Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner

Experience: Electrical & Telecommunications Contracting, Real Estate, Marketing, SEO, Local SEO

Specialties: Marketing, SEO, lead generation, coaching, training, project management.

Location: Culpeper, Virginia – USA

Bradley Benner began learning local SEO in 2010 to generate leads for his electrical contracting business. He quickly developed a passion for assisting other contractors in gaining more exposure on Google. After two years of doing local SEO and lead generation as a side gig, Bradley opened his first agency in 2012 to offer his services to more local businesses.

In 2014, Bradley co-founded Semantic Mastery LLC with four other digital marketers. Two of his co-founders, Adam Moody and Chris Pillwein, still hold executive positions in the company. As the lead trainer and coach of Semantic Mastery, Bradley has been teaching local SEO, lead generation, and agency building methods through online courses and the Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, which is their top-level group coaching community.

In 2020, Bradley decided to narrow the focus of his local SEO agency and exclusively work with tree service contractors. He rebranded his agency as TreeCareHQ. Since then, Bradley has been teaching his students and members not to constantly chase the latest SEO tactics, but instead to choose one industry, become experts in it, study direct response marketing and sales, productize their SEO services, and rapidly grow their agency's revenue.

In 2022 he founded Semantic Links, a white label link building service for local SEO agencies that provides topic and geographic link building services based 100% on relevance matching.

Bradley's ultimate goal is to help more local SEOs break free from the grind of being self-employed and experience the benefits of having a well-organized, high-earning agency.