What MGYB SEO Products Do You Recommend For An eCommerce Site And Events Planning Site?

By April

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In episode 314 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked what MGYB SEO products the team recommends for an ecommerce site and events planning site.

The exact question was:

Hello guys. I got my battle plan 2 weeks ago and closed 2 new clients here in the UK to build an ecommerce website for each of them with monthly SEO. So I plan to purchase your Keyword research as the first step for each. Can you tell me what are the other products I need to purchase from your arsenal of services and in what order am I to purchase them. One of the ecom website is in the fashion niche specifically, children's custom clothing and the other is selling hair products (mostly targetting womens hair). Both are located here in London, England. I have another client from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) who I closed yesterday to build an events planning site for her in the British Virgin Islands. There is not much competition in that niche so would I need to purchase all of oyur services and f not what would you recommend?

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