Would You Recommend Using The Deep Interlinking Tool From Ultimate SEO Plus To Silo A Site With 650 Blogs?

By April


In episode 220 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the Semantic Mastery team recommends using the deep link interlinking tool from Ultimate SEO Plus to silo a data center facility architect site with 650 blogs.

The exact question was:

Inherited a non-siloed site (Data Center Facility Architect) that has 650 blogs on it. Traditionally, I like BOTH hard and linked silo structures. However, the thought of even having one of my staff categorizing each blog to /%category%/%title% and 301 redirecting all those gives me tired head. If you were me, would you just use Ultimate SEO Plus' deep interlinking tool and just link the keywords as they occur in all those blogs to the appropriate Service Page when possible? (Granted, it means a single blog might link to two different service pages…tensile siloing not clean siloing). #onpage

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