What Permalink Structure Should I Use On A Mail URL?

By April

In episode 110 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best permalink structure to use on a mail URL.

The exact question was:

Hey Guys,

For some weird reason I seem to have a hard time understanding how to silo out a WordPress site….

In the permalinks I have a custom structure of /%category%/%postname%

When I create a new post the permalink looks like: www.example.com/categoryname/postname, but when I go to view the category the url is: www.example.com/category/categoryname

So on the mail url should I be pointing internal links to www.example.com/categoryname or www.example.com/category/categoryname? Will that send the link juice to the posts or is there another step needed?

Hope that makes sense and thanks for all you guys do!

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