Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 82

By April


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Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, today is the first of June. Lovely first day of June, here for me. Hopefully for you guys, too. This is episode eighty-two, and we've got almost everybody with us. I think, Chris must of had something come up, but how is it going Hernan?

Hernan: Hey, everyone. It's really good to be here.

Adam: Hey, Marco. What's up?

Marco: Hey, everybody. What's up? Warm and rainy in Costa Rica, man. Raining again, every afternoon.

Adam: Hey, Bradley. What's up?

Bradley: Hey, man. Glad to be here.

Adam: Good deal. We've got a few short announcements. We're going to have a great webinar for you guys. I am going to drop the link in here, shortly. SEO on the semantic web, that's Monday, June, 6th. I'll let Marco talk about that real quick, here. We'll audit fill them in on why they should be showing up?

Marco: If they want to rank, they'll show up. If they don't then, don't.

Adam: Enough said.

Bradley: Before, everybody asks, there is probably not going to be a replay, guys. Try to make it if you can. It's three pm, June 6th. Monday, June, 6th.

Marco: All seriousness, I am giving a bunch of stuff away, that other people won't touch, that other people either don't know about, or don't want to share. I'm just, going, I hate, you know how I hate these marketers that peddle garbage. I hate them. I hate them when it's not tested, when they don't bid it out, and they don't go and see whether the crap that they are pushing works. They just push it because they have a need. Not necessarily because it works.

We're the opposite. We test everything. We actually figure out whether we can break it before we even make it, then we give it to our people to test. Then, once we've done that, we make it public. I just hate the way it's being done. I just hate the way that people are being made to spend money on stuff that doesn't work, and so I'm just giving stuff away, I'm going to tell you how to rank, and if you want to know. Come join me. If you don't. It's okay. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Adam: Nice. All right. By all means we'll post it again, later, but you guys click on it, sign up, that's Monday, so coming up pretty soon. Also, tomorrow MasterMind members are going to be talking with Lisa Allen. We are going to be talking to her about [inaudible 00:02:23]. Which is just now rolling out, and our MasterMind members are going to get kind of a first chance to get a special deal on that.

She's going to be talking about cocitations, and some other really cool stuff she is doing with RSS feeds. We've talked to her, and we are going to be able to share some of that information with everybody, but, that's going to be a little bit later, than MasterMind members. Without anything else, or anybody else have anything, before we get started?

Bradley: That's it, man.

Adam: All right. Let's do it.

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Bradley: All right. Yeah. I think, probably within two weeks we'll have a replay out for the Lisa Allen stuff, once we edit it, and get it prepared. If you are not in the MasterMind, you still will probably get a chance to see it. Let me go ahead and grab the screen, and lock it on me, and we'll get right into questions. Looks like we've got a bunch of questions, already. Let's not waste any time. All right.

Should You 301 Blue Chip Backlinks Domains To The Money Site?

First question, “Hi, Bradley. Can you tell me, please I am going to purchase some PBN domains from Blue Chip Backlinks should I use these domains to 301 redirects to my money site? Because, I think that when using 301 Redirects my PA and DA money site will increase more faster, or I need to I guess, do I need to 301 Redirect to my IFTTT network, or rebuild them and add backlinks to the money site.

For the first question. I don't like to do a bunch of 301 redirects direct to my money site. I might to a couple of them. It depends on what the overall backlink profile is, but if you only have a handful of links, already, or if that's all you have already, then I wouldn't do a whole bunch of 301 redirects. Typically, I will do, I don't have a rule of thumb, I just look at the overall backlink profile and try to sneak a few 301 redirects into it, if possible. I just think it looks unnatural.

Especially, if you do several of them in a short period of time. Instead, what i like to do is either build up the domain that I purchased, just using archive.org content, which makes it incredibly simple, and fast to set up. Then, put a backlink to the site that way. Then, if you want to do additional domains that you have, that have good metrics, or topically relevant that kind of thing, then you can 301 redirect those domains to the buffer site that you just set up.

Instead of pointing a whole bunch of 301's directly to your money site, you're pointing them to a buffer site, that you've rebuilt on one of those domains that you purchased, or you can use an IFTTT property, or any other tier one link, really, that has a DoFollow link back to your money site. You could 301 redirect those domains that you purchased directly to them. That's the quickest and easiest way to do it. Obviously, if you want to get more IP diversity, and domain diversity pointing directly to your money site, which there is a case for that, as well.

Then, I would say go ahead and rebuild the old domains. The domains that you purchase, rebuild them with the content that you can pull right out of Blue Chip Backlinks from archive.org, and put a link on it. That's the best way to go, but if you're looking for speed, and trying to get shit done quick, then just rebuild one of them, or find a good tier one link, already, that has a DoFollow link pointing on your money site, and just 301 redirect to that.

Hernan: To add to what you are saying, Bradley, I think, it will strongly depend on what also you can find on Blue Chip Backlinks backlinks. Because at some point, for example, you can find those domains that they have like one or two backlinks, really, really powerful backlinks, I know those cases, like for one or two backlinks, I don't know if it makes sense to actually mount those domains as a PBN, you will be better off to like 301 it.

As you were saying to an IFTTT network, or something like that, but then again, you can find really, really good expired domains with good metrics and those will definitely work fine as a PBN. You know? It's a matter of, I think, making the call when it comes to actually mounting it, or 301 it. I would still do what you were saying as to keep the 301 as slow as possible, or the 301 into a tier one property, or something like that. You will find with Blue Chip Backlinks some really, really good domains with a couple powerful links, but also, branded links, and a good history. Those can definitely be a PBN, at some point.

Do You Build GSA Links To An IFTTT Network Pointing To A Money Site?

Bradley: Yeah. Next question. I have created IFTTT networks from my money site, now can I build GSA links to the properties on this network? I'm considering buying FCS networker, but many people said FCS networker does not work effectively, now, because it has the low success rate for creating the accounts in submitting. I have purchased the packages in certain space to power up an IFTTT networks, but I want to try to do it myself. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you?

I'm not the spam too guy. I'm going to defer to Hernan, but yeah, if you know how to use GSA, and you're good with it, and you're skilled with it, then yeah, you could build links directly to your IFTTT properties, but you just want to keep the targets that you are scraping, you want to keep them clean, and try to keep higher quality properties for your first tiered links, your first set of links to your tier one properties.

In other words, you don't want to just spam the shit out of your tier one properties. Which would be your branded IFTTT network. If FCS, I don't know about the FCS networker being a low success rate. That may be the case, I don't run any of the spam tools, so I don't know that, but if that is the case, either find another tool that is comparable to FCS networker, that may be working better at the moment, or learn how to use a GSA, but use it properly, which a lot of people just don't know how to do. There's a really steep learning curve. What do you think, Hernan?

Hernan: Yeah. I think you nailed it, Bradley. Because the way we are doing it is that we have [inaudible 00:08:36] and we have these huge, huge lists that we filter a lot, so we end up sending just a handful of backlinks. That's the thing, when you are powering up your tier ones, and even further, your IFTTT properties you need to tread lightly because those are branded properties, and you want to treat them as extensions of your money sites, even though they in high [inaudible 00:09:03] backlinks they will extend the pounding of many backlinks. You want to send just a handful of links. That's why we we were using a FCS networker, you do not need a ton of backlinks, you just need a handful, like ten, twenty, maybe fifty backlinks, per property, or something like that.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: You can also use something like [inaudible 00:09:25], TurboWeb 2.0 that way you are buffering your links, and then you can go to town hammering those backlinks, but the main thing here is that you protect, and you try not to burn out your IFTTT networks, or any tier one networks for that matter.

Bradley: Yeah. I know our link building guy, he uses FCS, but he also uses [inaudible 00:09:47], TurboWeb 2.0, he uses a bunch of those tools, the ones that are using more social media type properties, like Web 2 properties as the first layer, so that's what we'll build a layer of those to the IFTTT network. Essentially, they are tier one links to the IFTTT network, but to the money site they're tier to links. Then, we go one layer behind that, and that's where he'll spam with GSA.

Hernan: Yeah.

What Is The Current State of Video SEO In Terms Of Local Optimization?

Bradley: All right. Next question. Let's see. “Hey, Bradley. What do you think the current state of video SEO, on a local game is not having a ton of success getting my videos to rank on the front page, when I am going head to head against a server that has a map pack. I am just not trying hard enough?” No. That is not the case, Elliot, it just depends on the keyword phrase. Most the time, if you are having, I'm trying to think if I can pull up some examples here. Let me just do this. You guys are seeing my full-screen. Right?

Adam: Yeah.

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Bradley: If we go to Google, and we search, I don't know let's just look for, this is going to be pretty. All right. One of the things that I have noticed, and this isn't the case, but I found that this is an indication on whether or not a video will rank easy. Again, this is not a definitive, it's not set in stone, or a hard and fast rule. Okay? If you search a keyword, and you see the videos vertical search tab, showing in the menu, up here, it typically means that you'll have, it's easier to rank a video, or more likely that you'll get a video on page one, doesn't again, it is not always the case.

What I found is if you don't see videos up here in the search menu, and it's in the more drop down, so it's in the supplemental menu, over here, that it's more difficult to rank a video. Again, it doesn't mean that, that's the case all the time. Because I've proven it wrong both ways. In other words, I've been able to rank a video when video was in the supplemental menu. I've also ranked videos when it's been over here. As far as the map pack the same thing. A lot of the times when you see a maps pack that means that sometimes it's more difficult to rank a video, but it's not always the case, because I've actually had videos that ranked above the maps pack, not so sure about that, now, because the maps pack is different than what it use to be, like when it was like a seven pack. I can still rank videos when there's maps packs. It just depends on the keyword. All right.

What I would suggest, is that it's certainly not the video SEO isn't working, it may not be working as well as it was, but I'm still ranking videos for clients all the time. I don't think that it's you're not trying hard enough, but maybe your networks aren't strong enough, or maybe you need to do some more supplemental stuff other than just using your IFTTT networks, because obviously they're not the magic bullet. Sometimes you need to do more than just syndicate to an IFTTT network to get a video to rank, but there's a lot of tricks that you can do, advance video SEO tricks, we've talked about many of them here that can help you to rank a video.

I don't think it's whether or not that you are trying hard enough, but it may just be that you need some additional push, my thought is always, when it comes to video SEO is I'm always looking for keyword combinations for whatever niche I'm trying to rank for that I can rank with a lot easier. Going after something as broad as like plumber Dallas that would be very, very difficult to rank for. I can tell you that. That's probably why there's not a video on page one for that. However, if you were to find something like emergency plumber Dallas, or twenty-four hour plummer, or plumbing repair, or facet repair, or water heater service and repair, or something like, a lot more specific and long tail that's going to be generally easier to rank as well.

I'm sure you know that, but that's why whenever I'm doing video SEO for a client, I always test several keywords first, and I'll just run something like Hangout Millionaire or Buddy VIP, and now Peter Drew's got a new one out called, Youtube Pokerbot, which I actually just picked up. I haven't tested it yet, but it will poke keywords, as well. I'll run a test on a handful of keywords, six, eight, ten keywords to try to find the sweet spot. The ones that will rank with little to no additional work, then that's when I'll go back to the client and say, “Okay. Here's the keywords that I can rank them for. Will any of these work for you? If not, then we just won't do it.” Because I don't like to commit to a client for a video SEO job for a keyword that I have very little chance of ranking.

That's why like I said, when I go to give a quote to a potential client, I'll find out what they want to rank for, and I'll do a test across several different keywords, and I'll figure out which ones are going to be the easiest to rank, and then I'll got back to them and say, “Here's what I can do for you. I cannot rank you for this main keyword, here, but I can rank you for these three longer tail keywords that should give you some pretty good traffic, and I'll do all three of these for the same price as this one, main keyword. The broader keyword.” Or, something like that.

Think about it guys, if you can rank a few keywords, like say, three, four keywords for a potential client, the longer tail, but with little to no additional work other than just optimizing the video, and live streaming it, or uploading it to your channel, and still collect a monthly check. What difference does it make? Some people say, “Well, if you are charging a hundred and fifty dollars a month to rank a video for a client, you mean to tell me you'll rank three videos for them for the same price, a hundred and fifty?” Yeah. Because am I going to go into a dog fight to rank a very broad keyword and spend a ton of time doing additional off page SEO stuff to rank the video, or should I go after three long tail keywords that will rank with little to no additional work, whatsoever, and still collect the same amount of money. Does that make sense?

I mean, that's my point, is typically if you are having difficulty, you are probably going with keywords that are a bit too broad, and so that's why I'll give a package deal on lower, on longer tail key words, for the same price, so that I can just get the job done, and start collecting money.

Marco: When you need that extra thump Video Powerhouse.

Bradley: Yeah. There's that, and I mean, there's a lot of things you can do. We just did a whole entire training on CrowdSearch, two weeks ago, we did an update on how to use CrowdSearch for SEO and video SEO, and stuff like that, and that's something else that you can add to your arsenal. Adam, if you want to drop the link to the replay that we did, we did a whole entire webinar about that just two weeks ago. That's another thing that you could do. I mean, there's a lot more than just that, by the way.

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How To Build GPlus Page While Keeping An Original YouTube Channel?

Paul says, “Hi, Bradley, Marco, Adam, and Hernan, and Chris. I picked up a client that wants a branded network built for his business, he already has a G plus profile with a youtube channel with four hundred and eighty-eight videos in it, but doesn't have a G plus page. My question is how do we build a G plus page and keep the original channel as part of the network?” It's simple to do. You just go create a new Google Plus page, and you associate the channel with the page. All right? We have talked about this before, but I'll walk through this, Adam, this might be a good note too, we could make this an FAQ on our support site. If you want to make a note of that.

Let's walk through this guys, let me, first of all, we'll go over here and we'll select a channel. Let's just find one, I've got a ton of channels in here, a lot of them I don't even use. Let's just find one. Let's just go with this one. All right. This is a channel that I set up for legion stuff. I don't think I ever ended up using it. You can see that, yeah, I guess there is a couple things in here, but anyways, if this channel didn't have a page, or even if it did have a page, it doesn't matter, all you need to do is take the existing channel.

Say this is the existing channel that has four hundred and eighty-eight videos on it, that you are talking about, be logged into, as that channel, and go over here and hit the settings button. The settings icon. The gear icon. You'll see where it says advanced, and you can see where it says, move channel to your Google account, or different Google Plus page, right there. That's it. All you got to do is you just got to make sure that you can move your channel, essentially what this does is it allows you to assign a channel to a different Google Plus page, or to a Google Plus page for the first time, if it had never been assigned one.

You guys know now, when you create a new channel, it automatically assigns a Google Plus page, a corresponding Google Plus page, however if you have a legacy YouTube account which is an older before it was integrated with Google Plus, you should still be able to click on the settings, go to advanced options, and you should still see this new channel to your Google account, or different Google Plus page, and this is where you would assign it to a new page. You create the page, if you hired us to create your IFTTT accounts, or even if you did it, it doesn't matter, you create the new Google Plus page when you are setting up all your new profiles, or all your new accounts for your IFTTT network, and then just go do what I just said, logged in as that channel, the old channel that you want to associate with the new page. Okay?

How To Syndicate YouTube Video And Blog Post In One IFTTT Network?

You said last week and a hundred other times, build separate networks for blog syndication, and video syndication network, my client posts two videos and two blog posts per month. Question two, is how do I syndicate both videos and blog posts at the same time, with one network? Or, do I have to build two networks? No. Whenever I answer this question, I always say the same thing, too. That is if you are going to be syndicating the same network, you certainly can, just make sure that when you do those two videos, per month, if you're going to go, a lot of times what people will do is they will take their videos from their channel, they'll upload their live stream videos to their channel.

Then, they'll go over to their blog, and they'll create a post that is nothing other than just the video, like they'll use the same title of the video, as the post title, and then, they'll just embed the video, and sometimes the YouTube description or whatever, so that they now have a blog post on their blog that also gets syndicated, but it's to the IFTTT network. It ends up looking like duplicate posts, because your blogger blog, for example, will have syndicated the YouTube video, with the exact match title, and just the video, and whatever is in the description area, based on your recipes, then the blog will syndicate to blogger.com, as well. It will be the same thing.

My point is, is it's okay if you want to syndicate both your YouTube channel, and your blog to the same network, just make sure that your blog posts are unique titles, and that's it. If you want to upload videos, or live stream videos to your channel, they're going to syndicate out as is, from your YouTube channel. When you create blog posts, just make sure that they're unique. They're not the exact same duplicate as the YouTube. You could embed the same video, that's fine, but just make sure that the post itself, is unique, so that it is not looking like duplicate posts on your IFTTT network properties. Okay?

Success testimonial. I did what Marco said with the Twitter iframes last week, I kept doing it, at the beginning of the week my clients map was nowhere to be seen, and his website is not on the first five pages on Friday, I slammed his map all the way to number one, in the map pack. I just plus one it. Everyone go plus one, Paul [inaudible 00:21:46] post and his website is still not on the first page, totally awesome cannot wait for Monday's webinar. Okay. What he is saying is that as far as the organic listing that hasn't shown up at page one, but he was able to hammer his maps listing to number one in the three pack, guys, and that's exactly what we've been showing how to do inside RYS Academy for the last several months.

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Hernan: Is that webinar for free, or can we charge two hundred, three hundred bucks to access?

Bradley: For which one? The RYS webinar?

Hernan: Yeah. The RYS, that Marco gave away …

Bradley: The one we are doing on Monday, you mean?

Hernan: Yeah. Can we still charge?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:22:26].

Adam: People are charging seven K, ten K, fifteen K for this. Congratulations you took action. That's all you have to [inaudible 00:22:39].

Bradley: That's right. Stop consuming stuff, and consuming information, and just take action. Right? I just want to show my gratitude to all of you guys, you made it possible to improve my business success with all my clients. Thanks. You're welcome, Paul. Thank you, for your testimonial, that's awesome, dude.

Would You 301 Redirect Instead of Overlaying A Ranking Page To A Customer's Site?

Robert says, “Building out a master domain site, and goal is to rank for cities over one hundred K in population, a rank and rent site with overlay should work in this niche, since it involves inventory posting and is in the auto niche.” Okay. “You mention that using the overlay method could have adverse effects if Google does a review.” That's correct. “Would it be better to, than just redirect each, keyword plus city ranking page in the search to the customer site? Or, will this hurt my site, since there is no time on site, and would Google,” no, that won't work. Because if you rank your site and then you 301 redirect the page to the clients page, that doesn't mean that the clients site is going to rank.

That's not how that works, because if you rank the pages on your site, and then you 301 redirect a page or post to a clients site, then their site has to be optimized, it would have to be basically the same content as the page that you have ranked, already, or else it may not have any effect at all. You know what I mean? Otherwise, it's like a backlink, and if you're doing, well, I don't know how your building that, I don't know if you are using [inaudible 00:24:05], or what, it really doesn't matter.

My point is, is that unless the client site you have control over the on page of the clients site, which in this case, I don't think you'd want to do, then redirecting isn't going to do much. It would just be acting as a backlink at that point, to that site. My point is, what I do with these guys is with these types of sites, if I was going to be building out, like manually, a site, then I would not do an overlay.

I would, maybe, use some sort of custom theme, or a plugin, something like [inaudible 00:24:44] content builder plugin, or maybe use [inaudible 00:24:48], or something like that, or OptimizePress, you could use that, and create different landing pages for the clients whenever you got it rented out. Where you could swap out, what I would do, is probably templatize the page, like banners, or graph, a place for the customers logo, a called action with their phone number, their contact information, or whatever, and that's how I would rent it out, but that way I would have control over the page.

The problem with using any overlay, guys, is that it's okay if you are doing, like, turn and burn type sites, like what I do with the ATM, the Lead Gadget ATM, I build a twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five sites targeting, essentially one keyword, one keyword plus city. Then, whatever ends up ranking, I'll use the WP overlay, but all I'm using, or the overlay plug in, which will iframe another page onto of the page that is actually ranking, but what I'll use is, I'll use, first of all the underlying site is a turn and burn. I never expect those sites to last for long. Some of them have been last, been up for years, but I don't expect them to last for long.

Number two, the overlay site, the one I'm laying on top of it is always a landing page that I have created on a throwaway, or a non-indexed domain. A domain that I set to no index. Because I don't want Google penalizing a money site, so I would never overlay a money site directly on top of one of those sites. Because, by the way, you can get a penalty on both the overlay site, and the underlying site, for cloaking. That's why I wouldn't do it. If I were you, if you're building this out manually, I don't know, because you didn't specify whether you are doing this with a mass page generator, or if you are doing it manually, but if you were doing it manually, I would create some sort of page template that could swap out logos, and contact details, very easily, and build it out that way. That way it would pass a manual review, and all you would have to do is swap out the contact details for whoever the client is that's renting the page from you. The 301 route isn't going to help you, though.

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Marco: No. If going with the 301 route, if he combs the page that's ranking and 301s it, it should, it will dance, but the ranking should go.

Bradley: Yeah. But, he'd have to clone that page, and put that on the client domain.

Marco: Right.

Bradley: That's what I am saying, and I'm not sure that he's going to have access to that, because remember with the rank and rent method a lot of the times you don't want to even touch the clients site.

Marco: Right.

Bradley: You know? That's how I would do it. If you are using, again, if you are using a mass page generator, just create landing page on a sub-domain, that's all you do. Buy and X, Y, Z, domain for example, for under a dollar, and set up all your landing pages on that one domain, and just use that, and set it to no index when you create the site. Use those landing pages that you create there as the overlay. All right.

Should You Post Old Content To The IFTTT Network Using OnlyWire?

[inaudible 00:27:55] says, “Hi. I have another question about how to syndicate my old content on my website. I posted them one year ago, and I just purchased IFTTT networks, should I post over my old content to IFTTT network via OnlyWire?” I didn't know you could even do that. I'm not sure how that works. “Then, collect RSS feed for RSS submission. I could schedule two posts per day, and after one month, all my content will be syndicated in my network. How do you think about this?” I didn't know you could syndicate to IFTTT, via OnlyWire. I didn't even know you could do that. I'm not sure how that works. Let's see.

Hernan: He can use the plugin. [inaudible 00:28:35] plug in.

Bradley: I don't know that the free version has that ability.

Hernan: Oh. Okay.

Bradley: I think the premium version does, but you have to be a MasterMind member for that. Did we ever find a solution for that? Outside of our plug in that's for MasterMind members? Did we find anything that will republish or bring old posts back into the feed, so that they can re-syndicate?

Hernan: Backlink Commando will do it?

Bradley: No. Backlink Commando is not supported, anymore. They don't even sell it anymore.

Hernan: Okay. Yeah. Because I think there was a plugin, it's called, PinkFresh [inaudible 00:29:18], I think it was, from [inaudible 00:29:19], as well. We'll need to dig it up, but yeah, last thing we used was Backlink Commando for the …

Bradley: Yeah. But, they stopped supporting that, a few months ago.

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Marco: There is actually a plug in called, Republish Old Posts.

Bradley: Okay. There you go, Republish Old Posts, that's what I would do. I would just connect your blogs RSS feed to your IFTTT network, and if either join the MasterMind and get our plugin, or find another option, like Republish Old Post plugin, which will bring it back into the feed, so that it can be syndicated, again. Okay? The alternative option, by the way, just so you guys know, we have in the past, when I've had issues with this before our plugin, before we had that functionality built in to it, was I would take like a blogger blog, or something, and connect that to my branded IFTTT network, and then manually just post the content from my blog to the blogger blog. One at a time, and then that would syndicate to the rest of the network. That's another way to do it, but if you could figure out a way to avoid that, it's even better.

How To Rank HVAC Client Who Do Not Have Google Reviews?

Okay. Happy video man. Nate Gilbert. Okay. Cool. He says, “Hi, Bradley. My question is how do you get around HVAC client who has no Google reviews, and does not want to bother with it, is there a way to still rank him in the three pack?” Yeah. You don't need reviews to ranking three pack, it helps, especially if you, if there is a correlation between having reviews in ranking, not spam reviews, though. I mean, those can be pretty obvious. There's a lot of that spam going on in the map still, right now, and they're still working, it's still working well. What I would suggest, you don't need Google reviews to rank unless you're in an in particular search term that is pretty review heavy, in which case you are going to want them, anyways.

Adam: Paul [inaudible 00:31:19] just said, “What you need to rank in the three pack,” didn't he? The previous testimonial.

Bradley: Yeah. That is what I am saying you don't need reviews to rank in the three pack. There's things you can do, like what we do with our RSY Academy, shit, I just took a brand new listing in under three days and put it in the maps pack that has zero reviews. It's a brand new listing. Again, you don't need it, if the client, look, the thing is, if you have a client who says he doesn't want to bother with it, I get that, it's kind of a pain in the ass, the only way, a lot of the times, when I've had clients, when I've tried to get them to be proactive with review campaigns, unless I set everything up for them.

Like, the whole campaign, the outreach of existing clients, asking for it, all that kind of stuff, then, they never end up following through with it, anyways, so to me it's like, you know, you just got to have a discussion with them and say, “Look. Do you want more leads, for your business? If you do, then this is something that you're going to have to do.” That's all I want to say is the thing is sometimes clients won't do what they need to even though it's in their best interest to do so, and that's in part why they hire people like us, but sometimes they won't even listen to our advice even though they are paying us to advise them. You know what I mean?

It is what it is. You just got to try to get them there some other way, if that's the case. I would make sure that they know, especially if they're competing against other contractors, that are receiving reviews. You need to explain to them that it's not only going to help with their search positioning, which will get them more leads, if even if they were to show up in the three pack, and the other two listings in the three pack have a dozen, twenty plus, whatever reviews, and this one company has no reviews, most likely most people aren't going to call the one that has no reviews, they're going to call the ones that already have some social proof. You need both. You need to have both reviews, and rank in the three pack. If you are competing with others that have reviews, is what I am saying.

What Is The Best Mass Page Builder?

Ray says, “Which is the best mass page builder?” My opinion, hands down, no question Lead Gadget THE ATM. That's in my opinion hands down the best, and it's because I know, I've been with them for a year and a half, and I know that my partner, Marco has been working on it, doing a bunch of coding updates and I know it's better than anything else out there.

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Marco: Yeah. My answer is biased, of course because I'm involved in the coding. Besides, the others if you are doing a plugin, you cannot compare. You cannot compare a plugin …

Bradley: Apples to oranges.

Marco: Yeah. Something that's cloud based, it's totally different. The functionality that we are getting in to Lead Gadget is going to take it so far ahead of anything else. It's ridiculous to even compare.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:34:21].

Bradley: I got two VAs that I trained that are building sites for me, now. That are building, each BA builds about fifteen sites, per day. Those are fifteen, thirty thousand page, or post sites. Think about that guys. That's each one of them are building fifteen sites, per day, and that includes the fully, like starting from scratch, picking up a domain, building out the site, deploying it thirty thousand posts, and then going back in and doing a clean up, they're doing roughly, each of them are doing about fifteen sites, per day, five days a week. Each of them are outputting about seventy-five nationwide sites, per week. That's insane.

Hernan: I was about to say that I have some marching experience with MPC, Mass Page Creator, it's good if you are doing, at some point we were doing three million pages, or something like that, but the [inaudible 00:35:22] is that the learning curve is super steep, because it's all HDML, [inaudible 00:35:30], I would still go with Lead Gadget, potentially [inaudible 00:35:34], because MPC is really good when you're trying to create a ton of HDML pages, but that's the thing with it, it's super steep to learn.

Bradley: Yeah. What I like about using the HTM, is you get the, it's WordPress, so once the sites are deployed, you can have plugins, and do all kinds of cool shit with it, number one, you can change stuff, and add stuff if you need to. With the HDML sites it's a bit more difficult to do that kind of thing. Also, with [inaudible 00:36:04], look, there's plugins, like [inaudible 00:36:05] is a great plugin, I get that, that's fine, it depends on what your scale is.

Adam: That was exactly what I was going to say, actually, and just say that there isn't that maybe one is always a clear cut, that there is use cases that I think, define these.

Bradley: Right. That is what I am saying, if you're going to be doing a lot of these in mass, then the ATM, in my opinion is better in my opinion, because it's a site builder, it's not just a plugin. You don't have to already have WordPress installed, and build out pages either on a local server, or whatever. This is like, it's all done in the cloud, you press the deploy button, and it goes out, and adds the domain to the server, and deploys the site, builds the database, all of that. That's really cool. All your building is done inside just a cloud based app, and it works really, really well.

Are Over-Optimized Site Affect Map Rankings And Organic Rankings?

Ryan says, “Can having an over optimized site effect map rankings, or just organic rankings?” It's a good question. I would think it could effect both, but I'm not a hundred percent sure on that, because typically, I rank for local legion sites, I try to rank in the maps, and I don't even care about organic rankings. I just optimize my sites like I typically do, and as soon as I rank in maps I quit working on them. Honestly, I'm not a hundred percent sure. The algorithm between the local, and organic is closer now, is more similar than it ever has been. I would say that there is probably a correlation between that, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. Do any of you know for sure?

Adam: No.

Hernan: No. Not for sure.

Bradley: We get away with some crazy stuff with maps, right now, based on what we are doing. That has very little to do with on page on the site, other than just the scheme of .org connection with the same attributes and the structure data on the site itself. Again, I haven't definitively proven one way or the other Ryan, so unfortunately I cannot give you a definitive answer. I would assume that there's more of a connection there than there has been in the past.

What Is A Canonical?

Next question. “Hey, guys. Dan, here. What's a canonical?” All right. I'm going to tell you to do this, because sometimes questions like this are just best to go search. What's a canonical, and then just do a little bit of research, guys. Just go look. What is a canonical? A canonical in short term, I'm not going to go in to deep into this because you can go research it by just searching what is a canonical in Google, and go look through a couple of these blogs, and you'll get a really good understanding of what a canonical is, but essentially what a canonical is, is when you have a page on a site, that has content similar to another page, and you want to pass all credit from that page to the other page.

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In other words, if you have page A and page B, and page A, is very similarly, the content is very similar to page B, same topic, whatever, you want to pass all the credit from page A to page B, because let's say you want page B to be the one that ranks, you can set a canonical. All right. What that will do is it will pass all, it will give all credit, in Google's mind it will give all credit. The other thing is, let's take a look at this. [inaudible 00:39:45] domain, what did I do? Spell it wrong. Yeah. Okay. Take a look at this. I believe this is it. Yeah. This is it.

This is a good article. It was actually published on Google's blog on Tuesday, December 15th of 2009. This talks about cross domain canonical, and this one makes some sense to you. This hopefully, will answer, clear up some of your questions about what canonical are. We talk about using canonical in the MasterMind in some pretty ninja ways. One of our students, actually just had a post, well, a couple months ago, about it, or within the last month or two about he uses canonical, and got some really good results. He was able to accomplish exactly what he was trying to do. Anyways, let me just post this to the page, real quick. Canonical. Just go read through some of these guys, you'll be fine. You'll figure it out. All right. Where were we?

Adam: Scott Rodgers is next.

Bradley: What a minute. Actually it's Robert, right? Yeah. Robert Gage, says …

Adam: Oh. Yeah. That's right.

How To Connect Shopify Via IFTTT?

Bradley: “Do you know if there is anyway to have IFTTT recipes that will connect with shopify or the blog?” Yeah.

Adam: Yes.

Bradley: As long as Shopify has an RSS feed.

Adam: Which it does. Not only that, but Shopify has feeds for products and collections. Yeah. Shopify store comes with a blog, and so you can either use that or do something else, but it natively has its own RSS output.

Bradley: Yeah. As long as it has an RSS output. Just use that as your trigger. That's it. If not, yeah, just like what he said. I don't know, does Shopify connect to IFTTT, I don't know that it does, I don't think that it does.

Adam: No. It's got it's own …

Bradley: It's got it's own feed.

Adam: Yeah. You don't have to take it to FeedBurner, you could if you wanted to. Yeah. It's got it's own feed. I think it's a Adam feed. Yeah.

What Is The Business Model of IFTTT?

Bradley: Scott Rodgers says, “What is the business model of IFTTT? How do they survive without revenue?” I don't know, Scott, I honestly don't know. I think, at some point they will switch to a paid platform. Where it will be subscription based, like what Zapier is like, or deliver it something like that. I've been expecting that to happen, at some point, or at any time. Honestly, I don't know. I really don't care, as long as it's free, and even if it does end up going paid, it doesn't matter, I would still pay for it. Because it's so powerful. Obviously, if I was doing client work, the client would end up paying for that. If it was my own legion stuff. It would be a small price to pay for the benefit. It would just be like buying link packages, or social signal services, or whatever. It would just be the cost of doing business. As far as, I know, I'm not sure how they generate revenue. Do any of you have any idea?

Marco: I do not right now, and I am just looking through. I just did my own search, and was looking at Cora and stuff for some answers, and I am not seeing anything. I think, right now, they must just been funded somewhere, because they've got to have a decent amount of servers.

Does The Social Mention Of Shopify Sold Products Help In Terms Of SEO?

Bradley: Yeah. Robert says, “Hello, again. Back to the Shopify store question. If I have self hosted WordPress site, branded, and I have a tier one branded IFTTT ring built, and I only have a link to the Shopify store from the WordPress site, would the mention of the product sold within the store, on the various social properties help with the stores SEO, et cetera? Expound, if you would please. You mean if you link from within your WordPress site too, your Shopify store pages, or products? Yeah. It would help. You would be backlinking to them, but I don't know enough about Shopify, guys. I don't know if those stores are SEO'd at all, or if they have SEO settings, I don't know if those stores will rank.

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Adam: Let's just answer the general question, then instead. I think, this is basically what he's asking. What you are saying is good, and I know there is ways that you can optimize your site, but assuming something like one page per product, would it be helpful to talk about it on your WordPress site, then syndicate it out, if that has a backlink, back to that page that mentions your product.

Bradley: Yes.

Adam: Yeah. Yes.

Bradley: Yes.

Hernan: They have grass root as [inaudible 00:43:49] module, [inaudible 00:43:51], you can tinker a little bit, when it comes to generating a product. You can tinker a little bit with the content of the product. Like, eCommerce solution, like H1's youtube video, whatever, and then you can tinker a little bit with the description, the title tags, and that's pretty much it. It's not developed one the SEO side of things, as of yet. Yeah. The best way to go as Adam was saying, to push [inaudible 00:44:21] from your blog into Shopify and then from the IFTTT syndication network, too.

Bradley: Yeah. Caveat that I think, well, I speak for myself, I do not currently have a shopify store, I have used one, but it's been a while, so you should definitely look into this. I know some people are just setting up, which may be what you are doing, putting their blog on a WordPress sub-domain.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: That was probably easier to do. Instead of using the native blog. Again, it just depends what you need and how you want to do it.

Bradley: Yeah. I would say, work on ranking a WordPress site, for your keywords, and then iframe in the shopify page, or something right on. You know what I mean? Right on to the page that you're ranking, so that you could still benefit from the traffic.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: It's a …

Hernan: You can also mask a domain, or sub-domain, or the main.com would be WordPress, and then you can mask[inaudible 00:45:13] shop, or shop dot your domain .com, and then you’re sending traffic from your main domain to your sub-domain.

Bradley: Yeah. You can do that. I set up a shopify store, and never did anything with it. I use my own domain, and everything, too. Yeah. You could certainly do that. That would work.

How To Rank For Competitive Local Keyword Chiropractor?

Mike says, “Competitive local primary keyword. Chiropractor staying below page twenty over one year.” Wow. “All kinds of related long tails, and include primary keywords ranking in a three box, on page SEO right on. Been doing this for twenty years with multiple sites. Primary keywords in three box.” Okay. “Page one, one IFTTT branded network, one IFTTT linked persona tier two network, driving me nuts. Solution PBN's or more IFTTT networks?” He says, “Correlated posts two to three times, per week.” Look, if you've got a site that you are doing all this work to, and you cannot get above page twenty, it's probably one of those random ranking factor domains that just aren't going to rank.

I mean, there's a lot of variables here, that we're going to have to make some assumptions, here, but there's a ton of things that I would do. Look at backlink profile, take a look at on page, make sure certainly that there is no sort of manual penalties. I'm assuming you're aware of all of that, and you don't have any indication of any sort of penalties. If you are talking about over one year you're constantly posting, curated posts, you're keeping the activity, then sometimes it's just a domain isn't going to rank, period. I've had that guys, we've had even MasterMind members that we've talked about, this same idea with, that have gone on and 301'd, or cloned the site that they were having trouble with, and then installed it on a new domain, and then 301'd the old domain to the new one, and end up having to site rank. That's part of what Terry [inaudible 00:47:13] talks is the random ranking factor, sometimes that happens, you just get a dud domain. A domain that just for whatever reason Google is not going to rank, and there is no rhyme or reason to it.

Marco: Yeah. The best way to go, he would tell you that, before the [inaudible 00:47:27] is your own domain, this will not happen for a client, but if it's your own project, instead of going full force for one domain, try five domains, and the ones that are ranking right off the bat, you can use those. It will be much, much easier to rank those domains. That also happens with sub-domains, and internal pages. Sometimes Google will favor an about me page, and it will rank the about me page instead of the page that you are trying to rank. You know? Instead of going against the current, you can do that. You can actually use those domains so those pages that are favorable to Google to sell your stuff.

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Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: I don't think Mike is in RYS Academy. Hint. Hint.

Bradley: Yeah. I was just going to say, Mike, there's so many variables there that questions left unanswered, right here, one of the things, if you're in to master class, this is something we could audit, do a site audit on, and start giving you some ideas, if you don't mind sharing it within a small master class group. They're not public. It's a closed group. That is something that we could do a site audit for you, and bring you on to the webinar, ask you some questions, and things like that, take a look at your site, your backlink profile, and give you some suggestions. Again, with such limited information, and me just assuming that everything else is okay, it could be that it's just a shitty domain. It's just one of those domains that Google just does not like, and that does happen from time to time, guys.

Would You Check The Fresh Index When Checking Domains In Blue Chip Backlinks?

Ryan says, “I know we've got to go in just a couple of minutes.” I see a couple of questions that I want to get to really quick. “Hey, dudes, when checking domains from Blue Chip, better to go by fresh index to majestic?” That's what I do, Ryan. I go by fresh index, and I usually look for www. version, however, I do like to take just a really quick glance at all, both fresh and historic, plus, www. version, and non www. version, and take a look at all four of them, but typically my deciding metrics are going to be based on the fresh index, with www. version and the domain.

Adam: Okay.

Would You Stuff iFrames With Spam Keywords With FCS?

Bradley: “Hey, Marco. Good idea to spam keyword stuff to iframes with FCS. I know it's a complex question, plus it opens a can of more questions, but wondering in general opinion?

Marco: Yes.

Bradley: Yes.

Marco: It's an even better idea to hit the original iframe, the stuffed iframe, and then the places where the iframe is going to get embedded assuming that you are going to embed the iframe all over the place, which is what you should be doing. You hit everything. Because what's going to benefit from all that is the iframe destination, or where the iframe originates.

What Is The Cheapest And Fastest Path To Cash Using Semantic Mastery Strategies?

Bradley: Yeah. All right. This is the last question, guys. I will solve this one, this is the one that I wanted to get to, but Joe Rodriguez says, “Okay. Believe it or not some of us are still beginners, and still struggling financially, so what I would like to know is, what is the cheapest and fastest path to cash, using the semantic master strategies? I'm an IFTTT V2 member.” Okay. Joe. Go back and watch the monetization webinar that we just did, I think it was a month ago, today, actually, that we did it. It's in the update section. It's either in the update section, or in the advanced section of the IFTT V2, if you haven't watched it, go watch it. Because, it was an entire hour, specifically about, how to monetize and make money from IFTTT networks.

My suggestion is the quickest and fastest way in my opinion, is to build out your own networks that you use to rank either client videos or legion videos, or both. Then, contact video production companies, local video production companies, and sell wholesale SEO services to them. Let them handle all of the sales to their existing client base, and all potentially new clients, but let them handle the sales, and sell, mark up your services, and then sell it to them, because that way you're not handling sales, or anything else. All you need to do is build up and maintain a powerful network. That's one of the quickest ways I can think of. Either that, or, just sell IFTTT networks to local businesses.

That's probably your quickest way to make money, because you can just sell networks, whether they perform well or not. In other words, whether they start ranking anything or not, when building out a network for yourself, you're going to want to build it up to where it's powerful, so that it makes it easier to rank stuff, whenever you just upload our live stream to your channel, however, if you want to make money immediately, sell any, in fact you could hire, you could buy networks from us, and sell them to clients. Again, I sell networks for seven hundred dollars, and I can have them built for about fifty bucks, a tier one branded network.

That's a six hundred and fifty dollar mark up. There was a point in time where I was selling half a dozen to ten of those networks, per month, to local businesses, a couple of years ago. Now, I don't do it, because I don't do near as much client work, but my point is, that is probably the quickest way, go sell networks to clients, but otherwise contact local video production companies, and try to negotiate an arrangement with them. I love that model. It's a very simple model, and all the sales and everything are all handled for me. Go back and watch the monetization webinar we spent a whole hour on that. Okay, guys, we ran out of time. We appreciate everybody being here, and participating. We will see Master Class members in about five minutes. Everybody else, we'll see you next week. Thanks, guys.

Marco: See you, bye-bye.

Hernan: By everyone.

Bradley: Bye.

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