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By April

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Hello everybody and welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 290. Today is the third of June and we are going to get rolling on into things here we got a couple of quick announcements. This is the show where I do not use Hernan's title cuz I got enough problems and I'm gonna stick with my intro so I'll let her know and explain that in a minute. But let's say hi to everybody first and then we're gonna get into it. So, Bradley, how are you doing today man?

Good happy to be here.

I just read Hernan's comment anyways just happy to be here guys.

Outstanding well let's hop over to you what's going on man? I do not know that there's a reason why I put it there in the chatbox. I was about to put it on the

Slack channel but I know that Bradley will share his you know his screen and then you know

everything will break loose Regulus, but anyways, yeah, excited to be here. Really, really good to be here. How's Santa Monica? How are you doing today? Iron Man trying to hide his porn.

I think porn would actually be a lot better receptive and that is better received than his comment.

Anyway, things are good. Things are good. I can't complain. I mean, I could go What's the use right here any good? Yeah, he's just complaining. So just, I just enjoy it, let it go and move on to the next thing which is making money looking for ways, of course, looking for ways to mess with Google.

Fair enough, which I'm going to come back to that in just a minute but first, Chris, how you doing man?

Doing excellent. had a really good gym session today. So I'm super pumped happy. weather is good some ways definitely approaching and yeah, can't complain.

Yeah, I am not as pumped. I was like, I'm gonna take my miles up, do some long run. So I was going to go out and do 12 miles today and decided to bump up so it's Like 91 here, which is like for our Celsius speaking friends, that's like, what? 34 Celsius at 33 out there. Yeah, nice and toasty. So this will be a fun one for me. But instead of telling everyone about my exercise plans and the weather in the Bay Area, I wanted to share real quick. We sent out an email. There have been some webinars happening lately. But more importantly than that, we had a lot of people asking us about GMP verifications, and we've sent a couple of emails but we know people sometimes Hey, you're busy, you might miss it. mgyb.co. GMP verifications are backed up. And you can find that just by going over to mgyb.co. Find out more there. Please pay attention to the very few but very important restrictions. There's a couple of niches that you just it's not possible, so don't bother ordering. So all you have to do is go to mgyb.co and you click on the store, you go to GMB verifications, and right there it'll have a shortlist of The only niches that you can't do, if you don't read that, then you know, we'll just gonna end up refunding it. I say that because it happened a few times. I want to make sure that you guys get what you need but as always,

sorry, like does that mean there are people that pull the trigger without reading instructions? Is that what you're saying?

There are but you know what, I appreciate that they were so happy to get started and GMBs that they're just actually connected. But you know, we don't want to hold you up. We don't want to cause you any grief. So just make sure you know, you're aware there are a few areas that we can't do that for and more importantly, to you know, these are the verification system is something that comes and goes. Obviously there are some hang-ups there with outbreak and Coronavirus. And you know even while I'm not going to go into the details, but let's just say we can't tell you when this could go away. So if this is something you were doing or you want to do for like local Legion or for your own stuff, this would be a really good time to get into that. Marco Do you want to have you read the bullet list?

It is what we don't have to get back to So, we can't do that. Because we said we can't do that. And so asking if we can do it doesn't make sense. Since we told you, we can't do it. Oh, that makes it make sense to me.

Yeah, no, that sounds good. So we just had a webinar, we're going to be sharing it a little bit more in the future moving forward with everyone. It's a new tool that Bradley has been using a lot. I checked it out. I'm just not using it because I'm not big into local. But I think for anyone that has local clients go high level and the training that Bradley is developing, and some of the other goodies we're going to have available are pretty amazing. And I don't know if there's more to say right now about that Bradley, or if we can just leave it at that and say we'll share with people and not at the moment, I'm going to be providing a case study for how I'm using it and a couple of ways that can be used will provide my test pans out the way I hope that it does, to experience kind of exponential growth with it. Um, I think there's a way to kind of tear out like receiving benefit from a client but also from clients. And so I'll explain all that during you know, in the case study when it's done, it's probably going to be about a month out. But that will be a bonus for anybody that purchases it as well. Nice.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, it's great. I'd like to share something that happened with Hernan because he forwarded me a list of when the person was selling links, high domain authority, whatever page or what did just whatever from that Edu domains and then and all these great things and charging an arm and a leg for them. And I talked to rob and then Rob says, isn't that the one we push down? And so while he was looking, I went to look and I said yeah, that's the one we pushed down for, for the keyword SEO shield. And so I'm like, haha, coincidence is right where you go and you get someone trying to sell you something. And you can write back to them and say, well wait a minute we did our way, just took down your way. So why should I buy your way you should come over and buy my way. Because it's cheap I will be. It's just, it was just hilarious or the whole list of it would have cost me just thousands of dollars to get all of those links. And it cost you a fraction of that in MGYB, and works mode better.

Definitely, if you're on the email list, I highly suggest if you're interested in SEO, Sheldon, we're talking about it, that you nominate that if you're if you've seen these emails for the Fourth of July sale, we're going to have coming up we're going to have some we usually have something very good but we're asking you guys for some input this year. So be sure to fill those surveys out, open up your emails, when you get them from us around you. It just takes a minute and you're going to get a lot out of that. Real quick too. If you're an agency owner or a consultant, you want to get more clients you want to grow your revenue and scale your team at that Me, I think that's everyone here. So I can work less and earn more. If you want to be like that, then go check out to x your agency comm This is great training for people who already have clients. But as well as people who are just getting started and maybe you know, you're not trying to grow the biggest agency ever, but you want to quickly get up to speed and really grow your consulting business or your agency. And last but not least, we've been talking a little bit about SEO about MGYB. But if you want to get step by step processes for SEO results, then the best place to do that is that battle plan dot semantic mastery. com grab the battle plan. And that's generally where we tell people to start when they come to us and they come to Hump Day Hangouts and see what's next that that that those two are great places to start. They're complimentary, but you may want to start with one or the other, depending on what your most immediate need is, and go from there. All right, guys. Anything else before we dive into questions?

I'm doing so. All right.

So we're good.

Grab the screen. Okay,

guys, we've seen everything right.


How Do You Use SEO Shield If You're A Beginner?

All right. So it looks like this is the first question says my SEO shield was just delivered, but I have no idea what to do from here. I only got logins to an ID page and a pro account plus approach. Okay, so you shouldn't have got it. Anyways, I'm just going to read the question. Got a log into an ID page on a pearl trees account is what that means plus an HTML file to download and a Google site URL. What about the syndication network and the IFTTT where I post content? Please advise or tell me where I can find a tutorial to use these assets? which I'm sure awesome Yes, I have the battle plan 4.0. But there are no mentions of what to do with these assets specifically, thanks. A while the delivery email should have contained all of your information unless it came in and separately like in other words when your syndication network if it was an SEO power shield, which includes all the stuff. You should have gotten an email when the syndication network was delivered, which should have been first before the drive stack was completed.

So and when the SEO shield is delivered, it gives you once you log into that Google account, which by the way, that's one of the first things you should do, guys, as soon as you get your SEO back, log into the Google account because it binds that account now to your IP. And we recommend that you do that like right away like within you know, within a few days anyways of receiving that email. But once you log into that Gmail account that was provided to you with the login details, then you click the URL to the spreadsheet, which opens up like the drive stack, essentially all the files and folders and everything. And then through that same Gmail account, you can click in the drive and you can actually go in and look at all the individual files and folders and all of that kind of stuff.

Are we sending out the done for you RYS black book with the delivery from SEO shields? If not, we should include that, Marco.

This Stuff Works
And that's a standard practice because although it's a bundle, as everything is done, it gets delivered. And part of the delivery is, of course, the Done For You User's Guide. And the BattlePlan says exactly what to do with what, whether it's a new asset or an existing asset. As the pieces come in. Your next step is link building, press releases, link building, embeds, link building more press releases until you get the results that you're looking for. I mean, our system hasn't changed and I don't know how many years because it's simply worse. It's just the way we bundled it. And he's asking about his syndication. Well, he submitted a syndication point, which is his RSS feed or wherever it is that he's going to be syndicating from his syndication network, so that his content can be published, right. So he should have gotten with that That we wouldn't have built the syndication network. So he's asking about that he's supposed to be blogging from there. So he's supposed to look into how to set up his silos, how to go after the top market level category. These are all things that we've discussed in past Hump Day Hangouts. I mean, the approaches, everything's free in the on our YouTube channel, all you have to do is use the channel search function. And look for all of these things. Well, what do I do with the RSS feed? How do I syndicate? All questions that can be answered from our YouTube channel. From our free content, you can go into the free Facebook group and ask the question, I know that this particular one I told them, as in Hump Day hangout so that we could go into more detail about what to do, but it because I wanted to make sure that everyone knows, is like you're not we're not doing anything different. You get the syndication network, you start syndicating content, you don't have to wait for everything else to come in. Right? It should be primed. You should have content ready, you should have your silos more or less ready. If you didn't, then you should have gotten a keyword research gig from us where we can suggest how to approach your niche. But I mean, nobody knows your niche better than you or you should be researching your niche to the point where nobody knows better than you. We can give you suggestions. And we could give you a question and answer your question format so that you can do questions and answers in your content syndication. But again, nothing has changed from the beginning. It's still the syndication network used to the syndication network is for syndicating content, and it's for bringing that entity together, right? It's the beginning of the validation process that we did a whole webinar on that as a matter of fact, in MGYB, then as everything as the @ID gets delivered, and then the final piece of the puzzle of the SEO shield, the dry sack and G site. Well, that's what you hammer with the link building and you can shoot your press releases through that and out into your tier one brand, which is your syndication network. This is all a process and it's all set up. And again, we discuss it thoroughly in the battle plan, not only in the battle plan, but in the webinar that we did, where were you, Rob and I got together and we discussed all the different parts of the battle plan and how to approach it and what to do with it. It's all there. It may take a little bit of research into the YouTube channel, but it's all there and it's all free. It's all free. So you have to just go place the order with MGYB and Okay, what do I do with this? Well, you, thank you for coming here and asking so that we can go into detail. Thank you. But all of these things are available.

Yeah. So like, Where do I post content? It depends on what you used as your trigger or told us to use it as a trigger for your syndication network. Was it blog syndication? So using an RSS feed or was it a YouTube channel? That's the question so you just post content to whatever you chose as your trigger for the network, right. So either post blog posts on your blog, or upload videos to YouTube channel. That's where you would post the content too. I do think that this is a good opportunity, perhaps for us to do Marco and Rob and me perhaps to jump on a creative webinar for MGYB like an update webinar, that is just a quick run-through of what to do after your SEO shield has been delivered, or while you're waiting for all of the components to be delivered. Maybe just do a quick webinar and update that we can then send along with the delivery email with the done for you Users Guide and all that stuff. But just to kind of give an additional resource, I'm up for that. So if I could twist Marco and Rob's arm to jump on with me, in the next couple of weeks, maybe we'll do that as an update webinar for MGYB just to kind of give it all consolidate it all into one, you know, 20-minute video or something that explains on you know, what, what best practices are for going forward? I think that might be helpful. What do you say?

No problem just set it up.

Okay. So yeah, we can do that in the meantime. Go look it should have done for your user's guide. It should have been delivered. If it hasn't been just contact [email protected] And request it will make sure you get it but it should have been delivered and then go back and check for your syndication network. Whenever that's completed, you should get an email for that first, like, you know, a week or however many days prior to your done for you. Drive stack being completed because that's always done first if that makes sense. So if that's what you ordered as an SEO power shield along with you know, with all the stuff included, then that's the timeline that you should have received notifications. Okay.

Does SERP Watching Hurt A Website's Ranking?

Mohammad is up next. What's up, Mohammad? He says, hey guys, does SERP watching her a ranking for a specific website, my car dealer. My car dealer client is rising rapidly for a major keyword almost too fast (Shout out to SM). It's awesome. I've shown him the progress and he got so excited. He's checking it every day. I requested he take it easy, but if he's actually hurting things, I'll tell him to stop. That's a really good question. I'm not sure about that. What do you say, Marco?

This Stuff Works
Well, it depends on how many unique visits his IP is getting counted for. Right? And now here's the problem. So let's say he's looking at it from his desktop at work. Then he goes to his laptop, and he looks, then he's home and he looks at it from his mobile phone. Then he tells his wife, hey, go, go, go check this out, and he reaches out to a friend. Now you've had five or six visits that just go and say, Oh, look, Wow, this is great. But they take no action that on that search engine result. Or maybe they click through to the website, which is great for your click-through rate. But when they're on your website, nothing happens. And you've heard me talk about this before Mohammad, the final piece of this entire puzzle is getting that person to that click to call that form to whatever it is that you want that person to do. And finish it off. Most people are like, Oh, how pretty Look, look, this is really neat. I'm number nine. I'm number two, whatever it is, the harm could come, like from too many sessions, right? The separate sessions that they can kind of work without anything happening, because that can actually be a negative, because to Google that somebody's not finding what they're looking for or somebody's not trusting you enough. If they land on your website to get you that information. If he's just looking from time to time, depending on how much traffic it will what percentage it is of the overall traffic, it's not going to make any difference. Now, I'm going to tell you another thing if he's watching this close closely, and you know how fickle Google is the first time this thing dances, you're gonna get a call at midnight because this guy's gonna be watching. You have no idea what you're gonna get that call, and he's gonna be panicking. Right, and Do you want that call? Tell him to stop and look at the fucking results. That's it. Stop, stop it is your phone ring, it's coming up, wait for the next report. Then you go and look, relax, let you see initial results. Give me time to put everything in place so that you can see what the end result of what I do cuz he's not really giving you a chance. And I'm telling you, the first negative thing that happens this guy's gonna freak out. Remember, Marco told you?

Yeah, anybody that SERP watches that much is going that's a clear indication that they're going to be trouble. They're gonna high maintenance, Mohammed and you have a tendency to attract those types of clients for some reason. So I totally agree with Marco. One other thing I want to mention is I've experienced something similar but when managing Google Ads campaigns, what I mean by that is I've had some clients that they go and they Go check, you know, Google, they do keyword searches to see their ad. They don't click through because they know they're going to pay for every click that, you know, even if it's them clicking through, they're going to pay for that. So they know not to click through, but I've had clients that will kill my click-through rate. Right, which if you understand Google ads, you know that one of the best ways to raise your quality score and lower your cost per click, and all of that is to have a high click-through rate. And I've had clients that have like literally negatively affected their click-through rate, drove it down the CTR down because they're SERP watching their ads. And it shows all these additional impressions, but not as many click-throughs because they're just checking it to see where it's at. And so I always tell somebody, if you really want to take a look at where you are, if you're as long as you're on page one, go use the Google Ads preview and diagnostic tool inside of Google ads, right? Because then you can simulate a search without it actually counting as an actual impression right? So as long as you're on and it works for even organic because you can actually set your, you know, it simulates a location, but then you can also simulate whether it's a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device. And you can search for your keywords. And as long as your ranking is on page one, whether it's an ad or an organic, it will show and that's also another way that you can have like, for example,

This Stuff Works
I've got a pest control client. He owns the company, and it's a northern company in Northern Virginia. They provide Pest Control services in Northern Virginia. But he now resides as the owner of the company down in Florida, and he often after I sent and I don't know why once per year, I have to go through this shit with him and I don't understand why. But anyway, like last month, for example, when I sent the monthly reports, again, I've gone over this many times with him, but you know, I still send a local rank report as bright low Reports, because you can set again a simulated location and everything else. And you'll look at the report and then he'll go look in Google and search from a Florida IP for his keywords. And obviously, it's going to look significantly different than what it does for somebody that's local searching in the Northern Virginia area. And then you'll come back and say, Well, you know, how do I get rankings back for our primary keyword in our primary area? And I'll say, Well, wait a minute, you are ranking? Well, the report shows this. And when I do a search, it's not coming bla bla bla. And I've had to explain that to them many, many times, and say, and even provided tutorial of like, hey, look, go use a Google Ads premium diagnostic tool. So you could set the mobile device, you could set the location, and even then that's still not 100% accurate, because again, it's a simulated search, as opposed to an actual real search which you can't simulate user behavior and all that like in other words, like a history of the type of content people have engaged with and all that other kinds stuff so no, you know having simulated searches are they're never going to be as accurate as they are in real life and I'm only telling you that guys because like I said the same type of thing is you can still show your client or tell your client if these that adamant about being cysts on constantly SERP watching which is not a good sign, have them do it through the ad premium diagnostic tool over instead of like through an actual browser. That makes sense. Okay.

Is It Okay To Add The RSS Feed Of A Money Site To The General Spliced Feed And Syndicate It To Directories?

BB's up with his long list of questions again, no matter how many times he's persistent, I'll tell you what, so what's up guys, should you risk adding the money site RSS feed to the general spiced feed feeds that contain all the branded properties and money site and some authority site RSS and syndicated to a huge amount of RSS directories, which some of them could be spammy? This comes from the guideline of no links to money site because press releases in the SEO SEO so you must be talking about like the advanced RSS strategy module from syndication. Academy Yeah, it doesn't that's fine RSS directory. Remember, you can't control other people scraping your RSS feed. You have no control over that, right. So it's not, it's not the same as if you submit your RSS feed as Super feed right as you called it, which is spliced in with related content feeds web 2.0 feeds and all that you submit it to directories and aggregators, it's fine. It's not the same as a direct backlink to your site. So you're okay to do that. I've never had any issue with that. There are some that may be spammy. It's not gonna affect your site. Because again, if that were the case, then anybody out there that had an RSS feed period could potentially be hit with some sort of negative SEO penalty, or, you know, some sort of penalty because other people took their RSS feed without their permission and used it. And so again, it's kind of a different set of rules there. It's not going to affect not the same as if you're going out and building links intentionally to yourself. Any comments on that?

Oh, no, that's fine. Okay, so moving on the second one, this is better, maybe you're getting better.

Can You Power The RYS Properties With Tier 2 RYS Properties?

You're getting better than the next one is let's say you have a domain that is powered by an RYS stack. Can you power the RYS properties with tier two RYS properties? If yes, can it replicate the links package and embed the package? And can this power and go into tier three and tier four? Um, my first thought, and again, Marco is the expert on this. But it's what's that? What would be the point of that when you can continue to build and expand the existing drive stack? I don't know why you'd want to tear drive stacks. I don't know what the purpose of that would be. So I don't know Marco, that would be my first thought. What do you say?

No, I mean, we've talked about this before. The best thing that you could do is go inside the main drive stack and add keyword-driven, stacks, within that with inner pages on the G site, matching the inner pages on the money site. That's the best thing that you do. And then you go to town on that drive second G site because now it's branded, you created all of the brand plus keyword relationships. And then you focus you got the keyword-driven stack that's going to carry all of that art activity, relevance, trust, and authority over to the page that you're trying to rank. You've isolated everything. I don't want to get too technical, but you're accruing PageRank on that inner page, and you're driving it over to the inner page that you're looking to rank. And then when you link build, you not only accruing more page more PageRank but you make up for any link atrophy for PageRank that you're going to lose because of the way that Google the way that they add up the PageRank right the way that they set it up, so I don't see it. I don't see it necessary to them. An additional g site and drive stack unless you have a really stubborn keyword. It just won't move then. You might want to it would be something like a PBn type drive stack, which focuses on that keyword even more. It just hones in on that one keyword that's really sticky that you did the inner g site page and the keyword-driven drive site over to the money site, inner page, and it didn't have the effect that you wanted. So that's when you would isolate with that. I haven't I have yet to see anything that needs to go that far. Even in the Amazon case study that Didier conducted that wasn't really necessary. All that was necessary was going after that keyword, right that keyword said that in that specific niche in that top market level category. Can it replace the link? No. No Because there what you're doing is you're broadening the link profile. It's not all coming just from Google properties. And can you power then tier three and tier four? Yeah. But why? why if you can just go directly into the drive secondary site, get all the effects in there, accrue PageRank and ranking score in there and then transfer it over to the money site. It won't transfer one to one, of course, but you get a better effect than breaking it up the way that you're talking about BB.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, just to be clear, BB. You know, over the years, we've seen a lot of people that have come to us with these elaborate linking schemes and things like that. And diagrams sometimes you can tell people spend hours drafting a diagram to show and then they come and ask, what do you think this will work and a lot of times, not to, you know, burst your bubble or anything like that, but it's overcomplicating stuff. That's unnecessary. And you know, if it might seem like a good idea, but a lot of times when you add complexity, it makes it harder to manage the project to begin with. So that's why I always recommend using single-tier syndication networks for most brands as opposed to multi-tiered syndication networks. When you're talking about blog syndication. That's part of the reason I've been saying that for years now because you overcomplicate things unnecessarily. And so that's what I would just warn against that, you know, I understand trying to come up with new ways to squeeze more power out of stuff and all that and that's fine. That's great. That's how you become a good SEO is to hypothesize and then test. But you know, that's also what we do. And so, I'm not saying don't go out and test your own things. It's good that you're coming here and asking questions, but as Marco just said, you can simplify what you're trying to do now by continuing to expand your existing drive stack and your G site. Instead of adding all of these additional tiers that are going to limit or reduce your overall link profile when you're better off just really smashing the shit out of your existing drive stack and G site as you continue to expand it out continue link building and embed packages to that.

Do You Need To Index After Having An MGYB DFY Link Building Service?

So okay Mohammed's up again, he says, Hey guys, I just learned I should be using the link indexing service after MGYB DFY service. Do I just index all links I get after a link building job until now? I never indexed so I'm worrying that I sabotage myself. No, it certainly helps. Muhammad. However, I don't know. There's I don't know if we've resolved this yet. But there's a limit to how many URLs you can submit at a time with the link indexer. So it's kind of a pain in the ass to use. I'm not gonna lie unless we've resolved that Marco Do you know if that's been resolved? Can we submit text files yet or CSV files? I can't tell you offhand.

Okay. Yeah, because I don't use it that often. I do. For some things, but like when you get a link building campaign back and you've got thousands of links, it's, I mean, it would take you a lot of manual work to be able to upload the links to the indexer. And I know that was on the to-do list. I don't know Rob has resolved that yet. But we need to get that to where we can upload either paste in a, you know, batches, big batches, or upload a text file or the CSV file with the links to have them all index. I think, right now there's a limit to like, I don't know, 300 URLs at a time or something like that. And so that's, that's, that's part of the reason I don't use it as much as I should because it's just kind of a manual process of adding links to it. So, Mohammed, Rob can answer that question for sure. If you need to, you could always ask in the free group and we can reply on it there.

So no, not yet. The answer is no, not yet. You can't you cannot add a text file or CSV or Excel or anything else. It has to go through the system. As far as link indexing, this comes from the heavy hitter club, the free group where he asked it, and he's getting results. So now he's wondering, is not so much sabotage himself. But could he be getting better results? And that's we have no way of knowing what would have or could have happened. Had he submitted the URLs for indexing? Of course, we can't know. But he's getting results. So it just means that that's getting picked up over time, which is perfectly fine. You don't have to force the indexing like Google index natural. The link indexing is just a way to speed up the process and make sure that the Google gets in there crawls it, you're going to lose links over time, it happens to everybody, no matter what kind of link building you're doing are linked indexing. Now, what you could do is maybe get a URL A sheet that you got back from Deadia. And you can link built to those and get an indexing package to the new ones, which will have an effect on any existing old links to buy up or you tear your links and get those reindex power, the power those up that way. That would work. But I don't see why if you're already getting results that just keep doing what you're doing. And then from here on out, make it your standard operating procedure to order indexing with every gig that you order from MGYB that I just came up with an idea that I don't know why I hadn't thought about this before. But tell me if this would work. If you set what if you took the CSV file that you got back with the links that were built, and then you know, turn it into a Google Sheet, and then submitted the Google Sheet URL to the indexer. That would get the bots to come to crawl the Google Sheet that has all the URLs in it right?

This Stuff Works
Yes or no? Would that work?

Yeah, I don't see why it wouldn't. I don't know why I'd thought about that. So that might be the way to do it then would be to just add the CSV file with the links that were delivered to drive, set it to anybody that has the link can access, and then submit that URL, the sheet URL to the indexer. Done. Right. I haven't tested that. But I don't see why it wouldn't work, because and by the way, probably, the reason why we do the things the way we do it now is that we have to count the URLs that are being submitted, right. Because it's not unlimited. I mean, potentially, if you gave someone the test to upload a text file or CSV, they could just upload thousands and thousands of URLs if they wanted to. Right, and they would just dilute the or, Tara, I don't know we're controlling it. I just heard back from Rob controlling it because of that we need to come The URLs are that are being submitted. So maybe we need to extend it. I don't know. He said, it's being coded in though, you know, we're moving platforms, right? Yes. And we're testing that out and that's in the process as soon as we have the new platform is going to be a lot simpler to do things.

Google Policy Violation To A Two-Year-Old RYS Drive Stack

There you go. So JT, SEO is up. He says, Hi, Marco. I got an email from big G, Google policy violation warning saying that the G drive that a Gdrive with a two-year-old RYS is violating policies about malware, destructive code, warned that if it persists, they may restrict access to it. Have you come across that before? And before you answer the question, I want to read the next part to the second post. He says I have not touched the RYS in weeks, seems odd. Any advice appreciated. A week previous to getting the warning. So yeah, is that related to the XML script?

One of the reasons is the XML script if it's set to work, there's a setting on it, right? There's a timer, where you go every two hours, every four hours, every eight hours, whatever. What happens is that we, I don't know, we should make this public, we rebuild the entire site on that cycle, so you're using up a lot of resources, and some of those will time out. And so what we recommend is now you don't build it every 248 or eight hours. I mean, actually, you don't need it. Every three days, every five days is fine. Every, I don't know. 1618 hours, pick an odd number every 19 hours. It gets rid of something so that you're less burdensome to Google, then you are now because the one thing that they hate is people hogging their resources. If you're not paying for those resources, and you will get those warnings. And they will kill your drives tech and your G site. If you continue. Now, I don't know what you did. Because you're not saying what it is that you're why you went in there. And what it is that you did that set Google off because it hadn't been touched in two years, and it was working just fine. So I don't know that it's really difficult to answer this, right.

Yeah, and I've had a couple of stacks where when I placed the order, I submitted a bunch of photos, for example, and the builders built using the photos but then the rebuild script will rebuild all those photos and that's resource-heavy super resource-heavy apparently. So I've learned to only submit a handful of images with the order because you know, something similar. I've not had any warning talking about malware or destructive code that at least I don't remember that specifically mentioned, but I have had To the XML scripts timeout and shut down on me because of the too many images, which I guess is resource-heavy. So but yeah, that's just I recommend doing what he just mentioned. go in and change your rebuild time limit to something much more for that. It doesn't have to be rebuilt every two or four hours. They won't get crawled out often anyways.

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What MGYB Service Is Good For A One-Year-Old Site With Good On-Page SEO?

lonnis up says, Hey guys, I landed my first client. I just got the client's GMB verified. The site is a year old with no links. I've done some pretty good on-page SEO. So the site is starting to move. Should I buy your SEO power shield or our ys drive stacks, I'm having a meeting with a client and I need to know which direction to go. Thanks for your help. The SEO power shield is are like a combination of everything right? That's it's hands down. It's all of the assets that we talked about. And that's why we built those packages. Because, you know, for a long time, we had all the individual components that you could purchase but people would ultimately and you know a lot of the times people would buy certain components Not all of them and not combine everything, and then come back and say, Well, this isn't working. And that's not working. And whenever we would dig a little deeper, we'd find out that, you know, they only had a part of it. And I always screw this saying up, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

That's right. I can never get that one. Right. But yeah, it's like, if you only do 25% of the work, you're not going to get 25% of the results, right? It's less than that. Like, in other words, if you do 100% of the work, you're going to get 150% of the results, if I don't know if that makes any sense, but it does. It's kind of an exponential thing when you have all the components together. So that's why we offer those in different clips of bundles like that the SEO power shield is that is the top tier, right? And so that's everything combined. So yeah, I would recommend that. That's just a standard operating procedure for all projects that I work on now as an SEO power shield. Sometimes I ordered them in separate components because of, you know, specific reason. That may be, but in your case, especially just starting out, I would just go with the SEO power shield, it's going to make it much easier because you'll get all the components delivered in the proper sequence as well. The comments,

I totally agree to go for it SEO power shielding, don't separate the drive stack from it, although the drive stack and z sight will have an effect on it anyway, what what you're actually doing is is everything that I've been talking about for years, which is working on that entity in that brand, versus doing it piecemeal. You're bringing everything together all at once you're giving it all to Google, and you're trying to make your clients brand, the keyword in that niche. That's what you're striving towards. So anything that you could do to try to get that you should be doing. You can't leave things that you cannot leave out the syndication network, but those are profiles that you're going to claim and schema in your sameas as being part of the organization. It's part of who and what your brand is, or in this case, your client, you can't separate that. I mean, you could go later on and get it. But then if you know that you're going to need it later on, why not just get it all just now and be done with it and move on to the next phase, which is hammering everything that you get back from us for better results.

Yeah, and I just, I want to, you know, kind of touch on something briefly, because, believe it or not, I was looking at the kind of doing an audit for one of our members in the mastermind today. It's kind of an ongoing thing. And I want to make it real clear, guys. You know, when you get your drive stack back and your G site, remember to, you know, the drive stack expansion, we talked about expanding that and that's a service that is in beta right now for mastermind members and such where we can, you know, we can do that for you at MGYB, but we talked about theme mirroring all the time, but something else is really critically important. Is embedding your money pages from your, in other words, that the pages from your primary website into the corresponding sites on the G site page, it's really important because you can inject structured data, for example, schema.org, right. So whatever type of project you're on, if it's a local business, you know, you can inject that schema into the G site by doing so. It's very important. And I think that gets overlooked a lot. Maybe we're not having been really clear about it, I thought we have been, but you know, even one of our mastermind members, who's been with us for many, many months and have received a lot of help, has overlooked that. And I don't understand how that gets overlooked. It's very, very important because that's one of the ways that you get that structured data into the G site. And how you push so much of the power that you're developing and accruing through the drive stack in the G site through to the money site. That makes sense by embedding those the corresponding pages from the money site on to the G site, right. So when you theme marry you do that And then and again, I don't know how that gets overlooked at times. But maybe again, we haven't been really clear about it. But that's why I want to touch on that here. It's critically important to do that. And so I would recommend that you do that, as well as is make sure that you have structured data, guys, you know, by the day, we're going deeper into the Semantic Web, right? So it's super important that you have you make those associations with structured data code to tell Google specifically your entity assets in the connection between them, right. And it's really really, really important to do that. And I see a lot of that still being overlooked by people and, and I think that's a mistake. So any comments on that for move on?

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and that's perfect you know, in heavy hitter club, the last two webinars or the first two, in the series that we're doing were entirely about the entity, schema, and content and how to structure your unstructured data and then how to how to structure your structured data so that it matches your unstructured data so that you're feeding the buttons. All of the information possible to make your entity or your brand, the keyword in the niche or the top entity versus all of the other entities because at the end of the day, what we're talking about in Google is a huge relational database. So just think of a data dump. And yes, of course, it's categorized and Google has entities and it has that like that the ultimate entity in that niche, right, what it would look like and the closer that you get to matching that ultimate entity, the better your results are going to be in the end, which is outranking everybody else. I keep saying it. We took on Amazon, and one and then we can do that with our methods. Then the entire internet is wide open to you guys. And we're not hiding anything from you. Everything that we use is in MGYB. That's how we do it. Right? Maybe in our free groups like heavy hitter club or the Semantic Mastery mastermind, we'll go deeper into the why and the how. But as far as what we do to get results, it's right there. It's an empty vibe to all of those services. Those are things that we use to rank our projects. And we do it over and over and over again. And I don't see why you guys aren't doing. If you're not doing we got a lot of people here who do get results, by the way. Yeah.

SEO Power Shield Or RYS Drive Stacks

Because as long as I began, he says to add to my other question, should I buy multiple SEO power shields or RYS drive stacks? I'm excited. I just want to make sure my client and I guess we are aware of upcoming costs. No, that's what we just talked about. Just a few moments ago, Lonnie, that's not necessary. You know, one drive stack in G site for your client is all that's needed, right. And you can expect And that out by theme mirroring. And so if you're not sure what we're talking about, you go to the MGYB.co and look at the webinars. I think Marko's first heavy hitter club webinar was public. I don't know if it still is. But that drive stack expansion and we did a webinar, this mg y b, I know we did. No, watch that one. It's in the webinar section, you can watch about that and talk about how we talked about expanding the drive stack, the mirroring, and all that. And that's why you don't have to keep buying what you should do, which you should be buying after the drive stack and G site has been built is link building and embed gigs to power it up and continue building out that drive stack to mirror, the site, the website itself and everywhere that you have digital assets that you can mirror to the primary structure of the website, right or the excuse me the structure of your primary website. That's what you should be doing. So again at mgyb.co. The webinars tab you can go look at PR silo stacking, or press release silos. And you can silo press releases together to mirror whatever your silo structure is from your primary website as well as your G site as well as your drive stack. You do the same thing with GMB posts. If you're using Google, if the project that you're working on has a Google My Business profile, right, so all everything that you do should be mirrored into a silo structure, whatever the primary website structure is, you duplicate that and mirror that on to your other assets. And the same type of linking structure happens when you do all of that together. Now you have all these assets that are all, you know, tightly siloed that's what the silo means, right? So it's a, it's like a vertical silo, right? So everything is tightly siloed. And then you link build into those and do embed gigs into those, and you can push massive relevancy, very specific to certain areas of your site, or you know, certain keyword themes or keyword sets. Does that make sense? So that's how you Do it. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, I think we have to be the only people on the web who would tell people don't spend money needlessly. Because anybody else would have just told you, Loni. Yeah, get five of them. Five is better, and come up with a really intricate and mixed up way on how you can knock those all up and daisy chaining them and come up with all this crazy shit on how to make them look better. We got to be the only people who look tough. No, no, don't spend all that money because you're doing it needlessly do exactly what Bradley said. You build inner pages and inner stacks in your branded stack. To increase the power of link building, embed, link building press releases, link building cycle, you'll spend the money on that because that's what's going to power up everything. And it keeps it on a cycle through everything, but you only need one branded drive stack and G site one and then inside of that, you're going to remember You're going to copy, you're gonna mirror you're gonna clone whatever the fuck you want to call it, the inner pages on your G site, the categories, whatever the wherever the money is you focus on that, right? Because your, your market level category should be where the money is. And that's what you're trying to rank for. When you try to rank for that all of the money keywords under that top market level category are going to come up because of the way that you're approaching this, which is from the top-down, instead of bottom-feeding and going after just the long tail. That's going to happen if you approach it the right way. But no, don't go spend money in these needlessly go spend money and focus on getting the best results and the best results are dry sack g site branded and then you extend the initial drive second g site, not additional ones.

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There you go.

Yeah, just keep building the power to the one that's the best, the best Answer we can get I, like that power to the one


alright so Don says I already got version one and two the battle plan so what's the new one cost me this time just click through and go check it out battleplan.semanticmastery.com. But Don I'm gonna do it for you. Okay, there you go 32 bucks you know, we broke the bank on that one cylinder 32 bucks, didn't we spend an hour and a half recording that net video or something ridiculous like that. So for 32 bucks, man.

alright, so and it's simplified. we've simplified it specifically because it just you know, it just makes it easier to put everything into the package, you know? packages like what we have for sale now on MGYB. It's just easier that way. And that's you know, we always recommended that before but again, we would tell people to go buy all these different components and so now we just put them together and packages It makes it so much easier. And you know, we're still working on trying to make things easier, guys. And that's why they're trying to change platforms at MGYB. So it's a work in progress. Right?

Drive Stack Expansion Availability

A Nexus Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting the SEO shield. When will you be rolling out the ID loop page folder service? So you mean the drive stack expansion service? That's essential, I guess, the more proper term for it. I've heard Doing this will improve results. Absolutely. It will. So Marco, when will that be publicly available?

It's already public. I would as I thought Rob had published that it's public and available.

Oh, shit, I didn't know that. You guys kept me in the dark. I feel like a mushroom. Shit, all day. I think he published it on Facebook. If I'm not mistaken. I just, I just don't let's go public. I mean, if it's there if it's ready, let's go. Let's give it to people and let them have at it. I thought it was still in beta. So my bad, so it should be. Apparently it's news to me. It's available for everybody. Drive stack expansion. I hadn't even seen it in the MGYB store. So maybe I don't know, I hadn't even seen it.

So maybe the image hasn't been added. It's just so much stuff. Yes. Rob says the expression is public and on the store page, it's on this.

sweet. I hadn't seen it, Rob.

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We need to bring Robin from now on because we get a lot of questions that he could be here answering. Yeah.

How Many Times Does Your Google Stacks Report?

Olaf says How many times do you think your Google stacks got reported? And why do you think Google does not care or ban them? I don't know how many times they've been reported. I really don't care. Now, I think Google doesn't care because it's a Google property, I suppose. And they're narcissistic, which you know, we use that in the original sales copy, use Google's own narcissism against itself. You know, that they recently made some changes to drive, I think, to combat that or, you know, to try to prevent some of what it is that is, you know, we've been doing but Marco and Rob immediately figured out There's a workaround for that, too. So I think that was an indication that they were trying to do whatever they could, or something, at least symbolically to try to prevent people from using them the way that we've been using them, but I don't I don't think they were successful. What do you say?

Ah, yes, that's something that I lose sleep over. How many times? How many times have I shown publicly? Well, think about how many times I've shown publicly, the Virginia SEO, SEO Virginia case study over the last over nearly five years, right. It'll be five years in August, by the way.

No, it's five years in May last month.

Yeah, but I'm saying your case. The one that you originally did is five years. It this past May or last month, but I'm saying it in August. It'll be five years since we released our way as Kevin written. And we had that question. Well, how long before that loophole is closed? That was you remember? During during the webinar, and I remember that clearly like I asked, Well, yeah, how long before the loophole is closed? It happens not to be a loophole. And it happens to be a door that's wide open. And that that's really hard to close. If it was simple for a simple fix, it would have been done by now we're working from. And I continue to say this, and I wish people would just listen, and really pay close attention. We're working off web principles. It's not Google principles that Google Terms of Service. We're working from web principles, foundational principles, on the web. That's how we target this. Now, of course, we don't talk about this a lot because unlike other marketers, we don't like to confuse our people. We don't like to confuse you with all this technical stuff that we've had to go over during the last six years or so. Since I've been researching this because it would probably hurt most people It hurts my head. I know. It's gonna cause a whole lot of headaches. I mean, why we just show the reason Do we care about Google? We've shown that it's not something that we just say that Google is narcissistic. It's something that we've shown timing is something that we proved live. I mean it. I don't know how many other people are actually are actually able to do this to prove the fact that Google prefers itself over anything else. Proven. This isn't theory. We don't give you guys theory. It's proven. It's a fact. Now, how long? Or how many times? Does it matter? Like, I don't care? manual? Yeah, sure. And then we'll just build 10 more. Doesn't matter. It like the way that it is right now. Why doesn't Google care or ban them? We don't know. We don't work for Google. We just gonna keep manipulating until we can't anymore. And then if we can't, then that just means I have to figure out a different way or I have to sit with Rob and we have to say okay, so this door is finally closed. But we know that there's 10 more doors that just opened up because they just closed that one. That's how code works. I mean, it's really difficult with the amount of code. Yeah, Google has to work with, yeah, to shut one thing down and not open 10 million more things that make it even simpler to spam and manipulate. Right? I mean it. And, again, we work off foundational principles in the World Wide Web. It's not just Google. It's not just their terms of service. It's a lot of things that we're approaching from that standpoint.

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SEO Power Shield Works

So I want to read Austin's comment, Austin Dom What's up man? I'm still waiting for him to come to join the mastermind. But anyways, Austin says and then I want to very briefly before we wrap it up, I want to do a live search for the SEO Virginia Case Study or whatever that we did, because I'll talk about that a minute. But Austin says got an SEO shield for a client about a month ago. This is the second site for him. It is now past the other site I have been maintaining for two years. He is now number one, number two for many organic and MAP KEYWORDS in the real estate niche. Yes, power shields work. And so to bring this over to so it was interesting, but about a month ago, for the first time in five years. I saw and so we're going to see where it is now. We're going to do this live. Okay. The first time in five years, my SEO Virginia, Virginia, SEO Virginia SEO agency, SEO agency, Virginia, like all of those keywords, for the first time in five years, the drive stack or the G site from that awful and it's not even a complete drive stack. It's not built to the standards that we build them today. But for the first time in five years, it moved down, it dropped. Let's see where it is today. Let's just see because I'll tell you exactly what I did and we'll see where it's at. Okay, so it did move a little bit now. It's number three for me. to Virginia Okay, so let's open up another tab and check another keyword and this is in five years of not touching it okay without doing any work to it at all in five years. Okay, number three for that term, Virginia eight SEO agency Virginia. Let's look at another term. Let's look at Virginia SEO. Okay, so guys, I'm sharing this to be 100% transparent with you okay, we've used this case study for five years as an example. And it's wasn't even really a case study. It was an experiment with me testing what Marco told me to do. And it was again, not built to what we build standards today. You can take a look at it, it's done. It doesn't look anything like what we build today. It wasn't there are not nearly as many files and folders there's no interlinking done like what we do today. But for five damn years, the son of a bitch has sat at number one and hasn't budged until about a month ago when I noticed. For whatever reason, I was doing a quick search on it and I noticed that it had it moved a little bit. So you can see it has moved slightly and five years. No link building, no press releases nothing.

And that's why I've always loved to use this as an example to show how powerful these damn things can be. Because it wasn't even done correctly or to our current standards, yet it has ranked outranked Virginia SEO agencies for five damn years. And I haven't done anything to it. So it had moved several positions down and still on page one. But I lost several positions when I noticed this. And I think Marco even pointed out said to me in slack or group chat, you know, hey, I noticed it had moved first time in five years. And I said, Yeah, I noticed that a couple of days ago. And I said, Maybe I should order a link building package to it, just to push it back up. Well, I didn't I was too lazy to even do that. So all I did was one press release. I'm not kidding. One. freakin press release. Let me show you what I did. I'll pull it up. And then we're gonna wrap it up, guys. I just want to point this out. Again, it's 100% transparency. So we go to the news. Let's see if it's still showing. Okay, there. Right there. So you can see two weeks ago, it says right there published two weeks ago. Okay. So all I did was I put Virginia SEO agencies my keyword in there, then I used Virginia SEO agency, a keyword anchor, to link to the G site from that stack. Why? Because a G site can take that I wouldn't have done 100% keyword anchor to my, you know, website, but to the G site, why not? It's not gonna hurt anything. So that's what I did. So you can see that that was two weeks ago, guys that that was published on May 19. Yeah, so about two weeks ago, okay. And all I did was I linked to that, and I linked actually with to a page on my website that isn't even complete. But that was it, those two links. And so what when it had dropped down to like position five, it was between, I think four and seven, depending on what keyword you were looking at. But all I did was one press release and it's already been pushed back up now to number three position and in fact Last week on the mastermind web, my mastermind webinar, when I looked at all of my keywords, I was in the number one position. So it's dancing right now a little bit, but the press release was only published two weeks ago. So that's normal, right, three weeks worth of dancing. So again, last week, when I looked at it, I was back to number one for these keywords. Now, it looks like I'm at number two or number three for my keywords. One, press release, guys, I used 100% anchor text, keyword anchor text right there to link to that site. And it's back to number two to number three position after five years of never fucking touching it. So just want to show you guys as these things work. And for the first time in five years, it dipped it dropped, get one press release, and it's already moving back up. So imagine if I had purchased a link building gig, I could probably get away with low competition, link building gig from MGYB or an embed gig or something like that, and push it back up, but I just wanted to see what the results were from just one press release and to be honest with you, I just didn't put the effort into trying to push it up yet. So, again, I just want to be 100% transparent with them because I thought that this was interesting to see, after all this time, it finally started to move down just a little bit, but one press release started pushing it back up.

Yeah, and I mean that that's not even what we recommend, because we recommend a PR stack, right? And then link building, and then embed and then link building. But again, as you said, it was a half-assed attempt to start with it back in May of 2015. And it's a half-assed attempt, your one PR, and it just shows the power that's inherent in this that something that you do something half-assed, and you can rank on the first page in Google. So imagine if you do it, right, the kind of thing that you could do well, Amazon is there for the taking. Amen.

Thanks, guys, for being here. We'll see you all next week.

Bye, everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 289

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 289 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 289 to one where Hernan looks continuously shocked for some reason.

Hi, how's it going? Hernan Is everything okay. It's great, man. I'm feeling like shit, but here we are. All right, good, good stuff. Well, keep going here. Like I said it's Episode 289. Today's the 27th of May 2020. I can see we got a lot of really good questions already today. But if you haven't yet and you got a question, please put it on the page. First come first serve. And then I'm going to get into a few announcements. We've got some cool stuff that happened earlier this week. And then some last-minute announcements, things that we just found out about today that I want to touch on But first, let's say hi to the guys real quick and see how everyone's doing so

I'll start to my top left here Bradley. How are you doing today?

Good. I'm good. I just edited the video description in YouTube because still had some stuff from the webinar we did yesterday. So anyway, but I'm good. Things are good. I'm back from taking a week off, and it sucked cuz I went away for a week camping and ATV riding, thinking that I was going to get away and get to enjoy it and it rained the entire week, all day every day and it was awful. It was fucking miserable. So I wish I would have stayed home and worked.

Yeah, man, speaking of weird weather that so I'm in the Bay Area. So we just hit 95 the last three days, which is like 34 Celsius. It's just like, Okay, well guess I'll go out in the morning, go for a walk and then come hunker in here, shut the blinds and turn the air just thinking. So that's been my life for the past couple of days. So let's head go with the happier weather report. Marco. How are you doing?

The sun's out again. It's the rainy season and he's like the sun's out. It's rainy season man. Look, I live in paradise. All right, I can't help that. Make some money. Right? First of all, go get the battle. You follow the Battle Plan.

make some money. Hire someone who will help you. Train, apply, and make money. lather, rinse, repeat. And then you can go find your own Fortress of Solitude where you can just watch the world go by and you don't give up. Push your mouth but other than the outstanding weather

How are you doing marking things are going good. Things are good here man. Things are good. Yeah, I'm still like things are opening up a little bit here. Essential businesses and all that and all this other stuff, but I'm still self-parenting. I got three kids. They got to think about it and I'm not a spring chicken so that there's another person that I had to think about right because I can go out or like one but I have to think about my family. Yeah. And what I might bring, bring home and closer to home to make somebody.

I knew personally died of this. It's not as if it's totally foreign to me like I don't know anyone who is affected by this. I like what I do know. And so having it that cloth is not any longer six degrees of separation. it's like I know and so no, it ain't happening and we're gonna see how this plays out and I'll let everybody you guys can all go and enjoy yourselves you know to do whatever the hell you want and then let me know how that turns out and then I'll decide after that second one what it is that we're going to do but for now we're cool we take it easy and that's it, man. We did we just but my personal choice, right, my personal choice to do that. It's not as if someone is forcing me to do it. I'm choosing that this is the best way for myself and my family. Enough. All right. Well, Hernan How about you man, things are like you're moving into wintertime right? I always get

Yeah, it's hot summer-like wait a second I was wearing a sweatshirt what hell's going on? Yeah, actually actually all of you guys are well Marco Marco is like, you know, he's in a good spot 20% but all of you guys are you know getting the nice season. I'm getting the shooting season. Yeah now so now but yeah man it's good today was a good day.

Like warm-ish. But yeah, we're getting into winter and all of that so see how that goes, could you? Oh, Chris How about yourself? Yeah, yeah can't complain man sun's out the sun is shining all day. I mean it's dark right now and the best part of all Friday the gyms opening back up and stuff so things are really good standing. Well, I'm going to circle back around Bradley, you mentioned a webinar and I wanted to touch on that because we had Brian, a mastermind member, along with Bruno, and you all listening can get to know both of them better and see what Bradley has to say to about this go high-level system. And Bradley, you want to tell real quick, I'm gonna pop the link in where people can go and check out the replay. Do you want to tell them about the webinar a little bit?

Yeah, Brian, one of our mastermind members reached out and basically said that he was using a platform, an agency automation platform that consolidates a whole bunch of different services and such all under one roof. He reached out because he thought that it would fit really, really well with the 2xyoruagency training.

Because it does a lot of the stuff that I talked about in 2xyouragency about how to automate, delegate or eliminate because this platform consolidates a lot of services that you may have separate subscriptions for and I always call it duct taping them together using Zapier or some similar application. And basically these have integrated services that do all

All of the same things that many of these external services do that we put, you know, we connect via Zapier, and it's all under one dashboard. And so it's a lot more seamless. And there's a lot of really cool features inside there, like one of the primary feature that was, is used to pitch this go high-level application or platform is what's called database reactivation, which is a very easy way or a simple way for you to get your foot in the door as an agency owner with potential marketing clients because you can. So anyway, I can't really go into depth right now about that, but it's a really cool platform. I signed up my own agency on the agency level account level so that I can create a first of all, I'm gonna use it for my own agency, but second of all, so I could also create a case study for how I'm using it. I've got some really good ideas that I'm going to be sharing in that case study that I'm gonna be putting to the test and then sharing in the case study.

As well on how I'm using it and how to generate kind of exponential revenue growth from it, as opposed to just linear. And so anyway, I think it's bad, it's very valuable, I would encourage you guys to go check it out, it does come with a 14-day free trial. So once you see the webinar, you know, comes with some free or some, I think it's free, or it's like five bucks may be to pay for some of the training that Bruno had put together, what he calls the quick start training for that. And so you can get all of that. And your first 14 days determine if it's for you or not, but I think once you see some of the potentials of this, it would be something if any of you are trying to grow. I think you should absolutely take a good hard look at it. Definitely. Yeah, no, I mean, I don't do generally local stuff. But I check this out. And like I've been looking at it and I talked to Brian about all the details and like I was starting to be like maybe I could find a way to you just like no stop it. But like for anyone out there who's dealing with especially local clients or can find the right use case

Yeah, just blew me away from the number of services and automation that's packed into that suite of tools and how seamless that is, is pretty amazing. So definitely worth checking it out. Real quick to this one came up today. So we constantly get questions about GMB verifications, right? You know, hey, where can you guys do GMB verifications work in MGYB, when is it going to be available? I'm going to cut to the chase GMB verifications are available right now. As always, we cannot tell you how long that is going to be the case. So if you are doing lead gen if you're needing a verification for some other reason, this would be a very good time to put your order in because not only can you order now what you couldn't have yesterday, you can get a 15% discount today while we've got it opened up. Also, it comes with a 30-day guarantee. And it's about I believe, 14 day turnaround time. So pretty quick. I'll post all of that in the chatbox for those who are live. If you're not just head to mgyb.co, and head to the store, you can look for GMB verifications there you can also get syndication networks, Rs drive stacks, SEO shield, link building all that sort of good stuff.

And circling back around. I wanted to touch on this real quick for those of you who are watching us for the first time, thank you very much whether you're watching live or catching the replay on YouTube. If you want to go to the right place, head to semantic mastery comm slash HD questions every week, we asked you to limit your questions just to one. Unless you're live, you can ask some more. You know, we get down there. We just want to make sure that everyone has a chance to ask their questions. So if you ask some questions, we may not get to all of them just before Warren. And then secondly, we encourage everyone to check out the battle plan and go to battle plan dot semantic mastery. If you want to get repeated repeatable SEO results that is for you. I'm not going to read the page to you you can go over there and check it out. But it is a fantastic tool that we recently just updated them released version four a month ago.

And then Bradley touched on this too if you're an agency owner or a consultant that you want to get more clients, yes, you want to grow your revenue. Yes. And you want to scale your team, hopefully, yes. Then if you want to do that, head over 2xyouragency.com. There's a ton of incredible training lets you crush it, whether you're again, being a consultant, or if you want to build a true agency, and it doesn't matter if that's SEO, it's other areas of digital marketing. It's going to help you grow and make more money. That's the bottom line.

All right, with that said, Guys, any other quick announcements before we dive into questions?

Good. All right. Let's do it.

All right. Grab the screen.

You guys confirm when you see. See my screen.

Would You Recommend Ordering Another Drive Stack To A New Website Section Targeting Service Keywords In Different Locations?

So it looks like BB Now that might have been from last week. It looks like it was it will start with Bobby. Bobby says Hey guys, I got some questions. The first one was would you recommend ordering another drive stack to a completely new section of a website targeting a different service keyword in different locations on a large content site that would be perfect for the location sealed, am I right? Marco?

Yeah, that's perfect for the extension. And it's currently available and as a coupon sweep. So that's what the drive stack expansion.

Yeah, we're saying, Yeah, maybe if he already has the brand it because he's saying another, right, a completely new section of the website. So we're talking about the same website, money site. That's how I'm seeing. I'm seeing something different.

He has a different service keyword, and a different location on a large content what so that's, that's just an inner page, I think what he's describing the top of the silo. So you would aim the expansion on the current drive stack at that inner page, you'd get much more power going and extending that initial drive stack then you would be doing a completely different drive stack, g site. Sure, gotcha. Okay.

Would You Recommend RSS Masher To Drive Traffic To A Money Site And Lead Gen Assets?

The next question was  GMB.Thanks again, I've not used them for lead gen assets but I have in the past I haven't built since the updated the new version of RSS master which is even better. But to create the kind of like Kwazii PBNs and when I say PBNs, they're not like what we would traditionally think of a treat PBN, these are real sites to generate real traffic and that's the differentiator, right? having real sites generate real traffic. With automated content posting to them right through all the RSS feeds that you splice together and RSS masher and all the really cool shit you can do. You can take a look at the most recent webinar we did with Damon Nelson, about the most current version of RSS masher and see some of the examples of the sites that he builds are 100% honest.

Major content sites using RSS masher. And they're freaking beautiful sites. And he's generating affiliate income and, you know, like AdSense income. And so such using those sites because they do generate traffic, they look beautiful. But from an SEO standpoint, I looked at it as like, hey, this could be really good to generate, you know, in related content type sites that could feed traffic back to a money site or a lead gen site or whatever. So, I mean, I think it's certainly possible to use it for that I haven't done it myself just to be honest because it's not the strategy that I've been pursuing. I've wanted to in fact, I even talked about it with my partners here. I would love to have some time to play with that and set up some sights but I haven't done it yet. I think Marco. Weren't you guys gonna try playing with that a bit. I know it probably hasn't been done but wasn't that on the to-do list?

It is being done. What we are currently testing it and we won't like there is anything. I'm not personally doing it but I got my mini mastermind, which is where all the evil takes place where we can go after everything. And there's a couple of people in there who have a license. And then one of them is using our license as I gave her our license to go and try it out. So they got together. Three of the people in my seven-person mini mastermind got together. And what they're doing is they're sharing information on how to make make it work in the best way possible. And then they're going to come back and report it to me and we're either going to make it available through MGYB as a service, or I'm not sure how we're going to offer that but there's definitely something in the works with that RSS masher. It's just you guys if you go get it just be prepared because there's a high learning curve is that simple software that you're just going to go and plug and play

You have to be prepared to go through the training to go through the process, gathering up the feeds making everything look right. And then you know that that's when the magic happens and I can't wait to blast that. Now get it, give it a companion g site and drive stack, expand it, and then blast it with link building and some embeds and see what happened. I can't wait.

Yeah, it looks good. As I said, I wish I had more time to mess with it. Because I think there's a lot of potentials there as well. So, so maybe next Wednesday, or the following Wednesday, we can give people a preview. But again, the first ones that'll get a preview, it will be my mini mastermind, and then the semantic mastery mastermind, the heavy hitter club, and then we'll go public with whatever we have. It's still a few weeks away, it takes time. That's all

Is It Possible To Get An Iframe For A Drive Folder?

so Frank's up. He says it is it possible to get an iframe for a drive folder tried adding a link into iframe generator and it came back saying the page was blocked from being displayed? also. Well, first of all,

The first part of that is Yeah, you can use to be able to do that. But no, I haven't tried since the updates recently. Marco, can you? Yeah. Not through the iframe January? That's why I tell people to code their own code. Yeah, because you can't do it that way. You have to separate the, I can't go through the process that you have to get the folder ID to be able to iframe it. And what you have to insert in an iframe generator is the entire URL, and you can't do it that way.


Publish to the web would be a file setting in the drive used to say publish to the web, it would give you an embed code for the file or for the folder, but I think that has been taken away correct recently. Uh, no. I can check that right now. I mean, go on and let me take a folder that has nothing in it. And we'll just move on while you're looking that up.

Do You Have Any Link Building Services In MGYB For T1 Money Site?

He says also with MGYB, do you have any link building services that could be used for tier-one money site or only g sites? Yeah, that while the SEO shield can point back to your money site, right, which includes the drive stack files and folders as well as the G site. Also, press releases could be used for tier-one money site, right where your money site tier-one money site is. It's redundant. That's like the Department of redundancy department. You know what I mean? So, yeah, your money site, again, press releases and the SEO shield? Those are the two things that I would recommend. Am I missing something?

No, no, no, I don't think so. And I can't find it. I can't find published on the web by the way. That's what I thought had been removed since the recent update. But it used to be able to do it that way. So hopefully that was helpful.

What MGYB Service You Should Use To Rank For A City That Is Three Hours Away From The Dealership Location?

Mohammed's up, it's up mom and he says, Hey, guys, a client is asking me if I can rank his Volkswagen dealership for VW related keywords in a city. Three hours away from where the dealership actually is.

Actually, how would I go about this? I know I can get a GMB from MGYB for the New City and add a new city page to the money site. What else would I do?

Well, the problem that I see with that Mohammed is it's a dealership right? So if you're getting a GMB for a dealership which is a storefront business, right with the customers come to the business location, and you've got a spammed GMB listing, that's three hours away from where the dealership actually exists, then, how is that going to play with potential car buyers? When they're looking to go to a dealership in their local area and they've come to find out it's a spam listing and instead they've got to go three hours away to buy a Volkswagen. To me, I don't think that would be advisable for the reasons I just mentioned. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question. Anybody else interprets this another way?

No, that's the way I'm I'm reading it unless the dealer is opening up a dealership in that city in which case, you would need spam. GMB. Right. Correct. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, I am not willing to drive three hours to go look at a car, like my dealer has to be closed by where I can just jump in the car. 1015 minutes, I'm there and look at the car and decide if I'm gonna buy it. Because I'll be people. Yes. I mean, the idea behind it is correct. People are going to first look online to find a car that they liked, and they're going to find the dealer, then they're going to go visit the dealer to see the cart. Who's going to drive? Did you talk that to this dealership owner, by the way, and ask him Who do you know that's going to drive three hours to buy a car when they can buy one mic in the city? I don't understand the thinking behind that. Not only that, but don't you think it would piss a potential customer off if they were misled to believe that a dealership was in their local area just to come to find out that it's three hours away? I mean, it's not just that like if he was promoting like ranked a page organically for the city that is three hours away, and says, Hey, we sell cars. Were our dealerships over here and they're honest about where it is. It's very likely most people are going to drive three hours away anyways, but at least they weren't being dishonest about it. Whereas having a GMB for a storefront business where a store doesn't actually exist, that I think in my view would piss me off if I put driving directions and go show up at this place to find out that it's it doesn't exist, and then I got to drive three hours away to go where I intended. What about other car dealers dealerships? wouldn't they be pissed if you're faking? A GMB and I just totally am in the area. I don't think VW corporate would be too happy with that with you faking GMB.  I don't know how much trouble I mean, you can get into a whole lot of trouble behind that. talk to this guy. talk some sense and then

yeah, just find out what his intent is really. And maybe you already know it, Mohammed and it just wasn't conveyed in that message.

Yeah, but yeah, I mean like I said if I was going to do anything it would be to try to just rank organically for that and just be honest about where the dealership is and why they should drive three hours away to purchase a car at that particular dealership.

SEO Shield Question

Alright, moving on uh, next question is Hello everyone recently I purchased an SEO shield and since I got some discount for link building, I also bought that so I placed the order for SEO shield and link building altogether. What I found out that instead of building the links to my properties, they pointed all the direct all directly to your money site. Okay, you can edit the URLs to build links to an M GI Bill, Why be disregarded that and build all the links to your money site? No continue can find that hard to believe okay. When I inquired from support about it, they said since you had provided the URL file, we built all the links around that. But they also said that they don't recommend it. I'm a new user purchasing SEO shield first time and also not aware of the internal tech now technicalities excuse me of SEO SEO. So I provide all the information including the URL file because I thought it might be required to build the SEO shield since I bought the SEO, SEO, and link building. So I believe that SM support will follow the best practice since I've gone blindly trust SM for SEO related stuff. So my question is Why were the links built directly in the money site even when it is not recommended? No one will pay for the money to I'm not sure what he says.

Now, he says that the links can't be removed. This website is my six months old hard work. I don't want to degrade my website by any means. So what should I do now? Should I disavow the links pointing in the Excel sheet? Please suggest, okay, um, the first part of that. I'm not sure if you came to us cold and you don't know anything about our methodology, then then I could understand where that confusion may have come from.

Perhaps we need to have that clearly explicitly outlined on this on the order page or the order submit Details page. In other words, if it's not already, but

As far as what you know, we didn't build all the links to your money site URL. If your money site URL was listed in your submitted URLs list, then some links will have been built to your money site URL. But in all of our training, we always suggest we actually won't build links to your money site URL if we know that it's in there. So I don't know what to tell you on that other than and as far as disavowing Marco doesn't ever recommend that I've done it in the past haven't done it for years.

This Stuff Works
I don't think Have you seen anything negative happen? We don't suggest it, but I don't know that it is going to cause any problems. Marco, what do you say about this? I say I have a really big problem with this guy. Right? Because this was sent to support at mg y v.co. And I heard from Deadia and he said, hey, look, you know what, what can we do it with this? What can we do for this person? So we're looking to do the right thing. Here. Look, I can remove all I think I can remove all the links

But it's gonna take a while I so we aren't talking about it, he doesn't even give support a chance to respond and let him know what the answers are. He comes here to a public forum to air the laundry. And I understand that. I mean, in no way Is this a recommended practice. But I mean, he submitted the URLs for us to build links to if you give us a spreadsheet, how are we to know that there's a money site included in the spreadsheet? I mean, he's assuming that we're supposed to assume and look these, the logic behind this evades me because I just don't see it, how we're supposed to know that he's submitting his money site from now on. And so now we know that we need to make sure that we tell people explicitly on the order form do not submit your money site URL. So thank you for that. But I don't appreciate

This being aired on a public forum, where we're taking care of when we're looking to do what's best for you and for your website. Not that anything bad has happened. Not that anything bad will happen. We don't know yet what would happen, but it's still in the discussion stage and he doesn't even give it an opportunity comes publicly as Hey, you guys, I thought you were supposed to follow best practice practices and whatever else he says. And I just don't appreciate it. Give us at least a chance to do the right thing. And then if there's a problem, if there's no resolution, then you come here and you speak to us publicly. I thought about writing to you by the way. Because I saw this, I saw the way he called it the ticket, come through and I know I'm supposed to stay away from customer service. But I thought about writing to him because I don't see the logic. If he submits the URLs to build links. That's what we're going to build links to because the customer as always, right? So if you want links built to your money site, in spite of the fact that we don't recommend it, and then we say, Don't ever do it, we don't do it. If you submit the URL, and it's by mistake, and I'm not saying that you did it on purpose, if by mistake you included in my site, or you didn't know, it's going to get links built to it. Now, yeah, we are going to try to do the right thing. That's all I can say. We were trying to do the right thing before, even after having come on a public forum, and then like hitting on my last nerve, we're still going to help you out.

Yeah and I don't know that it's going to cause any problem. We just, we don't build links, the types of links that we sell at MGB directly the money site, we always in all of our training suggest not to do that because that's the whole reason for the SEO shield right is because and that's why it's named the SEO shield because it shields your money site, from all the external threats.

SEO and link building that you can do because link building to your money site can, doesn't always but can create a problem. So it's not a guarantee that you're going to have problems because that happened, it might not cause any problems at all, we just don't recommend it, we suggest not to do it, because there's no need to because we push all the power to the SEO shield and use the SEO shield to launder basically clean any potential negative juice through Google properties and through high authority assets, that and push relevancy essentially, eventually to the money site. So again, we don't know that it's gonna cause a negative impact at all, we just don't, we don't test it. Because we don't do that we always recommend building them directly to the SEO shield. Again, that's the whole point of the SEO shield. So we have learned, we have now decided or just came to the realization that that needs to be very explicit on the order form, submit page, and that makes sense and we'll make sure that we make that change and Marco and Dadea, our link builder, are going to do what they can for you. So hopefully that will suffice.

How Do You Use Press Release To Achieve Better Rankings?

Next question, SMS insurances total newbie here, I just ordered the press release. Not sure where to start. I'm clueless on what to do, and the advice would be great. This is awesome that you asked this question because I'm actually working on a little mini-course for press releases for people that want to order and not for SEOs. But for business owners. I mean, anybody can have access to it that they want, but it's I'm doing a little mini-course for press releases.

This Stuff Works
For MGYB, in other words, a little mini-course on trying to teach a layman right or a business owner, somebody that's not an SEO, how to get the most use in the best use the most traction from press releases that you order from MGYB. And I'll have that done by next Tuesday for sure. Maybe even possibly will be available on by next Wednesday for people to go download as a Lead Magnet or whatever, we'll see, I don't know if I'm gonna have it ready by Tuesday. I don't know if it'll be ready on Wednesday for public consumption. That said, I can give you a brief rundown on it. Because I was actually working on that presentation earlier today. In fact, it's over here. So I can show you that I'm not kidding, do it yourself press releases, leveraged PR marketing for your business. So this will be both a presentation as well as some of that stuff hasn't been added yet. But it will be a presentation that will be available, as well as some videos. So it'll be like a little mini training course, on how to get the best uses of press releases, and then what to do next as well. So really a quick rundown on that is, first have an understanding of what your keywords are that you want to promote, right? So your primary products and services, products and or services, or an event if you're promoting an event, whatever, whatever you're trying to promote. You want to have a set of keywords that you're looking to promote. And you want to submit that as the primary keyword for each one of the press releases.

So the press release writers, the writers that they're really good about creating brand plus keyword association. So if you submit the keyword that you want to be used as the primary keyword, they're going to create that they're going to use the brand name and the keyword in the title. Okay, which is very, very important. And then they're going to write about whatever it is that you instruct them to write about. And you can be as descriptive about how to like, you can tell them the tone that you want, that you want them to write it in, you can tell them certain things that you want them to highlight within the press release. Or you can be vague, you can just say, here's the URL that I want you to promote. And they'll go look at the URL, also look at the brand and they'll create a news angle story, that they'll write a press release about so it makes it easy for you guys if you have something specific you want written about. add that in the writing description. If you don't and you don't know how to create a newsworthy angle, don't worry about it because that's what the press release riders do. So you can just submit a URL and say this is the primary

URL I want promoting, write a story about it right. And though they'll figure out a way, which is why I love using it, because it takes the responsibility right off of us to come up with the angle all the time. They're really good about that once the press release is published, or you want to also link back to whatever you're primarily trying to promote. So for example, I like to, by the way, if you're new SM, s and s insurance, you can go to our YouTube channel youtube.com slash Semantic Mastery and use the channel search feature. And you can even go to Google and search for a press release or PR silo stalking or press release, SEO, semantic mastery, something like that, and you can find a webinar it's actually still on mg y v. If you go to the webinars tab on the MG y v.co. website, you can take a look, I think that was the last webinar that we did was PR silo stalking, and that'll give you a really good description. It was almost an hour You know, I don't know 40-minute webinar or whatever specifically about how to get the

Most uses out are the best use out of sight, press releases. So again, you're going to want to have at least one URL that you're going to promote, you can have up to three, I usually recommend only two URLs per the press release, unless you're siloing press releases, in which case you'll have three, three target URLs that you're promoting within the press release because you're going to be linking back to the previous press release within that silo. if all of this sounds foreign to you, just go check out that webinar that I just described. And then it will tell you exactly what we do to get really, really good results with press releases. And just an aside to kind of a point to kind of reinforce this is I was just talking in the mastermind two weeks ago when I did my last mastermind webinar, about how I have a GMB asset as a lead gen asset that I hadn't done anything with it was published about a year and a half, maybe two years ago, but I never optimized it never did anything to rank it. And I did three press releases in one week to push that GMB asset and all it has is it's a GMB location. You know, profile and it's got a GMB website. It's not connected to a money site. The money site is the GMB website. And I did three press releases in a week. And the son of a bitch disappeared from maps all together for about three weeks. But then it popped after three weeks of it like not even showing I thought it got it was doing a Google dance. But I've not seen one this drastic, or this is significant of a Google dance to where it like literally, the listing disappeared, it disappeared entirely from Google Maps. And then all of a sudden bounce it when it popped, it popped into number three, the C position in the maps three pack from just three press releases in a week. Now that's those results aren't typical, but I'm just sharing that because it does show you that and all I did was PR silo stacking method, the same one that I'm suggesting you go watch that webinar to learn the strategy. And it works guys. It really does work. So that's what I would recommend is

Just first go look at that webinar. And then after you have published the press release, it's always better to do like one press release isn't going to move the needle much, if at all, but when you start to do the silo stacking with press releases, you can do significant damage with that, and in a good way, right, yeah. And then from there, the next thing you can do is do link building gigs to the press releases or to the organization page that we provide. When you order a press release. That's something else and embed gigs. You can do embed gigs as well, but don't link directly to your money site. Anyway, you want to comment on that anybody?

From dance is real man. Right? We tell people 21 days actually, it's 20 days. But I tell people 21 days just to be sure they're clear of it. And then that's when you go and take a look at everything. You decide what to do, but it's very real. I don't know why more people don't talk about that. They just see rankings drop and then they go try to fix it and they make things worse instead of trying to instead of the result being better.

You just supposed to leave it alone until like you said, it just comes back and then you decide.

Unknown Speaker 35:06
Yeah, what's interesting is, like you said, for about three weeks, I haven't seen something that drastic of a dance in quite some time to be honest with you. And so I was a little bit nervous. I was thinking like, What the fuck is going on with this, this listing? And all I did was a handful of GMB posts to that listing over the course of those three weeks that was it, nothing else. And like I said, it popped and when it did, it's, it's in the number. In fact, I just got a lead from that today for sure, for Tree Removal in that particular city. So it's producing and all it took was three press releases, which again, is very, very powerful. So it used the exact same method I just mentioned was PR silo stacking, so just go watch that webinar. It's done in the MGYB, webinar archive, and it's PR silo stacking, and it works really, really well.

Okay, next question. DC SEO says, Hey guys, I received the ROI as part of my shield back and your wise keywords are the ones that gave your team they're in the same niche, but very different to what I handed in Is this right? Mine didn't have any location or mine, I guess he means mine didn't have any location as per instructions and what I received that keyword plus locations from around the world. I'm in the UK as well as a ton of keywords that are irrelevant to my services. I don't know how that could happen. Any, any suggestion? No, that doesn't sound right. But this isn't the forum for that is it support at MGYB.co. What happened? Give us the order number. We'll go track it down. And if we have to do it over, we'll do it over we'll talk to the VA who built it. I mean, we take care of everything guys. We always do we always try to do right, by everyone. You have to do things in the proper forum.

Last week, end of last week or whatever, I think it was Friday, I announced that we had cracked the code that we were able to now extend the drugs tax because we had automated it. And then someone posted in all of our groups, well, what if I have a VA? How do I train them?

And so now, no matter where I respond, it's going to look like I didn't respond and all of the other I would have to go and respond in all of the other groups, the very same thing that I responded in the one group and it's gonna make it look in the other in the groups where I don't respond like I don't care or it doesn't matter or I didn't want to respond or whatever. I don't like guys do things in the right place. And at the right time, this first goes to support. If support doesn't take care of you, then come to us and let us know. And then like, I know, one of the owners in MGB and I'll have a talk with him and see what we can do about rectifying the situation, but it's in here in a public forum. I can't do anything for you.

Yeah, Fidel. If it was indeed a mistake on our end, then absolutely. We just kill that drive, stack, and build and one for you. So and it won't, it won't hurt you at all. So it's not an issue if it was indeed our problem. If you submitted the wrong keyword file, that's one thing, but if it was, somehow it got built with keywords that you didn't submit, which is unlikely, but people are human things happen. So if that was the case, just bring it to supports attention, we'll take a look at it and if that was indeed the case, it would just kill that stack and then go to a new one, and it won't it won't cause any problems. So that's the beautiful thing about those guys and that's also why we talked about using the SEO shield for clients and stuff like that because you get the accounts back and you could protect your work right? Because if something happens and you get fired or the client stops paying you I've had that happen where they just ghost on you, you know what I mean? The business still exists but they just won't answer phone calls or emails when they owe you money that kind I've had that happen several times over my career. You can go in and just kill the drive stack, delete it. I don't even set it to not public which is it's changed now anyways and because it can still push power, even when it's not indexable. But you can go in and just kill the damn thing or rework it to point somewhere else, you know, to meet to their competitor, that you can go land as a client. So that's one of the beautiful things about it. So it can be remedied. That's not a problem.

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Can You Create A Subdomain, Rank, And Redirect All The Pages To Another Site While Maintaining Its Ranking?

The next question was, can you create a subdomain website and rank it and then redirect all the pages to another site? And the subdomain maintain its rankings? No, because the redirect will point to the new location and new locate the new location is going to replace the subdomain at some point, right? You can't redirect a URL and have both the URLs still appear in search, or they might temporarily, and I don't even know that that's true. But Google will whatever the redirect is eventually that's what will rank and the other one will fall out of the index entirely. Am I right in that, or am I missing something? I'm not I think you're absolutely right. I don't see how you can't since you're telling the bot through the 301 that the page or everything in that sub-domain moved permanently somewhere else. Yeah. You could use I mean, that's what it is. Yeah, you could use a canonical. And it can both pages can rank. I've seen that many times, you're telling Google with a canonical, like, hey, this page is similar to this page over here, give the credit to this page, right? And then Google sometimes disregards that and well, you know, both pages will index and they'll both rank. And that happens. So I would suggest a canonical instead of a 301 if that's what you're trying to accomplish, but remember that just because you canonicalize. It doesn't, you know, doesn't mean Google's going to honor that. It also doesn't mean that they won't honor it. Right? It just kind of it's kind of a crapshoot. So yeah, what, what that is canonical is when you have similar or the same, and it doesn't have to be two. It could be two or more, however many copies of that document. There is there exists. You can tell Google which ones the master copy is and to rank that one, rather than all the other. Now, whether Google follows the directive, well, that's up to Google. And they're not telling what they'll do is right.

Yeah, and just to, you know, kind of reinforce that I'm working on a tree care project. for it, you know, for new, a new lead gen service provider that I got. And it's a case study that I'm doing in the mastermind, and I use tags, tags to create location silos anyways, a Google, it's a new site, right? And my blogger just started blogging for the location posts on the site. And the way that we're doing building it out with using tags to create the location silos. Google was ranking the tag pages, but not, but not the posts that I wanted to be ranked. And it indexed the tag pages first, right and the tag pages because some in some cases, they're unique tags, which means that the tag page is a duplicate of post, that if you guys understand how tags work, that's what happens if it's a unique tag, it's only in one post, then the tag page itself is essentially a duplicate of the post. And so for whatever reason, Google index the tag pages instead of the posts, and so the tag pages were ranking for the keywords, but not the post. And so and I even set the canonical in the tag setting with SEO ultimate Pro, you can do that because you can go to what's called the Global canonical manager, or even the code inserter plus module, you can actually go in and add like a separate canonical for each tag and all that kind of stuff anyway. So I added the canonical URLs for the tag pages to canonicalize to the post, right, when it's a unique tag, you can do that. And but Google wasn't honoring it. And about two weeks went by and so finally I went just this week, I just went to search console, and forced Google to recrawl the posts or excuse me, the tag pages because they had the canonical URLs in the HTML header to point to the posts that I wanted to give the credit to. Right and that's what I want to be ranked, and it only took about 24 hours, and lo and behold, now the tag pages aren't indexed, but the posts are, which is what I wanted. So again, it, you know, that doesn't mean that that's always going to happen, because it could be that Google doesn't honor the canonical or doesn't, you know, doesn't recognize it for whatever reason, they, By the way, you can also check that when you submit inspect URL in Search Console. And once it inspects the URL, it's going to tell you whether it's in Google or not. And there's a drop-down setting that your menu that you can click on to expand, it shows you additional details, and it'll tell you what the Google recognized canonical is for that page, or that post whatever URL it is that you're inspecting. Right? And so you can clearly see what Google seeing. So you can force a canonical, and then go ask Google to request indexing. And then once it does, you know you can look at the code that it shows like the rendered page and it'll tell you the details of that and it'll show you if it if it saw the canonical or not. So anyway, hopefully, that was helpful. Do you see SEO

Is It Okay To Embed MyMap Via Tag Manager?

Is it? Is it okay to embed the mind map via Tag Manager? I'm not sure how you would do that.

I'm not sure how you would do that. Tag Manager creates container codes, right header code, and Body Code. And then you inject things into that like scripts and tracking codes and pixels and that kind of stuff. And I don't know what embedding a my map would do, or if it would even read. Is that something you have any idea about? Marco?

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Hello, sorry. Yeah, sorry about that. I was talking intimidated might not I think you can. You can use iframes with Tag Manager not not only that, you can track them. Hmm. Am I giving away too much? Oh, nevermind.

I'll have to play with that DC. I'm not sure. I've never done it. Don't listen, go play with it. And then and then look at all the nice stuff that happens in there.


Cool, well there you go.

Is It A Good Deal To Have A 1500 Monthly Retainer Plus Sale Percentage?

Unknown Speaker 45:03
Alright, so moving on next one is Josh says I am changing locations from my current office to a shared workspace and apparently with Google, this isn't a verifiable address so they won't verify my GMB profile with this type of address. With the MG y b GMB service will this help with this issue?

Is it a storefront or a service area business that would be my question. Can you get a listing right now a GMB listing through MGYB? Yes.

As we talked about with Mohammed's question earlier, if it's a storefront business, I don't recommend using a spam GMB listing for any type of storefront business because you mislead potential customers because they think it's in one location and you are indeed in another location. So the only time I would ever recommend using a spammed GMB listing, let's call it what it is. As for a service area business where the actual physical location in the GMB profile is hidden from the public, so it makes sense. So again, if it's a service area business, then yes, that would help you. If it's a storefront business, I wouldn't recommend it.

Any comments, guys?

No, I think that's absolutely right, man. It's a myth. You got to know what you're getting into. Especially if you're, if you're going to spam it, right?


I've gotten away from doing spam, GMB listings just because the how much volatility there's been in the last, you know, many months. Um, so I'm working more heavily on the organic side. Now, again, which has been years since I really pushed that. So it's interesting, and that's what the tree care project that I'm working on is, in part is a case study for the mastermind, is working on mostly organic rankings. I do have some GMB locations that are going to be incorporated into the project most of the organic rankings. And I'm also doing a lot of call ads call-only ads for Google ads. They are

If you're very specific with Google call-only ads with your what I call Bullseye keywords, then you can get some pretty good results with that. It's a lot less expensive than actual clicks to like, you know, regular PPC pay per Click type ads, pay per call ads are a little bit less expensive if you have very, very targeted keywords with location modifiers and such. So that's what I'm working on right now.

What MGYB Service Should You Use Get More SEO Clients?

Lonnie says I landed my first client concrete company 1500 dollars per month plus percentage of sales. This is a good deal fucking a man. Congratulations, Lonnie. That's all that looks like it looks like a really good deal. Absolutely. That's a cherry deal for sure. So congratulations, man. I'm gonna hop in real quick and say it's all relative, right? One congrats on getting that. Especially the percentage of sales and revenue. That's a big one that I think a lot of people miss out on. But keep in mind too, this is totally dependent on what he's doing for that. 1500 That's true. You'd be getting worked to the fucking ground for 1500 but you know

It's up to you, you You are the person who can determine whether or not that's worthwhile. Yeah, that's a great point, Adam.

And just know this, if it's your first client, you probably are going to be work to death anyways. Because it's your first client and you will learn over time, how to set boundaries with clients. Just talk to Mohammed who's always here asking questions every single week. Mohammed's been following us for a long, long time, and we've watched him grow considerably over the last couple of years. And he's experienced a lot of growing pains and come here and ask for advice. And that's what this forum is for Lonnie. So feel free to come back and ask questions every week. concerning how to handle certain situations doesn't always have to be SEO related either. It could just be about how to handle particular clients, business operations, management, outsourcing, all that kind of stuff. Guys, we're here to help grow your business as much as possible. Yes, we talk a lot about SEO. But there's a lot of other things that we've all learned with our experience over the years on how to, you know, help you to avoid some of the mistakes that we've all made.

But just know that it is your first client there, it's likely you're going to be work to death for that client. And that's okay. Because you're going to learn a lot from that. And you'll begin to learn how to start to set boundaries. And remember, you know, one thing I want to recommend is, you do need to also set like communication boundaries, I don't know that your new client is is somebody that might message you outside of business hours or over the weekend and that kind of stuff. But I've got a lot of clients that still to this day do, but I've trained them that I don't reply to messages after hours or on weekends. Unless it's an emergency like I have a preschool client that had a site go down on over a weekend and I had my daughter and I did actually help him because he's a really good client and me, you know, I felt for him and I wanted to help him but very rarely do I ever reply to anything outside of ours, because once you set that precedent, people will take advantage of it. I don't know that they mean to be malicious, but they just think that hey, I messaged him at night and he answered me, so, therefore, it's okay for me to ask questions at any time, I would recommend that you know, as your first client, you need to start to learn how to set boundaries right upfront.

Anyways, let's get back to the question. Sorry, I'm glad that Adam put that into perspective, because I immediately saw that percentage. And my mind went to the mat, my mind always goes to the numbers, where I normally get this company to 100-200k a month recurring for you know, out of if it's like Costa Rica, where they work around, like, it's killer money, it's killer money, but even if it's seasonal, right, you can't work in the winter, if what if they're doing driveways or whatever it is that they're paving. If they're laying a concrete slab, you're talking about 100 k easy and if you charge 10 to 15% of that recurring, then I'm seeing that as a really good deal. If you're going to be worked to the bone and the client can't close. Then you got a problem. So thanks for putting that into perspective.

Yeah, not to downplay it. Yeah, definitely just wanted to tell because the way he phrased it that's what gave me the hesitation. It's like, Is this good? Like, man, there's no way for us to know you're the one who's got to do that. But you know, congratulations on doing that. That's good to see. Yeah. And I mean, like I said, Just remember, as your first client, you will make mistakes, there's no question, you will work harder than you probably should. And that's okay. Like I said, you're going to learn from that. So, you know, just keep that in mind. Remember, come back here and ask questions often and we'll try to provide you as much advice as we can. He says, also, I'm looking for simple services I can use to get me in on getting clients and suggestions. By the way, I love the video lead gen 2xyoruagency. Well, there, there you go. You have the video lead gen system and 2xyoruagency which is great for prospecting and generating prospects, right? Don't build that pipeline first. Right? And that's super, super important in through having a full pipeline of prospects and making presentations sending proposals, right so pitching prospects, you will get better, you're gonna lose money upfront, and that's okay. But you will get better you'll be able to polish your presentation and your pitch and your message and all of that. And so just that's why it's so important guys to fill that pipeline full of prospects so that you can make those mistakes. And not every prospect that you talk to is going like you depend on them to be able to put food on your table. If because if that's the case, desperation comes through and everything that you do, and they can smell that from a mile away. And so I think it's better to have a pipeline full of prospects because then it's okay, you don't need anyone of them because you have more behind them. Right, that makes sense. As far as simple services, I recommend getting the most updated version of the battle plan if you don't already have that. A lot of that was covered in 2xyoruagency anyways, but the battle plan is a very succinct version of what we recommend to get results and timelines for doing so and all of that and it's very inexpensive. So I'd recommend you pick that up if you don't have it already.

I'd also say mgyb.co, I mean everything there for you to offer your clients, whatever it is that they want. Everything is their press releases, liquidity and anything and everything that you need to do to produce results for your clients in MGYB.co. And if it doesn't mean you have a good idea of a product that let us know.

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What Is A Money Site?

This is a great question from Josh, he says, And see, guys, this is the thing you know, I think we often forget. Because we've been in this industry so long that not everybody understands the terminology. He says one more quick question, what exactly do you mean by money site that means your primary digital asset so like, whatever your primary domain is that you host your, your website for your business on? That's what we call a money site. Why? Because it's the site that generates you money, right? A lot of the other stuff that you know, we talked about is tier-one branded entity assets. Again, big terminology for basically meaning like social profiles and stuff that you can build a branded profile or presence on that you're going to link back to your money site, your money site is your Epicenter, right? It's your point of origin, it's the golden frame, you always want to drive, all traffic all leads as much as possible back to your money site, because you have control over that's an asset that you own and control, having ancillary profiles on social media properties and, you know, web to Dotto properties, and all that kind of stuff is great. And that's what we do with the SEO shoot as we build all that stuff out. But ultimately, you don't own those platforms. They could be taken away from you by Google, by YouTube, by Facebook, whatever, at any time. So they're great to have. They're great to use. But it's best to try to use those to push people push traffic back to your money site because you do have control over that. And there's so much more than you can do that. So your money site is again it's your self hosted primary domain asset for your business, your company, your project, whatever it may be. Anybody else wants to take a stab at that? Yeah.

It could be your Google My Business website. It could be that it could be your your G site. It could be, you know, a free WordPress blog or blogger, Tumblr, or wherever it is that you choose to blog from, like, you don't have to have something that's self hosted. WordPress, are a self hosted domain for you to have a money site. This is like you said, it's the place where you plan to send people to in order to make money and edit in order to sell your product service or whatever it is that you want people to see or buy. That's your money site. Why? Because it makes you money. Not to say that there are other places that could make you money like social media, but it's the primary source of what it is that you're planning to do. Yeah, that's a great point because as we talked about a lot of lead gen assets that I have don't have a self-hosted money site. They are just GMB website.

In other words, the website, the Google My Business provides you which is free. And ultimately you don't have full control over that Google does. Right. So I, you know, I'm glad Marco brought that up. Because I just mentioned self-hosted website, it doesn't have to be that recommend that was possible. But there are times where it makes sense to not build a self-hosted website, for example, spammed GMB listings, it might not be wise to go through the trouble of building out a, you know, a self-hosted site because of all the work that goes into it. Whereas, you know, in case it was to get suspended, you lose all of them, the work that you did, essentially. So in that case, you know, the GMB website becomes the primary website for that location. Or another option would be like Marco said, you know, Google Site g site, right, so sites.google.com, that they, Marco and Rob have done several projects using those as the money site, and it works. It works really, really well. So the money site is exactly what Marco described, which is whatever it is that you're using to make money.

If you're going to build a brand, I think it's important to build a self-hosted website with the brand name as the domain name, because you can really grow the authority of that brand and you benefit from that in so many ways. So, it's a great question though. Alright, so the last question and we've only got three minutes left, we're gonna wrap it up.

What SEO And Lead Gen Contract Do You Recommend?

He says, Lonnie says I'm having trouble with putting an SEO and lead with I'm sorry, with put an SEO and lead gen contract. Do you have any recommended contract forms? No, I don't, you know, you could probably just go online and find some templates that you could use. I personally don't like to use contracts I, I mean, I have in the past, but typically, it's only for bigger companies that, you know, they want the contract. I like to do everything on a verbal agreement. So that and I always say this to potential prospects or customers look, you know, if I'm doing my job, you're gonna want to continue paying me if I'm not, you're not gonna want to continue paying me and that's okay. I also want to be able to part ways from that client if we don't dive well, we don't agree on things if it's just not a good fit, and I don't want to be locked into a contract either. So I don't expect my clients to want to be locked into a contract. And sometimes that burns me, for example, I had a home inspector client, that, you know, I very clearly stated what the timeline was going to be on results.

I typically asked for, hey, give me this much time. And before that time had passed before I reached that certain level of time that I mentioned, he canceled services. And I you know, And to me, that's really unfair for both of us because he wasn't able to get the results that he wanted, because it wasn't, you know, fast enough for him even though I clearly stated all of that before we agreed to work together. But at the same time, I put a lot of work into that and it wasn't able to fully realize the efforts you know, for him or for myself for my own satisfaction because he stopped paying me before all the work had been completed, if that makes sense. Sometimes I wish I did have a contract in place. But for the most part, I like the ability to be able to walk away from a client. And I also like them to know that they don't, they're not locked into a contract that kind of eases that.

That low and lowers the barrier to entry, so to speak. However, that said, there might be a difference of opinion here for some of the other guys. And you guys have a suggestion for him.

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Now, you know me, I don't do contracts. I hate him. I hate him. He locks me into everything. And what if I want to go out and maybe the client doesn't want to go well, what if I want to go? What if I can't stand the client? I want to go and then I'm bound by a contract for a year with this guy that I can't stand that knows more or supposedly knows more than I do, which sometimes happens.

If you know how to produce results, then always go, “Look, I'll give you results.” But record the quality I always record the call that that call. We talk

Bradley, what is going to take this long? I always have that recorded even though there's no contract and I let the guy know Look, I'm gonna record the call. And then you can always refer revert back to that's a contract, believe it or not, that's a contract. Right? And it'll hold up in most courts. I believe in the US. It'll hold up, it'll hold up in Costa Rica.

That's a good idea. And yeah, if you disclose that right up front, and then get it on the recording, you do agree that this is being recorded, and that's okay, right.

Yeah, exactly, exactly. I'm going to be recording this, I'm just gonna point this way. This way, we can refer back to the conversation, you know exactly what took place. I know exactly what to put in you walk them through, you know that this is going to take about 90 days for results. thereabouts. Because if you don't, then you go into the process because I have to set everything up. And then we get everything going. I'm probably going to get two results before but I can't guarantee any Google experience tells me that within 90 days, we should be able to see something, and then we can work from there but I need 90 days from you.

Are you okay with that? Yeah, yeah, sure, you're gonna get that nine out of 10. So now you have a binding contract now, at the end of it you tell at the end of those 90 days when we meet again, then we'll decide if we continue.

Now real quick, I know Adam is if you're still paying attention, I know we're a little bit over, but I think you have a little bit of a different methodology. Is there any way you can comment on this? Um, yeah, I just I'm trying to think like, I don't have too much of a difference it's kind of constantly evolving. But yeah, I mean, as far as contracts go like I stay out of that I've never done anything. Okay. Yeah. And then, if he's looking for actual he may just mean, he's looking for an outline for like a proposal or an engagement proposal. If that's the case, just contact support at semantic mastery comm will point you in the right direction. I know Hernan put one out there we had as a free opt-in that you could get as an outline. And that can be really helpful. I mean, I've used other people's as a starting point when I'm changing services.

Adding something in just so that I have a good starting point then you tailor it kind of to your specifics.

Very good. Thank you. Alright guys, thanks everybody for being here is Chris were you gonna says something? I'm sorry. I mean like he is like a lead gen contract. I mean, like why not sell on a per lead basis? I don't see there's an issue you can do like a contract that states the price of the elite.

Yeah. So you should be fine that way. It should be super easy.

Sweet. Well, thanks for your input, guys. And thanks, everybody for being here. We will see you guys next week. Bye, everyone. Bye, everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 288

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 288 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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All right, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 288. Today is the 20th of May 2020. And we've got everyone here. We got a couple of announcements but we're gonna introduce everyone says hi we got things shuffled up today Bradley is on the road but joining us audio-only, and Hernan is driving the ship today so we'll check in with Hernan first that really messed me up. I just looked and saw that your name is Bradley Benner on there so Hernan Benner. How are you doing today?

Good, man. Thank you for picking me first. And thank you for picking me first while I'm operating. But I'm good, man. I'm good. I'm really good. So we're live. We're live on Hump Day. hangouts is good. Everything is good. Don't panic. Good. So don't freak out. Whatever you are good, man. I'm impersonating Bradley, so don't get used to it, buddy. Yeah. Well, let's move on then to Bradley. How are you doing man? Where are you at?

I'm doing well. I'm in Grundy, Virginia and it's like being a monsoon of rain. I came down here to camp and get away for a week and I didn't realize it was gonna be cold and rainy for three days, or else I probably would have postponed it for another week. But it is what it is. And I'm here and I was able to make it so just glad to be here. Good deal. All right, Marco. How you doing? I'm gonna take it you're not having cold rainy weather. Uh, let me check.

It's kind of raining.

It's a little dark. Can you tell? I don't even have lights on.


Chris, how you doing man?
It's raining here. Not the usual one. It's raining money.

Man. That's good dad's job. Well done.

Well, before we get into it now, Hernan I believe he's got he's gonna be doing some screen share and we're gonna jump in and answer

Some questions. First of all, just want to say thanks to everyone for your questions. We appreciate people I know we get a lot of regulars who show up here. But if you're watching this for the first time welcome you know, ask your questions we just ask that you ask one question at a time. Just so we can go through if you ask a bunch of questions, there's a chance that you know, we're going to have to skip over them so we can get to the rest and if you catch them this replay on YouTube, go ahead and hit the subscribe button and you can always come and join us at semanticmastery.com/HDquestions, and watch interact live as well as of course, catching the replay on the YouTube channel.

Few things want to tie everybody into and let it what know let you know what's going on. Marco, I'm gonna pass it over to you in a second. Because there's some interesting stuff going on. I know Marco just did a webinar earlier this week. But I want to say if you're an agency owner or a consultant and you're like us and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team, then you need to be checking out 2xyouragency.com

If you want to get step by step processes with SEO then that battle plan is where you should be if you haven't already grabbed it came out just a few weeks ago but you can grab that battle plan dot semantic mastery com we've got some killer bonuses we're adding content as we go and we've got a lot of good stuff over there I'm not going to bore you by reading it go check it out a battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And last but certainly not least, you know done for you services This is a big one we get people asking us a lot for things like what we did get questions like where do we get syndication networks done? We started that done for you service. A long time ago and over the past couple of years, we've created mg y B and grown that from its beginnings with syndication networks Our way is drive stacks now we offer a lot of services link building, embeds press releases, tons of good stuff over there. And of course the SEO shield as well as some free best practices webinars. So even if you're not sure what the best product is for you or what the best results or maybe the best way to position it, you can go over

There, check out those webinars and get speed real quick. But speaking of webinars, Marco, you did one earlier this week, right? Monday and I can't believe it was public dude, the amount of free information that went out I mean, Jordan was in the, in the public Facebook group kind of joking, but kind of seriously shut it down, like put it away, put it in the archives. It's just too much information. And what happened was, we had Jeffrey Smith on and he was talking about structuring content, structuring, cutting to listen to the structuring content for the Semantic Web. Usually, when we talk about structuring, instruct structures, we talked about structured data, which goes directly to the button, but I have been talking about it for a while now, how you can also structure your content so that you give the bot better relationships that better data relationship, better content, relationships, better semantic relationships. And Jeffrey went in Monday and killed it. I mean, just drop the mic, forget everything else, listen to what I'm telling you. And he's showing exactly how those relationships are created. He's telling people how to reference it, how to tie it all together. Now you add that to our loop, the loop at it entity loop, right that we do, where we give the but all of the information about our organization. And I was just talking to rob this morning about putting that on steroids. So that we can actually stack. So think about it. We already have an @ID loop or an entity loop. And it's a stack, it's an empty stack. But we're going to stack the stack, which you guys you know, I love that just stacking all of these iframes and all of these things to create all of these different relationships and just keep about looping. In that information. Well, we were just talking about the services and then do it it's gonna be a service and then do it. It'll never be made public how not nothing. It's never getting out because it's just too much. Too much time too much.

For just too many things go into this, we will go into a lot of the why and how, in the heavy hitter Club, which is where this with this webinar is still public. It was supposed to be 72 hours is supposed to be dead right now I think, Well, no, it would that would be tomorrow, the 72 hours. I can't tell time anyway, if it's still alive, go join the heavy hitter club, it's free. If it's not in the free group anymore, that you missed it, I'm sorry. But we can't just keep giving all of that information now, for free. It's just not going to happen up from here on all the entities, what I'm calling the entity series is going to be in the paid group only. We will come out with other public webinars where we will give you more information. But the good stuff is always gonna be going to be kept in the paid group. And the reason is simple. We need to be compensated for all of the time that we spend on this for all of the research that we're doing for all of the testing that we're doing it

It gets expensive, right? Running servers and running software and having to buy all of these different tools to get everything done. So I mean people don't understand that they want it all for free. I'm sorry it's not gonna happen but you can get a really good start by getting into a heavy hitter club. It's in the free area right now you can watch the replay of the webinar and literally learn to rank with just content

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awesome. It was that yes, like Marco said it's in heavy hitter club but put the link on where you can go sign up and yeah, Robin mentioned he's gonna try to extend it so people have time to get in there. But then it is going to go away. So you got limited time you just got a day or two until they move it over. But it is free. You can go and get access to it via that link. And one interesting one, I'm going to make them sound like a sensational YouTube title or something like oh my god, can you no longer do our stuff that question is answered in the video as well, I believe Marco right, you guys touched on what's going on with Google Drive and all that stuff, right? Not only did we touch on, but we also showed how it's still, it's, I mean, you can still pay public files and folders, nothing's changed, they still index that nothing has nothing's changed. Nothing's changed it. Let's just leave it at that, because nothing has changed. You're gonna see misinformation all over the Facebook groups. And the problem with that is, as someone read some information, that that the link-sharing files are no longer able to index, what they were never able to end that you could never index, the link-sharing file. That was never available. So it's just Google, mixing you up so that you can't read the reading, and you're not able to interpret the writing. And so now you got a mess in your head. And then from that, you assume that everything Google gave you is you can't index anything and how people logically go from an extreme to another. I have no idea. But all you have to go do is go back and read that post and see that they were talking about the link-sharing file, not the public. Gotcha. Cool. Well, for anyone who wants to dive deeper into that, definitely go check out the webinar on top of all the stuff Marco mentioned. So, hop over there, get free access while you can't.

As far as announcements, guys, that's it. I think that's all we got to cover. We ready to hop into questions.

Let's do it. All right. Let me actually share my screen.

And if I can remember how to do it, Okay, there we go. You guys can see my screen right? Yeah. Beautiful awesome.

Is Creating Video Embed Autoblogs Viable In 2020?

So we got the good all Webby XP 92 666. Hi, guys. Thanks for all the insights you all provide. I have a question around an older video you made talking about repurposing PBNs into embed blocks is creating video embeds Autoblog still something that is viable? If so, do you have any examples of such sites that could be built, also ordered an MGYB link building package for a G site? And appears to have been deemed x? Is this something to worry about? Do you think it's just a Google dance and we'll sell settle with time. So I'm repurposing in PVS into the video but blogs I don't know if it's a practice that we're still doing as long as their video and bets and you know, you can get your videos embedded in there in terms of you know, like a T or like a second-tier type of embed blogs I see should be fine. But what do you think Marco? Well, it was the foundation video powerhouse maps powerhouse, right? It was buying expired domains, repurposing them for video, embeds, and then mapping events. I don't see why it wouldn't work as long as you're keeping everything relevant. Right. Thank you.

would have to stretch it. Because the whole point right now of whatever it is that you're doing should be activity relevance, trust, and authority. So if there's an activity in that repurpose, pbn, if there's relevance, and there are trust and authority, then you got a winner, you got a winner, because of all the power that's behind that. And you start dropping links in there back to wherever it is that you want them, you don't even need the links, the iframes will carry the link building back to the source. So I don't see why that would be a problem as long as its purpose just for that when you start getting content into that when you start getting links into that. That's when things start to devalue. Right, that's when you start getting you to trigger other parts of the algorithm that you're not really looking to trigger. Whereas if you just keep the iframes and you power those up, you're good to go. And I mean, I'm still I just talked to daddy recently about building up a network just for that. So I don't see why it wouldn't work. We're not doing it. We're not currently doing it. Let me just say that but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

If it worked, or it still works for you, too. But people do it all the time they put a YouTube video on their website. So why wouldn't it work if it still works for you?

Yeah, and I'm trying to think of examples. I don't have any off the top of my head, but I would just start looking around is my advice. And like, I, I just can't think of an actual URL right now. But I know there's a lot of sites like this out there that you can go and see and they're getting real traffic. So I would just start looking around

Webby and like start noticing, you know, just start clicking around with trying to find some of these, and you will definitely find some there. They're all over the place. Yeah, yeah, those websites. In fact, like Semantic Mastery, his YouTube channel gets picked up by several of these like, websites that all they do is to combine like different feeds of videos and whatnot. And some of them are legit. Some of them are like clearly auto blogs, but some of them are legit. Some of them are like actually, you know, having good content and I know that because I have

This Stuff Works
I have a Google Alert for semanticmastery.com and every time, somebody, posts something that we share, right? Then he gets I get an email notification. So yeah, like Semantic Mastery. youtube channel gets picked up by all of these secondary websites. And regarding the second part of your question, which is I also order an MGYB link building package to a G site and appear in the index. And I think it depends on where did you work? Or when did you order that? What do you say, Marco? I forgot the index. It wasn't because of the link building. I can tell you that. I mean, just from thousands that we've done, where it's never been the index, well, you know, never say never. What this leads to a question, how do you know, or why do you think it appears to have been index? D index? Are you using the site operator to try to find it? The site operator is on and off. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. So if you use it and you couldn't find it, you have to redo that.

I think it says it's an analytics and search console do you have that attached to it is that our analytics and search console telling you that it's not indexed because you can just, that's what you're supposed to do. You go in there, you go into search console and resubmit for crawling. And that's you're bringing it back up. Lastly, it could be the Google dance. It could be that it dropped from the index, which happens all the time. And then it comes back to settle wherever it is, is going to settle. And that's, you know, that's after 21 days, you look at the data, you see what happened, you see what's going on, and when you approach it at that point to see what else you need to do to bring it into the position where you want to bring it.

Yeah, I would like to add to that, guys. If you have submitted it to search console, which you can do through the same Google account that the drive stack was built under, you just go in and submit the G site to search console and then use the URL inspection tool inside of search console to just take a look at the homepage of it, which is, you know, sites google.com slash whatever your slug is forward slash and just do a URL inspection. And Google Search Console will tell you whether it's in Google or not. If it's in the index, and if it's in the index, and you're just not seeing it, it's just doing the dance. And if it's a newer g site, it's likely just dancing because that happens a whole lot in the first several weeks of a G site.

There you go.

Is There An SEO Benefit To Using A Custom GMB Domain Name Instead Of The Business.Site Extension

Awesome. Ah, so let's see Ah, see gala for four is asking, Is there any SEO benefits to using a custom GMB domain? domain name versus the default one Google gives you with a business dot site extension? Thanks in advance. What do you guys think?

I haven't tested it. I only use I always use the business. That's the site extension that Google gives me and when do the search for your entity or the brand search. It's one of the top sites that appears for your entity. Now, whether having your own domain over that makes a difference. I don't know, I haven't tested You know how much I hate to speculate. And yeah, you know, maybe my standard answer is you need to go test it and see if there's a difference. But that means creating two different sets of data with practically the same data to GMB's one is going to be custom. The other one isn't to see if one ranks better than the other which is way too much work. You get to see how much work it is to go and find out that now you know, there's really no difference. So why bother in the first place? It works really well the way it is.

Right? And I would also imagine that having the standard URL or Bendtner or domain name that the GMB is revenue would be very powerful in and of itself, right? Because you're getting a subdomain into that business, that site, website or domain, which has, you know, hundreds of thousands of millions of websites and then all of the stuff that we're doing to the GMB as well, but I would say that they would have a lot of power in and of itself, right? It's like using a Google property that it's google.com for slash whatever, right? So we'd have to check what happens underneath, right? Because it could be different than what happens to Google site. Again, it's not something that we've tested, so anything else would be speculation. Awesome. Cool.

This Stuff Works

Would It Be Considered A Valid Local Citation If The Address Is Not Assigned?

So Dustin, introduce what's up Dustin. I would like to know if it's enough for a citation to count as valid when only using name plus website URL plus phone number without the address because I'm not allowed to show the address. Will that be a valid citation? What do you guys think? Yes.

It's still a valid citation.

Yeah, and in fact, Bradley has recommended it to me. Again, in this form, then you can't use the street address to use it just the way it's showing in the question. Perfect. Yeah. And so it's my understanding of structured citation is the typical format, name, address, phone number, plus URL if you know When, when, when possible. But an unstructured citation is any combination of several of those data points. It doesn't have to be all of them. So it could be name, phone number, URL, or name, address, phone number without URL or name, address URL without a phone number, you see what I'm saying? It's just a combination of name, address, and phone number or URL. One of those are several of those four data points. And that's why, you know, it still counts as a citation. I think, obviously, a structured citation is the most powerful, but they still absolutely counts.

Cool. All right. So let's see Mike. What's up, Mike? Hello, everybody. know everyone, what is the best link to share? Google Maps listing what's going on with those read directions on the map listing? HTTPS g page forward-slash company name as a 302 redirect and a minute refresh. If I want to build links for it, how would you suggest you do it? maybe create a short link for the long regular URLs? That would be a 301 redirect? That's a lot. That's a good question. Yeah. But he's like he's looking at that wrong because adding, adding shortening to any of those three tools, it's not gonna make any difference, because if there's a there's a three or two in the stream, what he has to do is, is find the endpoint of that redirect meta refresh stream, which is the one, it's where it ends when you go into where it goes or any other redirection checker, whatever it is that you use, you're going to see that last one meta refresh, and then it gives you that final URL, where if you take that and go to where goes, you don't get anything else. That's the one that you would use for link building. And that's the one you would shorten the shorten or creates a 301 to that long URL. So if you drop that shortening to one of those three or two URLs, it stops the link flow at the three or two, regardless of what else happens down the street.

So that's how you should be looking at that not the way that this is. Right now the way that he's talking about Sure.

Yep. Use the gather up the Chrome extension. I just posted it in the chatbox. But it's if you just go to search, search google and search for the gather up, review link generator, Chrome extension, add it to Google Chrome, and then from that point forward, anytime you want to share your map, all you got to do is click that button from the map from the entity page where it says the knowledge panel essentially for the entity and it will grab the GMB share URL for you.

Awesome, I just shared it on the Yeah, sure.

On the chat as well, so in the end, that's, that's the best URL. It's, it's the www.google.com/map/?cid= and so it when you take a look at that in a redirect detector, like where goes, for example, it will say test, okay, even though when the page fully loads, it will change it to the really, really long maps, you know, the really ugly URL, but you know, again, it's, it's, it's kind of like a, it's a redirect, but doesn't count as a redirect. So it's the best URL to use.

Cool. All right, so Kieran is asking, Hey gents, hope you're well and staying safe. I'm curious about last week's Hump Day Hangout, Marco talked about the first webinar for heavy hitters being available to everyone. The topic being related to the public Google Drive folders and Google recent changes and how it would impact any airway stack or SEO shield user registered register on the SM Facebook group under events I register waited and as I know another day too, but nothing ever happened I listened to that part of the episode again to confirm maybe I'm just missing something but if it relates to stocks we order I would really like to make sure I'm clear on best practices recommendation. So we're again can hear and find the replay for that. heavy hitters club. There you go. heavy hitter, hitter, heavy hitter club that that's very sweet but we can't we continue to make announcements in the different pages I know that Rob did an announcement just before that sharing the link to go register because once you went to the event, you had to go to the Events tab you had to go and register in zoom to attend the event. If you didn't then just go to heavy hitters club and register you don't have to buy it's in the free section of the group and you can just watch it there while it while it's available. I don't know how long, how much longer is gonna be available and I'm not creating it.

This Stuff Works
I'm not creating any of his marketing bullshit. We're taking it out period. urgency Call it whatever you want. I'm not the fucking marketer in the group. We're just going to take it and put it in the paid section because that's where it belongs. There you go. So you heard that gets go get it heavy hitter, calm. Sorry heavy hitters club. There you go heavy hitters club.

How Long Does It Take For GSites To Index?

So our thing is asking how long does it take to G site for for the G site to index? I got my back almost three weeks ago and still, has an index placing Search Console submitter URL and still have index thanks. What do you think?

How long it takes two indexes however long Google takes to index it, right? Yeah, would you if Yeah, hang on a second because it did you get it back from us. Because if so, you have to go and check that to make sure that we set it to index. Sometimes things slip by and it might be set to no index, there might be something in there, but three weeks is still not a full what it is a 30-day cycle that Google works on in caching and indexing and whatever. Now, what you might want to do is, again, go back into Search Console, and resubmit. You go through the process that Brad explained, but rather than just seeing whether it's indexed or not just resubmit the URL for indexing.

There you go. Boom, Gordon, guys. Jump in. Just also if you have a GMB associated with that project, you can also create a GMB post with the CTA button linked to the G site and that sometimes will help too because of the G site or excuse me, the GMB post typically index very quickly and I'll get Google comm crawl that page again.

Yeah, no, I mean, if you have an active Twitter account where your tweets are getting indexed on a regular basis, you can also pop it in a tweet and get Google to crawl and index that there's a lot of ways to force the indexing, it just has to be something that's active and continuously indexing.

There you go. Awesome. And also, like, it's would you guys agree that even because of the fact that it still hasn't been indexed yet, is not necessarily not providing power to the rest of the entity, right? Because we have tested no index type of links, and we have tested a bunch of stuff. And just because in fact, I still have some index, it doesn't necessarily mean that is not working, you know, to the benefit of the entire entity. would you say something like that, Marco? Well, what matters is whether Google has crawled it and whether it's in the database, that's all that matters. We don't care. I mean,

you get too anal about a lot of these since lead, it's the end result that matters. Is it pushing power? And is it or is it helping all everything else that's down the stream? is it helping that to rank as bringing traffic into your website or whatever it is that your money site is? That's what matters. First and foremost, we should work on getting into the G site index. Yes, because it'll take up more real estate space.

This Stuff Works
Especially in organic right in organic rankings, but does it have to be 100% index?

Awesome, cool.

Is There A Benefit Of Using A Niche-Related Expired Domain To A Local Business Site?

Alright, so let's see. I'm Gordon, I was wondering if you can find an expired domain that is niche related and has a clean backlink profile and your 301 redirect to a new local business site domain. Is there any significant benefit to pumping up the age domain by pointing MGB services like link building press releases syndication network and firewall strikes next to it? And if so, can you get away with the 10 X and the number of backlinks to it, this is not the money site. Thank you very much for your help. I mean, first off, you need to find a clean backlink profile of an H expired domain, which is not, which is kind of art. But um, the 301 redirects might make it a little bit, maybe a little bit too much. If you 301 redirect that directly to the money site, and then you start blasting that domain with stuff. That might be a little bit too much. What do you guys think?

Yeah, I mean, the reason why we went into dissecting g sites in the first place was to get away from doing this very thing that he's talking about, would it still work? I would think so. But we, but I can't say whether it's still working. Because it's been years literally since we used a 301 redirect domain. No, you go you buy it, make sure you go through all of that trouble. Get content in there for that link, then you three or not even like you 301

It to take advantage of those things that he blasts that with link building, why go through all that when you could just go and get a drive second g site from mg y B and get everything through there you have more control over that and you get more power in the end result is much better through a dry second t site then it is through an expired domain.

Right and then you can abuse those versus an expired domain that you will be 301 redirecting so because at that point you're resurrecting the history of backlinks and also the new stuff that you're doing so it's better to always point you know, backlinks and prices and everything to the drive stack.

Why Does The Keyword List Does Not Show Search Volume For Commercial Keywords?

Fits what's up Fitz Jarvis just received the keyword list and I love it awesome. Please remind me why the list does not show search volume for the commander's commercial keywords. Thank you What What can we tell to fits?

Do we know nicely? This does not show the search for fun. We never show search volumes. We showing keyword research. Right? And nowhere in the order does it say that we will provide search volumes, because that's not necessarily the whole point, if you read the order form, or if we go through the order form, is to either get targets for link building, or to get and relevance, of course, or just to get overall keywords that are going to give your project, whatever it is that you're doing tons of relevance what's considered relevant so that we start creating all of those relationships between your brand. And if you have the location, your location, and the keyword set in your niche, we try to find as many as possible, we categorize them. That's the whole point is if you need search volumes, you go into what is Google ads and get search volumes there. That's the only time that that would be important to me. Yeah, as nothing else would be important, we just don't do that. We don't provide search volumes. Yeah, you can always like if you really need it, you can always go to sem rush as well, which works in tandem with the database of Google which is kind of the same thing. So that's another option right there.

This Stuff Works
10 x Marco but for me, so BB a BB. Hi guys kennix Marco. But for me, for some reason, it says the SERP and game part one video not available. So there might be something there happening? No, I checked that last week because I had seen this question. And when I go to the blog, right.  I'll have to drop this in. Yeah, I'll drop this into the hump day Hangout, I'll drop it at the bottom. You have to have donated and given proof of donation, then you go to the URL that I just dropped it at the bottom of this, the chat, the many chat or whatever the hell we're on right now. And then you use the public password that you got in the email that we sent you. Like the only way that you'll be able to see that is if you have the password. And I'm looking in there right now and I'm seeing part one. Can I share my, my screen real quick? Of course. Yeah, let me stop sharing so you can go ahead and share because I don't know what he's seen. Yeah, so let me share. Let me know when you see it. Yeah, we can see it. Alright, so the sub-game the SERP endgame part one and part two. I don't know what's what's missing. There you go.

Ah, it says video unavailable. I'll talk to rob Thanks. Hey, I had done looks like it got the embedding option on YouTube turned off. The right might be that what channel was that on? Was that on Semantic Mastery? Yeah, hang on. But if you click on it, what's the video on YouTube? BB. You can go there.

Yeah, I think that if we select them just let me just show him again. There's an option here to watch the video on YouTube and you can just watch it there I don't know I didn't do this I forget who it was that embedded this.

Yeah. But then from there, just click on it BB just click on here and go watch it while we fix that Thanks for pointing that out. Thank you, brother, all right cool. Let me start sharing again okay cool so let's see SEO torch great deep learning with the rest of the recent Google changes what do you use now instead of drive stack you heard it here boys drive stacks Yeah, so they can go to the webinar and hit a hit Apply right to know more about what's going on. All right, every hitter duck club we showed how everything can still be made public. By the way, we can still set everything public. I'm not gonna say how I'm not gonna give away the farm, Of course, I'm not gonna say how we're doing it but we're turning over everything public to you guys when you come to order for MGB SEO, it's public. That's what you get from us. I know how everyone else is doing it and how they're creating all of this chaos where they say, Oh, you will change everything. Drive stacks are dead. No, nothing's dead. Nothing's changed. We're still doing drive stacks and G sites.

RYS Academy reloaded and RYS Academy still works, the way that it hit originally, or oftentimes even better. That hasn't changed at all.

That's awesome. Well, what if I get a drive second fiber? Yeah, right.

This Stuff Works
happens there. You're on your own your own. We can't. Good luck.

So um, so yeah, I mean, we can only respond to what you know the quality that you get on

Do I do to sell at a Moody's asking if you're an agency now? Let's go. Let's go. Thank you, Anna, for commenting Hold on a second.

What Are SubTiers?

So a BB some questions, I understand tears. But what is tier three a three B four a four B etc? Why there are sub tiers? And can you explain this a little bit broadly?

Are you there? sure if you can get this program here. Well, the way that we build multi-tiered syndication networks, which are only two tiers, deep that you can go further out if you'd like, but it would be to A to B to C. So when you're getting out to be, you know, three and four tears, we don't support that. You can certainly do it as long as you understand how to make the connections with the IFTTT triggers, then you can go out as many tears as you'd like. The problem with it is that it creates you know, if anything, upstream RSS feed malfunctions, it cascades through all of the networks. And so it becomes a lot of work just to maintain that many tiers when they're all connected together. It's not that it can't be done and just that it creates a lot of additional management. So that's why we stopped the two tiers, right. So we, again, your primary branded Tier, Tier One Ring would be your primary ring, syndication ring, and then we typically will have on the two-tiered rings, three triggered by the blog.

The blog accounts, the main three blog accounts from the tier one ring, right, so that would-be blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. That's why we have two A, which is triggered by the blogger from the first tier ring to B, which is triggered by Tumblr from the first tier ring into C, which is triggered by WordPress from the first tier ring, but that's where we stop if you want to get out to tier three, tier four all of that you're on your own. Just understand it's the same principle.

Connecting from your first tier to your second tier, you're just going to connect tier two to tier three, and ultimately tier three to tier four.

There you got it.

Where Are The Embed Run And Link Run Excel Files?

Number two, where are the embeds? Run a link run. Excellent files.

Good question. Were the embed run on link run Excel files. Do you guys know what he means? It's talking to that's that should have been provided to him. That comes from Dahlia. Yeah.

embed run on link run. Oh, exoplanets? Yes, you should be able to access your link building reports and embed reports from inside the MGB dashboard. Just go to your link, link building history, or embed, embed history inside the MGB dashboard, and then take a look at previous orders. And look at where it says delivered or completed or whatever and you can view details and you should be able to pull the report up from that nice.

There you go.

This Stuff Works
Mobility health. What's up? is asking, I purchased some stacks for my econ store, they got back to me asking what I wanted as a trigger. What's better, in your opinion to use for an econ store? This is a pretty good question. What do you guys think?

Are the triggers in our testing? Yeah. Always an RSS feed. Right? If he's running a store, and he's not running a blog that there has to be some RSS feed. It just has to be. So there's a blog, he's gonna have to find a way if so many things come on what when something like this happens, isn't on WordPress. Right, then it's a simple thing if you're creating pages for your products and whatever, to create an RSS feed from that. If he's running categories, you can create an RSS feed from that. But the end result of all this is you're going to need an RSS feed. If you don't have one. Then you go either into a folder on the dome on in the route or into a subdomain, you create a blog. So you start blogging into your syndication network so that you have the RSS feed to trigger the network. So here's he's saying that he has a Shopify store. So there's a couple that has an RSS, right it has an RSS feed, it has an RSS for blogs, however, it has an RSS for the blog it so it will allow you to blog within the Shopify store. However, I'm thinking if, you know, it wouldn't be a better idea to just have like a WordPress website on a subfolder and a subdomain to actually get all of the power and gather all of the power that you know, you would have from that you would have from a wordpress.com website, right? Not a blogger, com, or a blogger blog, but actually, your own instance your own installation of WordPress, right. And you can again, you can enjoy it.

Install that on your domain comm slash blog or blog, your dot your domain COMM And blog out of WordPress com like every week or twice a week or whatever and then provide that as the RSS feed. So that I think will be a better idea because you can then leverage the AC ease of use that Shopify provides and you can also leverage the SEO benefits that WordPress will bring but you know worse comes to worst you can still blog from Shopify, you can still send that RSS feed from Shopify and i think that i think that that that will help initially so

Does The SEO Shield Include RYS?

alright, cool. So let's see. We have another question from Robert. Does SEO shield include RYS Do you need the money site to have a real name address phone numbers for SEO shield to be successful? What do you guys think?

No. So that's that's the SEO shall include in our way as

I always go to two. One is yes, of course. Yeah. How is it to drive second? And, of course, number two, do you need money site to have a no look at land solutions? network? Right? That's totally

This Stuff Works
What is it? PO Box with the street address.

That's how we got a GMB for that. So no idea. You don't even need that. There are other ways and this is one of the things that we're going to go to in the heavy hitter club as we go into the entity series. This another way to verify and validate your entity. It's not just about a GMB Of course, if you're in a local setting, right, and your traffic is going to come from local where triggers a map and you're not trying to get into that map pack then it becomes extremely difficult to get leads from that niche. I mean, you have to go with organic

But if at 90% of the action is taking place on maps, then you have breadcrumbs for one, one to 10 and 10, even, you can forget it, because there's going to be one and two, maybe three, where they're going to get rid of that 10%, they're going to get most of that action where it won't bleed even into the second page, because you're gonna have ads, you're gonna have the map pack, and then again, you have to go through a whole minefield.

Again, the answer to that question is no, you don't need to have a real NAP and address mainly, it depends on what it is that you're working on. If it's local, then yeah, you should. If it isn't, then no, it's not necessary. Well, there are other ways to validate the entity. And he also asked do you need to have a money site so you don't have to have a self hosted money site either for a for you to have, you know, an NAP or a GMB? For example, you could use the biz dot business dot site, which is the GMB website as the primary money site if you'd like, we've done a lot of that when we were building a shit ton of lead lead gen sites where it reduced the workload by not having to create a WordPress site or a self-hosted site. So you can do that. Plus, you can also use the G site from a drive stack as your money site. Look at the DC plumber. Case Study. That's that's exactly what they did there. So you don't have to have a self-hosted web. Excuse me self hosted site for you to for your money site. You could use the G site you could use the GMB website there's a number of things you could do

yeah, I missed that part where it says that whether you need money I don't Yeah. So yeah.

This Stuff Works

Does The Money Site Require Any History Or Authority To Be Successful With The SEO Shield Or RYS

Number three, does the money side require any history or authority to be successful with SEO shield. Yes. And the answer is simply no. Like, in fact, you can go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com and get the battle plan which is super inexpensive, and it will tell you exactly what to do. As to Hey, I haven't

A brand new project a brand new website, brand new domain, it will tell you exactly what to do. And we are almost always starting with an SEO shield. Right? That's the foundation. We create our own activity, relevance, trust and authority we created. The whole point behind the way that we do things is to do away with needing you know, that history with going and getting that expired domain for that history. We teach people you brand. That's what you focus on. What about Matter of fact, in my mini mastermind on Tuesday night last night, I tell people and I'm going to give this to you for free because it's just something that you should always have in your head. So imagine yourself, you're watching the Superbowl, okay? You're watching the Superbowl now you paid however many millions it costs to run that 32nd commercial in the Superbowl now you're sitting in the armchair, and you're watching your feet and you're waiting for your commercial to come on.

What do you want to see on that screen? Do you want Bob the plumbers plumbing service? Best plumber, emergency plumber in whatever place in whatever state it just wherever Is that what you want to see in that screen? Or do you want it to be memorable? Do you want it to be that brand that sticks? Do you want it to be? zipper we were talking about this? The other zipper was trademarked at one point zipper, the word zipper. It became the word for what it is. It was a brand windbreaker we can go on and on. jello Xerox, you know you used to Xerox Things You Didn't photocopy you Xerox.

Just Google hacking. What the hell is a Google Think about it, someone misspelled the number. They made it a brand. And now it's the word for an even a verb. I'm going to go Google it.

If you're not Google, you might be in Bing, but you're gonna Google it. How weird is that bit Bing went to Bing and I know Bing as a cherry? I know that Yahoo or Yahoo was someone who's unsophisticated and from the country, but it became a brand. This is how you have to think you're in that armchair. You're waiting for the Superbowl halftime, Here comes your commercial. You spent millions on that damn commercial, all of that market are all of these people thinking all of these eggheads? What do you want to see? Because that's how you have to focus on your entity. Right now, even before you start, even if you have an existing project. This is how you have to think about how you're going to start your entity because if you don't, we're in the Semantic Web. And Google is looking to do away with all of these spammed business names with their stuff with keywords. Not only that it is just seeing it on the screen with

That brand Geico. They have a lizard. And they have a damn lizard on the Geico commercials, man. Think about what you want to be memorable. Normally, you don't want to be this a spammy name that takes forever to run across the screen.

So there you go. A little bit of a game for you. All right, perfect. So we're out of questions, guys.

All right, Marco.

When it have you refreshed the page for now. Yeah, I did.

Awesome. All right, everybody. Thank you for joining us today. This was Bradley and Marco and Adam and Bradley and Chris.

Are you guys if you haven't, don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel. We go live every Wednesday. And every Wednesday. We've been doing this for the past five-plus years, almost six years now. And it's completely free. So feel free to subscribe, share with your friends, tell people to come and comment and yeah

So that's it for me. Anything else? Yeah. One more thing. Get the heavy hitter video.

There you go. All right. Bye, everybody. Cheers, guys. Bye Bye, everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 287

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 287 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



While we're live, Hey everybody, I wasn't checking my phone. I was doing important research about Hump Day Hangouts and this episode 287. That's today. But now I got caught watching my phone, I was actually looking at Bitcoin prices. So just to share it a little bit behind the scenes there, but we're gonna drop all of that and we're gonna get focused not on me. But on you guys. We're going to get to your questions, whether it's SEO or digital marketing, whatever it may be. But before we dive into that stuff, I want to say hello to everyone and see what's going on. This is Part A big part of my like, weekly social stuff. Now that we're not going out too much. So we'll take a minute here and say hello to everybody. So, Bradley, I'll start with you and work my way down. How are you doing?

Good to be here. The weather's nice here. Finally, it's been cold for like a week. And so I hate being stuck behind my computer but it's nice that it's nice outside and by the way, I might not be here next week. I'm going to try to make

But I'm going out of town for the week to get the hell out of town for all this, you know, craziness in the world. So hopefully I'll have good enough internet access to be here next Wednesday. I'm going to try but if not, then I'm going to leave it to you guys to pick up the slack. I don't know we might have to put a poll on the Facebook group and we'll just we'll see what they say if Bradley can cancel it altogether. Do you have blood-sucking mosquitoes in Virginia yet? We have everywhere but what I'm worried about now is the murder Hornets. That's right. Murder.

Because it's like Coronavirus isn't enough now we got to worry about murder Hornets too.

Hernan, how are you doing and how are you doing in the midst of murder Hornets and Coronavirus?

You said What the fuck is that? He's not saying anything.

He doesn't even know we're on.

Hernan looks like deer caught in the headlights. There he is. Oh shit. Sorry. You know what? No, I was listening.

You guys because it was a my Well, we could tell you weren't listening.

It was coming from the wrong thing anyway, whatever, buddy. Hey, are you guys. good turn on is really excited to be here with us today. I'm really really excited to be here. Yeah, sorry about that. Um, well, Hernan I saw you've given out some p essays in a couple of places and looks like Facebook has been on kind of a rampage lately. Have you got any recommendations for people if they have a business manager account? Yeah, for sure. So it's been, you know, funny enough. Molly, Molly Pittman,

just sent an email and I'm on her list. And she sent an email about what to do in case your Facebook ads manager or Facebook ad account gets shut down and blah, blah, blah. And you know, specifically right now where for whatever reason, they're shutting down a bunch of people. So I'm going to paste that in the links because it's pretty cool. But in a nutshell, is basically what I've been telling people to do, which is appeal. Don't freak out because of 99% of the time

It's like automated.

So So yeah, because of this whole situation Facebook is low on staff. So they need to rely on the machine much more. So that means that you know, most, most disapprovals are automated. In fact, we had a problem with Semantic Mastery business manager last week, but we weren't able to get it back because we were appealing and it was automated so just don't freak out. I'm going to paste that in the disk somewhere around in the links and we'll go from there. Cool. Yeah, all right. Marco How you doing man?

Well, well sunshine, just saying right? It's the middle of the rainy season guys in Costa Rica. This is what I get. So what can I say the lights anymore?

Fair enough. Fair enough. Yeah, I got nothing it's actually cold here. It's normally nice and sunny here in the Bay Area but little cool I'll take it though. It's kind of makes me appreciate the warmer weather so Chris, last but not least, man, how are you doing?

being excellent here. And we finally got rain. And I'm happy about it. Like the rain.

You guys needed some water or what? Yeah, like it's, I don't know, like it's been super dry this year. So um,

This Stuff Works
was necessary. Gotcha. Well, I've got a question for everyone watching. If you can put in a comment, I'm curious, you know how things are going for you with being hopeful, but I'll avoid the political ramifications hopefully you're staying inside more. But you know, what do you what are you doing with your extra time? Are you working more? Are you reading some books? Are you banging your head against a wall and ready to lose it? Let us know I'm kind of curious, an informal poll if you will.

Before we get into the questions too, just wanted to say obviously, if you've been watching us for more than a week, you know that the battle plan for just came out thanks to everyone who went in grabbing that battle plan dot semantic mastery comm if you were in on the launch or the pre-launch, you got a great deal on that. And we've kept it priced inexpensively but launches over. Of course, you can still go to battle plan dot semantic mastery and get that as well if you're an agency owner or consultant or somebody who just wants to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue, you want to learn how to scale a team so that you can work less and earn more, you should really go check out to what's your agency that's really oriented more towards people who are looking to take on more than one or two clients and how to do that. And the battle plan again is more step by step processes for doing things with getting results like with SEO and organic traffic. And to x your agency is more focused on the agency side of that so they do go well together. But if you're looking for one or the other, hopefully, that's enough information to get you started. We're also going to be having some information coming out about POFU Live I'm pumped about that POFU Live will be happening in 2020. We're going to be having some more details about that in June. We've got

I believe seven or eight people who have already picked up tickets to that. We're going to be reaching out to you guys privately and let you in on some of the good stuff that's going on there and everyone else will have more details coming. And last but certainly not least, as always, we tell everyone to go over to mg y b dot CEO, go to mg y b, whether it's press releases, link, building syndication networks, SEO shield, anything you need to be done for your head over there, check it out. We've got several hundred customers, and it's growing every day. And all I can say is, you know, go over there and check it out. There's a lot of really good stuff not going to hard-sell you or try to make you use it. But we do tell people to kind of like into at your agency Bradley, I think you really talk on this and I know it's part of the mastermind, what we tell people, but as you get clients or if your project start generating revenue is to start reinvesting that so that you can grow so you're not implementing it all yourself and MDB is a great place to do that.

So go check it out. But that said, you guys, anything else? So we want to touch on before we go into questions. Yeah, I do.

Okay. Just really quickly.

The high-level webinar forgoes high level that's coming up on a well, two weeks from yesterday, we're doing so May 26, I believe it is. We're going to do an encore webinar. We did one this on Monday of this week with Bruno and Brian, with a fantastic agency platform for like, it's got all kinds of integrated tools. It's really really, really sharp tool, guys for running your own agency as well as for marketing for clients like doing the marketing and managing the marketing for clients. Very powerful platform. I'm super excited about it. We didn't sell anything on Monday. So it was just really kind of like a high-level view of the high-level platform. And we're going to do an encore follow up on the 26th where there will be an opportunity to purchase it there with some cool bonuses that go hand in hand with two x your agency training. So we have a signup link for that. And I just asked Adam to stick the replay from Monday on the opt-in page for the signup registration page, excuse me for the webinar on May 26. So I would encourage you guys to go check it out, you can watch that first webinar if you'd like it was just over an hour. And it gives you an idea of what it is that what the platform does and everything else. But then we're going to recap that and go over it again on the 26th as well as present the offer to you guys. As I said, I'm super excited about it, I'm actually really looking forward to integrating it into my own business. And I'm hoping to I don't know that it'll be done. But I'm hoping to have somewhat of a case study available for right after the webinar on the 26th because I got a new Tree Service lead generation client that I'm building out a project for in the mastermind and I want to you know, use that as kind of like the first guinea pig for this high-level platform on how to use that marketing platform for client work like in other words, managing client marketing through the platform. So hopefully I'll have that done. If I don't have it done by right after the webinar, it will be within a week or so I'll have it available. And I'll you know, we'll send out an email or something like that, where I'll share a video showing how I'm using it. So anyway, I just wanted to give that out, because I think it's a very, very powerful platform that a lot of you could benefit from somebody else?

This Stuff Works
Marco did you

No. I said, Let's do this.

Oh, well, by the way, here's the I don't know if you posted the signup link, Adam, but I just posted that in slack again, the one that I created the redirect. So anyway, let me grab the screen. So we're good. We're good to get into questions now, guys. Yeah, let me just tell everyone who's listening what I'm going to paste the link what Bradley was talking about for the upcoming high level or go high-level webinars, you can go get signed up, and that's in almost two weeks. So go ahead and head over there and get signed up and registered for that, and you'll be able to check out the replay for the previous webinar that we had earlier this week. Thanks man

all right I'm gonna grab the screen we're gonna get into it

you guys are seeing my screen correct

correct all right.

A Rundown Of The Recommended MGYB Services Outlined In SEO Battleplan 4.0

so Hernan posted but looks like a question that was in the Facebook group it looks like there was supposed to be an image here and there was not so I pulled the question up over here this was it correct, man that's why you're in charge of this. That's it, man. Right, That's why I have to be here next Wednesday or the ship will fall apart. Yes.

I'm kidding. All right. So uh, Raja says I just bought battle plan 4.0. I've read through it and created a list of services you recommended as part of your done for you services, see pick which that's a great image. I even told Rob this to scale it or do something similar. Because I thought it was nice that somebody did that we should have done that long ago. He says I need to know which of these ones you suggest are one time and month and monthly recurring tasks. So essentially, he's asking, which are one time purchases for a project and what should be recurring or ongoing services. So anyway, let's just click through to the image. And you can see some of these and keyword analysis guys, that's, you know, per project. Or if you were to add, like, for example, different products or services to an existing project, then you might need to order another keyword research project. But typically, I recommend going with the deep keyword research for whatever project it is that you're setting up. Because right off the bat, you're going to get all the market level keywords that you can think of including suggested silos, different keywords with different search intent. So whether they're commercial intent, informational intent, you know, all different types of, I mean, it's just incredible how big the keyword files are. That deep keyword research does so, in my opinion, you're better off buying that one time and then you'd pretty much cut the entire project cover for months or years to come. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco, you might want to jump in on these occasions. All right, you're going to go through this one by one. Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Yeah. Okay. Well, to go through versus what you're saying, Yeah, I'd say go through them. I mean, which whicH1s do you need to like one time and whicH1s should be ongoing? Okay. So the SEO, SEO depends on what the overall project is, if you're doing remember the first year, we are always recommending SEO power shield because that's really creating that brand association with our brand to keyword Association. So that's what we would recommend, however, like, for example, if you're doing local, okay, that's what I do. And you have a project that's going to have multiple locations, so different storefronts, or different service areas, that kind of stuff. You can always do location shield add ons to an existing power shield. So that's something that again, it's really one time depending on the project. So a lot of these are gonna it's, you know, standard SEO answers.

It depends, right? So it really depends on the project. But for the most part for most projects, you're typically just going to need one SEO shield, which we recommend the power shield because that's basically all of our components combined. Okay.Syndication networks. Again, if you buy the SEO shield, the power shield, it already comes with a syndication network. If so, you typically only need one syndication network for whatever brand, unless once again, you've got multiple locations and you want location-specific syndication networks, which I only recommend if you need them, right. We've talked about this many, many times over the years, I always try to get away with one branded syndication network for any project and on any local project that I'm doing, even if it has multiple locations, because you can syndicate from each individual location or you can syndicate from the root domain and have categories or silos set up within the blog itself from the root domain that is basically siloed for the separate locations so you can kind of kill all birds with one stone with one branded network. However, if there are certain times where particular locations aren't receiving the SEO push that you wanted like you're not getting the desired results, then it does make sense at that point to get a location-specific syndication network that's optimized specifically for that particular location. Then you could always blog specifically from that location into that network. So once again, it depends but syndication networks, typically, it's going to be one branded network for a blog syndication project. But for a YouTube syndication, you can pile as many damn networks onto a YouTube channel as you'd like whether they're single Tier or two-tier networks doesn't matter. You can just you can keep adding to them if you'd like. So if you're doing a ton of video SEO stuff, I would recommend, you know, adding more networks over time. Our is our drive stack with G site again, it's part of the SEO shield packages. So I recommend that you just buy the SEO shield but if you need a separate drive stack for whatever reason, and sometimes

You may need that because you've already got certain things built out. That would be essentially a one time purchase unless you needed to expand for some reason or another PR silo stacking. Now that's something that you want to do on a recurring basis. I always recommend for low competition a minimum, I mean, my, the lowest competition like some of my grandfathered clients from you know, 2012 that are paying me peanuts, but are very low maintenance clients. They only get one press release per month but they do get one at the very minimum was one press release per month I recommend typically one every two weeks, or for more competitive niches or for more aggressive clients with a more aggressive budget. I do at least one I try to do one per week for clients. So again, that's recurring. I recommend that a one and done press release isn't gonna do much for anybody. Okay.

PR silo stalking advanced. Well, that's the same thing entity loop ID page again part of the SEO shield. If you're going to add a different disk, additional locations, you can always have different 90 pages for different locations for different entities, for example, if you but for one entity, you should only have one ID page, you can have one for different locations. But once again, that's part of the location shield. So if you have an overall brand and you're going to be adding locations over time, then I would recommend that you buy the location shield up add ons, as opposed to just the individual ID page add ons, citations, again, that's recurring. That's something that you should be doing on a regular basis for bona fide OR LEGIT genuine businesses. Right? That you know, with an AP name, address, phone number, that kind of stuff. citations are something you should be doing regularly. If they're spam listings for lead generation, don't do citations. I've talked about that many, many times. Link Building ongoing constantly. That's how you power up your syndication networks, your SEO shield and all the components of it your drive stacks, your G sites, your ID pages, your brand, a tier-one entity like branded profile links from social media as well as citations. You can power up press releases, blog posts that have been syndicated to the syndication network, there's a ton of things that you can do with link building and embeds basically the same you want to get on a recurring schedule. And that's how you keep pushing additional power into the assets that you've set up. Or that you've, you know, your project's assets. And other than that, I think we're good that looks like all of them. Does anybody want to comment? Yeah, I mean, other than the SEO shield should be one time unless you're going to as you said bolt-on. And it doesn't have to be just for local and if you have categories and you're siloing and you're going to theme or your silos or any of that you need an add on to your existing drives like the branded drives like which we're soon going to make that available. We're already testing it out. You know people in our mastermind get the first crack are paying members and members of the heavy hitter club pay members also have access to that and so we're trying that out, see how it works. And right now it's the software is working really well. So we have, we're going to assume have to have that available. The other stuff, the SEO shield covers it right syndication network drive stack g site and your @ID. Now, as you said, you get, you can get multiple @IDs or @ID pages. But the problem is that you don't want to ambiguous your entity in any way, you have to make sure that if you're creating multiple @IDs that you associate these add on head IDs to the main entity, you don't want to create separate entities, or else you're going to be competing against yourself. And you're going to end up with filters, especially in local, you'll then end up with map filters. So you have to be really careful about how you approach this. It's one of the things that we're going to get into in the heavy Hair Club, how to associate your structured data correctly so that you don't confuse the bot.

Other than that, what I see as far as citations link building and the embeds, which he divided them and I don't know why? Because he can just cycle through these right? Yeah, apps, videos. And all he can include all four of these in one order. Like they don't have to be separate. But the next cycle if you've done all four of them already, they should be other embeds, not the same one. Other targets let's think of other link building targets, you can link build to your citations. You can link build to your entity loop, you can link build to your PR silo to your dry second g site to one branded. So you have a cycle that you run this through. And once you have your calendar set up, all you have to do is come back in order we are going we are trying a subscription link building an embed subscription. We are going to have it we're testing it in the development server right now. As we speak, it was just turned over to rob to try to break it. Rob is in charge of trying to break all of our software because he seems to be really good at it. And then we go back and we fix it.

So that's all coming. So you won't even have to think about any of these, you just going to set the calendar, your link building calendar, and your subscription will take care of everything. We're trying to make it as hands-off as possible, what we would want, right? What we as business owners, and people who do client work, what we would want our own projects, which we also do our own money-making project, we're trying to see how we can transfer what we do to something where you can just come in order and be done. Because what we always tell you is your time is worth way more than what you're spending doing all of this yourself. You should be off trying to make more money, pulling in more clients, talking to people developing your business, and scaling your business instead of worrying about all of these things that you should be able to just assign to someone to go and do for you. Yeah, and because of that, because you just mentioned that there's a great comment here from standby

This Stuff Works
I want to find it because I should see if I can find Oh, yeah, it was under here. Alright. This was great. Patrick Smith actually Oh, and by the way, so yes, Roger that. The embeds should also be blue. Because you color-coded it with green is one time and blue is recurring. I would suggest embeds as part of recurring, so link building and embeds and they go hand in hand and you can cycle between link building one month and embeds another month and then embeds with links built to the embeds another month, like so, for example, like, I like to mix it up so that you're constantly just pushing power to all the different entity assets in different ways. Okay. But Patrick had a really good comment here to somebody that was asking he says, imagine being a contractor needing to build a house for a client. You can learn every trade, the foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, finishing, etc. yourself, or you could use qualified subcontractors. Semantic Mastery methods aren't cheap, but then again, you wouldn't hire an unqualified contractor to build a house for you that you want to last for generations for simple local sites and non-competitive niches, you don't need complicated SEO shield or stuff like that. Although I would always recommend doing it anyway, that way you solidify whatever rankings you get, and it's almost like, you know, you become bulletproof at that point. So, in my opinion, I would always recommend that regardless of the competition level, yep. He says it's a small, uh, excuse me, but for medium competitive niches and assets, you want to that you want to be around for a long, long term, why not build from the ground up properly, it's a small investment for something that will be around for decades, websites aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And SEO is still the best investment you can make online. In my opinion, you can build this stuff yourself, but it'll cost you time. It'll cost you to learn and then you'll have to invest your time in actually building it. Personally, I value my time. higher than that. I won't mess with the drywall when I'm focused on building houses. I thought that was a really good analogy because again, you know, you can focus on learning how to build these things.

And then actually executing that right fulfilling those the bill, which is like being the drywall contractor, or you can outsource that right-handed off to a trusted fulfillment provider, mg y B, and then work on growing your business so that in other words, you would be the home builder at that point. Does that make sense? So you're either the drywall contractor or the home builder, which do you prefer to be personally I prefer to be the home builder. So I thought that was a great analogy.

And I love when I see that word investment, when I see are the members or the followers of Semantic Mastery using what they spend on their businesses, seeing it as an investment. And you know that the mindset is right because you're not spending, you know, you're not just spending money, you can expect some if it's an investment, then that means there's ROI expected. So it's totally that the mindset is right, you're out to make money. And the way that you can make more money is by putting money into it, rather than just looking at

How to take it out take out money, or not investing anything in the first place other than sweating.

Are Drive Stacks And Gsites Dead Since Google Took Away The Public Version Of Drive?

All right. So can I guess it's Ken says, Are drive stacks and G sites dead? Since Google went and took away the public version of Dr. Mark. Oh, that is definitely one for you. Yeah. And that name is just funny. Can it cut? I don't know if he can or not.

But our stuff isn't that. I don't care what Google did like Robin is as soon as we saw this, we immediately went into he went into his own testing. I went into mine then we got together after that. And then we came up with the things that we found and we already have not one solution, not two, but several solutions to what is no longer a problem, since it's already a solution. So no far from being that Google did get sneaky and they made it a little bit more difficult, but we're doing the first heavy hitter club members-only webinar isn't going to be actually members only. So on Monday, the 18th at 330. Eastern is when we'll have it, we're having our first one. And we're making it public. We're making it a point we want people to have this information about drive stacks because we don't want just people charging for something that is readily available. And you can just figure out by going in there playing around, I understand that you have to know the environment, science. So if you've never been in there, it's kind of difficult to figure out what's going on and why. But as soon as you figure it out, and you see where the mouse traps are that Google has set, there shouldn't be any problem. So what we're going to do on Monday is just whoever attends is going to get this first and then you're going to have a leg up on everybody else. So anybody who wants to attend, all you have to do is go to either our free SEO group or any of the paid groups for that matter because we posted an event in each of them or the heavy hitter club. If you're a paid member you go in there if you're a free member you go in there in the Events tab.

This Stuff Works
And you can see the webinar information and And as a bonus as if that weren't enough giving you what's going on with dry right now. We're gonna have Jeffrey Smith coming in and talking about entities since it is the very first entity webinar. So how cool is that over free so first shot guys it's all free Come on in. However anything after that, you gotta get in where you fit in and sound like a paid-for you sound like a drug pusher from a bad after school special like the first one is free, but next time got that right. Hey, you got that right. The second time you got to get in where you fit in, man.

Here's a little taste right.

How Do You Regain The 6 Sitelinks Back In Google SERPs?

Alright, so the next question, competitors targeting my Google site links and brand I don't know how but my six-pack link my six-pack and site links are now down to three. What can I do to get Google to regain my six site links back? It's a good question. I'm not real sure how to answer that only because I haven't messed with asking like trying to force Google to make site links appear I know used to be able to do that in Search Console in a classic, but I don't think I've seen that in the new or I've not attempted it in the New Search Console, although I know they do have legacy tools available. Marco, do you know how to answer that one? And no, I have no idea. I don't know what Google I mean, I do know what Google does with with with site link it which it's saying that it only shows them when they're useful to the user.

And that's from I read it in Webmaster somewhere I think I think it was I usually can't remember where I reach it. I just remember what I read. And they said they did say in that post that it's automated. So I'm not sure how we can get that back. And they say how they're working to improve the site links algorithms and all and all these things. So I'm just not sure other than, you know, what, what did you change anything? So that your site links are no longer appearing, because I know that they were appearing for Semantic Mastery. Then they went away then it came back. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm not sure what Google is doing right now with with with the site links that this particular person is talking about. Yeah. And like what I was saying was, and I remember in the old interface for search console, there was a place that you could ask, you know, essentially, you could request site links, and you could put in suggested site links. But Google even stated at that point that, you know, it didn't mean that they were going to display them.

But I do know what Mark was talking about, for example, when the mastermind I was sharing with I had put FAQ schema on my for my real estate business. I put FAQ schema on my landing page because I have some, you know, frequently asked questions. And then it was interesting, but if, and I don't think it's showing now it only showed for about a day, but when you did a brand search for Alpha Land Realty, the press advantage page came up the organization page. And actually it was from an individual press release that had, you know, the landing page embedded at the bottom of the press release. And Google pulled the FAQ schema and from the press release, and it actually showed the question and answer box with like the accordion boxes with the questions and you click it, you know, and it would expand and show the answers right in the search results for alpha land Realty. And the FAQ box was actually so that was a featured snippet. Basically, with the FA Q's in it. Were actually part of the meta description of the press release, a URL for my brand search was really interesting. And it took up a huge amount of real estate on the page. But it only lasted a day. And so I know it. What Mark was saying is true. There's a lot of stuff Google is playing around with displaying stuff, sometimes and not other times. And I think that's pretty average. It seems like it occurs more often now than it used to, where they're constantly tweaking the SERPs. And I think they do that just to determine what gets the best response from users. Am I right in that assumption? I mean, I would say so I like I don't we don't know, we don't know Google. And especially when it comes to the AI, this is AI. And you saw the same thing that I did for the last solutions that were cast, which was the FAQ coming through a press release, right or the other or the media page in present Vantage and being displayed in search results for the brand. Now, it did go away. But what this is telling you, it's the AI going in, and seeing that it just didn't fit. It shouldn't be there. Oh, there is an error that came in as Google site this time. Look at that. That's the Google site this time and there's the FAQ box. That's exactly what I was talking about. So I'm glad it's appearing right now. So yeah, you know, that's really interesting, because that's, that is an inner page on the Google site. And it's because of my and that's going to break my browser because of all the embeds.

This Stuff Works
But that's the schema on the actual landing page which is embedded in the Google Site page right the G site page from the drive stack and boom, there's the FAQ box. Isn't that amazing? Yeah. So so that's exactly what we were just talking about. I don't know that you can do anything to influence that as much as what I'm saying.

The next question is sometimes I would regain Oh, I guess it's a follow-up comment really. Sometimes I would regain it and it would come back to five or six but when they are hit again and I don't know what you mean, how do you know you're getting hit? Are you just monitoring like, is it spam links? Are they negative SEO and you through spam links and over and over-optimized anchor text links and that kind of stuff? I'm just curious he says that he whenever they're hit so I just wonder like, how do you know you're being hit? I'm just curious. They the links disappear and I noticed rankings dropped please advise the competitor has been doing this for several years. I bought the shield and plan on buying done for you services, but I just want to make sure I get them in the right order in the correct ones. Thanks in advance. Yeah, one of the best things Marco always talks about the best thing to fight against negative SEO, or for competitors doing that kind of shit is to just build a super strong entity and there's nothing better that we know of then having SEO shield and really building out the entity right entity based SEO, that's what we've been teaching. So you're on the right track. Marco, do you have any follow up? No, because that's exactly what I was going to recommend if the competitors coming after you and you know that that they're engaging in negative SEO and they're hitting you then build that that that keyword and that brand plus keyword relationship or brand plus location plus keyword relationship, whether you're local or anything else, and the best way to do that is through your structured data. Make sure it's in Jason, plus LDM. Make sure that it's better than any of your competitors that you give the bot as much information as possible. Make sure this is going to be part of when we go into the end. Not only the entity but structured data part of the heavy Herrick webinar series is we're going to teach you how to create these relationships between your pages and your organization to the parent organization, if you have franchises, if you have locations, if you have different locations, there's a whole bunch of ways where you can reference we're going to call it a parent-child relationship but where the parent references the child, the child references the parent, so that there is no ambiguity into as to what each one is.

Yeah. And so just to point out, like, you know, the structured data is so important. And so this is for that same page. You know, I was just talking about the alpha land realty guys, you want to put your entity assets for sure. And same as if it's a local business, you'll use local business schema if it's not a local business or it even can be a local business. You can use organization or corporation schema depending on you know, the way like I usually use organization or corporation schema for multi-location businesses. Anyways, the point is, is it's super important because that's what you're feeding the bot with that structured data. And that's how you get that. Remember this, this structured data is not only on my landing page, right? It's also duplicated on the ID page. It's embedded in. It's also on the press advantage organization page. But then whenever we embed those pages into the G site, that g site now has structured data inherently within the page. And so it's a way to just constantly reinforce that brand identity. And that's what causes that kind of stuff. So it's super, super powerful to do that. And that's also, by the way, that's the FAQ schema right there, which, you know, you can generate that kind of schema. And I don't know, that wasn't your question. I understand that. But adding schema, don't like spam schema, but if you can add structured data to elements of the page, do it because that's, that's working incredibly well, right now. It's Semantic Web, you know, FAQ video, author, employee, owner, founder, product reviews, yeah, as much information as you can about each and not only General, but each thing should have individual page schema. And even your post should have a different schema. I mean, you can get that technical with it. Yes. Well, that there's absolutely no doubt that because here's the problem. And I keep telling people that you're going to keep running into this problem more and more as we go deeper into the Semantic Web. When you look at your content, your unstructured data, right? That whatever it is that you're writing, through Google's natural language processor. The problem is that Google is sucking up your entity or that you're not doing a good enough job with the unstructured data with what you're writing. So that you're telling Google exactly what your content is about, run it through a natural language processor. And look at what Google is seeing as your entities versus what you think Google is seeing, like, Well, one of the things that I'm getting paid the most money for is to go and help people to look at there, at their content at whatever it is that they're writing and making sure that they're creating the right Association. Because you can find me if you see what the bot is doing people talk about artificial intelligence and Google's natural language processor, as Almighty thing who knows all and understands all and sees all and it's not. And if you're getting screwed up at the unstructured level, you don't have the structured data to direct the bot that you're in absolute trouble. I mean that there's no way that you can work around it unless you're just a brute-forcing shit. And I don't see how much longer you can just keep brute forcing without the the the structured and unstructured data being right on the page. It has to be right has to be tight. It has to be exactly about whatever it is that you're doing no matter what it is, you have to tell about exactly what it is so that the bat doesn't come to your unstructured data and start guessing what your whatever your project is about?

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and I brought this up just because guys, you can go to Google and search technical SEO schema or schema markup generator comes right up, just schema markup generator will come right up to the top of Google search. Anyways, these are all the different this is the tool that I use to generate the schema. You know, I'm sure there are others, there's just the one that I use because it's got pretty much most all of the ones that I'm going to use anyways, right here, you can just pick for an example article. There are three different article types. There's an article, there's a news article, and there's blog posting. So again, that you know, if you have your own, we won't do this inside MGB. But if you have your own press advantage subscription, for example, you can go and log into your own dashboard, and you can actually add news article schema to each individual press release, right, which is super fucking powerful. And the same thing with art. You can do an article or blog posting and add that schema that structured data for article or blog posting in the head are part of your posts on your blog, so for example, you use a plugin, like SEO, I know and they have a schema generator inside the SEO ultimate pro plugin, I still tend to use this tool just because I got efficient with this tool. But you can, you can. And you don't have to use the SEO ultimate pro plugin, you could use just like a header and footer plugin, or any sort of plugin that allows you to inject code into the header or the footer and let you know that kind of stuff on a page by page basis. And you can actually create individual blog posts schema or article schema for each individual post. The same thing, like Marco, said, everything you can add structured data to, for the elements on the page, like for example, video, recipe product person, you know, all of these are available here. So your FAQ page, right? So it's very, very powerful stuff that you can do with structured data because that speaks directly to the bots right? That's what the Semantic Web is about.

So anyway, this is a great question. We're gonna move on to the next one.

Is It Okay To Create A Homepage Where Exact Match Keywords Are Used In H2 Titles?

Mike says, I beautiful people. I don't know about that. But he says I want to ask about using keywords in h2 title tags on the homepage, I have six keywords, is it Oh, okay to create a homepage using exact match keywords for the h2 titles, keywords equal services or service types? Thanks. Um, you know, I don't know. That's a good question. I typically don't put that many h2, you know, like, usually, it's a hierarchy of headings. So as long-form content, then h2 might be like the next big section of content on a long-form article, or no long-form page, in other words, and then any sort of like sub kind of like subcategories, or reinforcing points within the overall broader topic or point that you're trying to make, then those would be h threes, right? And so I don't, I usually don't use more than one h2 on a page at any time. I don't really really know what you're trying to promote there because if you're just trying to link over for navigation purposes, I mean, I understand you're trying to SEO it too. But I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish with using h2 tags. Is it that you think h2 tags are more powerful than something else? So I'm just kind of curious as to what you're trying to accomplish with that. Does anybody have an idea of what you might be trying to do? I'm not sure what he's saying. Yeah.

Like h2, title tags, he has six keywords in a list. If they're all services, I mean, here's, here's my thing. Look at what your competition is doing. And this is where you can use any tool. Correct? Any tool that analyzes this and you'll get an average of whatever it is that they're doing. So just go and do what the top is doing rather than focus on or what can you can do a lot of things. Whether you're supposed to do it, the one that's another thing, how are you doing competitors doing it on their pages? And as a matter of fact, is it on keyword density? I will I would even go as far as to say that that's what your competitors average is more important than any hard Set number. But then that's because people are changing since it's AI. And people are changing what the average is that then now you go for that app for the industry or niche average, rather than some hearts number that does not apply across every niche.

This Stuff Works
So it's something that I've been taking a really good look at. And you know, you can get away with multiple H1s. Now it used to be that only one was recommended. But if the competition is doing multiple H1s, then you can get away with multiple h1. Same thing with it with multiple H2s. It used to be only one h two and then the rest were H three. Right? But if the competition is getting away with it, then that means you need to go and look at what you can do to match your competitors. So in one case where multiple H1s is okay is like on a blog index page, right where it's list or category index page, any sort of archives page like that, where it's listing multiple posts, for example, each one of the post titles is going to have h1 tags, that's okay. Because it's an index page, like a blog row, essentially. Here's an example where multiple h2 would be okay, so for example, I'll use I'm going to use Tree Service example. But like arborist services, right, so typically, I always set up if it's an actually certified arborist for a tree service company that has a certified arborist on staff or as the owner, then I will have three silos on a tree service site, there will be tree trimming, one silo tree removal, the next silo, and an arborist services which includes multiple different types of services like cabling and bracing, tree inspections, a disease control, you know, things like those are all different. So in that case on the arborist server page, because each one of those arborist services is unique services in their own right. But they're only services that an arborist could potentially, you know, should if there are services that only an arborist should provide or perform, then each one of those kinds of services could have their own h2 tags because they're unique enough that it makes sense to have h2. Does that make sense? But again, it's you got to think about its kind of like how you structure a silo with your top-level keyword, and then your supporting keywords which are the long tail, that's how I always looked at h tags on a page is it's a way to create a hierarchy within the theme, the content theme of the page. That makes sense. So you want to stack things accordingly. So that's, that's just an example of what I'm saying. You know, how I would stack it. So I mean, there are times when multiple htags would be okay, but that's where I think it would be okay. So, if you were to have six different servers that you were and you had a lot of content on the homepage and you wanted to do it by HTS. I don't see why that would cause any problem. But I like what Marco says see what others in your industry, right in the same niche are doing and mimic that. To a degree, you know what I mean? So anyway, that was a good question as well.

Does An H1 Title Require A Paragraph Beneath It?

Another question if possible, must the h1 title must the h1 title must have a paragraph? Is it okay to have an h1 page title? And beneath it an h2 title with a paragraph? Again, I don't know why you would do that. Because the title of the blog post or the page is going to automatic Well, I think almost all WordPress themes by default, they're h1. But I don't know why you would immediately underneath the page title have another h2 tag? I don't really understand why you wouldn't just accomplish what the h2 title would do in the actual title of the post or the page. So it makes sense. Because remember, as my blogger, for example. She puts a blog post title, which is an h1 tag that basically describes what the post is about. And it's more conversational. It's more like a normal blog post title. But the SEO title, that's different, right? That's the meta title, the SEO title, we usually target just one primary keyword. Then we put a pipe symbol or a dash sign or whatever to separate the keyword, the primary keyword, and then we put the brand name. So we're always associating and the SEO title, the primary keyword that the post or the page is optimized for along with the brand name. But the actual page title, the h1 or the post title, h1 is going to be more conversational more to describe what the page or the post is about not necessarily just a keyword, usually a keyword worked into it. But it doesn't even have to be an exact match because of the exact matches in the SEO type. Does that make sense? So they just, there's no problem there, right? Because in on many templates, the SEO title defaults to h1.

Not sure what you mean there. That's your paddle becomes the h1 and a lot of WordPress template. Okay, so what happens to the actual page title then the SEO title will be the SEO title, but that'll be taken and that'll be applied as the h1 or h1 will be applied to the SEO title. Okay, but I'm saying if you look at the source code, the SEO title is different than the h1 title, right? That's what I'm saying. If you said it that way, but you have to be careful that it's not defaulting.

Okay, that's all apparently the theme that I use doesn't because what I'm saying is if you look at the source code, it shows the SEO title, then it has the h1 title, or h1 tag, which is different than the SEO title. So yeah, that's good advice, then if that's that, if certain themes do that, then you have to be aware of that. So that's, that's good advice. Thank you.

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I use ink themes for most of my lead gen sites, because I just got really familiar with that developer, and they don't do that. So I don't have to worry about that.

What Does The Target Location Mean In MGYB's Deep Keyword Research?

Okay, anyways, keep going keep moving. Paul says, Hello, I just signed up for a deal. This was answered in the Facebook group, wasn't it? I could have sworn I saw somebody answering about it if they're asked to post here or in the Facebook group, or both, which is fine. I just wanted this here so that I could answer it live and just let people know that we don't need a target location that's been removed from the order form. Because I mean, you should be responsible for your target location, whether it's near me, or whatever location it is that you want to set it for. Because what happens is when we need the broad, for example, if you're selling red widgets, in Los Angeles, California, we don't need in Los Angeles, California. We just need to know the red widget. You're responsible for understanding Los Angeles for applying Los Angeles red widgets, red widgets Los Angeles because what happens is when we go and try to research for red widgets in Los Angeles, California or sell red widgets in Los Angeles, California. I mean that that narrows it down to such a point where we can't do the proper keyword research. It's not, it's not really going to be worth the time, the effort, or the money that you're paying us to get you the keyword research practice isn't really what you want is that relevant, that keyword relevant? What you want is those thousands upon thousands of keywords that we bring you back so that they go into that drive second D site into that branded stack. So you're creating all of that keyword relevance and associating everything to your brand. So what I've instructed the keyword research VA to do is to go to the broad and if there's any question to always go back to the client or to come to me, so that we can go to the broadest term possible and work from there so that we can work the silos properly, and then categorize everything properly. If we go again, if we go too narrow, then what we're actually doing is

We're reducing the number of keywords that we can get you back for you to target. The question near me every everything gets just goes to narrow. So we need a, again, the broadest possible, we've eliminated location that's no longer available, we don't really need to know your location. You that's just a formula in Excel. So you can attach the location wherever you want in the keyword research, and that's available in Microsoft. How to create Excel formulas.

Okay, Bibi's up and maybe this is it's disguised as only four questions, but there's got to be at least eight or 10 questions in here.

We keep asking you to post one at a time. And you keep posting multiple questions and in each question, there are multiple questions. So we're gonna answer one and we're gonna keep moving because we only got a few minutes left anyway, so if we have time we'll come back.

Is There A Limit Of 301 Expired Domains Redirects You Need To Use In Branded Properties?

It says oh la amigos. For the money site, you recommend two sites maximum as for the money site, you recommended two sites maximum is 301. expired domain redirects. What about the branded properties? Do they have any limit for 301? expired domains?

I don't know. I don't even do that anymore. It's been years since I've done that. Because we just don't need to anymore. So, you know, every time there's a redirect, you're going to lose a little bit, right? You lose a little bit of PageRank, essentially, through each redirect.

So and I think we had estimated it before, like 15% or something, but we don't know, right? It's just a guess, an educated guess, I suppose. But just a guess nonetheless. So you don't want to continue doubt. We used to do double redirects. And that would basically clean just about any bad juju, from like, even really spam domains. But that was a long time ago when we were doing what was known as domain authority stacking, which used to work incredibly well, but I don't I stopped doing and that years ago, so I really can't answer that anymore. I wouldn't do any more than a double redirect. And in fact, I wouldn't even bother doing that anymore. So you have an answer for that. Do you want to comment on that Marco?

This Stuff Works
No, I don't because, I mean, we stopped using those domain expired domains and all of that, when we started focusing on just building our brand. And what we can control the most we just tier one branded drive stacks D sites and working from there pushing that all of that to the money site. It just works better for us, I'm not saying it doesn't work for anybody else. But what they do, they can do the do how they do what we do for it's for us, and that's how we do it.

Yeah, I mean, I agree with that. I'm not saying that you can't do that and get it to work. There's no doubt that you can buy like domains that had a bunch of, you know, that has high metrics had a lot of relevance. backlinks pointed to it. Same topic. You know, relevancy is more important, in my opinion to just metrics unless it's a super high a site that domain that has super high metrics, in which case relevancy is less important. But even then, like I said, I don't, you can get you can do still accomplish stuff with that. But we got away from doing that a long time ago. And personally, because I got tired of searching for domains like and having to scrape domains all the time and buying from the auction or try to find drop domains that made it through auction, you know, didn't get bought through auction or whatever, that I could still do double redirects and squeeze power out of like Chinese domains used to be great for that because, for whatever reason, you can buy old closeout domains that for had like thousands, sometimes of subdomains, and they were dropped domains, so you could actually go in and point them to a server and then set up a wild card reader a subdomain redirect, a wildcard subdomain redirect, and htaccess, that would point all of the existing or the old subdomain the links built to the old subdomains all to one location that the route, which then you could point to anywhere you wanted, and that kind of stuff worked incredibly well. We did a lot of testing with that. But again, we got away from doing that when we just built the whole SEO shield method basically. And then we, you know, we've got data now that just spams the shit out of everything that we build, and it just pushes all the power that way, so it's not really necessary. So anyway, I wouldn't do more than two redirects. But honestly, it's been so many years since I've done any testing with that. I couldn't tell if that's it. To be real clear. I don't know if that's the proper way to do it anymore or not.

So he does have a question about the charity webinars. Margot, did you read that? Do you want to answer that? Yeah, yeah. I'd like to ask that we didn't remove it. If it's missing. Then we'll add it back. I'll talk to rob and see why it's missing. I don't know. We didn't remove anything.

This Stuff Works
Okay, Fitz is up. What's up, Fitz? He says, good agents. I hope all is well with you and your family. How does it change with Google Google Drive affect ROI as we come to answer that before, but Marco, you can touch on that it doesn't? Okay. Very good.

Would You Create A Lead Gen Site To Optimize A Client Site That You Do Not Have Access

Also, if I may, my client does not want me in their website to improve on-page SEO on-page, would it be a good idea to do a site I own and send the leads to their landing page? Or only sell them the leads instead and concentrate on ranking my site? Well, that's a good question. I'm gonna answer that a couple, like give you a couple of my thoughts on that. Number one, if you've got a client that won't allow you in the site to do on-page, which I think is always the tip of the spear, right, I always try to get in on and fix on-page issues first. Why is it that they don't want that? Do they have a webmaster that they use? And if so, then you can provide consultation to the webmaster, just pull up a screencast video, take some notes, give them a get some instruction on what to do, and have the webmaster do it if they don't want you tinkering or you know poking around inside their site because they think you're going to break something then give them the instructions on what to do.

Build them for all that shit, but you have them do that instead is what I would recommend number one if that's not possible then number two would be absolutely building your own damn assets. And then you can always iframe their page or their whatever into your assets so that you can still they can literally get the leads still submitted to their website through your assets. That way, instead of actually having your assets ranked and then have them linking over which would that's that'll kill a ton of conversions if people have to click from one page to another to submit their information to be an opt-in or a lead or request an estimate or whatever type of work you're doing. That's got a conversion killer right there. So you'd be better off having their page with whatever conversion goal they have on the page embedded at the top of whatever and you know, assets that you rank. But just a quick example the Tree Service client that I'm building out right now, not really a client he's buying leads from me.

And but we made an agreement right off the bat where I'm building out his branded stuff. I bought the domain, like, it's all my assets. It's his brand, but it's all my assets, I own the whole fucking thing. And so he's buying the leads from me, even though I'm building his brand, they're my assets. And it's, we set up a DBA specifically for that. So he has his, his actual company name. And then we have a similar name, but it's a DBA because he never did any SEO, excuse me, SEO for his own brand. So there's no ambiguity in their entity ambiguous. But I'm actually building a really strong fuckin brand right now for him through his DBA that I owned the entire thing, all of it, all the assets, everything I own, and he's just buying leads from me and I love that model because now I remain in control. Like, no matter what I'm gonna remain in control, but I'm still built, I'm getting paid instead of like, you know, again, with the traditional client relationships. You might

It might take two months or three months to start getting results. And they got to pay you on a monthly retainer, typically until you start getting the results. So with this model, I love it because he didn't start paying me until I started generating leads. But as soon as I started generating leads, then he started paying me and I'm using that reinvesting that money to continue to build the assets out so that more leads are generated. And it's again, it's his money that's paying me to build out the assets that I own. That makes sense. And so he didn't actually pay for anything until he started getting leads that turn into revenue. So I think it's a great model, and I'm probably going to move forward with that for clients in the future as well. Do you want to comment on that Marco? Yeah, this is such a problem. If you can't trust me to go on your website and make the necessary changes. How can I then trust you to pay me the money that I have coming in what everywhere I go? The agreement is that we have.

We're not if we don't have a trust relationship, right? Like, how can we even move forward? Even if you go through all that work fits? And I'm not saying that's the problem with this client, but I'm very wary when these people tell me what No, no, and why but there's really no reason why even if they have a webmaster, there should be no reason why you can't go in there. And look, what are you trying to hide from is my first thing and if we're going to have these problems like to start off what other problems are coming down the line. Now what you can do is do it so that you control everything, you rank your brand. And everything is yours, as Bradley is saying, and maybe you just direct the calls over to them after you run it through a call center to make sure that that they're the qualified cause and that you that it's something that you need to get paid for. And it's something that you can always rebrand for somebody else or you can just push the cost to somebody else. If it what I think it comes.

How Do You Improve The Local Search Visibility Of A Pest Control Business?

Yep, uh, the last question that we can answer is going to be this one I wanted to point a point out. And then we got to go, guys, so sorry, let me get back to the right one. Aaron says I have a new client and pest control niche. We want to improve his local visibility. His previous vendor placed two JSON LD schemas one for local business and another following that as a service business. I don't even think I'm familiar with what a service business schema is.

This Stuff Works
I'm not sure I've seen that before. Anyways, should I remove the service business schema and continue with the local business? Yeah, because again, I'm not sure what service business schema is. I've not heard that before. But it doesn't make sense to have two business type schemas on there. Now. Again, you can have organization and local business schema or corporation a local business schema that it makes sense to do that sometimes. But it doesn't make sense to have two types of local business schemas on the same page. That doesn't make sense. So I would, what I would do is this is and I'll post this link, as soon as we get done with the webinar, guys, I'll post this is, as far as I know, this is the most up to date and had, I've always used this as a go-to for years now. But this is the schema list. I don't know who updates this. But Pest Control service is a professional service, which is a subset of the local business schema. In other words, if we come back over to the schema generator tool, if we come up here, go to local business, where was it? Right there, and we look at local business type, you come down here and go to I don't know why it would never go a professional service, which now is it's actually local business schema, but the ad type is professional service and again, Pest Control service. The ad type is professional service, and that's the same for Tree Service contractors to where actually they might even be home and construction business. I think they are. point is professional service.

This is what you should be using, which is a local business schema. Does that make sense? Do you want to comment on that, Marco? Do you know what service schema is? I've not heard that term before. No. Yeah, I haven't. I mean, yeah, there is probably a service type for service-based businesses. It's always changing. So you always have to stay on and make sure that you're up to date on the most current schema. Service schema.org type. Interesting. Yeah, well, professional service is what I would do if that's part of it. It looks like right there to the service legal service. Yeah. Okay. So that might be what he's talking about. The service type schema is, could be legal service professional service. So yeah, what I would, what it might be, and I'm just making an assumption here is that he has a generic local business schema, which that applies to businesses that don't have their own specific subset, like in other words, industries, industry categories, or business types that don't have their own specific have X subset within a local business schema, then the local business schema is the catch-all that you apply to local businesses. Does that make sense? So if it's a service type, then it could be a professional service legal service, government service financial service that makes sense. In which case, like I said, Yes, remove the generic local business schema and stick with the service base schema because that's more specific to Pest Control service. Right. Does that sound reasonable? Yeah, you can scroll to the example, right? They always give you a Jason here LD example.

Yeah, with okay, right then that's the one to use. You just clear that stuff out and add your own stuff.

Yep. Interesting. Let me see. att type service. Yeah, there you go. That's interesting. I've not heard of just a generic service type though. That's the first time I've heard that. See how it says at type local business. But then it says that type of peer service

So that's kind of like a hybrid between the two. You can have multiple ad types like you. Like you can have multiple @IDs, because one, one is under provider. And then it does even though the service type which defines it's defined in there as weekly cleaning, I think it is. This is where you can get really intricate service. And you're explaining everything. Exactly everything the name of the driver.

Yeah, that's awesome.

That's cool off to dig in a little bit more. But yeah, I would recommend just having, unless they're all in the same snippet, write the same code snippet. I wouldn't have two separate versions of structured data. If you can combine them and it validates correctly, then yes, I would do that.

Very cool. Anyway, you did this. And I know we're running over but you can get so intricate with this because you can have an organization. Right. And the organization that's a local business. That's a service that has whatever employees

And then you go if they have an author, that's also an employee and the several different numbers, contact one, you can get really intricate with your, with your structured data, which you should, because you have to remember, you're talking to a machine that's trying to fill in variables is trying to, it's trying to pull all of this information that you're feeding it, and looking for that ultimate entity to compare it against what whatever is in the database, in the relational database, relating all of these different entities to that ultimate entity that's in that database, and all of those other entities to one another. It's trying to defend the machine trying to define which one is best for the searcher at that particular time. Which is why you often see like you'll be standing and I tested this in New York City, by the way, you'll be standing on one side of a building, I've had someone stand on one side and do a search and get one set of results. Go to the other side to the middle of the block right around the corner, middle of the block, and get different results.

And it served right at that point, boom, boom, boom. And it's just all of these relationships that the artificial intelligence is trying to create at the local level for that person doing that search. It's really interesting how entry integrates you can go. And again, it's something that we'll be getting into in the heavy hitter club as we go really deep into what technical SEO is, how to approach this, and especially how you manipulate entities, for your convenience, and for maximum gain.

Some interesting stuff, man. So Alright guys, we're way over. So we will start next week. Bye, everyone.

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there you go. What's up, everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangout. Um, I got to do. Danny, what do you got there Marco?

Yeah, I gotta have a beer my cut though Lanka. Thanks, guys. I'm drinking coffee. It's still too early for beer. So, at five o'clock. Well, it's five o'clock here. So it's five o'clock somewhere, man. That's right. And I don't know who said that. Who said that rule. If it's hot and humid and you to cool off have a beer. exactly the problem is when that beer leads to 1000 more and that's my problem. Okay, that's a problem to make a drink with this one. I won't touch another one for a couple of weeks a month, three months. Who knows when the next one?

Let's start over Chris. Do you want to say anything? Go Yeah, I don't know. Like I have an open boss. like everything's pretty clear. The weather is nice. Even it's a bit colder. And I guess it's is everybody because I see everyone here in polar.

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How are you doing Bradley?

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All right, what's up everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangout. If you haven't noticed, we're missing a really important team member of the crew because otherwise, we do this in a much more linear, much more professional fashion, but I'm in charge of emceeing now and I know how to do what I'm doing. So, with that being said, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, today's the sixth of May 2020. And if you're watching this, and you're wondering what the hell is going on, what we do here is we try to answer all of your digital marketing questions. If you have any SEO, digital marketing, how to grow your agency, how to how to get better results with your rankings, go ahead and go to semanticmastery.com/humpday to actually ask all of your questions drop your questions in the comments below. Now, with that being said, and before we jump right into questions, we are really honored to get a lot of support from people in our lesson in our community for the new version of the Battle Plan.

Unfortunately, the launch price and the launch deal and everything is done but you can still get the newest version which is version four of the Battle Plan by going to battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And the Battle Plan is a step by step blueprint a system that will allow you to go from zero to getting results within the search engines and that applies for new websites. If you're starting out a brand new project for age websites if you have a website that has been going on for a while, but you want to give it that extra oomph if you work for YouTube channels as well and for a lot of additional stuff to go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com. Now if you want to take your agency if you serve clients in any digital capacity, right you do SEO for them, but you also do PPC, web design, graphic design, social media management, whatever that is, and you want to get more clients you want to get more free time and you want to get clients that are worth coming to you then go to 2xyouragency.com that is number two, letter X, your agency com to actually get access to double your agency and get all of those tools. It started as a project but then Bradley, as usual, is over-delivering with value. And it's mind-blowing Lee good. It's really good. Everything we're charging enough but we'll keep it like that for a little bit.

And again, if you like what you're seeing, go ahead, subscribe to the YouTube channel. Make sure that you like that you subscribe so that the YouTube algorithm keeps on showing you the good stuff. We have a Facebook group as well, SEO tutorials, and digital marketing by Semantic Mastery. So you can search on Facebook, and I think that's pretty much it. Did I miss anything? Yeah, speaking of over-delivering on value, like the Battle Plan is is stupid, low priced. I mean, just to me, because it's 100 times more happy people. Some people see it and they say, well, it's just a full of links, all its links to what we use to rank. It's what we use to get results. It's everything that we do. To get results. Of course, we're going to show you where we go for the result, we go to mgyb.co. If you don't want to get the Battle Plan, go look at mgyb.co cuz that's where you have to go to get results anyway. Or else you got to you have to figure it out on your own. We've made it. dead simple, like you, follow the instructions. And it's not just that because some people just see a PDF with links to our stuff.

It's not that it's that PDF is full of information. Not only that it includes a bonus area, right? Bonuses are included. So you're looking past everything that's offered in that. It leads to a video that we recorded, right, where we talk about all of these different aspects of what it takes to rank today. And I mean, what we're charging for, I'm glad that we're raising the price. We're not raising it enough. If you want to get in getting as I always say get in when you fit in or not. It's really what it comes down to is. Are you an action taker? Or do you just enjoy sitting by the sideline and butting your head against the wall? And I mentioned it yesterday. I hear the song spinning wheels. spinning wheels got to go around. I see that. Is that what you want to do? Or do you want to go get results? It's entirely up to you. Action takers.

Go make money. So all I got to say comes down to like, how many years? Or? I don't know like you more than yours on the do you want to shave off of your learning curve like I don't know like if we would have had that document when we started I don't know about you guys but I would have shaved at least three years of my learning curve at an absolute minimum yeah 100% 100% so with that being said go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com if you want to learn more about it one of the reasons why we sell it so cheap and you know people are saying hey, this is too cheap what can you guys give me for that cheap? And the reality is that we over-deliver because there's a small number of people that will decide to take it up a notch and join our mastermind or join the heavy hitters club with Marco and Rob as well. So that's why you know, it's our entry-level product. It's great. We might we blow people's mind with value because a small portion of them will end up in our anger province. We're so super open about it, we wouldn't have any issues with that. So with that being said, and unless we have anything else, we can jump right into questions.

Speaking, what the fuck is Adam? He was out running in the woods today.

Speaking of value, the other super valuable course two extra agency training guys, that's for the price that we're charging, which I think is ridiculous. It is an enormous amount of content about how to double your agency.

Starting with how to fill your pipeline full of prospects. The second part of it is how to get consistent, reliable, repeatable results. And the third part of it is how to scale your operations. And so that's something else that I would highly recommend. Those of you that are looking for, how to grow your consultancy business or your agency that you would pick up to x your agency go 2xyouragency.com, you can check that out as well, because again, that we, once again, don't let the price for you. We put a ton of work into that for it's a 12-week course you get it all at once it's not stripped out. But it took me 12 weeks to record all the training for that because we really wanted that as a way to kind of help people jumpstart their agencies or to grow their agencies without having to double their time investment as well. And so I would highly recommend you go check that out because that's all of our knowledge kind of from the last many years that we've been together kind of boiled down or condensed down into the two extra agency training so I would encourage you to check that out as well.

With that said let me grab the screen

Sorry guys, I've got a real estate thing I'm trying to close. Oh, let's keep it PG 13 please and Bradley so close all of the year, let's kill that.

other stuff. Sorry. I'll be hitting edit. I noticed a closing that was falling apart. I've been trying to recover all day long. So anyway, go ahead. Sorry, Chris. I just wanted to say like that the two extra agency, even it's built for agencies it's, I see it like goes like even if you're a solopreneur or something like that you're running your kind of smallest your business and just do client work. That's literally how you can automate things and like how you put the systems into it to actually scale the whole thing. The thing that's always like something that nobody mentions, and because the whole thing is called 2xyouragency, there are people who don't even have an agency or they don't consider themselves as having an agency. That's literally how you can grow your business.

At least I see it that way.

Sweet. Well, let me grab the screen and we'll get into these questions guys. Go.

All right, you guys see my screen correctly.

Yes. All right, here we go. Let me find out where we're at

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Any Tips On How To Improve Web Search Activity Of An eCommerce Site?

Mohammed's up first, first in line. What's up, Mohammed? Hey, guys, I have an e-commerce store that's been live for about three weeks now. I've been sending traffic from Facebook, but I also ordered a power shield for the store. I've noticed there's still zero action on Google and Webmaster Tools. Even though the site is indexed. It has absolutely no impressions. Am I just impatient? I've only been in local SEO until now. So maybe I've come to expect a faster start. My syndication network has done the RAS got delivered today. So maybe it's a matter of time. It could also just be a reporting delay. I don't know. Sometimes that occurs and with all the shit going on, now, that very well could be it. But Marco, do you know of any, like sort of reporting delay that's occurring right now? No, there's only a two-day delay in Search Console now, on performance, because I'm even looking at it right now.

And I'm getting Monday records. So know that there's nothing going on in there. Mohammed is just being impatient. Yes, three weeks is nothing and he just now got the SEO partially delivered the still link building to be done. There's still press releases to be released and link building to that does embed runs to be done. There's an entity validation to continue and entity solidification to continue because that it's going to depend on what kind of market he's in what kind of niche right to see what kind of results he gets. It's just now a matter of time. Just keep an eye on search console and analytics. And they'll start giving you feedback on what you're getting.

What do you call displays for I know that they don't call it displays that that's what I call it on impressions, right? In, in search, and you can start making decisions off of that. In fact, I shared a video in the heavy hitter club. I think it's in the members-only group where I showed how I get data out of search console and how you target money from Search Console. Because there is a lot of information in there that people are not aware of, or people may interpret incorrectly. I hear a lot of people knocking it. And yes, it does have its drawbacks. But there's actually really good information. And it's Google telling you what information it's it's getting from your project. So why wouldn't you pay attention to what the bot is giving you? This? Isn't Google this isn't Google speak? It's the bot that's giving you the data? So I'd pay special attention to that.

Yeah. So and that's the thing if it's new, it could be that it's not receiving a lot of impressions yet because like Marco just said, It's brand new. So I think what he said is true. Just be just you're being a bit impatient Mohammed. If you still have it's also how to.

Did you add the site? Did you do it via DNS record? So it's a domain-wide? You know, it's in the domain, did you submit the domain via DNS records or submitted via URL because that I think has an effect too. I try to do everything using DNS records now. So I don't know I would check into that also.

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Wants To Know How You Get SEO Results?

The second part is next question from Ahmed says, Hey, guys, what's the proper response when someone via a client or another SEO wants to know how I get results, I don't want to mention RYS, select the ID page and other secrets of the Battle Plan. My strategy so far has been the show than past successes and leave it at that but my downfall is when I charge the done for your services, and they ask what the money is for how can I better my approach?

Well, alright, so the way that I handle it is the only time that clients see anything or prospects when I'm presenting a proposal and my proposal I will, you know, put some of the entity assets down and as part of the overall deliverables that are going to be delivered with the setup process, and then for my monthly ongoing monthly services, you know, I mentioned like link building traffic.

So because I run Google ads for traffic, you know, display ads and such. But typically, I very rarely ever get any questions about what they are specified when they do then I'll just show them an example of what like a done for you, or what I would Google Drive stack looks like from another client or from a lead gen project that I have or something like that, but I don't get into explaining how everything works because it's really none of their business like honestly as long as I can produce them produce results for them. It would be like asking, you know, any other industry, any other professional in another industry, for what their proprietary methods are for doing whatever their job is, whatever their profession is, and so, you know, I typically will try to provide enough information to satisfy their curiosity without giving away the farm because otherwise you know it as most of the time they're their eyes or they're not going to understand it anyway. So what's the point in wasting your breath? So typically what I'll do it as I said on the proposal side of things, I explained through a video email Mohammed, I know you're very familiar with that. But I explained through a video email an explanation of what the proposal was, what the deliverables are, and what an expected timeframe for results is, and then from that point forward, all the other stuff that I continue to order through MGYB to get clients results is just part of the monthly retainer, so it never comes up again. Does that make sense?

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Occasionally, I do provide monthly reports and not every month but most of the time, or at least every other month. I'll provide a video email with my monthly report. I'll kind of go over the reports and show them you know, where progress has been made, where I see new opportunities, where maybe some things have slipped a little bit. I always try to be real honest. And I like to use video emails to do that, which usually satisfies any questions so that I very rarely get follow up questions. And when I do, then I'll try to explain it a little bit further. But like I said, I think it's important to be able to explain what it is, to show that you can produce results without showing exactly how. Marco, maybe you can articulate this in a way that is a little bit more clear than the way I am.

No, I mean, that what you said is clear to me, but let me put it this way. When I give a client a proposal, and they give me something like that, say you're talking to an attorney. I mean, are you gonna ask him to break down how, why he's charging you 50% of whatever the lawsuit settlement is, for example, or when you walk into a car showroom, and you're going to purchase a car, do you ask for a breakdown of what all the auto parts come to and the labor the expenses and every year do you ask the dealer all of that information? Do you go into the negotiation for that car on the price? Okay, they'll charge you 20, you offer 18, five, or whatever. And then you meet somewhere in between.

How I see this is. It's ridiculous for a client to expect you to give them a breakdown of everything that you're going to do. And there's absolutely no way and no reason for you to be saying I'm charging you for dumping services. What you're charging for are results. What you're charging for is what you're going to do for these people. They're paying you for your expertise in the matter as far as getting results. Now if they want how that's consultation, and that's way more than that they can they could ever pay because you're actually going to teach them how it's done and how to get results and it's not something that's done overnight.

I was just talking to an attorney the other day, and I wasn't talking, I emailed and what she wrote back, say you're speaking a foreign language to me. And I say, that's why when I hire an attorney, I don't want to know or learn the law regarding whatever it is that I'm hiring an attorney for justice. When you hire an SEO or a marketer, you're not expected to know everything that the SEO or marketer is going to know. Otherwise, you spend all of your time learning, marketing, and SEO, instead of concentrating on what it is that you do best, which is the law.

So Mohammed, again, and we've gone over this before with you, you have to focus your presentation on the results that you're going to get what it is that you're going to do, not how they're not entitled to how they're not ever right. entitled to how they're entitled to their brand. Of course, they're entitled to tier one branded, although we call drive stacks, Gsites, part of tier one brand, they're not. That's part of your house. That's how you get results. They're not entitled to that, or anything else for that matter, press releases. It depends on how you're charging for them and how their focus
Yeah, they're entitled to that media page, but nothing else as a matter of fact that IFTTT profile that you're going to create that's going to trigger the T one branded, they're not entitled to those logins. Because that's part of how I never give them that. You're not entitled to my recipes or whatever the fuck they call now because I don't do them I just hire MGYB to but this is really important and why you should guide the information. I have a call that we recorded with someone we had to get permission from that person. I think and from all of the people involved so that you can he can listen to them to go the negotiation and listen to me go through an actual attempt at closing the client. It was the first-second call with the client and I try to close them right there. Unfortunately, it didn't go like planned and he didn't say no, he said he thinks about it.

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But that's almost like a no. Anyway, Mohammed, I hope that helps but you're focusing on the wrong things and you're mentioning the wrong things, definitely bring them back in one, if they get off six success, you bring them back. If they get off what it is that you're going to do for them, you bring it back and you bring them back to what it is you're going to do. I'm going to get your phone to ring I'm gonna need your phone to fill a form fills. And I'm gonna get people on your in your website, anything else that I have to tell you, I have to charge him for and then you set your hourly price 502,000 It doesn't matter you make it high enough so that it hurts if they have to pay you consultation.

There you go.

So yeah, just to kind of follow up like I said, you know, the this done for you services that I continue to purchase for clients, you know, that's just part of the monthly retainer, and I factor all of that is when I first present the proposal so that I don't have to go back to them and charge them for additional items. Unless they ask for additional stuff if that makes sense. So I typically, you know, I work right into my monthly retainer fee when I'm going to be spending on link building and embed gigs and press releases and my blogger to publish posts for the project. So all of that is factored right and right off the bat so that I just continue to order the services and pay you to know, vas and things like that to fulfill my obligations as per our agreement, but I don't have to explain it away because I'm not asking for additional money. It's all part of the original agreement. So okay.

Is Curation Suite Still Working?

All right. The next question is I've been trying to reach the curation suite Help Desk and Scott Scanlon, but no one is returning my requests. I watched Bradley on one of their videos, so I'm reaching out to you. I was wondering if the curation street suite was still working. As far as I know, now, I don't work for them. We don't have any relationship with them other than the fact that for a brief period of time, they had a really killer system. And I know that we had used it for a bit I believe we even did a promotion with them. But that was shit three, four years ago now. And within several months or within a year or something like within a year of us doing a promotion with them or whatever, kind of fell off the map. And I know Adam and talked about that, like, Man, that was several years ago. So it's a little bit foggy even for me, but unfortunately, I don't have anything that we don't have anything to do with curation suite Other than that, like I said that one time, we did use their tools for a while, but when they start started to intermittently work, in other words, they weren't, they weren't always working. And we also noticed that they weren't replying to support requests and everything else. We dropped it. We took the curation suite out of all of our processes. And it's funny because it might have even been you asking this question in the Facebook group, but that questions come up recently in the Facebook group, and somebody was asking about curation suite and they asked, Well, what am I using for what does my team use for curating blog content. And you know, the same thing that I teach in content kingpin guys. That hasn't changed. We've tried different curating tools. But honestly, I taught all my bloggers how to curate by organizing content using Feedly, feedly.com. And they, and they post or they curate posts manually in WordPress. And that's the same process that I teach in content kingpin is the exact same process that my team has been using. Since 2012. Again, we have tried different tools, but we always have come back to just doing it manually curating organizing content in feedly.com and then manually curating blog posts, it just works that way. And the reason why I say that is because a lot of the tools that we've tried have had issues where support they stop continuing development or supporting their product. We've tried multiple plugins that have gone, you know, gone under, that the developers stop supporting it.

Curation Suites, another example. And so instead of always trying to rely on the fancy shiny objects, the new shiny and fancy objects out there that are supposed to make everything so much easier, right? The problem with that is you invest time and resources and energy and money into trying to implement new tools or apps that there should help but those kinds of things. And unless they're a very well established company, that has been around with a long-established history of support and updates, and all of that kind of stuff, I don't recommend using any tools, you can do it manually. And that's the beautiful thing about virtual assistants and outsources, you can teach them a manual process. And then in my eyes, it's automated, right? It's been delegated. And it's going to get done manually, yes, but it's being done by somebody else. So in my mind, it's an automated process because I don't have to do it anymore. And then again, as I said, we don't have to rely on tools and apps that may or may not be around in six months.

This Stuff Works

Once a year, year and a half, whatever. So again, I'm sorry, I can't provide you some more assistance with the curation suite. Nothing I can help you with. We haven't been in touch with Scott Scanlon in years. So I recommend that you just continue trying to find some way to contact him. You know, sometimes you got to stop these people, man, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever you can find information and try to get support, especially if you've already spent money. Any comments, guys?

No, I mean, it was fantastic. When I was first working. It kicked ass. Yeah, it was fantastic. You could put it pull a whole lot of content, right that to curate. And then all of a sudden it started being buggy. And then I moved on to other things because I was using it. I don't even know where I have it installed. Now. I probably have it installed somewhere. But yeah, it's just buggy. And guys, not everybody has that. You know, the years in the business like we don't, and not everybody can support a group as we've done. For example, in our free SEO group, which is I think our longest when we had to move from Google Plus, right, that's been our longest running group that we're still supporting five-plus years, and we're still there. We, we can't force everyone to be like that. Some people are just gonna come in, make some money, and leave. That's all they want. I mean, we're in this, but at least from my perspective, and I know you guys feel the same way. But I can only speak for me that we're in this to try to help people make money. And the only way that you can help people make money is by being there for people when they have a question about making money, which is what this forum Hump Day Hangouts, which is our longest-running forum, it's what it's all about helping people who have problems solve those problems, so they can make money. Yeah.

And by the way, just as an aside, I had to look at our corporate documents today for something I was working on. And I looked at our LLC and you know, like, articles of incorporation or whatever like that showed the date that is that Semantic Mastery was born. And it was in February of 2014 is when we actually incorporated. So that's, that's pretty amazing. It's been over six years now. So we've been together for shit. We were together for a year, year and a half prior to us, you know, incorporating and starting the actual company. So we've been together quite some times, guys, that's a lot longer than that because it was the end of 212. I think when we started meeting, yeah, and the other mastermind, that yeah, it was at about a year and a half prior to us cooperating.

So that's a pretty, pretty, pretty amazing because I've had many other partnerships that have all fallen apart. It's very difficult to work with partners in my opinion, but it's been really it's worked really well for us at Semantic Mastery. And, you know, six years later, we're still together and we still like each other.

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Can You Share Some Basic Steps In Building A New Website?

Anyways, Mike says, Hello kings of SEO, can you share some basic steps when building a new website? Number one, especially about what to do when the site eight ready to publish I just lookup. I'll tell you what I do. Again, there's there may be differing opinions between my partners and me. But I just always publish the site but set it to no index. So I go to settings, reading. So in WordPress, go to settings and then reading and then I set it to ask Google not to index the site now whether they choose to do it or not whatever, but I always just do that right off the bat, that's part as soon as the WordPress installation is completed from the server, then, you know, I just immediately go in and now I have VA s do but go ahead and click the button to no-index the site and then we just build the site out however long it takes.

And then once the initial site is done with the initial pages and sometimes, to be honest with you, we'll even uncheck it so that you know uncheck that box to allow the site to index prior to it being 100% complete. As far as like all the pages or the widgets and that kind of stuff. What we do is get the main structure of the site in place, the main top of silo pages, we get the content in places. Sometimes not even have the images on there. But you know, the structure of the site, the graphics, the theming, the main content pages, at least the text was on the pages. And then we'll go ahead and publish the site or allow it to be indexed. From there, go in and make some tweaks to try to finalize the site. That's just my process. Again, it's probably different for others. But that's the way I do it. You could do like a maintenance mode, or one of them coming soon, plugins if you'd like. But honestly, if nobody knows that have the domain name that you're building the site on, then nobody's going to go visit the site anyways, besides you and your team that's working on it.

So in my opinion, having one of those coming soon, pages is only important if you've done some sort of pre-launch marketing and people could be potentially going to the actual domain. But for the most part, as I said, nobody knows that the sites that I'm working on while you know until they're actually published in live so it doesn't index, and I start driving traffic to them. So I really don't even bother with that anymore. Any comments, guys?

That's absolutely how I do it on a brand new website, there's no reason to hide it in here, put it anywhere, because that the client can come in and look at it. And anybody else is going to look at it, you can come in and look at it and then send you the feedback on what they think and what they want and what they'd like and all that and it changes nothing. It'll still be on that domain and you're actually ahead of the game. Instead of putting it in like a development server, which is what you should do with a redesign. I'd say that you can leave the existing site alone, you go into the dev site, create the website, and that development, then you migrate. There's no need for that. This is a new project WordPress, no index no follow. So Google doesn't go in there, although they might. It shouldn't index but that's how you should do it. That's how land solutions was done, by the way. All right, the case study and I haven't even talked about how that was created. It was totally done on WordPress, we just set it to no index no follow until it was ready to go live that we took it off no index no follow submitted it to a search console for indexing. And that's how it started. That's how it should be. There's no other reason to hide it. We used to do it to hide it, I put it in a maintenance mode. But there's a reason for that if you set it to no index, no follow.

Yeah, there's one thing like because I'm also reading further, I would not use analytics or any Google tools on the new page yet until it's finished. And they would also not link syndication network or anything like that until there is at least one or two posts up there. Because that's one of the prime reasons that there will be errors. So like, I'll put out use those things only once the page is actually ready and I can actually roll it out.

Well, I will differ slightly on that question. Only because when while I'm building the site and that's one of the things I've always done is built the site. But I've been working on what I'm about to show you guys inside of process Street, which is the tool that I use now or the app that I use for developing SLP standard operating procedures. And I've spent the last month or so working on developing the processes for the site builds because that's something I've always done myself. But what I was about to say was, when you publish a new WordPress site, you've got the Hello World post. The hello world post is just a placeholder basically, but it's an item in your RSS feed. And so I always order the syndication network immediately. Once I have the site published, whether it's indexable or not, it doesn't matter to me, once the site is published, I have an RSS feed but the Hello World post in it so I can order the syndication network so that that can be built because it's going to take two weeks or whatever for it for me to have it delivered.

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So I build out the site while the syndication network is being built as long as at RSS test feed has an item in it, they can still plug it into IFTTT to create the network. Because remember, when we build a network, we plug it RSS feed into it, and it has to have an item or it won't read the feed, and it will give you a connection error. But they don't are our network builders will go find related content and kind of and post the first couple of posts on primary on the blog sites, blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. So that it's related content, it's to season or to seed the network sites with, you know, related content. And so the content is published but it's not being syndicated yet from the WordPress site. In other words, it's not content being syndicated from the WordPress site. It's just content that our builders put onto the site. So that once the site is ready to be indexed and ready for blog posts, then then you know, the syndication networks already in place. So that's just my process.

It makes it so that the network can be ready when I'm ready to start publishing posts. I totally agree with that. I don't link it together. I will do it exactly as you said. Okay. Here's an example of you were asking about some of the most important things I can't really scroll through here guys because a lot of this stuff has as you know, this is the standard operating procedure for setting up entity assets for a new client you can see it it's right up there and this is for a multi-location client but this is the process I can't scroll through here guys and show you the processes if you want this kind of stuff you got to join the mastermind I share this stuff in the mastermind. In fact, this project specifically, is a project that I'm building out in showing sharing everything that I'm doing in the mastermind so again, another reason to join a mastermind, but here's basically and it's just a work in progress. I'm still not 100% done with this I'm probably only about 60% of the way through getting my process completed for this. But this is all the stuff that I do, right. And again, just, you know, go back and watch the replay or take a screenshot. These are some of the these are the plugins I like to use Google Tag Manager, all of that once I agree with.

I agree with what Chris said, typically, I will wait to add the Google Tag Manager and from tag managers when I connect Google Analytics Search Console. Also, Google Ads for remarketing tags, conversion tracking, all of that stuff gets done through Google Tag Manager. So I usually wait to do that until after I have the site live published ready to be indexed as well as the syndication network back and preferably the SEO shield back so that I have the ID page URL, ready to go and all of that so that when I add structured data, which again, that's down here, JSON LD structured data, organization, schema, local business schema, all of that stuff, you can see this is all the stuff that gets done. Whenever I'm starting a new project, that makes sense, by the way, guys, if you haven't checked out process.st, so it's process Street, but it's processed This is a fabulous, fabulous application for developing processes, or standard operating procedures. For years, I primarily just use Google Docs and YouTube videos. But this is so much better. And so you can see like I, again, I can't share, scroll down through here, but I get super detailed in these. And it's like, you can take somebody's green, like code off the street and plug them into one of these processes. And they could build a WordPress site to my specifications by just following a step by step procedure. So I would encourage you guys to start using this look even if you're not going to build out full-on well detailed standard operating procedures for the operations that you execute in your business, which I recommend that you do because that's how you start to delegate the shit that you that only you do right now. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works
It is to buy by documenting what it is that you do. But even if that's more than you're willing to bite off right now, right, if that's too much, I would encourage you just to start creating simple checklists for absolutely everything that you do. Whenever you're doing something in your business that you don't already have a checklist for just take a few moments and just make you document the main points of the things that need to be covered or completed in order to complete that task. Because what I found and again, I've just recently kind of bought into this kind of mindset or this methodology because I've read a really a couple of really good books, the Checklist Manifesto was really good. Another one was called BlackBox. Thinking to really good I didn't read them, I listened to them on audio audible, to be honest with you, but they were really really good books that kind of woke me up to the idea of having a checklist is not you know, a lot of times it's our ego that says I don't need a damn checklist. I know what I'm doing. Yeah, but sometimes we get in a hurry or we get distracted. And we might miss steps or we take shortcuts. And so just having a checklist can kind of help you to be more efficient, make sure that things are done, always consistently, right so that you're not missing steps on some projects that were completed on other projects. And then you're wondering why your results aren't the same. And then also from checklists, as I said, that's the really starting point for being able to develop standard operating procedures that you can then pass off or delegate to somebody else so that you can remove yourself from the process entirely. So I would encourage you to check out process Street, they have, I think, a free option that allows you to develop just simple checklists, and I would start there if I were you. Okay. Any comments, guys?

Nope. Okay.

So that was the must-have step. So there you go. Alright, the next question is, Austin says, Oh, this is more of a comment. He says I received the second part of the SEO power showed yesterday and it's another fantastic job. I've built many of these stacks Gsites by hand and I'm very particular on how I like them to look since many do rank, your team exceeded all expectations, excited to see the idx page next Austin dawn, I know you're on the real estate flipping business, and I'm glad you like them. And honestly, like I keep telling you got to come to join a mastermind buddy. Because there's a lot of stuff in there, we could go over.

And I was teaching the land flipping business, which isn't fully relevant to you, but it's very closely related. And so we've got some training on that stuff too. So I'd love to see you in there sometime.

Should The 400 Keywords Required In The SEO Shield Be Available On The Website Or It Could Be Related To Its Niche?

Next is Hello everyone I am planning to buy I'm planning to buy the SEO shield. So I came to know that I also have to submit the 400 keywords with actually it's a two it's 200 is what we recommend. Unless that changed in the last 24 hours. I was just in there yesterday again and it was 200 keywords, it's still 200 right? It's 200 or more. You have 200 right and the or more is for that key. Do the keyword research that we  at mgyb.co. Right? That's hundreds of thousands of keywords sometimes that we find to, to push into that branded drive stack for keyword relevance. So yes, by all means, submit as many as you want. And the second part of that is now they don't have to be on the website, they do they have to be related to the niche. I mean, they have to be or else you breaking the road. Why what's the point of putting something that's not relevant? Right, right. So yes, please for the keywords. They don't have to be available on your website. In fact, your website will get impressions for keywords that are not on your website. How incredible is that? Google finds the relevance between the GSR and drive stack and your website to the point where you get impressions for keywords that don't exist that are not I don't want to say physically that is not on your website. That to me that that's that just shows the power you can generate from these drive stacks and Gsites.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and that's I totally agree I, as long as you know, the keywords absolutely should have to be relevant. The goal here is, especially with the first drive stack, when we're trying to create the Association, the brand association plus your primary keyword, you want to use market-level keywords. And I want to be clear about that if you're doing a local project, you don't want to include your keywords plus location modifiers not for this when you're ordering the drive stack, which is the branded drive stack, right? So that's to again, that's to build the brand solidify the entity and make that keyword association with whatever your top primary keyword is the number one most important keyword to your business or to the project that you're working on. Now once that that has been delivered, so so hold on back up. So those should be market-level keywords. So keywords that are not including location modifiers. Okay, they should all be relevant. You can add long tails here that's fine. But also I do want to make a note of this, make sure that when you place the order that you have at the top of the keyword list that you upload it as a notepad file txt file that you have your most important keywords at the top of that list or you make a note of that in the ordering comment, like the comments or additional instructions section of the order form at the bottom of the page, you make sure that you make a note of these are my most important keywords, five or 10, or whatever they are. Because if you don't, and I made this mistake and I learned the hard way, which it wasn't MGYB's fault, it was my fault as I had submitted a long list of keywords that had for Tree Service project the same one that I was just that I've been sharing in the mastermind right now. That's what that process doc was we were looking at just a moment ago.

I had ordered a location shield so in it but anyway, I added the keyword list that had a bunch of keywords. But they did I didn't put my most important keywords at the top of the list and so that the drive stack got built out to the G site got built out with just the top-level keywords was like the primary keywords because they were listed at the top of the text file. And it wasn't, they weren't the best keywords, right. They were like Tree Service cost Tree Removal cost, you know, tree trimming cost, like there was a lot of cost keywords that just happened to be at the top of the text document that I submitted. And so I learned a lesson and that was to always make sure that you specify what your top-level keywords are either, like I said, add them to the top of the list or make a note and I would recommend that you always comment and add in your additional instructions. These are the most important keywords, please use these. And that way you make sure that the primary pages on the G site and everything is going to be built out around those types of keywords. It's not a big deal because again, this was a test that I'm doing anyways for this location shield. But I just wanted to point out that it's really really important to use market-level keywords. Now once you get that spec back and you do the theme mirroring, and the drive stack expansion to where you're now covering like individual silos within the site. Now there if you're doing a local project, you can start to sprinkle some location modifiers into the keyword list that you add for like link building campaigns, for example. And as an aside, kind of its related, and I'm just going to tease this a little bit. But we have started, again, as mastermind members, possibly heavy hitter club to market can correct me if I'm wrong, but we have started beta test allowing a few beta testers to come in and test our drive stack expansion service, which will allow us to like we're working on trying to roll that out to the general public to you guys, but we always offer our mastermind members the first crack at those kinds of things and the drives to that stack expansion service is the theme mirroring service done for you and MGYB. Marco, do you want to chat about that just briefly? Where's that still supposed to be?

This Stuff Works
No, yeah, because we're not ready for it. We're not ready for anything except what we posted in the groups and paid membership has its privileges. You get to test these this stuff out first, you get a big discount coupon so you can take advantage of it, but you have to be in on the inside to be able to take advantage of that.

Well, there you go. So it was a little tease more coming as the beta testing. You know, we work out some bugs and kinks which is always the case. You know, that's, that's coming. Marco and the team. His team at MGYB been working on this for months and months and months. And well shipped probably for well over a year now actually, and we're close guys. We're real close.

What Is The Best Way To Continue Using The Battle Plan V3?

Alright, the next question is I just recently read the Battle Plan 3.0 that I got last year I didn't realize it wasn't recommended to do a multi-tier syndication network for a blog. It's okay if you did it though. It's not going to hurt provided you add additional content feeds to your second-tier triggers. We talked about that a lot. We have helped files on our knowledge base. So anyway, since I had already purchased it, and I had it connected, what is the best way to continue using it disconnected to syndicate other content to the additional tiers, that's it right there. syndicate other content to the

Additional tiers? Should I just curate other content and post it to the three blogs of tier one and they will syndicate out to the other tiers?

I wouldn't do that just because that's a lot of manual work. Unless you got somebody doing it for you. I would just recommend, again, you can go to, in fact, I'm just going to walk you through this real quick go to I think it's so yeah, it supports dot semantic mastery calm. Right. I'm going to show you where you can find help files about this. Go to the knowledge base. And if you go into Syndication Academy right here, and you take a look at the multi-tiered, can I, there are several different help files in here that talk about like, for example, how does syndication work with the tiered networks? How do tiered IFTTT networks work? You can go through here and there's some really detailed training that I put in here about how to do this like for example, an explainer video and all that kind of stuff. Long story short, just go add some realism.

This Stuff Works
Content feeds to your second-tier trigger points. Right. So that's your second-tier IFTTT accounts that are going to publish to or that are going to publish out to the second tier network. So essentially, what you want to do is find related content feeds, you want to add additional applets in those IFTTT accounts that trigger to publish the second tier networks, and you want to put them in what I recommend is a minimum of two additional content feeds per network. So if there's three, you know, three-second tier networks, you're going to want a minimum of six additional feeds two per network, or two per syndication ring. Does that make sense? However, you got to keep in mind that remember, depending on what types of content feed you're using some content feeds publish an excessive amount. You don't want to do that because you could possibly have your second tier networks, you know, especially the blog accounts terminated for over publishing. So there are ways to throttle that down a little bit. For example, you can add in on an IFTTT, when you create an applet with using an RSS feed is the trigger, you can add a filter that only allows items that have contained a particular keyword for example for to publish or for to pass, in other words, trigger the syndicate, trigger the applet to fire, okay, so you just have to be careful, make sure that they related content feeds that you're going to use to trigger the second tier networks to add additional content to them. Just be aware of what types of content are publishing on those feeds how often they publish that kind of stuff so that you can throttle it down if needed to. Okay, also one other thing very briefly is Damon Nelson's RSS masher is a fantastic tool for that kind of stuff. So and again, I don't even have an affiliate link for that just go look up RSS master and check it out. It's we did a promotion with them. And it's a great, great tool for creating spliced feeds that give you so much more control over what the output side of the fetus So in other words, you could splice you know, five or six really related feeds in.

But then you can use the RSS masher to actually strip out parts of, you know, strip code out or insert code into the feeds and do all kinds of really cool marketing things that make beautiful syndicated posts from other people's content. So that's something you should look into. Okay. Comments, guys.

Does The SEO Shield Work For Non-English Websites?

Okay, next question. And Hi, two quick questions here after reading Battle Plan 4.0. Does the whole SEO shield work for websites in other languages Spanish, German, etc? Can you answer that Marco or somebody?

We haven't tested it. All I don't want to speculate. We haven't tested it in other languages. We've tested all of our stuff previously in other languages, and yeah, you can work English to other languages like link building and all that, but I don't want to speculate.

Okay. Yeah, and I've never done anything outside of the, you know, US-based English SEO, English based projects. So I honestly couldn't, couldn't answer that either.

So the answer is we don't know.

This Stuff Works

Can The Money Site URL Be Transferred To A New Domain In Battle Plan 4.0?

Number two is can the money site URL be transferred to a new domain if needed? Ie if the client stops playing, stops paying, excuse me, how much work is involved? Thanks, a can the money site URL be transferred to a new domain, I don't know what you mean, other than if you have control over the domain, and a client stops paying, then it's your domain, you can do whatever you want with it. Right? You could redirect it, so that all of the off-page work that you've done, still get directed to where you want it to go. But you have to have control over the domain. So again, if it's a client site, and you're doing all the work to a client site, directly to their domain, then you won't have the ability to do that.

An SEO shield, you could change that out. It would be a, you know, a manual process of going in and actually changing out the URLs that were built within the stack. But the easiest thing to do would be to just I mean unless you put a shit ton of off-page work, like link building and such to it, the easiest thing to do would be to just, you know, remove or actually, I would say, if you, especially if you've done a lot off-page work would be to go in and actually edit the file, the drive stack files and everything. What do you say, Marco?

I say set the dissector to private, stops to do slow. I mean, it stops it dead in its tracks. Yeah, then you capture it. Yeah, hang on, hang on. So then you add it and point it wherever else you want it to go. So and you do the same thing with the G site. You go in and you and you change it if necessary, you build a whole new g site because all the G site should be is just some content with iframes. people miss the point of the iframe old point behind all this is the iframe, getting those iframes in there, getting all of that relevance into that main drive stack so that you're relating the niche, and the brand to all of the keywords in the niche. And that should go with the breath. So so what we say at local is a brand, plus keywords plus location or brand plus location plus keyword relevance in that main drive stack that has been the foundation since day one in RYS Academy, you build all of that relevance. And then when you find that that top market level category that you really want to go after where the money is, then you take that as keywords and add it as a page to the G site and build a new drive stack. That's keyword relevant. That's when we start focusing solely on the keywords because the brand relevance would come from all of the work that you've already done. Now imagine if you've done all of that work, how long it would take to edit all of that out? So it depends on how much power you built into it, and how much power you'll be pushing. Whether it's worth editing. All of it. Yeah, it's always there's always has your work versus RYS, how much work do you have to do? And how much money? Is that good? Is there going to be worth to you? Or should you just turn it off? Kill the G site and startup?

That's a question that he's gonna ask and that he'd have to know. Yeah. And that's when I first started to say was that but if you've done a ton of off-page work as link building embeds, and such, if you push a lot of power into the drive stack, then yeah, absolutely. In my opinion, it would be worth the manual like Marco said, you go in and you set it to private to where it basically stops the juice flow right away, you have everything edited, to point to the new destination, and then you turn it back to the public. So I totally agree with that. You did a much better job explaining what I was trying to say, Marco. So thank you.

This Stuff Works

Does The Ad Traffic To A No-Index Lead Capture Page Consider As An ART Activity?

Santiago says if I'm running Google and YouTube ads to a page on my money site, but to a page marked as no index because it is a lead capture page for a funnel, does that traffic count as activity for ART? That's

Good question. I mean, as far as I know, Google should still see that activity. If you're running ads to it, especially if you have Google Code on the page, like, you know, for example, conversion tracking, remarketing tags, analytics, all of that kind of stuff. But I don't typically run stuff to no-index pages for Marco. Because I mean, if we're trying to tickle like the art, right, that's for SEO. And so if it's a no index page, I don't know, is there a benefit to that?

No index page on it. Yeah. Like I don't see the benefit of no indexing the page because you're losing an opportunity to rank organically. Your lead capture page should be good enough to display them to people or to have Google come in and take a look and index. I don't understand Santiago and nothing against you personally or anything. I just don't understand why in the world, you would no index something.

Where you could potentially take up cert real estate?

Yeah, and even if it's a lead capture page if it's the top of the funnel, why wouldn't you want that to rank? Why wouldn't you want to capture organic leads?

Yeah, that question is kind of throwing me off. I don't get it. So that's why I'm having trouble with it.

Okay, well, since I can't give a good answer, either, we're going to move on. We only got a couple of minutes left.

Can We Use An English Press Release To A Non-English Site?

Anyways, BB, what's up BB? This time, there are only three questions as opposed to the typical five or eight or 10. So I'm giving you a hard time baby. Now, I appreciate you coming in and asking questions. So it says Hey, guys, can we use a press release in English sites with English posts to a non-English site? As far as I know, yes. Because I know we've had a lot of people that have done that. Am I correct in that statement?

I'm still trying to figure out like in other words, yeah, yeah, link building to a non-English site but the PRs are all in English, obviously.

Yeah, yeah, that that's okay.

What's The Difference Between Co-Citation And Co-Occurrence?

Number two is that Oh, I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry. Some people have had success with that. Okay. Number two is what's the difference between co-citation and co-occurrence? Also, can you define cite well, okay co-occurrence is keywords that are in my understanding of CO occurrences it's very similar to like LSI, Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, related keywords, synonyms, that kind of stuff. But co-citation is basically like if you got three different pages that don't directly link to each other so, for example, A links to B links to see and see links to a well all three of those pages now even though there's not a direct link between A and A there's not a direct link may be up maybe I'm explaining this wrong. This Alan had really good excellent.

This Stuff Works
Have co-citation Marco, maybe you can take over this one if I can try to find that that would be great. All right, I can just give him the technical definition. I guess it's simply the frequency or the amount of time that two documents are cited by another document. That's a co-citation. So it's a mention to other documents by and by a third document. That's the simplest definition that I can give you.

Okay, so look at that. I just went to Google and search Lisa Allen co-citation and semantic mastery videos right there.

In that cool, funny TV, funny LS SEO stuff works. Anyways, I'm gonna just drop this link in the chat for you. Go watch the first part of you know, by the way, her tools are incredibly powerful. It's an SEO tool. It is not a content syndication tool like what RSS masher is, which I also recommend, but she's got a great RSS tool for creating automate magically co-citation it's an automated tool. It's called rank feeder. It's fabulous for that stuff. Anyways, go I'll post this in the comments here in just a moment. But if you just go search for lease Allen co-citation you'll see that video right there how to create co-citation plus authority sniping for massive whatever the title was. Go watch that the training part of that webinar before she gets to the pitch, by the way, by the product if you think it's going to be helpful for your business, which it likely will be, but it's a great tool she does a great explanation of what co-citation is and how it helps to give you a much thorough x more thorough explanation that what we can do right here right now. Okay.

And can we move on because question two of his questions is a five-part question? Yeah, we're gonna have to because we only got a couple of minutes left anyways. Sorry, baby. We're running out of time. Is there any limit on how many 301 redirects some domain you can have to do on the syndication prop redirect domains Can you to do on the syndication properties? I don't quite understand.

That. Yeah, I'm sorry. Hi guys, I just bought the Battle Plan super excited to get started. My question is how do I get an XXL Semantic Mastery t-shirt? During the mastermind we That's it. That's it. That's the only place you can get them or be a Semantic Mastery partner. Yeah, we send all new mastermind members we send them a T-shirt and then they also get books for the first several months we send a book per month and blah blah blah. There's a lot of benefits. So come join a mastermind we're coming to you live when whenever the next one in which the Coronavirus might have killed ours this year. We don't know for sure.

But anyway, was there a Google update today? I don't know. I usually don't know until somebody mentions it on Hump Day hangouts or in one of our groups. Yeah, right to [email protected] Mastery.com and Chris Green. How will you give you the download link? It's still available for the free one. The free version is still available. It's not I don't have crispy, updated that.

And, of course, the pro version of that is only available to mastermind members. Right. But I'm pretty sure that that that but that you're talking about the plugin. I was talking about this up here was there a Google update and then you answered this question. It threw me off. Sorry, I heard an update. Yeah.

No, that was it was an update. There was. Yeah. Okay. May the fourth be with you update?

Okay. Yeah, but just contact support about the RSS plugin. And guys, we got to go. I've got to wrap it up. So is the new Battle Plan a big improvement? Yeah, it's been simplified. It's it's a lot different than the previous versions in that everything's been simplified to make it a lot easier for you guys to apply it to your projects.

He wants to know if RYS stacks are still working. Can you Google DC plumber real quick? Sure.

Cuz we just had an update, right and I'm just gonna kill everything. That's it right? Oh, look at that. And look at number one organic. Yep, it's in the map number one. organics that g site right there. It didn't work. It doesn't work. Work.

Yeah still works. entity-based, worry less SEO for the win.

I gotta go guys. Thanks, everybody for being here. We will see everyone next week.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 285

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 285 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Live. Cool. Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 285 All right, we're getting there. We're getting close to 300 that's pretty awesome. I bet we're gonna blink our eyes It's gonna be 400 and then 500 after that, who knows? Hump Day hangouts forever and ever when we reach Episode 1000 I'll probably be in my Walker but maybe we'll still be doing it because uh, Alright, moving past that back into reality gonna say hi to the guys real quick we got some announcements the Battle Plan version 4.0 came out today so if you haven't yet go pick that up Battle Plan dot semantic mastery.com we also got some really good deals. We got some awesome bonuses in there I'm not going to read them out to you. You guys can find them at Battle Plan dot semantic mastery.com. With that said, let's start here on my left I see Bradley first. So Bradley, you're up man. How you doing?

I'm good. I'm happy bear. Uh, you know, happy that the Battle Plan for is out. It's much more condensed and simplified shear than the previous versions, I think, I think it makes it a lot easier for people because basically just walk through the bundles and why it's important and how it applies for pretty much any sort of project now, which makes it a lot easier because I mentioned this in one of the Facebook live videos I've done but to, you know, announce that it was coming out that the problem before was that we had, you know, talked about all the different components and things that you would we suggest or recommend to get results, but the problem was that, you know, most of the time, people would skip steps and not implement everything. And then they'd say, Oh, this didn't work.

This Stuff Works
And upon further investigation, we'd find out that they didn't do everything. And so when we set out to update Battle Plan for 2020, we decided that well, first of all, we had the product bundles and MGB but, and we did that on purpose. But that's what we really wanted to kind of promote is why those bundles are the way that you know why we have them set up so that you don't miss anything. It just makes it so much easier. And so the Battle Plan is a hell of a lot more simplified and simple is good. It doesn't mean that it's not effective. It just means it's easy to implement based upon the Battle Plan. So certainly recommend anybody to go pick that up if you haven't yet. Definitely. And I think what you said about being simple I think I'll pass it off to Marco next because Marco, what do you want to say about stuff is easy and simple? I think, you know, it's, it's, it's not simple, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Yeah.

It's not easy. Because a lot of hours work. Blood, sweat, and tears went into this thing. It's not as if we just one day out of the blue said, oh, let's do an SEO Battle Plan. A lot of thought into that, although it's whittled down so so that even a person who's not in it in the industry can understand it. It's not easy, but the way that we've simplified it makes it so much better for you guys to just go in order.

I mean, if you guys don't have the time to go through all of our training, you should still be a member of one of our groups. I mean, without question, because then you can come in and tag us personally in the Facebook group and ask the question directly, one of us will jump in and help you answer the question. Right at that moment, you don't have to wait once a week to maybe get into a hump day hangout and get into a question. And maybe we have time to answer the question. No, we focus on our people, our paying members, that's the way it has to be I mean, with Marco Baby got to eat man. And so, dude, that's the way it's got to be. But let me go back to the Battle Plan. It's simplified. It's whittled down. It's going there and take action. And let me tell each one of you guys and I'm going to do it myself. Pat yourself on the back. No, no, because I had my mastermind meeting yesterday, my mini mastermind.

And what we did was just go over, I guess as an encouragement, because it's accountability is an encouragement to one another, and people started showing their results and I'm like, holy crap.

These guys are ranking in a metropolitan area for like 1012 million people. Number one, number one for the market level keyword. I'm not talking about long tails, because long tails I think are unbelievably easy to rank for. But we're talking about the market level keyword where the money is guys. So not only was he showing that then that I get, you know, Ed gal, Bradley.

Yeah, I think you know him personally, I know him personally also, but he's ranking for the market level keyword in his area. And then another one of our mastermind members, who's killing it for an attorney, Attorney Seo we all know how difficult that is correct.

Truck accidents, wrongful death, you name it, it criminal law, and the guy has his clients. Number one. I got another guy showing he's getting massive results from whatever he's doing. He's in Colorado, by the way. I know you love coffee. You guys all love Colorado.

But he's getting unbelievable results. Okay, how are they doing this shit? How? Okay Yeah, I'm the master of subtlety Guess how the fuck did doing? Take a guess

I'll leave it at that.

Well, Marco you know we left out one very important thing. How's the weather down there? Can you tell it's actually cloudy now? This overwhelming with brightness today this is what passes in Costa Rica for cloudy and we are in the middle of the rainy season it was beautiful this morning in the array. It's a little cold, right? Cold for me it's 72 degrees. So but you guys in the sky outside the US like 2022 it's chilly. Can you feel it feeling your balls when you get older? That's tough. Well, I'm glad you suffer through that for the rest of us.

Hernan, how you doing man?

Good man, I'm muted. And now humbly says that you need to go get the Battle Plan because better plan 4.0 it's out. So you need to go get it. So I'm really excited about that man really excited about you know, the fourth version of the Battle Plan and it's been getting better and better and better as we go by. So really excited about that really excited to be here. Did you call that thing? humpy happy man. Yeah.

Wow. That's awesome. All right, Chris. How about yourself, man? How you doing? Yeah, I'm actually proud and happy that it's warmer than in Costa Rica here.

That's a new one. And regarding the Battle Plan,

I also have bad news for some people. I'm not sure if they're gonna be sad or like upset or so. But

I mean, like, rarely actually mentioned it already. And I'm gonna hit that. It's like, I usually do. The question is like,

Do you mean that I have to spend more money after I purchased the Battle Plan to actually execute it?

This Stuff Works
And the quick answer is, Yes, you will. If you want to execute all the steps, you will have to spend more money to actually get the results. But as Marco said, it's gonna be like the really good results and not some longtail bullshit keywords where you actually don't need our Battle Plan for that stuff. So, yeah, blowing it out here. Good stuff, good stuff. Yeah. And also always come back to you know, you got time or money and hopefully start leaning towards bringing in more money reinvest that start doing that stuff. That's what we've done. That's where we see the fastest growth and you know, sometimes if you don't, then you roll up your sleeves and you can do it yourself. But as soon as you can, you know, you bring on the team to do it, you automate it and you do what you can. So I think Chris has a really good point. Well, it's mindset, isn't it? Yeah. Okay.

So guys, how much money do I have to spend? No, you're already starting off on the wrong foot. That's the powerful mindset. The powerful mindset says that you're making an investment in your future into what it is that you're going to do into being successful. And yes, of course, there are failures along the road to success, use those as a stepping stone. As I mentioned, in our portfolio, I've 29 in my portfolio 2019 presentation. So you take that as a stepping stone, but the whole, the whole thing is, invest on yourself, because the only way that you're going to grow your agency, the only way that you're gonna make money online, is if you actually learn how to implement methods that are already successful. Not because somebody is telling you that they're successful, because you can come into our mastermind, of course, you have to be a paid member and talk to the people in there who are killing it and say, Well, you know who here is successful, I bring you into my mini mastermind, and let you see who's successful. I'll show you case studies that that show success.

But it's taking that first step is okay, let me It's 17 bucks. That's all it is. And you can spend more depends on how far you go down the funnel. But that's all it is initially. From there, yes, you do have to spend because we spent a whole lot of money creating the bundles, the ID page, the SEO PowerShell I'm not gonna go into detail. Guys, if you don't know what it is going to mg y b dot CEO, look it up. It's all explained in there. But it's an investment. So who isn't willing to like if you know, Okay, I'm gonna get it to at least a two to 213 to one four to one return on my investment. If If I go and take action because the key here is it's such as getting the Battle Plan and reading it and saying, Okay, let me see what I can do. No, no, it's going and do it. Do the do that we do.

That successes right there. Give you the keys to the kingdom give you the keys to the kingdom guide.

Whether you take the key, and you have to go put it in the fucking login, turn the key man, please. I don't know what else to say, man. I'm done. All right. Good follow up, Marco. I think this is interesting. And maybe we could do this with mastermind members, I might talk on my next one on my next mastermind webinar, or we could potentially maybe for 2xyouragency as well, but it's getting with people. I think we've all been there at one point in our life, I'll only speak for myself. And I know I've heard Bradley talk about this, though, is taking on projects, you know, and learning the hard way where, you know, the price didn't make sense. Like, Hey, I got this client, they're bringing in, they're paying me 500 bucks a month. But you didn't do the math to say is this worth my time? And so getting into the details that that is important, and you can learn, you know, the tough way. But you know, sometimes going through that beforehand, and then saying, Hey, does this project even make sense for me to try to do some SEO for this person? And then realizing too late, like, No, it isn't, or it's your own project and you realize, I've invested 200 hours of my own time and this is gonna make me 50 bucks a month. What the hell am I doing?

Are that an important skill to have with any of this?

Yeah, also, like on the affiliate case study that I did, like, I don't know, one and a half years on the old Battle Plan, not the new one.

I think within like the first three weeks, I doubled my investment, and like by now I think at 22, as you hire, I don't have the exact numbers in mind. But like, it definitely pays off if you actually if you sit down and actually executed step by step and doodle. Cool. Well, with that said, we do have some questions. So if you guys want to find out about worry list SEO, if you want to get faster results, you don't want to worry about updates or algorithms go grab the Battle Plan and battleplan.semanticmastery.com. So with that, you guys, should we get other questions. Let's do it. Grab the screen.

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Confirm that you guys are seeing it. Roger.

Okay, let's see. There we go.

All right. It looks like a reset.

What Would You Do Differently In Your Digital Marketing Agency Once The Economy Starts Back Up After The Pandemic?

Looks like we're going to start with one of the questions from Wayne. Okay, yeah, this was posted in the free Facebook group. And it's a great question. So thank you for this way. And he says, In light of what has happened to business confidence due to the pandemic, what would you do differently in your agency business once the economy starts back up, and consumer confidence goes back to normal?

This can almost be viewed as a sort of reset to clarify, maybe it's not buyers confidence in agencies per se, but buyers confidence in themselves and their ability to make good buying decisions. And I think that's a great question.

I know something that I've thought a lot about recently, over the past month or so, is how to like how I'm going to do that how I'm going to start prospecting again for in my case Tree Service contractors. Once this, although there's a lot of Tree Service contractors still working right now let me explain what I'm about to say.

One of the things I want to do is reduce my rates, at least initially. So perhaps, and the reason I say that is because a lot of business owners are a bit gun shy right now or hesitant to spend money and at least from business owners that I've talked to, because they're hurting for money, now their revenue has either completely disappeared or significantly dropped. And so when the economy gets back to normal, it's going to be some quite some time before we ever get back to fully normal. But when it starts to open back up and Revit, you know, business strategy, business transactions start to pick up in volume picks up and everything else. I think they're gonna I think, at least my opinion is that people are going to be a lot more hesitant to spend money, or if they do, they're going to want some sort of assurances and that kind of stuff. Now, again, this is speculation, my assumption of what's going to happen so forth. For me personally, one of the things that I've been doing for the last about six weeks. I started to get started on it about six weeks ago, but I'm actually talking about this in the mastermind. For the last several mastermind webinars that I've hosted, that I'm trying to process, you know, systematize, much of the complex work that I have always done myself so that I can outsource that or delegate that to somebody that's paid four or $5 an hour versus my own time. So in other words, whenever I take on a new client. I've always done the onboarding in most of the setup myself. So because of that, I charge a very high setup rate or setup fee for new clients, typically in the neighborhood of $3,000 on the front end, and then you know, anywhere between 1000 to 1500 dollars a month for like Tree Service contractors, for example. But that's the reason I base my setup fee is because I know how much work I put into the actual setup setting up a new website or restructuring an existing site, optimizing GMB, setting up all the entity assets, the SEO shield, essentially syndication network, all that stuff, getting the content marketing schedule or plan developed for my blogger, I do all of that myself or have been throughout my entire career. And so I charge a lot for that because it takes me in a lot of time to do all that setup work. And the reason I've never delegated that before was that it is so complex, the amount of work that goes into all the setup that I do that I've never wanted to take the time to develop processes for all of that well, because of the 2xyouragency training, the Double Your Agency training.

I talk about setting up systems and I have for much of my business, but that portion of it, the onboarding and the setup for new clients, I've always done myself and so I always charged accordingly because it's my time that I'm investing into it, and it gets done well and it works for the client like it produces results. But again, it's a lot of my time. And so I want to be compensated for that. And so I charge that sort of a fee. So one of the things that I've been striving to do and again, it was I, I was prompted to do this because of the 2xyouragency training was I wanted to systematize even that we talked about it in the training guys. And I got this from Adam. And it's, it's been ingrained into my head now. But automate, delegate or eliminate, right, so if I can't automate the setup, I want to delegate it or eliminate it entirely. In this case, I want to learn I want to delegate it. So I've been working for the last month really started about six weeks ago, but for the last month, I've been working on trying to systematize my onboarding and setup processes, and it's an enormous amount of work. In fact, when I first learned how to develop standard operating procedures or SLPs, that the first time I learned the first thing that I systematized was building syndication networks that later became Syndication Academy.

This Stuff Works
So it took me three months to develop those processes. Now I'm better at developing processes. But this is an enormous amount of work as well. And so I've spent a month and more anywhere between 10 to 15 hours a week, for the last month developing these processes. And the reason I'm doing that is so that I can remove myself from that process. And I can delegate that to a virtual assistant that I pay in the Philippines, for example, for $5 an hour good wage. So now I can take an onboarding fee that I would set up for you that I would typically charge roughly $3,000 for and I may be able to reduce that in half, and still produce a really good return or revenue for my agency, but at the same time, I'm only paying, you know, a fraction of that out to have it done. And I have all of my time still. Does that make sense? So I can actually And not only that but because I have slps I can also bring on more people to delegate to so I can increase volume. In other words, I can take on more clients because it's not a finite amount of time that I have to invest in setup and onboarding because I can just bring on more personnel to delegate additional work to because of the SOPs, standard operating procedures are there.

So for me what I've been striving to do that so that I can reduce my onboarding rate or my setup fee, number one, number two, I probably am going to be reducing my retainer, my monthly retainer fee as well. And I mentioned this in the Facebook group is my comment. There's a couple of things I've been kicking around one would bring them on at a reduced initial rate, but get a pay like a results-based pay increase or retainer increase based upon the type of results that I can, that I know that I'll be able to produce for them. So for example, it might be the first three months or once we heard it, you know, first three months or at a certain rate, because that's typically about how long it takes for me to get significant results anyways, or some sort of threshold or milestone that gets hit a number of leads generated traffic, you know, number of traffic, whatever, traffic level or whatever. And then the rates go up from there, or something that I just took on for the case study that I'm conducting in the mastermind for my mastermind webinars, I recently brought on a new Tree Service contractor who's buying leads for me on a pay per lead basis at a discounted rate for my typical rates. But it's interesting because he does, he's not paying me a monthly retainer. He's just paying me for leads but I'm actually working on building his assets up, well, his brand through my assets, but I'm building his brand up. And it's working really well.

In fact, I'm turning really good revenue over from this new Tree Service contractor right now, because of that, what just so you guys understand what I'm saying? Meaning I'm building up his brand, through my assets through the domain, everything else that I purchased for his company, right. So in other words, I own the asset with his branding on it, and I'm building it up and he's paying for the leads that are coming out on a pay per lead basis. So there's that or there's another type of arrangement could be a revenue share something like that. So that they're, they understand that you're, you're going to your revenue is tied to their success. Does that make sense? So in that's kind of how I'm going to be approaching it first being able to reduce my rates initially, by removing myself from the process entirely, which will make my agency more efficient and more scalable to begin with. But then also, you know, giving them some sort of incentive to sign up with me so that I can start to show results, and then increase my monthly retainer as a result of, you know, either certain milestones that are hit or a certain timeframe, or whatever the arrangement is, or like I said, the pay per lead model, where they're buying leads from me even though I'm building their brand instead of like, going out and creating my own generic pseudo brands that are lead generation assets or do some sort of revenue share model that makes sense.

So that's personally how I'm going to be handling it. And again, I'll be talking a lot about this in the mastermind. That's specifically why I'm trying to systematize my agency processes right now, so that, you know, I can scale and I can share it with the rest of the mastermind members as well. So, Max, just hears what some of you guys are doing Hernan and I really like that approach Bradley because kind of it takes the burden out of the business owner right? When it comes to you know, paying you a monthly retainer for your services. And some of these guys might be coming out pretty beat up after this, you know, this situation, this economy, whatever, some of them might be right on top, but some of them might be coming up pretty beaten up. So I think that having some sort of either revenue share or success model embedded in your retainer, maybe charge a little bit less, but then you have some sort of either revenue share or profit share.

In my case, I run ads. So it makes sense, it makes sense to have some sort of profit share after ad spend. And that makes sense because it helps business owners like understand that they can, you know, they can actually pay you while the business is going back to where it was before. So having some sort of success, and then it sets you up for success as well. Because if you really hit a home run, then you will end up getting paid a lot more than just your retainer, right, which is the whole point. So I really, I really like that idea of the kind of, you know, making it like a no brainer, taking out all of the risks from the table, and then it helps you getting creative with the way you're structuring your deals. And, and also, you know, I would definitely consider hiring somebody to do most of the grunt work while you are effectively focused on, you know, the high-level stuff or the creative stuff, right? But then the rest, you can systematize that you can do processes and all of that. So, I really agree with it. I really love what you're doing there.

Chris's young mind, I would probably spend a little bit of time having a discussion usually doesn't take longer than 30 minutes. Last Word of bottlenecks was like, for example, if it's just a physical store, and they didn't have like an econ store or something online set up.

They could have made sales that way. So like, in the best case, I can refer them to somebody and get a cup out of that as well a little bit and help them to get set up. So in case something else happens that is similar to that or a second or third wave might happen. I hope it's not but like, you never know.

They are prepared, you know, and they don't have to shut down completely, but they can still get sales and stuff.

The rest I pretty much agree with what has been said already.

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This is really interesting. I mean, I really like this question. Like how do you restore back

Unknown Speaker 24:00
In Scott buyers confidence in themselves, I thought that's a difficult one because you're talking about how do you get into that person's head and talk to them about their ability to make good buying decisions. All you can do is establish confidence and good rapport between you and the client. I mean, that's what will take care of this having that, that that confidence in you, that you can produce the results that you say you're going to get guys gonna drop a bundle on you. Whether it's 500, if it's a bundle, to a lot of people, or 50,000, that's a bundle to other people. It's all relative, that that ton of money that that bundle of money is relative to the person that spending the money. If that person if you can show that person that they can have confidence that you because you're going to produce results. Either you've gotten results before and you can just show it you can just go in. I talked to a prominent attorney last week with a couple of others guys that I'm working on a project and I talked to a guy who's dropping a bunch of money, we're talking millions of dollars in Google ads and wants to turn his focus elsewhere. And so what I'm going to charge these two people, this attorney, and this guy who's doing the Google ads and wants to go after the niche, another way, is what Well, you're going to have to pay me like it doesn't matter. At this point, if it's a local client who's having a hard time because he hasn't done a Tree Service job, let's say in four or five, six months, I understand that.

The way that I'm doing is I'm already dropping prices. For example, I have a couple of attorneys I'm already helping, Whose call volume dropped. And so I did drop the fee. While this goes on, as soon as it opens up, I know it's gonna be a train wreck. People are gonna go crazy. accidents are gonna start to happen again, cause you're gonna come back so the fees go back up. And they Oh, they go back up not only to where they formerly work, but they will also increase by a percentage to make up for the break that I gave them, it's gonna they're gonna make, again a bundle of money. The same thing with with with the new attorney that I'm taking on, we might bring him in at a reduced fee initially. But then as things, they gain traction and people like I hate to say, but people start having massive accidents. Again, it's a bunch of money. And so this, this is all to me, right, the weight and the way that I'm looking at this. It's whether you can instill that confidence in your ability to produce the results that these people are going to need moving forward. And that's the conversation that you need to have with that person. Whether it's a phone call, whether it's that one on one once that this thing clears up and letting that person know that I'm the person that can get you the results that you want. I mean all of us have had that conversation with a client.

Yeah, I know that you've been screwed by other SEO agencies. I'm not that SEO is in here call these people. They can vouch for me or you came to me because someone referred you to me because I got the results. So you already know that there's a pre-conference that's called already established to some extent. Now you can either screw that up or work with it and close the deal. How you close that deal? Well, Bradley, Bradley, Hernan, and Chris, have given you guys some really good ideas. I don't generally take local clients at that price. But if I mean, if that's what it took, if it took bringing somebody in at a reduced rate, and as volume increases, your monthly fee is totally tied to that percentage increase that I'm totally for that it's not the way that I'm doing because I don't really do it at that hyperlocal level. I don't focus on that. But I can totally see your point of view.

And how you would do it. And at the same time, I can also see it just totally going in there and convincing that person that you're the person to be trusted with their livelihood because that's what it is.

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Adam, you're the last one yet. One more thing, prices will go up anyways, like just seeing about, like all the money that has been given out and like they break the business set. So you can definitely expect like after things are working again, that there will be a price increase. Yeah. Because the purchasing power is less on the money.

So when Yeah, I agree. Good question. And I'm going to talk more about the consulting agency side of things, not the buyer competent side directly. For that, I think, you know, I'm not an economist, maybe an armchair one. And all I can say is, you know, I know myself and I know people have different sides or different feelings about this. My gut feeling is you know, I can only speak to what I'm going to do and I know I'm not going to be spending more money than usual in the near future right to me that goes against what I believe is safe and good for me and my loved ones. And I think a lot of people think that but again, that's just me I'm not that's not Adams verified theory or anything. So what I'll do is lean back I think something that we talked a lot about it POFU Live, Herna talking about it a lot Bradley has or branding yourself more than ever. That's something I'm focusing on. And I got this started slowly over the last few months. And now it's really built up steam in the sense that like, it's something I'm focusing more on. And I see that there are several reasons why for myself, it's one you know, you're helping yourself, while at the same time you get to help others and you can do this in any niche in the industry at any level. I don't do local generally. But I mean, of course, you can help others locally, right. You know, if you're doing local marketing, you could be doing local marketing meetups on Zoom. You could be helping the local builders as they begin, you know, needing to start prospecting. Again, if they've been on restrictions, I mean, there's all sorts of stuff you can do, I'm not going to beat a dead horse there.

Obviously, videos right now are really important. And again, if you can, once things are safe again in person or doing zoom calls, and I also look at this as a good time to find out what you and I really like doing. You know, if you enjoy teaching others about it, maybe that's something you could move more into. And like who you really like, start, start building up that prospecting engine, even if it's already in place. Just kind of, you know, streamlining and doing whatever you can and looking at what you really want to focus on moving forward. So that's something that I'm taking very seriously and I want to get that going because that it can be at times it feels like a heavy flywheel to get moving. But once you start that moving, you just keep doing it a little bit from time to time consistently, and that really starts paying off.

Secondly, Bradley talked about this, so did Hernan but streamlining your operations and as Bradley said just once per week, I really do. You know, I think everyone should do this once per week, ask yourself what you can automate delegate or delete. Just set a time and do it write it down on a scrap of paper. It doesn't have to be rocket science, right? But you've got to set that time aside. And if it works, like I think it will then keep doing it. If not, you know, this isn't some set and stone rule. It's not working for you don't do it. But you know, for 99% of the people out there, I guarantee you, this is going to be a potential game-changer for you. And then last but not least, I love this quote, I did an interview with a guy named Matt Barnett. He's the founder of bon giorno, which is an app that Bradley introduced me to and he said, you know, automate the process, not the relationship. And I think we're seeing that even more now that people are having to work remotely. You know, automating as much of the process as you can, but then really building those relationships as business owners as consultants as agency owners. That's, that's been important and I mean, bonds euro is a tool, and if there's another tool use it, but I just use this as the example that has been a game-changer for me down to like the tactical level, like it's fun because it helps build the relationship. But a great example is earlier this morning, I had approved a call. And when that happens, I get the phone journal notification pops up, hey, Adam, send the video to so and so. I recorded it. I had seen what they said I approved their message and I was like, you know, hey, it's Adam. I'm looking forward to talking tomorrow. If you got any other background information on your project, let me know, you know, I'd really like to make the most of our call. It sounds like you got something interesting here. And they have given me a real short description like most people do when they fill out forms. I send that off, I get back a four-page email from this guy and he's got just this mine, you know, really interesting project. All of the juicy details. He told me what he liked about his vendors. He told me what he fucking hated about his vendors. He's telling me, you know, just under the hood, you know, all the details. And you know, all that took me was literally 20 seconds. So, I think that again, going back to that automating the process, not the relationship so I can put that 20 seconds in, it's real. And the rest is taken care of for me, which nobody cares about anyways, nobody cares that there's a program that sent the email they just care that I cared enough to, you know, say hi and ask them what's really going on. So you mean to tell me that video emails work to wow your prospects and then ultimately your clients as well. It's true and it has a very high engagement rate.

That's funny.

Yeah, I'm telling you guys that's how I primarily communicate with all of my clients. I mean, I do jump on the phone with them occasionally and we chat back and forth via email but almost every month I'm sending a video email to my clients just going over their monthly reports and again, I say the same product we sell guys it's the same method you know, we practice what we preach video lead gen system, that's how I do all my prospecting and it works really well and that starts the whole like, it builds rapport without us even conversing, right that makes sense on video, email, you can literally build rapport with the prospect before you ever communicated with them and like in real-time,

And so again, I also use video emails for communicating with prospects after like four clients once they become clients, and they love it. I've gotten so many comments over the years now from clients that say that they love that. Because they, you know, they know what's going on at all times. And it's like Adam said, I'm building that relationship, even if we're not literally talking back and forth, it's still building that rapport because they're, it's like they get to know me and all that other kind of stuff. It works really well. And the other.

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You know, the other part of that is that, you know, I talked about this into your agency, what Adam just said is, when you're also prospecting, it's, you got to think about it guys like so much of the sales training out there is sales training about how to sell a product or a service and it's almost like a one and done like, that's why there's hard closing, like hard closing techniques that people try to teach you in sales programs and all this other shit and I found that that is it usually pushes people away.

For the type of services that we sell as digital marketers, we're selling a relationship, not a product or a service. Yes, there's a product or a service attached to the relationship but the thing is we're going to be intimately involved with their business. And we have to develop that relationship and that rapport with the business owner or our point of contact at the business in order for us to create that relationship that's going to be long-lasting, if that makes sense because we're going to be communicating with them on a regular basis and we are tied to the success of their business it's really important to develop that relationship strong upfront that strong rapport upfront and also to maintain that relationship so I totally agree with it without him just said

alright, so we can go jump on the next question was a fantastic question. Wayne, thank you for that. Let me get to the next one.

Difference Between Battle Plan 4.0 And 2XYourAgency

Okay, this one is from the free Facebook group as well from Cliff he says what's the difference between the Battle Plan 4.0 and 2xyouragency? Well, the Battle Plan 4.0 is like how to get results with building up an entity and how to get results with a search google search primarily. It's basically a step by step plan for how to get results with any type of web project that makes sense to your agency about how to build your agency and how to grow your agency, and how to, you know, again, scale it, prospecting and sales as part one. Part two is how to get reliable, consistent, repeatable results without you have to do all the work. And part three of 2xyouragency training is all about how to scale your operation. And that's so there's a big difference between Battle Plan 2xyouragency Battle Plan is about how to get results with a particular online or web project to extra agencies how to build, grow and scale your agency, your agency without doing all the work yourself. So anybody wants to comment on that?

Oh, it's perfect.

Are There Are Any SEO Practices You Need To Keep In Mind Before A Domain Goes Live To The Public?

Okay, Muhammad's up what's up Muhammad? He says, Hey, guys, a car dealer client of mine has been getting a new website built and they're just about to live to the domain. And your guys' advice. I made sure they would perform proper redirects from the old links beyond that, is there anything I should do once a new website goes live? I have a power shield in place for this client and I just bought a few mg y v link building and embed orders aimed at the ID page our way as a GMB, do I keep going, as usual, seeing as the domain is the same.

This Stuff Works
Yes, far as I know, the only other thing I might do would be to do a site, you know, a domain change, or whatever. And, you know, you can in Search Console, you can tell Google that the new site is over here, if that's what is the same domain or push it live. Now it looks like it's the same. It's on the same domain. So yeah, I don't I can't see anything else. Marco, do you have anything else more? No, I don't see anything else other than once this is all done and once the link building has cycled through that first time, you'll take a look at the data, see where the money is gonna be. You've been at this long enough Mohammed not to understand where the money is in that niche and

You might have to isolate the top market level keyword for that category in the niche. And then that is just adding an error page to the G site inner drive stack, of course, with a corresponding inner site, money site page, excuse me, and then pushing power to that to rank everything in the niche. And yes, it's that simple, but it's not easy.

Should You Assign The ID Page As @ID Designation In A Local Business Organization Schema?

So next question from Muhamed and says, regarding local business organization schema, the @ID page, with the @ID designation should always be the ID page, right? Yes. And actually, it's not supposed to change it's supposed to be like, in other words, where do you point to should remain consistent Now, don't get me wrong when I'm starting a new project as I'm waiting for the ID page to be built. For example, I might use this domain website URL as the ID page so that I can get the main site up and the structured data and stuff like that, but typically once you have the asset and place the ID page, you can change the elements on the ID page. But you should always point to the same UI, right?

At least that's my understanding of it. Do I have that right, Marco? Yeah, that's what Google says. But it's not necessarily so because you can have multiple @ID. And no, it doesn't necessarily have to be the @ID paid doesn't have to be the s3. It could be an organization page on your website. That's the @ID. Mohammed, again, it's simply an identifier of where your company's information is right where this organization is and everything related to the organization and then the entity loops. What it simply does is it catches the bot in everything related to the organization which is your syndication network, your drive stack, G site GMB. Now, anything related to you can even include citations in there. But no, it doesn't have to be it should it be like no. Once you set it Bradley is right, Google's recommendation is you leave it. But you can have multiple @IDs, you can identify multiple nodes. That's all you're doing. Let's call them places so people don't like misinterpret what a node is different places that are being identified as places where you can find information about this organization or this local business.

Yeah, I know that my screen is paused because I'm trying to dig into something for it in Google ads for a minute to show. One of the upcoming questions guys just stands by one minute. I it's a question coming up on Google ads that I want to share something with.

Standby, just a minute, guys. I typically don't do this on all day Hangouts. But it's a great question and I want to show this

standby one minute, I promise.


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Yeah. All right, let me start the screen share again.

Get rid of that. All right.

All right, sorry about that. We'll come back to that one when we get to it. Alright, so this one, maybe What's up, baby? He's here every week now asking multiple questions.

That's funny. All right.

Is It Okay To Publish A Post On Two Different Silos?

So he says, hey guys, can I post on two different silos? Don't it should be in one silo it, you should really, if your keyword research is done right, and you structure your silos properly, a post should only go on one silo, right? Whatever is the most appropriate silo, keyword set. Does that make sense? Now, if there's some reason or another that you want to direct a reader, a visitor, you know somebody that's looking at the content to, you know, a, another silo or another post within a silo, another page within another silo. You can do that with just an internal link, just nofollow the link but you don't want to put the same post in two different silos, that's two different categories. Right? And it just, it doesn't really make sense to do so. And it also causes some funky things in WordPress when you do that. So I don't recommend it. Does anybody else have anything else to say about that? No, no, it's a no. Okay.

Should You Assign SameAs Attribute To The Branded Properties?

Number two, should the branded property properties have sameAs attribute like the money site? If you can inject structured data into them? Yeah, you can. Because remember, you can use the same schema type, whether it's local business, organization, Corporation, whatever it is, you can use the same schema type in your web tools as well. So for example, you know, just like Mohammed was asking in the previous question, your ID page could, you know, if you're using local business structured data, for example, the ID designation could be pointing to wherever you placed your ID page, and that would be the same no matter what local business structured data or schema was on any one of your web twos for the ones that you can add that to not all of them, you can do most

Then you can't actually, unless Marco knows how to wait for a way to hack it in that I'm unaware of, for the most web tools, you're not able to actually add structured data. But when you can, yes, you can, you can add that in as well. But you have to have access to the HTML, right to be able to do that the HTML header mainly too, right? Yeah. And be careful, because you want to create a parent-child relationship. But you don't want to do it the opposite way. You don't want your tier one branded, to in any way be taken as the parent and something else to be the child. Because then you could now create a lot of confusion. And you don't want to do that not at the code level. Guys, don't mess with the quote unless you know what you're doing.

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Example Of A Complex Silo

Number three, can you show an example when it's necessary to use a complex silo? Well, yeah, I mean, you know, for example, is a great one. One of our mastermind members was talking I'm not gonna name any names, but was talking about a glass repair company. And they were asking about, you know, how to structure silos on a glass repair company.

For a glass repair company website, and they had an auto glass, residential glass, commercial glass, but then underneath, so that would be a top-level category. So that would be you know, if it was a simple silo structure, it would be posted directly underneath each one of those categories, right. So that would be the category slash post structure, which is a simple silo structure, meaning it only goes two levels deep in the silo itself, but for example, under you know, I don't know, residential glass repair, being one silo, the top-level silo so that if you're going to do is for various subcategories underneath that silo. So for example, residential glass repair could have window repair, a sliding glass door inst or door installation, glass door installation, right. So those could each be subcategories of residential glass repair. Does that make sense? So each one of those now for example, like glass window repair, it could have that could be a subcategory. And then you could add posts underneath that, right. So you could add depth to the window repair subcategory, which is ultimately part of the residential glass repair, primary category, or top-level category, excuse me. So that makes sense. So for example, and then like maybe glass installation, residential glass installation, and then you could have as posts right to add depth to that which glass installation residential glass installation could be a subcategory of residential glass repair, I'm just using that as an example. I don't know that niche so I'm kind of pulling this out of the air. But you know, you could have window installation and or door and glass door installation, sliding door installation, French door installations, that makes sense. Each one of those could be individual posts to add depth to that particular subcategory. Okay, so that's just an example. It doesn't matter refresh redirect.

Does A Meta Refresh/Redirect Be Considered A Backlink?

does meta refresh/redirect is considered a backlink? Yes. From the original source. Yes. So if you redirect a URL through a redirect to whatever your target is it will pick up as a backlink. Is that correct? Does anybody want to know that? It's a response code, all 300-330-1302 308 400 500. It's a response code. It's interaction in HTTP now, but the way that I understood anything linking to that page that's being 301 would be considered the length, but the meta refresh and the 301 and three or two, those are simply response codes. They're not backlinks. Right now and right, I get that, but I thought I thought he was asking if you redirect something to it, does the redirect become a backlink? So the original URL that is redirected does become a backlink? Yes, that's what I was at was answering. But yes, you're right. A reader. A meta refresh or a redirect is not a backlink. It's just a redirect to wherever HTTP header code. Tom says if this isn't the right forum for this question, please write in the appropriate place. Okay. This is the question I was going to show you.

Advice On Running Ads For Lawyer Lead Gen Videos

Tom says I purchased your YouTube ads training being a complete novice to ads. Fantastic course, by the way. Thank you, Tom. He says, any advice on running ads for lawyer lead gen videos? For example, how would you go about putting ads in front of people who need a divorce attorney? Okay. Well, Tom, if you go through the entire training, you should know that you can use in-market audiences, which is what I highly recommend or custom intent audiences. So what I did was I pulled up in one of my Google Ads account here just to show you for example, if you come into let's go to browse and if you look at in-market life event and custom intent audiences now I'm looking at a display campaign display in YouTube ads, very similar audiences in-market audiences. There are some slight differences, but there are there they're very very similar.

Okay, so I have the display campaign right now. But if we could take a look at in-market life events and custom intent, you can go into in-market audiences and you can look for Business Services, maybe look for legal. I don't know if they have a separate one for legal. But you could look for Business Services maybe. And see if there's something in there for legal. My point is to go through the different in-market audiences, preferably I'd start there and see, and again, there's a lot of them. So you just have to start clicking through the different categories, and then clicking down are the dropdowns to expand them and see if you can find one for lawyers. I don't do anything for lawyers. I was just hoping to find an in-market audience for lawyers, and they're very well maybe, but I'm not going to click through all of these. I just wanted to point out that this is where you would start, look, try to find an in-market audience because then you can set your geographic targeting, and you can select an in-market audience to were that only the people that are going to see your ad are only going to be people that are specified in a geographic area that you set your targeted locations, as well as Google, has determined that they're in the market for lawyer services, or for you know, Attorney services, whatever. So I would start there, if you can't find one, create a custom intent audience. So again, all that all the custom intent audiences, and I can't go too deep into it, but as go develop a really robust keyword list of all of the types of keywords that somebody that it would be cert would be in need of that type of attorney would be searching for. And that that becomes the keyword list that you add to a custom intent audience, then you can also Well, for YouTube, you can't do use URLs. But for the Display Network, you can also go out and grab like competitor URLs, and like legal type advice, you know, websites where they talk about, you know, the process of personal injury law or something like that. You can grab things URLs like that even YouTube video URLs that talk about

These things and put them in the custom intent audience list as well, because that's the criteria that Google uses. Essentially, when you create a custom intent audience, what you're doing is you're creating a bucket that you want Google to fill with people that meet the criteria that you set up with your targeting criteria through the custom intent audience. So if you grab a bunch of keywords that people would be searching for. And then you know, engaging with content that satisfies or answers those types of queries. You put those types of search queries or keywords, essentially phrases into the custom intent audience, and then Google says, Okay, this person in your case, what was your name? Tom?

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Yeah, Tom wants a bucket of people that are actively or recently engaging with content around these types of keywords or this type of content, right. And so it will automatically start to fill that bucket, so to speak with people that meet that criteria within a specific geographic if it's for local within a specific target geographic area, and they are known to Google as having a recent interest, right in that, in that particular you know that that type of content, which means they're likely in-market for that, and that's their custom intent. Does that make sense? So and it works well, but it's not if you're going to use a custom intent audience, unlike life events or in-market audiences, where Google already knows that they're in the market. For those with a custom intent, it takes a little while for the ad campaign to learn, right? It uses machine learning AI and such that, when you first set it up, you're probably going to have some shitty results. Don't worry about it, let the ads run and the machine learning will take over and we'll start to refine the targeting to where it gets better and better if that makes sense. So just again, Custom intent audiences work really, really well. I've been testing them a lot over the last few months, and they work really well but they take a little

But it's time for them to mature for the machine learning to kind of really learn through what you said is the criteria is a good question. Anybody else? comment on that? How about you Hernan, you do a lot of stuff with ads?

He might be busy.

Okay, I'm gonna keep moving.

Any advice? Okay, wait a minute. For example, how would you go about putting ads in front? Yeah, I already answered that. Since Google doesn't allow negative life event targeting, I couldn't see an obvious way to target their audience as you did in the training. Okay, yeah. Again, use custom intent audiences, then that's the best way to do it. And with YouTube, you can only add keywords, at least for now, which is fine. And more equals better, in other words, but more as long as irrelevant. So don't use more general or broad keywords that would add that aren't specifically relevant to the type of project you're trying to, you know, the people that you're trying to target because that will skew your results and give you less, your ads won't perform as well in other words, so you want to build a really robust keyword list for YouTube ads that are specifically around that particular like and remember put yourself in the like in the shoes of somebody that would be in need of you say it was personal injury attorney or whatever and divorce attorney excuse me, put yourself in the shoes of somebody going through a divorce is looking for an attorney and try to think of it that way and develop a keyword list based around that. Does that make sense? that it works really well.

Is It Okay To Use The Description In The IFTTT Recipe For The Branded Network In YouTube Syndication?

Okay, next BB is up again. On YouTube syndication for the branded network. Is it okay to use the description in the recipe?

No, I don't recommend that. YouTube an RSS of money site gets syndicated there. So you mean the description in the recipe? I'm not you mean? Take the YouTube video description and syndicate that out. Ah, you know, it depends on how you Okay, the blanket statement I'm going to say no, because

As soon as I say, yeah, it's okay to do that people are going to go out. And I've seen a lot of people's YouTube descriptions that are absolutely spammy as can be because they put a big block of keywords or they put a shit ton of External links and all of that kind of stuff in their video description. That's fine. If you want to spam your video description and on YouTube. It's okay, it's perfectly fine. But when you start to syndicate your description out to the networks, if it's it's a real spammy description, then it's likely that those accounts the web two accounts that you're syndicating to get terminated. How do I know that? Because I've had it happen many, many times, which is specifically why we developed the recipes or the applets and IFTTT the way that we did. Because when you're just syndicating the video itself, and perhaps a link back to the video, or to a playlist or to a channel or a combination of those, then it's fine. It's very rare that I've ever had a web two terminated from that type of a syndicated description or from the applet. In other words, the description that the applet publishes, but when I in the past when I've done full YouTube Video Description syndication along with the video, I've had many, many times web two dot o account shut down. And it's mainly because the video description was a bit spammy. So just be careful if you're going to syndicate the YouTube description, just be sure that the video description is not spammy doesn't contain a shit ton of External links and all that kind of stuff. Okay.

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Is There A Faster Way To Write A Press Release For A New Post?

See, number two, is there a faster way to write a press release for a new post?

Yeah, have us do it. I mean, I don't know what you're asking there. You know, I, whenever my bloggers created published a post that's going to be also promoted through a press release. They just go submit the press release or the details for the blog post to the through MGYB. Basically, for the end press Release writers write the press release. We don't any of us write our own press releases. And I don't encourage any of you to do that. So I don't know what else to tell you on that one. Can someone use Fiverr gigs? Can we just copy 500? From the words for the new posts? And that's it? No, you can't do that. I don't know, if any, well, you can probably find some PR distribution services that would allow you to do that, but we won't. In fact, we won't even take a press release from self-written press releases, they have to be written by the press release writers at press advantage. And we do that intentionally because they know how to get the best results from the content that syndicates through their distribution network. Okay, so I would highly encourage you to allow the press release whatever press release distribution service you're using, probably as a press release writing service. Most all of them do now, let those writers do the writing for you. Okay.

Can Someone Use Fiverr Gigs Or SEO Clerks For Building Links To RYS And IFTTT Properties?

Can someone use Fiverr gigs or SEO clerks for building links to the RYS and IFTTT properties? Again, you can. We don't recommend it. But you can. So he says he's needing non-English spam links. Marco, what do you say about that?

Yeah, like, I haven't done it. And so, uh, yeah, we've used Fiverr gigs before, but that's just the test drive sites and key sites. They take it like a champ. I wouldn't throw it at my tier one branded. I'm not doing that. Because it just, it's not gonna look, well, you. It's your brand. Why would you want to spend your brand I know that we say we call the drive second g site part of tier one branded, but it's not really. That's tier two, tier two links coming into everything that you're doing everything else. And then we filter everything through that tier two, which brings in traffic, it brings in a whole lot of activity, relevance, trust, and authority, which makes it de facto, tier one. It's just it's not really by rule. It's not a tier one. It's just the fact that he went right by facts.

Because of the use, and so understanding that why would you want to spam your tier one branded properly? If you're going to try to test do it with the drive second t site in them in between everything, and you should be okay.

There you go.

Can We Use A Press Release In English Sites With English Posts To A Non-English Site?

Okay, maybe we're gonna move on because we only got two more minutes. And those were many too many questions again, but I do want to answer can we develop or is it in the pipeline of packages and MGYB to non-English sites? No, it's not and we will not we don't plan on doing that. That's not even for future plans. Isn't Marco, know that the man has to be there and we see we see these one-offs every once in a while. If we saw them often. Then we'd say okay, there's a demand for it. We need to meet the demand, or we need to find a way. But it's not even at that stage where we're considering finding a way.

Does Semantic Mastery Trainings Have Step By Step SOPs?

Okay, Rob's up says besides the Battle Plan, do any of your items or training contains step by step SLPs. Uh, yeah, the mastermind is where I share slps all the time. But to be clear, guys, I share my standard operating procedures, but they're specific to my agency. I mean, there are some things that can be that are generic enough that they can be applied to, you know, your own business as well. And I share those in the mastermind all the time because I get requests like that in the mastermind. That's what the masterminds for, by the way, for that kind of stuff.

But for example, all the agency processes that I've been working diligently on for the last month, really about six weeks, but for the last month, I've really put a lot of effort into it in time and such.

You know, I'm sharing those with the mastermind members, but again, they're specific to my processes, and it's more or less to share so that you guys have mastermind members, I mean, have a template or a, you know, a guide, essentially something that they can use to build their own processes. I don't expect my processes for my agency to work for your business.

This Stuff Works
But I do share them so that other people have like kind of a template that they can go out and develop their own processes. The problem is, even when I share the processes I know, you know, eight, eight out of 10 people that I share them with in the, you know, even in the mastermind, they look at them, they're like, Oh, this is awesome, but they never actually, you know, use them or build their own processes, or at least my understanding is, it's very rare. There are only a few people that I know that actually really developed, fully developed sfps. And that's where the bottleneck is, for the most part, guys. It's a lot of work developing SLPs. It really is. It's a ton of work. And that's why most people don't do it. But once it's done, especially if you do them very detailed, and I love the process. In fact, I've got an open right here in my tab because I was working on that earlier today again, but you can once you develop really intricate processes, you can delegate even the most complex subtasks. In other words, you can outsource it because as long as your processes your SOPs are detailed enough, you can take anything that you think, Well, no, I don't want to say anything. Because some things do require judgment analysis, you know, that kind of stuff that only comes with experience. But for the most part, even things that are really complex can be delegated with a proper SAP. Right? And so again, I share mine in the mastermind often, when people request things, I will often create them, but they're specific to my business. And I always want to disclaim that right up front, just to say, look, you know, I'll give you an example. But you're gonna have to obviously, customize it specifically for your own business. Okay. All right. So last question. Oh, yeah, in a second. But because we're missing something that really big here. Our training is step by step over the shoulder video. And then you should be developing your own processes, from those videos to apply to whatever it is that you're doing. Some of the training is as simple as, get a VA in there, to reproduce whatever's being done, and that's it.

RYS Academy and RYS Academy Reloaded the VAs, that's their training, go watch the videos, build me a drive stack, then we'll discuss the drive stack to see where it is that you went off where it is that maybe you improve it, because that happens also. So that and then that goes into the training that goes into there into the videos. So there's always an improvement process. But it all starts with that over the shoulder training so that you don't have to go through all these intricacies that you often have to go through by building an SLP. Should you build Yes, by all means, but start with over the shoulder training so that you can do your own.

What SEO Items Provide Biggest Boasts That Should Be Done On Every Site?

All right, the last question, because we're actually a little bit over but we'll answer this and we'll wrap it up. He says if my focus is local SEO there are so many items known to contribute to local SEO such as citations, map embeds, driving directions, geotag images, press releases, Google stacks, etc. Can anyone prioritize what items provide the biggest boost that should be done on every site as opposed to items that can be left off and only completed for today?

Competition. Yeah, and I would say and I'm curious to hear what Marco's responses. But I would say on page entity, build the entity which the SEO shield is all about. So make sure you're on pages tight SEO shield, so all the entity assets, right connect all your entity assets the way that we teach. And then it's the ongoing external stuff or off-page stuff like link building, embed, embeds, and embeds and link building mainly, content marketing is what I consider part of on-page but it's also part of off-page because of syndication. And also, with press releases, I consider that content marketing, but that's really an external source that's building links back to the entity or entity assets. So again, for me, it's on-page SEO, the SEO shield. So that's essentially establishing and building up the entity. And then it's a matter of link building embed gigs and consistent content marketing. That's and a lot of my local projects. We don't build citations. It depends on how the GMB was created if it was spam, GMB listing, we don't do citations and we still get ranked. So citations aren't absolutely critical. If it's a valid GMB location, you can absolutely and should build citations. But if it's not, I omit that. So what do you say Marco, at the local level, you have to have a schema, you have to get that schema and that's part of your homepage. If you're not doing that, then you're just like the rest of the competition, which most people will ignore. That's how to get a leg up if you do it right. So that's part of your if your SEO is right, and your entity site then everything else comes on off-page. And part of your entity, of course, is built off paid, @ID drive stack g site, and the companion syndication that was well that's all bundled free. The only thing that's necessary after that would be press releases and make building embeds and link building. Which then did that I mean, that's, that's what works, the magic that's what brings everything all of the power into whatever it is that you're trying to do and you pop it into the three-pack.

Sweet. Well, thanks, everybody for being here. See you guys next week. Don't forget to go pick up Battle Plan for Dotto.

See everyone. Bye everyone, guys.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 284

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All right, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts today is Episode 284. Today's the 22nd of April 2020. So we're still going strong here, we got the whole team and we are going to jump into questions. But real quick, I wanted to say if you're watching us live, I'm going to have a link down below the battle plan version 4.0 is getting ready to hit the streets as of next week. But if you're watching this in time, you're going to have a chance to get in on the pre-launch and get special access, along with some extra goodies and possibly a discount. But there's definitely a deadline on this, you've got to hop on before Monday, which would be let me look at my calendar real quick. That would be the fourth. So you've only got a few days to hopefully you're watching this live or you're catching up this week. But you can find that link below and hop on that. So with that said, we've got a couple of other things to cover, but I want to say hi to everybody, real quick.

So let's start at the bottom work our way up, Chris. How are you doing there?

Yeah I'm doing excellent. The weather is good. Corona is like disappearing so like things open and stuff so quite happy here

Nice. Good stuff. Marco, how about you the weather?

It looks nice. It looks maybe sunny. A little bit heavy hitter, man. This is heavy hitter weather so you when you get with the plan, this type of shit that you could get otherwise you got to go with what you got and what can I say?

Very nice. I have myself muted while I was doing some typing. Everyone watching live but just put the link for the Battle Plan for the early access list. Just click on that and get access when it comes out. We're not gonna roll over to you next. How are you doing today?

Doing great. I'm wearing my Semantic Mastery schwag and do good man good. Good. Business is booming. Everything is moving on the right direction. Happy to be here. So good.

Cool. All right, Bradley, how you doing? How come your shirts not as worn as mine?

Mine's got when wear been worn enough to where it's fading so it's all in the secret and how you wash it, man? No, it's just because I worked so hard at my computer. It just wears hard on the desk again. Things are good, man. The weather's nice here and well. They're as good as they can be considered but yeah, I'm still happy and healthy. So that's good enough for me.

Good deal. Well, good deal. I'm glad to hear that. We are going to get into it. We got a bunch of questions today. But real quick wanted to cover a few other areas. Of course, we've talked about the battle plan but also if you're an agency owner and consultant, you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue and you want to scale your team, then you need to be checking out 2xyouragency.com if you haven't already joined or if you're a mastermind member, of course, you get access to that for free. If you're mastermind member and you want to access just hit up [email protected] And we will get you in there. And then last but not least, if you haven't yet, mgyb.co is the place to get your done for you services, whether it's press releases, RYS drive stacks, syndication networks, link building all sorts of good stuff, as well as some great training over there. So we've done training with Rob, there's a bunch of webinars, best practices, just some really good stuff over there. mg y b.co. And then last, but not least, of course, subscribe to us on YouTube because we like knowing that you've got access to our good information, and it makes us feel good. I'm not gonna lie, we look at the numbers. Sometimes we're like, ooh, the subscriber counts going up. So help us out in that way. And we'll do the same for you and keep putting out great information. I was just looking before you and I was just looking at the analytics on YouTube, and our viewers are 5050 Subscribe them and nuts. Subscribe. So you guys who are not subscribing, my question to you, and please drop it in.

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A video productive comment, drop the comment and hit Why aren't you Subscribing to our Channel, to all of that good information. That's what keeps us going right? Without you guys supporting us Subscribing to our channel, getting notifications when the videos are coming on when we're coming on live, then this would all be pointless. So come on, it's half of you that have that are watching this video that have not subscribed to our channel. So please do so.

Good stuff. And I've got one last thing and then I'm going to turn it over, see if anyone else has some wrap-up comments. But you guys probably saw the post on Facebook or I believe I've had two of them already and then a couple of emails. But we released the video a short while it's not a short video is about say a video series but a video-based training for people who are looking to start their agencies or consulting businesses. You know, I know there's a lot of obstacles to it and a lot of us you know, get stuck some analysis paralysis or you think that the obstacles bigger than you are bigger than it is and you're not sure

How to get around that. So we've just recently put that out as of this Monday. And there's a cool add on you can get for that. Which is it just a real to the point additional video that talks, each of us talking about what our single biggest mistake is, as we've done consulting, or agencies, and what we would do differently in order to avoid that, because that's some real blood, sweat and tears material right there. So I'll put the link down below. If you're that's something you're wanting to do. Maybe right now with the way the world is, and you're looking at, hey, I'd like to start my agency, or I'd like to be doing some consulting on the side to be generating some revenue. I highly suggest checking this out today, and seeing how you can do that and basically shortcut you know, save yourself some time, money and potentially some pain points there.

Great, I guess Other than that, anything else before we dive into questions?

Oh, I think that's just it's just real quick on my end, guys, every time we upload the battle plan, it's a big ripple. And the reason why it's because the stuff there isn't a better plan will allow you to get the fastest results as fast as possible with the least amount of steps and work in mobile, you're on your end. That's the main goal of the battle plan. So go ahead and subscribe for the early notifications because we're going to be launching really, really soon and every time we do so we get a lot of people in you know, in the queue, and it's going to be pretty inexpensive as well, because we're going to give you the help that you guys need to succeed with your, with your projects right now. So go ahead and get on the pre launch list so we can get you a lot of good stuff a lot of bonuses. Yeah, real quick about that the battle plan, this version, the for 2020, or whatever we're calling it, v3 or whatever.

It's different from our previous additions in that it's more streamlined because of how we've kind of developed the SEO shield and the components and such. So it's a lot easier to implement our methods, no matter what type of project you're doing local, regional, national global affiliate Econ, it doesn't matter what it is, it applies to this the same way to each and every type of business now, or online project. And so our battle plan is definitely a lot more streamlined now. Also, we, you'll see when you get it, but we've also, you know, really made it a lot more simplified to where we're pointing, you know, to additional training when needed, but mainly to mg y b for done for you services and or two other training videos that are just free on our YouTube channel. So there are no links pointing to, you know, external places now that we don't recommend anymore. It's been completely updated. And I think it's a lot. It's a simplified version of it, but it's every bit as effective if not more effective now than ever before.

So with that said, we can get into questions, guys. Let's do it. By the way, we're almost at a million or 40,000 views away from a million views on our YouTube channel, which is good. We get like some balloons dropping. I don't know but it's pretty cool I was looking at lifetime analytics for YouTube today and we're 40,000 views away from a million views so I thought that was pretty cool.

all right here we go You guys should be seeing my screen correct

yeah all right we're gonna start with Mohammed's from seven days ago because I know I didn't get a chance to answer this we'll start right there

This Stuff Works

Would An SEO Power Shield Be Better For A YouTube Channel?

so Mohammed asked Hey guys I was about to buy a multi-tiered syndication network for YouTube channel with no money site or anything just the channel but I saw your SEO shield sale with a she'll be better for a YouTube channel I'm leaning towards yes because of the entity building. You know, that's a really good question Mohammed as part of the reason I wanted to answer this because I don't know I've never ordered an SEO shield specifically just for YouTube channel. I've never tested that. Um, you know, the multi-tiered syndication networks work great for sending for YouTube, SEO because it helps to provide all you know all the really good stuff.

knows that it needs for a new video, especially when they're seasoned, that the networks and the multi-tiered syndication network are seasoned. And they, you know, aged a little bit and have relevant content on them. And then obviously, if you link below to them. They do a lot most of the heavy lifting as far as SEO is concerned for YouTube stuff, but I've never done an actual SEO show specifically to YouTube channel. And here's why. Because usually, the YouTube channel is part of an overall entity, right? So it's just part so the YouTube channel gets included in the SEO build-out because it's part of an overall entity, but I've never actually just had us SEO shield built specifically to a YouTube channel. So I haven't tested that, to be honest with you. I'm curious as to what Marco thinks about whether that would work or not or what his opinion of it is, but I would say try it. I know the multi-tiered syndication networks work but I can only assume that the SEO shields would work but I haven't tested and I just have to be really clear about that. But it's a good question. What do you think, Marco?

It's not something that I've tested but it shouldn't be any different than anything else that we build. And let's call it an entity around but it's actually an entity validator that you're looking for is to validate your channel. So let's say that instead of your blogging point or your point of syndication being your money site or a free one of the free blogs, right the Tumblr the blog, or wherever it is that you choose to blog from or in this case, Vila vlog from YouTube. building up your entity shouldn't be any different. Now, the whole thing around this is how do you approach it because when you're building schema, you can't build it on the YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is it's pre-done for you Everything is done that you could add your other profiles and still interlink everything through the syndication network.

In your second-tier syndication and build it up that way, but there would have to be a focal point somewhere else for that entity. And they did this with an old page though, right? Yeah, I mean, you could build the @ID page but the ad this is this is where we get we go to Okay, so where's the ad Id gone? This is the YouTube channel then going to be also the @ID and how to how do we get the schema worked into the YouTube channel.

I mean, this is a test in the making. One of the things, why we went with the heavy hitter club, is because we want to test these types of things. So this is a great test in the making. And as a matter of fact, I already wrote it down on my notes, of things to do for the heavy hitter club is to start a YouTube video. See how we can work the entity around it. I mean, there's no reason why it can't be an s3 and why we can't tag it. From there, right use the @ID, and now I have to kind of figure out, and I'm not going to do this in a free forum, figure out how I'm going to build this entity around this YouTube channel.

When it's something that Google controls, and I can't get into the schema, maybe we can force schema. Somehow I don't know. It involves a whole lot of things. But Mohammed, definitely heavy hitter. If you're not in there already, you should be. And, you know, it's a test in the making, and I'll make sure to set it up. Yeah, and think about that, just and I'm kind of thinking through this too, but because I think it'd be a great test to use YouTube channel as the primary entity asset, and then try to build that out, see what we could do with it. But one thing I know that you could do with it with the ID page, for example, is like, you know, YouTube silos and you embed the playlist that could really help to for, you know, pushing power into the YouTube channel through the ID page to so there, that would be

This Stuff Works
A really good test. That's something that's the heavy hitter club was, was made for, you know, so that's awesome. Mohammed will, will, hopefully, you're going to join them the heavy hitter club anyways, and then you can see that test when it gets set up. But I think that that's certainly worth a good test. And if you happen to do so, Mohammed, let us know how it goes. Okay. Aaron's up, he says, I'm really fuzzy about using Google Maps, does it help to create a mind maps with points of interest in the area? Then creating lines to my business location to indicate travel distance in a relationship with that location? Yes, that works really well. Now if you have a storefront business, right, so a business where customers come to your place of business, then yes, you would do it that way where essentially you would have you know, your address because it's not hidden, right? And then you would go from points of interest that and then create driving directions to your location. Alternatively, if it's a service area business, you can do it the other way around, which is to create driving directions from your business to points of interest right within the service area. However, if you're not publishing your address, which if it's a service area business, in 95% of the cases there, you're not supposed to have your physical location published. For service area businesses, then you could just use something like a city center or as like from, you know, city center from where your business is located. and use that as kind of the central point with the driving directions going out to the points of interest.

The idea here is also to create geo posts on your main money site too, as well. So blog posts that talk about those areas where those points of interest are, right. So you create basically optimized posts, blog posts that are optimized for that particular location, and publish them and you can actually create location-based silos on your site. You can do it that way too. By the way, these can be like hidden blog posts, in other words, they don't have to be public. They're just used for SEO purposes.

And it does work well because we've done that in the past, or I've done that in the past for Google Maps listings that had been pigeon filtered, which means Google, Google Maps was kind of hiding them, even though there wasn't really a penalty. They were being hidden because they were considered too closely related to a similar business. And Google for whatever reason chose another business and would kind of ghost a GMB listing. It's called it was a pigeon filter. And one of the ways to get around that was doing similar to what you're asking about Aaron, which is doing these geo posts, and that that works fairly well. So that's a good question. Anybody want to comment on that on my map as a standalone product in another, I'm not sure how much power you can get from that I would recommend starting out with a drive second G site and the mind map that we build out and either building out the mind map or building out additional mind maps, which you would then embed on the money site, then you could carry all of that relevance through since everything is tied together. But as a standalone, we had a similar question in the mastermind, by the way. And my answer is going to stand firm that I don't recommend that as a standalone, you could push just so much more power and relevance when you relate everything inside a drive second, and the companion G site, and then inner pages on the G site that target the inner pages on the money site.

Yeah, and to be clear, Aaron, when I say, create blog posts, what you do is you would create a blog post about the one particular area that like for example, if you've got, you know if you've got five areas that you service, or that you want to target specifically, each blog post would have its own mind map with driving directions from your point of or from the point of interest back to your business, if you're a storefront business or vice versa, if it's a service area business, that so that you would have literally like five different mind maps in this example, right? So each one would have its own. And then you can have one mind map that has kind of all of them together. But what I'm saying is for the individual posts that are optimized for one particular location, you would just have that mind map on there. And then like Marco said, but you're better off also including those mirroring those onto the G site. Because again, you can mirror the blog posts onto the G site, embed the blog post in there along with the mind map, and then those become link building targets. So but yes, you can do that kind of stuff and it does add relevancy.

Is It Okay To Only Use Service Types Keywords In The Main Menu Of A Website?

Mike's up mic says, Hey, guys, I want to create a strong main menu for a local service site. I have seven top main keywords, is it okay to use only keywords for the main menu so you're talking about like the main navigation menu instead of creating one drop-down or link of services that contain all of the keywords (service types), I want to create the main menu using only service types of keywords, other links like about us, and come tag us can be in the footer. What do you think about that? Thanks, honestly, it really makes no difference in that I'm, that I'm aware of.

This Stuff Works
There's, you know, drop-down menus aren't the best thing in the world for SEO. But they're also they're logical for user experience because it would make sense to not clutter up your, if you got seven different services, and you're going to try to push them all into the main navigation bar, but then you don't have things like contact and about, you know, contact us and about us pages and stuff like that up there, and maybe a link to your blog, blog index page and that kind of stuff.
First of all, the menu could get rather busy that way, you know what I mean? Like rather crowded. So, you know, and also, I think it's important to kind of keep in what people are used to, which would be having those other links at the top of the navigation menu instead of having to go search for them. Not that many, many people ever go to the About Us page or whatever, but you know, I would prefer to keep that. Like what people are typically used to and just use a drop-down? That's what I would suggest. But I don't, you know, I haven't tested to see if one way is better than another. So I couldn't tell you I just like I said, for user experience, I think your menu could be rather cluttered that way. And it could also cause people to search for links with that they're looking for, you know if they were looking to contact us about us, that kind of stuff. So my advice would be to not worry about that. I don't see where the SEO benefit would come from, from trying to structure it the way that you are. But honestly, I don't have any definitive answer to that. Does anybody else? No, and I don't see it right. I don't see what the difference would be. And this would be kind of difficult to test because you would need two sites, two sites that are the same, targeting the same thing, one with this type of menu that he's proposing and one with a traditional menu and see which one performs the best. Now that that kind of testing can get can take a whole lot of time and then it turns out that

It makes no difference you just wasted all that time. It's not a waste. It's a test. And it's a perfectly good test. But don't do that until you have time to do the testing right now go with what's working. And by, you know, traditional menus work just fine. You rank just fine. It doesn't matter. Even the, you know, some people have questions about the domains, right, whether using a traditional TLD or a nontraditional to do one of that vanity TLD. And you can rank them both just the same. You can rank anything, just about the same. It's all about power. It's all about the art, right? activity, relevance, trust, and authority. That's what it's all about. Everything else becomes obsolete doesn't matter. It doesn't make a difference when you pushing enough art into whatever it is that you're doing.

What Are The First Steps In Powering Up An SEO Power Shield?

Next question I'm planning on ordering. Yeah, okay, sorry. I just want to make sure I didn't skip on planning on ordering the SEO power shield. But after it's delivered, what are the first next steps to powering up content for Google? Links etc. Yeah, link building and embed, embed, and or link building packages from MGYB is one of the best next steps. Also, if you once you get the branded stack mirroring your and I know there's a question further down the page today about explaining what theme mirroring is, but themed mirroring your money site into the G stack, the drive stack, as well as the G site, that's really, really powerful too. Now, I'll be 100% you know, clear, most of the mirroring that I do is on the G site. And I don't typically always mirror the drive stack like add additional folders that are so for example, you know, if you've got three silos on your, on your, your money site, you would clone each one of your primary drive stack folders and then create them as subfolders one mirrored for each silo, right. And then from there, you would take all the files in the folder are all the files within the silo folder now and optimize them for your particular keywords.

For that silo, and then up and then all the links from inside that would link over to the corresponding pages and posts within that silo on your money site as well as what you Mir on to the G site, which is the same structure. Now, again, I don't always do that and the drive stack, because what I found for a lot of, you know, all I do is local. And so for most local projects, I'm able to mirror onto the G site and accomplish without having to drive do all the additional work in the drive stack. But in some cases, it does require it because I need the additional push. And so as I always talk about and we usually recommend, don't, you know, try to get the best results with the least amount of effort, right? So what I do is I mirror my money site onto the G site, and I do that very thoroughly. And then I use my G site as my link, building target embeds and link building targets and just smash the shit out of it with links and embeds all the time. And if I need an additional push, then I will mirror into the drive stack and do it but right now it's still open manual process on the mirroring work. We're so close guys to be able to offer the drive stack expansion service, inside MGB, but it's not available just yet. So that's why I kind of reserve that for only when absolutely needed, because of the manual component. But, you know, again, once that once we have the ability to do that in mg y, b, there's no reason why I wouldn't smear the shit anyway, you know what I'm saying? So, uh, so yeah, I think first of all theme mirroring is, the first thing you can do is to start building links to your drive stack and your G site. When you get it back. That's hands down. One of the first things I always do, but then while the links are being built, you can start to mirror you know, set up the theme mirroring on the site, as well as Dr. Stack if needed. And then once that's done, now you have additional link building targets for your next batch of links. Does that make sense? Comments?

Nobody, okay.

How Would You Create An Ad Content As A Replacement For A Discontinued Affiliate Program?


Cows up next to break the SEO questioning for a second. I have a sales copy. Question for one of you, this is probably going to be one for Adam. And or Hernan, then if you had the opportunity to place an ad right on the sales page of one of your competitors with no limitations to what it could say or how long it could be, what would you say? I'm an affiliate marketer and I plan on creating my own digital products similar to a competitor. Fortunately, I'm already ranking in spots 1234 some of my competitor's product keywords via review blog posts, they dropped their affiliate program, so I'm planning to just create my own product and cross-promote on those review posts. How should I word my own sales message to convert as many of my competitor's prospects as possible? Thanks, guys.

That's a really good question. I would add that one over to Hernan and Adam so Hernan. Yeah, so I'm ruining the question. Sorry. It's okay. I actually don't get the technical back part of this. Like, I mean, you did draw a diagram or can you guys explain Okay, yeah. So he's got affiliate review pages ranked for in positions one, two, and three.

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For a product that he was promoting as an affiliate, yeah, and that product developer has now discontinued their affiliate program. So he's still ranking with those review posts for that product. And since it's his pages, he wants to now link to a similar product that he can get an affiliate commission from that review. So how would you word your How would you push people from that page over to the page that you want them to buy a similar product from? Without? You know, how would you do that? That's what he's saying. What would you How would you write it? What would the copy say?

Right? So there's a couple of options here. And maybe you want to test this, but the first thing that comes to mind is to just be honest, we have had that happen in our in the past. In our end, you know, we were offering a service or a product as an affiliate, and we were using that product, and then for some reason, the service stop working, and then we just went ahead and said hey, This product is no longer available. But if you're looking to achieve the same results, go here and check this out, right? So as long as the product delivers the same result or as long as the frame minutes the same, don't be afraid to be upfront and honest, because, at the end of the day, people are searching for a solution, right? So if the secondary product that you're now offering, whether it's yours or an affiliate is it's providing that solution, then it's just a matter of, you know, reframing it from a perspective of, hey, this offer and unfortunately, this offer is discontinued. But we have found an alternative to this, which is this one, right? So if you want to get x with a why, if you want to, you know, if you're looking to get x results, then click here, and then you're sending them to the next. What would you say in this case?

Yeah, I think it's an interesting one because we're dealing though too, with the organic side. So like if you really did a heavy overhaul like there's, you know, it might change what you're appearing for. So I might keep the contents long as it makes sense in right, like a more alternative to the type of introduction, and be like, Hey, are you looking to learn about this product? Here's a lot of information about it. But this might be a better alternative for you and do that. I mean, I realize that would be the lead-in, and then maybe you could keep the content. Yeah, that I was gonna say one of two things. While you guys were talking, I was thinking about it. One is a purely SEO tactic, which probably isn't allowed or is probably not recommended. Marco would know the answer to this but do like a three-second meta refresh so that when somebody lands on the page with your competitors, your product or that you used to after about three seconds, it redirects to a new page through a meta refresh that talks all about your product or service that could be considered cloaking. Marco, is that yes or no?

That's in that gray area. Yeah.

That's right. So I saw you that the user is going with the intent of seeing one but you're serving the user something else. But then again, he put a pause on that meta refresh, right? You put a timer five seconds so that the user knows you're going somewhere else, man. Yeah, you might overcome that. I don't know. I don't know what legalities on that. Yeah, I neither did I, but it doesn't sound cool. Well, they also have layover plugins that are, you know, again, it's kind of blackhat stuff. I mean, we don't typically care about that stuff. But I'm just letting you know that they have layover plugins where you could literally display one page with the underlying page still like it's still there. But the viewer sees a different page. And again, some of these things aren't 100% kosher, but I know people do it and get away with it all the time. So the other option is like what Adam just said, I like what he said, which is you could add just a new, you know, opening or section to the top of the page that talks about

This Stuff Works
Hey, I know you came here to find out about, you know, XYZ product, which there's a thorough, you know, review of it below, however, and then do what Adam or excuse me, Hernan said, which is kind of explain why the new product, which is one that either you develop or another affiliate product and other products that you're promoting is comparable and you know, similarly good and why you recommend that now over the other one or something like that, if that makes sense, because then as Adam said, You're keeping the content that was ranking anyways. And all you're doing now is adding a new section up above that, which shouldn't affect the ranking of that existing page much at all. Because if it's already ranking really, really well, you're just updating that page really, without it as long as you're not changing that page considerably. As the structure of the page, I think you'd be fine. So those are a couple. Does anybody else now? Yeah, I just wanted to say that from an SEO perspective, you can still use that page, and you know how you have this long-form articles that they rank for a bunch of keywords, and you know, 2000 3000 4000 word articles. And they are living breathing things right like that you can add content to them, you can like, on some cases, you might visit the same article like a year later, and it will have like, I don't know, like pieces of content added to it and whatnot and then you know, boxes that will take you to different places, because of course, we're in the digital marketing space, everything changes so fast. So don't be afraid to do those slight changes to the content, and then follow what Adam just said is that, you know, just add a box on top and say, hey, these programs would allow you to achieve the same results that you were looking for. Click here, you know, yeah, I like this, just so people, I mean, just so that they're 100% informed. an overlay is another word for cloaking.

Cloaking will get you in trouble just because others get away with it doesn't mean that you can get by a manual if you get a manual review, and you're cloaking. That's it, you lose everything it goes by. So just so everyone's aware, and we're clear on what you're doing by overlaying or by cloaking anything. Yep. And I'm, I thought I was clear about that, but thank you for reiterating it. So, before we get people contacting us saying, You told me to do it, because that's not what I said, I said, You know, I know that it can be done, whether you choose to do it or not, it's up to you. And it's probably not a good idea. But I know, I know a lot of people that do that kind of stuff. You know, in the past, I've done local lead gen sites that way where I'd rank my own site and then use an overlay plugin to show you know, whoever was buying the leads from me show their site on top of mine. Mine was the one ranking, not theirs, but you know, those, those were quite popular A few years ago, those type of plugins, but, you know, fortunately, I don't have to, I don't really worry about that anymore.

Is There A Difference In Results With Unique And Spun Content In The Drive Stack?

The next question was from Olaf. He says, Is there a difference in results with unique spun content in the drive stacks compared to just the same text with different titles and keywords? It's a good question. Marco. Sorry about that I was muted. No, we haven't seen any difference. That's why we just go with anything we can grab because it doesn't matter. Perfect. Do you see Seo? Hey, guys, when the shield is in place, generally speaking, how does it take? How long does it take to see effects? Do I simply throw links at it afterward? And can I update the NAP when I moved to another office in a different part of the city? Yeah, uh, how long does it take to start showing effects? It varies. It varies, like, at least my experience is it varies rather wildly between projects. Sometimes I'll see results like in a matter of days. Other times, it will be weeks and it really just depends. I honestly don't know what causes that maybe Marco can shed some light on that, but I know that I always see results. But it's a matter of sometimes, you know, sometimes it's quick. Other times, more often than not for me the drive stacks take several weeks before I see considerable movement from them. But as far as do, we already talked about the best practice which is next links mirroring your G site mirroring your drive stack, link building, and embeds those are hands down the best things that you can do.

This Stuff Works
Last question and I'll answer and I'll let Marco chime in is can I update the nav when I moved to another office in different parts of the city? Yes, you can. Just keep in mind that there's going to be a lot of, you know, when you make that move, you have an existing G site and this is outside of the drive stack. Yes, you can go in and update your nav on all your drives, files, right all the files within your drive stack as well as on the G site. Make sure you're updating your structured data on your money site, all that kind of stuff. So it's all congruent. But you also remember you got to clean up any citations and part of the remember when you're pushing content on the web to like through syndication and everything else if you have any PII mentioned in those, those now are all going to be causing NAP issues when you do make that change. So just be aware of that. If you are if you're anticipating a move for the business location, then consider that when you're publishing content and things like that to not include any PII, I'm not saying that you do. But I'm just for other people. Like for example, if you have an NAP and press releases and such, they get published out on the web hundreds at a time. And now all of a sudden, you change when now you've got those press releases to count as citations, because name address and phone numbers published and you can't go update those, right, you can update your organization perhaps, and any new press releases will be show the new nav, but the old ones are still going to be out there. And those are things that you can't update once they're published. So you just got to really keep that in mind when you're doing it. But yes, you can go in and just change your nav within the drive stack the G site and everywhere else that you have editor access. Do you want to comment on that, Marco?

Yeah, on the first part of that how long it takes, again, it depends. different niches react differently. And even within the same niche, I've seen fluctuations where, you know, a week, two weeks, and then other times, it's like, four or five weeks out. And it's still nothing happening. And it doesn't happen until you run some press releases and some link building when you start doing some other stuff to power up. It's an independent, it depends on game and Google. I don't know how else to say Google's broken. And it's so crazily broken, that would that works one day, may work differently The next day, or you'll see that it doesn't work. I was just doing testing that this is what this is where this is coming from. And I ran the tests about six weeks ago. And I got one set of results and I just ran it again today because a mastermind member asked a question about it, and I got different data.

And so if the data isn't consistent, if Google isn't consistent about the results that it produces, then what are we to rely on to say, yeah, it takes this long, or it'll take maybe longer. And in this niche, it'll take this on, we can't do that, because we're not in control of whatever it is that Google is doing in their servers, right and that relational database, and how it relates your entity to the rest of the entities in that relational database to give the user the best results. All we can do is like submit our stuff for indexing, build links, press releases, syndicate the content, power up our tier-one property, look for other link building ready called link building websites, things that are powerful websites with trust and authority for those things so so that we could power up our project the best way possible.

Other than that, I mean, there's no way to say yeah, you can get it number one tomorrow. If that were the case, I'd be a billionaire right now. If I could predict with any certainty that I could rank within a day, and anyone who's saying that I'd call them out on it now I'm one of those people. You got to show me You say you can rank the 24 hours for a real keyword now, no bullshit, no longtail 10-word longtail that anybody could rank for my daughter could probably rank for it right now. I'm not talking about that. I'm just saying it's again, it goes back to it depends. And that's where I'm gonna stay on that.

sounds like that was a dig against your daughter man. She's 18 months but oh god.

Austin's up. He says I just wanted to say what I've seen so far with the SEO shield being built for me is literally mind-blowing. Guys. That's one for the testimony folder. I've built a lot of this stuff by hand before and know the time involved signing up for a heavy hitter, heavy hitter club paid club today should be enrolled by the time this goes live. Thanks again, to all of you. Thanks, Austin. Dawn, that was a great testimonial. Thank you very much for that we did not pay him for that, I swear. So, but thanks, Don. And we appreciate that. And yeah, man, if you've been watching, and I know you have because you've been participating a lot, and I know you're in the real estate business as well.

It works incredibly well for at least the land business, I can imagine it works just as well for the house business, although that is certainly more competitive than the land business. But it will give you an edge over your competitors. Just remember what we talked about several times today already about how to power that thing up. Don't forget to try to mirror at very minimum mirror G site to match what your money site structure is and then embed your G site or excuse me your money website pages into your G site. And when you're ready, come join the mastermind because I've been doing training on how I do a lot of really cool things with the G site including tag silo. Well, that's money site stuff, but really cool stuff. And I'm so close now to have in my next kind of really big project live that I'm sharing with the silo structure, build out the in how I've seen mirrored everything in the mastermind and my next mastermind webinars next Thursday, and the site should be live by then it's taken me almost six weeks to build it. But anyway, you should definitely come to check it out. It will help your business I promise.

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Is There An Update To Twitter's RSS?

Next are questions from BB who always post multiple questions every week. I keep telling you not to post multiple questions. They're getting shorter though. So you are making progress maybe. But this time, it's only three short questions as opposed to 18 really long ones. Anyways, I'm just giving you a hard time man. He says one is there an update to the Twitter RSS Twitter widgets is a thing of the past. So what do I do? I honestly haven't touched Twitter since the last time I developed content about Twitter, which was probably four years ago, so I can't answer that anybody. I haven't gotten into look at the Twitter RSS feed lately, so I can't say I mean either. I just don't I just hate Twitter to be honest with you. I know it's got some SEO benefits. There's no question it does. I just I've never, ever gave a damn about good Ah, you know how they have their life platform called Periscope. You know, for periscope is the light platform Twitter. And there's a lot of people in periscope apparently. Yeah, and I didn't know and I started going live with restroom because restroom.io will allow you to go live on Facebook, YouTube, and whatnot. And then I started adding networks because you know, why not? They're free. And they have absolutely zero viewers on like twitch for instance, but periscope I got like 50 viewers are a number. I don't know if they're bots if you know is people that are real but I got some use so there might be some benefit over there. Yeah. Oh I'm not saying you can't squeeze benefit from Twitter I know you can I just never had a desire to do anything with Twitter. It's been years since I've even logged into Twitter I think so. I think he can he can always go third party right that this there's something called up RSS app. And you can get a Twitter feed right from there. I just use that about a month ago.

Cool. Man, you know what? Oh, I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about updates.

Adam, what are you talking about? Well, because we're going to be updating something here soon that RSS I might want to play with this as part of the update for the new. Oh, yeah. There's Wow. We could maybe think a little bit. A little bit maybe. Yeah. Syndication Academy.

What we're going to be completely updating it and relaunching that more news to come but this Thank you, Marco, for pointing this out. This is something I would definitely dig into for when I start the development of the syndication Academy 2020 or version, whatever we're gonna call it. So that's coming guys can't say when but it's coming

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Can You Submit English-Based RSS Directories As Non-English RSS Channels?

The next question from BB. Can I submit to English based RSS directories and non-English RSS channels? Yes. Yeah. Because honestly, I don't know that RSS directories that people actually go to RSS directories but there's a little bit of SEO benefit. They used to be more powerful than they probably are now. But yeah, and by the way, if you're going to submit to RSS guys unless you have a tool that does it, just go to Fiverr and, and go get RSS to submit gigs and literally just go to Fiverr and stuff for RSS submit and pay somebody five bucks plus the $2 charge there's like seven bucks an hour or whatever the hell it is to have them do it for you like I will submit your RSS feed to over 100 RSS feed directories for five bucks guys so honestly just pay somebody five bucks give them your RSS feeds, in fact, you can you know I would recommend even creating a super feed or a spliced feed using something like Damon Nelson's RSS masher and then submit that feed and you know, just pay five to whatever it is seven bucks I think with the service fee now and have somebody else do it because it's tedious as hell to submit them on your own and just you know, let somebody else do it.

RankerX VS FCS Networker In Terms Of Linking Campaign

Okay, last question. I think RankerX versus FCS networker which is better for linking campaign understand that GSA is good for third-tier and up an FCS is good for second-tier whereas RankerX comes into play. I couldn't answer that BB. If you want to ask a question about link building tools, I would post that in a free Facebook group and you know, and you know, ask daddy are late builder kills he'll come in and comment on that and he's the one that can give you the best advice on that I don't run link building tools I haven't for at least five or six years. And I don't ever plan on running them again. So I can't answer that. Anybody else has any recommendations?

Yeah, Dadea runs rank correct. Okay. I that that's I believe that says go-to tool. I don't think he uses FCS.

No, he is using FCS because it became cost-prohibitive. They kept raising the rates on it, everything else so, and then he uses GSA but I what I say is, if you're building contextual on at tier two, it would be tier two. Why not build contextual to the contextual?

Yeah, agreed. So yeah, again, just asking the free Facebook group, you know, the audio will can and can help you out with that.

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What Is Theme Mirroring?

Next question was, can you explain what is the mirroring? I think we did that. I'll kind of run through it again briefly. But whatever your primary money site is that the architecture, right, so the structure of the site, hopefully using silos, because they work, what you do is on the G site, you mirror that same structure. So in other words, you create a one to one ratio of pages on the G site for pages on your money site, right? You don't necessarily have to do that for all the posts. Because if you're content marketing as part of your SEO strategy, so you're blogging, right, that you don't necessarily have to create a new page every time you create a blog post. There are ways around that I talked about that again in the mastermind very specifically how to utilize the G site and benefit from all the blog posts without having to create a separate G site page for each blog post. Okay, so I do talk about that in a mastermind can't talk about that right here but on a conceptual level you for all of like your top of silo pages, for example. So your product, main product pages or service pages, or whatever you create pages on the G site that so that mirror, same keyword, you know, optimized for the same keyword, everything else, then you can add content to the page. But all I do is just iframe in my money site pages. So remember, it's a one to one ratio, right? One G site page for every page on the money site. For that, I'm trying that has SEO value, right. And so I just iframe that into there.

Now, there are some other things that you can add into those G site pages too. For example, if you mirror the same structure in your drive stack, which means when you buy a drive stack from us right now, it's for brand plus primary keyword Association. It's about building the entity. Once you get that you can clone that main folder, which clones everything within the folder, and then make that a subfolder of the main folder and then optimize all of the files within that subfolder now title that subfolder for one of your silos, right? So it's optimized for the same keyword. It's mirrored just like your site structure, then all the files within that particular folder can be edited and optimized for the same keyword set is that silo with all of the internal links, the links from the G site or the drive stack files, pointing back to your money site, the same corresponding silo pages and posts within that silo on the money site, and also to your G site that has now been mirrored. Does that make sense? That's when you can also embed your folders. So like again, top of the silo page on your money site has a mirrored top of the silo page on your G site. And now if you have a subfolder from your main drive stack that has been optimized for that particular silo, now you can actually embed that folder and the files in that G site page that make sense. So that becomes your link building target, the G stack or the G site, the drive stack, and the files and folders and files. All of those become your link building targets, not your money site because your money site is being all the links are being built to your money site through the G site and the drive stack.

So all you do is you hammer away at the G site and their drive stack files and folders. And you push all that relevance through to your money site without an actual physical HTML link pointing directly to your money site. That makes sense. So that's, that's the mirroring on a conceptual level. Again, we get into the nitty-gritty of this stuff, and either our bias Academy reloaded the mastermind or now even have a heavy hitter club. Is that correct? Marco?

Yep. Anything you want to add to that? No, I thought that was perfect. It's just a copy. That's all it is. you're copying open, you're copying over. That's what's called a mirror. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the same thing?

That's it. And you know, credit for that theme mirroring, you know, I guess, the term was from network empire for many years ago. And it's great. It just works really, really well. And I love the fact that we like Marco has caused it. We're in the belly of the beast. And that's what we're doing like with we're using Google to insulate the money site and then we push ever thing into the Google properties which funnels down to the money site without ever physically touching if that's that makes sense. And it works incredibly well. So

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Alright, hopefully, that helped. Karen says no question. Just cheers for doing great work. Thank you, Karen.

And let's see next. Show shut up and take my money.

We need more people like you, buddy.

Mohammed says, Hey guys ended up buying the show to report the results as they come in. Yeah, that'd be awesome. Mohammed, let us know, please. And I still think that would be a good test for the heavy-hitter club. Since Marco wrote it down. It probably gets done.

Alright Bibi's back for another set of questions this time there's five

Would It Okay To Use A Simplified Slug To Avoid Keyword Stuffing In Breadcrumb Links?

All right, so BB I'll let you slide with three earlier I'm not going to answer all five right now. Okay, I will answer one, and if there's any time left I'll come back.

Let's say there is a silo domain.com/dogs/dog-food. Okay, is it okay to make the slug of dog food post as simplified form domain slash dog food instead of the subdirectory. Yes, yes, that's the difference between a virtual silo and a physical silo. Right. And, again, if you just go to our YouTube channel and search for silo structure, just go to semantic map or youtube.com slash semantic mastery then use the channel search feature and search for silo structure. That's it. The videos that come up the first two videos are simple silo structure and complex silo structure. If you watch those, those are showing how to set up what's called a physical silo which is showing the silo structure in the permalink. Right, so it's this category slash post name permalink structure, that that's how I used to do it because I used to like to see it in the URL, but we test it I haven't tested it recently on me personally, I haven't tested it recently, but years ago, I tested it but the when you're just using the post name permalink structure, as long as your internal linking is done correctly within your silos, so your internal silo linking is done correctly.

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It makes no difference. At least it didn't years ago. And I'm pretty sure Marco will confirm this, that it doesn't make any difference whatsoever, a virtual silo versus a physical silo, all the internal linking everything, the hierarchy of your categories, and your subcategories and posts. If it's complex, all of that stays the same. The only difference is what is displayed in the URL. And so there is no difference in SEO, whether you use virtual silo or physical silo. And in fact, I recommend using virtual silo now, because it makes the URLs less optimized, right. So it's less likely to trigger an over-optimization penalty for a URL that is hyper optimized with too many occurrences of the same keyword, which is what basically you were asking for here. So yes, virtual silo. Post name. permalink structure is absolutely effective for silos. Does anybody want to comment? Ah, that was perfect. Okay, beautiful. Moving on.

What Should You With A GMB That Is Sharing A Map Pin With Other GMB?

Mohammed says, Hey, guys, one of my real estate clients is moving to a new city and enlisted me to create the GMB in his old city. His realtor GMB shared a map pin with the brokerage I believe this may have affected our GMB impressions. But I don't have proof What should I do with the new one? Do I keep the address shared with his new brokerage or persuade him to move the pin to a new location? That's a good question. Now, I haven't done Local SEO For realtors in probably four years.

But when I did that was, that was pretty common practice. I'm pretty sure it still is where a brokerage has can have, you know, the brokerage itself has its own GMB listing but then individual realtors from within that brokerage can also create their own listing map listing.

It's okay, you can do that Mohammed remembers as long as the name, address, phone number, and URL. So we talked about NAP but URL was part of that right? So there are four data points, their name, address, phone number URL, as long as three of those four data points are you

Make then you can get away with it. So in this case, the business name would be unique, the address would be the same, but then the phone number would be unique and the URL would be unique as long as you can achieve that so the address would be the same, but the business names are different. So for example, let's just use REMAX That's the last time I did a local SEO for realtors, It was for a REMAX brokerage so REMAX Warrington okay would be the name of the primary brokerage but then each individual realtor would have their name, slap, comma, REMAX, right or something like that. That's how you would do it that the business names are different, the addresses the same phone numbers were different. And the URLs were different because each one of the realtors had their own, you know, landing page or website or whatever. And that makes no problem. It's whenever you start to mix up two or more data points, that that causes ambiguous NAP issues. So hopefully that makes sense. Does anybody want to comment on that? Okay

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Do You White Label Your Services?

Nigel is up. Nigel, It's been a while somebody says hey guys thanks for all your help appreciate all you do or appreciate you all excuse me do you currently white label at all? If not, is there an opportunity to white label with you guys my problem is that I have been offered a bunch of services to white label but none that I really know or trust and I'm naturally skeptical and there is the ethics issue specifically I'm getting requests for services but I need fulfillment to be a bit more packaged up and customized for different niches not sure that is making sense but I will say this and I'm certainly willing to do all the work to write up all the copy for such an endeavor like for example creating done for you bundle descriptions based on what can work for the average customer when people trust you. You want to give them something you believe in but it has to be bundled so you don't confuse it yeah which I completely agree with you Nigel which is why we created the SEO shield, which is just a bundle of all the different components because we've been touting use all these different components for years really, and it was you know,

We kept getting the same questions and people would buy one service but not the other. And then they would say, well, well, it doesn't work. And it's whenever we looked into it, it's because they didn't put all the components together as we tell. So that's why we sell the SEO shield now as a bundled service because it just makes it so much easier for everybody. So I know what Marco is going to say I'm gonna say it for him first and then let him say the SEO shield works no matter what industry you're in what business vertical what type of project is local, regional, national, global affiliate e-commerce doesn't matter. Right. So yes, you can white-label because basically, you can just create your own landing page with services or products, but product bundles are whatever that you want to call it, that you can sell to your clients, customers, whatever. And then we can fulfill and you can, you know, bundle them or title them and put descriptions in any way you want. But the SEO shield will work doesn't matter what kind of project it is. So it's just about how you package it right? That's so that's what you're asking. Will we do it?

Well, that's what MGYBis we don't put branding on any of the delivered services. So you can absolutely white-label, you just need to come up with copy and packaging them how you see fit, which will speak best to your desired customer. Does that make sense? Do you want to comment on that Marco? So basically what he's asking for is MGYB. That his comment is, okay, well, I want someone that I know that I can trust. We've priced everything so that people can mark it up. And they can mark it up as much as they want. We've had people charge What was it? $2,000 for a syndication network. And that was a few years back. Remember that? Yeah. Yeah. He had the check. He had the check. Yeah, look, I just sold it. It was about two K. And it's $67. Back then I think it was sick 4760. So I forget what it was, but it was ridiculous. The market but it's what the market will bear. At any rate. What we've done at MGB is set up all of our products and services, what we use in

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Our own projects with our own clients with whatever it is that we do, what we'll be using in the heavy hitter club.

And everything was placed in the store. And it's made available to the general public so that they can go and repeat what we're able to do. We don't just talk about the shit that we do. We don't just, you know, we don't go after these keywords that as I said, my eighth my 18 months old can rank for, we're going aftermarkets, right? We're going after the top. We're not shy about who we go after when you decide to go after Amazon. You're not shy about who you're going after he has yet to get after it. Point is whatever he's looking for. So whatever niche makes a difference, because it's once he orders it, and he tells us the niche is going to be tailored to that niche. That's right. We go in and we detail it we detail we add all of the information, all the necessary information, images, whatever it is that we need to do to package it for that client.

And in that niche, and you know, if I was just looking at our deep keyword research, and we've done the research, I can't remember how many, but it's across a bunch of niches. And I will continue doing more and more and more drive stacks. I mean, we've done drives from CBD oil all the way I think, to art supply.

So a couple of dancing classes hold number, yellow. So it does matter, Nigel, the niche makes no difference. What you have to do is, as Benny said, set up your own land, your own store, I said, Are your own way of selling them so that you write it up any way you want. But then also, you're going to just mark it up and then go buy it from MGYB. That's right. And maybe if you produce enough volume talk, I know one of the owners, By the way, Nigel in case you didn't know, so I can talk to him. And if you produce enough, right

If you're ordering enough, then your volume discount, yeah, I could talk to some of the owners and ask them for a coupon or a volume discount, or something that would make it even better for you to go out and sell it. I know the owners, they're a bunch of bricks, though. So the point is that whatever it is that you're looking to do, it's already set up for you to do it. Now I don't, I don't typically do this unless somebody is in the mastermind. But if you, I'm assuming you're on Facebook, pm me, private message me in Facebook, and I'll shoot you a link to schedule a brief consultation call with me for free, so that I can kind of guide you along kind of get a better idea of what it is that you're trying to do. Because if it's going to help us sell more stuff, and MGYBand helps you at the same time then I'm all about giving you know a consultation call to kind of help you think through this and develop a little bit of a plan for it. So message private message me in Facebook and I'll shoot you a link to my calendly link that you can schedule a call with

With me in the next week or two and I'd be happy to jump on a call with you for a few minutes. Okay.

last but not least, this is just a comment and it's right at the five o'clock mark. So thank you for this Nigel he says you bros you guys are just awesome because you answer everything I just got to drop some kudos so many marketers are just going for the money grab and I'm super happy. I found you guys before this gold rush madness and maybe living in a bubble, but it's like the Wild Wild West. Thanks, guys. Yeah, well, we certainly appreciate that. You know, this being Episode 284 we've been around the block for many years, and we're still here. So you know, it's not just about the money grab for us. We're very, very passionate about this. So thank you. Thank you, buddy. Thanks, everybody. We'll see you guys.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 283

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 283 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



All right, we're live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangout Episode 283. Today is tax day or maybe it's the day formerly known as tax day. 2020. So for those of you in the US believe, you know, tax day got setback, kind of a free extension, if you will. But we're not delaying Hump Day Hangouts. We're just going right along schedule, although to go with the Coronavirus stuff going on I'm wearing a hacks My hair is getting all crazy now that I my clippers broke and it's taken forever cuz Amazon's not shipping stuff as fast as they normally would, which is fine. But I was on actually on a call earlier today as a mastermind call and one of the guys had just given up and just shaved his head and so I'm starting to see some fun Coronavirus haircuts. I think that might be a meme. Yeah, might might go like Marco just get it down. So with that said, we got a few announcements and then we're going to get into the good stuff. We got a lot of really good questions today. But let's start I'm gonna start with Bradley How you doing today?

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I'm happy to be here man. Nice nice spring day outside it's kind of cool but I got to go out and go for a run before about an hour ago so nice glad to be here

all right now hold on for those of you who don't know Bradley's more of a weights guy so I just want you went for a run

yeah well I when I can't lift weights which I can't right now I run and I run often so I run ran five miles yesterday and three and a half today and so I run when I don't lift

good deal that makes me I'm a runner. So yeah, like hearing that. All right, Marco. How about you?

I ran to the door just earlier.

How was it was it a good workout?

It was tiring man. I'm I'm recovering I'm I had to go get some oxygen an make sure you got a water bottle nearby. Take care yourself.

Always. Always do keep water close by Just in case you gotta hydrate from all that heavy stuffs going all the good things are good, heavy hitter club is coming online. Today, mastermind members contact support at heavy hitters club, because you're going to get the deal of a lifetime to join the heavy hitter code. You know, we take when we say membership has its privileges, one of those privileges is to get discounts deep discounts into any of the things that we do, right? Whether whatever it is from RYS Academy Reloaded, Syndication, they had just whatever is either included in the price, or we give them a steep discount. Everyone else is also going to get a discount because we understand we're in the middle of a crisis. Things aren't the way that they're supposed to be, but we're going to help you make money guys. If that's what you're looking for. We're going to give you a really good deal. And yes, it's a one time only offer you can take advantage of it. And if not, I sincerely sincerely believe it's your loss, not ours, because we're going to help you make money in any and every way we can. Technical SEO. I mean, it's for ranking. That's the easy part. We're going to teach you how and why especially why things are the way they are. So I know it's kind of last minute because yesterday I was saying, if we don't do it in the next 45 days, if we don't launch it, then it's not gonna happen. And then all of a sudden, it just came together and and here it is today. Contact support at heavy hitter club for the discount of your mastermind member. And if you're not, then I'm going to post the link to the signup page in the in the Hangouts help I'll go and post in Facebook. There is a there is a page for those of you who want to take care of us want to take advantage of The special that we're offering, it's a it's a bonehead special you can't you can't say no, you you can but why would you? So there you go.

Awesome just to clarify though, because I know we're gonna get this question what's the difference between heavy hitter club and the mastermind and heavy coder hitter club is technical SEO spearheaded by Robin Marko Of course some of us might may linger and pop in appear you know and such but it's going to be primarily Marco and Rob talking about technical SEO stuff like just real nitty gritty shit guys. So that's what that is. And the mastermind includes SEO but also so much more right includes business building and you know, marketing and branding and all different types of marketing, digital marketing and holistic marketing and everything else. So there's, you know, outsourcing, management, all everything else that goes into running an operating a business, or a heavy hitter club is specifically technical SEO and How to monetize and get best results from SEO, that sort of thing. So I just want to clarify that.

Yeah, I think well, Marco, I'll let you put in your own words, but I think you put it best for the difference between each come in there because you want to well, like you're saying scorched earth with SEO. But if you're a business owner, if, unless that's your passion, that may not be where you should be spending your time.

exactly exactly. What if you're a business owner, and you're what's in your mindset should be growing your agency growing your business, SEO is part of growing your business. But you as a business owner shouldn't be in there, you should delegate you should have someone a partner via just whoever so that you can stay in the Semantic Mastery mastermind and grow your business, whatever business it may be. It doesn't have to be an agency. And at the same time you have someone with us in in the SEO part of it, learning the technical aspect aspects that are going to help you with with rankings. that are going to help you drive traffic to the website. It's all about entity. Right? In today in the Semantic Web, think about it. This is where it was going all along the Semantic Web of things, not strings. It's all about things. And there's nothing better as far as Google is concerned than a brand, then if that thing is a brand, and it's related to all of the entities that it finds under that niche, right. So this is what we're looking to push to people how this how this is happening, why it's happening, and how you can take advantage of it because we look for any, any and every loophole, an advantage that we can take out. We do. Most of the stuff we do, by the way, are not loopholes, loopholes, that they can be closed rather easily. And we've seen that happen time after time after time, but all is people said it was a loophole. But it's been a five year old loophole that hasn't been closed. So think about that. What what why, why you're concentrating on this. Like don't don't don't think that you To choose one or the other, if you're a business owner, you shouldn't, you should you should be. You shouldn't do both. And if you can't do both, then yes, you should have someone who takes care of the SEO part so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

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Definitely. Good stuff. All right. Well, Hernan How you doing? what's what's going on? You? Look, you look good. You look excited.

Yeah, I'm excited. I'm excited to be here. It's hoody season, we're good, we're safe. I've been I've been working a lot like lately, you know, a lot of our business owners, they're starting to understand the power of digital marketing, they're pivoting. So you know, I've been doing some consulting for those for those entrepreneurs that they are, you know, that they're not letting things dictate how they're running their business, but rather, they're getting ahead of the curve. And I'm excited that, you know, we're helping business owners to achieve just that, you know, to achieve, hey, we all know that this is like some, these are weird times, but we need to get prepared. We need to be there. So it's, you know, it's really cool. It's really cool to be able to help some of these people out. So I'm getting Be Here

cool good stuff all right Chris last but not least how you doing man?

Yeah doing good here I'm not so excited this or not involved the Facebook stuff at the moment the bots in like with today's or not no so that means but like yeah like it's good otherwise you're moving on and I'll be back

nice all right yeah you need to get like what did you have was it uh it was like a box of roses The Terminator?

yeah pretty much it's awesome

all right actually don't pull out a gun on screen and pray freak people out but it'd be critical real quick just want to say for those of you joining us for the first time you probably a little confused but we want to say thank you and you're in the right place we're going to get into answering SEO digital marketing questions. If you're watching the replay you can always join us live at semantic mastery comm slash HD questions, ask your questions attend live, but if you can't we understand things come up. You can check out the replays on YouTube and Grab your channel so you get notified of those updates. Also, if you're an agency owner or a consultant, you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue, and you want to scale your team so that you can work less and earn more. Find out more about that at two x your agency COMM The membership, there is definitely growing. We got some great stuff going on. We just wrapped up the last of the training was out Monday.

Yeah, Monday. So there is a ton. I'm not going to go into the details of it. But there is a ton of good stuff, but it is all centered around those three central pillars, right, getting more clients growing your revenue and scaling your team. Right. That's what it's about. So if you're interested in any one of those, it's a no brainer. You put all three of those together. And it's kind of the rocket fuel for your agency rocket, if you will.

May I interrupt for a moment?

No, just kidding.

I just finished we finished week 12 which was a collaboration of of all of us, you know, that you're seeing on screen right now. And so, it was it was on Monday. We kind of Recorded

what we call insights from agency veterans. And so we each kind of spoke throughout the recorded webinar of us kind of just kind of having conversation about what we've learned over the last, you know, throughout our digital marketing careers, with Marco having the most experience or tenure of all of us, but you know, combined, we've got a lot of damn experience. And so we've each we each have our own businesses apart from Semantic Mastery. And so we all have and we've all experienced similar issues but unique to our own businesses. So we kind of really just spoke about, you know, what, what we would do differently if we could do it all over again, in an effort to help you guys our audience to not make the same mistakes or at least to recognize when something is occurring and a way to push through it or get around it or over it or whatever. much quicker, if that makes sense. So it I think it was really powerful way to kind of wrap up The 12 weeks of intense training and there's over 80 freakin videos in that course. So it's, it's definitely a lot more value than what we're charging for it. So I would encourage you guys to go pick it up.

Definitely. Yeah, and we've got some more news about that coming. We also added some little bit of additional, but there's gonna be some more information coming in next week about this and then I'll just drop a little hint. It's for those of you who are interested, and getting started. You know, you can start with 2xyouragency, that's fine. But for those of you who are just saying, Hey, you know, there's too many obstacles, or I'm not sure you know, what niche to choose, I'm not sure what service or vertical I should be working in. I'm not sure if I had the money or the capital to start consulting business. Things like that. Keep your ears and eyes open and we'll be getting with you next week. Also, for those of you who are more concentrated on the SEO side of things, besides the heavy hitters club, if you want to get step by step results from proven processes, then the battle plan is where you should be starting is generally where we tell everyone to start with Semantic Mastery. You can find out more about that a battle plan dot semantic mastery comm now what I'm going to say is we're going to have a brand new edition of the battle plan coming out and yet I would still advise you to go pick up battle plan right now, it's a no brainer. It's a just, I can't I don't want to say this on here, but it's a ton of bonuses that are included in there, you can get access to it now and it's going to pay for itself while we had one person pay for itself in 13 minutes, but for you, you can pay for itself and definitely like a week or two and then pick up the new edition when it comes out and keep the price low. It's an entry price that we love and that everyone else loves. We've had I think 13 or 1400 people get the battle plan, put it to use and get good results. So anyways, if you haven't yet, just go grab it and then the new edition will be coming out we'll have some good stuff involved with that. And last but not least, mg y v. If you aren't familiar with that, head over to mtv.co check out where you can get all the done for you services. If you're live today I posted on the page, the current flash sale we have going on with link building and the SEO field. You can save a bundle over there, but only for the next 48 hours. And if you're checking this out later, and you're wondering how you can find out about stuff like that, just go over to Mt. yt.co. Hop on the newsletter list and that's how you can get notified of good stuff like this.

All right, I think that's it guys. Let's dive into the questions.

Sweet. Grab the screen.

Marco. I posted a message in slack for you. Yes.

That's pretty cool. All right. Sorry, guys. Let me get into Okay, you should be seeing my screen. Is that correct?

Yep. Okay.

All right. Uh, get my bearings standby.

How Do You Exclude The SEO Powershield G-Site From Google SERPs?

Okay, all these questions came from the That's interesting. All right, a DC SEO says Thanks for answering my question last week, guys, I appreciate it. One last question. Before I worded the shield just so I'm completely clear, can I make sure that only my site appears in the SERPs, and the G site doesn't appear on the results pages? If you set it to no index, but I don't know why you would do that. Here's the question. Here's my question for you. Why would you not want to take up another spot in the search engine results in the top 10? Right? Every every asset that you can rank on the first page for whatever your desired keyword is, is another competitor that's not showing up on the page. So in my opinion, why would you ever not want the G site to also appear for your primary keywords or your entity search or whatever it is that you're trying to rank? It seems like to me that you'd want to have all 10 spots on the first page if possible. So a G site can absolutely and will often rank for your primary keywords. In fact, it will often rank right below the money site. Here's the thing if you're if you're I framing your money site pages, you theme mirror like we tell you guys to do. And you're I framing your money site pages in your G site pages and somebody lands on the G site, they're gonna see your money site page anyways, they could still submit a contact request form they could order you know, make a purchase, submit an opt in do whatever it is that you want to do right from the within the iframe of the G site. So why the hell would you not want it so that that would be my question to you. But yes, if you don't want it to show up in the SERPs, you could always set it to no index. I have no idea why you would do that though.

This Stuff Works
Anybody want to comment on that? And not only that, once we release the the cracking, we can't control it. We can't control the beast. It's gonna do what it's going to do and there's just no way to control it. Yes, you set it to no index. But as Bradley said, why would you want to give your your competition extra real estate space to compete against you? It makes absolutely no sense you can make last pages that are that are really neat, or you can everything that's above the fold with CTA that are attractive, and that will get clicks, they'll get action. You can get a video in there, you can get a whole bunch right above the fold. So so if you don't like how the rest of it looks, person isn't likely to scroll down, if they find what they're looking for, like right above the fold, they're not likely to scroll down. SEOs are the ones who, who tend to do that. But if you've answered the question, or the pain or the problem, right above the fold, they're just going to click and go over to where they need to go. So think about it that way. And no, I'll say it again. We cannot control the beast once it's released. It's gonna do what it's gonna do. And that's it.

Should We Add The GSite To Google Search Console Of The Main GMB Email?

Awesome. Fitz is up. He says, Can we or maybe also should be at the G site to search console for our main GMB email. Yeah, you can't I just I just typically add it to the Search Console, the same google google account that The drive stack g site were built under. That's typically how I do it. But you can always so so in other words, you know, whatever Google account it is that MGYB creates for the drive stack and the G site, I submit to search console within that Google account. Now if I want to still be able to, you know, view it or manage it, you know, look at reports and such from Search Console from the main GMB account that it's, you know, pushing relevance to then you can add that as an additional user. But you know, it's up to you. I don't think it makes any difference either one way or the other. The whole idea of putting it into Search Console so that you can you know, help with the index and such comments.

Should Different Website Properties Have Different NAP?

Okay, and up he says should different website properties have different n AP, name, address and phone number working with an Umbrella Corporation as multiple ecom website brands want to have SEO power shields for each individual econ property but worried about penalties or issues that may occur with shared or overlapping NAPs.

Um, you know, I don't know, because it's not a local business. If it's ecom, I don't know that, you know, NAP issues are ambiguous with NAP is going to cause any problems if you're not trying to rank in maps. That makes sense. You know, I'll let Marco take this one, though, because this is more up his alley than mine. I don't all I do is local. So I don't really know the best answer for that. Marco, what do you say?

This is one of those things is is what what is the what are one of the places where I look at the competition? First of all, what are they doing? Not not because I'm concerned about the competition, but just what are they doing? If they're national, they're global. How are they relating their entities and and if they have offices in other places, how are they relating those? you saying that you have different websites, but if it's all part of the same Corporation, if there's one Umbrella Corporation, then you'd relate those through the schema You can create all kinds of neat relationships through scheme. And it's one of the things that Rob is going to show in the heavy hitter club how to relate all of these so that it becomes just one big umbrella. Right? And under that umbrella would be all of the different offices or places, or products or services or whatever it is that you're trying to do to create all of these associations.

Yeah, because see, I mean, that's I would use organization or corporation, structured data for the umbrella company, right? And that would apply to each individual site as well, because it's all part of the overall organization or corporation, right. But then you could have like website schema, for example, not necessarily local business. I mean, you could have local business if you do have a GMB for each one, which could be part of the organization, right, but there would be individual locations, but for ecom I don't know that that's necessary. Again, I don't do ecom. So I don't know if That's correct or not, or if that would help. But you could do something like website schema for that if that makes sense.

So the organization would tie it all together. And that's what Marco was saying is, you know, when you have an entity, even if you have multiple divisions, or multiple locations, or different, you know, pseudo brands that are like the children, like child companies have a larger parent company, a broader parent company, if you can tie all that together through through the entity, all of them will benefit, if that makes sense. Because, again, you're talking about branding and the entity itself, even if they're separate, like divisions or sub brands and that kind of stuff. It will benefit from the overall organization that kind of ties everything together, if that makes sense. So, anyways, as far as the URL shortener go to mgyb.co, slash s, mg y b.co slash s, and this is our URL shortener now, there are different subscription levels. You could have a free account if you want it, but you get a lot of cool things with different subscription levels. And we've been using this for all the drive stacks URL shortening that we do for customers of ours, and everything else for what, a year and a half, two years now. And it's super, super powerful. And you can do a lot of really cool things with our URL shortener. If you have a paid plan such as ad retargeting scripts and things like that into the, the header for the redirect all kinds of really cool things that you can do password protect URLs and stuff like that. So I would go to mgyb.co/s, and use that. Anybody want to comment on that?

No. The power behind our shortener is incredible. It is. It ranks for keywords. And so it just, it's just ridiculous, as you said, Why you can do so by all means, if you want to use I only mean that's fine. Bitly Be careful. It's a 302 Google Firebase, it's also 302. It can be a 301 if you go through the trouble of making it a 301 redirect, but you'd have to figure out how to do that.

Yeah, and what's interesting is, is it's crazy. But oftentimes, and I've seen this happen with drive stack files, for example, the MG y b, the redirect URL will rank. And in the search results, the shortened URL will show even though when you click it it for, you know, it redirects to the actual Google Drive File. And it's really interesting to see the Drive files rank with the mgyb.co short URL, because typically, you don't you don't see the redirect URL in the search results, you see the target or the final destination, right? So it's very interesting to see that.

Can You Upgrade A Single Tier Into Multi Tier Syndication Network When You Order The SEO Power Shield In MGYB?

Karen says, Hey, there I had a few questions from last week, which, unfortunately, we're not able to get to So here they are. The SEO power shield syndication network. If you order an SEO power shield, it comes with a syndication network. However, I am assuming it's a single tiered syndication network. Yes, it is the branded network. But let's say I want a multi tier syndication network, is there an upgrade option rather than purchasing a full syndication network, since single tiered network already exists? Contact support at mgyb.co. And make that request and I'm sure I'm not sure, maybe Marco sure, but I'm fairly certain that we can accommodate that sort of a request, but it's gonna have to be a custom order as opposed to just something that's done through the normal channel. If that makes sense. Marco's that's something we can do.

Maybe I mean, we'd have to bolt on the the tiered syndication network to the to the already existing cynic. But But why would you want a tiered syndication network when tier one works just fine.

I mean, that's a good question. I would ask the same thing but maybe he has a reason.

So okay, I mean, a fine, right to support and then what Robin I'll do is we'll sit and talk about it and see if it's even worth it because the price that we might have to charge you may not make it worth it to you.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, honestly, I don't think I mean unless there if you have a reason for wanting a multi tiered syndication network and then by all means do that, but I don't you know, we have been encouraging people to not use multi tiered syndication networks for blog syndication, because they're kind of a pain in the ass to maintain. However, if you've got something like RSS masher, which is Damon Nelson's product, it's really good for creating beautiful spliced feeds with like, it's really really cool you can you can create really cool custom spliced feeds and in use that to power your second tier networks so that you have multiple relevant content sources posting to those networks, which is what we recommend. And with something like RSS masher, it becomes much much easier to maintain multi tiered networks. The more manual method, which is how it had been done for four years, requires adding a bunch of relevant RSS content feeds to the second tier. triggers, which becomes a nightmare, because let's say that if all you did was add, you know, three additional arts, so you got your money site RSS feed. But then let's say you add three additional Khan relevant content feeds for each blog. second tier syndication network, right? So So if there's three of them, which is there are the way that we build them. So the first single tier is first ring, right, one ring, and then there's three syndication networks on the second tier, each being triggered by one of the blogs from the tier one network, right? So when I say blogs, I mean, blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress. But if you were to add three additional content feeds at the second tier trigger point. So for each one of those, you would need an additional nine feeds relevant content feeds that you don't control. And not only that, you have to set up a separate set of recipes or applets inside of IFTTT for each feed. So let's say there's 15 applets that you need to set up for each RSS feed that you add, that's an additional 45 applets per syndication network that you need to create, which in itself is not that bad. It's a bit tedious. But you know, once it's done, it's done. But the problem occurs when you don't have control over those feeds. And because of that, like things can happen to their site, the site that you're using the feed from, where it could have a you know, it could I've seen RSS feeds hiccup and they just spit out a shit ton of posts and it can terminate your have a lot of your syndication network properties terminate because of over publishing, I, you know, they're things could break. This is a ton of things that cause a lot of maintenance issues. And if you're just dealing with one project, it's okay because you know, you're only managing one project, but you've got SEO in your name up here. So I'm assuming you probably do client work or more than just one project. And so multi tiered networks become kind of a nightmare to too cumbersome to manage. When you're doing multiple projects. At least that's my opinion, unless you're using something like Like RSS masher which really simplifies that process, and adds a whole lot of control to even the input feeds that you create the super spliced feed from, because it has filters and all these other really cool things like it can actually strip out content from the feed. There's a code inserter, a code stripper, there's all kinds of things in there. So, again, multi tier networks are not recommended. Obviously, if you know what you're doing and you have a strategic reason for using it, then by all means, do so.

Have You Done A Test On Linking Your Money Site At The Footer Disclaimer Section Of Client Site?

Okay, next question. Disclaimer links. Disclaimer link on client sites. As you know, there is a long term practice for SEO web design companies to add a link back to their site in the footer. Yes, like the footer link section, right. I've recently been switching all of those links for SEO and marketing by brand plus keyword plus location with brand plus keyword plus location being the anchor text linking to my SEO company's GMB profile, and I've seen some big results from it. Have you done any testing related to this just curious? No, though, those are considered Wide links and I mean you know, I, I do put those often in client sites the footer as well, but I usually just link back with my brand name and I usually nofollow those links, I have not done any testing with them in years, just because it became kind of a you know, site wide links could work what had become a negative factor essentially, for a long long time and so I just got into the habit of the routine of just note just linking to my brand name, so big bamboo marketing and then know following the link so that it didn't cause any, like penguin issues, if that makes sense. But uh, but no, I haven't done any testing with it. It's interesting to hear that anybody else.

Well, it stands to reason right the brand plus keyword plus location by eliminating marketing because you don't need it. If you have if you've done your entity work correctly on your on your marketing website. then adding a link that's your brand, and the keyword and the locations that you creating that relevant For the bot, there's no reason why then it should pick up an algorithm, any type of algorithmic penalty, because it's what you're asked to do at the local level. This is how you're taught to associate everything brand, plus location plus keyword, brand. keyword, okay. That's what the bottom is looking for comes in, and it looks for this. So what it's picking up is all of that relevance back to your site, which is what we do really with our academy reloaded, except that we protected 111 layer out through the SEO partnership, the drive secondary site, right? We create all of our all the all of the relevance in there because we know that what Google is going to do is power it up, rather than look to to penalize it algorithmically. So if he's obviously getting results just from those changes, it works. It could stop working in the future. I can say anything that's working in Google could stop working tomorrow. Theoretically, simply because they decide to, you have to be careful with that type of thing.

Would You Get An Algorithmic Penalty For Using Generic Terms Too Many Times?

Okay, thanks Marco. The next question is from big Billy says anchor question, I have several product pages that I put a link to my category page for that type of product. I use the word here many, many times to link up to the same page, any chance I could get that page and algorithmic penalty or doesn't matter because it's a generic term now not for that. If you over optimized for a singular keyword, then that can actually cause problems, but something like that, but my question is, I'm not sure. Well, again, product pages, I don't do e commerce. So I'm not even going to explain why I wouldn't use here so much, but that shouldn't be a problem. I would try to use various keywords though. Again, I don't do e commerce. So I don't know what you're specifically doing. But I typically when I'm linking back up to you know, any sort of like a silo landing page or homepage or whatever, I try to just vary the anchor text with LSI keywords right. So synonyms for whatever my primary keywords are from. So for example, if I'm coming from a blog post about Tree Removal in a particular area, then I'm going to use some sort of tree removal keyword or variation of a tree removal service tree cutting service, arborist tree removal, something like that, to link back up to the landing page for that particular silo. But again, using a generic term like that it should, it's not going to cause any out I've never heard of that causing an algorithmic penalty, because I don't know of any SEOs out there that are optimizing for here. You know what I'm saying? So, Margaret, do you have any comments on that?

No, I haven't seen it. And in fact, when I do my interlinking, I use the generic terms a lot. But not only here, go here, more information, learn more, read more, all of that. So there's about 10 or 12 terms that you can use, and you know, you can spin those so that so that they don't appear that way. The same thing, right one one after the other because it can get as far as the user, it can get repetitive. And that's not something that that you want, you don't want the user to hear hear again, and again, here, here, here. And here. This is a, it's e commerce, I assume there's a bunch of products on there, all of them with here. So create variations simply for the sake of not boring the user with the same terms over and over and over again.

Yeah, and remember, you can also lengthen the phrase for the that you're going to use for the anchor text. It doesn't always have to just be a keyword guys, or if keyword phrase, it can be a longer statement, like, you know what I mean? So, you know, get, get more information about key word here, that could be an entire link. That makes sense. The whole, you know, short sentence could be a link. And what that does is, again, it adds diversity, but you still get your keyword in there without it being over optimized, and it makes sense to the reader or the user. You know, Because you know that the phrase itself is, is a call to action. Does that make sense? So there's a lot of variations that you can do to kind of add some diversity to that. That's cool. Go ahead. No, nothing. Yes, absolutely. Also question for Marco, I own our bias and RYS reloaded, and I'm about to get serious about it. Well, that's good. Should I even learn the original version or just drive straight in the ROI ASR?

Well, there's a lot of neat stuff by Dr. Gary in the archives. So I would say by all means, you need to get to the archives. But to get to the archives, first start with what's with what the most current training is. And that's whatever is in our academy reloaded. And please understand, we do need to update it, update that at some point because a couple of things have changed, not the power, power, the power that that we're generating doesn't change, and it's gotten even better, but there's a few things in there. That we do have to that we do have to go over. I'm glad mean, I wish I knew your name, come on the Facebook group and say what's up. So go through the training. We're still supporting after five years, we're still supporting the damn Facebook group. We're still in there answering questions. So come on in there. If you have any questions, ask away.

How Do You iFrame An Ecom Site If The G Site Has A Frame Breaker?

Awesome. Last week, Marco mentioned to iframe your eecom page onto a G site, but the new g site has a frame breaker. Is that true Marco? No, I always work in the old site. But I I'm quite sure that new g sites have iframes do don't they?

Okay, so maybe he has his terms mixed up. You cannot take the new g site and iframe that anywhere else. Right. It does have a frame breaker. But you can iframe on the new g site. There's a right insert embed code, right that does a What do you call it? There's an icon in there that allows you to iframe anything unless what you're trying to iframe has a frame breaker also.

This Stuff Works
Right? Right. So your ecom platform may have an iframe breaker, but you are able to iframe pages into the new g site. That's and that's what I was. I always work in the old site, the GMB builders build the new site, but all the work that I do for theme earring and everything is always in the classic g sites. But I was gonna say, I know the new g sites have my pages I, you know, like the pearl trees and, you know, press advantage page and things like that all get iframe in there, so I can't imagine. The only thing I would assume that Billy is that perhaps your eecom platform might have an iframe breaker. So Okay, moving on. Bibi says Hey guys, what is the problem of duplicate content during syndication? For full text post? Is there a problem apply on branded network also, or just tier two and beyond? There's no problem at all, when you have it. That's the whole point of the attribution link below. If you your RSS feed should have, depending on what if what kind of plugin you're using RSS plugin, God forbid, you're using Yoast. But almost all RSS plugins now have an RSS setting that will allow you to inject an attribution link either before the content or after the content. And so when your plugin settings, you go in and you you code in the attribution link. And there's typically some sort of tokens in there like post URL, post title, site title, all of those things that you can tokenize your attribution link for so that essentially it will pull the title so what I always do is I always use the post title as the anchor text, and it links to the post URL. Again, those are tokens that you can code into the attribution code in the RSS plugin settings. However, if your RSS plugin settings don't have, if you don't have the ability to code in an attribution link, then you can do that within the applets inside of IFTTT, which just means you have to edit the app. It's really only count you really only Well, you should do it also for Google Drive. So like, your document sharing when you're when you read syndicate a blog post into Google Drive, and what is it Microsoft One Drive or whatever the hell it is. Those should also have attribution links. But really, it's your going to be your blogs, so blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, that you really want to make sure that you have the attribution links. And, and that's it, there's no problem with duplicate content, because you're, you're citing the original source. That's the whole point. And even if you weren't citing the original source, it's still not a duplicate content problem. duplicate content only occurs on the same domain. It doesn't occur off site if it did, then press releases would be toxic. And some press releases are toxic, actually, that there is there's no such thing as duplicate content anyway. Even even on site it I mean, all that's going to happen if the pages are similar, or the same what Google is going to do. And we've explained this before, it's going to start AB AB testing ABCD. However many pages are similar, it's going to take those, it's going to start giving an impression. And then it's going to decide which one answers the query the best. And that's the page, that's going to end up indexed, right. And in the active index, let's just call it versus all of the others, but you're not going to get any penalties. What you are going to get is warnings about duplicate titles and descriptions, so that you can make unique titles and descriptions. And the content can pretty much be the same. And then again, you're leaving out you're leaving it up to Google to decide which version of your page is the best for the query. Instead of you deciding on your best converting page versus all the other pages, look in Search Console, and see which pages are being served for the different keywords and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. You'll see ABC ABCD you'll see that like if the pages are Very similar, you'll see four or five, six pages. If you're doing mass mass page built, you'll see even more. And Google will give give all of those pages impressions until it decides which one the best one would be. That's what they call keyword cannibalization. It's not really that it's Google deciding which pages was the query the best. So let's, let's end this duplicate content myth. once and for all. I actually saw a definitive guide to SEO by a company which I kind of respected. They have really good information. They put out the Definitive Guide to technical SEO, and they went into into duplicate content as if it could be an issue. And it can only be an issue if you're having all of these pages competing against one another to see which one, Google is going to rank. That's the only way that they can affect it. You're not going to get a penalty. You're not it. Nothing's going to happen other than Google. Know, it'll take Google, as long as it takes Google to decide which page is the best, you want to leave that up to Google, or do you want to go in, figure out which one it is that you want, and then rel canonical or redirect all of the other pages to that one page?

Yeah, go look, go search Google for canonical. And you'll see or rel=canonical. And you'll see that Google created that specifically for that reason, and that so that you can push credit from similar pages to whatever you want to be the parent or master page, so to speak. And that's to specifically address potential duplicate content issues on even the same domain. That's what canonical was originally developed for. And they came up with cross domain canonical, as well. And that's for canonical Ising, similar pages from other domains to a specific target, if that makes sense. So maybe I'm gonna I think this is the same BB that we've answered questions before, but we guys we're going to have to say this once again, and I can't assume that everybody knows this, but we don't Typically allow people or want ask people to post this many questions because it's just not fair to other people. So, because these are all around the exact same thing, and they're very, very short going to be really easy to answer, I will answer these guys. But come on next time just post a question or two, please and then allow some others to post and then post another question or two just because it's not fair. Okay. So the next question was, is there a reason why we should have REL equals nofollow on attributed link on the RSS items? No, other than a lot of the plugins that there are SEO plugins, when you code in an RS an attribution link, they're going to automatically apply a nofollow tag to it. And unless you want to go in and actually edit the plug in code, which I used to do with Yoast years ago, but every time Yoast like I would go in and into the plug in code, right but and actually edit the plug in code to remove that REL equals nofollow tag to the RSS attribution link. However, every time the plugin updated, it would, it would update that code. didn't have to go back and edit it. And you can imagine if you have more than just a couple of sites, how how much of a pain in the ass that was, so I just stopped doing it. I don't even care anymore. If we can make it follow great. If not nofollow will is good enough. It's just it's a it's a, it's a, you know, an efficiency thing. Right? That makes sense. It's it's just too difficult to go in and edit plug in code. However, if you got a plug in code that will allow you to put in a follow link as opposed to and it doesn't automatically apply the nofollow tag then by all means, do that, which by the way, if you code it in through IFTTT, then you it will be it will be a follow link as long as the blogs or the syndication point provides follow links but many of them are nofollow links anyways. Okay. The next one was why should you use spintax? Why should you spintax the attribution and the after text post when syndicating RSS, it just adds diversity to the attribution link. So it makes sense right? If if you if you can add spintax to the attribution link text that you're, you know, in the plugin settings like our plugin does, then it just adds diversity so it's not always the same exact line right on every single post that gets syndicated out but that's it's not a problem it just adds some diversity if you if you have that functionality use it if you don't have it, don't worry about it. Okay. Why you have limited the RSS plugin to only five posts. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Chris has an on he's the one that developed our pup but there should be settings to be able to adjust that. And also it's not the RSS plugin typically that does that go into your WordPress settings go to WordPress admin area, go to settings, reading and then take a look there and right there is where you should see how many posts show in the RSS feed. And that should be the set that should be where you adjust that setting not necessarily RSS plugin. Okay. Is the RSS plugin just for adding spintax functionality now that well, I can't tell you unless you're in the mastermind the mastermind plugin adds a whole RSS plugin which is only available in the mastermind it's free to mastermind members it has a lot of additional functionality I you must if you're talking about our RSS plugin, but the free version I can't tell you because I haven't used that five years no shit so I don't even know what the dashboard that looks like. Does anybody know here?

No, no cuz I only use the Pro.

Yeah, the pro version which is in the mastermind is it adds all kinds of additional functionality like it allows you to republish old posts it allows you to add hashtags and all kinds of cool stuff that Chris coded into it but um again that's that's the pro version which is in the mastermind I don't use the free version guys. I just there's really no reason for me to so I can't tell you what that even looks like. I'm sorry about that. Two k says. How do you guys use AWS site? Yes, Amazon s3 bucket for the ID page. Why is that two site? Well, a couple reasons one, to siphon some authority from Amazon to because it's an Amazon domain, which we can just fucking hammer with, with kitchen sink, spam and everything else we want to throw at it. Number three, because it's just an HTML page that we upload because it loads really fast. And we're going to, we load it up with our iframe stacking that we do the the infinite loop, right, the infinite entity loop, the mirror and mirror picture and picture that never ends. That's what we do. And those pages, trust me when you build out an ID page, the way that we do it. And then go back and even add in some additional things, it will literally break your computer, if you try to load it. It takes so much cash because so many iframes are trying to load and it will overwhelm the cache or the memory on your on your on your on your PC. I know because it's locked up mine many times. And remember guys that Id pages aren't supposed to be for public consumption. In other words, they're not necessarily something that you want to rank or anything else, it's specifically for the bots. So it doesn't matter if it's going to lock up your browser because how often are you or you or anybody else going to actually visit it? So but there's a number of reasons why we use that Marco, you could probably name a few others.

This Stuff Works
No, no, I mean, you name the main month. The main purpose of that is to create another property in another powerful domain for the entity loop. So it goes to however it is that we do it. That's how we do it. And we just add another we could add more, but more isn't necessarily better that there's diminishing returns on what that loop will bring back. I think we've tried others and it locks it up even with with as much RAM as I have. Yeah, it'll lock up my computer and I have tons around.

I got 3232 gigabytes or whatever, whatever it is megabytes, whatever the hell it is. And it's in it'll lock machine right up, man. I got 64 and That's ridiculous what it is. Yeah. But anyway, the main reason is power and an additional place where we store our entity information so that the bot can come and pick up some more somewhere else. Just following the breadcrumbs. That's all it is.

Yeah. It's interesting because one of our mastermind members, Darrell had shared with us one of his entity stacks that he had entity loop stacks that he had created was like an ID page, essentially. And it was freakin insane. I can't remember it as something like, I don't remember, I'm just gonna throw a number out there. Because it was ridiculous. Like 30 freakin iframes in it, like, it was just it was nuts. And he was like, careful. Make sure you got everything else shut down when you click this link. It was funny. But it's, it's pretty cool. So the next question was, could you not just a part of the second half of that question was could you not just use the Google site with all the embedded stuff and put that in the schema, or is there a reason you don't do that? Yeah, let me just explain why. The last question from today we do use the G site,

we do it right and we embed the idx page in the G site right. So and the and the G site gets embedded in the idx page. Hence the mirror the entity loop, right. Infinite entity loop. The second or the next question was one more question when I order a press release from MDB. Do you guys create the press advantage new newsroom page? Yes, yes we do. Okay, so you will get the benefit of that. Nathan says I saw your post today marketing the SEO location shields is that the ROI stack extension you have been working on launching No not yet. The SEO location shield can also be utilized for brands or adding a second location under an already established brand with the syndication network. Already have an SEO shield for my brand. I need some created for inner service pages. I'm trying to rank well The location shield is if you like, and market will correct me if I'm wrong, but the way because all I do is local, the location shields for me as if I have multiple locations for a particular brand. So for example, I'm working on a tree service project and the map that's making available to the public to the mastermind. I'm doing it as essentially a live case study, by the way, my mastermind webinars tomorrow, and I've made a lot of progress on that. So those of you that are in the mastermind, I'll be sharing a lot more about that tomorrow. But anyways, it's it's, it's a new brand with several GMB locations that I've already established but I'm rebranding from an old an older brand to the to the new company that because I got a new service provider anyways, so I ordered a SEO power shield for the main brand. In fact, I was working on I'm working on, here you go take a look. Here's the entity assets here. I'm working inside process street developing that stuff out right now. So you can see the SEO, I'm not going to click into there, but the Seo shield would be there. And it's the same thing as I'm actually working through developing the process out so that my team can can do that for me. And so the primary brand is associated with whatever top level keyword is, in this case, it won't have a location associated with the top level keyword in the brand, because I want to create that as like an organization. In other words, and then all of the individual locations, which will be built on inner pages inside of the main site will each get its own location shield, which means it gets its own g site and drive stack that are optimized for that particular location. And it'll have an ID page as well. But then they get basically placed underneath the primary branded ri ri S Drive stack. Does that make sense? So in other words, each location shield the ri s stack becomes an inner folder of the primary entity stack, if that makes sense. And that that way is that Don't have to build the ID page for each location. Each separate location drive stack is optimized specifically for the market level keywords plus the location, look at location modifier for that particular location, and then the ID page, which is unique to each location as well. But all of that gets placed under the parent main entity stack. And so that's that's the way that I do it, because all I do is local. And so that's how I think of location shields, although I'm sure location shields can be applied to other stuff other than local. How would you do that Marco?

This Stuff Works
And why would you want to location shield for something other than local?

Well, there's the answer then.

So Nathan, that's hopefully that makes some sense. If you have, you know, multiple locations, that's what you would want to do. If you have inner service pages, then those would just be expanding your current drive stack. You wouldn't need a separate idx page and a separate drive stack built for a particular service page. You could just clone Which you currently have, and then optimize, like, edit and that's, that's something that we will have available soon and MGB that's the entity or the drive stack expansion service, which is coming soon. Marco, did we have a time on that yet?

No, we just asked the developer today and he's still working on it.

Okay. So hopefully that makes some sense Nathan

Would It Be Okay To Use A General Location Of A Nearby City When Doing Schema For Service Area Businesses?

Troy says hello when doing schema for service area business address lat long and don't want to use exact address because trying to rank a nearby bigger city can should be okay to use more general location of a nearby city like city state. lat long Okay, um, you know, you can you can omit? Well, not necessarily, I can't remember if it will take it or not, if you like if you were to go to local business schema, for example, and right here where it does say geo coordinates lat long, you might be able to just remove that from the code and then go try to validate the code in the structured data testing tool and see if it still validates. I know I was like, for example, I was just talking about this tree service project I'm working on Well, the primary domain isn't, I don't want that associated with like the homepage. I don't want that associated with a particular GMB because I want all that I want it to just be brand and keyword. And so I still have structured data for that. But because I don't want, I still have local business structured data, but I don't have an actual street address. I just have city state and zip, and then the Latin long, but I was able to omit the street address and still have the local business structured data validated in the structured data testing tool. So I was able to admit that so that I can still have local business structure. Well, there's organization Plus Local Business structured data, even on the homepage, which isn't associated with any particular one, one specific address, if that makes sense. So you might want to be able to just go in and actually Edit the latitude and longitude out and see if it will validate. Otherwise, I don't know Mark, what do you say? I don't know that I would want to use a generic problems, right? I see potential problems, because he's talking about a local business with a business centroid, the centroid being the point where the business is and and we'll extend in a radius from that from that is the center of the business in relationship to the radius. Correct. So Google has that, because you went to the pains of verifying and Google verifying your business, you not have a pin. Google knows the exact location of that pin. Now you go and you submit structured data, which is directed directly to Googlebot. Googlebot comes in crawls and you have different geo settings, different latitude and longitude. Now is that in and of itself, going to cause a problem? I don't know. I haven't tested it but Essentially, it could be a problem, right? And I don't understand why you want to do that, instead of extending your central, I try to trick the bot.

This Stuff Works
I agree. Instead of trying to extend instead of trying to extend the centroid and creating that relationship between the business centroid, and the area that he's trying to target, if you create that relationship, that's gonna work a whole lot better than trying to trick the bot into seeing different latitude and longitude for your business.

Yeah, I agree. Here's what I was showing, though, just in case you wanted to test that is that part of it right there, into that comma down there. I know, it's probably hard for you guys to see. But if you were to eliminate that section right there, and then try to validate the code once the rest of the code was fleshed out, it's, I'm assuming it would validate but it might require the geo Latin long, I've never tried to omit that intentionally. But you could try it and see if it validate, but I agree with Marco 100%. There's, in my opinion, there's really no need to do that. I don't know why you would want to do that when actually you could just use Is the the specific that coordinates for where the business actually resides where the physical location is. And then through your content, your silo structure and everything else you can tell Google what your service areas and that's, that's what my Tree Service case study that I'm doing in the mastermind is going to be demonstrating is how through just blog posting through silo structure which simple silo structure not even complex silo structure and just blog posting, and then theme mirroring and interlinking correctly, that we can get significant results for a very large service area even with only one GMB if needed. I've got multiple GM B's but we're expand for this particular project. We're expanding south in Virginia, from where the central location is and all of the southern areas are going to be strictly organic rankings. All of the northern areas have already GMP s. So that's how we're going to kind of set separate the two Two different tests on one site for one brand. Some are going to have GM B's the rest, all the southern locations are going to be strictly organic. And and I'm going to be demonstrating that in there. So I agree with Marco. I don't know why you'd want to trick the bot when you could just expand your area. So, okay. All right. That was a good question though. Troy says, Hey, same goes with GMB images. geotag. Can general bigger nearby cities be the default instead of the exact business address? city state? Yeah, well, that's, that's what we teach in local GMB Pro. Right. That's how you expand the centroid is you start to upload images that are geotagged for a larger service area. So that's, that's, that's exactly what we teach in local GMB Pro. So that's different than trying to tell Google through structured data, the latitude and longitude of where your business is, when it's not actually where your business is. That's that's a lot different when you're uploading images from a larger broader service area. So let's say your account takeover, right like In other words, its service area business. So again, comm Tree Service contractor residing in Culpepper. Their business physical location is in Culpepper, Virginia, which is where I am. And let's say they're they go to Fredericksburg, it's 45 miles east, and they do a job out there. They take photos of on that job from their phone. Geo Data is, you know, Latin long and the EXIF data is all part of the metadata of the image. They can upload it right there, from there, on the GMB app from their phone to the GMB profile, and that starts to tell Google Hey, their business might be located in Cole pepper, but their service area does go to Fredericksburg. And here's the images with the Geo Data to prove it. It takes time. It's not like you're going to upload a couple of photos and all of a sudden you're going to pop in adjacent cities in the maps pack. It takes consistent repeated effort, but you can do it Mark has proven that many many times. So, okay. We're almost done. Cool. Oh, it's five o'clock, right? Realize that that hour flew by. So Aaron says is Google once again posting reviews? I lost five reviews this last month. Does anyone know if Google will display those reviews? Are they last forever requiring reposting Thanks. No, you know, I don't know the answer to that. Except that I know what your mean, new reviews are not showing up. But I i because I left a review. A couple of reviews myself for other businesses that aren't are not showing, but I'm assuming that when they do when Google lifts this, whatever restriction that they will publish, but I don't know because I don't work for Google. Do you know the answer to that Marco?

I have no idea if they will republish the ones that you lost. I know that they're, like opening it back up slowly that there was a GMB email that went out. I don't know if you got that Bradley with it where they were mentioning that reviews were back and that they will be opening up other things. Slowly, I don't know. I don't know what they did. I don't know what they close and I don't know what's going to happen from that. They're,

yeah. Yeah, Your guess is as good as mine. So, Alright guys, it's five o'clock. Sorry if we didn't get to all the questions mom, it looks like we missed one of yours.

I'm so sorry about that guys, but we'll catch you all next week. Remember mastermind members. I have my webinar tomorrow. So we will see you guys there. Thanks for hanging out guys. Bye, everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 282

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 282 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the eighth of April 2020. And this is Episode 282. I actually can't remember this. Do you guys know if there's a word for like numbers that are the same backward as forwards? Because I know there's a word for it. But I just thought I'd get awkward right off the bat and get this. Get this out of the way. All right, nobody. All right. Well, let's keep rolling on. We got some good stuff for you coming out. We do have a few announcements. I'm gonna say hi to the guys real quick. So let's get started with that. I'm going to switch things up today. We'll start at the bottom of my screen. Chris, how you doing today? Doing good. Have you noticed quarantine humped is special?

It is I think everyone's a little loopy or this is definitely a little bit more energy good or bad. It's still to be decided. But yeah, I don't know. We'll see. How about you You used to arrive in there? Yeah, like you actually good. Like we got the curve. I think we have had like, I don't know like 250 cases or so.

As at least below 300 new cases a day so we on the good pass. They're already talking about like opening things up again and stuff so can't complain like I'm looking forward to.

Adam: Cool. Marco, how about you? How you doing today? It looks relatively sunny.

Marco: relatively. ah the West has decided that it's not going to show its face yet so we're still waiting unfortunately. You guys it's still warm and sunny in Costa Rica. I don't know about the rest of the world but at least here this is what I get every day. It'll turn soon you'll you guys will see you won't be able to hear me speak from from the sound of the rain hitting the the roof. Other than that, things are good. Still in quarantine. I don't mind can always find positives and in all the negatives I've been really productive. I know that putting out a whole bunch of software improving our WordPress plugin. It's available only to mastermind members who donate to Marco's charity. Other than that, things are great now. I'm not really a complainer. I only complain about Google giving people misinformation. That's when I get upset.

Adam: Fair enough. All right, not about you. It looks like it's already the dead of winter for you like you're gonna friend. It's

Yeah, it's a hoodie season starting the hoodie season. That means I get my ass get to freeze my ass for the next couple months. Other than that, man, it's good. It's good. We're healthy. We're good. We're safe. So this is good. So let's get that's cool. So I've been seeing you know, like everybody, you know, you click on someone's stuff, like, I know my mother-in-law, who maybe is watching have to hang out. She watches this sometimes. And she's clicked on her stuff. She's like, Adam, I see your ads all over the place. And I'm like, well, like take credit for that. But that's mostly her not but yeah. Yeah, I saw you were you were having a course about ads. Were or what are you running right now? I'm just so busy. Yeah, so basically, you know, like I'm trying to help so there's a couple things that I think that they're going to be like super in demand over the next couple of months.

This Stuff Works
One of them being SEO, you know, because a lot of businesses are pivoting from offline stuff to online stuff. So one of the things being SEO so you know, you're in the right place, if you're watching this and you want to repair another thing is going to be copywriting and other things is going to be email marketing, which is what you're doing. Another thing is going to be definitely media buying. I'd be trying to help as much people as possible and then yeah, creating a little bit of offline presence as well for the brand mostly because ads are so cheap right now. And it's a good opportunity to invest in building your brand. So that's basic definitely.

Well, that's awesome. I know no one's got training in Bradley's got local training especially. I mean, it applies beyond local but if you are part of 2xyouragency to 2xyouragency.com. You can get access. There is a limited offer or a one time offer if you join 2xyouragency to get some of that additional training at a Real Steal we made it really cool price for people took action and joined to 2xyouragency with that said since I've talked about them but haven't introduced them. How you doing today brother doing great man is to kind of back back up with Hernan said even Google ads are a lot cheaper right now. I set up a cold traffic campaign yesterday with for you for with the YouTube video. I'm running the test in the mastermind trying to rank a local landing page with nothing other than the SEO location shield, not even the full shield and then relevant traffic using Google ads. And that's it so no other SEO work done to it. And so I set up a cold traffic campaign with four YouTube ads yesterday and or I guess it was two days ago. And it's already you know, received close to 1000 views on a $5 per day budget in the view the average cost per view is two cents, which is crazy for cold traffic. Usually it's around somewhere around 18 to 20 cents ish in that neighborhood for these type of campaigns, and it's two cents. So that's incredibly inexpensive guys, I encourage you to do what Hernan said. And that is run some ads right now while it's cheap.

So if you're not good at ads, right, now's a really good time to start playing with them so that you can get better at them while they're very, very inexpensive. Yeah, to add to what Brad just said real quick is that there's there's two things. Number one for everyone that watches a YouTube video, you can build an audience, right? You can build an audience of people that watch a YouTube video, you can do the same with Facebook. So basically, what you're doing is you're building audiences at a discount right now, and have in mind that this is an elections here in the US, right? So and, you know, big companies and political parties, they have a budget, and they're going to spend it they're gonna spend it either in like 12 months, so they're gonna spend in six months, so November, September, October, November, December provided that you know, everything gets back to normal, we're good.

October, November is going to be like super, super like there's going there, there's, we're building, we're seeing how a lot of pressure like budget pressures being built, because a lot of people are not able to spend right now. So they're going to double the budgets in over the next six months. So this is the time to advertise. This is time to get good at it, because everything's so expensive. So I just I've seen cpms, which is what the network's charged us to advertise dropped by 50%. So that means that if we add our hundred dollars a day budget, that means that that doubled you know, as of now you're getting a $200 day budget. So it's pretty cool. I'm really excited about that. We're definitely you know, on the offensive when everyone else is kind of retreating or trying to you know, grab that market share. So recommend you do it too. Nice. Nice and we talked about to your agency a little bit nice definitely for people. In general, you can come in if you don't have clients, but we highly recommend if you have a client or you've had a client for you understand at least the basics that you can then take it and scale up from there. You know, if you want to get more clients who want to grow your revenue, scale your team, then 2xyouragency is the place to go. We are going to be having a webinar coming up, hopefully next week, if not by next week. It'll be out the week after that, for people who are more interested on Hey, how do I get this started? You know, there's a lot of hurdles. And I know that there's a lot of training out there, you know, that's like, Hey, you can come watch this webinar most tell you the one weird trick to you know, to getting clients like, Well, guess what, it's not one weird trick, we know that there's more than one hurdle for everybody. And we're going to cover a lot of this, the common issues, as well as some other ones that come up, especially in our industry and digital marketing. To help you get started, whether you want to have an agency or you just want to start consulting, maybe you know, you've realized, hey, maybe I need to do this on the side, or you're kind of dipping your toes in as you're starting to transition away or you want to transition away from a job. So that will be coming out soon. We'll definitely let everybody know about that. In the meantime, of course if you want to get step by step processes, with everything for new websites age domains YouTube channels so much more you can check out the Battle Plan and battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And for all of your done for you services whether it's syndication networks link building press releases our west drives tax everything else head over to mg y b.co. That's it guys. I think that's about it unless we got last minute announcements looks like we got a ton of questions today. Yeah, I imagine is because everybody's home with little to do but think about, you know what they can ask you. So that's good, though. That's what that's what these are for. So yeah, let's go ahead and get into it, guys. I'm gonna get one. One last thing.

Actually, seriously, everybody here like who has little to do with us?

I'm sorry. Does anyone of us have little to do right now? got more to do right now to me, like literally like you're working like crazy. Yep. Yeah. There's no you know, like that, like

Hernan said last week I guess he was I've been preparing for this my entire life.

This Stuff Works
Alright, let's get into this guys and forgive the hump day hangouts means that we got going on over here anyways.

What Is The Best Way To Syndicate Main Target Pages Through The IFTTT Network?

All right starting with Justin. What's the best way to get our main target pages syndicating through our IFTTT network since the RSS feed only triggers or feed trigger only has posts? A WordPress plugin? Yeah, there's one called RSS includes pages. I haven't used that plugin in a long time, though. But yeah, you can check it out and see, I don't know. I don't know if it's still there it is right there.

So RSS includes pages. It was just updated a month ago. So it's probably it probably still works. I haven't tested it in a long time, but that's how I used to use it. And look, there's a pro version for 10 bucks. By the way, this is the same developer as the republish old posts, right, which I've talked about that a lot. Let me pull that one up too.

Because that's the same developer. I just noticed that and what's cool about these is, and the reason I'm telling you about both about this one to republish old posts because you can use this to automate republishing stuff that's already been published on your on your site. So if you're using the RSS includes pages plugin, I'm sure it integrates with this so that you can also republish old pages in the pages RSS feed, if that makes sense. You see what I'm saying. So if you connect already public like an RSS feed with already published post to a network, it's not going to syndicate to that network, it only will syndicate for new posts detected in that feed. So the same would go for an RSS include or a pages feed and RSS pages feed right. So if you connect the install the RSS includes pages plug in and then connected to your syndication network. It's just it's not going to automatically syndicate all your pages. It's not it doesn't work like that. So that's why I would also install this one republish old posts, because then you can set parameters as to, you know how often you want them to republish like so for example, you could have something republish every six months, or just once or whatever the case is. And what's cool about the republish Old Post plugin guys is they've got a pro version, it's less than $10. And it looks like which is worth it because it gives you a hell of a lot more functionality, by the way, for less than 10 bucks. And the same thing it looks like for RSS includes pages, same thing, they've got a pro version. So I would check that out, if that's something that you want to do.

And that makes sense for older sites, maybe if you didn't, weren't thinking about syndicating when you were building the site, that kind of stuff then it makes sense to maybe do something like that. He has no post. That's the whole point behind this because I remember this from dealing with this in Facebook. He has no posts or he has pages and he wants to syndicate pages. But how many pages does he have to syndicate? Is it even worth the time to go through all that to syndicate? I don't know, four or five pages, if you have hundreds of pages, where you're going to silo and support categories, and with other pages and all of that? I then totally but I don't see what if you have a five or 10 page website, how much that's going to help because no point behind the syndication network is to publish content on a regular basis.


But you know, it's something that he could do going forward is published posts on a regular basis to that site. But in the meantime, syndicate existing pages if, if that's what you desire to do, Justin, so check it out.

Do You Only Need To Add The Money Site URL On The First PR?

Nathan's up, he says in Local PR Pro, you suggest including a link to money site URL, either brand anchor or naked URL? Do you only link to money site URL on the first PR then after that you don't link to money site anymore? I can't imagine it's helpful to link to the same money site. You're on every PR Yeah.

Why I don't remember ever saying link to the same money site URL, the same site URL, I said link to the money site, which if you're publishing content on a regular basis, why not link to new content? Right? Isn't that an excuse to publish a press release when you publish a blog post, you could use publish a press release, announcing are highlighting showcasing the blog post. Right and that's exactly what I talked about in the update webinar. Which again, you can find it on the at the MG y v.co. Store. If you click on webinars, you can go to our YouTube channel, you can search for PR press release SEO or PR silo stacking, whatever, you'll see that update webinar that we just did a few months ago. And it talks about using it was the update for local PR pro but we made it public which was for press release stacking. We do it in silo format now. And the way that I do it is the same like all my bloggers handle it now but what they do as they publish a blog post, then they publish a corresponding GMB post that links to the blog post, right. And it's basically promoting the blog post, then they publish a press release that is promoting the blog post either by linking directly to the blog post or linking to the GMB post and then linking to the previous press release in the same silo. And then linking to if we want, we link to any other branded tier one entity URL, if that makes sense. So again, it's not linking to the same money site URL. It's linking to the money site, but it's linking to different blog posts or it could be different landing pages, anything at all. I didn't say link to the same page. I said link to the same money site. So there you go.


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How Do You Make A GMB Page Visible From Page 3 To Page 1?

Okay, moving on. DC SEO says Hi Guys, can you tell me exactly what I need from you to give me my site to push it needs to make it to take it from top of page three to page one. It's four local service and I'm looking to dominate my local market. I was looking at the shield is that right? Same question for my GMB page which you recommend to make it more visible. Yeah, the SEO power shield set which includes the syndication network, drive stack, g site, and Id page, impressive Vantage organization page, everything gets all tied together. And then from there, it's just a matter of link building embeds and link building to your tier one entity assets which include basically your SEO shield, but you want to include all your GMB assets in that as well which when you order the SEO power shield. There's an entire section for all your GMB info.

So that's basically it and then you know, publish content regularly and consistently both to the money site if you have a blog and to the GMB which is exactly what I just talked about my bloggers. Kill three birds with one stone one blog post, creates a blog post GMB and a press release, so GMB posts in a press release.

So all three of those get done with one blog post, they draft, one blog post and in from there, they create the GMB post with just a snippet from the blog post, then they go into, well, I have my impressive Vantage account, but if you if they were ordering through mg y b, it'd be the same thing. They go to MGYB and order a press release, and just link put, put in the order description, please write a press release to promote this blog post and then put a link to the blog post. And that's primarily it if and then from there, it gets the you know, the press release riders takeover. So it's very easy to do that way.

And that's an irrelevant traffic to but on a purely SEO basis, just the SEO power shield and then publishing content consistently, regularly is what I should say and then link building and embed gigs to your SEO shield your entity assets, which includes your GMB stuff. Comments, guys, I would add to that make sure that the structured data is right. And that the homepage is right. Yeah, and that your entity is not ambiguous.

This will help all of that as well. That's a good question. Oh, excuse me.

Would It Be Okay To Syndicate The Same Blog Content To GMB Then Back To IFTTT Via GMB To Zapier?

Fitz is up. What's up, Fitz? He says Good day, gents. Thanks for this platform where you give real world actual answers if you syndicate your blog through IFTTT then send a snippet of the same blog through your GMB. Then back to IFTTT via GMB to zap to Zapier is that bad idea? Would you recommend to write city pages?

Thanks and Marco's charity link please. Okay, so Marco, he wants to charity link again.

It's already on the page. Okay. And then back to IFTTT via GMB to Zapier is that bad idea? Well, not necessarily. I mean, you know, here's the thing, my curators, my bloggers curate blog posts on the money site. So they're curated posts. Well, GMB posts have a 1500 character limit, unless that's been lifted recently, which I'm not sure if it has or hasn't. But that means, you know, typically for blog for GMB posts, my my bloggers would just grab a snippet of, you know, like the opening paragraph, for example from the curated blog posts that they're going to create a GMB post from. They'll use the same featured image which if you're going to be creating GMB posts, you might want to have a different image because otherwise the same featured image gets posted. You will see that that's very apparent when you look at it. You'll see you know, two posts with the same image on the web 2.0 sites. But yeah, the post itself isn't an exact duplicate on GMB as it was on the blog post because of the the character limit restrictions. Right. So it's really like a snippet in the GMB post that just says, you know, here's the idea of the post, read more and it links to the blog post, right. So in that respect, it's still unique, and if you use a different image in the GMB post than you do as the featured images and blog posts, then it It shouldn't be any problem. That would be my recommendation.


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Who Would You Recommend To Write City Pages?

Who would you recommend to write city pages? Well, I mean, I don't write city pages anymore. I do everything through blog posts now, because of the way that I do locations based silos, which I can't talk about here. But I use tags to create location based silos, not your typical or traditional category, silo structure, category posts, silo structure, I do everything with tags now for location. And so those become posts. So all location pages now are actually posts and they're just curated posts. My VA just curates just like she does any other blog posts, but they're optimized for specific location plus a specific service.

So I don't recommend anybody for writing city pages other than just find a good writer and you should have a good writer on your team fits for as long as you've been doing this and coming here and asking questions. So I would just find a good writer.

By the way, just so you guys know this is a source that I've been using recently for some articles outside of curated stuff. It's called crowd content com. They've got a really good platform. A little bit pricier, but I found the articles from here are so much better. In fact, I'm not going to give you my writers name in here, but I hooked up with a guy in here that I send all of my articles to now directly to this guy. Because he's really really good. For example, when I'm writing, getting in depth articles written for landing pages, so top of silo stuff, I'm getting between 1500 and 2000 word articles now, for top of silo stuff, and I'm paying 12 cents per word. So you know, 240 bucks for a 2000 word article, but it becomes, you know, the top of the silo which is the most important thing and so I think it's worth it. So they and again, that's, he's, he's considered an excellent writer or whatever, inside there. There are different levels and things But anyways, check it out and they've got some automation.

Like you can you can actually you know, hire a writer to write a blog post a week or something like that and there's a, it connects to WordPress, all kinds of stuff. It's a really cool system, Crowd Content. Check it out. Anybody want to comment on that?


How Do You Get A Knowledge Panel For A Real Estate Business?

All right. Um, Omar, thank you for the value to provide on Hump Day Hangouts. My question is What did Bradley do to get a knowledge panel for keyword related to his real estate business? I strengthen the entity, structured data, SEO shield. And then I ran relevant traffic to my entity, right to my basically to the landing page or any of my entity assets. That's all I did. 100%. I swear, that is all I've done. And you can do the same thing in pretty much any industry if you strengthen the entity enough, and then run enough relevant traffic to it. It was that's what remember no, Marco can explain his way better than I can. But that's what the original RYS drive stack is for. It's about creating that brand association with your primary keyword. That's what we do when you buy drive stacks from us. Like an SEO power shield for example, it's for us to create that keyword association with for your primary keyword with the brand. Then if you want to theme mirror and silo your drive stack, then that's where like the location shield would come in because that would be for like individual locations or you could mirror folders inside and then like, you know, create the silo structure mirror the silo structure do you have on your site, but the primary drive stack is to create that association between the brand name and the keywords. So that's step one.

And then step two is relevant traffic that engages with the entity. So what what does that mean? It means land on the page and interact with the site or complete the conversion goal, which in my case for the real estate business is people either clicking the tap to call button, which is registered through Tag Manager and Google Analytics and Google conversion tracking. So Google is aware of the conversion goal being completed or completing the property assessment worksheet, which is basically a contact form and submitting that. And all of those things are really strong signals that will cause that brand Association for the primary keyword. Marco take over please. Yeah, I mean on a knowledge panel is drawn from from several different things.

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Google goes out and tries to find anything you can about you. You being your let's call it your entity, your whatever it is that you're doing on the web, your thing on the web, so Google will go out and pull all of the information that I can from all of these different sources. There's some that are more important than others. And getting all of this information together is also really important. Getting all getting these mentions, which is what we do. I mean, we do it through our T1 branded, where we're in the more important web 2.0 and social media platforms that there are. So there we associated through our through our structured data. We feed the bot the information, we loop the bot and organizational information then we reinforce the information with something like Press Advantage and that media center where all the organization information is there. And that Google starts recognizing the trust and the authority and all of the relations. Above all, of course, it's a semantic web, all of the semantic relationships that you've created for your thing on the web. So it's not just about Wikipedia, although you could do it with just Wikipedia, but it's very difficult. Alright, so I call it like this. It's almost impossible for Joe to get into Wikipedia, because there's nothing to back up joe the plumber. But Larry, the cable guy can get into Wikipedia. Because you and I were talking about comedian, actor, the guy who wrote those stupid Christmas songs? All this stuff coming together is what creates this not as panel. So yeah, branded searches will, of course, influence all of this, but get giving Google as much information as possible about your entity is what actually brings us all together. So you can have a knowledge panel about your thing. You're trying to become the best answer for the entity. For example, with Bradley, it's in the sell or buy land or in real estate. So he's looking to become the best entity in that niche. And one of those stages you pull up a knowledge panel when you do enough of it.

Yeah, that's it. And so I just pulled this up just to show it And guys, that's what I'm saying. Like if we actually go take a look at the actual brand search, you'll see. I mean, I'm not hiding anything here guys. I've been real open about this project with you guys since day one, especially in the mastermind, but even in publicly, which I don't typically do, and you can see like, I'm not building citations at all, not structured citations, like, I've done a few press releases. But all that has ever been done is what you can see through the brand search, you can see what's been built. And then like I said, it's a single page landing page, but I have structured data, right with the same as attributes, very The, the most powerful of them, which by the way, guys get something really, really powerful. If you don't already right there. crunchbase One of the things that because crunchbase feeds the Semantic Web, like it's a semantic database, right?

So my point is crunchbase is one of the most powerful citations you can possibly have for the Semantic Web. So get on crunchbase and create a profile for your corporation or organization or whatever. And then fill it out as much as possible. And as you can see, you can put website like your social media, you can actually scroll down and take a look at you can add basically, like, for example, press releases down here. So you can see that this is just one I can go, I shouldn't have a VA going in here and adding press releases as they're published. But this one's about a year old. And it's still in there. So my point is crunchbase is one of the most powerful citations that you can possibly create. And it's going to really help. I'm not I'm not saying it's going to make a knowledge panel pop, but it's one of the things that can do that, right, that can that can cause that. And so that's that. And you can see how powerful it is for my entity because with a brand search, it shows up as number four, just below the main entity website, right? So the the primary domain, Facebook sites, Google, the Google site, right, which is the drive stack, and then the crunchbase. So you can see how powerful that is for Google to put that in number four position, right? And so that's all I did. And again, if you just take a look at the page source for alpha land, real alpha land Realty, you can see these are the most powerful same as links for my entity. Which is why I included them and that ended up causing my knowledge panel to be associated with my primary keywords sell land fast Virginia there. There's my brand name for sell land fast Virginia, it's also showing and related searches. So it makes sense. So can you do a quick brand search for land solutions network because I think that's starting to pop up knowledge panel also is one of the things that I need to update.

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Boom. Look at that. Sweet side google.com

Yeah, that's right. That one was strictly done. And you guys know because I've also been very transparent about this to press releases. It took the pop that knowledge panel. This is just there you're you're actually above me for the general term now. So land fast look, I think don't work that doesn't work. Drive stacks, don't work.

Google could catch on at any minute. So I did it. I did it differently than you did, because I haven't run any brands or any ads for branding right now I've done it. People know if you've been in the charity webinars that you know exactly how this was done, if you've been keeping up with with the updates that I've been giving people in Facebook and the different groups, I've been doing live streaming, I'll go on later this afternoon, because this is what this is one of the things that I wanted to update is, yeah, I mean, it just goes to show that there's different ways to do this.

There isn't just 111 certain way, there's different ways that you can get the same results. But I'll tell you, the key in all of this is that structured data and getting that @ID page, looping the bot, and I think I even included a link in one of the press release to the s3 page if I'm not mistaken.

And I'm mapping my domains for the most part, through Amazon through CloudFlare. So that I use a subdomain for my primary domain for my ID page. It's not necessary, but I like to do that too.

I didn't do that my mind stayed in s3. And then in the G site when embedded into decided different ways, man, it's different ways. But they work. It's basically the same concept. It's branding, guys, brands. I've been saying this for years, and people are just not catching on. And they're like, you know, this is like, the next high level. We've been telling you for years to do this because it's the semantic but it's only logical for this to happen brand plus keyword location, brand plus location, plus keyword association. We've been telling you this since seems like forever, and people are just now catching on if you had paid attention from the beginning, how far ahead would you be on the competition? So get to it do this shit, right. And we're showing you live the kind of results that you can get. There you go.

How Do You Reduce The Impact Of Negative SEO On Your Website?

Big Billy's got several questions we don't typically allow that we do got a ton of questions. So we'll try to get through at least one or two of these and then we'll come back if we can. Billy says Hey guys, I'm getting some negative SEO to my ecomm stores, categories and product pages. Someone is doing really sloppy SEO intentionally to over optimize me and sending links from bad neighborhoods other than disavowing them. What else can I do? Or what services can I do? Or can I buy from you guys? That would enter reduce the effect it's having on my site? I was thinking to create a hub page with all the product page URLs, naked links and a Google Sheet and have Dadia embed that across his two daughters and in pummel, pummel it with the strongest linking packages thoughts?

Yeah, I mean, I'm gonna turn this one over to Marco entirely, but typically for like I've done that disavowing stuff, but I haven't done that in quite a while actually. And really, I would just strengthen the entity as much as possible with like an SEO power shield. And then yeah, just start, you know, slamming all of those entity assets to power them up as much as possible. So that will dilute or eliminate, like, the effect of the negative SEO. But Marco, you have more experience with this what what what do you suggest?

Marco: I never disavow the link in my life and nor do I plan to ever disavow link, I just do more of the good stuff to counteract the bad stuff. I mean, it's just a matter of getting the again, go back to brand. If your brand is strong, if you've done entity work correctly, all of this negative shit that people do will just turn into good shape.

This Stuff Works

We saw that DC plumber, we hit our own stuff with just stupid crazy links, porn, and all kinds of crap and it's still ranking number one to this day. And so you, moral of the story is if you have the seat we call it the SEO shield the SEO power shield for a reason we call it worry less SEO for a reason we call it entity based worry less SEO for a reason I mean all of this shit negative SEO and disavow man it that would drive me crazy trying to do all that and giving Google all of that information i don't i don't care for them to know all the action be disavow next is clearly an SEO working in the space. Why wait? Why else would you even know that you're getting negative SEO and that you have all of these crappy links coming at you get a whole bunch of really good links to dilute any of the negative or maybe turn the negative into a positive get that power shield in place get all of those good links flowing get that entity get that structured data right guys get this work? Go work on your straight to data. Go right click on semanticmastery.com and look at the source code, and look at look at the structured data work that we've done. Look at looking last solutions if you want. I told you that that's open to you guys to inspect, and and tear down in any way you want to do anything you want with it. I welcome it, because it's gonna help me. And anything that you tried, I don't worry about it. I just don't see why we haven't worried about an update and how long five five will always knock on me five years. Yep. To the release of our waiting. Yeah, of course, knock on wood because Google can change things at any time. I'm not expecting it right now. But at some point, at some point, but I'll worry about that. When that time comes not right now.

Can You Embed A Knowledge Graph?

So the next question also technical question on embeds the Knowledge Graph. Can that be embedded to make it stronger? I don't know. I've never tried to embed a knowledge graph. I don't know that you can Marco do you know if you can the knowledge. I know that you cannot embed the knowledge panel. The panel that's what I meant. Yeah. No. So there is this though. Okay, so you see right here, like my company, big bamboo marketing as well as me personally, because years ago when we still had access to what was it called Freebase. Freebase was a semantic web entity, or excuse me, semantic database that we used to be able to add details to add entities to.

But they Google bought it, and they stopped allowing. So this is an actual knowledge panel or for an entity, a semantic entity. Right? Does that make sense? It looks different. So for example, big bamboo marketing. If you see underneath my normal knowledge panel, you see this right here, which would be considered an entity panel, I guess. I don't know what the actual name of it is. But if we click through to that, you'll see that it creates this different kind of search. It's still the same search phrase, but it's got this and I don't know why it's only got one profile in there because on me personally, you can see, it's got all of my profiles. But this, if you click the Share button, let's go back to the company instead of a personal, we click the Share button, it gives you this, this URL here. And that right? There is something that if we were to go look at it in where it goes.

For example, you'll see that that's a 302. So it's not a great URL. But if you take the final version of it, see if where it goes is working today, there it is. So it's a 302 redirect to a meta refresh to this final target URL here. So if I copy that, and I go view that, again, that's just going to bring up that same searches before. But my point is, is that these types of URLs right here are what I would consider, you know, entity type targets, if that makes sense because that's what MREID. That's what those are. These right here are called MREIDs, which is machine readable entity IDs. That make sense. But for like alpha land Realty. On the other hand, that I don't have an actual semantic entity. And for that, if that makes sense. So it's a little bit different. Now I've done some link built. So you can see it doesn't have that separate box down here. That because it doesn't have an MREID machine readable entity ID, the older stuff that I was able to add as a semantic entity into the Freebase at the time, you know, they do have them. So you can do some pretty cool things with those, for example, you can build links to this. You could also drive traffic to it, which can also help to cause that knowledge panel association with the keyword. So there's different things that you can do with that if that's available, but for your standard knowledge panel, if it doesn't have that entity Id also, then I don't know that you can do anything with that other than what Marco just said. So I just thought I'd share that little lesson there because they are different. When you look at these, this type of thing that has that little Share button right there. That means it has a semantic entity or it is a semantic entity. Does that make sense?

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Okay, anyways, moving on the last part of this and I'm just gonna glance over this really quickly, we'll come back to this if we have time belly, but for your G sites, mirror, take your G site and just iframe in your e commerce site pages so that people can still buy directly from the G site. That's what I would suggest. But I'm going to keep moving guys because we've already answered two questions for him. We'll come back if we can that belly.

Does The Backlinks And Press Release Packages Order In MGYB Have To Be In English?

Next is number one. Does the backlinks and press release package order have to be in English? Yes. Correct me if I'm wrong. So these Definitely, yeah. Can someone give you non English keywords for those packages? No, because all the content is in English. Yeah. For the for the link building. I don't know. Dadea. We'd have to talk to. But we can't do one of those right? Not one. It's one of a kind. And so it wouldn't make sense. Yeah. Yeah, I agree.

How Do You Build Links Exponentially Rather Than Liniary?

Number two is how do you how do you build links exponentially rather than linearly? That's hard to say. So I imagine it's also hard to spell but linearly. So yeah. How do you build things exponentially instead of in a linear fashion? Right, that's something I'm giving away for free. Now, that has to do with iframes, right? No. Yeah. Not not. Not necessarily. That could that could be one. There's other ways, but I'm not sharing it. Free. Yeah. And I certainly wouldn't share the technique either. But think of an ID page with the iframe stacking. That's kind of an exponential link building method. Right. That's one of them.

Yeah, well, the iframe, the iframe is what it doesn't have. It has a similar, but it's not the same. Yeah, but it's not the same.

What Exactly Is Going Inside The Backlinks Packages In MGYB?

What  exactly as going inside the backlinks packages. Well, if you buy contextual web to their contextual web 2.0s, if you buy GSA, then it's all the different link types that GSA can provide. So we do contextual web 2.0 is what we recommend for tier one and tier two links. So when I say tier one link building, that's actually tier two links, because it's building links to your tier one. Right? So it's the first tier of link building like spam links to your tier one entity assets. So in all reality is second tier links, but it's the first tier of link building. Anyways, that said, we recommend on for the first tier and second tier of link building, you do contextual web 2.0s. That's per Dadea's recommendations and all the testing that we've done over the years, and then we you can back it up with a third tier of GSA or a fourth tier, as many as you want. And GSA is going to include whatever link targets are in GSA, okay?

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Does Having The SEO Shield Mean That Guest Blogging And Other Hard Backlinks Methods Become Ineffective?

Just for clearing, guest blogging and other hard backlink methods basically dead by using the shield, no more money site links? Yeah, I mean, it's unnecessary, you don't need to, um, you know, guest post guest blogging and stuff like that can, if it's done correctly can be extremely powerful and generate relevant traffic from a, you know, relevant audience that could be interested in your product or service. So I'm not saying don't do it, you know, if that's part of your overall strategy for drive driving traffic and lead generation and sales and that kind of stuff, but it's not necessary, right? It's not something that you have to do because we've proven over and over and over again, that we can get results using the SEO shield and spam links and just in content marketing, right. You know, that's about it.

So there are so many target URLs within the SU your parachute that you'd have to do that to the money site, you can actually do a guest posting and you and put a push a link to your GMB posts to a GMB post the GMB website to the drive stack to an inner page on the G site which they all connect to the money site, but you're not hitting it directly. That's why we moved like one tear out to leave the money site alone Erica, like links on its own and natural and then then the rest will come from the power in the SEO power shield and everything associated with the SEO portion. Right. So there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not saying whether worse than that, like I don't get blocked. And I don't use other hard but what he's calling hard backlinking methods. I just don't because I don't need to. If I ever needed to I'd probably go and test it out.

A heavy hitter in the membership site is ready. We're getting everything together to go live that project. And that's one of the things that we probably test in the heavy hitter club to see how much more we can get. But wait, like when you got enough to go to number one? I mean, how much better number one can you get when you're already in number one? Yeah, right. Except for the fact that like I said, guest blog or you know, guest posts done correctly. On the right sites for the right audience can generate a shit ton of relevant traffic and generate leads and or sales to if it's done correctly. The problem is a lot of there's a lot of SEO services out there that will sell guest posts strictly for the SEO like the backlink. And that's, in my opinion, that's useless. I mean, because of the methods that we have developed that work just fine. I'm not you know, again, to each their own. I'm not saying don't you know, somebody else if that's your strategy, so be it. For our strategy. It doesn't make sense to build guest post links just for the link itself and let but for the traffic and exposure and relevant audience, potentially leads and sales, then it does make sense to do that. If you can do so, by the way, so who can do that well? I've only found one service that is really good at that I've used which is Loganix. And we've talked about them in the past but Loganix, go to semanticmastery.com/loganix, and it will take you to their site. And they've got a really good service for that now. In fact, the owner of Loganix, Adam Steele has created a really good service around that, in fact, it's one of their best services now, take a look at it. They have the link building right here and they've got some really good traffic to sites there. It's expensive, but it's worth it. It's worth it if that's part of your overall strategy. So I just I would suggest them if you're going to look for that kind of stuff.

Okay, but again, you don't need if you got the SEO shield. You can throw spam links at it all day long.

What Is The Best MGYB Done For You Package For Podcasts?

All right, Nigel's up he says what's up now Joey says Hope you guys are your families are all doing well blessings and thanks. You're welcome. What is the best done for you package specifically for podcasts? And in your opinion and what are the three must do things for podcast specifically? Okay, so I'm not sure which, like you're talking about for getting on podcasts or for promoting your own podcast? I don't really know. I'm gonna answer one thing that I first of all, maybe you can clarify it.

This Stuff Works
But as far as talking about how to promote a podcast, Bradley, that's the way I would read it. That's how you read it. Okay. Yeah. Okay, well, then, I'll just point this out for anybody else's benefit very quickly. But interview valet is a company that we used. It's a concierge service to get booked like so in other words, they we hired them to pitch Semantic well pitch me representing Semantic Mastery and MGB to a bunch of money. Podcasts that have relevant audiences. And super powerful guys, you can drive drive a lot of traffic, you know, relevant traffic generate leads and everything using this. It's a great, great service had a really good experience with them. So I would point that out for those of you that are looking to get exposure on other people's podcasts, we'll talk about that and to extra agency and we talked about it a lot of kofu live. So I would I would check that out. But as far as promoting that, I don't know because I don't have a podcast. What do you guys think, though on Marco? So yeah, there's there's a couple of options here.

So the first one is, the first one is pretty easy, you would treat a pocket so let's say that you have a podcast and you're uploading that to something like Lipson or something similar like SoundCloud, which are you know, the podcast hosting services and then they will have first of those will have an RSS feed right. And live Lipson when they're posting because Lipson will syndicate to iTunes, to stitcher to a bunch of other places. And those are live links back to your website. Right? That is number one, but also number two. Lipson has a WordPress plugin that will allow you to automatically publish your podcast episodes in your website. So if you think about it, you have the RSS feed from Lipson and you also have the RSS feed from your website, you can definitely do the SEO shield make sure that each podcast episode, both the description and the title of the podcast are keyword rich, so that you can actually get ranked so you can you will treat each podcast episode a as a blog post, you would interlink them, you will do whatever you have to do, you know, proper SEO.

There's even schema markup for podcasts. So you would have either a website or a category on your own website that you can have those podcast episodes posted every time you upload a podcast episode. It will you know, post get posted on your website, we'll get syndicated out, you can burn through Feedburner your Lipson feed. And then you know, the rest is game over like you would use the exact same methodology that you would with a regular blog post. Because at that point, the podcast and the podcast, the podcast description, and even if you want the transcription of the podcasts they become, they become blog posts on your website. So you can get your podcast pages ranked on Google and that will also increase as because the podcast also becomes an entity that will become the that will increase the entity validation on iTunes, Stitcher and everything, you know everything else. So yeah, and don't forget your remarketing tags on those pages so that you can remark the shit out of them. Oh, yeah, yeah. 100% 100%. So anybody else have any suggestions for that?

Do You Have Niche-Specific Link Building Packages?

Okay, the next question is also Do you guys have any packages that are more specifically niche like IE packages for real estate, plumbers, podcasts, etc. I'm getting a lot of requests for more specifically tailored solutions from prospects, anything you can offer beyond general SEO power shield solution or Is that it? Well, that's it because you create all the relevancy through the keywords and the you know, the entity links that you're adding into SEO power shield. So that's, I mean, it doesn't, it doesn't make sense that we create from scratch, an SEO Power Shield, which includes the drive stack, and G site and everything based upon the niche that you provide and the keywords, right, and they'll go out, we go out and find relevant images, add the images, find relevant content, add the content. So we create a unique, niche specific drive stack, or SEO power shield for each and every order that submitted. So when you say Do we have any more special specifically niche, like every drive stack we build is specifically niche like to that specific customers order. Does that make sense? So there's no there's no reason to create templated products because every product that we created for the SEO shoot is 100% niche specific to that particular project that particular entity or corporation or organization, whatever you want to call it on that niche specific but also brand location and keyword specific. And we we get we get that. So every Yeah, every one is different. There's nothing that needs to be done at that level.

And yeah, Rob just, uh, just jumped into the tenant that we need to do some more SEO partial education for people. Yes, we absolutely do. We need to tell people what it actually is what it does people think is something general because we call that SEO power shield, but it works on any net it works at any level. It works local. It works for and that's why that's why I took on the national correct in sell amp as you were doing local. So why do another local I took on the national that's why we went with Deadia and did the e commerce case study that we're only sharing and a mastermind and that's done for a reason, because we don't want anyone spamming a client that's making millions. Okay? I mean, it's really that simple. We need to protect that client's asset. But the guy is making millions on this. We're not going pennies. We're talking an e commerce website that draws millions per month, and it's still doing so right now. Right as we speak, during the crisis, there's some and selling and selling and selling and they have not slow down. So let's think about that. Think about the power that's there for anything and I said it before but yeah, I guess we need more education on this. Anything that you take on on the web, whatever project it is, whether you want to do a YouTube video, whatever it is that you want to do, throw a power shield around that sucker and away you go. That's when the fun really starts.

You go and then he says, Thanks so much, guys. Stay safe. Thank you, Nigel. Appreciate that.

This Stuff Works
For those of us who already have the brand and gamers you're missing one that after Nigel. Yeah, I have. I'm sorry, I didn't miss that one. Thank you.

How Does The SEO Juice Pass To The Money Site From The SEO Shield?

Ed says most of the examples shown in your videos don't end up pointing to a money site DC plumber is a G site. That's because the G site is the money site for that project. Land solutions is a Click Funnels page and G Suite is ranking notice last solutions is WordPress. Yes. I'm still failing understand that juice is ultimately passed to the money site since we won't be linking the products and categories directly from the stack yet you Yes, you can. This question is you are misinformed. So why don't we start with this one?

Is it the ID the page of solves this? So you know, I don't understand where the confusion is other than maybe some of the public stuff that we've shared because we're certainly not sharing all of our private campaigns, but the ones that we do share, they have different scenarios. And we did that intentionally because there's always going to be different scenarios with different projects, right. So some projects don't have a money site, they might just be using the G site as the money site. Other projects might just use the GMB website. Right. So the Google My Business website as the primary money site, but then the G site often will take over as well, and in the drive stack, but for any sort of project whatsoever, whether it's a single page landing, Click Funnels landing page, which can become a money site, like alpha land Realty, for example. That's a single page, click font.

Well, it's got a thank you page, but it's a it's a clickfunnels landing page. That's the money site. So I've got the drive stack and the G site and everything links back to the money site, which is just a Click Funnels landing page. So I think your terminology, maybe you might be confusing your terminology because a money site can be whatever you make it it doesn't have to be a self hosted WordPress site to be a money site. So it makes sense. Yeah.

Yeah, let me just add before you go on that juice is passed from the SEO power shield. To the money site. That's, that's where our linking is done. Because there's so much trust and authority in that power shield that whatever link building we do to it, it becomes, you know, we call it a link, lumbering machine, it launders the link, so that power only power, good power is transferred over to the money site, instead of instead of garbage that can get you a hit in some kind of way where it's algorithmic in nature, you don't want that. And we try to avoid that at all cost. That's why we do it this way. So understanding how juice is transferred, is it's transferred through the power shield. The power shield has two purposes. It's to protect your site and to transfer clean power over to the money site. So I think that that's where the disconnect might be. Yeah. And so the idea is it says, you know, you don't link to your category pages and product pages. Yes, you can.

In fact, you can link to them from within the G site. And or embed the pages, which is what I do. A lot of times, I don't even have an actual physical link from like a traditional HTML link from a G site page to the corresponding page on the money site, I just have the money site embedded either a page or a post, right? So it's either page or post embedded in the G site. And a lot of times I don't even link directly from that in strategic places I do like top up silo pages on the G site will link over to the silo page on the money site. So the same thing for e commerce, right? I don't do e commerce, but it's the same sort of structure, right? It's still built the same. And so your category pages could be like top of silo pages, essentially. So why not embed that into the theme era g site page, you want to create a physical link to it, that's fine. I just like the embeds better, because I I try to silo my G sites. So I do internal linking and my G sites to match the type of entity

This Stuff Works
On a linking structure, I have all my money site, but I do everything from my money site is embeds in the G site, if that makes sense. So there's a number of ways to do it like that. But as far as like, that's how you're passing the juice, right? You're passing relevancy, you're passing authority, and your link laundering, right? You're cleaning any potential negative negatives through the the Google domains, the Google assets, so it makes sense. So anyways, we have we've been getting a lot of e commerce questions lately about how to apply this stuff to e commerce. So that is definitely something we just talked about this yesterday, my partners and I, during our corporate meeting, that is something we're going to do. In fact, Marco and Rob are going to be fleshing out more of the e commerce stuff that Dadea has been doing to provide more training about how to apply to ecommerce, and we'll have a PDF available and all that kind of stuff, guys, so it's coming. Please be patient. Okay, that's a good question.

One last thing. It's no different. I mean that's why we don't go specifically into ecom. I've already said that the only difference is how you target whether it's target location, which would be that would then be local, or you don't target location, which would then be anything else. That's not local. And it's the exact thing, you take the top level category in your e commerce site widgets. And you move that to an once you get the SEO power shield delivered with the market level category, you put that on on an interface, and you create that intersect that only deals with widgets, not the brand, but the widget, because you've already created the branded site that the widget company has, when I went all the all of the keyword research and what all the actions everything that you did on the homepage, you do it on the inner page, except this is keyword specific, rather than brand plus keyword specific. You can start talking about the products you can start talking about just whatever it is that you have iside that widget, top market level category and even break it down into subcategories, and add other inner pages. So you start siloing that inner page, but it works. It doesn't work any different than it does for local. It requires a little bit more work than it would for local. But that's because you have probably more categories, more market level categories and subcategories that you need to target and silo that would be the only difference. But yeah, we're gonna do a little bit whatever we can reveal about Deadia we will. I'm not saying how much but we will.

Okay, guys, I'm going to answer Santiago's and Brian's really quickly and then we're going to wrap it up because it's five o'clock and I've got a real estate I got to go get some documents notarized for a closing that occurred today.

Is The Hyper Targeted, Geo Targeted Traffic Module In 2xYourAgency Be Available For Purchase?

So, I 40 $800 profit I'll take Santiago says For those of us who already have the branding courses, the hyper targeted geo targeted traffic module mentioned 2xyouragency available to purchase by itself. Yes, Santiago, just contact [email protected] mastery.com and ask, I know Adam said that that is available to purchase separately, but just contact support, we'll get you a link. It's a good course for driving local traffic like low targeted local traffic via YouTube, it's a really good course for that. And in fact, I've got a case study that I just set up I spent a day and a half setting it up this week, Monday and half of yesterday setting it up. But specifically, I've got a landing page, single page landing page, just like we were just talking about with Ed's question, single page landing page on a subdomain, it's a Click Funnels landing page on a subdomain and all and I bought a location shield, which doesn't include a syndication network. So it's the location shield, which is just an RYS stack and a Google site. And @id page, specifically optimized for that one landing page for one and then I'm driving nothing but traffic relevant traffic. That's it though. So all the SEO work I'm going to do to it and then I'm gonna drive relevant traffic to it from Google ads from YouTube and from cold traffic display ads and then remarketing once that accrues enough to start remarketing, and see if I can rank it with just that alone. And so I just set that up. I finished setting that up yesterday, the ads are running, my ads are approved. So right now I'm just tracking it and I'm going to be covering that in the mastermind. So come check it out.

What Are Your Thoughts On Having A Different RYS Stack For Every Money Page Or Silo?

Last question is Brian says what are your thoughts on multiple stacks per site say different RYS stack for every major every money page or silo thoughts on multiple ri stacks per site? Is there a point where it's too many too many become counterproductive? Yeah, it's unnecessary. You don't need to do that because you build the primary stack, right, the primary stack which is brand, plus primary keyword Association, and then you build everything else inside of that stack.

So for example, for every money page or silo, so essentially for every, every product or service, which should have its own silo, right? The each one of those would have its own folder inside the branded stack. And then inside that folder would be all of the different files that are optimized for that keyword set, whatever that silo is, right, it's going to have a keyword set that specifically for that silo, so all of the files inside of that keyword optimized folder, so it's essentially a silo folder are going to be optimized with those keywords, sets and all linking to any to the top of silo page, as well as any supporting pages or posts within that silo. So essentially, you're linking from everything in that folder is only going to be linking to pages or posts within that particular silo on the money site. So there's no reason to continue buying different drive stacks. You want to expand your existing drive stacks.

Which, within about a week or so, we're going to have that drive stack expansion available as an add on service in MGYB. Is that correct? Marco?

Yes. As soon as we add the expansion, the ability to add order expansions on the website that now depends on how long that takes. I don't know. It's coming soon. But yeah, it's, it's coming. We're already in beta. We are building with it. It's creating awesome, guys like it is creating our way. Right. Which has been it's been a pain. It's been about a year in the making, guys. It's not easy.

Yeah, it's a lot of work. Anyways, guys, I got to run. So thanks, everybody, for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Bye, everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 281

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 281 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Adam: All right, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 281. Today is April Fool's. But it's actually Episode 281. There's no joke. I guess I'll go with what do Wednesday's and Top Gun have in common? You're both in the danger zone with Hump Day Hangout!. That's the best I can do. And Yep. All right. Chris is expressing his love of my horrible jokes. So anyway, let's say hi to everybody real quick. And then we got some short announcements and we're gonna kick it off and get into your question. So I'll start with Chris since he loved my job so much. How you are doing?

Chris: Doing good here. How are you doing?

Adam: Not too bad. Yeah, things are getting a little interesting around here. They're kind of tightening up the going outside restrictions right as the sun starts shining, so but, you know, do what you got to do and keep moving forward kind of same in life in business. So anyway, I'm doing real

Chris: as long as you're allowed to go out with masks, you're fine.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. And luckily people have been not too crazy around here. So anyway, you know, just the new normal going on in the day-to-day. So Marco, how about yourself?

Marco: I'm good, man. Actually, the rainy season started although it doesn't look like it does it, it's kind of cloudy today we had a few raindrops not much, but just enough to know that in the next couple of weeks at this time especially, you're not going to be able to hear me talk probably from from from the noise of the rain falling on the roof or so. So it'll be fun.

Adam: And I mean, this is we always get in these weird little weather discussions at the Hump Day Hangouts, but is that kind of I'm used to places up in that are kind of tropical-like that is it like an afternoon type of thing where it showers pretty intensely, but then it kind of goes away?

Marco: Seven and a half months of that. But we will have periods especially during hurricane season, where it might rain three, four, five days straight. When my son was born in October of 2011, we had 11 days straight, where it did not stop bringing man. It was just horrible. But other than that, no, I mean, it's like this. it'll rain and then it'll go away and it'll be nice in the evening. So yeah, it's a nice change from just so much sun. Because too much sun isn't good for you.

Adam: That's good. You gotta you know, you gotta have both so you can appreciate the sunshine. Right, right. That's good. Oh, hey, Hernan, how are you doing? You're moving into? Let's see. wintertime rises. A cooling winter?

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we're Winner Winner right now. So we're moving into the cooler season, but it's good, man. It's good. Like that's good. Like honestly, I don't feel the quarantine and quarantine for 24/7 anyway so I've been preparing for this all my life for this moment, so nobody but life's good man now. We're safe. We got what we need to have and you know, the stores are you know full of stuff like you know we just went out to do some shopping we're good so you know everything's good.

Adam: Good deal and Bradley, How about yourself?

Bradley: I'm glad to be back here. Last week I was planning on being here but I took a week away to my favorite campground and trailhead where I ride ATVs and such on purpose to get away from this, you know, pandemic mess and everything. I thought was just good excuse to get away too. So I took it and I planned it from Monday through Sunday. And on Friday before I left to go the governor had issued in order to shut down you know, Visitor Center and such and so that's why I plan on working last week and it shut down. It was shut down for any like, other than, you know, employees. It was shut down. So I was unable to work. I had a very piss poor internet service that I was tethering through my phone, which was kind of spotty. Anyways, so I was unable to be here. And I apologize for that. But it looks like you guys all handled it for me. I had never had any doubt. But I appreciate you all taking care of that. And it was actually nice to unplug for the most part for the entire week other than, you know, a few emails on my phone. I literally unplugged for the entire week, which is very rare even on vacation, I usually bring my laptop and work a little bit you know, and this was almost an entire work-free week. And it was much much needed. I came back this week and had been working you know, with renewed enthusiasm, if that makes sense. And I think that's important for everybody to unplug.

So use this time, I think guys right now for in two ways, one, work on stuff that you've been putting off, and two take some time for relaxation, because I think that gets our creativity kind of flowing again. If that makes sense. If you're overwhelmed with work, like all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, that kind of thing. I think that kind of stifles our creativity. When I say creativity, you don't have to be in the creative. You know, like a graphic designer and stuff to be creative I'm talking about creative problem solving and things like that. I think we're better if we have some sort of a balance if that makes sense. And I think as entrepreneurs a lot of times we don't adhere to that advice we just work, work, work, work, work all the damn time. But I think when you can get away and you see the benefits that it can produce, it kind of makes you realize that it's something that you should probably work into your routine, you know what I mean?

Adam: Definitely, yeah, and I hundred percent agree with that, you know, whatever it is just kind of following either what's fun for you or if you got a side passion, and talking to other people just about what they do because man those ideas, you just start cross, you know, kind of interspersing it you can get those connections and you'll come up with ideas that you never would have otherwise.

Cool. Before we get into it, just wanted to say real quick. We've been updating some training Bradley just closed week 11 of 2xyouragency training and if you're an agency owner or you're a consultant, if you want to get more clients, if you want to grow your revenue if you want to scale your team if any of those things sound kind of remotely good to you and the things you want to do, then you should head over to 2xyouragency.com got the training almost completely wrapped up. But if you hop in, there's no drip, there's no waiting you get in, you get all the training right away. We know some people can really power through it and set aside the time other people you know, you might want to go on a weekly schedule, but whatever works for you, we got it there for you.

Bradley: If I can interject for a minute, I just added the, you know, the videos from today for week 11. We got one week left guys, it would be a special week next week too. I'm looking forward to it. But anyway, so when I added it to the list of all the other training videos for the course so far, we're at 77 videos. So I would recommend that you power through it but kind of on a weekly schedule so that you could. Because otherwise, you're going to be sitting around. Well, you've probably got the time now so there's a lot of damn training in there, guys, so don't let the price for you.

Adam: Yeah, I was gonna say to their you know, we've done an improvement that we've listened to people and we have the video training, but we also have the executive summaries that go with it because we know some people, you know, you may already feel up to speed on some area or you just need a quick reference after you've gone through it. Whatever it is that you need that for we built these in for each lesson so that you've got that. So very helpful material there. And if you're into more of the SEO side as for getting results instead of kind of building your agency, then you're going to want to grab the Battle Plan, whether it's, you know, working with new websites, age domains, YouTube channels, whatever it is, keyword research, all that sort of good stuff, head over to battle plan.semantic mastery.com and grab that.

Bradley: Ah, can we use the new one? No, but yeah, Carry on, carry on it.

Adam: We're gonna have some good updates coming, you guys. We'll be talking more about that in the future. In the meantime, head over to POFU Live head over to pofulive.com. We'll have some updates about POFU Live, but we're waiting on figuring out some alternatives to that just in case. You know, things ended up going on for a long time. And we'll tell you more about that in the future. But what I meant to say was head over to mgyb.co. Done for you services, syndication networks, RYS drive stacks, the SEO shield, link building, embeds, all sorts of good stuff. And if you haven't signed up at mgyb.co, yet head over there. You can opt-in or you can create your account there and subscribers definitely get access to some really good stuff. Not only do we have some free training available to you, but we also send out specials and some subscriber-only sales that go on from time to time over there.

Marco: For people who need proof. Yeah, people who need to see it. I mean, we just have to have it. I just went live for the second time. Monday was the first time showing the last solutions case study which we were which I was only sharing in the charity webinar series, but now you know, I'm getting such great results that I want to show people what's going on. I want to update the most. I want them to see as this goes on as this moves on how well this shit works. And as a matter of fact, go watch the video on Facebook, it's all of our groups. If you're a paid member, it's there. If you're a member of the free group, it's in there. And if you're not a member, then go in there join, it's free to join. And you can see the video and I've given people a 20% off coupon for the SEO shield, which is a month right? The SEO power shield is a must right now if you want to create your entity like right off the bat. Do you want to start off right you want the foundation to be like just spot on solid, as good as you can get it it's an SEO power shield, and you go from there because it incorporates everything that we teach in RYS.

Yeah, I'm thinking of our Battle Plan. Sorry. It incorporates everything in a Battle Plan up to when you're supposed to start the press releases and the link building. So the SEO Power Shield is the foundation to get then all that heavy push that lets you smack it in the ass and then it goes. It's incredible what happened.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Outstanding! Well, I think that's it on our end, guys. Anything else before we have any questions?

I don't think so. So we're good. Yeah, let's do this. Yep, do it.

Bradley: I feel like I missed out because I wasn't here last week. I was looking at some of the questions from last week. And I feel obligated that I have to answer them and I don't.

So anyway, alright, cool. So it looks like we're starting with Mohammed today. You guys are seeing my screen, right? Yep.

How To Strategize A Press Release For An Affiliate Site?

All right. What's up Mohammed? He says, Hey, guys, I'm trying to rank an affiliate site. I'm about to order a press release for it. The problem is I don't know how to approach a PR for something I don't own. Would it be weird if I ran a PR on behalf of this item only for it to lead to my site now? Because of that, in my opinion, no, not at all. Because I mean, that's natural for people to talk about products or services that they like, or, you know, like trust, whatever that they use to. It's an endorsement, basically. So that's, there's no problem with that at all, Mohammed.

And remember, you're not writing the press release, it's up to the press release writers to determine a news angle, not you. So all you got to do like literally, they're good at that. Like, that's why their press release writers, right? So all I would do is just submit a guideline, like say, Hey, this is the product I want to promote. Here's the page, put the link in the description when you order the press release, but the link into the page, and then tell them to go glean some information from that product page that they can use to write about and that's all you have to do. That's what I love about the press release writers is you don't have to give them very much for them to be able to write some sort of news angle to make it PR worthy and that's their job. So I wouldn't bang your head against the wall to try to come up with ideas for that. Let them do it. That's their job. Just give them the product, the page and ask them to write something that promotes that. And they'll handle that for you. Anybody else?

Nope. Okay.

What Should You Do When Certain Web Properties From Branded Networks Are Shut Down?

Looks like Bibi has got a bunch of questions. Okay, cool. Well, we didn't have a lot so we can run through them. Usually, if we had more, we would say don't do that. But you've been coming often. So that's perfectly fine. What happens when properties get shut down (mostly relevant to branded networks?). Should someone invest in building again? Should we change links in add to other social networks? Yeah, I mean, you know, if it's done correctly, and I don't know, maybe you were the one that was talking about doing a shit ton of blog posts, and they, you know or doing them too soon. And the WordPress was getting shut down. I vaguely remember a conversation like that a few weeks ago.

If you're having it happen often, there's something wrong. It could be with the content you're publishing. It could be too many outbound links could be the volume or frequency of publishing. But if you're having a bunch of sites terminated,  there's an issue because I've got and I was just telling Rob about it. I don't know about two weeks ago, I was looking at some old cliffs in you know, like, six, eight folders deep. So I didn't even know that they were there. And I found some old syndication networks that were built in 2012, a rack of them like seriously, like, I don't know, 20 some network syndication networks. And I started just out of curiosity, looking at the properties, and many of them are still active in life today, which is unbelievable to me that they've been around for eight freakin years. It's just insane. So the reason I'm telling you that is because they shouldn't be terminated unless there's a problem. So I would try to identify what the problem is first because otherwise, it's going to be an ongoing problem.

However, that said, once you've identified that problem and resolved it, then as far as what do you do with terminated properties? Yeah, I would just build new one or I would just buy a new network is what I would do. So you don't waste your time building them or hire a VA that you can train into rebuilding in, you know, individual web to dados that get terminated. That might be something that you want to have somebody in-house for if that's going to be an ongoing problem with you, but I would recommend first identifying what's causing that issue and resolving that before rebuilding, does that make sense? Anybody else got anything?

Marco: If you've done the work, right, which includes doing the same after doing the structured data, then it's totally worth going in and replacing that right replacing that WordPress is touching, Blogger sometimes or anything else, because then it's you played that as part of your entity. And I think that it should be replaced. But that's something very specific that you really need to take a look at to keep your entity as strong and really throughout. So that would be one caveat that I would put into this.

Bradley: Should we change links and add other social networks? Well, I don't know what you mean entirely by that question. One of the things that we teach in Syndication Academy is to constantly be looking for additional properties that you can claim a claim of presence on, you know so that you have a branded profile doesn't necessarily mean that you can syndicate to them. As a matter of fact, most of the additional properties that you would add aren't actually part of the syndication network, they're part of your entity. Right? So your branded footprint, but, you know, we recommend doing that. There's, there's a lot of really good ones out there that you can add, as additional, you know, have an additional profile on and that's something that you should absolutely continually be doing for your networks too. And we talked about maybe adding that as an additional service and MGB so maybe in the future that'll be available.

Are Forum Comments Okay When Building Links For RYS And Syndication Properties?

The next question is forum comments, okay, for link building for non-money site properties, like RYS syndication properties? As far as I know, yeah. That'd be like GSA does that. I would never use that directly to money property. But yeah, that kind of stuff can be done. Typically, I think that Dadea recommends and maybe Marco can comment on this because I don't stay up to date with the link building stuff because we have Dadea. So I don't need to he does it all. But I think typically those type of links will usually be like tier three. So not something that he would recommend building to your tier one assets. They can be I don't think it's going to hurt but they're just not as effective as they would be at like tier three, right, which would be building links to the links that are built to your tier one. Does that make sense?

So it's usually contextual web 2.0 links as tier one to your branded tier one. I don't want to get confusing, but that's actually tiered two. But those are tier one links to your brand, your tier one branded entity assets. And then you could follow that up with either a second round of web 2.0 which is what he recommends and then the third tier of GSA style links which will include profile links and such. But I know that you can go web 2.0 contextual links. And then like essentially GSA style links behind that, but Dadea recommends two tiers of contextual links. And then you could always back that up with GSA style links, which would include forum comments. So, you know, I would just follow his advice. Marco, do you want to comment on that at all?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, absolutely. Because, I mean, the question is, is it okay, yeah, it's okay. Is it necessary? No, not general. Especially not now. We were just talking about it on Monday. We're bringing on the extension tool, right here in the next two weeks. It's gonna be available gonna let people expand their stacks. And I'll tell you right now, that from our testing, you get so much more power when you expand the stack. Add that keyword stack, instead of just the brand, but focusing on on on that market-level keyword and then link building to that. But then all that GSA spam, that you would have had to do it at tier three is totally unnecessary. Because you get such a great push from the tiered link building, right tier one and tier two of link building links, that it just makes everything unnecessary. Now, as you expand your drive stack, more folders, more keywords more, maybe sub categories, maybe you find another market-level category, just however it is that you decide to do it. You're going to be powering up not only that drive stack but the previous drive stacks just from the association. So guys, yes, can you? Yes. Should you? I don't see why you would unless you absolutely have to unless you're not getting the push that you're supposed to be getting or there's just so much competition in there that you're having a hard time hitting that apply. Where you need that extra again, that should kick in the can to get it to go where you want it to be not generally necessary. I didn't see it necessary, nor did Dadea when he took on time and again when he took on Amazon and one.

Bradley: Yep. All right. Thanks, Marco.

Is It Okay To Build A Link To One Of THe Branded Properties In The Press Release?

The next question is, is it okay to include a link to one of the branded properties in the press release? I opened up this Excel file just for visual representation? Good. I just want to point out Yes, it's absolutely fine. And what all of my bloggers do my content marketers who handle all of the content marketing for all my clients and such, and they order the press releases and all that is we always, you know, you can have up to three links in a press release. I use either two or three consistently in the press releases, and I just pulled up the spreadsheet because if I would have had a chance earlier, I would have opened up an actual client workbook and just taken a screenshot and blurred some out so you could see what I'm talking about, like how my format is, but each one of my clients has a separate Google workbook or Google Sheet. There's an NAP tab or sheet on the in the workbook that has the name, address, and phone number and contact information and, you know, email address and all that stuff. That's like the NAP info. And then underneath that, I've got a section that is target URLs, right. So it'll say target URLs here. And it's got all the branded entity URLs in there. And what my VA is or my bloggers are instructed to do is just every single time they create or order a press release is usually work press releases used to promote a blog post. That's what we do. It's the PR stacking method. If you have, it looks like you did watch that because I saw it in your question down here.

Press release stacking or PR silo stacking is what we typically do is we publish a blog post for within whatever silo it is that we're trying to push. And then we publish a GMB post. You don't have to have a GMB entity if it's not for local but if you do, we publish a GMB post that is linking to the blog post. Then, we publish a press release that is linking to either the GMB posts or the blog posts and the press releases to promote the blog post, essentially, and then we link to either anyone of the other tier one entity assets could be the money site. If we're linking directly to the blog post as opposed to the GMB posts that's linking to the blog post, then we usually won't link also to the website because we'll choose another asset to link to GMB map. Not the share URL but the actual cid URL from the GMB map GMB web business site website you know, the GMB website, the G site, the Google site, ID page, anything right and any sort. So again, my VA just has a list of target URLs on the sheet, and they're told to every time they publish a blog post, either link to the blog post, or the GMB, the corresponding GMB post, and then just randomly select or cycle through the target URL list that's there. So that we're always building a link back to one of our branded entity assets at all times, and we're constantly cycling through so that we're kind of diversifying the links across all of our entity assets. And it works incredibly well guys. So that's what I recommend doing. Is it okay? Yes, absolutely. Any other comments on that guys?

Marco: No, no. Okay.

How Many Links Should You Include In A Press Release And Money Post Site?

How many links to the press release include? I just answered that. Two or three, just remember, I mean, you 123 in our in the press advantage service, which you can purchase from MGYB we recommend 1 to 3. However, as you know, Marco can talk about this a little bit more. Remember, you're diluting any link equity. If you know if you've got one link, all of the link equity is going to that one link. If you've got three, you're dividing it into a 30 each, if that makes sense. So just keep that in mind. If you're trying to push more power to something specifically, you may want to only include one link, but as I just mentioned, we typically include on almost every single press release two or three links, always promoting the blog post either direct or through a GMB post and then one to another branded entity asset. And then if we're PR stacking will link back to a previous PR, the previous PR on that same silo, if that makes sense. So that would be three links. Okay. Any comments on that one?

This Stuff Works
Marco: No, no, I mean that that's fine. The math is available online. So if you start breaking it up, then you're just dividing the power that you can push, and the more links that you add the more power than you're dividing, and so you're not going to get as big a push as you otherwise would. Unless, unless then you maximize the Lincoln, you would have to do a greater amount of link building. But then again, that this comes, this comes from the fact that it that is exponential, right. If you want to get the power to where you want it to go, and you're splitting that up for ways it will eventually get there. But it'll be whittled down because of how it's being divided. And so you just do greater link building and that's available. I mean data is available and mgyb.co. also, what's the text to links ratio on press releases and money site posts? I don't know. I mean, honestly, I think in press releases, I think the rule of thumb was like one at one link, for every 200 words, is what is rec is no more than one link every 200 words, but I can't swear to that. As I said, the press releases that we use are usually around 750 words 600 to 750 in that range, and we recommend, or they, you know, it's recommended not to include more than three links. So that works out to about one every 200 to 250 words. Okay. As far as, go ahead. No, to me, the content ratio is that doesn't matter. What one or two links, period, one or two, that's it. Forget about ratios. Forget about all that other shit. If you want to get the maximum power to wherever it is that you're trying to deliver it.

If you start going down three, four, then you're going to have to increase the liquid. The link building has to be greater but and I'm not going to go into factors, so and how much link building you should do, because that's what you avoid by not splitting it up that much.


How Should You Use The SEO Power Shield To Beat The Competitors?

Alright, so the next one is I got the concept of the shield. I understand now that it is for me not having to deal with the Google updates, and we should care about Google. But what about the competition? What if someone else is using it? What if baby I'm going to give you a hard time here, buddy? I'm not picking on you. I am picking on you specifically actually. But this is for everyone else's benefit too. What you can What if yourself into inaction? And that's exactly what it sounds like you're doing. Maybe I'm wrong and forgive me if I am. But guys, you can What if yourself to death into not taking any action period? What if it is nothing other than negative imagination. So instead, like seriously, that's all…

What if in situations you're worried about potential situations that are imaginary, right, you're imagining potential situations that haven't occurred. And you're just trying to circumvent, you're trying to find solutions for problems that don't exist. So don't do that. Instead, use your imagination on trying to imagine how it will work. And how if that makes sense. Think to flip it. It's imagination, regardless of worry. And what if the thing is negative imagination, and you can have positive imagination where you try to think about, you know, how to how to make it successful? And in my opinion, that's the way to go about it. Because if you try to what if every scenario, you'll never take any action period, and you're much better off what we just said this saying yesterday. It's better to take imperfect action than perfect inaction. And that's exactly what it sounds like from that type of a question. I hate what if questions because and again, I don't mean to pick on you, but I'm just saying, I hate what if questions because you can What if any sort of scenario that you can imagine.

In my opinion, just go out and do the damn thing. And then if you know as things occur, you resolve them right if any issues were to occur. Now, that all said, I also had seen a similar question and maybe I don't know if it was from you, but even from just last week, as I was scrolling through the questions during the opening of this hump day hangout today, I was looking at last week's questions and I saw somebody say, Well, what if Google catches on to RYS and syndication networks? What if Google catches on and we've heard that over the years, go to Google right now in search, SEO, Virginia, tell me what you see is the number one position? It's my Google site from a drive stack that I built, that's not even a complete drive stack in May of 2015. Think about that, guys. That was five years ago. It's still ranked number one for SEO Virginia, SEO agency, Virginia, Virginia SEO, number of keywords. It's an incomplete drive stack. And syndication networks we're just talking about I've got syndication networks that are still valid for from 2012 when I started building them. And so what if Google catches on to them? Well, that was eight damn years ago, and they're still working today. And in fact, they're working better today than they ever were in a different light because now they're an entity validator and solidified before they were just a method of link building. Okay.

And RYS, the same thing. What if Google catches on, there was another SEO guru out there that had a whole entire video about why he thought drive stacks were stupid and to not use them? Good. I like those kinds of people. Because then we're going to continue using them and we're going to continue benefiting from them. While those dummies don't. Do you know what I mean? And don't get me wrong. There are other ways to do things, too. I get those guys and I'm not knocking other methods. I'm just saying, for somebody to have such a closed mind and say, Oh, why I have determined it. Marco can comment on this, I have determined that this won't work. That's such small-minded thinking, in my opinion. And again, those are the kind of people that find that's great.

This Stuff Works
Continuing thinking that we'll continue using them and benefiting from them. So to wrap it up, BB, don't worry about that. Use them, especially if you use them the way that we build them or the way that we teach you to build them. Unless somebody else is using our exact same methods, you don't have anything to worry about. And it's very unlikely that they're going to be using our exact same methods. And even if they are using our exact same methods, you come in here and engaging with us on a weekly basis will give you an edge because we can tell you how to power up over and above whatever your competitors are doing, which is really just comes down to link building at that point. So, Marco, I know you've got some things.

Marco: I'm going to go to August of 2015. end of August when we released the original RYS Academy and the guy. Well what if Google closes the loophole? Remember that? Yeah, what if Google closed the loophole in 2015 and we had a ton of people buy in 2015 and a ton of people who didn't one of those people who didn't is the guy who said, What if? What he's still wondering what if? Because it's still working. But what if, what if? What if? What if tomorrow? What if? What if the fucking world ends tomorrow? Nothing is promised, right? All we have is right now and what we're doing right now, man if you're doing to do right now, that tomorrow doesn't make a difference because tomorrow you can just do more of it. Okay? And so then you happen to be in a niche. And think of the possibilities of you being in a niche where there's another person that's using the exact same methods, the exact same way as you're doing it. As you've learned it as you've approached it, that's nearly impossible. Because once you have it, I mean it's just doing more of it. But in the unlikelihood that that happens, think about thinking about the possibilities. Think about what we're talking about, what are the chances? Can this actually has a word this. I practice entity-based worryless SEO. That includes my competition because I don't care. Literally. I don't care who the competition is. I even stopped doing competition analysis because it makes no difference anymore. It doesn't matter. Once I go after a niche that niche is mine. Or once I'm working with someone to go after a niche, that niche is ours. It makes no difference competition. I don't care when I come on, they better start worrying about me. Now they be they better be doing what if Marco comes out after this niche, that's what you should be worried about. Other than that, dude, go do the do and do more of it and then do more of a build your system. Get that system in place so that you can systematize it and it's repeatable. And then you just do it again, and again. And again and again and again. You just do more of it. So what if someone comes in then you expand your stack, they expand that you expanded more, they do link building you do more. That's it! And as a matter of fact, it's competition's healty because it keeps you on your toes, it keeps you from slipping.

Bradley: It is. And so I just pulled this up just to I mean, again, just to example, guys, it's pulling my map and it might just be because that's, you know, sees my IP and, you know, local, but there's it is number one, and it has been for five years and for whatever reason the maps not showing here, so I have to investigate that. That should be my GMB map. But my point is, guys, and look, it's incomplete. This is a very poorly done Gsite that only this is all of the stacks right here. That's the entire stack right there. You can see it. It's all embedded right here. And it's not anything like what we do now. And yet there it is. Five years later, it's still number one guys, and I've never done anything to this period, other than that's it like I mean, I built it and built some links to it. Way back when and that was it. I've never touched it since. And it's still number one today so for those of you that say you know what if that was five years ago guys and it's it's you know you can What if yourself into taking an action is what I meant and I mean that guys don't do that so anyways and that's why.

Marco: for BB if you'll pick up you are at but then again you're not you're getting game you're getting shit for free that you shouldn't be getting you're getting schooled into how to the do that we do and just again systems and more of it that's it.

Bradley: and take the criticism constructively you know what I mean? Like we understand you're here to gain a better understanding and to be able to beat your competition and so if we're a bit harsh we mean it with all due respect for real that and I mean that guy. So anyways, BB, I'm not picking on you hope you understand that.

Should You Link Back To Previous Press Release Even If It's From A Different Domain?

He says, I saw the press release stacking videos still trying to figure it out. Should we be linking back to previous press release even though the previous piece whereas on a different domain? it doesn't matter.

What I suggest, though, is that you make sure that you're linking back to PRs that don't purge. There are a few of them through MGYB or Press Advantage. For example, the press advantage domain obviously, the USA Today, Digital Journal, Street Insider, all of those rank really, really well anyways, so why not just use those as the ones that you link back to in a PR silo? Does that make sense? Okay.

How Should You Use The SEO Shield For National Keywords?

Brad says how would you use a shield specifically a drive stack for national keywords build out every major city or is there an easier way? No, I wouldn't do that for national Marco you're the one that can comment on this much better than me.

Marco: on the national in real estate I did or we did that has that's targeting every state and every city and it just had some good shit baked in there. But that's not necessary. I think brand plus keyword association at the national level that's it. Brand gets associated with the keywords what you're trying to do is you're trying to become Google in your space. You're trying to become the entity. So when people say if I say if I say jello, you know exactly what I'm talking about generally. Gelatin is what it actually is, if I say Bandaid, you know you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the keyword for adhesive bandage. And I could go on and on guys Zipper was originally trademarked. It was stripped. Windbreaker was originally trademarked, but it became the word for that niche. That's what we're trying to do. And I've said this plenty of times before.

Most of us are not going to get there. If you do that, just think of of the money that Tinder when you become the keyword for the for the niche. But in the meantime, what you're doing is you're creating that brand plus keyword association, so that the bot understands you that you your entity, should be the one that's going considered for that keyword set, the best match right for anything under that keyword set and imagine the kind of traffic, the kind of money that you're going to produce when you get there. So we're not talking about being the keyword for the brand where people consider it. The word for the niche, but where the bot understands that it's that it's the keyword for the niche that your brand is the same as the keyword for the niche when you force the bot into that association, the man look, you write your own check, relax, it's a done deal. Just watch the bank account grow. I mean, I can tell you, I'm not gonna show you I'm not gonna go open my Stripe and I'm not gonna open my account, but I wish I could show you just what's going on. I'm not the kind of person to do that.

This Stuff Works
I'm not the kind of person to show the checks the kind of stuff that comes threw my hands but you have to see it. Like when you hit that sweet spot for that client at the calls start coming in. And an example DC plumber, where the plumber has to take a phone off the hook because he was getting too many calls. Seriously, think about it. Think about it getting too many damn calls. You take a phone up though, the personal injury attorney in New York City who had to hire multiple people to answer phones. That's the kind of traffic and it I'll be totally transparent. It has slowed down, but not to the point where she's had to really close up shop in New York is complicated right now. Right? But she's getting contacts. So she's still going through it. And she's continuing to pay. We've made an arrangement, of course. And then what I explained to her is, listen, when this is all over, soon as people are allowed just back out on the street willy nilly. Think of accidents that are gonna happen. I know. It may be morbid. But it's true, people are going to be just crazy about getting out, they're not going to be careful. We're gonna have a ton of a ton of accidents happening. And it's a ton of people that are going to call her. So she's gonna make all the money back. So let's relax and let's go and you pay me again. And it's going to be more than what it was. So these are all the kinds of things that can happen when they know that you're this person who can produce these kinds of results. And they understand that they let you go, you're going to the competition to offer your services. So think about all that when you are approaching national keywords are there for you. You don't have to approach it every major city because something like real estate is kind of location based, even on a national level, but maybe what you're doing isn't location basis, totally keyword based. So it depends on how people are searching for that niche. So I hope I hope that made sense. If not go watch the videos, contribute to the to my charity, you're gonna get access to the charity videos where we've talked about all these different things, all the different scenarios, we make scripts available. I mean, it's incredible the amount of information that's in there. So think about that. I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: Yeah. And because we got time, because we only had two more questions as of right now. We'll come back to those in a minute. But I want to point out because you were asking about whether it was two questions in the past few minutes. One was RYS again, will that what if they catch on number two was how would you approach it nationally, and so Marco has been sharing even in the free Facebook group this week, this week alone, he's shared about the Land Solutions Network, which is his National Land buying site that him and Rob have been working on while my mind I'm just focusing on Virginia my real estate business, my land buying business. And in both instances, both cases, the Land Solutions Network, they used a mass page builder, but basically they just solidified the entity and built the drive stack. That's it. I mean other than what a couple of press releases for my so and it's ranking nationally for in many different states and such for his primary keyword sell land fast. Well, I've only targeted Virginia but same thing is a if I were to do so, land fast Virginia, this is what Marco was talking about, as you see how it pulls my knowledge panel for that keyword. Right, that makes sense. So the brand has been associated with that keyword. I'm targeting only Virginia. But you can see that it's pulled that this is a full on brand association with my keyword for it to bring that up here. Does that make sense? And you can also see in that search field now with sell land fast right there is Alpha Land Realty, I didn't even type in alpha land or start to type in the brand name and it's popping my brand name into a keyword search suggests. Does that make sense? So think about that. I swear to God. This is my word. Only thing I've done to this. It's a single page. I'll show it to you. It's a single page, Click Funnels page. This is just a landing page. Guys. That's it. There's no, there's no content marketing going on here. There's no silo structure here. It's a single page landing page, Click Funnels, which you can't even optimize the SEO elements of a Click Funnels page. I do have structured data embedded in this, but that's it. And then I've solidified the entity with an SEO power shield, the same thing that we teach you guys. That's what I did with this. And I've done nothing else but one link building gig from MGYB to the drive stack in the syndication network last summer. I created this business a year ago, so probably about nine months ago. I did a link building gig, one link building gig to the drive stack and listen to the SEO power shield basically. And I've done and I've just driven traffic to it through direct mail. And now obviously, your organic track traffic it's getting on its own as well as I run ads for for lead generation Google ads. And that's it. So I've done the SEO power shield, one link building gig and then I've driven relevant traffic to it, which is exactly what we teach with our Google branding, Google Ads branding course or our YouTube local traffic course. It's about how to drive relevant traffic into your entity to get the push and to create that brand and keyword association, which I've proven right here beyond a shadow of a doubt. And that's it, guys. I've done nothing else. I have published some press releases, primarily for properties that I'm selling, but that's a different domain. It's the same entity, but it's a different domain because I use Alpha Land Realty dot sale as my selling site. So anyways, my point is I just want to point out how you know exactly what Mark is talking about is using a drive stack to create that association, it didn't happen overnight. But I didn't even have to keep pushing links into this for it to work.

This Stuff Works
It just took time and actually relevant traffic, which will bring me to the next question here in a minute about somebody saying our links still relevant. They are but this case right here, and it's and they always in my I'm not going to never say never, never say always either, right? I'm going to say they're always going to remain relevant. But this particular project here that I'm showing, as an example, proves that it doesn't necessarily take links, just sending relevant traffic and then having that traffic convert on the page, which means, you know, complete a conversion goal, in this case, submitting the OPT, you know, the property assessment worksheet that can access that's a that's a conversion. And that's a huge signal for SEO, and that's caused the brand association with my primary keyword. And it wasn't link based, really, it was mainly entity based exactly what we've been teaching and relevant traffic activity, ART — Activity, Relevance, trust, and authority. So those two things alone have caused me to be the number one position not just for that keyword, but for others as well that I wasn't even really pushing on. Take a look. Now, in fact, it didn't pop my knowledge panel here, but it still puts me as number one. Does that make sense? So I just want to point out like how really powerful this stuff is guys. You know, we're practicing what we preach here. Do you want to comment on that, Marco?

Marco: Sorry, it's raining right now and it's loud

Bradley: by the way, it didn't pop a knowledge panel for we buy land Virginia, but look at that, guys see that? That's keyboard association. And it's pulling my that's a keyword search. And it's brought my brand into suggesting that's pretty powerful. For the first several months I as soon as I would start to type in alpha land, it would pop up. So but it was it you know, it wasn't coming with a generic keyword, but you can see it, it's definitely coming up now. And then if you take a look. Get my Google Site guys, my drive stack. I have not done anything mirroring at all because there's no theme to mirror-like, in other words, I don't have a site, I've got a single page landing page as my website. So there's no silo structure, nothing else. So the drive stack is a flat drive stack. In other words, there's no structure, there's no silo structure to it. And, and all and that's all I've ever done, guys. And you can see, it's just, it's just ranking incredibly well. And I've got I've been able to get that brand association with that keyword by just doing exactly what we teach. I'm sorry, Marco, go ahead.

Marco: No, no, I mean, this totally. It just reaffirms what we teach over and over and over again, despite the people who say it doesn't work. I mean, seriously, we show it on video. We're gonna believe, like the experts, and then the gurus, the professionals or you're lying eyes. It's up to you.

Do You Think Links Are Getting Less Important?

Yeah. So that's the next question is do you think links are getting less important? If so, what would you recommend placing them? They're still important, there's no question. Like I said, Never say never, never say always. But I'm going to say, as you know, I think links will always have its place. Google's entire algorithm is built on, you know, the backbone of it, the underlying foundation is about links. So I'm not going to say that it will never change, but it's likely that it won't anytime soon. So that said, but are links becoming less important? Yeah, they are to a degree because again, as I just proved, activity, relevance, trust, and authority. So activity is very, very important. Those types of engagement signals can trigger what only links used to be able to do, does that make sense? And we, you know, again, like YouTube videos, you can rank YouTube videos on engagement alone with zero SEO signals. And when you have a lot of engagement, it's going to naturally accrue links and stuff anyways, right? Because people will link to it and things like that. But what I'm saying is without any proactive intentional SEO, link building work being done to YouTube videos, you can rank them all day long with purely on engagement signals.

And we're starting to see that more and more with web assets and entities, as long as the proper engagement signals are triggered, such as visitation, dwell time, scroll depth, you know, clicking through to different links. So navigating through the site, conversion goals are incredibly powerful, because that's showing that you satisfied the searchers query, because they they clicked through to the site, and then they converted, which is another especially if you've got Analytics on your site, or if it's submitted to any any sort of Google Code on the site will recognize that a conversion has occurred, if that makes sense. I like to have Google Ads remarketing tag and conversion tag on every site that I set up specifically for that even if I'm not running Google ads, which I run Google ads for everything now. Not necessarily search ads, but remarketing and display and YouTube. But what I'm saying is I always set up a conversion tracking in Google ads, so that Google is always aware of every time somebody submits an opt in form or makes a phone call, or clicks the tap to call button on my site. Does that make sense? And all of those things act as SEO signals that make links less important, although I think they're an underlying foundation, that's not going to go away.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Um, okay, so links, and ART. The only way that art can be measured is through links. The only way that Google can track anything from one place to the other, and then from there to the other places, so that they can see exactly what's going on with that entity is links. There's no other way. It's not magic. I mean, this isn't lucky charms. It's not magically delicious. Google doesn't disappear. I got out of smoke somewhere. And say, Oh, look, look what I found. Look at all this activity, relevance, trust and authority that doesn't have it. Links, not only foundation, I mean, the essence of what the fuck Google is doing. AI doesn't magically happen. Hear, it has to go wherever it is, and it has to it. It looks at all of these different things. But it's done through links. As long as that happens until Google can teleport, which is why they want quantum. It's been their whole idea since the beginning to get rid of search to do away with search, because they can make so much fun.

Knowing quantum, you can teleport from one site to another without actually going through a link. But and until that happens, and we're really far from that theory to actually happening and then having it be applied to search to do away with search. Right now, everything that we do everything that happens, as far as Google as far as anything else, as far as I know, is linked. Why? Because that's everything that the whole group of everything is links. PageRank and ranking. So that's what we're building. I mean that that's why when you hammer things with with links, especially if you do follow links, it works so well and it pushes things so well. That's why a stacking works so well. That's why it's stacking iframes works so well. That's why link pushing link building through mapping bits through everything. That's why it works so well. That's why when Dadea takes something out, once you have the foundation, you got art going in there, you got all of these different things, you've done your entity, right, you got your own page, right? When you hit that link, that's when the magic really happens. And if they were not important, or if they were just an underlying factor, we would not get the results that we that we get. I mean this shit. And as a matter of fact, I'm about to do a link building test where I'm going to show just how important link building is but again, we go back to they have to be the right panel next they have to be well they have to have activity relevance. Trust enough.

Already, Google will measure the destination, it will measure the link origin and everything that's linking to the link origin and the link destination in order to see everything that's related to that entity. But the only way that it can do it right now, and the only way that it does is it has to get that through late. And it's measuring, it's building up your PageRank. It's building up your ranking score. And then it gets weighted, right? And then it gets compared to all of the other entities in that niche to see which one answers the query the best, but a whole bunch of other things happen before that actually happens, right? And then, as you said, the what senses at all, is when you do all of these things that young people come and take action on your website, and they actually finish whatever it is that they started. I mean that that's that that's what closes the loop for everything. Because then Google sees people trusting whatever it is that you're doing, by giving you information by making a call Oh, by getting a satisfying their query. Exactly.

Bradley: Yeah, that's exact because guys, I've talked about this before, way back years ago, I think it was 2014 when we talked about CT spam, click through spam and how effective that was. And, you know, the, the completing the conversion goal is incredibly important because it proves. I remember I watched I think it was a TED talk, but it was Larry Page, right, which is one of the founders of Google. And he's talking about how, and this was, I think, in 2010, when I saw this. So way back when I first got started, and Google was kind of, you know, wasn't even the big get on the block at the time it was becoming it but it wasn't yet. Well, it might have been in 2010, but it was still anyways, my point is I saw an early. I think it was a TED talk, but it was talking on stage about what their kind of vision for Google was going to going to be. And he said it was very simple to end search.

And at the time, it didn't make any sense to me, but it does now and it has for many years but essentially what he was saying was that what they wanted to do with Google was that when somebody would put a search in that their query would be answered in that first page like that first 10 results. The solution to their problem was would be found right there. And that that's the end search. But so that's the whole point. Like if you understand that, and you're able to satisfy that searchers query and prove that to Google, which means allowing them to peek into your site, basically and see it happen, then you're you're you're providing them the exact same signals that they aspire to have, you know, that they that's really what they wanted to begin with. So, to answer your to follow up with what Marco said, I agree, like, you know, links are the foundation of everything, which is what I said, would you say what would you recommend in place of them? Well, not I wouldn't recommend this in place, but on top of, which would be, like I said, running relevant traffic in which you can buy very inexpensively from YouTube, although that's more about views than clicks, but the clicks are highly weighted  when they come from YouTube videos from ads especially, but display ads, and remarketing are very, very inexpensive traffic, remarketing is less expensive than cold traffic display ads. So that's number one. But number two, again, make sure that you have some sort of conversion action on your site that's going to trigger that. And like Marco said, kind of solidified, it kind of underpins that, it completes the loop closes the loop. And there's a number of ways you can do it. If you're running ads, I would set up conversion tracking in Google ads. But you don't have to even if you're not running Google ads, you could do it with Google Analytics, right? You can put Analytics on the site and set up a conversion goal there. And again, it's just a trigger to notify Google that the visitor that's coming from Google or from anywhere else for that matter is converting which means you're satisfying their queries, you're providing value. It's very, very powerful. So it's a great question, by the way.

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Will MGYB.co Continue To Set Up Verified GMBs?

Aaron says, Is mgyb.co continuing to set up your verified GMBs? no not right now. Specifically for Why you said that? Or for what you stated here Google has stopped displaying reviews making changes in GMB could trigger suspension or verification. So we've, we've had to suspend that service again. So for now, no, we're not verifying GMB and we're not recovering suspended GMB is either. Okay, maybe once all this stuff settles down, it'll come back but for now, no.

last one is BB come. He says, Hey, guys tune in late 1010 X or 10 times, I guess, mix of what I think and understanding and hypothetically speaking stuff. Yeah. And that's what I was saying, Man, hopefully you understand I wasn't trying to be malicious. It's for everybody else's benefit to too many times in any business or any endeavor in life. You hear people that are, you know, what if, what if, what if, and I've seen it too many times, people not take action because they think that they have to understand every solution to every possible scenario before they take the first step. And that's just not it's not done.

Not even reasonable, right? It's good that you ask those questions may be as far as like, well, what if somebody record you know, Google recognizes our wives and stuff cuz it gives us an opportunity to show the staying power of what we've been teaching. But we don't work for Google. And we don't know tomorrow, it could all come to a, you know, crashing, halt a fiery death. But we don't know that. And it's been working for many, many years. And as long as it is still working, we're going to continue to exploit it. You know what I mean? So, comments on that? Anybody? Yeah. Damn, right. Damn right. Do the do until you can't do no more, but then by then, we will have figured out another way to try and do. That's it.

It's the cat mouse game that we play, you know, and that's it. And we learned that I mean, we've seen it, we've seen it. I've seen it all. 2002 2003 beginning 2004. I've seen it all. And it's just a matter of keeping up keeping up keeping up. Okay, this is what Google's doing. This is what Google's going, I'm gonna go there, I'm not gonna wait here and be changes while Google is making changes. I'm off to the races, because I can see what Google's doing. And then when they get to whatever it is that they know, we're off to the races again, and to meet them at the next at the next one. And you know, that's just anyone who isn't doing it. Anyone who isn't trying to play the game that way, then what you're doing is you're playing a catch up game, instead of playing. I'm gonna wait for Google at the pass game. And I'm gonna shoot him from high high up where I can just pick them off.

First offense is what you're saying. Right, right. What do you want to do with me? I love to attack I'm gonna go and I'm gonna just figure out how to get into everything so that I can get the best results possible. I could care less about, you know, that. colors or whatever. I don't even think about that. I just go and get results period.

Do You Prefer Push Notifications Or Email Subs?

So last question. And this is perfect timing. So we're about to wrap up anyways, he says, if there's time, push notifications or email subs, okay. I'm going to tell you what my preference is, but I have no data to back it up. So I'm gonna make that disclaimer right now. I prefer email subs over push notifications any day of the week. Why? Because I hate push notifications. Personally, I turned them off, I decline any sort of browser notification when it asked me if I want browser notifications, I turn off my phone, push notifications. I hate it. I hate push notifications. And but I'm also in my 40s. So the younger generation may very well prefer push notifications over email. So I have no data to back that up. I just would rather have an email list than a push notification list Well, for the type of markets that I, you know, compete in, but if I was dealing with a younger crowd, and there's data to show that push notifications are more effective than I would absolutely use those. But personally, I hate push notifications and for the industry trees that I work in with mainly contracting type stuff. Email subs, in my opinion, are much more valuable. Yeah, yes or no I agree. I agree with that and in fact that we could say that a lot of the revenue that we generate in our various industries are based off of email we haven't tried we push a lot I know that on some specific affiliate niches, push notifications work really really well. Maybe you can get both but honestly we try with bush we try with many chat we'll try with a bunch of different stuff and we always come back to email because it's so you know, this is proven tested and you know, it's still the highest ROI marketing strategy that you can deploy for your brand I think a second close to that Hernan and correct me if I'm wrong would be remarketing right now building. Yeah, yeah. 100%. Yep.

Remarketing, in my opinion, guys is better than well. I'm not gonna say better than email, but it's a very close second because you don't have to get anybody to opt in right to be up to all somebody has to do is visit a page where your remarketing tag is to get put on a remarketing list. So it's non confrontational non obtrusive. In other words like you don't have to get them to complete a conversion goal to get put on a remarketing list. So I think remarketing is so powerful.

Anybody else before we wrap it up at five o'clock? Cool. Sweet, good. No, perfect timing. Thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Hey, guys.

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