Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 51

By Joriel

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Adam: Hey everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 21st of October. This is episode 51, so we're one away. Let's go down the line, like we always do, and say hello. How's it going Hernan?

Hernan: Hey everyone. It's good to be here.

Adam: Hey Marco, what's up?

Marco: Hey everybody. What's happening?

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: What's up everyone.

Adam: All right, well we just got a few announcements to run through today before we get started. Today, the first one, hopefully everyone, that's on right now, is going to be here next week because next week will be episode 52. That's going to be one year of Hump Day Hangouts. We're pretty happy about that and I'll let Bradley say some more happy things about that in a minute.

I just wanted to tell everybody we are going to be doing another contest. We did one a few weeks back. We're going to be giving away six months of Masterclass, one month, free, of the video, Power House, all right, which wasn't even been released yet, but we going to hook somebody up with that. Then, we're going to give away an IFTTT Network. That's all going to be done through our campaign, like we did last time, we're you can send a link, share it, you know, ans get chances to win that way.

Then, someone, attending live, is going to win three months free of Mastermind. All right, so, keep that in mind. Hopefully that's some good incentive for you to be hanging out with us next week live.

Bradley: The more times you share the share link, the better your changes are, so share the hell out of it.

Adam: Yep. Yeah definitely. We'll be sending out some more information about that. Obviously, we'll give you the link and all that, so you can get going on that, and have a good chance to win.

Also, just wanted to say that we're going to be doing a meet up in Costa Rica. Our Mastermind members are going to get the first chance to do this. This is going to involve some kind of higher level training as well as some networking opportunities. That's going to be in February 2016. We'll be telling them more about that, and then, if there are some spots left over, which we doubt, but there may be a chance for some other people to go.

Bradley: Very good. [00:02:00] All right, so other than that, I don't think we really had any other announcements yet. Next week, it's going to be the big one, because it's going to be 52 weeks straight of every single Wednesday. We haven't missed a single one, so provided that nothing catastrophic happens between now and next Wednesday, that will be our one year anniversary, which in my opinion is quite a feat, because that's pretty much unheard of. I don't know of any other group out there that does SEO training on a weekly basis, for free, and does it for a year.

Oftentimes, they'll do it for a few weeks. Maybe a few months, but we've been doing it for 52 weeks. I'm quite proud of it, if you can't tell.

Marco: Yeah, and just so everybody knows, there's no plans to stop. (laugh) We're not stopping it.

Bradley: We're going to keep going. I mean, I think next month, in November, we're going to be, the five of us, my partners and I, are finally going to meet face-to-face, because we've never done that yet. We've built this business via Hangouts basically. We're finally going to meet face-to-face in Miami next month. I think, that week, we're going to be off. We're going to take a week off then, which is the week of November 18th?
Marco: 15th, something like that.

Bradley: 15th or 18th, something like that, it would be, wouldn't you say?

Hernan: Either that or we can broadcast all together as a nice, one group.

Bradley: Well, no, because I'll be at the Internet Summit in Raleigh.

Hernan: Oh right, yeah.

Bradley: By the way, anybody wants to go to the Internet Summit in Raleigh, Raleigh, North Carolina, that's next month. I think it's the 17th, 18th, and 19th, or something like that, anyways, go join it, just ping me in Google Plus and let me know, and maybe we can all meet up for a drink or something. I already talked to some of our people and masterminded that we're going to be going. I think that would be kind of cool. If anybody else ends up going, let me know, because I'll definitely be there. I'd love to meet up with some of you all.

Like I said, that month, or that week, which would be Wednesday, November 18th, we're probably going to be off, unless Adam and Hernan and them want to do it without me, [00:04:00] which is totally up to you guys. I think we deserve a week off.

All right, with that said, let's go ahead and get into questions. I'm going to go grab a screen and we'll jump right into stuff.

Okay, cool.

By the way, I think, we've still got 58 people coming. What's interesting is Google Hangouts, or events, is not letting me invite people like I used to. It says could not send invitations every time I try to do an invitation. Two circles, our Mastermind circle, and then one that I call Hump Day Hangouts, which are people that have attended it in the past, those are the only two circles that I can send this event to as an invitation. I don't know why because I used to always be able to send it out to about 2,000 people, in various circles that I have, and now it won't allow me to do it and I don't know why, what happened with Google Plus, but it's pissing me off, but it looks like our attendance is still pretty damn good for not being able to actually send it to everybody.

Hopefully, a lot of you guys are returning, come often, because you're used to coming, and that's great. It's just we're not getting as many new people on these as I would like, because I'm not able to invite them, but that's okay.

Structuring Keyword Phrases

All right, let's go start with Sky. He says when creating web pages, what is the best way to structure for keyword phrases? For example, if your target is ripe, red apples and you have ripe in the domain name already, would you name the html file, okay, so I guess he's building html sites. Ripe, red apples, or just rip red apples, since ripe is already in the URL. Let's say you have a file path, www.ripe.com/apples/red, is this better than ripe.com, apples, red, ripe. That's what I would do Sky. The first example. Did you want to chime in on that somebody, I heard somebody.

Adam: Yeah, I just saying, just agreeing, yeah, it's just too much, and to even looks off. [00:06:00]

Bradley: Spammy.

Adam: It doesn't read right.

Bradley: Nope, I would absolutely go with first version. Guys I've said this for two years now, or a year and a half, at least anyways. I always try to keep my URLs as short and in synced as possible. The days are gone where you used to have to have exact match domain, then a category with the exact match keyword, then the post title with the exact match keyword, which would create the permalink or the slug for the post. Remember, that's what you should be guys. Three, four years ago, I mean, I do a lot of tree service work, so I would have tree service plus city would be the exact match domain, then I would have the page as tree service plus city, or tree removal plus city, or tree trimming plus city, and that's just the way we did it, and it worked, but those days are gone, and in fact, that will cause your site to not perform as well.

I always try to keep the URLs as short and synced as possible, where it's logical, and that's it.

Hernan: Sky, you could also at some synonyms to it, like you know I've seen those long, I know what you're saying broadly, because short URLs are usually more easily inserted in social media, for example, in Tweets, but you can also use, and the main idea here is use synonyms, so that you can get ranked for several other keywords. Either that, or you keep it as short as possible.

Bradley: Yeah, and Moz came out with their survey for 2015, search ranking factors survey that they do every year, this is not the same as the search metrics thing guys. This is not the same.

It's interesting, if you go through here, I don't know where it is, I can't find it right off the top of my head, but if you go through some of their survey data here, which is correlation data and survey data, go through this. Just go search it in Google by the way. Search for 2015 Search Rankings Survey or Search Ranking Factors, whatever you want. It's the Moz article. If you into it, that's actually a ranking signal, is also [00:08:00] having a short or synced URL.

Shorter URLs tend to rank better than longer URLs. Just keep that in mind. I've tried to keep them really short and synced. That's not why I did it, was because it was a better ranking signal, I just do it because I like to keep the URLs looking as clean and neat as possible. You don't need to do that anymore, where you're getting the exact match keyword in the URL. It's not necessary, because it's more important to have it in the SEO title and then to have it in the content on the page, then it is to have it in the URL. Okay?

Marketers Center

All right, Wayne says, Hi Authority, oh yeah, yeah, I saw this actually. Wayne and I downloaded, I still didn't open it though, yet, but thank you for that. By the way guys, anybody looking for really good services, As white level programs, that you can resale, at really good pricing, and I won't make any money off this at all for telling you guys this, but Marketers Center, the guy's name is Andrew Scherer, MarketersCenter.com, he's got a really, really good service. His prices are such that you can white label the services. In other words, he sells whole length building services, citations building, a whole bunch of different services that he sells that you can mark up and put your own branding on and resale to clients or whatever.

I use a lot of his services, guys, and he's really, really good. His name is Andrew Scherer. Tell him I sent you, or the Semantic Mastery Crew sent you if you go buy any stuff from him. Again, it's not an affiliate link, it's just a recommendation, because he does good work. Highly recommend that.

Marketers Centers + Serp Space

By the way, we're going to be integrating his services into our service space dashboard. Any of us, that's a good Q, by the way, Adam, to drop Serp Space, but for those of you that don't have an account on our Serp Space application yet, you might want to get one. It's free, there's a free level, obviously, then there's some upgrades that you can pay for, if you want. We are going to be bringing Marketer Center's services [00:10:00] right into our dashboard, so they can be ordered and delivered, and everything, right within the dashboard of Serp Space. That's something that we've already got in the works. Probably be released in a few weeks from now. I can't give you an exact date.

Adam: This might be a good time. We've had a few questions about Serp Space and just a one minute overview for everybody, in case you're unclear of exactly what it is. Serp Space is the gathering for these various products that we're going to be offering and services, like Video Powerhouse, The Network Management. Instead of having these things scattered all over the place and having ten different domains for these services, we're just putting them under the Serp Space domain. That's what it is, because some people, I know, have gotten confused. We mention it, and I get it, but just so you know, Serp Space is just going to be the marketplace where we have all of these offered, so that we can do things like, playing off of each other, there's strong points like we have Network Management, well, no kidding, we sell IFTTT Networks, like that's an obvious place to tie them together, so that we offer those together instead of having to do things with spreadsheets and then transferring things. We're going to be able to do this a lot more seamlessly.

Bradley: Yeah, it's going to be easier to keep track of on our end, number one, and then manage the orders, and the delivery of the orders, but also, form a customer standpoint, you guys will be able to see the progress of your projects. Also, the networks will go into, are actually imported or brought right into the Serp Space Network Monitoring App so that you can see which one of your properties are actually posting properly, if anything goes down, or is not posting properly, if your RSS feeds aren't working, it'll keep you much more, it's all at a bird's eye view, too, so you're able to see, very quickly, if something ‘s not working correctly, that you can go in and fix it.

Right now, I mean, guys, no kidding, I've got, literally, over, I think, 1500 IFTTT networks that we manage, that I manage, and it's a nightmare. It's way too cumbersome [00:12:00] because we've done everything with spreadsheets and that's just the way we did it, and that's part of the reasons we developed the Network Monitoring part of Serp Space anyways to begin with. Was really, originally, just for that purpose. Was a way to monitor the networks because it just got out of hand, really. Then we just continued to develop into so much more and now really it's going to be a Serp Space, our market space, SEO services marketplace.

Anybody that doesn't have an account in it, go to it at serpspace.com. Register a free account and over the next couple of months, we're going to be releasing additional services right into the dashboard.

Link Building After Syndicating Videos in IFTTT Networks

Lisa Ray says, after syndicating a video through IFTTT network, how long do you wait before doing any advanced link building techniques?

I just answered a question very similar to this, but was it in the Mastermind? Do you guys remember? I think it was. Yorg was the one that asked it. It was in the Mastermind.

Marco: Yeah, it was in the Mastermind, yeah.

Bradley: That's okay. Adam, could you find that, just do a search for Joerg, I guess.

Adam: Yeah, I'm going to pull it up real quick.

Bradley: Find my reply to him, about this very exact same question, if you can, and then we can just post it on here, my reply I mean.

Adam: Umm Hmm. (affirmative)

Bradley: Because it pertains to this, and it's nothing too sensitive. Anyways, Lisa, I'll get to it in just a minute. You'll see exactly what I posted, but typically what I'll do is I run everything through my IFTTT networks, depends on how much of a network you've got built out. If you just have a single ring or you have a single two tier network, and that's it, and you haven't done any boosting, you might need to do, you're probably going to need to do more. It just depends on the keyword and everything else, however competitive the particular keyword is that you're going after.

I can tell you, the way that I do things, is I normally have at least two to four full two tier networks tied to a YouTube channel. In other words, when I upload a video or live stream a video, it gets [00:14:00] syndicated out across two to four full two tier networks. Okay.

That's a lot of properties. Not only that, but at least the tier one networks have been boosted with additional link building, which is another service that we provide using FCS and GSA, or just GSA, whatever, those are boosted, my tier one rings are usually boosted.

Okay, so I don't really need to do a lot else. Most of time, especially from those local videos, I'll upload the video, or live stream it, we'll syndicate it across my channel, and then I'll set up a Crowd Search campaign, once I know that the video has been indexed. I'll set up a crowd search campaign to get it views. Okay.

That's the main reason why I do that, and I'll let it sit for about two weeks. Most of the time, by two weeks, it will have settled into a pretty good position. If it needs additional boost then, then that's when I'll start to go after doing some additional stuff, which I like to do additional embeds and social embeds. Social embeds, guys, are Twitter retweets, Pinterest repins, Tumblr reblogs, those are embeds, but they're all on social properties. Google Plus shares, okay, Google Plus comments will also help because it will oftentimes show the video on the commenter's feed as well so that becomes another embed.

Those are other social embeds that you can do. Were you going to say something, somebody? Though I heard somebody speak up.

Hernan: Yeah, I was about to say that the results a good idea to create additional videos like you were doing, Bradley, to push that video, because Lisa's then mentioning that last Friday she syndicated out and now it's number 13, which is a pretty good position, depending on competition, whatnot, but Lisa, you could also…

Bradley: That's real good actually.

Hernan: Yeah. So what you could do to make additional YouTube videos on some cases [00:16:00] you use [inaudible 00:16:00] for that, but you can do them manually to push that video to page number one.

Bradley: Yeah, and that was also mentioned in the comment that Adam should be posting. That's what I was going to say. Additional social embeds and other embeds, and then social signals as well, getting more shares, likes, and stuff like that. Social engagement is views, rights, so all that works. Lisa, also, in a position 13, that means you're close to page one anyways, which means you have a really good chance of getting into page one, right? For it to be that close, after just a couple of weeks.

The other thing is to join to search click watch groups, because that way you get more engagement on your videos. I know you can rank a video with engagement alone, if you've got enough of it. That's something else I would recommend doing is joining some of those groups and getting people to do a search view, I mean, crowd search will do the search and click. I think you can do comments now, but I haven't tested that. If you want to get real people engaging on your video, by asking them to do so, you can, and that will certainly help.

Then, like Hernan said, the other thing you can do is find related keywords, long tailed generally, that you can find and do additional supporting videos, that you put into a YouTube playlist, number one, so that your using the YouTube silo method, number two, you internal link from each one of those supporting videos up to the video that you're trying to rank. Okay.

If you've got additional five keyword phrases that are related or a longer tail, whatever, of the same keyword that you're trying to rank for, you can use those to create additional videos, to link up to the one that you have at number 13 right now. That's just something else.

You asked what the timeline is? In the post that Adam should be posting, my reply to a very similar question, I give you my timeline. I usually wait about two weeks before I start doing anything after the initial syndication. [00:18:00] Then I've give it, after that, I'll do a few days worth of additional pushing of some sort, mentioned in that post, and then I'll also give it about another ten days or so, seven to ten days ans see where if it's started to move again. If it hasn't, then I'll continue to do some more stuff.

I don't throw the kitchen sink at it right away, because I want to leave some things available that I can use in the event that it needs a push later on. What I found, a lot of the times, is that you can rank with less work than you think it's going to take, but you just need to be patient. Okay.
Adam: That comment's posted and I tagged Lisa in it, so Lisa, you should be able to see that.

Google Embeds for YouTube Video Optimization

Bradley: Cool. Braulio, I haven't seen him in a minute. Sup Braulio. He says, “Would creating Google embeds for each of the Youtube URL variations, on a single video be a technique you would recommend?

I don't know, to be honest with you. He says, “For example if I created twenty Youtube URL variations for a video, then twenty corresponding Google shortlinks, and then one thousand Webtude auto embeds for each, you end up having twenty-thousand embeds on the same video. If you guys tested this would that be too much spam?”

I've not tested it with the Google shortlinks, because I just generally just syndicate the regular embed code, you know, because it's all done automated. I know there's the vid penguin, and then there's some other, you know there's spreadsheets out there that'll do the same damn thing, where it'll create a ton of different variations, and that has it's place there's no question. I just don't, a lot of that is not automated for me, so I don't use it.

You know, so I haven't tested it to be honest Brolio, I don't know why you would want to do the Google short links for all of that. I mean, test it is all I can say.

Adam: Yeah test it.

Bradley: Just test it is all I can say. I wouldn't go through the trouble of creating all those different short links. Although, unless it was specifically to test, and that's why I'm recommending you test it, [00:20:00] maybe you share your results with us, because it would be interesting to take two similar keywords, similar videos, and do just a massive embed campaign using the normal embed code, or the variations of the embed code.

It would be interesting to see the same campaign setup pretty much set up, but using the Google short links for those embed codes and see if it makes a difference. You know, I'd be interested to see what the results of that test were.

Guys remember a one time test like that is by no means definitive either. It's interesting to see that kinda, the kind of data you can pull from a test like that. If you pull, like if you were to see significantly different results…let's just say the Google short links worked better for some reason, then you would have to test that several times across different keyword sets, to see could get consistent results out of that. If that were the case.

This is all hypothetical right now. Just so you know, when you set up a test and you see results from one test like, you know, from the two test subjects, and one of them outperforms the other, you can't say just a blanket statement, okay well this method works better. You have to test it again and again a few times and see, because sometimes it's just a fluke.

It's part of what the algorithm is, and Google's, you know Google's algorithm. Terry Kyle, he calls it the random ranking factor, it's an algorithm, so there's always anomalies. That's why it's important to make sure that if you are testing stuff, which you all should be by the way, did you test, and when you see significant results with within a particular test, did you test it again against some other controls?

Okay? Anyways I'm anxious to hear what happens with that Brolio.

Wordpress RSS Error

Jim says, “He can't get at the net recipe to work from Wordpress RSS feeding, any suggestions?

Yeah, use it as a secondary recipe then Jim. If there's a problem guys, I've said this a hundred times Jim, [00:22:00] you might not have heard this so I'll say it again. I'm not yelling at you by the way. Don't spend a lot of time with particular recipes, or any one property, that's not posting properly.

Like, what I'm saying is that there's, all too often we get comments and support, or in the Facebook group or something, with people saying that they can't get something to work, and they've spent hours on it, and I'm saying well, “Why? Why did you spend hours on trying to get one freaking property to work correctly?”

Instead, there's some work around for stuff #1. Or #2, just abandon that particular property for a couple weeks, and then come back. Often times it's a problem with the actual webtude auto property or IFTTT itself, it's nothing that you're doing wrong. It will most of the time fix itself, it just takes time for it to get fixed. It's just a bug that needs to get worked out.

By you wasting a lot of time on it, you're not being productive in other areas. I often say, “Try fixing it once or twice, if you know, a couple times, two or three times.” If you can't get it to fix, or to work properly, you can think of some work arounds, in this case, if it's just your Wordpress RSS feeds that's not triggering at dot net, then why not use your blogger RSS feed? Or your Tumblr RSS feed? Or your Wordpress.com RSS feed? Or Delicious or Diigo?

Something like that to where one of those other feeds are posting to app.net, as in, so app.net becomes a tier two link, instead of a tier one link. Okay?

That's a much quicker way to do it, you know what I mean? Like honestly, you can spend time trying to get it to work, but if it's not working properly, use a different trigger source, and then move on. If it still doesn't work, leave it alone, just put up, you know, mark your calendar to come back to check it in seven days, or ten days, or something like that, and most of the time when you come back to check it, it'll work then.

SERP Shaker Posting

Brian says, “When using Serp Shaker and posting to your blogs, if you had the blogs hit your IFTTT Network, would that be too many posts web 2.0s at once?

Yeah, [00:24:00] you get your web, your IFTTT network, most of your accounts would be terminated very quickly. So don't do it.

Hernan: Yeah, I got up to, I think the maximum SERP Shaker sites that I made, was one million pages. Now the thing is that, that will definitely time out or break something. You know? So you don't either break your IFTTT, because everything has a limit. I mean, even IFTTT or the post, the host like Twitter. They won't allow you to post that many times.

Adam: I haven't checked, I know there's a way to change, can you drip the dates on SERP Shaker?

Hernan: Yeah you could. Depends on how many posts you're making. I tried at 12, and wp-cron or whatever you're trying to do will work up to a set number of posts. I think it has to do with how powerful your server is, because if you try to schedule 200,000 posts, you will end up with problems. You know it's likely that Wordpress will miss wp-cron or the schedule. Have that in mind Brian. It will depend on how aggressive you're trying to be with Serp Shaker.

Bradley: Yeah, you know what I do for those type of sites Brian, is I just publish the post as normal without an IFTTT network, and then if I'm gonna be using that site for, guys I treat those sites, and I know that other people have success with the SERP Shaker sites, and the league ad sites where they make money for years with them, and that's great. I personally look at them as turn and burn type sites.

I put them up, I put the pages out there, get them indexed, and I might make some slight changes to the themes or to the layouts of the pages, the theme layout to get them to convert. Often times I'll just use an overlayer plugin to overlay a landing [00:26:00] page right on top of the whole damn site, so that's it's called an action or an opt in form or whatever is I'm trying to do, and that's it. I don't do anything else.

In the even that I was trying to do something else, and make it a branded site or whatever, then I would publish all the posts first, then add an IFTTT network, and then manually post like I would any other site, so that I'm only publishing high quality. Not spun content to my IFTTT network. You know, hundreds or even thousands of posts at a time. It doesn't make sense, you'll get your IFTTT network shut down.

If you want to connect it after your initial posts are done, and your shaker pages have been built and posted, then you can just do regular normal posts like you would any other blog, and they'll syndicate out and build back links back to your site.

Personally I wouldn't spend that much time on any one of them, I'd just crank out more sites, is what I'd do.

Hernan: Yeah, I think that's the key with SERP Shaker Bradley. Its a volume, it's a numbers game. I've, I found out that they are great side sites, or feeder sites. You know, sites that would allow you to bring traffic to another site. Or to bring traffic to enough, or you know that you didn't care about much? They work great on foreign markets.

The algorithm is not that tight. I have completely dominated markets, financial markets that are on Scandinavian, for example Norwegian, or Danish, or even Spanish. So for foreign, it seems the algorithm is not that tight, then you can get away with more pretty much, so they work really well.

Bradley: Yeah that, and the other thing is, you know, just crank out more of those sites just like you said. I use the sites mainly for research and development. Like, to identify, or for discovery [00:28:00] I should say, research and discovery. In other words, I use those sites to identify where the low hanging fruit is, the stuff that I can rank for with nothing other than on page.

Then I can go in, and once I've identified that using the SERP Shaker sites, or in my case I use Lead Gadget, cause I have access to that, and that does the same thing Serp Shaker does, except it build entire sites. I use it to identify low hanging fruit. Then I'll go in and build out more traditional type stuff. More Webtudes, or Youtube videos or something like that to try to extract as much traffic from those opportunities as possible.

Like I said usually with those type of sites, I'll just overlay a landing page that I've setup that has one specific called action. Either call a phone number. Submit an opt-in form, submit your email to download a pdf or whatever so that I can build an email list. Or fill out an opt-in form, a contact or request form, if it's for like a contractor that's like an estimate request form or whatever that gets sent to the contractor.

Whatever it may be, it's usually I overlay, because those pages themselves that are built by the SERP Shaker, let's be honest they're not the highest quality pages, because you're using spun content across thousands of pages at one time. Hundreds or even thousands of pages. My point is, is that it's better in my opinion, just to get the pages to rank, and then overlay something on top of it, that is set up for converges.

Existing Social Pages and Web 2.0s

Anyways, Stathes, I think I said that right. “After purchasing a tier one branded ring, what if I already have previous Twitter and Tumblr accounts, can it hurt my money site? Also if yes, should I better edit the recipes to match my existing social channels?

No, it's not gonna hurt anything. The only time you can ever get in, it can cause you problems, Stathes, if you have a [00:30:00] Google Plus local page, and you create another Google Plus local page, not a business page, a business page is fine even if you have a local page. There's a difference guys.

A local page will show an address. And it doesn't have a links section that you can add you profile links to. Okay? A Google business page does not have an address, and it also has the profile links section. So there's a difference.

You don't want to create two Google Plus local pages. You can have a local page and a business page, that's okay. That's the only thing you really got to worry about. Now, if you have a branded ring, if you've got a particular brand and you already have some properties that are branded, then I recommend that you submit your order, if you're ordering from us I mean. You submit your order with those branded properties, so that we can add those into the network, instead of building you new ones.

You got to contact us ahead of time using our support desk to tell us that, when you make the order, because then you have to submit the Google drive file, the spreadsheet. The same spreadsheet that's in the IFTTT training. You got to submit your details in that format, because that's what my team uses, and that's how they're gonna deliver it anyway.

If you fill that out, the workbook template, the IFTTT account workbook template, fill that out with the details that you currently have, and then send that to us in a support ticket when you place your order… then we'll make sure that we use those in your actual network bill. Okay?

That's a great presale question, and that's what our support is for.

Traffic Decrease During Site Redesigning

Chick says, “I'm going to be replacing existing site with a new design, using the exact same permalinks. The site currently averages 5000 visitors a month. Client is concerned that there will be drop-off in traffic. What should I tell her?

Hernan: There will be.

Bradley: Tell her that there most likely will be. If you're just doing a new design, if you're just replacing the site, [00:32:00] a site with a new design, if you're just replacing the design, I mean chances are if you're not changing the content and stuff much, you'll still see a little bit, like some bouncing, some dancing? It should settle back. It should settle back in. It shouldn't be that long that you see dancing. Now if you're doing significant site content changes and stuff, even if you're keeping the same permalinks, there's a lot of other variables there that you need to consider when doing so.

Adam: It's like unless you're swapping base mount or even stock themes or something, somethings gonna change.

Bradley: That's correct. I would just make sure that you, that you know, let the client know that if that's what they want to do, and sometimes it's necessary or recommended that you change the theme on a site, especially if it's outdated and that sort of thing. There's gonna be some dancing. It happens. I wouldn't change a whole lot of content structure if that's the case. You'll get it back Chick, if you know what you're doing, you'll get it back. Okay?

Local Citations

Secondly, “What is your favorite source for claiming and maintaining local citations?


Well, I can tell you. Let's see. Marketers Center, we just talked about that. I'm wondering if he's talking about if I do them manually, because I just don't do them manually anymore at all. The two providers that I like, are Marketer Center, and then the other one, and Adam get ready to drop this one too. Probably the highest quality citation service that I've ever seen is Loganix. We've got a link for semanticmastery.comloganix. That's L-O-G-A-N-I-X.

That's probably the highest quality link building, or citation building service I've ever used. I mean that. Those guys are really, really good. They're more expensive than Marketer Center, for example. Don't get me wrong, Marketer Center is damn good, but what I like about Loganix, is they will do the [00:34:00] citations, and then they'll do link building campaigns to the citations through like their own private blog networks, that they manage and maintain.

They're really really high quality. Plus they have a citation cleanup service that costs $400 bucks, but it's totally worth it. It is the most in depth, comprehensive citation cleanup service I've ever come across. I've used it several times now for some clients that have had citation issues. Some of which I've heard and trained outsourcers, to go out and do the outreach to the directories to try to get inconsistent citations cleaned up and deleted. We've had not success with a big portion of them.

Then I sent the stuff over to Loganix, and they worked on it for 90 days. They'll send you beautiful detailed reports with how many times they contacted. The dates that they contact. The replies that they got from the directories. I mean it's very very detailed. I was really impressed with those guys.

If you have the budget for it, Loganix is your route, the best route to go in my opinion. If you're going on an economy budget, then I would stick with Marketer Center. Those are the two that I highly recommend.


I also, Yext has come a long way. I know that there's a lot of people that don't like Yext. I didn't like Yext for a long time either. I didn't like Yext for a long time either. I actually signed back up for a reseller again, several months ago. Yext is actually much better than it used to be about a year and a half, two years ago.

What I do like about Yext, is if you have to make a change with something, it will update about 140 citations in a matter of about two weeks. A lot of citations will get updated almost instantly. Like the moment you change the data, and hit save, it'll go out and change them across,[00:36:00] you know they've got like a partnership, or they've got API access, or whatever with like a 140 different directory sites. Most of the big ones as well. So when you make a change, it updates very, very quickly.

Yext is, if you can afford it, the reseller service, I think it's $400 bucks to become a reseller, and then you get to sell the Yext services for $340, well they'll sell them to you for $350 bucks basically, and then you can upsale them to clients for, you know $150, or $500 bucks or something like that. It costs $600 bucks I think retail. It works out pretty well, because it's just a matter of updating data in one location, and then it will automatically update everywhere else.

That works really well too if you've got some citation issues, inconsistent citation issues, if you go run it through Yext, and then sign up there, or purchase their subscription. Again, it's a yearly deal. It's like, as a reseller, it's $350 bucks for a year, to maintain those citations for a year. Okay?

Anne E. Black's Social Link Machine Plugin

Are you guys fans of Social Link Machine by Anne E. Black ? I've never used it Chick. There are so many different plugins that do what IFTTT does, but what I've always, the reason why I've always stuck with IFTTT is because it's not a plugin that I have to worry about staying updated.

It's not something that, you know, I've had other plugins that do similar things that have caused conflicted with stuff on the Wordpress sites. My fallback has always been IFTTT, so I just stop testing these kind of plugins now, because I can accomplish what I want with the networks that we build. I just haven't used it. Have you used it Hernan?

Hernan: No, no no. Sorry Chick. I'm not familiar with it. The only plugin that I'm using it, for those kind of things is Snap. Which is social [inaudible 00:37:41] which I think is great, but then again, when you're posting to many many angles, I'm assuming that it will happen with a lot of plugins.

When you're pushing you know, tier networks, or when you're pushing 20 or 30 platforms a week, like we are doing with IFTTT, it can become a bit heavy on your server. It does happen with Snap, and it's free. The free version is great. The pro version is awesome. It will allow you to post to more than one account per property.

Adam: Yes and it's cheap too. I think it's like, or when I bought it a year or 18 months ago, it's like 40 or 50 bucks for unlimited sites.

Hernan: Yeah it's awesome. It has the downside that if you're pushing, it will allow spin tax and whatnot, like the semantic mastery or assessed applying in dos. The problem with Snap again, is that it can become heavy on your server. [00:38:00] it does happen with Snap, and it's free, the free version is great, but

Adam: The Pro version is worth it.

Hernan: Yeah, the Pro version is awesome. It's awesome. It will allow you to post to more than one account per property.

Adam: It's cheap, too. I think it's like, I remember when I bought it, like a year or 18 months ago, it was like $40 or $50 bucks, I think for unlimited sites.

Hernan: Yeah, it's awesome. It has the downside that if you are pushing, it will allow spin [inaudible 00:38:30] and whatnot like the Semantic Mastery RSS plugin does. The problem with Snap, again, it can become heavy on your server. Sometimes it will timeout if you are pushing too many properties. That's why we keep doing IFTTT.

Bradley: That's right. Yeah and that's the thing, I've had, I've tried almost everyone of those plugins under the sun, at least up until about a year ago, and there's a bunch of them guys, and there's only a few that stay updated properly by the developers.

Like Social network auto posters, Snap, that's one of them I know that constantly gets updated. A lot of the other ones are fly by night plugin developers, their shit just sucks. So I just stopped using them, because I always fell back to IFTTT anyways, and so instead of going through all the trouble of learning new plugins, and trying to setup new properties that maybe weren't in the IFTTT networks, I just stick with that. It works, and if something's not broke then don't fix it.

All right, I think the next question, let me copy this. Adam if you could drop this at the top of the page.

No Follow Links & Trust Flow

Kevin says, “Guys, few questions here. Do no follow links past trust flow, citation flow, or only PA and DA?

No they don't past trust flow. They might past citation flow, but they don't past trust flow. That's what I just dropped the link for Adam to drop at the top of the page. This is right on Majestic's blog. Which by the way guys, if you have questions about trust flow [00:40:00] and citation flow, Go spend some time on Majestic's blog.

It's their service. I don't mind answering the question, I'm just letting you guys know, often times we overlook the most obvious place to find answers. For example, we get questions a lot, that if you go to Google, and type in your question, you'll get the answer. And it drives me crazy, because it's like, okay, you want me to just go Google this for you?

In this case, I'm being, I'm not being a smart ass directly to you by the way. Go to Majestic's blog. They've got a lot of really good posts talking about how citation flow and trust flow are calculated, and things that can effect them such as this article here. If you look at item number seven, its says we do not pass trust flow through no follow links.

If someone decides to no follow links, on another site, the effects will show up further down the line. That said, maybe trust flow does not pass directly through a no follow link, however, you can influence trust flow and we've proven that. Marco, if you're on, you can speak to it.

Marco: Yeah, I'm here. The thing is that it depends on how the website is set up, because we've just noticed that some websites are set up as no index, but they have built follow links and that won't pass trust flow. We've tested it and we've come up with, time and again, it just absolutely will not pass trust flow.

There are several ways, where if you do embeds and if you do iFrames and if you do all kinds of little manipulation tactics that we do in RYS Academy, so Adam this might be a good time to post the link. I mean that's what RYS Academy is all about. If you want [00:42:00] total trust flow manipulation, go check out RYS Academy. Find out all about trust flow so that you guys know that we know what we're talking about and decide on what it is that you want to do. No, you can not get trust flow from a no follow and sometimes if it is do follow, you can not get trust flow. You have to really do your research and make sure that it's indexed and do follow, and that you can actually index the URL where you dropping the link, the do follow link.

Adam: Yep.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: On some points, you know what's funny is that you will set up an IFTTT ring, for example, for a website, and many, many of those links, contextual links, or profile links, they will be no follow, and you'll end up with higher trust flow at the end of the day. You know. It's all about manipulation and what types of links you're using to point out your money site.

Bradley: Again guys, go spend some time, literally on Majestic's blog. They've got a lot of really good information there. Also, Jacob Hagberg, he's a friend of ours as well, he's the one that runs Index Fair and what's the other one that he runs? Outsource Ranking. He does a lot of work with trust flow stuff. He's got some really killer articles about trust flow, topical trust flow. Go look him up, Jacob Hagberg. He's got some really good articles on that stuff, too.

Trust Flow in Majestic

“Should we only build links to properties that Majestic says have strong trust flow for the URL and not the subdomain root? If I make a blog comment on a high trust flow news blog, but that specific article URL trust flow is junk, will I get the trust flow from the main site or the crap trust flow from that specific article's trust flow?”

That's the flow metrics of the URL. For example, if you're inside of Majestic, and you're [00:44:00] looking at the backlink, to one of your properties, you're going to see the domain flow metrics, and then the URL flow metrics. Obviously, you're going to want to try to get your links on the pages or posts that have URL flow metrics that are high, that's obvious, but that doesn't mean that you don't want to get links. For example, if somebody posts a new post, it's not going to have any flow metrics at all. The domain will, but the URL won't. The page metrics won't be there, so doesn't that mean you don't want a link from it, no, not necessarily. In fact, the fact that the domain has good metrics, means that the page has a likelihood or a chance of gaining a higher metric anyways. Okay.

What I would do, in that situation, anyways, first of all, is it topically relevant? That's the most important thing. All right. Make sure it's relevant. The domain itself has some higher trust flow metrics, have some good metrics, then I would absolutely still want to get a link on it, because then you can do things to boost that, if you wanted to. Okay.

I look more, first of all, relevancy, than anything, because I'd rather have a lower trust flow link on a topically relevant page, than a higher trust flow link on a non-topically relevant page. Does that make sense?

Marco: He also needs to check the internal linking because if that specific page has links coming to it from other articles, that have trust flow, or from the homepage or from anywhere, where trust flow is being built, as you said, as long as it's on topic, so that you have topical trust flow, then that page, even though it might have low metrics or no metrics, is going to eventually catch up to all the other pages.

There's tons of things [00:46:00] that you need to do, you can't just look at a a page and say, oh well, this is crappy trust flow, I don't want my link in there, as you mentioned.

302 Links and Trust Flow

Bradley: He says, “I set up a profile with my link on it on a popular site, but when I take my profile URL and put it into my browser, it 302s back to the popular site's homepage. Will this URL still pass trust flow, citation flow, PA DA to my money site even though it's a 302 link or can I build links to it like normal?”

No. 302 links, well at least it doesn't pass link equity as far as page rank. I don't think trust flow or citation flow passes through a 302 either.

Adam: No. No, I don't think they do.

Bradley: I think it's pretty much like a dead stop at the 302.

Hernan: I mean you can still pass some link shares, but it's temporary so it will stop at some point. You know, because that temporary 302, it's a temporary redirect.

Bradley: I wouldn't waste my time with it. Okay.

Semantic Mastery RSS Plugin Recipes

Where can I download the Semantic Mastery RSS plugin? Well, the free version's on our site. Just go to semanticmastery.com/rss-recipes. It's also in the PDF that you downloaded if you got the PDF one with the IFTTT RCL Academy. There's a link to it in there. It's semanticmastery.com/rss-recipes. Okay, but guys don't ask us to support the free plug-in, it's free. If it doesn't work, most likely it's your host has an outdated PHP version, but don't send us in support tickets to support the free plug-in because it's free. If you guys don't like it, don't use it, use Yoast. Most of the time, if it's not working, it's because your host has got problems with the PHP version. All right.

SERP Shaker vs. Lead Gadget for Ranking Multiple Cities

Caesar says, we've got to hurry up, I didn't realize, we only got about ten more minutes, and we've got a lot of other questions. Caesar says, “I used a plug-in to create multiple pages, city plus service on same page, no silo, on a branded domain in order to test [00:48:00] which settings would be easiest to rank for in a given country“, that's like what we do with SERP Shaker or Lead Gadget, so I know what you're doing Caesar. That's good.

“Actually ranked most of them between pages one and three in Google. OKay. The plugin creates duplicate pages and just swaps out the city names, sounds like Serp Shaker. I don't know why you didn't name the plugin but sure sounds like it. I know that even though the sites are ranking, for now, with duplicate content, it may not be wise to put in the effort of pushing them up via backlinks, because eventually, they can get slapped because it's duplicate content. I totally agree Caesar. The article I used is not bad quality, about 500 words, my question is, now that I know I can rank in those cities without anything more than just on-page SEO, should I create a subdomain for each of the cities that ranked with the service page simple silo, a 301 page, in 301, the page that is currently ranked near the service page, on the subdomain, with the original content.”

You could, but I wouldn't recommend it. I mean there's really no reason. If you don't have any backlinks to that page that's already ranking, that has, pretty much, the duplicate content, with other than the GM modifiers being changed, then what's the point of 301ing it? You know what I mean? It ranked already, with pretty much duplicate content, okay, with no backlinks. If you go create a subdomain site, that you're targeting for each one of those areas, that the pages that are currently ranked with no off-page SEO, You're probably going to rank those anyways. Especially if you spend a little more time with proper onpage SEO. You're probably going to outrank what you already had anyways.

If there's no backlinks built to that existing page, then why even 301 it? It's not going to have nay benefit at all. Save the time, don't bother with it. Okay.

My theory is, if I was able to rank once, I can manually spend that same article for each city subdomain and rank it again without having to worry about duplicate content. Then I can start doing all the off page stuff to the subdomain without the risk of getting penalized, or should I just rewrite the article for each of the pages that are already ranked? Would rewriting an entire page after it is ranked on [00:50:00] page one mess with the ranking?

Yes, it can. I would go with the subdomain route personally. That's what I would do. That's just the method that I like to use. It works really well. It protects the site from penalties if any of the other pages got penalized. That's what I would do. Okay. I would definitely rewrite it though, you know. I mean it's up to you. I don't like to use spun content on money sites guys. For SERP Shaker pages and stuff, that's fine, but once I've identified areas that I can rank for, I go out and build traditional sites with normal type content, that was written, but spun garbage, blah, blah, blah. We just talked about that earlier.

Marco: The main point of the content of any website is to convert the visitor into a purchaser. You want to achieve that with spun content. We say that time and time again because you know, usually when somebody lands into a website with spun content, they just leave because you're not solving any problem. That's the main pint of any website's content, to turn those visitors into leads or into calls or into purchasers, whatever you want to do.

Bradley: To take whatever action you want them to take.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah. That's correct. Also, because remember guys, ranking does not equal money. Ranking does not equal conversions or sales or leads. That's the thing. People often think, well as long as I can rank, I can make money, no, that's not true, because you've got to have a compelling reason for somebody to submit their data or to pick up the phone, or to spend money, or whatever the case may be. You've got to consider that as well.
Ranking is part of it, yeah, but it's not…

Hernan: Hello. I always tell my coaching students that ranking is the easy part, then you have to sell your stuff man.

Duplicate Content Issue

Bradley: He says, [00:52:00] “also if I do another lead gen site using the same strategy, if I curate the content will with attribution instead, would that be considered duplicate content, it would still be the same content on each page, but curated. Would that make a difference?”

Yeah. I mean, again, for testing purposes, or for discovery, to identify, fine, but for money sites, I don't recommend you do that. Again, treat money sites like long term assets guys. Don't take short cuts. It's okay to take short cuts for testing purposes and to identify areas that you can work in, you can get quick results in. That's fine. I encourage you to do so, but treat your money sites as long term assets. Spend some time, make sure it's original content, you know, not duplicate content. Like I said, treat your assets like they're going to be around for a long time because they can be, if you treat them as such.

Adam: All right, so we only got a couple minutes, let's see if we can pick out a few short ones here.

Bradley: All right. Scott says, in doing, I'm just going to go right up the line man. First come, first serve. We'll try to run through them very quickly, the next handful of them guys, because we are going to wrap it up in about five minutes.

YouTube Siloing

In doing YouTube silo playlist, is there any unintended consequences in doing a second siloed playlist on the same channel or maybe a non-siloed playlist?

Will it hurt the silo channel, no, it won't hurt anything. No, Scott, it won't hurt anything. I mean, YouTube gives us playlists for us to use and I think they're totally underused, so use them.

Scheming in Wordpress

Dan says, “Could you show us exactly where to input the scheme of data into the source code for a WordPress site? I know exactly what to input, but not exactly sure where it goes. I'm a code dummy.”

Depends on what kind you're using Dan. Schema.org markup, the standard micro-data markup, is done right within the post body. Okay. I don't recommend that because most themes are going to strip that out anyways. If you're going to doing JSON-LD that goes into the header, the head section of the pages. All right, so it depends on what type of micro-data you're using. [00:54:00] Schema.org is markup, but what type of markup are you using? Are you using micro-data or are you using JSON-LD so again, it depends. All right.

I just saw another question form Earl that was up here about can I explain JSON-LD, I don't know what the ord part is, but JSON-LD and using it to put local business scheme in header, you mentioned it in RYS case study.

Yeah, I mean, we did a full training on it into the Mastermind, Earl. I can point you to a couple places that you can do some additional reading about it, and then you can spend some time reading about it, because I certainly can't cover that here. Just one second. There's two articles here from Built Visible, which is another outstanding, I'm going to drop these, and Adam, if you can post them. This is another outstanding blog guys. Richard Baxter, he does a really, really good job with his blog posts. I really, really like this guy.

Anyways, there's a lot of information in here about micro-data and JSON-LD markup. Then there's also one here from whitespark.ca that can help you out as well.

Embedded Campaigns and YouTube Siloing

Let's see, Brolio says, “When I start building YouTube silo, and scheduling live events, I also fire and embed campaign before streaming the video. That's fine. After I stream the live event, get them indexed and some of them are longer tail keywords. Videos easily rank on page one of YouTube, but not under Google SERPs. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting any videos to show up in Google SERPs. What would you recommend as the first line of attack here since I've already [inaudible 00:55:35] embeds, Twitters, tweets, etc.”

Search clicks, search and clicks really works well for Google, for videos, and patience, too. I've had videos, guys, that I've uploaded it and I've been able to rank number one in YouTube and they wouldn't show up in the first five pages of Google for, or even ten pages sometimes of Google, for six weeks. Then all of a sudden, boom, they show up, and [00:56:00] they do well. For example, I'll show one, and I know we've got to wrap it up. Let's just take a look at this one. If any of you took our Wirecast webinar, you know that this was the one of the videos, this is the video that I live streamed, and that Wirecast webinar, the free webinar, if you guys haven't seen it.

Look, I'm in position number four now, for SEO, Charlottesville, VA. This video, it took, I don't know, maybe six weeks, before it really even, it was like on page four in Google, but like, I ranked number one on YouTube, but it was page four in Google. It took about maybe six weeks or so, maybe even eight weeks, before it ended up finally ranking on page one. I did a couple of additional things, but not much. Mostly what I did was search click campaigns. I use Crowd Search for all this stuff because it's automated. If you don't have Crowd Search, you can get people to do it through the Search Click Watch Groups. Engagement is what mainly ranked us.

I did a bunch of embeds originally with the initial live stream because it went through my networks, then I did some additional social embeds, what you just talked about Brolio. Then, all I did since that point was I set up Crowd Search campaigns, but I was using referral traffic instead of doing traffic direct from the SERPs to the video. I'm doing traffic from the SERPs to a tweet or through a Tumblr post, or WordPress post that then clicks to the video, so it's referral traffic. I was able to rank it for that and look, it's number four in Google. All right.

Sorry guys, we've got to wrap it up. We got ten minutes until Masterclass and we're going to be covering the launch set cvase study this week. Then we're going to make an announcement about Masterclass and plan out the next few weeks today as well. Everybody, want to see you in Masterclass in just a few minutes. Thanks for everybody being here. Sorry we didn't get to all your questions. First come, first serve, so get your questions posted early. We usually [00:58:00] have the events posted, now, by Friday at the latest. By Friday afternoons, so if you guys have questions that are nagging at you, or that we missed, post them on Friday so that they definitely get in line to be answered. Okay.

All right you guys, thanks for being here.

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