What Are Your Thoughts On Random Browsing On CrowdSearch?

By April

In episode 113 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about Random Browsing and other ways of using CrowdSearch to improve one's site traffic.

The exact question was:

Happy New Year guys! I have started using crowdsearch and wanted your opinion on a few ways I am using it. 1) I like Random Browsing on some of the searches. But with Random Browsing on, I get a lot of instances of 15-30 seconds of time on any one page. Ex: 7-8 page views in 4 minutes. Do you use it?

2) I have a couple campaigns that start at WP (or tumblr) that go to the Google Plus posts page then click on a post going to my website. (I vary what post is clicked). Good idea?

3) When I see a link show up in Search Console, I add that to Crowdsearch. Ex: Last month I had 5 visits from an unknown Pinterest board show in Analytics. I checked and it is a good board themed for my industry. So I added a campaign for a few searches a month coming from that Pinterest board. Is this a good type of thing to do?

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