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Adam: All right, hello everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangout. This is episode forty-eight. This is [inaudible 00:07] September, so we got the last Hump Day Hangout for September. Let's have everybody say hi. How's it going Chris?

Chris: Hello Adam. How you doing?

Adam: Good, good. Marco, how's it going?

Marco: Hey, what's up everybody.

Adam: Hey Bradley, what's up?

Bradley: Hey guys, how are you?

Adam: All right, well listen, Hernan today, I think he's out on some super secret squirrel mission. I think he's out and about. He's looking to get some stuff taken care of because we're going to be doing some stuff down South. I'm not going to say exactly where right now, but later on we might be meeting up I think in Costa Rica it sounds like, so we're gearing up for that. That's going to be down the road though. What's coming up sooner, we do have our one year anniversary coming up. I know Bradley's talked about it a couple times, but we're on episode forty-eight. Once we hit episode fifty-two, that's a year straight of the Hump Day Hangouts.

Bradley: No breaks. No vacations. Nothing.

RYS Academy, SEO Time Machine, Twitter Academy, Serp Space, Video Power House

Adam: After that, we're just going to stop. No, just kidding. No, we're going to keep going, but just want to say we got the year coming up and we are going to be doing some special stuff for that. We'll give away some more details, but we're going to running a big contest for that and giving away some pretty cool stuff, so stay tuned for that. Let's see, we had told you guys about, if you hadn't heard, RYS Academy has launched the SEO Time Machine. That launch has been public now for two days, but we did want to tell you if you weren't aware of this, we're going to be launching the Twitter SEO Academy and that's going to be a separate thing.

If you join the RYS Academy, that's going to be included free, so you just get it, and you get access right now. If you're interested in that, we'll put the link over there on the event page and you can check it out. Marco, you got some quick points on who might be interested in the Twitter SEO Academy and all that?

Marco: Well we should all be interested in better SEO Academy because it's just another way to diversify your traffic source, right? We pushed Twitter into funneling traffic to us. We're using for legion, we're using it for client prospecting. We're using it for [inaudible 02:20] trust flow, just for massive juice to the rest of our properties the same way that we're using everything else. Twitter trusts itself, Google trusts Twitter and so anywhere that we can take advantage of the trust, we're there.

Bradley: [Crosstalk 02:40].

Marco: The reason why it's not out yet is because we're still adding more value to Twitter SEO Academy. We want it to be a complete standalone product where people can go and, you know how we do it, just abuse Twitter man.

Adam: All right, cool. We're going to go tangential here, but I saw Hernon just posted on the event page. Wayne, if you had to come up with a picture of something, feel free. Just putting that out there.

Bradley: Wayne Clayton, this is your call man. You got to do some crazy memes where Hernon is the victim today because he's not here so he can't defend himself.
Adam: Hernan, Hernan, Hernan.

Bradley: One quick word about Twitter SEO Academy. Guys, we're going to launch that as a separate product at the end of this, probably like a Halloween special type thing with an upgrade that we're working on for periscope training possibly. We're still developing that out actually. That's going to be something we're going to be launching at the end of the month, again, that's part of their RYS Academy now, it's included, and obviously if you're a mastermind member, you'll be getting that for free as well at the end of the month. The Twitter SEO Academy I mean.

Just be on the lookout for that because we make jokes about there being this bromance between Google and Twitter right now, but all jokes aside, there is a lot going on. Tweets are showing up in search now. There's a lot of benefit to using Twitter for driving traffic and also for SEO purposes, which that course covers and a lot of automation, and even what Dr. Gary Kirwan who collaborated with us on RYS Academy as well, he's developed some methods for actually prospecting and landing local clients alone, so he's doing lead gen essentially with Twitter.
It's insane.

A lot of really cool stuff in there. Just be on the lookout for that.
Adam: Awesome. Let's see, surf space, a quick announcement on that you guys. We're working on finishing up two things. The network ordering, so ordering your IFTTT networks, we're getting real close to having that ready to go so that that'll be all integrated into there. It'll be a much smoother experience for ordering status and delivery, and then the video powerhouse. I know we've talked about this, but this is obviously something we want to make sure we get absolutely right. This is the bigger, better, faster, stronger video embed network, so we're getting close to have that internally launched. We're going to be giving our mastermind members first crack at that and they're going to get to sign up first and then we'll be opening it up, but that's coming down the pipeline.

Again, can't give a date on that, but that's firming up real quick here. That's about it. Has anybody else got anything?

Bradley: No, I don't have anything else.

Adam: Chris? Marco?

Marco: No, I'm cool.

Bradley: Okay, cool.

Adam: All right, let's do it.

Bradley: We got a lot of questions on the events page already. You guys are starting to put them up ahead of time, which is good because otherwise they just don't get answered as you've noticed probably the last couple weeks. Let me go ahead and grab the screen and we will get right into it. We've got a lot to cover. Okay, so Paul [Fussel 06:02] says, “Hi Brad and Adam, I have two questions.” He must not like the rest of you guys, so this is just me and you that can answer on this one Adam.

Chris: I feel bad now.

Backlinks in IFTTT Networks

Bradley: I have two questions. First one is because I am not an SEO expert and just a businessperson, I would like to hear your definition of backlink and how not only to use, but make one properly in our IFTTT networks. I know this is elementary to you, but to those of us, excuse me, that are not SEO experts like you, it will help immensely. I don't look at what you guys have developed as just SEO processes, but as the new Semantic Architecture for Business on mine, the IFTTT network is the foundation and the blueprints and acts as the radio station for you to broadcast your message and give it an artificial boost so Google recognizes is as worthy and favorable to place it on the first page. Just like IFTTT is one piece of the blueprint, that was a lot of the rest of SEO like backlinks. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Number two, what is the impact going to be by what Google statement was on the 18th about cracking down on spam sites?

What is a Backlink?

Question number one, what is a backlink? A backlink is anywhere that somebody else links, anywhere on the web that is a hyperlink to your property or to another property, it doesn't have to be yours, but a backlink is just whenever there's a hyperlinked piece of text. It could be a naked URL, which a naked URL is just a raw URL. In other words, it's just a URL itself, but it's clickable. It's hyperlinked. That's all a backlink is. There's other types of backlinks. There's also what they call citations or co-citations, which can be a mention of a link without it actually being clickable, but in the traditional sense, a backlink is just anywhere that it's a hyperlinked piece of text or URL that links to another web property.

Why are backlinks important?

That is very elementary. You could probably Google what is a backlink and find all the information you want on exactly what a backlink is. Why are they important? Well because in the beginning stages of search and how Google, well not just Google, but how search engines would determine what to rank, there's on-page factors, but then very quickly that became saturated to where there had to be other metrics besides just on-page factors, and back in the old days you could spam stuff to death as far as on-page and put a bunch of keywords in white text on white background so you couldn't see it and that sort of stuff. All that was many, many years ago, but at some point they had to start developing off-page signals and are integrating off-page signals into what they used as their ranking algorithm in order to show sites that were the most relevant or in this case the most popular.

Backlinks, that's really where that came in. Plus it's the way to navigate the web. They're like highways. Each backlink is like a highway or a road that leads to another web property, so it's a way to navigate the web but also a backlink can be considered as a vote for a website, and there's a lot more to it now than just that, but it's very basic level. You could think of it as if you had two websites that were about the same topic, their on-page optimization was similar. They're not going to be the same but they were similar. They optimize well, let's put it that way.

Then theoretically, and I say that now, theoretically, because there are so many other factors that are taken into the ranking algorithm now or what ranks something, but one having more backlinks than another would be the sign, meaning it's more popular, more people like this site. Now they could be really spammy backlinks, and so now it's not just about the number or the quantity of backlinks, it's about the quality. In fact, it's more about the quality now than it is about the quantity. The idea is that theoretically something that has more backlinks is probably more popular. That's what we would rank it higher if all the on-page factors were similar for the two different sites, the two competing sites. The one that has more backlinks and now it's more better better links, that's going to be what ranks it.

Again, there is so much Paul that goes into that now. SEO is very complex. It's continuing to become more complex almost daily to be honest with you, so there is over two hundred ranking factors that are taken into consideration for ranking things and backlinks are much smaller piece of the overall pie than they used to be even three, four years ago. Now there's social signals, there's structured data or semantic markup, there's click-through rate, there's user metrics, there's so many different factors that are taken into what it takes to rank a website. A backlink is still an important part, don't get me wrong, but it is much more important than it was even just two or three years ago.

Just keep that in mind. Paul that's a good question, and it is a bit of a basic question, but that's okay. Hopefully that cleared some stuff up.

Marco: Before you answer the next question, I'd like to add for Paul that if he's worried about not doing backlinking correctly to IFTTT, he can just use our RSS plugin with the spin test that we provide.

How to Create Backlink in IFTTT Networks?

Bradley: Yeah. I guess the second part of that question, and then I'll answer the second question, but the second part of the first question was how to use them properly with your IFTTT networks. Well with the IFTTT networks, if you're using the attribution link as we teach, whether you're using the Yoast SEO plug-in, which auto inserts that, or you're using the RSS plug-in that we provide, which will give you some variation in your attribution link, that's going to do most of the backlinking for you. However, you can create and you should be in your blog posts that you're using if you're blogging on your main site and that's what you're using to distribute content to your IFTTT networks, within the post you should be linking the important pages on your site, using contextual links.

A contextual link means a backlink that's placed within the content so that it's basically driving relevancy, topical relevancy through that link because of where that link is embedded within all of that content surrounded by the words that are on topic to what it is that you're trying to work for and what you're linking to, which essentially is what you're trying to rank for. In other words, within your blog posts, you should be posting about stuff that your website is about and actually putting contextual links within the body of the blog posts up to those pages on your site that you're trying to rank. Then when they get picked up and syndicated out across our IFTTT networks, those links will also get syndicated out.

However, at the very least, at the very minimum you want the attribution link, which is part of the process with the IFTTT networks, again, whether you're using the Yoast plug-in, it will actually build a backlink back to the post URL itself anyways, so that's why I said you should always have a link within the content, a contextual link pointing up to a money site page. Because what you're doing is when you publish a post and it syndicates out and it collects all these links and bookmarks and social signals that are pointing back to the post. All that juice comes into that post, which now you can funnel up through that contextual link up to a money site page. You do that repeatedly over time, and that's where you start to build the authority and the topical relevancy, which is incredibly important.

IFTTT Network Backlinks and Its Impact Google's Action Against Spam Sites

Hopefully that makes sense. Good question though Paul. We're going to keep moving because we're fifteen minutes in already. What is the impact going to be with Google's statement was on the eighteenth about cracking down on spam sites? I believe Adam pulled this up, repeated violations of Webmaster guidelines.

Adam: I'm going to pop a link in there, [Edit: Bradley: Yeah. Basically it means guys if you get a manual spam action, which happens from time to time if you're doing stuff you shouldn't be doing, and then you clean it up, ask for a reconsideration, they re-include you back into the index, so they lift the manual spam action, and then you go back to your old ways and spam your sites again and then get smacked again or get another manual spam action penalty levied against your site, then they're saying if you're a repeated violator, they're going to stop giving you re-inclusion. They're going to stop reconsidering your request to be re-included.

It just means stop spamming. You can spam and get away with it if you know how to do it properly, but if you catch a manual spam action, that means you got a little bit too big for your britches and don't keep doing it. That's all it means. It's like, “Doc, it hurts when I do this,” and the doc says, “Don't do that.”

Using Google Shorteners on other Google Properties

Jamal Spikes, he says, “Will using the Google shortener on other Google properties like YouTube or Google sites help with any ranking factors?” There's a little bit of a trust passover there Jamal. You got to be real careful using the Google shortener though, even for other Google properties, because you don't want to spam those. The reason why I say that is because with the Google shortener you're actually injecting analytics directly into that link, and you're giving Google full access to all the traffic. I mean I guess you would be with YouTube and stuff anyway, but we just always recommend a Google URL shortener is great. We use it for a lot of stuff. Just recommend that you don't spam those links.

There is a little bit of a stacking effect there by shortening those links. There's a time and a place for that though. For example, I know a lot of people don't like to click on short links because they're not sure what the destination is, so think about it other than from an SEO standpoint, you also got to think about where you're placing those links because I don't mind clicking on a YouTube link because I know it's going to YouTube, but I don't like clicking on a short URL, whether it's Google short URL, Tiny URL, Bitly, it doesn't matter. I don't like clicking on those most of the time especially from content or someone that I don't know, an email or whatever because I have no idea where it's going.

I know you can find where it goes and things like that where you can put the link in and it will show you where it ends up resolving to, but that's extra work. Like I said, keep in mind a lot of times people don't mind clicking on URLs that they know what the destination is, but when you're looking at a short URL, sometimes people don't know and they won't click. Yeah, for SEO purposes only there is a little bit of a stack there.

Siloing in YouTube When Targetting Cities

When doing silos for YouTube videos is it okay to use the same description if I'm targeting the same keywords and different cities in the same county? Jamal, my answer is yes you can probably get away with using the same description. My recommendation, my suggestion and what I do is I use varied content, even if it's the same service that I'm targeting and I'm changing the geographic modifiers to the location details, I still use varied content in the descriptions. Guys, I talk about this a lot, but one of our master class members is Keith Goodwin and he's with Super Spun Article, and if you're going to be doing a lot of videos in a particular niche or a particular industry or around a particular topic for that matter and you're looking for variations, go buy a $69 article from him, send him your keywords and such. Once you order, you'll get a little order form that you fill out. That's all you'll need.

I've said this many times in the master class, but I've used one of his articles for almost a thousand different videos all in the same niche I was using with Hangout Millionaire and I got over nine hundred videos on that channel and it was the same article that I spent $69 on. It's just every single time you'd unspin a version of it and stick it in your video description. They're really well done. I wouldn't use this for money site content guys, don't get me wrong. Don't use this as content for a money site, but for YouTube descriptions it works absolutely wonderfully. It's worth the investment because you can spit out, like I said, I've got over nine hundred of them on the same channel and I've got a vast majority of those videos are ranking well. There's no content issues there or duplicate content issues or else they wouldn't rank, right?

Again, my suggestion is that you vary that up. You can try it, but I wouldn't expect it to perform as well if you're using the exact same content. Here's my playlist. If you could evaluate it, that would be great. Let's take a look at it. He left it, let's look at it. A couple things, I wouldn't put the phone number in the title tag. That's just my own personal preference. Not my own, but I have had some other people that have had their channels shut down, and the only thing we could attribute it to was the phone number and title tag. I know you can probably still get away with it so that's your choice.

I would put more content in here guys. It's fine to use the Google short URLs for this. I can see that. I would still put more content in here guys. You can put up to five thousand characters in a YouTube description, so I like to put thirty five hundred or more in there, basically just a full article. You put your call to action in stuff. For example, I know what you're trying to do is get people to call for plumbers in Charlotte, and that's fine, but you have all this additional space that you could use to add in an article that has various related keywords, so plumbers, pipe repair, water heater service and repair, toilets, I don't know, emergency plumber. There's so many different variations of keywords that you could put into an article, and if it's a well written article it's going to contain all those different variations of semantically related keywords anyways.

Why not add that as you put your call to action at the top because you're not putting the content in there for the viewer to read. They're on YouTube, they're not there to read. You will increase the relevancy of that video and because of all the different synonyms, the LSI keywords, the co-occurring keywords that will be within the body of the video description, you will see that it will reinforce the video, help it to rank better and also help it to rank for various terms.

Adam: I would also try to put in here different phrases. There's a lot of phrases repeated. Not a lot of phrases, there's very few phrases repeated a high number of times in here. Go through and just get as many keywords as you can that fit and put them in here. Lose something like Power Suggest Pro or something else and just get a ton more, there's a lot more words you could use in here.

Bradley: Yeah. Totally agree.

Adam: Just get rid of the Wikipedia link.

Bradley: Yeah, that really doesn't help at all. What Adam said is true, and then also I try not to spam. What I'll do is I'll use the exact match keyword in the title tag, and then I'll use it usually at the very top of the description along with the phone number and a link if I'm linking to a landing page or whatever. Then I might use it one more time at the very bottom of the article, and I'll use it in the tags as well, but that's it because if it doesn't read naturally then I don't use it in the body of the description because Google's algorithm's smart enough now that you don't need to spam with exact match keywords.

Guys, remember, people still search on desktops and laptops with city plus keyword or keyword plus city. A lot of times it's keyword plus city is the modifier. People don't talk that way. Remember a lot of mobile search people don't put in a geographic modifier in a mobile search, and people will also with mobile search speak their search query into Google. You want to use natural language patterns in your content and not a twenty-four hour plumber Charlotte. Nobody searches for twenty-four hour plumber Charlotte except maybe on desktop and laptops. For mobile, you're cutting yourself out from potentially showing up in mobile search because nobody talks that way.

That's why I said, I still optimize for that type of a keyword string but just for the title tag, and I make sure that in the content the body and even in the tags and everything else that I put natural language pattern keyword search queries in so that I can rank for those even in mobile search because guys, you'll get a lot of traffic from mobile if you show up in mobile, but the problem is when we optimize for desktop and laptops only, we're cutting ourselves out of about sixty percent of traffic. You got to keep that in mind guys. That's what Humming Bird was all about. The Humming Bird update and shit, that was two years ago. Make sure that you're using natural language patterns, and again, a well rounded description, a well rounded robust article with a lot of co-occurring keywords, semantic phrases and it's not spammed with keywords will help you to rank for all those different types of natural language pattern search queries.

Root Keywords and Keyword Triggers

Hopefully that makes sense. All right, we got to keep moving, I understand, but great question. Is it possible to create silos for playlists with the same root keywords with different keyword triggers? This is some results I get, search. Let me take a look at that real quick. He's got one here, he's got one here without a video thumbnail. Well that's good. I have my thing showing a hundred results guys, so I'll get my thing set up. Wonder if that's the same one. Oh he's got his playlist ranked. Look at that. That's good. It's not often you see the playlist rank, so that's pretty good.

I'm not sure what the question is as far as is it possible to create silos for playlists for the same root keyword with different keyword triggers? I'm not sure what you mean. You can put one video in a playlist if that's all you want. Essentially you could. What I like to do is take the broadest keyword and make that the playlist title, and then stick all of the related videos into that and always make sure that you link back up to the top of the playlist, which is a playlist URL within the video. The reason why is because that creates a silo with an internal linking back up to the top, and all a playlist does guys is it shows an index page where it links to all of the supporting videos. You just basically are recycling link-tos.

Unlisted YouTube Videos and Watch Later Trigger in IFTTT

Good questions though. I don't really understand. If you wanted to go with single keywords for each and create a bunch of playlists, you could try that. I typically don't do that, but you could try it. I mean shit, why not. Play with it. Experiment. He says also, “Do you think it's smart to keep your video unlisted until I completely shared it with the IFTTT network by using the Watch Later trigger?” No Jamal, don't do that. You could leave it unlisted and then syndicate it, and then set it to public, but why go through those extra steps. Just leave it as public. When you upload the video or live stream the video, it takes just a few minutes to maybe two hours tops for it to propagate through your IFTTT network. Don't worry about it. Just syndicate it.

There's one thing that I have tried that works pretty well though, and that's if you set up a live event as public, and then you go back and you allow it to go through your network and it will actually post the embeds even though the stream hasn't happened yet. If you schedule a live event for let's say two hours from now, then within two hours it will have gone across your network. It will have published everywhere. It'll leave a gray thumbnail image everywhere, but then when you live stream, since it's already embedded in a bunch of places, that does give it a little bit of a ranking boost over just a straight live stream that you set up immediately and then it propagates after the broadcast is over. You do get a little bit of a ranking increase. I've noticed and through my testing, if you can syndicate it ahead of time before you actually start the broadcast.

Ranking Videos in Google

A lot of the times I don't have it planned out enough to do that, so I just don't care. I just do it. When it goes is when it goes. Good questions Jamal. Sky says, “How do you determine why a video is ranked in a certain position on Google?” I think the main factor is backlinks, but I do a Google search to find the backlinks to the video in position one and they have no backlinks, the video in position two has many more backlinks, any tools. I know a lot more goes into the ranking than just backlinks, but it seems like video in position two has better signal such as views, comments and likes. There's a lot of reasons Sky.

My first thought, without knowing specifically, without looking at what you're talking about specifically, is that the video that's ranking higher probably has a more authoritative channel, that's a possibility. Could have better on-page optimization. It could have had better signals that you're not seeing. There's a lot of reasons. It could be that the video that you're looking at that has a bunch of backlinks and stuff has a little bit of a spam penalty going on. That's a possibility too because guys, Google will not de-index a video because it's YouTube. They will not de-index a YouTube video, but they can penalize it. You hear people say Google will never penalize their own properties. Well that's not true.

They won't de-index a video, but I have seen a video that gets demoted because of too much spam activity. For example, used to be where you could just do exact match anchor text links to a video, you could just spam the shit out of it and it would rank. That's not the case anymore. You need to vary your anchor text. It also needs to be that you could spam the description. Remember guys, off-page penalty is Penguin, off-page penalty is Panda, and there's some overlap now and there has been for the last year and a half or so. There's a little bit of overlap there too, but you can actually have a video suffer from a partial Panda penalty if there's too much keyword stuffing for example like what we were looking at over here.

I would actually be a little bit nervous about there being some Panda issues with this particular video because of the stuffing almost of keywords. Then a Penguin penalty would be the backlink profile. The inbound link profile being over-optimized anchor text for example. You can still get away with spammy links of YouTube videos, but you've got to be a little bit aware of your anchor text profile. Again, without knowing specifically, without researching the situation you're asking about Sky, that could be an issue. It could be suffering from a little bit of Penguin or a little bit of Panda or a little bit of both.

Also a freshness factor, sometimes videos that come out that are published now or recently, will outrank something that's been published over a year ago, whatever. It varies depending on the keyword, but I know that sometimes older videos just get outranked by newer videos because of a freshness factor. There's that too. Engagement, there's a lot of things that you can, remember guys, a lot of the YouTube ranking algorithm and even for Google for that matter is user metrics, which is engagement. If you have a lot of user metrics, a lot of engagement on a video, even with no other off-page signals, at least nothing that's been registered at like Majestic or Ahrefs or whatever, you can still outrank videos that have a lot of off-page metrics but not a lot of engagement, if that makes sense.

Also remember, a lot of social activity on videos, you're not going to see those metrics for the most part. If it's been shared across a lot of social media and those social media posts had engagement, that's going to actually boost the video but you won't see that because it might not have been engagement specifically on the video. In other words, it might not be comments and likes that you're seeing on YouTube, but it could be comments and likes on social media posts where the YouTube video sits or is embedded. That's what you call second tier social signals.

Good question there Sky, but there's a lot of things that could be causing that. Jacob's got a big one here. Let's try to roll through this one.

Adam: Holy cow.

Promoting Older Posts and Videos using IFTTT

Bradley: He says he lives in Denmark, company hangouts are awkward to attend. Fairly fresh to the IFTTT type of doing things after some less than successful attempts with SEO automation tools. Let's not dwell on that. I'm seeing better results from using IFTTT than anything I ever used before. Well good for you Jacob, that's why we use it. Leading me to the before part. “I have some blogs and e-commerce hosted on Word Press that I would like to promote to see if I can resurrect them from the grave once they were born into. How would you use IFTTT to promote existing posts or videos?” Also some additional questions.

What I would do is start adding new content and in linking to the content that you're trying to rank or that you want to resurrect, as you put it. If it's for videos, specifically if it's on YouTube channels, if that's what you're talking about, if their video posts on your website, then again you've either got to delete them or republish them so that they can basically reinsert it into the feed or you can just start doing new content and linking to the old content, which can help generate some activity. If it's YouTube videos on a YouTube channel that you're talking about, then you can set up a light trigger recipe.

Adam if you want to check our YouTube channel, I just did a video on that. I just created a video that I actually took out of one of our Hump Day Hangouts or whatever. It's very short and to the point on how to set up re-syndication of existing videos using a light trigger in IFTTT. Adam will post that at the top of the page.

Adam: [Crosstalk 33:32] that page for you.

Bradley: Just tag him on it or plus mention them. That's one thing that you could do. Otherwise, you just have to delete the old publish and then republish. You can republish with the same slug, you know what I mean? If you had existing backlinks coming into the old post, unfortunately with Word Press that's what you have to do. You can't just change the publishing date on the post and have it reinserted into the feed and get it syndicated. It doesn't work like that. It sucks, but it is what it is.

One way you can do it is to copy the post, the HTML or whatever of the post, delete it and then make sure you empty the trash too because otherwise that slug will be taken, the permalink in other words. Then you can republish it. If you got a lot of content, I don't recommend that. Instead I would just link to the old content with new content.

Creating an IFTTT Network with Sub Domains

Let's see, I have additional questions. “I have a couple of domains that I would like to expand with sub-domains. I have several general fitness sites, but would like to add a sub-domain with Tai Chi. How would you go about creating a network for this? Should I keep them separate and just go with keyword branding of the network accounts or would you put them in the main domain at risk? Any suggestions?” No, sub-domains actually protect the main domain. That's why I use them for everything. If you want to do Taichi.yourdomain.com, then what I would do, it depends. If it's an extension of the group domain brand, then you can still syndicate from the sub-domain to the root, to the main IFTTT branded network, right? If it makes sense to.

You could however create an entire separate IFTTT network for that and brand it around specifically just Tai Chi stuff if that's what you wanted to do. Again, it really depends on your strategy. That's kind of a loaded question, because I don't know what your specific strategy is. All I know is that using sub-domains will actually protect your root domain and that's why we do everything on sub-domains. I would be using the sub-domains as the content distribution, and the root domain I probably would just leave as more of a static site. That way if you were to ever catch, remember guys what we teach it works, and it's allowed. That doesn't mean tomorrow Google's not going to change the rules on us. They do that shit.

What happens if all the stuff that we've been doing for the last couple years all of the sudden now becomes against Google's terms of service and they decide to slap us? If you're using your sub-domain as your content distribution engine, and your sub-domain would catch the penalty, not your root domain. You could abandon the sub-domain and build out on another sub-domain as your new content distribution engine, and you'd basically abandon the penalty as well. With the abandonment of the sub-domain that had the penalty you would lose, the penalty would be basically lifted. It wouldn't be lifted, but it wouldn't affect you because it does not affect the root domain.

That's why I recommend even if you have a money site on a root domain that you want in your rank. You might want to consider putting a sub-domain blog on your site, so blog.yourdomain.com or news.yourdomain.com and use that as your content distribution engine to build links to your root. In other words, you're pushing content out from the sub-domain, that way in case any of your SEO activities end up causing problems, you can eliminate or abandon that sub-domain and you won't have to suffer a penalty on your root domain.

Adult Stuff and IFTTT Networks

Hopefully that's clear. I know we're probably going to probably get a bunch of follow-up questions on that, but we haven't gotten anywhere today guys. This is crazy. “Number two, just ignore this if this offends you, but how about adult stuff and using IFTTT? I'm not operating in this area of the internet yet, but have been contemplating, I read some interesting method to also utilize social media, Google and Reinsteckers method if you are curious.” Reinsteckers method, everybody go Google that. I'm not going to do it live. Everybody go Google that. Would adult be a theme you could handle at a Hump Day?

He says, “Excuse me, please forgive me if I have offended, but you do call them Hump Days. If this is too offensive for you my fellow readers, please let me know.” I don't do any adult SEO stuff either. I know Chris is on and he's done some stuff. I would not recommend trying to do that with the IFTTT networks because that's against the terms of service of most of the properties. I know there's a few of them like Tumblr I think that you can get away with that kind of stuff, but for most of them it's against terms of service, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Chris, you have anything to add to that? Is Chris still on with us?

Adam: Yeah, I think he might have stepped away, so let's just say go with that. If it's against terms of service, you're probably barking up the wrong tree and need to do something else.

Bradley: Yeah, I would recommend probably not because most of the properties you end up getting them terminated for that kind of stuff and Chris is the only one that I know of that has any experience on our team with that sort of stuff.

IFTTT Networks and Adsense Sites

Number three, are IFTTT networks safe for AdSense sites? Yeah, sure. I can't imagine why they wouldn't be. Not asking you to put your head on a block. Excuse me, go ahead.

Adam: I was going to say, yeah, there's nothing you're doing there.

Bradley: Not asking you to put your head on the block, but in general what is your view? Could I go about creating personas on Google Properties, Blogger, Goggle Plus with personas and then tie them to a self-hosted AdSense site and then do this for another niche with another persona? Yeah absolutely. You got to be careful with creating separate AdSense accounts. I'm not a big AdSense guy, so I don't know a lot of the pitfalls and all that. I can't really speak that intelligently about it, but certainly if you have multiple accounts, and I think you have to provide some sort of tax, as far as I know you have to have some sort of tax ID or social security number or whatever, and so I don't know how many accounts you could get away with.

Foreign Keywords and IFTTT Accounts

Maybe I'm wrong. Again, I'm not an AdSense guy, but as far as using the IFTTT networks for sites that have AdSense on them, there's nothing wrong with that. “Foreign language into suggested IFTTT accounts, I know that foreign keywords are sometimes easier than US keywords, yes that is true. I am Denmark and I had my first customer, a friend with a physiotherapy business. I am not sure if foreign language is compatible with all sites you suggest. Would a Hump Day with a foreign SEO be something you would be able to look into? Sort of enter the huge Brazilian market on Hump Day, except things are going south in Brazil at the moment.” That was it.

Yeah, look, Marco if you're on, you can talk about this, but foreign language SEO is so much easier than stuff in the US, am I right?

Marco: Yeah, I'm still here and we actually use English and we mix and match because it makes no different really in Spanish. The only thing that you really get hit for is really, really spammy links, but you can still get away with just about anything. I know Hernan does stuff in Sweden, I do stuff in Spanish. I've even ranked stuff in French and I don't speak French, but I rank videos. It's super easy. Super easy, and a lot of the websites that we use for IFTTT, they have a country specific extension that can be used. It all goes to the same place. It's just a 301 redirect.

Authentication Issues (400 or 413 Errors)

Bradley: Yeah. Next question. Another really long one. I read over this one earlier today actually and so I'm going to gloss over this one a little bit. I think National Business Review, as he says, Ed, this might be Ed Ryan because I know he uses a couple personas or whatever in some of the different groups that you're with. Ed, if you're with us, if it is Ed Ryan, who I think it is, I think you're a master class member and possibly even a mastermind member. Master class today is going to be a bit of a miscellaneous day where we're going to have a lot more Q&A, this might be better suited for that, if that's the case, if you can attend.

If not, if you are in the mastermind, you can post this same question in the mastermind where we can get it a little bit more attention. Today is not a good day. We're almost out of time as it is and we haven't gotten through but what, four freaking questions, if that. As far as very quickly, in reading through this I understand you're having some authentication issues. I have never seen the 400 or 413 errors before, so I really can't speak to that unfortunately. It's not unfortunate that I haven't seen them because thank God I haven't experienced the same trouble you are because I'd be banging my head against the wall too.

Limitations on Pre-Scheduled Events in YouTube

What I'm saying is I don't have any advice for you on that because I'm unfamiliar with those errors. The next part of the question I see that you said how many pre-scheduled events will YouTube allow before it becomes a problem? Those are pre-scheduled, the events like what I was talking about earlier that are the gray thumbnail image because you haven't started the broadcast yet. Look, I don't know that there's a limit. There may be but I've never hit it because I don't have that many of them that are pre-scheduled. This is the perfect opportunity for having a spam channel that you push to the limits. This is the reason why we test things guys and we have spam channels and spam websites that we use for testing grounds only so that we can push the limits of stuff to see how much something will take before it breaks or before we can get it terminated.

Marco: From personal experience, twenty-two hundred in one day is too much.

Bradley: That would be probably too much. Honestly as far as what is a reasonable number, I really can't speak to that either because I don't know. I could imagine it would be several dozen though. If they're scheduled out, as long as they're pre-scheduled events, I can't see why it would be that much of a problem but I don't know for sure, so you'd have to test. Again, even if this isn't Ed Ryan, if you're a member in one of our other groups where we can give this a little bit more attention, please post it there and we'll try to respond on there. I can look into the 400 and 413 error codes too, but honestly I've never experienced it.

Guys, Wirecast is a bit buggy, it's a pain in the ass. It really and truly is. I don't know Adam if you want to drop the link for the Wirecast training that we did. In the Wirecast webinar that we did, which you guys can see it's free to attend, it's on an Evergreen webinar schedule so you can attend it any time, I go through some of the common errors that I see, 400 and 413 errors not being one of those common errors, but with everything I walk through some of the common errors that you'll see with Wirecast that it's just a pain in the ass. It's buggy, but it is what it is. Until something else better comes along, that's what we have to deal with.

Syndicating Videos in E-Commerce Sites

We're almost out of time. I'm shocked. Jeff says, “I'm syndicating videos around a brand and linking them to relevant product pages on an e-commerce site. The products are already ranked pretty well and with the video thumbnails for iCandy to draw the clicks, I've been adding additional videos and content feeds to my tier two personas via the tier one blogger Tumblr and Word Press so that the tier two brings us some variations that are not posting identical content. Am I wasting my time doing that? Is that necessary? Is it harmful?”

Jeff, you're not wasting your time doing it. If it's strictly YouTube syndication networks, I don't bother with that. It will help actually. It's just too much damn setup for me because I've got too many networks. If you've just got a couple of them and you want to add in related content feeds to post to your tier two networks, it will certainly help because it just keeps your networks active and topically relevant, right? It can't hurt. Just like I said, I don't set it up. If it's the YouTube networks only, like YouTube syndication only, not blog syndication, then I typically don't set all that up just because it's too much additional work and too much to maintain them.

Indexing a Dormant Site in Google

If you have the time and the wherewithal to do that, then by all means do it, it won't hurt. It won't hurt at all. Rick Daws says, “What is the best way to get Google to index a new or dormant site if you don't have much money to start with?” Go ask Google to crawl it. Guys, inside of Webmaster tools, connect your site to Webmaster tools and then go submit the site map and then use the fetch and render option, which will basically ask Google to go crawl your URL and you can crawl internal pages or posts if you want. Hell, you can even ask it to crawl the site map and that'll get stuff to index very quickly. It doesn't cost a dime. Just go submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools or now it's called Google Search Console.

You'll get an HTML tag. You add to the head section of your site to verify that you're the owner, and then you submit site maps as well as you can go to the fetch and render section and ask Google to come crawl your site and your pages and then submit to index. You can do that.

Sites with no RSS in IFTTT Networks

It doesn't cost a dime, it just takes a few minutes to set up. Also a lot of what we're learning is particular to Word Press sites, but when dealing with a client who has either an old HTML site or a site provided by a big template selling company with no RSS feature, would an IFTTT rank still be an option for them or another answer? Look, if you don't have an RSS feed, the only thing that you could do would be to install Word Press on a sub-domain to be used as the content syndication engine, like what we talked about earlier on this very Hump Day Hangout. If you've got a client that's on, let's say it's mydomain.com, that's their domain and they do not have an RSS feed because they're using some static HTML or they're using some other template, whatever, website in a box that does not provide an RSS feed, then you could install blog.mydomain.com.

You create a sub-domain and then put Word Press on the sub-domain and use that as your content syndication engine. That's what we do. That's what we do for e-commerce clients that don't have RSS feeds or if they did they would be product feeds anyways. It wouldn't make sense. We just go install Word Press on sub-domains and then use that to distribute content to the networks and build links that way. That or you could just do YouTube stuff and just use videos to drive traffic to their website. That's another way.

Caesar says, “Hey guys, couldn't make last week's Hump Day Hangout. Sorry for the loaded potato of questions.”

Marco: Hey Bradly, Caesar's also a mastermind member. Maybe if he can make it to master class, you can answer this in master class.

Bradley: Yeah, Caesar if you're available, Adam maybe could you copy that, put that in a Notepad file and then post it on the masterclass page. We'll cover that in the next hour.

Adam: Sounds good.

Using Personas Page Log-in in IFTTT Networks

Bradley: Because we're almost out of time and I want to make sure that if he's in the masterclass I'll answer that. Sue says, “Guys, can you tell me when I can use the page log-in and when I have to use the personas log-in details for the IFTTT networks please? Cheers.” I use the page log-in for everything. You have to have a persona, a profile to create a page, so that's why we create the profile because it has to be the master account. That's what you create the channel under and the pages and everything else. Then I just use everything through a business page because it's basically a page log-in that will allow you to log in as just the page and not as the main profile, and we like to use that because it basically separates it from the profile.

It used to be when we first created the course that you couldn't connect a YouTube channel, a business channel, a Google Plus business page to IFTTT. You had to connect your profile, which sucked. When we found out that you could create a separate page log-in through Google Plus, that's how you do it right? Through Google Plus, let's just go in this real quick. You see how I'm in my main account guys? You can see my image up here? From here if you go over to pages, I'm just going to select, let's just select this one. This is the one I always use anyways. This is a page I never did anything with. If you click on the page, you see how much image changed up here. You can see here's my user name up here.

Then we go over to business, we go to settings, and then we'll scroll down and you'll see where it says “Third party tools, set up a password.” This page's user name is, and it gives this long email address which would be the page's user name. Well that's the workaround that we used in order to be able to attach a YouTube channel, a business channel basically to IFTTT. It is now no longer necessary. You can actually log in through the persona with a profile account and it will allow you to select which channel. There are still some times where there can be some confusion between the profile and the business page, and that's why we set up that page log-in as part of the setup process, and then we just use that for everything else.

Short answer, after all of that, would be that after you've sent up the accounts Sue, then you should probably just use the page log-in details for everything after the initial setup is done, just use those. Now prevent potential issues and confusion. Hopefully that makes sense.

Error with YouTube Channel RSS with FeedBlitz

Bill Cousins, Bill's a video marketing guy. I've bought some of Bill Cousins products back in the day several years ago. He had some YouTube products, so it's interesting to see you here Bill. By the way, I did a little bit of research on this one earlier Bill. I want to walk you through something. He says, “Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with new YouTube channel RSS URL working in FeedBlitz. They are saying that the RSS feed created using this is not valid. I contacted their support about it and they replied with … ” and he talks about in FeedBlitz. Okay, a couple things.

Yeah, the RSS feeds have changed considerably since we initially published the IFTTT network training or SEO Academy training I should say. Adam, do you know if we have the new RSS feed templates inside of the knowledge base? If we don't, we should?

Adam: I'll take a look while you're going through this. I thought we did.

Bradley: If we don't, we should have them in there because I know we posted it in the mastermind. In fact, Gary Kirwan posted the new feed sites and stuff. Let me just see.

Adam: Yeah, I've got it right here. [Edit: see this knowledgebase post]

Bradley: Okay, cool. All right, tag Bill on that please. That's number one Bill. The feed types have definitely changed. This might be the correct type. I can't remember off the top of my head if that's the correct type or the correct URL for that. However, I did want to show you that inside FeedBlitz you can just take the channel name or ID and add it that way, and I don't know if I'm still logged into FeedBlitz, if it will allow me. Let's see if it will make me log in again. This is the Robert Mills profile that I used guys for the IFTTT SEO Academy training that I set up. Once you're in here, you just go to the site dashboard for FeedBlitz and you'll see your feed. In this case, I used the Tumblr feed for whatever reason. I can't remember why. It's been so long since I set this up.

You can see where it says new feed. Actually manage feed I believe. Let's try this. I can never remember. We're going to have to walk through this, but manage feed and then okay, yeah, let's walk through this. Go back. Site dashboard inside FeedBlitz, then you click on manage feed, and then you can go up here and you'll see add other feeds and you click on that. If you scroll down, you'll see that there's a YouTube setting down here and all you do is put either the channel user name in here, if you have a user name, a custom URL right, custom channel name or the channel ID. There's a little question mark box here that if you click, it'll open up and it says, “Enter your display name or user ID for the following services.”

I haven't tested it with the user ID yet to see if it works, but I'm assuming that it would. Again, I don't know for sure though. This one is actually Derek Calprin's, yeah, I think Social Triggers, right, isn't that his? Anyways, I use that as just additional content to populate the feed with related marketing type content. My point is that you don't need the RSS feed if you can add the user ID or the channel name here because it will insert that content right into the FeedBlitz feed, the output, if that makes sense. Just so you guys can see, let's go to manage feed. We'll come over to Firefox so you can see it in the feed reader, and you'll see that this is the actual feed from the FeedBlitz, which FeedBlitz is really cool because it's got all these social buttons and everything right in. If you'll scroll down you'll see I've got some social trigger stuff on here right here. See?

Troubles with Gmail Phone Verification Using CallFire and Twilio

It automatically will pull in content from that channel based on that channel user name or channel ID. Hopefully that will solve your problem Bill because I know that a lot of stuff had changed since the RSS feeds changed, and it's unfortunate but it is what it is. All right, I'm going to answer one from Brett Lewis and guys, we're out of time. Sorry, but master class starts in about three minutes. The questions were particularly long today. Sorry for that. Brett is saying that he's been having problems with Gmail phone verification using CallFire and Twilio numbers. I know Brett, that's a big problem. In a prior session, Bradley mentioned a different technique that was shared by a student. I can't find it in any of the courses.

It's in the Facebook group Brett. Let's walk through this one again. Go to Facebook and IFTTT SEO Academy and it's in the files section. Valerie Tobin, which is one of our members, she was kind enough to put together a PDF, come on Facebook, that talks to you about how you can go out and buy a burner phone from Walmart or something for cheap and change the phone number as many times as you want. Here we are in the IFTTT SEO Academy Facebook group, right here, which is files, click on that. Then you'll see where it says creating unlimited phone verify accounts right here. Last version by Valerie Tobin. You can open that up and that gives you the instructions on how to do it, okay?

Otherwise you can also buy phone verified accounts. There was one that I found just the other day. Let's see if I can find that real quick. This one came off of, I'll be damned, they must have taken that shit down. It looks like that was a ClickFunnels page apparently. Alex Becker has that Source Market or whatever and somebody was selling phone verified accounts on that page the other day and apparently that page is down or that site is down right now. If I can find it, I'll post it on the events page later. There's somebody that sells phone verified accounts that seems to have pretty good results and you can buy them that way.

All right, we're out of time guys. Everyone else, sorry if we didn't get to the rest of your questions, but next week, you can attend next week. Post your questions early guys. We try to have the events page up and ready by Friday. That gives you several days to get your questions posted.

Adam: A quick one you guys, if you want a chance at winning our free admission to the RYS Academy or some other awesome prizes, I'm going to post the contest link up. It's going to be running for just a little bit longer. Get on there, share it, do all that stuff and you got a good chance of picking up some awesome stuff.

Bradley: Yeah, that's RYS Academy, $1,000 course guys. You can win it just by sharing the URL and getting some other people signed up.

Adam: Yeah, and that's just one of the things you can get. I'm going to drop the link here, so go check it out.

Bradley: All right, for everyone else, guys, we'll see you all next week. The master class, we'll see you in about two minutes. Bye guys.

Marco: Bye everybody.

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