What Video Should You Embed In A Press Release?

By April


In episode 264 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked what video should you embed in a press release.

The exact question was:

thanks for the pr schema reply (smile) I have something else I'm thinking about. i am publishing press releases about each blog post and want to incorporate video into the mix now that press advantage offers video embeds. using the content of my articles and press releases I created youtube videos of each post and pr. From the videos created using my blog content I created a youtube playlist that mirrors my blog silo and embedded these into the corresponding blog post. From the videos created using my pr content, I created a 2nd youtube playlist that mirrors my PR stack. which video is best to embed into the press release? the video from the blog post? or the video about the press release itself that promotes the blog post? or does it matter?

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