Will An Existing (Non-Semantic Mastery) GSite And Drive Stack Interfere With The Ones Being Built By MGYB?

By April

In episode 258 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if an existing (non-Semantic Mastery) GSite and drive stack interfere with the ones being built by MGYB.

The exact question was:

hi guys i was talking to a dentist about his seo. he told me his son was doing it but was getting nowhere. I spoke to the son and he told me he bought some gigs on fiver for google sites and drive files. i told the dentist you get what you pay for and that I may be able to help do it properly. Can I go to MGYB and buy a gsite+drive stack for this or is it too late? will the current gsites or “”drive stack”” his son setup interfere with one mgyb would build? I dont think the son will let me delete all the work he had done. thanks

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