Where Can I Find A Document On Basic Metadata And Tag Configuration?

By April

In episode 179 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked where can he find a document that discusses basic metadata and tag configuration.

The exact question was:


Newly minted MM Status, and it feels GREAT! Thank you for the warm welcome. Truly been AWESOME so far and looking forward to posting results soon.

That video email, NICE!!! I got my money's worth for this month already.

1. Where can I find a document on basic metadata and tag configuration without going too far down the rabbit hole? Basically, I want a clear and easy way to provide some value to prospects I audit. I had a prospects report come back with meta data and tag issues and I would have loved to offer some generic DIY info for free like “”put this kinda information here”” without going all Jeffrey Smith SEO Bootcamp on them. Any direction you can provide as solid guide/template would be invaluable.

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