Where Can I Host Many Domains And Get The Best IP Diversity (Amazon, Cloudflare, Etc.)?

By April

In episode 146 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked which company is the best for hosting many domains with as much IP diversity as possible.

The exact question was:

whats your best suggestion (Amazon, cloudflare, etc ) to host many domains as one can with as much ip diversity as possible?

Related… I have a local biz client who has 6 sites, each is a location, not yet merged and siloed. Id like to merge and silo, but Im hesitant because some lesser locations are mail boxes, at risk of shut down. I'd like to mitigate risk here. if one were to be shut down by big G, if the site were merged and siloed, could the shut down jeopordize entire site?

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