What Is The Best Way To Approach Potential Lead Gen Clients?

By April

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In episode 102 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best way to approach potential lead gen clients.

The exact question was:

SM Crew hope all is well.

I would like some advice please, I have my first lead gen site on the first page for one of my main keywords and I'm literally number 11 for my main keyword so I'm going to start contacting people now, very exciting but I'm also nervous. Its my first one and couldnt have done it without you guys, especially ifttt seo academy its been very powerful for my site I believe, not the only thing but huge! But I dont like the idea of people ringing one company, the lead gen one and getting another, the lead fullfiller.

What would be your advice? I'm thinking of saying that the lead gen company has teamed up with who's getting the leads – for example saying something like Plumber Pro Dallas has teamed up with Bobs Plumbing? Sorry for the long question but its my first time doing this and would like some advice from you guys as I trust you and I'm a big skeptic online as most know internet marketing is full of slime. Thanks guys any input will help!

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