What Are The Features Of MGYB’s GMB Verification Service?

By April


In episode 311 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the features of MYGB's GMB verification service.

The exact question was:

For this service: GMB Verification mgyb dot co/store/gmb-verifications/ Does this mean I could buy a GMB listing for say, a made up Construction Company, in any city I want? Would there be a way to get reviews to that GMB? Would I not need a physical address for that, just city state? and in that case, could I still rank it in the Local Pack (without an actual address/location)? That would be CRAZY, if I could rank that and just get a phone number action into those searches, wow! How high is the risk to lose the GMB properties from Google shutting them down? If I am not understanding this concept correctly, also let me know. I also have some connections to the towing and auto repair industries and am open to other niches so if some GMB niches are safer than others for keeping the properties long term so I can safely invest in ranking them and setting up lead buyers, let me know.

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