I just build to the homepage URL. If you only have a couple of properties that you guys are managing, then by all means, you can do that. When you have dozens or even hundreds of properties, it's really not practical. Why when you click on episode 46 does it show episode 45?

Adam: [Jason 00:53:13] got his answer up there [a little early 00:53:15].

Mobile vs Desktop

Bradley: Is there anything better for mobile on YouTube than [icards 00:53:20] for links back to your website? Sanitations work fine on desktop but not on mobile.” As far as I know, Paul, cards are supposed to work. I have not done a lot of testing with them, Paul, so unfortunately I can't really answer your question at this time. I've not done a whole lot of testing on mobile app like mobile stuff yet. I know annotations don't work on mobile but the cards are supposed to but I don't have enough to be able know if they do or not.

We got a couple more minutes, guys. I'll give it about three more minutes. We're going to try to run through this very quickly.

Using Affiliate Links in other Users' YouTube Videos

Daniel say's “YouTube uploading other people's YouTube videos to your own channel without permission, turn and burn style. How safe is it to use affiliate links including the affiliate rules themselves, excluding [00:54:00] the affiliate rules themselves?” I suppose you could, Daniel. It's turn and burn and you know that going into it, you certainly could. I don't really like the whole turn and burn strategy only because it's a lot of work to have it shut down very easily. I'd rather work on projects that are going to have longevity, they become assets then. There's a lot of people making a lot of money with turn and burn. If that's the strategy that you want to go after, by all means, do it.

Adam: Just know that, like you're saying, it's called that. You're saying how safe. It's turn and burn. It's called that, the burn is there for a reason.

Bradley: That's right. Are you shaving Adam's beard?

Adam: Probably will not be shaving my beard.

Bradley: No, I would not.

Adam: [I know well 00:54:45] because something maybe for the one near. If we can raise like $100 or maybe $250 for a charity of my choice, I'll think about it.

Bradley: Yeah?

Adam: Yeah, I'll put that out there. Let's see if anybody says anything. If anybody says they donate $5 or $10, I'll think about it.

Hernan: Good.

Marco: [Doing 00:55:02] great.

YouTube Strike After a Google Hangout

Bradley: Jim Green says he got a YouTube strike after doing a Google Hangout interviewing a local realtor. Do you think her competitors might have complained? Yeah, Jim, and I would dispute that. I would absolutely dispute that because you can probably get that strike removed. It's probably a complete bullshit strike. YouTube does that sometimes. Somebody complained, flag a video that you did as spam and it's complete bullshit. You can fight it. You can actually dispute it and have it reversed. I know it's a pain in the ass but that's probably what happened, Jim. As long as you don't have any copyrighted content or anything like that, you shouldn't you shouldn't have not received the strike for that so I would dispute it.

Praise Jesus. Somebody following got meta descriptions right.

Hernan: Thanks, [Jason 00:55:57].

Bradley: Are we done? [00:56:00] We're almost done.

Male: Yeah.

Bradley: We got to go.

Adam: Thank you, Wayne.

Bradley: Adam Moody, before Semantic Mastery.

Adam: That's nice. That's a good one.

Bradley: I'm glad I'm not the only one [crosstalk 00:56:09] anymore.

Hernan: I got like Lea from Starwars the other day, Wayne. We're coming down for you. We're going to spam your profile.

Bradley: Princess Lea. That was great. All right, guys. We need to wrap it up. Master class starts in three minutes. We'll see everybody there. Otherwise, we will see you guys next week for HumpDay Hangouts episode 47. Thanks, everybody, for being here. Thanks guys for coming [crosstalk 00:56:34]

Adam: Have a good one.

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Bradley: Bye, everybody. See you all next week.

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