Will Changing An Existing Schema Affect The Current Ranking Of A Website?

By April

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In episode 85 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts one participant asked if changing a schema would affect the current ranking of a website.

The exact question was:

Hey everyone hope your all doing well,

I have a question about Schema. I have a somewhat national surgeon review site that I have had schema on for 8 months or so using the “Physician” productontology.org/id/Plastic_surgery markup on the homepage and nothing on the inner pages. I am considering changing it Organization schema as it is more accurate reflection of my site. Can I just delete the “Physician” markup & change everything to Organization markup (keeping my sameas, location, etc) or will that ruin rankings and ruin any good standing I have with the semantic web police?

Or should I leave the”Physician” Schema and just add In Organization schema but if I do that then how do I do proper sameas, location, etc for both Physician & the Organization markup?

Thanks guys!?

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