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By Semantic Mastery

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Adam: Hey everybody, welcome to this week's Hump Day Hangout. This is episode 49 and today is the 7th of October, so we're rolling into October. We're getting close to episode 52, but more on that later. How's it going Chris?

Chris: Hey, how you doing?

Adam: Good, good. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hi everyone it's good to be here.

Adam: Sorry guys. You just made my day, I don't know that's almost as good as [Wayne's 00:00:32]. All right, hey Marco, how's it going?

Marco: I don't know yet.

Adam: Last but not least Bradley how you doing?

Bradley: What's up guys?

Adam: Man, we've got a few announcements to go over, hopefully Hernan has got his voice cleared up so he can do some more talking.

Hernan: Yeah, I am, sorry.

Adam: Just some real quick announcements then we'll get into the fun stuff. Our link building services that we were talking about last week we mentioned we were trying to get that back online we're going to be opening up very shortly. If you're on the waiting list we'll be getting to you and you'll be opening up and probably just taking I think about a hundred orders. It depends, we've got to take a look at it here shortly, but we'll be sending out some more information on that.

Let's see, we have the RYS contest. Before we get to that I just want to say when we get to episode 52 we decided we're also going to do some contest with that. Part of that is going to be for only live attendees. If you're watching later in the week or something, episode 52 is going to be one you definitely want to be there. We did do the drawings for the RYS contest. If I full this up it looks like we had Steven at zeroshoes.com is the winner of the RYS. He's getting free access to RYS academy, he's getting … Well done. [crosstalk 00:01:58]. Good job. What's that?

Bradley: That means he was sharing his link a lot which gave him a greater chance of winning I suppose. That's how I think it works, but good job. I think you're really going to enjoy it.

Adam: Good deal. Then Ron at [chinchillables 00:02:15]@gmail, these are great [reads 00:02:19]. He's going to get into the master mind for free for a month and get to check that out. Both of you guys we'll be contacting via email if you're not listening or if you're watching this later. Then Jim Greene you are getting a free copy of the IFTTT SEO academy. Again, we'll be contacting you. Good job guys and thanks for participating in the contest, and thanks to everybody who did it. We'll definitely being using this again. We like it, and it's nice that it takes care of it and we don't have to put everybody email addresses into a hat and draw them out or anything. It is weighted, those guys got a better chance of winning. All three of those guys did more than just sign up it turns out. They're given a weighted probability to win by the software.

Bradley: Keep that in mind because when we have our 52, our one year anniversary of Hump Day Hangouts guys, which is coming up in 3 weeks, we haven't missed a single week in 52 freaking weeks. Knock on wood nothing happens between now and then. Same thing, we're going to be doing something very similar were we're going to have some giveaways and stuff like that. Basically the same things. Get involved, get active, start sharing the link and increase your chances, and you can win too.

Adam: Good deal.

Bradley: Was there anything else?

Adam: That's it on my end. You guys got anything?

Marco: I'm good

Hernan: I'm good too.

Chris: All right, let's get rolling.

Sub Domains & Domain Authority

Bradley: We don't have a ton of questions yet. This will be a good day for those of you that don't post your questions early to go ahead and post them now. Going to grab the screen and we'll jump right into it. All right, so we'll start down at the bottom with Kevin [Swartz 00:03:58], “I have a question about subdomains, is it still okay to spam a subdomain to boost DA or is Google now treating all subdomains and [inaudible 00:04:04] as one?” No, they're not treating them that way yet. Yet … “My site is on www version of my thinking when I'm spamming a random 1,2,3 subdomain I do not want to hurt my www.” No, it won't. I'd still recommend that you set up a 301 redirect first and run everything to the 301 redirect domain instead of going direct to a subdomain. That way you can switch it off very quickly easily if you need to. Subdomain sites are still considered basically separate sites compared to … In Google's eyes.

If Google decides to change that at some point it's going to cause a lot of freaking damage across the web. If Google decides to pass a penalty from a subdomain to all other subdomains like across domain wide settings. Because that would be catastrophic really for some many different sites on the web. That's why I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.

Hernan: Just to be clear you will be talking something like wordpress.com being shut down or tumblr.com because those guys are using subdomains. To host all our spammy Web 2.0 so I don't think that will happen, knock on wood as well. Subdomains they are being used for pretty much everything. It's really unlikely to happen.

Wikipedia links and Domain Authority

Bradley: Yep. “Also, if I build a Wikipedia link to a blog dot subdomain it will boost my wwws subdomain as well, right, because DA is site wide?” Yeah, it will increase your domain authority, sure. Domain authority is not the be all end all, but yeah it will give it a boost. That's for sure because any … Remember domain authority guys is cumulative, it builds from the root domain and pages and/or posts. It's also for many subdomains. It's site wide. If you have domain authority on your root domain, let's say it's 15, and you put a brand new subdomain on that domain your subdomain domain authority is going to be 15 because it's site wide. If you increase the domain … If you boost … If you point any links at any part of your domain, be it subdomain, page, or post, whatever, it doesn't matter, it's going to increase the domain authority of the entire domain and everything it's attached to it, it's a site wide thing. A domain wide metric.

“There's no need to make sure Wikipedia links point to specific enter page on the blog or the blog post, a the wiki link is pointing to, then links to an inter page because the wiki link is no follow or no PA and the DA pass … What did you say it was, is this correct?” Well, Kevin a Wikipedia link may be no follow, but it's still a very powerful link. Very powerful link. If you can get a Wikipedia link from wikipedia.com, no just a wiki link if you know what I'm talking about. There's a million of those out there. There's a bunch of spam software that you can create wiki links but if you get one for actual Wikipedia it's a no follow, yes, but I've seen some case studies in the past where you get a … For a fairly competitive terms too. Just one Wikipedia link rights the site even though it's no follow. Again, there's some sites regardless whether they're no follow or do follow if there is enough authority on those sites you're going to see a significant boost from that one link.

Hernan: Sorry Bradley, not only that but Wikipedia can bring tons of traffic to your website.

Marco: Damn right it can.

Bradley: It's targeted traffic too. Completely relevant to the … That's the key so … Excuse me. Let's see, “The DA Pass will be site wide is this correct?” Yeah, but see again I would make sure if you're able to get a Wikipedia link. Which means you find a broken link and you contact the … You go in and insert a link back to content that's relevant. That's the whole thing with Wikipedia guys. It's got to be valuable and correct, so if it get moderated it's likely to stick that's really what you want to do. Trying to gain a Wikipedia link is probably short lived for the most part. That's why it's better if you're just going to put the time and effort into trying to get a Wikipedia link that you actually set up content that where if you get that link and a moderator comes by and checks it you're … It'll stick. Otherwise it's just wasted time.

For strictly DA purposes yeah it doesn't matter where it goes. I would recommend that you try to get a post of page on your actually site that you're trying to rank and have content related to what that link is from the content from within the Wikipedia article or page so if you get that link it sticks for a long time.

GSA and PBNs

All right, Kevin has another question, “Can I use GSA to all my money sites, social profiles, and posts? Since these are all high DA and no follow links, none of the crappy trust flow will pass form my money site neither will the PA but should get a lot DA pass, there's no follow passes DA. Is this all correct or will seriously hurt my money site trust flow by doing this, or will it hurt my 30 day old money site by having tons of back links when it only has 4 at the moment.”

I don't recommend unless you're really really skilled with GSA, I do not recommend using it as any closer than tier 3, Kevin. The reason I say that is because either there's too much potential there for you to do harm to your site if it's only 2 hops away. what you're asking about here on this particular question that would be 2 hops away. They'd essentially be tier 2 links because you would be building links to your tier 1 properties, correct? I don't recommend doing that because Google is looking out 2 layers now, or 2 levels out at your back link profile. I recommend that you keep at least the first 2 tiers of links clean. If you're using an IFTTT network or social, even if your not using an IFTTT network which you should be by the way, but if you're just using your social profiles and stuff like that as your basically tier 1 links then I would still use a cleaner set of links to link to those.

There's a bunch of ways that you can do that. I mean you could use FCS networks or send wide you could could something like the high authority trusted, more trusted web 2.0 platforms and social platforms. You could use PBNs that are themed relatively well to boost your tier 1 links or you could use press releases. Anything like that then from there you could span the shit out of those because that's tier 2. You'd be going out to tier 2 at that point. For example, you could do from GSA to let's say FCS network or links to IFTTT network or social profiles which then link back to your money site. That way GSA is all the way out to level 3. You want to add to that Hernan?

Hernan: Yeah, I want to add something real quick the main point is going manual high quality on your tier 1 and if you're doing software then make it high quality software on you tier 2. Like FCS or highly highly filtered trust load 20-30 plus, GSA contextual links, but as Bradley was saying you need to be really skilled with the tool or have somebody that could build those kinds of links for you. If not … we usually use the tools for what they are designed for. GSA is a spam tool so it can build a lot of links really fast and that's the main purpose of it. If you want to try and use GSA to point to your money sites then you want get any results or your sites will get hurt because it's what it does. It's designed to do spam. If you want high quality you may as well out source it or get your tier 1's manual and then tier 2 you can still use software but with a tad of quality. You need to be relevant with your content and you need to be contextual which is the most important thing. You need to be using high trust flow platforms. That will be my …

Bradley: I would recommend even if you don't have access to a PBN network or something of your own, you could run or set PBN links or something from someone on the black hat forum or whatever as long as you get the report but if you don't get the report then I wouldn't recommend that but you can use something like … You could buy a set of web 2.0 links which with decent content or whatever to point to your tier 1 properties is my point. Then you can spam the shit out of those is what I'm saying. Just try to keep it clean for 2 layers is what we're trying to say. If you're going to use tools and you can set up the tools properly to where you can get relatively decent content, and it's very difficult to do that by the way, but to get some relatively clean content and using the high authority properties then you can use it to tier 1 but again you've got to be really skilled with it. I don't know what your skill level is with them so I'm just making an assumption here but for everybody else for their benefit I would recommend that you just try to keep it 2 layers out as clean as you can. Then from that point you can hammer away at it.

Marco: Hey Bradley, you keep going into that no page authority will pass through a no follow. I don't see, or I haven't seen anything in Moz that says page authority does not pass through a no flow link.

Bradley: No, he was talking about trust flow I believe. He's saying no follow passes DA so DA and PA will pass through a no follow.

Marco: The wiki link is no follow, so no PA.

Bradley: You're talking about the first question. I was looking at the second question. No, PA I think still passes through no follows.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:14:33] Authority regardless. One is a measure of the on page factors and the other one is domain wide.

Bradley: That's right. Page rank doesn't pass through a no follow.

Marco: Correct. Mike Pearse commented, “Also, to remind people not to link subdomains to the root domain if you're going to spam.”

Bradley: That's right. That's a good point. I just assumed that he understood that. Kevin might but for everyone else that's listening. Don't make the mistake of linking from the subdomain that you're using for spam purposes up to your root domain. You leave it independent, you can even set it to no index so that other people can't see it. Hopefully Google won't index, but you can set the subdomain to no index so that you don't get … It doesn't get seen and spam that, but you do not want put a physical link up to your root domain because it's strictly for juicing the site. That's why we recommend running it through a 301. Go by a .xyz domain which you can get for a dollar right now and set up a 301 redirect to the subdomain that you want to juice and run everything to the xyz domain. Okay? That's the best way to do it. That way if something happens you can just open that switch up as quickly as or redirect it to somewhere else to your competitor that you don't like. Not that I'm encouraging that, I'm just saying you could.

Hernan: Bad Bradley.

Wordpress Pages and Indexing

Bradley: Rainer says, “If I create a brand new page on WordPress site and I don't add it to the menu would Google ever be able to see it or index it without any links to it anywhere?” That's a good question. They have to have a path way to find it. The spiders have to be able to get to it somehow.

Hernan: Will it be on the sitemap, Rainer? Sometimes WordPress will ping if you add a new page or new post but if it's on the sitemap … Unless you specifically set up to noindex at some point it will index because it will appear on the sitemap. Unless you have specifically tell it not to.

Bradley: Yeah, Rainer, in WordPress if you're talking about sub hosted WordPress site you're probably using a SEO plugin, right, I'm sure you are. Ultimate SEO or SEO Ultimate which ever all in one SEO, they all have similar options where you could set an actual in the advanced settings for that particular post or page you can set it to no index if you wanted. By reading the rest of your question it looks like you're just worried about it coming to be indexed while you're still in the process of editing it.

Unless you've got a blog that has a ton of authority and a lot of traffic coming to your site on a regular basis you could post it and still make edits and it's not going to be a big deal because chances are it's not going to get indexed immediately anyways. If you've got a site that the spiders like and they just sit there and wait for updates to be made then maybe that's the case, because he's asking about if he puts it in draft should he put it in draft mode and keep editing that way instead of publishing it.

Honestly I could care less about that most of the time I mean because I have it before I hit publish the first time I usually have the page mostly completed. Then I'll hit publish and if I've got to go back make some edits it's kind of normal. That's natural. I wouldn't sweat it too much Rainer but you can set it to no index if you wanted to then publish it. Then whenever you're ready to get an index go disable that index option. Then you can go ping it once you're done. Once you disabled the noindex option then republish or update it I mean. Then you can just go ping the URL or go submit it Webmaster Tools or whatever to get it crawled and indexed.

Hernan: Unless you have something like an http:// hooked up to your website where you post and then it gets syndicated out.

Bradley: That's true.

Hernan: If that's the case then you would want to leave it in draft mode and publish the latest version because it will syndicate out and unless you change it, change the date and republish it. Which I wouldn't recommend you will still have the old versions all the syndication networks.

Bradley: That's true.

Hernan: If that's the case then go ahead with the draft or if you're fine with it you can set it to no index as Bradley was saying.

Bradley: Yeah, because that's true cause I've got a bunch of VA's that do curating for my sites and my client's sites and stuff like that. When I'm training them I always have to remind them to save and draft mode and send them to me to review first because there's an IFTTT ring around everything. I made the mistake in the past of not reminding them to save it in draft mode and they publish it and send me the links for reviews and I find errors like internal linking errors or whatever that need to be updated by then it's too late across the networks. You can still update the post it self but it's not going to update where it's already been syndicated to.

Hernan is right, if you're going to be syndicating your content after it's published then you want to keep it in draft mode until you're final draft is ready. Seth [inaudible 00:19:46] haven't seen him in a while, man it's been a long time since he's been in one of these.

Hernan: He's been in our RYS academy Facebook group. He's active in there.

Bradley: Really.

Hernan: As Alex.

Bradley: Very cool.

Hernan: I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong Alex.

IFTTT Recipe Problems

Bradley: Used to attend the Hump Day Hang Outs all the time. I haven't seen him in a while. “Hey guys, quick question about IFTTT's recipes been having some trouble connecting out .net. I heard somebody else was having trouble too. I think it was in RYS Academy in fact somebody mentioned that. That was him wasn't it.

Adam: Yeah, that was him.

Bradley: Okay, I haven't heard of many of that so it was you. You've said it twice now. I haven't had any problems that I know of. If anybody else wants to chime in on the page that says they're having trouble then yeah maybe something we can look into. I hadn't noticed any trouble. Curious to see what it is. If you're having, for example … Sometimes guys if you're have trouble with IFTTT recipes like a particular property not working right sometimes if you just set it up as a secondary link to your 2 link, in other words you might use another trigger instead, so if you're blog post, your money site blog is syndicating that's the trigger. Then lets say if your blog then blogger.com or blogspot.com right then you can set up the app.net potentially as the second tier. If blogger RSF then .net.

Sometimes you have to do that, especially with the YouTube. Ever since YouTube changed it's API stuff there's been some of those recipes that have to be set up that way now. That's something that you can check. Last thing I would say, he says he's having trouble with connecting it. I haven't had that trouble. I haven't heard of that being an issue. We have our team that builds these for people all the time. I haven't heard. It might just be something specific to you. Alex, don't know what else to tell you right now. I'd have to look into it. Steven say, “Is duplicate content penalized in local SEO, I've heard yes and no, hoping you can shed some light on the issue.” I wouldn't' do it.

Marco: Before you go answering that I posted 2 articles in the group on duplicate content and one of them, I don't like to quote Mr. Matt because he doesn't make sense 99% of the time and this one he actually makes sense so I posted it. It will be something worth while to look at as far as duplicate content is concerned.

Bradley: You're spreading propaganda too Marco?

Marco: Yeah man. Sorry. He actually makes sense in this one.

Bradley: I'll chime in and just say my opinion on it, I don't recommend it. For example, when I'm doing local sites and let's say I'm doing a plumber site and I'm covering, I don't know 6 cities, that are all close proximity to each other I don't use the same article on all 6 city pages just change the geographic modifier the city name. I don't do that. I get 6 different writers to write 6 different articles. I get 6 different write the plumbing articles for each one of those cities so that I have a total of 6 unique articles.

I know there's stuff like search anchor, led gadget, there's these big site builders that will do that kind of stuff and they don't mix up the content very much but I look at those as churn and burn sites. I know that people that have some that have had them for long time. They produce a lot of money for them, whatever. I look at them as churn and burn, I never expect those types of sites to last very long. I just recommend that you always keep it unique because even if it does work at some point it's potentially going to cause you problems. Why go through the trouble of setting all that up just to end up in getting penalty from it.I don't like to do … I don't like rework guys. I try to get it all set up right the first time so I don't have to worry about it.

301 Redirects

“I have a client, first one plus one to that, that wants me SEO his site. Should I 301 my own site to his site and do all the back links to my site? Does this pass along all the dues from my site to his? I believe this is what you'd advise in case of whatever reason he decides not to fire me I know what his site is ranking I can pull the plug from his 301 site?” Yes, Cesar but … I know you're the master mind that's a little bit more geared for that. I don't want to get into that here it's going to open up a big can of worms and I do not want to get into that here on Hump Day Hang Out. Yes, but if you want to get any other further discussions Cesar post that in the MasterMIND.

We have a MasterMIND webinar tomorrow anyways. We can talk about that some more there. Don't forget there's a webinar questions category inside the MasterMIND if you want to post that specifically in there I will cover that tomorrow, or you can just click on the events tab and post your question on the events page for tomorrows webinar.

Targetting Multiple Cities in the Same County

“Would it be okay to put multiple cities that you want to rank for the same county in the media description if yes would it be okay to sprinkle them into the content as well or would that be over optimizing?” I particularly like to do basically one page per city. I guess it just depends. It depends on level of competition. If you're in something that's not real competitive you can get away with mentioning multiple cities that are within a specific county. For example on the same page and you'll probably do well with that. If you're in a competitive market, whatever your industry is or most likely you're going to need a separate page targeted each individual city, separate page or post.

Like I said, if it's low competition then you can generally get away with targeting multiple cities within the same county. It would be able to rank or those. It depends on what you're doing with your off page stuff but yeah, a lot of the time you can rank for that. If you're doing more competitive stuff you're going to want independent pages so that you're targeting one focus location per page or post.

“Is there any advantages to putting the business name as an anchor text linking back to the homepage on a site wide footer? If so, should I use a no follow or should I not even bother linking from the footer?” No, it won't hurt. I don't think so. If you put the business name in the footer with an anchor text and it just links to the homepage the root url, I don't see how it could hurt. I've done it before. It would be considered a site wide link, but it's a site wide link that's an internal link. That's different it's not the same. If you're putting a site wide link on other sites then that's different. Those should be no followed.

Anchor Texts for Tier 3 to Tier 2 Properties

Sorry, I missed one. Last question, “What would be the best practice for anchor texts when back linking from tier 3 to tier 2 properties. Should use a broad, exact?” Don't use exact. You could use broad. I wouldn't use branded from tier 3 to tier 2. Tier 2 to tier 1 sure, especially if you're linking to really any type social profile or citations. It would make sense to link to those using the company name, the brand name. I wouldn't link from tier 3 to tier 2 links with brand names. That wouldn't make sense. Don't go exact either, use very broad key words or just use a lot of urls anchors or generics. You can use generics too.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:27:11] I usually go for 90% broad and urls. Otherwise, if you're using branded from tier 3 when you look for the brand name and you're looking for the actual brand in Google it will pop up all over the place with a ton of shitty links. Be careful about that when you see branded on your tier 3s, try using broad, really broad if you can import your own key words into GSA that's better or urls. I do 90% of those 10% citations or something like that.

Bradley: That's what I'm saying, it doesn't really make sense either to be using brand as an anchor from tier 3 to tier 2. If somebody is clicking on a brand name they're expecting to go to one of your branded properties. One of your branded properties would be your tier 1 properties for the most part, right, or your actual website, your money site. Somebody clicks from a link with their brand name and it takes them to another article with another link that clicks to … To me it's bad for the user too. Not that the user is ever going to find your tier 3 links but you never know. I wouldn't do it, I would just go with broad like Hernan said and url anchors and maybe sprinkle some generics in there. GEO modifier, no.

In fact I ought very rarely use exact match makers now at all even for tier 1 links to my money site with the GEO modifier I use them very very sparingly. I go with broad key words, url, and brand for my money sites now. I'm using less generics now then I am broad key words for anchor text profiles to money sites. Because it just makes sense guys. For a while we had to use a bunch of generics like click here, learn more, find out more here website, those kinds of generic terms, but actually been testing … Most probably 70% to 80% is all branding url anchors now. Then I'll use some broad match and a few generics then some partial match or partial match with brand or long strings of anchor texts so that it helps with mobile search, that sort of thing.

“What anchors do you use when blasting your web 2.0 properties?” Again, go with broad. Broad and mainly url anchors. All right, let's see.

Branded IFTTT Network & Attribution Links

Mike says, “Branded IFTTT network attribution links and money site blog post should be article related to main site pages or should they be just related info links, these links will be all the same anchor texts, right. Does that have an adverse affect on link profiles?” Attribution links and money site blog posts should be article related main site pages. We don't need an attribution link on your money site blog post. The attribution link is created in the RSF feed, Mike. It's not … You don't code that in, you don't put the link in the actual blog post. What it does it is, your RSF feed is going to generate that link. If your using the Yoast SEO plugin it's going to generate it, or the RSS the advanced settings in the plug in. That's the Yoast SEO plugin. You'll see the RSS tab, you click on that and that's where you code [inaudible 00:30:48] it's [tolkienized 00:30:50]. It's stupid simple to do.

You just put RSS attribution link in there or if you're using our plug in you can put spintax in there which will vary it a bit. That's where the attribution link is generated at the RSS feed. It's not actually something that you put in. Yes it will point back to the post because that's what an attribution link is. It's suppose to site the source. If you're syndicating your content out across your network, pretty much only three places are going to pick up that anchor text to url anyways, right. That's going to be Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. Because the rest are either just social signals or bookmarks, you're going to get a link back to the post with the post title is the anchor text but that's it.

The attribution link really doesn't even get picked up except for in those 3 that I just mentioned, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress. In that depending on how you set it up [inaudible 00:31:41] it's either going to be … It's usually going to be the link back to the post URL with the title of the post as the anchor text then you can also put in a link back to the home page. That's where our plugin, the Semantic Mastery RSS plugin is a little bit better than using Yoast SEO one because you can put in spin tags for follow or no follow. You can vary the anchor text to where it can be a naked url the brand name blah, blah, blah so that at least that attribution part of it points back to your home page is varied regularly it's varied at random.

“Does that have an adverse effect on link profiles?” No, because unless you've got hundreds of freaking IFTTT networks attached to your money site it's not an issue. That's part of the reason like I said if you're going to be using the … A branded IFTTT network don't worry about it. Because they're all extension of your brand name anyways. That's why I've always recommended if you're doing blog syndication you just stick with one brand of IFTTT network for tier one and that's it. Just those build additional links to those. Instead of like with YouTube where it will do the tiered networks cause it automates going out to tier 2 and everything else. I worry about people making a mistake of over optimizing by not knowing what they're doing. You're better off to sticking with IFTT … A single ring around your money site that's branded because those are all extensions of your brand, so it's okay.

Okay, Torrance says, “I just bought one of your 2 tiered networks and I have a question. Do I need to add attribution to the IFTTT recipes for the tier 2 post ie blogger feed going to tier 2 sites?” No, unless you're using secondary, related content sources RSS feeds is an additional triggers. Which we recommend. If that's the case you need to go check the RSS feed of the related content sources each one independently you're going to have to check. Go to Firefox, open up Firefox paste the RSS url in, and hit go then take a look at it. Is there an attribution link already appended to each one of the post? Like I was just talking about with Mike.

Many times it will be, but there are times that there won't be one either. When that's the case you do have to code that in yourself. You just got to create … It's easy to do there's recipes for that. There's ingredients for that, right. Let me just open this up and I'll show you without even opening up … It would be something like I would say it would be … Then you're going to have tokens inside with the ingredients inside of IFTTT and they look something like this. It would be entry url then right here you would use the token for entry title.

Oops, I typo-ed it but it would be something like that. That's going to give you your attribution for the post title with the link pointing back to the post url, right here, right. Close that anchor tag and then you would say appeared first something like this don't use the same text. I would vary it for each recipe but appeared first on then you would put a link back to the homepage to the related content blog. Say it was … I don't know say moz.com for since Marco decides he wants to spreading the propaganda that Moz does. They appeared first on Moz blog, something like that. Does that make sense? Is that clear guys? Everybody get that?

Adam: Yeah. That makes sense.

Bradley: Got it, just wanted some confirmation thanks. That's it.

Adam: You're doing such a good job.

Bradley: All you need to do is check the RSS feeds first. If you're just using, which again, if you're using blogs syndication you're going to have the attribution links already going to be a present in the recipe from your money site. That's already going to be there. It's going to get re-syndicated once it goes out to tier 2 as well. It's going to get posted again. That's why we totally don't recommend using tier 2 networks for blog syndication unless you're using data related content feeds. Because otherwise you're leaving a massive footprint. It's okay on a branded network because it's an extension of your brand, it makes sense it's logical. People do it all the time anyways, when they create a blog post and they manually share it on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Google Plus whatever, they're doing the same damn thing we just automated.

The point is if you're using tier 2 networks though you don't want them going out to persona based tier 2 networks with the exact same content every single time and nothing else. Because then you're clearly using it to manipulate SEO. Okay, and that can create a problem that's where if you're going to be using tier 2 networks for tiered networks with blog syndication you want an add in related content feeds into your tier 2 triggers to populate your tier 2 networks with related content from other sources, so it varies your post in with other related posts which will help to increase trust signals anyways.

Again, you just have to check to make sure that the feeds that you're using at your tier 2 triggers have attribution links already appended to the post via the RSS if they do not then you have to add that in yourself, but it's quite simple to do the ingredients will be in the ingredients list when you're creating the recipes. It something like this.

“Should I add attribution up for the non tiered 1 feeds as well, either feeds from authority sites?” I already answered that. “Do the authority feeds need be full post or the feeds with snips work?” Well, snips work. I mean you can't control what other full post or not so I just use them with snips or full posts doesn't matter to me.

“Since you're plugin works on Wordpress sites do you have any suggestions for handling attributions for non WordPress sites, thanks?” Yeah, same thing. If it's a non WordPress site when you set up the RSS recipe as the trigger you just add in or code in your own attribution link which is what you can do if you're not using WordPress.

Hernan: If you are, do not do it if you're using something like Semantic Mastery plugin or Yoast which will control the attribution link. Don't do it because otherwise you will have duplicated links.

Bradley: That's right. Yeah, just make sure that if you are using … You don't want to use this if you are using a plug in that creates one or you basically have 2 links in the footer of every article.

“Do you feel Fight Back networks (FBN) are safe as tier 2s?” Yeah, sure. Nothing wrong with that Kendrick, absolutely.

“What do you guys think of vidpenguin with YouTube rankings?” I think it's unnecessary, you can do the same damn thing with vidpenguin with a spreadsheet really. Those guys have been working on it, there's definitely some benefits to having url variations I just think it's … I don't think it's necessary is my point. I think it will help to a degree but you can accomplish the same thing if you can get the url variations from one video then you can create a spreadsheet to automatically do that in excel or Google sheets for you by just entering in your YouTube url. That's what I think about it. Nothing wrong with it, I don't think it's necessary.If you've got some extra money to spend and you want to use it by all means check it out.

“How quality is the content you use on tier 2 FBN or FCS?” For tier 2, we talked about this earlier Kendrick in this webinar here. I tend to try to keep tier 2 stuff somewhat clean. Not just total garbage. Tier 3, fine it can be total garbage, but tier 2 I try to keep it at least relevant if nothing else.

Hernan: Relevant will do, with FCS we were doing relevant theme articles, that's the whole point.

Bradley: Like I said, they're not freaking prize winning articles, but they're at least relevant. That goes back to building trust signals and everything else. You need that relevancy guys. Two or three is not quite so necessary. At least 2 tiers out it should be.

Adam: Mike says, “Do you think they'll replace links with light sabers?”

Hernan: Definitely.

Adam: It's coming. I don't know when but …

Bradley: I mentioned … That was Adam, cool. Mike says, “Bradley, I have IFTTT question number 2. Is all that is necessary for content in IFTTT network properties? The RSS feed from the money site blog, or should they also be curating unique post, additionally the RSS feed from the money site blog post?” Again, Mike I'm not 100% sure on your question. With a branded IFTTT network the only thing you need on that network is your own content. Which means you publish post to your blog. They syndicate out across your network. On your tier 1 branded networks, because it's just an extension of your brand, you don't need any other content period. I don't recommend that you even add other content because, the thing is, that's your brand funnel. Once people land on any one of your branded properties, your tier 1 social property, your tier 1 blog like WordPress to Tumblr Blogger, you want all roads to lead to your money site. Not to distract people and send them other places. You want them to lead back to you.

I recommend that you only put your own content on your branded networks. Now, you can use curated content as your blog post, because that's what we do a lot of because curated content is just awesome. It's easier to produce, it's cheaper to produce, and it actually build a lot of trust signals and relevancy because it's curated content and you're linking out to high authority or at least highly relevant. Not necessarily high authority but highly relevant content. My point is if you curate blog posts on your own money site and that's what gets syndicated, well, that's fine too. Because again it's really your opinion, you're objecting your opinion into other people's content and curating an article that's going to end up leading back to your site anyways, right.

Hernan: Sort of relevant. I like to think on tier 1 of branded ITTF networks has extensions of the main money site. It could actually sell on your main branded network. If you have a Google Plus account, a Facebook account, if you're on Twitter, if you have a tumbler blog you can actually sell on them, or at least bring people back into your golden frame into your website where you will close the sale. They can bring traffic and they should be treated as extensions of your main brand. That's what they're for.

Bradley: That's why I said in curated content it's a great strategy. We have a whole entire course about it called, “Curation Mastery.” That teaches how to do curating properly, also how to do if for money site post or for PBN post because it's so much cheaper to produce, it's highly efficient, and it's actually much more effective than usually than original content. Unless you've got a particularly good original content writer then by all means go with the original content, but for the most part, most SEOs that we train are using content from their content.

They're buying these shitty articles for 3-5 bucks or whatever per article. They're just basically all those writers are doing is going and scraping articles from somewhere and running them through a spinner and trying to clean them up just a little bit and then they submit them back to you. They end up reading like junk. You're much better off using curated content because now you can take content that is well written, well researched content and mix and match it to create your own post with just some of your own thoughts injected between 2 curated pieces. That makes it that much more powerful post. That's a great strategy. We do most all of our content marketing is done through curations. Then again it's just your posting to your own blog. Your own blogs are being syndicated out across your network. Your not publishing other people's content except for what you've curated into your own articles.

Willie says, “he's glad he made.” Willie, we're here every Wednesday. Almost for an entire year. Mike says, “Replacing money site, have this site with 150 keyword page results. Obliviously don't want to screw it up. Originally had flash 3 images and other coding problems replacing with all page name urls exactly as original. I know we will take a hit in the SERPs but do you have suggestions to lessen the blow? Would an IFTTT network help lessen the blow in the SERPs?” Probably not. Will the IFTTT network help? Yes, my answer is always yes. My answer is always going to be yes. Your site is still going to take a bit of a hit you're right. Because you make any major structural changes to a site it's going do some dancing. Period.

If you did but a network around your site, which you should, again I'm always going to encourage that. Then start blogging so that you're constantly up and guys consistency is key. You want to have frequent and consistent posting schedule that you're using to keep your networks active and to keep that freshness factor, always. Unfortunately you are going to see some dancing. There's just no way around that.

Hernan: You can always 301. If you're using the URL structure that is fine, but if you're changing the CMS for example changing it to WordPress you can even 301 it on the HD access file or or use a plugin like SEO redirection or something like that. That will usually bring the traffic from all the URLs to the new ones, it's not the case because you're replacing with old page URL as original but if you're missing anything then you can 301 it to the new site.

Bradley: If you've got old flash and 3d images and stuff you're definitely … Time to update for sure. That sound a bit of a project, Mike. It's a pain in the ass. I know it is doing those kinds of projects really sucks but you got to do what you've got to do. It's like rip the band aid off quickly, you know what I mean. Just get it done. Yeah, it's probably going take a hit for a few weeks until everything settles in but it's just better to do it now then wait, you know what I mean. Just get it over with. Torrance says, “Awesome thanks. I'll plus one that.”

Relevance and Linking to Branded Properties

Kendrick says, “Relevant content, got it thanks. Wondering about stuff like scraped sponge stuff from something like content foundry.” I haven't looked at content foundry, not sure. “It's all related to roofing and each sentence reads okay but all together. Not so coherent, ie not coherent at all. Just wondering if that kind of stuff is dangerous on tier 2?” It depends Kendrick, doesn't it always. It depends on what you're linking to. I wouldn't want to be linking directly to my branded properties. Which could be your tier 1 network properties or social profiles and stuff. With that kind of content. I guess you could you just have to be wary of what you're linking to. If it has no follow or do follow links because that's going to make a difference.

If you're going to be using shit that looks like that then I recommend doing it to the stuff that has no follow links back to your site because then all you're trying to do is actually end up boosting those properties a little bit buy pushing juice to them. It's not necessarily about really going to help your money site that much. You're building to a no follow link anyways. You can do that, I recommend that you just be careful because you do have properties in citations and everything else that will have a do follow links. Those you use very strategically use good content. Because now you have a content that you're pushing juice directly back into your site.

Hernan: I've used content foundry. It's pretty much a scraper like took a creator or SEO content machine and it will scrape and spin content. For FCS for example we were using article builder which after going through the spinner it will still read okay. It's still related but if you're in doubt Kendrick you can always use a switch box. A 301 between that content and the property that you want to pump. Say that you are building hundred, hundred fifty, links from FCS to tier one, with that content. Then you can put a switch box in between and see how it behaves.

Adam: Cool, we're about wrapped up. This is the first weeks in several weeks that we actually got through all the questions. That's great.

Bradley: Kendrick says, “LOL, it depends yeah, doesn't it always.” SEO, that's my standard question. Any time someone says, “Well, is this going to work?” Or, “Do you think this will work?” I always say it depends. There's so many variables guys, it's just impossible. My favorite question sarcasm, my favorite question is, “How many networks is going to take for me to rank for this keyword?” As many as it takes. That's my answer and I think we even have it in the knowledge base or support sites. “How many networks is it going to take?” As many as [crosstalk 00:50:23].

Adam: If you send that question into me know that I'm not actually typing that answer. [crosstalk 00:50:29].

Bradley: As many as it takes. We get that question a lot and it's funny. If I knew … Is SEO was that easy everybody would do it.

Adam: Good deal, it's almost time for MasterCLASS.

Bradley: Yep, we're going to wrap it up. We'll see you guys next week. For Master Class members we'll see you in just a moment. MasterMIND members we'll see you tomorrow

Adam: Congrats again to the winners. That's pretty good, I think that was $1500-$1700 for this stuff. Stay tune for episode number 52. We'll have another contest, and we'll be doing some stuff live. That will be in 3 weeks.

Bradley: Congratulations guys. All right guys, we'll see yo in a few minutes.

Adam: All right.

Hernan: Bye.

Marco: Take care.

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