Will It Cause Duplicate Content Issues If The Source Code For Mobile And Desktop Versions Of A Site Are Shown Together?

By April

In episode 122 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if showing source code for both mobile and desktop versions of a site can cause duplicate content issues.

The exact question was:

My question relates to mobile specific design. I've been using the Beaver Builder page builder which is an incredible web design tool, and Beaver Builder allows you to create different layouts that will only be shown on mobile if the site doesnt look quite right on a mobile. So you can copy a certain part of your website and change it slightly just for mobile users which results in a better experience for all devices as you can modify the design or text or whatever you want for any device, but in the source code it shows both layouts. If the content is the same, will this be classed as duplicate content? It states in the source code what is for desktop and tablet and what is only for mobile so its very much like dynamic web design but both are there, even tho the mobile version of that specific piece of content is served just to the mobile users only, both are in the source code. Do you think could cause issues?

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