Would You Recommend Using A CoWorking Space Address For A GMB Profile?

By April

In episode 215 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if the Semantic Mastery team recommends using a CoWorking Space address for a GMB profile.

The exact question was:

Following the manual approach of getting an address for my GMB profile, besides a Postal Box, would you recommend to get an address from a CoWorking space in my local area? The niche I am working on is Internet service related and the coworking location and my service could match.

I've spoken to them about receiving a verification card from Google and they allow companies to operate and work from its premise. Being that Google is aware of this CoWorking space's address since they have their own verified GMB profile, do you see any issues with getting another GMB profile with the same address?

Considering that I will be using your methods to get different pictures and images that would point to the same address, wouldn't that be a dead giveaway to Google?

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