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By April

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And we're live What's up everybody, Marco here. Welcome again to your reason to like Wednesdays, it's Hump Day Hangouts, it's time for you to ask questions so that we can answer them live. If you haven't posted your question, you should be posting it now, or this is going to be a real short Hump Day.

Now, just so you know, and in a case, you haven't been listening to us for the past six months, POFU Live is the weekend of September 24. Those of you don't, who don't know POFU Live is our live event, of course, it's going to be digital. So it's not as if we're all going to meet in one place and all hang out together for three days. We did it last year, as a trial in September also, and it flowed really well. All three days, we got to sit down, we got to share beer, we got to kick it. So it was we had a really good time, a really good time was had by all if you want to get the inside scoop if you want to get like on the right track to where you need to be for 24 2021 moving forward. Because we've been ahead of the game the whole time. What Jordan gave the group in 2020, people are just trying to figure it out today. And they're using one or two pieces of software as a service, they're using those apps to try to get them to work together. Meanwhile, we're using five or six different pieces of software to kind of it's like a patchwork quilt. It's not as if you're going to find all of the pieces in the same place all at once you have to go look for them, you have to know what you're looking for. And you have to know how it all applies.

And so we got that last year. And we've had a whole year ahead of the game before people are finally starting to catch on because Google published something in their Webmaster Tools, which we already knew in there. Sorry, in their blog, which we already knew we already knew about this. We already had it. We already had the information. Will it be people I see the whole my mind is blown. Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, my God, this is Google is revealing the source of the algorithm? No, hell no. They're just giving you guys what you already had what you already knew what we all already knew. It's nothing different. They just gave you they might have said it in a way that obvious gates, what they were really saying, which was nothing things that you already know, links work, content works. Link Building, therefore, works really well. We should know that they didn't say that. So they tried to escape. They didn't mention the algorithms? Of course not because they're not going to give you that they're never going to give us that ever again. We had it when we had the PageRank bar, they will never give it to us again. They didn't mention ranking score, not once. And that's the holy grail of SEO right now building a ranking score better than anybody else. How is that determined, let's call it a project, is weighted against everybody else's project in your niche, and against what Google's optimum project looks like, in the database. And this all happens in real-time. So when you do a query that goes out, we have AI all over the place in the algorithm pulling in information, how can I get this person the best query for what he wants? Is it educational? Is it different? Is it informational? Do the Is it an emergency? What is this person looking for? So all of these things happen? But underneath, and I can't believe this is still being questioned? It's all math.

Variables are being pulled in. It's weighted. We have the math, we have the patents, we have the math.

That's beyond discussion. And yet people still ask well, is it math? Is SEO math? Well, hell, if it isn't then I don't know what it is. It must be black arts that I don't know about. It must be something that somebody is doing in their base burning candles and hair and shit, calling to whatever dark God to pray to, to help them in ranking me while we're targeting the algorithms. We're targeting the variable, we're expanding the entity, we're making it broader, deeper, better for us, not for anybody else. For us. We know how we figured out how that doesn't, it doesn't take a genius in Mountain View. To understand that way. There's math involved and where there's a bot, sent out to learn and collect variables that you can inject variables. So these are all things that we've been sharing, not only in powerful AI but in all of our paid groups and all of it even in the free groups, which are a lot of information. And even here, so that's what's going on. TOEFL live, if you're not there, get there go buy your ticket, POFU can't ever forget what POFu stands for his position of power.

Hush your mouth, not gonna say it, pofulive.com, go get your ticket, reserve it and be there attend, you cannot listen, there's nowhere else on the web, I don't give a shit who it is who you follow, that's going to give you the information that we give you.

That's how it is point blank, they're going to mislead you, they're going to tell you crap that is five or six years or six years behind, they're going to get you to buy more software, more training more and more and more because their job, what they live for is marketing. And they need you in that funnel continuing to buy their training beyond otherwise they go broke. So they need you in that, what we look to do so so here's where my mind, I never wanted to be that that oily, greasy guy, and the statistics, that just juices you for money, never wanted to be that guy. I actually want people to be successful. And so understanding that I know that I have to give them the most up-to-date information, even if it contradicts previous information that I have given people because the web is fluid. algorithms are fluid, they continue to be tweaked. So we understand that we test we continue updating, we just found out something do something amazing with content, that I'm not going to give away for free that I might give away a poll for life Hinton something amazing about content and how it works, and how you have to prepare your content. But and how you have to kind of remove things from content in order to make it work the way that it's supposed to imagine that your content, existing content, and new content has to be done. schema How does that work? I mean, these are all things that we're sharing right now. Whether it's in the heavy hitter club, or in the semantic mastery mastermind, in fact, I have a webinar in semantic mastery tomorrow to answer any and all questions. I don't care what they are, I will answer anything during the semantic mastery mastermind because our members deserve it. Anyway.

Let me stop because I just go on and I'm on a hot date about how good our shit is versus anybody else. Okay, who did? And let me tell you if they even get close to what we have is gonna cost you 10 15k or beyond to get the information that we give you. Where are we? We say no, come on, come on in. Become a member, join the mastermind. Join the heavy hitter club, get the training. Apply. Make money, so that you can train some more hire, somebody, to train with you. And help you apply and make more money. lather, rinse repeat the only way to scale.

We want you to succeed. We don't want you to keep just keep giving given us money just because or because look new, shiny. Where were these cheesy marketers that are always promoting something new? We have to promote something new. Every week. Almost every day. I see from some people where they're promoting the pushing, getting trying to get us to get you to buy buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, of course.

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That's what they need. That's what they want. We don't I want you to succeed. I want you to come back. One of the best examples here is Jordan Fowler, who started out in syndication Academy and now has like a nationally recognized agency national. So how good is that? How good is it when like I love seeing people coming to me Marco This is what I'm doing? Thank you Marco yo shit works. He is approved. Thank you and I see that time after time after time not gonna go on any further Chris. I see you there in Austria you were able to join us what's up man? Yeah, like things are good here. Funny that about the things that you were talking about? Like I just talked to an agency selling SEO services and I really had to laugh because they're literally selling PBN links and citations without doing the groundwork like Jason and stuff schema like I'm not even talking about like almost non-existent and they're using that for local right.

Well, yeah, like it is what it is. And yeah, of course, it's a good business. Right? If you're selling PBN backlinks and stuff, you can keep it going forever. And I mean, like, six months later, you move up to positions and yeah, like, slowly getting there. But yeah, other than that, see?

He's a pretty good friend here. No hurricanes, no storms? No, nothing. So quite happy.

Perfect. What's up with you, Adam?

I tried to play Bradley today and finding out that copying and pasting code is hard.

So we had some issues with the page. Apologize. Hopefully, you're watching live. Now I had a couple of people in the Facebook group comment on it. But things appear to be working now. So we'll, we'll glide Platt past that and say things are going pretty good. got nice weather. It's summertime here. Families healthy people are doing well. So I can't complain. Yeah.

Best Practices For Mass Page Site Optimization

Cool, man. Let me what I'm going to do, since we're doing things a little off today or differently, I'm just going to share my screen. And if anyone's got questions, by all means, pop them on here. We just got a few. And I'll just kind of keep this up if you guys want to look at my screen, or I can kind of read through them. And then we can go if we're ready to jump into it. Like you can go ahead and read through them. I can see them on my I have multiple screens so I can see them anyway. Cool. Well, let's talk about this one. So we got Chris is asking us here any suggestions for mass page site optimization training or best practices interested in building HTML mass page affiliate sites where each page would have unique on-page elements content, header tags, schema images, if possible. For off-page, I'm guessing Semantic Mastery strategies such as syndication networks, stacks, SEO shield may help with the overall authority of the sites to increase their staying power and help rank for a good amount of longtail keywords? Assuming the on-page is correct. So mass page on-site off-site is how this breaks down. Mark, do you want to kind of I got a couple of ideas here. But you want to touch on this? Well, I know Bradley's doing something with WordPress with a WordPress plugin. Yeah. Except that he is saying that he's interested in HTML. Interesting. You should say that make it well, also the content part. And how do you make it unique? If I have that word, I don't think it's a word. But how to make every page unique. Because that's the problem with mass page builds, right?

They look so similar to each other, that they'll index a whole bunch initially 1520, I've seen over 100,000 pages index, and then slowly over time, Google starts to get rid of them from the active index. Why? Because it begins comparing AB ABCD. And if the pages are too similar, they just drop because it finds a master page that it considers the original copy of the page. And that's the page that will stay on the index. And slowly over time, like in the land solutions, dot network case study, we went from over 15,000 to about 2000 over time.

And that's simply because the content wasn't unique enough. That's a website that's built WordPress on the front end. And at the state and city level, we use something called a mass MPC, the mass page creator.

Now, the interesting part of this is that in I would say in two or three weeks, Rob is going to start a mass page creation webinar series in the heavy hitter club.

And, Rob, if you want to drop the Semantic Mastery affiliate link for that, I mean, Adam, please drop that on the page for the heavy hitter club. Because if you want to learn how we're going to show you how to make the pages more unique. We're, as a matter of fact, we're in the middle of optimizing the content in the last solutions that work to make each state page unique. So we're starting out with 50 states that we're going to take those pages and work through them so that every city page that we're targeting, then becomes a unique page. And you can only do that, or the only way that I know how it is through Rob's what Robbie is that his software. But he's really, like close with a developer and can get anything done that we want. And yeah, then we can do titles and we can do descriptions. And we can just create different tokens to then begin making each page a little bit different, a little bit more unique, moving the images around different images, tag schema, as a matter. And please, please, please, not just any schema. If you have the same schema as everybody else, then you're just going to be in the mix with everybody else. There's no reason for Google to take you and consider you above anybody else. If you're not giving Google The reason I said this last week. Give Google a reason to take your entity, your site your project and rank it above everybody else's? How do we do that? By giving the but data that it doesn't already have, by giving about different data that everyone isn't already giving it. Everyone is using Yoast for the most part. And then so everyone using Yoast for schema, how in the hell are you going to become unique?

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The way that we do it is through custom schema. schema tech is the schematic architecture is the course that Rob did just recently on the schema. It's phenomenal the way that we do schema, the way that we blue blueprint, the way that we identify entities, the way that we reference the nodes, is just an entirely different ballgame. Nobody else does schema, like what Rob is teaching in his course. So how would you do that? That's how you would do it, you have to identify each section of the page that you can change. And try to change the elements try to change the layout, try to not make them all the same. And so the content then has to be different, or it's going to drop off the index. If there's enough uniqueness for the page to stay, then you're on your way, because the schema that you write for it is custom and is therefore going to support all of the work that you've done, and then smashing it with all of the off-page entity work that you'll be doing through the SEO shield, and through link building is just going to prop it up that much more. And we have a few aces and aces in the home, in the heavy hitter club to help you up to show you how to push even more power into your destination. That's all part of the case study that we're doing in the heavy hitter club through lens solutions. through the website, or on the website, Land Solutions Network. That's part of the case study. As far as Bradley, I can't speak for what Bradley is doing. I'm not in that group.

But I mean, he has talked about what he's doing before you guys can go and look for what he's doing. Or Adam, if you have a link for what he's doing, then please add that because I mean, a WordPress plugin would also work if you take the trouble to make the pages as unique as possible, unique, unique, meaning that they're different from one another. And from every other page on the web. If you're just using if you're in real estate and you using like the sell and buy houses fast market, and you're just using oncarrot, you're screwed because everybody in that market is using oncarrot. Why should google care about yours in oncarrot? your site versus anybody else's? So assuming the homepage is correct, meaning that you made all of those changes to the HTML document that you're going to deserve? Then everything else that takes place off-page will just help prop it up, push it up and just keep it up at the top of the rankings.

Oh, yeah, I just popped a link in there as Chris, if you're watching this build with Bradley, I think was the group that Bradley put together. And one of the ways to get into that was to join the mastermind. If you're interested in that you can check that out at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. I think the plugin was the Magic Page plugin. And then also Jeremy with press advantage is still working on contests. There's some stuff going on there. So you can find more about this stuff by going back to previous Humpday Hangouts as Marco said, and kind of see what's going on there. So that touched on the on-page for the off-page. He's saying, you know, should I use the strategies you guys talk about such as syndication networks, SEO shield with the overall authority, and help ranking for a good amount of longtail keywords? Do you think that that's the strategy he should take Marco?

Is it the strategy that anybody should take on any project? Is that just this any project needs an entity needs a clear entity needs, it needs to be verified, validated, and solidified?

Those are the three steps I outlined bout five years ago, what the steps are for your entity. This is how long we've been talking about this. People are just now starting to pay attention. Because Google happened to mention something or because people rip our training people rip our products, and then they sell them for a buck 99.

And so we've been taught, we've been telling you that I've been telling you that exactly what you have to do. Any project doesn't matter, local or global. It makes no difference work on your entity work on that content so that you're working on the entities within the content. Custom schema good. That's part of the good, unpaid, right content, schema, ties, just images, proper images.

I'm even going to tell you the entity and the image supporting entity in the image. I think the power of iphon the power of iframes people ignore the power of iframes. I don't understand why. But yeah. anybody, anybody doing this, you need to work on your entity, the way we start? Is the SEO Power Shield.

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Cool. Chris, do you got anything you want to add to this before we move on to the next question? Yeah, I think Bradley had a lovely working procedure for that, if you know the link for that.

Is It Worth Using Google Local Ad?

I don't, we'll have to. I'll have a look if I find it. Okay. I think this gets asked twice. So we have a question from the Facebook group. But let me see. Okay. I'm not familiar. Marco, maybe you know the difference here. I don't do advertising right now on Google. So there was one question about anyone using GMB map ads. And then they were asking down here, Google Local ads. So is there Do you know if there's a difference between those two?

I don't do that.

And like I can, guys if you have questions about pay-per-click advertising? I'm not your guy. Yeah, I can't answer this one. I think the best one, I'm trying to think of a good resource even for I'm not super good. GMB. I mean, any sort of local advertising I've done is at a national level or targeting. So I don't actually have a good resource, but I'm gonna write it down. Because that's something which probably, gee, I'm pretty sure Bradley will know about it. Not so is he asking whether or no I do, I run out, what I'm saying is, I have no, I have not taken the time to learn that ever since. I mean, I haven't worked in it in about seven, eight years, maybe longer, doing the ads myself, I pay someone to do them. And I pay someone to do them locally, very strategically. Depending on where I want to draw the people, I want local people coming into my project that works incredibly well get people if you're working locally to go into that landing page into that location page into that map, and interacting with these as part of art, the art of art activity, relevance, trust and authority, people coming into your map interacting, ending up on your website, you can track them through and through analytics and Google search, Google Search Console, in insights, you can track everything that happens. And then in the ads console, when you get the report, you can see it that adds further trust and authority, because just one person going through to the end, and giving you their information and paying you for whatever it centers it, it gives Google that trust and authority that it needs to find more people. And Google will say that running ads will not help with rankings. And it's kind of like the right but the full shit at the same time. Because the ad in and in and of itself will not rank that page. But what happens is that activity, relevance trust, and authority that you're injecting into that stream will. And so maybe it's a byproduct of the admin and it's correlational, rather than causational. It's not because you run ads that your PageRank. But it's what happens because you running ads, that helps to wreck that page. And you don't need at the local level, I'm telling you right now, you don't need to do 1000s of people don't go buy a Fiverr gig for traffic.

Don't do that very strategically inject traffic into your stream, and you can't get any more targeted traffic than to have Google through the Display Network, or through YouTube, ads to send people wherever it is that you've set up your lander. And there are multiple ways to set up a lander if you're running YouTube, and if you're running local ads.

Yeah. I agree. And I think just in the general sense, you know, the question is, is it worth using it? The answer is, of course, it depends. There's no, yeah, it works. And it's gonna work for everybody and everybody's gonna be successful. Otherwise, we'd all you know, I want to be killing it and every advertising platform. So I personally haven't heard negative reports is all I can say to that. And just to say, it's like any other ad platform, you've got to test and if it works, great. If it doesn't, great, that's fine to move on. Like you're gonna learn either way. So

How Long Does It Take For A GMB To Rank After Applying SM Methodology?

um, okay, so this second one, from Digital Wahid, is definitely. Marco, I'm giving this one to you because the answer for this, how long does it take for a GMB to rank after you acquired it? What do you tell people to do?

Alright, how long it takes you versus somebody else versus Bradley versus me. It totally depends on how well you apply the methodologies. I don't control that. I have this compensation with my clients all the time when they ask, Well, how long is this gonna take? I don't control Google. All I can say is I'm going to get your phone to ring. After 90 days, you should, you should see a difference in how much your phone is ringing, how much more. So there will be a percentage increase in calls, there will be a percentage increase in website clicks and asking for directions if they have a brick and mortar, more takes over to the website, more action on the website. These are all things that you can show. And these are I always tell them third party metrics that we use our analytics search console and Google insights. I will not use anything else because I can set up my goals and analytics and show this is what happened. This is a director I don't need correlational data from a third-party service provider. I don't need that. I like that to me. That's almost deceitful to Telecom. Hello, how are we ranking Look how well this is doing it and you're not making sense?

After six months, after six months, then then it really gets to see the cause really start coming in. And then you get into the lather rinse repeat mode, where it's just more for link building more embeds plus link building, continuing to post in in the GMB posting, though, the way that we tell you doing the post from the website, if it's local, then the location pages.

Now here's something that most people don't even know it won't necessarily rank in the three-pack.

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So third-party trackers won't pick it up. What's happening is is that Google is serving it according to that person's history. In their smart device, whatever it is, Google is serving in their electronic device, right? So they're seeing they're going in, they're looking for the term, and Google serves it to them, you can see the impression, you can see the impressions in insights. That Well, yeah, but we're not ranking. This is why I stay away from telling clients, I'm going to rank you for x because that's meaningless. You can you could rank for 1000 keywords that will not bring your playing a penny.

But you can rank for turns that are money terms, not rank, get impressions and or insights, I forget what they're called, where people actually, your project, your GMB project was served to that person as a result for that keyword. And you can keep targeting that keyword and sets of keywords with that main entity in it. And then that's going to get even better results. What tells me what's happening is the increase in the percentage increase over time that I can show time after time after time on the project after project after project, through the metrics that I said, analytics search console, and Google insights. In analytics, you can set up goals. For example, if you have an e-commerce, and you set up a goal that a person at the thank you page is worth, whatever. So you can have an average cart value, let's say $150, your products range from whatever to whatever. But you know that after a week, however many people you put in that cart, the average was 100 150 bucks. You set that goal so that when you see that increase, you can both show the client, look, this is how much you're making because you hired me.

That's how I handle that I can't tell you how long it takes. It takes as long as it takes. The more that you do, the better it is. And the closer that you stick to the game plan. The closer that you follow it, the quicker the results, I can smash something and have it producing results in six weeks.

But then not now we get into how much risk? Am I willing to take? And am I willing to risk the client's project for the sake of getting results? stead of doing that Guess what? run ads and get some quick results. And so now you look like a genius. Wow, you got me 50 calls in six weeks. Wow. The other people who couldn't get me to sit in months didn't do anything. They just took my money, you're actually bringing me cost.

That's what I use a paperclip for quick results Quick, quick, quick, while I'm getting everything else to come in and produce results. So applying our methodology is going to help you get results ranking I can't help you with because I don't control Google. And nobody can tell you that they can help you rank in Google because nobody controls Google. So nobody can guarantee your keyword in Google unless it's some longtail garbage that nobody needs and nobody's going to make money from it because nobody's looking for it. And so nobody's looking for it. Why would you want to rank for that anyway, but that's the garden.

The type of garbage that's being sold right now, that's not what you want, we go after the market level keyword. And over time, the closer that we get to it, the more money that we produce, I don't care to rank for the term Amazon, or for the term Google, because I know that I don't have the billions of dollars is going to take the pick them down. But I know that I can watch the verticals. And take a chunk here and a chunk there next, you know, a client that was making 80 90k a year, is pulling in 150k a month. And all they can do is Pat you in the back and say thank you, how much is it gonna cost me next time. We have a rollover, that's all they can save, or risk, that they're gonna lose all that money coming in. So get it gets really interesting. Apply all of our strategies, not just partially, if you get our stuff from somebody else, it's not our stuff. And we're not responsible. If you get link building from somebody other than daliah, you're on your own, you hit your drugs tax from somebody else, you're on your own. If you get hacked training, if you go and get an RYS Academy Reloaded hack from somewhere, well, you're not getting the updated information that people are getting in the heavy hitter club.

And so you're only getting partial information. And yeah, of course, you're gonna say, Oh, this doesn't work. Excuse me, but yes, it does. Yes, it does. And I'm going to have something really interesting probably regarding g sites and drive stacks. But we'll leave that for another time.

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What Are Some Effective Strategies To Rank Videos Fast On YouTube And Google in 2021?

Cool. All right, then the next one is talking about YouTube. So Reza, Reza, what is working well to Rank YouTube videos on YouTube and Google fast right now. Well, I'll start with this one and say that I'll take a little bit different tax, I do a lot of YouTube videos. And I generally don't follow up with them beyond anything besides a syndication network. And so a lot of this, like anything goes into proper on my end, proper planning. The beginning prevents having to do a lot of stuff afterward. So if you're doing this for a client, knowing what you're getting into, do you know the niche like for myself, a lot of this I'm doing for myself, I'm not doing videos for clients. So I understand already the industry, I know what words I'm using, and what I need to be talking about what I need to be targeting in my title and in my description, and how I want to go about that. So having all of that laid out beforehand, instead of producing a shitty video and then going out and trying to force it, where it probably isn't gonna rank saves a whole lot of time and effort. So I'm just gonna say that upfront to say, put in the time a little bit beforehand, you know, do the simple things like what are other people already ranking for their video results in the terms you're looking for? And like some of the really obvious stuff, but I feel like because I've done it myself, I've overlooked this in the past, and then been like, oh, why is this video not getting any views? Well, I tried to swim against the current. So don't do that, make sure you're swimming with the current.

I totally agree. And I just got done talking about running ads to your video, which is just people who are interested in affinity. I don't, again, I don't do it. I have somebody who does it.

I have somebody that I can go and pay and say here who will apply our YouTube Silo Academy who will apply other training resources that we that we've been through that I've put them through. So I'm not interested in necessarily ranking videos, the moment I am, I'll go in there, I'll investigate the algorithm, I'll see what's going on. And maybe I'll come out with something regarding YouTube videos, but I know I know that it's traffic. So it's, again, activity, relevance, trust, and authority. If your video has activity, from people who somehow have relevance in that niche, through their watch history, through their browsing history, through whatever, that's going to help that that video to rank way faster than if you just let it sit there or if you have someone on Fiverr send traffic not that it doesn't work is that you can get it to work better. You can get things to work better by focusing on this relevant traffic that's going to build trust and authority, but it's really watching time on your video. And what people do with the video after does it get shared? Because then what you're doing is is it becoming viral? Now you've picked, for example, the YouTube algorithms interest. If you get a whole lot of people that Google sent you or your YouTube send you they'll give you more people to see what those people do with your video. So like Adam said, If you focus on quality already, if you focus on optimization video optimization right from the start, then when those people do come, it's going to have a greater effect than if you just pop up a garbage video to see what happens. So take the time to not only produce a quality video that people are going to watch, which is key, but also that people will interact with and hopefully share through other media because Google will go and look what those people then do. So it's really interesting how Google follows all of these parents because there's a, there's an algorithm for it. There's an algorithm that measures what happens with these links where these things go, because Google can only go through links to all these different sources.

Will It Be Beneficial To Have 50+ GMB Posts Per Month?

Good stuff. All right. He's got another question. I think this is good. It could be summarized a little bit. I'm not bagging on you. While he that just was thinking that this goes back to what we tell people to do. This is really good. So let me get the question out, and then I'll explain what I'm saying here. He says I used a tool to reverse engineer the A GMB and found that first on the pack or map pack was doing 40 plus GMB posts a month. So I should start if I start to post 50 or more a month, would that be beneficial? And so first of all, congratulations on actually doing some research though, I think that's better than just saying, I want to do 50 am I gonna rank like at least you've gone in there and started to look at Okay, in this niche on this, here's what I'm seeing. So to you hats off on that you're taking the right first step in my mind. So Marco, going past that, though? What do you think? I have no idea. Because I don't know what else is happening in that 40 plus posts per month, Jimmy?

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How are they doing their images? Are they doing them? Are they doing videos? How are they optimizing their images? Are they getting images? locally? Can you get images locally?

Is post the only thing that they're doing that but what about citations? What about other things that you can do to help your GMB to rank? Did they take care of the business site? Did they publish it? Did there are so many things that can be involved with it, that this is an impossible question to answer? Is it beneficial to post 50 plus per month?

If that's all they're doing, then yeah, you should be able to win. But now here's the thing with content, how well are they focusing on the entities in the niche through their posting, because if you only measure the number of posts, so they're doing 40, I'm gonna do 41. And you might 41. Post with the same thing over and over again. No, that's not how it works. But if you take the time out, to filter or to extract the entities, at the start pushing your entities through those posts, and to interlink them, the way that I'm showing in the heavy hitter club, because that's key, it powers up your entity and powers up everything that's linked to your entity. Are you using the right buttons in the GMB? Yes, there are right, but what else in the GMB are you using? What else are they using?

So and are they getting reviews? from their clients? If they're getting reviews? How many do you have? And are they getting reviews with the entity mentioned in the room in the reviews? Because that's one of the keys, you'll see it?

I'm not gonna share it here, right, and I can't share it for free. But we showed it in the heavy hitter club, how much our review can influence what you rank for, and how well or what you get displayed or impressions for.

It has a direct influence. So everything that's happening right now, in GMB is?

Well, it's almost as if you can see the cause and effect. So I like to think in if then else, I think I've shared this before. So if I see someone posting 40 times per month, then I'm going to go see what it is that they're posting in those 40 posts per month. And I'm gonna go and try to extract the entities from those posts and see how well they've done it. Because I know that I can do it better through the system that Jordan developed and that I expanded on a little bit. With his permission, of course, I always talk to him and say, hey, look, I'm gonna build out on this. Is that, okay? I'm not giving away the training, but I just like him to know that that he is is teaching, what he shared is being kept private and that we're honoring that commitment. Having said that, I can go I can totally tell you to go and extract the entities how you do that. I'm not going to tell you, but go and go and see how it's done. And measure that against yours or figure out how you're going to develop your posts to target those entities. So sad to so in that will it be beneficial. I've no idea.

What Are The Best Practices To Get More GMB Reviews?

Yeah, last one here, we're gonna wrap it up after this, because it's kind of a follow-on question, but a good one. So what are the best practices to get more reviews? Are there any blackhat methods? So I'll start out real quick. Yes, there's always a black hat, man, I think you can do all sorts of shit, that's against Terms of Service illegal, you know, unethical, or the, you know, just as something you should or should not be doing. I'll leave it up to you, it's incredibly easy to find out ways to do that. But the best practices to get more reviews, I mean, the one I love is just, a lot of times businesses forget to ask people and ask people, if you've got a good service are a good product, it's not hard, people don't mind sharing their opinions, right? Everyone loves to share their opinion. So ask them to write a review. And then beyond that, all I'm gonna say is make it easy. You know, if you've got a follow-up email, include a link that say, hey, we'd love it. If you'd share your impressions here. We love the feedback, you know, let everyone else know make it easy and tell him what you want. Beyond that, Marco, what do you think?

This Stuff Works

So, the best practice for me, it's exactly what you said. And one of the best ways that we have found is right, when that person is face to face, with whomever, salesperson, service provider, whatever, and then tell them Oh, my God, you saved my life. I don't know what I would have done really? Here. send the link, can you mention that, please? On on, mentioned our company, and you send them the link to give you the review? Like right there. Don't wait. Don't wait. Because if you let that cool off, then there I don't have time I have to go cook, I have to go clean, I have to. But right there while they're talking to someone. So what did you think about it? And so can you tell me more. But while you're doing that, can you just go here and kind of like type it in. And let other people know that you did appreciate our service.

It works. It's just flat-out work. Because I just want to hop in and say that I've got a real-life experience of being on the other side of that. And the last week, I did instacart order, they bring the groceries here. I was busy, I couldn't get out. They dropped them off. And the guy I've never had someone do this. He's like, hey, thanks, hope you have a great day. By the way, if you could leave me a review and really help. And like I'm 5050 on whether or not I leave a review just because I'm busy. Or I'll forget or I swipe the notification, but it stuck in my head. And I'm like that guy asked me right reciprocity. He did a good job. He did what he was supposed to. So you wouldn't give him a review. And I'm like, Damn, that worked. Yeah. Now, are there blackhat methods? I hate the word blackhat. Because it's it's something I think it's something that Google made up for anyone that goes against that Terms of Service. And guess what Google goes against its terms of service. So Google is blackhat. By that, by the very definition that was set up for blackhat. SEO, or however you want to call it. So what I say is, I am the unrepentant spammer, I am an unrepentant manipulator, I will manipulate anything to get the results that I need. I cannot afford to wait for Google to take its sweet time to come to crawl my website and decide where it's going to position you whether it is because it could decide there, we don't like it well enough. I need to know right away that what I do is going to have a positive effect on my client or for myself, or else why do it. And then when I realized that there's no such thing as a black or white hat, you either manipulate or you don't. And if you don't, then you're leaving yourself at the mercy of someone that's telling you do, as I say, not as I do. Google is one of the worst offenders of its Terms of Service, including manipulating search results. And that includes making it known in one of the patents, how it is that they manipulate the results come on.

But you don't know but they'll say publicly that they don't, but it's in a patent. This is how we can change the seed side or a seed said, not gonna get into that too technical for this. But just so you know, no such thing, go and manipulate to your heart's content. Go and spam the web to your heart's content, get results. Again, trade applies, make money, get someone to help you, and train that person to apply and help make you more money. lather, rinse, repeat. Definitely. Chris, any, any last parting comments on this about reviews?

All reviews less. I mean, like as he said like you just got to ask but like you also need to have like a proper system set up. So to make it easier to make it less complicated, right. And like, a review is not just on Google itself. It can be on Trustpilot it can be on Yelp can be in all kinds of places.

Online, right? Because like Google, and like, not only Google in like pinions on, like, they also crawl a lot of places and to see those things. So especially, for example, Trustpilot. Like, I don't have any proof or anything, but like, if you have just negative reviews here and just positive on Google, it's kind of like looks manipulated, if you want to call it that way. And, yeah, if Google doesn't care, your customers will care.

So yeah, cool. All right, guys. Well, I don't see anything else. So I think we're going to wrap it up. Thanks, everyone, for watching. And thanks, Marco, and Chris, for being here. And I think that'll do it for this week. Sounds good. All right. Cool. All right, everybody, remember to go check out POFU Live, pofulive.com. And thanks for watching.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 349

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 349 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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All right, we are live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 349. I just wanted to clear my throat there before we hop into everything. We've got everyone here we wanted to say hello to everybody and make a couple announcements and I'll Bradley's doing some tech stuff in the background to make sure this is running smoothly. So let's start let's see Chris, you're first on the list here. So how are you doing? I'm doing good, man a wonderful day out in nature today. The small hike in the woods. So yeah, things are good and complain and it's not too hot. And to the reverse still free like no lockdown still, but also you're not having sandstorms and you're not being flooded anymore so things are kind of evening out

well there's still areas where like the water is high but like my area is pretty good so I can't complain.

Fair enough. Now the errors were hit way harder.

And Marco How about you any sand storms or floods down there?

I got a sun storm does that plenty of sunshine coming through my window? it the last eight days. It only rain two days which is not good. Not a good thing in Costa Rica when that happens. Green stuff starts to turn brown again. We need that water but we need we need lots of it. We don't want to turn it to California.

But man Life is good. Things are good. You just said sent me while I'm clearing my throat or let me clear my throat. I was just watching that video. Because Oh, what's the name? Bismarck key died? Yeah. Oh, no. Really? Oh, baby, you baby. Yeah, man. Yeah. 5056 57.

So we're kind of peers, you know, and that age group and I grew up with hip hop. And in New York, I used to go to the Bronx on weekends with my mom and dad. So from the time we got to New York in 73 for about 10 years, man it was nothing but but that on weekends and like I watched the birth of Hip Hip Hop either on the street like down playing with hydrants and open and all that and watching them hook up the the equipment and doing doing it live.

And so I keep I came up through all that. And I remember when this came out with just a friend, but I remember him from doing shows. Way before that. Any guys, I was just watching going through his old stuff and just listening to the music. rhymes aren't all that great. But he was just a great showman. And he seemed like a really decent guy. I never met him wish I had. But now he's no longer here to be enjoyed other than in his music. So that's what I was doing. It was fun. It was kind of nostalgic, but also fun.

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Fair enough, man. And last but not least Bradley, how are you doing?

Good. busy, but uh, glad to be here. Excited next week, I go on vacation for the first time. This year. I have not been taking weekends off very much this year like I used to. So looking forward to a few days off so I won't be here for Hump Day hanging out next week, guys, but these guys will handle it. So cool. Well, we got a couple of quick announcements. Before we jump into it. I just want to say too if you hear your live say hello, let us know you're in the comment section and if you're not live that's also okay if you're watching this on YouTube, leave a comment you know we do check out comments we respond if you got a question or something we can help you with. Feel free to drop a line we'll get back to you release points in the right direction. A couple of other quick things wanted to mention POFU Live if you're not getting Semantic Mastery emails, you may not have heard about this, but you need to go check it out at pofulive.com. We're gathering ourselves of course, as well as some great guest speakers. And on the last weekend of September, we got the two days Saturday, Sunday with a VIP day on Friday. We've had each year just better and better feedback. We've really been fine-tuning it and it's a lot of fun on top of having some great information, some actionable content that we share. Tickets are as cheap as you're gonna get right now that's all I can tell you go check it out hopefully live comm grab your ticket. It is virtual this year. So no matter where you're at, you can attend. Now if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, if you want to experience community, you want access to not only yours truly, you want to talk to people like yourselves who are trying to grow your agency things like that, then the mastermind is the place for you and you can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com Alright, with that said, Guys, is there anything else we need to cover right now before we get into it? I have a little rant or no, no just a piece of advice from people, especially if you're new. If you're new. You're just starting out. Be careful with the people you follow. Be careful when you get an expert opinion as to if that's the end-all to it all as if there's nothing else. Be careful with people who define things that way. Because I was reading through something on Facebook, and some guy came on with a definitive opinion. And I'll give you an example. I'm not gonna say who I'm not gonna say what good people can figure out Google Search Console regarding Google Search Console, in that you should not pay attention to click-through rate or rankings in the General tab.

And immediately my head to Holy crap, what are you saying? What do you say anybody who does and you're a math guy, and I'm anybody who does the math, anybody who does statistics? Does anybody who does any type of comparison analysis, analysis, need a baseline? What the hell are you going to compare? If you don't have a baseline? I'm like, holy crap. So he's telling people to go immediately into the sections on individual pages? And I'm like, No, no, no, no, wait a bit. Wait a minute, you're going in there without a baseline without knowing what it is that's working? What it is that that isn't what are you comparing against? Do you know, even the What do you call it? The percentage at which the industry is for make CTR? Do you know the industry average? Do you know whether your average is above or below the industry average? Do you have any idea what of you in the niche that performs below the industry average, but that's actually that niches average and you're performing above the niches average, but below the industry average, which is perfectly okay? There are so many things in there that the guy is being definitive about 100. And people are saying, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, you're right. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, guys, it's basic math. If I don't have a baseline to compare against, what the hell am I comparing? What am I doing? What must be the new map, that's the first thing I thought must be the new map thing I keep hearing about where maybe one plus one does not equal to anymore, or you have to figure out how it equals two but not using one plus one, because one plus one doesn't work in this old way. So we can't do it the old way. Maybe that's the new way I did, please let me know the new way so that I can understand what the hell it is that you're talking about. Because I need a baseline, I need some kind of model that tells me what's going on. Then, when you have your baseline, and you know, your averages, then you can go on a page by page model on a page by page basis and see how it is that your page is performing against your industry average and against your niche, average and against your CTR average are you performing above are you performing below, if your page is sick, it's what I call it if it's below, it's sick, I have to fix it, I have to cure whatever is sick. And so I have a process that I work on to bring that page up to average, which will then bring up my entire average because of course, the low performing pages are now performing at average or above average, then I'm going to go on I'm going to split test. And I'm going to do all these different things to kind of bring everything up. But if I go and touch a page that's working, above average, and I heard it, and I'm already performing at maybe two or 3x above industry average, which is fantastic. And how would you know that unless you have a baseline some back to please be careful and understand that not all expert opinions are accurate or definitive that there are other opinions, which could be more accurate not to say that my opinion is accurate by any stretch of the imagination? I've only been at this for 18 years. And I kind of know-how to read Search Console. And one of the first things that I focus on is those averages so that I can gauge it against what I already know about the niche and the market and the industry and everything else that I know about these numbers and how they apply. rant over

How Do You Hype Up Impressions Reported In Google Search Console To An SEO Client?

funny because one of the first questions we have today is about Search Console. So grab the screens jump right in. Almost like that was planned here is a from Muhammad By the way, which is cool because we haven't seen Muhammad here in quite some time. So it's awesome. He says Hey guys, good to be back on Hump Day Hangouts. Again, I presented a monthly update to a client last week and everything was pretty routine satisfaction was had by all MGYB shout out. Anyway, regarding Search Console reports. This client was pretty impressed by him by the impressions of all things maybe he was all easily amazed, but I kind of went along with it. However, I did think to ask is there any situation where you would hype up impressions? I never talked about them at all.

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There's a bunch of times Muhammad over the years about especially when you get a drive stack, and you submit a good list of, you know, a long list of keywords, which is part of the reason we've suggested getting the deep keyword research. So you get all your market-level keywords, even stuff that you don't think is relevant to your business or to your project. Google found it relevant in some way, shape, or form. So those are the kinds of keywords that you can add to like your to submit with your order for drive stack and a G sites or an SEO shield or whatever. Because what happens is over time, once the drive stack has been built, and that's impressions is one of the key metrics that I point out in my monthly reports to my clients, they search console. So console metrics and impressions are one of them. Because you can clearly see over the course of several weeks, and even a few months out from the time that a drive stack is built, when you do it the way that we teach or you get it from MGYB. You see the impressions start to skyrocket, month over month, they increase and rather quickly, too. And so that's one of the actual key metrics that I point out, especially when I'm working with a new client. Because within that first three, four months of working with them, I can show and I can go back and show you know, what a longer timeframe on the search console and show him like, Hey, this is when you hired me. And four months later, their impressions have gone like, you know, what do they call that an exponential increase? like that kind of curved? The line is really, really cool to do that. So impressions are pretty, you know, I think it's something that you should be pointing out because it's showing that Google is finding their brand, their asset, right, their website and giving it impressions for so many more search queries, right? So it's being recognized for more and more relevancy for those search queries that Google was founded for, and given an impression for so that's my take on it. Marco, what's yours?

As far as impressions, it's a really good metric initially, to show the client how the project is starting to perform versus where it started. So that's a really good measurement. But then everything else comes into play. What kind of clicks are you getting on those impressions? That's really important. So in and of itself, yeah, you'll while them initially, until they figure out, well, wait a minute. That doesn't mean anything. Its clicks, actually, are meaningful, because that means people are coming to the page. But wait a minute, then they figure it up. What are the people who aren't doing anything when they come on the page because it's not reflecting in sales? So CTR is those impressions, divided excuse me, the clicks divided by impressions, gives you your average click-through rate. So it's actually your conversions on those total clicks. That will tell you the money that you're making. It's setting up the analytics property so that you're tracking goals, phone calls, if it's sales, if it's people on the thank you page, if you're selling something, if you have an e-commerce store, there's a bunch of goals that you can sit where you can really wow, the classes. This means an analytic report, it also means that you can have in Search Console query reports, you can have page reports, you can have it by country, you can have it by the button device by search appearance.

And I think that's it.

There might be another one, but it's not coming to me. But you can set all of these different things, although and you can show by device, you can really wow them if you take a little bit of time to learn Search Console, and to learn analytics and how to search goals because you can actually show them the money in analytics, month to month, you can show that. So this is how I'm contributing to your bottom line. This is how many people are putting the cart and this is how many people I converted in the cart. Now, if it's sales and all of that, that I'm not involved with the sales team, this is how many people how many phone calls I put through to your sales team. If they suck, it's not my problem. I'm not paid to train the sales team, you and I know the niche that you work in, it's not your job to sell that product to that person coming in, into wherever it is that they come to. I'm not going to give away your niche or what you're working on. So that's not your problem. But you should be able to tell the client we got this many calls. We got this many people to fill out a form. We got this many people in the GMB, we got this many people from the GMB to the website, we got this many posts. So all of these things put together it might take a little bit longer to prepare the report, but when you have all that together is going to be comprehensive. And you're going to kill these people with all of this shit that they didn't know. Brian Cattell mentioned something he showed a client how he was leaving over $200,000 on the table in our dire wolf our mini mastermind meeting on Tuesdays. And it's just by some simple metrics, by some simple changes very soon.

Simple that you can show a client, how it is that they are leaving money on the table and they are going to love you, you go from just a service provider to being someone who becomes indispensable. They cannot do away with you from this company because you're making it that much more successful, and then you can set your own price. And Muhammad, he's really active in the heavy hitter club asking us a ton of questions. And I appreciate this question. Because this was really good. gives people a chance to learn more, which you should be doing about Search Console, you have that analytics guy that you like, yeah, Julian from the measure, school, measure school, Julian, fantastic guy, and on setting up your analytics to really rock them out. And once you learn that, then it's just your product becomes part of your process. And when you're setting up your reports, you can just have a VA go and collect all of the information. You don't have to do it. You just have to present the report. How good is that you going to present? graphs and all these different things? Is how much money I'm making you man, you can't get rid of me. In fact, you got to pay me more. I hit comes a check. is a fantastic thing. Thanks, man.

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What Are The Benefits Of Incorporating One Drive Into The Drive Stack Through Embeds And Links?

Rap's up, he says is there any benefit to incorporate? Uh, yeah, that was correct. Sorry. Is there any benefit to incorporate OneDrive into the drive stack through embeds and links? None of the documents seem to index maybe I'm doing something wrong. Interested to get your insight with this or anything else to help expand the drive stack?

Yeah, I started playing with that about a year and a half ago and never really followed up with it. So I kind of followed Marco's opinion on that was which is why need it when you've got Google properties that can achieve what it is that you need to achieve. So I have not done anything with it. I don't think Marco has either have you Marco not with one guy I've never needed to. And if he's talking about One Drive don't index, then why bother any of you talking about drive stacks, or and files or documents in the Gsite, not indexing. It's just a matter of building tiered backlinks into them, and then indexing the backlinks that are getting hit with the index that are hitting your drive stack and your G site. And Google will crawl them. And all we need is a crawl. We don't need it indexed, we need Google in there to take a look at everything to have everything in the store. And so that it knows what the path of the power flow is. That's all we need. Of course, it's really helpful when we're taking up real estate with a G site. Because it just means that there's one less competitor that's not competing with you organically. And if you can take the map pack and one of the positions in organic, that just means that you're covering much more real estate. And if you can bring one of your tier one properties up along, so not just your G site, but other properties along with it, which you can do overtime and doing it properly with the proper power. Remember, with tiered link building, you can get a lot of results, a lot of great results. I'm seeing like drive stack files.

I was just looking at that they index. Yep. I was just gonna mention I've been testing with a lot of link building to the G site, the G sheets, the keyword sheet, right, The one that comes back with the drive stack builds, because there are two g sheets that come back one's links and one's keywords and they both have links. But one they're the keyword sheet has all the keywords that you've submitted with your order hyperlink to all the different links from the drive stack. And so I've been targeting that one very, very specifically lately for several projects that I've been testing things on. And there are absolute that g sheet indexes. And it's on almost every single one of my projects because I've been hitting it with links that GC the keyword sheet with links, like one for a brand search for that whatever project it is. It shows up on page one or two on the G sheet. So it absolutely does still index. I'm sure the other ones do as well. I've just been really hammering that one lately. So it's interesting.

But as far as OneDrive now I just haven't messed with it. I started to but I never followed up with it never really completed that process. So I just never figured why we're able to do what we need, what the what we've been using. So

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Is There A Way To Combine Different CDN To Provide Good Load Time And Boost Core Vital To 100?

let's see. Harpreet says I'm having a blog, which has had many pages and getting lots of traffic. Is there a way to combine different CDN to provide good load time and boost core vital to 100 like Amazon CloudFront and Google Cloud CDN? I don't know about combining CD ends and all that I don't I'm not real good at all that kind of stuff. I usually use something simple like MaxCDN or something that like CloudFlare, the CDN that they have, and recently I did pick up a course worse, though, that just, um, I picked this one up, I think it's called WP page speed, not a plugin.

I've just picked this up a couple of weeks ago and started messing with it.

I can't remember which one it is. I'd have to go into my files to pull it out. But it's shit. I'm sorry. If I think about it, I'll post it in the comment section later, but it was pretty good. And it was talking about how to optimize using W3 total cache, which is free. And it goes through very, very granularly on how to set all that shit up. And, and it also combines with Cloudflare Cloudflare, the free stuff that you can do in Cloudflare. And there are some paid options as well for upgrading to some CDN stuff. But um, I was able to get really, really good results, it varies. And I'm not sure why I've got to go back through, I still haven't completed it. But I was able to get the Amazon or the PageSpeed Insights score into the mid-90s for a WordPress site that was really, really slow prior to me doing all those tweaks. And I spent probably about two hours going through that course, initiating those traits. As I said, I will comment with the link. Once the webinar is over, I just got to figure out where it is. But that was pretty good as $300. Course, as I said, I've still probably got about 30 or 40% of it left to go through. So I'm sure I can get close to 100 with that. But it also got really, really good gt metric scores, my Pingdom scores were a little bit lower than what I was hoping for. But I got really good scores, like I said, from PageSpeed Insights. So as far as combining CD ends is up, I don't know, you probably can if you're advanced like, maybe Marco knows, I don't know enough about that stuff, except for how to set it up if I have clear instructions if that makes sense. So that's about as best I can I'll find that link to the course that I'm talking about. And I'll post it in the comments below. Marco, can you assist on that one? Yeah, this is a good question. You don't need multiple CDs, you just need to properly optimize whatever it is that you do. The answer to your question is yes, you can set up multiple CDs, yes, it can be done. You can combine, for example, CDN dotnet, with CloudFlare, so that you can increase the speed but also increase the security. You can also set up multiple networks to take different loads off your server, but most of you will not have if you're video live streaming.

And that gets really heavy, you could benefit from multiple CDN for that purpose. So you have multiple things, one handles the streaming the other one, images, that kind of thing.

Recently, when we did the iframe webinars, and in the heavy hitter club, we just finished those, and we're moving into Now, last week, we covered content, I'm going to cover content for the next couple of weeks. But I showed how to take just any website. And with really two or three plugins, take it by actually for taking care of all of your speed needs getting something as close to 100 as possible.

Now, having said that, you don't need it. Now I'm going to tell you why Google is measuring your website against other websites in the niche. So if all of the websites in the niche average 30, Max is 35, the lowest is in the teens, then all you need is 36. And you're the best in that niche. So if you're the fastest website in that niche, that's all you need. You don't need to be the fastest website on the web, you don't need to always reach that 100. Sometimes 26 is good enough because you're measured against everybody else in that niche. And then it comes the part of the user experience and those measurements, whether the person stays when they leave.

This Stuff Works
All of that comes into play. As we go deeper into Google's core web Bibles, that might change right now. I don't think it will. But just here it is some simple plugins, some very simple plugins, and just use them the right way. So I'm going to give you an example. When you are uploading images, make sure that your images are size optimized before you upload them. You don't need a 1300 by 800 image if all you're doing is a 400 by 300. You don't need that you need 400 by 300. So bring your images down, then use something that will optimize your image size, and your and your file to something that's really fast for today's web. And there are plugins that will do that for you. Yeah, cache plugins will do that will also help you help deliver the website faster so that it's stored somewhere and you're being delivered. It's actually be stored on the user side, rather than on the server-side, which is really good. That's why it's called. That's why they tell you to sometimes clear your cache to see if that will give you a better version of the wizard because it's stored on your end, rather than on the server end so that it's not slowing down the server. There are also plugins that will help you, for example, with lazy loading with iframes. And the reason why I showed is that someone had said that iframes do not slow down the website. And we've shown where an iframe can trap a bot for over seven minutes. So it's seven minutes website, trying to load where Google finally just breaks out of it.

So I mean, it depends on what it is that you're trying to do. You might need a course as Bradley paid for, I would say, you don't need it, just some basic plugins. And you're good to go with just about any website, unless it's something that really, really heavy and just delivers a lot of scripts. And sometimes just adding too many plugins will also hurt your speed metrics. So not having enough not having the right ones having too many Google fonts. Interestingly enough, a Google product will hurt your PageSpeed Yes, it will say different things. It's I'm glad you mentioned that because and by the way, this was that is WP speed fix. I can't I'm not sure where the purchase for that course link is on here. But this is what I'm talking about. It was this one right here. So it's and it's $297, I believe for the course that teaches you how to do it, or you can hire them to do it. But that's the course that I went through. Anyway, what I was going to say was, as Marco was just mentioning, the WP smush. It is one of the plugins that they talk about using.

They also have a W3 total cache in their Google Fonts was one of the things that kept on the WordPress site that I was applying this method to was one of the things that kept coming back and showing like one of them causing the slowest load times. So I use a plugin, remove Google fonts that you can add that will just strip all that code directly from your WordPress theme. So there's, you know, there's a number of things. And again, I thought it was pretty good. I mean, as Marco said, I probably didn't need it. If I wanted to just go to work on YouTube, I could probably find enough YouTube videos for you to videos Teach me all the same shit that was in here. This was just all consolidated. So that's why I did it. But anyway, there you go. As I said, we have it in a really simple I showed it in like 30 minutes in the heavy hitter club and one of the webinars.


So that was WP speed fixed, by the way. But yeah, as you said, I mean, again, I just was I didn't want to try to find all that shit. So I just went through it. And it's pretty good. It was, in my opinion, is worth it. Next is, Jay says, I'm building a mass page site. for local service area business. I'm adding local images, Google Map, video, and service schema. Is there any other schema code or things I can add to squeeze more power out of these pages?

can anything be added inside the map code or even some of the images, I've also taken care of other on-page things like alt tags and using keyword file names. I don't know I'm not I still haven't got my first mass page site built, really other than just playing with it to kind of figure out how to work the plugin. But you can add as far as adding additional scheme I don't because I don't know how you've marked up your page. So it just depends. Like, you know, if you can mark up certain elements within the page, that's great. But I don't know how you do that with a mass page build. Honestly, I'm not sure how that would work. Because it's you know, the pages are basically created dynamically, right? When you press deploy, or whatever it is, at least the way that the plugins that I know how they work. That's how they work. So I'm not 100% sure about that. As far as adding like things to the map code, you can squeeze keywords at the end of an iframe tag, you can do things like that. But I don't know what else you could add into there. Marco, do you have any suggestions for custom schema? I don't know what you're using.

This Stuff Works
If you're using a WordPress plugin, you should be able to insert schema dynamically, I called it my own plugin to take care of inserting dynamic schema and just pulling in whatever the dynamic variables on the page are. So whether it's a post or whether it's a product, what kind of product it is, if it has an author has a video of just whatever it is that changes from page to page or where it needs new information pulled in. That's how it gets inserted. So it's not really passive or the mass page bill. But once the page is built the new page and my plugin goes in and reads that new page. It inserts the schema dynamically. So that's one of the ways and so here's the thing, most people are adding the same old garbage schema to that our websites. So they're using a plugin that everybody else is using, or they're using a schema generator off-site that generates the same schema, there's going to generally be generated for everybody else. And we've shown time and again, that it's actually custom schema, that really, really makes a difference. We just got great results from the lat land solutions, network case study, where Rob went in. And he really did the schema, in the custom way that he uses inserting schema, on a per-page basis, different schema, because every page kinda needs different schema, you're just giving Google the same old garbage that you keep giving, there's no reason for Google to go through it has to be different. And then Google has to have a reason why it's going to rank you, or even take a look at you. In order for Google to go in there and rank your order what the index your pages your mass pay, the biggest problem that you're going to have is not indexing, the mass pages are keeping them indexed. Meaning in the life, let's call it the live index versus something that just gets crawled, and then it just falls off, that's going to be your biggest problem, one of the best ways to do it, is by freshening it up changing, making changes, making it different. That's another thing where Rob in the coming weeks after I'm done with, with content, we're going to go through mass page builds and show people how you get to add content into mass pages, how you can tokenize, and how you can drop the entities that keep the entities, make them tokens, and then change those. So that and change paragraphs, move them around. So that the page, every page that Google goes into, then becomes unique, and it's tuned for whatever it is that you're trying to do. So if all that you're changing in your mass pages, like we did originally, inland solutions as the name of the city, the name of the county and the name of the state, or whatever it is that you're changing, it's going to fall out of that live index. And it's not going to perform as well as it should. So you need to do all of these different things, you need to test all of these different things in order to get that to perform that mass page website to perform as well as it should.

What Are The Use Of Those Automated Coupon Websites That Links To Other Sites?

Sweep sweet. Okay, so next question is, Hey, Semantic Mastery. When I looked through the backlink profiles of many websites, in my niche, I always find shitty automated coupon websites that all use the same template across multiple domains, and are clearly automatic. What is the use of these websites? And how do they even make money? How do they even make any money? Or are they just made for links? That's a good question. There's, you know, I've been doing a lot of link analysis for local stuff in the last couple of months. And I've seen a lot of weird stuff to that. Similar to what you're talking about. And it's interesting, there are some really strange sites that they're just automatic, their sites that just will, you know, publish links back to sites, I guess, in an automated fashion. So like directory, like some really, really spammy directories, actually, some of them I've seen lately that have been popping up across different projects. And so I've been actually going in and disavowing those links because they're really bad. But it's not something that I'm building, it's just some either getting negative SEO, which is always possible, or they're just sites that you know, you get caught in the net, so to speak of these kinds of like scraper sites that will go out and, you know, they've got scripts that just go out and scrape pages and, you know, create new pages with links on them and things like that. And that's what I'm thinking more likely is. So I don't know how to prevent that, though. I mean, honestly, maybe Margo has some ideas, I don't know how to prevent others from linking to you or publishing a link back to your site without you wanting it.

As far as the coupon sites specifically, I haven't seen that. And in the tree service industry, so I haven't, I don't have anything to say specifically about that. But I've seen a lot of similar types of odd linking sites that like, for example, if I go through all the top 10 organic competitors that aren't big directory sites, I'll see a similar type of sites that link to several of them with automated type links. And again, I don't think that any of those contractors are actually hiring people to do that for them because some of my sites get caught up in those as well. I think it's just automated linking sites. And I'm not sure how to prevent that. And anytime I've worried about it is if I feel like it's causing some sort of an issue, but if it's industry, like in other words, if, if all of your competitors are being linked to by these crazy sites, then I don't think it's going to harm you to be linked to me there because it's kind of just normal for all those top 10 competitors, at least in my link analysis. I haven't seen it cause any harm. In some cases, though. I've got some that like I said, are just so damn spam.

This Stuff Works
Just as a preventive measure, I've sent them to the disavow tool. But that's my take on it. So how about you mark up? Yeah, well, as you know, I've never disavowed anything. I don't play disavowing anything ever. I like to kind of use the power against whoever is using it, try trying to use it against me. So use it as a positive thing. As far as this question is concerned, I read it a little bit differently. How I read this is he's going and doing competitor analysis, and his competitors in his niche, have these crappy, automated coupon websites, using the same templates across multiple domains, automated and linking back to themselves? So that's a PBN. Or could be a loose definition of a {BN where they're using these to maybe catch traffic at the tip to add that level, but still providing that link power into these websites. The use of those websites is simply that to provide a link to the other coupon websites, which is you're looking for coupons. That's what you're going to see. So yeah, the way we do it is to build an SEO shield. And then extend the SEO shield into coupon categories and push power into that GSU, not just the SEO shield, but the G site and drive stack, expand extended into categories, add pages to your G site that's fresh, unique, relevant content that's updated on a regular basis, it does work.

Build your categories, add depth to your categories. So don't just leave it at a page, you can add more, you can add more relevance, you can take the exact same category silo that you added on your website, and add it on a G site, and power it up to push relevance over to your money site so that you don't have to hit your money site with these ugly crappy links, you'll hit the G site with doing and the dice deck with these ugly, crappy length, it'll be a little bit better. They'll be web 2.0. There'll be contextual, there'll be tiered. If you're A-tiered, and they work phenomenally well, your website has been set up, the way that we show it should be set up. So that's how I read it. How do they make any money by putting power into their website and making it rank better? That's one way, the way that we do it is another way.

Yeah, I got the screen pause for a minute, because I'm going to show you an example of some of these really spammy sites that I've seen pop up lately, that are kind of these scraper-type sites. And they're awful hold on to resume share. Okay, so here's some that are part of the disavow file that I've built for one of my projects, because I've got sites that keep getting caught up in these awful, awful sites, and they're all the same. But take a look at this. It's just an old WordPress theme. And then like in it, you look, it's unbelievable. Um, well, maybe there's not in this one. But it's crazy. But if you look at them, maybe I'm looking at the wrong pages, but if you take a look at them all it is, is a page or a list of links, like it's, it's all it is, and it goes 1000s of pages, that's probably why I don't because I'm looking at the domain, I don't have the actual link, the page link. But it's these awful sites. And there's a bunch of them, they're all basically the same, which are just WordPress templates, all free templates, and they just go through and it's just pages and paid 1000s of pages of just links, there's no context around the links at all. It's just naked URLs that are hyperlinked to their destination to the that's it. And it's just page after page after page. And it's just insane. I've got several sites that have been caught up and it's a whole network of them. This is just a handful of them. And I don't know why because they're all very like sem rush comes back as showing them as you know, toxic, toxic links. I've just been as a precautionary measure, disavowing them, but just bunches and bunches and bunches of them. So I don't really know what the purpose of it is for. I can't imagine this being a benefit to anybody. I don't know why. Maybe it's for I don't I have no idea. I don't know why somebody would build a site build dozens of sites like this, but whatever.

Is It Okay To Add Software Paraphrased Content To Your Blogs And Money Sites?

Alright, back to the questions. The next one was is paraphrasing content using software and citing the source viable for content on our blogs and money sites? I wouldn't do it on money sites. I like to have original unique content on money sites, personally, so we always do that. We always you know, have original content that's been well-tuned. All of that kind of stuff.

On tier one stuff, but it's possible that you could do that for tier two stuff and beyond Have at it. I mean, that's I do you know, a lot of the stuff on tier one now I'm treating almost like this. They're all money site properties. We are going through and optimizing the content on tier one properties, tuning the content, doing all that kind of stuff. But for tier two stuff. Yeah, I mean, not, in fact, that's a lot of what I'm doing is paraphrasing existing content. And using that for link-building content and things like that. I wouldn't do it specifically on the money site, though. You know, tier-one stuff, you could probably get away with it there.

This Stuff Works
But anyway, what do you think Marco?

Content Kingpin is what usually comes to mind with proper attribution.

Rather than just redoing Yes, citing this as well as what we're doing in content kingpin, isn't it? curate content?

Yeah, for the blog. And yeah, yeah, no, I wouldn't want to do it for money pages, not for money pages, but for the blog, definitely. For the blog, you can do that.

So and actually, for blog posts, you know, we don't really paraphrase we just grab snippets. And then we always cite the source, though, for curated blog posts. Yeah, um, but you know, for, for taking with all the paraphrasing tools out there, you can, you know, they're, they're better than spinners. Because they keep the idea intact. And they're readable. They use NAP a lot of them that said that it's the phrasing is in natural language patterns, as opposed to like, you know, spinners can interrupt that. No, contacts are so easy to spot. Now, although I had just started playing again with the word AI, version five, and it's, it is definitely better than then, I think any of the other spinners right now. So yeah, thank you. But I don't understand why anyone would want to use a content spinner. Now, when you have so many other sites out there, that will just turn the frick, you hire a VA, and in one hour, they can, it becomes an endless amount of content that they can produce. And the great thing is that says you have a human editor to have them go through because sometimes the AI will throw something in there that just doesn't fit for, for whatever reason, glitch or whatever, they're just pulling it in.

And there's just something that it doesn't fit. And it's great to have that that human editor looking through it, and just making it read making it flow, and making it in that voice. that's helping because even the voice that you're writing can help convert the person to the right niche if you write to the person the wrong way.

If you write to the person, so here's something that I ran into working in, in the medical tourism industry, we were targeting people, baby boomers, about 15 1015 years ago, we were targeting people who were baby boomers. But we were using images that were of young, vibrant couples, 3030-year-olds, I would say, are between 30 and 40. Nothing to do with baby boomers with the aging generation with the generation who would pay medical tourism prices to travel abroad stay for 3045 days and get the procedures that they wanted to be done. And because we were not speaking to the audience in the proper voice, I'm using the proper images, we're getting a ton of people who would not convert, and just changing the images and realizing that we're talking to an older crowd, using a better sharper font, darker, making it stand on the stand out on the pavement, we wear glasses as we age, and we don't see that well. And with screens getting smaller, it actually looks better on the page, and all of these different things are all tools that will help things distend out speaking in the right voice to the person. So it's not just grabbing a whole bunch of content and popping it on your website, you'll get exactly the effort that you put into it. If you go the extra mile with that content, man is going to convert like crazy. I have one where it's converting now. Nearly 10% that was just looking at it before that, and nearly 10% which is ridiculous, which is ridiculous. We're industry average, as you know, is less than 2.5. And if you get to five, between five and eight, you're doing great.

Self all of these little things compounded added to one another is what will actually

This Stuff Works

Is There Any Type Of Content We Can Safely Scrape Or Automate?

get you to where you want to go. So that goes into the next question, is there any type of content we can save the scraper automate?

The only thing that I would suggest that I like is I still do this in some cases I've been testing with it again a little bit lately which is you know, RSS-driven stuff.

Especially if you can embed an RSS like an hour speed, you can mash together like RSS master technology, which is Damon, Nelson's product that he does, he's got a really good tool for that. I have not been using that I've been doing it strictly for SEO purposes to seven using Rank Feeder, which is Lisa Allen's product, which is pretty cool. One of the I think it was might have been in the heavy hitter club. But I saw one of the members mentioned that he was testing with her rank feeder again. And he was starting to get crazy results with a few of the tests. And I was like, Well, shit, let me dust that off and test with it again.

But that's pretty cool. Because you can create, you know, feeds with relevant content sources. So for like local, I like to mix feeds between, you know, local, like event type sites that have RSS feeds, as well as perhaps government sites, and then topical relevancy. So you go find blogs that are relevant to your niche. And you can map kind of mash those feeds together along with sticky items with the rank feeder, which is where you can like sprinkle in static eight, you know, URLs into the feed that will always be present in the feed at some so you can randomize where they are and that kind of stuff. And so that that's the only thing that I like to do. And I've been doing that testing out with that a little bit again on like, like IDX pages, for example, embedding the RSS feed. And there are a couple of ways to do that. You can still use Google Feedburner and use what's called the buzz boost embed code or with release Allen's product now, not now it's been like that, but rank feeder, you get an HTML page with the feed to and that HTML page. It's you know, it's a URL, you can just embed that just create an iframe out of that, and it works really well.

So I mean, that's what I've been doing is I've for any time I've ever wanted to automate. Having fresh content on a page, I've just used RSS feeds. That's how I've always done it.

I don't know, do you have any other suggestions, Marco, other than RSS feeds?

No. But I do have a word of caution because he used the word safely. Be careful whose content you use. And be careful how it is that you give proper attribution and whether you do and when they tell you to take it down. They don't take it down and then brag about just putting it up somewhere else. Yeah, don't do that. Don't do that. Especially when it's a big company that has lawyers and deep pockets and can come after you and takes everything that you have and write news to not give a crap and write new stories about it. So don't write. So if you're going to do that and safely scrape, keep it as Tobler keep it to a paragraph, paraphrase it, don't do a direct cut it yet having an RSS feed.

No pushing that you're still pushing, you're pushing the limits, it should have proper attribution, you can get into trouble you can so just be really careful with what it is that you're doing. And and and periodically you're or have that VA looking through the content, just in case you get into something or look for those notices in case somebody tells you to take my content down, that link will take it down and rewrite it do something different once you know what what the net and what it is that you're writing about in the entity that you're after, you should have no problem going in and replacing that content. Just be careful.

This Stuff Works

Will You Lose Out Much If The Stack's Links Are Masked Through Pretty Link?

So RB says if all my stacks, stacks links, ultimately point to a masked, Pretty Link to the final destination. So I can keep control of the stack if the client stops paying, will this lose out much by number one not having the keyword in the underlying link only perhaps in the mask text?

Now, I mean, it helps a little bit if you can, at least in my testing, when link building stuff lately, if you have control over your Pretty Link, you can squeeze a keyword in there. But ultimately at the destination. You know, as I said, I like to squeeze keywords into redirect links that I'm using to kind of add some relevance, especially if I'm coming from properties or I don't have the ability to modify the anchor text, then I like to link from those properties through a redirect URL that does give me the ability to squeeze a keyword in there. So I don't think that's a problem. Um, you know, if you can squeeze a keyword into the slug of the pretty link that you're talking about the redirect, and in my opinion, do it.

But if you don't have access to it, you still going to get whatever link building you're doing to the target that has the outbound link redirect link going to your ultimate destination whenever you're trying to power up. You can kind of you can influence what the anchor texts are right through a contextual link, right, obviously, where the link is placed and the content that surrounds it, but also in the links that are being built to that target page. And the anchor text ratios of that right so that there's a couple of ways that you can do it.

I wouldn't worry about it too much.

What I'm saying is I know you want to use a redirect and you're asking, well, it, will you lose power if you do it. Not really, that it's such a small amount that, you know, I like using redirects a lot, actually. And it's funny because we're just talking about this, but mgyb.co, that link shortener has just a master shit ton of power over the years. And so I started, I wanted one for my own agency, specifically, because it's brand new, I wanted a branded link shortener. And so I started to build one of my I built, you know, just using pretty links, I started short domain on, you know, a WordPress, set up WordPress and using pretty links. And I've been doing a lot of link building through my own short links, and that domain is powered up considerably, just like him. And I got the idea, obviously, from mgyb.co, the shortener, the link shortener, so it works. And even if you don't, I like to use those redirect URLs a lot now, because what's great about it is you can, you can change the target URL at any time. Right? Does that make sense? So like, and I know, that's why you were asking about it. So don't use them. Because you're worried about losing a little bit of juice, or if you don't have control over the keyword slug, I wouldn't worry about I'd still continue to use it, as long as you have access to continuing editing that, that redirect, I don't really find a whole lot of benefit and redirects. If you don't, if you can't, you know, modify them at a later date, right edit the target URL, and that kind of stuff. Number two, trying to build just to a master link on tool on the link tool instead of the ultimate target. Now, again, it's kind of pass-through. There's a small amount of loss across it, as long as it's a 301 redirect is only a tiny, tiny bit of loss. But it's not. It's negligible. At least in my experience. Mark, do you have a different opinion on that? You know, me I love link shorteners, man. Yeah, it's just ever since the goo.gl shortener came out ever since that that was given to me. It was like holy crap. And I didn't do enough to look into the why. until after it was gone until I started going into Firebase. And then I figured it out. And when they when I figured it out, I wanted to hit myself in the head with a hammer, because I should have figured it out sooner. But it didn't drop until I Oh, man, this is what was happening. This is why it was so powerful. This is why Google was counting it as an impression. We saw that we did that test where I broke Twitter. And they'll just have 1000s of links going through Google. And we were seeing the impressions. And I'm like, why was it counted as impressions? Didn't know didn't care. We knew that was power. Well, now I know. Now I really care. And MGYBis built on those foundational principles that I found out going through the goo.gl shortener and Firebase and building out mgyb.co/s. So slash s, for the shortener, which is you drop power in there, you power up the initiative, you power up those short URLs, and they just push power through the destination, because it's a 301. The relevance is picked up from the page that originates the link, because all you're doing is changing it making it shorter, pushing it through to the destination, that three or one, so it's picking up the relevance anyway, how do we know our MGYBshortener ranks for keywords, although most of them are not keyword-based like he's saying here, right, we write the custom slug. We don't need it.

For the most part, on the really, really difficult niches. It could be that additional boost that gets you over the top could be I don't know if that much power is available, or how much you would have to do to breakthrough. But we do notice, we do know that the index, rank for keywords without having the keyword relevance, but how can they rank without having the keyword relevance? They're picking it up from the link origin.
That's the only place that they could pick it up from the place that you're taking the URL, and you're using to shorten in, in our case MGYB. And they're also picking up from the boost. That data is giving it through link building because we use contextual links, contextual web to Dotto, so all that relevance is coming through. What does this tell you? Google will read relevance through a redirected link. How good is that? I'm not giving away the really juicy shit. I'm not ready to give that away. But how good is understanding knowing that wherever that link is, Google understands where it's coming from, and where it's going. And as long as there's relevance on both,

The origin and the destination Google is picking it up. And it's pushing it through and it's helping it rank not only helping it rank your page but the MGYBshortener. So it's not necessary to have keywords relevant. Although it will help in a really difficult niche or in something that is stuck. For whatever reason, it could help to just give it that additional push as far as well the other than trying to build juice to a max. Mass link. No, no, no. To build links and tiered link building. That's what's gonna push it up.

Yeah, as I said, the juicer passes, there's a very slight loss, but it's so negligible. It's not, it's not even worth mentioning. So and now as a follow-up to that was great. I always wondered whether Google looks under the hood to see the true link instead of my link target keyword. Maybe I'm not sure what that is lt kW.

Okay, guys, well, that's we're about five minutes early, but I think we can wrap it up. I appreciate you guys being here. I will not be here next week, guys. So I'll see you in two weeks, but the rest, the other guys will so see you guys then. Thanks.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 348

By April

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All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 348. Today is the 14th of July 2021. And we are going to get rolling and Bradley's gonna have something to say here in a minute. But if you're watching us now, when we disappear, just know that the electrical Gods out there may or wreak havoc with a lightning storm. So we'll get to that a little bit more in a minute.

So, let's go ahead and say hello to everybody. And then before we dive into your questions, we also got a couple of short announcements. Let's go around the circle here, Chris. I'm glad you're here with us. You've been having some crazy weather too, man. How are you doing today? Actually, today's really good on the weather ends. And like yesterday, we had like kind of a small sand storm for half of the day. Today was just humid and warm. Not too like crazy or anything. So quite happy, productive day.

Lots of good stuff. Marco, how are you doing today? How's the weather? How's the weather down?

A sandstorm in the Alps. And I get this funny and Oh, man. It is what it is. But you guys have been seeing it. It's over a year, day after day. Well, hump day after hump day, every one of the webinars that I do, it's it's right here in the spot. And man, blessed. I can't say anything but got a lot of things that I'm working on my lots of software, getting ready to, to push out just lots of things, lots of things.

To me, the ranking has never been, I'm not gonna say easy, but simpler.

Once you got the foundation, right. And once you know where you're pushing and prodding and how you're manipulating, it's really simple people allow so-called experts and gurus and ninjas to complicate things. And they have to make it complicated to keep selling you more and more and more and more. Because simple doesn't sell well. Because if it seems too good to be true, people have been told what it probably is. But they don't remember that probably not all the time, probably, in this case, is and how we show time after time after time. Case Study after case that person who takes our trading after the person who follows everything to the letter, because the thing about working with foundational principles is you can't skip them. Because they're foundational principles. So how in the hell do we tell you, these are foundational principles, meaning you have to apply them and then you don't because you want to skip because you think

I don't care what you think. Because you think that you should be doing something different or something else. Well, then why are you even listening to me? Why? If you already know or if you think you know better, then go away, go do something else. Don't waste your time with me, or waste my time with you. It doesn't make sense. Apply the foundational principles and watch the magic happen. And Google updates don't matter.

Google updates do not matter. I don't give a shit if it's PageSpeed users. But whatever the hell it is, they don't matter. The way that we're doing it. It doesn't make any difference because we're in the belly of the beast. We're in the heart of the algorithms, manipulating them.

Or you can just go doing like other people don't guess and hope. And a year two years later when you've wasted no one guy in the past five years who has spent over $300,000 and not gotten results. Of course, he hasn't spent them with us.

But I know he did I then I talked to the guy on a regular basis and he just doesn't.

It's up to him and he wants to keep spending his money cool. Spinning his wheels. Cool. Meantime, in the last five years, what have I done I've only developed as we have ever developed RYS Academy, Local GMB Pro, local PR Pro with Bradley. Just everything that you need to make this shit work. And yet here we are. And where are you?

Nuff said. Fair enough. All right. Well, Bradley, I'm glad you're still here with us and that we're still alive. So besides a lightning storm going on. How are you doing today? Good. I'm busy.

This Stuff Works
I'm on the very tail end of a 72 hour fast. I've got two more hours. And I haven't had a fucking thing to eat and three in 70 hours right now. So my dinner time is scheduled for 6 pm tonight will be the first bite of food I've had in 72 hours and I'm so looking forward to it.

It's been crazy like people think that, you know you have less energy when you're fasting but it's actually the exact opposite. And I've been fucking wired for days, like having trouble sleeping and everything else but I'm certainly hungry and looking forward to eating this evening. So I'm a little bit shaky right now just because I'm, like, all amped up.

And it's again 100% just like, fasting, which is insane. But yeah, I'm here. I'm happy. I got lots of stuff going on as well. We've got some big announcements coming up in a few weeks and a lot of good things going on right now. I agree with Marco, I think right now is one of the best times to be in SEO, some of the tools and stuff that are available just gives us such an unfair advantage if you know how to use the tools, and you know, piece different tools together and just, there's just so many good things going on right now. It's, it's an exciting time for sure. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Well, congratulations on that, that I've never done anything close to 72 hours. So I can only imagine. That isn't my first time. I've done several 48 hours fasts but never 72. So this is my first time. Gotcha. Well, I'm gonna switch gears very heavily here, I saw someone in the mastermind posted about appsumo deals, they're kind of doing their posts like Amazon, I think Amazon had their amazon prime days or something. And now appsumo has their deals. And man, you know, we talked about shiny objects and avoiding them. But somebody mentioned it, I went and looked I've already picked up two tools with some lifetime licenses that I think are going to be really good ones a metric reporting tool that's called Guiana, I think and then there's one Bradley that you may know about, I forgot the name already. I've got to go back and hook it up. But it's for cold email prospecting, warm up. They've got a lifetime deal. So people who missed out on like Lem list, I think was the last ones that did this. This is something nice that you can use to warm up your email account. Definitely shoot me the link to that man, because um, yeah, I switched to using gmass warm-up feature, which is free. But it's not as good as Lem lists, but Lem lists, I was paying $29 per account, and I had like five or six different accounts doing that. So yeah, here's another one for appsumo. Definitely, please send it to cool. Yeah, I just put it on the page, you have to link you guys to check it out. Again, I do this, I'm saying it responsibly. If there's nothing you need, don't buy it. Don't buy a bunch of shit. Don't let it collect digital dust. But a lifetime deal can be a hell of a thing. It is obvious, you know, you sometimes get what you pay for but, but you guys have had some great results with some app Sumo deals over the years.

So cool. With that said, just wanted to remind people we've had our own deals that went on over the Fourth of July. We appreciate people who took advantage of those. And we had several people join the mastermind during that with a $10 trial, which was great, and happy to now have them be members in the mastermind. So if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, you should be checking out the mastermind You can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And of course, we have POFuU Live 2021 coming up at the end of September. All right. And if you want to find out more about that, of course, head over to po foo live.com. We're getting ready to update that later in the month with more details on the speakers and the topics. And we are going to be having some additional speakers come in. So if you check that out, and you're interested now grab your ticket as well, because now is the lowest price you can get your ticket for, and then we're going to be having even more updates and more added. So just a really good time to get in on that. So with that said, Guys, anything else we need to cover before we get into questions? I've just pinged you in slack about a question.

Ah, it kind of is Look, let me cryptically answer your question, Bradley. And then I'll let you take it from here. If people have watched it and mentioned it, Jeremy said he will talk to people. So I'll let you decide how you want to let people know if anybody has a saw the recent offer that was opened up for press advantage with the new premium features. I believe the offer is close. But if you had scheduled or had seen the offer and you schedule a demo call, he'll take your call, apparently, and still provide you with that offer. So if you missed out on it while it was open, then call schedule a demo call with the team over press advantage and they'll get you sorted. Be very nice about it and say dang it. I missed it. I was busy. Please let me talk to you. Yeah.


So by the way, press releases are still crushing it, I use them almost. I mean, so much. It's one of my primary link-building methods. And I've actually kind of adopted more what Marco has said publicly many times, I was using press releases for a long, long time to also link back to my money site, which I still do for every single site. I always do a URL anchor, press release and I also do a branded brand anchor press release. So I kind of pillow the site with URL and brand anchors from press releases because it's a whole bunch of them and it works out really great and then I can do some more targeted link building stuff but I'm doing like keyword anchor text press building on press release link building to like tier-one entity assets. And that tends to work incredibly well like the G sites, Jambi websites, you know, all that kind of stuff. So, you know, press releases are just such a powerful thing, guys, if you're not using them, you absolutely should be.

Yeah, right. It's not only are you getting the word out, but whatever it is that you're doing, not only are you gonna pick up traffic, but it's also link building figure, how many, however many pickups it has, well, those are links back to your site. And however they are, whether they're following or nofollow, any other type of thing, if you're getting a hotlink, assume you're hiding an image that's unlinked. In if you getting an iframe in there, all of those combined are all link-building back to wherever it is. This is why I don't like doing it on the website. And why I recommend for people not to do it is because most people don't know what they're doing. Yeah. And they can really, they can screw themselves really bad, because of all those links coming back to the website. But if you do it to everything else, and you selectively choose those that follow, and you hit those, and you have that set up correctly, so that it's that the power is amplified.

What happens is unbelievable, simply because of how we build up the power. So we exponential the power. And when you push into that, well, you're just pushing into something that's already exponentiating. Imagine the park a car, it's kind of mind-blowing, when you think, well, it's already an exponential, but I'm pushing an exponential into an exponential. And then I can push another exponential into that. And then it becomes ridiculous when you start thinking in those terms. And again, the foundational principle, because math is what the web is founded on. You cannot code without math. You cannot code without math. And the foundation of the web is math. And as long as you understand math, and how everything is then working, well, you're good to go. Because then you can push power anywhere you want.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and something, just two things. One is the last check that I did, which in fact, and just the last like a week and a half or two weeks, there are now even more sites that are being published on from a press event at the with, like even if you don't have the premium subscription yet that the new tier that has just been opened up by press advantage, even like regular subscribers are getting more pickups now. Because I keep getting emails from press releases that were like published a week and a half, two weeks ago that are saying like your PR got more pickups. And it's because like, they just got pushed out across a new network. But so I haven't even checked all those. But from what we had before from a couple of weeks ago, I get a do follow link to check on all the press releases, and there were 74 do follow links out of the press release distribution network. So that's really powerful. And then as Marco said, you know, I've been linking back a lot lately stalking back to the press release or a press advantage organization page. Because you can really power that up, I've got one location that I've just done multiple links backs to So essentially, like, I'll have whatever link it is, and I'm having my press release. But then I have a second link that goes back to the organization page. And I've been able to push trust flow numbers up to like 30. With that alone. It's, it's pretty insane. So it's just working really, really well still. And I have not even started using the premium distribution network yet. So I'm anxious to see what that'll do as well. So alright, let me grab the screen.

Do you guys confirm you're seeing it?

Is There A Type Of Schema Markup Code That We Can Add Into Google Map Embeds?

Yep. Okay, cool. Okay, ah, the first question is from Jack, the Jack. He says, Is there any type of schema markup code we can add into Google Map embed codes we place on our websites or an MGYB embed gigs? That's a question for you Marco.

Yeah, there is. But why? I don't understand that. The point is, we're working on foundational principles, then your schema code will be in the entity stack or the ad ID page. What we used to call the @ID page, which is actually an entity stack is everything about your organization, your local business, your brand. So if you've done your iframes correctly, you have your schema in that and it's on the website. What's the point of getting trying to get into the embed code where it's not supposed to be? You can? Google does read I mean, I showed that in, in the paid groups, I'm not going to show it here. You can't get it in there. You can't force Google. But why Google does a great job of reading it on your website does a great job of reading Just wherever you share it through the iframes.

When you're sharing those, we're looking at how Google will actually pick up the schema code from the iframe, the title, the description, from the iframe, and display that it's fantastic. We've outranked the website that we iframe for the keyword through an iframe, which is what you would think it's ridiculous and that you can't do and you can totally do that's how powerful iframes are. So once again, you go to foundational principles first you build on those, and then if you need the extra power that's when you start pushing all the extra hacks all these different things that are available that you can do but only when you're done and when you need more power and not until because then when you start doing all with all these other things you don't really know that you're not saving anything back and you don't know if you could have stopped that say halfway or if you could have just gotten your let's say your shield as your power shield and that would have helped you push for whatever it was that you were looking to do then why did you do everything else that was wasted time? You didn't need it? You could have saved it so that when you win the competition came knocking you got a bunch of bullets in that chamber waiting on him to hit them bam, bam, bam, one right after the other. And it's a done deal again, they can't touch you. But if you go and you shoot everything all at once and you miss them when they come for you What are you gonna do except go crawl under the bed and cry? Because you spent all your money you spend all your money you got nothing to do except go cry because if you can't do anything else position fetal yeah if it's adult god What do I do now? Somebody shoot me out Bundy right off the famous I shoot me, please. No, guys, no. Work on the foundations, we do a really good job of teaching those in the semantic mastery mastermind. And in the heavy hitter club, we'll take you through all the foundational principles is exactly how I laid it out. In the heavy hitter club training. It's how Semantic Mastery developed. It's how the @ID, the SEO shield is set up. Everything that we do is set up on foundational principles, follow those first, then start looking for the hacks and these little tips and tricks that there are there if you want to you can go and find it. But while you're doing that, you could be setting down a solid foundation. So that when you do use those, it'll have an even greater effect.

What High-Quality Link Building Training Do You Recommend?

Are you go so the next question is from Chris. Well, Chris posted it from I guess the Facebook group, he says the question was I signed up for a lead generation course rank and rent about two years ago, they taught the basics, okay? But their backlink strategies are weak, copying competitors, blog comments, etc. only work in low or no competition fields and have been a waste of time. For the most part, I'm looking for some high-quality backlink training perhaps be PBN setup that works in 2021. So that I can confidently rank sites and competitive niches and get all my lead generation sites to the top of page one. Do you have any recommendations?

Okay, yeah, first, I don't recommend doing PBNs, like setting them up yourself, it is incredibly difficult to do that properly. Now. It just takes a ton of work. And you have to get you to have to be really, really good about, you know, having diversified hosts and name servers. And like it's very, to do it properly. So I don't recommend that. So here's the thing, what we teach absolutely works, especially for local and even on the organic side if you don't have GMB stuff, and I know that because I've spent the last two months, maybe 10 weeks, somewhere eight to 10 weeks around there, really focusing on organic stuff using our methods, and I can tell you, without a doubt, it fucking crushes it. Okay, the number one thing that you need to do is that entity tune content on your money site period. Do that. And you use our SEO shield, which includes the syndication network, RYS drive stack, and G site, which you theme mirror your money site into that.

So essentially, your RYS drive stack, your G site will be in the same kind of structure that your money site does. And then your IDX page and powering those up. But here's the thing, you can go into each one of those tier one entity assets, and you can modify your link back to your money pages on your site with whatever appropriate anchor text ratios you need. And what I've been doing lately is I've been going through and looking at the top 10 competitors that are the same type of sites. So for example, I do strictly local. So a lot of the sites on the top 10 organic competitors are going to be HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, you know, lawn starters would be a big one that is a competitor in my industry because I do Tree Service stuff. So I don't I don't count those. When I'm doing backlink analysis and anchor text ratios. I just look at whatever other local business websites are ranked in the top 10 organic positions. And then I do kind of an average. And this is a method that I learned from Matt Diggity's blog post about just do an average of anchor text ratios and the type of anchor text categories. And again, you can go look this up on his blog and it works well. But what I'm saying is what I've been finding because for a long time I didn't do any sort of research on this at all because of our methods we never did need to but I've been I've focused strictly on maps ranking for the last several years. Recently I've been working a lot on the organic side of things and seeing incredible results and the best things like I said entity tune content. So SEO tune content that's done properly, there's plenty of tools out there to do it.

This Stuff Works

Then also, as I said, go through your tier one entity assets, SEO shield assets essentially and you can go through and modify the link backs to your homepage or internal pages of your money site with the appropriate anchor text ratios using your tier one entity assets. If you need additional links or additional anchor text coming back, here's the thing with a syndication network, you already have branded web 2.0 assets. So go in and here's the here's where I've found a lot of really good success lately is going in logging into each one of those like blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, those three alone are all that you really need. And publishing individual articles that are also SEO tuned or entity tuned articles with you know, very specific anchor text links pointing back to my money page so that I can get my anchor text ratios within average or within range of what the other competitors are, doesn't matter how many links I have. All that matters is the anchor text ratios, getting it within the kind of same range as what the other competitors ranked on page one are then.

So again, going in and I'm not talking about syndicating a blog post to your money site which syndicates out to the network that's standard, we do that anyway. But I'm talking about going into like blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress and publishing a separate article on each one of them. So individual unique article on each one of them, that is also tuned SEO tune content, then you can kind of modify or manipulate your anchor text ratios that way, and now you've gotten you can do the same thing in your G site, by the way, you should. And even like some of the drive stack files and stuff like that you can do it with as well. But then you can just hammer the shit out of those tier one entity assets with kind of broader, you know, topical anchor texts. So that's what that location modifiers target anchor text with location modifiers, you can still hit them with brand anchor text, which is I recommend that you do because they're still tiered one entity assets. So here's the thing, like if you go publish an article on just a web two network, a web 2.0 site out there, there's just kind of a, you know, an orphaned web 2.0 site, or it's a persona-based profile or something like that, then it's a little bit odd to hit those posts with anchor text, branded anchor text, right. But when you're because it just it's odd, and that's not something that people typically would do is hit a blog post on somebody's personal blog with a branded anchor text, a lot of times, it's just kind of a natural-looking. But if you've got your branded syndication network, which you should have anyway, then it absolutely makes sense to hit an individual post on your branded syndication network properties with a branded anchor. And so again, what I've been finding, and I don't know what industry you're in, but it's specifically we treat services, as I've done a lot of research on organic rankings, is it's just insane to see how many Tree Service sites are ranked on page one organically with literally less than 10 links. Like under 10 links, it's insane. And so it's really been almost unfair. The kind of gains that I've been getting in the last two months by just doing exactly what I just mentioned, which is going through our tier-one entity assets that we set up, you know, through the SEO shield, manipulating my anchor text ratios to get doesn't matter how many links my money site has, it just matters the anchor text ratios because then I just pound the tier one entity assets with links. And that pushes all the power through even just a handful of links back to the money site. And I've been ranking pages organically like crazy stuff that was typically on page three or four because I didn't care about organic rankings for so long. Now on page one, several of them are within the top five, and we're talking about over about an eight to 10 week period. And I've been just methodically doing that for all the different pages that I've had. And it's been working like crazy. So believe it or not, link building for local sights, at least in my industry is not that difficult. You just have to know a proper strategy. And I really just told you what it was. And that's my input mark, I know you probably have something different.

You're muted.

Sorry, we're focusing more on content and schema.

And how we set up our link-building targets. The way that we interlink that to push power, I mean that that's my focus, the foundation of focus, and the way that we focus on on the, on the SEO side of this is to to go after the distance graph, and the ranking score algorithms because what we're trying to build up as the best entity in the niche. And so when we're able to once I'm not gonna say when once we're able to do that, then every other website is compared to yours rather than you being compared to some other website. Good point. Once you're there then nothing else matters. As I said, updates don't matter. Nothing matters because you are the entity that's compared that all other entities are compared against. And how we do that well, that, again, that's heavy hitter club, we've shown and as a matter of fact, we're doing something a content webinar series where we're going to be covering all of these, we just started this past Monday, how you can focus your content and hyper tune your kind of, so it's not just one piece of software that's going to get you there. It's not just conversion AI. It's not just whatever else it is that you're going to use. It's not just in length.

No, it's we're using five different pieces of software, to fine-tune that entity, and to find additional entities and even entities that other software Miss, to bring everything into play. Because when you can expand the entity, and maybe I'm getting a little too technical for people because what we're doing is we're expanding the entity so that ours becomes again, the one that everything else is compared to because nobody else is expanding the way we are. And then you could do the link building, you can actually do anything, you sometimes you don't even have to do link building. Now. Sometimes it's just schema and content. That wins, of course, with the SEO shield and plays and everything else, which you can consider a type of link building. But that's what we're doing. So when you do that, it's like it's unfair. It's unfair because everybody else is fighting. Oh, my God, we had a court update, we had a spam update. As a matter of fact, there was a core update to spam updates and a core update. Supposedly, I don't know, I can't tell because all my stuff always wins, and comes out better in the end. But people are saying you know that they lost a ton of traffic. I've seen 10 to 15% traffic losses, and 10 to 15%. Of course, when somebody loses, somebody wins 10% 10 to 15%. Traffic when and all it is if you can get that traffic back through content, but through doing it correctly, which is what we're focusing on in the heavy hitter club. It's like I said, it's a good time. Good stuff happening. And it's in it's fairly simple. As you said, you're focusing on anchor text ratios and links and of course, that tune content. Yeah, I can get almost guaranteed that is that tune content that's helping you win. Oh, absolutely. There's no question. In fact, that's why I said like, even if you're not doing as much anchor text or you know, link building analysis or backlink analysis and stuff as I'm doing, what Marco just said is absolutely true. And that's why I preface like entity two and contact are is the number one most important thing that in the schema as Marco said, there's no question. And so on your money side, you can do entity tune content plus your schema, right, then you're throughout all your tier one entity assets, you can do the same thing. So you get your G site back from the RYS Drive, stack, the SEO shield, and go in and tune that content, right, you go tune the content on those. And if you're the mirroring which you should be right mirroring your site structure on your G site, you want to entity turn all of the pages, the mirrored pages on your site to and that's what I'm doing. And it's working incredibly well. And then like I said, the same thing goes for the blog, the blogs in the syndication network, you can go through and publish entity tune content there. So there are individual unique articles on each one of the platforms there. And again, that is a link. It's still a link, but it's not like traditionally building because it's not necessarily an external link, because it's part of the entity. So that's what I'm saying like what Marco said is absolutely true. I think the things that move the needle the most right now is content, entity tune content, which again, as Mark said, I'm using five different tools to mine are probably slightly different than his but we are accomplishing similar outcomes by using various sets of tools, which there may be something coming in the future from that, from us anyway. You know, we'll talk about that at a later date. But it works incredibly well. Like I said, I've just been focusing somewhat on some link-building stuff, just because I haven't done that in years, and I found some pretty good methods that are working, you know, repeatedly reliably they're working over and over again. So that was a good question. I like that question.

This Stuff Works

How Do You Convince Companies Scale Their Website Through SEO?

The next one, Franklin, the turtle says what's a good way we can get in front of companies looking for an SEO expert to help them scale their website? I've tried contacting different businesses but all of them seem at sea SEO as an unnecessary expense and say that $500 per month is too much. I don't think much can be achieved for lower unless quality suffers or the work is something very specific. Yeah, $500 a month I don't even get out of bed for that anymore. I'm sorry. It's just there's too much work with SEO guys to $500 a month it's just not worth your time or effort. So how do you get in front of people that are looking for it? Well, you know, if you, if you want to get in front of people that are looking for it, set up an inbound marketing campaign, you know, one of the best things that you can do is go to eat is learning how to run YouTube ads and start running YouTube ads that run people to a landing page, you know, that you've set up that can you know, talks about what you think you can do for them or whatever, you know, here's the thing, people that are looking for SEO search companies that are looking for SEO services are probably going to be doing searches looking for that. So get in front of them, I think YouTube is one of the best ways to do it because it's inexpensive. And it's not that difficult to learn how to run YouTube ads, you got to break some eggs to make an omelet, which means you will spend some money before you can really start to dial a campaign in. But it's very, very targeted people that go to YouTube that are looking for SEO help SEO advice, you know, things like that. They're there, they're primed and ready to hear that message. And so you can get very, very targeted and think about it guys, you can create placement lists, which is essentially you can go out and scrape and there are tools to do it we have on I don't know, Adam, if you can still hear if we still have an affiliate link for tube sift that is one of the best tools for developing a placement list of monetizing videos. So those are videos that play ads. So you can go in and actually compile a list of YouTube videos that are popular have a lot of traffic, that is talking specifically about SEO, and you can get your ad to place to play in front of them or during those videos as an in-stream ad, right. So that's a very, very, very targeted way to get in front of an audience that is specifically seeking SEO advice. All right. Another way is using Google ads. In-market audiences, there is a business service, SEO and SEM marketing in-market audience, which means you can get your ad in front of people even if they're not at that moment searching for SEO help. They if they have searched for SEO help within the last 30 days, they're in a bucket that Google has determined are in the market or likely in the market for SEO and SEM search engine marketing services. So that means your ad can play in front of them at any time because they are identified by Google as likely in the market for those services. So even if they're not searching at that moment, for SEO services, you can still get your message in front of them. And so like I said, if you're looking to get in front of people that are actively seeking it, then there's no better way in my opinion, than either to join SEO groups and start, you know, contributing and helping out, which is really time-consuming way to do it. It works or set up an inbound marketing campaign, because once you do that campaign, and it just runs on autopilot. And those would be my two most effective methods for getting in front of people that are seeking SEO Services. That's a whole lot different than interruption marketing or outbound prospecting, where you're, you know, forcing your message upon others, which is still an effective way. But you have to have a targeted audience at that point. So that's my take on it. Anybody else?

Yeah, I've got a different take on this man. Because if he's getting in front of people that are saying 500 bucks a month is too much you're getting people wrong industry, or your message is completely wrong. The way that you're approaching this is completely wrong. There are plenty of people out there that are willing to spend between 15, 120, 500. And I can go on with this 2500 to 5005 to 10,010 to 20 2500s of 1000s a month, there are plenty of people, there are people who are willing to pay me 1500 to $2,000 a month just for an hour consultation.

The money's there, you have to understand who you're getting in front of if you're in roofing, and you understand that a roofing contractor, gate for them, one close call is worth 20 to $30,000. If you understand that, and you're not charging them anywhere from 1500 to 2500 per closed lead if you're working leads or per call if you're working, or if you're not charging them at least $5,000 a month, then you don't know what you're doing. And you don't know how to sell yourself or your services. Or you can't show results so that you can convince people that you can get them, these leads that are going to be that 20 to 30,000 gig, they get 10 of them in a year, they're good to go.

Plus all of the little jobs that come along with it, and they've met that you made them a million dollars, and you don't you look like a genius. But if you only get if you're only getting paid 500 bucks, you didn't do shit for yourself, you didn't do anything except make somebody else rich.

Learn, man, this is something that I talk to people all the time about. If you learn your worth, if you learn the value that you bring to people, you would never allow someone to 10 minutes too much. Whatever it is that you're charging, they can't tell you, man, that's too much. If you told them 25 gigs, they wouldn't be in front of you. Unless they knew what it was that you charge unless you already knew what it was that you're going to hit them with. Because they know they understand what industry they're in. So of course if you got a carpet cleaner, you can charge them 5k unless they're doing it industrial Complex in these mega complexes, and thereafter, that building and that building is worth millions of dollars of cool, that's different. Understand your industry, understand yourself, understand what you can what you what value you bring into that you have to understand your value, and what value you're bringing to the table. So that when you're in there negotiating, it's powerful. It's total powerful when you go into that negotiation, negotiation from a position of power, not from a position of need, or weakness, when they can smell it a mile away and understand, damn, he's desperate, need, I got him. They know, they smell desperation, these people make deals all day. These people are doing business all day with people trying to negotiate with them. They know they know. So if you can't go in with that supreme confidence, there's something wrong. And when I see this, when you remember telling me $500 is too much, man, there's something wrong with what you're doing.

Go back and look at your entire process. How are you getting in front of people, and how it is that you're dealing with people, so that nobody ever tells you no matter how much you charge, because it could be $1. And they'll tell you too much. And it could be 100,000. And nobody will ever they won't blink because they understand people understand business. So something in your approach is not allowing them or keeping them from understanding the business side of this as my take on Adam. Yeah, I just want to add one thing, something I've had to remind myself of, and I still do from time to time is like, don't forget to do the math for people. I agree completely with everything Bradley Marco said here, you know, obviously, there's a mismatch here, you need to figure that out, whether it's you or them, but you know, if you're doing this, and it makes sense to do the math for them if you're confident that you can bring in X amount of traffic, and they can convert it x percentage, and each lead is worthy dollars, do the math, right and tell them what this means to them. A lot of times we expect people to do that. And either they don't, or they're only looking at the expenses. So paint the picture for them say I can bring you in 100 you know, visitors uniques a day, we can convert 10% of those. That's 10. And those are worth $100 each to you. That's $1,000 a day, why wouldn't you pay me $500 a day, right. And I mean, obviously, this made-up numbers, but walk them through that you don't have to pull out some crazy fucking spreadsheet, but you should know this stuff. And if you don't, you need to do work to figure out some rough numbers. Of course, you never know exactly how it's going to convert, but do the math for them. And you should be able to go into analytics, Search Console, and GMB if it's local, and what the person through your results. And what you can do. So they can see it, they can visualize it and say Damn if he does this for me, they'll do the numbers quicker than you will. But you should also have the number, man don't do the numbers and say, Hey, I need this guy, it won't, it will no longer be a matter of whether they want you, they'll understand that they need you. And conversely, you don't need them. Man, when that happens when you understand ofo and how to deal from that standpoint, how to approach it from there, you can't lose and you're going to be closing clients that you never thought you could close

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Yeah, so that I mean, I think that's really important is you know, know the industries, you know, whatever industries you choose to try to target which could be more than one you know, I still truly subscribe do I only focus on one industry now, in my career this late in my career, I just want to work with three contractors because I know their margins are high. So why I started to say that was just because like Marco said was a great example of the very first lead gen site besides for my own business when I was an electrical contractor, I when I was first learning SEO, which was way back in the tail end in 2009. I did it for my own website and two test sites one was a locksmith and one was carpet cleaners and mark and Marco mentioned carpet cleaning and that what I found what I learned through that was I was able to rank both of all three of my sites my electrical contracting site, a locksmith site in Richmond, Virginia and a carpet cleaning site in Alexandria, Virginia, and maps listing to from for all three of them. And the carpet cleaning site like the margins was so small there, the search volume was through the roof which is part of the reason why I targeted and once I started contacting carpet cleaning contractors and trying to sell the leads or at that time I was doing rank and rent so I was leasing the site out on a month flat monthly fee. I had trouble getting it leased out for $150 a month No shit. And even though like we were I was generating like 30 some calls per week from that site. I think the search volume at that time for that exact match search keywords like carpet cleaning Alexandria VA was like 400 searches per month and I was able to get to number one and so I was getting a ton of calls, but the carpet cleaners didn't want to pay and I found out why. And it was because their margins were so small because Alexandria, Virginia has a lot of apartment buildings. So a lot of the carpet cleaning jobs were like these $69, like clean your apartment deals. And like they had such small margins because they had to pay for their employees. But you know, the labor costs, essentially, insurance, the cleaning solution, fuel, like all that kind of stuff to where they had very, very, very tiny profit margin.

So even though that I was generating a ton of calls through that site, it was very hard to monetize. And so that was a very valuable lesson to learn right out of the gate when I started my, you know, started learning, SEO and all that because I realized then to only go after industries that had higher margins, and that's eventually why ultimately, why I ended up in tree services because they have huge margins. And Marco, you said roofing, that's another good one. Remodeling Contractors is another good one there there are some of them out there where you can justify you can justify much higher costs, expenses, right for what services that you offer, because you know, the margins are there. So you know, you can select multiple industries, that's fine. Just do your research upfront, figure out who it is that you're talking to what kind of like what their average or median type of profit margins are so that you know that they have the money. Even if they don't want to spend it, you know that they have the ability to be able to afford your services. That makes sense. Commercial Roofing men when you're talking about hundreds of 1000s, maybe millions of dollars on one on one deal. You could never charge them 500 bucks man ever, ever, because then what? What's your bet the benefit is all that, where's the negotiation? Where's the quid pro quo? What was it's insane to think this? Now, of course, if they close for a million dollars, they have expenses, they have all these things, but their profit margin is still huge. The longer they've been in business, the greater the profit margin, generally, not always, but generally.

What Market & Keyword Research Tools Do You Suggest For Affiliate Websites?

So Bernie says, Hey, guys, what tools would you recommend for marketing keyword research for affiliate websites? Also, how do you know?

I'm sorry, know that what do you know, we happen to have the right thing for that. Yeah, the MGYB keyword research. If you're gonna do it on your own, you know, it just it's very time-consuming. But you can do it with a number of tools. You know, power suggests pros, and one of our favorites still is still one of my favorites, which is it's a one-time fee, semanticmastery.com/powersuggest. All one word will take you there, I think it's might even still have a 20% off through our link or $20 off through our link. I'm not sure. It's been a long time since I've looked at that. But uh, that's a great tool. It's a one-time expense that pulls Google suggest scrapes, Google suggests keywords. So that's a great tool to start Google Trends. I always start with Google Trends. Anyways, the Google Keyword Planner, Google Ads Keyword Planner, still can be effective for a lot of stuff, even on the SEO side, I still use it quite a bit. But I also run a lot of ads, you know, the, then there's different tools like Uber suggest and all those kind of things. So there are a number of tools out there. Some of them are paid, some of them are free. And it's also going to require time for you to learn how to use them, and then kind of piece all of them together. Or you can go to interview ID and buy your keywords, keyword research. And we'll provide you with all the damn keywords in the entire market. So So our keyword research, although it takes three days to do it, is right. It's still we run all of the tools, we get deep into it. And we categorize everything for the client, you can give us categories or help have us choose the category. So even though we do have software, and we have all of this page paid and free tools, there are others that Bradley didn't mention that we use.

It takes three days, it takes several VA 24 working hours, I'm not gonna say man-hours, because it's girls that do it. There's one guy sorry. So we'll say person-hours 24 person-hours, three days guy to do the keyword research. So the question is, would you rather pay to have it done overjet? Would you rather spend three days doing it? But think about this, you have to first learn how to use all of the different tools, how to go into the market, take a look at the market, take a look at the competition and start focusing on everything so you first you have to learn all of those things that our viewers already know before you can even hope to start doing the research and putting it all together. So it's not something that simple is just. Okay, I'll take three days and do it. You have to know what you're doing and how. Yeah, and I mean, like that's why part of the reason I don't want to deal with any other types of contractors or anything now because I know the tree service industry so well and when keywords and all that, like all that's done, I don't have to do it anymore. They're not new keywords in the tree service industry. So, but when you know, anytime I've ever done keyword research on my own over the last several years, I mean, I could spend four or five, six hours doing keyword research just to get a really good comprehensive list and then stacking the keywords in the proper silo structure or keyword themes or keyword sets. So it's a real pain in the balls it honestly, you're better off just spending the money to have it done and have it delivered to you the entire market for will like the entire market-level keywords like everything like it's crazy. And then there's even see what the top-level what the deep keyword research they even give you suggested silos and things like that.

How Would You Approach An RYS Stack For Websites With Multiple Categories?

So the second part of that question was, also how would you approach an RYS stack for something like this where a site has multiple categories, the same way  we've always talked about it, you have the branded RYS stack and G site, right? This is the SEO shield that would be the branded stack.

This Stuff Works
So basically built for and branded around the top-level brand, right your brand itself, but then you would have our last expansions, right, or if it's you said it was for affiliate stuff, so you probably don't need location shields, which is more for local stuff. But you could do our wireless expansion stacks, go to mgyb.co. And you'll see our RYS expansions, you would order a separate expansion, which is basically siloing, it's would be adding silos within your drive stack and inner pages on your G site to mirror the site structure of your website. So if you have different categories, essentially silos on your main money site, each one of those silos would get an RYS expansion stack, that you're mirroring that same structure in your G site in your drive stack. And that's how you would do it with a drive stack or an SEO shield. Essentially, for affiliate stuff. It's no different than what you would do for local-only differences. You don't need the local stuff. You don't need the GMB and everything.

So listen, the great thing about duplicate content being a myth is that you could write tune content on your website, right? One of the things that we're showing in the heavy hitter club, now that's your content, you are not going to file a takedown on your content. So you can now take your own content, including your categories and posts and whatever. And they can go anywhere else you want. Because that's your content. It's your content. And you're going to give yourself a proper attribution on your content. So it can be a link back however it is that you choose to credit yourself for the content could be your author, going back to the however it is, you're going to get content for a city credit for your content. And you could use your content over and over and over again. And this tools that will rewrite the content, that tools that I've shared with Bradley we've shared back and forth, that will rewrite the content and won't touch the entities that the keywords that you set for the software not to touch, and it will rewrite the content except for those words that you need in there to focus on is just the software that's out there right now to write. And, and to focus to tune the content and focus on the entity is ridiculous. And each time that you redo the content, you're doing entity tune content, and you like it doesn't matter if you just use the exact copy of the content, or if you change it up because it's your content. And if it's already tuned, then you know it works and you know it's going to work. And it's going to work wherever it is that that you add the content. And then you just like build and have it all end up and pushing whatever it is that you're trying to rank whether it's the three-pack as Bradley mentioned, if it's organic, or if it's both, you could do both. You could do the right videos, you can rank anything you want. With the same approach. It's a foundational approach. It's no shortcuts. It's hard work. But pardon the pun, it works. The hard work works. You know, you just mentioned something it just sparked an idea that I haven't I have not tested yet which is entity 10 content as a YouTube video description. I have not tested with that yet.

That's interesting. That's something I'm definitely gonna put on my to-do list right now because I've been tuning content for GMB stuff for GMB websites and G sites and money sites and tier-one link building purposes and but I have not tried it on the YouTube description yet. So that's interesting. My entity tune, as a matter of fact, your T-one description. Yeah, anywhere they anywhere that you can go in the GMB. You could even turn the transcription that you upload as closed captions and all that exactly about that. Yeah, that's insane. I haven't even thought about that. And not because I don't do a lot of YouTube SEO stuff anymore, but because I usually just use Google ads for YouTube traffic. But that could work. It's worth a test for sure.

Alright, Nick, I already sent you an invitation to slack for that group. Also, just ping me in slack in that in Slack, just private message me about the video stuff that you were asking about. I'm happy to have a chat with you on slack. You know, I hate Facebook. So that's the last resort. I prefer to chat on Slack. So please ping me there.

But also, I mean, he's in all the groups. Yes, it does. I don't know why he just didn't ask in the mastermind group. I really don't but that that's whatever. He's, uh, he's gonna join my build with Bradley group in slack anyway. So we have a build with Bradley webinar tomorrow, guys, it the group went from two weeks ago, like seven of us to I think there's like 16 people in there now.

So it's gonna be a big group. But that's cool because I'm trying to learn how to build those kinds of magic page sites as well. I'm just playing with it today. As a matter of fact, so.

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Is It Profitable To Run Google Search Ads For Home Services Without GMB?

Okay, next is why he What's up, man? He says, Hey, what is your opinion about running Google search ads for Home Services without a GMB? Is it profitable? Sure, it can be for lead gen, it's not for it. It's very difficult to, in my opinion, to be profitable if you're selling leads that you're generating with Google ads, search ads, because they, at least in my industry, tree service industry, right now, it's the busy season. So in some of the areas, you know, it's literally 45 $50 per click. And it usually, you know, a good conversion rate, if you have well, optimized ads, and you have a good landing page is about a 30% conversion ratio. So you got to think that takes three clicks to get a conversion. And you know, 40 $45 a click, you know, you're paying $120 for a fucking conversion. It's, it's almost impossible to monetize that when you're selling leads, so I don't do it. If I have a client that wants me to run ads, then I will run ads, and it is usually Tatin. But typically, I don't suggest against Google search ads for contractors now, because it is very difficult. It's so expensive. Again, it depends on the industry. No, does it make sense if it's exclusive leads because I'm running a Google Ads campaign for a treat contractor, for example? And it takes $120 and, you know, three clicks at $40 per click for a Tree Removal job a tree removal lead to come in? Is it worth it? Well, very likely, yes. Because they might pay $120 to get that tree removal lead that, you know, on average, in our area, a tree removal job is on average 15 $100. Right. And that's average, it varies wildly, but that that's on average. So was it worth it? Of course, it was. But on the lead gen side of things, it's very difficult to monetize that. So it just depends on what it is that you know, who you're generating leads for why heat if it's for your own business, it's very difficult, in my opinion, again, I don't know what industry you're in, but you said Home Services. And I found that you know, if you're doing ads for a client, and their margins are high, then yes, it can be profitable. But if you're running ads to generate leads that you can turn around and sell it's very difficult to monetize those leads, except for, like I said, if you get good at YouTube ads, you can get relatively expensive, cheap leads that way, it takes some dialing in to do but also, I found that if you're doing call-only ads, that you can typically get better results like as far as your cost per acquisition or cost per lead, you can get significantly lower than traditional search and click ads, like, you know, they go to a landing page, because their call-only ads, I've found I've can still oftentimes make those profitable even on a lead gen side of things. But it's so much work though I'd rather just focus on organic and maps SEO to achieve the same kind of results without having to piss through a bunch of money in Google ad spend if that makes sense. Does anybody want to comment on that? Yeah, I was seeing numbers the other day from across multiple home service niches. And the way that it goes is the map pack gets the highest percentage of clicks, then ads. So people are focusing on maps, then then the Google ads that are right above the map pack, and then the organic Yeah. And organic. It's only like three or four. But if you're not like top five, organic, top three, probably, then you're not getting. I'm not gonna say any, you're getting hardly any action, correct? Yeah. And think about it. Because, you know, unless you're in the top three, like Marco said, and even then a lot of times, especially for home service type of search queries, guys that they Google has pushed the organic listings below the fold. Yep, below the viewable area on most monitors and devices. So like you don't even see organic unless you scroll a third of the way down the page. And so that's part of the reason I totally agree and I've got the stats from my own Tree Service work that 80% of the leads that I've generated over the last decade for Tree Service contractors have come through maps, only about 5% through ads, believe it or not, and 15% through organic search, organic links, right, the organic section. And I went back and looked at a lot of my data. And I proved that out. And so like I said, For me, it's just not worth focusing on ads, because it's such a small margin, and yet, it only produces 5% of the results. Whereas 80% come through maps, which is why I focused on that almost exclusively for the last many years. But more recently, I've been also targeting organic stuff, because I'm doing some mass page builder, and I wanted to kind of get back into ranking organically as well. And 15% of the leads are worth it, in my opinion.

Especially if you can, if you can combine that with the maps rankings, then you end up with about 95% of the market share essentially so.

Okay, that was it. We're just about on time to anybody else.

Good to go. I think we're good to go. Alright,

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 347

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 347 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



All right, we are welcome, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. I think this is Episode 347. Today is the seventh of July 2021. We're just wrapping up some pretty kick-ass sales we had for the Fourth of July, for both Semantic Mastery and MGYB, I'll post up a link on there. I think it was supposed to end last night. But as usual, we have people all around the world. So to not have anyone be cut off due to time zones, we generally make allowances for that. So I just checked, I think they're still up. So I'll put the links up there. If you're watching this, you'll be able to run over there and still take advantage of some of those deals. I know we had some stuff that was up to 50% off, which is pretty awesome. But anyway, we are here to answer your questions today. So we're gonna get into that in just a minute after we say hi to the guys. I know we don't have the full team here today. But we are here to answer your questions. So let's just say hello, and then go from there. So, Chris, start with you, man. How are you doing that thing?

Good. Just trying to survive the latest heatwave? It's gonna hit like 37 degrees tomorrow. So if it continues like that, but I'm probably gonna move up to the mountains. But other than that, I'm pretty good with you.

Sounds good, man. Bradley, how about you? How are you doing?

Good man. really busy. But Glad to be here. And yeah, it's been. It's been hot as hell here in Virginia man, like, we hit a 99 yesterday with the heat index 112. So you're not alone. It's hot here to pass on that. I'm trying to think we did get some crazy weather up in the Northwest. But luckily, that's gone. And now we're back to cloudy and kind of overcast and cool. So I'm pretty happy. Let's see if you're live. Go ahead and pop something on the page. So we know we're here or no, you're here. I just wanted to run through a couple of things. We do have some important announcements. I know Bradley has got a couple of things for you guys.

But real quick, just want to say if you're new to Semantic Mastery if you're new to MGYB if you don't know what the hell MGYB is if you don't know what the SEO shield is, the best place for you to start is the seoshield.com. It's free training, finding out how you can shield your site and then not have to worry about algorithms. Man hard to say today's algorithm updates. But grab that it's the word does seoshield.com And then also, we had several people take advantage of an offer we had with the Fourth of July deals to join the Mastermind. And so if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, or you're one of the people who have a brick and mortar business, but you're also taking care of or working on the digital side, then the mastermind is definitely the place for you to be you can find out more about that [email protected] So with that said, I know Bradley, we've got a few other things we want to let people know about you to want to tell them about I believe there's a webinar right. And then POFU live.

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Magic Plugin Group

Yeah, there are actually three things to cover. The first is I started the build with Bradley group last week, which is the Magic Page plugin, or mass page Site Builder group. I'm using Magic Page plugin. So we started that last week, it's pretty cool. I think we had seven or eight members and in total, including myself, join and we're going to be meeting every two weeks on the weeks that I do not have my mastermind webinar. So it's every other week, this week, not being one of them, but the next following week, it'll be another webinar for that. And that's pretty cool. Because there are the prerequisites to be a part of that group are either you're a Semantic Mastery Mastermind member, a Heavy Hitter club member or you can be both. It doesn't matter or you purchase the Magic Page plugin through our link. And you can prove it, which just means contact support with your purchase proof of purchase [email protected] And you're welcome to join.

That's going to be an ongoing group for at least the next three months. Probably longer though. So I'm kind of learning that process as I go. It's for building mass page-type sites, which can be good for organic ranking and lead gen as well. Also from what I understand, it can help to rank GMBs. So that's something in part why I wanted to do that. Because I've got much of GMB stuff that I'm doing. And I just think it perfectly complements what I'm doing with my directory site and some of the lead gen stuff that I'm doing. So I'm anxious to get started the Magic Page plugin is pretty cool. I played around with it a little bit. It's got a lot of functionality it builds, it can build really large sites but can also build on a much smaller scale, which is kind of how I'm going to be doing it, to begin with, is kind of focusing within about a 10-mile radius around a GMB location. Building out all those different kinds of page pages and see what I can do with that. So it's like I said, there are several people in the group that have another sort of mass page type builders. So if you're a mastermind member or Heavy Hitter club member, it doesn't matter what kind of page builder you want to use, you're welcome to join that group, you just have to contact me, or support at Semantic Mastery. But if you're interested in being a part of that group, and you're not in one of our groups, either come join one of our groups or go purchase the plugin I dropped the link for the webinar, the rank and rent masterclass webinar that Mike Martin put on for his plugin that will lead to a purchase for his plugin. But again, I think it's a pretty cool thing. So that was number one.

Aaron says Where can I sign up for the Magic Page plugin build with the Bradley group? Thanks, Aaron. If you're in one of our, again, either Semantic Mastery Mastermind or the Heavy Hitter club, just contact support at Semantic Mastery comm tell them you want to be part of it. And I'll get you added to the group for the next webinar, which will be next weekend. Okay.

Press Advantage Updates

Also, Jeremy from Press Advantage. And I recorded a webinar for the Press Advantage relaunch or launch with the new features, which there's several new features and some premium distribution options and things like that. So that I think we're starting to promote this week. Adam, is that correct? Correct.

Yeah, if you guys want the details, I posted it on the page. But also make sure you pay attention to your emails, we'll have some more information out there. And if you're not, on the emails, hop over, you can do it on the page. If you're watching the replay, though, just go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions sign up at the bottom of the page.

Yeah, and that'll be really good, too. We've opened up or Jeremy has opened up subscriptions for Press Advantage a handful of times. And this time, it's slightly different because there's some premium options that are really, really powerful. And so and he actually reopened a really special offer that I didn't think would ever happen again. And that was in part because of another another group that we promote, he promoted it too. And so anyways, long story short, there's a really good opportunity right now, if you're doing a lot of press releases, then I would encourage you to pay attention to that, either click through the link that Adam dropped in the comments box on our Hump Day Hangouts, or just pay attention to your emails this week. And go watch the webinar. It's not a long sales webinar, like what we've done in the past, because most people are familiar with what Press Advantage is. And so it's really just talking, highlighting what the new features are in the premium distribution, service and all of that. So it's not real long, it's kind of shortened to the point, but it gets to the end where the offer is, and it's very, very strong and offers that encourage you guys check it out. If you're doing a lot of press releases, which are an integral part of what we do at Semantic Mastery. And I encourage you to check it out. Or you can keep buying them from us one offs at MGYB, which is perfectly fine. So and then lastly, POFU Live, Adam, you want to chat about that?

POFU Live 2021 Update

Yeah, definitely. I just put it on the page. But POFU live. Since we've kind of got a ton of announcements, they'll keep it short. And just say that we want you to attend, we are doing it virtually this year. So there's really no reason you can't join. And we want to make it easy. So we've lowered the price. We've got early bird pricing going on. But it goes up in one day, seven hours, 15 minutes, and 21 seconds. So really want to grab the tickets we've already got, I believe, I think a dozen people are signed up now. We're going to be announcing more cool stuff as we go. But if you go to pofulive.com, you can see who the speakers are what we're going to be covering, and then as time goes on, we're going to get into more details, we're going to be adding a couple more speakers, we got some more good stuff coming. But right now is the lowest price. You can get the tickets, and you can find out about the dates, all that sort of good stuff, just go over to poker live.com. Alright, with that said, I think we can get into questions.

How Do You Add Schema For Sub Brands Of The Main Company?

But not a lot of questions, guys. So if you're here, and you have questions, now would be a good time to post because if we get to the end of the questions, and we still have time left, we'll just wrap it up early, which is perfectly fine. So Alright, looks like Hogar is first hello there, working with a client who owns one company and then a few smaller websites, which are sub brands of the main company, I have an organization schema in place for the main company. But thinking about how I should add schema to the sub-brand sites. Can I just create an organization schema? Or can I somehow reference the parent brand? Do you have any links to documentation? Yeah, Adam do we have? Can you drop the link in the comments? Maybe reply to Hogar with Rob's schema course. If you don't mind.

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Yeah, sorry. What was it again? It's Rob's schema course. Hold up. Right, right. Yeah, let me go grab that.

Yeah, if you can just reply to him and drop that link. I would encourage anybody that has any questions about any sort of schema stuff, again, either join Heavy Hitter club, because that's where Rob and Marco go into great detail about all that kind of stuff during their webinars and in their Facebook group. So that's really the technical SEO group, or by Rob's schema course, because it is hands down from what I understand, I haven't taken a lot of schema courses. But I have an I haven't even been that all the way through Rob's yet, to be honest with you. But from what I understand, and the feedback that we've heard, it's the best game of course available. So I would encourage you to check that out. You're going to learn so much from that course that I've never seen any, you know, talked about anywhere else. He talks about node referencing and all this incredible stuff. And he gives you schema templates that you can use. So it's really, really powerful. In fact, what Rob, Rob talked about schema during POFU live last year. So for 20 and that is what got me kind of obsessive, obsessing about SEO all over again, was his presentation about schema because I realized I had really not I've no, I had only scratched the surface of what was capable and, and he really opened up my eyes. So that's what I would recommend. I can you know, with the limited information you've given in this question, it really it's going to depend on you know, you said there the other websites or like sub-organizations have the main brand. Well, if that's the case, then yeah, you could have an organization for the main brand. And then you could use, I forget what the term would be, it might even be sub-organization for the other location or the other brands, because a lot and schema and organizations or in some of like, for example, like local business schema, which is a subset of organization schema, right? It's like a subcategory of organization schema. And then in local business schema types, there are a whole bunch of different kinds like home and construction business, which is what I use a lot of professional services is another but in the local business schema, it talks about there's a field that you can designate parent organization. So and, you know, I don't know that your you didn't mention whether this is for a local business or not Hogar. So I'm just using this as an example, if you have sub-organizations or others you know, you call them sub-brand sites that are local businesses that are part of a parent organization, right, then you could then that's the way that you could reference them, right, you could do local business schema on each one of the sub-organization sites, and then reference the parent organization, which would be organization schema, in your local business structure data for those for each individual location, if that makes sense. So that's, that's definitely one way to do it. Now, if it's not a local business, there are still ways to reference between the parent organization and sub-organizations, I'm just not 100% sure how to do it. Because again, all I ever do is local stuff. So but I do a lot of I've got several brands that I work with that to have multiple locations. And that's exactly what we do, we put organization schema on the homepage. And then for all of the location pages, it's all on the same website. But it would work. The same is for each one of the location pages that has its own physical location. its own GMB associated with it each have on the main website, and each has its own location page. And on each location page, has a location or local business schema or structured data that references the parent organization. And essentially, it's connected data, right? Where it pulls in the organization schema into the local business schema, but it's connected properly so that it's not ambiguouating the main entity of each page, if that makes sense.

So again, this is what we've talked about this before, but years ago, or even while really up until POFU live of last year, I would oftentimes put organization schema in the HTML header of the entire site. Okay, and then on the local business pages or the location pages, I would put local business structure data. And there was really competing schema on those pages because it wasn't connected properly or referenced properly. So Google was seeing two separate sets of schema on the page, right? One would be organization, and one would be a local business or a subset of local business like home and construction business, for example. And so what is the main entity of the page then, and there is a way to designate that as well. But the better way to do it is to have one type of schema on the page that references you know, the organization if it's a sub-organization, for example. It's just a way it's the better way to do it so that it's not ambiguouating what the main entity of the page is, and that's, again, this is all taught in Rob's course. So I'd encourage you to check that out. Hopefully, that makes some sense.

Unfortunately, Marco is not here today, he could probably give you an answer at least an answer that might be explained in a different way. So hopefully that makes sense. If it does not post a follow-up question, I'll try to answer it. The short answer is to go by Rob's course. Or join the Heavy Hitter club where we get into much more detail for that stuff.

Do You Think Voice Schema Would Yield Benefits To A Website's SEO?

Lisa has questions for Marco unfortunately, he's not here today. I'll try to take a stab at it. Are you doing anything with voice schema? I am not. Do you think would benefit much and how would it fit into a large website? Now let me preface what I'm or prequalify guess what I'm saying I'm not doing anything with voice schema. I'm not even sure how to do anything with that, to be honest with you. However, recently, I have started using Yext for local business listings or citations essentially I'm sure you all are familiar with Yext. I'm buying it through SEM Rush because as a reseller, for Yext though, you can basically sign up local businesses, for Yext local listing services through SEM Rush for $20 per month, which is rather expensive.

I think if you go direct to Yext, it's like $30 a month, but you have to sign a contract for a year. At least it used to be because I used to be a reseller, for Yext and I would have to sign a contract for a year. And then that's how I would sell it to is I would get clients to sign a contract for a year. So and that's a pretty bulletproof contract, trust me, because I've had people try to get out of it. What I like about SEM Rush and Yext is that it's only $20 a month and there's no contract. So it's much easier to work with. So the reason why I started using Yext, if you guys just want to find out more about it, just go to yext.com and check out why it's important they submit to multiple voice searches and voice assistant types services like Alexa or Google. What is it google assistant or Google Home or whatever? I don't use any of those things. But I know that they're powerful. And why do I know that? Well, I recently one of my newer clients, I had added there, it's a Tree Service contractor and I added Yext local business listings through SEM Rush for them. And I got a call about three weeks ago now. And my contractor was like, Hey, I just want to tell you, it's really cool. I had a lead come in. I just did a job for a customer who said that they saw my truck because he's got his truck all decal set up with their company name and everything. And she picked up her phone. And I think she was on an Apple phone. So she was talking to Siri. And she just said, Call, and she said the company name. And that's all she did. She didn't do a search or anything. First, she just said call and instead, the company name that she saw on the truck. And it instantly called his number directly. And it ended up being a job that they did. So he was like, I thought that was really cool, man, because she apparently told him how she found him. And I thought that was incredibly cool. And I was just like, wow, you know, that's something that's really strong, because of like Alexa and Google Assistant, and all that kind of stuff is people can now just literally, say a term, a search term, or a brand name or something like that. And it will automatically direct them to either a phone call or the website directly. And so that's really powerful. And I know that has something to do with voice schema. I just don't know how that's all formatted or how you would do that yourself. I know that Yext provides that as a service, it's just standard with their Yext local listing services now, and it's cool, because, in SEM Rush, I think there are like 85 different directories essentially, which includes some of those voice search engines. And it shows all the different ones that are voice-activated, I think there's like, six or eight of them, actually. So it's pretty cool. I think it's pretty powerful, that's going to becoming more and more common, as you know, as time goes on. So I think it's it's pretty powerful to get involved with that is why you can now especially is like an early adopter, right? And I know again, not promoting x because I get anything out of it. I'm just saying all I know is Yext automatically submits to many of those kinds of voice search or assistant type engines. And I've already seen some benefits from that for some of my own work. So anybody wants to comment on that? Good, good.

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Are There Any Tools Where We Can Check How Strong Our Entities Are?

Okay. So, Johnny, Miami says, Are there any tools we can check to see how strong our entities are and how they stack up against competitors? And or the SERP average? The only thing that I know besides like, and again, I don't know that this is precisely what you're asking about Johnny is in links. I think it's inlinks.net. I haven't started using it yet.

By the way, if you if anybody decides to sign up with this, tell them that Marco Benavides from Semantic Mastery sent you or referred you, then I think he gets a donation to his charity for everybody that signs up. And it's a donation directly from Inlinks than the company. So if you decide to sign up for that, we don't even have an affiliate link for it, he'll just get some donation, a donation credit per sign up to his charity. So, but as far as I know, this one will, again, I have not started using this yet, although it's on my radar, I'm looking to start using this within probably the next week, week and a half, it's been on my to-do list for about a week and a half. Now, I just haven't gotten to it yet. But I believe this will show you kind of like what your entity strength is, and how to improve it and also show your competitors and things like that, if I'm not mistaken. So I would take some time guys just take a look at their features I believe they do. They probably have a YouTube channel where you can find out more information and stuff too. So I would check this out. I know it's pretty powerful, I just have not used it yet. See how they stack up against competitors and the SERP average. Now again, Johnny, there's, you know, some of the other tools that surfer SEO that will show you kind of like what the named entities are within the content. If you are using surfer SEO, and you enable NLP, when you're doing like an audit, for example, or the content editor or content planner, or whatever, anytime you're using it, like for your use case, which you're talking about if you were to audit your existing content, so a web page that you have content on and you want to, you know, you want to compare it to the competitor, your competitors that are ranked in the top 10. And with our server SEO, you can go in and you know, drop your URL plus the keyword that you're looking to rank for. And then it will run an analysis, if you have an LP on it'll run an analysis and I'll give you the top 10 competitors, organic ranking competitors, you can go in and actually select like, for example, in my case, a lot of the times top 10 competitors or directory sites like Angie's List, Yelp HomeAdvisor, that kind of stuff. So I usually will disable those. Because they're you know, it's they're different. There are directory sites that you know, so it kind of skews the results. But what I will do is leave that whatever organic ranking competitors are like local business competitors that are ranked in the top 10 organics, I'll leave those on. And then that gives me an indication of how to tune up my content for entities so that I can rank you know outrank those competitors. It gives you kind of like an average or a range of how many words there should be, how many heading tags, how many images, what the entities are the named entities, and what their relevance is to the target search term or seed search term. So you know, server SEO is something I have been using a lot. Something else I just more recently started testing with is called. What's the name of it? It's Eric Lang. cheras. I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head guys. Sorry, but it's another tool that has that does kind of entity stuff. If I could find it? I guess I'd share it with you in just a minute. Let me check. See if I've got it open. Yeah, right there. Okay, onpage.ai. That's what it is.

I started testing with this, this doesn't have as much functionality, it doesn't do as much as surfer SEO in the way of content optimization. It does something similar. But what's kind of cool about this is you can actually analyze your backlinks and see what Google thinks of your backlinks as far as what the topical relevance of the backlinks is something kind of similar to what Majestic does with topical trust flow. But it's a little bit different. So you can like literally go take your backlinks from Search Console, for example. And or from Ahrefs or something like that. And you can paste them into here and it will analyze the backlinks and tell you what the topical category is based upon what Google thinks the topical category of that the page that contains the link that links back to your target URL site is.

And what's really interesting is it shows that if you have links that you thought it can, it can ident, it can show you where you thought you had links coming from relevant content, and they're actually not relevant. And as we've been teaching Semantic Mastery for years, relevancy is incredibly important, in my opinion, more important than just the domain metrics that the link is placed on. Right. And that's what a lot of people still teach is power. Obviously, if you have a super-powerful page that you can get a link from, then topical relevance is not nearly as important because you can still get a lot of benefit from having a link from a very, very powerful page. But let's be honest, a lot of the times when we end up building links from you know, wherever we put content to build links back a lot of times that page that gets published that contains the link back to our target isn't You know, it doesn't have a lot of power until we power that page up. And so it's really important to make sure that, that the content of that page is topically relevant in Google's eyes to what the destination or target URL is, which would be your site, your money site, whatever it is you're trying to power up. And so that's where I thought this tool is pretty cool, is because you can go actually extract your backlinks that are currently existing, and then do an analysis to determine what the topical category is in Google's eyes of those that that that content, and then you can determine very quickly, like, okay, like, all these links, you know, aren't really relevant, at least according to Google. And then you can go back and if you have access to edit that content, is make it more relevant. So now that link becomes more valuable because you've just turned a non-topically relevant link into one that is topically relevant. So you can actually squeeze more power out of existing backlinks. I thought that was a really cool feature of this tool. And then lastly, there's also what they call predictive guest post, I think it's called, yeah, predictive guest posts where you can, when you're drafting content for link building, you can paste the content in here and it will analyze it and tell you what the category and categories are of the content so that you can tune it to make sure that it is precisely or you know, perfectly optimized for the topical category that you want, before you actually publish that link building post, if that makes sense. So there are some pretty cool features in this one as well. There are a lot of tools out right now guys that will help with SEO, I can't test them all. I am trying to test as many as I can. This one is the next one on my list is in links. Okay? By the way, there might be in the future, a course coming out buy from us about this very thing, okay, because it's something that I've been doing testing a lot of these tools and training one of my Well, my blogger who's now full time I've been training her on how to use these tools and how to like draft content, tune content, all of that and so because I've done so much testing and training on that, I think we're gonna end up making a course out of it and launching that in a few months so just be on the lookout for that, of course, we'll talk more about that before we do. hopefully, that was helpful Johnny.

What Local Lead Gen Services Do You Recommend For Beginners?

Jackie says looking to get into lead gen and build out some websites to rank and monetize but not sure where to start. We'll be getting shields and syndication rings and all but as far as directing the calls would you recommend just pointing to a random local state business first until the site starts to rank and then approaching the business to buy leads.

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Now I mean, I think I understand what you're saying. So you're saying like as far as directing and close Oh, okay directing calls. Okay, so you build your own asset and then you start getting you can start to get calls, um, you know, Jackie, I would recommend that you really check out the MPP rank and rent masterclass link that we just dropped here. So semanticmastery.com/MPP, which is Mike Martin's Magic Page plugin, you'll go to a webinar, it's an auto webinar, watch the webinar at the end, he's going to give you an offer to purchase the Magic Page plugin, which is kind of a mass page builder type site if you do end up and I'll get to why in a minute, but if you do end up buying that, then make sure you contact support is through our link then if you buy it through our link contact [email protected] and tell them you bought it, send your proof of purchase.

And then sometimes you want to be added to the build with Bradley group where that is specifically what we're doing is building with mass page type sites. I'm using the Magic Page plugin for lead gen and for building lead gen assets that both on the organic side as well as can also be used to help rank GMB stuff. So I'm doing it specifically for both reasons. One to help rank existing GMB but also to start targeting more organic stuff to on a larger scale, right on a mass scale. So I would encourage you to check that outnumber one because this is precisely kind of what you said you want to get into lead gen business is a perfect product for that.

But number two, you'll also get to join if you buy that through our link, you'll get to join the build with Bradley group where you can meet with me once every two weeks, the webinars are going to be between 60 to 90 minutes long. And it's a meeting, not a webinar. It's an actual zoom meeting. So you get to ask questions, turn your camera on. It's a peer group, an accountability group. So it's me as well as other members. Some of the other members are have already been building sites so they have more experience than I do. We were all going to learn from each other. Okay, and I think it's going to be an invaluable group for anybody that is interested at all in any this kind of stuff. It's a very inexpensive product to purchase to be able to get access to a group like what I'm describing because again, this is truly a learning experience where we can all share what works and how to get better at this together.

Okay. But to getting back to this, what would you do, by the way, part of the Magic Page plugin, I think the funnel, I haven't been through that funnel because I have the plugin. So I don't know. But I'm pretty sure that lead simplify as part of that we've done promotion for lead, simplify IUD, which is also Mike Martin's product, it's great. I use it in my own business. And I have been since I think, September or so of last year. So I've been using it for almost a year. And the reason I started telling you all this, Jackie, is because lead simplify is very inexpensive, but it is a great tool. Because it basically is a lead management and distribution application that will give you a custom Form Builder that you can embed in websites, that when somebody fills out the form, so like a lead was, for an estimate request, or whatever type of business you're going to be generating leads for when they fill out the form, it automatically goes into the lead simplify dashboard, and it will distribute the lead to lead buyers that you have in the system that when the lead meets their criteria, they will get notified that the lead is available, then they can purchase the lead. And it's a credit-based system.

So they go and they log like if you set up a lead buyer account for a particular lead buyer, then they get an SMS and or an email notification that a new lead that meets their criteria is available, and that and then they log into the dashboard. And they can see the redacted lead information. And if they decide they want to purchase it, they click to purchase. And it deducts credits from however many credits they have as a balance in their account, and they purchase credits, you can do it via PayPal as well as Stripe. So I use it in my Tree Service lead gen business. And so what I do is I sell credits at $10 a piece, and it costs three credits to purchase a Tree Service lead. So if somebody buys 10 credits, it's 100 bucks. And they get essentially three leads out of that, because it's three like I said, it's three credits per lead. And then they have one credit leftover, but if they buy 50 credits, they get a 5% discount, if they buy 100 credits, they get a 10% discount. So in other words, they buy 100 credits is 900 bucks. But that ends up being the way it works out is think it's Yes, $27 per lead at that point because it's a 10% discount if that makes sense. But they have what's called an auto prospector system that's built right into it, which is why I started telling you this, I think if you're going to be doing lead gen period, you should have Leads Simplify. It just makes everything so much easier to manage. I didn't have it until September or so of last year. And I don't know how I ran my business without it. It's definitely something that's very, very important to my lead gen business now. But they have what's called an auto prospector service in there too, which is kind of cool. If you don't have any lead buyers, yet, the system will can actually go pull in contractors that within you know, like a, you know, a 10-mile radius of your target area, wherever you're generating leads. And it can set up whenever a lead comes in where will automatically send an SMS notification to all the contractors on the prospect list and tell them hey, I got a lead, go check it out. And if they and it sends them back to where they can register for a test account or a trial account and lead simplify. And then you know, you can send them a free lead or I do five I do five free leads on the trial account. And then at the end when I get a notification that the fifth lead has been delivered to one of my prospective lead buyers, then I just pick up the phone and call them and I say hey, listen, I've sent you five leads now did you make any money? If so, why not invest some of that money in purchasing more lead credits, you just got free money. So why not invest in getting more leads, which are going to be more jobs and that kind of stuff. And I think it's just a great system. So I would encourage you to check that out. By the way, as I said, if you go through the Magic Page plugin, where you purchase that through us and you end up with lead, simplify and you want to find out more about how to integrate lead, simplify, and kind of the systems that I've set up for that stuff that we can cover in the build with Bradley group or if you join the mastermind. I talked about that stuff in there as well. Okay, so hopefully that answers your question. It's a great service though, guys.

What's The Difference Between Press Advantage, Newswire, and Prunderground?

Okay, Raisa says what's the difference between Press Advantage and Newswire or press underground? I don't know what press underground is news wire. I actually was a member of Newswire for a very long time. The difference is their just different platforms. Press advantage. You know, it's some backstory here.

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Jeremy and Press Advantage is kind of split off from Newswire. I believe if I don't have this incorrect Newswire came out first and then something happened in Jeremy's Press Advantage ended up being launched like a year and a half, maybe two years later. And I was on the launch webinar with Press Advantage when it launched, I was on the webinar for that, and I subscribed to it way back then I think it was in 2013. And I've been a member ever since a Press Advantage, I have subsequently canceled all of my subscriptions to all other press release distribution services. I've had many of them too, by the way over the years, and I've tested a lot of them, there's a couple of them that I recommend. Press Advantage is the one that I use the most. That's the one that I use all the time. It's just an integral part of what we do. It's built right into the SEO shield, and what we talked about at Semantic Mastery. And so I can't really just, you know, I haven't used Newswire now in probably four years. I know that it was a good service, I had kept both my Press Advantage and my Newswire subscriptions concurrently, for a number of years. I also for a period of time used press cable, but I don't like press cable anymore. I think there's a lot of stuff that they do on their distribution sites that are that just to inflate their numbers, like their distribution, like the number of sites that it gets published to that just are really worthless. So I don't. And there are also some other kinds of things that I don't like about precedent or press table, excuse me. So the short answer is I can't really speak for the others because I don't use them anymore because Press Advantage is so powerful. And because it integrates with what we do at Semantic Mastery. So well, in part, because we've worked with Jeremy, over the years to integrate a lot of stuff that we've asked for into Press Advantage, which just makes it make just work really well with our methods. Okay, I encourage you to try others. But honestly, the better you know it when it comes to if you were asking for our recommendation, it's certainly going to be Press Advantage, because again, so much of what has been the functionality built into the Press Advantage platform has been because of things that we've requested. And he's always asking if we have other things that we can think of, so it keeps getting better, right.

How Big Is The SEO Benefit Of Getting Featured Guest Post On Forbes Or Huffington Post?

And related to that, is it worth it and how big is the SEO benefit of getting a featured guest post on Forbes and Huffington Post, it can be very, very powerful, the link itself can be very powerful. But also the amount of traffic is where I think, you know, it's a combination of both the power from the link itself is incredibly powerful. But also the traffic that can come through those links. And here's the thing, like even the press, the press release is published on the Press Advantage domain, which is where they publish first, right before they get picked up and syndicated by all the other distribution points, it gets published on the Press Advantage com domain first. And if you have analytics on your site, and you are running, and you're publishing press releases that link back to your site, you'll see a lot of traffic coming referral traffic coming from Press Advantage. com. So you know that those press releases are getting seen by a lot of people and you'll see traffic through analytics for that at least I do. And so that's where getting published on like Huffington Post or Forbes or something like that can be really powerful besides just the link equity or the power of the link itself is the amount of traffic that it can generate. And that just is like adding fuel to you know, like that's like adding jet fuel to a link right because it just that the art right activity relevance trust and authority is Marco always calls it art that that activity is very, very powerful for any link. Right. You know, that's, that's, it's like if you have a link sitting out there on a piece of content on a pbn and that pbn never gets any damn traffic, How valuable is that link? Not very much. Even if the metrics on that PBN are good, a lot of the time those links are basically ignored or depreciated over time, if they never get any traffic. So that's just, you know, again, having links that do get traffic are much more powerful. You know, and that's why you can even do things with links that are kind of stagnant by running traffic to the target page with the page where the link exists and then running traffic through that link. But you don't have to do that on, you know, publications such as Forbes and or Huffington Post, because they get a shit ton of traffic anyway, so you're going to be eyeballs on that post for sure. Then some people are going to click through. And that's a very powerful signal. Okay, getting referral traffic from Forbes or Huffington Post to be very, very beneficial for any site. Okay.

Do You Use iFrames On Press Release?

One more question. Do you use iframes on press releases? Yes, you can't Well, you can embed g GMB maps. That's just kind of standard GMB for you know, any business that has a GMB a local business. You can embed GMB maps and I always recommend embedding in GMB map with your press releases. You can also embed Vimeo and or YouTube videos. But the recommendation is always to use YouTube videos because it's YouTube, you know, it's Google Code. So yes, you can embed YouTube videos and you can embed GMB maps. Okay.

Okay, moving on.

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Are You Using Google Web Stories For Local Business?

Gabrielle says, Hey guys, great content, as always, are you guys using Google Web stories for local business, I've got a lot of traffic from the discovery section. But I don't know how to implement strategically looking forward your insights, cheers for Brazil, you know what I have not I, I've got a couple of clients, they get enough traffic, you know, a lot of the Tree Service clients I have, they don't get enough traffic for them to be in the discovery section. But for some of the bigger brands that I'm working with, they do and I have not looked into doing web stories I've not had looked at doing shit, I can't remember the name of them now. But there's a specific ad set of in Google ads. I think they're called discovery ads, I have to go back and look at them. It's been three months to four months since I've actually set any of those up. But I was doing a little bit of testing with those and saw some pretty good results. But I've not looked at that. In fact, I'd like to make a note of that. Google Web stories. I know, there are some pretty cool people that are actually implementing that stuff. I know you can get some like, again, from the there's a lesser-known Google Ad type. I think they're discovery ads, but I can't remember if that's the name for them or not, I have to go into my ads account to look. But I know that you can get some pretty good wins there. Because there's not a lot of people competing in that. Just making a note guys, just give me a second Google Web story. I'm gonna take a look at that. Because I there's, there's, you know, again, some of these newer kinds of features that Google's been rolling out if you know how, if you can get in and start using them before a lot of others do, you'll get the initial benefit for sure. But you'll also be more established as more people come You know, start using those services, you'll be given kind of a priority. At least that's my experience with Google. If you start using stuff when it first gets launched, then you tend to have to get better results from it as it becomes more crowded or saturated. If that's, that's the appropriate term. So I do the short answer is no, I have not but that's something that is definitely going to be on my radar. So we can maybe provide some additional insight on that as I learn more about it.

How Do You Setup A GMB Account For A City If You Don't Have A Client Yet?

Aaron says I'm a bit fuzzy on Legion. How do you set up a GMB account for a city if you don't already have a client? The same goes for rank and rent? Can I use the GMB set up so I can power the local GMB rankings if I do not have a location? Well, that's the key Aaron is? Well, there's okay. So there are a couple of ways. Aaron, first of all, you could just do organic lead gen, right. Or you could do paid traffic lead gen, instead of So in other words, you can just rank organically where you don't need an actual physical location. You don't need a GMB if you just want to rank pages in your organic section of search results. Right. So that's number one, you can also do Google ads, and you don't need a location to run Google ads for lead gen, although that's hard to do, at least in the tree service industry. It's very hard to do with Google search ads and get and make any money. I know because I've done it over the years, many, many times. And it's difficult to make money on leads when you're buying search traffic from Google ads. from YouTube leads, it's possible, it takes some dialing in to get a YouTube ads campaign set up for lead gen to where it's producing leads cheap enough to where you can make money from them. I have done it, it took a couple of $1,000 of testing to get it right. So that's something that can be done. It can also be done with display ads, although I use kind of display ads more for powering up stuff that I do with SEO.

So in other words, buying traffic from Google to power, like what I was talking about with the question about Forbes and Huffington post links, you know, if you're doing if you're SEO in pages, and you don't have any traffic, any activity, right activity, relevance, trust, and authority, but if you don't have any activity, how much of the SEO work that you're doing is actually benefiting the page. If you're not getting any activity, Google starts to kind of just ignore it, right? So you can buy traffic from Google ads to help power up what you're doing in SEO. So all that said, you can set up the organic ranking, you know, assets for organic ranking that don't require Jambi. You can also run Google ads. You can also run like Facebook ads, I don't do any of that shit. So I can't give you any guidance on that. But Jambi is certainly still probably the easiest way to start generating leads in a local area. And from at least in the industries that I've worked in, I have found that about 80% of the leads that I've all that I've ever generated over all these years have come from GMB assets, only about 5% from Google Ads seriously and about 15% from organic traffic. So that's a fairly good reason to try to get Jambi if there are some ways to do it. The one way that I will discuss publicly that I've discussed many times as you can use p o boxes, there are some other ways to still get GM B's which I will not disclose here. In fact, I don't even talk about that shit anywhere, even in our mastermind just because it's getting so much harder to get those GM B's. But you can do it from PO boxes using the street address option. And I'll walk through this very briefly just take a minute, go to USPS Comm. United States Postal Service comm go to rent or renew a PO Box, you can put in your zip code, I'll just put in mine. For example, put in the zip code of where you want the lead gen asset, the GMB, and what you want to do is you want to find a PO a post office that has this available premium PO Box services available when you see that then you can use what's called the street address option to So in other words, you can rent the PO Box online, and it will and throughout the checkout process, which is very inexpensive. So for example, if I click on this, and I click on the smallest mailbox, now call pepper is a rural area. So it's much less expensive. It's much cheaper to rent a PO Box from a rural area than it is from you know, Metropolitan or a high, you know, densely populated area. But what I do is I rent them for three months, just like that, they will automatically enroll you in auto rebill. So just near the end of three months, just you know set a calendar reminder to cancel the P o box, you know before it rebuilds you. But what I do is I run them for three months. And then throughout the checkout process. As long as it says premium p o box services available, there will be a checkbox that says you know you want to use premium PO box services, you check that box and it will give you an additional form. It's a PDF that it's prefilled out with the information that you fill out through the checkout process, you just print it out. And it's a two-page form. And it gives you a couple of options number one to use the street address instead of the P o box. So in other words, if it's in this case 205 South Main Street call pepper 22701 is the address of the post office. So instead of me putting like PO Box one on one, call pepper VA T two seven at one, I can do 205 s Main Street number sign one on one, call pepper VA 22701. So I can now address get you to know, address my GMB as 205 South Main Street plus the number of the box number essentially, right, and that'll work and no, it doesn't cost anything else, you just have to it, you just check the box, print out the form and then you take it to the post office with two forms of ID I always use my driver's license my vehicle registration card, and then you go on and sign the paperwork. So your two forms of ID, give you the keys and assign you the box number at that point. And then you can use the street address option. That still works. I just did it like three weeks ago, again. So it still works. And that's one of the best ways to do it.

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Okay. Hopefully, that makes sense. Thank you, Adam, for posting the link to lead simplified.

So yeah, local GMB's, that's the way to do it. You know, obviously, the drawback there is you have to physically drive to the PO box to secure it. And then go set up your Jambi and then you got to wait a week for the postcard to be sent and then go back to the post office to get the card. And if it's not there, and you just drove out there for nothing, trust me, I've done that many times where I've driven up to the post office expecting it to be there and it wasn't there and had to go back and, you know, request it again. So it's a bit of a pain in the ass. You know, you can there's one other way that you can do it that I can talk about which would be to and I've done this before, I haven't done this in several years now probably five years now, but I'm sure it can still be done would be to go post an ad on Craigslist, in the area that you want to have a GMB and say like I'll pay 50 bucks, or I'll pay 100 bucks for somebody to receive a postcard. And, you know, text me the verification card in the postcard. I've done that a few times. I've paid as little as 50 bucks, but as much as 100 bucks to do that. And what happens is typically you'll get renters, people that are renting a house or even an apartment, it doesn't matter what type of dwelling they're renting, but usually, it's renters because homeowners certainly aren't going to want to have a business registered to their address that doesn't really exist there. But usually, renters don't give a shit and they'll take 100 bucks you know in a heartbeat just to receive a postcard and send you an email or a text with the verification number. So I know that has worked in the past. So you might want to check that out as well.

Okay all right, moving on.

Stories Google looks cool. That's that looks pretty cool. I'm gonna have to check that out. guys. Thank you. Okay, um, is what a WordPress plugin lead. Simplify lead simple. is not a plugin. Is that what somebody was asking?

I don't know. No, it's related to the story school sync the Google stories then. Yeah, so like there's the link as well. Like if you scroll all the way down, you can actually see the W p e at one get the plugin. Oh, that's a WordPress plugin. I'll be ma'am. Okay, so that's different than when I was thinking of. Oh, okay, that's cool. WP stories dot google. I'm gonna make a note of that. up stories dot google, I'll take a look at this for sure. Anything that Google launches, guys, if we can, again, if you jump in on it and start using it and figure out how to make it work? Before a lot of people jump on the bandwagon you typically get like, accelerated benefits from at least that's my experience. So I'll check it. Parents is Bradley. Thanks for the information. You were gonna say something else, Chris.

Just confirming the accelerated benefits. Yeah.

Yeah. Okay, guys, I will see how the questions you want to post one. I'll answer it. Otherwise, we'll wrap it up a few minutes early, which is fine. Anything else? Adam?

Robotic Handwritten Letter Services

I got a question for you, Bradley. Cuz I'm looking into this. So I'm curious if you've ever done ever used any of these robotic handwritten letter services?

Yeah, there's one that I use that integrates with Zapier. Shit, I'd have to look at the Zapier apps list to be able to tell you which one it was. But we're not for real estate stuff. I've used that before for prospecting letters and things like that. Or thank you cards after closing after I flipped a property or something. And it's cool, because, you know, again, Zapier would integrate with the CRM. So essentially, when I would mark a property is closed, they would automatically send one of those handwritten cards to the purchaser of the property thanking them. So I have tested I have for only for real estate, though. Gotcha.

Yeah, if anyone has any other recommendations, I'm looking at Ignite's post, had a call with them, and then I'm just doing some comparison. So it's something I haven't really done before, but we'll be happy to share the results of that. I think it's a great way to add to the touch points. Yeah.

Yeah, I'm starting to do more direct mail again, even for prospecting for Tree Service clients. And it's kind of hit or miss. The most important thing is getting a good list of addresses. That's, a lot of times you'll see if you're using scrapers, the addresses that you scrape are wrong and you'll get a lot of returned mail or you know people saying Return to Sender because no not at this address and that kind of stuff. So it's important to get a good list if you're going to be doing direct mail, that's for sure. So good.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 346

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 346 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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And we're live. Happy to be here today on Hump Day Hangouts for Episode 346. Super good day.

I'm also really happy today that it's actually cooling down. We had quite a year like super hot weeks. And Thursday, we had a tornado, about 20 minutes from my parents.

So they have a bit stressed but like, yeah,

yeah, like in the Czech Republic, and it's at the border between the Czech Republic Austria, and Slovakia. Wow. And yeah, well, it's it almost wiped out to complete religions like, right the drama actually.

Yeah, the good thing is like vertical down and things are pretty sweet now.

So what's happening on your end, really?

Oh, busy as all can be. Cut this group starting tomorrow. So we got a few announcements we got to get through today, guys. It's just the two of us for now, Marco might be popping in here shortly. He's going to he was on his way back from somewhere. And he said he was going to try to make it but if he couldn't, he tried to pop in at some point. Adams not going to be here. He's stuck at an airport. So it looks like it's gonna be Chris and I. But yeah, things are good. You want me to roll right into announcements press or? Yes, sir. Let's keep it going. All right. I mean, like Adam is for a change not stuck in the woods.

Yeah, well, uh, yeah, this is it's freaking stupid hot over here in Virginia as well, we've had temperatures in the high 90s. But with the heat index is close to being between 105 and 110 degrees, which is hot. But apparently, they got up in the west-northwest part of the United States that got record-breaking temperatures for the last several days and like 115 in Portland, Oregon, and shit like that. And that's insane, man. So I thought Virginia was bad. Apparently, it's been worse up there. But that said, Hello, everybody. This is Hump Day Hangout. Episode Number 346, I believe Yep. Yeah, that's crazy. So rolling right along. We just got a couple of announcements today, guys, number one POFU  Live, which is pofulive.com. Our, we've set the dates for this year, and in fact, is 20, September 24, through the 26th.

There's early bird ticket pricing going on right now, I believe today. Again, I'm not the one that typically handles announcements, but I believe the price goes up after today slightly. And it does that every few weeks or something like that. So just go to POFU Live, that's pofulive.com. If you're interested in joining the virtual live event this year again, so we'll be holding it, you know, through zoom calls and stuff like that, but there's really no reason why you shouldn't be able to attend if since we're not actually traveling this year. So I would encourage you to check that out. Do you want to add to that at all? Chris?

I think it actually goes. I don't know. Like I think it's still like with the Fourth of July and things that it might be framed for the tickets. But yeah, like it's definitely one of the events you don't want to miss. It's always been a pleasure. And doesn't matter wherever you are in the world. Now that it's online, you can also make it wherever you're like if we're, I don't know, like in Australia, India, Europe, United States of America, or wherever. inter the internet makes it possible that you can actually join us.

Yeah, and last year's event was amazing. Even though it was virtual, we had done them live in person the two years prior to last year. But then obviously, because of COVID. Last year, we had to do it virtually. And it turned out to be one of the best. I mean, obviously, we have more fun when we're all together and we get to you know, go out and do things. What was in whatever city we're, in for the event? That's certainly a lot of fun. But as far as the content, I think last year was one of the best that we had. You know, was the fun part was good as well like the beer tasting.

Yeah, yeah. And that was fun. We had a virtual beer tasting event. It was pretty cool. That was That was fun. That was a lot of fun, actually. But yeah, so it's I mean, it's really good. There are some testimonials on the sales page, guys, for the folks who live I would encourage you to check it out. Again, it's a virtual event ticket prices are incredibly cheap right now because it is on the early bird. So lock it in now you can otherwise you'll just have to pay more later. So it's up to you. With that said, the next thing, and by the way, I'll drop these links on the page here guys. The first one is this one standby One moment.

POFU Live 2021. Okay, next we have the Fourth of July sale starting, I believe tomorrow for MGYB could have a really big sale for over the weekend, guys. And I think it ends Monday the fifth. Again, I typically don't handle this side of the promotional side of things Adam usually does. And he's not here right now. So I'm kind of winging it. But it's gonna be a really big sale, as you know, which we try to do several times per year. And I would encourage you guys to be on the lookout for emails that start tomorrow promoting, we're also going to do some posts in the, you know, the Facebook groups and things like that. So you shouldn't miss it. But we don't want to hear any whining if you do so. So we're telling you now to be on the lookout for the sale, the promotion, you know, the emails, promoting the sale so that you can take advantage of that stock up on Drive stacks and such SEO shields while you can.

And I will. The next thing that I have is tomorrow, I start the build with Bradley magic page plugin group, which is the group for anybody that wants to build, you know, mass page style sites, I'm going to be building with the magic page plugin.

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But as long as there's, there's three, three prerequisites or a prerequisite has to be met one of three, okay, and that is either you're a semantic mastery mastermind member, or you're a heavy hitter club member where you can be both. Or you have purchased the magic page plugin, which is Mike Martin's magic page plugin through the Semantic Mastery link. As long as you meet one of those three requirements, you're welcome to join the group that I start tomorrow, it will be a biweekly webinar, I would say essentially, it's gonna be a meeting not, it's not going to be just me doing training to you guys, it's going to be like us meeting as a group like an account and accountability group. So far, I believe there are seven people that are registered for it. And in myself, so it will be a rather small group, which is perfect, I'd rather be that way that if it gets too big, then typically the groups are not very efficient. So with it staying small, that's great, we work I'm going to be building a magic page plugin-type site that to kind of complement what I'm doing with some of my lead gen assets as well as for my new agency in my directory site. So I think it's going to be a really good complement for all of that. And I haven't done any mass page type site builds in probably four years now maybe going on five. So this is going to be kind of new again, for me, and I'm excited to get started with that we're gonna meet every single every two weeks, for about an hour, they might go to 90 minutes, once we get into the groove of things, it might shift to a 90-minute meeting. But I'm going to try to keep everything within an hour. So tomorrow is the kickoff meeting. And again, the only thing that you need in order to join is either have purchased the magic page plugin through semantic mastery and you can prove it which means provide proof of purchase. Or if you are in the mastermind, or a heavy hitter, club member, a paying heavy hitter club member, either one of those, I don't care whether you have a magic page plugin or not, you can still attend. If you have another master page kind of builder, plugin, or Site Builder, period, then you are you know, you're welcome to attend. And maybe some of the stuff that we talked about regarding the magic page plugin will apply to any type of page builder. And I imagine it would just so you know this, this will remain open for the next probably a month. Because as I get a little bit further into that kind of build group, and start building some sites, I'll share a little bit of stuff at the beginning of the hump day Hangouts, so that you guys can see it. And hopefully, that will encourage a few more of you to perhaps join.

Because I think this will be good. So just so you know, I'm not going to be doing a ton of training on myself, because I'm learning that process.

I'll be learning right alongside you guys. So this is really meaning of like an accountability group meeting. It's not just me doing training, it's kind of all of us kind of helping each other to get better with this type of site built. Okay, so I'm looking forward to having some of you that have already had some experience with the magic page plugin in the group because maybe you can help me shortcut my learning curve. I've started messing with it a little bit. And there is definitely a learning curve for sure. And I'm looking to get hit the ground running as soon as possible. But I know it's going to take a few weeks. So Well, yeah, I always what I always love about those meetings, they always like those golden nuggets that usually you don't hear Oh, so like it's definitely worth joining.

I agree. Yeah, I've got two other small accountability groups running right now. One that I do on Monday with a very small group that is following along doing kind of like a directory site build, which is what I'm doing for my agency, and then I've got one on Thursdays, and these are weekly though. These other two accountability groups are weekly. And then Thursday, we have a sales mastermind.

And that's going really, really well also. So this will be the third accountability group that I host, but this one's every other week. Because there's a lot of steps involved in between, you know, doing these types of builds, so

I think that was all the announcements. Do you have anything else, Chris? No, I think we can get started here. All right. We have several questions. Let me figure out where to start. Give me one moment. Couple of long-winded questions, too. Okay, we'll get right to him. All right, let me grab the screen guys.

I'm saying guys because talking to you, Chris, as well as our audience. I think we're here thing.

Should You Assign A “DoFollow” To The Attribution Link In The Syndicated Content?

I think we start right here. Alright, so the first question Hey, guys, I use a syndication network to syndicate my content. I'm using Yoast SEO plugin, which adds the attribution link to each syndicated post. But I noticed that those attribution links are nofollow. Yes, that is correct. I think making the links nofollow will defeat the purpose of pushing power through tier one entities. Please suggest if I should make the attribution link do follow also if I do make a do follow can that also on my website is the content can be syndicated anywhere, please advise. Thank you. Okay, Ashish. Now, first of all, we don't ever recommend using the Yoast plug-in because of many reasons. Number one, it is full of bloat code, you know, code bloat, so and it's just I think it's just a terrible plugin, honestly. So we stopped using Yoast many, many years ago, there is a way that you can and I used to do this when I used Yoast as the plugin because, in part, it provided that attribution link for RSS, you know, any entries in the RSS feed.

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But part of the problem was like So anyways, you can go into the plugin editor like him actually edit the code within the plugin to there's a, I forget where it is, because it's been so many years, but there was a specific command in there that you could set is either true or false. And if it was true, it made it nofollow. If it was false and made it follow, right, it removed the nofollow tag from the links. And you could actually edit that and save it and then it would make everything follow. But the problem was every single time that Yoast would update, it would reset that setting back to the nofollow tag. And so you can imagine if you've got more than one site, that you're managing how irritating that would be every time the plugin would update that you'd have to go into all your different sites and then change that. So we got away from using it for that reason, but as well as many others, that you know, just again, there's just a lot of code bloat, it'll fuck up your schema if you're doing schema stuff. So it's just not something that we typically would recommend. The way that we have our syndication applets set up in Syndication Academy now and you're welcome to take a copy of our syndication workbook and use these applets which have Give me one second, I'll pull it open for you.

And I'll share the link that's right here. The syndication applets on this sheet here, have all of the attribution links or, you know, yeah, the attribution like literally coded into the applet itself. So you can use a different SEO plugin that might not provide attribution, like as part of the RSS feed some of them do, I'm going to name two others here in a minute to do but if you want to use if you want to eliminate using Yoast, and use one of the other SEO plugins that perhaps does not give you the ability to add an attribution link to your RSS feed, then you can just use these syndication applets here, just go in and swap out the applets in your IFTTT account with these and it will hard code, the attribution link back into the actual applet itself that they're already coded. So you don't have to do anything. Okay. So I'm going to share this with you guys real quick.

Okay, cool.

Standby. for one moment, this is the syndication applets or syndication workbook.

You guys make a copy of it. If you ask to edit this, you will not be given permission to edit it. So just make a copy of it guys into your own account. And then you can make copies of whatever copy you added to your account and edit those accordingly. Okay, so there is that but the other two that I would consider SEO ultimate Pro, has attribution links for the RSS feed and I believe rankmath does as well. Even I think even the free version, I think of rankmath provides that so I would recommend that you check out SEO ultimate Pro is what I would suggest. I use that for almost all of my sites. There's only a couple of sites in particular that I use rankmath on as an alternative because of some theme issues, compatibility issues, but so those are the two that I would use either SEO ultimate pro which what I prefer, or use rankmath and I believe rankmath even I think even the free version offers or provides the RSS attribution. Okay. So I would definitely check that out. Get rid of Yoast is what I'm trying to tell you.

Okay, so the next thing is please justify should make it dofollow. Yeah, I mean, again, if you've not been through Syndication Academy yet, and you're doing a lot of syndicated posts and stuff, I would recommend you go join Syndication Academy and go through the training. Okay, which is Syndication Academy, Chris, if you can, can you drop that in the comments at the bottom of the page? But yeah, we chat. We just relaunched Syndication Academy completely redid all of the training with our Syndication Academy instructor, which is now se, she is great. She's fantastic. She did a great job, completely updating Syndication Academy for 2021. And every single month, there are updated webinars, where she goes through and talks about new strategies, new methods, and new properties to expand the entity footprint. And the reason I mentioned all of this is that a lot of best practices and everything is covered in Syndication Academy, so you get the absolute most out of it. In fact, I just had a mastermind onboarding call with one of our newest members, Nick, I believe it was yesterday that we had to call it might have been, I think it was yesterday. There. It's all a blur right now. But anyway, he was talking about how he just finished going through Syndication Academy, and he was really impressed with it. And it really opened up his eyes to the power of those syndication networks. It's not just about, you know, syndicating posts out and getting the backlinks that are certainly part of it. But what it's really about a solidifying the entity and creating kind of, you know, a wider brand footprint, right, and then amplifying that brand through content syndication, and it's really, really important. And it's they're every bit as effective now, as they were let me Sorry, guys, let me close out of that, as they were years ago, just in a different way. Right.

So originally, I had developed the Syndication Academy, or syndication networks, so that, you know, for backlink purposes way back in, I think 2011, I think maybe it's maybe 2012. And they were working really well just to send a syndicated post what was, was really cool was seeing back then, when I would syndicate posts from the blog, from the money site blog that first usually like blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress would rank that. So the syndicator post on one of those three platforms would typically rank first. But then within a usually a couple of weeks, the blog post itself would rank and that's why we put the attribution links and I'm getting to your follow nofollow question here in a moment.

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But over time, that is become less effective for a ranking method, like purely just syndicating posts. But as we get more and more into the Semantic Web, and more semantic technologies are adopted by Google and implemented into its algorithm and search capabilities and all that stuff, you notice that what happens now is it's the interlinking of all those branded profiles, that link back to the money site, obviously, and again, expand that entity footprint that provides the kind of an entity validation signal, and it just gives you all these different link building targets that are part of what we call the SEO shield. Right. So it's not as much necessarily about the links, although that is part of it. So that gets me back to the actual what you're asking about with, you know, nofollow and dofollow, there's a couple of ways to do it. Right, it depends on what your attribution link is, and this is covered in Syndication Academy very thoroughly. But you know, like, for example, Yoast with their attribution link that, you know, is automatically inserted in every item in the RSS feed. They would often suggest, like the post post title, which is linked back to the post was originally published on and then it says, like the, you know, the website name, which, and then a link back to the homepage of the website. That's okay.

But what happens is, you end up having multiple, you know, whether dofollow or nofollow, it's okay too, but you have to understand, like what you're doing every time you publish a post, right? So if you're publishing a post, and every single time you have a link coming back to the homepage, and it's, you know, follow it's a follow link, and you've got keywords in there, then, then, you know, over time, you're going to have that one, you know, and what I'm talking about is the link back to the homepage, not to the post itself. To try to clarify what I'm saying here is if you publish a post one time, right to your blog, so it's a unique post you public wants to your blog, and it gets syndicated out across all your syndication network properties. Let's just talk about the three primary blog properties that we include in the original network builds, so blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, the blog post title depending on how you have your attribution link coded. Typically it's going to be the blog post title is the anchor text that links back to the blog post URL. And in those three blog accounts, right, the three primary blog accounts of the syndication network, again, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, you're going to have that attribution link at the bottom of the post, that's going to be pointing with the blog post title, as the anchor link, anchor text, excuse me, back to the blog post URL. So that's fine. It's only three exact matches, in this case, blog, title posts, anchor texts, that are pointing back to that blog post itself. So that URL, and that's fine because it's only three, I mean, again, it will on some of the other properties that also link back but I want to talk about just the blogs, right. So that's fine. It's not an issue.

If you were to have multiple syndication networks, which we don't recommend attached to that same blog. And all of a sudden, now let's say you had, you know, again, like a two-tier network, for example, a two-tier syndication network would have three blogs in the tier one network, and then three blogs for each tier two network, which we do three-tier two networks. So you'd end up having a total of three on the tier one anchor text links pointing back to the one URL with all the exact same anchor text, then you would have three on second-tier network one, three on second-tier network two, and three on second-tier network three. So that ends up being an additional nine anchor text links with all the same anchor text pointing back to the same URL. So you end up with 12 anchor text links, pointing back to the same URL with the exact same anchor text. So you could see how that can become a problem, right? so on. Again, we don't recommend using tier two networks for blog syndication for YouTube, syndication is fine, stack as many networks as you want won't be a problem. But for blog syndication, it's not recommended because of that very reason. Unless follow those links. Does that make sense? If you know, follow them, then it doesn't hurt, it's not going to hurt you to have exact match anchors hitting the same URL over and over and over again, but with dofollow links, or follow links is technically what they're called. But I call them dofollow links so that people understand I am talking about links that are followed, then you don't want to do that, because then you can over-optimize a particular anchor text. And so that gets me back to the homepage link. If you have the homepage, like depending on what you linking there if you're linking a keyword back to the homepage itself, or the blog title, which is usually the brand name, then that isn't so bad, but over time, it will accrue over and over and over again. So if you're we're going to use an attribution link that has to add two links, one to the post itself, and then one back to the homepage. Just be thoughtful or mindful of where you know what anchor text you're using, and how many properties it's getting syndicated to, and how many times you're going to be publishing, alright, so that you don't over-optimize any particular keyword, usually a brand term isn't going to hurt you. So if you just had the brand name as part of the link back to the homepage, as for the anchor text, that would be fine. Or even, you know, a naked URL or URL anchor, that would be fine as well. But if you try to work keywords into those attribution links, other than the blog post title link itself but the one back to the homepage, then you have to go in and swap that out often or else over-optimize for a particular keyword. Okay, so that was a very thorough answer to that question. hopefully that answered everything that you want to let me double-check make sure we don't have Yeah.

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Do The Same Factors That Influence Getting Into The GMB 3-Pack Also Influence The Others In The General Listings?

Alright, so Gordon is up. what's up, Gordon?

He says, Hey, guys, it usually provides a great answer or great, a great answer to a question I asked last week. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you again for all that you do to get back. You're welcome, Gordon. This is our pleasure. I was wondering do the same factors that influence getting into the GMB three-pack like proximity to the searcher GMB profile optimization, quantity of reviews, quality of reviews, GMB posts, backlinks, etc. also influenced the position of the other businesses in the general GMB listings after you click the View All link at the bottom of the three-pack and what is the order of importance and effectiveness of those factors? or four those factors, as always, you're so I think what you're asking is if you expand the maps pack to show more businesses when you go from the three-pack, when when you look at a local search from Google, so a search engine results page from a regular Google search. Then the map's three-pack is shown. But it's actually in a Google search SERP page, right? When you click that show more businesses or whatever it says at the bottom of that three-pack, it actually opens up in Google Maps. So you're actually going away from Google and into Google Maps. And that will show 20 business listings per page. Okay.

Provided there are at least 20 businesses that meet that criteria, that search query.

Yeah, it's supposed to be the same, right? In other words, the three that are ranking in the three pack on the Google search page are supposed to be the same three that are at the top-ranked in the top three in the Google Maps search page, right. So when you click that, expand and it opens up in Google Maps. And it should be the same three at the top. As far as I know, those are the same. It used to be different, but I believe that they kind of merge those. And I could be wrong. But I believe that they kind of merged that stuff a couple of years ago now to where when you click the expand button, and it goes into maps, it's going to show the same stuff that was on the three-pack on Google search results, the search results page. Okay. And, yeah, all of you know, trying to get it. So the exact same ranking factors, the things that you try to optimize for to get into the three-pack are going to influence your maps ranking period, which is going to show, and if you get to the top three, you'll be in a three-pack. So yes, there, they should be one and the same. Okay. And again, I believe that they used to be very different algorithms. But I know that they've started to more, they become more universal, they're still different data centers and all that, but they've started to the earth, you know, a couple of years ago, or several years ago now started blending those kinds of datasets and all of that to where I don't think it's much of an issue anymore. It used to be that there could be a significant difference between what was shown in the three-pack. And when you look to Google Maps and perform the same quick, you know, did this search for the same query, that there could be considerable discrepancies. But I think that's been resolved. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that that's been resolved as of some time now, actually. So hopefully, that answered your question, Gordon, I don't know if it did, but the things that you try to optimize for that influence that maps three-pack ranking, is going to influence maps ranking period. Okay. So it should apply to either location, either Google search, or Google Maps search. Alright.

How To Get The URL To The Root Folder That Contains All Subfolders In The Drive Stacks?

Hector says, How can we get the URL to the root folder in our drive stacks in the highest level folder with all the subfolders? Inside it? Also, is it a wise idea to wise idea to link the bill to this URL? How can we get the URL to the root folder in our drive stacks, the highest level folder with all the subfolders inside it, just go into the account, click Share, go into that Drive account? Okay. So like if you if you're purchasing from us, at MGYB, you got an email that gave you the login details for the Google account that we created for the drive stack and the G site. And you're instructed to go login to that account, so that you bind that account to your IP, okay, and then from there, you can access the drive, you can open up the sheet that shows all of the links to your drive stack files and folders, right. And it's essentially the delivery report sheet, where that we delivered to you, you can access that. And you can also go into the Drive account from that Google account and find that folder. It's going to be writing your Drive account, your you know, my drive tab in your Drive account. And it will be that folder, the top-level folder, and you just click on click that folder and click share and then copy that URL, that URL is going to be the top-level folder URL. Does that make sense? Hopefully, that makes sense.

This Stuff Works

Is it a wise idea to link go to this year? Yeah, it's a wise idea to link below to all the URLs in your drive stack. So again, that's part of the in the, when we send you the email with the delivery information for your drive stack and G site. It's going to include that sheet that has all of the URLs for every URL that you submitted when you ordered it that you want to build into the drive stack, as well as all the URLs for all the folders and every file that was created in the drive stack plus the G site URL. That makes sense. So all of that will be included in that sheet. And those are those can all be linked building targets, I would caution this if you are pulling those URLs from the report sheet, and you included your money site URL in the drive stack build that money site URL may very well be in that sheet as well, I think it is, but I can't remember off the top my head. And you don't want you do not want to submit your money site URL for link-building gigs. But all the other URLs can be. In other words, if your money site URL is in your list of URLs from the drive stack, and G site stuff, just extract or remove that one URL, and the rest of them can all be linked building targets. So the folders, the files, the G site, that any internal pages on the G site, which we build those when we build the G site anyways, all of those URLs from the G site, all of those can be like building targets. One of my favorite link-building targets from the drive stack guys is the G site, the G sheet, or the Google Sheet. That's called the keyword sheet, which takes all of the files, the Google Drive files, and folders. And all of the URLs that we include that you included when you submitted your order for the build, all of those are in that G sheet, keyword sheet, right, which is part of the drive stack built. So you'll see that usually there's a subfolder that will have sheets inside your primary Drive folder. For the drive stack, there will be one that's called sheets. And if you click into that, there are usually two sheets unless you've expanded your stack. But there's one called keywords and there's one called links. And I usually like the keyword sheet because what we do at mg y B is we go in and we all the keywords that you submitted in your order, they basically hyperlink those keywords. So they become anchor text to the cells within the sheet that contain all the URLs that you submitted in your link building, or excuse me, your order for the drive stack to begin with, plus all the files and folders that were created. So in other words, you end up with a Google Sheet with all these links to all the properties that you submitted with your order, plus all the new files and folders in G site URLs that were built with the drive stack. And they're all hyperlinked with the anchor text from the keywords that you submitted with your order. Right. So now you have this one sheet that you can just, that's one of my favorite link-building targets, too. So if you think about that all of them, including the folder you asked for, yes, you can build links to those. But like I said, one of my favorites is the G sheet, the keyword sheet. Okay, and you can always go in and add additional links to that additional keywords, swap out keywords if you need to all kinds of stuff. hopefully, that answered your question.

What Is The Best Way To Using Keyword Heavy Backlinks?

Alright, next, James. He says, I bought a lot of links, which I shouldn't have, which are keyword heavy, like 2000 links. What is the best way to deal with them? Google tanked my site 30 to 40 positions. Wow, will a press release help dilute these anchor text profiles? This is a client site, we have a lot of G stacks done already from another service. wondering which mg y b products I can order that will help me out of the mess here. Yeah. Okay. So first of all, yeah, press releases will absolutely help with that. I don't one will likely not do it. Because you said like 2000 links, right? writing your question or your comment? Yeah, that's pretty bad. Which is, by the way, guys, this is precisely why we talk about and we call our methods, what we call the SEO shield, because we build this shield, right, like an SEO firewall, essentially, around our money site. Right, all of our SEO shield assets, entity assets are all interlinked and linked back to the money site. But all the link building that we do is, is to the tier one entity assets, the SEO shield properties, which includes syndication networks, drive stack, G site, ID, page, press advantage, organization, page, all of that stuff. So if you are going to be building links, with like 2000 links with anchor text, you know, keyword anchor text links, you'd want to be building those to your tier one entity assets, not to your money site, which is why we call it the SEO because you can hammer an SEO shield with links, and it will not hurt your site, it will, you know, power up your entity assets which flow through to your site, but it cleans it because that's what we always called link laundering, right? Because you can push spammy links to an SEO do Google property or real high authority property like an IDX page on an S that's hosted on an Amazon s3 bucket. And it will essentially filter out any bad juju, right, any negative, any potential for bad link juice flowing through to your site, right? You still get the power, but it doesn't. None of the negative effects flow through, which is why we do that. And that's why we call it the SEO show because it shields your site from any potential spam issues that could occur when you build links directly to your money site, like which James did. Okay.

So getting back to the question, we'll press releases help. Yes, that would be one of the first things that I would recommend one press release will not do it. If you've got 2000 links, you're probably going to need a handful of press releases. So I would recommend doing a couple of things in your press release, just submit one URL as your target URL within the press release. And I would do more than one I'd do it as many as it takes, you're probably going to need a minimum of at least three press releases, but probably even more because you said you got 2000 links, I'm going to talk about something else that you could do here in just a moment. But press releases if you're going to be linking to your money site directly in this case, you probably would want to start diluting the over-optimized anchor text ratios. But just link back with the naked URL, so URL anchor, or your brand name, or combination of the two, but nothing else, right. You don't want to link back with any sort of keywords. You could do generic keywords or miscellaneous anchor text, which another term for generic, like website, learn more. You know, that kind of stuff.

This Stuff Works

But I would recommend just going with the brand and or naked URLs. If you do a backlink analysis on your site and a lot of your competitor's site, you'll what I've spent for the logo, I don't know, you said it's a client site. So I'm assuming it's local for local stuff. And the industry I'm in, I find it almost, you know, it's almost always branded URL anchors that are pointing to the homepage anyway, of the site. The vast majority of links are either our homepage links in their brand and or URL anchors. So I have just been mimicking that. For a lot of my local stuff. Lately, I didn't really care much about link building in the past very much. But I've gotten a lot more back into that recently. And so I try to hit most of my homepage with just brand and or URL anchors. And then you only need a couple of if you can get, you know, exact match anchors to hit your site to get it to rank well. So in your case, as I said, I would do it several press releases, you know, publish a press release, give it two or three weeks post another one. But I would go with URL or brand new anchors. Alright, the second part of that, which I know some people probably going to disagree with me here, but you can always disavow stuff. Right. And I've done it may, in fact, I just did it submitted a disavow file for one of my client's sites about two weeks ago now. Because I found in February, I was doing a backlink analysis on their site. And for whatever reason, in February, they got hit with 49 different domains. It was several 100 links that came from a total of 49 different referring domains that were all russian.ru domains. And it was weird because it's like somebody tried a negative SEO on their site, but they did it in a very strange way. Because they just use random anchor text. So essentially, the anchor text category would be miscellaneous anchor text, or people also call it generic.

But it was just random stuff. It wasn't anything harmful at all. Like I mean, I still disavowed every one of those, I just disavowed those domains, the 49 referring domains, specifically because they were all from Russia. And it doesn't make sense to hit a local-based company with a bunch of Russian links.

You know, US local company. So I disavowed all of those. But you know, that's something you can do that can help. You know, reduce that if you especially if you got if you said you dropped 30 to 40 positions, Google knows that you got hit with a bunch of those links, you can disavow, disavow those, you know, and I again, I know there's gonna be people that said, Never disavow what I teach there, oh, I do it when I need to, or when I feel it's necessary. And in the case that I was just mentioning about a client site, they got hit with those Russian links or links from Russian domains that were again I did that out of a precaution. It did not affect the site negatively. But I took a precautionary measure and disavowed them anyways. So, you know, do your own due diligence whether you want to do that or not. I do it when when I feel it's necessary. Okay. Yeah. And for the future, by that SEO shield and build the links to those SEO properties. Correct. Go to mgyb.co. And get the original drive stacks and G site builds not from a third-party vendor that doesn't do it the way that we do it.

What Are The First 3 MGYB Services You Recommend To Rank A Digital Marketing Channel And Website?

Anyways, Henry's up next from New York City, apparently, he says first, thank you for having Hump Day hangouts every Wednesday. Some background. Wow, this is a long one. Okay. I think we can do it. Um, I'm building a new brand and the digital marketing niche providing education on the various sub-topics branded YouTube channels, branded websites, and blogs using WordPress. I just started to build the site now. And there are a few videos already uploaded to YouTube, I want to save time by investing in paying for your done for you services with the ultimate goal of getting the most SEO benefit out of using your services. I will learn that stuff later. I think that's wise Henry, honestly, that I think that's super wise, get done for you services, so you can start getting results. Plus, you can see what the properly finished product looks like. And then if you want to learn how to do it yourself or learn why it works, then you can always buy the training. But it does help to have a drive stack. For example, on a G site Did you even if you want to learn how to do it, it helps to have a completed drive stack and G site or syndication network, whatever it is that you can when you're going through the training that you can analyze and look at to kind of help you understand what's going on and you see a finished product while you're going through the training. It makes it easier to comprehend it absorb the training and internalize the training Lisa does for me. So I think that's wise. Also, you know, as I said like we often say guys if you're looking to get results for a project that you're working on or for a client or whatever if you're looking to get results quicker, then then you know you've got two options. You can either learn how to do it yourself first and then you know, try to implement it or you can get it done for you first, and then learn how to implement later. And that's I think that's wise. So getting back to the question, I will learn that stuff later. The goal is to eventually have both the site and YouTube channel rank for competitive keywords like digital marketing, email marketing, and so on questions. Number one, what are the first three services that you recommend ordering from the MGYB store in order please, so that I can begin to budget for them. I would say just get the SEO shield the power shield because that's going to combine our found all of our foundational products together into one order, which makes it more efficient for our Build Team. It's a little bit cheaper than ordering everything separately. And it's easier to submit your order because it's all done on one order form page. And then we build them in the proper sequence.

This Stuff Works

And we build upon each other syndication network gets built first, as soon as it is built, it gets delivered to you. But then all of those profiles get built back into the drive stack and the G site, which is the next step, okay. And then once the drive stack and the G site are done, and through that process, a press advantage organization page is created, whether you use our press releases or not, it doesn't matter. The organization page is one of our tier-one entity assets, you get that included. And in the ID pages built, which are hosted, we recommend you hosted on Amazon s3. And so in that gets delivered last but all three of those things get built-in tandem in sequential order. And it's all in one product bundle called the SEO power shield. So that's what I would recommend. If it is not for a local.

I don't all I do is local stuff anymore. I'm if Marco was here, he could answer the question. I believe IDX pages are still useful, even if it's not local. But I would recommend just getting the SEO power showed again that and that way, I don't have to give you like separate if you're going to order them separately, it would be syndication network first, then RYS stack, drive stack in G site, excuse me next. And then the third would be the ID page. And then always link building, right link building, and embeds plus link building press releases. Again, we talked about that. But that's one of my favorite link-building methods. One of the ones that I use the most heavily is just I do a ton of press releases all the time. So that's what I would recommend. Okay. By the way, when you're ordering this, if you're going if you have if you're going to be producing content for both your YouTube channel and for your money site blog, then when you order the SEO power shield as part of the syndication, network order details, put in the notes, the comments section or the order, you know, order notes, or whatever that you would like the syndication network to have two sets of applets created one for blog syndication and one for YouTube syndication so that both your YouTube channel and your money site are syndicating to your branded network. Does that make sense? Just make that request when you place the order. And they will set it up to where that branded network will be triggered by both an upload from YouTube, as well as any new blog post published. Okay, so you're killing two birds with one stone.

Do You Check The Structure Of A WordPress Site & Third Party IFTTT Network While Processing Syndication Network Orders In MGYB?

So I know and I currently have an IFTTT network set up only for the YouTube channel. Okay, that uses three rings plus my branded ring, which I'm not 100% sure was done correctly.

Who did it? We did it It should have been done correctly unless some changes were made. Seems like it was but would be great to have this checked. Do you do this while the order I placed is being processed? Not sure if you do this too. But it would also be great if my WordPress site structure can be looked at by someone on your team to see if I should redo anything? No, we don't. We don't do consultations and SEO analysis and MGYB. We do that kind of stuff and heavy interclub or semantic mastery mastermind, you'd have to join one of our groups to do that, though support is not going to provide you any SEO assistance. That's not what support is for and MGYB does not do on-page analysis. That's just not what it's for. But we do offer that kind of stuff. Like I said in one of our paid groups, either the heavy hitter Club, which is the technical SEO group or in the semantic mastery mastermind, which is, you know, SEO but also a whole lot of other stuff, like business building outsourcing process development, you know, client getting prospecting sales, you know, all that managing and operating a business, all of that kind of stuff, right? So if you want us to analyze your site, or you can hire one of us for personal one on one consultation, but to be honest, that's a hell of a lot more expensive than it would be to just join one of our groups for a brief period of time, if that's all you want it, okay. So, you know, as far as the syndication network, if you've already got it in there, triggered by your YouTube channel, we're not it, by the way, if we didn't build it for you, then we're not going to check it for you. I'm sorry. It's just not, we're just not going to do it. And I could be if I'm wrong about that, and then hopefully, Rob or somebody from mg y b will chime in. But if somebody else built it for you, it's not. It's not our fault if it's not working correctly. So and that's just not we're not going to go into somebody else's work to try to fix it or repair anything. We're just not going to do that. Okay, as far as if you have a Cintiq Network already that you are using, and you're okay with that, and it's branded. And you also want to syndicate your money site content to that. So your blog to it, then again, I just shared this in. I did put that in chat, didn't I? Yeah, I did. Um, you can always go in and just add additional, like, these are the YouTube applets. But you can go in and add your blog applets to your existing tier one IFTTT account, right. So that you again, just use our applets, they'll have the attribution links already coded into it and all of that and you can, then every time you publish a blog post, it will also syndicate to your same network, the only thing I would work caution you about is if you have a two-tiered network, as I just mentioned, we don't recommend blog syndication to two-tier networks unless which we cover this. In the Syndication Academy.

You have added additional content-related content sources to the tier two networks so that it's not always just your content being published to the tier two networks. For YouTube channels, that's fine. But for blog syndication, that leaves a clear footprint. There are no footprint issues for YouTube syndication because you're acting as a publisher for Google. Google doesn't care if there's a footprint. In fact, it likes footprints when it's Google properties. But when would you like drive stacks and G sites to work so well. But when you're talking about blog syndication and a self-hosted money site, a footprint is a clear indication that you're trying to manipulate search results or search positioning. So Google does not like that it's okay to syndicate your own content to your own branded network. That makes sense. In fact, Google expects that. But when you start to syndicate content to persona-based networks, which your tier two networks should be, then and it's the same content always being published to those persona-based networks, then it was clearly set up for manipulation purposes. And so there are ways to reduce any footprint issues. And that would be to add content related content triggers or sources, so additional RSS feeds to trigger publication to your tier two networks so that you're adding other similarly related content, but from other sources to those tier two networks so that you're basically reducing your footprint, okay, so that your content is kind of blended in alongside others, and that there are some other benefits to that co-citation and other things as well. So hopefully, that makes sense. Okay.

This Stuff Works

Do You Provide A Checklist For Those Who Want To Rank A New Branded WordPress Website With Blog & YouTube Channel?

Okay. The last thing is there are checklists available with all the things that need to be done for someone wanting to rank a brand new WordPress website with a blog plus the YouTube channel. Yeah, I would consider the battle plan Semantic Mastery battle plan. We do need to update that though. We'll probably be updating that again in a few months. It's not on our radar right now. But the battle plan is the overall foundation still hasn't changed.

We do have a GMB checklist. But that's Google My Business not necessarily website and YouTube channel stuff. But yeah, I would say the Semantic Mastery Battle Plan, I would check that out. Okay.

Hopefully, that was helpful. And you all get that with Semantic Mastery mastermind. It's included. Oh, yeah. Good point, Chris. If you join the mastermind, you get that included as well as a bunch of other stuff already included.

And discounts on products that aren't included significant discounts, so there's a ton of benefits to that as well. Okay, silly GM B's okay. says hey fellows, I have a brand new service area business GMB that I established using the given Google GMB site as the URL. That's what I do now, by the way, even if it has a self-hosted money site or a landing page, I call them location landing pages whenever there's a self-hosted website for a GMB, whatever, you know, I call that the location landing page because a lot of the stuff that I work in are multi-location businesses. So each, you know, it might be the company has its own website, but then each GMB or each location has its own landing page on the website. So I call those location landing pages. But what I started doing it through my own testing, I found that what I do is I add the location landing pages the appointment URL, and GMB now, especially for service area businesses, right, so I had the location landing page, which typically has the contact form like the estimate request form or whatever, as well as the phone number, click the call button, tap the call button and all that kind of stuff on the location landing page anyway, so I add that as the appointment URL Now, inside the GMB and I use the GMB website URL as the website URL in the GMB profile. And I've found that tends to move the map faster. And it's probably because once again, it's keeping everything in the Google ecosystem. So back to the question. Now that it's verified, I tried to edit the URL with the real busy world, but it keeps changing back to the given Google Site any tips to make that change stick? Now I've seen that happen a couple of times.

But okay, I would recommend it again, if it depends. Some clients of mine don't want their website as the website URL of the GMB and that's fine. If that's what the client wants you to do that and then you can put the GMB website URL in the appointment URL field, which is what I would do in your case because that is likely going to keep it from Google automatically reverting it back. So what I'm saying is go in and take the GMB website URL, put that in your appointment URL field, and then take your money site page or land location landing page and put that in the website URL field and save that and see if it sticks. It probably will. But if it doesn't, then like I said, you could always keep the GMB website URL in the website URL field and put the location landing page in the appointment URL field. And that's again, I found that that actually works a little bit better for moving the map. Right, the GMB profile in maps, makes It helps to rank a little bit better. It's a little bit more responsive to the other stuff that I do when I have it that way. But like I said, if the client wants their website URL in the website field, for the GMB profile, then just put that there because you got to do what the client wants. And then you could always put the GMB website URL on the appointment field and hopefully that will make it stick I've had that happen a couple of times which you're talking about, and I can't remember what I did specifically, I just had to change it a couple of times something else you could do it would be post in one of the you know one of our groups that you know you're having this issue and I Google local guide that has a high rating and as a Google local guide you know a high level can always go in and suggest and edit and we've done that like again in our mastermind for example there's oftentimes people have problems with GM bees that continually revert back no matter how many times they edit it and so they'll publish and you know the post for some help in our mastermind and say hey, look, this is the problem any local guides in here that can suggest an Edit and then several of us that are you know, higher level local guides will go in and suggest edits on that listing and it goes through. Okay, so I would recommend that something else that you can do and it's not just our group there are other groups obviously that you could post a request like that and but I wouldn't do that until I've actually tried what I mentioned okay it's a good question though.

Wayne Social Buzz mean he says I thought Chris dancing as a stripper for lashes POFU Live was a bit over the top Well, I got to show off my skills I practiced all year so like it was the moment he took the pole dancing classes course from

yeah, especially older girls always there and stuff like can I highly recommend it?

I'll tell you what, you guys it's funny but there was I don't know if it's still there but there was a Clickbank product called pull down pull, it was pulled dancing classes like it was an online course for Paul Dancy. It was a Clickbank product and I don't do any affiliate stuff anymore. But several years ago, it was I think it was in 2016 because it was somewhat after we Marco developed and a couple of people with him develop the RYS Drive stack G site strategy. And that was in 2015 when he first told me and I started using it for stuff and I think in 2016 I was still doing a little bit of affiliate stuff and I did a pole dancing class near me.

Drive stack and it was a G site, drive stack and G site it was all built out for pole dancing classes to promote the Clickbank product is it's fucking stupid. It was funny though. That's part of the reason I did it was funny. He should have run Facebook ads during the pandemic lockdown man Yeah, the product must have flown off the shelf. I still have that drive stack. I let that whole project go. In fact, we got a couple of minutes. Let me pause for just a moment. Let's see if I can pull it up. I think it's in my own G site account.

I think it's in my own Google Sites account so let me check real quick it's funny though, it's like I said I looked at that project. Sure as hell do check this out. Hold on a minute. This is some funny shit

All right, here's a resume share right here. guys have seen this right?

This is a G site with all dancing classes near me and I just think that's funny as hell. Let's see if the site Yeah, there it is. I don't know if those offers probably not valid anymore. But start your pole dancing classes. Now. Let's see if it's still a valid offer.

No, you know why? Cuz that was my domain class near me and I let it expire. So somebody else.

This Stuff Works
Look at that somebody is actually might have piggybacked on my drive, stack. Build.

Cuz I don't have that. I don't own that your domain anymore I don't think I can't remember if I do or not but it looks like that.

That's crazy. Somebody might have probably got some significant traffic from it.

Yeah, not awesome

anyway, yeah maybe change the link or the redirect yeah I need to go check my name cheap account to see if I still own this domain because if so then it then this is actually my page but I don't think so because I don't think I have that hosted anywhere. So that means somebody else bought it up and said Oh look, I can just duplicate this That's awesome.

anyway back to the question sorry guys went off on a tangent.


Do You Have A GMB Training That Works With The Latest Updates?

I think that was it. No this still two more questions from Reza. Reza says do you have GMB training that works with the latest updates? Yeah, I mean, local GMB pro guys, those are foundational stuff, it hasn't changed. You know, the, there are some updates that and but local GMB Pro, the Facebook group, if you join local GMB Pro, you get access to the Facebook group, which is where you know, updates and you know, lots of discussions of you know, newer things and all of that are in that group. That's a maintained group, which is crazy because it's a one-time fee to join that program. But that teaches you how to do all the stuff that we do to expand the centroid. In other words, especially for service area businesses, to get the GMB to rank in like adjacent towns and things like that it can be done and requires consistent repeated effort to get it done. But local GMB Pro, that's what I would recommend.

Yes, I will likely be doing some additional other like some, like we probably we may be redoing and relaunching local GMB pro in Not, not before the end of this year, but maybe in the first quarter of next year. That's that is on my radar to update it. But right now again, the methods that we teach in local GMB pro are still valid and still effective. Especially when combined with all the other stuff that we teach what the SEO shield and our entity-based SEO. Okay. So let's pull that up. Local GMB Pro. I think it's localgmbpro.semanticmastery.com

That's awesome. Yeah, localgmbpro.semanticmastery.com. There you go. Okay. I've dropped the link on the page.

Like we got another one.

So again, guys, I will eventually be at least we talked about it. My partner is and I know one of our recent corporate meetings, and

I know that that's something that people are craving. And so I'm not going to I've got my the neck the rest of this year, I've already got planned out for what I'm doing.

But I know that that's something that I want to do. So this will probably be one of the things that I do first quarter of next year, which is to redo local GMB Pro. Basically, relaunch it.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Third Party IFTTT Network?

Okay. And he says, Thank you, I have to do network setup for YouTube channel was built somewhere else? Yes. How do I get rid of it? As if it never existed to start over from scratch using done-for-you services. And you also offer that co syndication service for blog plus YouTube triggering, if needed using your SEO power shield? Okay, yeah, as far as getting rid of the other one, you know, if it if it's not providing you any benefit, which you should be able to tell, right, you can just go in, you know, log in and just delete the accounts. If they're not, if it's not hurting anything, then just leave it like, in other words, if it's not going to do any harm to leave them out there. If it was all connected to just a YouTube channel, it wouldn't hurt to just leave it if if you had older syndication networks that were all tied back to a blog or money site, a self-hosted site that was done incorrectly then it would, in my opinion, you would be best to go in and like literally delete those accounts, like delete the accounts from you know, all together. But for YouTube stuff, it shouldn't matter because again, you know, the more places you're published for YouTube is actually the better. So I would say

Oh, plus one for

I'm sorry. Sorry, if I didn't see that. I'll get back to it in just a moment. Okay. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. If it was just YouTube stuff. Just go ahead and order a new job excuse me syndication network from MGYB.co. And if you're going to be a blog, syndicating your blog to it as well then just get a tier-one single a single syndication network, so single-tier syndication network, have it branded and then ask for both sets, you tell us essentially through the order process.

This Stuff Works
You just tell MGYB in the comment section that you want it set up for both YouTube syndication and blog syndication, just make sure you provide the RSS feed for your blog. And there has to be one item, at least one item in the RSS feed. Like if you don't have any blog posts published on your site, and you submit the RSS feed. At least it used to be it might have been changed, but IFTTT won't recognize the feed unless there's an item in it. So there has to be at least one blog post as far as the drive stack. Excuse me, you say you offer cosyndication service for blog posts YouTube triggering, and if needed, still using your SEO PowerShell. Yeah, the power show we don't you know, we don't syndicate to the power shield. Because again, that the power shield includes a syndication network. So again, just order the SEO power shield, you'll get the syndication network, ask for two triggers. And then the rest of the build, you know, it's not actually content syndicating those, but they'll build into the drive stack in the G site, all of your syndication network properties, that make sense. So and by the way, again, if your previous IFTTT network was set up for just YouTube syndication, then and it's not doing any harm you could include those profile URLs into your drive stack build.

So that you know and keep those IFTTT networks active to you're connected to your YouTube channel, so that you just have additional syndication points for every YouTube video, right, you're not going to connect your blog to those, so it's not going to hurt anything for your blog. But it will just help your YouTube channel even if it was done incorrectly. Remember publishing YouTube videos to more properties only helps the YouTube videos right? So I wouldn't dismantle it. If it was just YouTube, I'd go ahead and keep using it. And you could actually have those properties built-in. As long as they were branded properly, I would have them built into your drive stack. All right.

Do Subfolders Matter In Drive Stack?

So, Eddie, I'm gonna answer your question. And we're done guys and drive stacks sheets, would you create a subfolder with topic keyword to add more sheets to? Or just dump add sheets in the existing sheets folder? Do subfolders matter? and drive stacks? Or should a themes folder be equal to A sheets folder level? Not sure I 100% understand your question it but if you understand what we talked about theme mirroring.

You want to mirror whatever your silo structure is from your money site into your drive stacks, your folder structure, your folder hierarchy should match exactly what your silo structure matches on your site. Same thing with the pages on your G site. Right. So again, you're going to have a top-level site. So your overall drop branded drive stack folder is going to be your brand name. Okay, then for every silo on your money site, you should have a subfolder that's optimized for that same keyword as your silo as each silo, right? So each silo should have its own subfolder under your main branded entity folder, that is optimized for that. And again, guys, I'm just gonna point this out really quickly. If you go to mgyb.co, the store.

Here we go. By the way, guys, that's the other thing, go to mgyb.co/process. Sign up. It's free. Right here. So again, MGYB.co/process. It's free, you have to opt-in. But this is a process where I talk that I've put a lot of work into developing, it's conceptual, it's high level talking about why what we do works, not the how, but the why. And then there I talked about theme mirroring, and all of that as well. So again, sign up for this, it's free, guys. It's MGYB.co/process. And you'll get the process sheet training that I did with several videos, checklists, and things like that, that will tell you exactly why. Why the things that we do work, okay, but from the store, we go back here. Now, remember, when you order your drive stack?

And asking, I'm trying to answer the question about the folder, the sheets, and the folders. We have a couple of things depending on what you're doing. If you're doing like just silo structure into your G site and drive stack, then you can order RYS Drive expansions for each one of your silos. So each silo should have its own drive expansion, if it's for local, and for example, you wanted to add additional locations like for example, let's say it's a business that has three locations with whatever there's usually a business has a location as its primary location is tied to its homepage. That's typically how things work. And let's say there were two additional locations than for each additional location. You could have what's called a location shield built which is essentially adding additional silos within the drive stacks that are optimized for each location. That makes sense. So depending on what your project is, if it's local, then for every additional location, I would have an SEO location shield, which expands your drive stack your existing drive stack, and G site. Or if it's just silo-based stuff, then you do that by ordering your RYS expansion, which is right here. Okay. And then we will do that for you. And it's, I mean, look, it's very inexpensive. And not only that, I mean, if you want to do it yourself, then again, mirror your thing, your silo structure in your drive stack, your folders, all of that should all be mirrored just like the way you built your money site. But again, $435, we'll go in and build a will clone your primary folder, and then we go in and rework every single one of the files that were created in the original drive stack build to be optimized very specifically for that keyword for that particular or the keywords within that silo. Does that make sense? So in other words, you end up with a whole new set of dry files built with the way that we build them with all the interlinking and everything, but it's completely built for that keyword set for that particular silo. And all the internal links and everything else is linked back up to your top-level properties, which, again, it's all about theme marrying guys. Very, very important.

All right.

Should The Theme Mirroring Happen In The Public Folders Like Sheets You Made With The SEO Shield Order?

Okay, guys, should the theme earring happen in the public folders? Like sheets you made with the SEO showed order? Or should I be making my own theme folder? Sorry for the confusion now, they should all be public. And again, if you create subfolders in your public folder, they're going to be public. Does that make sense? So your overall top level, our y s folder, branded folders should be public. If you create subfolders in that public folder, they're going to be public, which is what you want. Okay. So hopefully that makes sense.

Alright, everybody, thank you for being here, Chris. Thanks for sticking around.

But I appreciate that, man. All right. See you guys. A good one.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 345

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 345 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Hey everybody, if you're ready for the latest, greatest shiny, newest, give me one. Give me a pill. Yeah, sorry, I had to do that man. I want it to feel like a regular marketer, at least once in my life I wanted. I had to do that. Anyway, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is what episode Are we on? 345. Three, this is 343 44. Last week, we're on 345. If you guys are not seeing it, refresh, but you wouldn't be seeing just the moment. It's not done yet. We'll be in just a moment. Refresh the page. As soon as Bradley gives you okay. Or, as soon as you get the chance, and you'll, you'll be able to watch this live. Actually, right now guys. Ask us questions. Because, I mean, if you don't ask questions, then then we just move on. Right? We'll just put an end to this. At any rate, I don't really have any announcements other than I want to talk, as I mentioned about Rob's scheme, of course, of course, you can see

you can see the light. Like Do I really have to go into the bin over a year that I've been showing you guys the life that I live this this is what I get every day of my life and I'm loving. What's up with you in Austria, Chris?

Well, too much sun too much shade here. Like last couple days, we had like 96 degrees here in US temperature already calculated it though, work. So it's just below 36 degrees Celsius. And I don't know like I'm not used to it. Like, it's just too much. I'm keeping it easy. relaxing in the shades jumping into the pool sometimes. And yeah, not too productive times at the moment you.

What's up with you, Bradley, what have you been up to? Oh, my God, working my balls off.

I've got so many so much stuff going on right now. It's ridiculous. And um, I guess I'll uh, I'll let you finish talking about what you want to talk about. And I'll take a moment to talk about the project that I'm going to be starting next week. I've mentioned before the Magic Page plugin, a kind of mask page project. I'm going to be starting that group next week. So I'll talk about that a little bit more. Right before we start answering questions. Oh, by the way, I'm dropping Rob's links for the schematic architecture course and also for his done for you service for schematic art is schema done, Rob's using Rob's methods.

This Stuff Works

So they're pasted on the chat box. So that's, that's what I wanted to talk to people about because you're going to see a lot of noise. In other groups, you're going to see a lot of people that it's in their self-interest, to say it doesn't work, just like they've been saying all but it doesn't work. Throughout the years, it's been about eight years that our stuff hasn't worked. And we're still here. So we have to be doing something right. Or else we'd be broke as fuck, giving them giving shit away for free every Wednesday. So there you go on that. So you're gonna get a lot of noise, people saying, well, it doesn't work, it makes no difference. It's not really a game-changer. Well, for the people who say that I would like to say you're just not doing right. You have an app or plugin that you're using that everybody else is using Bluehost, for example, not that I don't want to even mention that name. Because it's not even worth it. But if you're using what everybody else is using, so imagine, and I love this analogy, imagine a parking lot full of a white cart, Ford, Chevy Toyota doesn't matter. It's a parking lot full of white sedans. How in the hell are you gonna stand out in a parking lot full of white sedans. But you might check out the tires or whatever, or how about you get a different paint job to stand out what we're doing with schema, we're taking it to such a level that we make Google pay attention to us over others, because of the way that we do the schema, not only at the organization level but at the local business level, at the page level of just overall how and how we reference the nodes, to everything that belongs to the entity and to the brand. So we bring everything together and tie it all together in such a way that it becomes the best choice. For the query. It's the best. It's the best answer for a given query. That's what we're doing. And if it's not making a difference for you, is because you haven't tried schematic architecture. It's because you haven't done it the way that we've been doing. We've tried to where all we can do we could do on on a website is that schema and we were able to take a project from our nobody 8k a month to over 100,000 in 90 days. Applying schema and then link building, just letting Google know this is the best option. Because this is the best friend the best entity in the niche, that's what you can do with schema. And so Rob finally came out with training regarding schema, how to put it all together how to apply it.

Not only that, people often tell us what I don't have the time to go through an entire course. Well, what I would say to us, make the time, find the time, make sure that you give yourself time, because, this is an entirely new ballgame. It's an unfair playing field when you apply this correctly. Now, if you still cannot find the time to do something that you have to do, what Rob has come up with is a done for you solution. So fine, don't spend money on the course don't spend time going through it and learning it, well just go ahead and do what I do. Although I have gone through the course.

Buy it, get it done for you. But it's not an option anymore. Whether you should have a schema, you have to have a schema, you have to tell them but whatever you think about imagining this, I read an article recently that 80% or so of the websites on the web are still doing either RDFa or refer doing schema, micro sorry, Margaret, Mark microdata or RDFa, rather than what Google tells you, you should be using. Because what that's what they prefer. So imagine Google telling you, here's what we want. And this is the way we want you to give it to us, we'll create a website where you can go and reference everything so that you can give us the recipe so that we can go in and pick up the variables that we need from your website so that we can direct our bot into what your entity is all about what your project is all about. Imagine this. And yet 80% of the people that you're up against 80% of your competition isn't doing the right and I'd venture to say it's over 90%. So imagine the unfair advantage that you can get over others by just applying this correctly. But not just schema, not just any old JSON plus LD. It's the schematic architecture way. It's the schema tech way, done, right. So you either learn it, you go through the course, or you learn how to do it yourself, or you get Rob to do it for you, either way, it's a win-win. And it's quick wins. And it happens very fast. And I'm about to do a post in one of our free groups on Facebook on my page, as a matter of fact, and I'll share it to show you what only doing schema can help you achieve. So there you go. That's my piece for today. And if you don't want to do it.

Don't say I didn't tell you. I'm always putting you ahead of the game. My partners and I are always giving you the information that keeps you years ahead of the competition. And if you didn't take advantage of this, if you don't, if you don't take advantage of what I'm telling you right now then five years from now, don't say you didn't know.

Because you should know that you go I've said my piece right on.

So besides that, we got a couple of other things just that I wanted to talk about briefly before we get into the questions, guys. Number one is I just did a recorded kind of interview slash webinar or whatever with Jeremy from Press Advantage again because Press Advantage premium is rolling out. And so we're going to be you know, bringing that to you guys next week. I don't have a date on it just yet. But sometime next week, we're going to send out some emails about it. We'll talk about it again on Hump Day hangouts next week. But he opened up a pretty special offer that he swore up and down the last time that he wouldn't open it again.

But actually, there are a few different levels to the Press Advantage, subscriptions that he's offering, because of the new premium features that are also rolling out. So I can't really get into what it is. Just wait next week, we're going to have the recorded webinar that I did with Jeremy it's short, it's like 45 minutes long. So it's not super long, because most of you guys are familiar with what Press Advantage is. And you've probably seen previous webinars that we've done with Jeremy. So a lot of what's already been covered, he didn't want to rehash, he just kind of really wrote into what the upgraded features are for the premium. The premium features that are rolling out for the, you know, different subscription levels and such. So just be on the lookout for that because I know some of you guys are.

In fact, Jim wells just commented on Facebook, excuse me on YouTube on one of our previous webinars we did with Jeremy and he was like, Damn, I missed this out, I missed on I don't know how I missed this blah, blah, blah. It was funny because he literally just commented within the last 24 hours about that. And so I replied back and said pay attention next week because there'll be another similar offer kind of coming out and so or a comparable offer, I should say. So that's number one.

This Stuff Works

Number two, guys, I'm going to be starting the Magic Page, plugin case two, or project I guess as an accountability group builds with Bradley, we can call it um, I'm gonna be starting that next week. I haven't determined the date yet, but probably will be Thursday next week.

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm going to be starting that next week. So, anybody that's interested in that, that has, it's either in our mastermind or the Heavy Hitter Club that you guys can join without, you don't need to, you don't need to show proof of purchase for the Magic Page plugin or anything to us as long as you're in the mastermind or the Heavy Hitter Club. Or, if you don't know what I'm talking about, and you want to come to join us, I'm going to drop the link to the rank and rent the mass message, essentially, for Magic page plugin webinars by Mike Martin. It's an automated webinar, but it's good. And it will show you exactly what it is that we're going to be doing in the build with Bradley group that I'm going to start next week. And it'll be every two weeks, we'll meet for probably an hour but maybe an hour and a half to just go through builds and start building these Magic Page sites. And I'm going to be applying it to my directory site, and a couple of Legion projects that I've got going on. So this will be like real-time building guys with just sharing information, you know, with this with a small group. So in order to join the group, again, you have, you have to meet one of the prerequisites either you're in the mastermind, you're in the Heavy Hitter Club, or you've purchased the Magic Page plugin through our link. And you can provide you know, proof of purchase. Now, I meant to set up an opt-in page I'm gonna drop the link in the chatbox here guys in just a moment. And that's from Mike's Mike Martin's webinar. For and it's again, it's an automated webinar so you can sign up and watch it within a couple of hours is what I'm saying.

But I meant I tried to get a meant to get an opt-in page put up for that today guys and I didn't so just I'm gonna have to tell Chris G to be on the lookout but just contact support at semantic mastery comm if you want to be a member of this group, I'll have Chris forward them the messages to me and I'll reach out to everybody that has responded individually with instructions on how to join probably I'm probably just gonna set up a zoom meeting. So I'll just send you the Zoom meeting link so that we can all join and kind of talk and work through these builds together. So again, I'm going to drop the page the link for you guys to check out the webinar from Mike Martin. If you purchase and you want to join the group with me then just contact support at semantic mastery or if you're in the mastermind or they have a better club contact support at semantic mastery COMM And you know, just say that you want to join the group and you're part of the mastermind or the Heavy Hitter Club and like I said, I'll reach out to each one of you individually with zoom meeting link for when we start with the dates and times as well. Okay.

guys want to talk briefly while I paste this.

Sure, I was just thinking while you were talking that we give people so many options to succeed online, there's no reason why anyone shouldn't be succeeding online unless they're just not taking action. Because it doesn't even have to be like our ship, but I was like whatever it is that you do go ahead get that training and see it through to the end because the only way that you're going to know whether it works is if you see it through to the end but if you do like most people where you just leave it and you go on to the next best shiny newest whatever you're never going to know it like this is the only industry that I know of where people do that when you don't see the project through until the very end where you just give up and go spend more money maybe gambling maybe I can equate that to gambling the what is the shiny new object syndrome where you go spend more money and you go and spend more money and even more money I don't know of any other industry where people do this right in the industry like all those outgoings sheet coins and stuff SPECT same with stock markets and stuff.

I don't know if that's the same I don't know if it's the same as because in that at least you make the purchase and you hope that the stock goes up and you hope that the crypto goes up in this it's like you buy it and hope that it works but then you never see it through to find out whether it works which is really surprising to me. I don't understand that that type of thinking.

Well and I think it's quite similar like for example people buy a shit coin then like I don't know like Bitcoin like that some like unexpected curve, the sheet coin dumps little people are getting nervous and they are ejecting out of it right.

Even if it was a successful project, they already accepted it way before they actually had the chance to chance to have it succeed. It's in my opinion, it's the exact same thing.

This Stuff Works

Again, like people are on the way too many shiny objects to the dancing on or I don't know how to say it. But my advice, my advice to people is to keep whatever training it is get it, see it through to the end, find out whether it works. And if it doesn't go to the next one until you find what works for you. Then you develop the process and the system so that you can repeat it. And then from there, it's just lather, rinse, repeat, make more money, hire people to help you. Now you are a business owner. Now you're an entrepreneur, you're a boss now, and you have people who are helping me make money and you can just grow your business or extend into other things. But first, you have to figure out whether it works. the best advice that I can give you. Well, there's a shortcut.

Yeah, there's not there isn't one. I know there. I was already working from MGYB. Man. hours. Forget that. Yes, sir.

Right on guys. Well, can we get any questions? Let's do so. Okay. Grab the screen. I saw a couple of good ones.

All right. Let me close down some ops. Excuse me. There we go.

All right. I'm assuming you guys are seeing my screen.

Why Does Your Drive Stack URL Are Shortened Through The MGYB Shortener?

Yes, yes. Okay. So the first question I read through earlier, would be a great question for you to answer, Marco, but I'll read it for you. It says when or excuse me, Edie says, You always say the MGYB URL shortener is powerful. Okay, a word is taken. But can you explain why your drive stack URLs are shortened through the MGYB shortener? Does this provide extra slash more juice? Does this buffer protect the money site more like an additional step? Why not just link directly to tier one and tier two properties not using short URLs I get why not link directly to the money site. I just don't get why it would really even matter to use a shortener inside the drive stack files. Any further technical explanation is appreciated. I feel like I'm missing something. Thanks, Ed.

Alright, so I can only answer this part, though, that I can only give a full answer in the paid groups. And I've only given a full answer. In the page groups when we're discussing link building, which we have gone into, you've seen that you've seen our link building method and how we talk about how we develop it, and how everything works in conjunction, and the MGYB shortener.

And I'm not just going to going to say the MGYB shorten or any shortener that's a 301, would work in this.

The difference is that we control the MGYB shortener. If you have a paid account, in the MGYB, shorter, you can even change the destination of your shortened URL, should anything come about that where the link, maybe it becomes a, it's no longer there, right? It's a broken link or whatever the website is no longer there, you can always change the destination to go somewhere else. The features inside that shortener are amazing, you can geo-target it, you can customize the URL. But more importantly, we're only building into that every single day. Because dedhia, our link builder fulfills our orders. So imagine something that's getting powered up every day, all day, over and over and over again. So the power that we're building into that everything that's inside the shortener benefits from it, all of your shortened URLs benefit from the shortener, and it happens time after time after time. So what we're trying to do is bring this up to what the Google shortener used to be, where you can track clicks on the link, you can track everything. So think of having this so that if we're going to build so much trust in authority in this, that it will that it does provide a buffer. And we do it through Google properties, which also provide a buffer. And so not only are we providing that buffer pool, but we're also boosting it. We're providing trust, trust, trust, and authority into the link stream. So we're doing multiple things. So yes, we do recommend, by all means, build links directly to your tier one. But do not neglect that MGYB shortener it's a fantastic way to boost everything. Yeah, and I've said this before, it's really interesting. But some of the drive stack files

This Stuff Works

Well, when they index though, index with the MGYB short URL instead of the long, ugly Drive File URL. And it's really interesting to do that because it's a redirect. And you wouldn't think that the redirect URL would be what would index but the index is, but sure enough, I've seen that happen many times. And I was like, Wow, that's pretty interesting because it's a cleaner-looking URL number one, but number two, it's interesting because it just redirects to a drive file.

And also I started building my I mean, because I from my tree care directory, my Tree Service directory site, I set up my own shortener on a, you know, a basically a branded domain, really. And I've been building a lot of links to that for stuff that I'm doing for the directory and for lead gen projects and stuff like that. And it's crazy, because in just a few short months, my own direct redirect URL shortener essentially, is started to build quite a bit of power too. And, you know, I've been, I've been doing a lot of backlink analysis using majestic for the last couple of months now, not something that we've talked about a lot in Semantic Mastery. But I, in the last couple of months, I've been doing a lot more analysis with this. And trust flow is still something that I've been kind of using as a metric to gauge the power of the links, some of the links that I've been playing around with, and it's really interesting, but you know, to see, I mean, mg y B's got the 24 Trust flow, which is fairly good. And what's interesting is to see kind of an even, you know, trust flow citation flow metric, because a lot of times when you're spamming stuff, which we do this a ton of MGYB shortlinks, like, a lot of the times you'll get real high citation flow, but very low trust flow. And that just shows that there's a high quantity of links, but the low quality of links. And it's interesting to see this balance, because again, like look at the number of backlinks compared to the number of domains, it's a significant difference, yet the trust flow is still there. So it's pretty interesting. And that's why those mg y v links, I think, are so strong. And I'm starting to see similar kinds of results with a hell of a lot fewer links, but through my own shortener that I'd set up. So that's, that's part of the reason you can do some really cool things with redirects, guys.

So anyway, I thought that was a really good question. By Edie. By the way, if you're a member of one of our paid groups, you get the MGYB shortener, you get the top tier for the in-between for the price of them between here. So instead of paying 50 bucks, you pay something like 27 bucks a month. Yeah.

And it's powerful. I mean, there are definitely some really cool things that you can do with redirects. I'm doing a lot of stuff with redirects actually. So, good question.

Will Adding Posts With Relevant Keywords And Proper Backlinks Help Boost A City Page?

Gordon's up next he says, Hey, guys, if you're building a multi-city, local business niche WordPress site using categories or silos, but instead just creating a separate page for each city and keyword combination, will adding posts with relevant keyword and city location content for each city slash keyword combination with the backlink to the related city keyword page, boost the SEO ranking juice for those pages are what confused Google take the SEO focus off the related pages, as always, Your help is very much appreciated. Okay. This is a no, it depends how it depends on what your supporting posts are optimized for. Because you can cannibalize your top-level page, right? So in other words, if you're setting up a separate, let's say, if you're going to use, like if you have a flat site, right, or what I mean is, let's put it this way, if you have, like, if you're setting up a site where you don't have necessarily like topical silos and in location silos that are trying to be you know, subcategories of the topical silos or the service silos, that would be another term for it. Whereas let's put it this way, like if it let's say, for, for us using a Tree Service, for example, you know, I don't really technically need to have service-based silos for a Tree Service Company. Because Google considers Tree Service, tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting, all synonymous, they're all kind of on the same level. So if I wanted to, and I started doing this, one of my multilocation lead gen sites is I've kind of switched from the silo structure that I have been using for the last several years to kind of more of a flat site structure in that the city plus service plus city pages are really top-level category pages. So in other words, each service plus city page is a top-level category, right? With the more complex structures you know, typically I've talked about this many many times, but I like to use categories for the topical silos or the service silos and then I like to use tags silos for the location-based silos but I've been testing for the last couple of months with one of my multilocation Legion sites where I converted it to city plus or service plus city location panic pages, which are basically location landing pages that are the top that essentially they become their own silo, right. So that becomes the top of the silo page. And then from there, yeah, you can do because then you can select that location category, right as your top of the silo and then place supporting articles published supporting articles under that right so you select that category, and then you can create depth to that silo.

This Stuff Works
So, you know, in that case, you just got to be careful about what type of content you're publishing. You can, for example, on the service plus city type landing page, you're typically going to want to list, you know, at least descriptions are summaries of all the different services that that company provides from that location or for that location. Does that make sense? So then supporting articles, or posts with so adding depth to that silo, a great strategy there would be to take out one, you know, highlight one particular service for each blog post, right? So in other words, you create a blog post that is highlighting and expanding upon one particular service that's mentioned in the overall top-level syrup silo page. But it's not competing with that page, because it's, it's just reinforcing it. And also, the internal linking structure is incredibly important when you're doing that. Something else you could do is geo post, like what, you know, what is it Brian Willie teaches a lot about, you know, he called him geo posts, but start doing geographically relevant posts or location-based posts that are, you know, optimized for neighborhoods or towns, you know, things like that, that would also be placed as child posts or supporting posts within that, that silo, does that make sense? And once again, very important that you understand the internal linking structure for all of that, so that you know, number one, cannibalize your top-level page. And number two, that you're you're making sure that the bot is flowing through all that content in a very particular way. obviously can't cover that here. But it is covered in the Heavy Hitter Club, for sure. And also in the mastermind. So I hope hopefully that answered your question.

But you got to make sure that you're not repeating the same information multiple times in multiple blog posts, because then and also, your SEO titles, you know, your page titles, all those kind of things, you got to make sure that they're unique enough to where they're not cannibalizing the top-level category page, which is what you usually what you want to rank, because that's usually what's going to produce leads if that makes sense. So, Marco, that was my explanation. Do you want to test it? Now, we tested this in the last solutions that work city plus keyword combinations. And so there's I think, 19,000 something cities in the United States, and say, let's say you're doing 10 keywords? Well, now you're dealing with nearly 200,000 pages. How do you make those unique enough?

And this is the key, how do you make those pages unique enough so that they don't compete for one another? what you're referring to as cannibalization? And how do you keep them in the active index, because if Google finds too much similarity, they're just not going to display them to anyone, and then you just did all that work for literally nothing, because Google won't bother indexing your pages? We went from 15,000 pages in, in the last solutions network to 1000, something we're still getting leads, we're still getting traffic, it still ranks really well for targeted keywords. But it's really difficult to keep those pages, those 15,000 pages or so in the activity is that that they're D index, in a bad way. It's just that Google doesn't find them different enough or good enough to display to anyone. And that stands to reason because we're not giving Google a reason.

I mean, it's just logical. For this to happen, what we have to do is go in and get this even what you need to phi, each page to give Google a reason to come back in and re-index and put those pages in the active index once again.

And you know, one really good way to unique of phi pages.

Was that schema? Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course, schema. So there are some pretty cool things I'm going to be testing with Rob's schema method for the Magic Page sites that I'm going to be building with the build with Bradley group, I'm going to be implementing Rob's awesome fucking schema stuff into those sites. And I think that's gonna be the killer for that. So.

But yeah, because you can, I mean, the pages can look similar to us, but then the bot sees entirely unique stuff. Yeah. So there's a lot of really cool stuff that can I think can be done with the Magic Pages with Rob schema applied to it. So looking forward to that. Okay, moving on. hopefully that was helpful. Helpful, Gordon?

Man, Gordon, you need to come to join us join the damn mastermind on time, Jesus.

It's about time man. And he's only getting parts of it here. He's never going to get the whole picture from just the free. Come join. The heavy hitter. Doesn't matter. At the mastery mastermind, and take your agency and your project, whatever it is that you're doing, and get the results that you really expect to get. I mean that you can set your expectations and your bar really high. And then you're going to actually outperform your expectations.

This Stuff Works

How Do You Outrank A Competitor With Hundreds Of Location Pages To Its Website?

The next question says, Hey, SM, I have a competitor who's created hundreds of location pages like SEO city, etc. They have also gone and created a subdomain with the same city pages but created in very short WooCommerce product pages with a schema that is just duplicated versions of the same keywords, but they have digital marketing city, online marketing, city, SEO Services, city, etc. And they've done this across multiple domains taking over the SERPs. Seems like they're pretty smart. They can do it. How can I compete against this? I've created PRs, a drive stack for the brand, and individual city pages that factor in all the keywords in the content for each. But this site is still ranking everywhere. That's a really good question. What do you think?

Yeah, I was looking at this one was, I was looking at this picture yesterday.

So I'm gonna take it that he has a WooCommerce website. And one of the things that we did to outrank competitors, regardless of what they were doing, is schema is one of those things, it just keeps coming up over and over again, how did we unique if I, our products versus other products where they had blown? Well, we just coded a plugin, a custom plugin, that delivers dynamic schema, so that when the price change or a site sit, whatever color, whatever it was that that can change on that page, the plugin will automatically give Google the new information. So think of the advantage that you have over somebody else when you're applying schema. And when you're delivering schema immediately to the button, any changes on the page. So it's not only seeing it at the content level, it's seeing it at the schema level is getting all the information. And now all of that garbage that they're doing tow up to outrank you or to outdo you, it's not even a concern. And then you applied the rest of the semantic mastery process, the heavy hitter, system, it all because all right, so separate, and apart, you're going to have to really brute force it. Once you have the scheme in place. Once you have once you've done everything, you have to brute force it, which means just lots and lots of backlinking and embeds plus link building, lots of press releases, lots of GMB posts, anything and everything that you can do to push power into your website. Whereas if you come and do all of the things and put them all together, fit them the way that we show, then it becomes really simple because we teach you to exponentiate. The power we don't just teach you we show you I mean, it's over the shoulder. This is how we do it. Well, I would say that we're one of the few people in this space that actually take you behind the scenes, I take you into analytics Search Console, I take you into the GMB, and actually show you on projects that I'm working on how this all fits together. I see very few people do that when they do, it's usually throwaway shit that they show and they won't really show current projects. But I'm actually showing that I mean, I'll tell you right here, go look at pet food patrol, pet food patrol, calm, that's one of our websites, please spam it so that I can rank better.

Well, that's what I was gonna mention to cut it because you didn't mention this market, which of surprise meant to strengthen the entity, right? If you do that, you know that and that's part of what you were saying was by doing all of that the schema having all your tier one entity assets up and then just powering it up? That'll strengthen the entity as well. And then you get to a point like what Marco just said, which was inviting spam.

Because at some point when the entities powerful enough, it'll just take it like a champ. And it'll just take a licking and keep on ticking tight, so to speak. So Well, I didn't say strengthen the entity because it's a given that you apply the SEO shield.

And which is why you're going back to what you were just saying, inviting Gordon, to the mastermind and the heavy hitter. If this is the only way that you can get it or that you can become the best entity in your niche, and actually not care. Does Google care who comes in spends? Does Amazon care who comes please send us a few million but we'd love you to give us more so that you get to that point and where spam becomes. Thank you very much kind of thing. Yeah, please, sir, might have another.

May I have some more?

Rejection Issues Concerning GMB Map Embed Link

Next up what's up Nick? I chatted with him just recently. And this is answering this question, I'm going to answer the part about the redirect. But I'm not going to get into the first part of the question if there are any follow-up questions about it that would only be reserved for paid groups, guys. So, Nick, you might have revealed a little bit more than we would like for anybody to reveal on a free setting in your question alone. So I'm just not going to expand on that. But I will answer the second part about what you know about the URL structure itself.

So he's saying is having issues pasting a GMB embed link that gets rejected every time the post only gets through when I put the GMB embed power link in a Bitly shortener any ideas here are? Yeah, I'm just wondering, my follow-up question for this Nick to be able to answer it would be because I have not had that issue whatsoever. I know exactly what you're talking about. And, and I've not had that issue, not even one of them has been rejected.

I've had GMB posts rejected recently for two things. Number one was phone numbers in the post text and number. So in the post body itself, if you want, if you want to call, you know, a call action from the post, use the call button, right, the CTA button, which will be a call to tap the call button.

So that's number one. Number two is interesting, I've had some, like trigger words, words within the post body that apparently, Google doesn't like because it considers them, you know, offensive or whatever. For example, you know, all I do is Tree Service stuff anymore. And there was one post in particular that kept getting rejected, and I couldn't figure it out. And then I like, literally read word for word through it. And there's, they talked about it was it was talking about tree pruning methods, right. And one of the things was you make a crotch cut, and the word crotch cause the fucking No kidding, even though like contextually, it had nothing to do with like, somebody's crotch, it was talking about what they call, it's a technical term called a crotch cut. And I removed that word crotch cutaway and it took the post. So it was really interesting. It took me, multiple attempts to figure out what it was. And then I realized like, oh, I wonder if it's that one word. And sure enough, it was that one word. So the URL structure itself shouldn't have any effect on whether it gets published or not. At least I have never experienced that. Have you marked a bit? It's a forbidden term. Yeah, crutches. But the URL that I'm sure that he's referring to shouldn't cause any issues.

However, you can just to kind of get to answer your question.

This Stuff Works
Use a shortener, I wouldn't use Bitly. Guys, I don't know. I know there's a lot of people out there using Bitly. And maybe Bitly stopped doing this. I don't know. Because I don't really analyze Bitly links anymore, or bit links, whatever you want to call them. But a number of years ago, Bitly, would they were 301 redirects, but then arbitrarily Bitly would just apply a 302 tag to it. So in other words, it would become a 302 redirect at some point, and there was no rhyme or reason to it that we could discern. And so you know, what you think is a 301 redirect could eventually become a 302 redirect without you knowing about it. Now, again, I don't know that Bitly still does that I just stopped using Bitly years ago, because of that reason. So I would again, point you back to mgyb.co/s. That's the MGYB.co shortener that gives you the same or a lot more functionality than Bitly does unless you have a Bitly premium account. And so you know, again, that's, that's one thing you could do. Or you could always set up your own redirect, which, you know if you've got a brand, you know, stuff that you're doing for branding and all that it might make sense to do so.

So, I don't tell people to use their own shortener because it takes so long to power it up does, it does, I just said, Come use ours, I mean, get into one of the paid versions of our plug, do yourself a favor, do me a favor, because at 27 bucks a month or 47. I'm not making any money on it. We're just switches, charging the maintenance on it. And all of the things that we have to do to keep it going, that's what we get from it. But do yourself a favor and get the shortener and then just watch it go crazy. I'm also going to show in the Heavy Hitter Club webinar a week from tomorrow, how to create a double shortened link. So how to use two shorteners to double shorten the link and multiply the power and then you blast both of thought it's fun stuff. There's a lot of fun stuff happening in the Heavy Hitter Club that provides just tons and tons of power guys, come get it.

So that just the last thing, so there are the alternatives, Nick, but will a redirect past juice. Yes. As long as it's a 301 Yeah, that's the point. That's the point. You know, if you use a redirect, it becomes a three co2 or set as a 302, or 307, or a metal refresh with any more than a zero-second delay, anything like that kills link equity like it just stops that link equity from flowing. So, you know, as long as it's a 301 redirect, or can be a matter of refresh with the zero. You know, whatever redirect timing, then then it will pass PageRank Okay.

Do I need a niche? Joe? I guess you I'm not sure what unless you're asking about Do you need a niche? For what for the Magic Page thing? Um, no, but it makes sense to have one. So you say I just want to get leads, but what do you just want to get leads for?

You know, I mean, if you want to get leads for a particular business, then you have a niche. If you just want to get into the lead gen business, then I would take some time to focus on you know, figure out what industry you have an interest in, which is also lucrative. And then you can really drill down into that particular niche and find, you know, perhaps a particular service within that niche that you can start with, it makes sense to drill down with the Magic Page stuff, the mass page stuff, but, you know, specifically, I'm going to be using Magic Page plugin. And it makes sense to kind of drill down into a specific service, especially when you're starting out because you'll be able to get results faster if you go with just a broad like niche or industry where there's high competition, so like plumbing, or you know, General Tree Service or HVAC stuff like that, then you could end up not seeing results because it'll take a long time to see results because it is competitive. But if you were to choose a very specific service within you know, so a service within the industry, like Magic Page they talk about for plumbers doing underfloor heating, right. So that's, that's just an example that they use for tree services. You know, I could go after stump grinding, very specifically, like stump grinding, stump removal, that kind of stuff, those it's not, that's not a super lucrative service for Tree Service contractors. So I'm not going to be targeting that, specifically. But I do have a subset of the tree service industry that I am going to be targeting To start with, which that'll be reserved for the group members. But yeah, I would recommend that you had a niche that you would and then you would drill down and find a service with like a particular service within that niche to start with. And because it'll help to help you to get better results, quicker results anyways, and then you can always expand from there and go to more competitive stuff. That would be my suggestion.

How Do You Strategize Selling Local SEO Services Packages To Clients?

If that's what you were asking about, which I don't even know, that was really what your question was about a rod I guess, says, Hey, I'm here, a new here, and I'm trying to start an agency to sell local SEO, My plan is to sell an initial package with on-page SEO, and an SEO shield for the first month. After that I'm struggling with what I should sell them for SEO, I don't want to just sell them some random backlink package like most other agencies, I want to help get my client's great results and be a regular customer, so I can make this my main income. Well, yeah, and that's, I mean, that's really the goal would be to put a client on a retainer, or you could do you know, performance-based stuff, lead gen or a hybrid where you're kind of charging, you know, a monthly retainer, but then you also get a percentage of sales or equity or profits. There's a number of different ways you can structure an arrangement and agreement. But you know, when it comes to like, the traditional SEO retainer model, you know, there's a lot of things that it's not just about backlinks, but content marketing is a big part of it. So you know, publishing blog posts, GMB posts, press releases, which can also be considered off-page, but it's both on-page and off-page, right content marketing, and off-page link building. So you know, there's just a number of things that you can do, you can constantly expand the entity footprint, which is what we teach in Syndication Academy, right?

This Stuff Works

I mean, just the SEO shield and in building links to that expanding content, adding depth to the silos, there's just so much that will make the head spin that you can do, you know, something like that, if you're looking to start an agency and make that your full-time income. You know, I would highly recommend, as soon as you're able to come to join the semantic mastery mastermind because that is precisely what that is about. You know, it's about more than just SEO, it's about how to build a business around it. So that would be my suggestion market you want to come in. There are so many things that you can offer. Like I can't begin to list them all. How about offering them some content? How about offering them if their local GMB optimization about offering them content through the GMB like so you add images, you add posts, you optimize the GMB How about an extension of the footprint Syndication Academy, where your costs adding new profiles into the existing syndication network. How about optimization where it too me optimization never ends, it's not as if you just do it for one month. And that's it. If you're constantly producing content, it constantly needs to be optimized. It constantly needs to be worked on schema about schema, offering them that I'm learning what schema is how it can benefit you and then offering it to your client press releases, then link building to it all then embeds and link building, but you to me sell it in a way, where you're just not selling things where you're just not selling your activity, sell results of what I'm going to do for you, is I'm gonna, I'm gonna make you money, you make money, I make money, we both win, learn how to do that, learn how to get results, and then go in there with such confidence that you can charge anything you want, and they're going to pay you because you're going to be able to show results, I can take people into my analytics, my search console, and my insights and show them, this is what I can do for you. Do you want to know what the next person does, it becomes reality, it fills itself, your pipeline, your client by fills itself because people will know you can get results. So there are so many things in this SEO thing, where you could do branding. And you can do now when you're working on the brand, showing the brand amplifying the breath, working on Yeti I mean, it just gets ridiculous. Maybe we should come up with a PDF that people can go and grab one on the different services that can be offered, not just because SEO is search engine optimization, that becomes meaningless because that's not what you do, you get results. And how you get results is by doing all of these different things. And then you can offer maybe a package. But it should all just look if you give me

I'm just gonna throw a figure out there 3000 a month and I'm going to get your results. And the client is going to pay you the 3000 because they know you're going to get results you're going to get them cause you're going to make their money.

So when you learn to do that, and the only way is by getting in a group where you have professionals like you who want to get results and who will help each other get results. When you get in a group like that. And you've shown what's working right now and what will work into the future what has always worked. I mean, that's when it becomes magic. And you can really go and take on anything you want and when.

Yeah, I've recently just jammed in you quickly. Yeah, might be overwhelmed by all the selection. I don't know if I'm interpreting that because he says like, I'm struggling with what I should sell them for. So you might be overwhelmed with all the options because he's starting out is maybe looking for something simple. He can just upsell them for months, two or three years, something like that, but that might be interpreting it wrong. Yeah, then. I mean, that would be perfect for like GMB posting service and MGYB. Is that out of beta yet?

Again, the GMB posting service at mg y B. Is that out of beta yet? No, it's being added to the back end, but it will be offered soon. Okay. Yeah, cuz that want to reply to or to Chris's point, I shouldn't say that would be something that would be simple to fulfill on your part because it's not you actually fulfilling it, we would be doing it for you. But like that, that's just an example. on-page SEO, which could be on-page SEO for the like, for example, what I'm doing for my tree care agent, my Tree Service Agency, a marketing agency that I just have been working on for about six months now, as I'm focusing purely on GMB stuff like if a client even if they have a self-hosted website, then that is if they want me to do anything their self hosted website, that's a completely new conversation. That's an upsell. That's an add-on because I am pitching my lead in services GMB optimization and getting their maps. You know, their GMB profile to rank to produce them produce leads for them. And so I'm doing everything in the GMB ecosystem. And I'm not even touching their website. In fact, I don't even link to their website in the GMB right now, I've got a couple of clients that it's interesting but they're they have their own website, but I'm not even linking to it because I'm doing everything I'm building all the tier one entity assets with the SEO shield, and all that and I'm doing everything in the Google ecosystem. And so what I'm saying is you could do purely GMB stuff, that's just an example. But you could do on-page optimization where you're producing the content for the GMB website and then optimizing it doing all the GMB posts like Marco said, you could be doing, you know, optimization for the SEO shield stuff and then you could hire us to MGYB to do GMB posting which would be a monthly service that you would just mark it up you know, double it, triple it, whatever it is you're gonna do, and then that would just be money.

The revenue that would come in from the results, the activity that you are able to provide that we would actually be doing the fulfillment for if that makes sense. So that's something easy that you could do. Something else that I've recently started doing through my, you know, I've been doing a lot of prospecting for contractors and something that I've found, which is a pretty cool kind of hybrid model that I'm, I just had two people sign up within the last Well, it's been about six weeks now. But then I'm kind of experimenting with a new model, which is I'm using I created an app and high level go high level, that for three contractors, that helps them to manage leads, it's essentially a lead and sales pipeline for three contractors that manage quotes, requests, jobs and that sort of thing. So it's five stages in the pipeline. Anyways, it's just, I developed it inside of a high level. And what I've been doing is offering a kind of a hybrid model to treat contractors that don't, that don't necessarily want to hire me to do like on a traditional retainer basis.

This Stuff Works

Or so what I've been doing is saying, Okay, look, I'll tell you what, I work on your assets, what at my expense, but you give me 10% of any of the jobs that close. And in order for me to be able to track the leads that I generate through your assets, you have to subscribe, you have to subscribe to my app like and use my app because then all of the leads and everything is always going into the app. So everything can be tracked, I can always see where that what stage the lead is in, whether it's an estimate, proposal pending, or you know, the job has been scheduled or job has been completed. And so I'm actually selling them on using my app, and they have to subscribe at $200 a month to use my app. And but they get the optimization and everything is done for free. But then every job that goes through the app that gets closed, I get 10% of that. And it seems to be a pretty cool kind of hybrid model because it's a very low, you know, commitment for them. And they're only paying for leads that generate money for them. If that makes sense. And then I get that's how I get compensated. So it's a performance-based kind of, I don't mean to confuse you what I'm just trying to say you can get creative with different ways to kind of create a, you know, the traditional like retainer model, I think is kind of becoming more difficult to sell, at least in the industry I'm in it is. So I've had to come up with some creative ways to make what I have to offer attractive. And that was just one of a few different ways that I'm testing right now.

So a follow-up comments on that for a move on. Yeah, I mean, when you're in a group with a bunch of people, agency owners, and professionals who work at this, who make this that they're calling, it's their job. They're entrepreneurs, they're business owners. You can even offer for example, if you don't have to know web design to offer it. Because you'll have people who are experienced other than you, you just mark it up, or you'll get them you get charged a finder's fee. Look, I got a client who needs web design, I know who to go to. And he'll give me a quote. And then I'll go back and say, Okay, I want this much. I also know that another woman who does it, who I can reach out to if it's something that at a lower price point. So it depends on what I need. I have the developers, I have all of these people that I can reach out to graphics if I need graphics. So there are so many things that you can offer, it becomes ridiculous, you will have this menu, there's a wide-ranging menu of things and options that you can upsell a customer on over the life span of that customer.

Right on So, Nick is up again. He says I definitely picked up Rob's course but I haven't been able to even start it I'm so busy and I'm having to I'm trying to hire my first employee. If you want results, you need to implement everything including schema, but most people just won't go to those lengths effort is the difference-maker for sure. And you're right about that shit.

CT Fletcher that's I was I just drawn a blank. But my magnificent obsession, you kind of really have to develop your own magnificent, magnificent obsession with your business or with SEO in order to be able to implement all this stuff. You know that a true? That's true, I had actually lost my passion for it for quite some time, which was rekindled at POFU Live last year because of Rob schema presentation, honestly. And I have completely redeveloped a magnificent obsession for it again, and you're right, Nick. It's like, you know, 1214 hours a day. And it's the first thing I think about when I wake up. And the last thing I think about when I go to sleep anymore, it's nuts. But that's really the only way in my opinion to get results. I mean to get good at it. And then like you what your what you mentioned when you're hiring an employee, that's, that's exactly the point, learn it, figure out a process that is repeatable, which you know, we provide you a lot of that. And then train somebody to delegate that workout so that you can focus on expanding and scaling. That's the whole that's the perfect way. So

Does Google Drive Stack Works For A New To Rank?

James says if Google Drive stack will work for a new site to rank? yes, I mean, it works for any site, you know, provided that you implement everything, you know, you can't just implement parts of it and expect it. And you can't just add a drive stack and expect it to do much. I mean, there's, there's a number of things that you have to do once you have a drive stack to which we, you know, we offer those services, and we also teach how to do all of that. So do you want to comment on that? No, I mean, it works. We've shown it time after time that we have, we have, I can't even begin to name the people that that use our products and services, for their clients, for their agencies, for them for their own services, for everything that they're doing. It's an integral part of what they do because it's an integral part of what we do. It's what we give you. I mean, it's what we do on a daily basis to rank our projects and our clients.

How Do You Charge A Long Term Client Who Asks To Setup A YouTube Channel And Add Videos?

So Aaron says, I just had a long-term client asked me if I could set up a YouTube channel and add videos, I know how to do this, but I've never had a client situation where this is a separate service help. How do I charge for this? Thanks, guys, sign me desperately in Washington?

That's a good question. I mean, again, just like I was talking about, you know, with the previous question about, you know, being creative on how to monetize your service.

This Stuff Works

Again, it really depends on the situation, I mean, because there's a number of ways you could do it, you could charge them, you know, just a, you know, a setup fee and, and charge them on a per video basis, whether you're producing the videos or having them, you know, outsourcing that or whatever, you could do it that way, which I think would be a pretty simple way to monetize that or to build for that. But also, you know, if it's something that is expected to produce results for them, like leads, or sales or something like that, I don't know what the industry is. But you could always, you know, work out some sort of an arrangement, like I was just talking about where it's an equity share or revenue share, right, where you get a percentage of profits or revenue that's generated from the campaign that you are working on, or that you're, you know, executing for them if that makes sense. So, I mean, there's just a number of ways that you can get creative. What I like about not having a commoditized or productized service is that you can negotiate on how to bill for it right on what the term the arrangement is going to be. And so sometimes that makes a lot of sense because it can be more lucrative, just like I talked about with the tree contractors, and getting a percentage of close sales is more lucrative than just selling leads. For me, and it always has been, it's hard it before I developed an app, it was difficult to track, which leads were actually being closed and sold because a tree contractor could lie to me. And I've had it happen many, many times where they were basically stealing work from me because they were costing jobs, and then lying and saying they weren't closing jobs. And I developed a kind of a tedious way of, you know, verifying that information. But I stopped offering that as a potential arrangement for many, many years. Because it was just, it was too difficult to enforce. But, but now because of the app, it's something that has opened that possibility back up. And it's, it's something that I'm kind of running with right now. So again, just a number of different ways to do it, I would suggest either on a per video basis Plus, you know, setup fee or something like that, or try to work out some sort of arrangement, where if there's revenue being generated from that campaign, getting a percentage of it, or some sort of, you know, pay for performance. Does that make sense? How would you address that Marco?

I mean, this is this could be part of the ongoing you want me to keep the channel optimized, the playlists optimized to create new playlists to create, are you going to be doing the video creation because that adds to it. But all you have to do is just hire someone who doesn't. Yet it's that I just mark it up and someone can do the video for you someone can be the spokesperson. Give them the script that what to charge for it. I mean, it depends. Are you doing something for a plastic surgeon? Or are you doing something for Joe the local plumber? To me, there's a big difference in what I would charge a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, or joe the plumber down the street, suite.

Does Ordering Drive Stack Help Rank A Plumbing Client?

We've got just a couple more minutes to try to roll through. We only got a couple of questions left. So try to roll through them really quickly. James says my client I'm sorry. Yeah, I was just reading James's question. My client running a plumbing website. His website is new. I would like to know if I order a drive stack for him means it will help him to rank Yes, yeah, yes, yes. But again, there's going to be more to it James than just a drive stack. So but you're welcome that that is that. The SEO shield is what you should get for your plumbing client. Okay, the SEO shield, the SEO power shield, which is like all of the components combined, that you're going to that becomes

As the foundation or the base your fortress of fucking solitude that's your base you know anyways, those are you know, the Popo video you know what I'm talking about. But um, that's what I would do is get the SEO power shield and that becomes your base. So you can always come back here and ask questions about what to do next. And we're happy to provide you with some guidance.

Raise Risa rate Raisa, just contact [email protected] mastery. And you can join the group as long as you meet the prerequisites.

Should You Publish All Posts With Silo Or Just Initial Posts In GMB?

Robert says thank you SM team for continuing to show up on Wednesday. I'm an HHC or Heavy Hitter Club member. But these Hump Day hangouts are golden and much appreciated. You're welcome, Robert. Thank you for welcome Robert showing up. What's up, man? He says when it comes to silo posting on GMB, what do you suggest publishing all posts with a silo or just initial posts? Should be a silo in the recipe normal? I'd say yes, both. I do both. I do a mixture of both. I do GMB post silos for very strategic reasons. And then I also do one-offs occasionally. And I've started using that call button for one-offs quite a bit because people will tap that for mobile devices to call. So it actually is a good lead generator. Not necessarily it still helps with SEO because it's activity. But those call buttons you can't you know, there's there don't produce. I do the call button type of posts for generating leads if that makes sense. So I do and I do both. What would you say, Marco? Yeah, you should do both. But there's a reason why you should do both. Which I'm not going to get into here. Yeah. Nick says apologies for letting it slip. But your answer has been helpful. This is probably something I'm not seeing causing the issue. Yeah, it could be like I said, check the text. There might be some sort of word in there that Google doesn't like. Also, sometimes images will cause rejection from GMB posts, although I haven't really had any image issues in quite some time. So just check a couple of those. And guys, we've got we're a little bit over. I'm gonna answer these last two, and then we're done. Aaron says comment, anybody and everybody on this webinar should take Rob's schema course. Yeah, the training is excellent. And in-depth, his schema is far beyond any others especially load Yoast. Yeah, just want to mention that the bloke's name. Yeah, yeah, that you're right. And thank you, Aaron, for mentioning that.


And lastly, Raisa says, Do you cover the app set up? used to track client sales covered in the mastermind? Yes, I do, actually. And it's in high level or, you know, people call it to go high level, but that's just their domain. It really is high level. If you're interested in that, yes, come join the mastermind. We have a quarterly offer. It's 500 bucks per quarter guys. Like it's silly to not come to join it for at least three months. And see what you know how much your business can grow by coming in and getting help from other people that are in the same boat as you right? So yeah, come check it out. Because I do I cover Exactly. I've even got process docs like that show how to set those triggers and campaigns up and everything inside of high level specifically for what I've built. So and I share everything in the mastermind, guys. So Alright, thanks, everybody, for being here. Appreciate you guys. We'll see you all next week. Bye, everybody.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 344

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 344 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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All right, well, we're off to a great start. I'm busy typing and we're live for Hump Day hangouts today is the 16th of June 2021. We're happy that you're here. And we are going to get into answering all of your questions. Looks like we got some some good ones and pretty in depth ones today. So before we do that, though, want to say hello to everyone and make a couple quick announcements. We're going to go around and say hello to the guy so Marco, first of all, how are you doing on this? Fine Wednesday? This fat fine Wednesday, it's raining in Costa Rica. Although you can tell by the light in my in my room. I don't even have the lights on. And that's how much light comes through my windows. It's it's I don't know. But it's been raining every afternoon. What since late April, early May. And it'll go on until end of November, beginning of December. And then we will see again no rain for four or five months. You guys. You've been witness to the whole ordeal. How difficult it is for me from here when it gets so cold that I have to put on a sleeve shirt. Or I might have to put on socks on my feet. That doesn't Berber.

Hey, I'm paying the price for the life I live. What can I say man? Yeah, it's a tough deal. Somebody's got to do it. Well, buddy's gonna live it man.

Oh, well. Let's see Chris, how about you man read?

Bright and sunny. I guess it's the middle of the night for you. So well, Sun was here all day. But like, yeah, like it's 10pm here at nine Fahrenheit, approximately, that we had today. So quite cozy warm up. COVID is almost gone. I think there's like, I don't know, like one or 50 or so like new cases a certain day. So like, that's pretty good. So yeah, super, super happy year. Can't complain. Dr. Bradley, how about you? How are you doing today?

Busy, but good. Nice. Sweet. Cool. Well, let's see. I'm happy things are nice here. It's about 70 degrees, mostly sunny. And I've been working on client prospecting. So I've got a really simple basic process. I'm handing part of it off to a VA and then I just have been looking at a bunch of tools. Um, so maybe people can chime in on this or Bradley, maybe you have, but I just started [email protected] you bleed? Yeah. And so I looked at them and a couple others, just to kind of consolidate what I was doing manually into, into a process that connects with Xavier and automates that stuff. So getting into that and working a lot more on processes. So anyways, just kind of that's what I'm up to type of a thing. See no heavy answer, though. Don't you have to pay on an annual basis for it? I think it's an add, I haven't done it yet. I'm just checking it out. Because there's a couple things I need. Like for me, I need to know the what since I'm doing e commerce prospecting, I need to know if the store is built with or that it wanted to store and it's built with Shopify or WooCommerce. And I haven't seen that yet. If they can't do it, then it's worthless to me. But I do like that it's not a it's a monthly but a yearly contract. And if they can do it, what I need then I'll be happy to sign up everyone else I've talked to it was a yearly contract, it started at like five or 6k, which for testing is not in the range of what I'm doing. Yeah.

Cool. Well, let's go over a few things for everyone else. And then we'll get into the questions just wanted to say real quick if you're new Thanks for watching. You know, leave a comment. Say hello. Even if you're watching the replay, you know, we get all the comments. We appreciate it we love when you guys let us know you're watching or what you liked, or what you want more of helps us when we're answering questions know what we maybe need to fill in the gaps or do more or less of. And also just cool to see someone saying hi, so do it, say hi.

And if you're new, also, we got a freebie for you. With some really good training inside of it. It is free. Like I said go to the SEO shield. That's the word the SEOshield.com find out how to shield your site, you also learn about what the heck this thing is called the SEO shield and never having to worry about algorithm updates again. So given that free training, hop over there, grab it, it's very, very good training for what you're paying for it. So I would say that the return on investment is basically infinite. Since you're not having to pay for it. It's a good ROI. Now you if you follow us or you know Semantic Mastery, you have probably heard about Syndication Academy. So if you're looking for ways to easily syndicate your content, whether it's your own projects, whether it's for clients because you want that authority, you want that relevance, you want that trust, then you should be in the Syndication Academy and you can find out more about that at syndication dot Academy. And last but not least, if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business or your brick and mortar business, and you're really trying to figure some of this stuff out yourself, then joining an experienced community is definitely the way to go. That's where the mastermind comes in handy. And you can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com.

This Stuff Works
Okay, for those of you who are super into geeking out on the technical SEO stuff, then that's the Heavy Hitters Club. All right, and that's Heavy Hitters Club, go check it out there. And I mentioned the SEO shield at the beginning of this. We've got the SEO shield, we've got syndication networks, we got link building packages, press releases all of that at mgyb.co. Alright, for your done for you services, you'll hear us time and time again, preaching it, because it's what we do. You know, you make these processes, you figure it out, maybe you're at the beginning and you have more time than money. But as soon as you start bringing in clients, as soon as you start bringing in revenue from projects, you need to switch that around start reinvesting and getting this stuff done for you, right, so we white label all of this so you can turn around and resell it to clients we order from ourselves. So I'm trying to think what was the what was that hair commercial? You guys way back in the day? Like I'm not only the president, I'm also a member. So I'm also a client. Yeah, that was for men, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, so so bad analogy, but you know, we drink our own Kool Aid. So go check that out at mgyb.co. Alright. Yeah. I resent mentions of it didn't work. I resemble.

We sell we sell results. Not here. So don't pay attention to anyone's hair here.

I'm losing mine. Tuesday. Must be something in the water or age or anything else, guys before we jump into questions?

Oh, all right. Let me grab the screen.

Standby One moment. Okay.

Okay, you guys should be seeing my screen correct.

Best Lead Generation Tool For GMB Pages

Yep. Got it. Extend by one minute. I've got things in the background that close. All right. There we go. Okay, so it looks like while he does first again, which is awesome. What's up, man? He says. Let's This was answered last week presented remember it? So according to you, which is the best lead gen tool for GMB services? Did we talk about that last week? It seems vaguely familiar.

If not, let's chat about it again.

So I'm not sure what you mean, your lead gen tool for GMB services are you meaning like, the best tool for finding leads that you could pitch GMB services to? Is that what you're talking about? it so I mean, I mentioned this, I think the last couple of weeks in a row actually. But for the longest time, I was, like, if you're talking about like a lead scraper, I, I was using D seven lead finder for quite some time for when I'm doing a lot of like mass scraping. Because if you have the lead D seven lead finder, like the enterprise account, or whatever, it's the highest script subscription level used to only be $99 a month, but I think now it's like 119 or 129 a month. But you can scrape leads for a singular keyword, but like or service, essentially, but up to 100 cities at a time. And so that works really, really good for so it's a bulk search or bulk scrape. And that works great for like, if you are in a single industry, like I am and you want to search, like what I would do is go in and build out state lists of contractors, tree contractors in each state. And so with the that whatever that top-level subscription is, I could go in and put tree services, the keyword and then I could just paste in a list of the top, you know, 100 cities in each state, or what I would do is I would actually I would download population data from each state and then I would just select cities that had 20,000 population or above or you know, higher. And so a lot of times I'd end up with, you know, 60 7080 cities within a state except for Florida, which had like 290 or 267 was that whatever it was like, Florida is ridiculous, man. There's a lot of damn people in Florida. But so if that's what you're talking about D seven lead finder is really good if you're doing a lot of bulk scraping if you're doing much more targeted scraping. Recently I've been using this which is called Tex out or au which I think stands for Tex, technical automation, or something like that but Tech's out right there they have they used to have a lifetime, or excuse me, yeah, lifetime deal. But I don't know if they still do. But this is a very, very powerful app because it will do a lot of different types of scraping on different platforms. You can push data to different, you know, different things like Google sheets or connects to Zapier and will do things there too. It just does all kinds of really cool things. So you can actually create your own kind of scraping recipes, or workflow through textile, which is pretty cool. So I've been using this more recently. I bought several of the AppSumo codes when it was on AppSumo. But again, if that's what you're talking about. I don't know that that was fully what you were asking.

See if there was a clarification, I don't see one.

So I'll move on. Is anybody else have another interpretation of that question?

No, I don't, and I wouldn't be able to answer it because I don't actively search for clients. Okay.

Okay. All right. Moving on.

Best Practices In Using The SEO Shield

The next one is Jared. Jared says, Hey, guys, I have a query about your SEO power shield product and best practices for using it. I bought three power shields for my GMB's on the website.


I'm not sure if it's all the same brand. You didn't need three power shields, you only needed one. Because the way you got the way your question is worded, it sounds like you have three GMBs, but one website, if that's the case, then is recommended to use a power shield for the brand. And then separate location shields or RYS expansions. But go just go with location shields. Now, for any additional locations that make sense. So like for example, if you have one brand with three locations, then you would have the SEO power shield should be what you order for the brand. And then you would have a location shield for each GMB location. Unless you've got like, for example, which a lot of times multi-location brands do is they'll have one location tied to the main like the root of the site itself. So there will be one primary location and additional locations in which case you could have the SEO power shield for the brand plus the primary location. Right and then separate location shields for the other two in the example that I just gave.

So anyway, that that's that hopefully you didn't have three power shields because you don't that kind of you can create some issues there because you're trying to have one branded stack and G site Marco, do you want to kind of take over on that for a minute, because I know you might have a better explanation than I do. But he says GMBs plural and website wants something he's got multiple locations. But one website is one SEO shield, one SEO power shield, and the other.

What you would do with the others is create locations, except as you said, if he has one main location, which is perfectly fine to make the corporate headquarters. But no, do not use one power shield per location. Yeah, because that's going to create ambiguity with the entity, I'll be told you're going to tell Google that it's three different companies. Yeah, and you don't want to do that you want to bring everything under one banner schema is really good to tie all this together, how you bring those locations, as children of the parent location or as children of the brand. Always guys, when you're doing this, I'm going to talk in general now, when you're doing this, think of your brand and how you want to express your brand, how you want your brand to look on the web, you don't want someone thinking that there are that there are three different brands in three different locations, unless it's a franchise.

If it's three different franchises, then yes, it's worth it with three different franchisees then you could get away with doing that. But this, you never want to do something like this, where you're doing three locations and three power shells with that because that would be for three brands. Yeah, we're not trying to do that to bring everything together under one entity, one entity, which represents the three locations, even if you have different DBAs. If as long as it's the same vertical, you could bring them in under one umbrella, which is whatever service it is that you provide. So think about that, then you think about the niche, you think about the different locations that you think begin creating the necessary associations, but no, not not. Not like this. And I suggest that you write to [email protected] until you can get back to them or to man, how do we do this? Because this has to be corrected? We can.

Yeah, this needs to be done. And just to clarify Marco does say each location has a different GMB and a different URL location address, but it's tied to the same main URL. So that's exactly the case it's one brand, you don't want to do a location so we need to correct that somehow.

But yeah, just to clarify, it should be one and I just want to show this so you guys understand as the SEO power shield should be for the overall brand. And then what happens is because then you get the syndication network branded syndication network, you get dry stack with the G site that's set up for the main entity, the brand itself, and then you have the IDX page for that, you know, for for the

This Stuff Works
Usually whatever the entity is tied to for its primary location, then what you do for multi-location businesses is for each subsequent location, you would order an SEO location shield. Because what you end up doing is and you specify when you order, the location showed you put your login details in the order form that was given to you for your drive stack account, essentially, your drive stack and G site account, there's a section in the order form that says, you know, if you had a previously built stack, and G site, what are the login details for that, and you would put those in there so that the Build Team and MGYB can go back into that Google account, and add pages to your G site for the location each, you know, separate location for each location, shield, essentially. And then also to go into your drive stack your primary RYS folder, and then they clone that and create a subfolder that's optimized for that location. That makes sense. So instead of having three g sites, three RYS Drive stacks, three syndication networks, and three IDX pages that are all kind of separate, what you end up with is one syndication network, one branded g site, and one branded drive stack, with IDX pages for each location, some folders for each location and internal pages on the G site for each location. And that's why we do that we tell you to order the SEO power shield for the main entity, if it's tied to one, if the main entity is tied to one location, then that's fine. It can be optimized for that location. But then each subsequent location would be a location shield. That makes sense. Want to clear, right? Yeah, yeah, right to [email protected] And tell Roselle.

I just say, Marco asked me to I don't know write to you to correct my order.

With the three shields Um, and I think what we could do is we can give him the branded stack and the two locations, or if he wants that other location, we can look and see what the difference is but you need to really branded and three locations and we can apply the difference to another location or whatever he wants to do. If you have if we owe you money, we can apply it towards link building. We can refund it I mean, that's cool. I don't care but this needs to be corrected before it goes out. I agree. So right away right to [email protected] and tell us because that's the one that's the person who will look at your ticket and tell her Marko asked asked asked you to write to her so that we can look at this and correct it.

And your order numbers of course.

It's odd This is just an odd situation that is kind of difficult because the fault the second part of this is my GMB location.

Can You Use The SEO Shield In Each GMB Location?

Okay, so let me back up. Can I use one power shield per location? Each location has a different GMB and a different URL location address, but it's tied to the same main URL I service comm slash event a speech is an example of an in-service comm slash Santa Monica, my GMB locations and website URLs, are all connected to the overarching company. But each location is in essence its own brand.

That's what throws me off.

I'm already ranking well for these locations. And I want to fireproof my positions is an individual SEO shield for each location a good practice or overkill? Or is there a better approach? Yeah, again, this is just tricky, because I don't understand what you mean by each location is essentially its own brand, if they're all if the location landing pages for the GMB are all tied back to the same domain. I don't really understand how they're separate brands. But I don't know this is kind of a tricky one.

And I don't know, if it's already done on the website, there shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't create further ambiguity. And as long as you just get the schema and tie it all together correctly. I don't think there's a problem that the way that he's mentioning it because even if there's like I said DBAs or maybe even he's treating them as separate companies, they're all under the same. I don't know the service com brand. That's an example here that he's giving us in the Hangout. So I don't really see a problem. I'd have to go look and make sure it's and see what he's doing. But I think I already know what he's doing and he should be fine with the brand.

This Stuff Works
Sorry. Yes, your partner and three location shield okay.

Okay, for the Define I, so we have a company, and we have the three separate locations, and they're all brought together under the organization. And then we go to the local business schema, he can tie all those together. That's fine. Yeah. And you can absolutely do that. If their local businesses are, you know, subsidiaries of the overall organization, then yeah, and you can specify that or assert that with schema. So, so yeah, that would make sense as well. It's just a little bit tricky.

It's kind of hard to provide all the nuance in a text-based question like that. So, but yeah, anyway, just reach out to support, we'll try to get it sorted for you to make sure that it's, you have the correct setup.

Okay, we're gonna move on.

Will Your Rankings Suffer If You Change Domain Registrar?

Gregory says, Hey, crew, I'm looking to migrate a client away from GoDaddy. Oh, my God. Yes. Please do at your earliest convenience. If I change the domain registrar to another registrar, Will it hurt rankings now? I've never had it have any effect on rankings at all? Not the registrar? You Marco. No, no, the hosting in DNS will all be the same. Just the domain will be moved from GoDaddy to name cheap.

Oh, so you're just migrating the domain, not the hosting. Okay. Well, I still get out of GoDaddy no matter what. But definitely, if you're using GoDaddy hosting, get the hell out of there. But, but I don't like GoDaddy for domains either. So switching the domain name registrar shouldn't have anything to do with anything. You're gonna have the same name servers, you're gonna have the same AI piece, probably the same everything. So nothing to worry about. Yeah, there shouldn't be anything to worry about there.

I have seen the ranking effect. I've seen changing hosts affect ranking though. And it's usually going from a cheap shitty host to a much better one usually has a very positive effect on ranking not it's not always the case. But I've seen movement from that so

What Address Should You Use In The Citation If The Business Has Different Physical And Mailing Address?

alright, gyms up, Jim. What's up, man? He says, What's up SM gang? I have two questions about service area business listings, I have a client that has a hidden address residential address. Now that mailbox services are no longer allowed. On their Google, My Business listing the business model requires a lot of packages to be sent to and from their UPS Store mailbox address. For example, non-local clients pay online and ship items to the mailbox for repairs. Okay, what causes inconsistency issues if the mailbox address was used in their citations, and on their website, when using maps to localize their business, should the center of the city be used as the destination address? This is another tricky one.

I have to read through this again, guys.

I have a client that has a hidden address residential address. Okay, I get that. So they're set up as a service area businesses what you're telling me, right? Their business model requires a lot of packages to be sent to and from their UPS Store mailbox address, what is causing consistency issues if the mailbox address was used in their citations and on their website?

Well, I wouldn't use it in their citations, because that's not where the business is located. You can put the address on the website as long as you designate or specify the fact that it's the mailing address, you can have a separate physical address in a mailing address. Does that make sense? And I think I haven't had to do this yet. But I think you can actually specify that in a schema, can't you, Marco?

Yeah, yeah, you can have a postal address. And then like a physical location, I don't remember what. I usually just use the postal address type schema type for the physical location of the business, because that's just the way that I typically do it. But I believe that there's a postal address, and then there's some other type of designation and schema for like, the actual physical location. So you know, that's something I would do, because I don't know. I mean, I wouldn't I would not use the postal address the mailing address for citations, if that's not what the GMB physical location is tied to, because then you're going to cause any IP issues, data inconsistency that can actually hurt your maps rankings. Does that make sense? You want to try to clarify that at all. I mean, that's, that's, that's what I get from it. And you will cause inconsistency issues if you go change, especially since Google has you tied to I mean, Google knows the centroid.

This Stuff Works
Wherever you are, you submitted the address when you start you just don't Google Google to hide the address. We've seen this was as a matter of fact when you take over another GMB but that centroid is tied to another niche as Google knows, and then you're trying to disambiguate one from the other. It can get really difficult. So you don't, you don't ever want to do that.

Yeah, because, like, here's the thing like this, I'm just trying to show you something here.

Right here, there are coordinates in the URL.

And I've had people ask me, well, how come the coordinates in my GMB map URL? So the coordinates that are in the actual URL don't jive with where my business is located? And the reason why is because on service area businesses, and this is what my understanding is, I don't have any definitive like, I never found this anywhere. I just kind of discovered this on my own. But if we take if we go to go to like lat long dotnet, for example.

I think it's lat long dotnet. Yes, this is it. Alright, so you guys see like I've got the United States set up as a service area for big bamboo marketing. Right, that makes sense. So but I'm located in Culpepper, my GMB is located to an address in Culpepper. But what I'm trying to show you is if we click in here, if we take these latitude and longitude coordinates that are in the Google Map URL, and we click Find, ship, maybe you have to do it the other way.

Yeah, there's a reverse tool somewhere that does this. But what I was trying to demonstrate here without spending a lot of time on it, is that that these coordinates right here are going to be right in the center around here somewhere. If I find the correct tool, I could actually do it. There's got to be a fucking Latin verse IP, reverse or something, whatever. Anyway, my point is, is that Google based if it's a service area business, then Google is going to put the coordinates of what it determines is the center point of the service area that you specified in your GMB. That's going to be the coordinates that show in your URL, the GMB map URL. Does that make sense? So it's not the coordinates of the location, it's that what it considers the center of your dessert, your specified service area? Does that make sense? I don't know that does or not but hopefully does. Google knows the centroid. It knows where the businesses and those when you submitted it, where the business is. Right. Right. And that's what I mean, that's why I was getting it. That was because I told Google, when I set up the Google My Business profile, right, I had to verify it, where the business is physically located, that does not coincide with what Google shows as the coordinate in the map URL, it's way off in this case, because I have a very large service area in the United States, even with like clients, for example, that have, you know, like, let's just say there, it's just in a city-wide service area, right, for just one city. Well, they might be like, on the far east side of this, or whatever, the Far East far west side of the city, one side of the other. And that's where they're physically located. But the coordinates within their map, map URL as a service area business are going to show the center of that city or close to it if that was the only service area that was selected. So that's why I'm saying Google knows where it is, you don't want to try to spoof that, because it will start to cause any IP issues that will affect your maps ranking. Okay?

See, when using maps to localize your business should the center of the city be used as the destination address. Now, again, the destination would be what like, localized business, it depends on what you're trying to do. Again, if you're just telling people like the mailing addresses of the mail store, then just make sure you specify that very clearly that that's the mailing address. As far as like, if you got a service area business, that's something here's like, for example, if you're generating driving directions for a service area business to try to create local relevancy, then you can create driving directions from the coordinates of where your location really truly is if you wanted to, but if you don't want to give away like, through the driving directions itself, like what because you can put the address in for driving directions, or you can, you can put coordinates in which is what I will, what I typically will do is put in coordinates so that the driving directions map doesn't actually show the address.

Of course, anybody that spent a moment just looking could figure out what that address is, but it shows in the driving directions from a coordinate as opposed to an actual listed address if that makes sense. But you can if you don't want to do that even because you want to hide the actual location, then you could just select a coordinate from the city center of your service area and use that as your driving directions to the various parts that you're trying to expand into like the other you know, locations where you're driving, so you're driving from the business to the location and for service area businesses. That's typically how I will do driving directions, right if it's a storefront then you do driving direction from the areas that you want to expand the maps coverage into, back to the location, which is, you know, because your customers come to that location. So just for service area businesses, as I said, you can either use the coordinates and create like, and I'm just using that as an example, but to create driving directions from the coordinates of where the business is located, so you're not showing the address. But if that is something, you still don't want to even do that, then you can find these, like city center coordinates for that area, and use those as the driving directions from that location to the areas that you want to expand the maps coverage into. Hopefully, that makes sense. I don't know. I probably just muddied it. All right.

So I think we're gonna move on if there's any clarification, Jim, that you can add to that we're happy to try to give you a better answer.

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How Should You Deal With Address Change For An Already Ranking GMB With SEO Shield And Syndication Network?

Sean says, Hey, guys, I have a dentist client with an SEO shield and the syndication network, ranking on page one for the past couple of years, he is moving his clinic to a new location in the same city. I think this will cause any IP inconsistency. Since there are dozens of press releases that cannot be edited, and years' worth of GMB posts and Drive files which are not realistic to edit the NAP on them? Is it best to get a fresh domain and buy a new SEO shield a new syndication network and 301 the existing domain to it? How about the tier one social profile? Can we keep them? Or do we need to create new ones or just edit them to update the domain they point to will hurt his 301 juice?

Well, that's another tricky one, you know, because it's the same brand name and it's the same brand. It's probably going to be the same phone number because they stayed in the same city. So the only thing that's really going to change is going to be the physical location. And that's okay, I've actually and I'm not telling you guys is that it's this is always going to be the case but I've had a handful of clients over the years that have done exactly precisely what you're talking about where they've just moved locations within the same city. So their physical address changed but nothing else did phone number stayed the same brand name stayed the same website URL stayed the same. And then that if that's the case, then I've had an on several occasions when I've actually done that or you know, had clients that have done that. We didn't lose rankings and I'm not sure why that is except for I mean we I always go to Logan x for citation cleanup. If you go to semanticmastery.com/loganix. So LOGANIX In fact, I'll just show you what I'm talking about.

But I've actually had that happen where it has not caused any problems.

Stand by guys if it's in the same city, and I don't know why maybe it's just because I've always done this, which is to get the citation cleanup service from Loganix. Okay. I'm not sure how you pronounce that, but um, what the hell is the services, try this again.

They have a citation cleanup service here guys, this is what I'm getting at. Okay, citation cleanup right here. It's 500 bucks, t's a little bit expensive, but this is the best service I have found and I've used several. I haven't used anybody else for the last probably four years now because I tested a bunch of citation cleanup services in the past and these guys Loganix were by far the most thorough in their attempt and they go through like three rounds and I think they even do a fourth-round that they don't tell you about but they typically do like three or four rounds where they'll outreach to the directory sites a site wherever the site's been listed, or the NAP has been listed and requested that the edits are made and so they do that several times over the course of I think it's 12 weeks so it's about a three-month process, but it works really really well and they've got about a 70% success ratio of getting old citations edited with new information and then duplicates deleted and all of that kind of stuff. So I would highly encourage you to use them for that project specifically charge your client for it by the way and if you sign up as an affiliate for Loganix then you can not only charge your client but you can purchase it through your affiliate link so that you end up with I think it's a 10% kickback as well. So you know again I would recommend that you use a service like this for what you're you're trying to do but I wouldn't. I don't know. Marco, what your opinion is? But I wouldn't go out and rebuild like a brand new SEO shield and everything I would even I would hire a VA to have them go through and edit it all what would you do? Exactly gotta go edit it you don't want to lose all that power do you have to redo whatever it was that you did to get everything going the way that it is it doesn't make sense.


Yeah, I mean that's a tough call. I just that that's something that you know, I've got a VA that does that kind of stuff for me whenever we have to do like a lot of math. For example, I had ordered a bunch of social just to basically secure the name the username. I bought hundreds of social profiles.

For one of my projects and I decided to change the name after I had ordered them like just the format the name stayed the same but the formatting changed and so I ended up adding my VA like I just handed on the list and I was like I'm you know, no rush on this but just over the course of the next month, I'd like to have all of these edited to change the formatting of the name to the way that I want it. And it was a real pain in the ass but he got it done. So that might be something that you can do, you can find a VA that you can pay, you know, a few bucks an hour to do that and just haven't go through it and do it. That's all I can say.

Okay, moving on next Shani says hey guys have a dentist client with an SC Wait, is that the one I just finished? Yes, it is. Yeah, sorry.

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Should You Create Your Own Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Account When Ordering The Syndication Network In MGYB?

Let me move on to the next one rugs. I noticed on my recently delivered syndication network that for important pre-existing accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, no applets or recipes are created or provided. Why is that MGYB support said is due to security issues, which is absolutely true. So should I set up IFTTT applets for those accounts myself, and can I search and find those applets? Yes, you should be able to find them by just doing a search in IFTTT with the naming conventions that we use, but I'm just going to give this to you.

Okay, this is part of our Syndication Academy workbook template, and all of the recipes that we created under our pro account syndicates or IFTTT pro account, they're all here. So if I share this with you, all you got to do is just copy the like, for example, your blog RSS to your Facebook page right here. That's the URL so you just copy that be logged into your IFTTT account, paste, and go in your browser. And then it'll allow you to use that applet. The problem with a free IFTTT account is it will only allow you to create three applets, you can use as many pre-created as at least I don't think there's a limit, I think you can use as many pre-created applets as you want. But you're only allowed to create three yourself. So that's why I would suggest that instead of creating any just use Rs. And that's what this is for. So I'm going to grab this URL.

Anyone with the link can view and I'm going to paste this in and you can you're free to use that syndication applet.

Jim says Thanks for answering the address maps question service area businesses aren't my favorite to deal with because using g maps for local relevance can be a pain. Yeah, can but I mean, there are certainly ways to overcome that, Jim.

Which Is More Important: Website Silo Service Or Location?

So anyway, I hope that helped a little bit, buddy. It's kind of difficult. We've been hit with some weird questions today. So Alright, Jim says looks like a slow day of questions. So I'll add one more with regard to service companies like real estate, which is more important than the website silo service or location? For instance, would it be better to do service slash city or city slash service? Ah, you know, again, we were just having this conversation in our mastermind. Actually.

There's a lot of gym, I would recommend that you go through go to MGYB.co/process. I think it is.

Let's just double-check it MGYB.co/process. I believe that's it. Yeah, and just I've shared this in the mastermind many times, but now we put it behind an opt-in. So just go opt-in and get this if you haven't before, it's the semantic mastery entity-based SEO wireless SEO process. And that's essentially a process street training doc that I put together where I specifically talk about if you're dealing with a service area business.

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Traditional silo structure can create a lot of headaches for you because of precisely what you're mentioning here. Okay, which is what in the hierarchy of your silo structure. What should come first your services with the locations as subcategories or supporting articles, right? So depth, adding depth to those silos? Or would it make more sense to have location-based silos with your services added as subcategories, right, so depth to that silo? And that's what you'll find is it's very difficult to do but if you cover more than just one location, like one city, for example, so if you were to cover like, two or three cities, or a county with multiple localities within the county, so like, you know, towns, for example, then what happens is if you try to duplicate services underneath like, town names or so for example, like say, you say you have, you know, town one, service one and two underneath town one, but then you have town two and you try to put service one and two under town two, does that make sense? Then what happens is it creates like these really spunky URL issues and WordPress and it's kind of difficult to get around that and it makes a mess out of things.

So the way that I typically do service area businesses is I will create a regular silo structure using WordPress categories for the service-based silos, right? So again, those would be topical silos or service-based silos. But then I do the location siloing using tags because it's still a taxonomy. But it's different, it's a different way to do it. But and I talked about how to do that in that process training that I just mentioned, on a conceptual level anyways. But I kind of give examples of how to do that. But that's the way I do it, because it eliminates completely any sort of like crazy, like funky issues that occur when you try to duplicate a subcategory across separate categories. That's where the problem arises. So I would encourage you to check that out and consider it that way. Because I try to separate those now and use normal category structure for topical or service-based silos. And then I use tags and a very strategic way to create location-based silos. I don't know if that. Marco, do you want to try to expand on that at all? or what not? I mean, that the way that you work in in the way that I work, it is a little bit different. But I mean, did the best way to me and what I have found is just the way that you described it, as you can get into, it's just those URLs in WordPress, you can get into such a mess. Yes. When you're trying to set it all up just to avoid all that just separate them?

Yeah, I agree. And that's exactly how you do it. How you solve it, then is really up to you.

But I mean, we have training in the gym, join the mastermind. Join the Heavy Hitters Club. Yeah, you're in here a lot asking these types of questions, you can benefit a whole lot from joining us in the mastermind and in the heavy hitter, to get more in-depth questions where we can give them to you.

I agree. I try to stick with a simple silo structure as much as possible, as much as possible to and the which you're describing here. I mean, this potentially could be a simple silo structure. But when you're trying to duplicate, you know, and actually the way that you are showing it here would be a complex silo. And that's again, that it's funny, because, in the mastermind, there was a question, like I said, from a newer member that was asking something similar about, you know, simple or complex solid structures. And before I got a chance to answer Marco did he was like, what should I use simple or complex. And Marco said keep it simple, keep it simple man. And totally agree, guys, I've said that for the last many years now is that I try to avoid complex silo structure as much as possible. Because it does, it's just like the name indicates it complicates things, if you can. Not only that, but again, I've been studying recently a lot lately about, you know, how link equity flows within a site and been doing some testing and stuff. And the flatter that you can keep your site, so the less amount of levels that you build into your site, the better for internal link flow. And so again, like simple silo structures make it easier to push link flow, internal link juice, Link equity throughout the site, then if you have, you know, multiple levels deep if you get into a complex silo structure, and ultimately, you end up having supporting blog post to, you're talking about going all the way down to three levels deep. And that can create, you know, unless you really know what you're doing with your internal linking structure, you can end up you know, losing potential with, you know, Link equity through those posts and in, you know, things that can end up becoming orphaned, and that kind of stuff. So, whenever possible, try to use simple silo structures when I'm saying it'll make your life easier. And it also in my opinion, unless you really know what you're doing, it's going to make your site stronger as a shallow or more shallow site, if that makes sense. Would you agree? Absolutely. Absolutely. keep it as simple as possible. You could. Alright, so it keeps it's it's shallow in a sense, but you can always add topical depth through the posts, right? Even if it's simple, as much as you want, or as much as it takes to get all of the relevance as needed for the entity to become the best entity in the niche, which is what we're after.

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How Does The SEO Shield Protect Your Homepage From Hackers?

Sweet right on. So the next question is Risa. Hey, can you explain how the SEO shield is protecting my homepage from hackers to great question? That one's definitely for you.

I don't know that it protects from hackers per night from SEO negative SEO to a degree. So no, we've never said that. Or at least I haven't, that it can protect from hackers ever because that's not what it does. The SEO shield protects your website from all of the negative aspects of Google's algorithm. Yeah, that's whether it's link building, whether I mean, whatever issues you could run into, on the negative, whatever negative variables the algorithm is looking for, we don't feed the button negative variables, we try to keep the focus on all of the negative aspects of the algorithm, and trigger those, and, at some point, even overcome some of the negative aspects of the algorithm. And at the same time, we keep our money site pristine, meaning that we don't ever build the really spammy bullshit links to the money site. We keep it at the tier one level, which includes your G site and your drive stack, and all of your tier one's branded properties because they can handle the link building. And they can power up over time. And you'll see with your blog post, how they start working better over time.

But also to deliver all of that power from tier one to the money site. That's how we protect it never said that you can protect it from hackers. Yeah, you can even benefit if someone tries to send like, negative, somebody tries to negative SEO you and send really spammy links into your SEO shield. They're actually helping you.

Yeah, that's interesting. I just had a client that I just discovered they got negative SEO it again. But the negative SEO didn't know what they were doing. Because they hit them with a whole bunch of.ru they're all Russian domains. But the anchor text was all over the board. And it was like, there. They were just random anchor text stuff. It was like, they were English words, but they were just random. You know, groups of words, sometimes two, three words, but like nothing that was like consistent. It was weird. It wasn't like pornography. Like it wasn't smutty words, is it? The same client that seven years, they've been a client of mine for seven or eight years.

When they hired me many years, whenever they first hired me, which was seven or eight years ago, I did an audit on their site, and they had been hit with a whole bunch of negative SEO links that were all porn-related, like the anchor texts were all, you know, really awful things that you wouldn't want to repeat in front of women in that, you know, in front of your mom, that kind of stuff. Do you know what I'm saying? And, and I disavowed all those links way, way back then. And, and it was fine. But I don't know for whatever reason, in February of this year, which is when I actually went through and did a full link audit on everything. And in February this year, they got hit with a bunch of Russian domains, there were 39 different backlinks coming from 39 Russian domains to this site. But it was weird, because like I said, they were all just like, just odd, like, you know, random type anchor texts. And so I don't know if it negatively hurt the site or not. I didn't see any drop or anything like that. But I still disavowed all of those this week. I just did that on I think Monday. So just interesting to see that. But The reason I started telling you that was because I had another project that I had somebody negative SEO. And they did something like I mean, there are 10s of 1000s of backlinks but they were all nofollow with exact match anchor text. And guess what? I ranked number one for that exact match keyword.

There were 100% nofollow, but exact match anchor text. And I was right and it literally helped me.

And I thought that was funny. So

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How Do You Use The Syndication Network For A YouTube Channel?

Okay, moving on Rob's is the last one. And when Well, I guess we'll wrap it up. Guys. If you have any other questions, go ahead and post them now. We got about 10 minutes left. But we can wrap up early if we need to. Rob says is it better to just post the syndication or just use the syndication network for YouTube? Or to just put a video and a blog post for normal syndication? If so, is it best to add text to make legit posts with proper Seo? Regarding the video content? Yeah, okay. So and, you know, this is a question that comes up fairly often actually, um, what I recommend is if your primary marketing or whatever you're what you're trying to do is mostly YouTube stuff, then you know, the YouTube, the syndication network should be triggered by the YouTube channel, okay.

But if you have a corresponding or an associated website, companion website, there's a number of names for it. If you have an associated website that is branded as well right for the same brand as the YouTube channel. Then you can also post to your sent your WordPress site or whatever type of site it is long as it has an RSS feed and it can trigger the syndication network, the branded syndication network, where you can create problems and I've done this in the past and had syndication network properties suspended or terminated for spam because of this, if you are using if YouTube is your primary, you know, content distribution engine, right if you're using YouTube primarily for content

Then and you're triggering your syndication network. And then you just take the video and the videos and create basically blog posts. And there are automated tools that will do this, right? It will, every time you publish a WordPress, or excuse me video to your YouTube channel will automatically publish it to your WordPress site, which then can automatically publish to your syndication network. If you do that you don't change anything, then, for example, the post title is going to be the same as the YouTube video title. And if the post body is just the YouTube embed, then what happens is on the syndication network properties, when things are republished there, you've got your YouTube channel publishing to it. And then you have your WordPress site, your self-hosted money site is posting basically the same post, right, it's from a different source, but it's the same title. It's the same content because it's just an embed. And so what happens, it looks like duplicate posts, and every time you publish a new video, you get basically two posts on your blog, or Tumblr, WordPress, those are the three that, you know, I typically care about for this kind of thing. And so you can end up having them terminated. So you can still trigger both, there's no question you can do that. But what I would suggest doing is have YouTube automatically trigger your syndication network, if YouTube again is your primary, you know, content source. And then you go create blog posts on your money site, your corresponding site with a slightly different title, right, more of a conversational type title, which blog posts typically have, then you can embed the video but add some additional content, a couple of paragraphs is all you need. For example, here's a great strategy, by the way, is to have your videos, if there's any speech in the videos, have it transcribed and just use the transcription as the body text. So that again, you've got different titles, you've still got to have the same videos being posted your syndication network, but the blog post version of it now also has additional text-based content. Again, a good source for that is if there's speech in the videos, just use a transcript, that tends to work quite well. Does that make sense? Because now basically, those two posts are going to look unique, they're going to be unique. They do not just look unique. They are unique. And so that's how you can avoid getting your properties terminated for spam.

I don't see any other questions coming in. Anybody else want to cover anything? Are we good?

I think we're good. Beautiful. All right. Well, thanks to everybody for being here. We will see you guys next week. You

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 343

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 343 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 343. Today is the ninth of June 2021. We got some announcements about some cool stuff going on, and a couple other odds and ends. But first, we're gonna say hello to guys. And then we'll jump in and get all of your questions answered as well. So, Marco, you got the changing background? Man, this is the most changed in the last few weeks. I think I've seen them like yours, what's going on? Yeah, I was just talking to someone about that. I buy furniture that's made from recycled pallets.

So the guy is, is really good. And he's local, and I love supporting local businesses. So like the house every, everywhere you go, there's something made by this guy from what would be garbage or clutter somewhere. So he builds these great things. And I got one. And of course, my daughter's plant is there. This is cool. It's just different. And eventually, it'll all go out because I'm a minimalist. I don't want anything and I don't want any clutter, none whatsoever. My mind is already cluttered enough with everything I have to do as it is. So to add to the clutter to I need to be able to do like this and look out, look out my window, see light and see nothing in the way I got all the stuff that people want in here with me, and I don't like it, but it is what it is the guy's good. furnitures really good, solid, and it would be garbage otherwise.

Fair enough, man. Well, Matt, how you doing? lets people know, dude. so busy, I'm trying to get like three different pieces of software.

And I had to put one aside and put like put one to the forefront. The schema tech drives a training, rough schema training is being translated into code. And it's actually going to be a software as a service where you can go on the website and build your schema, drag and drop, but build it our way, not the garbage that you get other places with proper referencing with with proper stacking. So and we're trying to make a drag and drop. So you build the templates, and you just drag and drop, and the templates get get reference here for you who have ever coded, you know what this is to actually build these templates, make them drag and drop boxes, and you fit them anywhere you want. But to get the code to do it, and then spit out the schema properly? Well, that's the challenge I was planning to have it or we were planning to have about Monday, Monday turned into Tuesday turned Tuesday turned into Wednesday. And here we are, and it's still not ready. But I do plan to have it ready by the end of the week. It's that. And then something for generating content that I've been working on for a long time should be in its final stages. So the ability to produce tier one content, like unlimited, and using AI and the way that we tune for entities. So without giving away the training, what we'll be able to do is to provide a tune piece of content with the extra schema with the FAQ's with the FAQ schema. So imagine the beast that we're building to just give Google what I want, you want content, you're going to get some content and you want schema, you're going to get some schema man. And then behind that I have a couple other things that are coming down the pipeline. I'll keep everyone posted. But it's it's been, I don't know, incredibly busy and fun.

Nice. And that just popped the link on there for anyone who, for whatever reason. Well, first of all, if you're not getting our emails, check on the hump day hangouts page get signed up below, but you would have gotten an email about that for the schema architecture course. You can check that out. And then also there's a link to the Facebook group there you can see what people are saying. If you're not a member of the Facebook group, just go ahead and join and we'll get you in there and you can check that out. So good stuff. Chris, how are you doing today?

Doing good. Super excited to the year got a storm brewing outside, so might get off otherwise, things are pretty good. I'm similar as Marco. I like it minimal.

I kind of feel him there. And yeah, things are good. Go. Bradley. How about you?

Busy really, really busy. Got a lot of stuff going on. I'm going to be starting another group like group for a build with Bradley group is what I'm calling it for a magic page. Magic page plugin, which is like you know, kind of a mass page builder. It's Mike Martin's. It's really cool. There's a ton of really features in it. And I haven't done any mass paid stuff in years, like literally for years. But I like the way that his plugin does much more localized type building. Instead of doing, you know, hundreds or 1000s or 10s of 1000s of pages, which is what I used to do years ago, you can do a much smaller scale, which I think will perfectly complement both my directory site that I'm building, as well as some of the lead gen stuff that I'm doing. And also for clients, it can absolutely be applied to client stuff. And so I've been going through training for that for the last day and a half. And I've got a lot more to go through. But I'm going to be starting a build with Bradley group where I go through the process of just building a mass page site, and probably multiple sites. Over the course of several months, every two weeks, we'll hold a webinar with anybody that joins the group. So of course, mastermind members, Heavy Hitters Club members that those types of people will automatically be grandfathered in, if they want to go see it, or join with me. Anybody else that is not in one of our premium groups. If you want to join, then you want to go through that with me. And again, this will be like in real time we're going to go through this, then you have to check out or purchase the magic page plugin, Mike Martin has a offer right now that Adams want to drop the link on the page, if you haven't already.

It's a webinar that goes that he goes through what his process is. And if you end up purchasing through our link, just send a support ticket into support at semanticmastery.com and let us know and we'll add you to the group. And like I said, what we're going to do is go through a build process and every two weeks, and I haven't determined how long the initial group is going to be. But there will be a bonus included for anybody that purchases the plugin through us. Besides the the mat, the build with Bradley group, there is going to be a bonus another bonus that will give you temporary access to the semantic mastery mastermind as well. So, and again with that, we'll talk about that once we get hit once that kickstart that group about how long that access will be for the mastermind as well. So I would encourage people to check it out. This is a new process. For me. Again, I haven't done anything like this in many years. But I think it's a perfect complement for what I'm doing with my directory site in my agency stuff. And I would encourage anybody that's interested in it, pick up the plugin, let us know go to [email protected] and I'll get you added to the group and we will be launching that and probably either next week or in three weeks. So we'll keep you posted.

Nice. All right.

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Let's see got a couple things I wanted to run down real quick. I also want to say thanks to Bradley, forgive me back into some cold email outreach I've done some years ago, and I've done it in small scale from you know what you did in the video Legion training, and then getting back into it with some stuff for the agency side. So anyways, been fun, I've been bugging Bradley and it's nice to have access to him. But that's another perk of the mastermind. If you're in the mastermind, you can also vote Bradley a little bit.

So real quick. Just want to say if you're new to Semantic Mastery, you're new to MGYB Heavy Hitters Club all that sort of good stuff. Then find out how to shield your site and not worry about algorithm updates. Again, with the free training we have the SEO shield training, you can get that at the SEO shield.com super simple right three words the SEOshield.com grab that check it out, got tons of great info in there and also help you understand a little bit like any industry like any niche, whatever you're doing, there's lingo that goes with it. So it's going to help you not only understand that but what's going on kind of behind the scenes there. Now if you're looking to easily automate content for authority, relevance and trust syndication Academy is a place you should be can find out more about that at syndication.academy and if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business then you want to join the experience community you get faster access to real world info, get faster access to our beautiful faces as well as everyone else in the mastermind, which is the important part right is that peer group that network of people who are growing I know everyone here on this call is a part of groups not only our own mastermind, but either use masterminds other ones in the past or are actively other members of other masterminds paid and free like I am. This is one of the fastest ways to get growth in your business and personal wise Okay, so if you want to find out more about that go to mastermind dot semantic mastery.com and if you're really wanting to dive into the nuts and bolts, the really technical SEO stuff Heavy Hitters Club is definitely the place for you. You can find out more about that at heavyhitter.club. Alright, and I mentioned it at the beginning but for done for you services stuff like the syndication networks, the SEO shields link building press releases a ton more with a lot of really cool stuff coming out soon, head over to mgyb.co. All right, mgyb.co, you can get your done for you services there. While you're there, hop on the email list, we not only send some really good deals from time to time, but we also send out some great information. All right, we, we vary it, and we take great information, make it bite sized digestible for you, and you can go check out more, it's a great email list to be on highly recommended. Alright, other than that, guys, is there anything else we need to cover? Before we get go, just just just something real quick, and I'll try to make it quick. And about our brand. And I'm gonna call it our brand of SEO, which is worried with SEO, because we go after the brand, and the entity and everything that the entity should be about sending Google the right signals. Now, we try to target the part of the algorithm, where we want to see what we get is the positive results, while staying away from triggering the red flags and the things that can get you into a whole lot of trouble, including getting you into a manual review. Because if you raise enough red flags, you're going to go in that queue. And somebody will eventually come calling how soon or when there's no telling because they're way behind.

But just remember, if you do get in that queue, someone will eventually come calling and if you're doing enough garbage, you're going to get the index, the way that we do it, our money site isn't touched by anything that could possibly get us in trouble.

Anything that they'll come in and see that's the first place they're gonna look is on the website. What are we doing, and they're going to go look at the backlink profile. And it's going to look natural, because we get we gain natural links over time. Everything else they go anything that they look at, it's a Google property. And it comes through a Google property. And we've always seen that through a Google property comes out where Google, it doesn't raise any red flags, we sent porn links through Google and have it come out where it ranks, and it still ranks to this day.

And so we supposedly had an update on the 22nd core algorithm, I've never seen him that quick core algorithm update on the 22nd, I think it was, and then again, in the beginning of June.

And I'm looking through all my things, and I can't verify or deny the existence of an algorithm update. Because when I'm looking through everything. Things are just continuing to rise. But however, I do talk to a lot of people around the web, are they dropping in my my messenger, my Skype, just people who have either 1000s of clients literally, or 1000s of websites that they run. And they give me a look into it. Because I mean, we have on a pic, quote, quid pro quo, quid pro quo, kind of kind of basis, we're okay, you're showing me all of this, I'm going to give you some tips. And I'm going to tell you, and a couple of them reached out to me and said, Hey, you know, come have a look and see if you can make heads or tails out of it.

And I'll be damned if there wasn't an algorithm update. But it doesn't affect us because of the way that we're doing our wordless SEO. So I was able to verify in the pet not through what I do, but through others and and how it affected them. No, man, mind you on some websites. So I have one person I we went through we went through Okay, so this is what's happening, this was going on. And this is the traffic about a 10% drop in the ones that dropped or an ego gain. For the ones that gate now mind you anytime something drops something has is because something gained, and so on those what we went is we went and looked at the ones that gained why, and what was what the we tried to determine what the common commonality was, and what I was doing that somebody else reached out to me and said, Hey, would you look at this. And so in between all of the madness that I'm doing, I'm also doing some investigative work, and I'll be damned. So yeah, so I shared it with these two people in conditions that they don't share, of course, apply to your own things apply to your own clients don't share it.

Now the benefit is that on my next Heavy Hitters Club webinar, and my next semantic mastery mastermind webinar, they're going to get what it was that Google hit.

And it's something very, very simple and it's something that we should have been planning for, but didn't know inadvertently. We do. We do things this way.

And is essential. And if you don't if you're not, and if you saw drops, then you should go and take a look at who it was that overtook you. And you'll be able to determine what it was that got you not in trouble. But why it was that Google preferred somebody else, to whatever it is that you're doing. Really interesting. So this wordless SEO thing, I'm looking at something right now one of the top performers 50k clicks during a 28 period, it's on an upward trend has been on an upward trend for 90 days, I can go out, just take a quick look in my search console, and 1.3 million impressions or 90 days, but 120k clicks, average position for 500 keywords is tough.

So there's no worse position for the first 500 keywords, than somewhere in the top five. So what we do works. And there's a thing to be said about wordless Seo 1000. So listen to these 1000 keywords and the worst position for keyword 1000. So Google only will only give you the top 1000 performers after that you're on your own. But this is according to Google, not according to some other metrics that I don't give a shit about. The average position for that is even 6.8.

So imagine that you have you have 1000 keywords or more. But Google will only show it will only show 1,006.8 is the average position for this. And it's hyper-competitive, not going to mention that I'm sorry. But it's just hyper-competitive. And it's what we do, and is what you have available. And all it takes is investing in yourself and into making your client successful. And doing the work. You got to do to do man, how is he gonna make money if you don't do the dude? Yeah, it was a lot of people that consume information, but they don't. They don't take action on it. So and that's what they get. Yeah.

Sweet. What else you think, guys, let's, let's get into it. All right, I got one more thing. Just to share briefly. Last week, I mentioned a using checklist, I was kind of expanding upon a point that Adam had made or somebody wants to you guys anyway. So I've been using process street for developing processes for my VA, and also just internal checklists for my own stuff that I still do myself, I found that as my workload increases, it becomes more difficult to stay on top of, you know, all the tasks involved in executing any particular thing, you know, completing anything, really. So I started developing checklists for myself, and, you know, processes that I do, and so that, you know, I can just do in processor, you can run a checklist from a template, and then you just titled the checklist after the project or whatever it is that you're doing. And then you can just go right on down the list and just literally check off boxes as you complete those items. And it makes it super, super productive, like in able to keep track of things because I can run a GMB checklist now for you know, multiple locations, different companies, whether it's different clients or different lead gen locations, or whatever. And I can, you know, check off boxes of the things that I've completed, but I can always leave and then return to that project, you know, a week later, whatever. And I can pick right back up and know exactly what it was that was done and what hasn't been done yet. And so I've taken my own internal GMB checklist and kind of cleaned out some of the proprietary stuff.

And really sensitive stuff and stuff that is only reserved for the paid groups such as Heavy Hitters Club or the mastermind, and made a more kind of vanilla version of it. That is, I think, going to be useful for a lot of you guys. So I dropped the link in the comments below in the chatbox. So if you guys want just go check it out says GMB checklist and it's a process street template, you're able to view that template and then import it in your own account, you can run checklists off of that, which again, I would recommend you just run a checklist and title it after the project that you're working on. And then you can just go right on down the line. And I'll demonstrate that here. Really quickly. I'm gonna grab the screen and we'll get right into questions.

This Stuff Works
And I'm pretty sure Rob is going to be putting something together as well that will be behind an opt-in or something. But I wanted to share this with you guys today because I mentioned it last week. So this is it. It's three sections, the GMB profile. So it just talks about things that I do to kind of optimize the profile. This is pretty standard operating stuff. You know I did. I also tried to add a video to every single GMB and so that's what you were just seeing here but so you can go through and scroll through that guys and see. I'm not going to go through each part of it, but then the tier one entity assets. So this is basically Semantic Mastery methods and where you can get those done for you at MGYB. And these are the exact same things that I do for every single one of my GMB locations, you can see that right here. This is something else that I've added in more recently, within the last few months, which is something that you know we do manually, at least, that's not something that is available in mg y b yet, maybe it will be at some point. And then link building, which is a critical link building and embeds, but it's a, it's a critical piece to what we do like just the tier one entity s is the SEO shield. And all of that isn't enough for most projects to rank, you have to also power them up. So that's, you know, link building is a very critical component to all of that. And so this is basically the kind of process I go through for link building to our tier one entity assets, which is what Marco was just talking about a moment ago. So again, guys, if you were interested in using this feel free. I just gave it to you for free. Just click on Run. And when you click Run, you give it a title, like I usually do, like I said, I just title it after the project itself, and then click Run workflow. And then you will have a checklist that you can just check off and you can always run a new checklist for your next project. So check it out. That is a freebie, but hopefully, you guys will get some out of that.

How Do You Use Blog Comment Feeds For Link Building And Syndication Purposes?

So moving on. Alright, we're gonna get right into it. The first question is, I think from Brody, it says, Is there anything we can do with our blog comments feeds for link building or syndication? I don't know. I've never done anything with blogs, comments feed, or blog. I always just disabled comments on all my WordPress sites anyways.

It's not anything that we ever use for local. So we just I've just always disabled all that shit. Does anybody have a comments feed? now because I do the same thing? I disable it? Yeah.

Yeah. And I use the disable comments plugin and just go in and just check everywhere. And it literally removes WordPress comments from the site. And so I came up with that.

What Are Some Other Feeds Aside From Blog Comment That We Can Grab From Our Money Site?

But the next part of that was also what are some other feeds we can grab aside from our money site? oh, boy, there's a ton. There's a ton, I mean, RSS feeds, I don't care if it's if people think it's antiquated, like web technology, but it's still very, very powerful, you can still do a lot with it the RSS feed. So just think about some of the things that like, if you're using a WordPress site, there are their WordPress feeds. For categories for tags, there's a ton of stuff that you can do very, you can get very real granular with what type of content to syndicate by using the tag feeds and category feeds. So that's one tip, press advantage organization page, if you buy an SEO shield, you're going to get a press advantage organization or if you buy press releases from MGYB. The organization has it so the company page, the media room, essentially for whatever brand it is that your publishing press releases for having a feed that feeds should absolutely be which by the way that's mentioned in the GMB checklist that I just shared with you guys. Whenever I order an SEO shield, I have my own press advantage account. So I go in and set up my organization pages first. And then I ask, When I submit my SEO shield order, I asked in the comment section of the order I request that two sets of applets are created for the syndication network, which I'm using so I use two feeds that the main company webs, you know, the main website, money site, RSS feed, but then also a separate set of applets set up for the press manage organization RSS feed. So that way every single time I publish a press release for that project, it syndicates out across the syndication network. Makes sense, right? So that's another good one. Also, think about all the RSS feeds from your syndication network properties. guys think about it, you've got an RSS feed from blogger from Tumblr, from WordPress, from many of the other properties within the network.

I mean, shoot even get pocket, which is like a bookmarking site has its own RSS feed Instapaper. A lot of the most, you know most of the sites have their own RSS feed. So you can do a lot of really cool things with that. In fact, if you've ever joined Syndication Academy, if you haven't, I would recommend that you do because it's inexpensive, and it's still very, very powerful. And there is advanced RSS training in there that is still valid today I go through multiple ways to power up your syndication network properties, your money site, press advantage that wasn't covered specifically, but it's the same method that can apply to all of those using the advanced RSS strategies that I talked about in the Syndication Academy, which I don't know if sec updated that training or not, but it's still valid all of what I had recorded years ago and can still be used to power up your assets. And it's funny I mentioned this is started using I've been doing a lot more backlink analysis recently, as I've started getting into doing more organic stuff on top of just maps ranking. And it's been interesting to do a lot of research using majestic. And something I found was, you know, some of them are the RSS syndication stuff that I had done using the exact same methods I just mentioned, that are taught in Syndication Academy in the advanced RSS strategies module is an RSS two.com. Whereas maybe it's to RSS, I can't remember now it's been a while, but that's like an RSS aggregator or a directory where you can submit RSS feeds. And it's, it provides a pretty powerful backlink and that I haven't even gone to that site in, you know, years. But I submitted stuff from years ago, I mean, like, some of my projects are, you know, five, six years old, and they're still showing that that backlink is still showing up inside of majestic. And it's a pretty fairly powerful backlink. So it's something that again, just I think it's is it RSS to calm or to RSS calm anyways, it's a directory and aggregator where you can submit RSS feeds. And that's still valid. It's still working. So again, I would encourage you to check out advanced the advanced RSS module in the syndication Academy, if you want further training on that. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Apparently not. Okay, moving on. You're the RSS muscles, I have nothing on RSS. Okay. I mean, I still use it a lot, quite a bit. One last thing is, and I don't know if we still have a link for this, but Lisa Allen's rank feeder is a great product. If you're going to be doing stuff with RSS feeds, you can, you can get some pretty powerful, do some pretty powerful things with it, her rank feeder, which is basically software as a service as a SAS app where you can go create your own super feeds. It's kind of like a Yahoo pipes replacement, but it has more functionality than even Yahoo pipes. And it's also a lot simpler to set up. I don't know if any of you guys remember Yahoo pipes.

But it's a really cool thing. Because you can create sticky items that you can put static URLs like in other words, you can put individual URLs in the way in this feed, like when you go to create a feed, so that those URLs will always appear in the feed. And it creates co-citation and all these other things. And so again, there are some really cool things that you can do with RSS if you know what you're doing. So there you go.

How To Avoid Unwanted Charges For Potential Traffic To The Amazon S3 Bucket?

All right, next, is a lane says, Hey, guys, with the ID pages, what would you suggest to avoid unwanted charges for potential traffic to the s3 bucket?

Unknown Speaker 27:40
Well, in my opinion, first of all, the s3 page typically isn't going to rank.

And if you, if you order it through us, when you build it, the way that we teach you how to build it in various training, you should canonicalize it to your money site, or whatever you want to push the power to. So you know, oftentimes in MGYB, by default, it goes to the GMB website URL, if it's if you don't specify where you want to canonicalize it to. So most of the time, it's not going to rank. Now you know it, it can index but if it's canonicalized, to one of your other assets, branded assets, then it will likely not rank and it will likely not even show up in the index.

So, don't usually have to worry about that. Number two is if it's not something that you're typically going to rank anyways. So you're not going to get a lot of traffic to it unless you're sending traffic to it, which I haven't even tested that, to be honest with you. So I really wouldn't worry about that. I think that's, you know, something that you're worried about that isn't really an issue. Any comments on that?

This Stuff Works
No, I agree, although it can rank it. Anyway, they, when they do the branded search, it will appear in your branded searches, one of your strongest profile. You shouldn't I mean unless you but you're planning on generating millions. And I mean millions of hits to that s3 bucket. And I've only seen minimal charges when you do that because we did throw it into a loop. Or when we were doing something and I'm not gonna mention which website it is. But you can trap the bot in an infinite loop when you do that. And then when we did that, it takes so long for it to go through that s3 sees it as visitors to the s3 bucket. And you do enough of that and eventually, it's going to count against your bandwidth. But it has to be in the millions man that that s3 bucket can take a whole lot of traffic without any potential charges. And then if it does, what are you going to pay? Three, four, or five bucks six bucks.

Okay, it's pennies. I mean, it's not here. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I've got dozens and dozens of IDX pages across, I don't know several s3 accounts in it.

I think on average, every month I pay less than 50 bucks. And that's for all three s3 accounts combined. So, so yeah, it's very, very inexpensive. And I've got, you know, a whole bunch of IDX pages, so I wouldn't worry about that. No.

How To Improve The GMB Rankings Across Different Cities, Counties, And States Of Service Area Businesses?

So Randy's Up next, he says for clients that are service area businesses, what can be done to improve GMB rankings across different cities or even states and counties? Already have city pages for all the target areas and a shield set up plus branded GMB and citations for the main business? Is it necessary to get citations for all city pages to wondering what's the most effective way? Well, remember GMBs? Depending on the industry, it that the proximity filter where Google will only show GMBs that are within specific proximity or a range or proximity range from the searcher at the time that they perform the query the search query, varies based on the industry like so in other words, and also I think it also I think what also influences the proximity range is the number of available businesses that meet that search criterion if that makes sense. So for example, if you're in a rural area that has very few businesses that meet, you know, for example, a Tree Service somebody who's searching for Tree Service near me, and they're in a rural area that has, you know, only a handful, half a dozen or so and these are just numbers that I'm pulling out of my ass, but half a dozen or so tree contractors, then it's likely that tree contractors that are, you know, 3040 miles away can show up still in local search for that particular search query. Because that searcher their Google user was searching in a rural area where there wasn't a lot of options. But if they're in a metropolitan area where there are probably dozens and dozens of 100 plus Tree Service contractors like I live in Culpepper, Virginia, which is kind of a rural area but is like the highest per capita Tree Service contractors is probably the United States. No kidding. And you can't go down the street without passing three tree trucks. It's not it's not a joke. So like, if you're in Cole pepper, and you search for Tree Service near me, it's going to show you a bunch of contractors that are all located right and called pepper. It's not if you know, an adjacent city, it's not going to show contractors from an adjacent city until you get to like page three or four in the maps results. And that's because it's showing all of the map listings close to where that search is being performed if that makes sense. So with GMB is, you know, it varies depending on what the range is, the proximity is and all that kind of stuff. But you can overcome that which is precisely what we teach in Local GMB Pro.

And also in the mastermind and the Heavy Hitters Club where we get into the nitty-gritty stuff and Marco calls that expanding the centroid but it requires consistent effort and again, depending on what the competition is like how many other companies meet, you know, it varies that can it can make it more difficult to expand the centroid if some of those other variables are present. Right. So, without having additional GMB, that's what I was really getting at was trying to answer your question if you have one GMB and you're trying to expand that very, very far, it's gonna take a lot of consistent effort. And it's also like I said, there's going to be other variables such as competition, the number of companies that meet that criteria, whether it's rural or urban, or what the population is and all that kind of stuff. So that's all going to make it's going to make it more difficult to expand than GMB itself were it to rank in maps. So the way that I've always overcome that was, you know, besides going the long route, which is to optimize and push the centroid, expand the proximity of the actual map listing is to just try to secure other GMB assets. And there's, you know, it's still possible to do it guys. You know, we don't sell that as a service, but it's still possible to do it. I know because I've done a few of them in just the last month or two. So it is still possible but that would be my suggestion is how you know if you want to expand your existing centroid or GMB maps, proximity, then get local GMB Pro. We're doing the Heavy Hitters Club and you can find out how to do that stuff there. Otherwise, try to secure other GMB assets. That would be my recommendation. Marco, can you take a stab at that? Yeah, I mean, the start of all these different cities and a GMB think about it a GMB in Chicago appearing for example, in Los Angeles, not gonna happen. Not gonna happen. Yeah. Not depending on the service. If it's something hyper-local, if it's a dentist and you have an emergency, why in the fuck would you want to be in LA, looking for a dentist in Chicago unless you're in the damn plane going for it and it's already boarded, and everything is shut.

This Stuff Works
Now you're going to Chicago, you want someone in Chicago, you're looking in LA, but you want that emergency dentist when you land in Chicago. Other than that, and this is just a very unlikely and hypothetical situation not likely to happen. What you're going to look for, you're going to jump in on that cell phone. more likely than not. And look for someone that's literally five minutes away. And to take care of whatever emergency did the tree fell on your roof. And you need that fix right away because it's raining. your your your your toilet just burst. He got shit all over the bathroom, I always go to this one. Yeah, who do you want to come out the guy that's an hour and a half away while your house gets shittier and shittier? Or you want the guy that's 10 minutes away, that's going to come right out and clean it up a couple of hours. And it's done. You don't want to wait a couple of hours for the guy to come out.

So think about it this way, when you're looking to do this from one city into others, how are you going to serve as those people? Well, if you plan to have trucks in that area, whoever it is in that air crews, then it's better for you to get one of those people in that other city to get a GMB in that or the city. So you can start targeting that city from as close to the city center as possible. Unless the majority of the population is not close to the city center, then you have to start looking where the majority of your targeted population is. And try to get that GMB as close to the center of that as possible. Because when Google starts going out, it's going to your business centroid, and the centroid whatever it calls the geographical the center of that city and creating those relationships and seeing where the people are. And where the people are likelier to look into click on Google is taking all of this into account. When it's displaying the people in the map pack for the service, whatever it is, you have to give Google a reason to put you in the three-pack number one, you have to give people a reason to click on your result. Also, because even if you're in the map pack, if nobody's clicking, then it doesn't matter. You're dead anyway. It's a dead business.

Now, the other part of those citations and all of that, but yeah, if you're going to different cities, and it's a different GMB but yes, by all means. But what you have to do is relate all of these businesses to the main bits that we've talked about, you do this through schema, we constantly do this. You relate all of these businesses, one to the other. The parent organization has children, the children have a parent, and then you create this schema relationship.

But I mean, yeah, you need such if you have a GMB, you're going to have the site a because you're going to have a different location. But it's all partners, just like we do with press advantage. You're in a different city. It's a different media page. You don't put everything on the same organization page and in impressive No, we don't do that. You go with separate press advantage media centers or media pages. That's how you would do it. But you're thinking that with one GMB, you'd be able to target, for example, maybe Chicago, and then Milwaukee, which is relatively close by, and no Think of all the resistance that you're going to have to overcome for that to happen. Yeah. Yeah, and that's the thing you know, for each city page know if you only have one GMB and you're trying to city pages, you can do organic rankings but you don't create citations that are only for the GMB. Alright, that makes sense. Structured citations are only for the GMB so if you have other GMB locations for the same brand and yes, you would, you would create citations or have citations created for those other locations. But here's the thing though I don't recommend and I've said this for years if you are using spammed GMB listing so without, you know, valid locations that can be verified and re-verified if needed.

You don't want to do citations then because you can still rank GMB is without citations. Let me be very clear if I have a client that has a valid business location, I absolutely build citations, no question about it. It's even in my GMB checklist that I just shared with you guys today. But if they if it's a lead gen asset or a spammed GMB listing, in other words, it's a nonvalid or not Google-approved type of location for that GMB that is associated with. And I do not build structured citations, I build unstructured citations, which means name, address phone number mentions across blogs and press releases, and things like that. But as soon as you start submitting, and building structured citations on business directories, you're going to start getting calls, number one solicitation calls from those directories trying to upsell you on advertising. And as well as you start getting direct mail at those locations, that is addressed to that business. So if you don't have a valid location, then don't do it. Because otherwise, you'll start, you know, it could potentially raise a flag to whoever's getting that mail, if they're getting it. So I wouldn't recommend that. So again, get additional GMB assets for additional locations that you want to push into. That's still in my opinion, the best way to do it.

Good question, though. Yep.

Can You Power Up A Drive Stack If You Spam The PDF Version PDF Of The Pages With Links?

Next is Eddie Bay. He says Happy POFU day. gents. A quick question to further power up a drive stack? Can you just control P and print PDF files of your current web pages and then edit them with link spam at the bottom as you all do? That's pretty ingenious. I never even thought of that. That's a pretty good idea. Like what do you think, Marco?

Might not? I mean, producing a p? Yeah. I mean, there are so many things that you do with a PDF, right?

So many different things.

Yeah, and then likewise, similarly, or can I just copy and paste my content into a Google doc file? And then link spam at the bottom? Like you all do?

Oh, I'm sorry. But that's not like spam. Yeah, we interlink everything and give Google a great interlinking experience.

Yeah, but yeah, I mean, you can just make that they make the google doc or PDF, make anything you can make anything a PDF, anything on the web, a PDF, so why wouldn't you and then make it I don't know downloadable or uploaded them in PDF? Is that a thing still we don't do that but PDF directories Yeah, why not? One that's a really strong issue What is it? I SS? YUI I think it is

This Stuff Works
I was just saying this one right here is pretty damn strong. You can upload PDFs there. I haven't started doing it with the press release PDFs yet but I was testing it. And it was literally just uploaded like Word docs with links in it and and and it creates like a like a flash almost like page reader when you press the next page button it like flips like a flipbook and all this but issue is a pretty issue is Suu calm is pretty strong. And that's somewhere that you can upload PDFs to with links in them and then you can just hammer the shit out of the page the issue page so that's something you can test with I'm actually started testing with that is just an additional tier one entity asset or just like another link point that is again for some of the stuff I'm doing for organic rankings I'm testing with that so yeah, I was looking at that yesterday at the bank click not yeah yesterday because we were taking a look during the heavy hitter webinar. And then this website came up and I went and looked at us why is this coming up in the profile and I had it on my list I want to take a quick look. And there are like 500 million external backlinks. Yeah, it's strong with with half a million referring domains or 600,000 referring domains it'll vary because links will it'll get new links, some of them will drop off. But I mean, just imagine with all of these links coming in, why wouldn't you want to be in in this website and I need to tell me to take a look at the site or I don't know if it's on our list to take a look at this website and use it so the the the trust flow to the root domain is 79 and 57 to the URL obviously pages are going to be a lot less but you can push a shit I mean again, we don't usually talk about metrics but I've been studying using majestic a lot lately on stuff and just flow was a pretty good indicator of link power so to speak. And you can the issue page that for whatever you upload something to you can squeeze push a lot of trust flow to it very quickly it will accrue quickly is what I'm saying. So there's something that's a pretty cool site. I'm pretty sure that's on the list that I gave to se for properties to update in Syndication Academy. I'm pretty sure that's on there and if not, it should be added. Okay.

That's a great question though. Let's see the next thing was or is it best to have unique content on the drive stack versus exact duplicate content and started inside of the drive stack silo. So they'll work with just copying content from your existing sites, pages, whatever. And using that. Also just copying other people's content and putting it in there will work for G sites. And for drive stacks and stuff, there's no question. More recently I have been, once I get the SEO, SEO back and the G site back from MGYB, is I've started tuning the content, optimizing the content to make it more unique, as well as just SEO optimized the actual on-page itself of the G site. And I found that that is definitely improving the results. Again, you can get results by just using exact copies of your own content, or even other people's content, we don't recommend that but it can be done. But if you go in and make the content unique on those pages, and in tune it, you know, a treated as if it was a money site landing page, you can see some pretty incredible results. In fact, the G site, which we've known the G site will rank anyways. But if you go in and add some unique content and tune that content, using like surfer SEO, or page optimizer pro or whatever, whatever tool you want to use to optimize that content, that g sites will tend to rank fairly damn quickly. This is great, because if you know what our G sites look like from mg y v, I mean, they're a beautiful man. And if you put if you iframe your money site page, you're corresponding right theme mirroring your corresponding money site page, at the very top of the G site page, then it's like, it's just a doorway, it's like a, you know, it's a window to your money site anyways. And so if you rank that g site, which is a lot, it's relatively easy to do when you tune the content.

And then you add, then your money site page will rank, you know, as an embed, right, and so you can end up taking up multiple spots on page one for your desired keyword terms if you do it that way. So that's I just hired my longtime blogger who's always been on piecework, she always I always paid her post for eight years now that she's been working for me, but I just hired her full time on salary starting June 1. And that's one of the things that she's going to be doing is going through all the G sites and actually tuning all the content and adding original content to those pages. Because of the results that I've been seeing. You want to comment on that one markup. Yeah, the contents tuned, it doesn't it'll, the bot will react to it. And it doesn't matter if it's duplicate content, I hate that word because it gets a like a negative connotation. The only time it matters is if you use somebody else's content to outrank them, and they figure it out. And they give you a takedown that if you use somebody else's images, and they come and slap you down and sue you for using their images, they have a problem. Otherwise, you can take the content. So you can tune the content that's on your website, take that content, since you're mirroring, and put it on the G site. Now whether you iframe it, or just copy and paste, it doesn't matter. You're not going to complain about your own content, you can take that same content and put it on blogger put it on WordPress, put it wherever you want because it's your content. And you can do with your content, whatever you want. I have outranked Wikipedia for Wikipedia terms, just as a test. And then, of course, you get the takedown because it's their content.

There's only the original piece. And then there are copies of the original. And that's where canonicals come in. So you can canonicalize to give Google direction on which one, the original piece of content is. That's what a canonical is for. In your case. It's all your content. And let's say for a keyword, your money, you're having trouble with your money site ranking for it. Well, what difference does it make, if you're then g site ranks for that content with the same content that you're trying to rank it's yours. It's only a problem. If you're fighting against yourself, if you have two pieces of content on the same page, it's almost exactly the same. And then Google is displaying that to different people not at the same time. You're not taking up more real estate. But Google is displaying this, whether it's doing it with five pages, six pages, however, many similar pages Google is finding and it's not canonicalized properly, then you're in trouble because that's where that's what they call keyword cannibalization, where Google is trying to figure out okay, where does this fit like? Well, let me show this user this page. And you'll see that over time, one page wins. Well, you should be going in there too.

Search Console Search Console will tell you which ones are canonicalized. So that all the credit goes to that one page that Google says is the one is one that should be getting all the credit is only time it matters. Otherwise, who cares if a user goes in there, wherever he goes, blogger, WordPress, g site, or Google Doc, wherever it is, and that piece converts, or they or it sends him to the content where they use a convert, it's gold.

It's gold. And if it's tuned for the bad, the bots gonna like it, if you have schema on there directing the bot, what the content is about.

It's fine. I hate this kind of question. Because people are misled about duplicate content about what it is what it does, that it could harm them. The only harm that can come if you use a Getty image, and they come extorting. That's it.


This Stuff Works

How Do You Insert An HTML Code On A Google Site If You're Not Tech Savvy?

Okay, so we're going to move on. Next, is Gordon, what's up, Gordon? He says, Hey, guys, I asked a question last week, and you were kind enough to provide a great answer, but I was not tech-savvy enough to understand how to do what you suggested. Yeah, I've got a demo g site pulled up that I, I'm going to show you exactly how to do this. But let me finish reading the question. So if you don't mind, could you please explain, expand on the explanation? You mentioned that even though you cannot access the HTML code on a Google site, you can still insert code and easily add an iframe or JavaScript code to the G site. But how do you do that in simple tech dummy terms, without accessing the HTML code, okay, this is what I was showing you. So in the new g sites, so I just created a demos, you just click into the section that you want to add a section, you know, like in an embed, so I'm clicking into this kind of whole section here, there's like a faint blue line, you can't see it. But I'm going to over here on the right-hand sidebar, I'm going to click embed. And now I can either embed by a URL by just pasting a URL in or I can actually add an embed code like a Google map, Google My Business map, the embed code for that, right. But if I want to do it by URL, let's just see if the Hump Day Hangouts page will embed a copy of that, and just paste the URL in and it will give you two versions of it a whole page well, and sometimes it'll show you a preview, like it'll say, you can either embed the preview or the whole page. And so I usually it depends on what it is. But most of the time, I just embed the whole page. And I just click Insert. And there we go. Now, once I go, if I were to publish this, which I'm not going to because it's just a demo site, but if I was to publish this and then go view published site, you're going to see them, you know, this would be scrollable, and everything else. And I can, by the way, you can extend that you can change the container width and height, you can, you know, make it smaller. And you can actually do two embeds that are, you know, side by side or three embeds. If you want to, there are all kinds of stuff you can do. So I said, this is a super easy builder, page builder to use inside of G sites is super easy, it doesn't give you a lot of, you know, there's not a lot of stuff that you can do as far as like behind the scenes, like in the code, because it won't allow you in it, but for drag and drop, and like you can really make I mean, again, look at our Google sites that we give you guys in the drive stacks, and you ordered SEO shields and drive stacks there. I mean, they come out looking awesome. And I know and like I said, I go in now and I add some additional elements and stuff. But they come out looking awesome. So it's super easy. Once again, click into whatever section it is. Typically, if you're going to add when you click embed, it's going to add to the next section below it. And then you can always drag and drop the container into the areas that you want. But then you just paste in the URL, if it's a URL that you want to embed. By the way, if it gives you an if it gives you like that little broken page symbol, it means there's an iframe breaker on that site. So won't allow you to iframe it. Or you can embed using the embed code to okay, but it's super simple to do, guys. You can also go You can also go down to the menu on the right.

And you can drop a YouTube video in there, you can drop a county map, just all of that.

Yeah, all those. That's right. So guys, from now on, it's just a matter of going in there.

Starting a demo or test site, and checking. So when we tell you go just go try it. Like it, just play with it. It's what we did. That's how our ys Academy was born the original.

Let's see, is there a possibility that Google could red flag the site for doing that now because they wouldn't give us the ability to embed stuff? If if it was a possibility to red flag? So

What Are Some Ways To Monetize A Google News Site For Press Release?

okay, nice. Good question, though. And I'm glad that we could demo that for you. The next question is if one has a Google news site for press releases, what are some ways to monetize it other than guest postings or using it for press releases? Well, you can put AdSense on it if it gets traffic, right. You can sell advertising doesn't have to be AdSense. You could use other ads, publish your networks, or whatever you call it for ad revenue, you could also put affiliate products on there. Like if it's a themed google news site, you could put where even if it's not themed in one particular industry, but it has categories on the Google News site, right, you could, you could add different affiliate offers and things like that on different categories, pages, for example, I mean, think there's just a number of ways you could, if it's getting traffic, then there's, there's a number of ways you could monetize it, you could build a list, for example, you could have an opt-in for something that would be relevant to people that would visit that site. And you can start building an email list that then you could market, you know, affiliate products to and other stuff. So, I mean, there's just a ton of stuff you can do with the site, if it's getting traffic, you know, that's the problem. There are a million ways to monetize a site, but you need traffic in order and relevant traffic for whatever you're offering or promoting, in order to monetize to make money from it. But if you've got a Google news site that is getting any traffic, then you're just a number of things you could do to monetize it any other. Yeah, as a matter of fact, Google has tightened down on AdSense so much, that you can't get approved for AdSense unless you have traffic to the website like Google doesn't want you putting AdSense on there, and then figuring out how you're going to get traffic to, to that website. And if you have one, then why not. And it was relatively simple for you to do this, why not, then go a couple of 100 of these and build your own like, like, press release, network, and then publish your own content into your own press release. Imagine the power in that, where you're not dividing all of that link equity between all of these websites, pushing into the network, you have what, what what's properly, then called a private blog network of your own press release sites that publish to Google News. And imagine all of the power that's in those websites, once you start using them properly. Now, the moment that you allow other people into your private blog network is no longer private. And Google can and will come calling to see what the hell it is that you're doing.

This Stuff Works
Especially if you start selling links, so be careful. Yeah.

The websites that syndicate press releases, blogs get much traffic and will cause a duplicate content penalty. Now we won't content dhanaulti. But do they get much traffic? It depends. I mean, some do some don't. Um, you know, again, we use, you know, an mg y b, our distribution is across press advantage. In, you know, for example, there's one for local stuff, I found that the WP Wb oc.com, which is just the news outlet or whatever, that that's one of the pickups, the press release pickups, that one ranks really well, it ranks really well. And so for whatever reason that wb OC comm press release, I'm sure it's getting a lot of traffic because it ranks well. And I've been manipulating that a bit by sending traffic intentionally to the press release and then having it click through to my target URLs. So CTS fan clicks through spam. And that works really well, to get the press release to stick if you do search and click traffic. Another thing is just its referral traffic and analytics, which is great referral traffic coming from a press release because you can hammer traffic to a press release. And then it looks like the press release, you know, got picked up by a major, you know, and read by a bunch of people. And so the traffic signals are really good signals. That's something that I've been doing a lot of testing with lately, and it works quite well. So yeah, I mean, just depends on the actual site. Some sites get a lot of traffic, some don't.

But press releases are still one of my methods. I've been using press releases for God for years. And I just couldn't imagine doing SEO without him, to be honest with you.

What Is The Best Lead Gen Tool For GMB Services?

Alright, last question. And what is perfect timing too, because we're about out of time. What's up, man? He says, Hey, I have a list of emails, I need to see who has GMBs and who doesn't. Can you help in this regard? I don't know about emails. I've not attempted it that way. I'm sure there's a way to do it. But I'm not sure how to do it. I can't give you an example. Like or recommendation on how to do it. I know more recently, I've been using a really cool tool that does all kinds of awesome data scraping stuff. And you can create your own recipes. And it's called and I think they still have a deal on App Sumo. But it's called the textile t x au app. And if you go to textile camo, it'll redirect you to this. But in fact, you can even check out pricing I think they still have

Yeah, it looks like if you go to you have to check app Sumo and see if they still have a big deal there. But one of the one of those capterra appsumo, somebody probably still has some deals for them. But if not, I don't know, if they still have lifetime deals Well, they can do all kinds of stuff you can create, like, it'll scrape all different kinds of platforms. And you can what they call ingredients you could or spices, they call them, you can connect different spices to make your own recipes. And so there, there might be something that you could do with this if you provided a list of emails that would be able to go check to see if there are GMBs associated with those. I don't know how to do that, because I have not done it that way. But I do use the Google Map scraping recipe in here too. And it basically will scrape Google Maps and you know, output all the data that I tell it to output into a CSV file or a Google Sheet actually, and it will tell you one of the variables or data points that you can opt or select to have output is whether a GMB is verified or not. So anyway, I would check this out. There's there might be other services out there that do that specifically, if you provide an email service I just don't know how many or an email list I mean, excuse me, and I don't know of any way to get that information like from the email list other than so if your list is Tom Jones and that kind of [email protected] at Yahoo or whatever, good luck Yeah, good luck but if you have the brand, like Tom Jones at semanticmastery.com or T Jones at semanticmastery.com a quick way is you go to type in semantic mastery comm go to maps, see if it has a map. Yeah, that's a quick way that you can knock that out. You could probably write a quick script to get that information from Google. But other than that, like I don't know of a tool or if someone has won them, then please drop it in here. I don't care because we don't have it. We don't offer it so if you have it, help him out. The past five o'clock hour, guys.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 342

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 342 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangout. This is Episode 342. It's the first episode in June 2021, we are going to get all of your questions answered, the page may look a little funky. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, and what you definitely need to do is go to semantic mastery.com slash each the questions and actually bookmark that, go ahead and just put it up there and your browsers, you can always go there and ask your question, get an answer. I'll give you a second. Just go ahead and bookmark it. Now. Just kidding. We're happy you're here or checking out the replay. Either way, we appreciate it. We love answering your questions, and we're happy to get on today. We're going to do some quick announcements, and then get on into it. So I'm gonna go around the circle here. Chris, you're first on the list here today. How are you doing man? Doing good 10 persons that are up? Definitely. Somebody's got a pretty nice workout in today then hit the recycle. So like, yeah, time to catch up now that the lockdowns are hopefully over for a longer time. Nice. Nice. All right. Let's see Marco, how you doing today?

Well, can I say Groundhog Day? Always warm, always beautiful in Costa Rica. It is the middle of the rainy season, but it hasn't rained in the last three days. We do get periods like that. So it's just man, it's, it's a fantastic time is a fantastic, fantastic time to be online and making money. It's just, I don't know, I don't know, for some reason, it just seems to be easy. It's always been easy to rank. So it's been easy to get people to take action on a page. Well, it's been difficult, especially local is believe it or not getting someone to take the calls that you generate. If you go to these people, the very unsophisticated as an Okay, so so what's up? Why are you? What's in it for you again? Are you gonna pay me for every call? And what's in it for me? Well, you're gonna make money from the people, obviously, that I give you, that are hot leads, because they're calling the number to ask for your services, whether it's emergency, just whatever it is. So that's the difficult part. It's interesting because you could be generating a whole lot of calls. And, you know, it happened to me, believe it or not, in the beginning, when cannabis started becoming the hot thing. It was really hard to call one of these dispensaries in California, by the way, and talk to these guys and like get them to see a dude, but

I'm damn great, man. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna go grab my surfboard and, and the like, you know,

I want to get people to your store so that you can sell them more. And another company, well, how are you going to do that. And so it's this whole unmotivated thing where he's making enough so that he can smoke his button and go surf. This is before it really the multinationals and everybody started dumping all that money in that I could generate calls that will. But it was really difficult getting people to take those calls. And as a matter of fact, I left those I think I sold those off. So those assets, I can't remember the home. But

anyway, just to say it's easy. The process works. So, you go through the process and train, then you set up your own systems to make the process work.

You apply, you make money, but rather than spend that money on bud and a new surfboard, you hire someone, you hire someone so that that person can train and help you apply. Now you're making more money, and now you might have some income that you may not need. Right? It's discretionary. And you might want to want some really good job making creepy and the brand new surfboard. And then you just lather rinse, repeat. And that's how it works. I know I'm oversimplifying, and the people are saying it can't be that easy. It's the fucking Damn it. processors. Yeah, it's been 18 years in the making guys. Bradley with over a decade I know Hernandez it's almost a decade for some at domestics longer than that. Adam, I think you're the one as far as marketing, that's like the young guy in a crew. But man, it's a decade in the making. It's not an overnight thing that we did. It's repeatable processes that we can give to people so that they can repeat the process. lather rinse repeat what Mark and I said, this is Costa Rica. This is where I choose to be as I always say, and it doesn't get any better than this man.

This Stuff Works

Outstanding, Marco! I like it. Yes, the was it five to 10 years to then an overnight success. Yeah, overnight. Yeah.

Cool. Good stuff. Hernan, how are you doing today? I'm great, man. I'm doing really well, I have some good stuff coming up. I had some calls with clients today and with potential clients actually and we're close to. So it's looking good the agency is growing. So that's looking good. And as usual, we're going to pour some, we're going to create some Semantic Mastery, I would say, training for our students based on you know, the learnings that we're having and how to grow your agency. So that's going to be pretty, pretty cool. So I'm excited. I'm excited about being here at social

Nice. Bradley, how about you?

Good, happy to be here. Busy as can be as usual. But my blogger started full-time yesterday, which now is free freed up probably at least two hours per day if not three. So for me, which is great, because now I can focus on some higher-level stuff. And more prospecting and sales because I want to I want to be like Hernan when I grow up and grow my agency the way he is. So. So I got to get back to doing what's really important, which is prospecting and sales now that I've got somebody doing some of the fulfillment stuff that I was actually doing myself for the last six or eight weeks. So things are right. And I totally agree with what Marco said, you know, if it's if you have a repeatable process, and I think that's really important, you know, I use process street for like developing process docs for all my VA s and even for just internal stuff that even stuff that I do myself. And over the last few weeks now, I've really developed out a great GMB checklist that just like it has basically, it's continually being evolving, excuse me, it's continually evolving. But it's great because I just go in and run a checklist from the template for each new project. And I can go right on down the line and just check off the boxes as each item is completed. And so at any time, I can walk away from it and come back at a later time, and I know exactly right where I need to pick back up with all the items that are left to do. And I'm telling you guys something as simple as just having a checklist for, you know, everything that needs to be done for a project that you can duplicate for the next project, it really helps you to stay on track and makes it a repeatable process. Too many people I know come into our mastermind and such and when we have our interviews with them, and, they say that they don't have a hard time getting consistent results. And you find out when you really get you to know, get down, you ask them questions about their processes, and such as that. They do a little bit of this here and a little bit of that there. But they never really do everything from start to finish for any one project. And then they wonder why they have inconsistent results. And you know, and I've been guilty of that myself, but I've gotten a lot more organized over the last couple of years and just having simple checklists really does help. So I've encouraged you guys to look into that. But other than that, it's good, good stuff. Happy to be here. Yeah, I do the same with ClickUp. Ryan Tedder mastermind members turned me on to that. So I've been using that for about a year. And that's been great. So like, with my clients now on the email side, bring people in, I've got the first 90 days laid out. Now after that, I always and I say this, truthfully, my crystal ball and he goes three months out like after that it's every game, but then I can see the first three months until we have it just laid out. And it's so nice to just be able to click something, duplicate its assignment, and the bad stuff gets done. So there's always stuff. That's like, 80% of the work right there. So, um, let's see something else I wanted to touch on. And now I'm losing my mind. Oh, that's right. Speaking of email, so I picked up a lot of stuff on the cold email front from Bradley. Some stuff I've done in the past and chair to the mastermind. And then Bradley, you talked to Daniel fasciae, I might be screwing up his name. But he's got the great cold email mastery course that went through that. And I'm going to be doing some more of that. So I'll be sharing that with mastermind members. So if you guys are interested in seeing someone who hasn't been doing cold email for very long, I'm going to be sharing the results of that. So I'm getting that started working out some kinks. I've been sketching on my whiteboard, recording videos, and going to get back going. So looking forward to seeing how that goes and sharing that in the mastermind. So other than that, though, I think that's about it for announcements. Is there anything else we need to cover for you guys?

I think we're good. All right. Let's subscribe to our channel. YouTube help us grow? Yeah, definitely. And our pages a little funky today, but it's working. So if it looks a little different to you guys, it's because we're missing some banners or something. They're here but you just can't see him. So we have to fix that first question on the page. Yeah, I mean, it's interesting that they're there. You just can't see him.

Does Adding The Main Keyword To An Image Before Uploading It To GMB Would Make Google Read It Even If EXIF Data Might Be Removed?

So the first question is adding the main keyword to an image before uploading it to GMB would make Google read that text even if EXIF data might be removed by Google? 

Yes, absolutely it is EXIF data and metadata, and all that does get stripped once it's been uploaded. But when you upload it, Google reads it. So it's really beneficial to do. So, as we always talk about it's best if you can't have an original image like if it's for local, to have an original image taken from a mobile device that has GPS enabled, because the location data, a ton of data actually gets, you know, embedded in this in the image as metadata. It's really, really cool. I've done this before, I think Rob was the one who pointed it out. And so I tested it, but you know, you take a picture or a short video or something on your phone, like in a moving car, and it will even tell you to like what your speed was the velocity at which you were going when the image was taken, or the video was taken, it'll show you where the location is, it's, it's crazy. There's a ton of information that gets added to those images. But when you Yeah, when you upload them, it strips it out. Because if you didn't download it back from Google, and depending on how you do it, you can't really do that from GMB anymore. Anyways, like you'll see that it's just, you know, a blank image, no metadata, but Google sees that data when you upload it. So you made comments on that guys? No, absolutely. And I said only the main keyword, but it should you should be targeting the keyword set or entity and main entities say we're in the Semantic Web. Yep.


What Are Your Thoughts On Blockchain And The Future Of SEO?

Okay, the next question is Hey, guys, what are your thoughts on blockchain and the future of SEO? Do you think we will have decentralized domains and servers? I have zero opinion on that because I don't know anything about it, to be honest with you. Perhaps Marco or one of the other guys have to do?

No, not as far as blockchain cuz I'm not getting far into that, because I'll just go down a rabbit hole. And I want to know everything that there is to know about blockchain. And that's not my idea. When I mentioned this last week, that I was forming crypto, it's not even an investment club is a bit buying and selling as a trading club, the idea is to go and profit from the rise and fall of crypto, rather than to marry some kind of coin as a long term investment. Although you can't do that there are some that you can track that you just know, are going to take off. But my idea is very simple gains every day. Adam mentioned the book that you and he read the small gains, it's very simple to small gains every day, we have people all over the world. Why not benefit from having people that are in India, Chris green, how is in the UK, why not benefit from holiday because it's 24, seven, trading doesn't stop rise and fall. So even if it's going up, there are dips in that, in that rise. I'm sure you've all seen a graph over time and are just taking advantage of having buy and sell orders to take advantage of those dips, even during a race or during a fall. When it's falling, you're still going to have upward trends, although the overall trend is downward. So it's just benefiting from those and having people online who can view the data and take advantage of the data in real-time so that you place your order you play but you place your buy, you place yourself, and that you're never in a position to like lose everything or win everything because the idea is to make small wins over time. 1% a day turns into a whole lot of money.

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When it accrues daily, it compounds daily. So it's exponential growth. It's what we're looking at. And I get to the few I have 11 it was gonna be 10 but someone came and begged me to please let me join so I think the book was the book you were talking about was James clear atomic habits and he calls it the aggregate of incremental gains. Okay, yeah. Yeah. Adam so small bits at a time and we're good to go I don't know anything about blockchain. So yeah, this is interesting. So I had to do some quick searching because I thought this was something else. So apparently, this is new to me and PJ like blockchain domains is actually a thing so, like the blockchain in the sense of crypto, the domain is stored there so anyone can look at the records.

So that's an interesting concept. For me personally, I'm gonna sit back and wait and see because it's kind of and this is getting into like Twitter flame war territory, so I'm going to try to keep this short but it was touted and a lot of the people behind that believe in crypto are like this is gonna totally decentralized banking and overnight upset the entire world or that hasn't happened. I still think there's a ton of potential. But I think when people tell this, I always want to look back and be like who's saying this? Why are they saying what's their stake in this game, you know, as the article written by the guy who's selling domains via the blockchain, and just going a layer deeper? But without getting into that, I think that this is interesting. And that there's a lot of possibilities, the thing that immediately came to mind was, you know, forming trust and authority in the sense of if it really is more transparent, that may be an easier way for systems like Google's algorithms to maybe recognize certain trustworthiness factors as they determine them. So anyway, that's the only thing that really comes to mind. But I don't think that this is going to be an immediate change. Because a lot of what people also want is privacy. So there's kind of two competing things going on here, I think, but interesting technology. And I'm sure we'll see more of that.


Does Google Site Provide Easy Way To Access The HTML Code To Add iFrame Codes In The Header Section?

Sweet. Next is Gordon, and sup, Gordon, he says, Hey, guys, you'll probably think this is a dumb question. Not at all or not, you should know better than that. So he says, but I have never built a Google Site website before. So I have no clue how different it is from a regular site. And I was wondering about these two things. Number one, does it provide an easy way to access the HTML code for the page to enable you to add an iframe or JavaScript code between the HTML head tags? No, you cannot do that.

Google sites are real easy to build out because they're just like, you know, blocks. And essentially, they're just blocks. And you can insert text or images or embed blocks. And you can move stuff around and resize the blocks. And it's really easy to edit. But you can't get into the HTML header.

Unless there's some hack that I'm unaware of. But I'm sure Marco would have shared that with me by now if there was. So I mean, the only thing that we could do is insert code into it. But you can't go in. You can't go into the code, you can't go into the header code. Google will not allow that. Yeah. And it's understandable why they would not allow you to go into that code is very basic, it's a drag and drop. Now, you decide it's a drag and drop kind of content management system. Very basic, no scripts, no nothing right now, it might improve over time. But there is no easy access to the HTML, although you can you can add iframes very simply, very easily, and you can add JavaScript.

Yeah, it's like I said, you could do the embed codes, you can either embed by URL or actually add embed codes. But the G sites, it's super easy to like edit.
I've actually been editing some of my G sites lately to optimize their page content with surfer SEO and getting better results with those just from going through and actually optimizing the pages that mgib provides, they've always worked been fine. But I've got a writer, now he's re-optimizing like all of our existing content out there. And I'm starting to see some improvements from some stuff already. So it's some I've been I've been in there quite a bit. And so she so so you got to remember, the whole idea behind that is either to copy the content from your website over to the to the Google site, which works fine, because you're not going to file a wonderful call a DMCA claim against yourself for using your own content. Yeah, so that that's perfectly fine. And you're going to attribute the content, you're going to relate the G site to the money site, you're going to form that relationship through the schema. So there's really no problem doing that. But it does stand to reason that at the bottom is looking for fresh, unique, relevant content updated on a regular basis, that if someone went over the content that we give you in the beginning, and tune the content for the bot, although we cannot get schema in there, that in and of itself would be enough to give you a boost. And it does good content tuned for the entity and the user. It provides a good user experience. And it gives you an extra place where a user can convert because those will rank.

Yeah, they sure will. And that's part of the reason I started doing that was that some of my G sites for client projects are ranking and sell it's like, Okay, well, if they're going to rank, we might as well tune the content so that it's even more relevant and has a better chance to convert as well. So we go in and we squeeze in calls to action and all that other kind of stuff and some really cool ninja stuff that I'm not going to share here. But in the mastermind, I'm happy to share so I'm getting really really good results from G sites lately. Not that we didn't before but just some of the things that you know, turning them in all of a sudden they get even better results as all I'm saying so.

How Do You Build Bulk Backlinks If You Want To Do It On Your Own?

Okay, next digital. Well, Ian, what's up? He says he's been coming in asking lots of good questions lately. So we appreciate that. He says can we purchase backlink packages from SEOeStore. I don't even know what that is. For our tier one or tier two assets, I have seen Bradley mentioning a done-for-you service. But how can we build these bulk backlinks, if we want to do it on our own? Well, the done-for-you service we're talking about is MGYB. And that's the link-building services that are for, specifically to power up tier one entity assets. And, you know, further tiers out, right, it's not for money sites, you don't want to be linking to your money site with those. It's strictly for powering up tier one like this, the SEO shield, basically syndication, network properties, the SEO, RYS drive stack, g site, all that kind of stuff. And then you can obviously power-up stuff that's further out as well. But I don't recommend we never, we always tell you guys not to order those types of links directly to your money site. In fact, Marco was just talking about this the other day, you know, he never built any backlinks to a site other than through what through the SEO shield at all. I do through press releases, and also some strategic, other types of links occasionally, like guest posts and things like that. But for the most part, you know, I still just build everything to our tier one entity assets that are built within the SEO shield, again, syndication network properties, perhaps a well-optimized post on a WordPress site from the syndication network property or the Tumblr or something like that. But they're all tier-one entity assets. And then we build links to those like very, very rarely well. I use press releases still quite a bit. But even then I'm still pushing more press release links now to the tier one entity assets as opposed directly to the money site. Just getting really good results like that. Again, G site is one of the best targets for that kind of stuff, guys. So do that. Any comments on that?

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Yeah, I like for the SEO shield to take the brunt of the hit because believe it or not, manual actions are still alive. And while I was just reading about a law firm, that got hit for using combinations of edu, scholarship links, guest posting links, and a few other purchased links, as though it's incredible how easy it is to pick those out coming into your money site, because of how they stand out from your natural pattern. From your natural link pattern. Think about it. It's not many people who offer a scholarship, first and foremost. And if you do, it'll probably be in a local university. Now all of a sudden, your website has 50 .edu backlinks all from scholarships. Now Google tends to devalue those, they don't usually count them because they're considered irrelevant. So Google, for the most part, will not pay attention to them unless you do the right job of boosting them the right way. But then they get picked out. And in a manual, guys, when that happens, you see that you see that come up in Search Console, you have an unnatural linking pattern to you. So you better get busy and start getting rid of those links, all that money, and all that effort, just went to waste. Instead, I'd rather just hide in between the billions of links that Google has, and the millions and billions of links that other web tutorials have and other social media platforms have, I'd rather for my links to hide in between all of those, and then just push the power over to the money site, and let the money side accrue links naturally, over time, because those will happen. Those will have as you start getting found, as people start finding you, as people start using the promise, you'll be shared, we will talk about using Facebook, in social media, which is what you want. Anyway, you want that to happen naturally. In the meantime, protect yourself. Now, I always tell people, don't you Right, so so as far as what I do, I do it a little bit differently. And I will shoot a press release over to the money site in a very targeted way and hidden. Yeah, in between all of your pillowing is what Becker used to call so so pillowing the links so that they can take that directed. But if you don't know what you're doing, you better not be doing any of that. So I recommend for all of you not to build links to your money site, not even press releases because that's what the SEO shield is for. And the SEO shield will actually amplify the link power, it will exponentiate the link power so what you get to the money site, in the end, is greater than if you had gone to the money site directly. It's really interesting what happens through all of the iframes that we build and the internal linking structure that we have in our G sites and in our drive stacks and in our expansion stacks that add power and multiply the power and then the way that we're teaching in the heavy hitter club to then interlink your money site so that everything flows correctly and continues to create that exponential power. there's a correct way to do that. And then there's a way that that just shuts the link flow. And it might end up in your about page and your contact us page in a place where you don't need your link power to accrue. So just be very careful. And no, I mean, think about it, we have the service, why he in MGYB.co, we offer link building is various link building. If you want to do it on your own, you're more than welcome to go through all of the different tools that Daddy has gone through. Because he started out with Senuke, Senuke X, Money Robot all he had to learn all of those, and then find the one that worked for him, GSA. He's also been through so he had to go through all of those, he still offers GSA to find the one that works the best. And we can't give you here what works best. Since he had to spend all of that money and time to find that out on his own, you're welcome to go try out. So they are I think they still offer Senuke X Rank or x is another one that he uses. I'll mention that. As I said Money Robot, GSA, and come up with your own. Now think of the time, money effort, and everything else that you're going to have to spend to learn to use these correctly. And then you'll see that the link-building packages that we offer an MGYB.co will save you a whole lot of headache, money and time, and a lot of resources. Which if you're trying to grow your business, you shouldn't even spend time doing this or trying to learn to do bulk backlinking.

Yeah, and just I've been I know, we don't. For years, No, we haven't really looked at third-party metrics or anything. But lately, I've been doing a lot more research on local competitors and been using majestic for backlink research. And their trust flow metric is still decent, in my opinion. It's something that I've completely ignored for years, the last several years, but I've just been doing a lot of analysis on local competitors. Because I didn't give a shit at all about organic rankings for many years. Now, I've just always cared about map rankings, however, because of the content tuning tools, and like conversion AI, which just makes it easy to draft content. And that's again, I've been doing a lot of that I've been focusing a little bit a lot more on because the map stuff is you know, what we do for maps works. So I've been working on ranking organic stuff to like so the, you know, associated website for the projects that do have WordPress sites, I've been analyzing competitors that are ranking on it in the organic section and looking at backlink profiles. And what I found is, it's quite amazing is that there are so many organic listings that rank for local terms and the tree service industry, especially that. I mean, they're very few backlinks. It's insane. There's it's mostly, I guess, age, brand authority, things like that, that helping the rank and internal links, but very little off-page linking. And so I've been getting a little bit more strategic about that. And one of the things I have tested was guest posts on a few and a few cases, I've test guest posts, and they're hit or miss guys, you got to be real careful with guest posts, as Marco just said, you can get a penalty for number one, but number two, if you buy guest posts, you got to when you get them delivered, you got to analyze them because what you'll find is a lot of those guest posts are orphaned pages, which is bullshit, they'll sell you a guest post for 100 bucks or whatever it is $85 sometimes way more depending on what metrics you're buying, which again, are third party proprietary metrics. But that's kind of how you judge what you're buying, right. But then you get it delivered. And you find out that there are no internal links from the domain that they sold you the metrics on pointing to that page that they published the guest post on. And so you end up with a guest post that's an orphan page that is getting no internal link juice. So basically none of the metrics that are even pushing over to that page and it's insane because you spent a shit ton of money on that. And I've been burned by that in the past couple of months now on a few different guest posts. Now some of them are done right. For example, I've got one that I was just looking at today for one of my client's sites that I had purchased a guest post on that has amazing metrics got a 39 Trust flow from that page to my clients, and which isn't quite as incredible. But something else was really interesting is I've been looking at as I built the directory site for tree services. And I guess some of the stuff that I've done in there is just internal linking the way that Marco and Rob teach. It's crazy because I know we don't typically talk about metrics, but I've been doing a lot of research with majestic recently and that particular site, my directory site, some of the directory pages in there, because which are my own lead gen assets or some of my client's sites that I've added pages to the directory site for. And I've done some pretty strategic internal linking stuff there. And I've gotten in some cases, in the mid-30s Trust flow with the citation flow like in the mid-teens, which is great, because that's showing high authority being pushed to the pages without a lot of links. You know, the way majestic does things is it doesn't show internal links, it only shows External links. So if you've got a real high trust flow, and there are no external links, showing and majestic, then that's all trust flow that was generated through internal links. And there's another some of the other stuff there was a sale late last week or earlier for SEO power suite. And I purchased it, I haven't used SEO power suite stuff in forever. But WebSite Auditor is a crawler, it's like Screaming Frog or site ball or whatever. But it's a desktop crawler. And it's pretty cool because it has what they call in rank, which is kind of like its own proprietary idea of what PageRank is. So you can crawl a site and kind of get an idea of where your internal links are pushing, you know, internal link juice to. And so you can see it shows a visual representation, similarly to what majestic does with their link graphs. So you can kind of get an idea as to what paid which pages or posts on your site are accruing the most weight from the internal linking. And you can adjust it and modify it as such or accordingly. And that's kind of what I've been doing with my directory site. And just be able to get an amazing amount of power push to internal pages, purely through internal linking, almost purely through internal linking. And it's just been really cool. I'm just fascinated with link sculpting and stuff now that for years, I just got completely got away from doing it. And again, going back to what Marco was saying, you know, the SEO show, it's incredible. How much power you can push with that, and a GMB. It's just It's crazy. And I never really looked at the metrics before because I just knew it works. But now that I'm actually digging into the numbers and the metrics and such, it's incredible how much power you can't you can truly push with that stuff. You want to comment on that again, Marco at all. No exponential power. Yeah, it's crazy.

In there's another one called on crawl or something that they call it in rank is what they call their internal, like, their PageRank algorithm for quantifying internal link juice. It's pretty cool. So anyway, you guys might want to check it out.

How Do You Sell Industry-Specific Traffic To Clients?

Number two was I have seen people selling industry-specific traffic, you have any idea how they do it?

Other than from paint app paid ads? I don't know.

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Any idea Marco what he's talking about? No, I have no idea. Yeah. My guess would be paid traffic paid ads. Also, I know and Fiverr you could buy somewhat relevant traffic, they call it but I've used it for press releases in the past.

But that's from like domain parking.

So if somebody likes to do a search for something, and you know, they land on a parked domain that's supposed to supposedly theme they'll sell you a theme to traffic from that is real spammy stuff, but I've done it for press releases in the past. Now just buy the gym traffic from Google. So it's relevant and it's real traffic.

What Is The Best Way To Power Up A Large Franchise Auto Dealers Site?

Alright, Jay says I meant I managed large franchise auto dealers and want to know the best way to power up their websites. I cannot point any spammy stuff at their websites. I do on-page schema and GMB, management, and consulting. Well, you're in the right place, then that's what the SEO shield is all about. If you're not familiar with that, go right there. Perfect. Adam just posted it to comments below yours, Jay. He says the SEO shield. That is like what we just been talking about now for the last 10 minutes. That's exactly what you want to do is the SEO shield for your client's websites.

The fact is it's for one brand, you said large franchise, boy, you can push a hell of a lot of power through a branded drive stack and G site that you continually expand for each individual dealership with the RBS expansions of their location shields, like you can push an incredible amount of power through that and accrue a lot of power into that drive stack in the G site. So the SEO shield. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, I asked him to come here because this was really interesting. He has a he's managing and other dealer franchise or a set of franchises. And what is it what he's doing is schema and MGYB management what he means by MGYB management and consulting. I have no idea. But I did want to talk about we have local GMB Pro. We were like the ones who started we were the ones who showed how you use GMB and how to optimize, how to get the most out of GMB to push up your site into what was then the five-pack for the seminar, I can't remember what it was, it changed right in between there to a three-pack. But the training is still relevant to this day. So whatever it is that you're doing for them, local GMB pro will teach you how to post what to post and the way that you didn't need to do the posting to get the most out of it. One to the SEO shield, so that you get familiar with what it is because it does include schema, or getting your organization, your entity information all in one place. So this is auto dealer franchises in different places, how you're going to associate each one of those to the main entities or whatever it is, whether it's a key a set of franchises, whether it's Toyota, Ford, Chevy, whatever it is you're doing, you have to have the organization.

And how many franchises does that parent organization has, let's say you have five? Well, you have to relate those five to that main entity URL, you have five separate entities, and you have to rank five separate things. Whereas, and it's a good thing that you're in Duff's has been rough schema court, because what he shows is how you take those five different dealerships. And if they belong to one franchise owner, then well, it also depends on what the brand, what the carmaker will let you do, but how you relate that one to the other the parent-child relationships that you create the organization, and then I would I take it, these would be in different locations, or they sell different auto, the different automakers for the same franchise owner, how you relate all of these different ones and make it all about one general thing. So now your brand. Now you're the main entity, but it's also your brand, and how you go and promote that brand. And how you get that message out how you relate the brand, to the entities and keywords in the industry. So you start ranking for them. That's what it's all about. And if you want them that the nitty, the real nitty-gritty on how this happened, that's the heavy hitter club. The heavy hitter club is where we take you into that technical SEO realm where we show you the different things that you can do with schema, the different things that you can do with the entity the different things that you could do with content with the GMB we do a lot of things Bradley's meant in the training we go in, in-depth into to be things that we don't generally teach in local GMB Pro.

This Stuff Works
Because it gets into the technical SEO aspect, it gets into how you generate exponential power to everything that you're doing. So it's all of these different things, how to put it all together. And then if you're looking to branch out, but people, once you get that good people will start approaching you. Can you help me, it's all about growing your business and growing your agency or whatever it is that you're doing. And that's the semantic mastery mastermind. So I don't want to make this a pitch fest about what we do. But what you're looking for is what we do. Yeah, all of the processes. And all of the systems that we've created over time, are exactly what you're looking for. I can tell you right now schema is just starting to scratch the surface of the power that you can generate GMB, management, and consulting whatever that means I can guarantee you You haven't even scratched the surface of what you can do with GMB and how to use it and how to get the best results from it pushing power into your auto dealers. So there you go start there this yo shield that training is free. We have plenty of resources free on our YouTube channel. Go ahead and make sure that saying that like isn't working j just go to it's because of the way that it was hyperlinked in the chat. Just go to the SEO shield comm just type it in your address bar, seoshield.com and it'll work. It's just the way that it was hyperlinked in that comment. That is why it's not working. Okay. So try it. You'll see. There you go much better. Thank you. And Adam, did you want to comment?

Yeah, I just had an idea. This is because I deal primarily with Click Funnels and email. But when he started saying multiple, and it turns out, so we had a message on YouTube, and James was saying, I mean, there are 25 dealers here in Seattle. So hey, what's up Seattle, I'm in Seattle. But the thing that struck me was a lot of times we don't see some of the opportunities and I'm curious for you guys on a call. When I hear that I think Oh man, I remember the times I've gone about a car or inquire to the car dealership, and it's like I did email follow-ups like, I get notifications from them. And if you're talking about 25 dealerships, like that's a lot of traffic that they potentially could direct. And I knew as someone who deals with like planning email for multiple businesses, looking at this different content, like what else can we tell people or share with people, and social media posts are great GMB posts if they're of substance could be interesting. And so I'm wondering what do you guys think about using things like the in-filter in-house email list and sending people back to the GMB to look at a post or to the website to look at actual articles. And just, instead of sending an email saying Nissan's are on sale for the Summer Sale, you know, there's so much more we can do. And in my mind, that would help drive a lot of engagement on the site, oh, my God, if you have an email list, and I mean, and I really discovered what Adam is talking about, it absolutely moves the needle. If you send people to like traffic from an email list, where it clicks through to like a GMB post or something like that, it will absolutely give you a boost because of all that traffic that you pushed into it. It's crazy, but like someone else's, when I was doing direct mail for my real estate business, people would get the letter when, you know, I was targeting landowners and sending them a letter saying, Hey, you know, I know you got a piece of vacant land, if you're interested in selling it, either call this number, which was an 800 number or go to my landing page, you know, goes to my website and submit the property information sheet or form. And a lot of people would end up going and searching Google for the brand name of my real estate business. And then they would click through to the landing page. And I wasn't even doing SEO, when I first started that I was just running paid traffic and doing direct mail. And but I started to rank within a matter of a couple of weeks with zero SEO done like zero SEO is done. And I started ranking number one in the state of Virginia for you know, my primary keywords and it was because of the traffic that was the search and click traffic, the brand search to call navigational search queries that were you know, from people receiving my mail, and then my direct mail physical mail, and then they would go search the brand name in Google and then click through. And so it would rank and that's just again, so what Adam just said is absolutely true. If you've got access to, you know, marketing, like email lists and things like that, then you can do a lot with directing targeted traffic to specific points that will help your SEO, your whole digital presence in general. Yeah, without you knowing a lot of what James is saying like if you're just not just but if you're doing schema DMV, you probably are not in control of email list or you may not be, but it may be a value add where you can bring this up as a strategy to the owners. If you're not the owner, and say, Hey, you know, before you guys have sales, you should direct some traffic to the site and to GMB post announcing it during the sale, you probably want to send them somewhere more targeted. But you know, these just some of those ideas where you can get a lot more power out of shit you already have the additional cost to the business is trivial at that point. Also, the coupon that sends people over to the patients, so maybe the people who are doing a service for whatever. Now that the car is doing breaks, you did just what are you you have a million excuses to send people an email on that list, getting them into the GMB post the power of the GMB and then having those people click over coupons work phenomenally well, in GMB offers work great.

Anytime that you can get people into thinking that they're getting something free. They don't have to know why it is that you're doing it but they think, okay, I'm getting something for free and all I'd have to do is click and yeah, that traffic natural traffic is what wins and what person what that person does at the end, you're going to have some people take advantage of that coupon and click to call or fill out the form or go to the calendar and schedule having their car come in for that service. Whatever it is tired break and there are so many things now available to and 25 dealerships with who knows how many years of having sold people, automobiles, you probably target the list and get new car sales just from that just from getting people back in you know, as we took care of you whatever is this there are so many ways to make money gets ridiculous.

This Stuff Works

I like that game. So St. Mary's trying to get the training go through the training. So, James, it sounds like what you're saying is you want to go through the training, come up with the process so that then you can either hand this off or sell it to the other 92 consultants like yourself or take over their business. That's how if that's not true, let us know but i think that you know you're on the right starting point here, I've got, I would suggest, you know, joining the heavy hitter club, to get the idea of, you know how to how to best put the pieces together and utilize the strategies, but not how to actually build everything. I mean, you can, but it sounds like you would be much better off at learning the concepts and how to direct them and manage them. And then you can order the done for you services from MGYB so that you can scale very quickly, because that way, you know, instead of learning how to actually do all this stuff manually, I mean, you certainly could if you wanted, but you sound like you've got you're in a much better position to kind of like direct and manage that type of work. And that would be great for us at MGYB to have a high volume client, which by the way, we would, you know, high volume clients get, you know, special deals at a time. So you just have to reach out if that's something that you did. So comment on that.

Now, he says he is going to train them on it, but he wants to put the process together. First, we've already put the process together is what I'm trying to tell you James, the processes in place, you would have to create the systems for how you apply the for how the process works in whatever it is that you do. But it doesn't work any differently. I keep Listen, local, national, global, it's all relative, it doesn't matter. Once you create the correct schematic relationships, it doesn't make any difference where you are or what your target is, the process is always the thing, the process is pushing so much power, that you outrank anything else, while at the same time creating your brand's relationship to the keywords like new cars in Seattle. buy a new car in Seattle, new cars me how that person starts that car buying process. It Okay, so how do you target that? Is it used cars? How do we go after that? How do we then relate these What is it 99 3900 dealers, or 25? dealers in Seattle? How do these all relate? Can we bring them all into one umbrella Do we have to create separate entities, for each one of these? Do we need maybe five entities where each one would have five? Now you're talking about how this is all going to be put together. But the process on how you get all of this to work. And the systems that have been submitted master has been around eight years. So it's eight years in the making, at least. And I've been online for 18 years. So it's 18 years at the very least, that we've been at this helping people to create the systems and processes so that the system and process then take over for you. And you can kind of like like then you can take that management overview where you're not really doing anything except directing the people who do the things that you're supposed to do, who train who apply and who helped you make money. I mean that that's the whole thing. And the place to be is once again, the heavy hitter club. If you join both doesn't matter mastery mastermind and the heavy hitter club, you get a steep discount on the heavy hitter Club, which I need to talk to rob about doing something because it's people aren't paying enough for the value that they're getting. I'm always saying we got to we have to raise the prices, we have to raise the prices we're giving away too much. But literally, we put everything we detail it we start from entities and the heavy hitter club and work our way all the way up to now we're doing iframes finishing up iframes and then we're doing case studies local one, we're doing e-commerce case so everything is there for you to take advantage of it. So he's a senior consultant for Ford.

Right now I just bought a brand new Ford Ranger two and a half weeks ago. So it's pretty cool.

Joe deer tag.

Oh dear, pronounced dear Tay.

Awesome. Well, James, hopefully, we see you around and can see how this progresses. Whether it's something hangouts or heavy hitters, club mastermind, whatever ends up floating your boat and gives you the results looking forward to seeing where this goes. Yeah, no, he didn't hijack the call he just posted on there. Nobody else is posting questions. And this is worthwhile getting into because people need to know what it is that's offered. I mean, it's not just MGYB it's not just like building an iframe. We help you put together your entire business. We help you make your entire business a success. And the bottom line is are you making money? Because if you're not then it then it's fucking useless. I always say but the proof of a profit is whether the prophecy comes true. While the proof of an SEO is whether he can get your shit to rank and then help you make money, because if he doesn't, then He's useless as an SEO, and you'll see a lot of these churns and burn that they do nothing. And then they have to go get other clients because then they know they're not going to do anything but those clients, so the pipeline constantly has to be full of clients, because of the churn and burn methods. Well, I've had clients for over a decade, nearly 15 years, one client, they won't leave, I can't get them to leave. Like they keep offering me more money and then I'm not gonna turn good money away. But that's the difference between the guys who are Johnny come lately, and the guys who have withstood the test of time like Semantic Mastery.

So there you go. Said order a lightning Bradley. Yeah, now I went I downgraded from an F 150. Because got cost the gas is going through the roof. So I got a little bit of a smaller truck and it's it's nice, so I like it. So very nice. So

anyways, alright guys. Thanks, everybody. Well, I guess we can wrap up a couple of minutes early. Thanks for telling me that there's one of those invisible banners I just hit.

I love it. teams. You said to order lightning lol.

See you guys. Thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you all next week.

Bye, everybody.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 341

By April

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Be I've got a number live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 341. Today is the 26th of May 2021. We got the full group here, we got few announcements for you. And we're gonna get through those right after we stop, take a breather, say hello to everybody before getting in, and then answering your question. So first of all, let me start here on my left, turn on, how are you doing today? Oh, wow, I wasn't expecting that. It's good, man. Everything is good. I'm excited to be here. As usual. It's getting really cold down here. Well, let's call let's see, it's not as cold, but it's getting cold. And you know, what, everything is looking good.

That's good. I sent her a picture of what I did last week, when I went for a run and ended up in the snow, I think I scared him away from ever coming back up to visit North America again. Yeah, at least during specific times of the year, it's just, you don't know, during spring, like 1515, the best 15 days of spring. And that's it. There we go. Let's speak of the spring Marco, how are you doing today?

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Land of eternal spring, Costa Rica, man. I'm good. I can't complain. I am so overworked, working on all the different things, the plugin software, trying to push out all these different projects all at the same time. And then I'm starting a crypto trading club does that is that investment, so we're not going to hold the coin, we're not going to fall in love with it, we're not going to know what there is just buy it low, traded high, make money. That's the motto of the group. Before anyone reaches out to me, you have to meet certain conditions. One of those is I reach out to you to offer membership in the club, you don't come to me and say I want to be a member doesn't work that way. Of course, you have to be one of our paying members, it can't just be anybody coming in either. I already have nine people, by the way, that is in this. So we're just gonna start you know, we're just gonna have fun and play and see how many times we can double the whatever money we start with, no probably be 250 bucks a person. So nobody feels bad about losing 250 bucks. So it can be one of those things where you lose money. I haven't seen it yet. There you guys play this shit, right? Like on a daily basis, you can make money, even when it's going down because it will go up as it goes down. It's really interesting. All you have to do is look at the charts, look at the graphs, look at the math and apply it put in the stops, right the sell orders and the buy orders all at the right time. And so if you only make 1% daily, which you can't make anywhere else, by the way, but one thing I can think of it 1% daily. So over eight days, that's 8%, you do that nine times. So over a period of about 10 weeks, and you just double the money. And that's all you have to think of people are thinking well, I got to make 50%, I got to make 100% return for it to be worth if you make 1%, which you can make. I mean, 2030 is totally doable. You're just 1% and you're there. You have to be fearless. You can't be in that worrying about losing money, you have to be in there looking to make money. And that's the mindset, I'm going to make money, you have to look out anyway. It's just interesting. In between everything else that I'm doing, client, you guys saw the training video from not the training video but MFIs process on how she writes content. We're bringing in another person to write to help her right because we're so busy writing, so I'm getting some help for her. It's just all these different things. And I'm putting out the software and I'm clients and I got all these other things that I'm into. And now on top of all that I'm in a club. And it should be fun. I'll keep you guys posted. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes. And by the way, all members of the Semantic Mastery team of the Semantic Mastery owners are of course invited to join. So let this be the official welcoming of you in the club. If I don't know why you'd want to be a member of a club that accepts Marco.

yeah. Yeah. But I don't want to be a member of any club that would have me as I wouldn't have me.

But yeah, hey, I'm in there. That's the riffraff we won't let anybody else in any other riffraff.

But yeah, I like the 1%. I posted something on the page there for everyone. Take a look. It's from atomic habits, the book by James clear. And so that applies so many places. That's why you'll see sometimes businesses have that as our I know, at least click. I interviewed the founder said and he talked about that's part of their mission statement because you know, 1% everybody can do that. And we're not talking about investment anymore. Most people cannot do that. But personally and with their business, you make those tiny gains and that stat, so you do that for a year you multiply it, it's, it's not 37 times, right? That's or is 37 times, but that's 30 700%. Like that. Yeah.

In the book, he called it the aggregate of incremental gains. Your little photos are a lot more simply worded. But yeah, but yeah, the aggregate of incremental gains, but that's an outstanding book. If anybody's not read or listened to the pramukh habits, I highly encourage you to pick it up.

So without reading the book without reading a book, I can do the math and see that 1% daily, when you're accruing it daily, cost a whole lot of money over 365 I like anybody who can't do that math, please go back to school, please go back to first grade and start over. Because you need it. Those of you who can do the math, that 365 accruing days, man, that's a whole lot of money. I don't know whether we'll meet the goal. But you heard it today cuz I like making my goals public. Right? And I like speaking Yes. Now I have to live it. Yeah. I told you about and I told everybody publicly, anybody who sees this can hold me accountable. What the fuck are you doing? Did you do that? So here I am. It's public. I spoke it. I'm putting the club together, we're gonna put we're gonna see how we can all access, like the trading platform, from the different places in the world that I had to do, of course, can do the math. And he's in. So here we go. Here we go. I'm excited.

Jordan. Yeah. Jordan just said it's not 365% by the way. All right. Well, let's keep going on we got to get through saying hello to everybody. We got a couple of quick, other announcements. So Chris, how are you doing today? Doing well here. Cool. I like it straight into the point moving on, Bradley, how are you doing? Man, just excited. It's an exciting night. That's enough time to move on. Now.

It's an exciting time, because of the AI tools that are coming out, I've just really changed the game, guys. I mean, now it's just, in my opinion, this is an exciting time to be an SEO because the tools are making everything so much easier if you know how to use the tools and how to put all the components together, which is what, you know, Marco and Rob, teach and heavy hitter club, and then how to actually monetize those processes and systems what we teach in the mastermind. And I don't think I've been this excited about digital marketing since I first entered that space, you know, a little over a decade ago now. And I'm just a bucket excited about it all the time. Now, it's fun. I was just recording to process training for my blogger because I just offered her she's been working piece work for me for eight years. And I just offered her a salary position. It's a significant promotion for her. And it's because I've got just like Marco said, I've got so much need for content right now. And so I was just recording process training videos teach her how to use some of the tools that conversion, ai outranking.io, surfer SEO, some of those tools like that and just incredible man, you can bang out five 600 word articles and you know, posts in a matter of minutes that I mean, it's just insane. It's just a lot of fun. And all of them, you know, stuff that I've been doing over the last couple of months, which is testing a lot of these tools, and developing processes around them have started to bear fruit like a weed. I mean, I've got so many fucking leads coming in right now. Like, I can't even keep up with the need nor can the contractors that I have that are buying leads for me. So there's like a real demand for this kind of stuff. So it's just a great time to be in SEO, I think. Very, very exciting time. And this is a good place to be with us guys because we've got kind of a really broad spectrum of, you know, skills right here with our group. So it's fun, and I'm excited to be here.

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Oh, yeah. All right, well, a couple of quick more things I wanted to touch on. First of all, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, you're new to MGYB, you're new to Heavy Hitters Club, you're not sure what some of that shit is then the place you want to start at is SEOshield.com.

Alright, you're going to hear us talk about the SEO shield itself a lot and you can find out more about that as well as a hell of a lot more at the that's the word duck SEO shield.com free training go grab it done deal. Now if you're looking to easily automate content you want more authority you want relevance you want for us Syndication Academy if you have not heard of it that's the place you should be at You can find out more about that at syndication.academy and if you're ready to grow your business whether you're consulting you have an agency maybe you're one of the brick and mortar owners who's doing stuff online, then you want to join the best community for that and the place for you would be the mastermind is Semantic Mastery mastermind you find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com and just a minute ago I mentioned mg y B and Heavy Hitters Club. You can find out more about MGYB that's where you get all your done for you services like SEO shield I mentioned syndication networks done for you link building press releases a ton of other stuff at mgyb.co and Heavy Hitters Club Marco I need to Better URL. I don't have it written down. Where's the one place? They should go? I just dropped it into the chat. It's heavyhitter.club. That's right, thanks. I always screw that up because I don't write it down. And I'm fixing that right now.

All right, there we go. So head over there. Go check it out. And keep coming back to Hump Day Hangouts. This is a place I do this when I posted in the Facebook group. But seriously, come to Hump Day Hangouts. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Yes, we want you to subscribe. But also that way, if you ever ask questions, we get it. You can't attend live all the time, then you'll get notified. And you can at least go back and check it out, see if maybe what other people are asking or if you asked a question, and you can get it answered. So it doesn't just drop through the cracks. So do those two things. And reach out if you have any questions about what you don't know or what you should be doing. You can always ask at Hump Day Hangouts. And we can point you in the right direction, whether it's a course whether it's something you need to do, maybe it's just something you need to read about. That's why we're here. So with that said, Guys, anything else we need to cover before we get into it? Let's do it. Let's do it. Got a whole bunch of questions. Can you guys see my screen? Right? Yep. Okay.

Are There Any Tools To Help You In Optimizing 20k GMB Names And Categories Of Banks And ATM Locations?

Let's see. The first one I see is a meal. He says, what would you do if you needed if you need GMB names and category optimization for 20,000 banks and ATM locations in multiple languages are there but I don't think I understand that question or what it is that you're trying to do?

So do you want to scrape the names and categories of 20,000 of the names of 20,000 banks and ATM locations?

Sounds more like the opposite to me not knowing and I don't work with GMBs. But I'm thinking like the conversion AI stuff like coming up with unique descriptions for each or something. Does that make sense to you guys?

I don't know. Because you can't add unique or you can't add custom categories to GMB. I'm unable to do that for years, you have to select an already existing category. So I don't know what, you know what he means by if you need GMB's names and categories? To me, I would think it would. Again, the way I'm interpreting this is I think more like what Marco was interpreting is is there some way to scrape that stuff? I don't know if you can clarify the question. I'm happy to try to give it a shot. But I just don't really understand what it is that you're trying to do here what the intent of the question is, does anybody else have an idea?

No, but I mean, we had software when we could go when we weren't going to nine and 10. Remember when Google Local Guides, and we had a script that would go and find the ATMs and the bags and drop reviews and all kinds of things, things, images in all the different points of so I probably somewhere in all my stuff. I probably have any Python script that does that. But he would have to be adjusted for ga for specific GMB names, or banks, or whatever it is. To find them to go scrape fine. And then like, I'm not sure what it is that you want to be done and the languages like I don't know. But of course, it's not free, because it took us a lot of time to code that up. Yeah.

Yeah, as far as data scraping, there was a question that came up recently in the mastermind about that there were two tools that I've been using recently a lot. D seven lead finder, which I don't know if that's, again, pertaining to your questions specifically. But I know that questions come up recently, multiple times. The seven lead finder I've been I had been using, which is good. If you're doing a lot of like bulk scraping and stuff that it's 100 bucks a month actually went up. I think it's like $120 a month now. But you know, if you get the professional plan, which is great for bulk scraping, like most, you know, up to 100 cities at a time for a particular keyword. And that works great for what I'm doing for my directory. But then more recently, I've been also using Tech's out I think it's called TX au, which is a different kind of scraping tool, but it does a ton of like it's almost like a Zapier. It's got what they call spices, which are individual tasks. And then you can create recipes by combining different spices. And it does all kinds of scraping, like custom scraping stuff that you want that you can develop or you know, create your own recipes or use some of their already created recipes, which I mean some of the really cool things is it'll scrape profiles from Facebook groups, which is pretty cool. There's I mean, it's just got a ton of different functionality and they're always adding to it. So that's it's a there's an App Sumo deal right now. It's gone up a little bit but there's it's still on appsumo and in my opinion, is still worth it. You have to buy three codes minimum for you to get an hour of processing time per day. Which is what I'm using. And that that's more than enough for what I've been needing. But it's a pretty powerful tool, and I see a lot of stuff on their development like a roadmap, that's going to make it continue to get stronger and stronger. So that's a really good tool as well. I've checked that out if you guys are doing any data scraping.

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Is It A Good Idea To Buy Aged YouTube Accounts And Reupload Videos From Branded Syndication Ring For Extra Backlinking?

Alright, so the next question is, looks like Brad or Brady, one of the two. Hey, guys, is it a good idea to buy aged YouTube accounts and re-upload all of our videos from our branded syndication ring? For extra backlinking? Or will this cost duplicated content penalties? No, it won't. There's no such thing as duplicate content, especially on YouTube. The only time that you can get duplicate content on YouTube is if you're trying to upload the exact same video to the same channel. If you take one video that's on one channel, and you upload that same video to 1000 other YouTube channels, YouTube will take it. It's only if you try to upload the exact same YouTube file or video file to the same YouTube channel and YouTube, it will start to upload, and then it will stop it and it will say it's duplicate content, and it won't allow it to upload. But if you change the encoding, or you change the metadata, or you change the title, or you change the file name or anything else, typically it will take. So it's just I don't know, the filename will do it anymore used to be able to do that. But that might it might still catch it if it's the same encoding and everything. But if you change something, they call it video spinning, right, which is just modifying the encoding, metadata, things like that to allow the same video to be uploaded to the same channel, which I don't know why you'd want to do that for spam purposes maybe. But you know, it's in my opinion, there's no need to have the same video on the same channel more than once. But you can take the same video and upload it to many, many channels and it won't cause duplicate content issues. There's really no such thing as that on YouTube except for on the same channel. So is it a good idea to do that? I mean, I don't know. I don't do a lot of YouTube-like SEO stuff anymore. I know it's still you know, I still create YouTube channels for you know, all projects, there's always a branded channels, just part of the SEO shield anyways as part of the syndication network and ultimately part of the SEO shield, and I still always like I'm using David's Sprague's rap videos. It's great. It works great because it creates nice-looking videos. It's inexpensive. And so for all my clients or my lead gen assets, we use David Sprague's rep videos to create content for the YouTube channel and then embed NAP name, address, phone number keywords, links to all the tier one entity assets, and all of that in the YouTube description. And then you can even upload though you can download those files and even upload them to GMB. So it's an again, optimize the file use something like mass optimizer pro or something like that to optimize the video file to embed. You can't put latitude and longitude in the video file, but you can add in the comment section like NAEP, publisher URL, copyright URLs, things like that. So you can link out to tier-one entity assets in the metadata of the video file and upload it to GMB. It's another great little hack to get. And by the way videos in GMB's attract a lot of views. You notice that if you upload a video, they tend to get quite a bit of using photos are also crushing it in GMB right now, too.

So this misses the point. All right, so you buy a million age YouTube accounts, and you upload the video file a million times across all of these YouTube channels. And if nobody watches the video, you just wasted a million true YouTube accounts. No watch time activity. Guys. I've been saying that for years activity, relevance, trust, and authority, trust and authority going hand in hand. Because you can't have one without the other. If you don't have some kind of ART in whatever it is that you're doing. If you haven't thought it out, where you are going to get people somehow to watch whatever it is that you're doing that you just wasted a whole lot of time and got nothing back for it except a while I own a million YouTube channels. You're so fucking What have you made any money from it? The whole point in all of this is to get people in there. How are you going to get people in there? What's the point of that same video a million times, Hey, why don't you take that video and syndicated across your properties? Because you should be building a social network where you're being social in your social media properties and you're blogging and you're sharing your content, and you're building that audience up so that somebody is watching the video. Somebody who reacts to your video or acts on your video goes to the channel watches more videos. Hey, how about buying some ads at pennies? per watt? How about that getting people in there into that video or getting people into your tier one branded, wherever that video file is? Hey, how about getting in embed gig from MGYB when backlinking so that when you do that power push, you push a person through those ads in there and make everything just mushroom. How about thinking this through, which is the GMB way so that you get the most bang for the buck. So that instead of wasting all that time with a million Youtube channels, you're powering up your, your branded channel, your T one properties, everything that's attached to T one, your GMB your drive stack your G site, and you're actually getting people in there who might convert and actually make you money. That question that you asked her is in contemplating how you're going to get people to watch and take action on your channel. That's what Google is looking at activity, relevance, trust, and authority, been saying it for years, and will continue saying until the algorithms change what the algorithm is all about?

Yeah, I'm glad you brought that up. Because, you know, I posted began yesterday in the mastermind for the third week now in a row, posted an update about using Google ads for buying activity, you know, buying art, essentially right activity, relevance, trust, and authority. And using Google Ads with a $2 a day budget, and getting incredible map ranking results from that alone from just buying traffic from a relevant audience and a very specific geo-targeted area. And it just moves the needle. I mean, it moves the needle in a matter of a week. It's incredible. And it's very inexpensive, and it's incredibly effective. And so I'm going to be covering that a little bit more tomorrow in the mastermind webinar. Because I was going in a very specific way. But I just started setting up some additional testing using Google Ads traffic. So I totally agree. It's here's just a quick hack that, you know, in talking about what Marco was just talking about with also embeds in link building. If you were to take the Google Ads traffic and send it to a video, that you want to rank for SEO purposes, which by the way, you can use that also to help to rank whatever it's linking to GMB assets, money sites, whatever, in the video itself, right. So because it's essentially the YouTube video becomes a tier-one entity asset. So if you run traffic to it using Google ads, and you start to get some traction with it because of the activity, then you go, and wow, that traffic is, you know, running to it. You do an embed gig and backlink gig that looks natural, it's a very kind of natural occurrence, start to traffic first. That's the way I do it anyway, and then run embeds and backlinks as the traffic is building to it because it looks more natural In my opinion, than just running, embeds in backlinks. And then you know, sprinkling a little bit of traffic in if that makes sense. It seems more natural to have a traffic start. And then like embeds and backlinks start to catch up, because it mimics more of a viral nature, like more of viral activity. So anyway, that just tends to work really, really well. And I've not been doing a lot of stuff with YouTube. But I have been doing a lot of stuff with Maps and Google Ads traffic, and it just it works incredibly well. It's hard to beat to be honest. So I know the comments on that.

Should You Rebuild A High Authority Wiki Type Domain And Link Out To The Money Site?

Robert says I acquired a high authority wiki type domain on the unexpired drop. Should I rebuild the wiki site as best I can then link out to a money site or 2.0, this domain, new content with similar historic navigation to pass through traffic to a money site? That's a good question. I don't know. I mean, I would think you would lose potentially some power. If you didn't build it back out. If it was a wiki-type site? I don't know. That's not something I could really answer. I don't have an answer to that. Marco, What do you say?

to pass traffic through that? I'm kind of lost on that. So the expired domain that has traffic? I mean, once you pick the back up the still traffic going to that domain? Or you're expecting traffic to come to that domain, once it's built out and then pass traffic through that? Or did you buy the wiki-type domain for the linking power? that it could provide the I'm not really understanding this, what's the point of building it out? Doing all that work when you could be working on your money site and your SEO shield and building that out? And you could just do one, this expired domain as long as it has good metrics and passes the link power that way? Yeah, three, I wanted to like the G site or something, right? Yeah, the G side, the GMB site, and anything that can handle it, and then you can hammer the expired domain. This way you can even hammer because it's going to a G site or to the GMB site and they can take it all day long. Yeah. And you're powering that up and that should be hooked up to the right Wait, the local GMB pro, and the heavy hitter club way it should be hooked upright so that by the time the power reaches your money site, it will be exponential rather than just linear.

This Stuff Works

Yeah, I agree. I mean, I can see potentially some benefit of rebuilding it with the old content. But I agree with Marco and that that seems like a whole shit ton of additional work. But you could be spending that time energy, money on, you know, working on building your tier one entity assets out of your G site, your SEO shield powering that up, I mean, just do a quick 301 redirect from the domain to a G site or GMB. Whatever it is, as part of your you know, part of your SEO shield. I agree. I think that's probably the quickest way to benefit from that. So Robert says join heavy hitter club recently very pleased so far. So ninja schema training, Rob is produced to Yeah, that's that course is amazing. Working through all the webinars at the moment. Thank you. Well, that's cool. So wasn't even a question. It was just an accolade.

So yeah, thank you. Asked me, I was gonna say asked me on Monday, but Monday is Memorial Day. So we're honoring the fallen even though I'm in Costa Rica, we still honor the fallen all over the world. That so let's honor Memorial Day, we're not gonna have a heavy hitter club webinar that day. But for the following two, Monday's in a row, we will have webinars so we'll make up the webinar that you guys losing. But just ask us not a week, not this Monday, but a week from Monday, on what to do with that expired domain and we can give you some really good shit that you can do with it that I refuse to talk about, like in public, but when you can ask me you remember the heavy hitter club and we'll figure out what to do with it, and how you can best benefit from it. Especially if you're going through the training you should already like once you get to how we do the link building and how we hook everything up on-site on the GMB on the G site press releases and how we hammer everything you'll know exactly what to do with this.

Very cool.

How To Put Schema In GMB Business Site And GSite?

Alright, digital why he says hi, the schema course is amazing. Can you please guide me on how to put schema on the GMB business site and the G site? We've talked about. I don't think you can do it on the GMB site. You can't. Yeah. But on the G site, you just embed a property that has schema, money site page, which is what we teach anyways. ID page, press advantage organization page anywhere that you can put schema, you just didn't do an embed.

And I'm pretty sure that in the training in the heavy hitter club. I think even at the free level. Rob, because we did it during a webinar, we showed how you can insert schema into G site directly onto the G site. Now, the problem is Google sometimes gets rid of it. Yeah, for whatever reason. Yeah. But the ability is it to do it is there because it's not the way that this was intended to be used. But you can't use it that way. So you can inject the script into the G site. Again, the problem is Google sometimes will just kill it. Other times it'll come through and it'll read it just fine. If your iframe something with schema, Google will sometimes go through and see it and other times, it just won't. But that's Google, as long as it reads it that one time. That's all we care about. Because we know it hasn't stored it's in the database and the bot can access it at any time at once. And that's all we care about. I think with schema, as long as you've had it crawled and indexed, it will state it will still show it again, we showed that live and I can't remember we showed that live on a paid webinar or if it was shared in the free trade lots of free stuff in there, Wahid. So go Look, just go join for free, go through the free stuff, go through our YouTube channel, a bunch of free stuff in there, you can get a whole bunch of free training as far as it goes. All is information is all over the place. Just go find it.

What Schema Structure Should You Use For A Personal Branding Site With Service Pages?

Yeah. He says number two is I have a website basically a personal branding, where I have listed my services page, what should be the schema structure for this? Can you please define Should I create a separate brand for the organization? Or what should it be? I don't know. Because I don't really completely understand what the structure of that is not never, never a separate brand. Yeah. Never ever, ever. Because then you're creating ambiguity is making. If you create a separate brand, you're making Google think that it's two different things, two different entities, you never want to do that. For your services page, that services schema. It should be in the training and if it just goes to schema.org and find services schema and put it on that page. And then Rob does talk about how to reference the organization in that service schema and how to write reference the service in the org schema. I can't remember if I forgot, yeah, it should be because there's a parent-child relationship. Parent claiming the child claiming the parent, everything's fine. If you're not clear about what to do, there's a Facebook group where you can ask this question, and Rob can answer directly, but I'm pretty short. Yeah, this is, to me, the whole thing about this is you get it right. So your organization schema goes on your homepage, or on the about page, I prefer the homepage, to services goes on the services page or having many services pages, you're going to set up talking about the different services. And there's a whole bunch of schema that you can add regarding the services. If you're looking to reference, this is where the ad IDs come in, go back, go through the training. And you'll know exactly how to link these up, go through the templates. If you after having gone through all of the training. And after having gone through the templates, you still have questions. That's why Rob has a Facebook group. Yeah, go in there and ask him this very question. Because honestly, I cannot give you a better answer than Rob. I mean, he's right now he's the schema savant in the semantic mastery. sphere. I don't want to answer for him, I can only give you what I know, or my very limited knowledge of schema. And I can tell you right now, that question, whether it should be separate the separate brand is no, never, ever, unless it's a DBA. Doing business as which you then reference in a parent-child relationship. That's how it works. Sweet. What's up Jordan?

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Are You Still Working On The SEO Ultimate SEO Plugin To Work With The Current Version Of Divi Theme?

See, Mark, Aaron, says Marco is used to working on the ultimate SEO plugin? Yes, I'm asking because I cannot use the current version with the Divi theme. Thanks.

We know the remastered version that we're currently beta testing has resolved the Divi theme. And there was another conflict with another theme. There was another issue. Was it Elementor or whatever it was, yeah, Elementor? And it was conflicting with WooCommerce. For some reason, that's all been taken care of what you're going to get functions with every theme until they update one of the fucking themes, and then we'll have to go back in and fix it probably. Just so you know, how far out is it? Well, Bradley has a copy of it. He's beta testing. And I saw Jordan drop in. And he's beta testing and a few other people in my dire wolf mini mastermind. They're testing and I'm testing and together we should be able to come up with something in the next few weeks.

Yeah, I have not been testing it as much as I should be, as I've been focusing more on GMB stuff, but I'm transitioning more towards organic stuff now because I've got people doing GMB stuff for me now. So hopefully I'll get to test a little bit more. That said, moving on.

See, Adam says I always assumed the AU is a reference to go No, it's um, text, a textile. He mentions in his training videos what it stands for something like technology automation or something like that.

Yeah, that's funny, man. I realized I've got two licenses from 2020. And so I was like, No, I've got to get back in there and check it out. Again.

It's a great tool, man. It really is. It's pretty powerful. So they've got some pretty good training videos and stuff too.

What Image Metadata Is The Most Important Among The 6 Types (IPTC-IIM, IPTC Core, Plus or Dublin Core, GPS, EXIF, Image Data or Pixels)?

So digital, Waleed says there are six types of image metadata. He lists them all. What are the important ones? Which metadata should be considered mandatory? I couldn't answer that I just optimize the fields from I'm still using mass optimizer at the time currently for geotagging images. And I just use whatever it modifies. That's what I do. But do you have a better answer, Marco?

No, no, because I don't really worry about images that much as long as I get them. Yeah, again, I'm not gonna go into what I teach in the heavy hitter club that does wonders for whatever it is that we're targeting. But yeah, you can go into the metadata. You can go into the x if you can get really carried away because you can add tags in there. You can add the author you can add the year you can add a whole bunch of information. You can add a wedding review the stars on it, the year that it was given that just a whole bunch of information. I'm gonna tell you right now, though, if this is for local, nothing, absolutely nothing works better than images taking at the location both Yep, at the centroid. So wherever the business originates, even if it's in your garage and how that relates to the surrounding area because that's how Google will create the radius. That is where it's going to show up to people that are close by. That's how that's what Google is going to look at. The further that you can extend that again, that's part of the training that we've done local GMB Pro, the further that you can extend the centroid, the better it is that it's going to be for your ranking, especially as you get closer to the metro centers. If you're not already at the centroid of the city, the centroid meaning the geographic center, not what everybody considers the center. But what Google considers the geographic center and what Google considers your business centroid or the exact geolocation of your business in relation to everything else, and in relationship to everyone else competing for that keyword set that you're after, or that niche.

Yeah, Marco, he's 100%. Right. I've got just a couple of clients that provide me with original photos from tree Tree Service jobs that they're doing, that they take with their phone, and there's no question that those images move the needle for the GMB significantly because they're uploaded directly to the GMB through the app on their phone. And it's very, very powerful, I still geotag a shit ton of images from for most of my clients, because they don't give me any original images. And that works. It does work. But it's not nearly as effective as original images taken from the phone and uploaded directly to GMB from that device. And that seems to just, it's incredible how powerful that is. And people overlook it. And I've tried to tell that to clients over and over and over again, and they just and I don't know why. So many fucking clients have difficulty, they will find it so challenging to just snap four or five pictures on every job that they do. Like, how is that difficult? You know, it's not at all or snaps, take a quick short video. Hey, this is Joe on top of the tree right now in Fairfax County, Virginia. You know, we do Tree Removal in Fairfax, give us a call anytime. Phone numbers like a 22nd video clip can like do significant movement for a GMB. And it's just it's crazy that so many people don't want to do that. So many clients just don't want to do that. But whatever. You got to kind of got to make it work however we can, right.

Yeah, I mean, if you have no other option, then you go and you go into the data. But if you do have an option, if you have a client that's willing, I think about it, you're at the location on your phone connected to GPS, right. So So yeah, Google knows exactly where you are. Google, in fact, will know the wind speed will give Google the the the elevation, where you are not just the geolocation. But there are so many things that you're feeding Google from that geolocation is, and here's the thing and what most people miss. Google is nothing but a fucking set of servers somewhere the part of Google where we've like because of course, it's also alphabet, Inc, the bigger conglomerate Corporation, whatever you want to call it, that that's an alphabet that has a whole lot of things. That is, but the part of Google where we play is a set of servers around the world. What do these servers store they store information? They have a graphical repetitive representation of the information. It's a relational database. That's all it is. When it's all said and done, all you have is a bunch of servers with a bunch of stores holding information about whatever niche about whatever entity in that niche. And all you're doing. Because this is a hungry monster. So hungry data monster, it's looking for new information every day. Because that's how a relational database works. It doesn't work on just old information, it incorporates new information, it needs it, to continue filling out this niche, all of the information that it needs to relate these two different things to the best entity that it's creating in that niche, and how your entity relates to the best entity in that niche. It's all information. It's all math, it's all algorithms and that's all it is. Whatever they use to access the information, whether they go through AI, whatever else it is that they're using. When it's all said and done, it's math. If you fill in the back the variable better than anybody else, you win. How I can't make it any simpler than that. You feed the back the right variable. better than anybody else, you win. If you don't, if you have to give the bot the same variables that everybody else is giving it, then you have to give the bot a reason why it should rank your garbage better than anybody else's garbage that it already has. It already has garbage from everybody else. Why is your garbage more special than anybody else's, make it not garbage? It can be Spam. Spam isn't necessarily garbage. And you can spam all day long. And it's going to love whatever it is that you're giving it. But if you don't give the bot a reason. So if everybody else is doing x f, and you're not, you're going to lose. If you do X, and everybody else is there's no reason for Google to take your shit above anybody else's. So you better be applying other methods other than just that to win. If you're giving google images on a daily basis, from everything related to this geographical area, then you have a better chance of winning than anybody else, because nobody's doing it. Bradley just said it. History service clients hardly ever do it. But the ones who do get great movement. And so so please, stop thinking of Google as this all-knowing, all-seeing all-powerful thing that just rules the world because it isn't. It's a fucking database, it's looking for information, give it information, new information, better information, different information than anybody else. I just told you how to when Atomy looked like you want to say something,

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I just more of a maybe a tip, somebody could get something out of I randomly did this for a client. Maybe this would be helpful for you guys. That was unrelated. But they needed people that worked with them to send in pictures and they were tired of people being like, Oh, just connect my phone to your computer or like trying to remind them. So what I did was set up as what there's a PR account, you can send in, you can create an email in Zapier that you can send emails to, and then connect that to a Google Drive folder. So I created a shared Google Drive folder, created the Zapier email account and connected the two, and then said great, just tell people to send stuff in and you can set it up so you can see who sent the email. When they sent it stuff like that, which was important for them for this. It sounds like it's not so important. But I realized it's not difficult to send but giving them like that one thing instead of like, remember to send me an email to be like just dump every picture you ever take. That's important. The end of this folder can kind of help people out sometimes.

Yeah. But you know, one of the things that I've tried to convey to my clients, entry service contractors is that all they have to do is take photos on-site and then just upload them directly to the GMB from their phone just through digital. Yeah.

Yeah. And I would think that there's value in doing that. But yeah, and that's why I just said like, it's maybe an edge case. But if somebody else finds this helpful, maybe,

yeah, it helped. The problem I've had with having them send me the photos is depending on how they send them, oftentimes that metadata gets stripped out. Yeah. And so that's the problem. So it's just easier, and it's more efficient, to not put that additional step in to have them send them to me just upload them directly through, and then I can use those photos. When we're publishing GMB posts, for example, because they're part of the GMB like photo archives or whatever if that makes sense.

So I mean, I think about this in terms of like human psychology, then like, so incentivize the behavior, and don't expect them to do something new that they don't like doing. So like even though you're telling them, Hey, this is gonna benefit you. So I'm thinking like, send them a reminder email, if so long as they're an active client every week asking them if they've uploaded their emails, and then if they have, you can, you know, add a carrot instead of the stick? Maybe like, give them a discount, say like, hey, if every time every week you upload more than five pictures, you know, I'm going to knock off 10 bucks or I'm going to give you a free blog post at the end of the month. If you do this for weeks in a row, something like that idea.

Yeah. A couple of GMB posts, man. So every out of every 10 images, you get a free GMB post. That's a great idea. Yeah. That might be something had to work into our processes. Yeah, but we got to test it to see if it works and then Incorporated.

Should You Target Specific Keywords When Running Google Ad Traffic To Maps Or G Listing Of An HVAC Site?

Alright, cool. So jack says Google Ad traffic's maps g listing HVAC site, should it be targeting specific keywords or keywords are irrelevant just to get some traffic on it? No, it's important. Look, the more relevant the traffic that you send, the better the results. So I'm not going to give you the specific details because that should be reserved for pay groups like the mastermind, which by the way, there's a mastermind webinar with me tomorrow. As I said, I've posted for the last three weeks and update each week regarding this specific strategy. I'm going to cover that more in-depth tomorrow. We have a quarterly plan. Jump into the mastermind four-quarter comm check it out for three months, you'll probably stay. But if you want the exact specifics on what I'm doing, as well as some of the additional testing that I'm going to be that I just started setting up yesterday, and I'll provide updates weekly on that as well. It's credible. I've got geo grid maps to show the results. And then this is from a GMB listing that was optimized, and it was just sending relevant traffic to it. But you just got to think about how if you know how to structure Google ads and the Display Network, which is what I'm using because you can get incredibly cheap or inexpensive clicks, you can target your geographic region, very, very tight geographic targeting, and then also set up traffic from a relevant audience. And there are a few different ways to do that. But, you know, again, I can't give away the farm here on that. But I would, you know, encourage you to come to check it out. Also, if you're not in the mastermind, and you're in a beta club, I don't really I haven't really other than I think once done a webinar with the guys with Robin Marco for the heavy hitter club. But I'm happy to jump in and do some additional, you know, guest presentations over there with Marco and Rob. So that's something that we could cover and heavy hitter club if there's enough demand and heavier club for that. I'm happy to do another webinar with you guys for that. So okay,

yeah, by the way, Google ads, it's in the training. Yeah, I don't know if the jack is in the training. But Brad, the charity webinars are included in the heavy hitter club. And we went through the whole entity. That's what the charity webinars were all about. We told you from step one through Step five, in five webinars how to take advantage of entities in today's web. I mean, we showed it Bradley went in there and gave us a form on how to do ads for branding and keyword Association. So it says really solidifying the entity all around through your brand and keyword Association. Fantastic training man. For free not being for not for free. But for the price of a donation to the charity. Should you choose not to be a member of the heavy hitter Club, which is perfectly fine.

Okay, let's see. The next question as well, I guess it's Yeah, Aaron's that's more of a comment. He says new SEO ultimate plugin up I love the plugin I really want to work with. Yeah, I agree. I agree. As a matter of fact, it was one of my sites that it didn't play with nicely. So I switched to using rank math on that one site, and it's still on that site, to be honest with you, but I missed it. Because I got so used to using the SEO ultimate plugin.

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Is There A Step By Step Guide To Start Using The Info In The Heavy Hitter Club?

So Alright, next one. Um, jack says Do not laugh. Is there a step-by-step guide to start using the info in the club? For the heavy hitter club? Or do I need to be an expert? Thanks?

Nah, man, expert. As far as what you have a whole bunch of experts and ninjas and gurus on the web or those who claim to be who don't know shit. Either about SEO, I have never ranked anything, I've never really done anything other than sell. That's all they do. And that's all they're good at the greatest sales, the greatest marketing and marketing themselves. That's all there is there a step-by-step guide, I just finished a spreadsheet with a step-by-step method on what you should be doing. But the webinars are set up in a way where we go fresh those entities, then we went into the schema, then we went into linking, then we're currently doing iframes. And you're now that Bradley has volunteered to do ads. So I'm thinking I'll take him up on it. I'll show where it fits in with what we're doing with our case studies and everything else. But we can have him in for a couple of free webinars to really detail it to carry on through, show it over the shoulder how it's done. And yeah, that would be an awesome addition to the training. But no, man, you don't need to submit it to me. It's much better for you to be an action taker, meaning that you're going to go and watch the webinars from beginning to end and take action. Then if you are an expert, and you go in and do nothing, nothing from nothing, leaves nothing. It just does. So if you go in there with an open mind, because I'm counterintuitive to the garbage that's taught people that I'm not going to call everybody else's garbage. But I'm counterintuitive to what seems to be common in SEO. I go the opposite way. Because they tell you you can't manipulate Google, I go and manipulate Google. They said you couldn't go in the belly of the beast. I go in the belly of the beast. I live in the belly of the beast and I get results time after time after time. Don't work, Marco. I know. None of us know syndication networks are obsolete that their 2008 style liquid, we were told, I thought it was a compliment, by the way, but anyway, it's just to tell you, jack, that what like what's, what's an expert, you need to be a professional, and really study if you're going to be a neurosurgeon, because he can't fuck up people's spines, you can't miss mess with their brain, unless you really know what you're doing. But with this, all you need to be able to do is follow over-the-shoulder training, watch the watch video training, watch the webinar. Most of what we show, we show it live in webinars. It's how we do it, we show you we go in and we show you this is what we're doing. This is how you do it. And all you have to do is replicate it. I don't see why anyone that's not an SEO per se, would not be able to go in and watch the training a replicated site is a perfect perfect example, isn't she, she came into syndication Academy didn't know anything about SEO might have known what it stood for might doesn't matter. She went in, follow the training. And she's able to go and manipulate any website on the web at will if it can be manipulated. So isn't that interesting that a person just walking off the street-focused on what she's doing? And following the training and applying the training? can do it? I hope that answers your question. And if not, go into the heavy hitter, clump, join the free part of the training, see what's shown in there and what's taught in there. And you'll be able to determine whether it's for you and just follow through john get then there are different levels to the training, there are different paid levels that you can join, I would highly recommend to be there for the webinars, not only so that you can watch the training live, and watch us do the live training, but also to ask questions where we can really get into detail on how you do each specific thing. That's one thing that I would advise.

I'll definitely take you up on that Marco and do some additional training for the heavy hitter club members about the Google Ad stuff. Because of the training I've done before, it's still, it's still the same concept. But I've been testing some other some of the campaigns that I've set up have evolved slightly. And I've got as I said, I've been tracking it very closely over the last few weeks. And I just started with some additional tests yesterday. So over the course of the next two to three weeks, I'm going to be tracking those results too. And so well, if we can push them out, you know, three weeks from now or something like that, a month from now then I'll have a lot of data that I can share and show you guys the results and very specifically how I set up campaigns and all that. Just like I said, it's just it's, it's like the fuel to help ignite the fire for everything else that we do. It's just incredible. And just to show how this running very relevant traffic to a GMB listing that was optimized and how much movement I was able to get from that with doing nothing else is just incredible. So when you combine that with all the other stuff that we teach, it's just like just what competition What is that?

Alright, so next up is Jordan and we're almost out of time. He says okay, working with a church that meets in a school and they want school as their GMB seeing this church did it. Does anyone know how the located-in feature is? Yeah, I've actually it's funny. I've seen that recently. One of my Tree Service contractors has a GMB that. Jordan, very similar to what you're talking about. It's located it's interesting. It even says directly in the GMB. In fact, let's open this up because it's probably going to show exactly what I'm talking about. Yeah, it says located in. It's funny because it's the Tree Service contractor that's located in a church. So it's funny, you got a church that's located in a school and I have a Tree Service contractor is this is located in and it's a church. It's like Grace Episcopal Church or something like that. I forgot but I think when you set that when you set up a GMB, there's an option for that. It's been a while since I've seen it though, but I vaguely remember seeing that as an option, when you're setting up a GMB to state that it's located in another building. So it's like a shared space type thing. So as far as like, how do you do it? I don't know. But I thought that was an option in the process of setting up the GMB but I haven't seen it recently that I can remember off the top of my head. So Marco, do you have an answer for that?

No, I think that I've never really tried to do it. Yeah, so I've never really seen it. First time I've seen that as a matter of fact.

See, that's not the first time I've seen it, but it was interesting. The first time I saw a tree contractor that had it and is located in a church and it's I thought that was pretty interesting. So my guess is he's a Tree Service contractor. Just ask the church Hey, can I use your location as my registered address? And apparently, let them so oh problem.

So you just said the way to do it have what he called it the church or the school receive a bin?

Yeah. So I guess that's it. Jordan as you know, you know, again like you'd have to probably go through the process of setting up a GMB to see where that option is, but I think you can.

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So did you did a wiser Braley used to be fat? Wait keto and cross side, keto and keto, the ketogenic diet and CrossFit. I started that in 2000, August 15, 2015. And I lost 100 pounds over two years. Actually, over one year, yeah, because I lost 102 pounds over 52 weeks. It was like two pounds a week for an entire year that I lost. So anyway, now I just maintain it. I don't stick to the cross or the keto diet anymore. I but I only eat one meal a day. I just eat dinner every day. So I just eat one time a day. So it's intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. And I've been able to maintain my leanness for the last two years doing that I still work out but I don't stick to it. I eat carbs. Now. I love pizza and burgers and fries and all that kind of stuff, but only one time per day. So that's how I did it. Good question. Thank you for asking. All right. The last thing was me. Okay. That is the charity webinars still available through donation. I posted in there. So it is below. Okay.

Lastly, Aaron says, Brad Hey Marco, I really appreciate knowing more about Google ads and Heavy Hitter Club I tried G ads previously, and I didn't go bankrupt. But it was close. Now and this I'm not talking about running ads. For conversions. This is strict. I mean, with a targeted audience, there will be an occasion that you'll get an actual conversion from it. But I'm talking about using Google Ads with as small as a $2 per day budget. for SEO purposes. It's you're buying art from Google. That's it. Now, and again, for example, if you're running traffic directly to a Google map or GMB website, you can't set up conversion tracking. Anyway, there's no way to do it. So it's not you know, you may still get an occasionally an occasional conversion, but it's not going to track in Google ads or analytics as a conversion because if you know somebody goes to your GMB website, and they click the call button, it's not going to register unless you're using a Google Ads phone number as the phone number in your GMB website. It's not going to register as a conversion. But if they actually call your customer, your client and they convert, that's a conversion. But it's not trackable if that makes sense. So my point is that it's not like we're using these ads for, like, I would search ads, like call-only ads or whatever to send people to a landing page and then convert as a lead. And I would track that and everything else. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about literally buying clicks to go to a very specific Google asset. And from a very targeted geographic radius and a very targeted audience. And it moves the needle, it absolutely moves the needle and as little as a week or so and differently.

At two bucks a day. There's no way that you can go broke. That's right that you have less than 60 bucks to spend on your Twitter, SEO, which you should be actually looking for a job if you only have 60 bucks to spend on your SEO.

So Alright guys, thanks, everybody for being here. Right? That was just really good timing. So we'll see.

I'm in the background to go write an article and conversion AI on how to make keto lasagna. So I'm just getting sucked into this. Jarvis will spit out an article pretty quickly. So