Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 54

By Joriel


Episode 54 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Adam: Hello everybody, and welcome to Hump Day Hangout. This is episode 54. Today is November 11. Happy Veterans Day to everybody out there. Real quick, we want to say hello obviously, and we got some great announcements. We'll get this started. How's it going Hernan? [inaudible 00:00:53]

Hernan: Hey everyone. Hey Adam. It's really good to be here. [inaudible 00:00:17]

Adam: Hey Marco what's up?

Marco: Hey everybody, what's up?[inaudible 00:00:22]

Adam: Last, but not least, Bradley how you doing?

Bradley: Good man, good. How are you?[inaudible 00:00:26]

Video Power House

Adam: Good, good. Can't complain. It's been a busy week. We've just been putting the finishing touches on getting Video Powerhouse ready to go. We're happy to say that it is live. I'm going to be dropping the link in here and you guys can go sign up right away.

This is the embed network that we've been talking about for the past couple months. The story behind this, if we haven't told you, is basically we were looking for ways to go about and get our own video embeds for ranking our own videos. We've been checking out some products that are out there, and not to name names or anything, but we were very unsatisfied to put it nicely with what we found available out there.

We've put together what we would we would call a pretty killer network. This is very powerful. These are real sites that have metrics and are surrounded by IFTTT networks that we have built. All right, this is the same type of stuff that we provide through our own network services. I'm going to pop the link in there. Again, we've been talking about it so I'm not going touch up to much on it but by all means if you're interested in ranking your videos I highly suggest you check this out.

Bradley: I do want to mention, it's going to be a limited release because it is a new network. We don't want to overload it, so we're only going to be allowing about 50 people in. Then, we're going to shut it down so we can make sure it's running smoothly with 50 people in it. Just so you guys know, there was a waiting list and everything else. We're opening it up, but it's going to be a limited thing. It's not a scarcity thing we're doing, we're actually doing that specifically so that we can make sure we can handle the volume and work out any bugs because it is a new network.

That said, we're going to be reinvesting in that network to continue to build it out. Right now, it's just a general marketing video embed network in other words, you can pretty much embed anything besides what the typical no-go things are like Farma, porn, that kind of stuff. As we start bringing customers in we're going to reinvest in the network and build out at least five top level category themed networks, plus the general network. We'll end up with six, each having it's own minimum of 100 sites as the tier one, plus 20 web 2. This is part of the IFTTT rings around each one of those. It comes out to be 100 tier one embeds and 2,000 tier 2 embeds. Embeds backlogging social signals, that sort of thing per network.

We're going to have essentially five top level categories like health and wellness, construction/home services, business/financial, those kind of top level categories. Just so you guys are aware, currently it is not a themed network. It is just a general network. We're going to use that while we continue to build out the other high level categories. Obviously, as that continues to get developed we'll be giving out notifications of it as well. Do you want to add anything else to that Adam?

Adam: No, I think that's good. I'm glad you followed up on that. I got excited about some of the up front stuff. The network build out is something we take seriously because it's something we wanted. We're going to develop that as we go. It's ready to go right now, like I said, we're using it. The end goal as we continue to bring people on is we're going to grow the network. I'm good, do you guys have any other announcements, or I think that was the big one for today.

Bradley: Yeah, that was it. I'll give a shout out to, let me grab the screen and I'll show those of you that are doing tiered networks for your own businesses, your own websites, or whatever. Let me grab the whole screen. Lisa Allen, she is a developer. She develops a lot of software programs that are for marketers. She's a good one. I've actually followed Lisa Allen's stuff for years now. In fact, I remember right after I got introduced to IFTTT she collaborated on a training program with Peter Garrity that showed how to set up triggers and Google calendar, which was pretty cool to re-syndicate stuff. That had to be three years ago now. She was kind of on the cutting edge of that back then as well.

Anyways, I just want to give a shout out to her. She's got this new product called RSS feed finder that's really cool. That's what I like about her software, it's really simple, it's not like a Swiss army knife type software. The software she creates usually does one thing, one thing very well, but they're very simple. That's what I like about them because too many software's have too much of a learning curve. This one's really cool guys.

Again, I just wanted to give a shout out, because I found out this works really well for finding feeds to use for your tiered networks. Also, for if you're using feeds to populate content on like PBN sites, which is a good idea to do so. This is a great way to do it. Can you see the software?

Adam: Yes.

Bradley: There are a few different places that it will go out and find feeds. If you go out and select any it will select from any of the available places. It will use the Google blogs search engine, Pinterest boards, YouTube, Tumblr, and Vimeo. You just put a keyword in.

For example, if I wanted to find some YouTube videos, let's just say I wanted to do a video on dog training. Everybody knows that. I could click search feeds, and you'll see it will start populating very quickly with the YouTube channel URL, the channel RSS feed, and then the keywords. You can put multiple keywords in here. It doesn't have to be just one.

I'm going to go ahead and clear it but you could export it. It just makes it really easy and fast. That's all it does. It's real simple, but I just wanted to give that a shout out guys, because this is something that I just started playing with a few days ago. It's a really cool piece of software and it's inexpensive too.

Hernan: It's a huge time saver because if you have to go out there and actually search the dog training YouTube channels or you have bunch of other platforms over there. It's a huge time saver because just finding five or six or even ten relevant feeds to combine with your outer tiers is kind of a process that takes quite a bit of time. I think that this is a great tool.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's my point. If you guys that have taken the IFTTT's academy training you'll know that in the advanced RSS training where we talk about collecting related content feeds. I've always done it manually or have my VA's do it now. It's always been a manual process, we're just speeding that up considerably.

Hernan: Word on the street is that master mind members will be getting a chance to talk and learn from Lisa Allen about how she does some of her RSS content.

Bradley: Yeah, we're going to be having her on as a guest probably in January.

Hernan: Yeah I think so. We're firming things up with her.

Bradley: Okay, cool. All right, with that said let's get into questions. I do want to give a shout out to Wayne and say thanks for ruining Hump Day Hangout today, Wayne.

Hernan: It cannot be unseen.

Checking Indexing Rates of Backlinks

Bradley: All right, Daniel he's got the first one. He says, “Hey guys my question is regarding indexing and the importance of it, over the years everything I've learned in SCO has suggested that indexing is everything and that if the link your building are not getting indexed then they are worthless.”

It's not necessarily true. The problem I am noticing mainly with my indexing rates is getting FCS and GSA links indexed which I'm using to power up my IFTT and also some of my IFTTT posts. Currently, is Backlink Commando plug-in, Backlink Indexer. Adam, if you want to grab that post you're on and drop that so that people see it in case they are not aware of that. Actually, you know what, do you have it hand or do you need me to grab it because I have it.

Adam: If you've got it handy go ahead.

Bradley: Okay, I've got it. I know I do. Right here. I'll give it to you Adam so I can keep reading. Sorry about that. Let's see, I currently use backlink commando plug-in, backlinks indexer and when I check the indexing rates using Inspyder backlinks monitor and scrape box, I'm noticing very low indexing rates. I also use the Google indexing tool but it's simply not practical for large numbers of links. Question: Do you guys actually check or even recommend checking the indexing rates your backlinks and how important do you feel it is to get them indexed?

Okay, to answer the first part of the question, all I do is the backlinks commando and the backlinks indexer. That's as far as I take it and honestly, that's all I care about. You're right. Most backlinks analysis software or programs applications or whatever are not going to show those links.

For example, Majestic very rarely shows web 2.0 type links. Moz or Open Site Explorer definitely doesn't. SCM Rush usually doesn't. Ahrefs is about the only one that shows the most and even that, it's a limited amount of the web 2.0 that it shows. However, that said, if you are using the automatic indexing like I said trust me Google is seeing those links and in order to prove it … If you're doing it for videos you won't be able to tell but in order to prove it if you're using IFTTT networks for websites for any of your websites or blogs.

If you have your website connected to Search Counsel or formerly Google Web Master Tools and you go in there you'll see links to your site and you'll be able to see all of them. You'll be able to see the links from WordPress and Tumblr, and Diigo and Delicious, all the different sites in the networks. You're right. Most software applications or SEO backlink analysis applications are not going to show the links, but as long as Google is seeing, that's all that matters.

Go ahead Hernan, jump in. I'm going to pause the screen for a minute and open up Search Counsel so I can show him where to look for that.

Hernan: Sure, yeah. I think you made a great point over there Bradley, because on IFTTT we're using a ton of properties of Google partners how, so they will feed even if they are not indexed. They will feed information to Google, so that's for once. Also Daniel, have in mind that the best link that you can get is the one that will also bring you traffic and for that usually have to be indexed or it has to be in a big platform.

Also, I have sen that no index do follow links still [inaudible 00:11:23] not as much juice as a DoFollow link will. They will still .. I've been preaching about no index PBN, whatnot. However, I wouldn't pay that much of attention of getting for example FCS and GSA links indexed. I would rather focus that energy on getting your tier one links indexed. They're pointing back to your website and the links that are coming from authorities, those are the ones that you plug on back going commando and those are the ones that should receive most of your attention.

If your making great tier one links, if you're doing great manual tier one links like, Guest posts or IFTTT or press releases they will get indexed automatically. That's the name of the game. Indexing is something that we pay attention but as automatically as possible.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's the point. Exactly right. We make an effort to get them indexed but I don't care if the SCO analysis apps show it. To be honest with you, why would you want … I've said this several times before on these various webinars … why would you want all of those links to show on Majestic and Ahrefs and all the tools that all other SCO's use because then they're going to easily be able to see what it is you're doing. To be honest with you, I don't care that they're not shown.

In fact, I kind of like the fact that they're not being shown and those kind of tools because that way people don't know what the hell I'm doing by just looking at my backlink profile. You know what I'm saying? As long as Google sees them that's all that matters. Whether the other services will index or display them or not, it doesn't really matter. Here's an example: How to SCO.us which was a blog I had set up. I think it was part of the IFTTT training when I was setting all that stuff up.

Anyways, this is a site that I have and inside of Search Counsel you just go over to the search traffic, the drop-down, click it, ti will expand, then you click on links to your site. You'll see right here if I click on more it's going to open it up. Now take a look at this guys you can tell this is an IFTTT ring. Exactly the same properties that we use for IFTTT rings are right here. You can see WordPress, there's 579 links. Blog.com, BlogSpot, Flavors, RebelMouse, Tumblr, Curator, FriendFeed (Defunked), you can see that there is all the different properties. There's Diigo down here, Delicious, these are all links coming from those properties. That's all that matters, as long as Google's seeing them, you're good to go.

Hernan: Yeah,

Hernan: and you know that RebelMouse it will not index most of the time, I don't know why, but Google sees this. That's all that matters.

Bradley: Okay, so we're going to move on.

Marco: If I can just add something to it.

Bradley: Sure.

Marco: I think if you're paying too much attention to whether your backlinks that you're using FCS and GSA are indexing you are actually focusing on the wrong thing. What you need to be focusing on is whether your tier one is getting powered up. Number 2: Whether they're delivering traffic to your website. The result that you're trying to get is traffic from the social media websites and traffic to the website. That's what he needs to be paying closer attention to rather than something indexes or not. Check your rankings, check your traffic, check your referrals, and that's going to tell you whether your link building campaign is successful or not.

Bradley: That's correct. He says, “Am I really over thinking this whole indexing thing?”

Yeah. Again, all you need to do is check Search Counsel to make sure that Google's seeing your links. For all other tools, don't worry about it. I absolutely set-p backlink commando and backlinks indexer for all of my IFTTT rings. It's an automated thing. It only takes a few minutes to set it up, once it's set up it's 100% automated, where it will send it to be indexed. That's all I care about. That just helps Google to see them. I don't care about the rest of the apps showing them.

Best Practices on On-Page Optimization and Protecting Money Sites

Okay, Skye says, “Can you go over how you do on-page optimization? Also, when you purchase services on Fiber or SourceMarket how far out do you go to protect your money? For example, would you purchase a domain stacking service and use that on tier one which links direct links to your money site?”

Okay, Skye, I can appreciate your first question about how to do on-page optimization. That is an entire training course in itself. We cannot answer that here. That would take up the rest of the time and it would still leave a lot of questions unanswered about how to do it. If you want to learn on-page optimization, I would recommend that you join our Master Mind where we talk in-depth and have lot of training in there already about that sort of thing. Also, if you're not already in the Master class, we went through several site builds in there now, local site builds affiliate side sets, that sort of thing, where on page optimization is talked about as well. That's another place for you to learn that.

As far as purchasing services from Fivver, SourceMarketer, SCO, that sort of thing. Guys, only use those to power up second tier properties or beyond, or like if you're doing a churn and burn it's okay to use that kind of stuff, but do not ever link from those kind of gigs directly to your money site, ever. In fact, I wouldn't ever use those kind of gigs to link to your first tier sites either. Tier two and beyond, yeah you can do it, but to be honest with you the problem with those guys is that people use templates.

Look, would you take your time to set up a GSA campaign? If you had GSA, you were paying for the servers and the captcha and the proxys, and everything else, would you take the time to set up link campaigns for people for $5. I think Fiber take a $1 of that. So, you get $4 for a link building gig. I mean you got to think about that, I certainly wouldn't. These guys what they do is they set up a particular type of template and then they just cram as many gigs into that template as they possible can. There's a huge footprint. That's the only way that they can do it because they're not making enough money on the gig in order to justify spending any time on setting up unique campaigns.

To be honest with you, those are really, really, poor link building gigs. I don't recommend doing it for anything other than a churn and burn strategy, or for tier two and beyond. Do you want to add to that Hernan? I know you probably got something to say about it.

Marco: If I can just add a little bit of something. Our foundation is, keep your money site and your tier one pristine. This is your brand, this is who you are. This is what you're showing the world. If you're going to throw garbage at who and what you are then that's how it's going to end up. Whereas if you keep it clean and you do things the way that we teach you to do them, you're going to keep it clean, you're going to power it up. Then you go up to tier two, tier three and maybe do whatever you want up there, because it doesn't matter that far out. At tier one and on your money site, and especially if it's a client site, don't d it. Just don't do it.

Hernan: Skye, if it's your own website and as Marco was saying and you can risk it in a way you can go ahead and purchase a [inaudible 00:19:12], a 301 app and use, for example, that domain stacking service. Which I'm not entirely clear what that is, but I think it has to do with 301s and what not, but you can have a switch box in between. Then again, I wouldn't point it even with a switch box, direct it to my money site.

Bradley: Yeah, me either. Look I don't know anything about the domain stacking service that you mentioned, but I can tell you like Fiber gigs, SCO clerk gigs. There's a time and a place to sue those kinds of things guys. It's not anywhere near your money site, I can tell you that.

Fixing GPlus Badge Issue

All right. Paul says, “I've been setting up blogger accounts and IFTTT networks and when I go to set up the G plus badge the ID number and both the profile and the page URL's are both the same number.”

No, you're wrong Paul. You're confusing two different pages on one Google account. There's a difference between a Google profile and a Google page. What you're listing right here, you say here's an example of the latest account I'm trying to build out. As you can see, the ID numbers are the same, yet both addresses work to each page. That's because this is going to be, this looks like a profile instead of a page.

Hernan: There are different types.

Bradley: Yeah. What you're showing here is just a different … wait a minute let's go back to about. This is the same. If you change the tab, it's basically like a mini website. These are just pages. This is a profile. What you need to do is take a look at you Google plus page and that's going to be a different ID number. That'll be a different ID number.

You have to make sure that inside a blogger that you're selecting whether you're using a profile badge, or a page badge. You have to specify that and, you have to make sure that you have the corresponding ID in correctly. Hopefully that makes sense Paul. I think you're confusing the difference between pages on a Google plus profile, internal pages I should say, or other tabs. In order to keep the terminology straight, let's say other tabs. These would be considered other tabs on this profile. That's not the same, a Google plus page is going to be different than a profile. A lot of the times you can just tell because of the about page itself.

You're going to see a different set of categories here, or a different set of sections over here. You won't see a contributor to, on a page. You only see a contributor to section on a profile. If you want to take a look at … let's see if we got a page open. We'll just take a look at this one. How to SCO. This is a business page. They changed the menus, the navigation in Google plus and it's weird to me.

This is the difference. This is what you'll see on a page. The ID up here is going to be different obviously. Also, you'll see story, then you'll see links. You'll notice there's no contributor to section here. They don't have that because a contributor to section is for authorship which is still alive and well. They just don't show authorship images and search results anymore guys. Authorship is still alive and well. You'll see contributor to section right here in about. That means you can set up authorship which means this is a profile, whereas this is a page. Does that make sense? Hopefully that's clear. Paul just double check, if you purchased networks from us you're going to see a clear line … as a matter of fact, just let me open this up real quick. In the account workbook template there's two sections for this. There's a Google plus profile right here and Google plus page that goes right here, they're going to be two different URL's. Not two different URL's meaning it either says post, or about at the end. It's going to be two different Google ID numbers.

Guys, did I explain that clearly enough?

Marco: Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah, that was clear.

Marco: Where were we? Did I lose the page?

Hernan: Looks like he's got the next question.

Bradley: It looks like I lost the even page though. You're going to have to bear with me while I find it.

Hernan: On the upside he said loving the master class so far, so thank you Chick.

Network Management Pricing

Bradley: I got so many damn accounts ties to this account now, it's hard to find everything. Here we go. Too late, too slow. All right. Question: IFTTT continuity programs, I've got a good grip on pricing for setting up the networks but not afterwards. Can you give me some pricing examples for both network monitoring and content marketing, assuming both one tier network, and two tier network?

Yeah. Chick what I do is I don't sell network monitoring or network managing services, I sell content marketing services because it's a lot more f an up-sell. Unless the client is doing their own content, which rarely happens, most of the time the customer or client will have good intentions to do the marketing but they end up half assing it for a couple weeks then calling me saying screw this how much for you to do it for me. Which is what I like. I fully intend on them coming to me to do the content marketing for them.

I don't have a pricing for network management. If somebody is handling their own content and all I'm going to be doing is making sure the networks are working and technically all I do is build links to the networks then. Then I just sell them on a ink building package. Which again it 100% varies depending on the client that I'm talking to. I have no packaged prices for that. I always charge according to what they're willing to pay.

All industries are going to be different and each client is going to be different. Each geographic area for clients is going to be different. There's so many variable. As far a s content marketing that again depends on the industry I'm in. I can give you some examples like, contracting industries that I do most of my work in, I'll pay anywhere between $15-$20 per article. It varies on what kind of client site that it is. It has to be high quality content. Some clients are pickier than others. Some clients could care less. They don't even care they got a blog. All they want is to get calls coming in and the blogging helps.

For that, I'll pay anywhere between $8-$10 per post. I'll charge them from anywhere from $15-$20 per curated post. I hire that out. That's completely done by my outsources. Then for some of my clients that are higher end or care more about their blogs they'll pay me anywhere from $25-$35 depending on the client per curated post. I usually will pay out between $15-$20 on that.

I'm getting almost 100% mark-up on all of my content marketing. Then it's just a matter of frequency. For example, most contracting clients will do two posts per week. If I'm charging the client $15 per post and I'm paying out $8 a post. Essentially they are paying $30 dollars a week or $120 a month for content marketing, and that's on the low end. Most of my content marketing services that I offer for clients won anywhere from $200-$300 per month. Again, it's 100% outsourced on my end. I just have to initially get the outsourcers set up. Then it's done 100% on autopilot by my VA's, and I just collect a check every month.

Again, most of my content marketing runs between $200-$300 a month. I do have some clients that we post 3-5 times per week. That can run in $500-$600 a month.

Hernan: I would also add that if you want to fully outsource the link building, you can purchase from us. Add 100% above that. If you're charging for money [inaudible 00:28:42], you can also plug the network on [inaudible 00:28:45], go open an account there, it's free. You will put the networks there, and you can easily add 100% over there. Either way it's fully outsourced.

Bradley: Guys, you know like I said, most of the industries I work in aren't real content heavy industries, so five or six hundred dollars even for the heaviest of my clients is actually rather low for content marketing. I don't know if you saw this, there was a … Shit, I can't remember.

One of the big data companies, that analyze data and they project trends with economic circumstances- if I can find it later I'll post it on the events page, but it's estimated that the content marketing industry is to reach $19 billion. Adam, do you remember?

Adam: No, I'm not joking, I thought it was $300, which sounds crazy.

Bradley: $300 billion by 2019.

Marco: I have the link, I'll drop it in.

Bradley: Yeah, if you don't mind, it's insane. It's a huge opportunity to make money as a content marketer. The beautiful thing about content marketing guys is you're not selling results, you're selling activity. In SCO guys we often sell results. We're often promising we're going to get first page ranking, and that's difficult. We do it, but it's difficult. Whereas when you're just selling a service, you're selling activity. Then it's the activity you're selling, not the results. Content marketing is one of those things that everybody should be doing that has a website, but most people don't want, or know how to do. That's where you can step in, and not even do it yourself, outsource it. Like I said, I make about 100% mark up on all my content marketing services and I don't do a damn thing other than manage my VA's. It works really well.

Adding Pocket Links to GPlus

Okay, he posted this in a support ticket as well but we'll run through some of these, because if you have these questions maybe others do as well. This is specific to IFTTT stuff. Is there a way to add pocket links to Google plus page and about page?

The current pocket account creation has changed and they do not allow you to use an email account anymore. They make you sign up with Twitter or Facebook. Well you sign up with Twitter because you don't have a Twitter account in your network anyways. I don't recommend using Facebook, unless it's for a branded property, then you want to set up a Facebook page not a new Facebook account. You want to set up a page under your account or a client's account if that's the case. Otherwise, just use Twitter.

Also, once the account is created they do not give you a profile URL. That's correct. They never gave you a profile URL, that I know of. Because of that, wondering how to connect everything now since there is no profile URL. Again, I don't think pocket ever had a profile URL but where Pocket … Guy's if you're not going to be using the advanced RSS academy training, if you do not use that or you don't plan on using it, then don't even bother setting up Pocket, or Instapaper for that matter. The only reason those two are valuable is because it gives you an output RSS feed, that you can use to syndicate and submit to directories and aggregators as well. That's where the power of Pocket and Instapaper come in. If you're not going to be doing the advanced RSS strategies then they're basically worthless. Google's not going to see those links inside of those. Because of that they're is no profile URL. Again, I don't think there ever was.

If you want to add a link to your Google plus page for Pocket, you can but you would just have to link to the RSS URL. That's the only URL that you get. It's the only external URL that you get for Pocket, everything else is don't inside the application. Does that make sense? Was I clear on that?

Here guys, I can show you, I was already logged into my Pocket account. Inside of Pocket, if you go over to your name or the persona's name, you click the drop down and you got to options. From here, you want to go to privacy, and here you will see RSS feed. Your RSS feed is public, if it's not public, you need to set it to public. What you want to use is all items feed. If you right-click and copy that link address, now it's on the clipboard. In fact, I'll open up Firefox and show you what that looks like.

This is the actual feed URL for Pocket. This will give links to all the content in your Pocket account. This is the only external URL that you get inside of Pocket, that I know of. You can use this in your Google plus page if you want to link to it.

How to Connect Instapaper Feed URL to Pinboard.in?

Is it possible to add our Instapaper feed URL to Pinboard.in? If so, how would we do that?

I guess, yeah you could. You would do it in IFTTT. You just use the RSS to Pinboard.in recipe. Then you just use the Instapaper URL as the trigger. Guys, can you syndicate to Pinboard using an RSS feed? Yes. You do that inside of IFTTT. As long as you have an RSS feed, you can use it to post to anything using IFTTT, basically.

Hernan: I don't know how the need of Instapaper channel will work with Pinboard.in. I don't know, we'll have to test it. Usually if you can post to Instapaper you can also post from Instapaper, natively. We will have to test it out.

Bradley: As long as there is an RSS output for Instapaper, which there is, it's just like this. For example, if I was to take this Pocket URL and use this as the trigger to feed Pinboard.in, and Pinboard.in is just a bookmarking service. There's no content here anyways. All it is, is a link tot eh Pocket item which is a direct link to the article itself that I've saved in my Pocket account. Remember, we're setting this up to where we're feeding our own YouTube URLs into Pocket. Your RSS feed is going to be populated with your own links anyways. Then, what you can do, is take the RSS feed and use that as a trigger for Pinboard.in which is a bookmarking service or delicious, or Diigo, any one of those and all ti's going to do it just feed these links into those bookmarking services. There's nothing wrong with that. You can certainly do that.

Left Over YT and GPlus Links from Persona-based Tiers

On our persona based two tier rings, what should we do with all the left over YouTube channels and Google plus profiles, etc?

Nothing. Build links to them. That's what you do. All those are, are semantic hubs, just places to tie all of your other profile accounts together in one location. Then, you can hammer those pages with links. For example, on here if you have all your links in the link section, you have all the different links to all of your profiles. Even on tier two where you're not actually adding videos to those channels, you can if you want. Typically, the Google plus pages and the YouTube channels onto your tour. Just there so you can add all of your links together in one location. Then you can hammer these with external links.

That's where we talk about FCS, GSA, that sort of thing. We have a service for that as well. Having trouble finding the correct feed for my YouTube channel. Add it to properties. Try out all the ones attache din the training. They don't seem to be working. Then again, I could be doing something wrong. There should be an update training add, inside of the training about how YouTube changed their IPI and it's messed there RSS feeds up. That should already be covered in the training.

Adam: I will post a link in here.

Bradley: You got the YouTube RSS example somewhere else.

Hernan: On the support page we've got-

Bradley: Okay, cool. Just so you know some of the services used to work with YouTube feeds don't work anymore with the new feeds. That's just the way that it is.

Marco: Welcome to the web. Things evolve. If you do have the correct feed format and it's not working, just move on. Don't waste any more time on that. There's too many other things that you could be doing that are working. Guys, I've said this many times before, if you got properties that aren't working properly in IFTTT, nine times out of ten.

First of all Double check, make sure everything's connected properly. If everything's connected properly and it's just not working, move on. Stop wasting time. 90% of the time it's going to be an issue with either IFTTT or the web 2.0 platform itself that will get resolved on it's own. You spinning your wheels trying to make it work, is not going to help it. All it's going to do, is leave you frustrated and you will have wasted time that you could have been setting up other properties that do work correctly.

I'm not saying if it doesn't work move on. I'm saying if it doesn't work, make sure all of your connections are correct. After that if you're 100% positive that everything is correct and it's still not working just move on and put a calendar note to go back and check on it in several days. Most of the time, again, nine out of ten times it will have sorted itself out and start working by then.

Diigo + GPlus in IFTTT Network

Bradley: You will have saved yourself loads of time. How do I know this? I used to be a perfectionist with all that and try to make everything work 100% of the time and I can't tell you how many hours I lost trying all that before I realized that I was completely wasting time. I was procrastinating from other stuff that would have actually move my business forward. Diigo, do we add the bookmark library or profile URL to the Google plus page links?

Flip a coin. It doesn't really matter. You're getting a little bit too far into the weeds. It really doesn't matter Ed. Use the bookmark URL or the profile URL. The bookmark URL is always going to show your most recent bookmarks. Where the profile URL only shows the other connected accounts, and I think a few book mark. It really doesn't matter. They both resolve to your Diigo property. It really doesn't matter.

One note: When we add the short URL it gives us the longer one to do we add the short URL it gives us or the longer one. I read that wrong. Once again, completely doesn't matter. They both resolve to the same locations.

Hernan: Sorry Bradley, but [inaudible 00:40:12] it really doesn't mater at the end of the day. Which URL you are using, as long as you are using them all. All of the [inaudible 00:40:19] or most of them at least.

Marco: That's right. The short URL, the longer URL, it really doesn't matter. They both resolve to the same locations. Just pick one. Kurator and Paper.li will not accept a YouTube channel feed URL's. Again, lots of things have changed because the YouTube's API being changed. The URL [inaudible 00:40:38] training are not working. Am I doing something incorrectly. Getting an error message every time I try to add the feed to properties.

The idea with this Curator is if you do have the feed format correct using the updates that Adam just posted again. Then just don't try to add YouTube to those anymore. Instead, use one of your tier one properties that are already getting videos syndicated to properly like Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr. Grab one of those RSS feeds and use that in Curator or Paperdot instead of your YouTube channel direct.

Guys, there's work arounds for all this stuff. You got to get creative. That's the thing, what we give you guys is a framework, but you're more than welcome to switch it up. Experiment, try different things. The thing is, is if your YouTube RSS feed isn't working for a property but your YouTube channel is properly posting to Tumblr or WordPress, they have output RSS feeds. Why not just grab that RSS feed and use that in the property that wasn't accepting the YouTube feed. You know it will accept that. It ultimately ends up doing pretty much the same damn thing because its got the embedded property in the WordPress and Tumblr site anyways. Does that make sense?

Hernan: Hey Bradley?

Bradley: What?

Hernan: I just posted a format for YouTube that's working right now. That's for [crosstalk 00:42:07] don't expect to get a thumbnail. Don't expect to get anything, you're just going to get a video title and date when it was uploaded.

Marco: That's all we got now.

Hernan: That's what's working.

Marco: That's right. That's it. Use what you can, or like I said, start setting some of these up as secondary triggers instead of first tier. You can have a tier one network but have secondary triggers in that tier one network. That's fine to do that guys. Sometimes you have to do that or it just won't work right.

YouTube Video Upload Scheduling in IFTTT Networks

Bradley: I know we should wait about 3-4 weeks or so after running a new video through our IFTTT syndication. I don't understand that. I know we should wait about 3-4 weeks or so after, oh okay. I guess to build more links and stuff maybe. At that point, if we need more juice to get to page one approximately how many profiles into our accounts are appropriate to throw at our tier ones. Two's for stacking them [inaudible 00:43:06].

That's too many variables there. I can't answer that one, honestly. That's like how many networks is it going to take to rank and I would tell you as many as it takes. Honestly, if you're going to be building links to your tier one for YouTube syndication networks anyways. For tier one just throw the kitchen sink at it. It really doesn't matter. However many accounts you have in your Syndwire account, use them all. I don't care.

My point is, whatever it takes to get it to rank. If it was a blog syndication network then I would be a little bit more careful. First of all, I wouldn't use Syndwire to build links directly to my money site. I just don't do it because it's [inaudible 00:43:47] content, blah, blah, blah. It's just not the best kind of links that you want to be sending to your money site. For YouTube videos it's fine. If you want to send them to your tier one networks, that's fine. Go ahead.

Again, I honestly can't tell you how many it's going to take, because there's just too many variables. I don't know the competition of the keyword you're in. I don't know whether it's a keyword that show videos. There's just too many different variables. We teach a ton of different ways for advanced video ranking beyond just the IFTTT networks inside of pretty much all of our other courses. There's plenty of advanced video ranking training on how to do that inside the Master Class, for example. In fact, even in the IFTTT training I think webinar #3, we talked a lot about advanced video ranking.

If you have GSA or FCS, or Syndwire, or anything like that, you can use it to pump directly to your YouTube video if you'd like. Also, make sure you're using playlist. Pump your play lists. Pump your channel. All of the above.

Running Older Videos in IFTTT Networks

Last question from Ed. Is there any way to run older videos that have dropped off page 1 through IFTTT network without triggering through a YouTube channel?

Well, there's the light recipes, but that triggers through the YouTube channel. The only other way that I know how to do it would be to set up a blog that you would embed the videos on and the blog would have the RSS feed trigger set up for the IFTTT network. You could do that. For example, let's say that you had a WordPress site that you set up as a secondary trigger mechanism, that you would go and take your videos and embed them onto a post. Make a post on the WordPress.com and when you publish the post, you have recipe set up for RSS syndication to your tier one network that would just re-syndicate that video through the WordPress post. Does that make sense?

Adam: Yeah and that's a good idea. I've actually done exactly that. I mean its nice to have and sometimes you just need it, or if for older videos or something.

Bradley: I mean you can do that guys. Remember, your tier one IFTTT account, you can set up a whole bunch of YouTube recipes, a whole bunch of RSS recipes, there's no limit that I know of. If you've got 15 YouTube recipes and you want to add a secondary trigger mechanism like a WordPress.com site, for example. Then you just set up the 15 RSS recipes to trigger to the same channels, the same web 2.0 properties. Does that make sense? Okay.

Link Juice from 301 Redirects

Wow. That was a really long question. Brian says, “Do I buy [inaudible 00:46:30] direct from the C-panel to Web 2.0? Would that give off the same link juice as building up the PBN?

Well I suppose it would push the same domain juice over to that Web 2.0. the beauty of building out an actual PBN type site is the fact that you can use it for more than just one link.

Hernan: Yeah, definitely.

Bradley: You get a hell of a lot more mileage out of the domain that you build.

Hernan: Not only that, that way you'll get a contextual link. Which is more powerful, in my opinion.

Bradley: That's true. If you're doing strictly to push juice then redirect is fine. Like Hernan just said, if you have a bunch of inbound links coming into the domain that you purchased and you set up a PBN, like an actual blog on it, and put a piece of content that's relevant to what you're going to be linking to and using un-anchored text link you could push relevancy through there. That's where you inject keyword relevancy and topical trust flare, right there at that point.

Mobile-Friendly Sites for Yola

Dan says, “What would be the best way to build a mobile-friendly website for a site not on WordPress but on YOLO and how much would you charge for this?

I don't know I've never built any mobile websites on any platforms. I've used html templates for mobile websites and put them on sub-domains and used a redirect plug in, that would redirect mobile visitors tot eh sub-domain. I've used a couple small PHP, like little CMS's that were basically like WordPress for mobile. I've never done any mobile site builders because that's only on a rare instance that I've ever built mobile sites and that's just for clients that have sites that they don't want updated. For the most part, you just get a new WordPress theme and update the WordPress theme and it's taken care of.

Hernan: Yeah, which is responsive.[crosstalk 00:48:23].

Adam: I guess if its not WordPress, I'm sure you can find something that it's-

Hernan: Yeah, I haven't had much experience with [inaudible 00:48:33] to be honest. I know that probably even if you have html responsive. It has to do with CSS as long as the CSS is responsive you can even get html responsive themes. I think-

Adam: I'm just looking right now and it looks like they offer a responsive template. Ill just pop this in.

Bradley: The easiest route with WordPress. I typically would just talk the client into updating or upgrading their website to a more modern theme that was automatically responsive. I don't have any experience with Yola, so I'm not sure. At the very minimum I know you can install a mobile site on a sub-domain, then do a redirect. You can use a PHP redirect script or plug in. In WordPress there's plug ins that do it. You can do it with html sites or even CMS's by just injecting a certain php code that will detect the user agent or whatever the browser- coming to call the site, and it will redirect mobile browsers over to the sub-domain.

Hernan: Yeah, which is usually [crosstalk 00:49:48].

Bradley: Yeah, its usually m. whatever your domain is. Again, that's the only thing, I don't have any experience with Yola specifically. I have been in those shoes before with WordPress sites and client being to cheap to update their sites. I've just had to build html sites on a m. sub-domain.

Scott says, “I noticed how Google has a website builder host place, would this properly add any benefit or stacking value?”

Yeah, sure it would, but I'm not sure which one he's talking about. Maybe Marco knows, because he didn't name it. Google Cloud maybe? Is that what it is?

Marco: No, I think that there is actually … they do offer website building. It could be Google Cloud, I'm not sure. I'm looking into so many Google properties that I can't keep them straight. I can look into it and let him know.

Hernan: On the master mind?

Bradley: Yeah, if he's still on the master mind that would be a great question for on there, because we can get into it.

Marco: I mean it's another Google property. Google pays closer attention to it's own. Although, they tell you they won't. I know for a fact that they do.

Protecting Money Site Using Redirections and Different Domain Extensions

Bradley: #2: I have domains reserved to protect my space around a money site. For example, .net, .org, .co, I build out a sign out on each of these or just have a redirect button on demand registry?

Well Scott, the thing is, the redirect is great, that's typically what I would do because if you're going to set up sites on those, you just have to make sure that you're not setting up sites purely … if somebody were to look at those other sites, especially like a Google reviewer and you're using them basically as a little PBN network to link to your main .com money site, then you could end up getting all of your sites de-indexed, or penalized. They would be looking at that and saying he's clearly doing this to gain the search results because of that we're going to give him a manual penalty or de-index him all together, and that's certainly possible.

If you're going to use those other domains to build out, which makes sense to do so, just make sure each one of the domains is unique. In other words, it serves a separate purpose, other than just for link building to your main money site. You could create like unique blogs for each one of them that have to deal with a specific subnitch within your nitch, for example. If that doesn't seem feasible then just leave them as redirects. I've done it in the past and you can certainly create a little link network out of them. You just want to make sure that they'll pass a manual review. That's the whole point.

Three of the numbers I've seen for native uploads to platforms get better visibility than a URL link should video uploads to Facebook be native or IFTTT buffered, etc.?

Native Video Uploads or Share URLs? Which is More Engaging?

I've heard about Facebook uploads direct getting better results inside of Facebook, but I don't think they get any results at all on Google.

Hernan: Right. Yeah, that would be more like a traffic stand point than an actual SCO stand point. If you want to increase interaction and traffic and use because use on Facebook like they are cheap. If you're advertising on Facebook we'd use video views but that would be a Facebook kind of thing.

Bradley: All right, two questions real quick, I think I'll answer and then I'll wrap it up because we got Master Class starting up in just a couple minutes.

Recommended Press Release Sites

Earl says, “I could use some recommendations on press related sites. What are the best and cost effective for use with local markets?

Earl, I have two paid subscriptions that I use. One is for Newswire.net, and the other one is for PressAdvantage. I like both of them for different reasons. I don't know whether those are cost effective or not. I can tell you that we are going to be releasing press release services from inside of [inaudible 00:53:54] dashboard within … I don't know … hopefully with in the next 30-60 days, that'll be- I know that's probably too far out for you. Its something we are working on to where you can order press releases from inside [inaudible 00:54:07]. In fact, we should have press release writers in there too, so it will be like all under one roof. Instead of having to patch different services together to make it work.

I know Joe Hughes has a pretty good service called Press Release WhirlWind. If we have a link for that, Hernan maybe you could drop a link and tag Earl on it. It's like $79 but they write the press release and do the distribution and everything for you. Its a good service for that. If you're going to be doing them on a regular basis then I recommend that you do purchase a subscription to some where, because it will be cheaper overall that way. You're going to need a good press release writer unless you do that yourself, which I couldn't imagine writing press releases because I'm just no good at it. One of them is called Release Wire, used to be SB Wire, it has some pretty good pricing for bulk packages. 5 PR's per month, or whatever. Those are pretty good services.

As far as just one, I would say Joe Hughes Press Release Whirlwind id probably going to be the best that you're going to get, at least as far as I know for the cost. It's inexpensive compared to some of the other PR sites.

Hernan: Yeah, and they also offer a link building package as well with the press release that you can use to power up a tier one, for example.

Linking in Siloed Sites

Bradley: All right. This is the last question. If you're linking from one silo site to another, do you use no follow?

Yes. You don't want to bleed the theme, and you can do that. It makes sense for your visitors, sometimes to link over to another silo but you just want a no follows so that you're not bleeding the actual theme or the buoyancy of that silo into the next.

From Video Power House: Is it realistic to say you can rank a video for a semi-competitive keyword nitch with in 30 days? Reason being, is I'm thinking about using video ranking on Google as a foot int eh door prospecting strategy either for a money back guarantee or ranking a video for them for free with the purchase of SCO service.

Yeah, Video Power House should work. It's always going to come down to the keywords that you're targeting though Cesar, that's the number one most important thing when it comes to ranking videos is proper keyword selection, in my opinion. From there, there's certainly things you can do to brute force a video to rank, but if it's going to stick or not, or if it's the right type of keyword for videos, that sort of thing.

There's a lot of variables there but yeah, Video Power House is definitely a benefit for that and it's only going to continue to get better as we continue to build up the network. That is definitely something you should jump on if you're going to be doing a lot of video SCO.

As far as a rank, foot in the door strategy I don't like money back guarantees. What I like to do instead of money back guarantees is I will tell them okay, I'll charge you for whatever the service is that I'm doing. For example, creating a video for you and uploading it to YouTube. I charge them a flat fee for that depending on what kind of video they're getting. Prices vary, but for video SCO services, I usually tell them look, it's cancel any time. I get paid to create the video, why do it for free? Then I tell them it's cancel any time, so you're not on contract. If you don't like the performance of the video. If it's not producing leads, or if you just decide it's not for you, you can cancel at any time. I do not offer money back guarantee because then I've lost my time with nothing to show for it.

Rank a video for free with the purchase of an SCO service. I don't know, I would probably just wrap that into the SCO service. I mean if you want to frame it that way so it makes it seem like it's a bonus to them, then by all means do it. I don't like to start adding bonuses to stuff for client work unless I'm really close to closing a deal and they just need an extra nudge. You got to get paid for your work Cesar.

Marco: Hey Brad, one last question. People are wondering why you didn't answer your favorite song question.

Bradley: I don't even really have a favorite. I listen to drum and bass guys, so it's electronic music so it's not like a song on the radio.

Hernan: Katy Perry or those kind of things.

Bradley: No, it's not Katy Perry or Taylor Swift or anything like that.

Hernan: Okay.

Adam: I don't know. We might have to take a picture of you singing the wrecking ball or something in Miami.

Marco: I figured you for Ricky Martin.

Bradley: Oh God.

Adam: This is going down hill quickly. I'm going to rescue us. Smith says he bought YouTube silo academy they day he just finished it and it's exactly what you needed, that's awesome. Thanks for letting us know. It's cool to hear that.

Secondly, next week no Hump Day Hangout. We'll see if we can get something out there for you guys. Maybe Hernan cook something up on the side while we're meeting up, but no Hump Day Hangout next week.

Bradley: Or Master Class or Master Mind. WE're all going to be out of town next week guys. Next week is our week off and the following week is Thanksgiving week but I think we're still going to have Hump Day Hangout, correct?

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: I'm putting the link in here one last time, Video Power House. By all mean, please check it out. If nothing else, you can check sales page, go to Serb space and get a free account. You do need to register an account to use any of the SERB space services, but it's free. There's nothing attached to it. You just need to be registered so that you can access that.

Bradley: I'm reminding you guys that once we get about 50 people in we're going to shut it down until we make sure we can handle that volume. If you want to be int eh first round you have to get in now, otherwise you'll have to wait until we reopen it, which we hope to do in about 30 days, but we don't know exactly when that's going to be.

Hernan: Yeah, we're [inaudible 00:59:54] 5,000 people, so have that in mind.

Bradley: Okay guys, thanks for being here. We will see you all next week.

Marco: All right, bye.

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