Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 99

By April

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Adam: Hey everybody, welcome to hump day hangouts episode number 99. We're quickly approaching the triple digits here. Today is the 28th of September, so sadly this is going to be the last hump day hangout in September, but we're going to keep rolling. We've got everybody here today, so I'm going to go down the list. How's it going Chris? Just kidding, maybe he's not … nope Chris is muted.

Bradley: He was kidding.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:00:23]

Adam: He's muted. Chris.

Hernan: No audio.

Adam: Just kidding. We're just screwing with people apparently. Okay, moving on down the time. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey guys, what's up? It's really good to be here. I'm pretty sure Chris is thrilled to be here as well. [crosstalk 00:00:40].

Adam: All right. What's the weather down in Coast Rica, man?

Marco: Very ashy.

Adam: Still.

Marco: We had a seventeen hour eruption, man. Ash all over the place. Other than that, beautiful weather, nice and warm all day. Clouds are rolling in, so if I check out you know what it is. I got hit by lightning.

Adam: Gotcha.

Bradley: It's the Google police coming in and taking you.

Adam: Yeah, right. They're behind the volcanoes.

Marco: Google team six trying to keep me away from revealing all their secrets, right.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going.

Bradley: Good man, happy to be here. Looks like we've got a ton of questions, so we got to get through this fairly quickly.

Adam: All right, well then let's get started. The first one, we've got an RYS announcement. Going to have a link for you here in a second. We've been trying to upgrade our systems. The RYS ordering, we realized, for our customers wasn't maybe the best experience. We wanted to offer a better experience. We're a little delayed on that, but we wanted to go ahead and get you guys the discounts. What we're going to do over the weekend, I believe until Monday morning, and Marco can't correct me in a little bit if I'm wrong. I think we're going to offer $97 off of any stack you want, and then over the weekend if you make an order or three or four stacks, we're going to give you a ten percent discount. If you order five or more stacks we're going to give you fifteen percent discount. Because our system isn't up yet, we're going to have to just refund that after the purchase, the ten or fifteen percent part. The $97 will be immediately taken off. In the new system that's going to be immediate. We'll have bulk pricing, so if you've got custom orders, stuff like that you can put that in there, and save [inaudible 00:02:24] more. I'll put that link up there in a second.

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Marco: [crosstalk 00:02:29].

Adam: Go ahead, sorry.

Marco: Just to make that clear, you get $97 off and an addition 10 or 15%.

Bradley: If you order bulk orders.

Marco: You have to order bulk, but you do get that on top of the $97 from each stack that you order, you get an addition 10%. I think that's pretty cool.

Adam: Yeah, that's awesome. Three or four orders for ten percent, and then five or more for fifteen percent. If you order two … sorry. Moving forward, we're not going to offer this where it's many days you have to order, it's going to have to be done either at once or however the system defines it, but for this weekend you can get away with having several days here to make that three order minimum to get the extra discount.

Bradley: So you're saying you could make one purchase at a time, but combine them for the bulk discount by Monday you mean?

Adam: Correct, correct. So yeah, if you've got some clients or something, or if you're doing this for yourself and you want to get some stuff together. We realize this isn't something you usually just … you know, pop out right away, so got a few days here to do that.

Real quick with [syrup space 00:03:37]. We've got a ton of new features coming out. We've been talking about it, [PBN 00:03:41] domains are out. Hernan actually has gotten some domains through there, so he's gotten some pretty good results. Go ahead …

Hernan: Yeah, definitely. We had … I was telling the guys that I was pleasantly surprised about it. I'm not saying you're going to get the same … I'm not saying you're going to get the same exact kind of domains, but you're going to get high quality domains. I ordered two domains and both of them had links from Wikipedia. People are paying $500, $600 for these kinds of domains, so go get them.

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Adam: Obviously, like Hernan said, this is you're mileage may vary. We don't guarantee Wikipedia links, but those were the ones he got. Those were not handpicks.

Hernan: Right.

Adam: Also Press Releases. We've been talking about it for a really long time. [crosstalk 00:04:30]. Yeah, shh. Press Releases are going to be in serve space on Friday. Okay, I don't know I wish I had the special effects for like balloons and confetti. We're going to have that and on … early next week you'll be able to do multiple. Right now you're just going to be able to order one, in the future we're going to be able to do a discount for bulk ordering. Then I believe, Bradley, are you going to be doing some training on some of this?

Bradley: Yeah, I am eventually. I am going to be doing some training on best practices for using Press Releases, and what we're going to call PR Stacking or Press Release Stacking. I'm going to be doing some training on that. In fact there's going to be training … part of that is going to be included in the Maps King Pin training, which is the upgrade for local King Pin which launches at the end of next month. At the same time we're going to end up having some training inside of Serp Space so that people can see how to best use Press Releases.

Adam: All right that's about all I've got. On the RYS sale, while we're here, is there anything … can you guys remind me. Do people need to do anything on the form or is the $97 automatically taken off?

Marco: They have to enter the coupon code.

Adam: Which is … I will put that up there. I assume I know what it is. Thanks.

Bradley: Okay, the last thing I think Marco had … wanted to talk about, the patent. Correct?

Marco: Yes. This is really interesting. I'm always looking for ways to put the puzzle together. The ranking score that I'm always talking about that Google's using to replace page rank. Somebody shared a patent with me recently. It … my mind goes off and I start going a thousand different ways and trying to figure out … because people know this, this is just a distance graph. Part of [dialgo 00:06:23], there's a [inaudible 00:06:24] shrink part, this topical, this freshness, this seasonal. There's uniqueness, and there's artificial intelligence among other things. We tried to hit those to stay away from the Google dance sandbox, and payment penalties, right. Doing all of this, we built our ranking score. There's always missing information.

The way you put this together is through Google patents, and I missed this one because interestingly enough there's only one place on the patent where Google is mentioned. The rest … the so-called inventors are mentioned and they use mountain view a lot, rather than Google. They're trying to avoid my filters. People have all of these filters looking for these patents, looking for this filings. They have to tell you what it is that they're going. I guess they're trying to hide it as much as possible. When I really got into it, what I realized was that it dealt directly with why IFTTT, SEO, and RYS Academy worked so well.

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Not only do we trigger all of these other parts of the algorithm, that we mentioned before, distance, trust, topical, trust, freshness and everything else, but it actually talks about site quality score. There is actually a way that they calculate the quality of the website. They way that they do that is a person clicking on serp results, but what's really important is that has to do with brand plus key work association. If we're dealing with artificial intelligence … what we can infer is that the robot is learning. If the robot is learning we can teach it, correct? Anybody should be able to see that. If it's out there learning, we can teach it. One of the ways that it learns is the site quality score. What it does is it gets all of this information from users and how they click on the serps, how they click on results. Then they follow the user to the website and see how the user reacts to the website. Which is why the bounce is so important in everything else, and everything else that they do on the website. They'll show results, then they show and alternate result or another result, if the user comes back and searches again. This aggregates, there's an aggregate result. It adds up.

This is why websites like Facebook, Twitter, I don't know Coca-Cola, choose whatever brand you want, Adidas. Why branding works so well. People learn to associate your brand with certain key words. So does the bot. If it's done enough, and you get enough aggregate, than all of a sudden your brand becomes synonymous with these products or services or whatever. That's what's fabulous about this patent, and what's fabulous about IFTTT, SEO, and RYS Academy. We're always telling people brand, brand, brand, brand. Limit the way that you do exact match key words, you can use exact match anchors, but we tell you to brand, brand, brand, brand, brand. This just goes on to verify what it is that we've been saying all along. The branding is what's coming, it's the future. If you're not doing it than you're missing the boat.

Bradley: I want to add to that. I'm going to grab the screen here and add to this. We're going to get questions anyways. Number one, Marco, can you drop the link to that patent on the event page?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: If you can locate it.

Marco: I'll have to dig it up.

Bradley: All right, that way the other people … you know, all the viewers can go check it out if they want. Guys, whenever Marco drops a patent link, like it's Chinese to me. I can't decipher that legalize crap, I just can't do it. That's why I leave it to him. I'm going to go ahead and grab the screen real quick, guys. We're going to get into questions here in a minute. I do want to add to what Marco just said, so bear with me one second while I get set up. I'll zoom in on these pages as well. I know you guys sometimes can't see very good. We've got a question also that shows up as spam for some reason. Oops, I don't want that. Excuse me for a second. I'm going to have to answer that separately.

Here's what I wanted to show you guys, real quick. You guys are seeing my full screen, correct? All right, so we talked about his before, specifically with the crowd search training, guys. If you haven't seen that and you want to talk about if … this speaks directly to that. I covered this without knowing there was this other patent that Marco is talking about. There was another patent, a separate one, different and separate and apart from what he's talking about. That talks about site weight. Site weight is a score, it's part of the quality score that Google will assign to a site. A lot of it … you can influence site weight. Let's put it this way, a site that weighs … has more weight in Google's eyes than another site. What gives it more weight? Well, navigational searches do.

To back up for a minute, if we had two identical sites, I know that's pretty much never going to happen, but if you had two similar sites. The same industry for example, they had similar amount of pages with about the same amount of content, about optimized the same. Let's just say they were very similar sites. One site has a history of navigational type searches, and the other does not. There's no search history with the brand name or the company name or the website name as part of the search queries. The one that does have the navigational searches is given more weight by Google. All things being equal, on site and off site, or on page and off page SEO. If all things were equal, and I know that's never going to happen, but if they were all equal hypothetically. The site that has more … is given more weight, it's got a heavier weight in Google's eyes is going to always outrank the other site. Does that make sense?

What are navigational searches? Well, navigational searches are brand name searches, guys. There's variations of that like brand plus key word, or brand plus product, or brand plus service, brand plus contact, brand plus location. Those are all types of navigational searches. They're brand searches and then you can either add other elements to the query if you want. That's how you can actually influence a particular brand and give a site more weight. You can influence a site's weight, by setting up spam, click through spam. That's what I call things like crowd search, guys, I call it CT spam, click through spam. You can do that, and it's been working for me ever since the … in the crowd search training, if you guys want to go through the full training, just go to Google, type in crowd search 2016 demo, or crowd search demo 2016 or something like that. You'll see our webinar that we did in Google. Just click on that and you can watch the entire webinar where I go into this.

Before that was even available I used to do that with Microtask workers. I would hire Microtask workers and pay them 10, 12, 15 cents per piece. This is … I want to give credit where it's due, this is a technique that I learned from Ivan Budamere way back when. I'm talking 2012 time guys, where I would set up Microtask workers to go search brand name searches, and brand plus key work, and it would influence a site weight. I could see significant improvements in search positioning just based upon those. Then an automated tool like Crowdsearch came out. I've been using it ever since November of 2014 in this particular way. In that Crowdsearch 2016 demo, or whatever it is I can't remember the title of it, if you go watch that you'll see exactly how I have it set up, and why it's so effective. I think CT spam used the way it has been advertised in the past, which is key word searches and click throughs, I think is an improper way to use it. I think it's actually dangerous because it can flag your site for fake traffic or spam traffic.

If you're using navigational searches and you don't get crazy with it. You keep it within reason and you use navigational type search queries, and force click through traffic or CT spam like I call it, through to the site. Using brand terms you can influence a sites weight. That's going to give you a benefit … you know, your site becomes heavier and it's given more priority over other sites that don't have as many navigational searches. It's very very effective, guys, and I've been using it, like I said, specifically within Crowdsearch since November of 2014. I still use it today. Hopefully that was insightful. This wasn't something really that we planned, but I thought we should share that with you guys. Okay, anything else you want to add to that Marco?

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Marco: Nope, that's perfectly well. Now we know why.

Tools That Can Show Search Volumes Of Niche Keywords

Bradley: Very cool. I'm glad that there's a second patent out there that reinforces that first one. All right, let's get into this. The first question's going to go to Jay and the next question goes to the one that's been marked as spam. We're going to have to switch screens here in just a moment. Jay says I need the city specific search volumes for some niche key words. Now that Google keyword planner only shows range, what are the alternatives to get that kind of ballpark figure? Update came across this, Abbus has a solution in his video here. I can confirm it works creating a manager sub-account and g-account. A manager sub-account and a Google account apparently opens up specific search volumes for the manager.

Yeah, you set up an ad words manager account and then you connect a regular ad words account I believe, and then you log in to the Google key word planner from the the Adwords manager account and it will open up or give you back the data. That's at least my understanding. I haven't had to worry about it, only because I always go in through my Adwords manager account so I've never experienced not having the search volume data. I know a lot of people have had issues with that. Just click on the link here guys, if you want to see it.

I also found another resource … let me open up, I'll share it with you guys real quick, just give me a second. I've got another resource I can share with you. Come on, oh there it is. Let's see … is this it? No I'm sorry, I'm looking for it. I just added it in here earlier today. It was from Screaming Frog. I'll have to find it and post it on later guys. There's a pretty cool tutorial that actually goes in to … I could have sworn I had saved that this … let me check one more thing. Key word … enter. This is it right here.

This is from Screaming Frog. It's a great tool guys. If you're doing a lot of client work or you have a lot of websites, Screaming Frog is an excellent tool. This is a great article where you can get way more granular key word data as well. I'm going to share this with you guys on the events page and you can check this out. This is a pretty useful article I thought. This is key word planner, data.

Creating A Twitter Feed Via Google Apps

All right, back to questions. Yeah, thanks Jake, for pointing out Abs video, I believe that works as well. Also is still possible to create a Twitter feed via Google Apps? Seemingly Twitter has changed the widget interface, did not look possible. Marco can you answer that one?

Marco: No I can't because I haven't checked.

Bradley: Okay. I know … I wasn't sure if because Twitter SEO Academy people were having issues creating that Twitter script. There's this guys, I'll post this as well. You can create a feed from this and it's free, from Twitter. It's called Queryfeed, Queryfeed.net. I'll post this on the events page as well. Last time I checked, it's been several months, but you could create a RSS feed using this from Twitter and it works. At least it did a few month ago, so check this as well. There you go. Two resources for you.

SEO For Multiple Language Sites/Foreign SEO

Next, this would be Ben. Ben says I am in a foreign country. If I am serving clients locally in foreign language, but I also have an English speaking clients in the UK and Australia. What is the best way to structure my website in order to rank number one for SEO city name in both languages? Would it be to have the English language site as SEO city name and the foreign language site as a sub-domain like country.seocityname or have two separate sites?

No I would do it on a sub-domain absolutely, Ben. That way any SEO work that you do to either site, either the sub-domain site or the root site, will benefit the root domain entirely. I know domain authority metrics really don't mean shit anymore, but there is still some benefit to it. Anything that gets done to the sub-domain is going to benefit the domains as a whole. Yeah, he wants me to copy and paste … you want me to paste it in where?

Adam: Slack is fine, wherever, just so I can keep track of it.

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Bradley: Yeah, I think if I pasted it it might come up as spam again, on the event page. I don't know why Ben's got flagged as spam, maybe because of these links, I'm not sure. Yeah, I would absolutely use a sub-domain for that. Do you know if geo-location of the server the site is hosted on matters for ranking? It does slightly, Ben. You're follow up question is example or if my hosting is located in the US will that make ranking in a foreign country more difficult?

Okay, I don't do any foreign SEO stuff, I just never have guys. I've don't everything in the US. From my understanding, in the US it makes a slight ranking difference to have, but it's marginal guys. It's not really worth … if you've got a site hosted on a server in the UK and you're in the US, you're trying to rank a site in the US, I wouldn't say go move you hosting account. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying it's a very small difference. Whereas the server is located where your site is in the US, then it does help. But, as far as I know, and I don't have any data to back this up other than just things that I've read on forums and stuff like that, it doesn't matter so much in other countries. It's more of real competitive markets like the US and UK where that makes a big difference. Not a big difference, but it does make a difference. As far as I know on foreign language or other countries it's not really so much of an issue. Does anybody else have experience with that that can comment?

Hernan: Yeah, I second the fact that it slightly affects your rankings. It's just another checkpoint. You do not need to move that. I would agree that if you ranking for the US … that would be my main … if you're ranking for the US, there's a high chance that you will be ranking for the other location as well. Then again the other location would be potentially be much easier to rank so you could have some quick wins over there, and then jump into the US market. That's usually what we recommend. Instead of going all-in for the US market, which would be of course more difficult to rank, you can have some good wins on the foreign market. Yeah, Ips … I wouldn't pay that much attention to it unless you are trying to bump your website from position three to position one. Those stages where you need to optimize pretty much everything. That's where you want to pay attention to it.

Bradley: Keep in mind that you can always … you can create, say the root domain is hosted on an IP in the US for example, and you're trying to rank in the US market. Then you want to do a country specific sub-domain for another country. You could set up a hosting account in that other country, and then use DNS mapping like CloudFlare or Amazonroot53 and actually map the sub-domain to the IP located in that country. To your server or your hosting account located in that country. You don't have to have … you can have sub-domains installed on other servers on other hosting accounts in other locations. They don't all have to be on the same host. You just have to map it using a DNS service like Cloudflare or Amazonroot53. If you want to get specific about IP location you can do that and you don't have to have them all hosted on one host. Like Harnan said, that's more of a deal that … if you're trying to get from … move up that last couple positions and the competition is fierce, that is something that you might want to do. For most stuff, unless it's uber competitive, it's probably not going to make much of a difference.

Number two is if I've uploaded a video into a two-tier network and after a week is not yet at position one, page one, what is the best way to get it at the top spot? Well, I wish it was that easy, that we could just upload a video to a two-tier network and guarantee first page, first position results. Unfortunately that's not the case, and it's pretty rare that that happens actually, unless you're going after a pretty insignificant key word. So what can you do to get it in the top spot, would the backlinks package on Serp Space be enough? Maybe. I don't know. There's really no way to tell. There's no way to answer this question Ben. I'm not trying to be a dick, what I'm trying to say is that there's just so many variables that would have to be looked at to be able to determine a proper plan of attack. Yes, to probably all of … to would backlinks package on Serp Space be enough? I don't know, it would be an improvement, but I don't know if it would be enough.

Typically what I like to do, and we've talked about this several times, but what I do is always publish the video or upload the video so that it syndicates throughout my network. I give it about two weeks, and then I go back and see … after about two weeks I check to see where it's settled into … where it's settled in the search. If it needs a bump, then I will do either a secondary syndication, which can be done with like recipes, the YouTube like recipes, or I'll do a third party tool link blast. From Syndwire for example or I'll send it over to our link building team and I've have some links thrown at it that way. There's also social embeds that you can do, for example. Guys you can go and do a video in a Tweet as an embed. If you Tweet the video and then … make sure it's a Twitter account that's not in the sandbox, but if you Tweet the video and grab the Tweet URL and order a re Tweet gig from a reputable provider, then you can get like 2000 re Tweets. Well those are 2000 additional embeds. Tumblr embeds or what they call reblogs, a Tumblr embed and then reblogging which is like a re Tweet, those are also very effective. Pinterest pins and repins are effective. There's just so many different things that you can do to boost it.

Hernan: I would venture to add Video Powerhouse in the embeds.

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Bradley: Exactly. Video Powerhouse would work as well, because that's our embed network. We have first tier embeds and … well we have second tier embeds build into the Video Powerhouse network. Now we have a secondary embed network that we used to also boost it, which are like a bunch of web two networks. There's a ton of stuff that you can do. Yes, building links will absolutely help. Where does RYS fit into the picture here? RYS, you can use to push relevancy to a video. If you used, as one of your target URLs, the video URL, in an RYS stack or a drive stack, then yes that will help as well. Again, you can throw the kitchen sink at it, but what I would do is pick a couple of additional methods and apply those first than give it some time. Otherwise, sometimes you overkill it, guys, and than your results won't occur because it was too much too soon or you overkill it and you get the results you want, but you've got no room … nothing left in the toolbox for … in case it starts to slip.

We always talk about doing the bare minimum required to rank a property, to get your desired results. That sometimes … it's just an exercise in patience and it's a matter of applying something and giving it a little bit of time to see what kind of effect it has and then going and applying some more if needed. Just repeat that process until you get the desired results.

Is it best for getting individual sites or video ranking, can it be used to juice the network? For RYS, all of the above. Yes, my answer is yes to that. It's good for individual sites, for video ranking, for an entire network. RYS is pretty much good for anything. By the way, the first video uploaded to the two-tier network I just built hit page one, position nine for the primary search term. There you go, that's pretty damn good results for just an upload guys. My guess is, Ben, if you uploaded to a two-tier network, you hit page one, position nine to a brand new network, you're not going to need a whole lot to push it to the top of the page. If you're on page one with just an upload to a new network, than you're probably not going to need a whole lot. In fact, if you were to get your networks primed up with some additional content and you used them more often, which will theme the entire network. The power, the authority of that network will increase. That alone might be enough to push it up, but it's going to take some time, and some consistent publishing to the network to get it to that point. Remember you can also build links to your IFTTT networks to increase the power of those as well. Right, it's called boosting the networks.

Good questions though. Sorry it was in spam, not sure why. Probably from the links. All right, next. We've got so many questions to get through and we're already a half hour in.

Browseo Class

Rick says an SM class series on Browseo would be the best thing in the world. Would totally pay for what the training provided is honestly not as thorough as it could be or as organized. I know you guys would do it right even if is just a quick start session with more later when you have time. It would be awesome. Please consider. It's in the works.

Adam: We've got some good news for him.

Bradley: It's in the works. It's in the works, Rick. You want to expand on that Adam?

Adam: No I think that's just the way to put it. It's in the works and hopefully it won't be more than … I mean, it's going to take some time, it's going to be a good in depth course. Yeah, maybe, sixty days? So …

Best Practices In Doing 301 Redirects For An Old EMD Site

Bradley: It's going to be good. We have the green light, we're going to proceed with it, Rick. Just be patient, it's coming. Greg says hey guys, going to do my first ever redirection. I'm a three year old EMD site to a new URL, I truly don't want to mess it up. Only five pages with backlinks, will 301 over. Kind of using a redirection plug-in, any tips on what do avoid doing and what to be sure to do? Not really. I mean it's only five pages. There's not really a whole lot you can mess up there. Keep track of old URLs and new URLs, that's pretty much all you need to do. I always just use a spreadsheet for that, one column for old URLs, one column for new URLs, and match them up. That's it. You can do that … well, you've only got five URLs so you can't just do that manually. I was going to say if you've got a whole bunch of pages you can use the simple 301 redirects the bulk extension, or add-on, plug-in add-on, it's free, but it will allow you to upload a spreadsheet with all of your redirects. It saves a lot of time.

Setting noindex To Old Site

There are also some pages I don't want to redirect, but only reuse the content. Should I no index them on the old site or delete those pages entirely? Well, if you're not going to redirect them than what I would do is … if you're going to leave the old site live and you want to reuse the content from the old site on the new site, but you don't want a 301 redirect from the old page to the new page just set canonicals, cross domain canonicals. You go in to the old site and add the canonical tag to point to the new page URL. Basically you're telling Google, hey this page is an exact duplicate of this other page, I want you to give all the credit to this other page which would be on the new site. You canolicalize the new URL to the old page, does that make sense? You add the URL to the canonical tag on the old page.

Keeping The Content From The Old Site To The New Site After 301 Redirection

Left off the question, oops, do I need to keep the content exactly the same on the new site when moving it over? I want to change one page content about 50%, same topic just written better, thanks. No, you can change it. In fact I would. If you're doing 301 redirect … remember, when you do a 301 redirect, Google doesn't even see the original page anymore. As soon as it sees the redirect in the header it immediately redirects to the next page. It doesn't load the page, scan it and then redirect. It just sees the redirect code and goes to the next page. It doesn't matter if you change the new page or not. Obviously if you are trying to achieve the same ranking position as what the old page was, then if you're going to edit the new page than it could cause it to dance, likely it will dance anyways. If you're going to improve the page than you're probably going to end up, once it settles, in a better position than the original page did anyway.

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The same thing goes with canonicals, you can use it with a canonical. Now Google tells you that canonicals are supposed to be only used when it is an exact copy of the same page, but I know from testing that the pages can be different and it will still push credit to where you tell it to. I don't know what the threshold is, where that stops being effective, but I know that changing it … I don't know about 50%, if I've done it that much, but having the pages not be exactly the same has worked for me in the past still using canonicals if that makes sense.

IFTTT Recipes For SoundCloud

Dave says I've noticed you guys are posting podcasts on SoundCloud and have a semantic hub there. Do you have any tips and/or IFTTT recipes for SoundCloud? No, I do not because I don't do any of the audio stuff, that's Adam and Hernon. I know that you can use SoundCloud as a trigger as well. You can actually syndicate those embedded MP3 players. It's just embed code. So you can syndicate, and you can drive juice back to a Soundcloud and SoundCloud is a good semantic hub. Go ahead Hernon.

Hernan: Yeah, IFTTT has a native SoundCloud channel. It would say, every time you upload an episode, every time you like an episode etc. it's pretty cool. I have the feeling that we mentioned SoundCloud at some point as a semantic hub on V2 training. If we haven't, we should add to maybe the next training. Definitely, it's a great semantic hub. Not only that we're getting a ton of traffic and traction from SoundCloud itself. That's another … besides being a great semantic hub, it can be a really traffic generator. If all you're doing is videos and then ripping the audio and uploading to SoundCloud, if that's all you're doing it can be really good for generating traffic as well.

Bradley: There's a lot of traffic on SoundCloud.

Marco: People have to understand that we walk the walk. We're on Pinterest, we're in Instagram, we use Twitter, we use Facebook, we use anything and everything that we can to drive traffic to our website. We don't rely on just one search engine for traffic. We go … if there's traffic there to be mined, we go in there and we try to figure out how to get traffic to our website. Which is what you all should be doing.

Bradley: Yup. Okay. Any ninja tips I'll be setting a SoundCloud account to host audio files for an email campaign next week. I'm wondering how I can leverage this for SEO as well. Well, play with it Davis. I don't have a lot of experience with that because, again, I don't do any of the audio stuff. I do all YouTube stuff. Just play with it. I know, like I said, you can use the SoundCloud as a trigger. You could potentially set up an entire syndication network just being triggered by SoundCloud. Which is pretty cool. Then you can set up … I'm assuming you could even set up two-tiered networks and everything else with that, and because SoundCloud is such a high authority property I don't think it could do any harm to it. I would play with it and just get crazy. Test with it. Let us know your results by the way.

Blue Chip Backlinks Zero Trust Flow

Earl says I created about two dozen Blue Chip Backlinks sites which had apparently good trust flows and uploaded to S3 on CloudBoss about four to six months ago. Never got the juice I hoped. Realized I set many up as non dub dub dub when I should have done www. Version. When I went in and started checking on which was what in process, I realized that many of the two dozen sites now were zero truss flow for all versions. Www versus non www. I began process of removing the truss flow zeros from my S3 account and where the www. Had juice did a switcheroo to the version with the www. So question, clearly I was missing something when I bought the domains. At twelve dollars roughly, it's not going to kill me, but about a dozen of so or no longer, so I can't be … okay. So, that's kind of worded funny, but yes I get it. You don't want to waste money on domains. I totally understand that.

I suspect many only had one or two backlinks so I was just being too eager in accepting domains I should have passed on. Possibly Earl. I've talked about this in the past. What I do when I'm looking for domains to purchase, particularly when I scrape them, I look at the history. I'm not opposed … I'm not saying don't buy a domain that only has one backlink. I'm not saying that because … but what I am saying is that you want to check the age of the backlink. Go to the linking site … let's say you're looking at a domain. It's only got one referring domain coming to it, but the truss flow numbers are good. Which by the way, don't rely so much on the truss flow numbers. You should be looking for for topical relevancy, don't worry so much about the truss flow numbers. That's just a metric. You want to look more for topical relevancy, that's more important. Even if the truss flow numbers are low if it's topically relevant it would be a good domain.

Let's get back to the original question. If you have one referring domain, then what I do is go look at that referring domain, and then run that referring domain. That page, specifically that page through archive.org or the way back machine, and take a look at snapshots going back. See how long that backlink to the domain in question, your prospective domain has been there. If it's been there for five years or six years than it's absolutely a good domain to purchase. Chances are that backlink's never going to be removed, especially if you rebuild the old content onto that domain. If you rebuild the old site, which you just use the downloaded, the way back downloader inside of Blue Chip backlinks to do. If that backlink's only a year old, or a few months old, or even year and a half or two years old there is a chance that it could be removed.

However, again, if you rebuild the old site chances are it won't be removed. But that doesn't mean that things won't happen and the backlink won't get deleted anyways. All I'm saying is personally I look … I try to find domains that have more than just one referring domain. If all the other check boxes for my little checklist for criteria of whether I purchase a domain or not, if all the boxes are checked except for more than one referring domain, I'll still purchase the domain. Realize that there is a bit of risk in doing it guys. As far as you could be pissing money away on these domains. To me it's an insignificant amount, especially if you go purchase backlinks from places where you have no control over them. This, in my opinion, is a better investment. It's twelve bucks plus a nominal hosting fee, and you get it for a year.

I suspect, oh wait a minute. I know you have gone over guidelines before, but getting hard to find. Domains these days still I don't need to pay for junky. I agree with you. You'll have to take a look and see what happened. Something that you can do guys, remember you can always go look at the backlinks to the domain that you purchased. Actually go throw links at the linking page. In other words, if you buy a domain and it has a backlink to it from a particular page on another website, you can always build links to that other website page. It's not even your domain, but it's going to pass through to your domain because there's a link on that page. That's something else that you can do to boost it back up.

Also some of these now zero truss flow domains are showing up on some of my money sites with zero truss flow and eleven citation flow. Perhaps from before they lost their juice. Am I hurting my money sites with these and should I just remove the now low truss flow domain and/ or somehow try to rehabilitate it? For all my true zeros just click off the auto-renew. Yeah, you can if you … if they lost their metrics and you're not going to invest the time to rebuild the metrics. Which I don't particularly like to to either. Set them not to auto-renew. In fact, I usually don't set any of the domains that I purchase for building a private link network, I don't every set them to auto-renew. I'd rather just manually go review them when renewal period is up. When it's time for renewal go take a look at them and see if they still have value than I'll renew them. If they don't then I just let them drop. As far as removing those, if the topical relevancy was there, Earl, don't remove them just leave them there. Don't worry about it. Don't worry so much about that truss flow number. You're looking for topical relevancy that's the most important thing.

Connect Persona Networks To Different YouTube Or Blog Sites

Cliff says I am building a thirty persona network right now. Cool, I hope he's using Browseo. That could get ugly really fast if you're not. Can they be connected to a different YouTube or blog site? Or should I create a group of personas per blog or YouTube page I am trying to promote? Seems more natural for the personas to have a varied number of niches they are following and linking to, thank you. Yeah I would Cliff. If you're going to actually build a thirty persona network and build each one of those personas up, yeah make them look real. They're not going to be solely focused on just one topic, that's not natural. Guys, when we automate stuff we certainly don't want to spend a lot of time going in and manually commenting for each persona and all that kind of stuff.

However, I know if you're using Browseo and if you're not, you should be especially for what you're attempting to do. There are automated scripts inside of Browseo now that will mimic real activity for each one of those personas. Yes, to be more realistic each one of those personas should actually have several interests so that they look more real. I agree with that. Give it some diversity. Now if it's 100% automated that's difficult to do, but if you've got some manual aspect to managing and maintaining those than yeah, go through adding in additional likes and interests and activity and social engagement for each one of those personas. It will go a long way, in fact if you go watch our Browseo webinar that we did with Simon the developer, you'll see some of the crazy stuff that he's been able to accomplish by building out personas. It's really really cool.

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Public Notebook URL in Evernote

Larry's next. He says I'm totally new and going through the course. I'm assuming he's talking about IFTTT SEO, Academy. In Evernotes, since it doesn't tell me to publish once I create a name for the notebook and notebook information, is it now automatically in publish mode or am I missing something? Because of this I didn't receive or seem to have a public notebook URL when checking the note I created I need to sign in to see it. There should be, Larry, unless something has change, there should be an ability to create a link, a share link. The interface may changed, that happens and we need people like you to alert us of that. I appreciate that, we'll take a look at it. I'm going to be that on my … I'm writing it down just give me a minute. Evernote share URL.

To see if and we'll cover this in the next update webinar which is going to be about … it might be next week, I don't know. It won't be next week probably in two weeks from today, will be the next IFTTT update webinar. We've got several properties we're going to be covering in there. If you thought the last update webinar was good, which it was, this next one's going to be really good as well. We'll cover that Larry. I'm not 100% sure because I haven't seen what you're talking about, but there should be a way to create a share URL which makes it public. If you … again, I've written it down, I'll take a lot at that and we'll address that in the next update webinar if something has changed.

Possible Duplicate Content Issues For Google Alert Posts In Evernote Notebook

Jay says I'm tinkering with my own recipe, but is it doomed for failure? I have a Google alert going to Gmail inbox with a recipe that pushes the G-alert content to an Evernote notebook. These g-alert posts in the Evernote note displays many experts, not the full posts, and one after another in the same note. It makes for a messy but highly relevant doc. They have no links or attribution back to the g-alert sources. Not sure how I could do that. I did code every g-alert post to link to another note in the same notebook. This note has links to a g-map g-site and hosts that … Jay's killing it guys. You reading this? That's awesome. He's killing it. That's what we like to see Jay, get out there and experiment. That's pretty cool, what you're doing. I'd like to know more about that, at least what your results are.

He says I have a rank feed or two doing it's thang to the notebook. Are these g-alert posts in the Evernote notebook going to be dup content or simply a waste of time? No, they won't be dup content. Simply a waste of time? I doubt it, it's probably doing something, but there's no way to tell without testing and tracking results. It sounds interesting. One of you guys going to comment?

Adam: Yeah, I was just going to say if he's in the V2 group, the IFTTT SEO Academy V2. That sounds like a prime candidate for posting up a case study and maybe winning something.

Bradley: Yeah, winning something, absolutely.

Marco: I was just thinking if he just wants to create attribution he can code it into the recipes.

Bradley: Yeah, but I think what he's talking about is the g-alert's going to produce multiple sources. You know what I'm saying?

Marco: Okay, yeah.

Bradley: So who would you attribute it to? You can only attribute to one source really. You know what I mean, so. Again, Jay, I think it's pretty cool that … guys, we encourage you to test. We encourage you to test. We give you a template that works well because it's been tested, tried, and true type thing. We absolutely encourage you guys to test. Jay, I don't think it's going to cause any issues at all. At the very worst it will just be ineffective. There's probably a change it's going to do something, and I'd like to know what it is. If you're in the IFTTT SEO group that's certainly a candidate for a case study. Doesn't have to be real in depth, but if you do make one than we reward people that share in the group.

Indexing A Website In Google Faster

Darrel, he says I wrote a site for a customer and got paid. Then they started paying for monthly SEO, $200 okay. Site indexed and Bing and Yahoo, but refuses to index in Google. No manual spam messages in console. URL has been submitted, site map submitted. Search engines, indexing switch in wordpress is okay. Competition links are very low. I've run bookmarks, paid niche directory, blog spot article with link in, it is indexed. I have Tweeted URL and Tweet with URL is indexed. Wow. Also YouTube channel with link in description and in channel indexed. Okay, essentially long story short, it's been two months since go live date. Client refuses any SEO that involves a site with a review element eg. Google Maps etc, Facebook, basically anything that would be first steps in strategy. He stopped paying monthly a month ago, he said he will sue me for site build costs, refund a site not fit for purpose is not indexed in G. Advice to get this index.

Ooh, Darrel, that sucks man. Sounds like you've got a pain …

Adam: First things first though, I would say yeah that's true, What Bradley's saying. I know Hernon's told me a story about this, but have you checked the robots?

Bradley: Robots.txt file that's what I was going to say.

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Adam: And made sure that it got the index. Because man, that's like have you tried turning it off and on again. There's some stories of some plug-in causing a conflict. Hernon told me one, and I hear him laughing.

Hernan: Yeah, I had a client once that he had just … it was funny because his ex designed his website. She left that box, the discourage search engine to index these websites on wordpress checked. The guy wasn't getting indexed, so it was pretty funny.

Adam: I would say check out things. Hopefully it's not that, but look into the easy stuff first.

Bradley: Yeah, check the robots.txt file. I'm sorry go ahead Marco.

Marco: Darrel. I see Darrel a lot. Will you talk to be privately Darrel? I'm going to show you a super ninja way to get that sucker indexed, man. Just because.

Bradley: Okay, here's the other thing I was going to mention.

Marco: You win.

Bradley: Yeah. First thing I would mention is $200 for SEO work, not enough number one. I know you're in a situation, you're in a bit of a pickle now Darrel. I get that, but $200 is not enough for SEO work, number one. Number two, the client, he's going to be a pain in the ass. I get it, he's probably pissed, but one of these things. Trying to force the index, reach out to Marco. He said he'd give you some … consult with you on that, which is really cool of him. I know I've had issues where domains just won't index. We've talked about … Terry Kyle, he calls it the random ranking factor. Sometimes domains just are arbitrarily flagged by Google, they won't even show anything in the search console, but they just won't perform well or not index. Sometimes you just need to swap out the domain. I know for clients, a lot of clients are going to be a pain in the ass about it, and they'll just refuse to accept that. Sometimes that's what you have to do. There might be some other ways. Marco, if he has something super ninja that he's going to share with you than I'd take him up on that.

Marco: If it doesn't index this way, than there is no way to index it. I guarantee it.

Bradley: Yup. What I would do, I would clone the site and put it on a different domain and see if it indexes. I would do that without even asking the client. I would just clone the site, put it on a different domain, and see if it indexes because that could just be it. It could just be a domain issue. Go ahead Adam.

Adam: Once … are you done with this question?

Bradley: Yes.

Adam: Okay, cool. I just wanted to bring this up. Carol, up at the very top, if you scroll up, she answered Larry's question. Which was before on Evernote. If you want to show that real quick so that real quick.

Bradley: You have to modify sharing and then publish. The notebook won't show up until it's published. Took me awhile to figure that out. Carol, that's awesome, you're the mastermind. Let us know, if you don't mind Carol, if you could … I'm not going to ask you do work for us, but if you have a very short procedure for what you had to do, just a linear step by step. It doesn't have to be real super descriptive, that would be really helpful Carol. I will make sure that I give you credit for that in the update webinar. We can link to one of your sites for you if you want or something. Drive some traffic to you.

We're about out of time guys. We've got so many questions. This just sucks. I mean, it's great to have this many questions, don't get me wrong. It sucks that we can't answer them all today.

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Get An Address Without Using Virtual Office

Ven say hi guys, I'm just wondering can we get an address without using Virtual office because the location I want to do legion doesn't contain any virtual offices for me to use? Also can the same address be used for multiple different kinds of businesses? Okay, so first question, I don't know where you're located, Ven. If you're located in the US just use a PO Box from the United States Postal Service. You might not have any virtual offices but I guarantee that you've got a post office somewhere close by. Doesn't every town in America have a Post office? I think they do anyways. I don't know exact ally where you are but I would just use a PO Box. That's why I do, okay number one.

Using Same Address For Multiple Businesses

Also can the same address be used for different kinds of businesses? It can Ven, but it can get a bit sticky. You can however, this is the thing. If you're going to register a PO Box, then the PO Box you have to list the business name on there. I don't know how accepting they will be of multiple business names for the same PO Box. The Post oFfice itself might say no, that's not acceptable. I haven't tried that because I always just get multiple PO Boxes from the same Post office, if I'm going to create multiple lead gen sites, because I want the unique address. Which is just a unique box number really, but I want that. I don't mind paying for it because post office boxes are so cheap. I mean, the most expensive one cost me 168 bucks per year, the cheapest one's about $64 per year. To me that's a very nominal cost to just go ahead and have separate PO boxes.

However, years ago when I first started using this strategy … before using post office boxes, it was before that was an option. I used to use UPS boxes, you know the UPS store mailboxes. I would just go talk to the owner and say listen, I'm going to register this mailbox, but I'm going to have different business mail coming in. It's just going to say box … let's say my box number was 101. I'd say box 101a, then 101b, then 101c. I'd just make sure the manager knew that so that they would deliver all that mail correctly to my box. Even though they might not have … it was just box 101. I would tell them well business A is going to be box 101A. Business two is going to be box 101B, and that used to work. You also want to make sure if you're going to use the same address, if you can uniquify some way that's how you want to do it, but you absolutely have to use unique business names and unique phone numbers and unique web addresses. If that's the case. You can share one data point in the NAP, but you have to have all the other data points completely unique.

All right, I'm going to answer Greg's and Rosanna's and we're going to end it guys. I know we're supposed to end right now, but I want … Rosanna, I think this is Rosanna Row from inside the the IFTTT academy. I'll answer that one in just a moment.

Ranking Main Keywords On The Homepage Instead Of Inner Pages

Greg says built a silo from an existing site that already ranked good metrics. We did 301 from old page names, all indexed correctly and flowing according to Google index and webmaster tools. Problem with main website keyword is ranking on another page and not main website page. Interlinking is spot on, any more benefit to have old pages in place, but use canonical or stick with 301s? Any other quick suggestions you can think of for this issue? Greg, I haven't done any testing on this in quite some time. One of our mastermind members, Greg … I don't want to butcher his last name. Does anyone know how to pronounce his last name properly?

Hernan: Nugedly?

Bradley: Negedly? I'm not sure. I don't want to butcher you name, Greg. But he's done a lot of testing on canonicals. He's shared inside of our mastermind some experiences that he's had with forcing the correct page to rank for the correct keywords using canonicals. Something I've done many months ago, but I haven't done a lot of it recently. I know he's in the mastermind and you are not, but you could probably reach out to him and ask him if he wouldn't mind sharing. I hopefully didn't throw you under the bus Greg. I would seriously reach out to him and ask what he did or if he wouldn't mind sharing because I know he's been successful in doing exactly what you're asking about. You guys want to comment on that at all? Before we move to the last question?

Hernan: No, I think that's a good answer. I'm just trying to think of another member also in the mastermind, but yeah I think Greg excels in that particular …

Footprints For Blue Chip Backlinks Sites That Have NoFollow Attributes

Bradley: All right, last one and I really feel bad because Rico Suave said he wanted to put his question in here before the Hump Day Hangout number 100. We're going to run out of time guys. Rosanna says Hey guys I've been watching your videos and got many great products from you such as IFTTT and Content King Pin. One of the videos Bradley mentions to use, expired domains with good metrics, rebuild the sites with archive.org website files. They make all the external links no follow, add only one or two follow links to each site. I try to host these sites across different hosting providers, but I'm wondering if I still leave footprints since only money site URLs are do follow? Yeah, you can if you do it excessively, Rosanna. If you're … a handful of links from rebuilt sites, with all the URLs no follow except for the do follow link to your site, than that … if you're just doing it occasional I wouldn't worry about it so much.

If you start to see any negative affect, than you can always go in and remove it. Because you have control over those domains. One of the things that you can do to completely avoid that altogether is use buffer sites. Use buffer sites, link from those rebuilt sites to your IFTTT properties or to semantic hub properties or to citations or whatever. My point is just use buffer sites so that you're not linking directly to your site. If you're worried about it.

She also says since I no longer have blue chip backlink subscription I manually replaced [inaudible 00:58:13] with A, it's supposed to be rel=nofollow, but yes that's fine. That's the same thing. A nofollow … all that is is adding the nofollow tag to the link. Rel=”nofollow”

All right should I answer Rico's or should we end it?

Adam: We've got two minutes, let's do it. Real quick before you go. I want to say to everybody because I see there's Cody, Jeremy and a couple other people. If you guys go to semanticmastery.com/humpday that's how you can get here. We generally have that up within 24 hours of this ending. If not by 48 hours, we definitely do. Today if you didn't get your questions answered, or it happens in the future, just try to get in there. First come, first serve.

Bradley: Yup. Also Brian Dunn, I posted you question from inside the mastermind here, unfortunately we're not going to have time to get to it today. I will answer that in the mastermind for you then, because I told you I was going to answer it here today we just didn't get to it. So I apologize, I will get to it in the mastermind for you.

Syndicate Custom Map/URL/Iframe In The RYS To IFTTT Network Properties

Rico's question is hi guys my goal was to post a question on time before Hump Day Hangouts 100. Since I am always too late. That's why we're answering it. Mixed rank my shit or rank your shit I guess, g-maps, IFTTT question. If I understand it correctly, when you create a custom map and add some relevancy stacking. You have a custom map URL iframe that you can syndicate from Maine to all IFTTT properties. I have include coded or some mark up in it as well. I want to add additional extra relevancy later after it has been syndicated, but this shouldn't be a problem since the custom map iframe stays the same. Even if add addition markers from other cities in this regional custom map. Is this correct? Thanks.

Yeah, because once you've embedded the code everywhere you can still go in and edit the original map. You can add additional data or remove data. You can add new links, add new maps, pins. Add new layers, there's all kinds of stuff you can do. Doesn't matter, you don't have to change the map on every location, you only have to change it in one location.

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Marco: I think he's talking specifically about some stuff that I revealed when we were doing the iframe webinars. The answer is yes, you can do that and it won't … you're not changing the code. You're fine.

Bradley: Okay, also if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of that. That would be a question reserve for the RYS group, not so much on a public Hump Day Hangout, just … I'm not saying anything bad here Rico, I'm just saying we can't get into the details of RYS stacking stuff here because that is a pretty valuable secret training stuff. To answer Marco's remark on my lead gen site, is your plan to dominate a complete niche? Yeah Marco I need the money to invest in more training from SM. Plus one that.

All right guys, unfortunately we didn't get to the rest of the questions. There were some great questions today. We appreciate that. We will see everybody next week for Hump Day Hangouts episode 100. Awesome, maybe we'll give something away next week. You want to? Random?

Adam: Like a birthday cake. I don't know, we'll figure something out.

Bradley: The moral of the story is within the next 24-48 hours when the new Hump Day Hangouts events page is up, post some questions. Maybe we'll pick at random somebody next week to give something valuable away to for our 100th episode.

Adam: Hmm yes.

Bradley: All right guys, we'll see you next week. Thanks for being here.

Adam: Bye everybody.

Hernan: Bye everyone.

Marco: Bye.

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