Why Do My Italian Google and WordPress Sites Do Not Appear On The Country-Specific Google Search Site?

In episode 168 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked why Google and WordPress sites do not appear on the country-specific Google search site for the main keyword queries even though they appear on Google.com.

The exact question was:

I created a Google site and also a wordpress.com in Italian with backlinks to my money site.
They both rank in Google.com but don’t rank in Google.it
I can’t find them, searched to the end of all the results that Google.it gave me and didn’t find them.
They are both indexed. If I copy and past some of the text, Google finds them.
But if I search for the main kw, Google.it doesn’t show them not even at the last page.

Why can I find them on Google.com with my main kw but can’t find them with that same keyword on Google.it?
The Gsite was created 5 months ago with original content. The wordpress.com a few weeks ago.
Italians search on Google.it not on Google.com

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