What MGYB Products Should I Use For A Bilingual GMB Page?

By April


In the 264th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked what MGYB products should one use for a bilingual GMB page.

The exact question was:

Hi guys! I have a potential client that has a GMB profile and website in biligual language. The main domain automatically directs us to the French version, whilst if we want to read in English version, I assume he's using a sub-domain. For example: www.hisdomain.com → https://hisdomain.com/fr (French) and in English is https://ecovistaplus.ca/en My question is: I want to use your DFY services from MGYB store, for the purpose to 3 map pack and local SEO for French and English buying keywords. Can you direct me which products do you strongly recommend as first priority? I already bought your BattlePlan vetsion 3, and also check your MGYB store several times, but I'm lost looking at it. I have audited his GMB, and around 70% French buying keywords resulting to his GMB 3 map pack and his website on page 1. And zero results for English buying keywords. I believe your DFY services also offer white label services as well? Thanks guys!

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