What Is The Difference Between The Link Services Provided By Serp Space and Backlinks Indexer?

By April

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In episode 133 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked for an objective answer on the links service differences between Serp Space and Backlinks Indexer.

The exact question was:

I am taking all of my urls from my client websites, social media and web 2.0 sites and listing them on a spreadsheet and then I'm having my VA create a google shortener for each url and then I run both sets through the Backlinks Indexer which I buy monthly but I only get a total of 1,400 links. SerpSpace shows for almost the same amount of money, it does 5,000 links. What is the difference in service…Objective answer please!!

In the video, Bradley differentiates the link building services provided in Backlinks Indexer and Serp Space. He mentioned that he cancelled his subscription to the indexing services he had with Backlinks Indexer. The reason is because he had better experience with Serp Space's indexing rate, which is about 60% better. Bradley also suggested the participant not to go overboard with indexing too many links at the same time as it can become an overkill move to do. He also discussed that using URL shorteners to those links is also a redudant thing to do. Most link building indexing services will also filter out redudant URLs from shorteners. Bradley then mentioned Backlink Commando, which is a good plugin for properties in the syndication networks that use RSS feed. He recalled that the plugin used to be a helpful strategy to auto-submit web 2.0 posts to backlink indexers.

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