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By April

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Bradley: play the music [inaudible 00:00:01].

Adam: There's the intro for the day. Hey, everybody welcome to Humpday Hangouts, this is episode eighty-four, and today is the fifteenth of June. Chris, already gave his thoughts, but we'll go back to him, anyways, what's up Chris?

Chris: Excellent. Great to be here.

Adam: Good deal. What's up Hernan?

Hernan: Hey, Adam. Hey, guys. What's up? It's really good to be here.

Adam: Good deal. Are you watching some football?

Hernan: Yeah. They are. I'm in a bar, right now. A restaurant, you could say so. Okay?

Adam: A classy restaurant. I got you.

Hernan: Okay.

Adam: Marco, how's the weather, man?

Marco: Weather is good.

Adam: Good deal.

Marco: I almost dropped an F-bomb. My foot is messed up, man.

Adam: Yeah. What were you doing?

Marco: I was trying to be a kid, again, man. In a sparing session, with someone way younger, way faster, and I was bobbing when I should have been weaving, and got kicked in the leg.

Adam: Ouch. Yeah. Don't share the picture with everyone else, you want to keep people here.

Marco: MRI tomorrow.

Adam: Ouch. All right. Hoping for the best. Okay. Obviously, you guys listening don't know, but Marco showed us a picture of his ankle, yesterday, it was not pretty. We'll keep that to ourselves, and go with the SCO and marketing. Bradley, how's it going man?

Bradley: Hey, guys. We're actually, this time we're broadcasting live to Facebook. If you go to our Facebook page, the Symantec Mastery Facebook page, you should see that we're doing Humpday Hangouts simulcast live on Facebook, as well as Google Hangouts on air, using OBS, which is opensource software. It's a hundred percent free, this is freaking fabulous.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I know there's software programs that just have been recently released, as well as new ones coming out for Facebook Live, but OBS is free, and you can simulcast to Hangouts on air, and Facebook Live at the same time, which I think is pretty cool. We are testing that out, any of you that want to check it out on Facebook, let us know comment, like, share, whatever, this is our real first, I mean, we attempted it last week, but it was a very poor attempt, this is a much better one.

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Adam: Good deal. Yeah. I think it's going to work out good, and it maybe a better option for mobile, actually. I'm interested to see how people use it. Not a whole lot of announcements, today, everybody. We just want to remind you, we've got the awesome contest coming up, June 20th to the 27th. We are going to be giving away a bunch of memberships, as well as the hundred day freedom journals. All told, I think it's, don't quote me exactly, but it's about seven to eight thousand dollars worth of prizes. We'll be rolling that out with some information here, shortly. You'll be getting emails, and we'll talk about it obviously, next week at Humpday Hangouts, once we're doing it. Other than that, that is all I have. You guys got anything?

Bradley: Nope. Not me. I know we've got a ton of questions.

Adam: All right. Let's do it.

Bradley: I am going to go ahead and share the screen. Wait a minute, we are going to stick with, probably just the Google screen, for now, just remind me, somebody, if I have to switch to Firefox, if people won't be seeing it.

Adam: Sure. That's fair.

Would Sharing Blogger Posts To Google Plus As 2nd Tier Network Help Rank A Video?

Bradley: I'll take that as a yes. All right. Mark O'Connell, he says, “Hey, guys quick thing to say before I ask my question, there's an option in blogger in the settings then share, comment, and post. It's the section option in settings and if you scroll down to the bottom, you can chose an option to share your blogger post, with your Google Plus profile so that it becomes a tier two and it takes less than two seconds, sorry, if you mentioned this before. I just cannot remember hearing it. Stumbled on to it, by accident.” Yeah. You can do that, just remember if you're going to do that, your Google Plus profile, if you have a recipe, where IFTTT, RSS, or YouTube to GPlus via Buffer. Right?

That's how we post to Google Plus as through the buffer. It's like a one, two. If you also select that option in blogger, you're going to be posting to your Google Plus account with the same post, twice, because it's going to come from your original content source, then it's going to also syndicate. When it syndicates to blogger, it's also going to post it to Google Plus from blogger. You'll end up with two post on Google Plus, for each post.

Adam: Bradley? Real quick. I think we've got a mix up with the browsers, we're not seeing your screen in the hangouts, but we are on Facebook.

Bradley: Okay. Let me try it, again. Now, what? Can you guys see it, or no?

Adam: Give it a sec. I'm not seeing anything, yet.

Bradley: All right. Let's try full screen, and see if that works.

Adam: There you go. Now, we're seeing your face, again.

Bradley: Can you guys see full screen, now?

Adam: Yes. Now full screen.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: All right. It's going to look kind of funny. One way or the other, we're going to have to keep playing with this until we dial it in, for Facebook, if we have to, we'll just worry, Facebook should be coming through, but it's probably hard to see on your end. Right?

Adam: We're seeing, I can see your full screen on Hangouts, and now your on Facebook, it's now snapped to your window.

Bradley: Right. Okay. Anyways, you guys can see. Correct? Yes or no?

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Adam: Yes.

Bradley: All right.

Adam: Got your full screen on Hangouts, and window on Facebook.

Bradley: All right. Back to the question. Yeah. Remember that. If you want to set it up as a second tier syndication, that's fine. I would disable the IFTTT recipe, then, if that's the case, so you're not double posting. Okay. “I cannot juice them up, right now, and cannot afford CrowdSearch, but I am building networks like a squirrel on crack.” Okay. I'm going to ask …

Marco: Plus one.

Bradley: “I'm not going to ask how many networks it takes to rank, don't worry, but one of my channels I've just built the fifth, second tier network around it. My videos are very, very close to page one, but many of the network sites haven't shared much content, yet, so do I just keep building more tier two networks, or focus now on uploading videos, so they are firing often, and start a new channel? Thanks.” I would focus on more content, now. If you've got five tier two networks connected to your channel, you've got a lot of power there. It's going to be more effective now if you just continue to publish content, top related content that's similarly themed content.

Use playlists if they're not so tightly themed, you can use playlist to theme your channel that way to keep essentially your silos on your channel, but yeah, I would absolutely start adding more content, because the more content you add, especially related content the more authority and basically power your channel is going to get, and all of your networks, as well. Okay. It's going to be the activity that is going to help it, as well as just having more related content on it. Absolutely I would stop building and do more content production, now. Okay.

How To Rank 1 Main Video For A Term Instead Of All LSI Termed Videos And Personas?

Beau says, “With video marketing and IFTTT syndication, I am finding a lot of my videos are ranking for terms, I have no issues with, what I would like to see is just one main video ranked for a term instead of all of the LSI terms, videos and personas all ranking for the same term, on the same page.” Okay. That's not really a question, it's more like a statement. I guess, if we are going to try to make a question out of the statement, what I would suggest doing is using the youtube silo method, is taking the LSI keywords that you have ranked to other videos, and putting a link to the more general term. Making sure everything is within a playlist, so you link to the playlist itself, and you also link to the video that you are trying to rank, because that would essentially be like your general terms is like the top of a silo.

It's like your most broadest term that you want to rank for. All of your LSI keywords, the videos you create for that put a link to that top level video, the top of the silo. As well as your playlist, all these link to your playlist, too. My point is, if you link to the top of the silo, then now, what you are doing is reinforcing the keyword, the relevancy through all the long tail keywords up to that top level term, and especially if each one of those subsequent videos, that you syndicate that are within that silo that are longer tail keywords are linking to, and they all are linking to that top level video, the broadest of terms, all those videos are also syndicating out across your networks.

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You're getting the backlinks, and the social signals, and the bookmarks, and everything to those links, and embeds to those YouTube videos with the LSI terms, of which are linking to your top level keyword. Right? Your top level video. Just continue to push out more, and more LSI stuff, make sure you are using playlist, follow the YouTube SILO training, and you should see those move.

Marco: If I could just jump in. It might look spam-y, but it he's also crowding out the competition, and he's also simulating a video going viral, and if you're an end-user, it might not seem like its so spam-y to you, it might just seem like the video is really popular.

Should You Post To The Brand Page Or Post To The Location When Making Google Plus Profiles?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. I don't know how it's coming through on Facebook, as far as audio. I don't know if anybody can hear when you all talk, or is it just me? That's interesting. We'll have to check on that when we are done. Beau says, “When creating a Google Plus profile, in terms of creating this for a business with a location, are we better to create business location, plus associated page, then post to the page, or post to the location? Both have options of posting content, which would be better?” Well, I suggest if you are only going to do one, that you post to your local page, if you are trying to rank in maps, because that's going to give you an edge over most likely all of the other competitors, because most people do not post content to their local Google Plus page.

Their Google My Business page is what I am saying, most people don't, so if you do, that's going to give you an edge, not only that, but remember if you're blogging on your money site, you are going to be posting keyword posts that are optimized for keywords within your particular niche, or your industry, which are going to syndicate to your local Google page, which are going to reinforce the overall theme of that page, the activity, once again, plus the keyword reinforcement. The overall reinforcing of the theme, itself. Which is going to help that to rank, and again, ninety percent of your competitors probably aren't doing that, but you can post to both, though. You just have to create another IFTTT account so that you can set up another recipe.

It's going to be the same recipe, RSS two, G-Plus via buffer. You can do that for, let's say your branded tier one network you have one setup going to your local page, in other words your posting your syndicated content to your Google My Business page, but you also have a brand page, you can build a brand page, as well, guys, it's okay to do both. Your brand page gives you some slightly different options than a local page. You can also post to the brand page, too. It just means you have to have a second IFTTT account, you set up another RSS two G-Plus via buffer, so you will need another buffer account as well. Then, you just connect that brand page to that secondary account, if that makes sense. Okay? You can post to both, though. There is no problem with that.

How To Combine 2 SILO Scenarios To Rank In Multiple Cities?

Happy Video Man, “Hey, everybody. Nate here, plus one.” Beyond Measure says, “I wanted to get some silo structure input from the group. I would try to be as clear as can be, if trying to create a site that is covering a large area, so would silo the site based on location domain.com location city for the city silos?” Okay. “Let's say, that I'm also trying to rank for a couple services in each city, so domain service sub-service, my question is, how would you combine the two silo scenarios?” This is something that is a very in-depth question that I would have to start drawing out diagrams for you, you guys don't want me dragging out the Snagit. Not for Humpday Hangout, we don't have time for that. If your in the Master Class, this would be a great question, to post in the Master Class, because we can get int more in-depth questions like that. This is not something that we can really, typically cover in a Humpday Hangouts, because that's not what this venue is for.

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Master Class, we can answer questions like this, and certainly in MasterMind, but in a Master class, this would be a good question, so if you are there, we have Master class today, immediately following Humpday Hangouts, you can re-post your question over there, or just mention in the Master class webinar that you are attending, and I'll jump back over here and read your question off of this page. Okay? As far as taking, you guys, should we take a quick stab at it without drawing diagrams and all that, or should we move on?

Hernan: I think, that silo can become really cumbersome, without a diagram. You know what I mean? Because we can explain about it, but the best way that I understand silos is by diagrams, so probably we should move on from this one.

Bradley: Yeah. Because when you are dealing with complex silo structure like this, it can get complex, very quick. It can get complicated very quick, and we'll just end up confusing everybody on here, and that's really not the point. I'm going to have to draw that out, so check it out on a Master class, otherwise, come join us in the Master class I'd be happy to answer questions like that over there.

How to Speed Up WordPress Sites?

[inaudible 00:13:57] says, “Wondering if you can share some ways that you speed up your WordPress site. Some plugins, maybe? What are you doing to leverage browser cashing optimize images, eliminate vendor blocking, blah, blah, blah? Thank you, so much for all the knowledge you share with the community. I'll plus-one that.” To be honest with you, all I do is I use, I'm using a plugin, now called, Rapid Ranker. The reason I like that one, I've done a lot of things in the past to speed up, I've got a couple training videos I can go find here in just a moment, and I'll paste them on the page, on how to use W-3 total cache, and Amazon CloudFront, to set up a CDN through Amazon CloudFront, and that works really, really well.

It's a bit of a process, though to set all that up. It's kind of geeky to set it up. I've got full instructions, step by step instructions on how to do it. Although, it's probably two or three years old now, so there might have been some slight changes in the steps and don't everybody ask me to update the training, because I'm not going to. Not for that. It wasn't paid training. It's just free stuff on my YouTube channel. However, I found a plugin called, Rapid Ranker, it's a premium plug in, but it works well and it integrates with MaxCDN, and MaxCDN is a lot similar to setup than Amazon Cloud Front is, and because of that it's really easy to set up. You can get Rapid Ranker, and go set up an account with MaxCDN, and I think it's like, nine bucks a month, or something like that, for the CDN for the most basic level. It only takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to set everything up, and that will considerably increase your speed on your site.

There's settings inside of Rapid Ranker that will leverage browser casting, optimize images. There's lazy load images, those kinds of things that will all speed it up. Let me go check my YouTube account, real quick, and I'll see if I can grab those videos for you. Just one second, I'll find it. Let's see Amazon, site speed. Should be two videos. Yeah. Right here they are. All right. Here's five steps for improving page speed, all copy this, first and post it on the webpage, and then, I'll grab the other one. This is the second video, you got to watch them in order, because the first one is just for setting up W3 Total Cache, and optimizing it that way without using a CDN. The second video is for setting up the CDN after W3 Total Cache has been set up.

Site speed video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1vtlxc14II

Site speed video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyVCW5EJqNU

This Stuff Works

Okay. This one is a popular video, look at that fourteen thousand views, those are all organic views. People comment on that a lot, too. All right.

Hernan: You should add some [inaudible 00:17:05].

Bradley: I should.

Hernan: Maybe, a book, or two.

Bradley: I should. I should make a couple bucks on it.

Hernan: Yeah.

How To Integrate Expired & High Authority Web 2.o Properties in IFTTT Networks?

Bradley: A few dimes, because that's all it would be. It's not very many views for that [inaudible 00:17:14]. Mike [inaudible 00:17:17], yeah, what's up Mike? He says, “I asked this in the IFTTT Facebook group, but thought more that you guys might join in on and answer here. I purchased some good Web 2.0 properties, with metrics, inspired accounts with high domain authority, and very high page authority. I have twenty-five. Should I set up IFTTT syndication from my money site blog, which already has a tier one branded blog network in tier one persona blog network, or should I use these new web two properties as tier two linking to tier one persona network, or linking to the tier one branded network?” Well, I'm not understanding, tier one persona network, I'm hoping that's for a YouTube channel, and not for your website, because you should have a persona network, syndicating website content.

I'm just going to assume that is for a YouTube channel, that's up to you, Mike, what you want to do with those. I think those could be really good for tier two's because they'll power up your tier ones. Since you already have branded accounts for your blog syndication, your money site. Which is fine, that's what you want. I would rather have a branded account, than just a high PA, Tumblr, some random high page authority Tumblr account. I would use them as tier two's or I would use them as tier one's on youtube syndication networks. Right? Plus, you could also, think about this, if you have some really high powered Tumblr accounts, guys? Why not create a separate syndication network being triggered by Tumblr RSS?

It's the same recipes, you don't change the recipes, you just use the Tumblr RSS feed as the trigger. For example, you could take one of these, you've got twenty-five of them, imagine having a separate IFTTT ring around each one of those Tumblr, so that every time you post to one of those Tumblrs it's also building back links to an already aged, and high authority Tumblr account. Keep it powerful. Does that make sense? You could use that as a second tier, and even set up syndication networks around those, which would give you third tier links. It would be very, very powerful.

Hernan: Yeah. What I've been seeing, really looks the same is to manually posting on this Web 2.0 to power up tier one links as you were saying. The good thing about IFTTT, I think, you can pretty much set and forget your entire tier one link, unless you land a blog post opportunity, a [inaudible 00:19:48] opportunity or those kind of things, or you are commenting on relevant blog posts, there is always opportunities that actually bring you traffic. Otherwise, it's pretty much, your entire tier one is on autopilot, so when I would use this, a you are currently saying Bradley, to power up your tier one, your branded tier one.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: You can do it by either doing a tier two with Tumblrs, those kind of things, or you can actually go in there and treat them as Web 2.0 quote on quote PBN, or private link network in that case. It would be cheaper than an actual PBN, but it will yield a ton of results.

Bradley: Yeah. I totally agree. That's what I would do, Mike, but, yeah, seriously, if something like that, when you already have powerful Tumblr accounts, those are good candidates for building networks around those Tumblrs, so that every time you post you are continuing to just funnel more, and more power to those already powerful tumblers. You'll see the back links from those are very, very powerful.

Should You Separate Prospect Videos and Client Videos In An IFTTT Network?

Cody. Hey, Cody. I got to meet Cody in person in Marketing Mayhem, he says, “Hey, guys. For IFTTT YouTube syndication, my partner and I were wanting to do prospecting videos, and client videos, my question is for best practice, should they be on separate networks, or can a channel be safely mixed?” Looks, like the question was truncated. That's interesting. Yeah. It looks like it was truncated. I think, just from your question, Cody, typically, what I would do, is probably have, let's see, “My partner and I wanting to do prospecting videos, and client videos,” so I'm not sure what you mean by prospecting videos, unless you mean, just ranking videos that direct somebody that watches it to call you for video SCO services, or for [inaudible 00:21:36] service, or SCO service, whatever, if that is what you mean, what I would do, I probably would have a separate network that I would use specifically for ranking client videos, I currently do that.

This Stuff Works

I have my own syndication networks. My own youtube channels, that are tied to syndication networks that when clients want me to rank their videos, that's fine, I rank their videos, but I do it on my channel through my networks. They can have it on their channel, too, that's fine, but I'm not ranking their video on their channel. I'm ranking their video on my channel, through my networks, because that keeps me in control, number one. Number two, because I have aged networks that have been powered up and themed well, so they are incredibly powerful. If I try to rank their website, excuse me, their video on their channel, they don't have that benefit, and I'd have to build networks for them, that would be immature young networks, that wouldn't be as nearly as powerful as mine. What I like to do is keep them separate.

As far as prospecting videos, prospecting videos I would probably push out across my own branded channel, so for example, if I was prospecting for Semantic Mastery, I would want to push out prospecting videos on the Semantic Mastery channel. Because there is a branding thing there. Like, I want people to know who it is. I want people to know that Semantic Mastery, it's reaching out, so in case they Google the name or whatever, then they can see all the information about us and our company, and that sort of thing, but I would want to do the client videos and, or [inaudible 00:23:08] videos on separate networks. That is what I would do. Best practice, you can play with it, but I like to keep those things separate. I don't want client videos on my branded channel. My own channel. I would rather have those channels that were set up specifically and themed well for that type of content. A lot of the times, you guys know I like to have my networks, and my channel themed after a particular industry, but you can also theme it around a location if you want, like a city for example. All right.

What's The Impact Of Using WordPress As Trigger In All Tier 2 Properties?

Enrique says, “Curious. I had an IFTTT builder, build a second tier ring, now, I know Bradley talks about having to do trigger from tier one blog, plus additional RSS sources to every single tier two property resulting in fifteen-ish triggers per source, per ring,” yeah, okay, fifteen triggers, just IFTTT recipes, per source, you're right, “My builder, though set this ring up to use the tier two WordPress to trigger everything on tier two, this obviously makes it easier for him, but it is wrong.” Yeah. Because that's going to create a loop. That should create an infinite posting loop, and I've had that happen to me before. It's happened to me several times. Because, if you are having the tier two, okay, guys, picture this, you publish content from either your YouTube channel or your money site in this case, he's talking about blog syndication.

Let's say he is syndicating content from your main blog, you publish and post your main blog, it auto syndicates to tier one, and tier one is going to auto syndicate to tier two. If you are using the tier two property, RSS feed, one of them, any of them, it doesn't matter which one, but you're saying WordPress, to then trigger tier two, again, what's going to happen is it's going to post, and then it's going to publish it's own post again, again, and again. I've had that happen, guys. Where I've had one post, post forty-seven hundred times. Some accounts get terminated. Believe it or not, I've had some accounts like that, that actually were still open when I discovered it, and I was able to go in and mass delete all the duplicate posts, but that's what would happen. I would say, you certainly don't want to do that.

Look, it's a pain in the ass setting up all these triggers, if you got a VA, it's not a pain in the ass at all, it's simple. Because you just tell the VA, to do it. I don't recommend that you are doing it yourself, but if you've got a VA to do it, you just tell them to do it, and I know that they might want to take a shortcut, but that's unacceptable. Find another VA, if they're going to take shortcuts without you giving them permission to do so. Anybody else want to comment on that?

Hernan: No. I agree with you Bradley. I've seen some [inaudible 00:26:01] syndication networks that go out from Twitter. You will use not your blog, but Twitter to actually trigger the syndication network, but this is on purpose. Otherwise, it will create an issue, as you were saying. Everything must come out from, the way we do it, and the way we recommend is that everything must come out from your blog, not from a tier two property. From your blog itself. Because that's [inaudible 00:26:26] as Marco, would say.

Bradley: Yeah. Guys, the other thing is, a lot of people will try to take a shortcut, and I've said this a thousand times, and I'm going to say it again. I don't recommend using two tier networks for your money site, for blog syndication. You can do it, as long as you follow the guidelines that we set, we tell you guys if you are going to do it, the best way to do it, and to minimize any potential footprint issues. You don't eliminate it, you just minimize it, is to add in those second tier content triggers, related content triggers. I've also seem people try to take the shortcut of splicing the feeds together. Let's say they find four unrelated content sources that they like, and they go grab the RSS feeds and then they go splice them using a feed splicer, so that they only have to set up one additional set of recipes in IFTTT, the tier two IFTTT account. Because for every content source I tell you guys should set up a separate trigger recipe.

If you have four, and there's typically about fifteen recipes in IFTTT for a standard network, but when you start adding in a related content feeds for every feed you're going to have to set up another fifteen recipes. If you had a total of five, your original content source, plus four related content sources, now you're looking at five times fifteen. What is that? Seventy-five recipes. That is a lot. It's a pain in the ass to set it up. I get that, so some people will go splice all the related content feeds together, four of them, down to one feed, so they only have to create four, excuse me, one more set of recipes.

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Once again, that can be wrong. It will work if all four of your content sources have attribution links hard coded into their RSS feed, but if they don't, you have to code that in manually, and you cannot do it if you've got a splice feed. Because you'll be siting or attributing one particular source in every single post that may not be, even when the content is from other sources. Does that make sense? Because you have to create the attribution link in the IFTTT recipe as part of the ingredients. That's why I am saying, you don't want to take shortcuts, guys. That's why we tell you to do it the way that we've told you how to do it. Because we've tested all of this, and if you're going to use two tier networks for RSS or blog syndication, then you need to set them up the way that we tell you to, or just don't use tier two networks for blog syndication. It's that simple.

Are There Any Adverse Effects To Not Having Your Address In The Listing?

All right. Okay. Second, far short question, “I've noticed in the maps three packs there tend to be a lot of businesses that do not include their address, phone number only. Is that something that anyone can do?” Yes, Enrique, but it's supposed to be based upon the guidelines that Google My Business gives you for, if you have a server based business, where you, the business visits the customer at the customers location, then you can do that, you can hide the address. If you have a point of sale though, where customers come to you, in your location, then you have to have, the Google guidelines, you have to have the address visible which only makes sense, because you want people to be able to find you, but if you are a service based business, you can opt to hide your address, or to just not show your address.

Which in reality if you're a service based business, and customers do not come to you, you should have that anyways. You should have it option checked, which will allow you to not show your address in maps. That's just a setting in Google My Business. In fact, it's in the business address settings. When you go to the Google My Business dashboard, click on your page, click on edit, edit details, or whatever, and then it's in the business address section, where you can also select the areas that you serve either by radius or zip code.

Here's a quick tip for you guys, if you're doing service based businesses, go look up zip code maps, and figure out what zip codes you actually service, and enter in each zip code, one by one. Right there on that Google My Business page, and editing the business address details. You want to put in every single zip code that you service, one by one, and add them. That's a far more effective way then just selecting radius. Then, you can un-check it at the bottom of that area, there's a box, or a little option that will say, “Do you provide services to customers at their location,” or something like that, and if you check it, it will hide your address. It just won't show your address. Okay.

Do You Add Lead Gadget Sites To Google Search Console?

John says, “Hey, Bradley, how do you index, the Lead Gadget sites? Do you still add them to Google search console?” No. Not anymore, John, because of the sheer volume of sites, that we are producing we don't do that at all, anymore. I have a few hand picked sites that I mess with that I still will submit to search console, but as far as our sites that we are building in mass now, no. We don't submit them to search console, it's just not feasible with the amount of sites that we're building. What we've been doing is just using Express Indexer. Here I'll show you what that looks like. This guy, here, this is not the best service in the world, I mean, the dude that runs it is cool, but right now we're at ten million links per month, is our package, that we're able to submit ten million links per month, and we still run out, by about week three we've run out.

They've got different packages, if you don't see here you can get accustomed package which is what we had to do, you just got to contact the guy, and he'll contact you, you guys will get connected on Skype. This is what I've been doing. Using this, and it's cool, because it gives you this little desktop app, it's like the most simple piece of software you ever see in your life, but you download it, and it's called a desktop submitter, and you open it up, and you put an API TN, which it will auto save, and you go select a text document, a notepad file, you know, text file, that has all the links that you want to submit, so you just click a little browser window, or button, it will navigate to your text file where all your links are that you want to submit, and then you click submit, or open, or whatever, and the submit button, and it will automatically submit to the service.

This Stuff Works

That's what we are doing, my VA's do that, so essentially what they'll do, once the ATM sights, once the sights are built, they'll go open up all the different site maps, because we are using better WordPress site maps, to split it up, they open up all the different site maps, extract the URLs from the site maps, put them in a text file, then save the text file, and then go open up the express indexer submitter, navigate to that file, open it, click submit, it takes about two or three minutes, and it's done. That's what we are doing. It's not the best thing in the world to do, and also depending on how many sites you are building. If you're going to be indexing more than like five or ten sites, at a time, you need to have more than one server. You need to spread your builds out across multiple servers. That's the only way we did it.

We were having issues where our servers, all of our sites would become absolutely non-responsive. They wouldn't even load. It's because the bots were crushing our server. We had to end up, we got three servers now, and we split the load whenever we are building across the servers. Like, today, they'll build server one tomorrow server two, Wednesday server three, Thursday, back to server one. You see what I am saying? That way we are splitting the load. Good question, though, John. By the way, you know we have, I host a webinar on Thursday mornings over there at Lead Gadget, if you have any questions about that, that would probably be the better venue. I think, some of you could have benefited from that, because I know a lot of you guys are using mass page generators now, of some sort. SERP Shaker, ATM, there's a couple others, too.

That's the process I use guys. It seems to work pretty good. It's not the best strategy in the world, but when you're submitting that many links per month, you are limited to what you can do.

Wayne says, “Just a success story, Bradley.” I'm going to Plus One this, I read this earlier, Wayne, I think, this is awesome, he says, “This week in one of my clients niches I ranked the newest site, number twelve, and have two of the three snack packs, number one, and number two,” that's awesome. “Positions using one of each of his company names. It has the same address, but different phone numbers, I am most excited since I have really just started the RYS training, and Twitter SEO, and IFTTT. We are now going through the hiring process using the outsourcing program, that you guys are putting out soon.” That is awesome Wayne. For those of you that don't know what he is talking about, outsource, we are launching a product June 28th, under Mastery PR, which is another company that we are forming.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:35:05].

Bradley: Yeah. It's called Outsource Kingpin, that's coming out on the 28th. It's our outsourcing training program. Wayne, that is awesome. You guys see that? “This week one of my client sites, a newer site, from number twelve to a number one, and number two, in the snack pack.” That's awesome. “We are number twelve organic, number one, and number two in the snack pack. Using just RYS, Twitter SEO, and IFTTT.” That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Wayne.

This Stuff Works

Should You Use One Gmail Address For All IFTTT Network Sites?

Brian says, “I have a client with Google Plus, and business page with one Gmail address, then I have my outsources start building the IFTTT network sites with a different Gmail address, by mistake. Should we use the same Gmail address for all the network sites, as the Google Plus account, or make the new Gmail as a manager, or what? Thanks.” Brian, it doesn't matter. If you've already started doing it, if you create all the other accounts with a different Google account, that's fine, it really doesn't matter. What I would do, is just make that other Google account as a page manager, so there is a relationship there. That's all I would do, but it's not a big deal. Don't sweat it.

For example, when people come to us, for building networks that are branded networks for clients, and stuff. We still create a persona account. To create all of their accounts because we don't even want their email address. We don't want their Gmail account details, we won't even take it. If somebody sends them to us we automatically reject the order, because we don't want that, it's too much liability on our part, so we just create a persona account, then we deliver the accounts, and the customer can purchase the network, add themselves as a page manager, and basically tie their accounts together, that way, but they have a persona log in, which I think is better, anyways, because it keeps everything separate. That's my opinion.

What Is A Topical Niche For A Pest Control Company?

Brian Costello, he says, “I own an animal removal pest control company. I do really well in the maps ranking inner pages,” you do really well in the maps ranking inner pages. Not sure I understand that, unless you got different maps locations. The landing pages are different. I am not sure what you mean. “There is obviously no topical niche of majestic for that. What would be the topical niche you would go for?” Brian, that's a good one. I'd have to look through the actual Majestic topics, again, but I would say, probably business, construction, and maintenance would be one of them. That's one of the big ones that I use a lot of. Go a head.

Hernan: I was thinking about the exact same thing, of business construction, and those kinds of things. Because yeah, there's nothing that specific to that particular niche.

Bradley: Yeah. You can also use, depending on where you are Brian, I am just going to assume you are in the US, that's probably kind of dumb for me to assume that, but I also will go after, I've been recently picking up domains that are regional slash North America. Because at least those are coming from the North American continent, so they're in the right neighborhood. It's pretty kind of like a general catchall. There's a regional topic, is what I am saying, and then they have subtopics with different areas around the globe. I'm using region slash North America quite a bit, when I'm finding it difficult to find domains that have the more specific topical category that I'm going for, then I'll go with just the regional North America, obviously, I'm linking to US sites, though. Okay? Just keep that in mind. I found that to be a pretty good category for catchall domains. Using just geographically related domains.

Also, Brian, what I would do is, something else I would do, if you have access to Bluechip Backlinks, which if you don't, you should, Adam, you can drop the link to that, but Bluechip Backlinks is freaking fabulous, in fact, Terry [inaudible 00:39:07] just sent out another email, today, about some cool stuff they are doing. Anyways, what I would do, is also, go search for other pest removal companies, pest control companies, and you can rank, what you could do is crawl the domains of your competitors, and also do a backlink analysis on your competitors sites. Use like Majestic [inaudible 00:39:33], Trust, whatever you have, and then download the backlinks report, and then go crawl the domains that are linking to your competitors, and try to find available domains for purchase, so that's number one.

Number two, you can do that for any pest control company, and anywhere in the country for that matter. Because you'll at least find some good link sources that are linking to pest control companies. It's going to take a little bit of work on your part to sort through the backlink profiles, and when you download backlink profiles, from your competitors, and you want to get rid of, when you sort, you can very quickly, it's a CSV file, so it's an Excel file that you will download, when you open it up you can sort out the stuff that you know, it's like too general, or whatever. What you'll find is often times you'll find some pretty cool sites that you can grab expired domains from, that are topically relevant, or have good metrics that sort of thing.

This Stuff Works

It takes a little bit of work, but what's really good about it guys, is once you've gone through and found a good list to crawl, and you start crawling these things, within Bluechip Backlinks, you can schedule twenty projects at a time, or something like that, and just let it go. You can come back three days later and check the results, and you can literally end up with dozens, and dozens of domains that you could purchase, for good backlinks that are topically relevant or geographically relevant or sometimes even both. Which is like pure gold. Okay.

How To Use Google Map Pack Pointers?

Carlos says, “Hello, gang. I noticed someone talking about the new Google Map Pack pointers, to show up in a more than one location, in your area. Any information on that? Does it work?” Yeah. We've talked about this in the Mastermind, a few times, let's go see what this thing is. You're talking about, okay, I'll have to read through this a little bit, but it looks like, customizing on Map Marker, what is this? Not sure. I'd have to look through this a little bit more Carlos, and we're running out of time. I cannot really go through this, right now.

However, for example, I don't know if Marco will let me say this, I'll be very, very general. If you go to Google My Maps, you can create maps, with multiple pins, and use those to link to your Google My Business page, that will help you to rank in those other areas. I cannot get into specifics, because if you want to learn exactly how to do it the correct way, you have to join RYS Academy, that's the only place you are going to get that information, but I can give you a little teaser, and you guys can go and try to figure it out on your own, by the way. Marco, was that acceptable?

Marco: Yeah.

Is Twitter SEO Academy Still Available?

Bradley: Okay. All right. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be in trouble, later. Okay. “I bought Twitter SEO Academy sometime back, is that still buy-able? IFTTT recipes, and tutorials still work, etc?” Mike, it's been updated. I know Gary, Doctor Gary, puts in different recipes, and different methods, and I know he's been updating it. Yeah. It's still buy-able, as far as I know. Right, Marco?

Marco: Twitter SEO Academy it was updated about a month ago. He went through the recipes. He did a whole bunch of different things for us. Yes, it's still very buy-able because it builds up the topical trust flow in the Twitter, and then, what you can do is, use RYS methods to push that to other properties.

Bradley: The other thing was, we just did the webinar, the RYS webinar, last week, and Gary shared a bunch of stuff about Twitter. Was that also added to the Twitter SEO Academy? I know that was an update for all RYS.

Marco: He said he was going to edit, I am not sure that he has gotten around to it, yet [inaudible 00:43:29].

Bradley: I'm going to assume that it is then, if he said that he was going to do it. Okay. “Couldn't hear Marco,” Justin on Facebook. Okay. You guys are only hearing me on Facebook, so far, all right, that's fine, I've just got to, guys, this is our first time attempting it with OBS, so I've just got to figure out how to use a virtual audio cable to pipe the computers audio into the broadcast output, I will figure that out, guys, this is some geeky shit and I'll take care of it, before next broadcast. We're baby stepping, though. This is pretty cool. Did you see that Glenn signed up for MasterMind? Sweet. We've got a celebrity in our midst, guys.

Hernan: Hell yeah.

Bradley: That's freaking fabulous. That's freaking great, man. Looking forward to having you in the group. If you haven't posted yet, please do, and we'll give you a warm welcome. Okay. Let's see page speed, I did these for the LCT guys, yeah, Clint Butler, is going to be the page speed expert, here, guys. Disregard my old videos, and do whatever Clint says, seriously, because my videos are old, and I bet you Clint's methods are better, anyways.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: I can vouch for Clint, he helped me.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:44:47], and a couple of websites, and I know he knows his stuff.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:44:50].

Hernan: You can contact … yeah, he knows. Yeah.

Bradley: Do we have an affiliate link for Rapid Rank, or we do, Adam I don't know if you dropped it, I think we do have one on the spread sheets …

Adam: Yeah. It's already on there.

Blue Chip Backlink Vs Lazarus Crawler

Bradley: Okay. Cool. “My twenty-five, I'm back at it, and dead into it,” that's sweet, Mike. I have my browser window too narrow, that's why it was truncated. No, it's just because I'm zoomed in. That's probably why. I didn't even realize that it would do that. It cuts your questions off, if you zoom in, that seems stupid. Okay. I believe you Kendrick, I just think it's silly. Greg, “Is Bluechip any better than Lazarus Crawler, which I currently use?” Yes, Greg. Hands down it's better. No question. In my opinion, anyways. We use to use Lazarus Crawler, and besides having to have, you know, paid for dedicated servers, and we had to have that thing running all the time, and you had to go sort through everything, and I had a VA that did it, it wasn't even a VA it was [inaudible 00:45:50], he's our link building manager. He was doing all that, but I use Bluechip Backlinks, myself, which is great.

I don't have to send instructions to anybody, it's ninety-seven dollars a month, I think, it's that much, and it's totally worth it. Again, I was able to not have to worry about running it on a dedicated server, and all that, and pay a VA, and all that other kind of stuff, so it's actually more economical, in my opinion. It's got so many other tools inside of it, that Lazarus Project just doesn't have. I mean, again, Lazarus Crawler was a good crawler, before Bluechip Backlinks, in my opinion, but I think Bluechip Backlinks is a more superior tool.

This Stuff Works

Okay. Looks like we are done. We were out of questions, and we were out of time, anyways. That was good timing.

Adam: Time for Master class.

Bradley: Yeah. Almost time for Master Class. All right.

Marco: Keep thinking, Hernan.

Bradley: Attempted Facebook Live, was better this time, than last time, but still not right, we'll get it right, next week, guys. I think.

Hernan: Practice makes perfect.

Bradley: That's right. All right guys. Everybody thanks for being here, we'll see you all in Master Class in a few moments. MasterMind we have tomorrow, as well. If you are not in either of those, well join it. If not, we'll see you next week. Bye, everybody.

Hernan: Bye, guys.

This Stuff Works

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