Will Link Juice Naturally Flow From Non-Canonical To Canonical Webpages?

By April


During episode 78 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about if link juice naturally flows from canonical to non-canonical pages.

The exact question was:

If I'm building links to a non-canonical webpage, will the link juice naturally flow to the canonical one?

I'll be more specific:
I'm building links to rank an amazon page, however amazon has 2 versions of every product page:
1. amazon.com/dp/PRODUCT-SKU

Which Amazon URL Structure To Link Build With To Rank in Google?

#2 is the canonical one, and unfortunately it will actually change, if a seller on amazon changes their title.
I don't know if amaozn 301's them if they change, but the only url that doesn't change is #1 (it's permanent url),
however, it is NOT canonical.

So if I'm trying to rank an amazon page in google, to which amazon url should I build links to for maximum effect??

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