What is the Ratio When Siloing Your Own Videos with Other People’s Videos?

One of the participants of Episode 63 of Hump Day Hangout was asking about the ratio when siloing uploaded and other people’s videos in YouTube playlists.

The exact question was:

I saw in a recent hangout where you talk about adding other peoples relevant youtube videos to our own channel and relevant playlists. I’ve been doing this a little bit for a while now so I was glad to see you recommending it as well.

Without trying to overthink things to much on my end…I was wondering if you used any particular loose ratio of your own videos to other peoples videos. You probably have a much bigger data set than me, so figured I would ask. I guess I still have a hangup about losing too much link juice to other people’s videos that I am pumping into my channel and linkjuice.

I would just silo all of my own videos in the playlist, leaving other peoples videos out of the silo structure in the description, but just having them in the playlist for relevance and to look less spammy correct?