Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 55


Episode 55 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Adam: All right. Hello everybody and welcome back to Hump Day Hangouts. It is Episode 55 after a brief one week quick vacation, if you will, but we’re back with the full crew and ready to roll. How is it going Chris?

Chris: Hey, how are you doing?

Adam: Hernan, how is it going?

Hernan: Hey everyone, it’s really good to be here.

Adam: Marco, what’s up?

Marco: Hey guys, what’s up?

Adam: Bradley, how is it going man?

Bradley: Good man. Good. Glad to be back.

Adam: Cool. We’re going to roll with a little bit longer Hump Day Hangout for you guys today. Hopefully, you saw the email earlier. Before we hop in to it, we got a few announcements to go through. The big one, hopefully you saw the email went out about an hour ago. We want to give you a heads up before the Hump Day Hangouts of the Semantic Mastery, Black Friday sale. That’s going to be available through Monday. After I get done with the announcements here, I’m going to pop that link into the event page, so you could check that out. We got some pretty cool specials going right now, so you …

Bradley: Just to be clear, that starts today. We’re actually starting a couple of days early so that we can run through Monday. Is that correct?

Adam: Yeah because I told Bradley I didn’t want to be putting coupons in on Thanksgiving Day. I’m going to be eating turkey and having fun. We’re starting it a little early. As soon as we paste a link in there, you can check it out if you want or wait until after Hump Day Hangout, go check it out. A lot of the courses are discounted, we’ve got the network sales going on. If you’ve been thinking about yourself an IFTTT network now is the time. Get 20 % off on networks, I’m not sure if we’ve offered any discount on the link building.

Bradley: This will be the first time yeah.

Adam: This is the first time for the 20 % discount on the link building packages which is pretty sweet. We’ve got that and then of course we’ve been talking about Costa Rica. We’ve opened up and gotten some feedback. We’re going to have a live event in Costa Rica in February 2016. There’s so much to talk about, it’s hard to get started. I’m going to drop that link in there. I’m going to let everyone talk about it because there’s a lot going on here. I don’t want to just read the sales page to you or tell you everything that’s going to happen. This is live training. It’s in person, it’s three days, it’s an all inclusive resort.

We’re covering everything from bringing in premium customers with funnels, local SEO’s. We’ve got guest speakers, I saw that picture. We’ve got live Q&A with ourselves with the guest speakers. We’ve got a brand new course coming out which is, to use a little bit of a cliché, it’s going to be a game changer. This is going to be something big for 2016. I’m going to grab those links. If you guys want to add onto that, by all means. I’m just scratching the surface here.

Hernan:  Sorry to interrupt but the main idea is that you get one on one time with us. Not only for the teaching itself which is going to be great but also for the networking side of it. I think that’s also going to be big. We are spending a lot of time to actually do the networking side of things and the network side of things. Besides the learning the tips and tricks and the groundbreaking technology that Marco and his math scientists are developing. We also want to really interact with you guys and discuss business ideas and what not. That’s something big.

Bradley:  That’s what I want to emphasize besides just the mechanics of SEO stuff and some of the software that we are developing will be released during that Costa Rica event as well. It’s also just like the business [inaudible 00:03:45] training. I think that’s what a lot of the training in our industry lacks. There’s always the mechanics or the execution of how to do something in SEO. It doesn’t teach for the most part business building principles. I think that we hear a lot of inside the MasterMIND people are grateful that we provide that.

That’s something that we’re going to be going into in depth during the Costa Rica event too. Really how to do an analysis of each one of the attendees businesses where they currently are and where they want to be and how to get them to that next level. That’s going to be a lot of one on one interaction with me for that part of it as well. All of the team, I’m just saying that’s something that I’m going to invest a lot of my time into. Actually working closer with each one of the attendees to make sure that we can get your business to the next level. It’s going to be very good.

Hernan: On the Semantic Mastery as well, it’s going to be out there as well. How we get, where do we get, what we do, how we do it and how you can replicate it. That you can have the same amount of success. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Bradley: What else you got Adam?

Hernan: That’s it for the big ones. We did want to say something quick about Video Powerhouse. We are not opening it up again. We filled up our spots but we did … I take that back, we didn’t quite fill it up. We had some people who we had talking to us. Who were interested but I believe we have a few spots open. It’s not going to be on the Black Friday sales, it’s not something we are offering discounts for. If people are interested, I’ll have to look. Bradley, I think we have four or five spots maybe.

Bradley: Yeah, something like that. We have the general networking, excuse me, the general marketing network I’ve done right now which is roughly 115 sites, 120 sites somewhere around there. We were starting on the start of five top level category networks as well. That we are going to be adding to, because I told you guys we are going to be building that out. I think the next network that we’re going to start with is travel and leisure plus real estate. Essentially it’s a very broad niche I understand that.

That’s what we’re going to do. Create five additional top level category niche networks. That there’ll be themed at least relevant enough. Right now like I said its general marketing because it’s open everything. We are going to start making it more niche specific. Such that you can select which network you want to post your videos to. That said, we are probably going to start off with that one even as early as next week. We are going to start working on that and we’ll probably have that network built out in the next several weeks. It might even be open to posting before all 100 sites are in.

Because really we just need like 50 sites or so to start being able to take posting submissions. Then we can continue to build it out. We are looking to open up at least the first of the top five level categories within the next few weeks. If you get in now, I mean guys as we continue to build the network out and it gets bigger, we’re going to have to increase the price. There’s just no question because it requires a lot of investment on our time to get up and running.

Right now the prices are really good and they’ll stay that way and locked in if you lock in your price right now. We’re not going to raise the prices any time within the next 60 to 90 days. Each time we open it up you’ll have that opportunity. Once we get enough sites in there, and enough of those networks build out you can expect it will go up. Anybody that has signed up prior to that will have their price points locked in if that makes sense.

Adam: We got some exciting videos stuff on the horizon. We are going to be doing some case studies, integrating some services and so it’s going to be pretty killer. There’s going to be some good stuff. I would suggest that you get involved with it right now while you can. Then that’s going to just grow from there.

Bradley: We are really moving into a lot more video stuff. We all just met in Miami and had our six month planning session, all of us except for Marco unfortunately. We had our six month planning session. One of the biggest things that we’re going to be doing is moving heavily, a few things that we’re doing. One of them is the video marketing aspect of it. Because just so much stuff is going to video now. That’s the preferred way to consume content by most people. We’re going to be doing a lot of that. Video powerhouse is one part of a larger puzzle that we are putting together. We will release more details as we can as we get closer to having those fully developed.

Adam: World domination.

Bradley: That’s right.

Adam: That’s all I think I had written down as first up. [inaudible 00:08:30] Anything else?

Bradley: I’m good.

Hernan: You have the link for the Video Powerhouse or we need to double check?

Adam: Let me put that on. Then if it’s built up, we get the, whatever I’ll check again. We got a sign up list that we’ll put that on there too.

Hernan: Very good.

Bradley: All right, I guess we can get any questions now. Good let’s do it. We got about, we’ll probably run to about 5:30 guys. 5:30 PM eastern which gives us about another hour and 20 minutes. Because we are going to long today. There’s no masterCLASS today due to the holiday. We are going to go along with this so post your questions, bring them. In depth questions I don’t care, we’ve got time to go through today. We are going to try and wrap it up around 5:30 unless we are in the heat of battle. Guys go ahead and post them and we are here for you and let’s get started. Jump in and grab the screen, you guys seeing everything okay?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: All right.

Adam: Yeah looks good.

Is Link Sculpting Still Effective?

Bradley: All right [Sky 00:09:32] says how important is link sculpting these days if it’s still relevant. How do you deal with less important pages on your website for example. Would you not follow your manigation terms, privacy links of a page when you are trying to pass authority from a Facebook page to your website. Do multiple links to other sources partially delete the authority? There’s obviously going to be some conflicting opinions on here about this. I’m going to give my personal strategy Sky.

You know what my opinions are on this and I know Hernan will chime in as well. I still think link sculpting is very important and I still do it all the time. For those of you who aren’t aware what Sky is talking about, it used to be called page rank sculpting. I guess it still could be although that’s not really a term we use anymore is page rank. Essentially it’s a way to, by using the nofollow attribute or tag to links you can essentially sculpt and direct where you want page rank to flow. Link equity you could call it within the site.

For example, almost all sites and they should have privacy policy in terms of serving links. Which are generally in the footer of the site. Well there’s no reason for those to be dofollow links they should be nofollow links. Because you’re not trying to pass any link authority or any link equity to those pages. There’s no reason for them to be left as dofollow. Same thing goes with a contact page or an about us page. In my opinion, there’s absolutely no reason to pass link equity through to those pages. They’re not pages that you’re trying to rank and drive traffic to. I always nofollow all links that go to pages that I’m not trying to direct traffic to or I’m not trying to rank in the search for that matter.

I always nofollow everything. I also nofollow all outbound links on money sites. I don’t care what they’re doing unless it’s to another one of my properties. Usually on money sites I nofollow all outbound links. I do follow links within silos. In other words, if I’m linking from a supporting article up to another post or page within a specific silo, that will be due followed. If I’m laterally linking or horizontal linking over to another silo, then I’ll always nofollow that because I don’t want to [inaudible 00:11:49].

My opinion is link sculpting is still very important. I still do it, it’s a practice. It’s just habit for me. As far as the off page part of it, no I don’t think posting links to related content on your Facebook page for example, that’s not going to delete the authority coming back to your site. Because first of all there’s a nofollow link. Number two, it doesn’t matter because it’s the relevancy there that’s important. That’s part of the reason if you guys are aware of curation mastery which is a course that we created.

On how to curate articles how to use it for SEO and for money side posts, for PBNs, for all kinds of stuff. Curated content works so much better than normal content, foreign type content. Because of the relevancy that you create by posting or sharing links linking to relevant content, particularly relevant content that has high social metrics, high social activity. As far as the off page part of it, no. As long as you’re linking all the related and relevant types stuff, topically relevant stuff then it’s not going to delete the authority. That’s my opinion, what’s your take on it?

Hernan: I agree with you with what you say on link sculpting. Google will be more relevant pages of website on autopilot just by the way it works. Usually when you’re doing terms privacy, it’s really hard that you get your own privacy of terms of service and what not. You’re pretty much using duplicate content, just changing a couple of things to refer to your own case. If that’s your case, then nofollow then because they don’t provide any value to the visitor. Usually I also noindex them.

Just to avoid duplicate content issues, so I don’t care about building links to them, not internally not externally. Regarding link sculpting, yeah it makes a lot of sense because when you’re optimizing your website, Google will rank better some pages internally than others. The main idea there is to piggyback on those choice that Google has made for you in the way that you can power up those pages to take them from page two to page one without building a single [inaudible 00:14:25]. Just by link sculpting, just by doing more posts and linking back to that page.

The other part of your question I would say that we have proven and with [RYS 00:14:38] we have proven that having outbound authority links and trust flow and page authority, it’s a 2-way metric. Having outbound authority links will actually help you increase the metrics of your properties, Facebook it’s a particular case but if you’re doing contextual like WordPress or Tumblr, the current IFTTT wheel, it’s a 2-way avenue for the metrics. I think that it will actually rank and index better if you’re linking outbound to authority links. That would be my take on it.

Bradley: Not just authority but topical relevancy is the most important part of that. For example, the standard SEO training that has been for the last several years especially like PBN training which makes me want to puke. Go out, buy a high metric domain slap a new WordPress site on it and slap a content firm article on to with a link back to your money site and boom. You’re going to rank, that’s how you do SEO now right? That’s complete garbage because number one, the content firm articles they’re shit to begin with. Number two, you can smell a PBN blog from a mile away.

In other words, if you come across a PBN site when you’re surfing the web, you know it’s a PBN site. It’s so easy to spot. If you think Google reviewers can’t spot them then you’re crazy, you shouldn’t be an SEO. That’s why we use curated content. Because with curated content first of all set the site so that they look like normal, like real websites not just a standard PBN blog number one. Number two, we outbound link to and pardon me for a second. With the PBN training, people say you put a link to your money site and then you put a link to a Wikipedia site or a .gov. That’s what you always hear. You need an authority link in your content. That’s going to make it even more stronger, that’s bullshit.

First of all you should be linking to something topically relevant not necessarily a .gov or Wikipedia. Because how many times has that been done over the last several years? It’s been done to death, what we do is use curated content. We’ll curate pieces of articles or content video, info-graphics, slides, slide presentations. Anything we can find that’s topically relevant to the subject matter of the post. Then we link out using dofollow links to those sources from our PBN sites for example. Because now what we’re doing is we’re showing that we’re linking to other topically relevant sources. It doesn’t necessary have to be an authority link. What I’m looking for is number one, topical relevancy, number two social activity.

That’s something that I look at as a secondary measure of whether I want to link to something or not. If it’s got a lot of social activity or comments underneath the post that’s something that I want to link to because of the activity. That activity will actually improve the trust signals of the post itself. That also has a link back to your money site if that makes sense. It’s a good question Sky, I totally recommend that you do link sculpting.

Marco: Hey Bradley, if I can just finish this with one thing. I’m always discussing with the developers when we’re working. I tell them we have to me master mimics. Whatever we do, the mimicry that we’re trying to master is, we’re trying to look like all of the other sites on the internet that Google bypasses to look for the websites that it knows are … Like you said these PBN sites and everything. If you can avoid that, if you can avoid triggering that lag then you’re okay. You’re not likely to get a manual unless there’s some other trigger before that, it’s very unlikely. If you can become a master mimic which you can do that through curated content which mimics what other sites are doing. Look at Yahoo, it’s curated content, you look at anything that publishes news it’s curated. With proper attribution going back to the source and that’s all you do. Now you are a master mimic and you’re pretty much avoiding triggering any of those flags that will bring that closer scrutiny back to your website.

Bradley: Some of the biggest most highly trafficked sites on the web are curated content sites. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for my PBN type sites. That’s why we recommend that. I think curation mastery is in with the Black Friday sales stuff isn’t it ? Just to drop that in there.

Adam: Yes it is. Which is a cool course, I mean you can create a business around that course.

Bradley: You sure can. I mean aside from the SEO part of it, you can create a content marketing business. Guys, I just came back from the internet summit last week in Raleigh. About 60% of all the presentations and topics were about content marketing. It’s huge, content marketing … Shit I should have bookmarked the link. There is a study that says by 2019 or something like that, it’s going to be a $300 billion a year event.

Adam: Yeah, in 2018. In three years it’s going to be 300 billion.

Bradley: 300 billion a year, it’s like come on. Content marketing is becoming more and more mainstream. In other words, even small businesses and such are going to have to get into the content marketing game or they’re going to fall behind. They’re going to lose their online traffic. Because in order to get traffic now, content marketing has to be a part of your marketing strategy. As it continues to pick up steam, there’s going to be entire businesses which there are already are. It’s going to become more and more so that more businesses are created specifically to deal with content marketing. Curation mastery is a course that can teach you exactly how to do that. Where you don’t have to sell results in other words you’re not selling ranking. You’re selling activity or service such as blogging for businesses. Which should be the content marketing aspect of it. There’s a lot of money to be made in that. I guess we’ll move on.

Video Power House Explained

[Chip 00:21:25] says I signed up for Video Powerhouse. I’ll plus on that, thanks Chip. He says and excited to get started on the test. I was wondering if you could elaborate further on the service so that I can translate what is going on to customers and prospects in terms they can understand. I assume everything else has to be in place for maximum effectiveness such as channel and video optimizations anything else? Thanks. What is video powerhouse? Well Video Powerhouse is just a broadcasting network, this is something you can tell your customers and clients or prospects whatever. Is that you have access to a broadcasting network that you’ll syndicate videos to.

Each one of those sites that it gets posted on becomes an embed. You might want to dumb it down a bit for customers that aren’t in the industry. In other words, each time that video is embedded on a property, it’s a vote. It’s like, “Hey, this must be a popular video because it’s on this many sites on the web.” You have access through video powerhouse to a large network of embed sites. Which will also generate through the IFTTT networks around each one of those automatic social signals and bookmarks, additional embeds, additional links, some backlinks. That’s basically what it is. Has any of you guys have a specific elevator pitch for video powerhouse to sell it to customers?

Adam: [Crosstalk 00:22:51] because we have people ask us and we’ve developed it for several video uses. That’s something that we will work on getting better explanations for. Because honestly you guys and hopefully some of you who are watching have interacted with me maybe on support questions.”Hey, how exactly does this work? Or how exactly should I do this?” Unfortunately the first answer is IFTTT. How many networks to rank, it’s like well test and then you let me know. That’s why we built the network was because we knew embeds were important. We knew that embeds on quality sites with IFTTT rings around them was really important. Beyond that it depends on what you want to do with your videos or what you’re trying to do.

Bradley: I can tell you from my own interactions with video companies because you know I provide wholesale SEO services to a few video production companies. All I do is I just tell them I have built a video broadcasting network. That’s what I call it to them, I call it a video broadcasting network. Because I tell them, the more places that, that YouTube embed code is placed, the more popular the video is according to Google so we can spoof it. That’s what I tell them. I say we build these large networks that are themed and we post the videos to them and it builds automatic backlinks, social embeds and bookmarks. That’s what helps with the rank.

Adam: If your customers depending on how savvy they are to the SEO terminology, if they have questions about it. This is something you can be afraid to not show them. You’re not just putting them up on crappy sites or orphan web 2.0. This is high quality sites that have trust flow. That have page authority.

Bradley: Identity.

Adam: Yeah it’s not just some random [inaudible 00:24:37] or domain that just got registered or something like that.

Hernan: If I was to say something to them, it would be along those lines Adam. Would be along the lines of your video will be featured on many, many websites. Will in turn give Google signals that your video is popular so that it will be considered to rank you higher. You will also get views and what not because [inaudible 00:25:02] rings will also bring traffic to the video and what not. That will be my intake on it.

Bradley: Very good. Everything else is in place for maximum effectiveness you already said it Jake. I mean honestly you should always take care of on page stuff before you even start doing the off page. My point is make sure your channel is optimized properly, set up properly. Make sure that you’re doing the proper [Keyword 00:25:24] research. You’re selecting the right keywords when you’re starting to produce videos and upload videos or live stream videos. Make sure your descriptions and tags are good. Also make sure you’re using playlists properly because playlists will give you a huge boost. Playlists will make less of page SEO more effective. In other words, it’ll take less off page work to get the same result if you’re using playlists properly because you’re just siloing out your channel. Or at least you can use the playlist to silo. You should probably be already familiar with that.

Make sure all of that is done right first. Then when you start syndicating using Video Powerhouse as a supplemental of that, that should really help you out. Also guys, keep in mind video powerhouse is just a supplemental because you should have all your own networks set up to your own channels anyways. In other words, you should have tiered networks set up to be fed by your YouTube channel every time you upload a video or live stream a video.

It goes out across your own networks. Starting with your branded tier one, going out to tier two. You can stack as many tiers to your networks on that channel as you want. You should have your own networks too. That’s going to be the starting point then you can, once you’ve blasted your video out and it’s syndicated across all those sites in your network. Then you can go back. What I like to do instead of just blowing your Video Powerhouse credits. What I like to do whenever I do a new video project is I run them through my networks. In other words I just upload or live stream. I let it go through my networks and I let it sit for about two weeks before I do anything else.

Because usually within about 14 days the video will end up to going to where it’s settles in that point to where it’s going to be. Then if I need an additional push, that’s when I’ll do supplemental stuff. Because that way I’m not just uploading a video and then immediately going over to Video Powerhouse. You always want to do as little as possible to get something to rank. That way you leave additional resources at your disposal in case you need additional push or additional boost. That make sense? That’s what I would suggest doing, run them through your own networks and everything. Give it some time, give it 10 days, two weeks something like that to see where it’s going to settle in. Then if you need to use it, go ahead and use the video powerhouse. There’s a lot of other tricks that you can do as well.

Ranking with Google Plus and Google Maps Training

Next [Uvay 00:27:58], haven’t seen him in a while. He says hey Bradley, I wanted to ask a question for Hump Day Hangout. Do you have anywhere in masterMIND or masterCLASS or somewhere else a special training for ranking Google+ pages and the three pack of Google Maps? Uvay, you’re in the masterMIND and yeah we did a whole section on one of our masterMIND webinars specific to that after the three packs surfaced. In other words, once they got rid of the seven packs and then went into the three packs which is the normal now. We did, I think it was within one or two masterMIND webinars of that happening. That we did a big part of the webinar specific to that. Adam or Hernan if any of you guys could dig that up in the masterMIND replay section of the community. I know we did a whole section on that. If we can find that, we’ll tag you in the masterMIND so that you can go view it.

Adam: I’m trying to find it.

Bradley: Thank you. He says there is a new software out there called Maps Prospector and they’re offering some kind of the masterMIND for the second [OTO 00:29:01] for $147. Where they show you how to rank the G plus pages and the three packs, at least they claim this. I’d rather bring my money to my favorite go to guys that’s us. I appreciate that Uvay. Like I said, we specifically talked about it, there’s no secret sauce guys. You just got to do more of the right stuff and less of the not right stuff. We’ve talked about this many, many times inside the masterMIND. A lot of it is just making sure you’re using high quality links. High quality citation sources, you can use press releases.

The IFTTT networks that’s important. Press releases if you’re using them, try to find press releases that will allow you to add [inaudible 00:29:40] the local business markup. Because that will get syndicated as well and many of the places will pick up and syndicate the schemer.org markup. Some of them will strip that code out. A lot of them will still show that now so you’ll get a bunch of really high quality citations from press releases that way. Tiered linking, link building to your citation so your business listing, especially the do follow ones you can set up tiered link, tiered linking campaigns for that.

You can also use your IFTTT properties to link to that. All of that is going to make a big difference. I don’t know what mass prospector has but really as far as I know there is no magic bullet to it, there’s certainly some tricks that you can employ and some black art stuff that we can talk about inside the masterMIND that is going to give you an advantage or an edge. It’s pretty much just doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Hopefully that was helpful. We will get you the proper masterMIND webinar for that where we talked about that and you can go through that. If you have any questions, just ask when we are in the masterMIND for that.

Video Syndication and Optimization in IFTTT Network Personas

Okay Ed Ryan gave us a real good testimonial couple of weeks ago and we are happy about that. I’m going to plus one this already. Ed says even though we don’t syndicate videos from a tier two account YouTube channel when doing a tier two blogger IFTTT ring and I’m in setting up the link profiles, link list gadget. That’s like the side bar area where we list all the other profile links. Blogger, which YouTube channel do I do the blog? The one for the tier two blogger persona or the channel would be syndicating videos from a primary IFTTT ring? No Ed, use the YouTube channel link from the persona network that you’re creating. If you’re building up your tier two A network which is being triggered by blogger from tier one.

Let’s say John Doe is the persona at the tier two A network and let’s say James Smith is the persona for tier two B network, which would be triggered by Tumblr. Then you’re going to use the Joe Doe YouTube channel that’s created when all of those accounts are created as the link that goes into the side bar of the blogger. You’re going to use the James Smith YouTube channel that goes into the side bar of all the accounts and the tier two B network. That’s being triggered by the Tumblr channel. My point is, because you don’t want to mix it up, you don’t want to put a link to your main money channel which is on tier one in a tier two profile link section, that wouldn’t make any sense.

Again the whole reason why we interlink all of our accounts together where we can, what we would like to call semantic hubs, is because we have, we are trying to tie that persona and all of the social presences online together, if that makes sense. We are trying to make that connection and make it plainly obvious that this is a real person out there that’s connected on the web on various social media type of properties. That’s what gives it the power and also gives it that stickability. That’s part of the reason why our accounts are very rarely get terminated because they look so much more real.

For linking over to somebody else’s channel in the side bar of those accounts, that’s just going to look out of place and it’s going to be … You do that enough times and it will be quite obvious what it is that you’re doing. I recommend that you don’t do that. You use the accounts from the persona that you’re creating only in each one of the profiling sections. In a new tier two ring, there is only one web tutor blog in the center of the ring, correct? I.e. tier two. A blogger ring would just have one blogger account and the video embedded would then be auto syndicated out to the same tier two to a social sites and live streaming sites only correct. Yes. You would only have one trigger source and in this case it would be a blogger. We should probably have a graphic up so we can describe this too.

Best Practices When Connecting Tiers With Different Personas

Yeah, you’re just going to have one account that’s triggering the tier two network. Again, tier two A would be blogger tier two B would be Tumblr, tier two C would be WordPress, okay? What is the correct procedure for connecting all for a ring so I don’t cause a problem when logging into all four different personas from the first time from my actual IP address, what should I expect from Google verification when they first detect the different IP than what was used when creating my four IFTTT rings? Okay, as soon as you get done creating the accounts and if you’re using proxies to create accounts which is fine, that’s what you should be doing if you’re creating a lot of different accounts, okay?

Then once you’ve created the accounts, and you’ve got everything set up, clear your cache in your cookies the same process that you’ve been taught, so go clear your cache, close your browser, close Firefox, run CCleaner then reopen up Firefox and then log in without using a proxy into the Google account that you just created. That’s going to tie that IP, your IP address to that account which will make it to where you should be able to access it without causing any problems or revivifications. It’s mainly in the set up process. For example when I set up new accounts, and I still occasionally do that. We have VAs to do but I still occasionally have to set up an account for something. If I’ve got a clean browser, if I clear my cache and cookies and I’m using a new IP, a new proxy and I go to set up an account.

A lot of times it won’t even trigger a phone verification for the Google account, believe it or not because it’s a clean IP. Now if I use that same IP twice or three times in a 24-hour period to create new Google accounts, it will trigger phone verification every time. You still end up needing the phone verified, the account down about anyways especially with YouTube channels and stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong. You’re still going to end needing the phone verified.

My point is, you have a clean browser and a clean IP and you go to create a new account, it shouldn’t trigger an actual phone verification. It’s only if that IP has been detected in creating other accounts. It’s not because you’re creating a bunch of spam accounts, I mean literally if you create two or three accounts on a 24-hour period, it will often times trigger the phone verification.

My point is if you’re doing it cleanly then you shouldn’t, even if it does trigger the phone verification, my point is once you’ve got the accounts created, just clear your cache, clear your cookies, close your browser, run CCleaner, open up your browser again, don’t use a proxy this time and go to log in to the account. Now that’s going to actually attach your IP to that account, which means you should be able to log into it going forward without ever creating another issue for you or bring verification. By the way that said, I don’t even know if it’s open for sale or not, but we are testing right now, I started testing this earlier this week and I’ve heard a lot of really good things about it. It’s called [braw 00:36:56] SEO, I have to get with the guy, the developer and talk to him about doing maybe a webinar for our students and everything on it.

It’s a software that would really really help, I think in creating accounts. If you guys are creating a bunch of accounts and everything because you could open up a bunch of different browser windows that each have their own IP. You can pretty much like pretty much create your accounts and everything all from one open Firefox instance, but each tap will have its own IP if that makes sense. It’s something that I just started testing and I haven’t been using it much at all. I just purchased it earlier this week and I got for VAs mainly, but it’s something that we’ll look into more and share it with you guys, want to have more information about it.

Using Youtube Channel and Google Plus Channels in Tier 2 Networks

Let’s see, we already talked about that. Is there any use for all YouTube channel Google Pluses set to your network other than tying them all together? Yeah, I mean you can post them if you want Ed. There are certainly value. If you already have a persona set up that’s really done well. All the accounts are tied together and now you have a YouTube channel for that persona. If it’s not being used for anything, which typically I don’t because it’s just used as a way to tie all the profiles together.

Now you have all these other channels that are set up that you can use for other marketing things if you want. Remember those are channels that are aging, they’re well connected to all the other profiles, essentially it has an identity. Those are good YouTube channels. You can absolutely still use those YouTube channels. I typically don’t because I have too many of them, but you can certainly use them for uploading videos, doing other … I actually like using those types of YouTube channels for testing purposes. Anybody want to add to that or is that good or what?

Adam: That’s fine. We were having some issues with the audio so I don’t know. Hopefully we’ll come back anyways.

Bradley: What? People saying they can’t hear us?

Adam: Yeah, it’s the usual thing. It’s coming, it’s down for viewers but based on our previous experiences, there’s nothing we can do. We are just going to keep going and see if it comes back and the replay should be good.

Bradley: Good old Google and all the changes they’re making.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: It’s working. It wasn’t broke so they fixed it, you know what I mean? It wasn’t broke so they fixed it. All right, should we upload some videos to our second tier persona channel so it’s not just sitting there with nothing on it? Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving, I must added this as another one. Yeah, you can. I honestly don’t care but if you’re worried about Ed, you can add a video too, it wouldn’t hurt. Google now wants us to use webmaster tools to link our blogger site to our Google plus page, not sure how to do it and don’t want to screw it up. I thought you could only verify if a site is on a domain that’s self-hosted, I’m really confused about this. Thanks.

No, it’s easy. All you do is go to Google search console, formally webmaster tool and add the URL of your blogger blog and it’s going to give you a verification code and it’s going to tell you where to add the verification code in your blogger blog. In fact I’ve done it for blogger but it’s been a while since I’ve done it so it might even just because, if you’re blogger account is underneath the same account as your Google search console. Then when you go to add the URL to web master tools it might even recognize the blogger since it’s in part, housed under that same Google account and just say okay verification successful.

Hernan: Yeah usually it works well, in my experience it works like that with blogger. If you’re linking the, yeah if you’re linking under the same …

Adam: Google search console.

Hernan: Yeah but also you can pretty much add any property web 2.0 properties like WordPress or Tumblr, you can add pretty much everything but yeah blogger has the ability to auto verify.

Using Gravatar in Tier 2 Networks

Bradley: That’s right, Gravatar is similar you don’t use this because it’s associated only with WordPress. If I was doing a tier two B word press IFTTT ring would I use Gravatar? Then yeah I mean Gravatar part of the process. That’s why it’s in the IFTTT training and because it creates a semantic hub. By the way for those of you that are, look there’s been a lot of changes at Google+ recently, there’s also been some changes to some of the other properties inside the IFTTT networks that are going to be addressed. I’m going to start creating, we’re going to be creating an IFTTT version 2.0 or IFTTT SEO Academy version two but that’s going to be several weeks out.

In the meantime I’m going to do some update videos for anybody that’s purchased that. I hope to have them done and completed and uploaded to the members’ area by next, the end of next week. Okay because there’s been a lot of changes like the new Google+ changes that affects us. There’s some stuff that needs to be addressed so I’m going to do update videos to kind of band aid or patch some holes in the training that are there because of the most recent changes. Then I’m going to end up, we’re probably going to relaunch and do a full on new version of it. Over the next you know I don’t know six to eight weeks or so because of all the recent changes. Plus some of the strategies that have evolved a bit so just guys be aware that that’s probably going to be released in a few months, a few short months.

Hernan: Yeah and also new recipes because we have been having a lot of input from the IFTTT Facebook group and masterMIND members. You know they are implementing new recipes and new way of using IFTTT so we are adding that to the version 2.0 which is going to be super cool.

Adding Multiple URLs in RSS Feeds

Bradley: Yeah, okay Brian says would there be an easy way to put like 100 links into an RSS feed? If you create, there’s a couple of like feed creators if that’s what you’re talking about Brian. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. There are some out there that you can create feeds by adding your own links. Shit, I know I’ve got some of them here, just take a look what we got. I’ve got so many of them here I’d have to go through some of these to figure out which ones are which. There’ are some of these where you can create feeds out of like your own.

For example if you had a GSA campaign and you exported a list of links that you had built or created. Let’s say you had 300 links, you could actually go ,what is it? I can’t remember that, I have to find, try to find the site Brian. I’m not going to do it right now but you can post those into an online service and it will create a feed URL out of those links.

All the feed is it’s just those links on a page, in other words and that’s something that could be used to submit, to aggregate or some stuff. It’s kind of more of an older link building thing that we used to do, not something we do a whole lot of anymore. I’m sorry what is it?

Adam: Obviously we’ve got the post on our site, the Yahoo pipe alternative so maybe that might have some [crosstalk 0:43:50] RSS mix feed, the feed ranks, [inaudible 0:43:54], feed killer.

Bradley: RSS mix that’s probably it.

Adam: Yes so I’ll post in on the page here.

Bradley: Yeah that’s probably it, if you can find that that would be great. How do you make a twitter RSS feed? I use the Google scription, made one but from there I cannot put it in IFTTT. Have you tried burning a FeedBurner feed from that? Because that’s often times if IFTTT won’t accept an RSS feed a lot of times if you just go, burn a FeedBurner feed out of the feed that you were trying to submit originally then you go take the resulting FeedBurner feed and submit that IFTTT will accept it. I would try that okay.

Also there is a new service, I was actually looking at this recently, this is called queryfeed.net and this you can actually create RSS feeds from twitter, very, very easily. You can create tweets like in RSS this is called queryfeed.net here I’m going to drop this Adam if you can post this on the page. What’s cool is if you create like for example let’s just say at semantic Mastery for example. This will be more than just Twitter too but I’ve only played with it for twitter. This will grab all the tweets from the Twitter in fact I’m going to have to do this in Firefox because I’ve got some stupid plugin in chrome that will make the feed look weird so let’s take a look at this real quick.

Now this what this should do is create an actual output feed from all the tweets from semantic Mastery you see that. This creates a nice feed URL here so I haven’t tested this with IFTTT yet but this just created. If you take a look over here guys at the pricing for example. If you’re using the free version it will only allow 10 items on the output page . The most recent 10 items. If you go with a paid account which is only $5 a month it will give you up to 100 actual tweets in items for RSS. Does that make sense?

Anyways this is pretty cool, I just started playing with this earlier this week so I just found it and I thought it was kind of cool. I’ve got some tests set up at this now, seeing what I can do with these feeds here but check it out.

Marco: Hey Bradley.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I was just going to FeedBurner I mean if we’re just doing what we’re talking about one RSS feed or just a couple, just go burn them in FeedBurner and they should work perfectly.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Once you’re getting the power from inside the FeedBurner for your feed.

Bradley: Yeah that’s what I said, a lot of the times if you run into issues with like your main website, your money sites RSS feed, not being accepted by IFTTT. The work around is often times just burning the FeedBurner feed and then go submit it and it’ll work fine. Sometimes there’ll be plugin conflicts or something that’s causing IFTTT not to recognize your feeds. If that’s the case just burning a FeedBurner feed often times will fix that. Okay and like Marco said you get that whole, you get the piggy back off the authority of Google and FeedBurner too so. Yeah this is awful, who [inaudible 0:47:11].

Hernan: [Crosstalk 0:47:13] I think the feet.

Crowdsearch + Video Powerhouse

Bradley: Yeah that is disturbing. Jeff says I’ve been using crowdsearch.me and Video Powerhouse with some pretty good results in a short period of time, that’s great Jeff. Do you have any plans to offer services like crowdsearch.me to build referral traffic views, or view through posts created by Video Powerhouse? Yes Jeff, that’s something we’re actually talking with Dan Anton about very briefly. Possibly we may be able to work something out where we integrate that into Video Powerhouse. It’s something we’re looking into and obviously we’ll update anybody that is inside of Video Powerhouse as we get more details on that. That’s something that I would like to get integrated into that, so it’s been worked on let’s put it that way, I can’t say [crosstalk 0:48:01].

Adam: It’s not in the near term but it’s on the radar.

Bradley: Yeah it’s on the radar, we’re working on it, it’s something that I really would like to see because I’m having phenomenal results with using crowd search and referral traffic methods. We have a blog post on that, a blog about that specifically, let me see if I can grab the link unless you have it Adam.

Adam: Is that the [inaudible 00:48:25]?

Bradley: No, that would have been let’s see. Just log in to the account, I’m sorry to the blog and look for referral traffic in the blogs post index. You should be able to find it real quick. I just did the post like three weeks ago maybe.

Adam: Okay, it’s about referral traffic.

Bradley: Yeah if you type in ,do a search in the blog dashboard for referral traffic you should see it come up. If you want to grab that link and drop it that would be great. Yeah for those of you that don’t know like I’ve been using crowd search for referral traffic instead of direct search click traffic. I’m having really, really good results with that. Like in factors like some of the tests that I’ve done were both local and videos that’s pretty much all I’m doing. I’m getting really good results. Here is an example, I can share with your guys because this was part of like the wire cast webinar that we did on how to use wire cast in live stream videos.

This was the actual video that I used in that webinar on how to live stream using wire cast and so you know this is SEO [inaudible 0:49:33], this is a clean browser guys. I got this in position number four and really the only thing that I’ve done with this and this is from July 13th . This was just an example guys like I said I did, other than going across the networks that it’s connected to, the IFTTT networks the only thing that I did to this was I set up a crowd search campaign using referral traffic or sending referral traffic using crowd search.

Through social posts such as tweets, blogger posts, Tumblr posts, WordPress posts. Essentially it’s getting the traffic but the traffic that’s coming to the video is being sent to it through as referral traffic. Through one of these social media properties. That’s given it a huge boost and it’s just been on page one now for a long time and I haven’t done anything else. It moves up and down a little bit on page one but this is just an example. I’ve done the same thing for local sites and I’ve had some really good results with that too. Referral traffic is a great way to do it. Did you find it Adam by chance?

Adam: Yep.

Bradley: Okay cool. I go into that specifically guys.

Hernan: Excuse me, Bradley before you go on. There’s people apparently having problems with [inaudible 00:50:55]. They can’t hear us.

Adam: I just told them we’re going to plough ahead. Hernan is also now recording the audio. We missed some of that in case the absolute worst happens then the replay is enough. At the worst case, we’ll have the audio now for most of it. We’ll keep going and hope that … Every time this has happened to us usually it happens during masterCLASS. Every time this has happened I think the replay has been good.

Bradley: The replay has always been fine.

Hernan: It’s nearly masterCLASS time so maybe that’s why.

Link Redirection and Link Juice

Bradley: [Paul Davies 00:51:30] says hi, just found a video where you spoke about building your own assets and redirecting links to clients sites for protection. Will the client site move higher in ranking with our redirect or they’re just benefiting from the extra calls et cetera? What is the best way to redirect? Do we use WP Overlayer or just a redirect? Just concerned they will be seeing ranking reports for their own sites with no increase, thanks Paul. Paul, a redirect would mean if you take a webpage and you redirect it to somewhere else then that webpage, the original one that you’re redirecting is no longer viewable.

Because if somebody clicks on a link that would have taken then to that page, it’s going to redirect them directly to the final destination that you pointed the redirect to. When you ask will the client site move higher in rankings with the redirect or will they just benefit from extra calls. Well if you build links to pages, let’s say page A is your page and page B is your client’s page. You’ve already built links to page A and it was ranking well. In your client’s page B wasn’t ranking all that well. You do a redirect to your client’s B page. Then theoretically, it should rank better.

It should perform better so it should rank higher. You’ve got to make sure that the on page is correct to where you’re redirecting to. Because if you have a really poorly optimised page, it’s over optimised or it’s not optimised at all or it’s just done incorrectly or whatever. You redirect from a high performing page to that you’re not going to see any increase at all. Or if you do it’s going to be nominal, something that’s not even worth noting. You got to make sure that your on page is tight and is done well in order for it to benefit from the redirect. Again if you’re redirecting from one page to another that original page is no longer going to be viewable until you remove the redirect.

Best Practices to Redirect Links

Any benefit or any SEO equity that you had built to that particular page can be passed to the resulting page. The destination that you’re pointing the redirect to. You got to make sure the on page is correct or you won’t see a significant increase from just the redirect if that makes sense. What is the best way to redirect? There’s multiple ways you can do. There is a really simple plugin called Simple 301 Redirects, that’s what it’s called Simple 301 Redirects. That’s a great plugin to use because it’s very easy.

There’s another one called Quick Page/Post Redirects that’s another plugin that will do something similar. You can also do redirects in htaccess depends on how comfortable you are in that. You can do just a domain redirect from within your register or from within cPanel if you’d like. That gives you a lot less control though. I like to be able to redirect on a page by page basis. Which is why a plugin like Simple 301 Redirects is good. We are also doing htaccess, you can do it that way as well.

Hernan: htaccess I think is a more granular way to go if you want for a quick solution go with [inaudible 00:54:33]. If I’m setting up a speech box or something. The problem with redirections is that you need to make a 100% that you have a 301 redirection. For example [name chip 00:54:50] will give you a 301 redirection, [GoDaddy 00:54:55] will sometimes and sometimes it won’t. You need to make sure and you can use something like [inaudible 00:55:02].

Go to Google and look for a redirect checker. That will give you what kind of redirection you have going in between. Because otherwise you could be losing [inaudible 00:55:14] if you’re doing a 302. In fact there were some people complaining I think it was on some of the Facebook groups when I mentioned this. Because they were doing redirections via GoDaddy and they weren’t seeing results. Through the redirect checker it was coming back as a 302. Even when GoDaddy was saying it was a 301. You need to make sure that happened.

Bradley: Yeah but again I don’t recommend doing a domain redirect unless you’re doing it specifically for like switchbox SEO or for setting up slipstreams that sort of thing. Because if you’re trying to do a redirect based on what brought up this question Paul. Which is redirecting a client’s site stuff. I do that on a page by page basis. You’re going to need to do it either using a plugin or using htaccess.

WP Overlayer in Redirection

WP overlayer, I don’t ever use WP overlayer. For those of you that don’t know what that is. That’s essentially where you take a webpage and you overlay it on top of another page.

It’s just using an iframe and it’s not … Google calls it cloaking and it’s against Google terms of service. I don’t ever, ever, ever use WP overlayer where I’m overlaying a money site page onto a traffic driving page if that makes sense. I don’t do that because it’s a great way to get your money site to [inaudible 00:56:39] penalized. Because that’s considered cloaking, it’s against Google’s terms of service. If you’re going to do that method where you’re generating pages to rank to drive traffic and you’re going to overlay another page on top of it. That the visitor only sees the page you want them to not the page that’s really underneath, that’s ranking.

Then you got to make sure that you’re setting up a separate landing page on either an entirely different domain or on a subdomain of the money site. I even recommend using an entirely different domain. Because that way you’re protecting your money site from any potential Google wrath from cloaking. Just keep that in mind. That’s something I do a lot of that stuff guys but I don’t overlay money sites. In fact one of the projects I’m working on right now that’s an affiliate project. I was actually using a money site overlay that I just created. The site’s not even two weeks old and I got it De-indexed.

I wasn’t following my own advice. I took a shortcut because it’s such a new site. I said, you know what, I’ll lay this over top my traffic driving sites until I get time to create another landing page. It had been under two weeks guys and I got a manual pure spam action taken [inaudible 00:57:57]. It was a pain in the ass because I just built this brand new blog in less than two weeks. This just happened earlier this week. I was overlaying on top of some traffic driving pages that I had created using [ATM 00:58:08] which is like surf shaker basically.

I got basically De-indexed because of it which pissed me off. I had to clone the site and then I had to buy a new domain which screwed up. Because I had a cherry domain and they screwed it up. I had to go buy a new domain and then install the clone on the new domain. Now I’m using the De-indexed domain as the landing page to overlay. Because it’s already De-indexed. Just so you know, you don’t want to do it because they will take serious action against you if they see you cloaking. We do it anyways I’m just letting you know. Just got to be really careful with whatever you’re using to overlay. Make sure that it’s not connected to your money site in any way, shape or form.

Optimizing Videos in IFTTT Network

Just been asked to submit this over here. Hopefully in the right place. I’m looking to buy IFTTT networks and I have a query. I’m looking for a video link to explain best practice on the following scenario. New client needs SEO in their existing site, location Australia SEO existing site. I would like a network to promote content videos directly from brand on a weekly basis. Question, which network scenario for a client site do you recommend? I don’t understand that. Same time, which network scenario for client site do you recommend? New client, is there another part of this question I’m missing?

Marco: I guess he’s wondering if he should just get a tiered network versus a just a branded network for his client side.

Bradley: Okay I’m still, which network scenario for client site do you recommend. Okay I think I understand now. He’s asking should he get a tier one, or a full two tier network. For website blog syndication guys have said this many, many times, I only like to use the tier one networks only, that’s okay if you’re only dealing with one or two sites and you want to use tier networks for blogs indication, that’s fine.

There are some other things you have to be cautious of, you have to be wary of when you’re using tiered networks for blog indications because you can get yourself into trouble if you’re not doing it properly. The training teaches you how to do it properly, however I know that a lot of people like to take short cuts and stuff like that.

Personally, it’s more management to deal with tiered networks for blogs indication than I like to deal with especially because of the number of sites that I manage. I just use tier one networks for blogs syndication. For YouTube syndication, I’ll stack as many tiered networks on top that YouTube channels I want and it doesn’t bother me a bit because there’s no footprint issues I’m not worried about. For blog syndication, I am concerned with footprint issues and also with the level of maintenance that is required to keep all of those networks functioning properly because often times feeds have interruption or have some sort of problem. You’ve got to be monitoring all that or else you’re leaving yourself open because of a footprint.

My point is, Paul I’m recommendation, it sounds like you’re doing client work. If you’re doing client work, I recommend that you just sell tier one networks to clients. Unless you’re doing client work for YouTube stuff for them, in other words if you’re doing SEO work for YouTube channels that they own, then you can sell non tiered networks all day long. For blog syndication alone, I would stick to tier one only, it will make your life a lot easier, it’s easier to deal with.

At the same time, I’m planning on building a new site saying its client business to add extra leads to clients business. I would like a branded network to promote from as well from this site but do I add the extra tiers? Again blog syndication I’d stick with tier one only Paul. I’m planning on promoting content video through network from the brand of the site, which network set of scenario do you recommend?

Well in that case if you’re going to be promoting video tier, you’re also going to have YouTube channel, then I would recommend that you put the branded tier one network attached to your blog, whichever money site that is, so that your blog is syndicating to the branded tier one network. Then from your YouTube channel, even if it’s the same brand, just create persona based network full two tier networks. Stack as many of them as you need to get the results that you want.

You want to put your branded network around your blog because you want to push that authority that you’re building back to your blog because you own that. Remember guys, when we are using YouTube channels, which I love to use YouTube to make money, but we don’t own those, YouTube does. Whenever I build an associate website or a brand, I create a website to match the brand and then put the branded tier one network around the blog itself to where the authority is being built to the blog. I’m just using a YouTube channel to drive traffic at that point which persona based networks are just fine of that. There’s no reason.

If all you have is a YouTube channel guys, brand it anyways and build a branded tier one network attached to the YouTube channel because brands are stronger in Google eyes than just personas. In the case where you have both, a YouTube channel and a money site, I recommend the branded network go around your money sites so that you can start building authority to your money site and you just use the persona based networks on your YouTube channels just to get that extra push, that extra syndication embeds backlink social signal bookmarks, that sort of thing.

SEO Client Prospecting

I think I watched a video where Bradley explained how you prospect your SEO business by building a new site, doing all SEO on the site but redirecting traffic with a link to client site if client drops you cold, you can edit the site links to a client. Can you please explain or send link to training. Paul that’s something that we cover inside MasterMIND, I can’t cover that here publicly. If you’re talking about building assets and doing redirects, kind of like what you asked earlier, that’s something that we can’t disclose publicly. A lot of the times what I’d do is build sites, [ligent 01:04:09] sites because I still got … A lot of my income still comes from ligent sites and those are built, is like generic basically originally or with my own brand.

Then if I get somebody in place who wants to purchase those leads, depending on the arrangement I have with them, I may end up changing the branding on the site to march them. It depends on the relationship that I have with them. That’s all I do. Then they’ll benefit still from the traffic and it will have their branding on them. Here’s the thing, like I used to do like a lot of, I used to leave all my sites generic and I would just drive the traffic and the calls to a service provider that would go service to calls, provide the service. What I found is, it was a lot of the times, like for example I used tree services because that’s one of my big ones.

If I had a city tree service, let’s say Atlanta, Atlanta Tree Services was the name of the business and I’m doing air quotes right now because that was the genetic name when I created the brand I built a ligent site. I left it like that and let’s say I had Tommy’s Tree Service was the name of the company that ended up buying leads from me. Well if somebody called Atlanta Tree Service or they submitted a contact form on the website, most of the times its phone calls. Let’s say they called and they scheduled an estimate, somebody calls. Now Tommy’s Tree Services pulls up on the driveway and comes out and says, “Hey I’m here to give you your estimate for removing this tree.” They say, “Who the hell are you? I called Atlanta Tree Service.”

Now they had to explain, the contractors have to explain to the home owner, “That’s just a ligent site, blah, blah, blah,” and I get that all the time because I get complaints from a contractor saying, I’ve got try to explain to them, blah, blah. Now what a lot of times I’ll do, is I’ll end up rebranding, putting their logo on the site, it’s still my phone number, it’s still my address even if it’s a black added address, but I still own my contact details that get forwarded to the client, but I still change the branding on the website to the lead buyer so that it doesn’t confuse the person calling and requesting the service. Hopefully that makes sense. As far as doing the redirects and everything, that’s a little bit more advance. We can talk about that side of the masterMIND Paul and I think you’re in there.

Account Creation and Verification for IFTTT Networks

This is a long ass question, before I order any IFTTT networks, do you create all accounts including Google and we just ordered the fresh networks? Account is being created in the US or Philippines, will there be an issue verifying when I log in once the accounts are handed over me in Australia? I have had issues before when signing in here in Australia. Both of these sites have no accounts set as yet. Appreciate a feedback. Cheers, Paul. Paul, no we create everything unless you have a Google account that you want us to use, we will not log into a main Google account, we will only log into pages which means you have to create a separate page login. There’s instructions on how to do that on the order form. Yes, we create all the brand new accounts unless you specifically have a Google Plus page or YouTube channel that you want us to use.

In which case you have to provide with the proper login details for that only and again the instructions are on there. As far as accounts being created in the US and the Philippines, they will be created and using US proxy when we deliver them to you, we tell you’ve got 72 hours to log in with your own IP and we provide the verification email, the recovery email as well as also the phone number that was used when we set up the account, the phone verify the account. It’s all in the spreadsheet when you get your completed networks. That way if you go to log in, you’ll have the details to be able to recover it and unlock it.

If you get IP locked and then once you log in will marry that to your IP and you’ll be fine from that point forward. You’ve got to do it very quickly after we send them to you because we’ve delivered networks and a month later somebody says, “Well, I never go around to logging in and when I want to go login, it triggered a revivification. Can you guys help me?” No, we can’t. It’s a month later, there’s nothing we can do, we build another network and we are going to bill you for that. You’ve got to make sure you log in fairly quickly within about three days.

Mobile App for Membership Tutorial Videos of Semantic Mastery

All right, we are going to keep rolling. Scott says, “Does anyone know of a smart phone app that will allow or would work for a dedicated channel with membership tutorial playlist? something similar to the TED app being more and more mobile, I would like to listen, learn for example all of the hump day videos or all the particular tutorial SEO, academy tutorials in sequence with the resume where left off ability that go being faster access, fewer hoops to jump through the app, could even self-destruct after X views or months.” I have no idea Scott.

Adam: Scott, for the first one right now, the easy answer is going to be for the stuff that’s paid, it’s really hard unless we develop our own app to do that and I can tell you right now that’s not a priority. Not that it’s a bad idea, I think it’s great. If we get to the point where it makes sense and a lot of people want that, then we can look at it. As far as podcasts, there’s a lot of stuff that you can use stream YouTube videos.

Any RSS feed should be able to do it, like walk in the background I was bringing the stuff I use speedily. There’s an RSS reader. What you can do is use something like, I don’t know support site where we have the YouTube RSS URLs. You can get that and then take our playlist ID for like the Hump Day Hangouts and boom, there you go, you’ve got an RSS feed. You can load it in there, it loads up, and it doesn’t go to YouTube. I tried on my phone and you can listen to the playlist right there. There’s a lot of …

Hernan: The sound could app will also do the same. I think Stitcher will also do the same as well.

Adam: Yeah, that might be better because it’s not actually playing the video, so mobile might be more battery efficient. Then as far as beyond that it’s going to be up to you to find a good podcast app. I tried it, mine, I used beyond pod on the android and it wouldn’t load a YouTube play list. Beyond that that’s up to you. This is something other people are interested in, it’s something we can look at but right now that’s a little beyond our head.

Linking Tier 3 with Fiverr Gigs

Bradley: Right. Rob says basically he built a tier one and tier two based on a training, IFTTT training and now he’s building up a third tier using some high PA Tumblr sites that he had purchased and he’s asking about linkings, what’s the safest way to link to those tier three using Fiverr gigs. Well Rob I don’t like using Fiverr gigs for any sort of link building. However if you’re going to do it, then yeah using it to your tier three properties would be about the closest.

I would bring any Fiverr gigs to my money site because again they have such a footprint issue with those. I don’t like to use them at all. If you’re going to use them, use them all the way out up to tier three. What he’s asking about is the type of anchor text that he should be using in those fourth tier links that are building to his tier three property.

In that case Rob, I recommend that you adjust your URL anchor generics and top level key words, not exact match keywords because it just doesn’t make sense. I would just stick to generics URLs because all you’re looking to do at that point is push juice, push equity essentially. You’re not really looking at building any sort of relevancy that far out. It’s just about funneling juice through your links all the way back to your money site. For that case, I would stick with generics URLs and in very top level keywords like the broadest of broad keywords. You want to chime in on that or not? Is that good?

Hernan: I think you nailed it.

Twitter SEO Academy & WP Tweet

Bradley: Robert says, I’m thinking about getting the Twitter SEO Academy and I would like your input on the Twitter plugin WP Tweet machine as to its effectiveness and/or usefulness in the road to Twitter and SEO. Great question Robert, I honestly don’t know. I picked that up today by the way, WP Tweet machine. I hadn’t had a chance to play with it and I probably won’t get to play with it any time before sometime next week. Unfortunately I can’t give you any input on it. I did pick it up though; its inexpensive as well so right now is a good time to pick it up. I would like to play with it a little bit, I think that combined with the Twitter SEO stuff could be quite a pretty powerful combination.

Hernan: In fact, from the looks of it, the idea was to make a training or sort of training or offer Twitter SEO Academy as kind of upsell to that WP Tweet machine because I think it would go hand and in hand and it will allow you to overpower your Twitter. Because I think it was Gary that was posting on Facebook as well. He got a couple of new clients just by implementing Twitter SEO Academy. It’s not only for SEO but also for lead generation, it works great and it works hand in hand with WP Tweet machine for the way it looks.

Bradley: Yeah, that’s part of the reason I picked up today, because I was thinking after I play with it a little bit, I think it could work really well with the Twitter SEO Academy as well. They work hand-in-hand possibly. Again I don’t know because I haven’t used it yet. Looking from the sales page, it looks like something that could work really well together. Maybe this time next week Robert we’ll have a better answer for you.

Hernan: You’ve got a link for that data?

Bradley: Adam, yeah I think actually I’m not sure if we did or not, we’ve got only for that.

Adam: Yeah, for which one, I was downloading the next question.

Bradley: wP Tweet machine.

Adam: Yeah, let me find out real quick.

Silo Structures in YouTube Silo Academy

Bradley: All right, next question. I’ve gotten a YouTube Silo Academy and I have question about two silo structures. When using a mono silo in your website, are you putting a link in there? I don’t use mono silos in websites Robert. I only do that for YouTube. I’ve tested that multiple times and I’ve never found any direct benefit of using the mono silo type structure within my website, so I don’t use it anymore. In fact that limits, I don’t think that works as well as far as, it just didn’t perform as well, let’s put it that way. I don’t want to go too in depth into that because I could get really advanced. I’ll have to start drawing diagrams and everything else, so we are not going to get into that now for lack of time. My point is I don’t use mono silos structure in my website; I only do that for YouTube videos.

The next question is in regards to both play list … Let me finish this one. Are you putting a link in every post or do you put a link to the category or do you put a link to the page? Okay, since I don’t use that for websites, we’ll gloss over that. For YouTube playlist silos, what I’d do is I always link up to the playlist URL which will be like the silo landing page or the top level category if you’re trying to think of it in WordPress terms, it will be the top level category.

I always have an internal link in the video description in the video description linking up to the play list and then I have a link linking into the next video in the playlist. It’s the actual YouTube URL that is linking to. Then all the way down at the very bottom down of the playlist, the last video in the series will link back up to the top video in the series. It’s essentially a one way besides the link that go to the play list itself. Each one of the links within the video descriptions always link to the next video in the series until it gets down to the last video. In which case it links back up to the top video in the series which creates that loop.

Every single one of those has an actual link to the play list itself and that’s what reinforces the categories throughout in my opinion. I have tested that a lot guys and that’s how … A lot of times I’ll do the monos playlist when I’ve got a particularly difficult keyword to rank and I’ll use those supporting videos not because I care whether they end up ranking or not, but just to push that first video and the series up. It works really, really well. What happens a lot of times with that mono silo type structure is that a lot of …

The main video that you link into at the very top of the play list will end up ranking for some of the other terms that you’re using for supporting videos. Because of the way the linking structure is set up within the playlist. That’s why we do it that way. In regards to both playlist and website silos, are you building silos and have you concluded for the day, do you always link … Okay, I guess when you’re done at the end of the day working, do you always link from the last posted video up to the top link you had posted video for the continuity and then clear that to the top link when you resume adding posting again the next day? Yeah. I mean you can Robert, but honestly I would just … Usually if I’m building on a playlist, guys I usually do it all within a day or two.

I think you’re splitting hairs here out in the weeds a little bit Robert because it really doesn’t matter. Like if you stop building at the end of the day and you didn’t put a link up to the top level video, who cares. The next day if you’re going to resume building again, just resume building, don’t worry about it. If you’re going to let it stick for three or four weeks, then go ahead and put a link in there. If you’re building fairly quickly just stop where you stop and then when you’re done, make sure your linking structure is correct.

You don’t have to worry about … Like each time you add a video, you don’t have to worry about going back to your previous video and adding the link. Just put all 10 videos in the playlist and then go back and make sure your linking structure is set up properly. That’s typically how I do it. Anyway, good question though.

Hernan: Looks like we’re back with the audio.

Bradley: Well you guys can catch the replay, so replay will have all the audio.

Chris: Hopefully.

Bradley: Thomas asks if there’s a schedule for masterMIND web. Yeah it’s every two weeks on Thursday Thomas.

Adam: I told him when we get back there’s going to be a lot of stuff I answered in here we could actually start scrolling through the stuff.

Bradley: Sandy Walls, wow, from France. That is awesome. I haven’t seen her in a long time. It’s good to have you back Sandra. She was around this time last year then she disappeared for a while. Okay, what’s next?

Google Docs/Maps Links

Adam: RK says well ranking had Google site with embedded Google docs and maps and spreadsheet, do you send links to each separate property as well as the Google site?

Bradley: Absolutely and he’s talking about RYS Academy stuff okay but yeah absolutely…

Adam: Looks like yeah.

Bradley: Hammer everything, hammer all of it. If you are in RYS Academy RK which you must be or else you wouldn’t even ask this question. We set up the spider silos according to the term that Marco invented. The Spider silos and you just backlink to everything in there, everything, each one of the individual files, the Google site itself, the folder, everything, okay.

Hernan: All right, so [crosstalk 1:18:57] is there be an offer with a discount as well at RYS Academy?

Bradley: Yeah $200 off.

Adam: Yeah 200 bucks off.

Hernan: Wow cool!

Bradley: $200 off RYS Academy.

Hernan: Awesome.

Bradley: By the way anybody watching that was looking to get some updates on that case study that I started in there. I did spend about two hours working on that today, there’s nothing for you guys to see. Because I don’t have anything to show you yet. I’m trying to complete that out because I know that’s been something that got pushed into the back burner for a while. I’m trying to get that completed so within the next couple of weeks I’ll have an update for you guys because I did start working on it again.

Adam: [Crosstalk 1:19:33] So I kind of answered his real quick and before we read this I just want to see if Chris is still on, I can hear him in the background saying I told you so.

Chris: Yeah.

Bradley: Did Chris read this?

Adam: All right probably but it’s a good question and it’s something ,why I answered it above there. It’s something we’re working on. Let’s go ahead and read it.

Beginner’s Guide for Semantic Mastery Courses

Bradley: All right so many people want to know the info overload that’s stunts progress because there isn’t a metaphorical map to follow. Yeah that’s called paralysis of analysis. Yeah paralysis of analysis, you guys have a ton of great content and products but for someone who can’t determine what’s absolutely necessary and important to begin ranking.

How would you guide a person who wants to begin using your methods for ranking in building a solid business through your products the most practical logical way, thanks. Roby I would say the masterCLASS training is the best place to start. It depends on what it is, what type of business you’re trying to start. I know Chris he’s on, I think Chris you started working on kind of a metaphorical map correct?

Chris: Adam actually mouthed it. He’s making it look good and that’s, Roby just so you’re aware. We are working on it is the answer until we’re aware of it. Because we’re getting to the point where we have people come in and say exactly what you’re saying. The answer upfront is the masterCLASS, the link’s right there, hopefully you hear this. Almost no matter what you’re interested in doing, that’s going to be a good place to get started. Because it focuses on becoming profitable and getting started quickly.

Bradley: Quickly and it’s step by step by step. It literally is like if you want to start with video SEO which is what we started with in the masterCLASS and IFTTT networks this is where you begin. We’ve taken and did some live case studies that are generating revenue blah, blah, blah and it’s step by step so. Highly recommend you start there.

New Google Plus Layout Updates

Bradley: Okay Darrell asked can you discuss the changes the new Google+ layout effects? We talked about this at the very beginning of this webinar, I’m going to be updating the training because it does affect us guys, sorry.

Adam: No 2.0.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah well I’m going to be doing some update videos for the existing training and adding them to the update section of the training and I mentioned it inside the IFTTT SEO Academy Facebook group. That as I get those updates uploaded into the members’ area, I will post each time in the Facebook community so that you guys are aware of the new update video. That’s going to be just a band aid or a patch because I’m not , we’re going to end up redoing the IFTTT and launching a second version of it. Because of so many changes that have occurred, that it’s going to end up being a version 2.0 course that comes out.

Don’t get me wrong, anybody that’s already purchased, you’re going to get updates but they’re going to be update videos that are added to the existing training. You’ll go through the main training and then you have to go view the updates to see what changes there were. Because obviously the interfaces are going to be different between the new Google+ and the old Google+ that sort of thing. We are going to generate, I’m probably going to build out a version 2.0 of IFTTT SEO Academy which will come out maybe you know six to eight weeks something like that guys.

That will be in upgrades, I mean you won’t just get that, that will be an upgrade because it will be a whole new course okay. For those of you that are currently IFTTT SEO Academy members I will be doing some update training videos on that. I hope to have all of those done, completed and uploaded by the end of next week. You heard it here. All right what else?

Video Powerhouse URLs and Playlists

Adam: All right if we go up, Clint was asking about the URLs for Video Powerhouse and playlists. I posted the solution to that, guys you can post a playlist video but you can’t , yeah you can’t post the … I mean so in what actually gets posted you just need to make sure you put the right URL, it just needs to be the video of the actual page where the video plays. Then that’s it, that’s just so you can’t go wrong there.

Bradley: If you open up a playlist and you’re viewing a video and then you click the share button and you go down and you copy the share URL. That’s going to be the share URL for that video in the playlist. It’s not going to be for the individual video and it’s also not going to be the playlist URL.

Adam: Yeah and I just put in there, if you look at the URL and it actually says playlist, that’s the wrong one, so don’t use that.

Bradley: Okay all right so keep going and good [inaudible 1:24:02].

Adam: There’s no period, no sound. Here we go Kevin was asking hi, how do we juice our RSS feeds? Thanks.

Bradley: Where, which one is that?

Adam: In between Sandra and Sky but that’s his question, how do you juice an RSS feed?

Bradley: I must have missed that one.

Adam: That’s kind of hidden in there with all the …

Juicing RSS Feeds

Bradley: Oh shit, all right well how do you juice an RSS feed? You just build links to it.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Plain and simple so. Next, next question.

Adam: Let’s see, let’s keep going. We’ve broke the internet we kind of did. Holy Molly!

Bradley: its Google spying on us that is correct.

Video Embeds: What to Consider?

Adam: Think we got, I know Keith had one so there we go. Okay he asked what makes for a good video embed thinking more on the actual post layout. How much text and what else to consider?

Bradley: Well I could tell you, like in SY we have the IFTTT networks the recipes for video syndication set up the way that we do. I do not ever import the descriptions anymore. The reason why is because I’d had several video broadcasting networks which are essentially PBN networks that I built out for specifically video syndications. I was using a plugin called Simple Video Press, that’s a cue Adam if possible.

That’s a plugin that will, because a lot of the times I’ll set up YouTube channel trigger to a self-hosted WordPress site but there’s been issues with using a self-hosted word press site in IFTTT. Because a lot of the times there’ll be issues where it won’t post properly or it won’t recognize the self-hosted WordPress site. It will say like you know incorrect username or something like that. It’ll just give errors.

That happens a lot and it has to do with sometimes the hosting, sometimes it has to do with plugin conflicts, sometimes it has to do with like the plugins like what do they call it ? Spider spanker or stuff like that. There are a lot of issues that have come up with trying to connect the self-hosted word press site to IFTTT. It can be done but there’s a lot of the times issues that will come up. Instead I use a plugin called simple video press which we do with auto post to self hosted word press sites, it’s a plugin. A very cool plugin, it’s a great plugin. There’s an option in there to import the video descriptions, just like in IFTTT you can add that as a recipe, as an ingredient in the recipe right? To import the video descriptions.

Don’t do it, the reason I say that is because I syndicated. I had many, many big networks that I had built out and I would, to keep it looking more random instead of always the same. A portion of my sites in the broadcasting networks would import the video descriptions and a portion of them wouldn’t. Would just have a link back to the video where it can be seen on YouTube. May be a link to a playlist, it may be a link to the channel and that was it. Through one of the Google’s many de-indexing where they …

Adam: Run pages?

Bradley: Sprees, yeah their De-indexing sprees I’ve had a bunch of my video power broadcasting sites De-indexed. What I found the common thread or theme or you know common denominator across all those sites that were De-indexed were video descriptions being imported. The ones that weren’t being imported survived and it’s because in my opinion it’s because they look spammy. Its duplicate content and all of the links within the video description will get syndicated. If you’re linking out to money sites where you’re trying to drive traffic to and you’re linking to related content and all that kind of stuff, all that gets imported and it ends up looking spammy.

The short answer would be all I ever do when I’m doing video embed sites is I just do the video embed itself. potentially a link to the video so you get the embed plus a lot of the times I will link actually back to the video just using the naked URL. Then also link to the playlist, if it’s in a playlist which it should be and also sometimes I’ll link back to the YouTube channel. Because the way I look at is I use that embed as almost like an attribute, like what we do when we’re curating and I’d like to cite the source. The code that I’ll use for underneath the video, underneath the embed will say something like, this video was first seen on and then I’ll post the channel URL. That I’m actually like citing the original source too.

I’ve had those sites that have survived many de-indexing sprees so hopefully that makes clears it up. As far as text I mean that’s all I do unless you’re going to go in and manually add text to the post afterwards. I don’t recommend you automating the posting of text at all. All right what’s next because we’re at 5:30, do we have any questions left that could be answered?

Adam: Yes we do, I’m going to answer this one real quick. Or you can chime in too but Keith was also asking , let me paste it, I think I’ve got it on my notepad. No anyway he’s asking about number of embeds, how many embeds do you use? Which the answer to that one is it depends. Then but how do you gauge how many embeds you might need? Which was the one question which again it depends on [inaudible 1:29:17].

Factors & Number of Embeds

Chris: The direct question is what factors would affect how many embeds you go for?

Adam: There it is, yeah.

Bradley: Well that’s why I , it depends on the competition level number one. That’s pretty much the main determining factor, is what is the level of competition? If you’re in a really fierce market you’re just going to need more embeds period. I found that you know again it’s also, by the way this is the post that Adam posted for you guys that I was talking about for referral traffic. Guys, this flat out works, really well and so this is something that I’ve been using for even really competitive terms and it’s not an instant thing guys.

This is something you have to set up and let it sit for … This is the one that I was showing you guys here earlier right. Using referral traffic. I’m getting to the embed portion of the question, just a moment.My point is with doing, sending referral traffic through social properties, through the embeds on social properties, that kind of thing. I’ve been able to get this to rank with very little additional work other than just going through my initial networks.

It’s not something that happened overnight; it actually took almost 60 days for this to end up ranking. Because I had actually set this up when I was testing this referral traffic method. I saw an immediate jump but that could have just been because it propagated through my networks. Then it dropped, and it dropped the way which is normal. You know it’s normal to see a Google dance especially with videos but it dropped and then when it did come back, when it usually comes back after doing the dance or the bounce. It usually comes back to where it was originally. Sometimes often times better but in this case it ended up on like page four.

I just let it go, I had the crowd search campaign set up for referral traffic and I just let it go. I didn’t touch it again, I just kind of forgot about it and then I was testing or going through, checking some other things that I was working on and I saw this video surface for that key word. Then I look back at the data because I had it in rank tracker too, I saw that it took almost six weeks I think it was for this thing for this to jump to page one. Then it’s been there ever since and I haven’t done anything else.

My point is, is when I’m looking at the number of embeds, like there really is no rule. Like it’s just what is the competition level? If you’re in more competitive market then you’re going to need more embeds but you’re also going to need more of the other signals that help a video to rank. What I found is this user signals like traffic click-throughs, watch time or dwell time you know dwell on site time, that sort of thing. All of those are also huge for video ranking now.

What I like to do is I like to do everything in stages as I mentioned earlier. When I send a video out initially across my networks I like to let it sit for about two weeks. Then once it’s settled in after about two weeks, I usually can make a determination then as to what I need to do next. Then like I said I like to use the crowd search stuff, I like to do referral traffic campaigns now because I know it works. Also social embeds, social embeds are really, really important so that’s like tweets and retweets, pins and repins. Tumblr reblogs that works really well, not a lot of people do that but Tumblr reblogs also count as additional embeds, all of that works really well.

Adam: Okay.

Bradley: Again I just like to try to keep everything. Guys I always like to stretch it out, like I don’t plan on ranking videos in a day anymore. Like I usually if I’m going after a market where there’s any level of competition, I expect it to take a good 30 days before my video ranks. Sometimes I get it done in a day or two or sometimes it takes a weeks. I look at it when I go into a new campaign or a new project I look at it and saying okay it’s going to take me 30 days to rank this video.

Because I like to test things and I like to try to rank it doing as little as possible so that if I need more I still have more available. Instead of coming out guns blazing, full speed ahead like right out of the gate, like I’m just going to throw everything I have at it. Because then you could have ranked it with a lot less and what do you have left at your disposal at that point in case it doesn’t rank. Okay next one.

Adam: That is it we are wrapped up for the day.

Chris: All right we’re done.

Adam: Real quick, Ed I saw your question, what’s a Tumblr reblog, that’s just like getting a retweet but it’s on Tumblr when somebody reposts your content.

Bradley: Yeah and every single place a reblog is just like a retweet yeah or a share. It’s a Tumblr to Tumblr share and when somebody reblogs your stuff it creates another embed. That’s a great way to push page authority to a Tumblr site as well, to a specific Tumblr post. Here I’ll even go so far as to share the guy that I use, oops that’s not what I wanted, let’s try this one. I’ll share the guy that I use for reblogs, his name is Keek Monster, K-E-E-K Monster. Let me just grab this URL real quick because this guy does really … He’s the only guy I’ve ever found that was able to do consistently good reblog gigs and this is him here, his name is Keek Monster. I’m going to grab this URL and share this.

Hernan: Share all the [inaudible 1:34:35] free webinar.

Bradley: Yeah well this is a Fiverr gig, this guy does good work so hit him up. Tell him Loon Lips sent you because that’s my username for Fiverr, it’s a long story, we don’t have time for it right now so.

Adam: All right well just to reiterate everybody, the sale is going to be going through Monday or you know ends Monday. By all means go check it out. If you’re going to home back on some of the courses or something like that now is a very good time. I guarantee you it’s not going to be this low again for a while.

Also if you’re interested in coming down to Costa Rica which I hope you are, because we’ve got some pretty interesting people. I’ll just say so far who are going to get signed up and then as well as the people who are going to be doing the training, aside from all five of us. It’s going to be awesome, be a good time to head down there in late February, check out the link and you can see the exact dates and what we’re going to be covering.

Bradley: Yeah I’m going to answer this real quick too and then we’ll close, sorry guys but Keith asked I understand the point on depends but what number of embeds would you start at? Okay great question Keith and so I apologize if I glossed over that. I always start off with just what I have built out for my particular channel. My own IFTTT networks which are juiced to where they’re overflowing if that makes sense.

Like you know I hammer the shit out of my networks guys with links, I just do it all the time. If we got, like for example if I’m I usually don’t even play around in our niche until I have at least one full two tier network built. At least the tier one ring powered up with additional links where I send it over to my link building team they build it. The same service that we offer to you guys, it’s exact same one that we use okay.

A lot of the times a lot of the networks that I plan or the industries or niches that I plan often that I do a lot of business in. I’ll have three or four or five full two tier networks connected to my channel. If a full two tier network gives you 80 properties, 80 backlinks into our embeds social signals bookmarks blah, blah, blah. That’s on the low end it’s usually around 88 but let’s say 80 let’s say. Then that’s going to be 80 so where would I start? I’d start with just that and then I would measure accordingly and add additional services as needed. If you find that you’re not getting the results from the initial upload that would like, add another full tow tier network that’s another 80 properties. Now you’re looking at 160 properties every time you upload a video.

You got to add a third that’s 240 properties, fourth one you get the point you can all do math. If you get to the point where you’re doing like five full two tier networks attached to one YouTube channel, that’s 400 properties that that video is getting syndicated to with each upload. Okay so now you can see very quickly you can build these great big networks using just IFTTT stuff.

Then obviously if you need additional push that’s where using the supplemental stuff comes in okay. All right cool that was it so everybody thanks for being here for Thanksgiving Hump Day hangouts we appreciate that. Everybody have a happy Thanksgiving, be safe in your travels, all that kind of stuff and thanks Adam, Chris and Marco.

Adam: Awesome have a good holiday everyone.

Bradley: Well did Hernan cut out on us?

Adam: Yeah he said he had to take off, he said he didn’t like us anymore and left so.

Marco: Okay everyone have a great holiday.

Bradley: I k now what it was Wayne didn’t meme him today so he was offended that he didn’t get memed. All right guys we’ll see you all next week, thanks for being here.

Chris: Happy holiday’s bye.

Bradley: Bye.

Adam: Bye.