Why Does The RSS Of Other Authority Channels Needs To Be Changed Frequently When Submitting The Super Feed?

By April

In Hump Day Hangouts episode 293, one participant asked why does the RSS of other authority channels need to be changed frequently when submitting the super feed.

The exact question was:

Hi guys: 1) Why do you want for the rss of the other authority channels to be changed frequently when submitting the super feed? 2) Because there is minimum of text length of 300 words in each page/post submitted, I wonder if words inside a block quote tag which is basically words from other site will be considered/counted in the article's text length? This is what contentkinkpin relys on? (To simply the question: let's say an article has 250 words and if adding a quote with 50 words will it count for 300 words in the article)?

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