Why Does Google Update GMB Info Without Giving Notice?

In episode 275 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked why Google updates GMB info without giving notice.

The exact question was:

Hello , please help if you have time. I use to do building work in Uk . I had GMB listing with the name of my building services company and i was ranking no1 in local maps for keywords “” builder + location”” However i am not doing building work anymore and i have changed my profile from builder to electrician ,so 6 months ago i changed my GMB name to the new electrician business name. Now ,after 6 months if i type in “” electrician + location “” i am number 12 in google pack and if i type in “”builder+ location”” i still rank high in first positions in local 3 pack. Please explain . Thank you . ( i have new electrician website linked with my gmb listing so it is nothing to do with the old website). Is this about that i have secured place for some keywords ? How it is work then ? From time to time google is doing some changes to my listing and changing back my electrician name to the builder name . Very annoing so i have to change it back to electrician and try to rank for electrician keyword. I am sure you know what is the trick . It is like the gmb ppsition is secured under this builder+location keyword and wond go down .