What Is The Best Strategy For A Lead Gen Business On A Revenue Share Agreement?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 137 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked about the best strategy for a lead gen business that is on a revenue share agreement.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, I've started doing lead-gen for a local home builder and I have a question. It's a revenue share agreement, so for every sale he makes, I get a good amount.

I trust the guy since I've worked with him before, but I still want to make sure that I know what's going on. Is an answering service like the one you used on Local Kingpin the best way to do this? The client has almost nothing going on so he's expecting calls. Is the call tracking that LK uses enough without the answering service? I was initially sure that I could, but then I remembered I wouldn't have the names of the callers.

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