Will A 301 Redirected Aged Domain Bypass Google’s New Domain Sandbox And Pass On The “SEO Juice”?

By April


In episode 260 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if a 301 redirected age domain will bypass Google's new domain sandbox and pass on the “”SEO juice””.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, . . . thank you VERY much as usual for your great Hump Day help :- ) . . . . Just a quick question . . . I know that you are not a fan of using aged domains for seo purposes for several reasons, like, you want to control “”branding””, finding a niche related aged domain with a “”clean”” niche related backlink profile is very rare, etc . . . . but if I wanted to use one and have it 301 redirected to a new domain for a local business site, will that bypass Google's “”new domain sandbox”” and make them treat the new domain as if it has been around for a while as well as pass on the “”seo juice”” from the aged domain? (smile) . . . . by the way. I remember your excellent advice on using your Hosting Provider's C-Panel to do the 301 redirect instead of the Domain Provider (smile)

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