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Episode 43 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.



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Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts episode 56. Today is hopefully going to be humorous because I’m laughing and it makes no sense to you because we just started. But it is the second of December and we got full crew here so how’s it going, everybody? Hey, Hernan. How’s it going?

Hernan: Hey, guys. Hey, everyone. It is really good to be here.

Adam: alright Marco, what’s up?

Marco: Hey, man, what’s up? What’s up, everybody?

Adam: hey, Bradley. What’s going on, man?

Bradley: hey, guys. It is December, can u believe it? Christmas is coming and it’s almost the end of the year and it’s been a crazy year so wow. And we’ve had a couple of weeks of watching – we didn’t won last week, didn’t we?

Adam: Yeah

Bradley: and it’s kind of a blur.

Adam:  and I think just correct me if I’m wrong, we haven’t slayed out the schedule set down yet but I think we are going to hit every Wednesday in December. Let me see if I’m lying here. Well, we got one on the 23rd and the 30th. We are going to have at least four episodes I think this month.

Bradley: ok cool.

Adam: yes, not going to put us on the hook for more on that, we may have more.

Bradley: might be five but we will see.

Adam: Good deal. Alright. Everyone, I just wanted to tell you real quick, if you haven’t – I’ll put the link up there. I know a lot of you – I have a…

Marco: Everybody knows we are live, man.

Adam: That is awesome. There’s a very aggravated cat who is shortly going to go outside in the rain. Alright, anyway, let’s say, let’s talk about serious base real quick and a lot of you already signed up. But something we wanted to tell people about was just that its free account sign up. And we are going to start doing a better job of explaining what exactly search bases to new people. How they can use it, and then the services offered because we have been slowly ramping it up. We kind of brought it in, in September when we first started offering the network management services. And now that we’ve got video power house and we are looking to bring the link building, the network building in there.

Bradley: press releases citation.

Adam: yes, press releases citations and then we are going to go from there. It’s kind of the services area, alright? I just want to make that clear in case there’s any confusion for people. And I know at first it wasn’t really clear. But the big part of that is its free to sign up. We just do that so that you have your own little dashboard so you can go inside and see stuff. We are working on giving some testing accounts for people so you can at least check out the network management and then from there, the rest of the services I think its self-explanatory but again I’ll put the link in there just pop over sign up and check that out.

Bradley: yes, and we got, like Adam said, we’ve got a lot of additional services that we are going to be adding to search base. I mean it’s being worked on now. We got the press releases citations, the link building service, being able to order networks and have them delivered right inside of search bases although its actually be delivered in added to your management account automatically. It will have support within there as well. It’s going to be like a one stop dashboard for SEO services based on how we do things and I think that’s going to be a lot of value inside there and just make it easy for everybody. That said, I know press releases is when we open that up soon, very soon.

Yes, I’m going to be doing some training on that as well. There are probably –- we might even do us an entire course on press release training. I haven’t even talked about it with you guys, my partners yet. But I think it is something that we should pursue because how to use press releases properly for SEO; not just for SEO, that’s a big part of it but also for driving traffic also for using them or for finding clients for press releases. Just various things on how to use press releases and get worked out of it and generate revenue from them as well. I think it’s something that I’m going to end up doing – there will be kind of like Tier version of the training which will be included inside of search base so that it will educate potential buyers of press releases on how they work and how to use them properly. I’m thinking about doing like a premium training product for press releases as well so that is something that we will discuss a little bit further on when we get that opened up which again is coming very soon.

Adam: Cool, we’re also going to be having some like case study stuff coming out because we are going along with the Video Power House.

We are looking for a lot of services we can integrate obviously it’s a great thing to use with syndication networks obviously there’s indication network first then we can use video power house. Last week we talked about using Crowd Search so there’s a lot of stuffs going on. Then with the updates to IFTTT training that’s going to be coming out. And then the version two of that training where there’s going to be some really powerful integrations going on there.

Bradley: speaking of that, very briefly, I switch over and in part of what the updates where going to be for IFTTT the current SEO Academy, I was going to do some update videos. I’m still going to do some update videos because there is a  couple of platforms that need to be updated. But Google+, the new Google+, guys, if you’ve already opted for the new Google+, switch back to classic. There’s just too many damn bugs in the new interface and there are things that are missing in the new interface like for example, there no events anymore, events pages in the new interface at least not yet. I had to go to the Google+ help form to get answers on that because I had switch over too. I am sticking with classic until I am absolutely forced to go over to it or until they get all of the regular feature the features that we’ve come to know inside of it. That said, there are a couple other changes that will be addressed as well because in time everything’s going to be switched over to the new platform. I’ll be covering those as needed and what I am saying is the update for the IFTTT SEO Academy aren’t going to be comprehensive on the new Google+ platform yet because we still have the ability to use classic and I would say continue using classic until they get all the bugs worked out of the new interface essentially its [indistinct] right now. And that was confirmed to me today in the Google+ help form from one of the people that work for Google. They said that its invade us, theres going to be some bugs and things that aren’t even there yet that will be integrated eventually. So, I just want to make that little announcement.

Adam: hey, I wanted to say something real quick, Robert just posted something on there in one. We generally don’t do a lot of testimonials so we had a killer [indistinct] in the mastermind. But Robert put on here said about the Twitter SEO Academy not knowing what I might get and figured it would be pretty good because of the source. Well, let me tell you that the level of high quality information in this course is well worth the price of admission. One of the better SEO learning perks as ever, way to go, guys.

Bradley: Nice.

Adam: Thank you very much, Robert. Yes, and we will pass that on to that British Guy. I think he will be happy to hear about it.

Bradley: Dr. Garry, Alright, let me…

Adam: Somebody who’s calling him The British Guy so we will pass on if that’s ok.

Bradley: here we go, that’s his new nickname, The British Guy. The Brit from across the phone, right? Are you guys ready? Let’s do this. We got several questions already. You guys see my screen okay?

Adam: Yes

Bradley: Alright, Michael Wheaton says –- I’m sorry?

Adam: Yeah, you’re good to go.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: Did it act to its camera man?

Multiple Subdomains for Multiple Cities in IFTTT Networks

Bradley: yeah, we should be good. Michael Wheaton says “I hope everyone had a great turkey day. I also hope not drifting too deep into the weeds here, so here it is, if I am creating 50+ sub-domain local niche sites each focus in different geographic locations for rank and rent. And all of which originate from one parent domain, do I treat each sub-domain as a complete separate website apart from the parent domain with its own money site curated content and IFTTT network or can I use the same money site curated content source and IFTTT network used for the parent domain and treat the sub-domain more like pages and doing local niche plus city plus neighborhoods. Okay there are 25 neighborhoods in the city and each neighborhood is a sub-domain –- wow, that’s getting very granular if I’m confused.” Well, Michael, I don’t know that I would do that.

That’s why it’s too complicated, honestly. The problem with that kind of a set-up is, you are going to have so many word press installations to maintain to target that city and it is really unnecessary. If you want to talk in multiple city within the same estate for example, then that’s a great way to use sub-domains in my opinion. But to target neighborhoods and each neighborhood is a sub-domain. Yes, that’s getting a bit to, that’s too much. I wouldn’t recommend that instead I would just silo the side out. I would build a site around the city so it will be basically on one domain or one sub-domain. And then I would build out silos for each neighborhood, okay? And that’s how I would do it because again otherwise you are going to be maintaining 55 sites to discover 1 city and that’s really not sustainable.

That’s not something you will be able to scale, in other words. I don’t recommend that you do that. However, if you choose to do it anyways, then I would recommend especially because on such a hyper local level at that point, you can just use the same IFTTT network for all of them. But consider this as well, if you were to that with the 55 sub-domains, again just targeting 1 city, that would be essentially you would have to set-up the recipes for your IFTTT network for 55 sub-domain RSS feeds. If there’s 50 recipes that we set-up on IFFTTT now you got to multiply that times 55 (x55) for that one IFTTT count. And I don’t know on the top of my head that’s got to be somewhere around 800 recipes, right? That’s overkill. To me it’s not -– I wouldn’t do it. Let’s put it that way.

Again, I would target one city with a sub-domain. I would build it on the sub-domain not the root and then i would use silo structure to build out the rest. Then there is plan B, scrape all of the above, excuse me, scrap all of the above and just rank it one website for entire city not as much profit potential but butt loads. Last time consuming [indistinct] actually you can have just as much profit potential because you can customize each page. For example if you wanted to sell, let’s say it’s a big city and apparently it is if it got 55 burrows or whatever. You can customize each page, sell each page different pages to different or rent different pages to different service providers for example. It doesn’t have to be all under one, you can essentially make each page like a landing page which you could put separate graphics on, separate branding, separate contact information if you wanted. That’s one thing that you could do and it will be a hell of a lot easier to manage, that’s for sure.

Adam: yes, Michael. I’d be curious too if you come back to us once you do this, how you end up monetizing and how it works out for you just to let people know.

Building Tier 1 Branded Network and 1 Persona Network in IFTTT to The Same Money Site

Bradley: on a side note, since I have your attention one last question. Can I build a Tier 1 branded IFTTT network and a Tier 1 persona network to the same money site? I don’t recommend that, Michael. I don’t recommend that at all. For YouTube channel that’s fine, but for websites or blogs syndication, I don’t recommend doing that. I recommend sticking with just your branded network. Pardon me for a second, I got Google voice calling in. let me hang up on it. Get out of here. Let’s see, will this be just as effective but less of a headache to managing Tier 2 network to your money site just to avoid complications of having to add extra relevant RSS feeds to hide the money site, RSS feed and the rest of [indistinct] keywords link etc. thanks for your input, guys. I mean again, to be honest with you, it depends on how many other sites you manage, Michael. If you’re just managing the one site which looks like it is going to be like your pet project for a bit, then having a two Tiered network is fine. Just adding the additional content feeds in for Tiered 2 triggers, I would recommend that. If you are managing more than just one site though, or just a hand full of sites then I don’t recommend doing that. I recommend just sticking with one IFTTT network branded to your one network and inducing the hell out of that. Because again, there is more management involved with the Tier 2 networks. And if you’re only managing one or two or a hand full of sites, then it’s feasible. But if you got 10+ sites or a dozen of sites as many of us do, then it’s really not recommend to do it that way. It’s better to just stick with the Tier 1 branded network and then you just work on boasting the Tier 1 network as much as possible. Anybody else want to time in to that?

Hernan: I think you nail it. I would do the same for most of the cases for local in my opinion, with just one juiced up network, you will be just fine.

Bradley: yes, for most local stuff that’s all you need. Remember, the key Michael is to have a blog that you consistently post to. That is one of the most; one of the main components of this working properly is not just having an IFTTT network. That in of itself is not enough. It’s consistent blog posting, schedule frequent publishing on it. In using the blog as your basic, your link building tool for the other pages on your site. And so, that’s going to require frequent updates, frequent post. Overtime and depending on your frequency, if you have a high frequency it’ll take less time, if you have a low frequency, its going to take more time that’s going to help you to rank. And that is why it’s important to juice your network, your branded network because the more you post to it, the more links are going to be pointing back to your money site. And the pages that you are building the contextual links from within the post body too and that’s going to have all that juice funneling in your powered up network. Keep that in mind. Just making sure the screen is on me.

Indexing Videos in Vimeo

Skye says, is there a sandbox for new Video accounts? I created an account uploaded two videos and five days later, not index but Google I embedded the video on a web page that I know was crawled by Google, did a Google+ post and a twitter tweet with URL and the video on the same day the videos where uploaded in the past. This method is always worked with YouTube and all the videos get index in a day or last. A friend of mine get a 500gb for 50 video embeds on crappy 2.0 like blog post or BlogSpot which is blogger, the least is dingo and didn’t notice any ranking change with the video. I think Google ignores this types of sites when trying to pass link juice to a website but it seems to have always work with videos and it change on the algo.” Okay, as far as Vimeo, I don’t know if video has a sand box. I doubt it because it wouldn’t be Vimeo itself, it would be Google not indexing it. And I don’t know — I’ve never had that issue. I created a brand new Vimeo account for the last when I did a launch case study for master class recently for video traffic ex and facts. I created a brand new video account and uploaded a video to it and rank it on the first page in a matter of I don’t know 12 hours, 14 hours it was on page 1. I’ve never had that problem; I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I’m just saying I don’t know enough about Vimeo. I don’t use it enough to know whether that’s a common issue or not. Anybody else know?

Marco: I don’t use Vimeo that much, right? So I’m kind of guessing here but the only way to know it if there’s an internal sandbox would be to do a search for the video in Vimeo because if it doesn’t appear on the internal search then its Vimeo that’s sandboxing the video.

Bradley: yeah you mean from the fresh account or in a browser where you are not logged in, right?

Marco: or inside Vimeo.

Bradley: right but in a browser that you are not logged in to Vimeo, right?

Marco: this is how we log for our sandbox twitter account or one of the ways. We do a search for our polls or tweets and anything that we done inside of twitter and see if it appears on the internal search engine. If it doesn’t then your sandbox…

Bradley: But again I’m not sure why Skye it didn’t index I’m mean like Marco just said it’s an internal thing and it wasn’t the vimeo wasn’t giving you a public URL or something that could be but I don’t know for sure. The other thing you could do is just submit the URL directly to Google. Go to the crawl URL just go to Google and search for submit URL Google or Google submit URL and you’ll get the crawl URL link, just click on that. you got to be logged in to a Google account and then you just submit the URL directly to Google search console, that’s another way because that’s going to force the index if it’s not got like a robot text or something on it saying not to index it, you know no index tag on it. Any change on the algo I think there’s a ship in the share number of embeds to the quality of the site. Yeah, well, that’s a ship that’s been occurring, Skye. Obviously if you boot force the number of embeds like what Hayley Cooper is famous for. You can still get results of that and a lot of people like in the video marketing that do a lot of video marketing are using tools like, what’s the one that people are using now? Money robot?

Hernan: yeah money robot

Bradley: yeah a lot of video embed stuff?

Hernan: that’s money robot, yeah. ICS is still but money robot

Bradley: those where all like brute force embeds in other words its just like in many places that you can get the video as possible and that’s still helps. But, you know we’ve been trending towards having higher quality sites for two years now. And that’s what works in my opinion better because it requires less over all embeds if the embeds where on higher quality sites with better metrics.

Hernan: and this ties up with Michael’s question also because you can have a ton of embeds or you can have one strong branded channel, you know? And you can have a ton of secondary Tier networks or you can have one strong branded Tier 1 network. The main idea here is that your embeds not only bring you embeds but also bring you views and traffic. Both will I think pretty much take you the same amount of effort and resources to build but one is much more valuable to the viewer, to the user than the other.

Bradley: yeah it’s also more valuable to you as the digital asset owner because if you are building higher quality sites that they are more long term, they have more longevity. They’re going to be more valuable than a bunch of just orphaned account as I call them that you are using for spam purposes. Again you are building an asset that you’re going to have long term you are going to be able to use over and over again and that to me is a much more solid business foundation or foundation to build your business. Hopefully that helps. Again don’t get me wrong guys, spamming embeds is still works which you just need many of them and the problem is they don’t really last all that long. A lot of times their account gets terminated and then you start seeing your ranking slip. In my opinion its better to just go ahead and work on. It takes a little bit more effort upfront to get them set-up properly with branded networks or themed networks that you take the time to build up but that’s going to help. But like Hernan said, one of the big factors for ranking videos and even websites or webpages now today is user engagement, user metrics. Again if you can get real traffic to any of those videos that’s going to help too without needing as many embeds. Like I said I showed several times and some examples and I can jump over from here for a minute and lets just bring this up. This is one that I show all the time is an example because it just works really well.

This is the video that I rank and [indistinct] guys I got two calls this week already for people looking for SEO services in Virginia. Just from this video and also from Google site that I have ranked for SEO Virginia. But this video right here is  ranking it was mainly done, I mean one through my initial network syndication network IFTTT networks but other than that, I really didn’t do a whole lot of SEO other that spam the user metric which was basically what I call city spam, click through spam using crowd search. But it is basically user metrics that got this video ranked. And it’s been ranked for months now, month’s guys and I haven’t done a damn thing to it since. I still got the click through spam campaign set-up and running that just run all the time in the background but doesn’t cost me very much for that and its just ranking. Look at that position number three, right? But anyway…

Hernan: nice

Setting Up Pinterest in IFTTT Networks

Bradley: just an example, back to it. Alright, next, Kevin says “Hello I’m new to IFTTT and been doing this stuff for three weeks. Already set-up a few recipes but I don’t see Pinterest in your list” Yes, Kevin because I don’t use Pinterest. Just honestly it’s not something that I use because it’s all image based and I work in the text base world and the video world so it’s not something I’ve done, I’ve done anything with for pinterest.

Hernan: And you know what that’s probably a cue for us toad it to the new one because Kevin also post, A way to have their recipe going and I’ve manage to  pull that off depending on the category where you post, it will re-post it to a board because pinterest it worked with boards. Depending on what category you are posting, it will post to explore so that will be probably a good idea to add it.

Bradley: yes I’m just re-invested this for the rest of the post who only have a feature image and ie one image [indistinct] embedded in a blog post to self. This is included to what’s happening that I set-up. Again, Kevin, I honestly can’t comment on this because I’ve never set-up Pinterest recipe, not even once. So unfortunately man I can’t help you with that. However, like Hernan just mentioned we are going to be re-doing IFTTT SEO Academy version 2 or 2.0 we are going to call it. It’s going to be completely re-done with a whole bunch of addition stuff that we develop into our strategy and the course of last year because remember we launch the IFTTT SEO Academy in January of this year. It’s damn near been a year. We probably re-launch the version 2.0 next month in January hopefully I’m going to try to get it done by then. And there’s going to be hell of a lot of additional stuff in there beside just what we had in this current version. We will cover that in there too that is something that will take to new account.

Outranking Serp Shaker/ATM Sites

Ray says how to outrank other serp shake/atm sites. Does building links to such sites help? Where should I point links to root domain, category pages, inner pages, or maybe a sitemap? Alright, I don’t do any sort of link building to serp shaker/ atm sites, guys. To me it’s a complete waste of time. Yes you might be able to get a boast out of it, you probably would.

But at any moment, those sites can be the index and so you pissed a bunch of time and effort away on pushing links to something that could be the index to any moment. I know there’s a site out there guys that have Serp Shaker sites and ATM sites that have been up for years and they are still there and still generating traffic. I don’t count on any of them ever having any longevity. I take advantage of the traffic that they produce while they are there. And obviously I find some that are successful, I just build more sites targeting the same keywords just on different domains so that I can end up blanketing the first page with my own atm pages or search [indistinct] pages, I used the atm but very similar both of those products. My point is, I just don’t waste my time on it. If you wanted the point links at your site, so don’t recommend it but if you are going to do it anyways, obviously like category pages would be a good place to do it. That way it would hit all of the post within that category so that’s a good way to do it. A side maps not a bad idea. I haven’t really tested that but that’s not a bad idea either just to hit the site map for some links. What do you think, Hernan?

Hernan: well, I think like I’ve been playing with Serp Shaker back in the day and also with my space creator which would be basically the same but with HTML sites. And they can get hit so I just don’t waste my time but you can always have a couple of big authority domain or whatever ready to 301. Or, you can build links through 301 and direction so you know every time as it goes down on 301 links but yes, as long as they are not part or you take them as they are like secondary sites that they are ready to be themed [indistinct] so yes you can build links to a site map if you like.

Bradley: and here is the thing, what I’ve been doing recently is buying expired domains that already have metrics that were already in that same niche, that same thing so they essentially have back links already pointed to them. And we use domain crawlers to find these domains but then I go to majestic and I check the metrics for the domain that I’m looking out purchasing and I just pick them up to 10 bucks at namecheap because they are already expired and they weren’t purchased. But what I do is I take them and I go take a look at the back link profile. Doesn’t need a lot of back links, all I’m really looking for is the topical trust flow what is not even the score of the topical trust flow. I’m just looking to see what the inbound links pointed into that domain what types of sites are coming from. Are they topically relevant? Are the inbound links pointing to that domain topically relevant to what I’m going to be building on that domain? And I’ve been doing that a lot because I build a lot of ATM sites, guys.  And I’ve been doing that with buying expired domains that are topically relevant or have topically relevant inbound links already pointed to the domains. In that way, I’m seeing a really good boast from that instead of using brand new domains, I’m using domains that already have some age to them and inbound links within the same topic. That’s a big – it’s really been official. Wayne Clayton is giving people epilepsy. Thanks for that. Next is Ed.

Hernan: several quickly by that.

Privacy Options in YouTube for Competitors

Bradley: hey, guys. Is there a way to go into YouTube channel and make an adjustment so our lead gen videos are not visible to the competition that maybe interested? I don’t think so, Ed. I’m not a hundred percent certain on that but I don’t think so. That could be a channel setting thing but I think if your videos are public if somebody clicks on the videos tab on your channel its going to show whatever videos are public anyways.

Hernan: right, yes, because competition will start as a user searching. They will search like in Google and YouTube and if they can see you, neither can the user.

Bradley: you only have three options; you have Public, Unlisted, and Private. Unlisted means it won’t be indexed in Google or YouTube. Anybody with the link can view it but it won’t be index so you won’t be able to find it in YouTube or Google search. Private you have to be invited to see it and its very similar how Google+ is. You have to be actually invited to be able to view the video or say somebody has the link and they click on it and they have not been invited to view the video, then it will give them an error message that it cannot be viewed. Unlisted just means that it won’t be indexed in Google or YouTube but anybody with the link can see it. Your only other option is public. Which by the way guys if you’re doing client work or lead gen work and you’re doing videos and somebody decides to stop paying you, if its lead gen you should have your own brand and your own virtual phone number that you can re-direct, that kind of thing. But if you’re doing client work and they decide to stop paying you which happens from time to time, instead of deleting the video from your YouTube channel, un-list it.

Because if you’ve already syndicated across various network, these where all back links and embeds that are pointing, they are funneling juice back to your channel. You don’t want to delete those videos, you want to just un-list them so it makes some fall out of the index but it still keeps the juice falling into your channel. If I do, let see he says to clarify if you want obviously make the viewing ability to see them but channel private for the video itself private in the search. It won’t work that way, Ed, unfortunately. If I do number one that or can that affect the SEO the videos since they can’t be seen visually on my channel? Yes, again, actually you know guy’s even videos that are unlisted will pass internal link juice like I just mentioned and private as well.

Video Management for Clients

But they won’t be visible again to the public, unlisted can be if people have the URL’s but private no. But they will still pass in the description area if you got links built and stuff like that, that will still count. Could you go over quickly how to handle clients where you build them in YouTube channel and where you have their videos, you have ranked on your channel in the different ways to price each one and the things we need to keep control over so we don’t get taken advantage of all the time. I don’t build channels for clients unless they pay me a really high premium. Because it’s just not something that I do because there’s no – I’ve been burned too many times at the past where people I’ve done work for somebody and they get them results and then they decide they forget to pay, needed me to get those results so they stop and decided they don’t want me or they’re going to go higher some jackass down the street for a hundred hours less a month than what I am charging. And that kind of stuff I don’t allow that to happen anymore. I build my own networks, my own YouTube channels, and then if the client wants the channel like a branded channel, that’s fine. They can have their own channel.

I’m just not doing any SEO work to it; do you know what I mean? If they have a video and they want to upload their video to their own channel that’s fine. But if they want the video ranked, I’m ranking it through my channel, in my networks. Period. End of story. There’s not even a discussion unless they insist in which case I insist that they pay me a hell of a lot more. And that’s just because it protects my work, it protects my time. As far as pricing it depends. I don’t have any pricing, set pricing for that kind of stuff, it’s always custom. It’s on case to case bases. It depends on how much they can afford. That’s how it comes down to, its what the competition level, how much work is it going to take. What is the revenue potential that they rank the video or website for that matter could generate for their business. And then I base my pricing on that.

RSS Syndication in Tier 2 Rings for Video Optimization in IFTTT Networks

I wanted to thank you and Adam for sending a Hump Day hangout on Tier 2 RSS feed, it helps me very much. In that video you mentioned if you are going to use all persona base IFTTT rings and network, there is no need to do all the extra RSS feed creation to Tier 2 ring and just have them feed to Tier 1 blogger, WordPress, Tumblr accounts and surrounding social accounts in this Tier 2 ring. Question, will it be worth it to take the time from an eventual ranking stand point for video syndication not blog post to do it anyway or I might just wasting time doing so?

At this point, Ed, you’d be wasting your time. I can’t tell you what Google’s going to do today or tomorrow. Two weeks from now they could decide that they don’t like YouTube footprints anymore and it could be an issue. And in that case having those additional content sources set-up for your tier 2 could prevent that from being an issue. But as it stands right now and it has been for as long as I’ve been doing this, there are no foot print issues with YouTube as far as the way that we set-up our YouTube syndication networks. If you start adding the content from the video description gets re-published across the network, that will create a footprint and it will cause problems. But if all you are doing is publishing the embed with maybe a link back to the YouTube video itself or the playlist or the channel or all three, then I don’t have any negative experience with that whatsoever and it still works so I don’t waste my time setting up additional content triggers for Tier 2.

Importance of Optimizing Branded Video Syndication Ring for Client and Lead Generation Videos in IFTTT Networks

Is that makes sense? Could you quickly explain the user need for a branded IFFTTT video syndication ring for own use and lead gen? I already know and understand why we would do this for a client’s YouTube channel or website, but I still don’t understand the relevance from our own network for ranking other peoples videos and our own lead gen man? Thanks very much. Okay, that’s what getting back to what you just asked about number two or question number three. I build a brand around YouTube channel and then eventually if it starts to generate revenue for me then ill build an associated website too. But my point is for example I’ve used Virginia hangouts, that is something that I use on occasion but it’s a branded channel that I use to rank other peoples videos. It’s my channel, I control it and I built that up and it’s just my own – it’s just a brand, it’s just basically.

If I wanted to be a hundred percent correct about it, I would have a doing business as a [indistinct] for that. And you can’t do that depends on how serious or how much you are going to scale it. But I recommend creating a brand because Google favors brand, guys, they do there’s no question. If you going to build YouTube channel you should brand it not into some stupid keyword. You should get a logo created. Make it a branded type name like an actual viable type business name. Call it a marketing or promotions or publicity company, you know what I mean? You could call it Georgia Publicity. I don’t know I’m just making this up but my point is, is you can create a brand out of your channel. Then you start to build up and if you are in Georgia you can basically promote any videos for any businesses that where in Georgia on that channel that way. That’s one way to do it. You can do plumbing publicity like plumber publicity and you could promote plumbing videos from anywhere in the world across your plumbing publicity YouTube channel. Is that make sense? In that way you control it and it’s your brand, it’s your asset that you’re building up not your clients. I mean don’t get me wrong there’s a time and a place for that as well but I tried to always build up my own assets first. Is there anyone want to add to that? i just want to make sure im heading all the angles here.

Hernan: yes, I think that you nail it because we are repeating time and time again that you should be working on your own properties. That you may name and while you’re in contract class and when your relationship with the client last, you provide him with he results. Just as any other service provider out there, you hire a CPA or you hire a doctor, you know they will provide you with their service as long as you keep hiring them. I think that’s a good point.

Bradley: So just build your own assets Ed and that’s the best way to go. I mean whether you are ranking other peoples videos or your doing your own lead gen videos, it doesn’t matter because it’s your channel right? You can take other people videos even if they have their own video on their own channel, you can tell him yes sure I can rank that for you. I’m going to rank it on my channel though because my network is such that its been built to that  point to where I’ll be able to rank it very quickly its connected to  video broadcasting network where all that – you want [indistinct] form but my point is that’s what I say “hey, look sure I can rank your video but I’m going to rank it in my channel because my channel is attached to some very strong networks that I built up over the years and that’s going to be what ranks your video.” All you do is take their video download it and upload it to your channel. That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else to it. Its fine you can have the same – excuse me, duplicate content issues with YouTube when you are uploading the same video to different channel. It’s when you try to upload exact same video to the same channel that it causes the issue. It’ll flag it, only one email allows it, YouTube won’t allow it.

You got to make sure though that you have permission from the people that you are doing that. Let me give that a disclaimer. You can’t just take somebody’s video and upload it on your channel because then somebody could report you to YouTube and will terminate your channel. You need to have permission from your client and also if your client had a video production company, create the video you need to make sure that the video production company is giving you permission for you to add as well. Seriously, because believe it or not there are a lot of video production companies that will produce the video for a client or a small business and do own the rights to it. And even though the business paid for it they will allow to use it but the video production company actually owns the right. So pretty much like a photographer would with a lot of their own photos, same thing you just got to make sure that’s clear.

So when you are talking to a business owner, say he find out. Do you have access or do you have rights to re-publish that video wherever you choose? And make sure that they produce a document that says so. A lot of the times there will be like an actual copyright waiver or whatever that they’ll have. If they don’t, you can ask them to get one which means they might have to call the video production company and ask for that. That’s just to protect you. This is a long question, let’s go.

Thoughts on Some Youtube Channels That Were Hit

I see YouTube clamping down in channels lately and many people had told me they have lost channels in the past few weeks for no good reason according to them for no good reason that is, I can’t prove that… just wonder what your thoughts for are on this and is there a good practice that we can do to add to our course, to help avoid this is much to help Google+ does want Google wants pretty much.  Just wonder what you guys think about the latest attack? I’ve only had one channel ever. Not even terminated.

I had one that got a strike about a month ago, six weeks ago now. It’s the first time I’ve ever received the strike and I think it was because of a competitor, was pissed about the so many videos that they –- i honestly I don’t know. I’ve heard of other people, I’ve heard some horror stories about that. All I could say is as long as you’re not being too spammy with your channel, you shouldn’t have any problems, if you do then you can dispute it. It’s not a very fun process but I know that you can dispute it and if you have enough – if you are not doing anything to black cat then you should be able to get it restored as long as you can prove that it wasn’t a spam channel.

Hernan: and just determine on that, Bradley. I think that this comes back to the thing that we were saying about building your own assets because having our YouTube channel, powerful YouTube channel it’s important, it’s an asset but its YouTube. It’s part of YouTube planned, it’s a piece of real estate  that you are renting on YouTube plan and this happens to pretty much everything that you have out and be able try to follow it and have a big Facebook page. And I talked about it but the main point is that you can leverage on the traffic and the views that your channel is getting as long as they are getting it. This is something that we should be also educating our clients about that. They do not own their YouTube channel, its YouTube, it’s a parasite. Have that in mind. If you really want to protect your YouTube channel, make everything as prestige as possible and make everything branded as possible and have some really attraction and the best way to do that is to actually give value to the viewer. That will be my two cents on protecting your own company of having your YouTube channel shut down.

Bradley: another thing is add your YouTube channel to Google Adwords and set-up some video ads even if you are not spending much. Set it up for like a dollar a day because if you are spending money with the ad words guy, they treat you differently. I don’t care if they will admit to it or not, they do. Setting up some YouTube ads or ad words for videos will help to protect your channel too.  Doesn’t give you the free rain or the license to just be completely spammy but it will help.

Hernan: and take the time to back up your stuff if your not saving your videos, there are ways to download videos original quality from your YouTube channel.

Public Recipes for Tier 2 Video Syndication in IFTTT

Bradley: last one, is there any public recipes for Tier 2 videos syndication networks available in a Google shit like the one for Tier 1 accounts? Thanks you. They are all the same, Ed. There’s no difference between Tier 2 and Tier 1 recipes, they are the exact same. There is no difference at all. Remember IFTTT is just a trigger and a nation that’s it. It’s a very linear process if this happens then that happens. The recipes are the same, there’s no difference. Remember your Tier 2 networks are triggered by your blog or your RSS feeds from your Tier 1 blog accounts which would be blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. In Tier 2 you are going to use the RSS two recipes not the videos syndication recipes.

Best Practices in 301 Redirects When You Transfer From One Host to Another

Dan Bartolome says; I need to transfer a website currently hosted elsewhere on a Yola flat form to my name servers so I can re-build the website using WordPress. I realize I need to do a 301 re-direct to maintain current rankings in local areas. And I have a sitemap of the current site for all the pages that are ranking although I am only familiar with doing 301 re-directs from my own properties all on WordPress, is there something you can clarify for me as far as how to do the 301 re-directs in this types situation? Not really following you, Dan.

Hernan: The site built out on Yola but he wants to re-create the site on WordPress and needs to 301 from Yola to self-host it.

Bradley: but if you have domain, you have control over domain and you built that site on WordPress, you are going to have to point the domain to your own hosting account for WordPress anyways and that’s going to do it. There’s no 301 re-direct because it’s the same domain.

Marco: I think what he is saying is transferring I guess from the Yola website back to the new WordPress wherever the WordPress site is going to be hosted.

Bradley: you mean, it might be like a sub-domain in Yola, is that what you mean?

Hernan: If that’s the case then it will depend on Yola good will to do that if they allow you to -–I mean, I am assuming they will allow you to make some changes to the HTML so that you can replicate, you can design your own website, if that’s the case; you can always meet a refresh. Or if you have a script 301 it’s not the best way to do it but you know its better than nothing.  Again, if you have your own domain and you can 301 HD access.

Bradley: again, if you got your own domain pointed to Yola, and you are using a custom domain, like a domain that you purchased and you got your Yola built site but it’s using your own custom domain and then you point that domain to your own server for a standard WordPress installation, then there’s is no 301 redirects needed because all the back links that are already pointed at that domain wont remain pointed to that domain.

Marco: Isn’t been that in our mastermind?

Bradley: I think so. Yes, there’ll be a little bit more advance and we’ve got…

Marco: we might be able to take enough tomorrow or during the mastermind.

Bradley: and by the way, we are going to start the hot seat. Everybody is really looking forward to that. we are going to start doing interviews with mastermind members and basically putting them in hot seat. It’s all voluntary but putting them in the hot seat to analyze their business and find out where they currently is. Where they want to take it? And then we are going to give them advice on how to get there and we are going to start that very soon.

Adam: as well as some interviews with the industry expert which were starting tomorrow.

Bradley: yes, tomorrow.

Adam: That’s right.

Bradley: Ryan Tucker on tomorrow.

Adam: it’s going to be a kidder

Bradley: nope, Brian says, still trying to find an RSS feed and told them to try this.

Hernan: Brian, I also link something to talk to you if you are on but still we went over this last week so if you didn’t catch it, link to the video clip where we answer that.

Bradley: and Brian literally that’s all I did just went to Google and asks them how to create RSS feed from the list of URLs. And if you just go through -– I mean that’s the only thing that I would do is just go through until I found something that work. I test a couple of things until I found something that works.

Tools in Creating Multiple Accounts in IFTTT Networks Using Proxies

Alright, next, what is the best tool for creating multiple IFTTT account, social media account, etc. using proxy manually, Dana? I mean that’s what we do it’s the best way to do it. Unfortunately, there’s a really cool tool that I haven’t play with it much but I did pick it up its called browse SEO or brow SEO I think it called. That is something that will help speed up the process if you are doing this on your own. There’s also another one, what’s it called? Auto film magic it’s a plug in.

Hernan: yes, but its semi-automatic. There are some advance stuff that you can do with [indistinct] I think and then [indistinct] but you need to know how to script and do all of those nasty shit that I don’t know how to do so I’d rather hide in my VA’s. There’s also some stuffs like the form fillers, you can use [indistinct] yes, that’s going to really save your time.

Bradley: yes, you can semi-automate that stuff but I still recommend doing the actual account creations and stuff manually. Even if you are using auto film magic or last pass, roboform. Anything like that which you can create a profile within those last pass. For example you can create user profile and fill out all the details and that it will fill the form very quickly. That is something that you can do but I still recommends that you manually build them. The problem with using automated tools to create the accounts and everything is that they end up getting terminated very quickly. I think there is something in the sites to identify those as being auto created accounts.

Hernan: and if you don’t want to build them to yourself anymore and you don’t want to hire a team, head over to surfs base.

Bradley: yes, go to surfs base and we got our team that builds them, and they will build it quick, and they build them right. That’s it networks that IFTTTSEO.com.

Using The Same Phone Number for Test Channels in Hangout Millionaire

Dan says “is there a problem with having the same phone number being used on test channels? Used for hangout millionaire and then use the same phone number with my money channel.  Yes, I wouldn’t do that, Dan. Depends on what you are using in hangouts millionaire for. You can use it in less than a not so spammy way, but I use it to spam. You know, I got my own lie, I use it to spam for the most part. But for that I would just use a different phone number. Remember you can get a virtual phone number from callfire for [indistinct] or vamber, or phone.com, or anything like that, Trello, anything like that. I would use a secondary phone number that would forward to the first anyways like your original number if it’s going to be a money channel number.

So that you are not to put in a whole bunch of spam videos with the same phone number. That is just my take on it, I don’t want to cause any problems but I wouldn’t want to take the chance.

Best Buck Call Tracking Service

Dana says, question, what is the best bang for your buck call tracking service out there? Looking to sell phone leads, local businesses, wondering if you find one that has unlimited phone numbers where you would just pay for the minutes usage every month? Dana, I am still using callfire just because I got started five years ago using callfire. Actually, originally I started with vamber but it wasn’t – I love vamber, I like the interface even way better but it’s more expensive especially when you start getting dozens of phone numbers. But I use callfire; it’s not the most cost effective I can tell you that. I think Trello is a lot cheaper.

Hernan: yes, it depends on what you are doing. That’s is something that you should pass on to the customer

Bradley: unless you are doing lead gen. it’s your expense but you just make it up and leads that you saw. I don’t know, I think Trello is probably one of the better routes to go, maybe some others here we can post on some other suggestions…

Hernan: I think Dan had one of A.C.T.

Bradley: yes, but A.C.T. and analytic call tracking doesn’t that use Trello as its background though?

Hernan: I do not know

Bradley: I guess it does because isn’t that [indistinct] thing I think it is.

Hernan: yes

Bradley: yes it uses Trello as the actual number provider, phone number provider. That is probably the cheaper route to go. I have that by the way I just never use it because I never took the time to set it up. I’ve got all my shit through callfire.

Marco: There is also something called [indistinct] or something like that. They had the full tracking and they also had a couple SEO features but I’m not sure if it still exists.

Number of Links Before It Becomes Visible

Bradley: Yes, Kevin says sorry I have another question or did I have just missed one yet? First one, I found a great website that is in the business niche but in a different sub niche than my business money site and the site I found has a lot of blog articles with trust flow over 20 that I can comment on. How many times can I post link to my IFTTT social media and PVN’s from all this juicy blog articles before it becomes a big foot print? If it’s from the same domain, in other words if you are going to post multiple comments on the same domain, the same blog essentially, then I would say I typically don’t like to get more than five links from the same domain, just personally because I think after five Google accounts and there is one anyways. That will be my threshold, Kevin. There will be no more than five comment article, comment links from the same domain – hold on, Hernan, just one more second.

Let me clear a fire that though because from an SEO stand point that’s what I am saying. But from a traffic driving stand point, its fine to post as many as you want because if you are posting comments and a thread that’s going to drive traffic back to you, then forget about the SEO, people could click that link and come back to your site because it makes sense and you can do it as many times as you want. For example, [indistinct] search engine journal or something like that. those where all big sites that there’s times where we can post comments that I’m not going to just stop at five on moss because it’s no more SEO value. I want those comment link to potentially drive traffic back to me so I could post hundred of comments over the course of time, is that makes sense?

Hernan: yes, and sometimes you get all this long conversations in the comment and you cannot, you need to go further than just five. Just because to keep the conversation in the comment, the discussion that happens in the comment is really important and it can bring you a ton of profit, so yes.

Bradley: that’s my point. I’m just saying from a strictly SEO stand point I think its [indistinct] is the number it all accounts as basically one anyways so it doesn’t really matter. But from a traffic standpoint, if it makes sense then yes absolutely keep posting comments. Blog comments work, they work for SEO as well as also for driving traffic. They are still valuable. Just don’t use like, don’t create your name as the keyword when you are filling. Use your actual real name or the personas name for that site or whatever. Try to make it look real words, it’s going to get moderated out anyways.

Hernan: what’s Marco commenting on the [?] Neil Poteils blog and we have a bunch of peripherals from them?

Bradley: yes.

Hernan: to the post that [?] Neil Poteils did. They have a bunch of traffic, thanks to Marco.

Building Links to RSS Feeds

Bradley: we have another good question. Using the same site in my previous question instead of building links to IFTTT property its going to build this same juicy trust for links to my RSS feed link to my trust flow down to feed, can I use that same type site to build ten links five to RSS feed, and five to different IFTTT properties. In that case, then yes. Remember, if you are going to be building the actual link to an IFTTT property, my question is, if you are going to be naming a blog comment on a site, guess if it’s not a hundred not relevant enough, I wouldn’t point it directly to my money site. Typically, I point blog comment links directly when I’m taking the time to put an actual value added comment to the thread then I always point it back to my site. Directly to the money site. If you are doing more of a spammy type thing then yes I’m going to point your IFTTT properties.

Pointing links to your RSS feed they will probably get moderated out so I don’t recommend that. I’m not saying it wouldn’t work but there’s a chance that it will get moderated out if somebody clicks on and goes into a feed page instead of an actual site. Although you can tests it, Kevin, try it. It’s not going to hurt anything, man. Give it a shot.

Tier 1, 2, 3 Explained

Dana, we are almost out of time guys. So we are going to roll through a few more. Can I explain a little bit more in depth on what the fines the site in Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. While your money sites ground zero, Dana, Tier 1 would be anything point linking to your money site. Tier 2 would be anything linking to Tier 1. Tier 3 would be anything linking to Tier 2, very simple right?  Ground zero’s your money site anything linking directly to your money site is a Tier 1 property, anything linking to your Tier 1 property is Tier 2 and on down the line it goes.

Creating Link Network for Each Keyword

Max says, if you want to rank for multiple keywords, should you create a link network for each keywords? For instance one of my client is a car dealership, so what I want to build a network for each keyword such as Edmonton Toyota Corolla or Edmonton Toyota Camry, no, Matt. That’s way too much work, body. You don’t need to do that. Build a network around Edmonton Toyota and then you could post to that same network for every single make a model or every single model within Toyota or better yet how about Edmonton used cars or Edmonton cars or something like that and then you could post from various makers as well as not just Toyota. Guys don’t overthink it, remember we as SEO is always want to complicate it. Try to keep it simple if you can. I mean there’s a time and place where it ahs to be complicated but try not make it complicated right out of the gate because it makes it too difficult to scale.

Web Platform for Training Courses

Bill Thomas, what platform do you use for your training?  We use value ad on, that is what we’ve been using for most of our training courses.

The membership areas are value ad on which is a good service.

WP Tweet Machine

Robert says do you have a chance to re-visit WP tweet machine? I wish I did, Robert. But with thanksgiving last week now I’m underwater trying to get caught up for not working for five days because of thanksgiving so I don’t know when im going to get to that Robert. I didn’t pick it up as I often do shiny objects and it mixed it on my hard drive and collect digital dust for the next two years before I decided to delete it so I don’t know that all human get to it but I didn’t pick it up.

Alright, would you just a couple of more Bill – we do Hangouts for this but we do for membership areas like for the premium content that’s all inside the value ad on but for everything else Google+, I love Google+ although I am not really keen on the new interface but I’m a serious advocate for Google+ and all its happens.

Syndicating Money Site to Branded Tier 1 Network

Would it be wise to syndicate pages to the money site to the branded Tier 1 network as well? that’s what we do. Well, okay pages I’m sorry. Now I don’t typically do that, you can but I don’t usually do that. I usually do is wait until the site is built right the pages are more static. So I usually build the site first and then with the pages or anything, if you got ad pages that’s fine. But I use the blog for syndication.

You can do it though however, if you use a plug in like RSS pages or RSS includes pages or something like that, there are plug-ins that will do that. you just have to be careful because you got to set up filters and stuff or syndicate like –- remember also guys when you add an RSS feed  to IFTTT it will not syndicate existing content. It will only syndicate new content so if you are doing it right off the back like you are starting a brand new website and you want to include pages, then we use a plug in that includes pages just so you got to be careful because remember privacy policy, terms and service, contact, about us, those types of pages will get added into the feed too unless you set up particular filter and some plug ins will have the functionality in some and not. What I typically do is build the site first and then I will add if im going to add additional pages that I want to syndicate, then I’ll do that at that point. What is that spam reading or something? I can’t figure out what that is. Alright we will do one more and we are done because we got to run. Hi, Adam. If you got -– did you answer this, Adam?

Adam: no, let’s see which one is this. No we did not

Linking Accounts in IFTTT Networks

Bradley: okay if you guys had time I had this question that I forgot. I ordered a full 2 Tier IFTTT video syndication from you guys and have three of my own, three persona rings I’ve built and are completed, we built three. That’s pretty good; Ed. Is it best to attached them to the brand new primary YouTube channel from the network you guys built for me as another Tier 1 network or add the three rings as other share through network? Still a bit confused on how to attach this accounts I built. Thanks. You can attached it in Tier 1, I found it, usually what I do is I build the Tier 1 and then there’s the 3 Tiered two’s and that’s how I start and when I go to stack another set of networks and I stock another full two Tiered network. So ill have one ring that will be a Tier 1 and then there will be an additional 3 Tier twos.

For example, Ed, what I would suggest doing, you could attached all three single rings to as additional to your one ring so that will give you a total of, if you have one full two Tiered network and you attached three additional to your one ring I will give you a total of four tier one rings attached directly to that YouTube channel and then three tiered two rings that are attached to your or connected to you Tier 1, your branded Tier 1. And I know that’s probably got everyone’s head spinning. But what I typically do is do additional full two Tier networks each time I want to continue building on top of the YouTube channel. Ed, in your case if you had one more additional ring, you could do that, you could have two Tier 1’s and six Tier 2’s. Is that makes sense? Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, if it doesn’t then there’s always next week. Okay, guys, that was a good one. A lot of questions, we appreciate it. Master class starts in about 15 minutes so we will see you all next. Thanks guys

Hernan: Goodbye, everyone.

Adam: Goodbye.