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By April

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We should be live. We're live what's happening, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 300. We've been doing this for the past 300 weeks. And it's pretty cool. Thank you guys for being here. I'm really excited to be here today is the 12th of August. And we have some really good stuff for you guys. But before we dive into that, let's do the usual weather report across the globe at this point, what's going on Marco, how are you doing? What's up, man? I put furniture in the background for context. I didn't want people to think that it was a screen. So if I do this, I do this. I go here.

It's it's real. It's not a fake background. It's Sunshine. 365 is 24 seven. It's POFU get some. If you're not there, can't get any. not our fault. Looking down all day, look in the mirror. This is a hard day.

me getting where you fit in.

That's awesome. What's up Chris? How you doing man?

Doing good here? Nothing much up here. It's sunny summer. I don't know like mosquitoes everywhere that's the negative part of it but that isn't that I can't complain things are good. Where are you at? Where are you at? I'd my friends please. Nice. Okay awesome construction

I'm good. I was trying to get the silo training done the website silo training done for today for the process street doc that I've shared for the last few weeks but I'm not done with it. So I got a good jump on it. But it's not ready yet. So I didn't even add it to the process st doc yet but by next Wednesday, it will be done. I promise, guys.

That's awesome. All right, cool. What's up everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. If you're a physicist, this is the first time you're watching this. Thank you. Welcome.

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If you have been following us for awhile thank you as well for the support the main goal the idea of these calls is to help you with anything and everything that has to do with digital marketing, SEO, growing your agency, making more money growing your business, whatever you want to do, you're welcome to post your questions and semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, and we will go in through those now before we dive into questions, we have a couple of quick announcements number one is that POFU Live 2020 which will be called portal online 2020. But anyway, that's going to be a thing. It's awesome. It's going to be awesome. We have some really good guest speakers lined up and you should head over to pofulive.com to get your ticket. We're also going to be doing some good stuff for the VIP guys that will join us and usually what happens we both live is that the stuff that's been shared in portfolio live it's never shared anywhere else, you know, so that is something that you want to consider if you want to get into some of the good stuff that we have when it comes to SEO, digital marketing agency building mindset, so everything happens there. So go to pofulive.com to actually get your ticket. Bradley, I believe we had a pretty cool kickass webinar this week we didn't when we did we had a webinar with Jeremy from press advantage on Monday and I'm actually trying to create a pretty link for that right now so that I can just paste that but yeah, go to SM short dot link slash press advantage. I'm going to put this up on the screen in just a few minutes, guys. But yeah, it was really really good. You know, we were press advantages in press releases are an integral part of what we do we use them really for just about everything. It's really a part of the SEO shield. And press advantage has been a great partner for us because you know, they, Jeremy's developed a lot of stuff into the platform for us at our request essentially, and so it works really, really well with our methods. And, you know, every so often he would open up a subscription plan where you can go get your own subscription plan to the press advantage platform as opposed to buying them as one-offs from MGYB. And I've always recommended to people that if you're doing a lot of press releases that you should have your own subscription to press the advantage and, you know, perhaps even some other press release distribution services, there's a few of them out there that are really good press advantage being one of them. So, you know, every now and then he'll open up an offer but there's, there's was a really good offer that he the last time he closed it down. He said he wasn't going to open it up again. But he did open it up one more time, slightly different than what it was the previous time, but it's it's an unlimited plan. So there are two plans, essentially, you can catch it in the replay guys, but there's the three done for you press release subscription. So three press releases per month written for you. You get all the benefits of having your you know, access to the dashboard and create in your own organization pages and retargeting pixels, and all the things that you can't get when you're just buying them from a reseller, such as MGYB. But then there's the unlimited plan the five written for you or done for you press release per month, plus Unlimited, write it yourself. When I say write it yourself really, it's a, there's a, you can have press advantage to write them for you, and you just pay per press release to be written, which is 50 bucks. So it really comes out to be five written for you plus unlimited press releases for an additional $50 per press release to have them write it and distribute it. And that's, um, that that plan was opened up and he swears up and down that this is the last time that it will be available. So again, I'm gonna put this up on the screen here in a minute, I'll post it in the chat, but it's sm.com/pressadvantage will take you to the replay page. So you can watch the webinar if you'd like or you can click through the buttons on that page to take you to the signup form, either plan, go ahead.

Press Releases don't work. They don't work. They don't work. So why are you telling people to buy press releases? When all of the experts' gurus What have you say press releases don't work. Why should people believe you and not the experts? Not that you're not an expert but why right Oh

yeah, well you know, it's funny but that's like the SEO is dead type articles that you read on all the different blogs you know, SEO is dead. And then what was it after? What was the most recent update that they said it was all dead because of Bert, Bert Yeah, the bird update SEO as we know it is now dead because of the natural language processing built right into the algorithm baked right in the algorithm and whatever, we've been hearing this shit for 10 years? So he's a what he calls your neural matching and if you can't beat AI, and there's no way that you can outfox the experts at Mountain View and and and on and on and on. I just I'm sorry that you don't have it ready. But that that screenshot that you showed the other day with the traffic coming from your presentation is like everybody just shut the fuck up. You don't know what you're talking about.

That's right. So I'm still trying to prepare this doc to put the links out guys.

Yeah. If you want to get a lot of other stuff that shouldn't work, but it ends up working somehow magically go to SEO, there's a lot of additional stuff that doesn't work there. Yeah. Now seriousness, if you're, you know, you're an agency owner, you have clients, you should be busy building your agency hiring people training those people getting more clients. So let us do the grunt work for you. Let us do the heavy lifting. That is the delivery for you. That's why we put together mg y b.co to go to MGYB.co to get all of your fulfillment needs so that you can be happy that we're taking care of it. You have the experts working for you and you can turn around and build your business. So

there you go. Awesome. Anything else guys before we jump into questions, whenever Bradley's vertigo or oh yeah I'm pretty much good to go on paste in this last link in chat right now.

And there we go. Okay, sweet. Let me grab the screen and we'll get right into it.

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I was multitasking

Alright, here we go. Okay, so first of all, this is what I was just pasted in chat guys press advantage replay, go to SM short dot link slash press advantage that will take you to the replay page. That's where you can watch the replay if you'd like or if you just like to sign up, the buttons are right there underneath the video. Okay. Process street template. This is the one I've been talking about for the past couple of weeks and I'm just gonna pull this up one more time.

This is I've got to kind of map this silo out and I set up a so just so you guys know this is basically a process if you go to semantic mastery comm slash process, you can view this process street template, which is what I call the worry or you know, we call the worry list entity based SEO method. And so essentially, it's just, it's the why we do what we do videos and links over where to get it done for you, or if you want to learn the how there are links over to the training courses, or where you can find out how to do it. But really, uh, you know, there's training in here for all these different components, which is the foundation of everything that we do, but if we look at the website section, this is where I'm still waiting to update. You know, I was hoping to have it done by today, but I did not get all the I didn't get the training videos completed but I did get a site up that I'm going to be using as the data.

A site to kind of show how both of these both types of silo structures can be built either a simple silo structure or a complex silo. And then there will be another follow-up video in the, in this little series here about website silo architecture for the difference between physical and virtual silos. So that's all going to be in this one section here. If you have process street as if you use that like your own account, you can import the template and then you can run checklists from it that you can assign to VA s or to each project for example, so that you can kind of run through and check the boxes off as you're setting up a new project. If you don't have process Street, well, you don't need it, you can still view the template and still view all the different, you know, parts of it, okay, like the training and that kind of stuff, and the links are all there. So that should help you. And just as a quick teaser, this is the silo architecture setup that I'm going to be using as the example and the updated videos. Okay, we've got some training videos on how to set up simple and complex silo structures on our YouTube channel.

But they're old. And some of the methods have changed slightly as I mean the architecture is all the same but you know, I don't use the physical silo which shows the structure in the permalink, or the URL, which would be the category slash post name permalink structure, I don't do that anymore. So there are some slight changes, it needs to be updated. That's what I'm going to be doing. And so you can see this would be like a simple silo, it's obvious I'm going to be doing it around tree service industry just because that's primarily all I work with anymore. And in a complex silo structure. So just a little bit of a tease, I'll be making the spreadsheet available guys plus the videos and all that inside of the process street doc so that you can walk through it and get a better understanding of how to set things up properly. Okay. So with that said, any got any comments on that, guys? Should we just get right into questions? No, that was perfect. Go.

Sweet. Let's get into it.

What WordPress Theme Can You Recommend For Lead Gen Sites?

All the questions posted today were posted or for today were posted today, which is rare. So that's kind of cool. The first question, is there a WordPress theme you recommend or having affiliate code for building lead gen sites and need different sidebars for each page? I believe you recommended Genesis Framework from StudioPress in the past roseus. Yeah, you know it. That's what I was doing when I was doing mass page building stuff, um, the Genesis Framework from StudioPress, but I don't really do any of that anymore. And I haven't for some time, I may get back into testing some of that again, but it's not going to be anytime soon, because I've got some other projects that I'm working on. But if you're doing mass page stuff, that's what I used to use when I did it, but man shit, it's been probably three years since I've done any mass page build stuff. Marco, do you have any WordPress themes that you would recommend? Divi? We work a lot with Divi. Yeah, Genesis Framework is really good. But really all of them they all.

Now we get a lot from ThemeForest. Let me see if I can let's rerun, we get a lot of things from the theme for us. I know that Divi isn't a theme force theme that it's a from somebody else, but it's really good. But any theme now comes with all kinds of different templates that you can use to come up with like 4050 variations, just a common one I just go to I go to theme forest, you go there you get one and then the variations that come with that it comes with allows you to build several websites that all look different. So get an extended license and you can use it all even the free ones you can I mean you can vary the sidebar, you can vary the placement of the sidebar, left right footer. So even those it depends on how good you are like with moving stuff around in WordPress. And if you don't really know WordPress, then everything is in YouTube. Anyway guys. So you go to YouTube, get what I don't know. 2020 is the latest WordPress theme in there. So you go in there, take a look. See how to how to vary move the widgets, move the sidebars around and you're good to go make it look any way you want. Now, just to be clear, I've been using ink themes for like my entire lead generation career.

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They're not that like it's not super advanced like a lot of the Divi and page builders however you can, I don't know if ink themes I know they also promote Elementor page builder which is a lot like Divi or WP bakery and all the different types of page builder plugins so that you can create kind of almost like elements and move elements around and all that kind of almost like landing page builder would be like Click Funnels, for example. So I know they have it but for most of the sites that I build, guys, because I'm just really familiar with anchor themes because I've been using them literally for almost my entire career. And I started doing a bunch of different theme types over the years.

I've played with thriving I always like thrive, the thrive, thrive architect and like all their different plugins and stuff, I've used them for quite a bit, quite a few projects. But when it comes down to just slapping up when it comes down to just publishing lead gen sites quickly, I like to use ink themes, themes, they have a lot of different templates, all their themes are very developed similarly so that once you become familiar with one of them, they're pretty much the functionality of all the different types of themes they have is very similar. And that's part of the reason why I like using them. But again, that's just a personal preference. And it's only because I got tired of constantly trying to learn how to set up new, you know, WordPress sites that were with new theme developers like because they all have their nuances, right? They all have specific, you know, ways that they do things. And so I got tired of always constantly having to learn new themes, so I've kind of reverted back to just sticking to ink themes for lead gen sites and since I'm primarily only doing tracer stuff now other than existing clients, there's really no need for me to go through learning all that other shit for other page builders and everything. So just wanted to point that out. I use ink themes a lot.

Okay, good question. Next one.

Oh, and by the way, you said, uh, she, he, they need different sidebars for each page. Well, you can do that with pretty much any WordPress theme because there are plugins out there that like custom sidebars, for example. I think that's the name of one of them. There's a ton of different plugins out there widget context is another one that I use. But I think custom sidebars is one that you can create all the different sidebar widgets or sidebars that you want and have different widgets plugged into them. And you just assign them a name and then on each page or post that you publish, there will be a selection like a drop-down where you can select which sidebar you want to show or widget context is another thing that I use a lot where that's actually in the appearance, widgets menu or that that you know that editor area where you can for underneath each widget you can assign when you want it to display either by URL by slug, you know by, or certain conditions or show not show on certain conditions. So there's, there's a ton of different ways to customize sidebars without having to be a specific theme that gives you that functionality, right. Plugins will do that as well. There's one called widget logic that I really like. Yep, that's pretty much like a widget context. Yeah, yeah.

Do You Need To Embed The Press Release Before Sending Backlinks To It?

All right, Fitz is up. Fitz says Good day, gents. Thank you for this forum. To get real-world actionable answers, Marco. If you don't mind, please drop the link for your charity. So it's some so that we can do some good while doing well. My question today is do you send backlinks to the press releases first or to you Do you embed first and then back backlink to the embeds of the press release? I usually always start with links, guys. That's just my own personal preference. I usually always hit everything with LinkedIn.

First, and then I'll do embed runs next, that's always like the second round of things will be embedded with links to the embeds. But that's, again, personal preference. I just always hit everything with link building first. Anybody else has a different approach? It doesn't matter, right? Because they'll they both accomplish the same thing. So it's just an individual preference. So whatever it embeds worked really well, because this iframe and link building works really well because it's link building. And if you do the embeds, and then the link building, you're accomplishing the same thing. The order is just a simple preference.

There you go.

Is It Safe To Throw Kitchen Spam Links To Tier 1 Assets With Your Own GSA Tool?

Next question. Hi, I was thinking about deleting my Senuke GSA licenses as I thought I would never have to use it anymore. But now I am thinking of running it once again. I will order contextual for the tier one assets like g site drive stack syndication properties from us. Do you think it is safe to throw in any as you say kitchen sink, spam links, pings, trackbacks, redirects, comments, etc? On those tier-one assets with my own GSA tool, or should I do these even worse than the contextual spam links at tier two for the safer approach? Well, again, our link building, Master

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Dedhia, he always recommends doing contextual links. So, web two Dotto contextual web 2.0 links as tier one link to your tier one entity assets. So they've really tiered two links to your money site, but they're but since we don't build links, other than through press releases and through our own blog content, do we you know, which goes out to the syndication network, since I don't build links directly to my money site outside of that. Then when we say tier one links third tier one links to our tier one entity assets, if that makes sense. And he always recommends doing contextual web to Dotto links as tier one and if you're going to do tier two, he typically recommends the second tier of the contextual web to Dotto links. And then if you're going to use like a kitchen sink, spam, GSA type links, whatever that would be tier three. But we know through testing that we've been able to get, you know, Marco and Rob have done some really, really spammy tests where they just hammered the SEO shield with a kitchen sink, spam, and all kinds of really, really poor quality links. And we're still able to get results on more than one occasion. But we always recommend that you stick with the better approach, because who knows when or when, and if that could become toxic at some point, even to the SEO shift. What do you think, Marco?

We said this before, and I don't know how many times we say this right. Kitchen Sink spam works. It does. We've proven it over and over again. We just had a recent to two weeks ago right in our academy reloaded. Someone came in and said they threw a bunch of GSA links at their project, whatever it was, and it worked. And we're telling you, yes, it does work. Yes, kitchen sink, spam, garbage links, they work.

But here's the point, if you can manage that with the worst of links, imagine what you can do with a good backlink profile. Because at the end of the day, if you have a client or if you have something that's public, and you hit it with the garbage that some of that garbage will index, it's going to show in the link profile, and someone who's curious about the company is going to go and look and find those. Do you want people finding those because we've said this before, I didn't when we were doing the test on DC plumber, I didn't want my kids around when I was looking at the backlink profile cuz some of those backlinks were I mean, it was trash, I mean really trashy stuff porn, the worst kind of point that you can think of. So when you don't filter when you don't take care of cleaning up the backlink profile, you're going to get those kinds of links, especially in these templates, right, especially in these things where they don't care where the backlink goes, it just goes. And if you can do that with those types of links, imagine what you can do when you tear your backlinks. They're relevant, right? They're contextual.

And then you tear them out. And they're also contextual, and relevant. How much more power can we generate? If we do that than if we just simply say, I'm going to go on the cheap, hit it with GSA, and get results? You get what you pay for, at the end of the day, you're going to get power. But do you want that kind of power? Do you want those kinds of links showing up in your backlink profile? That's the only warning that I would give you. If you don't care. If you just want to test for test sake, then by all means, just hammer it hammer away doesn't matter.

Don't forget press releases make really good links to so

What Should We Do With Classic Sites Built For The RYS Stacks Now That Google Is Removing Classic G Sites?

Fitz, what's up Fitz? This is a second question. He says, Now that Google is doing away with the classic Google Sites, what should we do with the sites that were built for drive stacks, convert them to new sites, they give you a great big banner at the top of them that prompts you to basically convert it to a new Google site. In fact, I spent some time earlier this week, converting several sites because I've always just worked in the classic Google Sites, whenever I would do a theme, your ex, you know, theme meringue. So the RYS expansion spent, essentially. And so I've actually spent some time this week going through several of my more recent projects and converting them to the new sites. And it's, it's kind of cool because the new sites as this is the first time this week is really the first time I started playing in the new site platform. And it's, it's very much like a page builder, right? And that you can drag it's like a block, you know, a block page builder to where you can bring in different blocks and different elements and set up columns and all kinds of stuff. And so it's a lot like working with Click Funnels or Divi or Elementor or WP bakery, all those different types of page builders now. So it's very intuitive. If you've ever done that kind of stuff with any sort of page builders, it's easy to work in. And I mean, it's even easier like there's just an embed function that would just it's, it's really easy instead of having to go into insert and gadgets and then select an iframe gadget and all that stuff, it makes it super easy. So it's actually really easy to work there. I don't know why I avoided it for so long. What's got anything to comment on that, Marco?

This always gets me to smile and laughing and guys, all that change. The only thing that changed is we don't have classic Google Sites anymore. That's it. Everything else is still available. The drive stack is still available. So copy-paste is still available. embed is still available on the new Gsite. So everything that we were doing on the classic sites, it's available on the G sites. It's just a little bit different.

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Our interface is different is more intuitive? Yeah, it's simpler. It's simpler to go and do things. And it looks better. And it's better for mobile. So thank you Google, instead of getting double the power like we were before, we're simply going to concentrate it on one Google site. We're still going to keep doing things the way we were going to do the do we do? Nothing's changed, right? And so what do you do now? Well, I keep telling people you copy paste, whatever's on that classic site, move it to the new site, like you said, internal pages get moved over copy, paste. And I think a bit it's a little bit of manual work, so don't do it. You should have a VA that's trained already in this process. And does it That's all it is. We are updating the training. we're updating the done for you solutions in the MGYB. co. I already talked to the VA. He's getting everything ready. We're hoping for release at the end of November because all of the videos have to be recorded. Right? The training has changed. That's changed a lot but we are going to do that. And we are going to change the done for you so that it matches what can be done now. But really nothing's changed, we're still going to be able to extend the drive stack, that's still going to be available inner pages on the new g sites. So guys, like Bradley said, click the button, move it over. And whatever Google doesn't do for you, then you just go and do because you have you still have the old Google Site available until September 1. A lot of people missed it. September 1, 2021. Yeah. So we got over a year. Come on, come on. Yeah. So yeah, we got over a year. So it's, you know, it's not a big deal.

And Google will change that shit, too. In a few years. I'm sure. We just got to keep evolving with you know, run it rolling with the punches, so to speak.

Should You Create A Subdomain Or Create A Different Websites For Each GMB Listing?

So Gemma, or Jim, or I don't know how what that is, but it's so dense questions if question if I may. My main site is an ecom site and I'm looking to set up GMB listing for the site. Can I create a subdomain for each location? Or is it best to create a different website for each location instead? Many thanks in advance. Okay.

I would do a subdomain because here's the thing. And we talked about this, I think even last week.

First of all, if you've got your main domain is your brand then you want, you don't want a different website for each location. If you're having multiple locations, if you're going to be incorporating local into your ecom, which I know some people do, you don't want to have a separate website for each because you want to piggyback off of the brand authority that you are that you're building right through your main brand. And brand authority is huge guys, if you can build the brand, then every subsequent location that you add will instantly benefit from the brand authority as opposed to if you have like completely separate websites and different, you know domains for each location.

It's treated as a different web asset, even if it might be part of the same entity. And it could create a whole lot of a nightmare trying to code all that stuff together and structured data and everything else if they're all separate websites. But if you have subdomains, then the authority that you build to the root through what you're doing to the root domain, as well as any locations on subdomains, or even they could be in sub-directories depending on what the setup is on your e-commerce site, then you're going to accrue authority to that root domain so that anytime you add a new subdomain, it's going to instantly benefit from the authority created or crewed on the root domain. And the same would work as a subdirectory to it just depends on how you have to host setup. I've always preferred to use sub domains. But as Marco was talking about last week, you know, fortunately, I haven't, I'm gonna knock on wood. haven't caught any penalties in years. So we could probably get away with not probably but I could get away with doing subtraction.

And that actually squeezes a little bit more power out of it than subdomains would. So that would be like a folder on your root domain where you would have a new website inserted if you were going to do it that way. And in fact, what I would suggest doing is if you're going to be setting up different websites, unless you're like, duplicating the e-commerce site on two subdomains, what I would do is maybe just like one WordPress install on a subdomain, right of your e-commerce site, and then use that one WordPress installation as the website for all of your different locations with just a separate location page. That way, you're only managing one site, if that makes sense. But again, it really depends on what it is that you're trying to do on each one of those local sites, so to speak. Are you trying to reproduce the e-commerce site in its entirety? Or are you just using it for SEO purposes for like content marketing for each location-based error, you know, for each location or what that's really going to determine what the ideal setup? But like I said, I've always preferred subdomains in the past. But I haven't had a penalty in years for anything because we use the SEO shield. So I could get away with doing it all on one domain.com it's not I mean, I totally agree. And as you know, we always drink our own Kool-Aid, right? We always do. Well, we don't just tell people to do what we do or to listen to what we say. We show them. And so what we did with MGYB.co is we're actually putting things in folders. The blog is in a folder. And the store is in a folder, the shorteners in a folder, so we just went with it. And like the shorten, it gets hammered. Continuously, not just by us, but people who use the shortener also. And so far, so good, and it powers up everything so much that everything benefits from it.

So and I mean, with subdomains, the problem is that it's treated as three different well as many different domains as us subdomains. And so the power gets split up with the link below. So if you're not, if you're not connecting everything correctly, the power isn't going to flow the way that it's supposed to. When it's in a subfolder, or when it's in a folder inside the root. Everything just flows naturally because everything's connected anyway. That's the difference is how you approach the power that you're going to push through the subdomains or through the folders where everything either flows, or you have to smash everything through the subfolders. I mean, when we were throwing everything at the subfolders, including really bad stuff, yes, it was recommended to use the subdomain. But now, you know, we don't really care because everything goes through the SEO pirate shield anyway. That's correct. Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Can You Order Link Building Packages To URL Shorteners?

All right. So BB is up with his list of questions. I wouldn't expect anything else maybe Zach Guys, can you order link building packages to URL shorteners, like MGYB, tiny URL Bitly, etc. Yes, of course, you can caution about Bitly though is an I don't know if tiny URL does it, I don't haven't heard of it. But Bitly will occasionally turn off a shortened URL through Bitly, though, change it to a 302 redirect as opposed to a 301. So initially, when you create it, it's a 301 redirect. Or at least, I think, you know, most of the time it is, but some for some reason Bitly and unless they've changed, but several years, I mean, we know I never used Bitly for SEO, Link shortening, once I discovered this, which was several years ago. And I don't know if they still do it, but I just assumed that they do, which they'll turn on 301 links for at for whatever reason, though, add a nofollow tag to the link, turn it into essentially like a 302 link to where it won't pass PageRank or pass link equity. So you got to be careful with that. That's why I don't recommend using Bitly. I don't know they may have changed that. It's been years since I've tested any of that but that's part of the reason I stopped using Bitly forward but you've got the mgyb.co shortener, tiny URL should work. There's What ow.ly? I don't know if you can still do that t.co, which was Twitter. But I don't know if that's a 302 redirect or what. But there's a ton of different shorteners out there. Just check, check, whichever ones you plan on using to make sure that they're 301s.

Are there any other recommended ones, Marco? Oh, there's a whole lot of them that there are lists all over of the best shorteners use MGYB.

Or you go. And those, it's crazy, because even the redirects through mg y v, will often end up ranking. So you end up with the MGYB. Seo URL in the search results, which is kind of it's kind of funny how that happens. The next question, Virginia SEO question, so he's talking about the drive stack that I had built for that. Why aren't you ranking the big bandage site instead of just the G site because I was targeting a specific keyword, Virginia, SEO, SEO Virginia, Virginia SEO agency and I built that in 2015. I wasn't just a Virginia SEO agency, I would pretty much take at that time, I was taking any type of home service contractor pretty much anywhere in the United States. So I was targeting a specific keyword Virginia SEO agency and variations thereof. So I built that stack specifically for that reason, I didn't optimize my website for that, because I didn't want to pigeonhole my website into that. And now to be honest with you, the only thing I really market for at all is Tree Service clients. So it's, you know, Virginia, SEO wouldn't, wouldn't have really applied to that. I've been thinking about doing another drive stack, specifically for Tree Service, SEO, and Tree Service marketing Tree Service, lead generation. So building that out, and then, you know, promoting my own agency website with that, but it's not something that I've done yet, but it is kind of on my radar to plan on doing at some point, maybe once all this new drive stack setup stuff gets completed in MGYB, and we're going to be redoing the RYS Reloaded training and doing a version three, essentially. And that'll be coming out towards the end of the year at some point. And maybe, after all, that's done, that'll be a good case study that I could set up. So, but specifically, as I said, I was just targeting that one, that one keyword, and I didn't want to optimize my website for that. I just wanted to do just the drive stack for that, which is what I've done. Big bamboo wasn't the target then it wasn't part of the case study. It wasn't it was the G site. That's the whole point of that case study was to rank the G site. Mission accomplished. Because it comes Well, we already had our five year anniversary of that thing ranking. At least top 10

Yeah, what I mean that was in May, and it still wanted number one then I think now like I said it had just slipped slightly about three months ago and then it has come back since with just one press release for most of the keywords anyways like Virginia SEO agency was the keyword that I promoted with the press release. And there it is number one above the maps. And you see because of my local IP, it does pull in big bamboo marketing into the maps, three-pack because of my local IP, I'm sure, but if you stand by, we'll look at a couple of other keywords real quick. There's really three that I was targeting SEO Virginia.

And you can see that's number two. So around like I said, about three months ago, it slipped and I noticed it down between like positions five and eight for any one of these keywords. But look, mymaps are number one there. And then all I did was one press release because I've just fucking lazy, to be honest with you. I didn't order any link building to it or anything Marco's. Like, hit it with a link building. Or I said or I said that Marco's. Like, hit it with a press release. I was like, Yeah, I should do whatever. I did one press release and I use the exact match anchor to link to the G site. The exact match anchor was the Virginia SEO agency. And that pushed it right back up.

The other one was Virginia SEO.

This Stuff Works
Number one, so amazing what you can do with a good press release and the drive stack.

So they don't work. They don't work. Move on.

Alright, the last question from bb says, well, the last one before somebody got a word in edgewise.

Is There Any Purpose Of Doing Multi-tiered Syndication With Each Tier Containing 1 Ring For YouTube Rankings?

Still yet another question. Oh, there's more. He's up to six any more guys.

Is there any purpose in doing multi-tiered syndication? That each tier has one ring only for YouTube ranking instead of one year? One tier that has three rings? I don't understand that question. Is there any purpose of doing multi-tiered say three or four syndications that each tier has one ring only for YouTube ranking instead of one tear that has three rings? Okay, I see what you're saying. So daisy chaining the syndication networks together. I know some people have taken our method, the syndication Academy method, and really done that and really expanded out with multiple tiers and all that. Here's why I don't like that I don't like to ever go beyond two tiers. And that's because if anything breaks upstream, right, then everything downstream from it will stop working. Right. And so that's part of that's the only reason why if an applet stops working at one location, it could stop the trigger. So like, you know, on tier one, if something stops working, then all of the tiers that downstream from that won't work. Does that make sense? So nothing will get published. And so it just becomes a management nightmare. That's why I prefer not to do it. The only type of time I like to use two-tier networks is for YouTube syndication anyways. So it's not usually a problem. Because it's usually the YouTube app. Let's just continue to work almost like indefinitely. But when you're dealing with RSS feeds and things like that, I prefer only to stick with a single-tier syndication network branded, branded syndication network, or if I was going to do two tier networks, again, it creates a little bit of a for blog syndication for RSS syndication, it can create a bit of a, you know, management nightmare because if anything happens with the RSS feeds, which often happens, guys, then you've got, you know, it's a lot of work, it's a lot of work to track down or to re restart applets or correct things. So I prefer to do single branded syndication networks for blog syndication, or YouTube syndication, no more than two-tier networks. But you can stack as many two-tier networks on a YouTube channel as you prefer. I mean, as you want, the sky's the limit. It's never created an issue. But BB you can get as creative as you want. Don't let me stop you. I'm just letting you know that the part of the reason I like to keep it simple is that we end up over-complicating shit thinking that we're going to be smart as SEOs, and it ends up becoming a nightmare to manage down the road. That's the whole point.

Comments. Yeah, kiss, right keep it simple, not you, BB. But just, in general, keep it simple, stupid. The simpler that we keep it, the better it is for us in the long run in case something breaks. If we like Bradley said when we start to get too complicated when we start to make things just so complex that we don't know where it might break, or if it does break where to go to fix it, it can become an entire nightmare. You can spend so much time, like the time I spent 30 days looking for a comma when I was starting my code in PHP. It was horrible. It was horrendous. I didn't know where it was I had to go look through all of the code. And we're talking about thousands of lines of code. And all I was all I had on the place was a comma. So it was ridiculous. So you don't want to get into that. Yeah, I agree.

How To Improve Product Conversions In An Ecommerce Site?

Okay, our man has a question specifically for Adam and it looks like he's looking for somebody to review and give some tips about how to improve. He's talking about conversion up to conversion optimization. Yeah, conversion optimization. So, so he's working on this e-commerce store. So he's looking for some tips on how to improve it. So that's the Well, I can tell you, thank you for an on-site site audits are something that we reserved only for the mastermind. Only because this is you know, that's what we reserved for our mastermind members. And it's also time-consuming. So the one hour Hump Day Hangouts, the public setting isn't usually the best place for that.

This Stuff Works
When you come to the mastermind, you could ask Adam specifically for his own webinars to give you tips you could ask for her Nan, you could ask for me because we all do our own separate webinars. And we'll do deep dives into and do site audits. We'll look at ad copy, you know, all different kinds of things and try to help you if you want in the mastermind. It's not something that we do here. Armand, if you want, you can always post your requests in the Facebook group as well. And see if you can get some people to help you there.

I'm not a conversion optimization specialist or ecomm? Guy, so I wouldn't be able to comment on that. Anybody else wants to make comment?

So yeah, so besides what you what you're saying, Bradley, I think that our mind, I think that there's some there are some proven e-commerce templates out there that no matter what you throw at them, they will work so you can start over there. I think that there's some elements as well on a page like any e-commerce page without going into the weeds of that specific example but for instance, countdown timers, or some scarcity timers, right scar CDs in only 15 left, that type stuff. So if you take a look at whatever john Mack is doing, so j O and M A C, he's templates are heavily optimized. So you can go ahead and give it a shot but usually, you know, like a green button, a green, Buy Now button and then some scarcity elements and then those the two-three things that I'm seeing that are, you know, increasing the conversions, but they pretty much they all look pretty much the same. So if you see any drop shippers out there like doing any Facebook ads or whatever, you know, their ads or their pages, they pretty much all look the same because they convert, you know, yeah.

Yeah, I've got a landing page that I template that I use from Click Funnels for Google ads for lead gen. For tree services. And I've used it for remodeling and HVC and for basically any type of home service, and it's the same damn template because it just works really well for Google ads and converting leads into, you know, visitors into leads for you know, and so I just use the same template over and over and over again, you know, there's really no Vinay broke, don't fix it, you know what I mean? So,

How Do You Get Interaction In YouTube To Rank The Video Higher?

the next question from BB again says, You say that YouTube can be ranked just by activity slash user interaction, but how would you get the interaction in the first place without tiered syndications ranking the videos or embeds, which is basically tiered syndication and YouTube ads, I wouldn't, I'd use YouTube ads to get interaction immediately. That's exactly what I do. Like I said, I'll push a video. I mean, here's the thing, if it's a video that falls within certain criteria, I can push it through some of my age channels that have aged syndication networks have been built up over time. And that's going to give me the SEO push. But I'll be honest with you, if I'm starting a new project for a client, for example, that has a new YouTube channel, I don't do any SEO to it other than just on-page which is set up the YouTube channel. And then obviously it gets link building to the channel as part of the syndication network and the SEO shield and all of that, but I don't build syndication networks for client YouTube channels for example. I don't do that at all anymore, because it's not like I don't I just don't do YouTube SEO anymore because I use google ads for YouTube for video for all the traffic, you know, view and traffic and traffic generations that I need for the YouTube.

So, immediately once I publish a video for a client, we set up an ad campaign. So even if it's a brand new channel with virtually no SEO done to it other than on-page, and it's the first video loaded on the channel, an ad is going to get set up with Google ads. So that's the engagement. And because I again, I pretty much do nothing but local, I'm always setting up geographic targeting, and I'm setting up audience targeting, preferably in-market audience or life event audience. And if not one of those then custom intent audience. And again, we have a training course that talks specifically about how to set that up, but that is, you know, I get the engagement. I mean, immediately once it's published, I set up an ad and within 24 hours the ad is getting, you know, producing views to the video, which is the engagement signals that I'm looking for comments.

No, I mean, we do it both ways. Cuz I ads. They work really well YouTube ads, and Google Display, the Display Network.

This Stuff Works
They work really well. It's Google giving you people. They're trusting, right you so you're establishing the trust part of art, the activities there, the relevance is there, because you established the relevance through targeting the audience. That works perfectly well. And beds and link building work also, because it helps rank and it helps bring people whichever way you decide to do it, you're going to need people on that video on that page, converting. If you don't accomplish that, it doesn't work. Even if you manage to rank the video. It's not going to last, because people are going to bounce people are not going to watch the video, people are not going to find what they're looking for. So if you don't match the user intent, if you don't match the query, if you don't have a solution for that person's problem, then it's likely that some other video is going to overtake you, because it matches the user query and the intent better. Google is always looking to do that. What we're

Just what we're trying to do is we're trying to tell Google, whatever we have matched the user intent, the user is going to find what they're looking for. And that action is going to be accomplished. If that person who lands on your page finishes the goal for which they went to the page, in the first place, if they don't, then you're in trouble. It's not just getting people. It's not just getting interactions. It's that person accomplishing that final goal on that web page, which is converting how they convert whatever that conversion is. It doesn't matter that have to be conversions, or else you're going to lose your spot to somebody who does it better. It's that simple.

There you go.

Okay, so I just posted the replay over to Jason because he's asking if the press release special offers still going on it is I just pasted the replay again, just on the replay page. You don't have to watch the webinar. If you don't want the buttons to purchase these subscriptions. There are two levels that are right below the replay video.

So yes, it is still going on. I imagine it will go on until the end of this week. I don't know how long Jeremy's gonna leave it open for specifically, but most likely till the end of the week. So I'd jump on and if you're going to do it because this will be the last time and he swears squares and I believe in this time, that is going to be the last time that he does it because the platform is changing, shifting. He's doing some new stuff within press advantage, like different distribution levels and all that kind of stuff. So this will be the last time you can get the unlimited submission plan. Okay. So there you go.

Does The Network Empire Keyword Tool Replace The Need For SEMRush?

Alright, the next question is I have purchased the Jeffrey Smith SEO boot camp and they promote a keyword called the network Empire. Yeah, it's the domain. digital marketers toolbox is really what it is with this tool replace the need for sem rush yes and no. So to finish this comment, he says I'm trying to keep my costs down and everyone wants a monthly fee and if I purchase everything, then my monthly cost is way too high. Now and I understand that digital marketers' toolbox is fantastic for keyword research.

And it's also good for if you're building a lot of sites that you're going to need silo architecture for, it's good for that because you can literally map out the site in the digital marketers' toolbox. And then you create a file that you can upload with a plugin or you can, yeah, you can, you know, basically import the file, the XML file from digital marketers toolbox into a WordPress install, and it will literally build the site out with all the silo architecture, the way that you mapped it out. And the digital marketers' toolbox itself. It's really, really, really good for keyword research, for setting up silo built, you know, websites built with silo architecture, but it doesn't do backlink analysis and all of that which sem rush does. Does that make sense? So SEM Rush has a lot of other features that like brand monitoring and all these other things that the digital marketer toolbox does not to be 100% transparent. I do have a subscription to the digital marketer's toolbox. I've been using it a lot actually lately for keyword stuff for silo sites that I'm building. I've got several projects going on right now that I've used it on. And it's really good for that. So but it is expensive, just to be clear, it is expensive. So if you have a limited budget, and you need the ability to also analyze backlinks and that sort of thing, then probably sem rush is the better route to go.

I would say, digital marketers' toolbox would be more for somebody that's more established that has perhaps a bigger budget to mess with. But it is a very powerful tool. There's quite a learning curve, though. I gotta tell you, I still don't know how to use it entirely. Because there's quite a learning curve to it. Any comments? Yeah, the social dr. D keyword research gig at m do iv.co. It's on hold right now. Because we're updating it. We're retraining all of our VA. So that's a little bit on hold, but it's going to open again. And once it does, it'll be available and we deliver the niche, like the right to you. Yeah, you can go back and forth with our vas as far as your niche, the broadest keyword, and then the three categories that you would like. I mean, we'll accept that. But then we go in, and we find everything that's related to the niche. And when I say relevance, just because something is irrelevant in your niche, you consider it irrelevant. That doesn't mean it's irrelevant to the pot. So we'll give you a lot of things that could help you out with creating relevance, which that thing goes into deciding drive stack, right to push relevance over to your main site. So don't think of it as No, I can't use this, that if the keywords are given to you, you can then submit those for when you're dry second decider built so they add relevance to everything you do at that point at that part of your tier one. So that will drive even more relevance to something that's already created with relevance in mind.

So how good is that? I mean, just you just kind of stacking relevance right at this point. So that's something else to look at.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and here's the, you know, Marco's talked about this, the keyword research that we offer it MGYB is from the top down. So instead of from the bottom up, so, you know, a lot of lot SEO is talked about targeting long tails. And there's, there's a reason for that, but trying to get traction on, you know, long tails first and then working your way up towards the market level keyword and that kind of stuff. Well, the keyword research at MGYB is much like digital marketers toolbox in that it looks at the entire market. And it's from it's the lists are built, the keyword lists are generated from the top down. And that's what digital marketers toolbox does very, very quickly, is it just you know, within a few minutes, it can show you where the money is flowing within a particular market, but it's expensive and there's a little bit of, as I said, there's a bit of a learning curve with it. I'm not knocking it out. You use it personally. So it's a great tool, but it does require some time to learn how to use it and it is a bit expensive so just keep that in mind.

Wayne Social Buzz me what's up when he says Marco sunshine 365 and 24 seven holy crap that sucks. Not so angry. Not 20, not 24 seven that's the north and south pole. We don't get 24 seven unfortunately we do have a night here when it's called Night. So we have a rainy season too. Don't we do have a rainy season and we're in the middle of the rainy season. Come get some kids. Come get some gets over these guys. All you got to do is get to your POFU.

Can You Add Schema To A YouTube Video?

Alright, so next would be jet. This one. Hey guys, I'm new here. gonna stay tuned. Well, welcome. You can always come here and ask questions. That's what we're here for every Wednesday. Dan says can you add schema to it? YouTube video, I don't think that you can. I've never tried it the only way I would know to do it, which I don't know if it would work or not would be to edit the video file before you upload it to YouTube and try to embed structured data which I haven't into, like the comment section as EXIF data right as like metadata, as you would so there's a program I don't know that that would work though, to be honest with you. That's the only place I can think of doing it. But there's a program called mp3 tag that it's an old program, but it still works. This right here. It's free to download and you can actually add metadata to mp mp3 and mp4 files. So video files so essentially, you can go in and add keywords and tags and cut in the comments section. And so you can do all kinds of cool stuff like you would be optimizing an image, a photo to upload to a WordPress site right with metadata coordinates, you know EXIF data located data, all that kind of stuff, you can do the same thing with mp3 tag the video files. So this is something I've used over the years. Again, I don't do much SEO, YouTube SEO stuff anymore, guys, because I just use paid traffic to accomplish what I want to accomplish. But when I was doing a lot of YouTube SEO, this is what I would use to add metadata to the file before uploading it to YouTube. Okay, so I don't know, Marco, do you know if you can add structured data to like as metadata if it would stick? I don't know if that would? I don't know. I don't know if it would, we'd have to get into the code and YouTube to be able to add schema, right? And YouTube is not gonna allow that. Come on, guys. You know that. Yeah. Now the next best thing then would be to iframe the YouTube video on your website. And then to use video schema on your website. That's correct for that video. The source is going to get all the credit for this, right? Because that's the way that iframes work. And the thing is, it's going to bounce back to your page with that YouTube video embedded in it.

So why not do it that way if you really want to get this to work if you want to get the schema, right and if you want to add schema, the place to do it is on your website that you have at a schema.org the way to add video schema to your website to the code. So that's how you would do it. Here's the one I was looking for Citrix. So sistrix.com, they have under Resources, they have free tools or whatever and videos Rich Snippet generator for schema.org markup, this works for pretty good. If you want to just generate a video object markup. It works pretty well. You can use this because all you got to do is paste the URL in there and then it spits out the code. You can add that to the content body of your page or post and it will mark it up which is pretty cool. Yeah, there you go.


This Stuff Works

How Do You Get More Content To Your GMB Page?

Next would be Pavlo, what's up Pavlo he says, Hey guys since we need to mirror a website structure on the GMB, we should post the same post like on money site. I'm posting one post per week on the money site GMB needs more posts per week on how to resolve that where to get more posts.

Can I do it this way? I have long-form articles on the silo page with jump links. Can I break up one section and make a couple of posts on GMB top piece that will link to the money site. Yeah, of course, you can Pavlo that's good thinking. See, I love it. Love it when you guys come here with you know and have already kind of thought through. That's absolutely a great way to do it. And here's the thing, guys, you don't need to like like so what my VA does is every time she publishes a blog post for, you know, a local project that when we're also providing GMB posting service because some clients I don't, but for most of them I do. We always do a publish a GMB post that links back to the blog post right and we use the same Featured Image and Image We don't use, you know, her posts or curated posts, and they're usually way beyond the 1500 character limit. The GMB posts have. So we just take like the opening paragraph, for example, which essentially, you know, talks about what the blog post is going to be about anyways. And then there's the Learn More button, which links back to the blog post URL, and that's what we do. However, like if there's, you know, there's a lot of, for example, for clients that might only be getting, let's say, one posts per week, but we're doing five GMB posts per week, then it's only one blog post that's going to get highlighted in as a GMB post. So then there's got to be four other posts created. So for the week, right, and so typically, she'll do what would you just mentioned, she'll go grab some content from one of the main pages instead of just a post and link back to that on the page itself, and then you know, grab an image that's relevant to whatever the topic is, add that and then link back to the money site page or to the root domain or whatever tier-one entity asset, it doesn't matter, but just grab content from the existing website, or I've given her a bunch of and she, you know, over the years has developed them out a lot more but I gave her some templates that are basically like call to action templates that just say, Hey, you know if that and I list of keywords which and every one of my client projects I have a, you know, a spreadsheet, a Google Google Sheet that has a list of target keywords and then target URLs. And so she'll go right on down the list and just grab one of my GMB post templates and swap out a keyword because it's all tokenized. In other words, you know, I've created a notepad file with a bunch of GMB post templates in there that have tokens that can just be swapped out with the Find and Replace function. And it makes it really easy to produce consistently good GMB posts where we're constantly targeting keywords that have already been identified as keywords that are producing traffic or have the potential to produce traffic

Where do you get those keywords? We'll go to GMB insights for example, and look at the keyword the search query report or search term report at the very top of GMB insights. And you can go back to three months or like you know, the previous quarter and look at all the keywords that have brought traffic to the GMB and those are great keywords to target even like the near me keywords. So like one of the things that we use in our templates a lot is like did you just search for and then put in quotes? So that's the first line in the GMB post text right is did you just search for like Tree Removal Service near me? And that way you can start targeting like those near me keywords in a way that reads well. And it makes sense and it will look no further because, you know, Cole pepper Tree Service provides tree removal services to call pepper County, Virginia Call us for a free estimate. Then there's you know, brand name plus phone number and then the link back to whatever it is that we're linking to. Does that make sense? So yeah, there's think about also days silo linking your GMB posts

We talked about this and local GMB pro extensively, but all of that. So if you're thinking about taking long-form content, and breaking it up into a series of posts, GMB posts, which is a great strategy, then just think about how you're going to link those posts to each other, as well as back to the original content source. And jump links is a great way to do that. It's a great question Pavlo. And it sounds a great strategy. You're on the right track. Any comments on that Marco? Yeah, just something real quick before we go. Number one, original content works really well everywhere. Sometimes you can't get it. But the more creative you can be the better works. One and two original images. Nothing, nothing in your post is going to work better than an image taken and uploaded at the location. If you can't do that, and of course, you have to go to the things that we teach inside local GMB Pro, which is you know how to silo and how to get unlimited local images, how to do the post how to get creative with the post, how to interlink the post so that you can get the most out of your GMB. But I can tell you right now from everything that I'm doing inside GMB that nothing is going to work better than tweaking that content and giving the bot something original for that search query and adding that that that local image, it sent us everything in really well.

This Stuff Works

What Is The Best Way To Send Targeted Email And Text Messages To 50+ People WHere There May Be Video Blocking On Email?

There you go. Um, okay, so Nigel is asking the best way to send targeted email and text messages to 50 plus people where they may be blocking video blocking on email. I'm aware of a gift with a YouTube hyperlink method but wanted to know the best way to facilitate sending videos plus short messages via text and email that may be better than one by one. FYI, I have targeted and permission list and made separate videos for each of the 50 people. Okay, so I'm going to point out a couple of resources here. Now, first of all, there's one that I'm testing right now.

In fact, up Talk about this in the mastermind but there is no affiliate link for those guys but it's called dub comm do BB calm. And I just signed up for them a couple of weeks ago and they've got full-on. It's a video email marketing system, right and it's a full-on a platform that has SMS, it's got emailing, it's, uh, you know, depending on what level of subscription you have, it'll do a, you know, there's workflow automation So essentially, you can create automated campaigns where it'll send a video email, and then you know, if nobody clicked on it, you can 24 hours later send an SMS text message and then you know, and you can have different triggers where if they click and they watch to a certain point, it sends a different message like so it's a full-on automated marketing platform for video emails, and prospecting and everything else. So it looks to be incredibly powerful and I just started playing with it because I've got some lead gen assets that I need to monetize. And so I'm going to be doing some additional training on dub in the mastermind. And then I'm going to once I have it wrapped up nicely and polished up, I'm going to add that to our video lead gen system training. Okay, so I would highly encourage if you've got a lot, it sounds like Nigel, you're doing a lot of video email prospecting, something like this is actually way better in my opinion, even though I haven't really put it through the test yet. It looks to be a hell of a lot more efficient than the way that I have always done it in the past which was using different services and kind of duct taping them together so to speak, with Zapier and using different apps and services, okay, because that, it is, you end up having a lot of setup time to get all of those apps to integrate and work properly. And then if anything breaks, it becomes kind of a pain in the ass to go troubleshoot and find where it broke and fix it. All of that can be done. That's how I've done it over the years using Zapier primarily as like, you know, the tool to connects all those apps together. But it is a bit of a pain in the ass. And when you end up totaling all of the expenses for different services, including Zapier, which is, you know, at the minimum $20 a month to have a decent Zapier account, it ends up costing more than just having a demo account, to begin with. So that's why I signed up for this because I've got some prospecting campaigns that I'm going to be running in the next couple of weeks. And so I want to kind of document my process through this. And in the mastermind, they get that stuff basically in real-time. But once it's done, I'll have it polished up and I'm going to add that as an additional module inside of the video lead gen system program. Now, that said, there are a couple of ways that you can do what you were talking about. I like to use g mass SEO as my mailing service for when I'm connected through G Suite. So I've done a ton of prospecting using g mass SEO. If you look at the pricing, there is a couple of different pipes here. I like to use it for G Suite accounts pretty much anytime I set up any kind of email like prospecting campaign got a Now I use G Suite anyways so that I'm using the Gmail servers, it's a paid account so you get higher sending limits, all that kind of stuff, you can add your own SPF records and all that kind of stuff, higher deliverability higher inboxing rate. I like to use g mass SEO for that. However, there's another really good service out there that I used to use before I started using g mass and that's called quickmail.io. So again, they're similar type functioning, but you can basically load up campaigns with the individual you know, recipients have different messages going to different but it will automate everything and it will send out follow up automated follow-ups. It will do link, you know, open tracking link click tracking, reply tracking. There's again a lot of these will integrate with CRM or Zapier and that kind of stuff.

So you can, you know, cause another set up automated marketing, you know, workflows essentially. So you can do all kinds of really cool stuff with either one of these g mass SEO or quick mail.io. But I prefer a well, it looks like dub is going to be the platform that I'm going to be using going forward for all of my video email prospectings because it integrates like it has everything right in the same dashboard that I would have that I've ever wanted, that I've always set up using Zapier and multiple different services. That makes sense. Okay, so I would highly encourage you to check this one out. I don't have any training for that yet, but they've got really really good training resources on at dub alone so everything you could need already is here.

Any comments? No. Okay.

So try those a lot of says Hey, guys, I don't think we can get to those. We're way past the hour. Oh my god. Holy crap. I lost track of time.

Yeah, you did.

Time flies when you're having fun. What is Episode 300? It is 300. So let's give them more. I don't care. We're 12 weeks away from our six-year anniversary guys. Do you believe that?

Six years giving you an hour free every week on YouTube six years of answering your questions. No bullshit, no fluff. Just the good stuff.

Well, listen, guys, I wish I could answer the rest of the questions, but I didn't realize how late we were. So Time flies when you're having fun. Great questions. nijo. Everybody else? appreciate y'all being here, Marco. Thanks for sticking around even past the hour. All right. No problem. See you guys next week. Bye, everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 299

By April

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All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 299. We're one away from big Episode 300. I'm gonna call this episode where everyone is getting old and wearing glasses except Chris. I just realized all of us are now wearing glasses except Chris. Yeah, well, you guys spending too much time in front of your computers. There we go. Yeah, gotta change it around. This is the year we try to get ourselves off to the computer. So anyways, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. We're gonna say hi, real quick catch up with everybody. And then we got a couple quick announcements before diving into the questions. So I'll start on the bottom here since it's cloudy weather element Marco. How you doing today? I have my lights on. That's why it looks so bright. Yeah, it's raining. It's supposed to be raining. So finally got me with the lights on. But I can't complain this nice a warm, actually. I'm kind of trying to hide trying to blend into the background. So Google doesn't see me.

It's all good man. I'm gonna

Having a good time.

Outstanding All right. Well, let's work our way around. Hernan you got those new glasses what's going on with you?

Yeah, man, I'm just trying to trying to blend in. I got I got glasses and now you got glasses. I mean yeah man we get rid of this and have a beard and growing a beard. Damn it. You're doing the 50 K I might do the 50 now, so good man these are blue light blocking glasses, you know? Because there's one this one guy show me one this really nerdy yellow like super like

orangey glasses and they make you look stupid. I know I won't be wearing next week.

Yeah, do you don't think the big square bc birth control glasses make you look stupid though right now, man. No, I can't I can talk like this. Nobody will.

But a lady repellent. Yeah, exactly. say wait a second. Are you wearing those or are you being forced to wear this?

What this one glasses. Yeah, I'm just kidding.

You look good. I was just wondering maybe you're making you know this light and blue light blue light blocking. I'm still confused. Why are you wearing blue light blocking glasses in the middle of the day or now? Yeah, well, it's time. 5pm So, five 6pm So, all right. Well, before we tell everyone all about our AI problems, let's see Chris, how you doing today? Man? Doing good, man. I hit the gym for like, I don't know, like after another two week break for the first time again. Sore all over again. Hit the leg so hard. So yeah, like, I'm pretty sure you're gonna feel the same way. Next week?

Yes, definitely. Yeah, I'm headed out. Taking a couple of weeks and hitting the road literally going to be gone for a couple of weeks and doing some trail running. So for those of you in the northwest, you know what mountain trail was? Yeah. We're going to be doing a run around Mount St. Helens, as well as doing some visiting up there. Go to some campgrounds and stuff. So, Bradley, how about you? How are things on the East Coast today. Good. Happy to be here I've been trying to

do I've got a bunch of lead gen projects I'm working on. And so I'm trying to spend as much time on those as possible. But I've had a really good month in real estate flipping land and I've got a lot of deals coming in right now. So it's kind of hard because I'm, I'm conflicted, the real estate money is really damn good. So I have to do I have to pursue that when it comes in. But at the same time, I've got other projects I'm trying to work on. So it's kind of difficult balancing right now, but I'm happy to be here and got a lot of stuff coming up. So that's the end. Well, we got a few things I want to mention to everybody real quick. First of all, is kofu. Live as we've been saying that is still on, we got a lot of cool,

cool stuff we're going to be talking about. You can find out more about that at Boku live.com not just the cool stuff, but also what you can get. So head over there, check out the VIP ticket, I highly recommend it. We have priced it accordingly. We really want people to grab the VIP ticket and get

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The most out of this. But if you want, you can grab the VIP plus as well and get some one on one time with us, which if you were going to book that separately, I mean, we know roughly what each other charge but I didn't sit down and like calculate it out, but it's a hell of a deal. So if that's something you want to take advantage of, go grab one of those. There are limited number of those because we can't just sit around talking to everybody all day. Unfortunately, we do have our own businesses and agencies to run. So go and check those out. We got some more information coming out later in August about the guest speakers and exactly what they're going to be covering. But we got some great stuff. Jeffrey Smith is going to be joining us again and we've got two more agency owners along with Rob Beal and dedhia is going to be giving a case study to so tons of stuff and more. More to come. So again, poku live.com. Now, something else I want to talk about and Bradley, maybe you can share some info. I just got the link to this. You're going to be talking with Jeremy from Press Advantage on Monday. Correct.

Yes, Monday at 3:30pm.

We've got another webinar with Jeremy, one of the CO owners of Press Advantage, which is the press release service that we've been using. I mean, primarily for several years now I've been with Press Advantage for six since. They've pretty much since they launched, so five or six years, maybe even longer than that. But anyways, he only opens up the subscription offers that he's done for us. Rarely, let's put it that way. Very rarely does he open up those subscription offers. And he's, um, he's prepared or planning to do that again next week. There are some new features that are been rolling out for Press Advantage and it's just a good time to do so. And we've been asking him to open that back up again for some time. So he's, he's actually doing that for us next Monday at 3:30pm. So be on the lookout for the link. If you don't, if Adam doesn't post it here, you'll get it via email plus in the groups and sign up for that any of you that are using press releases consistently for your marketing, whether it's for clients or your own projects, we highly recommend them. They work incredibly well. I use them a lot. And so if you're doing a lot of them, it's probably best in your best interest to have your own subscription. And next week's a good time to get it. So be there. Definitely, yeah, so that'll be Monday. 3pm Eastern, and I thought will be Say that again. I believe it's 330 Let me double-check. No, it's 3 pm. I'm sorry. Yes. 3pm. Okay, so 3pm Eastern, and we will be sending out an email about that. I did just post the link. So stay tuned for that. But if you are interested in what press releases can do for you, then I highly suggest showing up plus Jeremy like Bradley said it's gonna have a very special offer going with that. Yeah, real quick, guys. If anybody you know, before you even go on the webinar for that if, if you want to see how to use press releases in a way that just works incredibly well. Just go to our YouTube channel and search for press release SEO, and you'll find

The webinar that we did, it's also at MGYB. If you look in the webinar section on MGYB, the store, you'll see that there's we did a Marco and I did a webinar about how we use press releases and PR silo stacking. So essentially siloing press releases together. And it works really, really well. And I would highly recommend it if you're on the fence or considering getting your own press release subscription that you go watch that webinar first so that you have an idea of how powerful they are and how to use them the best way. Definitely, will Bradley beat me to it. I was going to say speaking of MGYB and a lot of you guys took advantage of the awesome Fourth of July sale we had last month. There's still some good stuff going on. If you had some updates coming so go check out mg y v.co for your done for you services. But yeah, as Bradley said up there, you'll see the little webinar button click on that. And then there's a bunch of the best practices webinars which is just basically free, great training information. So go check those out. So here's a bit of something Why don't we bundle the Press Advantage offer with Local PR Pro I'm just throwing it out there we don't have to decide right now but I mean it just it goes hand in hand let's let's work it out and make them an offer they can't refuse so they get results right away the way we do that. And one more thing before we go I don't want to set any hard dates because it's a work in progress. But there's something coming for Syndication Academy. Yeah, look new flavor.

We're working on it. We're working on it guys. Let's say sometime towards the fourth quarter of the year sometime. Look for it. It revamped updated when I bought properties. I don't know how you can make the best better but we are.

Yeah, yes. Yeah. And I was gonna say I was gonna turn into t test I'll keep this one short because we can't really say much about it. But yeah, the webinar go get signed up for that. Keep your eyes and ears peeled about Syndication Academy and Bradley's going to be doing some testing for some additional link building based stuff. And we'll just leave it at that for now and say that, should that go? Well, that's definitely something we'll be letting everyone know about. Yep.

Cool. All right, guys. Anything else before we dive in? We're good. All right. Let's do it. Grab the screen.

You guys are seeing my screen correct?

Yep. So yeah, right.

What Phone Number To Use When Setting Up The GMB For A Local Lead Gen Site?

jump right into it. So olana says, Hi guys. Setting up a local lead gen site. Haven't got a phone number for it yet. Would you wait until after you have the number to set up the GMB? Yes, I think you have to actually you have to have a phone number. As far as I remember. I haven't set up a GMB in quite some time, but I'm pretty sure you have to have a phone number. Also, which of the following Do you use for lead gen an 800 number, a one 300 number. I've never even heard of that mobile or local landline with a reader.

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I prefer using call rail. I still use call rail. I've used call fire in the past and I've got a ton of numbers in call fire comm that I would like to port over to call rail is a better platform. It gives you a ton more features. It's inexpensive, but it takes it's a long process of porting numbers. So I just have two accounts. I've got call firing call rail. I prefer using call rail. Again, I use call rail for several of my lead gen assets as well as my own real estate business. Because I use a lot of phone numbers for tracking marketing purposes and stuff. But I really, really like call rail. Does anybody else have any suggestions?

Call rail. I can't say anything else. It's what I use. Yeah. And no, not an 800 number. All right. So if you're going to work local, which your car it no matter where you go, you don't want that 800 number you want that local number you want people kind of like that local numbers I've seen better results with a local number than an ad hundred number unless you're widely known for having that 800 number. Does that make sense? Or did I lose everybody? So 100 works when you're widely known like like, something like roto rooter, let's say or plumbers nine one, that kind of thing. But if you're local and you want people to you to want to create that familiarity it really helps to have that local number.

Yes, I agree. I use answerconnect.com to send phone calls into a call center so that the phone always gets answered. It screens the calls there's a ton of benefits for using a call center. And I have been since 2013, the same account, answer Connect comm I really can't say enough good things about them. And so they give you an 800 number but you can forward or redirect local numbers to the 800 number which is what I do. That way. You know, I can have multiple lead gen assets all funneling into that with their own separate local numbers, but all funneling into the same call center if it's for the same service provider, essentially.

But there's a lot of really cool things. And by the way, guys, I'm working on a lot of lead gen stuff right now, and I've got some case studies I'm working on that I'll be making public, not just within our groups. And I've also got some things that I'm going to be introducing to everybody when I do make that case studies public that I think will help a lot of you with your lead gen business. I can't really talk much about it right now, but I just kind of wanted to tease it. So there you go.

How To Generate Quality Content For A Niche Blog If You Don't Like Writing?

The next question is, Hey, guys, I want to set up a niche blog, but I don't like writing How can I generate the quality content myself for my niche blog? Will the generated content be good enough for niche blogging? Thanks, Content Kingpin.

When I first started in SEO and local lead gen way back in, you know, 2010 timeframe. I was actually doing blog posts. Right after, I'd kind of developed the Syndication Academy method, and because it was just working like crazy good, I knew that blogging was going to be the way to populate the networks and get results. And so I was actually blogging for industries that I knew nothing about. I was actually writing the posts myself. And it was incredibly time-consuming. And it's frustrating because I had to learn a lot about the businesses and the topics and such. And I, fortunately, I got introduced to content curating, and I don't remember who introduced me to it or whatever, but I kind of started reading about it. And then I bought a couple of courses about content curating, and some plugins and all kinds of stuff. And I started curating content and I got much more efficient at generating content. And he also I didn't have to know as much about a topic because you can just find subject matter, you know, find articles on the web or content. It doesn't have to be articles. It can be podcasts, videos, infographics, slide presentations, it could be a number of things that are based around the topic that you are writing about that are written by or produce the contents produced by subject matter experts or SMEs. And you can get really good and really efficient at producing content by just being able to find and locate content developed or produced by subject matter experts. And then curating it and creating a unique post based upon using, you know, snippets of content from the subject matter experts, it's already been published. So that's, you know, been my preferred method. And I was actually doing that on my own. I use some tools and some plugins at the time. But once my business got to a certain level, it was just way too time-consuming. Even with using curated content, I was too time-consuming for me to produce it myself. So I developed training and hired a virtual assistant and handed it over to them and she's still with me today. By the way, her name is Esther she's still my primary number one blogger that works for me right now.

But anyway, long story short, I ended up training multiple virtual assistants or bloggers or curators as what they are really, with that training. So I kind of polished it up a bit. And that's what Content Kingpin is, which is one of our training courses. And it's the same process that my bloggers all use today, I talked about a couple of tools, but we still primarily do everything manually. Just using like a like Feedly. For example, to the group and categorize content feeds that we know like and trust that then we can use to all So a quick glimpse my bloggers go in for whenever they've got to produce or publish a post, they'll go in and just look at Feedly select that particular category or folder for the project that they're working on. And it will show all the content that's available than the recent content that's available around that particular topic. And then they can choose a topic to blog about to curate a post about and then pick and choose a few articles that will either reinforce that the idea that they're trying to convey with their posts, or sometimes they'll do like argumentative posts where they'll try to show in a different opinion from what perhaps others are saying. So they'll show two sides of the coin, if that makes sense, as two different competing opinions about the same topic anyway, it's great, it works incredibly well, it also creates co-citation. And so we highly recommend you check out Content Kingpin, it's one of the best ways to do it. Not only that but if you were to use that site type of the system, the Content Kingpin method, then you can get away from doing it yourself. So you don't have to publish I mean, I would learn it first. You know, learn it and understand how to do it first, but then you can actually put a virtual assistant that you hire through the course and have them do it for you, and you can kind of just managing and guide them until they get up to your standards. But that's the best way to do it. Guys. I call it hands-free content marketing and it's a great revenue source too because it really is simple.

Once you understand the topic concept is really, really good to anybody want to comment on that Content Kingpin doesn't get enough credit for does what it does. People don't understand it, I think because they get all the all this different information about unique content and duplicate content and all this bullshit that's out there. That's nothing. Really if it were so places like Huffington Post's would not exist. Google News would not exist unless curated content was okay. But not only Okay, whether it was good I'd be how much traffic does it get Bing, Yahoo. All they do all day long is republish story. Huffington Post is a collection of republish story that all it is and all you're doing with Content Kingpin is republishing the story. You're summarizing them right taking power, whatever it is that you do it. And you're adding your own commentary and proper attribution and it's a done deal. I mean, it's so simple. And yet people try to make it so much more difficult than it really should be. But yeah, totally Content Kingpin for the win. You know, and it's interesting. I've just pulled this up because I did this and if you guys remember masterclass, we had a, we had a kind of a middle-tier webinar coaching program that we had called masterclass for a number of years. And I did this as a local case study, Gainesville home pros, and I've never done anything with it since I think that was back in 2015. Oh, look at that. It says account suspended. That's interesting. That's one of my Okay, well, anyway, I would sure like to show you that blog because that was curated content, the same method. My blogger Esther, who was the first one I trained using that method, produced all the content on that site using curated content, and they were beautiful posts and unfortunately, it looks like that account has been that hosting account perhaps has been suspended. I have done anything with it years. But I would like to show you guys some examples of that. But I don't have anything that I can show you right now off the top of my head. But anyway, it's it works really, really well the posts come out beautiful if you do it right. I would highly recommend going through Content Kingpin.

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No, because there are a few things that you have to do in order to not infringe on copyright. So for example, you don't want to curate images that can get you into trouble, asked me how I know.

Because you'll get extortion letters from like Getty Images and other you know, asshole law firms out there that are just looking for people that have republished images without copyright, without rights to it. So there's like a lot of things. There's not a lot of things, but there are a few things that you really should do to make sure that you're covering your ass when you're curating content. So again, I highly recommend you go through the product, it's through that program. It's a really, really good program. It's the same that we use today. You know, there are a lot of tools out there that can help you to manage content curating, but we've already.

He's found that it really just is just as quick and easy because what happens with a lot of these tools is they stop being supported over time. We know one of them was Curation Suite that we actually promoted. And fortunately after promoting it, and after a year or so, like the support just stopped and it kind of fell off the face of the earth. The same thing with a bunch of curating plugins that I've used over the years, they just eventually fall off the market and they just don't get supported. So we've learned to just stick with the manual process and it's you know, once somebody becomes efficient with that process is really is a very efficient way to produce content. So you don't need all the additional tools and plugins and things like that. So that's why I recommend that product because it's a Content Kingpin because it will teach you how to do it manually and then you can teach a VA how to do it by just putting them right through the same training. It's a great question though.

What Training Do You Offer In The MasterMind That You Can't Get In The Syndication Academy?

Jason says I'm currently in the Syndication Academy 2.0 and I was wanting to know all of the different features and benefits in the mastermind that you don't get in the Academy. Is this all of these different training you offer in the mastermind if I joined the mastermind, can I get a discount for the cost of the academy? Okay, so first of all the mastermind you have direct access to my partners and me, as well as all the other members of the group, which we have a lot of really savvy marketers and agency owners and CEOs and such in our group. But you also have direct access to all of us to where you can ask us questions in the Facebook group at any time. We're in there answering questions often. Plus, we each host our own separate webinars inside the mastermind. They're bi-weekly webinars. So every two weeks each one of us hosts our own webinar. So you get to come to ask us questions at length during the webinars. Like you can post questions ahead of time for the webinars, we'll do site audits, we'll you know, look at your, your SEO, your you know, on-page stuff off-page stuff, we'll help you with projects if you need it. Plus, as I said, you get to you know, come to ask me stuff, or Marco stuff or Adam, or Hernan or Chris any one of us. So there's a lot of benefits in there that we don't provide anywhere else we'll go as deep into, whatever subject you want to go into, you know, and that's one of the things that we can't do on a free setting like this or any in any of our other groups. So the mastermind is definitely where you want to be if you want to get all that, as well as Syndication Academy is included in that. So you can cancel your Syndication Academy account if you join the mastermind because it's included in that as well as all of our products under $300. Anything over $300 you get a significant discount. So there's a ton of benefits to be in the mastermind. Anybody else wanna?

Yeah, I would just say Jason, if you just started Syndication Academy, if you're just getting into it, then contact support and we'll refund whatever you paid for Syndication Academy and you can or you can apply it towards them. However, you want to work that out, we'll work it out for you. We always do. Why because membership has its privileges. So that's why we do things the way we do and yes, I mean, above all else is this group of people like-minded people who are working towards what we call POFU position of Fuck you, where you have the kind of power and money where you can pick and choose your clients, your clients come to you instead of you going knocking on doors on $500 clients who are a pain in the ass. So rather than doing all that you getting all you get all of this training, you get the mindset training, you get the how-to get all of the collective knowledge, and then you have five, almost six years of webinars. Now some of them of course are dated, but we do we're not doing webinars every week. It's either Bradley or me like we take every other Thursday. You got Hernan, you got Adam. Yeah, Chris, everyone is giving you their perspective and their take on things so you get all of these different points of view, all of this all of these different experiences coming to you and helping you in whatever it is that you're trying to do whatever it is that you're trying to achieve. So it's not just what you get as far as training. It's the people and the relationships, the networking that you can do inside the mastermind like I know people who are working together in different projects, and we tell people to become the big fish in a little pond. But then some of them go on to and I'm gonna mention his name, for example, to dominate in the Fort Worth area. And you got another one in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities you got someone in the Dirty South, right South Carolina, Georgia area, who are Domini who may have started as the big fish in the little pile or becomes the little fish in the big fish in the little pond. But then they move to a bigger pond. So that we're always pushing. We're always encouraging people. That growth means you go to make more money until you reach a stepping point where you say, Okay, I met, hopefully, this is where I want to be, this is how I want to do it. And if I choose not to work tomorrow, I can do that because the process and the systems and everything else that I've gained through being in the mastermind, will take care of me not being it, the system is there, so I don't have to be there. And I mean, just the way that this happened and how this happened, and how people finally are able to step away and say, Man, I can spend time with my family and I can relax and I can do the things I want to do, rather than having to do the things that I have to do things that I must with no other choice. So I think that that's just one of the greater things about the mastermind is that mindset that awful, you're going after that poof hopefully you get on that path. And it's it becomes your magnificent obsession. I thank you CTF letcher for that. But it becomes your magnificent obsession. You're going after that and there is nothing that can get in your way of achieving that powerful, that's when you know that you're there. And that's what we're there for. So, just because you brought up CT, and we don't have a lot of questions, so I know we got time when we did the interview with CT Fletcher, I've created this text document. It's been on my desktop ever since. And hopefully, nobody gets offended because CT Fletcher likes to cuss a lot. Say but here's a lot of here are the quotes that struck me when we were at when we really were Marco interviewing him. I was on the webinar, but it was really Marco interviewing CT Fletcher, who's a powerlifter. He broke a ton of records for a while. But anyway, some of these are really funny. I'm not gonna read them out to you, but you remember these Marco? Absolutely. I love them so awesome. I still watch them. Will will is king. Yeah, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. He's so good. You ain't pretty motherfucker. Yeah, you ain't that birdie.

So funny. I mean, that one right there cracks me up too. I laughed out loud. Anyways, I just thought that was funny because I happen to notice it on my desktop the other day and I giggled about it. You just brought it up.

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Would You Recommend A Subdirectory Or Subfolder On The Same Domain When Creating The Blog?

So anyway, Jason, next question says, Hey, guys, I have an e-commerce website using WordPress with WooCommerce. Would you recommend a subdirectory? Or folder on the same domain and load a new WordPress and create a blog? Yes, that's what we've always recommended. I mean, I don't do any e-commerce stuff. But I mean, in the past, I have done some SEO for some e-commerce clients. But it's not something I'd like to do. So I got out of doing it, but we've always recommended it. So do you have control over like essentially a content distribution engine, right, and that's WordPress is great for that? So you can either put it in a subfolder or directory of the root domain or what we always recommended was to put it in a subdomain instead. And that's because a subdomain is still treated as content have a separate web entity or separate site, I should say, a separate website than the root domain. So that if you're in your content distribution, you do something spammy, which if you follow our methods, you won't have any trouble, at least, we, you know, as it stands right now, but Google could change everything in a moment's notice. But we've never had any issues. But if you put in a subdomain, and you were doing something spammy or something, Google changed its rules, all of a sudden, and something became spammy, they wouldn't affect the root domain, which is where your e-commerce site resides, it would affect the subdomain only. So we always prefer, like, you know, you could put blog as a subdomain to whatever your domain is, or whatever you want it to be news or something like that. And that's what we prefer to do. But you could put it in a subdirectory. But yeah, that gives you the opportunity then to do all your content marketing. Remember, if you've got an e-commerce site, and you've got product categories, for example, you can mirror those same categories. We talked about theme mirroring all the time.

If you don't know what that is, you know, it's essentially duplicating or mirroring your site structure on other assets. So you have if you have product categories in your eCommerce site, you could mirror those same categories as content categories, or you know, in WordPress, just categories are the same. You could title them and everything the same as what they are on your eCommerce site. And then you can publish posts, blog posts, or sporting posts. That's kind of a link building method that in place them within those particular silos or categories in the WordPress site, distribute them out to a syndication network, mirror, all of that stuff on a G site, and our ys drive stack, press releases, all that kind of stuff. You mirror all of that together, and it works really, really well to push power to your, you know, your ultimate destination, which would be your e-commerce product pages. So you want to comment on that. Yeah, we used to recommend going to a subdomain because we wanted to protect the root cause we were doing. let's admit it, we were doing a lot of evil stuff yes to the subdomains, we were blasting them to the point where if we had them connected to the route, any penalty would pass to the root. What we've done is we've taken a step out, because now everything goes through our SEO power shield. And so now the route is protected.

And so in order to push even more power, by all means, put it in a subdirectory because then you're accruing everything inside the root when you go into that subdirectory rather than stepping in a subdomain, which is treated as a separate website, so you're one hop away from your root domain anyway and you're losing link equity. When you're anytime that you're one hop or more away, you lose link equity at the top. When you're in a subdomain, you don't lose that link equity is even when you're in the root. You don't lose that link equity when you're in a folder inside the root. You don't lose that link equity because you're not a hub away. You're in the root, now if you do want to protect it, then you just install in the dub dub dub. So that's where you would do the root because that's a subdomain anyway.

So that's how you do it. But we have the SEO PowerShell it's not necessary anymore. Because everything that we do goes through our SEO power shield, which amplifies and protects. That's why we call it the SEO, power shield. It powers it up, it amplifies and it protects it shields it and so that my recommendation would be totally totally unless you're planning on doing a whole lot of evil stuff to that subdomain go with a sub but with it should be with a folder inside the root.

What Type Of Brand Property Link To Use In A Press Release?

Awesome. So next is BB BB. Look, you've gotten better, buddy. Your questions are a lot shorter and not quite as many. So I think we're finally getting through to you, man. And I'm just giving you our time baby. It's we're always like having you here but he says Hey guys, number one does that the link to a branded property in the press release should be to the property or to one of its pages that were syndicated by RSS. Well, it depends on what you're doing. But so, my strategy and again, it's covered in the press release SEO, or piece PR silo stacking webinar that we did Marco and I did. Again, you can find that at MGYB or just go to youtube.com slash semantic mastery use the channel search feature search for press release SEO and you'll find it you know, right at the top go watch that. Because what I prefer to do is we you know, we're constantly blogging for clients or for projects period. So that populates syndication network, right, we're building topical relevancy and depth to our silos, right depth to a particular topic. And then they syndicate out to syndication networks, right. And within every single post, within the proper silo architecture, we're always linking back up from the post back up to the top of the silo page, which is the page that we're trying to drive traffic to. Right. So what we do what I do is I always, you know, I like to publish press releases that are highlighting or showcasing a recent blog post. And that links to the blog post URL, which within the blog post, actually links back up to the page on the site. But I mean, you don't have to use that strategy all the time. That's what I do. Because I consistently publish press, we're consistently blogging and we're consistently publishing press releases for all of my clients or my lead gen asset. So it just works out really well because we're providing deep links, so links further down into a silo that helps to power up with proper silo architecture, it helps to power up the entire silo and helps all of the different keywords that we're targeting within the silo start to rise or surface in the search engines because of those deep links, right. So that's my preferred method because it adds more diversity and it's linking to multiple points.

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Within the main money site, as opposed to always constantly hitting the homepage or just the product or service pages, the top of silo pages in other words, so I like to do deep links, but it depends on what you're doing. If you're not doing a lot of press releases, if you're you know, you only got a budget for a handful of them, then it might be better to actually hit your homepage and or your top of silo pages, that kind of thing. So it really just depends on what your overall content marketing strategy is, and what you're going to be linking to, you know that that's going to determine where you're going to link to from within your site. Okay.

That's it that said, I always almost not 100% but we almost always link from within press releases to a page or post on the money site. Unless we're doing a two-step which again, go watch the press release SEO webinar, and you'll understand what I mean. But for example, if a client as all my local clients have Google My Business profiles. So if we publish a post when we publish a blog post on the blog, my blogger also for most of my clients will end up publishing a GMB post that points a link back to the blog post. So essentially, the GMB post is nothing other than a summary of the blog post itself with the same featured image as the image for the GMB post the photo, and then the button link, the Learn More button link links back to the blog post. So sometimes our press releases will actually link to the GMB post URL, because that ultimately links to the blog post URL, so the two-step process there. But you can also and I've talked about this almost every week now for the last like two months on Hump Day hangouts baby so I'm sure you're aware of what I was what I've said. But you know, if you've got particular keywords that you're trying to push, then you can actually go extract the post URLs from like, for example, the blogs on your syndication network, so blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, you can go extract these post URLs that are where the re-syndication or of the published the post that you publish targeting those keywords. And you can link to those within press releases too if you want to because again, that's tiered link building. So it's helpful in anyone, but you don't have to. I prefer to link to those blog post URLs using daddy as link building from an MGYB because I like to use the press releases to link directly back to the money site, or two primary tier one assets, such as a GMB profile, GMB map, Id page, any one of those types of things when it comes to that.

That was a good question. By the way, bb though. Yeah, that that was a really good question. Now, I mean, the link building varies it depends on how much power you're trying to push and where and everything is gonna be where it's needed, where everything's needed. Because sometimes it's just one press release, push, can get you to where you need to be. Other times, you're going to need way more. Yeah, there are other times when you're going to need even link building into the press releases. There's no one set rule because sometimes it's just the SEO power shield coming, coming in, right coming online. And that's enough. And sometimes it doesn't even have to do with the competition because we've seen it even in some tough keyword sets that you start ranking like right from the SEO power shield. So this totally ended depends on the no definitive answer for this, other than, you're going to have to get your press release. If you've set it up correctly. And you hit your top-level category rather than just like everybody does your homepage. Then your top-level category will flow and it'll push all of that power so that everything benefits from it, including the top-level category, not just the longtail keywords, it's how we teach it now. We teach people to go from the top-down instead of bottom-up it

It's a little different, it's kind of the same thing except we're going. For example, if we want to rank for gold futures, this is just an example. It's incredibly difficult to rank for that. But we would go even one, one level higher, we would go after the gold category, the entire gold category to pull up the gold features category instead of trying to push it up with all of the long tails. And I've seen that it has a greater effect when you try to go for that top-level category. on everything else, not only the longtail but the subcategory that you're after. So I'm always telling people you go one level up. So keeping this in mind, then it's up to you. I always tell people that we have to be scientists when we're gauging how it is that we're going to do this. What effect we're trying to create, you're going to have to create your link building and press releases are part of link building. You're going to create it so that whatever you're trying to benefit the most guests

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The most benefit out of what you're doing. And so you approach it that way. Yeah. So it varies. That's the short answer. It varies. It depends, right?

Can We Use The PR Stacking Strategies With Article Directories?

Next, can we treat an article direct article, an article directory as press releases, meaning publishing, as the PR stacking and also linking to actual prs? Okay, I don't do any article directory stuff I haven't for years, not saying that it can't still be useful. I just haven't because they've been known to be spammy. I think a lot of the links from those get discredited. It's much better to get like, you know, articles instead of being published on article directories, which were always known as SEO like, honey, honey, what do you call them honey, honey holes or whatever you call them. But I'm not saying that it won't work because I don't know. I haven't tested it in years. If I was going to do it, maybe I would do it. Where I was only linking to SEO shield assets or like you say, can you link to PRs? Yes, that would be fun because press release wherever press releases published is going to be able to handle those type of links, you may be able to push good link equity to them, or even, it doesn't really matter because they're not your money site. So I, I, again, I haven't used article directories in probably five or six years.

And so I don't really know whether they're still viable or if they're still helping at any level. But if I was going to use them, I would do it too. I would use them to link only back to tier one asset not directly to the money site. And press releases are a great thing to link to. So, Marco, I know you don't use article directories either.

I used to, it's not necessary anymore. I don't need to go that far. Right. The way that we're doing it pushes so much power that we don't need to go. I mean, when you're already at number one, like how much better can you go than the number one.

So maybe at some point with some of the case studies that we're doing and everything else that we have coming on e-commerce and everything else that we're experimenting. Yeah, I would say that we can do that. But right now, or maybe we need to do that. But right now the way that we're doing things is not necessary.

What Do You Mean By Kitchen Sink Spam?

Agreed. The last question was, what do you mean when you say kitchen sink? It gets me confused. Yeah, when I say kitchen sink spam, or when we say that, that just means using link building tools and throwing every kind of link like even some real spammy stuff, at whatever your target is. So like when we say you can throw kitchen sink spam at it, it means you could use some of the most god awful links in the world and throw them at, you know, point them at a particular target and still benefit from it. We would never encourage anybody to do that with their money site. And in fact, we prefer to still use better links.

Even if you're using spam tools, for example, like you know, our link building master dedhia he uses a ton of link building tools but he always recommends that your the links that he builds to whatever your targets are, which we always recommend tier-one entity targets or your SEO shield essentially. But he always likes to suggest recommends using two layers two levels of contextual web two Dotto links. And then throwing if you want a third tier of links, you can throw kitchen sink spam at those contextual web two dot o links. So that's what we mean by kitchen sink spam, it means pretty much anything under the sun, that's a link. And a lot of those would be toxic if they're not used properly, but they can still provide a benefit if used properly. And that's what we talk about when we talk about you know, you can hit SEO power shields with kitchen sink spam, and they'll end up ranking. We don't recommend it. We still recommend using the contextual web to Dotto links. Add your first and second-tier links that are being built to your tier one assets. But you can always throw kitchen sink spam behind that if you wanted and still receive a benefit Mark has done several tests I have to, but we even did the Marco and Rob did the kind of public case study for the DC plumber and just hit it with like over a million kitchen sink spam style links, including porn porn links, and it ranked and it's probably still ranking today. So and we just had someone in RYS Academy reloaded last week, come in and tell us that they tried the million kitchen sink, spam link test and got really good results and 89% increase in traffic month to month. Wow. So it works. However, think of it this way. If garbage links work, how much better? Will quality links work? How much better will the way that we do the tiered link building right? contextual tiered link building

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How much better is that, not only for now but long term when they come looking? The first thing that they look for is that kitchen sink spam, that that the automation is is what Google is looking for. And we're kind of hiding in plain sight because we're not giving them what everybody else is doing. We're doing it a little bit differently. And it just playing work. So when you're thinking about going after that, that million links, and yeah, you can pay 50 bucks in fiber, and there's going to be complete TSA, and it's going to be truly, truly garbage type of stuff that you don't want to look at. Why would you do that to your project? Why would you do that when it can show up in your link profile? Do you want that? Because we had that showing up for DC plumbing. We had those links index, man. And seriously, you didn't want your kids looking at that you didn't want you to want to be sitting there with your wife. Looking at some of that stuff that was coming through it was it was like, the really bad garbage man.

So why would so when I'm talking to people, my question is if you want to test and you don't care, you don't care what shows up in the link profile, you don't care about anything. You're just trying to make you make some money. It's a fun test, then, by all means, do it. But if it's something that you care about, why would you mistreat something that you care about that one?


Can You Blast The Press Release And Drive Stacks With Backlinks Without Negative Impact On The Money Site And GMB?

Okay, next is Gordon, what's up Gord? It's been a while he says, Hey, guys, hope you're safe. And well just have a quick question. When using press releases or an ROI S Drive stack through the MGYB store. Can you blast either or both of them with hundreds or even thousands of backlinks without any negative effect on your money site? Or GMB listing? And if so, will that increase the SEO juice flowing to either entity and help them to rank? Thank you very much. Yeah. And that's, I mean, that's exactly what we were just talking about.

We prefer to build links to our tier one entity assets such as the SEO power shield, our last drive stack, g site press releases the organic press release organization page, you know, the idx page, anything like that. And that's if you set it up correctly, you're not going to have any negative results whatsoever, which is why we set the things up the way that we do. That's why we call it the SEO power shield because it shields it's like, I've always called it an SEO firewall, right? It creates a firewall around your money site. And so that's exactly what we're talking about. embeds and or backlinks work really, really well. In fact, you can even take your money site it for example, and you know, embed it in a G site and then hammer the G site page with backlinks. And that's going to help your money site page benefit without there being an actual direct hyperlink on that page. Does that make sense? So yeah, that's what we were just talking about. With Bibi's question when we just hammer our assets with backlinks because it helps to push ultimately it flows down through to whatever our target destination is, which could be a GMB asset.

Could be a Google Site could be a money site. It could be all three of those. So yes, that would work. Any comments on that?

Should You Interlink A Post If The Main Article Has 5 Jump Links?

No, that's perfect. Pavlos up, he says, Hey guys last time, I missed an opportunity to say thank you. Well, you're welcome. Pavlo He says, question in one of your videos, you said that I can copy main silo page content and create a post. The Post will be canonicalized back to the main article, the canonical link itself will be a jump link to the Main article.

The question is should I interlink these posts if I have if the Main article has five jump links, and I've created five posts from the main content? I think I kind of vaguely remember this conversation we had on Hump Day Hangouts, but I'm not quite following the question. I think what, what I was talking about if and hopefully, I'm not off base here, but prefer using long-form content now for content for websites or for money sites, instead of in the past, like, you know, five years ago, you know, you could create a kind of thin content type of silo page. And then each supporting a keyword that you would find within your with your keyword research. So all of the supporting keywords that you would stack within a particular silo, I just always use spreadsheets for that. So I create a column but my top-level keyword at the top, you know, the column header, and then I would go extract all of the relevant supporting keywords and key phrases and put them in underneath that in that same column right in a spreadsheet. And then that would be that that goes to my bloggers, for them to produce content around so that they highlight one of the supporting keywords within the correct silo. And it used to be that I would create kind of thin content, top of silo pages, and then target individual longer tail keywords with blog posts, but that becomes repetitive redundant. And it doesn't work as well what I found as having a long-form top of silo page now, that contains a lot of those supporting keywords so that broken down into subheadings, right, so and I think that's what you were talking about is when I mentioned that you can create long-form content, and even put a table of contents with jump links at the top of the content, which is really good for SEO. And then you can actually create blog posts targeting those longer tail phrases that are already present on the silo page itself right to top of silo page that have jump links to them and then link from those supporting articles within the blog post to those jump links. Because then it's, it's, it's linking to the top of silo page, but it's also reinforcing that longer tail subheading or keyword, right, so that's supporting keyword. If that's what you're talking about, then let's see. The question is should I interlink these posts with the Main article as well? Five jump links. And I've created five posts from the main content. Yeah, I mean, I don't I can't get too far into this Marco would kill me if I did.

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But if you're interlinking, your supporting posts correctly, daisy-chaining them together then and they're just linking from post to post. And from within each post linking back to the top of silo page, even if it's at a jump link, a jump link to the top of silo page to some section on the top of silo page. Yes, that would work. That would work really, really well. Actually. Any comments on that Marco?

Sorry about that.

A lot. Ah, no, it's not really something that I'm willing to talk about in a free gotten a free forum like this. They are not going to get into that because it just puts so much power and it gets around everything that Google can throw at you. So no, that's fine. We'll leave it at that. Okay.

But yeah, just get creative with it. Think about you know what you're doing with your structure. And I don't like to if I don't know where you say you can just clone copy main silo page content and create a post, I wouldn't, I wouldn't do that on the same site what I was talking about with cloning or copying or mirroring, right is within the G site. Right. So if you've got your top of silo page, and you've got all the content on the page, you can always create, we recommend mirroring that top of silo page on the G site. And then if you had supporting posts within that category on your money site, I don't typically duplicate or mirror posts onto a G site unless I'm having trouble ranking a particular keyword in which case then I will create child pages on the G site that is each child a one to one ratio, child page for every post within that silo, and then just embed those in there and that's what I was talking about with the jumping links, you can actually create jump links from the G site back to the money site there. But again, that's more kind of mastermind stuff or heavy hitter club stuff. So hopefully you got some value out of that. But I wouldn't copy top of silo content and republish it on the same blog from your money site. I wouldn't. Personally I wouldn't do that I would have new content curated, not written because I use curated content for blog posts, the curated targeting the keywords that I'm trying to push that is on the top of the silo page if that makes sense. Okay.

So another good question.

Jason says thank you. Yeah, so he's already watched all the Syndication Academy videos, that's okay. If you join the mastermind if you just joined recently, the Syndication Academy join the mastermind will up make it worth your while we'll refund your Syndication Academy purchase or apply it towards your first month of mastermind or something like that, and then you can cancel that subscription. So, yep, baby says great. We're almost

What Are Your Thoughts On The Statement That You Can Flatten A Complex Silo Into A Simple Silo?

Got a timer almost out of question. So this is good timing maybe says great. What do you think of the statement that each complex silo can be flattened to a simple silo? And if a site isn't that big, is it better to do the flat? Yes, I always, always recommend using simple silos where possible and guys, I'm going to be updating the training, I was really hoping to get that done for today, but I didn't. And so I'll try to have it done by next Wednesday. But in the process, street process doc that I created for our methods and for me, you know, our methods are what we sell as done for you services and MGYB for those of you that aren't aware of it, if you go to semantic mastery comm slash process, I'm going to bring it up. It'll you guys can take a look at this. For those of you that haven't already been exposed to it, this is the process street process doc that I created to that has a lot of training in there with a lot of it's the why we do what we do.

And what you can expect from it the How is we point to our training products for the how but or the where to get it as the links over to MGYB but these are the website silo architecture, the training videos that I created, you know, five years ago or whatever, they're, they're still valid, but my overall process has changed slightly right it's evolved slightly and so I'm going to redo those silo training videos where I go into what a simple silo is what a complex silo is a difference between a physical silo and a virtual silo and what I prefer to use and why I'm going to redo those videos and that will go into here the website section of the worry list entity based SEO process doc and when I do hope I'll have this done by next week guys I really wanted to get it done by this week but I haven't even started on it. So I'll try to get it done by next week. And then again guys you go to semantic mastery comm slash process and you take a look at all the stuff that's in here. There's a lot of training here. And so anyway, that said, Yes, I always recommend a simple silo. For most projects. I'm not going to say for the most projects for most local projects, which is what I do, almost exclusively, simple silos will suffice. I used to always try to build complex solids because I thought it was going to be better. And then maybe there is some benefit to it. But what I found is a complex silo is complicated. Hence the name complex silo. And so it's difficult to build it create some kind of funny issues that are hard to reconcile with the URLs with the slugs and that kind of with permalinks and that kind of stuff. So I prefer to stick with a simple silo, it's much easier to manage, it's easier to map out when you're in the build process. So I like using simple silos for most local projects. That's all that is ever needed. In fact, with a simple silo, if you're using our methods, you're going to be the on-page SEO is going to be far superior to what most of your competitors are doing anyways. So it's not really necessary to do a complex silo. If you're doing a very broad site with a lot of categories and subcategories, then you might be necessary to do a complex silo. But, as I said, I always try to simplify where possible. We've had a ton of people over the years, join one of our groups, and they map out this incredibly intricate silo map of a site. And they, you know, probably spend hours and hours and hours mapping it out and creating drawings to show the silo structure and everything and then they present it and say, What do you think you think this would work? And it's like, Well, yeah, but it could have worked, you know, eight levels previous, where it was like a much simpler build, and you got to save yourself a ton of time. And we don't say that to pick on anybody, but it's because I think we as SEO types, try to overcomplicate stuff all the time, and I've learned over the years to try to simplify as much as possible and get results with a much simpler process and simple silo structure is the way that I prefer to build 90 95% of my sites.

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commenting. I totally agree. I don't know why people get themselves into trouble with complex silos like right from the start. Yeah, if it's a brand new project that there's no need for for a complex silo, unless it's like, I don't know, like some type of e-commerce website and you've seen those where there's a bunch of complex subcategories and while category, subcategory, sub-sub categories and all of these things that really complicated but I tell people to look in the beginning, you're good with your homepage, and three categories, three top-level categories, the three main keywords that you're going to go after to start making money, push all the power that way, as needed. And as you see more opportunities for top-level categories. You add them, right because then your whole setup is done. And whatever you add is going to benefit from everything you've done previously. But if you start mapping it

Out complex from the beginning. How are you going to push the power that that's going to need for every page and post and subcategory and sub subcategory that you're trying to create? you're dividing up the PageRank in such a way that it's not going to push the initial power that it could have. There's no way because there's no way to keep the link flow going the right way. Let's put it that way. Yeah, but if you keep it simple, minimize the number of categories Don't try to go after everything at once. But just three, three categories. That gives you enough to write for about four months when you get our D keyword research. I'm sorry, that that's not available right now. But I did keyword research gives you enough to write about four months on those three top market level categories on those silos. And then you can go and see like which one is more complicated, and you just break it up instead of making it a subcategory? You just make it another category that's related to that one category that you already have no need to overcomplicate things I hate when people try to do that. It doesn't have to be all that difficult. Yeah, and it's fine because like I said, we've experienced that a lot over the years, and I'm not gonna lie. In years past I did the same thing, I would always approach new projects with the complex silo, trying to map all that out. And it just it became overwhelming, it became too much of a bitch too, you know, too difficult to manage the projects. And again, it creates a lot of funky issues, if you're trying to share subcategories with other categories, especially in local like, for example, if you have, you know, your topical or service-based silos, which would be like, you know, like Tree Removal would be one silo, for example, and another silo could be tree trimming, which in reality, I've learned over the years that you really don't even need to create silos for Tree Service sites because they're all synonyms for each other. Google considers tree removal and tree trimming as synonyms anyways. But most of my tree service projects are

Still siloed like that. And if you were trying to duplicate location-based silos within each one of the topical or service-based silos, it creates some real funny URL issues that you have to reconcile. And it becomes difficult to do so or vice versa, if you had location-based silos, as your top-level silos, and then you tried to have subcategories of services, then it creates some issues too. So I learned a long time ago just to go with the simple silo structure, so much easier to manage so much easier to handle. So anyway, yeah, I totally recommend going with simple silos where possible. The last question and we're at five o'clock. So this is a good stopping point is BB says should we have a form in the branded properties for collecting leads? Absolutely. If you've got form code that can be embedded in other sites, absolutely. I'm actually using I'm not going to talk about what I'm using just yet because it's part of the case studies and I'm working on but I'm using a new lead generation tool.

It helps that has a form builder in it that works really, really good. And I'm actually embedding the form and multiple properties. Now g sites, you know, a lot of different places that I'm actually embedding the forms now because they work really, really well. And they direct all the leads back to one central location that then gets distributed out. So yeah, absolutely, there's no doubt, I always try to put most of my businesses run on phone calls more than a phone like. In other words, the leads that I generate for businesses are more phone call leads than they are web form submissions, but I don't ever want to not provide that as an option. So I used to, I used to really just push phone calls, but now I'm pushing the lead form submits as well, because I've got a really cool application that I'm using that helps to distribute the leads to wherever I want them to go. And again, I'll reveal some of that in the coming week's guys, but I absolutely recommend if you have a form, form code that can be embedded on other sites use it. Okay.

All right. Thanks, everybody for being here.

We will see you guys next week. Thanks, Marco for sticking around. All right. Have a good one. Thanks, everybody

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We should be live. Hey, we are welcome to Episode 298 of Hump Day Hangouts. Just got done throwing a little video post on Facebook but we are here to answer your digital marketing questions. And if we can't, we will definitely point you in the right direction. So with that said, we're gonna say hi to everyone real quick. We got a couple of quick announcements and then we're gonna get into the questions. So we'll start with the last person to show up. Hernan How you doing man?

I'm good, man. You put me on the spot. Oh yeah. Oh, man solid took me a solid like 3045 seconds to jump on the call for some reason. So I apologize for that. Really excited to be here. Thank you, guys. 298 Wow, it's been a ride. So excited to be here. Yep. Chris, how you doing? Good here. It's quite a storm yesterday. So I'm glad this is over. And yeah, today it was packed sunny. So yeah. All right. Cool. Well, Marco, do you

You have like a fake lamp on in the background or what's going on there? Doesn't it seem that way, man?

Oh, look. Can you send me one to the same? It's like the exact same lighting every time it says every week if time is it luck as I said before, don't hate the player. Hate the game you play. That's it. Play it right.

And look I fade often into the light, often to heaven don't go light. There's light at the end of Markos tunnel. Fake no fake backgrounds. I know fake backgrounds look. No fake back it. Have you guys noticed, like on the news and stuff. There's a lot to everybody's got the green screen in the back and often times like you see bubbles were not the simulated it's funny. It's like why bother?

No simulator here, man. It's Groundhog Day. COMM gets home. Go killing it. Make your money and come get some as to how this works. Oh, foo

speaking of POFU before I ask Bradley how he's doing. I'm going to talk about this in a minute. But we had a couple of people take advantage of the early bird special on a pony live tickets that hopefully live calm. It may still be up, although I think I had them take that down. So if you guys want to somebody wants to sneak over there and try to snag last minute tickets, or just go ahead and grab them at the discount. But either way, we got some great bonuses going on with that. We'll get into that in a minute. But Bradley, I was gonna say your background looks remarkably the same to you. How are you doing now? Yeah, it's always I used to guys go. I'm good, by the way. But if you guys go way, way back to the beginning of Hump Day Hangouts, there was always a black curtain-like right behind me and I'm still in the same office space. But I just, I got tired of setting that shit up all the time. So uh, you know, I don't care this is, but it's funny if you go back and look at the old Hump Day Hangouts. My face was like this much bigger.

Anyways, I'm good. I'm glad to be here. Sorry, I wasn't here last week, guys, but I took the week off. It was a wonderful vacation. And now back and Laurie. I mean, I know people want to know, like, I would think some people might be interested, what are you up to? I went down to the state in Kentucky, but I've got friends that live down in that area of southwestern Virginia, which is kind of like Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky all in one spot. And just took the whole week off and went riding ATVs and just hanging out and drinking a lot of beer. And it was fine. It was good, hotter than hell. But it was good. It was good to get away for a weekend seriously unplug, which is what I did. So nice. Very good. Well, cool. We've got a couple of quick announcements and then we'll jump into it. Just wanted to say as I mentioned a minute ago, POFU Live, just want to let people know about that. Now. We don't know. I lost my train of thought. So I'm just going to start over with POFU Live since it's virtual this year. I don't know where I was going in that first sentence, you know, we understand that you don't have to, you know, figure out plane tickets, you don't have to get a hotel room, it's a lot simpler. But I do want to tell people to make sure that it is a conference, it's gathering, and there's a lot to be learned and the more you're able to kind of input, the more you're going to get out of it. So part of that is making sure that you know, you block that time out, you know, treating it just like you were going to a conference and saying, you know, maybe could you get someone to watch the kids or make sure that you know, they're not running around in the office. You don't have a call scheduled for things like that so that you get the most out of it. Because we got ourselves which I value my time highly I value these guys, time highly. We got some amazing guest speakers who are coming in and going to be dropping some bombs. We're going to have some case studies we got a lot of great stuff. So if you do decide to sign up I just want to say that you know, the value is most definitely there and it's so high that I don't want you to sign up, and then realize, Oh, I'm kind of busy this weekend and this other stuff happened like, don't do that, make sure that you treat it like a real conference so that you can come in and get just an extreme amount of value out of that. So I won't read you the sales page, you can go check it out, find out all about it, head over to pofulive.com. And if you have any questions about any of the details or anything like that, you can always email us at support at Semantic mastery.com cool All right, guys. Other than that, I just want to say Bradley's got a question or he's clapping What's going on here? I was clapping because you did such a good job recovering from the misstep when you first started. Oh, yeah, just like I have no idea what I'm talking about. Where did this sentence go? Anyways? Yeah. So the last thing I did want to say too, with MGYB.co. I know a lot of people listening to us and watching already know what it is. But I want for the people who don't know head over to MGYB.co done for you services, whether you're looking for link building, if you've heard about the SEO shield, that's where you can get it.

If you haven't that's where you can find out more about it. We've got some really good free resources over there as well. There are some best practice webinars about everything from syndication networks, to just so much more. And you can find that when you go to mg y v.co. There's a little clickable link called webinars, go over there a bunch of really good free training. So head over there. And if you got questions about MGYB stuff, you can ask us here and we'll definitely point you in the right direction. So with that said, Guys, anything else we need to cover before we get into it?

Nope. All right. Let's do it. Okay, I'm gonna grab the screen and I'll cover something very briefly. Chris is very excited. I like this. Yeah.

All right. You guys are seeing my screen, correct? Yeah. Okay. Real quick. For those of you that aren't aware of this. Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I had created a process street process doc for our methods to make it easier for you guys. So if you want to you can, if you don't have, if you don't know what process street is, it's processed .st. And that's an app that I use for creating process docs for, you know, pretty much everything that I do in my business. That way I can train others and just have a record of how to do things in case it's something that I don't do very often. So I put a created a process docx, which you guys can get at semantic mastery comm slash process. It's not 100% complete, because I was on vacation last week, there's one section that I still need to do, which I'm going to try to get done before next Wednesday, guys, but I'm just going to open this up. So you can take a look at this. If you have your own process st account, you can import that template in your account and then run checklists from it if you wanted to, or you can just take a look at it and go through what's there. In the actual, you know, the process training and everything. But essentially, it just talks about what our methods are, and it puts it in the proper sequential order. And it goes into detail as to why we do the things that we do and the way that we do them. It doesn't give you the how to do them right because that's if you want the how there are resources linked to in the process doc that you can go purchase our training courses or join one of our groups where we can discuss it you know, you can learn the actual how but this does give you the foundation for what our processes are and why we do them the way that we do them. And then it directs you to go to MGYB to purchase the done for you services or go to purchase the training programs if you want to learn how to do it yourself. So again, I just wanted to point this out guys, there's a lot of training in here the website training is the one that I still got to complete because I'm going to update the silo architecture training that I recorded videos for, I think like way back in like 2014 or 15. But the SEO power shields here content marketing, which is rather an in-depth module and in the link building and embeds and all that so again, just go through there guys, there's actual training videos in here, step by step processes and that kind of stuff. Okay? So again, if you want to download that or import it into your own process st account. It's right there semantic mastery comm slash process. Okay.

Are Content Kingpin And Local Kingpin Outdated Semantic Mastery Courses?

All right, moving on. So it looks like the first question came from the user. I was interested in Content Kingpin, and I saw that on this page here, which is our knowledge base. You don't let content outsource or local kingpin or these courses older and or unmaintained and or replaced by things and heavy hitter club or mastermind? Well, that's a good question. Now, the reason why they're not on there is that we had a separate organization called mastery PR that we had launched those products under that brand name. And so they weren't on that knowledge base page, which could be updated. I don't know, by the way, Adam, if you want to update that page or something because it's not on here. But anyway, those courses were still produced by us they were just under a different brand. That is no longer we don't maintain that brand any longer, but the courses are still good. Yes, like Content Kingpin nuts don't need to be updated that those principles are absolutely still valid today. That's all how my bloggers all produce content is through content curation, the same exact method that was taught in content kingpin. So you can check that out there. outsource kingpin, the same thing, nothing needs to be updated there. It's the same process that we still use to this very day, every time we need to hire new virtual assistants or employees of any sort.

Local kingpin, it's a bit outdated. But because the interface has changed so much in Google ads, it used to be AdWords. Now it's Google ads and the interface has changed. And now Google Ads has got a lot of automated bidding strategies that are a lot better and local kingpin, I say don't use those at all because it was older and at the time, the bidding strategy sucked the automated bidding strategies really were terrible at the time, but they're a lot better now. But as far as the principles behind the alpha, beta campaign structure and how to target for local lead gen for Google ads and get incredibly good results. That still is the same, the concept is still the same. But yes, that course could be updated at some point, although that's not on our priority list. Okay, so just to give you guys a quick heads up, that was a good question. But yes, Content Kingpin, Outsource Kingpin still 100% valid. So as Local Kingpin, except the Google Ads interface, has changed and automated bidding strategies are actually encouraged now, I would encourage you to use them, because they, they tend to get better results than manual campaign management. So anybody wants to comment on that?

Is There A Way To Hide GSite In SERPs But Can Still Benefit From The Power Of A Stack?

okay. Kevin g says, Is there a way to hide a G site in SERPs but still benefit from the power of a stack or shield? From MGYB? Um, is there an option to not an index a Gsite? I can't remember. And if so, I don't know why you wouldn't want it to be in the SERPs. Anyways.

Those kinds of questions confused me. Like, why wouldn't you want to take up the real estate space when that g site ranked? I don't understand. And if the client has a problem with it, then this is that this is how I get results. And why wouldn't you ask the client the same question why wouldn't you want to take up extra real estate space in your funneling any leads that come through the G site to the client anyway? I mean, I just to me that there's no reason for it. Why would you want to hide it unless you want to hide it from the client? And then if you are, then you're not having the right conversation with the client? Yeah, I agree. I mean, I don't see. You know, I've had, we've had a lot of people come in and ask, you know, like, Is there a way to still benefit by not having but not have them show up in the SERPs and the way I look at it is, every page, or asset or whatever that you can get ranked for a keyword is one less competitor that a Google user is going to see when they do that perform that search. So I don't understand why you would want to do that. But there may be a way to do it, we don't suggest it. But if there is, I would just go check the Google Site Settings, the Manage, so go to Google site, click Manage settings or manage site from the Settings menu. And I think there's an option on there to not have its appearance. But I don't know I don't can't remember off the top my head because I always just have it index. So in fact, I always submit it to search console, right after I receive it back from MGYB. So that it will index quickly. Search Console and analytics. Yeah, you want both of that on there. And this way, if it's a client issue, you can show the client just how powerful these things are, the link across that it has, and the power that you're pushing over to their website or the link or equity that you're pushing. I'd need a little bit more information because I want to know why you want to be able to hide that g site or the stack. I want to know why what's the reason for doing that.

Can You Put An Exact Match Keyword As Anchor Text To The Money Site In A Press Release?

Okay, BB has got a wall of questions here.

Okay, we'll try to get through. Maybe we'll get through a few of these but you've got way more questions than what we recommend. And you know this man, we tell you this, you know, this man who tell you this every week, and yet you still come in and squeeze in dozens of questions. We love you though. Buddy. BB says Hey, guys, number one. I understood not putting exact match keywords as anchor text to our money site. Well, it's not necessarily the case. I mean, you just you're not to do it strategically, then there's, I do it from time to time.

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So yes, we don't recommend link building with exact match anchor text unless you know what you're doing. Let's preface it that way, okay, because it can help to have some exact match keywords and some variations. And so, you know, I wouldn't say never do it. But anyway, since we teach you guys to build links to your tier one assets anyways, it's not as much of an issue, to begin with. Okay. So anyways to carry on I understood not putting exact match keyword as anchor text to our money site. But what if the link came from a press release? Can we put Virginia SEO in a press release, we are eventually claiming the claiming that the page created by us.

I mean, again, you got to be careful and remember what the press release if you use an exact match anchor, it's not the same as if you're doing like a guest post, for example, right, which would be one article out there with one link with an exact match keyword. If you submit a press release with an exact match keyword. It's going to get picked up by hundreds read and republished on hundreds of locations.

So now you've got hundreds of backlinks with exact match anchor text pointing directly back to your money site page. That's I wouldn't recommend that. Now that doesn't mean and let's see if he's gonna call if this is gonna work before you go on. Go ahead I what I want to tell BB is when we recommend or when we don't recommend exact match anchor is for a reason it's because if we do, somebody somewhere is going to misinterpret what we say. And the very first link building gig that they create will be exact match anchor and it'll kill everything that they're doing. That's what happens and that's why we will wait and wait wait wait wait a minute. So the suggestion is which is why daddy is so fantastic. You pillow It is called was a Becker didn't he come up with pillowing your link so that they can you can hit it with that exact match anchor and your link profile would be so diversified that it could stand, that exact match anchor hit. But if you don't know what you're doing, you don't pillow correctly, and you hit it with that exact match. And you hit it not only with a press release, but with a gig from dedhia with multiple links with the, with the exact match anchor, now you're talking about thousands of exact match anchor links going to the website somehow, and you just killed yourself. I mean, that's so easy to pick out. It's so easy for the bot to say, Yeah, he's trying to influence rankings for this keyword. No, it's not going to happen. Let's deindex this and we don't have to worry about it anymore. So in order to avoid that, what we say is don't be using your brand, brand brand brand because when you use the brand, then you can include keywords along with the brand. And if you do it, one tear off the site, although we call it to tier one, it's actually tiered two through the G site and drive stack then what happens is it amplifies and protect. That's why we said we call it the SEO, power shield. It shields you from the bad stuff. And it powers up the good stuff so that when it gets to your website, you don't have to worry about exact match anchors. You don't have to worry about link profile diversity. You don't have to worry about anything because we tested just about everything that you can as far as link building to these and they taste it like a champ. They just do. So there's a reason for it. Now if you're conversant with all of the link building tools, you know how to run GSA, you know how to run rank or X, you know how to run money robot and all of the other tools that are out there, then, by all means, have at it, build that that exact match anchor in the right proportions, and you're good to go. Otherwise, don't bother. Talk to dedhia come to us and go to MGYB to get a link building gig and you're going to go much further with that then you probably could yourself not only that your time is worth much more than trying to learn all of these link building tools as well. We don't we don't do it because we have other shit to do that makes us much more money. We have a dedhia. That is fantastic that he has a team that he has a company, why would we do anything else? But there? Yeah. I mean, that's what always comes to my head. No, I hope that helped me. Go question. Yeah. And so just to follow, just to point this out, like, for example, and the reason I'm showing this is that he mentioned it in his question, but also, this is the G site that I built-in 2015. It's horrid.

But when I first learned the drive stack, like how to build Google Drive stacks. And it wasn't even built to our specifications today, not even close because it was my first attempt at one and I did it manually in five hours. So it's not anything like what we teach, or we produce an MGB anymore. However, after five years because it was it was in May of 2015, that that was published that site. And after five years of it being a number one position for multiple variations of Virginia, SEO, SEO, Virginia, Virginia SEO agency, multiple keywords like that, it finally started to slip but this was probably I don't know, maybe three months ago, I happened to notice it that it was down from number one position and where I had moved for, I mean, for five damn years it hadn't moved. And I don't do any link building to it or anything. But it started to slip and I mentioned it to Marco I said, Hey, I noticed my, you know, Virginia SEO, the Google site and slipped and so Marco said yeah, hit it with a press release. And I said it and I said yeah, I'll probably hit it with a link building gig from dedhia to push it back up again. And what was funny was, I was too lazy and too cheap to order a link building gig from dedhia. So I just submitted one press release. Through my press advantage account, which is the same service we use an MGB and I targeted to G site with an exact match anchor, a link the link within the press release with the exact match anchor with the anchor text being Virginia SEO agency. And so I published one press release, this was probably about two or three weeks after I had noticed that it had slipped. So we're talking about maybe 10 weeks ago. And you can see that Virginia SEO but remember, this is a Google site, guys, that's different. It's not the same as a money site. So you can see that it's for Virginia SEO agency, it's number one for SEO Virginia looks like it's number two. When I'm talking guys it was back then it was like that around five, six, like five-position five to eight, when I noticed it had finally slipped, and in the back for Virginia SEO, it's back to number one. And that was from one press release with an exact match anchor, but consider what the target was it was a Google site. That's why we keep telling you guys to use the SEO shield and use the G site and those tier-one entity assets as your link building targets because you can do stuff like that and get really really good results without running the risk. Sending over-optimized anchor text ratios to your direct to your money site. Google Sites will take it money sites, you have to know what you're doing in order for me to advise even attempting it.

Can You Replicate Dedhia's Link Building Magic?

Okay, that's a good question though. All right, you say that Dedhia is responsible. We'll read a couple more of these guys are and we'll run through the rest of the questions we can come back maybe if we have time. Okay. So as you say that is responsible for the linking and embed and indexing packages. You also say that he does his magic and has a lot of experience but what if that he won't be here tomorrow? Do you have any backup? Can you replicate his method by yourself? Now he has a team. He's trained a team of people. He owns his own company with multiple link builders now and daddy manages all of them. So, you know, don't worry about that.

We will still be able to provide those services if God forbid something were to happen to our one and only Dedhia.

Yeah. Okay. Okay.

In the MGYB, there should be a video or course for each package if someone can go and do it by themselves DIY, what to teach you how to do all the link building, it takes years of experience, which is why we recommend using dedhia. And I can tell you right now none of us are going to create a training course on how to run link building tools because none of us run link building tools. And dedhia isn't going to create a course to compete with him. Right? That's right, that that'd be silly. Now, he has shared his methods in our mastermind. So if you want if you're interested in knowing more, if you're interested in talking to Dan, how he does things, He's really good. And he is open and really honest with people in the Semantic Mastery mastermind and in the heavy hitter club. So if you're interested in learning more about how he does his thing, then I recommend that you come to one of our groups. In the meantime, you're going to have to learn to you know, you have to pay for those tools, and you have to learn them on your own because that's how you learn them. And I think we all went through that phase of trying to learn those, those LinkedIn building tools

As far as what if you're in 2000, August of 2015. And I never forget this guy he's ever one of Google closes the loophole tomorrow and my response is always well, what if the world ended tomorrow? Who the fuck is worried about the world ending tomorrow? I got too much to do today. Let tomorrow take care of itself. And that's my answer to that. Will we have a backup? Well, we can reach out to the team that that's working with dedhia that that that'd be my backup, we can reach to another link builder, that that might be as good as dedhia that or that could get as good as they do. Wait, well, we'll just pay someone to train. I mean, come on. It's just not something that we're contemplating right now. And dedhia You better not? Because it gets you guys. If something happens. I'll kill you myself.

Yeah, right. Don't you die or I'll kill you myself.

Alright, I'm going to answer three and four right here because they're basically the same question and the repost from last weekend.

Does Breadcrumb Schema Help In Ranking A Money Site?

We're moving on we can come back if we need to. Okay, repost from last week, should we include breadcrumbs in the pages of the money site? Is the breadcrumbs schema helps to rank? Does it help to rank? Um, I don't know. I mean, I like schema. I mean, I like using structured data and breadcrumbs, especially if you're using silo architecture and your site because it helps to really show that hierarchy of you know, how you have your content stacked within the category of the taxonomy structure, however, you're doing it, so I prefer to use them. But, you know, a lot of themes and stuff now will actually, it's just automatic. But, you know, as far as can you use breadcrumb schema without having actual breadcrumbs in the pages? I don't know. Can you do that? Marco? I've not tested that. Typically, my themes will show the breadcrumbs and then they will appear in search as well. So I don't know, can you just add breadcrumbs schema without there being like, it actually coded into the theme itself? Yeah, I don't see why you can't do that bread crumbs, but I don't know why you would. And I don't I mean, the effect is probably negligible. I don't see how effective it could be you have other things that will help your entity weigh more, and will give the bot better, better data better information about your entity than breadcrumbs. But since it's code, right, since we're talking about code can be added to any part of your website. It's JSO LD is what's recommended. As a matter of fact, in breadcrumbs. I know that Google did away with data vocabulary, org markup, and now the one that they want, the one that they'll look at is schema.org markup when it comes to breadcrumbs, so they recommend it, why not use it? But I mean, as you say, in the theme, it shows up, marks it up and yeah, you're good to go. I don't understand why you would want to not have these questions perplexed me. Why would you want to have breadcrumbs in your schema and not have them?

Your website. I mean, they show up in search as breadcrumbs. Yeah.

Yeah. And that's what I like about them because it shows the hierarchy like the relationship of where the content is basically silo structure right within the search engine results. And that's, you know, I think that's, that's helpful. So anyway,

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What Is The Difference Between General Embeds Service And Map Embeds In MGYB?

okay, Aaron's up, Aaron Kay says, Can you explain the difference between MGYB.co general Embeds service and map embeds? It's the same, Aaron, the difference is the general embeds is just so you can embed anything, anything that you can iframe you can embed, okay. The reason that we have the maps heavy hitter, the video-heavy hitter, what is it the idx page heavy hitter, is just because some people didn't understand that. So we just created separate products for each one of those but they're all it's all basically the same whenever you provide your iframes or you submit your order details. It's going to ask you for what the niche or the industry is. And so you provide that and that's it.

The type of content that will be written, you know, produced that the embeds will be embedded within. Right. So in other words, it goes out on link building network, which Daddy has been building that link building network for years. So there's probably well over a million problems. In fact, I know there are over a million properties now. And so he has network sec, like sectors, right? So link building networks that are themed for different general themes, and even some more specific themes. And so when you put your industry in there when you submit your order details, that's the type of content that will get produced, then your embeds get embedded within that content. So there's relevancy. Does that make sense? And so the difference between the map embeds the video embeds, and all that is no different. It's the same link building networks that get but it's just so that it made it less confusing for customers. When they say Well, which one do I do? You just pick which one is the most relevant to you, it really doesn't matter if you're going to be embedding multiple things which you can do by the way, like for example, you can embed it, you can order an embed gig and use the general embed gig service and MGYB, for example, and embed in MGYB. Excuse me, an ID page, g site page, if you want your GMB map if you want and a YouTube video or YouTube playlist, right, you can embed all of those things because you cannot put up to five iframes in the order. So my point is, it really doesn't matter. And we try not to confuse people. So video, embed gigs are for videos, map embed gigs are for maps, and the general is multipurpose for everything else. This is just, I don't want people confused. I don't want them to have to go and say, Okay, now what I do, if you have a video, use the video embed. If you have a map, whether it's a mind map, a GMB map, or any other type of map that you can embed, then use that network to use the general. Yeah. So everything is specified right there. And the ad ID page. Sorry.

Yeah, and like I said, I typically just ordered the general because I know they're all basically the same anyways and because I generally have more than just one in bed so I just started the general that's just the way I do it. So but yeah, it was strict. It was purely to make it less confusing because we get that cut types of questions and unfortunately it still has it still hasn't been very clear.

It's a work in progress, guys. We're still working on stuff so Social Buzz me that's Wayne Wayne says. Bradley isn't Southern Virginia where they're large, the world's largest nudist colonies located? Yeah, have you ever seen notice riding ATVs

Would you like to

be kidding? That would be awful. Especially outside. How hard is that going to be to get that thought out of your head today?

Ready, fat sweating nude is riding on

an ATV. Thanks.

That's funny. Okay, next.

Any Tricks On How To Rank YouTube Videos Faster?

Any new tricks you can share to Rank YouTube videos faster? I can tell you You missed a shout out you missed the shout up so much about MGYB. Dwayne right after weighing. Oh, Roxy, I'm sorry, I totally missed it. MGYB packages are the best. Again MGYB packages the best. You know it you know it.

Thank you Roxy one more time with some wisdom meeting MGYB set.

Very, very good. I guess would you ever recorded great.

Alright, so Roxy asks another question. Any new tricks you can share to Rank YouTube videos faster? Okay. The same tricks that I've been using now for like the last three years. I really stopped doing video SEO. Other than I live stream video. Not always but most of the time I will take even a pre-recorded video or run it through OBS Studio so that I can live stream it into the channel a pre-recorded video, right? So and I always have all of my YouTube channels where I attempt Well, I really like I really don't even care about doing YouTube SEO anymore Just because I use YouTube ads primarily for driving traffic for you with YouTube stuff. But that's the trick that I was getting at all of the channels that I would use for SEO purposes. For YouTube SEO purposes, are going to have a multi-tiered syndication network at least once but it usually many so years ago when I was doing a ton of YouTube SEO stuff. If I was going to start a new channel that I was going to be aggressive with for marketing purposes, whether it was affiliate stuff, which I don't do anymore, or local stuff, which I did still do today. And that's pretty much all I do. I would always start with three two-tier networks so full two-tier networks attached to the channel.

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Right, so there'd be one branded ring. And then the rest of them can all be persona-based rings or theme-based rings. But that's just what I would always do what I would also have a total of remembering this for syndication network rings, or essentially within each two-tiered networks, so I would always do three, right? So that would be a total of 12 networks. And then I would do link building to the network's not all at once, because that would be super, super expensive. But I would do it over time, and I would basically build up, build the authority of those networks. And that worked really, really well. But YouTube has shifted more towards engagement signals as being a ranking factor. Don't get me wrong. I know other people are gonna say, well, you can still rank video with SEO, of course, you can. But what I'm saying is if you can do a combination of SEO tactics, as well as engagement tactics, that's how you can make videos and that's all I do now. So I have aged channels out there that I still use for video stuff that has syndication networks that have been operating for years. So they're well themed, they're older and established. They've been authority built to then from link building over you over the years and everything else. And I'll still push a video out through that let it cascade through the syndication networks. But then I immediately set up a YouTube ads campaign. And it's just for views, guys, you can buy views directly from Google ads. It's the only legit way to buy views. If you're buying spam views, by the way, that can get your account terminated, they typically don't work. I don't ever recommend doing that. But you can buy YouTube views directly from Google ads. And it's very, very inexpensive. And it's very, very effective, especially if you set your audience targeting correctly. For example, if it's a local video, you set your geographic targeting to where the video is only showing to people within a specific radius or within a specific county or whatever. So like, let's say it's a 20-mile radius from wherever the business is located. That means all of the views that you're going to be buying from Google are going to be coming from local eyepiece local to where the business is located locally to that search term. Does that make sense? So those are really really good engagement signals and if you're buying audience if you're buying views from a specific audience, what I always recommend is looking at in-market audiences, or life event audiences, or what's called custom intent audiences. So if you can't find a premade audience and in-market audiences or life event audiences and Google ads for video, then you can create what's called a custom intent audience. And you can create your own custom intent audience. So a bucket of people, essentially Google users that meet specific criteria. So again, geographic targeting and audience targeting that work incredibly well. However, I do want to say one other thing. One of my tree care projects that I've been sharing in the mastermind, I created a kind of case study for trying to rank a single page website that was not part of the entity. I was trying to rank it specifically with just google ads, limited SEO, and just traffic from Google ads. And so it was a good click funnel landing page. But I had a video created for that Click Funnels landing page. And so I was running YouTube ads to that video, I didn't do any SEO to the video. In fact, it was on a new channel that didn't have syndication networks at all. So there was no link building under the video or anything else. But I've been running ads to it for, I don't know, six or eight weeks, something like that. So it had I think over 4000 views from a local geographic area again from an audience, custom intent audience that I created for people looking for tree services, landscaping services, so highly related services. But over the course of those like eight to 10 weeks, I've been running ads to it for like roughly eight weeks. It got I don't know like I said 4000 views, maybe 6000 views, whatever it is, but the video wasn't ranking and it was okay because I was really doing the test was for it was really to try to rank the Click Funnels page with just traffic. But long story short, I use that same video in a press release the same press releases

We sell it at MGYB. So through press advantage. And I added the video to a press release so that it would become an embed, and did one pre-press release with it. And now that video is ranking on page one for the brand search, which it hadn't been for all that time. So press releases are also a good way. But like we just talked about over at MGYB embeds, you can go to embeds or great link building to the pages that it's embedded on. So if you buy an embed gig, that's the same as going through a syndication network, because it will get embedded in themed content, then you can buy the upgrade or the in would you know as part of the order if on the next page, once you complete the order, you can buy link building for a discount, right, and link building to the embeds that adds relevancy. And then, like I said, all up, you're going to put a video link and into a press release, and it will get picked up and republished across all the press. Not all of them, but a significant portion of the press release distribution sites. And then also Lastly, as I said, I'd set up traffic gigs from Google Ads very, very inexpensive guys, you can get away with it for I always start with $1 a day, that's $30 a month in Google ads. But once I start getting traffic to the video, then I start peeling it back. And I got campaigns out there that I've been running for clients that their videos are still ranked today a number, you know, on the first page of Google, for whatever their keywords are, that I'm running on 40 cents a day. Think about that as $12 per month and I charge that particular client $100 a month to rank videos for every keyword is $100 per month, and I maintain it with 40 cents per day in Google AdSense. Right which is $12 a month. So that's really good. return on investment if I say so. So anyway, anybody has any other tricks? Yes. So I got a really good testimonial in the Royal Academy reloaded group and Facebook is from Keith Mallinson. He's been around us

Quite a while, both, I think in our Semantic Mastery mastermind, and in RYS Academy Reloaded, and I'm gonna read it, just so you guys know what the power that you guys have in your hands is I never doubted Marco when he said that embeds work to get you traffic. But I must admit, I was surprised that results. I purchased some stack embeds. So he went and embedded his properties, right. He purchased that through MGYB. And it was about a month ago. Then he went to Fiverr, which I don't recommend, I highly recommend dedhia but I mean, if you're on a strict budget, you do what you got to do because it's protected by the power shield anyway. So he is so listening, he went and got a GSA gig from fiber and threw it at the embeds. Then he checked it.

Just recently, I got this three days ago. He checked it and the traffic had jumped 89% over a 30 day period. Wow. Compared to the previous 30 days, he is now buying more embeds from MGYB. There you go. If you want this post on me, I can take a screenshot with Keith. I mentioned the same sorry, with Keith's permission and post it in the free site, so you can have a look at it BB or I'm sorry, whoever was asking this question, Roxy, Roxy, this shit works. I keep telling you guys, my shit works. And it works the way that Bradley says, By engagement and as a matter of fact, totally recommended method, because you're sending Google signals from Google, with people that Google is sending. So those signals are fantastic, especially if you can get the person to convert on any of your goals. If they follow through and go to go to your website. And they happen to give you the information that's gold on your website is golden on your video. You're also showing signals on the video as far as how long you can keep them because watch time is really important. But that's your relevance, right that the person clicks on your ad, they go to the video, they watch the video they stay through to the end or almost the end. Those are great signals for the video. And a person who's interested in this to start with is likely to watch your entire video but that's up to you. And whether your video is engaging enough to keep that person interested all the way through. So it really has to do with the video the length of time, you know, how many people see it? And how many people follow through with with whatever there's a ton of signals or you can just brute force the fucker as Keith did. And these both of these methods work and they work like crazy.

Adam, I don't know if you're still lurking in the background, but do we? Do we sell the YouTube ads for local video ranking courses separately?

I forget exactly how we did that. But yeah, if they want to email [email protected] I think Chris g can hook them up. There's backdoor access. Yeah. Well, there you go Roxy, if you want to, I created a training course specifically for what I was talking about for using Google ads to, to augment any SEO that you're doing for ranking videos, especially local videos. And there's a course that I created for that we typically use that as a part of a funnel or an order bump or something like that. But if you contact [email protected] and ask for it, well you know, we'll give you an option to purchase it there. And it's not an expensive course guy, but it's really really effective. Okay.

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What Is The New Wiki Link Package About?

Okay, bb's up again. Wow, who still got questions to get back to them? What is the new wiki link package all about? Is it a single link only? Yes. As far as I'm aware, I actually haven't even tested that yet. I've been meaning to but I haven't marked it. Can you talk a little bit about that? Is a single link relevant? I don't know. How much Yeah, yeah, yeah.

from Wikipedia, yeah. So that's that he says is it as a wiki link harder than building an IFTTT branded network? Yeah. The problem with wiki links is it's highly moderate. So wiki Wikipedia is highly moderated. So if you go on and try to make an edit or something like that, it will typically get removed. Um, and there's, so this is a service where we can actually get you a Wikipedia link from Wikipedia. So it's Apple, it's apples and oranges that he's comparing. Yeah, one thing is building a syndication network that takes a VA a certain amount of time, they have to create all of the profiles, fill them out, whatever. The wiki link, someone actually has to go in and get it to stick. Yeah, have you tried recently to get a wiki? wiki like to me just an edit these people guard their pages like they're better than a Rottweiler man. These people they take, they take their stuff seriously. So if you don't know what you're doing, if you haven't been in there long enough to know what you're doing. Or if you mess in somebody's backyard, it doesn't stick. We can for the most part, and we'll even guarantee it for 30 days, we can get them to stick. So you're talking to the way different things and why the cost? It's not a good comparison. And Is that a fair comparison? Because they both have their complexities and their difficulties. And we've priced it at a level where we think we're competitive and where we think it won't hurt people's pockets. So we take all that into consideration.

Sweet so let's see how much of effect is that for that one? Like? It's gonna vary, maybe it's gonna vary, but it's a powerful link. that's for damn sure. So okay, Ricky, Bobby. Love that. Hello. I love the process. st file, can't wait to dig through it. I just got my keyword research back and was told that I need to filter it and send the filtered set back to have it submitted to the system. What exactly should I be filtering keywords that don't yet filter out any nonrelevant keywords? Because remember the keyword research, it's like a big wide net that gets cast. And then so there's going to be terms in there that aren't going to be specific that they're, they're related to the theme, but they may not be relevant to your project. Does that make sense? So go through it and you want, you know, you have to, there's still a little bit of a manual process. But I mean, it literally takes three working days to develop those keyword research files, guys. So when you get it back, if you have to spend an hour going through it to eliminate or delete the keywords that are not relevant to your project, then, you know, you've saved yourself three days worth of work for just having to put in an hour so that that's I think what it was referring to was, is that right, Marco? Yeah, but having said that, don't eliminate too many keywords that you think may not be relevant to the project. Because these are still they're noncommercial. And they're related. They're so so somehow they're being seen as well.

This Stuff Works
So whether it there's a semantic relevance, we're in the Semantic Web. And it doesn't matter if it's two or three hops out where the where that relevance takes place. Or man, I always forget what that's called with the two words, where you find the CO occurrence of these two words, somewhere on the web does a co-occurrence, which is why that word was brought back with your main keyword. You don't want to get rid of all of that, because that's important for the bot. That's important for all of that semantic relevance that you're trying to create, which you define at the entity level through the schema on your website. That's what you want. That's those strict definitions. But outside of that for link building, and for everything else that you're doing embeds the @ID page, the drive second G site, you want as many keywords that are relevant, as you can get. Yeah, agreed.

Okay, um, let's see. keywords that I purchased the keyword research basic SEO showed and then link building. Yeah, and I agree I'm glad Marco clarified that because like for example for link building, I take the 200 minimum of 200 most relevant keywords to my project but like Marco said it's still good to have those other keywords because they're related to that keyword theme anyways right to that set that topical theme is what I'm saying. So it is good to have them now when it comes to link building or for like the drive stack for when you order the drive stack, I always put my top primary keywords at the top of the keyword list that gets submitted because those are the ones that are going to get used for the drive stack built. Right. So anyway, just kind of want to clarify that.

Ricky says I sort of spoke about this last week but I think it's a good idea and potentially a service for you to capitalize on would be to have a survey or one on 130 minutes constant to discuss what someone should be doing should do based on the client I have, I'd be willing to pay someone to know exactly what to buy and what to do in order, the process you have now, what the process you have now might do the trick, but I haven't gone through it yet. Yeah, I mean, the process is the same, it really doesn't matter.

I may or may not be 100% clear on this, but the process is in the sequence in which you order things are going to be the same, obviously, the keywords are going to be different. But that's up to you to determine, you know, how you're going, you know, what, what the most relevant keywords are for your project and everything else, but it doesn't matter whether it's a local, national or global affiliate, the process is going to be the same, right, and the sequence in which you put the pieces together, which is explained or described in the process street doc that I just shared with you guys here, right? Again, I still got to cover the website stuff.

And obviously there's, it's there are intricacies to all of that. But the process is going to be the same no matter what type of project you're on. And pretty much the sequence of putting those pieces together is the same as well. Do you want to comment on that? Yeah, we all have a private consultation. We all do it. We give them our mastermind members, our new mastermind members, a 30-minute consultation, to get them in. What I like to do is get them on the right track, make sure that they're going the right way. If they have any questions initially, a lot of times it turns out okay, what should I do? And can I do this that you give them a quick process on how to start up but that that's, I mean, we give them those 30 minutes that one on 130-minute consultation they get that as a new mastermind member? Otherwise, I'd be I don't know how you guys set it up. I've set it up through my Facebook page. But I mean, unless you have the budget for it. Don't contact me, because I'm expensive. When it comes to one on one consultation. You can catch there's also a way to contact us through the Semantic Mastery pages. And there is Chris being out at support for one on one consultation. Our prices vary, guys. I mean, each one of us charges differently, simply because we have different levels of expertise experience, different places where we're experts that So it varies.

That's a good point. Marco, thank you because Ricky Yeah, I mean, just come join the mastermind. And, you know, you can ask us questions directly inside the mastermind. we each do our own mastermind webinars now. we each do two webinars per month. My mastermind webinars are usually an hour and a half to two hours long and every other Thursday, Marco's are on the other Thursdays. You can ask us questions directly in the mastermind webinars. You can ask us questions on your 30-minute onboarding call when you first join. So that it's actually cheaper to join the mastermind for a month than it is to order 30 minutes of content salting on the side, if that makes sense, and you get access to all of us that way, for the amount of time that you're in the mastermind, so that might be your best bet Ricky was to jump in. And my mastermind webinars literally asked me anything. Yep. So if you come in and you ask me questions about what you should do, I'm going to answer the questions that you have about what you should do it but we reserve that I'm sorry, for our pain members. Why? Because membership has its privileges. Amen. Ask our members, man. Yeah, we've got a couple of guys, newer guys into the mastermind that have been asking a bunch of questions recently in the mastermind on my mastermind webinars, that I've been happy to go through, you know, bunches of questions that they have and that's, that's what we're here for. I mean, that's what we're there for in the mastermind. That's what it's for, like, you can ask us anything in there. And I mean, we'll go balls deep, so to speak. And just about any, any question that you want, we'll you know, analyze your site, we'll provide audits and all that kind of stuff. So

This Stuff Works

Should I iFrame All City Pages To Gsite And Order Link Building To Push Power To The Money Site?

anyway, moving on. The next question was from pavlo. He says, Hey, guys, thanks for all you're doing. I have a couple of questions. One, I need to push power to the money site, city pages, better to iframe all posts to G site and then order link building to G site or build links to some other properties. My goal is to cover all city pages on the money site. Okay, I talked about this a lot recently. I'll try to go through this very quickly. And if you go back to the previous masterminds not last week, I wasn't here but either the week but probably the week before that, and the one before that as well because I know I've covered this multiple times in the last month or two. But what I like to do it again, yes, you want to theme your pages from your money site onto your G site. So if you have individual city pages or posts it can be either one it doesn't matter that are optimized for the keyword plus city. Then put those in your G site as well. What I recommend though is if you got proper silo article texture on your money site, which you should, then you create that same, you mirror that same architecture on the G site. So if you have posted, a city, you know, optimized for keyword plus city, and they're within a specific category, for example, then I would have the category page mirrored on the G site. And then you create child pages on the G site where you would embed and eat and a one to one ratio one to one ratio of page, from the money site page to G site, or post from the money site page on the G site because there are no posts on the G site. That makes sense. But you can create the silo structure by creating the child pages within the G site. That makes sense, right? And you so you, you would create the additional pages on G site, you just embed it in there, you don't need to create any additional content guys, you just I find the site page, your money site right into the G site page. Okay, and then yes, you can order link building gigs to that. Something else you can do is if you're blogging, from your syndication network, or from your money site to your syndication network, you can extract the post URL from the syndication network, right, so those posts that you're using to optimize a particular silo or keyword or whatever, you can go out and extract those URLs from your web two Dotto properties, even if you just did the three blog properties, so blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, now you've got those URLs that you can also build links directly to write that are if you know how to build links from within your blog post to your money site pages are the pages that you're trying to rank on your site. That's what the blogging is for targeting long tails, right of whatever keyword is that you're trying to rank for within the blog post, and you link from within the blog post to that money site page that you're trying to rank. So you do that consistently over time with as many keywords as many posts supporting posts as you need to, to get the results that you want when now you've got all those posts that you can extract and post URLs you can extract from your web to properties and you can build links directly to you can also embed those in the same g site, the mirrored pages on the G site so that you have all that relevancy. And all those properties, right? We talked about iframe stacking all the time. So that's a number of ways that you can do it. Again, press releases are also another great way. I love using press releases to promote blog posts. So I like to publish blog posts, and then have press releases written to announce or to highlight, to spotlight the blog post. Now you've got additional content and as long-form content, I love the press releases from press advantage and MGYB. Because there's, you know, seven to 800 words ish, that are, you know, it's really relevant and you can use those you can iframe those now and so that's additional content. By the way, you can also grab the RSS feed from the organization in press advantage for whatever the company is. And you can use that to also trigger your syndication network, which I highly recommend because those are very, very powerful.

This Stuff Works
Those press releases can now get syndicated and they appear beautifully across the syndication network by just creating an additional set of applets in your syndication network with your press advantage organization feed. Does that make sense? So that's I mean, that's what I do. That's specifically how I do it is everything through the G site. And then also you can order the drive stack expansion from MGYB, which will also mirror that same silo structure for whatever category it is that you're trying to rank in a, your drive stack, and they'll create the actual g site page on your G site if you want. So that's how I do it. Any you want to comment on that, Marco?

Should You Direct The Links Of Your Money Site Blog Post To One Silo?

No, I was good. Okay. When I'm doing a blog post on any site that links from the post should be directed to one silo. Yeah, well, whatever silo the post is within, right, so the post is always going to be placed in a category, that's the silo, whatever silo it's in, you want to make sure that you're linking from within the post back up to you know, the top of silo page or the previous post within that silo, whatever, but you just don't want to cross-link outside of that silo to other silos on the site. You can do it it makes sense for the reader. So basically for user interface but do it with a nofollow link. In other words, if you're going to be linking outside of the silo itself, it's okay to do that for navigational purposes. But nofollow that link within the post, but any link that you're going to do within the content body of that post should be going to another post within that same silo or the top level. The top of the silo page, for example, a silo landing page. Does that make sense? So you always want to think about pushing relevancy through it, right? Because that's what network Empire created, just coined the term called buoyancy, right? They applied that term. So if you have your silo built correctly, your keywords, your content stacked correctly within the silo, then and you do your internal linking properly, then you're going to create buoyancy for that entire silo and all of the keywords within that silo will start to rise in the SERP search results. Okay, great question, by the way.

All right. We're almost out of time. Ricky Bobby says I wasn't necessarily saying it needed to be you guys doing that consultation for what the budget. I am new to you guys and obviously don't mind spending money. But I'm a little confused about everything that you guys sell and when to use them. Oh, I see what you're saying to perhaps. And we've talked about actually having in the coming months or hiring somebody that can literally do one on one consultations, it was primarily for mastermind members. But that might be something that if we implement that, that could be done on a consultation basis for MGYB as well. That's not a bad idea, actually, Ricky. So thank you.

Ricky says, Thanks, guys. always appreciate your time. You're welcome.

Is There A Way To Set Up RSS Feed From A Gsite?

Aaron says, Is there any way to set up RSS feed from a G site? Is it possible to use an RSS from a G site to IFTTT? I've not done that. But Marco, is there an RSS site from or an RSS feed site? Of course, there's Okay, of course, announcement pages. It's in the training. Okay. Well, I've not actually used that to trigger. The reason why I wouldn't want to do that is that the script that we run rebuilds that announcement page. A time, which could you could overpopulate your network very quickly that way. Am I right? Yep. Yeah.

Yeah. So that's that. Aaron, if that doesn't make sense to you the announcement page. So when you buy drives back from us, it's going to come back with the announcement page, which is it's run by a Google script that will essentially rebuild.

The announcement page with all the files and everything, it will do it, rebuild it on a schedule, whatever that interval is, it will rebuild it at that interval consistently. And the problem with us and that's probably why I've never done it is because if you were to use that RSS feed, and have that script running, then every time the script would run, it would spit out a whole bunch of posts on your syndication network, which could trigger suspensions for syndication network properties for over posting high frequency of posting, and they're going to be a lot of you know, rebuild post is great for the G site. Don't get me wrong. The announcement pages are part of the reason why they rank so well because it's constantly bringing the bots back to crawl it. But I don't know that that's why I have not used them is because whenever that script runs and it rebuilds all of those pages, it can end up overpopulating your syndication network and getting them terminated. Okay? That's not a good thing. Five o'clock on the money. You guys are awesome. Thanks for sticking around, guys. We will see you all next week. Bye, everybody.

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All right. Well, keep trying it. Marco. Well, we'll come back to you real quick. I just had a couple of things that I wanted to mention before we dive in and start answering questions. If you are on the email list. Then you got the heads up about POFU Live 2020. We are going virtual This is going to be a great chance for everyone to come, you don't have to get a hotel room, you don't have to plan out, travel and buy airplane tickets. It's going to be available to everyone at home. We are limiting it though. So there are only 50 tickets available. And for the next couple of days, there's a 10% discount. So we want to reward the people who grabbed those tickets, go ahead and make the choice and hop in. You can find out more at pofulive.com. But we're gonna have all of us will be there. We've got a bunch of great presentations, we've got the agenda, we get all that stuff laid out on there. It's still going to be available and good for networking and for learning and asking questions. Because I know that's a thing that I think about when I think about online or virtual is like yeah, is it really going to be the same as it, you're going to be able to meet people are going to be able to ask questions. And you know, of course, it's not going to be the same not gonna be able to go out grab a drink with somebody you just met, but you are going to have the chance to interact. If you grab a VIP ticket. You're definitely going to have a chance to interact. We're going to ship you some beer. You're going to be part of the VIP tour. We're going to do virtually as well as the Hangout after that, and then was talking about the questions and answers, we're going to have some q&a time for each presentation, as well as the case studies that we do. And then a little bit on top of that, just for some open q&a, so we got lots of good stuff.

Let's plan and go on into this. If you have any questions, hit us up at [email protected] or just hop into the Facebook group and ask us there but like I said, a 10% discount goes away. If you want to find out more about it, go check it out at pofulive.com. So with that said to the other thing I wanted to touch base on again, with emails, you've probably seen this, but if not that there is an mg y b flash sale going on right now for our ys drive stacks, head over to mg y b.co. And you can use July stack 20 or July our ys 20 to get a great discount on your ROI S Drive stacks and I'll put the links and all that good stuff on here if you're live but last but not least. Just wanted to say oh, we just lost Marco, man, we're having all sorts of crazy stuff happening today and I'm like trying to read something and like I'm like what's going on over here?

So I didn't want to say anything else I think I'll just turn it over to her now and he's gonna try to drive the ship here and get us going so I'm gonna put up on the page and call it good here. Yeah, we'll see it we'll see what happens. Okay, so Marco is here apparently so but yeah, dudes like today's today's is going crazy. Bradley, where are you? Alright, so let me actually share my screen and we'll go through the questions as much as we can. And we'll go from there. All right, cool. So

Do You Plan Of Offering Social Media Accounts To Create A Stronger Brand Entity Like KnowEm?

user3948759 Volvo says do you plan to offer Do you plan to offer social accounts creating in order to have an in stronger and even stronger brand entity? I mean, something like no m, etc. That's actually a good question. And I don't know we have brob in the crowd.

But one of the things that we do offer with IFTTT and with your syndication networks is the ability that we will create some social accounts for you. Not all of them. But uh, but definitely, definitely a bunch. And every time what happens with our syndication Academy, or our syndication networks, is that what we try to do is we try to update the profiles that we have there, right in terms of, if we find anything else that works like peripheries, or this or that, you know, we will add it into our ecosystem as well. So that's a great question for Rob. I'm not sure if Rob is in the crowd right now. But if you are Robert, you and you want to answer our good user anonymous here, I would really appreciate that. So. All right, so Fitz is asking a good day, gents. Thanks for allowing us to ask questions and get real-world actionable, actionable answers. Thank you, Fitz, for showing up. When we get the press release back, what are some good places we can use the content?

So, if you mean the content for the press release itself, like a face has been released, I wouldn't reuse potentially that content. If you're talking about the content itself or the press releases, again, like if that content has to be syndicated already has been submitted, probably I wouldn't use it anywhere else, because that's the whole point of a press release, right? It's the content that goes out on the press releases, you know, it's there, it's it belongs to the press releases themselves. Now, with that being said, there's a couple of things that you can try and do. As soon as the content is good. You can get it edited slightly like you can get it edited and turn that into a GMB post or turn that into an actual post. You can actually try to spin it, you know, and that is something you want to that you want to maybe fear.

You want to maybe get to daddy on and let him do his thing when it comes to third and fourth year, links, and all of that. But again, once

You get the content from press releases. Maybe you should keep it like that unless you really want to edit it. And if you want to edit it and turn that that content into one or two additional content pieces, we could you totally can either divide that content or curate content on top of the press release. Then you can totally turn that into GMB posts or your own posts on your blog. Do you want to add anything to that guys?

Nope, that's good.

Okay, cool. So let's see. I'll finish is asking.

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What MGYB SEO Services Are Good For Local Lead Generation Websites And GMB?

Let's see. I was hoping you could help me figure it out. Which of your services would be the best fit for my websites? I'm building a lead generation website for local service area businesses such as carpet cleaners in Caldwel, Idaho roofers. I just was that You can't say all of the services. So Oh, I can't Yeah, no. All right. All right. Cool. Now I really need to think about this. Okay, so I'm building a lead generation website for local services area businesses such as carpet cleaners in Caldwell, Idaho, and roofers in Manhattan, New York. This will be small sites, targeting specific niches and areas I was thinking perhaps the original airways thrive stack would be the most appropriate. I plan on putting up quite a bit of these sites soon. I was just looking for a general idea where to start, I'm looking to rank in the top three for both GMB and organic funds are somewhat limited. So I'd like not to be redundant in my spending. Okay, great question. And I would potentially start with the SEO shield, you know, for your websites. And the reason why is because the SEO shields will, you know, have the 123 punch that you need, it will have the stack, it will have a syndication network, and he will allow you to and they will have you know, Id loops and all of that crazy stuff that helps really, really rank your website. Now, when it comes to SEO shields, you have three options, you know, if funds are somewhat limited, you can get the basic option. But you know, like why would you choose like just a regional our ys drive stack if you can get the whole combo of power for each of your websites.

Right. So when it comes to planning this type of campaign or this type of resource, or this type of website that you want to do, I would suggest that you go through whatever is will potentially bring you the most revenue first, and then work your way down. So for instance, let's say that carpet cleaners in Colorado and Caldwell, Idaho, that would be one niche, right, roofers in Manhattan, New York, that would be a completely different niche, like in terms of the power that you need to rank but also in terms of the money that you can make, because it's a completely different niche, right. So if you were to put money behind a project, like such as carpet cleaners, or roofers or whatever, I would suggest, hey, go for the higher dollar, you know, usually, I really like to work with high ticket type of contractors or local services and whatnot, just because of the fact that they just you know, they just make sense and you can charge more money. So something fun or somewhat limited, you will be building these assets in order

You want to start where the opportunities there if that makes sense. So I would suggest definitely suggest SEO Power shieldl. One 1,000%. Marco, are you here and hear us

techies out there trying to fix this mic. We're gonna add on to this, you know, that alpha niche, whoever This is if you recently joined our email list or you have in the last year to, you know, part of what we do to, you know, kind of explaining who we are. And what we do is, you know, Bradley talks about how he got started in carpet cleaning was one of the first things he did was lead gen for a business doing that. And the reason why he got out of that, which Hernan kind of touched on and like looking at, you know, does this make sense for me to be involved in? And so I'm not saying that it's the wrong niche, it's, that's never like a black and white answer you just need to look at is it going to make sense for you? Does it make sense for you to get an SEO power shield? You know, would that support itself even if you, you know, could you spend money on it to rank it and then would it pay for itself because if it doesn't, it's like waive and get started. So, right. Yeah, so doing a little bit of cost analysis there and saying, you know, if it takes thousand dollars to rank. Are you going to take that back? How long you know, things like that? I mean, I'm just pulling the number out of thin air, you know, that could be more could be less you never know. And so yeah, take that stuff into consideration also. So you're looking to get in the top three for both GMB and organic. So yeah, SEO power shield and then, you know, looking at obviously, optimizing your GMB and there's a lot you can do there using press releases for both of those, and then ongoing link building things like that. Yeah, yeah, I totally, totally agree. Like you need to approach this as a real business right, you need to do the cost analysis and you also need to kind of understand how long it will take you to rank for something like roofing in Manhattan, you know, where the competition is way higher than something like I think the other option was carpet cleaning scalpel, Idaho, right. So that is something to consider as well like, what's the more bang for your buck like if you can go for a low competition but still high ticket type of deal.

He'll then I think that's the sweet spot that we're kind of trying to go after. So

How Do You Resolve Collision Issues Of Press Release Stacking & Curation?

okay, cool. So, Bb was a bunch of questions there. Yeah, he usually asks a bunch of questions, but there's a good question. Okay, so thank you bb. Let's see right in a press release with our creation method has some collision with the press release stacking video. Say we want you to create two pages we have to cite link the sources which leave us one extra link left to put the PR, which will be either to the money site or the shield properties because press releases allow three links that we can do the pre PR stacking method links to previous PR branding, property monetizing. How do we resolve that? Well, that's actually a good point BB and what you can do is since you only have three link placements, and you always want to do at least one link to the at least one leg to the shield property and at least one link to another PR then you can always cite one page. You know you can always have like once a source in that case. So that will that way it will give you three links that you can use, right? Because like, if you had to choose like if I had to choose three-link placements and that's what I can work with, and I want to go ahead with the, with the with how do you call it the press restacking then what I would suggest is, of course, press release. Second, you need to be daisy-chaining the press releases number one, number two, you always want to have a link to your, your shield properties, you know to power them up. And number three, you might have a link to an external website like a curation website. So I would say hey, maybe you want to sacrifice one of those curation websites and have more real estate that will impact your brand. What do you think, Adam? Yeah, I'm looking at this as took me a little bit longer. You're much quicker on your feet. I had to like to sit here and think for a minute and like absorb what was being said. Unless I'm missing something. And it's been a while since I've dealt directly with PR. So take this with a heavy grain of salt. Maybe someone else can weigh in on this, but I'm also thinking do you have to use an actual URL link, or can you do a just sliding it and literally in the text saying this is where it came from and not using one of your three backlinks. So, you know, maybe that's what I said.

Yeah, I like that. I like that. Because that way you will have, it will be a site, right? It will be a citation, it wouldn't be a link will be a citation. So you can have that as a, you know, not a link. But if you have to choose like in terms of, should I go after? Should I go after, like, what do you choose, right? Like, I would definitely choose my money site, or my money site or your shield properties that would definitely go with your properties. I don't know, I'm just a little bit more conservative, if you would, then the other press release. That's what the whole stacking method is all about. And then one of those extra websites and then you can just drop an unlinked URL, which is going to be a citation. So I think that's actually a good idea.

Cool. Yeah. Now, by all means, um, my heavy caveat on this, obviously follow the rules of the press release sites you're using if they say to do differently than you better do what they say. Yeah, sure.

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Google Tag Manager Testing

So I'm currently using Google Tag Manager that puts the Google Analytics tags inside the page when testing down, nothing happening, isn't working for you on Tag Manager, you use only Google Analytics a BB, you need to add the Google Analytics code within Google Tag Manager, like Google Tag Manager will not automatically put the Analytics code in your Facebook page in your website. So one of the things that you want to add in the tag section is the Google Analytics tag to the Google Tag Manager, okay, it doesn't like honestly, go Tag Manager doesn't automatically add any tag. You know, like analytics will tell you if you have Google Tag Manager, use the Google linking property, which is a tag that you can use in Google Tag Manager, Google Lincoln property. And that will allow you to link your, your Google Tag Manager with Google ads and also analytics. So you need to have something in there, it doesn't automatically asset and you can always use the

You can always use the Google Pixel helper, which is kind of similar to the Facebook pixel helper, but it's Google Tag helper, which is a Chrome plugin to see if the analytics tag is actually firing, but you need to add it, you need to manually add it.

Why Do You Say That Virginia SEO Agency Is Bad Anchor Backlink For Money Site But Good For Gsite?

Okay, and then he's asking, Why did you say that Virginia SEO agencies have bad anchor backing for the money site, but for the G site, it's okay. We can use exact match keywords as anchor text. I think that Bradley what he refers to so is the brand, right? We're always talking about the brand. So, Virginia SEO agency, if you're going to link to your money site, you need to be really mindful of what you're doing, right? Because it's rare that you will get a link like a natural link. That's it's Virginia SEO agency, right? Like that's super to 2010 right. So I think that he was saying, Hey, be careful with the anchor links that you're going that they're going to your money site to your G site, you can go to town like you can throw the kitchen sink to a G site.

It doesn't, it doesn't care, right? So you can go to town at 100%. But if you're going to use Virginia SEO agency to your money site, you want to be careful to your whole profile, right? Usually, it's going to be like Virginia SEO agency, it's not going to be your main anchor is going to be your brand, right? He's going to be your website like www dot Virginia SEO agency comm or even as an internal page or click here. So I think I need to be like really, really,

I would call it really diverse, with a strong like punctuation if you were a strong, strong weight on the brand, you know, but with your JSON, you can go to town as you can definitely use exact match keywords. Just be careful. You know, because that's no, that's not how people type. That's not how other human beings linked to other websites. What do you think, Adam?

Yeah, I'm just kidding. pulling us back up? I think that Yeah, I agree with you. I think you know, as far as what Bradley said, I forget exactly. But looking at it, yeah, I would just say go with that exact match type of text. Yeah. Unless you know, really what you're doing and why you're using it. You know, I wouldn't just be slapping it in there. So yeah, just be super careful bV with exact match linking back to money site like I wouldn't even do it as I would, I would go like full branded at this point. Like, see, for instance, Wikipedia. Right. If you see the link profile of Wikipedia, 99% of his link profile is Wikipedia. And then the rest is all over the national universe that you can think of. So

Ah, so here's this guy, Bradley. h. m. f. I see I think we should ban this guy. Let's kind of shady. How can we come up with a reaction here? reaction? Okay, now, maybe you can put a little like hanky in it if you can. Ah, yeah, my son.

Working in Okay.

All AF is asking us about f Hello everyone how important are link shorteners link inside the drive stack and G sites. Well, the guys are doing it for a reason. Definitely the guys are doing it for a reason. We used to use our Google shortener but that's not a thing anymore. So, so the guys are definitely doing it for a recent in terms of power we use, we use our own link shortener which, you know, it's incredibly powerful at this point and much, much powerful that we launched it. So you get that additional if you weren't so link shorteners are I think that there's a reason behind it like there's a mad scientist type of recent Marco kind of No, but the guys are using it because I've heard them repeatedly said that link shorteners. You know, they carry the power, they carry the power, they stop the link juice to backlink juice for going so there's a lot of benefits of doing it. That's why the guys are so adamant about Robert Marco about using link shorteners inside the Dr. Saxon G and G sack, you know, so there's definitely a recent

For that we used to again, we used to use the Google URL shortener, which was the best Jordan that you can possibly have in terms of SEO, but that's not a thing anymore. So we have the second-best thing, which is our own shortener that's an additional thing that you get, besides a bunch of additional things, like you get the shortener and buy your own stuff, which is super powerful. You also get the user's guide, you know, which is something that we're actually selling, you get it for free when you get an SEO, an SEO shield. So so you get all of those additional things that you don't get through third-party vendors, you know, so if you go to, I don't know, fiverr.com, if you want to, if you want to risk it, go there and get it for five bucks or 50 or whatever.

But that is something you know that we're adding a lot of value to the thing so that you know exactly what to do and the link shortener, it's definitely up there with the value, you know.

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How Important Are Link Shortnere Links Inside The Drive Stacks And GSite?

Okay, so Hello, I'm new. I just want to know is there a set of data for your products I can buy to consistently rank my lead gen organically and in my pack. In what orders GMB is wise. This is a great question, Adam. You do the honors. But yeah, I mean, I was gonna say like I say to give them the best like if you've really got some you really don't know where to start what to do, like come join our Facebook group so that we can talk to you about this and you can ask because you're going to need to follow up questions like just with that, and especially for me like I can't give you a detailed answer. Yes, the answer is yes, we do have done for your products that we can help you rank your lead gen both organically for your website and the map pack for your listing. And you know, as far as what that looks like, you know, that changes depending on what you have, but yeah, there's definitely you know, come in you can get we just talked about the SEO power shield for someone asking basically the exact same question. So I would say if you scroll or depending on where you're at in the video if you're here with this live, you already heard her talk about it. If you're coming in and watching this, you can back up and listen to that, but just head over to mgyb.co, SEO power shield would be the place to start. And then you know as far as ranking like your GMB assets, it depends if you want to get a GMB like if you're going to do lead gen on your own, you can get a verified GMB through MGYB. And then depending on where you want to go from there because maybe you need to learn how to optimize CMV. Maybe you're looking at what you should be doing the posting. You can check out local GMB Pro. Just search for that and you'll find the course on that. And then yeah, it depends what you want to do if you want to use MGYB to get the done for you services, so that you can either do it for yourself or clients and have our kind of perform that stuff for you. That's great. If you want to learn how to do it. You can look at our ys reloaded. You can check out local GMB Pro, and kind of go from there and then hop into the Facebook group and tell us what you need to know. Yeah, for sure. So there's also this little jewel right here. You know, I'm hovering through it. So there's the battle plan.

So there's this little jewel right here that you can get, it's super inexpensive. And it will tell you exactly step by step what to do, how to do it, and what to get, you know, so that's another option. But I do think that these questions are a little bit tricky. You need a little bit of, I would say guidance or coaching or whatever, you know, we, we tend to, we tend to prescribe the SEO shield a lot, because it can it kind of ticks all the boxes, right? It gives you a lot of precedences, it gives you a lot of authority right off the bat, it allows you to, you know, build that authority and then it gives you a lot of targets that you can then you know, link for or link towards, I should say. Okay, cool. So who is this guy Adam moody? Should I bind him to let me see ya? Why did the action? Okay. I cannot add reactions, man. I know.

Yeah, I did it just for you. Because today everything's gonna break. So thank you, bro. Thank you. Yeah. All right. Yo, bro, man. Yeah, yeah, man. So Alright, so question two is about conversion, making Google understand conversion was made. Yeah, baby, again, you want to use. So you want to use a. So you want to set up a goal, of course in analytics and then you want to add your Google Analytics to your Google Tag Manager. So you want to set up a goal in Google Analytics. And then you want to set up your and then you want to add your Google Analytics code to the Google Tag Manager, make sure that you're also using the Google linker. So there's a Google linker property that you just added there doesn't do anything. You just added there. So So yeah, but you actually need to create the goal and goal in analytics, and then install the analytics in Google Tag Manager.

What Do You Mean By Pinging Websites For Backlinks And Backlink Indexing?

Okay, so let's see. BBs asked another question is the meaning of pinging websites for backlinks and pinging for backing indexing? How did you find the ping command to make it happen in each case, and also it's being a relevant image for today? That's actually a great question. And the answer is that it used to be really relevant. It used to be really relevant, but you know, I think that ping it, So for instance, if you go to ping them out, pingomatic.com. And also like WordPress by default will ping pingnomadic.com but it's just like I think that there's so many pinging like lately like that you can ping, ping nomadic and big money will ping a bunch of additional different websites and whatnot.

So, you know that like, there's so much being like all the time that I don't even think that's relevant anymore like we should ask the idea like he's the indexing magician, you know, he makes stuff index pretty quickly and I don't know how he does it but he does it you know, so, so but it's just thinking about it from the perspective of you know, the whole you know, Google-like if it would index every ping that people do it's you know, it's like the computing power but out but also like I would potentially ask the idea like what well now what's the secret sauce is we don't want to know that but you can ask them. No, no, no, I don't want no I really don't want to know like, you know if they asked me, I will say, I don't know anything, you know. But, uh, but yeah, maybe so great question. You can still try it like, ideally, you would do it automatically. There's some, there are some bots out there. WordPress automatically will ping, you know through ping ematic. You can add a bunch of. They're called RPC. So they're called RPC services. So if you search for paying services for WordPress, or RPC services for WordPress, WordPress have they have this box where you can put a bunch of additional ping services if you so choose. But, you know, I think it's a matter of traffic as a matter of authority, some area of activity, right. You can ping as much as you want. But if the website if the article if anything, it's not having enough authority, it's not having enough, you know, traction. I don't think it's gonna be relevant. So I think to add, now, I don't mind. All right, cool. Let's see.

Bradley hears banjo music and in typing CS Finster muscle. I think,

Wayne, I think that's pretty accurate. All right, so let's see.

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How do you hold these in what orders do you do? Do you guys do citations? Do you order aggregator first and the manual citations or vice versa? So does it even effing matter? That's a great question and the answer to that is I don't know I'm so sorry. Oh, Bradley's not here. I'm good Bradley. Marco isn't here, Chris. chime in. If you do, I haven't done citations. I will try and I wouldn't like yeah like I think that's above my paygrade So, unfortunately, gonna say yeah, there's the questions about funnels and Facebook? Like, wow, some fake business and stuff. But, uh, but thank you, guys. Yeah, like, like, that's above my paygrade I'm pretty sure that Bradley will come in hot like next time and you know, and say you guys set a straight

yes to us and say Why? The hell you didn't answer this question?

So he will come in and actually answer it. So I'm sorry.

So one more question. If I already have a Google Site created, I wanted to make sure I got the keyword in the URL. Can I order a white stripe sec and just give you access to Google site? I'm not entirely sure. Is this possible? Is that something I? Yeah, I can't recall. So I would just say contact [email protected] I forget because I want to say yes, but I can't recall if we had out for some reason. So just contact support, they'll be able to tell you. Yeah, I want to say yes to I think that we talked about that. But I'm not entirely sure if that ended up being a thing. I know that some people will have their Google side and then but then again, I think that the guys decided to stop doing it just because of, you know, our staff is small, better. But no, in all seriousness, as we created in a specific way, but yeah, just contact its [email protected] Right, Adam? Correct. Yeah. All right.

Which URL Do You Want To Power From The Drive Stack If Your Client Offers Conference Services To Multiple Cities?

Ricky Bobby is asking, hello. Was that I love it. Sorry. I know it's not his real name, but anyway, so I love your picture in the Facebook group because it's Ricky Bobby. Bobby. Yeah. Okay, I ordered the SEO shield, I have some questions about what to fill out, I ordered keyword research. So I'll upload that when I get it great. But the claim we have is a conference and they move every now and then for the next few years, they're going to be in Vegas, they have roughly 40 k people go to the conference every year from all around the world. One of the things is it asked is for which URL? Do you want to power from the drive stack to go to? Which URL? Do you want to power from the data, the power from the drive stack to go to do that? I mean, the money site and yes, yes, that means that that means the money site. So which URL Do you want the power from the Google Drive site to go to? And yes, that's the money site, because we're going to from drives that we're going to, we're going to add, we're going to add, you know, outbound links that go either to your website, your or to your G site, you know, so so that's probably another question that you can

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Ask for support or to our Facebook group. So you can either do either to the website or to the G site. So yeah, which makes sense. And then as far as moving around that, really, and this case, I shouldn't be punished. Yeah. If they're going to stay there for the next few years like whenever they move, you can start working or when I like six months, baby before they move, you can actually start, you know, working towards the next location, but I think you should be fine. But like if I'm just thinking to like, for us, let's think like small scale or the kind of general problem would be like if we were building one around, POFU Live pofulive.com is our domain. We didn't there's no address associated with it. Right. There's no set location. So I think that kind of the same deal. Like Yeah, go ahead. And you would build out around that point that your conference URL and unless there's something I'm missing there. Yeah, no, I do agree. They have contracts for years, we've been to a particular hotel venue, so I think you should be fine. You should be covered for the next but I mean, it wouldn't be like you would be like building. I mean, again, I don't know. This is interesting to me. Just because hopefully I've come up but are you like having the SEO shield built and have Vegas in the name or something? You know, that's the only thing I could think about where would be who why would even matter. So yeah, yeah, that's the thing. So I don't know the URL that they're using but if it's like, Ricky Bobby conference Vegas calm then you obviously need to work your way around it right. So and you can even read reg that to Ricky Bobby.

No, we do have GMB listing. So yeah, you might want to actually send that to GMB or to the website. So if you go from Ricky Bobby Vegas calm to you can redirect that to Ricky Bobby, Ricky, Bobby. Or not just wants to keep saying, Ricky Bobby. Yeah, yeah. All right. Let's go.

Why Do You Consider Facebook Ads If You Have The SEO Shield?

Alright, so BB wins another one. Is there more time? If so, yes, we do have a little bit more time. I saw someone Hernan's video Oh, shut up. I saw Hernan's videos and there were videos about Facebook ads. Why would you consider Facebook ads when you have an SEO shield is enough traffic? That's actually a great question, BB. Let me tell you, let me tell you something right now. No, but for real, like one of the things that I do in the semantic mastery mastermind and so Adam has his productivity and email marketing and funnel, you know, side of things. Chris also has his email marketing and business side of things. And I have my Facebook ads slash paid traffic demo. So I do have my own like, show if you were on the mastermind, where we talked about paid acquisition strategies. And what we do with paid acquisition is basically and this is like about Facebook ads or Google ads, it's to accelerate results. Right? So what we do with Facebook ads is to let's say that you got a new client, right? Let's talk about roofer in my Manhattan, it might take you a couple of weeks or a couple of months to actually get to where you want to be with Facebook.

With you know, with listings and that's the game we're playing, but if you want to accelerate the videos you want to get the guy some traction than paid advertising is usually the best way to go. So you can run a Google actually a Google to call campaign or Facebook ads lead ads which are great right now they're working like crazy. And then you can get the client you can get some traction for the client, I will low ad spend while the rest of the stuff is kicking in. Now, here's the other benefit of doing that is that when you have the shield, you will get this amount of traffic to the website right, which you can then retarget with Facebook ads, and you can then retarget with Google Display Network. Okay, so that's, that's an added benefit. That's called omnipresence. Okay. And number three is that you're not only depending on one source of traffic, either Facebook ads or Google, Google organic, and the reason why is because the more traffic sources you have, the more solid your brand becomes right? So that is like saying why would you build an email list if you have the SEO show? Well, you need to build an email list right? So that's, that's some of the stuff that we talked about in the mastermind is like the real benefit of building a brand through Facebook advertising. A lot of people are using Facebook ads like at the beginning and then maybe you can dial it back as you start getting GMB calls or whatever. But it has so many many many benefits and so many levels to add some sort of paid advertising strategy either through Google Ads YouTube or Facebook ads, which is my thing. my wheelhouse and if you want to comment on this let me know.

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Will The Content Curation Model Works For A Tough Niche That Have Long-Form Content?

All right, I understand the content curation model but what if we're going for a tough niche that all our writing unique long-form content are you suggesting to go for some other niche or the shield and link building packages will add rank or stuff even though they're less good than the competition Okay, BB great question but I caught a curated article not less good quote-unquote, enter the competition unless the competition is like unique, long-form content that really attracts and really, you know, it's really, really good in terms of generating engagement from the audience, like getting people to read and spend a lot of time in your website and then click into other pages. So, you know, you can still make some much this like you if you're going with curation, maybe once a month, or once every two weeks, you can come up with a long-form content piece, right? So it's not because everyone else is doing long-form content doesn't mean that you can, you cannot do curation. So if you did your keyword research, if that's the niche that you want to go after. That's, you know, that's something that you want to keep them pursuing. In fact, maybe you will be doing something that they're not doing and that will give you an edge, right. So we don't really know until you try and also the fact that you're doing curated content and some form of long-form content. I think that's, you know, that's beneficial because while they are putting out a lot of long-form content, which takes a long time, a lot of money, a lot of effort and maybe you can put be putting out like, you ready constants just like this, you know, so that will be my intake on it. I don't know what you guys think.

Yeah, I agree with you. Sorry, is looking because I was literally looking up something about this today cuz I'm getting ready to write some stuff for my productivity based stuff that's a little bit longer format than what I usually do. So I agree, I think that you know, just because it's curated doesn't mean that's not good, but at the same time, you know, this isn't, you're not paying someone $2 to curate an article and that's going to magically outrank, but this is also partially it's getting for me into that area of like, how many syndication networks would it take to rank this article? It's like, Well, no, as many as it takes, and maybe it'll take some other stuff. So and BB I think, you know, that so I know you're not like asking us that. But it's verging on that where it's like, I don't know. You know, it depends on Yeah, the article like Bonanza, what are the engagement metrics, if you have a curated article and all this is just like, you know, one or two sentences, and then some you

A bunch of curated stuff and people go there and bounce then yeah, that the engagement metrics are gonna suck. So yeah, but yeah, mix it up, you know, instead of having to pay or write just long-form, you could go in, maybe start creating some infographic type material, if you could get that done or do it yourself. There are lots of tools to do that look at like writing how-to articles instead.

How about a list? You could curate lists, that would be a pretty cool one to do. And then you know, slip in some videos, and maybe other things on the site, which is another good way to drive some engagement. So yeah, mixing it up, I think would lighten the load on you also creating some great content. Yeah, yeah. And you can also use the pillar content meaning those long-form articles to actually like send pay traffic like those are great Facebook ads like targets great, fantastic. Like those long-form articles that you see if you have like two or three there. You can send paid advertising to it and they are not great.

Should You Include Breadcrumbs In The Pages Of The Money Site?

Okay, should we include breadcrumbs in the pages of the money site is the breadcrumb schema help ranking? So I've heard Marco so now we're going into that, that realm. I've heard Marco said that the breadcrumb schema helps to rank. And the same, the same with the fourth question. Can we use breadcrumb schema without having actual breadcrumbs on the page? I don't know. Probably you can't. I wrote I don't really know.

And I don't know if Marcos is watching this, and then he might be screaming if we're saying anything that doesn't, you know, that we shouldn't say, but, uh, but maybe ask on the Facebook group, you know, that will be, Yeah, that'd be the next best thing. So we swear if you if you're new, we started that, you know, we actually bring in the goods. It's just that you know, we're operating. We're at 60% here today. I would, I would say at 40 Yeah. 40% Yeah. 60%.

Okay, well, let's keep it at 45. All right.

This Stuff Works
Let's see Ricky Bobby sass is saying the client hat we have on six different conferences. But this is the first one to test you guys out perfect. just crush it for that and then roll it over to the other five. That is great. That is great.

Should You Buy A Link Indexing After Map Embed Or Link Building Are Delivered?

Pablo is asking. Hi, guys. Thanks for the great answers. Thank you for dropping by. Should I buy a link indexing after? Should I buy a link indexing after map embeds or link building are delivered? Yes. You? Yes. Yes. So link indexing after link building? Usually, it's a good thing. Link indexing after map embeds. I haven't heard about that yet. But link indexing after link building? Yeah, for sure. Because again, you know, dedhia has the as the pulse on that, and he's really good. He's just got a crazy indexing rate. I know it fluctuates over time with you know, different methods and all that but I think he's still getting 60 plus percent, something like that, which is just nuts or link building. You know, which is just crazy. Crazy. Good. Alright guys, any other questions? We'll give you guys 30 more seconds. And we'll go from there. And I hope that we were you know, I got a question for you or not

Well, we don't have to run out the clock here. But let's talk about it. We're asking about questions about Facebook, we got a lot of good content stuff, and you mentioned it real quick. Who would you recommend to do long-form content and run ads to it? Do you see that being something good, that would work for people who are primarily doing like client stuff? or trying to rank organically? Like, where would that fit in? Do you think so? Yes. So that's actually a great question. And I would say hey, long-form content plus ads, it's almost always a good idea to do for a couple of reasons. Number one, because like if you're sending traffic pay traffic, right paid to pick like real traffic, not like CTR spam type stuff, like real traffic, real human beings to a website, where the long-form content with a call to actions throughout the long-form content, whatnot, that will help you rank faster, mostly because you're feeding the bot a lot of activity. And also if people stay, they come back because the articles really good. They're good to the next page, they don't ban bounce out and all that, that helps a lot in terms of like ranking signals. But not only that, from a consumer perspective as well, like, because they hit your page, they might stay for a long time. And then you can retarget them, right. So if they've seen your ads on Facebook, they don't click on them, just by the fact that they're clicking on them and landing on your website. They're behaviorally saying that they're interested in what you have to offer. So it's a good idea to actually, you know, build a list out of them and buy a list, I mean, a retargeting list that you can build in, within Facebook. So it's usually a good idea when you're trying to set yourself up for success, whether it's a local website or local clients or your own agency, like by all means, if you won't get more clients through this, if you don't like money, don't do this. But if you want to get more clients definitely do that. So well, that helps. Does that answer your question? It most certainly does. And thank you and also want to say thanks to Ricky Bobby. I think this is a really good suggestion he had, we're certainly working on, you know, making it easier to have both MGYB and with Semantic Mastery to figure out what you need. And so what he said was something that we should consider in the future a sort of quiz or funnel that we could use to figure out what to get and when. And 100% of it. Actually just shared that with the guys in slack. And we're going to look into that. That's a fantastic idea. Great idea. Great idea. I'm happy to take the credit for it. Yeah.

Sadly, it's been recorded. So now we know. But you know, recordings get lost sometimes. So let's see Vivi saying how to how to syndicate all there. Okay, we don't we might be at 45% but we're definitely funnier than the other guys. So you can say that you can comment that okay. You can say that.

How To Syndicate Older Posts To Branded Properties?

Alright, so bb is asking how to syndicate all their posts to brand new properties. IFTTT only allows new posts only great question bV. There are a couple of there a couple of plugins in WordPress that will do that. So there's a couple of WordPress plugins that will allow you to repost all posts number one, but also number two, it will allow you to repost old posts without actually posting them. What do I mean? It means they will update the RSS feed through which the IFTTT syndication network will activate but without adding a new post to your blog. Right so let's say you have all the content so there's a couple of plugins that will do that they will reinstate that post into the IFTTT feed and does you know, bye-bye. By the way, it works, it will activate the syndication network. So you can try both but there's a couple of plugins that will do that in WordPress. So

This Stuff Works

What Is The Best Way To Push Power To Additional GMB In Different Countries Besides Web Page Silo?

let's see. Pablo is asking what is the best way besides current web page silo to push powers to additional GMB in different countries, different counties. The main GMB is covered by Google stacks. What is the next spec? What is the next step to cover additional ones, I would say link building so it's usually a good idea press release, press release stacks are actually a good idea to actually push more power to additional GMBs. So additional stacks, you know sending power to the additional sites.

So, at that point what you want to do is you want to try with link building first if you know that pushes this because some countries will be more susceptible to rank fluctuations than other mostly because of competition so so you can actually go there and push additional power through link building and link indexing on those countries and then if that doesn't work, then you you order link building, you index you wait right for 21 days and then you go after that. So that's what I would do. Okay, we have another one from bV Have you encounter a problem that IFTTT does not post articles that have really long-form content say about 4000 words? I haven't really BB not that take a look and I bet you could figure it out real quick because it should say an IFTTT if you log in and go into the applet like it may have a cutoff but yeah, I've never posted stuff over 4000 words. So okay. Um, I'm not sure like I haven't gone through this like

Yeah, like 4000 words that's a lot of content really, really awful. But there is this WordPress RSS feed cuts it up at a certain point. So there's the limitation on there. Okay, so it's not IFTTT might be the RSS feed for a while you can pretty much manually or commit, which one of our plugins did back in the day. Oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah, that's cool. That's cool. But I was like, we haven't really gone through the problem of you know, about 4000 words. So no, so

Unknown Speaker 45:35
let's see. Ricky Bobby is saying the suggestion came out a little frustration more if I'm not sure. Totally feel you I had when I was starting to look into you guys. A lot of stuff in there was in good but I have no idea what I actually need based on what I'm at with the client or the client is afar really already own in the category. There's much different sequence of stuff decline is brand new to me webs and the web, versus someone who's been in business for 30 years in our life for 20. Yes, definitely 1,000% Ricky and we're actually actively working to make it better. We have been creating content and putting out stuff for the past six years. So seven years now. So it's you know, it's a complicated task, but we're actively working towards that. One of the things that we came up with is the battle plan. You know, the battle plan has a couple of sections in terms of You see, the GMB website is it a new website is a niche website or YouTube channel. So then you have like, some sort of decision tree, but the quiz idea is great. The quality is really good. So we really do appreciate that we're doing what our best here to actually, you know, but the content on more much more dynamic consumable way provided that this is Episode 297, you know, a weekly show.

So, yeah, brother. Appreciate it. I might purchase it by dinner ready? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It would be a good idea if you did, you know, if you could just take that and turn it into a survey to so

You could like maybe that's part of the battle plan that you guys know to buy the battle plan.

Okay, if you didn't go by Alright guys, that's it for today. I think this was fun. Sounds good. Anything you want to add? Check it out hopefully live calm. You know we're not traveling right now but we will be doing hopefully live last weekend in September check it out 10% discount on tickets right now across the board. That's the main ticket VIP ticket, which includes some beers shipped directly to you, and then a VIP plus ticket for those of you who are looking for some consulting time at a considerable discount what it would normally take to hire six of us to sit down with you and talk to you for 90 minutes. We're not your issues. Yeah, we're not cheap. We're not cheap. Specifically, if you like it if you need a shrink or anything we double You know, that's even more expensive. But yeah, guys hopeful lab.com we'd love to have you there's some stuff in there that we don't share anywhere else like anywhere else. You know.

They're and people are raving about content, the connections, and everything else. So just you guys in there. Alright guys, thank you for hanging out for a little bit so you guys can see everyone cheers

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 296

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 296 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



welcome, everybody, to Episode 296 where you see behind the curtains for a few seconds. So anyway, we're gonna get into things today. We already got a lot of really good questions on the page. We've got a few announcements we want to run through and share with you all. But first, we're gonna stop and say hi, so it's kind of cloudy here. So I'm going to start with Marco. Marco. How are you doing today?

Go have a look.

I can't help. I can't help it. I can't help it is the life I live in the price I pay.

Well, I like the really high hard price is tough. Oh, that kitchen charm. Things are tough all over.

I'm dating myself, right.

Who's Cheech and Chong, right. That's what

Man. All right, good stuff. Well Chris, how are you doing today? A little bit darker in your picture? Well, it's already nice but otherwise, it's a seamless marker. It's Groundhog Day every day at the moment you're like really good wetter summers definitely here. So yeah, I can't complain. I got a question for you. Yeah, what's up? What's the thing next to the words here on the slide?


That's the Click Funnels two comma word now that's the enemies been lazy. I need to put it on the wall. But Hernando like, you should take pictures and I was like, Yeah, what's the one next to it? Oh, it's literally a piece of glass. It's not Oh, I got another one. Yeah, I used to be an engineer. So I used to make help design heads up display stuff when that was coming out. And so I got one an entire sheet of it and just put it in the frame and realized I had that. Anyways, now you guys know, whatever your Semantic Mastery degree. Yeah, I need well that's what that is right there.

So, although we'll share one more before we go on a show and tell of Adam That's great. That's pretty nice. Yeah, that was pretty cool. That guy made that off of Etsy. got the idea from Ian Stanley, a copywriter that I follow so if you're not familiar with the story, just google feed the wolf and check that out. Pretty cool. Yeah, I read that article that you posted when you in slack about it, and it was good. That's good stuff. Well, Hernan How about you, man, how's the southern hemisphere Go? Go man is shitty.

Now, but it's at nighttime, it's not bad. Like today, it's a little bit better. It's been like three today was like three degrees, which is like 30 I don't know, which is like minus 2000 Fahrenheit or something like that.

And it's like, it was like 1,000% humidity, but it was good, man. It was good. I'm excited to be here. It's good to be here.

Tom coming down to snowboarding to Argentina but I didn't know if traveling is that good of a choice at the moment now like you cannot get in the country like you can't, you know, they'll put you in jail.

Which could be fun. You know why not? You can be hanging out.

God. All right, moving on Bradley, how are you doing today? Good. Todd is balls here, but good.

Well, what are you working on man's here? You're working on something and we're not Yeah. Everyone else yet. All right. So and I spent several hours working on this today.

It's all done except for one section so I can grab the screen. Well, you know what? Finishing announcements and I'll leave with that. Okay, well, I want to share my screen real quick. So we mentioned this briefly last week, but POFU Live tickets are available for sale. It is virtual this year, of course. But you can grab them

Now, so if you head over to poker live.com, you can find out more about it, we do have the same types of tickets, I'll say I'll let you read about that we have the option to just come and attend the talks, which is fine. And then you have the VIP tickets where we're going to give you executive summaries for free. There are a couple of other bonuses and you get to join us on the VIP event, which sadly, we couldn't meet up and take a bus around town like we did in DC and go to the breweries, but we're going to bring the beer to you. And we're going to have a little bit of a beer guided beer tasting with a company who's walking us through that. And then we're going to have some time after that just catch up to breeze get to know each other a little bit better. So I'm looking forward to that. Bradley Are you looking forward to today's man if you know if we can't do beer tasting in person, then virtual beer tasting is the next best thing. Gotcha. And I will put this out there since I know we got a lot of our subscribers and viewers in Canada and other places in the world.

Sadly, they cannot it's just a pain in the butt to ship alcohol across the border. So they can't do that. But if you still want to join, grab the VIP ticket, it's going to be you know, its own little event as well as you get some other bonuses, so it's still worth it and you could just be ye ob and maybe that'll work out better for anyways, definitely want.

So go over there, head over to pofulive.com. And check that out, we've got a little bit of updated information. As the time gets closer, we're going to be publishing the schedule, but it's going to start on Friday, the 25th of September, and that's going to kick off the VIP event. Saturday and Sunday are going to be jam-packed with the talks and information and the way we're going to do that is we're going to have things kick off in the morning, you know, you'll get notifications, all that jazz, we've got an area just for people who are attending. Come in, do the talks, have some q&a, take a break, let everyone have a breather, grab some food, do all that. Come back here to get in the afternoon and do the same thing and have some time in there for q&a to so people who are attending it's not like this is going to be just pre-recorded and you can't get any feedback. You're going to be able to ask the speakers and presenters questions and get that feedback.

So we have behind the curtain discussion and there might be some good stuff. Can't tell everything right now. But yeah, head over there. We've got a lot of really good feedback from people last year as well as Rob, who was also a speaker. Jeffrey Smith is going to be joining us again this year Brian went from attendee last year to speaking this year. He's got some really good insights daddy is going to be presenting some more information. He was blowing people's socks off last year, and Jordan Fowler as well. Another mastermind member who's an agency owner and has seen a lot of growth over the past few years is going to be joining us. So like I said, just head over to poker live calm if you got any questions hit us up at support at semantic mastery comm

And with that said, I'm going to pop the link on the page but Bradley, would you like to share people share with everyone what you're working on? Sure. And I just very quickly created a pretty link from semantic mastery comm for it so

I got that done instead of that really long, ugly URL. All right, I'm gonna grab the screen.

Okay, guys, so, here's what I got for you guys. Today. I talked about this last week, I said that I was going to try to have this the Semantic Mastery / MYGB process checklist, which is I use process street or process.st as my process doc software or application for my vas and everything now it's fabulous. And so last week, I talked about creating a checklist for within process Street. It's a shareable template guy, so you guys can look at it if you want to be able to run a checklist from it, so that you can

This Stuff Works
Assign it or whatever to VA is or for each project, you can create a new checklist. You have to have your own process street account. Okay, but you can import the template in your account. But what I said last week was I was going to try, you know, we get, even our mastermind members sometimes come in and say, you know, well, where do we start? Like, do we have a kind of a checklist or a process that shows us what to do and in what order and that kind of stuff? And we do we have the battle plan, but I guess that's not enough. And so it still leaves questions in people's minds. So as a couple of weeks ago, I started working on creating a process template for how to you know, what we call worry lists entity based SEO. Okay, Marco really coined that term, but it's essentially our processes and laid out in the proper order proper sequence. And last week when I talked about creating this checklist or this template, I said that you know, what I wanted to do is just get the checklist ready by this week, and then I was going to start adding video training for each one of the sections to really flesh it out. Well, fortunately, I realized that I had done our process training inside of the two extra agency training, the two extra agency training for those of you that aren't aware, is really how to double you know, double your agency. And it consisted of three parts within the training, right? So the first four weeks was about mindset, and basically like filling your pipeline full of leads and prospects. Then the second four weeks were about our processes, the SM processes, and how to get repeatable and reliable results. And then the last four weeks was how to grow and scale your business. And so essentially, the four weeks in the middle, which was our processes for how the Semantic Mastery training was already done because I recorded that a couple of a few months ago now, and it was perfect for what I put in this channel list.

And so I was actually able to flesh this out almost entirely. There are only a little bit guys, I'll share this link with you in a moment. There's only one section that's not done. And that's because I'm going to record new training for that. And that's the website section here. So let me just go through this very briefly to give you guys an idea of what it is that you're going to get. We're giving this away for free guys, there's a ton of content here. But we start with the foundation. This isn't, you know, 15-minute video and a little checklist here or whatever for you to go through that talks about what entity based SEO is so that you get an idea of what you know what it is that we're doing and why we do it this way. Okay, which I think that's important. We can give you the how-to-do stuff all the time, but if you don't understand why you don't really ever get any better, right? You become a good SEO or a good marketer when you learn the why behind the house. So it starts with the foundation. Then we get into keyword research 16-minute video, they're talking about keyword research, I suggest some tools if you want to do it on your own. Obviously the easiest thing to do is just go by done for you keyword research from MGYB

Yes, guys, I do push people to our products inside of this. Because again, if you want to get full training on everything I push, you know, I list links over to the training products that are going to give you the comprehensive training for each component. But we also push you over to mg y b because honestly, in my opinion, you guys are better off spending time growing your business then learning how to do all of this stuff, you can hire us to do it for you, okay if you or you can hire in house, you know virtual assistants or in house employees and then by the training and put them through it so you can work on growing your business and let somebody else do the work for you. Right either us or your own in house team that you put through the training. Next is going to be the website training. This is where I'm going to have basically silo architecture training. A lot of you are probably aware we have videos that we always refer people to where we talk about simple and complex silo structures. You can go to our YouTube channel and see those videos are many years old now. They're still absolutely relevant today except for a slight change in that I don't like to use the physical permalink structure for the physical silo structure, meaning category slash post name in the URLs. Whenever setting up silos, I like to use the virtual silo which is still the same type of category structure, but it's just using the post name permalink. So it's a much shorter, more succinct, cleaner looking URL. So anyway, all that said, I'm going to update those, the website or the silo architecture training videos in the next two weeks or so, and then I will update the training in this checklist guys, the same URL that I'm going to share with you is will automatically update when I add the new content, okay, so you don't have to worry about getting another URL. Next is the SEO power shield. This is where we go in far into depth into what the SEO power shield is and why it works and the different components of it. And so you can see this guy's you know, again, I'm not going to go through this piece by piece, but you can scroll through here and you'll see there's a lot of training videos in here that you know, go into much more in-depth as to what you know what the components are and why we do it this way.

Next is Content Marketing. And there's a lot of training on this one. So there's blogging, 30-minute video about blogging and how to get the best results, GMB posts, press releases, and then YouTube Silo Academy, essentially, I talked about that here very briefly too, because if you're using YouTube videos and your content marketing strategy, then you know, YouTube silo Academy is a great way for that for SEO. Lastly, link building and embeds. Talk about powering up the entity first, why we're doing what we do, how we, you know, basically power up our primary entity, right, so our branded website using the SEO shield, and all of the external stuff that we do gets done to our tier one branded entity assets. So that's what, you know, the powering up the entity, the foundation, essentially, or excuse me powering up the entity videos about then I talked about link building. There's a diagram there plus a video explaining what it is that we do and why we do it that way. We talk about embeds and layering and that's building links still to the embeds.

So video talking about that. And then there's frequency and indexing so that you can kind of develop your own link building and embed campaigns schedule for ongoing maintenance and such for whatever projects you're working on. So again, this is guys, there's a lot of stuff in here, there's a lot of training in here, some of you that have taken to x or joined to 2xyouragency will recognize some of these videos, I didn't give away the whole farm, the first section and the last section of the two extra agency training was not included into this, because this is specifically about the process for our Semantic Mastery methods. And, and so anyways, I wanted to share that with you guys. Feel free to use it. And like I said, when I get the website training done in about two weeks, next week, I'm going on vacation, by the way, so I won't see you guys next week at all. Um, but when I get back, I'm going to try to get that website training done and added to this template so that you guys will have that as well. So that will be updated silo training. Okay. So with that said, I'm going to post this on the page. Any comments, guys before we get into questions?

Good. Yeah, I just wanted to say I was looking up something semi-related and just stumbled across something Bradley while you're talking. And so a shout out to what you guys have done as well as mg y v, we just came off the Fourth of July sale. And a lot of people were interested in the SEO shield, which incorporates the RYS Reloaded techniques and drive stacks. And this was really interesting, I just noticed that someone is outranking us doing a review for syndication Academy using our looks like we made the drive.

This Stuff Works
So anyways, I thought that was great. They're ahead of the Semantic Mastery website. So we may have to turn this into a case study, what was the keyword? I'll message you on the site in case that you know, I don't know if it's something we want to share or not. Okay. All right.

Good stuff. So I like CMP. We'll put this stuff to work. It's cool to see it out in the wild. I mean, I see I come across it in many other places, but this one was just funny. I was looking something up while you're talking. I like it when we launch a product which isn't all that often but when we do it

Somebody else uses our methods to outrank us for the launch.

We're getting to it, I'll encourage that all day long god bless them yeah and an affiliate link and outrank us for everything and then send them to us. Now that sounds fine absolutely make some money from it and prove that our stuff works right by the way guys just so you know it's semantic mastery comm slash process. So in case you didn't see it in the chat box at semantic mastery comm slash process, you can import that template into your own process st account if you have it. If you don't, you can just view it but you won't be able to like check the boxes. I mean, you can look at all the training and everything but you just won't be able to use the checklist. Okay.

All right. Let's get to the questions. Real quick. Just got two more I want to do two more quick plugs. Bradley mentioned the battle plan if you want the step by step processes for getting SEO results and you don't have the battle plan just go to battle plan dot semantic mastery comm we already talked about POFU Live head over pofulive.com and last but not least we also mentioned them to you ID if you haven't gone over there that's the place to go for your done for you services whether it's link building, it's the drive stacks whether it's just about anything else it just keeps expanding to cover the things that people request promos press releases, SEO shield a lot more information coming as well but head over to mgyb.co.

Feedback On Why People Are Looking For More Authority Signals Without Running Ads On Facebook And Google

Alright, so the first question is a rather long Let's read through it and see he says just wanted to get feedback regarding why people are looking for more authority signals without running ads on Facebook ads, Google display ads retargeting, etc. issues because for affiliate sites all major big companies consider these as violating bridge policies. It's not about only banning the ad they banned the whole account with all footprints cards, etc. Names, IPS companies, etc.

Okay, I don't really see a question in there, um, feedback regarding what people are looking for more. I don't understand how that's relevant giving, he's giving us feedback. Okay. I don't know for what? For what by either. Somebody asked I'm not sure.

How Does The Security Headings Of Web Hosting Companies Affect Embeds?

Okay, number two, many postings now set some security headers by default, I think that may be a problem for embeds. Here's an example. I'm not going to click through links right now, guys, sorry. Also, a test on the security headers could be seen on this site. Do you have any guidance on what type of headers should be set? And if we could test if the headers are compatible? It looks like some people are still victims of hijacking. So that's why many websites, postings and other set security headers. I'm not sure what. Like, again, what is. I don't understand it, whoever This is if you can clarify. It looks like you're online. If you can just clarify what it is that you're asking here. Like, you know, why are you asking this? We don't control other people's websites. But

I'm just curious as to, what is the purpose of this question?

If you can clarify that then we'll come back and revisit it. Okay.

Guys, we want to take a stab at that from. Should I move on?

Now let's get it clarified. I can give more responses usually crappy hosting and or security WordPress plugins that cause that issue if you have your own liquid web VPS, and please use our affiliate link, if you're going to go get a liquid VPS you set your own hosting, you set your own why you split up your VPS. And then you can sell quality hosting on a liquid web VPS. Or you can and make up for the cost because it is pricey. If all you're going to put on it is one website. But then for most people, that's overkill. Just one website unless you have a huge website for the VPS so Semantic Mastery has an outgrown its liquid bed, but we've only outgrown at once I think. Yeah. And all it takes us is increasing but if you're growing I mean you can grow your own virtual hosting company and put your clients on quality hosting. That's fast, that's reliable, that's going to have back, people backing it up. And I mean, quality support. So that's one of the things you can rent as far as what the settings are, what the settings are. There's just so many you can just go to something like… I forget the name of the website. I'm sorry, it's not coming to me right now.

We can look at the status codes. What should you have? I mean, as far as iframe, you don't have an X ray, that's an iframe breaker. Anything that sets a frame breaker is a no go because then you can iframe but you can. I'm not gonna get into that. But you have to have a frame breaker. At any rate. What I see from this is just that you want to know what to set don't set anything that will break the iframe. And if you're you're doing affiliate like he's saying or anything like that, you don't want to run them to an iframe anyway. Because yes, that is that could be considered fishing.

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You don't want to throw a 301 because that or a meta refresh, because even Google sometimes considers that type of fishing depending on which page you're coming from, and which page you're going to. So there's a lot of issues here, which you can just clear up by one quality hosting where you set your own rules and policies. And to when you set your WordPress plugin and the security, remove the framework or the X ray, period, and then you can iframe wait. So I guess that was what he was asking us. Perhaps he's not able to embed his own website is that what would you how you interpreted it?

Yeah, I mean, he's asking for guidance on what type of headers should be set, the one that should not be said it's the X ray. Image your own crappy host see when your own crappy hosting don't set the header responses by default, and it could be header responses that you don't want. But that's just the host forcing you to go back by their shared hosting rules.

You avoid that by going to a VPS. And setting up your own hosting. It's extremely simple to avoid, don't get crappy hosting, that's gonna set everything for you. And then not allow you the flexibility to do the things you want to do. Great. One more thing regarding the first part of the question was like affiliate sites being banned and stuff like routing bridge pages. The whole point of the do this is like you build your own kind of branded page. So you build your own brand. And if you do that, there is no problem in like violating bridge policies or whatever because you're just promoting another product on your page. And that's also how you keep the Facebook account. That's how you keep like all the other entities because what you're doing with the syndication network is also enforcing your brand. So if you're following the Syndication Academy, or like you use the SEO shield, and you have your own branded website. And they actually build it out a bit.

And they're not lazy and just doing like a simple bond page lender with one button and one headline or something like that. And all those problems disappear, in my opinion, at least in my experience, and from what I've, I'm seeing here.

Yeah, I have, I haven't done affiliate SEO and probably maybe two years or affiliate campaigns and probably about maybe two years, but I was running a shit ton of ads when I was doing affiliate stuff. And a lot of times I would get, you know, ads suspended because the landing page was considered a bridge page. And I spent a lot of time actually talking and communicating with Google Ads reps to try to figure out like I would just go to them and play stupid Marco was told me to do that. And it worked. I would always go to Google Ads reps and say, like, you know, like, what can I do to fix this? And they would tell me because I'd get on the phone with them. And they'd say, well, you're gonna have to have more content, you have to end blah, blah blah. And so I got to the point where I was able to, it was still a bridge page. But if you add enough content and you flesh it out, like what Chris just mentioned, then my ads would get approved even when they had been rejected but then I would resubmit for approval or for reconsideration after I did some of the things they said like flush the page out, add some content, you know, all that kind of stuff to where it wasn't just, you know, a very thin content site with a button to points to the product that were I was trying to sell so that makes sense. And again, it's been a couple years since I've done it, they may have tightened to the the you know, guidelines even more they probably have but um, that was my experience. I mean, like, I have like pages where it's literally just like a simple bridge page still as well but like I'm not doing any SEO on those in them. It's pretty much like per diem pretty much there that and I expect them to burn. But like for the ones that I want to keep around and like actually deploys your stuff and like actually want to have all the social signals and stuff. All like properly build out and I'm not being lazy on like articles like just doing like some I don't know copy paste PLR content or something like that I pretty much make sure that quality and those like brand all those things. They don't have any problems is that

Thanks, Chris.

What Are Your Thoughts On Buying Domains Containing “City + Service” Names?

So next is Mike he says hello, what do you think about buying domains containing city plus service? For example the domain Miami plumbing? Should I buy it? How can I gain in profit from domains like it? Thanks. And then the second part that he posted is he says I know it is better to go with branded brand identity instead of just keywords. But is there any potential with keyword domains? Well, yes and no. Yes, there is. I mean, there's a couple of things. How could you gain a profit from it? Well, it depends like one thing you could sell the domain right that's called domain a, you know, you can flip the domain. That's how I made my first dollar online. No shit was I sold exact match domains. I would just go by, you know, like the first one I sold for, I think two hundred bucks. So I registered it for 10 bucks for a year and and sold it for 200 bucks and it was the first hundred $90 in profit I ever made it was way back in like 2009 and it was houstonwindows.com or windowshouston.com or something like that. It was for a window company right. And so and it's funny that you asked that question because I've I've had in the past couple of weeks I've gotten spammed to death from domains trying to sell me exact match domains. And I don't know why but I keep getting emails from people trying to sell me exact match domains. So there's one that's one way you could do it. Personally, I don't like to do that I like to develop an asset out of them. I wouldn't build like a big-money site on something like that. But you can do like simple one-page websites like Miami plumbing would work. I prefer a branded asset. We always talk about that as Semantic Mastery. For example, having a plumbing domain will work really well. If you've got a plumbing company, but let's say that it's like Joe's plumbing well if it's Joe's.plumbing, that's a good domain now, right, because it's a branded domain. It's got a partial match keyword in it, right? Because it has plumbing in it. But it's still a brand branded type of domain, right? It's a brand name itself. So that's one way I would do it. But you can use exact match domain, stuff like that, again, I wouldn't build out a full-on website because you can.

It's very easy to over optimize when you have exact match domains. But if you're building just like a one-page landing page, it could be, you know, long-form content on there. But those actually work pretty well for that kind of stuff. And I know it because I've got some feeder sites that I'm using right now for some lead gen stuff that I'm using, essentially exact match domains which we don't encourage when you're building out full-on websites, but for single like one-page sites for you know, for very specific purposes, you can use those and they work again, I wouldn't. For example, I wouldn't have inner pages, right. The reason why is because like Miami plumbing slash, you know, whatever the plumbing services are.

It can start to get really spammy and trip over-optimization filters. That's why we don't ever recommend that. But again, if you know what you're doing, and you're doing like a single page site for a Miami plumber, for example, and you're going to have all, you know, content on the page about all the different products and services or services that they provide, then that could work. Although Like I said, I recommend having more of a branded domain as opposed to an exact match. Anybody want to comment on that? exact match? Do they still work? Yeah, still work locally, this they still work in anything other than global. The point is, like how much longer when Google came out with the distance graph. And I wrote about the distance graph and how Google was just going to kill traditional pbn. It was just a matter of time and then it happened.

We don't we don't see traditional private blog networks anymore, which is a blog network. And the only reason for it to exist is for people to go into it and buy links, which by definition makes it no longer private. Because they're out in public saying, Come by links come by links from us. And so it's so simple for Google to go pick, pick that out, right. And they get the index all the time. I once bought links from a deindex blog network and know the guy was advertising it. He knew that it was the index, and he wasn't telling anyone I should have done my due diligence. But you know, you live and learn, guys, it's risk versus reward. If you want to rank it, and you're going to take a whole bunch of time and put a whole lot of money into it. I don't recommend exactly that. Tell me, you guys. branded, I keep telling you to do the brand work on the entity we call it entity based wireless SEO. Why? Because when you introduce something else, you have t worry about other things, what we do is try to avoid all the negative triggers that are out there, all of these tripwires, that can get you into a whole lot of trouble with Google including getting deindexed. So rather than having to deal with all of that, with all of that concern, and all of these words and hiding all of these different things, we go out in the open, so if this is my entity, pay attention. Look at it. This is my brand. And I am also in all of these other social media right now all of these social networks and whatever. And that's also part of me, and I have citations and I have press releases. And I have all these different things that are part of my entity, this all belongs to me. And when you're out in the open like that, but it's just you're not selling links to anyone. You're actually buying links from MDB. We have a Deadia who does a masterful job of spamming the web. And the other than that, so we flip it around. And we say, look, here we are if you want to come to get us Come get it.

They want you, they're going to come get you. But now it's risk versus reward. Because you're spending all of this time to protect yourself from all of these updates that are that keep coming and hammering away and hammering away at all of these different ways to spam the web. We try to avoid all of those. So that's the one thing that I always look at when I'm looking at an editing domain is risk versus reward. How much money is going to make me this Miami problem? And if it isn't, I don't want it.

Well, it's interesting because like I said, I've for a project I'm working on right now I bought 12 exact match domains. But they're all near me near me domains. So it's keyword near.me domains, but it's for a very specific project that I'm working on. And but that you know, there's a reason for that. So, if you know that I mean, I wouldn't want to build it. I wouldn't try to build a branded site on one of those is what I'm saying. So

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Is It Safe To Order MGYB Embeds Directing To A Client Money Site?

Anyways, we're gonna move on Toby says, What's up guys? Is it safe to order mg y b embeds direct to a client money site? I'm going to say yes, because I've heard that it is I'm going to I'm anxious to hear Marcos opinion on that, because it's an embed, not a link. But I don't do that. Because we use I use the method that I was taught from Marco, which is to use the G site. So embed the money page into the G theme marriage g site page. And then I use the G site page in an embed gig, right and then link building to the embeds or link building directly to the G site page either way, so I don't typically do just or I don't do money site pages and embed gigs although I know from our link builder data, he's he showed me results and showed me analytics of what happens when he does do that and it will show traffic it shows like, you know, traffic coming in to hit those pages that are embedded in that kind of stuff. But in fact that that, you know, that's part of the reason why he brought it to my attention because he said you think this could be harmful? because it showed a lot of traffic from certain domains and things that it was embedded on and that kind of stuff. But as far as I know, it's not harmful. Marco, what would you say?

As far as I understand the way that iframes work, no, there, there should be. No Ha. But I can't tell you what Google is going to do tomorrow. I do know that Google won't penalize itself anytime soon. I know that it says, I know that. That's where I'm going first. I'm gonna bite as doing directly to my domain. I'm going to iframe, the domain, the page, whatever it is that I'm going to add that I'm going iframe on that g site and then that's that now it's a stacked I think so to listen to this, get a YouTube video on that page that you're going to iframe first and foremost, and make sure that you've optimized that video. Alright, so now that's already an iframe stack. That's why they've always recommended for you to have a YouTube video on a page works really well. Why? Because you have a Google property iframe on your page. Now, you take that put it on the Gsite, not your double stacking. I think that you have the YouTube iframe. And now your page, I think into that decent, you're going to take that wrap that up and submit the iframe code to Deadia for him to further do damage to that, but the credit is all going to your homepage and to that YouTube video. So you're boosting two things, you're boosting the homepage, that you're framing and you're boosting that YouTube video, which is I already I think, on their page, you could take a mind map and do the same thing as we show you how to stack the add a stack a video into that mind map. We know that the keywords in that mind map will rank on that page. And the only thing that's on that page that has the keyword is that my map I think we also know the keywords on an on a page of the site, which is a Gsite those keywords that exist only on the site will rank on the page where the keywords don't really exist except through the iframe, or through the relationship that's created between the Gsite and the page. Now, you can go to John Mueller, and ask him, and he'll tell you, no, it doesn't happen. You'll tell you it doesn't happen. Or you can go ahead and try it, and see for yourself how it does. So it's whether you're going to believe your lying eyes or John Mueller.

But I mean, that I know, I don't see any harm. However, I see more potential when you stack the iframe. I agree. And I just want to add two things to that. Because number one, you know, guys, it's so easy to create theme your pages on a G site, you don't need any content. My point is you can just create pages, and then iframe in your existing pages from your money site and Google when the bots come and crawls and index that page. It will pull it out Google if you don't. If you don't specify a meta description, Google will automatically create a meta description in the search results based upon whatever the search query was that it found, you know, relevant. So it will create its own meta description from content on that page. Well, an empty a blank g site page with nothing other than embeds, Google will pull in content from those embeds and make that the meta description for the G site URL that's been indexed. So what Marco is saying is exactly correct in that you, that's why I said like, there's no reason not to use the G site, guys because you don't even need any additional content. You just create iframes put them right in the damn page, and it will index and when it does, it will, you know, again, Google is going to crawl the content from the iframe anyways. So that's where the relevance comes from. Number two, is again, you know, another reason why instead of just using the money site page, use a G site pages because for example, if you're published if you publish a press release to promote that page on the money site, when now you take that money site page and embed that in the G site page, the theme era g site page, take a Google map, like our map, like he said, a YouTube video that's optimized for the same term, or better yet a YouTube playlist so, you know, YouTube Silo Academy with that specific keyword as the first video in the playlist and embed that playlist because now you're embedding silo architecture into that page, then you can take the press release and iframe that in if you got a GMB post pointing a link back to that page, that the GMB posts, you understand the iframe stack on the G site page, why that's so powerful. And again, you're pushing relevancy through the Gsite into all of those other iframes. And likewise, it's coming back from all of those other iframes into the G site. So it's that mirror and mirror picture and picture that infinity loop that you create. That's why we call it you know, the debate, the entity loop, the iframe loop and all that kind of stuff. So again, I don't think you could, as far as I know, just embed the money site page and an embed run. But I think you get so much more bang for your buck by using a G site page and stacking iframes the way that we teach. So any other comments on that?

Oh, no.

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Will There Be A Google Penalty If You build 50+ Page Local Lead Gen Rank And Rent Site That Have Almost Identical Keywords?

Unknown Speaker
Question. Oh, I'm sorry. Great question. Yeah, it was a good question. Absolutely. Next one. Hey guys, hope everything Hope everyone is having a great lockdown summer. Here's my question when building out a 50 Plus page, local lead gen rank and rent site where I intend to rent the pages as landing pages, well there be a Google penalty since each page will only be variations of the same landing page with the main differences being a location keyword. Okay, I'll answer that first. And then I'll finish reading your comment or questions.

You know, the short answer is, no, a lot of people do that. And they still get away with it. I have never, I swear to God, never since I started building lead gen assets have I ever just taken the same content, swapped out the location names, and used it over and over and over again? And the reason why is because even though I know it still works, and I've been doing lead gen stuff since you know, 2010, really, but I've always used unique content. So when I say unique content, for example, I'll get you to know

Let's say, let's keep it on a smaller scale. But let's say I wanted to do 10 pages, right, so 10 location, local pages for a lead gen project. So I basically I would use, it would be the same, you know, services that I would be promoting, but just in 10 different locations, what I'll do is I would go get, you know, maybe two articles are written for, you know, optimized and I would instruct the writer to write the articles based upon, you know, the keywords that I told them so there might be section headers and all that to add additional relevancy, all that whatever, say I get a 1500 page, or excuse me, 1500 word article written. So I get two of those written, it's gonna be a little bit expensive. But then you can have each one of those articles rewritten which is a lot cheaper so that it comes out unique. So again, you have you know, as 1500 word article might pay, I don't know 150 bucks for it, whatever it is, and then you have it rewritten but it's a hell of a lot cheaper to have those rewritten than it is to have a new article created. If that makes sense.

So that's what I would do is I would go in and you know, by, if I had a bigger project, you know, maybe 50 pages, I might get 10 articles written, I know, you know, I might get 10 articles written and then have those rewritten five times each one of those. And so I'd have 50 pages of unique and I wouldn't do that all at once I'd be building them out in stages anyways, I might select five locations at a time to build out. So that way I can spread my cost out over time and hopefully start generating some revenue from the earlier part, you know, the earlier pages that were published while I'm working on so that I can use that to fund writers for later pages. If that makes sense. It doesn't mean that I have I go out and buy 50 unique articles is what I'm saying I buy maybe five or 10 unique articles, and then have them rewritten a number of times so that they come out to be unique. Now, I know that's been overkill for all these years. But my thoughts have always been that at some point. If all you do is use the same damn content for every page and you're just swapping out location tokens, right location modifiers then it's easy for Google to deindex that shit or to penalize it because it's basically exact copies of everything with just the location names change. Again, I know other people might want to debate me on it, that's fine. I'm just telling you what my own personal process has been since I started doing SEO and lead gen sites and that's to always try to use unique content. Okay, comments on that, guys?

Okay, I thought we, I think it's easy to pick out on a manual, not so easy for the body, if you mix it around if you make your paragraphs around, which is what we do with with the mass page builder site, the last solutions network, you know, you tokenize it, but you can spin the paragraphs a little bit to make it a little more unique. When you're talking about what 15,000 16,000 pages you're not gonna do 1000 or 1500 word articles for that amount of pages, right. So when you're at the state and city level, we, again it's risk versus reward. It's a case study.

It's a test to see how much we can get away with how much Google will accept whether mask page creators are still working. We're showing that Yeah, yeah, they do if you take the time out to learn the builder, and then to you, I don't know if it's even a unique Nephi each page to the point where the bot won't raise any red flags. That's the most important thing is that the bot doesn't raise any red flags when it does. If you raise enough you'll eventually get you're now in line for a manual and when that manual comes around

Yeah, to be clear, if you're using a mass page generator now that's different What I mean by that is I will you know for that because I have done a lot of that and I've actually got some testing going on right now. Or coming up I should say where I'm going to be using mass page plugin for testing some of this stuff, too. Anyway, long story short, I use I do use spun content for that. Right. So like what Marco said that's different, something like that because every time the mass page builder or the plugin, whatever system it is that you're using creates a page, it's gonna spit out a different version of that content because of the spin text. And I've done hybrid models before, where there might be a block of text in the middle of the page. That is essentially untouched. But there is a spun opener, and a spun, you know, conclusion, if that makes sense. Like so in other words, an opening paragraph or a couple of paragraphs that are spun. And maybe the paragraphs are also put in spun text so that the paragraphs it chooses different paragraphs at different times. And then those paragraphs are spawn if that makes sense. So there's a number of things when you're talking about mass page building that is different. But then what, you know, my understanding of the question was, if you're building this stuff out, basically manually, then that's why I always get which a lot most of my leads are not really awesome.

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Have them right now are, are manually built out sites. And so for that, I like to use the content strategy that I just mentioned, which is to buy articles, have them written originally, and then have those rewritten multiple times so that they come out really unique. But again, mass page stuff different, that's different, because you're going to use something that's going to create a bunch of pages very quickly. So spintax is absolutely fine in that, just, again, my advice on that is to make sure that you have some decent content and put it through a spinner and output versions of it and go through it and try to make sure that it's clean, so that you don't have some real shitty content or real shitty text that it doesn't read well, which most spinners will do unless you take the time, which I know it's tedious. That's why I don't like to do that kind of work very often. But to make sure that you know, the spinning is done correctly. Because remember, Google's Google's algorithm, now, natural language processing and all that is so much better. It can detect that shitty kind of content really, really easily. So much better than it could even be fought, you know, a few years ago. All right. He says I thought it would be best to set it up using pages as Bradley mentioned in a previous Hump Day hangouts rather than subdomains. It's so much less complicated that way. Yes, it is. I know you don't recommend using super spun articles on the money site. Um, yeah, again, it depends. Like I said, if you're doing like mass page stuff, then that's, that's different. And if, if an article is spun, well, you can just output different, you know, spit out a different version of it, and use that on a money site. If it's done really, really well. The problem is, it's hard to get any type of spun article that's done that Well, does that make sense? Unless you spend a lot of time cleaning it up yourself.

Although, again, I haven't bought anything like that in a long time, you might be able to go to Upwork and find somebody that's really good at spinning, it's probably going to be expensive. But if you only have one article done, that you're going to use for 50 pages, then is it worth it that in my opinion, it would be right and not have to spend all your time, manually editing the spintax to make it high quality. That makes sense.

He says, so if I'm using a 1500 and 2000 word article on the first location landing page, do I just have it rewritten each time for each new location as I build up the site, then I will also be following about a plane. Yes, that's again, that's exactly what I just mentioned at the beginning. That's how I've always done it. And I just do it in stages, so that I'm not paying for 50 rewrites all at once. If that makes sense. I'd rather just do you know, if I'm going to build out five pages at a time then I'm only paying for those. And then hopefully, I'll start generating some revenue from pages that are already built as I'm continuing to build out the additional pages. Okay.

That's my process guys. Again, I know everybody is more than you know, there are 1000 ways to skin a cat. So, so I'm sure there are some other different differing opinions.

bb, what's up bb? He's got a block of questions here again, he says, Hey, guys, 10 x. Not sure what that means. What is the maximum number of how many words on average is recommended to put inside a blockquote tags of a post press release that is mainly for curation? Um, maximum number of words I, I don't know, we don't typically use more than just a snippet, which I don't really count them. But I would say, you know, probably off the top of my head no more than like 100 words hundred and 50 words, something like that. Because you want to keep it small if you run the risk if you're copying too much or republishing too much of an article of copyright infringement even if you are citing the source. it you know, if you look at if you read the DMCA, which has been years since that the digital whatever Millennium Copyright Act, some of it is suitable to be able to republish as long as you're citing the source, but there's a there's a threshold where it becomes plagiarism or copyright infringement when you use too much of it. So we've all my blog is just no no never to use more than just really no more than a short paragraph.

If it's a long paragraph, it'll be like, a partial paragraph with the read more, or whatever. And that's it. So again, I would recommend keeping it short. I don't know the actual word count, but I would say probably off the top of my head no more than like 150 to 200 words, tops. And make sure you cite the source guys, anytime you're curating. You're republishing other content, always cite the source, it doesn't mean you have to link back to it. But you have to cite give credit to the author and the publication. Okay.

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What Is The Average Spend On The Links Packages And Embeds Packages In MGYB?

Next, what is the average spend on the links packages, multiple orders combined for a single project up until right? It that depends? It depends on the competition. It depends on the keyword it honestly that's one of those questions where I cannot give you an answer because it's going to depend on every single project is going to be different. There is no average that I have. You know, sometimes I can get stuff ranked with one sometimes without any links at all. Sometimes it might just take one link building gig. Other times it might be five months of steady link building before I get results, it just depends. Any comments on that?

Yeah, sometimes as you said, it's none. And then on one project we went over a year. I think that's the one that that's snowballing. Right now. We went just about a year with steady link building every month until it built up and kept building up. And then once the results started coming in and peep because what you're looking for is, is that right, you're looking to bring in that natural effect, bringing in people to make up for all of the link building that you're doing and all the other signals that you're sending to that project. Once you get the signals in. And this is where you have to be, we have to be scientists, right? You have to look at the data and say, well, I've got enough people in on here to maintain my trust and authority and to build it. I've got enough incoming links, where I don't really have to hammer it that much. Maybe I'll take something a bit. I'll take my link building somewhere else and power something else up. Maybe another keyword

Whatever it is that you're doing, you have to really analyze it. And it does take time, it does take thinking, you have to relax, you have to take the bias out of everything that you're doing and look at it and say, Okay, I know I need this. But I'm getting this amount of signals once hits at this point, and you have to set the cutoff for each project that there does no one do all for each niche. Because we talked about that before. The same niche, depending on the categories will react differently to different things. One of them might just take the SEO shield and your rank in that category. And another one might take hammering it, until it the algorithm just gives in and starts giving you results. So if this isn't, by all means in any way you look at it. And it depends kind of question. We can't give you an exact answer because it doesn't exist. Yeah.

Yeah, unfortunately, if it was that easy for us to just say, you know, this is what you're going to, it's going to cost this much for you to rank, then, you know, we probably wouldn't be sitting here doing Hump Day hangouts with you guys and everything else, because we, you know, be filthy rich, because we'd know exactly what it would take for every keyword in every situation. And that's just not how it works. So, unfortunately, we can't give you an answer to that. I always talk about this guy I do is as little as possible. You know. So that's, you know, a lot of that just has to do with content marketing, and as Marco said, you got to analyze what's working, what's not working, and just apply pressure where, when, and where needed, if that makes sense. So, you know, that's a lot of the times we have people that say, Well, I'm going to do this and they come out all guns blazing. And a lot of you know it, that may not have been necessary is my point. So, you know, I can't really give you an answer on that other than, you know, if you got good on-page good content, content marketing, in my opinion, as a human part of SEO, and then you're doing link building and everything the way that we do then I start off, kind of, maybe I might do something aggressive right off the bat but then for ongoing like a monthly recurring type link building and or embed gigs, I usually kind of slow it down and go more conservative on it and allow some time to pass to see what happens. And then usually what happens is you'll find some of the keywords or and or locations for me, it's always local, will start to surface those are the ones that you don't need to apply any additional pressure to but the ones that are are aren't moving as much as you desire or I desire them to then that's those are the ones that I focus more, you know, more of the budget on and more effort into. So that's why I like to give things a little bit of time to the season before just coming out and hitting everything aggressively or whatever. Because sometimes things will just rank with little to no effort and other times you're going to need a shit ton of effort. So it's another good question though.

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Does Adding A Press Release Embed Disrupts The Mirror Effect In Gsite?

All right, Fitz is up what's up? fitzy says Hey guys, thanks for this forum, we get real-world answers to our questions. Hey, Marco, the need continues, please drop the link to help those beautiful kids to get to school and change lives. It's awesome. Fitz is always promoting your charity for you, Marco. I've already dropped the link in there. Yeah, thanks to a ton fit. Those of us on the journey to POFU should know that $20 can make a world of difference to these kids. Please do not let this week I asked if we add other pages to our Google sites, like maybe a page with press releases embedded, does that disrupt the mirror and mirror effect as I don't have that page on the money site? Is it a good idea to create a page on G site for know, um, citations? Um, you know, I'm not sure what you're asking there. If you don't have a page on the money site. The press release is likely promoting a product or service on your money site, right, or a blog post something. So my point is there.

If you've got your G site mirrored to your money site, right. So your primary asset, if you've mirrored all of your important pages from your primary asset onto the G site, then there is a place that is relevant for that press release, right? Because it's likely promoting either a blog post or direct linking to the landing pages on your site. So my point is, that's where it should go if you're going to embed it. Now, you know, I talked about this a lot. I don't, we don't usually theme your blog posts into g sites unless we have particularly difficult keywords that we're trying to rank in which case, then we will go to that level. Because if we have our landing pages mirrored onto the G site, right, so those are like, top of silo pages, or pages that are money pages, the ones that we want to rank, then if we're not unable to get the results from just that money site page mirrored onto the G site. Remember the money sites going to have supporting articles in silo structure right that are all stacked within that particular silo that are all going to be content marketing, to build links and daisy chain properly to build links up to that money site page. So in the event that we have a particularly difficult keyword that we're not, it's not moving as much as I want it to, then that's where I'll go in and create child pages on the G site for the blog posts, right. And then the daisy chain knows interlink those together the proper way. And you just go and embed the blog posts into those pages. Again, you don't need any additional content. And what I like about the G site, you can tick the box off. But with G sites, if you had by default, when you create a child page it creates on the parent page, it creates links at the bottom to all of the child pages. Right. And so then if you're doing a press release to promote the blog posts, you can embed those in along with the blog posts on that blog post page on the G site. Right if you're got a GMB post that you're using to promote that blog post, you can embed that you can take the and I talked about this last week, but you can take the post URLs from the syndication networks, Tumblr, blogger, WordPress, and you can embed those. So again, you're creating this page, it's fully relevant for that one particular supporting keyword that's going to ultimately promote the G site money page, and ultimately your money page on your site. Does that make sense? So it's just a way to stack all that content and build all that relevancy. And once again, the hub, the epicenter of all of this is the G site. So that's my answer to that. Do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, there is no barrier. I mean, I don't know how else we can answer that there is no mirror because the whole theme mirror is taking a page from your existing website, and creating the same exact page on an on an inner page in the G site. Now what you're doing is you're actually mirroring the press advantage, press release page onto the Gsite, which creates relevance, but the relevance will go back to press advantage. And that press advantage press release rather than your website, which is not the effect you want unless your iframe in the media page, which has a link to the website, and I'm and a map embed. Yeah. Did that make sense?

Yeah, I think so. I mean, as I said, you if, again, whenever we publish press releases, it's to promote a product or service or a blog post, right. So it's all relevant and tied back to the money site anyways. And so my point is you can find a relevant location in the theme marriage g site, to embed that press release, if that's what you're trying to do. I don't understand. And I'm not picking on you fits. I'm just saying I don't understand having a press release that wouldn't be appropriately placed within the female structure on the G site somewhere. Does that make sense? I don't, I don't know why you would have like an essentially a rogue page on the G site for a particular press release unless it was for something unrelated, which in which case, I wouldn't do it anyways. So I don't know, maybe I'm just misunderstanding what it is you're trying to do.

Is it a good idea to create a page on a G site for no, um, citations? You know, I don't know, I've never done that. I don't, I don't know, really what the purpose of that would be for I mean, if he just had like, a page on this G site with, you know, I don't know, the US elsewhere or something like that. I mean, I don't see why not. I've just I've never done it. So I don't know again, relevant, how far he wants to go with his relevance. That's total, that's totally acceptable. The question is Why ask yourself why you'd want to do that and whether it's needed, and maybe save that for a rainy day if you don't have to use it.

Yeah. I mean, I usually just take those types of citations or social profiles that are created and just send links to them anyways directly to them. That's typically what I do is just link building gig directly to all those URLs.

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Thoughts On How To ReInstate A Suspended GMB Account That Has Been Requested For About Three Months Already?

So Aaron's up. We're about out of time guys. So we're going to answer Aaron's question that's going to be it. So his new clients GMB account was suspended and it looks like Google will not reinstate the GMB account since it's been three months. He hired a firm to reinstate his account, but it did not work out for him. Should I create a new GMB for him or what if I create a new GMB, I'm concerned about using the same name for the account as his previous account, which is his company's name. company has a legitimate location and they are a service and they are a service area business. They did make certain to tell Google that they deliver to their customers and customers do not come to their business. They insist that they didn't violate Google's terms. This is unchartered territory for me. So I need a bit of help with this. Thanks. Okay. So I had last year one of my longest clients who was a fully legitimate business, a pest control company, GMB suspended and it was from a change that the client requested to the GMB and I advised against it, but he requested it anyways. And I made the change and it suspended it. And we went through almost three months. It was I think 10 weeks of I submitted a reinstatement request and it was denied as a manager of that GMB. And it was denied by Google.

So what I was going to do was I contacted the client when we got the rejection from Google stating that they were not going to reinstate it, again, with no explanation as to why it was suspended, or what could you know, or anything, which is what Google does, right? They just kick your ass to the curb and they say that's it, you got to figure out why.

So I contact the client said Listen, I can get another GMB for you. And we're going to have to start over with another one and then order a citation cleanup service because it was a legitimate business. So I had been building citations for years. I mean, we have close to 1000 if not over at the time, it wasn't quite 1000 citations built to this client.

So anyways it was going to be enormous project to get that resolved. But, you know, the client said well Should I try as the owner of the account to reinstate submit a reinstatement request and I said, Sure, let's give it a shot. So I provided him with instructions and he submitted the as the account owner and it was actually reinstated. It still took like another two or three weeks in total, it was about a 10-week process. So I'm only telling you that because perhaps instead of having an outside firm, maybe you can instruct the client as the owner of that to try to submit on their own if they haven't already, they may have I'm just saying, if that's something you haven't tried you, you might want to try that. The only other option would be to create a new GMB.

You can use the same name, that's fine. But what I would recommend is that, you know, obviously the address is going to be different. Even if you don't publish the address when you initially set it up, you're going to have to have an address or unless you via spam listing, then they're just going to pluck an address out of thin air and create a new listing. So what I would recommend is you can, again, you can use the same name, I wouldn't change the brand name, but I would suggest using a different virtual phone number, right? So that makes it a little bit more unique. And then it can be even the same web address, but I would change the phone number and then if you have any existing citations built out there, you're gonna have to go clean all that shit up.

You know, and that's where it creates a lot of the lot of work because remember when you're changing locations, or changing web addresses and things like a web address isn't so bad because you can do a redirect when you're changing like an address for a legitimate business, for example, you have to go clean up existing citations before building new ones is just going to dilute bad data. It doesn't help you. I mean, you're better off cleaning up existing citations before building new ones if that makes sense. So I would recommend if you can't get it reinstated by having the owner, make the attempt, submitting the reinstatement reconsideration request then I would, I would go with a new GMB. Change the phone number and then if you have existing citations or a citation cleanup service go to semanticmastery.com/loganix. In order for their citation cleanup service, it's 500 bucks, but it's, it's the most thorough citation clean up service I've used and I've used them for years. Any comments on that? Has the business owner called Google to contact Google to get on getting on with a GMB rep and act? Really, really, but I mean, absolutely stupid. They did what who contacted you? I didn't, that kind of thing. I don't know what's going on. It's suspended. And I don't know why and that kind of thing. And Google will help him through nine out of 10. Now, if they have some type of red flag in their database, you're screwed. Get another GMB. Yeah. And I mean, that's the last resort guys is to get another GMB. But you know, in this situation, I mean, my Pest Control client for 10 weeks, and it was he's a mosquito, like an outdoor pest control company, mosquitoes and ticks and such. And we were talking about like, in the spring, which is their busiest time when all this happened. And it was painful. I'm not gonna lie, but fortunately, it did get reinstated, which was great because like literally the moment that we got an email notifying us that it was reinstated like we went and checked in it was right back to where it had been like there was no loss of positioning or anything, but for about 10 weeks it had disappeared. As a last resort, I was going to do what I just suggested and that but again, that's the last resort, so try to have the owner if he hasn't already, contact GMB and submit a reinstatement request that way in

Last resort would be to create a new one. Alright, thanks everybody for being here. We got to wrap it up to everybody.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 295

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 295 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 295. Today is the eighth of July 2020. And this is the episode where people are sad that the Fourth of July specials are over. But we got some good news for you guys. And we are going to keep the good times rolling here. We're going to get into the questions. I think we've already got a ton on the page. But real quick, we're gonna take a minute and say hi to everybody. And we got a couple of quick announcements. So I'll start at the bottom today on my screen and we'll go with Chris, how are you doing, man?

Doing well here. Some of it is in full force. And yeah, things are pretty good. The only thing that is not that lovely is today. Well, I gotta go back and wear some masks again here.

So yeah, yeah, better safe than sorry. I won't go more on that subject. I just had someone sending me something about like, Can you believe it? They might cancel football games. I was like You kidding me in a friggin stadium.

Anyways, All right, Marco How are you doing today?

Is that all day, man. It must be a screen must be up in the background. I do it. I can't help it. This is Costa Rica, guys. This is it. This is the real deal. You're seeing it week to week and you're gonna see it for a year then I'm turning the damn camera off because I hate being on camera.

It's one of the things that I like least as being on camera just.

It's not enjoyable. It's kind of distracting to me if this is my workstation, then I need to work so it'll be removed after a year of UIC in paradise.

Very nice. By the way, I posted again, some results in for you guys watching. I was questioning the methods. Also, I heard its methods got slapped by Google? What are you guys doing all kinds of different stuff? We got slapped, we got slapped and I go in and look at the results and I push results and it's better than last week. You can follow it. You can just go it's in our free group. It's there. It's I post it for you. Those are results week to week. So last week, there were 304 306 calls I think it was this week. It's 366. So it's going back 28 days over 28 days. We client got 366 calls. I think client is happy just when the GMB mind you that's the click to call. That's not including what he's getting on the website, not including form fields not including all the other stuff that's going on. guys gonna make so much.

I told you guys I'm upset. I should be hitting myself in the head with a hammer because I didn't think that I should be I should do that the percentage-based agreement, per call agreement, which is still really, really, really, trust me, it's really sweet. But it would have been so much better if it were if I had done the 10 to 15% that we often do, right? We often talk about that when you deal with a client, and you can establish that trust. I didn't know that this guy all that well, it was a recommendation. So I had to go on a per call. And now he doesn't want to change the deal, of course. So anyway, guys, go watch. It's in the free group. It's there for you. It's in the heavy hitter free. It's all of Semantic Mastery groups is on my page on Facebook. Go see the results for yourself. And if you're wondering how we did it, summed up. Everything is there. I am not using anything different than what we teach and what we offer what we see, first of all, what we teach in our courses. And what we offer in MGYB is what we have, we have a team of very capable V is the keyword research was done by the keyword research VA? I mean, why wouldn't I use the things? We set things up for ourselves to get results ourselves right then that's after we've proven that they work we offer them to you guys so you can make it work for you and you can go make money. Now whether you do it that's not my problem. It's up to you to take that step and then go do the do. How you do you know how to do it the way I do but do something. I'll leave it at that.

Good to go. Now Wayne and I haven't seen Wayne on Hump Day hangouts a lot. He just said RYS reloaded is setting the standards by which all other copycats get judged. Haters gonna hate.

see any? All right. How you doing today? Good, man. Good. I'm happy. I just wanted to thank everyone that we're supporting Semantic Mastery and enjoy be during our sale. You guys are awesome. So thank you for that. Thank you for those of you guys that that took advantage that took the distance

And everything we were doing pretty big discounts on both mg y b so and Semantic Mastery so thank you for that and regarding what Marco was saying about percentage deals we might be talking about that at some point Adam specifically my main man Adam right there he might be talking about he will be talking about a percentage-wise deal so that's gonna be pretty cool Martin calm because we have some good stuff coming up.

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Danny definitely looking forward to that. Yeah, Hernan's got some more info on that but last but certainly not least Bradley How you doing today?
I'm good man. I was just mentioning you guys when we first got on before going live that uh, I've got like several SEO projects starting two of which I talked about last week are going to be public case studies. I actually secured well I've determined two locations. One is going to be Pompano Beach, Florida, which is like the Fort Lauderdale area and in Broward County, very, very competitive. And then another one in Richmond, Virginia, both trees service sites or lead gen sites. So I'm starting on that but I've got like multiple other projects just getting started on. I gotten away from doing a whole lot of site builds. But recently I've just got a lot of work that's come in which is interesting one of our mastermind members that asked, you know, how everybody's dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic, you know, and all this stuff with client work in agency working, it's interesting, but I've had some you know, I've had a handful of clients suspend services when this has happened depending on the business industry, in the last couple of weeks, I've landed several to Tree Service clients as well as several lead gen, like buyers and other lead buyers Tree Service lead buyers, so you know, it just depends I guess on the industries guys there's still a lot of business going on out there so don't let that stop you from going out and you know, doing what you got to do to make money so anyways,

so now I will second that. There was the post in the mastermind is either new member I apologize. I forget who it was but asking about you know, how things are going and like I definitely saw it too like not trying to hide anything I lost three clients generally work with three to five being given time at three when Coronavirus, hidden I lost two within a week. Like, just and it made sense. Like I was like, yeah, this totally makes sense. I'm not trying to like get them back. But ever since that point, it's been busier. It seems like I'm definitely getting more out inbound. And it's just gotten busier and busier. So it's kind of been an interesting turn of events that, you know, we'll see how it goes. You know, plenty of businesses who actually finally made the plunge and moved online. Yeah.

Tons of work. Yeah. And there's work where you don't always expect it, just to this may seem obvious to everyone else, but I had a travel company reach out to me, and like, that just blew me away at first because I was like, are you sure you want to talk to me? Like, you know, here's kind of what I do. Here's what I charge. Are we on the same page? They said, Yeah, yeah, let's talk cuz they're like, yeah, it's obvious. We got to diversify, you know, we need to go online and we need to have something just beside the travel. What can we do? Let's talk. I was like, wow, okay, this is really interesting. I never would have approached them. And out of the blue, they got in touch with me. So keep your eyes and ears open. And yeah, think about those different angles. Yeah, and the last thing I want to mention about that is, you know, for example, one of the Tree Service clients, who just hired me this week, actually, we started communicating in February of this year. So those of you that don't learn, nurture your leads, and follow up, like, you know it, you're missing out on a big part of the business. We talk a lot about that kind of stuff in the mastermind and into your agency. It's touched on as well. But you know, that's the thing. We started talking with this client, he reached out to me from some of my marketing out online, right, so it was an inbound lead.

We scheduled a call then I did send a proposal to them after that just you know, about a week within a week of the discovery call. And it would, you know, it was probably four or five weeks, I hadn't heard from them. And I did some automated follow-ups over the course of that time. And I ended up getting a callback, you know, an email back where they wanted to schedule is two partners in this business and they wanted to schedule a conference call to ask some questions and stuff. So we did that. Then it was radio silence again for about two weeks. So my automated follow-ups kicked in and started following up with them sending them emails, just you know, every couple of weeks reminding them hey, you know, that proposals still hanging out there, if you're interested, you know, reach back out, blah, blah, blah. And they followed back up in June. So from February until June, and then now it's July, and they just now hired me. So we're talking like, you know, what, four or five months of time lapse between when the initial contact, the lead came in, and when they actually hired me and it was just because of follow-ups that I was able to secure that client and it's a pretty decent client. Pretty, a pretty good amount of revenue and they've got a good budget too. So my point, guys, it's really important to follow up if you're, if you're not, you're leaving, you're losing business. Does that make sense? So, anyway, definitely. Yeah, I think that's a good note. And we talked about it earlier and we're talking about the mastermind. For everyone who doesn't know what the mastermind is, that's our closed private community. You can find out more about that a mastermind dot semantic mastery comm we just had part of the Fourth of July special was a very limited time offer for seven day trial into the mastermind booking and onboarding call. We had a lot but we had several people take us up on that. And just want to put that out there that if you're interested in taking things up to the next level, if you know that being in a group of like-minded agency owners or consultants who are trying to grow and or understand that, you know, learning from others who have been there, whether it's us whether it's the other people in the mastermind is the way to get results. If you're at that point now then please go check it out because that's the group you want to be in.

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The last thing I want to touch on is POFU Live. All right, I am excited. pofulive2020. All right, it can't keep us downright no Coronavirus us from having POFU Live, it's just going to be virtually live. All right this year. So it's still September 25, 26th and 27th. Obviously, you can join wherever you're at. And we still do have just the ticket available so that you can join and check everything out and watch all the talks. We have a VIP ticket available, we're going to have a VIP event we're going to be getting some beers shipped out to directly to you if you sign up and then we're going to be hopping on for an online guided beer tasting event and then do some Bs and have some fun after that after everyone's had a couple of beers. Yeah. How's the good stuff? And then of course we've got the VIP plus ticket. If you're out there and you're looking for someone on one time or rather a several ones you want us to chime in on whether it's your processes, building your agency, whatever it is, you're gonna get a hell of a deal with that. So head over to pofulive.com. We're going to be having more details coming out as the summer goes on. We've already got two amazing or sorry, forgive me, daddy. We've got three amazing guest speakers lined up. All right. Two of them are from our very own mastermind.

We have two very successful agency owners, Jordan Fowler and Brian cattle. And then Deadia the famous video will be speaking as well, I believe he's going to be giving some info on updated case study. But regardless, we're really looking forward to that Rob deal, of course, will be joining us and then all of us will be there. So it's going to be jam-packed. We got a lot going on. We got some more guest speakers. We're getting lined up. So head over to poker live. Grab your ticket. Do you guys have any questions? You're watching this live, feel free to pop it on the page and we'll answer today as we go.

Sweet. Are we ready? I think so. Let's do this. Do this. Let's get into it.

All right. Couple things real quick. This was Marco's screenshot. And I mean, look at that. Look at the growth right there. He was talking about in the Facebook post and that's it 30 days like that's amazing Marco that's fucking impressive. And it's, you know, it's not uncommon. It's common for you to have results like this. But this, that's really impressive what I'm saying. So that's what Marco was talking about guys, it's the same stuff that we teach. One other thing I want to touch on real quick is I'm building out a checklist, guys using process Street, which I love. It's for processes that I use internally in my own agency. Now it's for training and everything else. Its amazing process street is fabulous. Anyways, I'm building out a checklist for our methods so that it will be shareable that you guys will be able to go in. And it's kind of following the battle plan, like what we talked about in the most current version of the battle plan, which is our methods and how to, you know, put them together in the proper sequence and all of that because I guess that's not been clear to a lot of people still so probably next week, we'll by Hump Day Hangouts, next week, there will this will be available. So you can see there's a lot of information in here. And it'll be step by step with certain things that, you know, you can checkbox to go through, but just kind of want to give you guys a quick update on that, or heads up on that, excuse me, because that's something that I'm working on now. And it will be should be ready by next Wednesday.

And it's going to continue to be fleshed out where I'll actually add training videos like essential essentially explainer videos, where appropriate within the actual process doc to really explain the process because not only is it just knowing the process, but it's also the why like, why do we do these things, right. And so I want to, I want to be able to add additional information into that, and we're going to make that available to you guys. You know, like I said, the checklist will come first and then over the coming weeks, I'm going to be adding additional like video clips in within the actual process doc so that you guys will have a better understanding of what it is and then you can just import that in your own process street account if you choose to use it.

And then make copies or what's called run checklists off of it. And then you can use that for each project. So you can just go right on through and check off the boxes as you get stuff done for each project. So, just want to share that with you guys as well.

Okay, any comments guys before we get into it?

Let's do it. Let's do it.

Besides Directory Submission And Syndication, What Are Other Ways To Use The RSS For SEO Link Building?

Okay, so the first one up is Nicholas. He says, besides submitting to RSS directories and building syndication rings, is there anything else we can do with RSS feeds to help our SEO and link building effort? Yeah, use them in theme mirroring with your G site.

You know if I'm going to mention this here, I can't show you how to do it here but it's been covered in pretty much anyone of our paid courses and Syndication Academy, mastermind, heavy hitter club, I mean any one of them it's been covered in, but use if you know how to use Feedburner. You can create an embed code from an RSS feed using Feedburner and then mirror that in knew your G site which you should be doing anyway. Right? Well, we call theme airing, right? And then you can link build to that g site page embed, you can do embeds for that g site page link building into that g site page both embeds plus link building to the embeds. And that's a very, very powerful way to utilize your RSS feeds, again, stalking iframes in Google properties, right. So you got a G site, Google property, Buzz boost, embed code, Google property, RSS feeds, right. So it's dynamically updated every time you publish content. The same thing with the press advantage RSS feeds, right? Every time you publish a press release, it dynamically updates, the embed code, the RSS embed code, so it's very, very powerful. And I use that very heavily in my theme mirroring. So anybody has any other comments on that?

This Stuff Works
Nope. Okay. Uh, something else. One other thing you can do is if, you know it depends on how many projects I always recommend that you just have one branded syndication. So tier one branded syndication ring for blog content. But you know, if you've got if you've only got one project that you're working on, then you might want to go through the trouble of having multi-tiered networks which works great if you can manage the second tier networks, so that you're adding relevant content. So in other words, if you've got an RSS feed that you if you're only syndicating to your sent your tier one syndication network, that's great, that's what I primarily do but if you have if you're looking to squeeze more power out of it too You can do the multi-tiered networks and use that same feed to trigger your second-tier networks but you also want to add in related content feeds other relevant and related content feeds from other sources is what I'm saying. If you if you're questioning what it is that I'm talking about, just go to support.semanticmastery.com And you can that that we have a knowledge base there and you can go look into the syndication Academy knowledgebase articles and look at them there's several knowledgebase articles with videos in there that talk about how to utilize multi-tiered syndication networks for blog syndication. And that will give you a really in-depth description or explanation of how to how to set that up properly so that you can squeeze even more power out of an RSS feed. Okay. Oh, and lastly, if you check out the Syndication Academy in the advanced RSS training, there's additional things you can do with it there.

Is There An All In One Done For You Package For Lead Gen?

Alright, next is don't know what the name is. But Hi, I'm looking for an all in one done for you package. Is this possible for lead gen?

I mean, yes and no, we have the SEO shield, which is pretty much all of our methods. You still have to set up the main asset unless you're going to use the G site within the SEO shield as your primary entity assets. So your primary website, which you can do, if you have if you're doing for lead gen two, I'm assuming you're talking about local lead gen. Then you can. Right now we still have, or at least currently we have GMB verification services available. So you should get a GMB then you can include that in your SEO shield build. Once the GMB has been verified, if you've already got one, then you do submit that with your SEO SEO build, and, and then we'll build out all of those assets for you. Then it's a matter of content marketing, which we don't provide content marketing services yet, at some point in the future, we may, but content marketing on a regular basis press releases, we sell those in MGYB. It's important to do that and then in link building and embeds to your entity assets. Again, it's exactly what we cover in the battle plan.

And MGYB is, you know, done for you services, we don't have an all-encompassing package that does set up, you know, the website and the entity assets and everything for you. There, you have to kind of put them together, but that's what the SEO shield is because that's most of our methods tied into one package. Any comments on

Guys, yeah, I read this a couple of days ago, I think it was, I can't remember when it was first posted. And I thought about this and I said that it's a great idea. But it would be hard for us to kind of put this together and I'm going to tell you why.

This Stuff Works
I like money. And I don't mind people giving me money right through our done for you services. I know they're effective. And I know that they work. But let's say that we package it all we did, we did the five, six press releases in the package. We do the link building and put that in the package, we do the embeds. And we put that in the package and everything that you usually need, or that we can let's say that we can use for this person, we're talking about something that would probably run in the thousands of dollars, and it may be overkill. So it might be that this person would not need all of this to rank in that niche. And they would be needlessly spending money not

I'll say it again, although I'd love for this person to give me the money, and they're going to get results anyway, but then they might be giving me too much. And that's something that to me, I have a problem with that I have a problem with people having to overspend for results. So this is why we set it up, you go in, you do your own page, right? Then you come and get the SEO shield, then you wait and see what the results are. Without data, you're going blind. Like, without looking at ranking results without looking if you're getting form fields. If you're getting visits, you don't have analytics set up, if you don't have Search Console setup, if you're not gathering all of this data, you know, waiting out the three weeks or so four weeks, once everything is handed back to you right once when that @ID page and the drive second D site and the syndication network and you've primed it and you started content syndication that you're doing posting inside the GMB whatever your money site is, and you're doing things the way that we that we tell you to had to look and see what kind of results you're getting. Because if you're already there, you might, you might just need a little push to stick and solidify. You might not need anything. And so it is a good idea. So okay, just give me everything. But what if you don't need everything? What have you? What if it's overkill? And what if it dances for months and months, which which we seen until it, it settles? I mean, you need that you could have been making money. Instead of setting everything to death. The only problem that I have with this is that it could be overkill, so maybe we set it up for another thing that I thought for more competitive niches. Well, even in the most competitive niches we've seen that we can do damage with, you know, some embed, runs link building and some press releases. Sometimes it doesn't need a whole bunch of other times it needs more and it needs that consistency. It needs posting over time it needs to solidify the entity, your entity needs to be better than everybody else's.

Well, that's on page work so that the results can be better. There there is no, I wish there were such a thing as a magic pill as a way to look at a niche and say, This is definitely this and only this is what's definitely going to work for that niche. Because guess what? It doesn't work that way. And the algorithms don't work that way, even in the same niche in different categories and different excuse me, subcategories. It might work differently. So we don't know. All we can do is you follow the sequence. Look at the data and if you need more, we got loads more that you could do very well.

And he says that, yeah, he will buy the GMB service and make my own site. I just need something to rank both GMB, GMB and organic. Is there such a service and yeah, that's what you know, that's what we talked about with the SEO shield and in the ongoing link building and embeds, right that's in a press release. So content marketing is all part of that problem of our method. And that's how you add a tie, you build additional relevancy and authority to your assets is by continually updating with content and you add depth to your content. Right? Does that make sense? So it's really important to do that. And that's why if you get an SEO shield, that's step one, right, and SEO power shield, because that covers all of those entity assets, all of our methods that we talked about, you know, it builds all of those out for you. And then it's about powering up those entity assets consistently and with consistent content marketing as well. So, is anyone available? Yeah, every Wednesday at 4pm Eastern.

What Are The Values Of Embeds And iFrames In Terms Of Stacking?

Alona says, could you guys break down the value of using embeds verse iframes. It's the same thing, Alanna, same thing, right. an embed code is nothing but an iframe. Right? Is there anything that I'm missing here guys know the iframe is the code. The embed is what you do with the code on on another page, right?

This Stuff Works
Right. Yeah, all different, not especially curious to you which to use when creating stacks? Yeah, again. So I may be the question is, should you create your own embed code, right, like an iframe generator, for example? And then insert it using the, you know, insert HTML box in G sites and insert your own code, or do you want to go to insert and then go to gadgets, and you find the iframe gadget, and then insert the URL and let g sites make the actual embed code for you? It doesn't matter. Either way. It really doesn't matter, either way. So it's just, you know, six and one-half dozen in the other. Do you want to create your own embed code and embed it using the HTML box, you know, insert HTML box, or do you want to let Google create the iframe by using the in the iframe gadget? Either way, it's going to do the same damn thing. Okay. So it doesn't matter.

Is It Okay To Add An Amazon S3 Page To The Money Site SameAs Schema?

Okay, next j says, Hey, guys just got an ID page made recently, would it be wise to add the URL of the s3 page the money site same as schema? Would this cause any harm? No, that's what you that should be if, depending on what type of ID or schema you're using. For corporations or organizations, which corporation is a subset of organization schema, or even local business schema or any subset of local business schema, there is an ID page designation or attribute right within the structured data. And that's what you would link that's what you would designate as your ID page is the s3 URL is same as to you can you can put it there too, it's not gonna hurt anything.

I prefer actually to if it's for if I have a branded domain, I like, you know, everything, almost everything I run goes through. I use CloudFlare for DNS. And I like to set up an actual, you know, domain map using a cname over to the bucket URL. So that I'm using it's not on HTTPS, but it

It ends up being like, for example, id.domain.com. Or if it's location-specific, then I'll do like the city name. So let's just say Cole pepper dash id.domain.com. If I've got multiple locations, so multiple idx pages, if that makes sense. And I like to use that, because then it once again, it's referencing the branded domain. And if you click on that URL, it's basically showing the bucket both the bucket URL and the ID page. If it's a custom app, domain, subdomain, then they both show like they'll both show but what I do is that the canonical in the actual ID page so that it's always canonicalized back to its own, you know, to the custom domain version of it, if that makes sense. But yeah, you can add it in the same as it's not gonna hurt anything. I always do in fact, yeah, I always do make that pardon.

What Type Of Link Building Do You Recommend To Power Up S3 Bucket Safely To The Money Site?

Also, what type of link building would you recommend to power up the s3 bucket safely to pass power to the money site GMB link building. And embeds, embeds and link building. Remember, they both, both, you know, it's both, it's very powerful, both of them link building directly to the idx page. If you're using iframes, and all of that on the idx page, then you're not going to have any issues. Also, I like to do embeds and in link building to the embeds, because you can add relevancy that way, too.

Okay. And by the way, you can, you can basically build any types of links to the idx page. We, you know, we have the service and mg y b that has been developed specifically to work with our methods, but you could do any sort of links to that really.

Now we have adept here for that right MGYB to he's been doing it forever seems like almost a decade. So why wouldn't we use the master? That's right.

That's right. And he'll be speaking and POFU Live.

This Stuff Works

What SEO Service Do You Recommend To Push The Ranking Of A Website From Page 1 To Page 2?

So Jonah says, How do you all really appreciate the videos you put out I'm looking to rank a page for a low slash medium competition local service keyword for local with no GMB listings, just purely organic results, my competitor hasn't updated their site for years and doesn't have any ongoing link building from my analysis just links from years ago that aren't particularly strong. I checked on page improved content and built a handful of relevant guest posts and press releases along with links from the G stack, but been stuck on the top of page two for months. Is there anything you guys would recommend to give the page? A bit of a push? Thanks again? Um, yeah, I mean, more content. I talked about that earlier, just adding more depth to the site. As far as you know, I don't know if you've got your site siloed or what, you know, how your site is structured, but adding more content so that it's got more relevant and fresh content that helps syndication network, like I said, if you're going to be publishing content, you may as well do it via your blog from your money site so that it's syndicating out to a syndication network, which again, it's activity, that it's in relevancy that it's building, you can power up your syndication networks, you can power up your entity assets. So for example, once again, SEO power shield, if you don't already have that, make sure you get that right and that's going to put your money site in the middle and then have this SEO shield. That's why we call it that essentially like an SEO firewall of high authority profiles branded assets that are covering or cocooning your site, so to speak, right shielding your site, then you just do a shit ton of link building, as I just mentioned, in beds, beds, you can do embeds from your entity assets, you can even embed your money site if you wanted to. And in that way it's getting the embed code is going to be placed on pages with relevant content, then you can link build to those link building or those embed pages, right. And so that's just a stack service. In other words, when you buy embeds services from mg y b, then you order the link building as which will link build to the embed pages, all of these things are going to help to push it on to page one and that's really the whole game in a nutshell there anything you want to add? Yeah look at the entity and work on the structured data. I see nothing on there about what you've done with your structured data that's a given now anyways.

I guess not everybody understands that but yeah, you guys structured data is critically important. Remember, there's You can also mark up besides just organization or markup or local business markup, you can also add elements of markup the elements of pages and things like that. So you know, the more that you can add, the better you're going to be because you're going to have a stronger entity, right, a stronger asset. So

Can I Use The Same Target URL In The SEO Shield For The Drive Stack Expansion?

Okay, next DCs? Yo, what's up, man, he says, I'm going to order a couple of drive stack expansions soon, but just so I'm clear, can I use the expansions for both the same target URL the shield was set up to target in the first place as well as brand new URLs. I target the homepage twice, with different top-level keywords, then add another expansion for an inner page.

Bradley, can you and Marco kind of expand on this a little bit because we just rolled this out right before the Fourth of July special, I don't think we've had a chance to really tell people he just in case anyone's watching who doesn't know what we're talking about with that drive expansion. Yeah, here, I'll pull it up. And Marco, you want to kind of talk through this a little bit.

So typically, what we recommend is that, you know, you're going to have one primary keyword that you want the brand to be associated with. And I understand there's a lot of additional keywords, products and services for businesses, there should be one primary keyword, right. And then from there, if you got your site structured with silo structure, then you're going to have top-level categories. And so that's perfect for drive stack expansion, right. So now you're going to take the top-level keyword for one of your product categories or service categories. And that's going to be an expansion. You're going to order, you know, expand your drive stack for that, which is what we're looking at on this page. Okay. So what that does is that is your Google Drive expansion stack and your Google Site setup. So what that means is if you if you've already got your, your, your primary drive stack and G site for your entity, your brand, then that's again, creating the association between your top-level keyword plus the brand. Then after that's built, then you would take your silos, right, so your product or service categories on your site, and you would whatever the top-level keyword is for each one of the categories, you would create another expansion stack, which would be basically creating an additional folder inside of your Google Drive folder, your main Drive folder that is optimized for that each silo keyword, right, so each folder would be now optimized for one particular category on the site. And then a page gets created on the existing g site for the brand. Write that then all of the drive folders and files get embedded into that. So that's how you create that theme mirroring within the drive stack in the G site. So that's what again, I, I don't typically order an expansion stack that's going to target the homepage because I typically have my site structured in with the silo architecture. So I'm going to start going after once the initial stack is built for brand plus keyword Association, then I start building out the expansions for the service cap, you know, product and or service category, essentially, the silos on the site market, maybe you can explain that difference.

Not differently, but when I think of this, I think of the silo architecture, of course, and I think about how Bruce clay set this up, right? So he sets up the marble jar and they're all of the colors are mixed. But of course, it's marble so we can call them widgets, call them whatever you want. All right, so we're selling marbles. And what we're going to do with that main drive second g site is associate that with the keyword marbles. So it's going to be g sites, site marble, whatever marbles, marbles, all colors. And we're going to say shapes, sizes, whatever. And that's perfect there. Alright, so each one of those jars on there is going to represent an inner page on not only the money site but the companion D site each time that you add a page. So now you have marbles, say marbles, calm. And the first one you're going to do is green. So marbles, calm green, and red and yellow, you're gonna write everything that you're going to do about green marbles under that category, under that green now that hates that main page, you're going to copy that exact same page into an error page. On the GE side, instead of you doing all that. What we do is we take that and we do it for you which take that page, we copy it, we set up the drive stack, we embed everything we add content.

This Stuff Works
And we just create that relevance. And we add that I'm not gonna say what we add, but it's a way to pass the power through a fire hose with a nozzle. So that the power of that water think about it because you can cut metal with water. So we're concentrating that power so that we pass the power to that inner page. Why? Because we've noticed and we've seen and our all our tests show that it's much more difficult to rank one page for all of the keywords under that niche Marvel's it's much harder to do that than it is to break that up into categories. And the way that the Bruce clay shows on his website and under those, we target the keywords in that set. And what we're after is green marbles. That would be the top-level category there. But every keyword under that would be a target. So green marble prize green marble costs, just what the best green marbles, all of that would be under that and it would be boosting that category. And what happens is, all of those keywords start pushing up that top-level category, they start coming up, and that's how you start generating traffic to the website.

So when we thought that out, right, what we did is very simple, we take the keywords, we take the keywords that we isolated.

Now, this is inside the main drive site that you've already purchased. With the SEO power shield, we take that we isolate the keyword set under that subcategory which is green marbles and red marbles and yellow marbles. They should each have their own page, right so that we're siloing properly and if they do then they should have a companion, dry stack, and G site page with them in the SEO power shield. So this is how when we thought this up, when I, when I, when I started to conceptualize it and start thinking about it, how to isolate it, and how to deliver the power, this is how I do it. I'm not gonna say here how we do it, because that's giving away too much. But when you get it, you'll see what it is that we do, if you break it down, like, like, we have a lot of people doing trying to reverse engineer, and that's fine too. I'm not gonna give it away here.

So just a representation, you know, again, using Tree Service stuff, because that's pretty much all I'm doing right now besides existing client work is tree services, the most broad keyword, right? So if I'm making brand association with the drive stack, the initial drive stack and G site, it's going to be Tree Service plus company name, okay? And if it's, if it's very one specific location, we might include the location modifier, but for most of my Tree Service clients, they cover a, you know, a several County area, so we typically will just, it'll be Tree Service and then whatever the company name is, that's going to be the drive stacks gonna get built out for the G site as well. Okay. And then from there, that's where you know we can silo out like Tree Removal tree trimming arborist services, each one of those would be separate sir silos, lawn care, land clearing, not all Tree Service contractors do lawn care, lawn care, but some do. landscaping could be another one. So each one of those would be your individual silos, right? Because those would be different service categories on the website. And so each one of these could get its own RYS expansion service created for it. And what that's going to do is going to create subfolders within the primary RYS drive stack folder, right up that are optimized each one for each specific silo. And then a separate page is going to be created on the primary g site branded g site, there's going to be mirrored for the website structure. And it's going to include all of the drive stack files and folders that have been created as part of the expansion service in their respective pages on the G sites that make sense.

So that's what it is. And each so for example, the tree removal expansion would be all the keywords that are associated with that are, you know, strictly Tree Removal based keywords that are going to be built in the, into the files, the GC, drive stack files, and then all of those files and folders are going to be embedded on that page, and are all going to be linking back to on the G site page. I mean, and they're all going to be linking back to pages and or posts within the tree removal silo on the money site. Does that make sense? And then likewise, over here on lawncare, if this particular client or project had lawn care services to then there would be a lawn care expansion created, and all of the files and folders would be optimized for lawn care terms. They would all be linking to the lawn care pages and posts on the site. And then they would be mirrored onto the G site as well. Does that make sense? And now you've got separate targets that you can build links to within your drive stack within your G site folder, files, and folders that are that now you can buy specific link building gigs with keyword terms that are specific to that particular silo to that theme, does that make sense? So that's how you can really start to push power into that very specific keyword sets within your actual site. Okay, anyway, that was a great question though. And thanks, Adam, for telling us to expand on that a little bit more.

This Stuff Works

How Would You Show The Progress Of Your SEO Efforts To The Client?

Alright, so next where were we that was DC SEO so Mohammed's up next he says, Hey, guys, how would I show the progress I made for a client. My current car dealer client referred another dealer to me and I want to make a case study. What would be a good way to show the changes I effected I have the Webmaster Tools graph and GMB insights so far. Would anything else work? Yeah, I mean, that's, that's what I like to use more than anything is a search console, GMB insights and analytics. And if I'm doing AdWords or Google Ads then I typically will show ad data to, but that those are, you know, I always I don't like to use rank reports anymore because they're not that accurate. They're just show an indication of the health. But they're never all that they're not very accurate. Because of you know what we've talked about many times on Hump Day hangouts with user location, you can't really mimic location that Well, you can't mimic browser history, browsing history, personal history, profile history, like, you know, what type of content people engage with and all that. So, you know, I don't like to use rank trackers or rank reports really that much. I still provide them to clients, but those are always like secondary reports because I like to focus on GMB insights, analytics Search Console, and as I said, Google Ads data, if I'm running ads campaigns as well. Any other comments on that? Yeah. I mean, he has the client that recommended this other car dealer.

What is already in the door they've already taught? I don't know how much more it is that you need to show or what it is that they're asking for. But the GMB insights if you look at the one that I posted, again, in, in heavy hitter, anything like that, you can't close the deal with something like that. Will you show and this, of course, you can go month, you can go weekly, you can go quarter by those are images that can I can't show the actual GMB. But if you go in there, you can show the quarter, you can show the month, you can show it week to week, you can pick a timeframe, you can go into the historical data in the GMB and pull that up. I mean, you go into that historical data, you go a year back and you show what you did for that client, and it's a done deal.

Look at the results. This is so again, focus your compensation or result you're going to show results. You've been numbing with this current car dealer. You're getting results that you can show, ask your other clients and they will

Mine, of course, under strict confidentiality, if this person could call and ask them about the results they got with you. I mean, that's perfectly except I I don't mind. Anyone that I'm talking to ever, of course with the clients, okay, calling the client and saying, Hey, don't tell me more about Marco. They usually come recommended from a client anyway, I don't take anyone just calling me cold and yeah, let's talk. I don't do that anymore. But this is the guy's hot he's coming from a dealer that's referring you. They should know. And if they don't give him the graph, I mean, that's perfectly fine with Brad, he said, analytics is really good also for this for that visual. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I like to do. I like to show traffic reports more than anything.

It You know, that's that that that seems to be the best metric to run by anyways, in my opinion. Well, bottom line is the best metric, right what kind of revenue has been generated, but that's not something you can typically share.

How Do You Get Google To Update The Requests You Made In A YouTube Channel?

So, Tom's up, he says, I have a generically branded YouTube channel with some lead gen videos that I had been using for a client. But unfortunately, an unforeseen circumstance or life, excuse me, life forced him to have to cancel his service. I purposely put his contact info at the top of the description in YouTube. So it would show in the search results, which of course changed once he was no longer a client, but Google was refusing to update the search results. As a result, my former client is getting free advertising and I cannot pass the videos along to a new client because of this. Got any ninja tricks to get Google to update this quicker? No, that's the Google index cache. And you know, they refresh it when they want and I know what you're talking about. I have

I had a video for a client project that I did about, I don't know three or four months ago, and it's got some really funky issue going on with that too. It was weird. I did a live stream and for some reason, It took the still like thumbnail image from that particular channel that I was live streaming. And that's what you show it anyways, long story short, I've got a similar issue going on. And I don't know how to get it to, you know, I've tried things like pinging, I've tried sending them through indexers I've tried, you know, sending it back through a syndication network, again, the embed, you know, the YouTube embedded in to go out, basically, get re syndicated out to a network again to see if forget it crawled again if that would update or refresh the Google index the cache essentially for the search results. And I experienced something similar, the only thing that I know that you could do would be to set it to unlisted until it falls out of the index, and then turn it back to the public, if that makes sense. Because then when Google goes to reindex it again, it should index it with the new you know, with the, whatever the new description is, that shows up at the top, whatever the new description is, that will show whatever's at the top is going to show is the meta description in the search result. That's the only thing I know maybe somebody else has another way to think force it. Any ideas? Guys?

This Stuff Works
No, nothing from me. Yeah. So that's what I would do is try setting it to unlisted. don't delete it, right? Because then you lose all of the work that you did to that particular video, just unlisted, wait for it to fall out of the index, which it will. And you know, I don't know how soon that will be, you might be able to force that I don't, I don't know if you can force it to fall out of the index by pinging it or whatever. But once it, you know, isn't in the index any longer, then you could set it back to public. And then I would ping it again, or run it through an indexing service re syndicated through your network, something like that. And when Google comes and crawls it again, it should refresh that cache to whatever's at the top of the description now, that's the only thing I can think of to do.

What Is A Theme Mirrored Page?

Alana says sorry, I got few questions from last week regarding I framing a money site you mentioned in your answer, creating a theme nerd page on a G site and reframing the money site on it. You elaborate on what you mean by theme, mirrored page, okay? Yes, we can.

From what I understand theme mirroring is creating a property stacks that align with the categories on your site. When you say money site, you are actually I framing the site, you actually want to rank on the G site. Yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about. So when we say money site, that's whatever your primary asset is for your project. Typically, it's going to be a self-hosted site. Most likely, you know, most of the time on WordPress, it doesn't have to be, but most of the time, it's going to be a self-hosted site. It doesn't have to be, by the way, you could use your Google site as your money site, whatever my point is, whatever your primary asset is, for the project that you're working on, most likely it's going to be a self-hosted site. That's what we call a money site. It's just a term to describe whatever the primary asset is, okay. So from there, yes, on your G site, right, so, again, theming is all about creating a one to one ratio of your site structure your main property, your main website, site structure, across all of your entity assets. So that's why we talk about theme mirroring onto your G site. So creating, if you've got, you know, for top-level categories or for services or for products, right, that you're going to be selling on your site, then then we would mirror the four. So you'd have your main g site, which is going to be your brand, right basically, the homepage of the G site is your brand, and the whatever primary keyword is, but then you're going to have pages on the G site that are mirrored after your money site pages, your primary website pages, right. And the same thing with your drive stack is going to have the primary folder, which is going to be branded plus your primary keyword, then you again, the expansion service, which would be the theme mirroring would be to create subfolders within your primary g stat folder, that each one of them optimized for a particular product or service or category on your site. So that makes sense. So whatever the structure first start with the on-page structure of your primary asset again, go take a look

Bruce clays, silo architecture article, you can go to our YouTube channel youtube.com/semanticmastery, use the channel search feature type in silo architecture, or silo structure, whatever you'll see there are videos, there's even a playlist where I very specifically talk about how to structure out of setup solid structure on a website. Then once you've done that correctly, then you go out and you start to build out those entity assets or purchase them and have us do it. But you start to mirror that same structure across everything you do across your content marketing across your entity assets, everything that you do, right, so again, if you've got a GMB, for example of Google My Business profile, and you have content silos on your main site, then publish content to your GMB profile using GMB posts. And you want to stack them the same way that you would stack content within your silos, right? So you're adding depth to silos, right? So there's width, how many categories there are, so you could have a mono silos which means one silo, but you just add a bunch of depth to it, which means supporting articles that are within the same keyword theme. And you just add additional articles are constantly adding depth to the site which builds relevancy. Does that make sense? You do the same thing within GMB posts, you do the same thing with press releases, you do the same thing on your G site, you do the same thing in the drive stack. Everything ends up getting mirrored to where it's got the same structure and what happens is you build a shit ton of massive thematic relevance, right? So relevancy, topical relevancy, as well as you build a, you know, authority. And it creates a network Empire used to use a term called buoyancy, right? So by doing so, and you have all of these assets that are all linked properly, and they're all building relevancy in proper categories or content silos, then it starts to create buoyancy across all of the content in every silo. In other words, it helps you know what, as I say, rising tides cause all boats to rise.

That's what we mean by buoyancy, it helps all of the keywords to start to surface in the search results. I don't know if that was a very clear explanation, but that was the best I could do anything else want to comment on it? a clone an exact copy, a duplicate of whatever it is that you're doing. That's all it. It's just a bunch of fancy words for saying if we're saying, do the same thing over there, the same thing that you're doing here, wherever your money site is, do over there, wherever it is that you're seeing mirror and think of a mirror, what do you see in the mirror, you see the same thing that that's looking back at you, right? The same thing that that's all we're saying, I just hate mentioning the word duplicate because then people start saying, well, duplicate content and all this bullshit that we know is bullshit. And I don't want people focusing on that. Just copy whatever it is that you're doing, or do the same thing, everywhere. And then and if you do that, then your theme mirror.

What Are Embed Gigs?

Very good. All right, the last part of that was. Finally, you mentioned you run embed gigs, the G site, what do you mean by gigs? Well, that's right here. Okay, so are on MGYB store, if you look at the embed packages, then you've got maps, videos, ID page General, you know, I typically would just order general, it doesn't matter, guys just, you know, order whatever you're looking to power up. But what this means is you, you take you, for example, your G site pages that you've mirrored right, so again, you got your homepage, which is going to be brand plus a primary keyword, okay, then once you start to mirror your pages from your money site, right, so your primary asset onto your D site, now you've got g site pages that are a one to one ratio. So if you've got 18 products, separate products that are all separate categories on your services, whether they're products or services doesn't matter. Then you're going to have 18 pages on the G site homepage plus 18 pages, right? Each one of them is going to be one to one. So let's say you've got blue marbles, green marbles, red marbles on your money site, you're going to

This Stuff Works
You're going to have blue marbles, green marbles, and red marbles or whatever on your G site to. Does that make sense? Each one is going to have a one to one-page ratio. And then from there, you can take your pages, or the G site homepage, whatever you want. But you can get very specific on where you're pushing relevancy. And how, if you take your pages from like, for example, your green marble page, and you come over here and get your head, the embed gig over here, and let's say you want to do one, just to say it's a gas setup medium competition. So this is going to do 2500 embeds to your green marble g site page. Does that make sense? Or and you can add other stuff in there. Right? So let's say that you what are the RYS drive stack its expansion. So now you're going to have the G site page created by us on your G site, your existing entity or branded g site, excuse me, we're going to create the green marbles page. We're going to create the green marbles folder within your drive stack and in all of the files that are going to be created inside the drive, stack is going to be optimized specifically for green marbles. That makes sense. And they're all going to be the links are all going to be pointing to the green marble page on your money site, then those files and folders are going to be embedded in the green marble g site page. And now you've got the G site page that you can order an embed gig to embed, you know, run to, and you could also embed the five the G site, excuse me the drive stat files, you could also embed your money site pages if you wanted to, for green marbles. Does that make sense? If you're doing press releases, you could iframe the press the specific press releases that are pointing back to the green marbles money site page. Does that make sense?

All of those you can embed those. And what we mean by embeds is once again it's creating an iframe. So it's essentially creating a window and another website that displays your content, which is the same thing as what a YouTube video is, guys, when you share a YouTube video on somebody else's website. And it shows up as a video. That's an embed code, right? It's an iframe. So you're actually seeing YouTube code on somebody else's website, well, that's all you're doing is you're taking your website, or your G site page or your content, whatever it is that you're creating an iframe, and we're, we're going out, Dadea, our link builder is going out and creating pages on other sites with relevant content that's gonna have that window that iframe that embed code of your content in the middle of it, so that you're starting to push relevancy in through the iframe that way. And then with the, again, with the different kits here that we have, or, you know, package levels that we have here, though, then link building to the pages that the embeds are on. So that's what we mean by an embed run is just go and do that. And I use a combination of both, I usually start with link building, and then you know that so maybe month one, I'll hit everything with link building. Then on month two, I'll do embeds plus link building, then maybe month three, I'll switch it up and I'll hit maybe deeper targets from within the project would be called, you know, deep linking.

So there's just another number of ways that we do it. And guys, a lot of this will hopefully make a lot more sense. Starting next week when I have the checklist on that I started to show you guys earlier from process Street, because then you can go through it and like I said, it will at first just be a checklist saying, Okay, do this, this and this and in this sequence, and in this, you know, it'll be literally stepped by step, but I'm going to be adding over the coming week's explainer videos to explain why we're doing this so that you guys get a better understanding of the big picture. Because I still think that we, that gets lost a lot when they call it getting lost in translation. I think that gets lost a lot when we try to explain it because we understand it sometimes some of our audience does not and so we're trying to get better about that, which is why I'm working on that checklist for you guys. Okay.

We're just about out of time. Let's see if we can scroll through another one or two real quick guys. Oh, allow says the theme area includes internal links. So do stacks link to each other? Well, it's an expansion of an existing stack. So yeah, I mean, they're all spider silo together anyways, if you understand what we mean by that, but yeah, if it's a subfolder within a drive an existing drive stack, they're all linked together anyways, that makes sense. It's like a parent and child relationship. So, yes, if I wouldn't build separate stacks, that doesn't make sense. It's why we have the expansion service, guys because you get more power out of building additional relevancy within one stack than you do by building multiple stacks. Does that make sense?

Okay, moving on there is no physical link between stacks. We don't do a to b. No, we No, we don't do that they live within one another. And if you're isolating a stack, but you link out from that stack to something else, then you're defeating the purpose of isolating the stack, as we recommend. So no, they don't they interlink inside the drive stack itself. But if you have three stacks within the one main stack, none of those three will link either to each other or to the main stack.

There you go.

IFTTT Problem In Syndicating Full-Text Posts

Alright, the last one is we're going to answer these questions real quick. Because he's here every week asking multiple questions they've gotten. You've got fewer questions though. You're starting to trend down maybe which is what we asked for. So anyway, I'm proud of you, buddy. He says, Hey, guys, IFTTT has a problem of syndicating Full-Text posts. have you encountered this problem? Or is it for new connections only? No, I have not.

I would. Now I don't know I'm not saying that you're wrong. But what I would suggest you take a look at your settings from your feed. So if you're syndicating from a WordPress site or self-hosted WordPress site if you go into settings reading, right so so under the settings, option in WordPress and then go to a reading, you'll see that

This Stuff Works

There's an option for the RSS feed to show either summary or full text. Now, even if you set it to full text, so the RSS feed shows the full text, some themes, WordPress themes will only show snippets instead. So summaries or snippets instead of the full text, even if you set that as a setting. So it really depends. I don't think it's an IFTTT thing. It's most likely a WordPress thing. Either your settings are off or the WordPress theme that you're using is forcing summaries. So I've not heard of that from anybody else yet. So if that is the case, then you know, we will know within the next few days for sure. And this is the last one guys and then I'm going to shut it down because we're after five o'clock is do you do your backlink and embed packages on your press releases also or only syndication properties? Google properties? No, absolutely. That's what I'm saying guys is you can push power in through any number of places and if your theme here.

And content marketing and they're all in your content marketing is mirrored right across all of your content marketing sources, including press releases, you can utilize those very strategically. I've talked about this a lot in the mastermind. But for example, once again, guys like within a particular silo, right? you publish content from your money site, it syndicates out to your syndication network properties, where you can go extract those URLs from the syndication network properties that are specific to those posts. So let's say you add five supporting articles in a silo. So five blog posts that get pushed out to syndication network, you go to syndication network, and let's just keep it simple. Let's just say that you just grabbed the three blog URLs for each one of the posts that gets syndicated out to the blogs, right. So blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, so you go extract now and you've got five supporting posts in this example, right. So now you're going to have five URLs from blogger five URLs from Tumblr, five URLs from wordpress.com. Right and now the same thing if your theme mirroring on with using press releases. So you got five press

At least as each press releases promoting a blog post one of those blog posts. Now you can take those five, press release URLs. And you can add those into a link building gig or you can embed gig or whatever you wanted to do. So yeah, that's what I'm saying guys is you can take them by the way, you can also create a, you know, the mirror pages on G site, I typically don't do it on a post level, just on a page level. But if I wanted to, if you really needed the additional push, you could always take wherever your top-level pages are on your G site, right, so you've got, again, mirrored, your top-level categories are going to have pages on your G site, and you can create child pages. They're not posts, but you can create child pages on your G site, and have each one of your posts now added as a child page on your G site. You can extract those URLs and add those to link building gigs. Then you order the link building games with keyword sets that are specific to that particular category or silo, that keyword theme that set Does that make sense? And so again, guys, yeah, you can and the same thing with press releases, you can work them right in there. Here's the thing on your G site. If you're going down to a post level and adding child pages on the G site as posts, right to whatever the category pages on the G site, then you can even take your content from your syndication network and iframe that into the G site page. Same thing with your press releases, right? So Can you imagine you don't even need any additional content is my point guys, you can take the G site page, just create the page, optimize it for the same keyword as the post on your site, right that you're trying to promote? And then you take all of the content that it's been syndicated to and mirrored on, including press releases, and you just embed all of that into that page on, which is essentially a post on your G site. And now you don't have you know, this massive amount of content. It's all that relevancy all through iframes. And now you've got a G site, page target, that you can just hammer with link building with very specific keyword sets for anchors that make sense and you can push a ton of relevancy into it that way. So

Anyways, hopefully, that answers the question. Anyone wants to comment on that before I wrap it up, Marco. Was that good enough? Not good enough. Okay. Very good. Those are great questions today, guys. So thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Thanks, guys. Bye, everyone. Yep,

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 294

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episod 294 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



I'm gonna knock things over and make some loud noises as we get started here. Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts Episode 294. As the guys just pointed out, we are getting awful close to 300. I have to do something fun for that. I'm going to come back to that. But real quick, we're going to say hi to everybody. And then we got a couple quick announcements and one big one before we get into things so looks like we're missing Chris today. So I'll start at the bottom and work my way up since I know her non muted I'll start with him and

how you doing man? Thank you, man. I appreciate you.

Doing great. Thank you for thank you for asking. Everything everything's good. Excited to be here.

Marco since you're drinking I'm gonna just pick the worst time for everybody apparently. How's it going?

Groundhog Day. It is what it is guys. I can't help it. Don't hate the player hate the game. Isn't the game. I hate That gets me to where I am. So, deal with that.

Nice and sunny. All right. Well then Bradley, how you doing, man?

I'm good. I'm good. It's hot as hell here right now but it's July so it's understandable but other than that

yeah things are good. Can't complain well, same here got nice sunshiny day after this and wrapping it up heading outside I think it's about 75 and sunny so I am good to go. With that said I hope everyone else is having a great day. We've got a couple announcements and the first one being that if you're a part of the Facebook group, this mastery Facebook group or you're on the email list, you probably saw a notification today about the upcoming Fourth of July sale and we are going to talk some more about that real quick. I am going to put the links in here we hadn't shared those publicly yet but we got things wrapped up just in time so if you are here and you want to get a jumpstart on that you can check out the links if you're watching the replay. It's definitely live until the seventh, I believe, perhaps the eighth. But regardless, you're going to want to take advantage of that in the next few days. So I don't have it pulled up in front of me. Does anyone have that Facebook post up so we can go over it real quick.

I dumped it in the slack.

Perfect. Let me hop over.

And I will share my screen real quick here. Do any

cool. Yeah. So I will do that. Marco, you want to kind of talk through this? I'm just Sure. Right now. This is pretty cool.

Well, I'm a couple of reasons why I wanted that poll, right. Number one is because you see it. Do we really have to tell you what's going on? And actually we do someone asked Wait a minute. What do you mean? What works? What do you mean? This is this is the system what do you what do you mean says what system people it's SEO and marketing by Semantic Mastery. So that means that the system that I'm using to get these kinds of results is semantic mastery system. What system is everything that we've got on sale coming up on on the Fourth of July is what we use to to attain this, these kinds of results. So I'm not just gonna say it was just local GMB Pro, that played a big part in it. I'm not gonna say it was just a local PR pro that played a part in it. It was everything, everything together, and then doing the posts, the way that we teach, doing the homepage, the way that we teach, doing even the business side trying to set that up so that it fits the way we teach, and everything just fitting into how we do things. So that our structure and everything that we do benefits from everything else. It's the drive stack, and the G site and the posts and the website and just everything everything that we're doing everything all of the teaching methodology is there.

The SEO shield, T1 branded Syndication Academy, the T1 branded network Syndication Academy, network, @ID structured data, good, unpaid and and the only way that you can get on page on the business site, if you work it into your unstructured data because Google doesn't give you much to play on that. On the G sites, there's some things that you can do to play with that, but the business site really doesn't. And but if you structure your posts correctly, if you do it the way that Bradley teaches, in local GMB Pro, and if you do your press releases the way that Bradley teaches in Local PR Pro, this is what's available. Now what I am going to tell you about this niche is that it's highly competitive, and it's luxury niche. So imagine the client gets 300 calls in a month in a luxury niche where Close lead is 10 k plus in his pocket, we're not talking growth. We're talking about that that's what goes in his pocket is 10 k plus it can be way more but that's up to his salespeople and how well they do it. The point of this is just what I said that what we do work End of story so someone comments something. Oh, these methods are 10 years old plus, yeah, you fucking idiot. Of course they are. They work? Why would I change it? Yeah, why would I change the way the works? Come on, man. You want shiny. You want new? You can't get it from me. You want shiny you want to go somewhere else. go chase it go chase the pipe dream. Our shit requires hard work. We've made things simple, not easy. We made things simple because you can just go to MGB sale and buy done for you. You can buy our courses of course, and do it yourself. Teach a team of people To do it, you're welcome to do that, however you choose to do the do.

My recommendation is choose something and see it through to the end. The only way you're going to know if it works is if you see it through, because if you don't, then all you can say, well the half half shit that I did didn't work. Don't ever come to me and say, Marco your shit doesn't work because when I go check it, it's nine out of 10 a half assed attempt at doing it or somebody else's half assed attempt at doing it do the way that you're supposed to. So it that's key, do something but do it right and you're going to get results we see it in the free group. We see it Hump Day hangouts people following Hump Day hangouts taking action, doing it doing it right getting results. Mohammed started in Hump Day Hangouts. Come on in. Right. POFU Live guy. Totally HDHO, and then and then done for you. And then away he got tons of so many people. mastermind is full of people who are doing it. I mean, right now someone in the Dallas Fort Worth area tell me that's not competitive. ranking number one is a highly competitive niche in his city and in the metro, not just Dallas, Dallas Fort Worth Arlington, we're talking about la we're talking about here, we're talking about anything and everything that you want is available, choose it, see it through to the and then come back to me and say, Marco, once you have the data, man, you know, you're right. Or look, your shit doesn't work. And if you can show me that it doesn't work, then I'm going to help you through to make it work, man. Because that's how we do the do we do Nuff said?

Awesome. Awesome. Marco. Well, hey, I want to share I'm gonna follow on while we're talking about Facebook. Real quick, broad stuff at the beginning with the Fourth of July. It's not only because I want to share the gifts that I love so much. Look, we've got a lot of cool stuff going on. So Marco was talking about this, but through the Semantic Mastery page, we've got a killer deal on our way is reloaded. Mark mentioned local GMB pro that's going to be there as well as local PR pro that's part of the Fourth of July sale. And we've got a great deal with the $1 trial for the mastermind. And on the MG y B side of things talking about getting stuff done for you. We've got GMB verifications. We've got done for you drive stacks, we've got the new drive stack expansions, right so if you've already bought RYS drive stacks you're already getting results with that but you want to add I haven't come up with the best way to describe this you guys want to hold me I just think of it as like a silo but I'm thinking of like those your yard lawn darts like just a ton of really targeted power that just drives into something does that work? Or does that just sound crazy? Anybody man, you guys are leaving me hanging. Alright, we're just gonna go with it.

All right. I like how you explaine it for anyone watching. We haven't talked about this. I was just like, man, there's got to be a good analogy. And in my head, that's what I've been seeing. Like I think of like, the stack is like kind They're like this, you know, building that just drives all this power down the ground and our expansion is just like this, like the long dark kind of deadly, you know, but really targeted. Okay, anyways, enough of Adams crazy mind, we also got SEO shields, link building and embeds, I'm going to put the links to the sales page on the Humpty hangouts page, so you guys can go check that out. Everyone else is going to have to wait till tomorrow. So with that said, you guys, is there anything else we need to go over? Before we get into questions?

I'm just briefly, I'm going to be starting some more case studies, to local type of case studies that I'm going to be demonstrating exactly what Marco just talked about with that post about and they're going to be public case studies. I got one bigger case study project that I'm working on in the mastermind currently, but that's for mastermind members only. But I'm going to be doing two local projects, case studies. Probably starting next week that I'll be documenting and we'll be making kind of more of a public public case studies out of them there. Gonna be both in the tree service industry but in two different metropolitan areas. So more competitive areas one will have a GMB or Google My Business profile one will not they will be strictly using our methods and MTB services. And I'm going to go really aggressive on them to show how quickly we can get results. One of them is going to be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the other one's going to be in Richmond, Virginia. So both are competitive areas. And so I just kind of want to give you guys a heads up on that because in the coming weeks off, and you know, not Next week, we'll I won't be updating next week, because I'm just going to start the project next week. But over the coming weeks, I'm going to be sharing briefly at the beginning of Hump Day Hangouts, how the projects are going, so that I can demonstrate exactly what Marco just talked about in that Facebook post about how to use our methods specifically in the proper sequence and how to get results. And so you guys be on the lookout for that because if you have any questions or any doubts which you shouldn't by this point, but if you do, then you're going to see in real time how quickly we can get results. And for either one of those projects. I'm not even going to build a WordPress site it's going to be strictly Google properties. One, again, including GMB is another one with just the Google site. So no GMB, no local maps pap ranking, but for organic rankings only, and I'm going to demonstrate how we can do everything with mg y b services to be able to get those results. So just keep that in mind. Be on the lookout for that.

Standing looking forward to seeing that man.

Cool. Alright, so let me get into questions now, guys. Let's do it. Let's do it. I'm gonna grab the screen.

You guys should be seeing my screen. Correct. Good to go. Yes.

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Can The Google Stacking Techniques Be Replicated With Other Platforms Like Microsoft, Yandex, And Baidu?

Looks like starting with Christopher today. He says, Hey, guys, I got some questions for Marco can the G stackingtechniques be replicated with other sites and platforms like Microsoft, Yandex or Baidu for additional power? Lastly, is it safe to iframe a money site and order link building to the iframe and beds? Or would you recommend iframe and other assets in the stack and then link to the money site from there thanks again for all the great stuff yuo share.

Yeah, I mean, stacking techniques is just a way to exponentiated power. So I'm pretty sure that you can go into others and get some kind of power, what kind of power? We're not sure we can we know, Amazon, we know that those s3 buckets are awesome. How much they add, like we don't know, because we haven't really tested. I enjoy being in the belly of the beast. I enjoy messing with Google, I enjoy manipulating Google, I live for that shit. So another thing that I want to add to that is that we haven't needed to go outside of the Google ecosystem, to generate the kind of power that we need to get the results that we want. Now, if at some point, like I see the need, yeah, then you know, maybe we'll go and explore some of this, like you say, Microsoft, Yandex, Baidu. There are others where you can do HTML hacks, and you can do a stack I don't know about the iframe in how much you can do, but I'm pretty sure and I know Bradley has been looking into Microsoft and some of the stuff that's available in there. And Bradley will have some results soon, soon enough. And say, Well, yeah, you know, totally, I know that you cannot do many of the things that you can do in the drive stack. In Microsoft Word we tested. I tested that with that with doc Gary, actually about five years ago. So I know that but that that's not to say that you cannot generate some kind of power, in addition to whatever it is that we're doing.

Is It Safe To iFrame A Money Site And Build Links to It?

As far as the next question, is it safe to iframe one site? Yes, it is. We do it all the time. Now you do it, especially when you do your location. Bradley, isn't that right?

I'm sorry. I'm replying to text. What was the question again?

When you do your location stats, don't don't you iframe the money page?

Yes, I do. And the G site. Yeah. And the G site Yeah, that's what he's asking.

Yeah, it's perfectly okay. I would even do a embed runs with the money site included, there's a reason for it because an iframe is not a hyperlink, not an HTML hyperlink and therefore, does not pass a penalty. Very simple with that. It's treated differently. Yeah.

Hang on a second. I'm sorry, I'm an iframe and other assets in the stack. And then yeah, in either way, you're going to the whole point of this is generating power and then and then explanation exponentiating the power through iframes. So that is,

so I haven't. I know our link builder Daddea, he showed some examples to me of iframing the money site directly in embed gigs. I haven't done that. I just haven't ever tested that. I've seen some of the results that he's had from it, but I always use the G site, which is what Marco really drilled that into me a long time five years ago. So I always use the G site. So in other words, I'll create the theme page on the G site and iframe money page into it, right? So one to one ratio of pages on the G site to the money site. So I framed the money site at the very top of that page. And then I'll use that g site URL as an like, I'll embed that perhaps in an embed gig and then run links to that or run links directly to the G site page itself. If that makes sense. That might be something that I can test going forward with some of the other stuff that I'm doing is just money, iframe of money site page directly into the embed gigs and see how that works as well, but I have not tested that. What's interesting, though, is it does from what I remember from daddy have shown me, I think it was about a year ago now. It's really interesting, but it registers like the iframes. When you have a money page in there, it will register as traffic kits and analytics. I guess when the bots come crawl, you'll see like it shows us traffic from from some of those places that it's embedded from and I don't know if it's showing, because I didn't dig into the data. real deep but it showed an analytics and hits from those websites. So I don't know if it's considered referral traffic or what but I think there might be some potential there. I've just never tested that. Have you tested that Marco?

This Stuff Works
Already? I'm sorry, I'm muted. Ah, iframe anything I can everywhere I can. And I do iframe the money site in the G site.

Did you do direct iframe iframe embed gigs for the money site?

No, I haven't done that yet. Because I mean, my whole point is, the iframe stack. So I have the G site, like the money site on a G site page, I'll take that and I'll run an embed gig, because then that gets iframe in the embed or it goes into a press release, for example, wherever it is that I choose to embed it again. And then that'll go out or it might it might be included in an entity stack. And then that'll go out and get an embed run my whole point, or what I always do is I want to increase the power that I'm running through it. And I know that stackingthe iframe generates a whole ton of power. I don't know if you want to quantify it, whether it's PageRank, right ranking score. I don't know you have a ton of metrics and and all of them useless. And we can't get to the ones that that we could really use, which is PageRank and ranking score. I know that it has an effect, I know that it generates power now generated generates tons of power. And you can see the results from the image that Adam shared when we started, I mean, the end result is that is it make is it making money? Yes, it is.

Yeah, and lastly, just like Marco said, I just started testing and I haven't gotten very far into it, but using Microsoft OneDrive, which is similar to Google Drive except there Microsoft, obviously Microsoft, you know, cloud hosting, for for those folders and files and such. And they still have a really simple public option and embed option for embedding the files or and or folders to make them public. And so that's why I just recently started testing that. I don't really have any results yet. But that's again, that's probably something I'll do a little bit more of in the upcoming case studies that I mentioned at the beginning of today's Hump Day Hangout. Okay. So, but I haven't I haven't tested any other ones yet, either Microsoft will be next. I'll probably get fairly deep into that before I try anything else. And Marco, and I've talked about potentially looking into some of the other cloud hosting sites to do some of that when needed. So that might be something that will be on the upcoming to do list.

But the thing is, I don't just want to do 10m for example, Word documents in there. I just want to do that. I want to set it up the RYS way, rank your shit way, where everything benefits from everything else that we put power into that and wherever is that that we're going with it to the destination, right? That's the effect that I want to have because I know that I can get 10 docks in They're 10 Word documents with links in them. Yeah, yeah. But so what? Yeah.

Is It Worthy To Host A Site On S3 And Redirect Stacks To It?

All right. So the next question. Hey, guys, just wondering what your thoughts were on this. I have seen a site in my niche, it has a few s3 page ranking number one for many of ours and their keywords. When you click on any of the results on Google, it redirects to their homepage, not the s3, I've checked and they are hosted on s3, would it be worth hosting a site on s3 and then redirecting your specs straight to it? Well, as you know, Marco just mentioned, that's part of the reason why we use Amazon s3, the way that we do for like our idx pages and things like that, because there's inherent authority, a massive authority that you can essentially, you know, siphon off of the Amazon domain for your own hosted pages. So and there's a there's a product URL guard gardener has got a product that he sells, that is a it's a WordPress plugin that actually creates like WordPress sites like builds them in WordPress but then uploads them to s3 and I started test I don't even know the name of the product off the top of my head. I apologize for that. But I started to test it. But it was I didn't go through all the training and everything and I end up canceling my subscription to it. I know it works, though, because in his, and we know it works. But what I'm saying is in his facebook group, he had, you know, some some people that are doing that. And that's probably what you're seeing, as one of your competitors is possibly doing that is using a product similar to that it might not be specifically as but something that does similar, something similar to his. So we know it works. Would it be worth hosting a site on s3 and then redirecting your stacks to it? Yeah, I mean, you can do that. Again, because there's a lot of power that you can squeeze out of there. That's part that's why we use Google products. And we use Amazon, Amazon for s3 buckets for a lot of stuff because of all the power in there. So and they do rank very, very well because of the authority and you can spam that ever live in shit out of them. So we'll say you Marco.

This Stuff Works
Definitely anything is worth Testing However, when you talk about this is how much work are we going to go and put into testing when we already have something that works when you have something that works great and it puts you at number one for whatever you want, like how much better than number one can you get? That's always my question like why would I go and try anything else right now at some future point when I have some free time Yes, I will. But if I can get to number one right now with what we have and maintain that number one with everything that we do why it does that this is my whole point now you see them doing it that way. And if you want to try that way, you're welcome to do it. might also want to try this Semantic Mastery Wait, because it works really fucking well. Yeah.

Does Ordering A Heavy Hitter Link Building From MGYB Help Outrank Competitors In SERPs?

So Mohammed's up next What's up, Mama? He says, Hey, guys, my car dealer has some rivals selling his same car brand and those other dealerships are showing In my brand search, so whenever I search something like North Ford, I get West Ford hanging around in like fifth position. We used to get suburb Ford and South Ford and our brand SERPs too. But my brand building for first tier properties has taken them to page two. Well, that's great. But what but West Ford is glued tighter than bark on a tree? I bought a heavy hitter link build for the syndication network at the end of May. And the order arrived just a few days ago, after a few weeks, my property should get stronger, right? Will this be enough to push westward away? What else can I do? Yeah, well, so yes, there's a couple things here that I can suggest number one is in you know, when you get your link building gig back, submit them through indexers. Because that's going to help the more of the links to get found sooner which will help to increase your syndication network that you pointed to links to those were your targets, right, your profiles and your syndication network, so that you know when you when you build links to it and don't just start With one, I mean, if you just just got your first link building gig back, submit it for indexing, you know, using whatever indexing services that you want. Or as I've said many times post a question like that for daddy in the free Facebook group, and he'll tell you which indexers work, you can use ours at MGB. But until we get a better system in place for that it's cumbersome, because you can only submit 300 URLs at a time. It's very, very effective. But it's a very manual process to that said, submit the links for indexing. And as you continue to publish posts, your syndication network will get stronger as well, because it continues to add more relevancy, right? It builds more authority from the content alone, especially if you're interlinking posts, the way that we, you know, we teach you with the silo structure and everything. But then obviously, rebuilding links to the profiles in your syndication network will increase the power to those.

That said, there's a couple other things that you can do. specifically target the keywords that you're looking to Push your competitors off that page for right. So even if they're brand terms, publish a couple a few posts, you know, several if you need to tell where you're optimized for those brand terms or those specific terms that you are trying to get the additional push for, then extract those post URLs from the syndication network properties that they've republished to. And then by specific link, building gigs, where those post URLs from the syndication network properties become the target URLs for your link building gig, right? And then you make sure that you add those keywords, those specific search terms that you want to rank for in your link building keyword list. So for example, whenever I ordered link building gigs, you know, the minimum that they recommend, that we recommend is 200 keywords for the anchor text list essentially. So we use broad market level keywords, that's what we recommend. But if you know what you're doing, if you're strategically building links for certain terms that you're trying to push, then what I like to do is take about 25 to 33% Whatever the keyword list is out of the 200 that I'm going to submit. So for example, if I'm going to submit 200 keywords, I'll take maybe the top 50 keywords, and I'll append my specific location term, or in this case, perhaps a brand term, I don't typically do that. But if that's what you're trying to do for a brand search, then maybe So what I'm saying is like, for example, we just use like Culpepper VA, as an example. If my top 20 keywords in my list, I want to append my 200 keyword list, I might want to take Culpepper VA and work that into the top, you know, 15 or 20 keywords in various formats.

In other words, you know, let's just use Tree Service for example and Tree Removal tree trimming will just stop at three but say Tree Service called pepper Tree Service called pepper VA Tree Service called pepper, Virginia call pepper Tree Service called pepper VA Tree Service. You get the idea what I'm saying. So you can turn a list of 200 keywords and the 300 easy with about 100 of them containing the location modifiers are Perhaps in your case, brand modifiers. That's what I do. But those lit, remember those, the link building is going to be done to very specific targets, in this case, the targets that are optimized your posts that have been published from your money site, but syndicated out to the syndication network optimized for those specific terms. And now you're going to power up those blog posts URLs on from the syndication network properties, instead of just hitting that home, you know, the profile URLs of your syndication network properties, which is also powerful. And that's what I typically do, because it's easier, it's less work. But if you've got specific terms that you're trying to rank for, that you need an additional push for. That's one of the ways that you can do it. And it works incredibly well. That said, Don't forget to theme near that stuff. Right? Like I typically don't see me err on the post level into a G site, because it's an enormous amount of work. And we are constantly blogging right. My blog. I mean, that's just part of our SEO strategy is to constantly be content marketing and blogging. But in the event that I need something that has, you know, I'm trying to push something further than what You know, what that needs an additional push is what I'm saying. Then we will go in and theme your posts specifically, same type of silo structure that we would recommend on the money site. So you would create child pages in the G site, embed the posts in there have been optimized for that particular keyword phrase and then add that into your link building gig as well as a target URL with the same type of anchors that I just mentioned, that works incredibly well. Again, it does a little bit more manual work. That's why you should have you know, VA, and I'm pretty sure you do at this point, Mohammed, that you've taught how to theme here, the way that we teach, so that you can have them go in and do that kind of work because it's manual, but it works incredibly well. Marco, what do you say?

This Stuff Works
Yeah, we lift up press releases. And I think that that's a fantastic way since that's all tied, for example, impressive vanish, right in our media page and in the schema, which we can add in press event. And so one of the one of the things is running a press release. Now Mohammed, listen, going Find the do your branded search and go and find your tier one branded that are stuck on page two and three. Because then you what you can do is you can set up a press release stack to hit those and start moving those towards towards page one. Now of course, the press release stack according to the way that Bradley teaches local GMB, excuse me, Local PR Pro, you stack it up. And in those I would recommend it like I always say, only do two legs but in those do three links. And you're going to, of course link one, one press release to the other and the other two are going to link to these properties tier one branded that you have sitting on page two, three, maybe four. Also, when you start doing these press releases you're going to see local like cbs news that pick up and things like that that are will be off third, fourth fifth page. Those hyperlocal ones will really help like it they'll push them to page one I'm actually pushing other stuff on other stuff off. I'm seeing it with less solutions, we have one that just won't move it South Florida real estate they've been around forever. And and I have nine out of the 10 spots for the brand. But I can't push that company out. And but I'm seeing you know that this is from CMS and from what I have planned for LAN solutions, is what I'm recommending to you, because all of that together what Bradley said the theme mirroring more post, link building to the post link build to your tier one, do the press release, do the press of the stack link building to the press release stack. And then that's going to get more properties coming up for your site. And of course, as you before your tier one branded, and for that branded search, of course, make sure that your schema is set up, right that it's nice and tight and that you've related everything to the entity, your same assets right the way that you've set up whether whether it's organization Or with the sub or local in there, or if you're just going local. If it's a local business, I mean, that's fine. However it is that you're doing to make sure that it's done correctly. And you can ask us in the heavy hitter club, I know Mohammed is a member of our heavy hitter club. And so during the next webinar, we can go over this. Now, let me look at your schema and see what I can do. Because you saw what happened. We helped Pete hub on one of his properties a longtime mastermind member right we helped him with some of his schema and just cleaned up the ambiguity and they pop popped up in the three pack like nothing. It went it went out of the three pack because there was some ambiguity. Some law cases were running to each other cleared up the ambiguity and it came right up. So sometimes just schema work will take care of all this. So it just depends right? But what you said Bradley, I totally agree with press release stacking tier 1 brand.

Yeah, and that's a good point. I'm glad. I oftentimes just forget that. Not always not people, people don't always understand that that's part of it. You know, press releases are just such an integral part of everything that we do. So I didn't mention that. But Marco is 100%, right? Because remember, the press releases themselves, especially if you optimize for those specific terms are will rank way easier than like your blog post URLs from your either your money site or from you the syndication network properties. I like to use the syndication network properties to specific post URLs that were you know, re syndicated from the money site, because it pushes power back to the money site. Well, so we'll press releases and the press releases will rank and push a competitor off a page. Depending on which platform they are on. Some of them purge, I'm sure you're aware of that. But if you're consistently publishing press releases anyways, which is what we recommend, then you're always going to have those press releases available to be powered up and push competitors off the page, too. So I totally agree with what Marco just said.

Why Do You Mix A Money Site Feed And Authority Feed?

So BB. What's up? Maybe he says, Hey, hey guys, because I wasn't tuned last week, I didn't clarify myself. Why is it recommended that the super feed has a mix of the money site feed with other authority feeds that publishes new post articles regularly? What difference does it make? Well, it because it creates co citation. That's why it's a way to add additional relevancy. And to associate your money site with other highly relevant web properties out there highly relevant content for whatever theme it is that you're promoting, right. So that's why it's kind of a way to create co citation if you're not familiar with that, just go search Google what is co citation and you can read some articles about it. But it's also just a way to add relevancy.

And here's the thing, when you're creating a super feed with other people's content that's highly relevant to whatever you're promoting. Then you go submit those two articles or excuse me, uh, RSS directories, aggregators, that sort of thing. Then you're going to basically They're gonna those RSS feeds will publish your content alongside alongside other relevant content. And so again, it's the feed itself doesn't Well, it does create co citation in some some degree. But it's when you when you submit that feed is when I'm looking that was the word I was looking for submit that feed to directories and aggregators, burn a feed burner feed out of that feed, because now Google is aware of it, right? We've talked about this many times, there's what's called a buzz boost embed code, you can use that very strategically with G sites and things like that to be able to squeeze even more power. Remember, we're talking about Google stacking here at all times. That's what we that's what we teach. So if you can use a G site and Google Feedburner with the buzz boost, embed code, and create super feeds out of all of that, then you can create a lot of power. And so for example, with some of the local stuff, I haven't haven't messed with this in probably a year and a half now but there's a you know, some of the things you can do. We talked about Amazon earlier today. Amazon s3 buckets but create an HTML page that's super relevant to a particular keyword and or location, depending on whether you're doing local. And then you can add, you know, your own money site feed. Plus other related like, again, for local, which is what I do, you can find local content feeds and you can create a super feed out of that create a buzz boost embed code out of Feedburner embed that into an Amazon s3 page that then you embed into a G site and then just hammer that shit with with links with with the specific terms including location modifiers at that point, because now you're an All high authority properties. So you can get super super targeted, like laser focused in on it like with with the link building and everything else and see what happens and there's no direct link back to your money site that way. It's all through iframes, which is what Marco teaches, and it's very, very powerful. So that's what I would say about the super feed.

This Stuff Works
Number two, I'm sorry, hang on a second on that because we need to make clear And crystal clear is that when we're starting out a new project, we have absolutely no trust and no authority is correct. And we need trust and authority to rub elbows with the big boys. Now if we can't, if we have none, then what we have to go and do is go hang out. with the big boys, we have to mimic the big boys. Why? Because Google throws you a bone in the beginning, when you start your project, you get a PR one, which they'll take away in the next cycle. If you haven't established anything, you haven't done anything. If you haven't done it right gets taken away. So now you're working from zero, and nothing from nothing leaves nothing. So what you need to do is, not only are you looking to rub elbows with these big boys you like you're looking to siphon from their trust and their authority trying to pay that co citation which Bradley mentioned and add to your trust and authority, simply because you're mentioned with them so it's kind of a cool authority and co trust along with that code. citation because you're there. And you're being mentioned in the same space as they are while you're working through the SEO power shield, to build up your own trust and authority, your own seat site and your own seed set. That's that's what you're trying to do. And the only way that one that one of the better ways that you can do this is by simply going and building the super feed, and borrowing from other trusted authority that's available by being included in that super feed. That's what's happening.

Yeah, and again, that's what I love about that like, especially with what I mentioned, with the buzz boost embed code, because now you can take that feed and literally embed it into an Amazon s3 page and then into a G site. Right. And so now you've got dynamically updated content on that page. I mean, if you're on if you're doing your own blogging, then great but if you've got other local or relevant content sources, excuse me, preferably high authority, relevant content sources and their public to what's what's that going to do? It's going to cause the bots to come keep crawling that page, because it's like it's seeing new content on a regular basis. And it's all relevant. So you build relevancy that way. And like I said, you can get super targeted. I mean, again, that's what we teach with the theme marrying stuff, guys, and it works incredibly well.

Is It Risky To Add 100 Branded Properties To The SameAs Schema In The Money Site?

So number two, say money site has 100 branded properties, instead of the 20 properties you do today, will it be risky to add all of them to the same schema and the money site? Okay, I'm going to give you my opinion on this and what I do, and then you know, I'm sure Marco will have something to say about it as well. I don't typically list all of the properties that are created for same as what I do is go look and see what Google deems are the most important, how do you do that? I've talked about this many times. But if again, if it's for a local project, I'll put the name of the business end, so the company name, and then the phone number in the search bar of Google, and I'll hit search. And I'll automatically always put the major social media ones in there. The Google Site GMB website if it's there, the GMB map URL, not the share URL, but the cid=URL, right? That's the non redirect version of the URL for that Google Map I put all of those are just like standard. But if I'm for every single project, I'll just go in and do a company name search and a phone number search. Again, this is for local, but it's the same process would apply is go do a brand search. And some you know, for an AP, I like to use two different data points. So for name, address, phone number, I like to use name and phone number. And what I do is just go collect all of the URLs that are indexed in Google on the top two pages. It's not all the time 20, right, it sometimes might only be you know, 12 out of 20, or the actual, you know, are relevant, I'll extract or scrape the most relevant URLs from the top two pages. And that's what I put in as same as besides the standard same as properties that I always put in. That's just what works for me and I've been able to get results with that over and over and over again. But um, what do you what do you think Marco? What do you say?

Yeah, like always wouldn't go overboard and put like 100 brand new properties in there, however amount of properties in there, but Okay, so this is supposed to be for social media properties. That's that's what the same as this is. This particular same schema is designed for what we're talking about. But what I have put in there is, for example, my s3 bucket, and lo and behold, my s3 bucket comes up for the branded search. Isn't that interesting? And I have put my drive stack in there, right the drive URL in there, and lo and behold, my docs and my spreadsheet and other things will come up for the branded search. And so we know like we absolutely know that we can manipulate schema. Be careful, because you can get hit with a schema penalty. Bradley you can be hit with a schema penalty. So it just how risk versus reward how much risk are you willing to take? And what's the reward worth? If not, then you just take the stronger one the strongest ones. Because what you what you're looking also to do is to influence your knowledge panel and have those social media buttons appear in your knowledge panel. It's kind of like a badge. It just looks good to have those in there. And one of those ways to do it is through the same as schema.

Should You Submit The Super Feed Gradually?

I agree. All right, last one.

Hang on before you go to that third one. Don't you have a question before Bibi's some guy Jojo?

Oh, I'm sorry, somehow I missed it. Okay, well, let me finish the third one real quick. And then I'll jump back to Joe. Joe says, should I submit the super fee gradually, like 10 a day? Or can I submit 200 sites all at one go for fee submissions. I just I just go to Fiverr and pay a Fiverr gig to do it guys. And I just I don't drip. I don't ask for a drip schedule. I just blast it out there because it's different. It's not the same as like submitting a money site URL to 200 different locations. It's different, right? If you're creating a super feat especially With other content in there, like directories and aggregators, you get bots. It's like a pinging service really, you may be able to you can siphon some authority away from those sites, but it's more like a pinging service in that it helps whenever the feed has a new item, these directories, aggregators, they come the bots on those sites will come crawl that content to see what's new. And so it's kind of a way it's kind of like a, like a more modern version of a pinging service, which if you understand penguin service, it's like one of the most basic and oldest things for indexing and for search engines and such. So again, I don't drip that out. I just blast it out there. Okay, because it's not something that I handle anyways, I just pay a Fiverr gig to do that.

This Stuff Works

Do You Recommend Sending Social Signals To The Money Site?

Joe, Joe says In addition to building out the main syndication network, do you recommend sending social signals to the money site? Not if they're fake? I don't know. I haven't even tested that shit now and probably four or five years, but four or five years ago, I did a really good depth test on social signals. And I found if they were from fake profiles that didn't have, you know, real followers and real engagement on the profiles that provided the social signals, they really had no SEO influence whatsoever. I did a pretty significant test on that. But it was probably four or five years ago. I can't imagine sending fake spam social signals to anything right now would count towards anything. Do you have any definitive information on that?

Yeah, with ads, so cheap. I always have, why would you fake it? Why Why would you go and spend 50 bucks let's say in fiber, or whatever 25 or whatever you know, you're going to spend to get this. If you can just give it to Google for YouTube ads or you can spend it in facebook, facebook ads, or Pinterest or whatever. Get a couple of hundred bucks, go spread it around it or whatever. run ads, and get Real people coming to you coming to wherever it is that you want to go. Right. And now you have real people with an interest in your shit in your streams. And and hopefully you've done a really good job. And a couple of those will convert because that's all you need. The like the goose that laid the golden egg is, is getting a few of those people that you're getting from the social media to finish whatever it is that you set for them to do, whether it's to fill out your form, whether it's to make that call, watch a video, whatever it by whatever it is, you need Google to get that that's the signal that Google needs to get isn't necessarily that it's a social signal. But it's that person trusting you enough to give you information or your credit card to make that call, whatever it is set it up in in Tag Manager where you can track it, set it up in analytics, where you can track the goal. set it all up the right way. Get real people in there and I guarantee you you will be rewarded more handsome Then if you get fake signals in there that are not going to convert in the first place.

Yeah, yeah, again, I recommend, you know, like Marco said, you can buy real traffic with Google Ads with YouTube, which is more about views than the clicks. But if it's relevant, it's compelling, you'll get clicks. And those clicks are highly weighted, by the way. Or you could use even Google display ads and get much cheaper clicks. So that you actually get you're buying essentially, traffic from a relevant audience. And you can do that with in market audiences or custom intent audiences. And we've talked a lot about that. We've got a couple of training courses available to teach you how to do that if you if you'd like you can reach out to support and we can send you the links to those. But yeah, I just don't recommend spending money or wasting money on fake social signals. You know, again, if I don't know what the niches but if I've noticed, I started posting recently with one of the projects I'm working on in LinkedIn, believe it or not, and now Like, it's not something I've done much of, you know, I haven't spent much time in LinkedIn and yours really, and but I, for one of the projects I'm working on, we started posting a blog post, which we're just doing two posts per week for this project, and started to get some engagement in LinkedIn, believe it or not, and that's, and that I think, could be more valuable than like just spam social signals. And I'm not saying that your your niche would be relevant to that. But it's possible look into something where you're going to get real engagement, because that makes a big difference than if you're getting just like fake social signals. Okay. All right. The next question is, is it a good, good idea? Excuse me? Is it a good idea to build out a national directory on a G site where essentially each state then city as an ri S Drive on the same g site? That would be a massive dam project?

I don't know. It's not something I've tried.

What do you think Marco? It's not something I've tried.

It's no different than bill. Out of directory in a TLD on a WordPress site or anything else, except that you're going to generate massive power in that drive second g site where if you if you do it correctly, it's going to take a lot of time and effort, man. Yeah. Especially state and city because what how many cities are we talking about in the US, Brad, you know, like 32,000 or something like that. You with a population 5000 or above? I think it is. Yeah. Yeah. So it's massive, massive work because it's really difficult to automate it. In a in a G site, right. We've met a GC, we spent over a year trying to automate drive stacks and G sites in an mg IV, right, what we managed to do in it, we have a hell of a developer in there doing this. It's not something simple, but the amount of power that you'd be generating by the time you're in the city level, and the more cities that you add in there that they would just start ranking when you Just add it. That's the incredible part of working in G sites and dissect a lot of manual work, but the reward is there if you're willing to put in the time.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, I don't think you'd run a run the script.

Oh, hell no, no, no, no.

You wouldn't want to run the the G site script that rebuilds the site with that site size of a project, that's for sure. So Google would boot you off terminate your account.

What BattlePlan Items Are Useful For A Low Competition Niche?

Anyways, next would be Wally. He says, guys, thanks for joining us Hump Day Hangouts. You're welcome. He says I'm dealing with some very low competition niches resulting in much lower fees that can be charged, what battle playing plan items would be considered essential and what items can be eliminated or pushed off to later months in order to work with the shoestring budgets but still get results for clients? Thanks. Well, there's a couple of answers I would provide to you though, like the setup the entity assets, I wouldn't skimp on that at all. Okay. And if you're dealing with low competition stuff, It's very likely that if you just set up all your entity assets, the way that we teach, like the SEO shield items, essentially. And you've got, you know, solid on page if you're using a, you know, a self hosted site, or even if you're just using Google site as your your money site, which you can certainly do, again, I mentioned this in the beginning, guys, I'm going to be doing two projects coming up in metropolitan areas. Neither one of them Am I going to have a self hosted site. One of them's they're both going to have G sites. One of them will also have a GMB. So you can use a G site as a money site. Okay. So I would recommend setting up all your entity assets the way that we teach. And then if you've got that done correctly, then it's likely you're going to be especially low competition, it's likely you're already going to rank right you might need to do a link build a couple of link building gigs or a few press releases in order to kind of light everything up right in order to get it to rank and to stick. But I've seen that time and again with low competition stuff that the once the entity assets are set up and maybe a link building gig or two A handful of press releases and boom, it ranks. And then as we've proven, most of the time, you can leave that shit alone, especially low competition, and it won't budge for, I mean for a long, long time, so I wouldn't recommend skimping on any of that. If you have a shoestring budget and you and you're not looking to purchase done for you services, then the only other option would be to learn how to set them up on your own, which we have training for that. But then that's a lot of manual work, but it just depends you either have time or money, right. So either more time or more money, little little bit of money and more time or a little bit of a little bit of time and more money, right. So you can decide on how you want to how you want to work that out. But I would recommend, if anything, makes sure all the setup. So your entity assets are done correctly, you associate all of them correctly the way that we teach or have us do it for you at mg y B, and then hand a couple of press releases are link building gager to see where we're where we're at results at like where it ends up settling. And then from there you can with low competition stuff you may not need to do as consistent link building as consistently as what we do for higher competition stuff. Any any comments there guys?

No, no SEO shield the SEO power shield will take care of most most of what ails local GMB Pro. This seems to be local local GMB pro in here and doing those posts the right way. Yep. Someone said, I've been doing a lot of posts, and I can't get the same results that you do is like one of the comments that I get from the image that I share one of the comments that I got. And Dude, you could do 1000 posts, and that doesn't mean that Google is going to pay attention to them. How did you do those posts? Did did you go through the through the training so that you know what to do with those so that you know what to focus on. So you know how to put them together, how they go together. Did you take care of all that? Cuz when you do, I can guarantee that it starts to just snowball, because it's power on power on power. And if you've done it right, then the power builds on itself. And you don't lose the power, you're actually pushing power back in constantly. And that that's what we're looking to do. So all of that, it depends on how you do everything and whether you set it up correctly, which goes back to what I said, in the beginning of all this. It's how you do it not not, it's not just doing it for the sake of doing on a shoestring budget, again, set up that SEO PowerShell for your client, concentrate on the entity, do it better than anybody else. If it's low comp, that should be enough.

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Yeah. I totally agree. And what's interesting is if it is local, I've noticed this recently, I would show it to you guys, but it's a project that I've again, I'm only sharing in the mastermind right now, but it'll it'll be coming in. It's something I've just witnessed in the last couple of weeks is doing GMB posts and targeting which is what you know, we teach now local GMB Pro. And so my blogger for example, that manages GMB post, she's got a list of the target keywords that we want to promote. And so she just goes down and like let's say she's doing three GMB posts per week. So each each GMB post that she schedules to be published should just grab another one of those keywords and work it in to the top sentence within the text within the GMB post. And what I've found recently in some of the lower competition areas for Tree Service stuff is that the GMB website is ranking for these longer tail keywords that are in the lower competition areas even though it's not the GMB posts that's ranking. It's the GMB website because the GMB post is on the website and you know how Google will display the meta description based upon whatever the search term is it'll find content on the page that is relevant to the search query and it will show that is the meta description if that makes sense. So I've noticed that you know what Margo was saying is absolutely right. Like that's something that is super inexpensive to do if you're publishing the GMB posts yourself or scheduling them yourself or hire a blogger could do it for dirt cheap. Like, you know, my blogger does. GMB post for you know, about two $2 per piece, you can get it for less, but my point is doing something like that and low competition areas, it's very likely that you'll start to see the GMB website start to rank for those low competition terms. So remember, if you do all the females and stuff that we teach, then you can also get the G site to rank for that too. So it's like Marco said, iIf you set everything up correctly and low competition, you probably not going to need a lot of the ongoing stuff. Content Marketing, I think is critical to continue doing that, because kind of powers up the whole entity and adds more depth and relevancy to it all. But you might not need as much as the external stuff. So which is where a lot of the expense comes in. Alright, so Josh says and we're almost out of time, guys, but Josh says with the SEO show, Does the product come with tutorials on setting up your Google stacks and syndication networks? Well, no, not for the done for you. If you want to learn how to set up, you'll get a user's guide which gives gives you like, you know, best practices and things, what to do next and all of that. But if you have if you want to learn how to set up syndication networks and RYS drive stacks and all that we have syndication Academy is for syndication networks, obviously, and in RYS reloaded, which would be how to set up Google stacks.

Right so the so the SEO shield is drive stack and and G site and a syndication network, and a page or all of it, that there's your parachute comes with the other day and I forget that we have three different ones. But that's you get you get that and when you buy that from mtv.co. That's what you get. You don't get the how, because that's what that's what we lose, right. It is available, as you said in RYS Academy reloaded syndication Academy, local GMB Pro, all of the stuff that we use, it'll come like goes hand in hand. It's not just building a syndication network. It's not just building a drive second GC. It's not just building an @ID page. It's incorporating all of this into one, and then doing everything else that you need to do to that to get the results that you want.

You go.

Will There Be An Expansion Of RYS Into Stacking Cloud Properties?

Okay, Olaf up says, will there ever be an expansion of RYS into stacking cloud properties? Well, I'm not sure what that if you're talking about stacking other like, Cloud Hosting properties. That's what we talked about at the beginning of today's Hump Day Hangouts. If that's what you're asking, if you're asking if our is is going to, if there will ever be an expansion service that like for expanding the drive stack for like theme mirroring and siloing the drive stack, then yeah, that's already available at the store, just go check it out. But if you're talking about using other things, Cloud Hosting properties you know we discussed that at the beginning Marco said that that's something that you know we might do in the future but we've really not needed to because what we have works you know what I mean already, so you want to comment on that?

No, that's exactly right. We how much better Can you do then then what I what we showed in the beginning how much better Can you do then over 300 costs in a luxury niche? It doesn't get much better than that. So what can I get 10 more calls for how much work that's how I look at it. How much work Am I gonna have to do to go and explain these stacks learning to put them together but and fitting it all in into something that works that I know will push the same power? Well wait a minute to push the same power as as dry sex and diesel. Thank you very much. I already have that. And I'm already doing that. Yeah. So why give me a Why give me a reason why and Yes, I will. If it's just to siphon money from you guys. That's not the kind of guy I am. I suck at Internet Marketing. I'm not out to take your money. I want you guys to make money with me.

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Do You Have Training On Stacking?

Yeah. So Ricky's up, it says, I'm not sure what the stackingstuff is. Yeah, you know, sometimes we understand that, you know, we're talking to a mostly SEO crowd. And we've got to do better about explaining things in a more more layman's terms sometimes. But stacking is essentially just taking fundamentals and stacking them. Right. So that's what it's what Marco was saying at the beginning of today's Hump Day hangout is that if you want to chase shiny and the new and you know, the new, whatever the new method is, and all that, you know, sometimes those things work, but a lot of times people are looking for gimmicks, they're looking for something that's shiny, because it's new and exciting and blah, blah, blah, it's sexy, whatever. My point is, what we teach is fundamentals things that we've known that proven to work for years now. And so taking fundamentals, some of the basics, the things that we know and have proven to work and then stacking those concepts on top of each other so for example, with Google stalking, we use Google properties and build properties out that on on on Google properties on various types of Google properties, Google Drive, Google Drive, files and folders, the Google site, right, so g site, GMB, Google, my business, all these different properties that we have that our Google properties YouTube could be included in that. And then we stack those on top of each other or together we interlink them, we do iframe, stacking, all of that kind of stuff, which is what theme mirroring is about. So again, that's, that's one way. Another way would be like PR stacking, press release, stacking, right, press release, stacking would be publishing press releases, but then chaining them daisy-chaining them together, like, like internal linking within a silo on a website, right? It's the same thing. So all of these are like when we talk about stacking, it's about taking concepts, and then stacking them on top of each other in a way that is logical that works that builds power exponentially, as opposed to linearly so it makes sense. So it's not like one plus one equals two It's more like one plus one equals five. And it's because of the exponential power from the stacking. Hopefully, I don't know if that was clear. I was trying to keep it succinct. Anybody want to take a stab at that before we move on? I know. I really like that exponential power. Yeah, that's what we're looking to do through our stacking methodology.

Does Drive Stacking Work On Non Local Clients?

Okay, good. I did good on that. One. Last question is Oh, by the way, he says, Does it work for non local clients? Yes. The reason I talk about local so much is because that's all I do. But as Marco always says, local was, is relative, like, you know, what server local is relative, it can be the same principles work for regional, statewide, national or even global, right? It's just a matter of you typically, for bigger projects, it's going to require more, right more of everything, more content, more link building to you know, external stuff to the entity assets, all of that I work specifically local. So that's why I talk about that so much. Want to comment on that?

We took on Amazon in one. I mean, I've talked about that before and with that, Ricky, Bobby go in the free group and and I'll pull. I'll pull up some of that stuff for you. Does it work with non local clients? Yes, absolutely.

Where Can We Find The Training For GMB Posts?

So the last question is, which looks like Adam already answered but Joss has Where can we find training on GMB posts? You know, right here is one place. We talked about it obviously, but then local GMB pro especially right now with the sale the Fourth of July sale be a really good time to pick that up guys that that it again, it's the foundation it's the principles of how to get results with with Google My Business. And it works incredibly well just go take a look in the free Facebook group to the posts that we talked about and highlighted at the beginning of this hump day, hang out there and take a look at the screenshots that's local. I mean, that's a combination of all the things but the screenshot that Marco took was of GMB insights. So Google My Business Insights rights, which is like analytics for maps, and for the Google My Business profile, and you'll see just how much activity you can generate with Google My Business when done properly and one of the most critical components of that is posting regularly and often and in the correct fashion and that's what local, I mean, local GMB pro teaches more than just about posting, but that that is one of the most critical parts of it.

So I should have mentioned that that those images don't include traffic to the website, call on the website interaction or waste on the website form fields and everything else that takes place on the website, though the guy is doing the happy then you've seen people do that that happy that this this this guy all day long, sir.

So guys, everybody, thank you for being here. Have a Happy Fourth, go take advantage of the sales both at Semantic Mastery and an MGB. We'll see you guys next week,

everyone. Bye, everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 293

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what's going on everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 24th of June. It's Episode 293, which comes to be 69 episodes after Episode 224. What do you say? Right 69 episodes so let's go welcome her Nan here and which is going to do the proverbial roundabout because Mr. Adam is not here. I don't know what he said. But hey, Bradley, how are you doing, man?

Good. Happy to be here. It's hot as hell they are now right now though. It's like, middle of summer and nasty but yeah, things are good. Besides that. Awesome,

Chris. How about you man?

Yeah, it seems pretty good here. Whereas nice no rain. It's not as hot as we spread. Lee like evenings and stuff are still chilly and cold. Like seems a pretty lovely, awesome new Marco. Oh, date.

Do you see it? I've been telling you I know I've been joking for years about the weather in Costa Rica never really showed it because I don't like to have a camera on my computer. I said this is my work. This is my workstation and I want to and I like to stay focused. But now I'm doing more video more stuff. So I decided that for a year straight I am going to show my camera every Wednesday on Hump Day hangouts so you guys can see for yourself. This is it. This is it. Somebody asked me I don't get sick of this weather. Suck. No, don't you guys get tired of that heat that oppressive humidity and just nasty heat her nan 810 sometime around where he lives and the coal. Mine is 10 don't you guys see. Don't you guys get sicker? That's no up to your ears. I got this. I got this up to my ears.

There you go. Powerful, so

Okay, what's up, everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangout. If you're here for the first time welcome. This is Semantic Mastery crew we try to help you as much as possible with anything and everything that has to do with digital marketing, answering your questions, SEO, growing your digital agency, whatever it is, and this is free being free, you will keep on being free. So drop your questions here. And we will try to help you out as much as possible. Now, before we jump into the questions, a couple of things. The first one is that Fourth of July sale for both Semantic Mastery and MGB is coming and it's usually I would say our second largest sale of the year followed only you know, the first place might be Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the second-largest cell of the year is Fourth of July. So if you're into saving money, and if you're into getting results for your clients, stay tuned. Make sure that you're open next week's emails because Guess is going to be pretty awesome. We're going to be giving you guys some really cool discounts and stuff, it's going to be pretty, pretty cool. Anything that you guys want to add to that.

We actually pulled people, right. And we asked them, what they wanted from us what they needed from us. And so our sale is going to be according to what people said they would want from us. So we do listen to you guys. We do try to give you as much as we can. That's why we have been live free hours for what? Going on six years now. Yeah, don't even air for six years. Think about it, and we're here live every Wednesday, answering your questions. Just because right, we want to give back to the community. That was the original idea behind Hump Day Hangouts. And it stays. The idea behind Hump Day Hangouts, we're giving back to the community that gives us so much that allows me to learn so much and allows me to tinker with Google as much as I do. So this is a thank you, from us to you, sir.

Alright, so that's basically it. If you guys want to learn how to take your agency to the next level, go to 2xyouragency com that is the number two-letter X your agency com if you have a couple of clients, you want to take it to 10 clients, 15 clients, 20 clients, however many and then guess what, once you have that amount of clients, you don't need to worry about fulfillment because we do it for you at mgyb.co. So you go to mgyb.co you go there, you get all of your fulfillment leads ready to go. So all you need to focus on is to build your team and grow your business. So I think that's it, we should jump into questions right.

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All right. Well, we got a lot of questions already. So I want to jump right into it, though. Let me grab the screen.

Zoom will cooperate.

Okay, you guys are seeing my screen, correct?

Yes. All right.

Ah, I think I'm okay.

Does Press Release Distribution Correlate With Rankings?

Yeah. All right. I'm just making sure I didn't have any sensitive tabs open with clients. Nothing I need to worry about looks fairly decent. All right. We're gonna start right off with this question from five days ago. He says I have subscribed to Access Wire for doing press release distribution for clients. Question one does press release distribution correlate with rankings in any way. And then question two is If yes, are there any best practices you tested? Yes. And yes, it does. Because here's the thing and you know, we've got a relationship with Jeremy. One of the CO Owners of Press Advantage, which by the way, and very soon in the next couple of weeks to three weeks, something like that. We're going to do another webinar with him and opening it up a special again, for people that want to have their own subscription accounts to Press Advantage, which is the same distribution service that we have available in MGYB. For anybody who's doing a lot of volumes, I always suggest having your own Press Advantage subscription. There are other providers out there Accesswire being one of them. There's many of them now, actually. And there is a big difference between the distribution networks like there are certain common there are certainly common distribution sites, they get used by almost all distribution services or by a fair of a vast majority of them. But they're also depending on the relationships that are forged between the distribution company and the distribution partners are outlets right where they dependent, so that's usually something that it's a relationship that has to be built. And that's why you know, yeah, yeah, it really does make a difference to have a good distribution service one that has, you know, selects good sites with good traffic, good metrics, that kind of stuff. Nothing real spammy. Here's the problem. I don't know necessarily about Accesswire. I have tested them in the past, but it's been at least two years and I've only done like a couple of one-off press releases with them. I was always testing against Press Advantage. There are some really good ones out there Press Advantage being one of them.

Another one is Quantum Newswire, which this one of our mastermind members actually developed that it's a really good service as well. But what you have to be careful about and again, I'm not speaking directly about Accesswire, because I don't know haven't tracked it in a few years, a couple of years, at least, is that some distribution services will pad their numbers or inflate their numbers with like WordPress sites and such. That they call distribution sites, but really they're just republishing Press Releases what press releases are too but part of the benefit of press releases is that they get published on high traffic sites that are like media sites, right news sites. So just creating a WordPress site to republish press releases isn't necessarily a good thing. In fact, it could even be toxic if those sites are really spammy sites. A lot of the media distribution sites that are distributed to that are part of an actual media network. They are typically high traffic high authority sites, so they typically don't consider as spammy or toxic whereas a lot of the networks or distribution networks that I've tested a lot of the guys and I have got a lot of the reason why I've stuck with Press Advantage is that they've had a really good selection of sites is my point. And there that's growing like Jeremy has been working on developing relationships with so Press Advantage has been dealing with developing relationships for you now with companies, in fact, I don't know what I can reveal here, but some new ones are coming. And that's part of the reason why and or already available. But anyway, that's part of the reason why we're going to have another webinar with him and then in the coming weeks, but that said, Yes, it does.

There is a correlation with rankings, because again if you're not careful when you get you to distribute press releases to spammy sites, they can actually end up being toxic. So that's there are a couple of things that you can do. If that's the case, use the press releases to link back to your tier one entity assets as opposed to your money site directly. I saw there was another question from one of our members, Nathan Smith, I believe further down about using press releases to link directly to your money site. I do because of Press Advantage being a good distribution service. But again, if you're not sure, or you haven't tested and you don't know what the distribution looks like yet, then I would recommend linking back to tier one entity assets instead of directly to your money site. So what are those right GMB maps, GMB website if you're using if it's for local, you could link to the SEO shield properties, which is what we recommend? So Google Drive Google Site Google Drive stack, you know the files and folders and Id page. You could link to your major social media, your syndication network properties, there's a number of things that you any tier one entity asset, really. And so that's what I would recommend just to be on the careful side if you've got a subscription Accesswire, publish a couple of press releases, linking back to tier one entity assets first, then look at the distribution reports and go through it with the fine-tooth comb and see if there's anything in there that's you know, particularly spammy if so then I would recommend, you know, looking for another service or just using it the way that I just mentioned. Okay. Does anybody want to comment on that?

No, I mean, yes to the question is yes, they are correlational. We do find that doing regular press releases, helps with rankings now whether it's because of the links, because it was because of the distribution, just whatever it is. Now, I will say that whenever I run a press release, it does get hit with link building. I don't just do a press release, and then nothing behind it. So whether it's the link building to the press release or the press release itself, then we don't know unless you run a like a separate test just press releases, I know you've done that. And press releases and label that's something that I'm going to get into in here for free. At any rate, when you do them correctly when you stack them like it's taught in local PR Pro, it's fantastic. It's fantastic for pushing the map into the three-pack, pushing those polls, boosting the post, and pushing from the post over to the website through the do follow link that you can get. Doing it all that way but you still pushing relevance and power over to the website. But you're putting a buffer in between a buffer that will help your map rank anyway. And then when you stack those, and you build links to those, as you're stacking them, right around the third, fourth or fifth press release in the stack, you see things just kind of take off. But if you do just one, it may or may not help, depending on the competition in that niche, but when you stack them, and you do the link building, you run those embed gigs and link building. It works really, really well. It's probably a combination, right? Because we do talk to Jeremy on a regular basis, we ask for a lot of stuff that he does for us, right? Like the media, the page has developed over time because he's out he actually asks us what we would like and we tell him and he does whatever he can, within reason, right? We can. We can't get everything that we want. I'd love to but we can't so And then the other part I forgot what the second part of that question was.

What Are Some Best Practices When Distributing Press Releases?

He said, If yes, are there any best practices you tested?

Local PR pro? Yeah.

Yeah. And in fact, as a kind of an add on to local PR Pro, which we made it public, so it's available and that's why I was pulling up on YouTube. It's available publicly on our channel. If you just go search for YouTube, press release SEO or press release silo stalking or whatever, you'll see it comes up or you can go directly to our channel. So YouTube youtube.com slash semantic mastery and use the channel search feature and just type in press releases SEO. And you'll see this is the video we did about 11 months ago. It's an hour long. It's a webinar and update webinar that we did for our Marco and I did for MGB. But again, it's just it's publicly available, where we talk specifically about how the press release stacking kind of changed slightly it evolved right which is now we silo press releases the same way that we would silo blog posts or GMB posts are all of the above, right? So go check that out. It's an hour-long, but it tells very specifically the strategy on how to silo press releases and stack them. And that's where the magic happens. That's what Marco was just talking about. You get four or five press releases into it, and you'll start to see significant movement when we proved that over and over and over again. So that's what I recommend. And I'll talk a little bit more about that strategy when I get to the question that I saw Nathan post earlier. We'll get to that here in a few minutes. Okay. There's a good question though.

Is Content Curation Still Helpful As Of 2020?

Alright, so the next question is from Benjamin or I'm sorry Ben jam. He says I followed your recommendation and purchase Jeffrey Smith. Seo Bootcamp. Okay. Yeah, I remember this. Remember you from last week. He says, I no longer have any questions about how to silo a website. That's right because he's the man when it comes to that stuff. He says his process for writing posts is more involved compared to curated posts though in order to create the top, though in order to create topical depth was about To start with creating curated posts for the content kingpin, now I'm wondering the best way to proceed. The SEO Bootcamp process uncovers the topical keywords for each silo, and the questions associated with them to use and writing seven to 900-word posts, hiring a writer to write researched and well-written articles sound expensive. And yes, it's very much is when you hired a subject matter expert to write posts. It's it can be very expensive, or even just a good writer might not even be a subject matter expert, they might go research to be able to write good posts, but that's expensive to try to use curated posts. Is there something that is this something that can still be put in the hands of a writer in the Philippines for $10 a post or is it going to cost more? Okay? So my answer to that is, you know, Jeffrey has his method. I follow his on-page methods for siloing and things like that. Not 100 I don't follow all of his methods because it's a lot of work and we've been able to, you know, some of the methods that I use, I'm able to still achieve results. It really depends on what you want to do. I don't typically go for those longer posts, what I, what I do is a curated post, my bloggers handle all that. That's because I've got a couple of really good bloggers that I've trained over the years that do curate content curating, that are really, really, really good at it. And I've taught them some SEO tactics as well, so that they understand how to interlink properly, which tags to use, depending on the type of silo structure, we're using all that kind of stuff. So I like to use curated posts, because it's efficient, it's less expensive, it's easier for people that, you know, they don't have to research it for every blog post. So it's a lot more and a lot less expensive.

So, can you still use curated posts for topical depth? Yes. However, keep this in mind. You know, you can kind of make a hybrid out of the two, which is kind of what we do. You know, occasionally not all the times, but occasionally I'll tell my blogger to go scrape all the questions, you know, the FA Q's for a particular topic for the project that we're working on. So where do you get those questions? Well, there's a keyword scraper out there that you can use. I know there's also you can just go to answer the public Comm. And you can type in some keywords and it will come back and show you commonly asked questions, you can go to Google and ask questions as if you were somebody looking for the product or service that you're logging about, right? And ask questions as if you were inquiring about that product or service and then see what the accordion boxes are in Google search results with questions people also ask right? And each time you click one of the dropdowns to reveal that it'll show the question but you to reveal the answer, which is just curated snippets of Q and A's from other websites. That's all that accordion box is. You can use those questions in your own content and a curator can still use those questions and in fact, think about this. The questions plus the answers are right there in the accordion meant, you know the accordion box In the Google search results, like I said, each time you click the drop-down menu or the drop-down arrow, it actually shows reveals more questions and answers. And so you can scrape those, and they actually give you the link to a snippet and then a link over to where that question is answered on, you know, on that particular site that there's that they're citing, right? That they're attributing it to. So you can actually use that in your curated content. guys think about that. So it's a very easy way to start adding FAQs or questions and answers to blog posts, that your, you know, your VA is publishing or whatever. And the curating content can be right there unless it's a direct competitor, which I don't ever recommend linking to a direct competitor. But a lot of the times they're not direct competitors. And so you can actually take the copy the question and answer right from the Google search results. And paste that into a blog post. Make sure you cite the source of the answer, just like you would any other type of curated content. And there you go.

So again, you can go about it. Both ways. Jeffrey Smith has his own specific method. And he's very, very good at being able to rank like crazy for some really difficult terms with little to no backlinks. Because of the way that he structures and does long depth content, you know, long, well researched long-form content for blog posts, because of the volume that we do that my, you know, my agency does, and my bloggers do I prefer the curated content. And it reads, well, it looks good and everything else. So again, it's up to you how you want to do it. My method is to use a silo structure by linking the way that I've been taught by Jeffrey Smith and from Marco, my partner. But you know, again, I like because of the volume that we do, it would be too cumbersome for us to do. There's long-form content all the time for posts and not to mention expensive as well. So it's really a preference, you can get away with doing it. Either way or create kind of a hybrid of the two. Any comments on that?

Yeah, our keyword research gig in mgyb.co is based on the training that we're talking about, where we go into all of the different tools that are available. And we pick up as many keywords relevant in the niche as possible, we get as many as possible, we go into all of these tools, we go into SEMrush, you don't need a subscription to SEMRush. You don't need it for Uber suggests you don't need it for the answer of the public, you don't need any of these because we give it to you. These questions will also pop up in answer the public we give you that and oh, and also the questions that are brought up and when we do the SEMrush research and every other resource, so you know that and you get it. It's all categorized for you. We take care of all that so that you don't have to, so that it when you get that back, you can hand that over to your writer, and then your writer is responsible for finding the content. Now, what Bradley said makes perfect sense because you take that keyword research And you can still build the topical relevance by inserting the proper keywords in the way that Jeffrey teaches it and interlinks. in that manner, nothing stops a good writer from curating and adding the topical keywords are relevant keywords and interlinking. Those, I mean, what's to stop, I don't understand why curation has to be so difficult. It's the simplest thing in the world you go and you find here. Here's a list of topical keywords that you have to add to this long-form 700 to 900 words, you're going to work those in and then you're going to interlink to other pages, or to another page, however, they choose to do it the tags also, but that's the curator can do of it. You don't have to have and I'm doing air quotes, original content. It's original because it's curated and listen to proper attribution simply means that you're giving credit to the audience. Double source, nothing says that you have to link to the original source of the content. Remember when you were doing proper citation, the proper attribution when you were writing a paper in college, those of us who went before the internet, right? You used to cite the source in your paper, right? And you do annotation. Yeah. And you would cite it that way that that's proper. And that's fine. Look at the way that Wikipedia doesn't know they do no, follow it. But sometimes it's not necessary. They just cite the source. And you don't even have to hyperlink it. It doesn't have to be a hyperlink to be proper attribution because you're giving credit. And if you're not using the entire article, you're using a part of the article, maybe a paragraph, which is which in most cases is the proper use of that paragraph because you are citing the source and giving proper attribution without having to add even a nofollow link. So it depends on how you approach this, I would totally approach it. And I do from that standpoint when I have the keywords in that niche, and you'll find this.

I know, a lot of you guys are new at this, when you start getting heavy into entities, and you start using the Google's natural language processor, and you start using some of the online tools like Tex razor, to refine your content, so that you get the most relevant content on that page. Well, you'll get a list of words that you can use, and your writer has to be able to go in there and use those words in that content, so that you're also working with the natural language processor, and what Googlebot is looking for as far as entities on that page. So everything has to be related. Everything has to be relevant, not just content for the sake of content and for the sake of keywords. It has to all make sense at both the unstructured data level, which is content, written content. And the structured data level which is the schema. Google wants LD plus JSON. So when all that matches, and then you hit that with the power that's available through our SEO power shield, the thing that happened when you saw that guy in, in the Facebook in the free Facebook group, I think, where he got his dry site backlinks, he couldn't believe the result. I can't believe you guys control service this way. It's not that we control service is that we know what the bot is looking for a Wi-Fi, the bot constantly. That's it. And it doesn't have to be complicated like it's being made here. They're not mutually exclusive. Let me finish with that.

So I just wanted to demonstrate what I was talking about. So I just went to Google one for you know, for Tree Service stuff, which I do most, a lot of. It's like I just typed in a question How much does Tree Removal cost? Right? So here you go. Here are questions right here, people also ask. And if I click on any one of these, you'll see that it also starts to reveal additional questions for each time I click, it adds Three, two, or three more, right? And so you can go right through here. Now, if we scroll down to the bottom of the page, it's seeing my IP and knows that I'm in Culpepper, Virginia. So some of these may very well be most of these are likely not going to be competitors, but they possibly could be. But if you see right up the top here, it gives you some additional menus or items there. So I just clicked an ad, you know, to add California. And just because, again, you know, it doesn't matter where we're located. If you're, if you're just using it for topical relevancy, then I can click through here and start copying some of these questions and answers, the ones that are relevant, and pasting them into curated posts. Does that make sense? and cite the source. So again, just it's just like you could copy this right here, just like you see it here. And then paste that into a blog post. There you go. And then just make sure you're citing the original source. So again, that's a way you can start working as questions and answers into posts that are curated. Because that's a lot more. It's very efficient. It's really up to you how you want to structure your content production. I prefer the curated method just because that's what my team has been doing since really since 2000. I used to write the posts or curate posts myself until I realized how time-consuming that was going to be. And then I basically created content kingpin and started training virtual assistants, which it wasn't content kingpin at the time, it was training for virtual assistants, but then we turned it into a product because it works so well. So anyway, it was a great question, though. Thanks.

So the next one is from DC, SEO. He says, Hey, guys, no questions for me this week. I just want to issue an apology to MGYB for publicly questioning the keywords submitted for my shield. Okay, I remember this from a week or two ago. Anyways, he said it was totally my fault. I let my son watch what I was doing and how I work and because he saw that I was Using a couple of keyword tools, one of which happened to be keyword shitter, which I'm which almost never you normally use, he wanted to actually join in naturally as an 11-year-old, he took great interest in the name played around playing around with search terms I was using and I ended up uploading the wrong file. Oh, wow. So please accept my apologies. Apologies. One brain fart from me and everyone ended up with a headache. Well, no problem DC SEO and it's a that's big of you to come to say that on Hump Day Hangouts. So thank you. We appreciate that. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

No, thank you. Thank you. I mean, it's really good that someone first called us out publicly. And I didn't I really didn't know what he was talking about. It really surprised me that we would do something like this and I did say that we take care of it. But when we went to look, this is what we ran up against. And thank you, DC for coming back in and straightening things out and letting everyone know that it wasn't Mistake No, we do own up to our mistakes. By the way, it's as if we don't make mistakes. When we do, I just want everyone to know that that we make it right one way or the other.

Do You Think Google Lied About Their Documentation On SameAs Schema?

Okay, so the next one says, Hey, guys, according to Google's documentation, sameas schema support has been dropped around two years ago. Do you think they lied? and for what purpose? Yeah, Google lies all the time. Like, they're pathological liars. Google also said that guest post links don't work. Google also said that you know, building backlinks won't work. Google also said, I mean, we could go down a long laundry list of things that Google usually when Google tells you something doesn't work means do more of it. Guess Google lies to you all the time. Google lies to you. So yeah, that does mean that we could really move on to the next question. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, I would just like to ask, like, how did they reference that same schema support has been dropped? Because we saw we see, and I see this all the time in the natural language processor, Google's own schema tool, right, that analyzes entities on written content, that it references, same as schema. And so how I can support be dropped for sameAs schema? If NAP is using the sameAs schema makes absolutely no sense. It just shows you. I mean, I love the link to that. If you haven't, just drop it in here or drop me a note in the free Facebook group. And I will take a look because I know and I can show that Google is using famous schema. Yeah, I've shown it by the way in heavy hitter club webinars. We've gone into the natural language processor. And we've shown how Google references entities through say that.

Yeah. And so I'm just going to finish reading the question. Yes, I still include sameas and sameas isn't just for local business schema. It's for an organization or corporation schema. So I use it all the time. And I absolutely use it. And I, you know, I always talk about the ones that use my main tier one entity assets, main social profiles. And then for local businesses, I always go look at whatever citations also or profiles or whatever show up for a business name search and Google Plus phone number. So I do whatever the business name is. And then also add the phone number in the same search query and hit, you know, search. And then I extract or pull all the URLs off the top two pages that show up in Google that are relevant to that business, which they should be when you do that type of the search. And I add those to sameas as well and it works. It works really well. So anyway, he says, I personally think they use reciprocal links for verification and possible ml as many social profile icons show up in the knowledge graph and search without any usage of sameas schema since the Yoast and other SEO plugins removed same as for that reason, do you think it is worth it to add that schema to the money site manually? Or to throw some plugin made from a Google's not Google's nonbeliever? Same as Meta Keywords? Yeah, again, I add schema, I'm even starting to use more of structured data for, you know, even like marking up blog posts and such. Because remember, structured data guys are code, it's specifically talking to the bot. So there's no reason not to use it in my opinion, you know, I still use my favorite tool for generating schema is this one. I've said this many times before, but you can just go to technicalSEO.com, and there are tools and they've got, you know, schema generator over on the left-hand sidebar. And this is what I use mainly, I even use Jeffrey Smith, SEO ultimate plugin or ultimate pro plugin on all the sites that I manage now, but I still use this tool right here to generate most of the structured data that we add to pages and posts and things like that because this is just what my team has been trained on. And there's really no reason not to use it. So but there are I mean, anything that you can mark up with structured data you can so when it comes to sameas if you can squeeze it into an organizational corporation or local business schema, why not? You know, it's not going to hurt. So and as Marco said it, yes, they still use it.

How Do You Deal With A Prospect Who Asks To Rank For The Same City And Niche Of An Existing Client?

Okay, Mohammad is up, he says, Hey, guys, there's this car dealer asking me for SEO services in a city where I always work with a dealer. How should I handle this? I don't know, trying to rank two businesses in the same niche in the same city as possible, both practically and morally? How would I rank both? Am I wrong? Do I turn them away? How would you respond to the inquiring client in this case? That's a good question. You know, I've had that issue only occur a couple of times. Typically, I won't, because it does create a kind of conflict even for me. So typically, I won't do it unless I am transparent about that. If that makes sense, and say well, let's see. You know, I've already got a client in this city. So yes, I can do SEO for you, I can't guarantee you that I'm going to, you know that you know, I'm not going to tell you that I'm going to push you above them, I will do equally as good for both of you. That's the only way I could see addressing it. I've turned work away though, because of that being an issue for me. So that's just, you know, my opinion. I know, others probably have other opinions as well. But the only way that I would do it is if that was disclosed, and they were made aware of it. And if they were ever agreed to it, it can proceed moving forward with you, then so be it. It's out in the open, there's nothing to hide and there's no moral or ethical, you know, problem there if that makes sense. But any opinions from you guys, how do you guys handle that stuff?

Yeah, I only take one client per niche person. Like I can't, because there's only one number one and my focus is entirely on making that one client. Number one, I cannot make two people number one. Someone is going to end up number two and not happy. Even when they knew ahead of time that you already had a client, they will be unhappy. I would say find someone who's really good Mohammed, recommend that person, and get a finder's fee. That's how I handle it. Sometimes I just hand them off to our mastermind members. Hey here, go close this guy. He's hot. But I can't take the lead. I can't. So to me that this is a matter of ethics. First of all right? If you don't tell the guy, then you can only make one person number one, even when you do, someone's going to be unhappy. To avoid that headache. And here's the funny thing.

I still have one of them as a client, but one of my first really good clients was a roofer and he was an identical he had an identical twin brother, who also owned a roofing contracting company. So there were two roofing contractors, identical twins. They lived in you know neighboring or adjacent counties, but they had the same service area. And it was funny as hell because I met the one guy and signed him on as a client. And within I don't know, two or three months he, you know, was bragging about me to his brother and his brother hired me his brand, but it was funny because when his brother contacted me, you know, he said, Yeah, my twin brother told me to contact you because you can, you know, you're good at SEO and blah, blah, blah. And it was funny as hell because they were, you know, it was 100% transparent. They both knew that they were using me for you know, for SEO, they hired me for SEO, but it was a fun relationship with them. Because every time one of them would move above the other one, I'd get a call from the one that got knocked down. He'd be like, why do you like him better than me, you know, and it was actually a lot of fun. One of the brothers ended up running into some financial issues at some point and he canceled services with me about a year ago really. And I still do some things for him, but it's he's not on a monthly reading. Like the other client is, but it was just it was a really fun kind of relationship dynamic between theme and those two identical twin brothers. But that's unique in that they were identical twin brothers and they weren't really, I mean, they were competing, but it was in a friendly way, versus like to, you know, businesses that don't know each other. So that's why I said the only way that I could see doing it would be if it was if you were transparent upfront and just said that you're going to work on both of them equally. And but as Marco said, somebody is always going to resent where they are. Whoever is not on top is going to always have resentment. So I agree, I would just turn it away.

What Tiered Syndication Network Is Beneficial To A YouTube Channel?

The next question is from Eric. He says, Hello, I'm interested in purchasing your syndication networks from my YouTube channel. I've watched the course SEO syndication network from Bradley Benner and I just wasn't sure what would be more beneficial for YouTube channel, the single Tier, or the multi-tier. Okay, that's a good question. Also, can you give me an idea of what results I could possibly have for my youtube channel using your syndication network? I know it will help with my search. results on Google, but will it help with my actual YouTube rankings?

And yes, Okay, so the first part of that question is what will work better for the YouTube channel a single Tier or multi-tier network? I always preferred using multi-tier networks for YouTube channels YouTube video for YouTube SEO best basically. Here's the thing though, guys, like just having one multi-tiered network is not going to I mean, it could I don't know what niche you're in or what keywords or difficulty level of you know, what type of competition you're facing or anything else. What really works well is to create the multi Tier or build you know, or purchase the multi-tiered network, and then powered upright and by the way, with YouTube guys, you can keep adding networks, right, you can keep adding tier one networks, multi-tiered networks, you can use the same channel to continue triggering. We never recommend that for blogs for blog syndication, but for YouTube syndication Honest to God, you could, you could put 15 multi-tiered or two-tiered syndication network. To one channel, you could go way beyond that it's unlimited. And you will get better results the more you have. However, it's not just the syndication network that provides the results. It's also powering it up. So that's link building, you can do embed, embed gigs as well to the syndication network properties, or link building to the syndication network properties. That way you can power them up so that each time you upload a video and it syndicates out across the network, that they're, you know, being syndicated to profiles that have been built up with a lot of inbound links if that makes sense. So, it really depends on what your budget is and how aggressive you want to be. But you know, start in my opinion, my recommendation would be to start with one syndication one multi-tiered syndication network, start seeding that network with content from your YouTube channel. So in other words, start syndicating content from your YouTube channel. Also, look into YouTube SEO. Sorry, YouTube Silo Academy. I think we still sell that.

We don't know what we sell we suck at the market. Yeah, I don't know if that product still up or not, but it should be and if not, it's in one of our bonus sites. For sure. It's like a $7 product or at least it was, but YouTube dot silo Academy. It's like I said, it teaches you how to silo YouTube channels with playlists. So that's very important to so what I'm getting at is start seeding that first network with content, then you can start building links to that network go to what I would recommend and see what type of results you're getting. If you need more than you can either continue to power up the existing network because it now seasoned it's a little bit more aged, you started to build authority to it through link building. And you can always add on additional networks as needed. So you can add an on another single, single Tier or multi-tiered network and then keep adding up and then subsequently start powering those up as well. So, again, I always prefer it for YouTube, like when I was doing a shit ton of YouTube SEO, which I don't so much anymore because I do a lot of YouTube ads, so Google ads for YouTube. But when I was doing a lot of YouTube SEO that I would usually start off with three or four multi-tiered networks for any new YouTube channel project that I was working on, because I just liked having that massive amount of power right off the bat. Okay.

Can you give me an idea of what results I could possibly have for my youtube channel using syndication networks? Well, again, it's an SEO tactic more than anything. But engagement is super important for ranking YouTube videos more so on YouTube than in Google, but also in Google as well. YouTube's algorithm is more about engagement than it is Seo signals. Google is still very much, you know, it's still heavily weighted towards SEO signals. So it depends on where you're really trying to rank. If whatever your videos are, if the type of content is more suited for YouTube rankings, then I would recommend that you buy engagement signals, which means traffic from Google again. using YouTube ads, we have a training course on how to do that specifically to, because that's going to help you to rank in YouTube way better. So it depends on what you're where you're trying to rank. Is it Google, or is it YouTube? Or is it both? If it's both, then syndication networks, backlinks embeds, that's what's going to work for the SEO side of things, right. So ranking in Google, if you want to rank on YouTube, SEO signals have play a part there's no question, but also engagement signals are weighted heavily on YouTube. And you can buy engagement signals from Google. Don't buy fake views from other you know, from YouTube view providers don't do that. Don't buy fake comments, and fake likes, and all that shit. Google's algo, or YouTube's algorithms got really good at figuring that stuff out. Just go buy traffic from a relevant audience source inside of Google ads. It's very, very inexpensive. And those engagement signals will help it to rank in YouTube. Okay. Could it help my videos to go viral with YouTube? Thank you for you. Well, now, I mean, it could if remember If you rank at the top of search results, going viral typically aren't from a search result, though, right? going viral is from people sharing it. So if you've got good video content, that's what's going to make it go viral. You know, typically, I mean, again, I'm not saying it can't happen, but it's that typically content goes viral because people see it, they, they start sharing it, and that one person shares it to one person that shares it to three people, those three people shared three people in there There goes, right. So But yeah, I mean, again, I would recommend buying engagement signals if that's the case, which when I say that, I mean using YouTube ads to buy traffic. Okay. All right.

How To Use The SEO Shield To An eCom Site With No Physical Address?

He says, DC SEO says I lied about not having a question. I'm assuming the RYS expansion is the extension needed to target other key search terms? And it's added to my SEO showed? Yes, you got it. Also, what's the best way to approach an e-commerce site with no physical address with regards to the shield? That's a question for you Marco.

You know, need a physical address. Unless this is a local project, and if it's eCommerce, it shouldn't be hyperlocal, you're looking for something that's national, or global. I've always said the approaches if you're local, it's local. It's brand plus a keyword, plus location or brand plus location, press keyword, however you want to do that. That's how you brand you relate everything to your brand and to the location where your brand is. If it's not, then it's brand plus keyword Association. That's the only difference. And so how you approach that is you build that your brand, that's your entity. So let's put it this way. A physical address is part of a local entity, but it's not necessarily a part of a global entity unless you want to set the corporate headquarters somewhere to give it just a little bit more validity. Right. Amazon has a corporate headquarters. So Apple says Google, whatever. Yeah, and you know exactly where those are. So if you want to kind of fake it till you make it You would do something like that you can set a post office box with a street address as your corporate address, nothing stops you from doing that. Nothing stops you from faking the address, although eventually, you'll have to clean that up and imagine having to go back in and having to clean up that that fake address. That's a mess in and of itself. But just for this purpose, you can go and get an SEO shield and an expansion stack without a physical address. There you go.

Is There An Automated Way In Getting The Links Of A Newly Syndicated Post?

Alright, Olaf sub says, Is there any automated way to get the links of a newly syndicated post to send them in for link building? What do I have to get them manually from each platform? Yeah. Okay. That's a great question. You know, yes, you can set up like Zapier, or if you go set up a Zapier, for example, where you submit the RSS feeds of the blog properties and your syndication networks that will feed the new post URL into a Google Sheet. Right, Think about that. So now you've got one Google sheet. In fact, you could even set different tabs, right? So on the sheet, right, so you can so that the Google g sheet, you can set different sheets or tabs, whatever you want to call them on that sheet and use that same sheet for, you know, blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and I'm just using those three because those are the three main blogs that we use within the syndication networks. So my point is, you can take the blogger RSS URL, create a zap in Zapier, where that's the trigger any new post write any new feed item, then push that new Feed URL or excuse me, that post URL into a Google Sheet and the first tab in the sheet being blogger, the second one being Tumblr, the third one being WordPress, if you needed to separate them for whatever reason, you could do it that way. And now you've got you, you know, spreadsheet, excuse me with the links. You can even have the post titles pushed through, you know, you can pick and choose which data you want to push from the RSS feed into the sheet. But now you've got a Google Sheet that you can use to very quickly extract URLs that to paste in for link building. purposes, you could even make that, you know, you could even link build to the Google Sheet for that matter. So there's a ton of things that you can do with that with Zapier. So yes, you can absolutely automate that. Okay, it's a great question, by the way.

Why Does The RSS Of Other Authority Channels Be Changed Frequently When Submitting The Super Feed?

BB's up what's up, BB. He says, Hey, guys, what do you Why do you want for the RSS, of the other authority channels to be changed frequently when submitting the super feed? I'm not sure I understand that question. I really don't understand that question. If you can clarify that. I'll come back. I'll try to answer the second part unless it's dependent on the first he says number two because there is a minimum of text length of 300 words in each page post submitted. I wonder if words inside a blockquote tag, which is basically words from another site will be considered or counted in articles texts like yes. If it's it's text on the page, it's counted as you know, it's still counted as text. It doesn't matter whether there's a blockquote or not, it's still counted. It's still adding relevancy to the page via text.

So yeah, if you were taking, like a screenshot of text and inserting the screenshot, then maybe no, but Google can even read images now from what I understand. So it might even count towards that. Maybe not text length, but the relevancy anyway. So my point is, yeah, if you're adding text and block quotes is not going to make any difference. It's still adding to the article's text link. This is what content kingpin relies on to simplify the question, let's say an article has 250 words. And if adding a quote with 50 words will account for 300 words in the article, yes, yes, it will. And don't get caught up in Article length. I mean, I wouldn't suggest anything less than 300. But again, with curated post guys, you shouldn't have a problem being able to create you know, 565 to 600 words 1000 word posts, because it's, you know, you can curate several pieces of content into one article, right one curated posts, and in all that you have to do or your blogger curator, right, which is what I call blogger. Now, all they have to do is, you know, an opening paragraph, which could be a sentence or two really just explaining what the idea of the post is going to be, then curated content to support the idea of the post with just a little snippet of commentary, right, so the author of the post, the publisher of the post, creating a little bit of adding a little bit of content in between the curated pieces within the content, and then a conclusion, which could just be a sentence, which is typically a call to action, right? And that's your opportunity to link to an internal page on the site. That makes sense. So again, you can make longer-form content, which I recommend using curated content, where you really only have to write you know, a couple or your blogger only has to really write a couple of hundred words, and you end up with a long-form long form post that makes sense. So it's about adding relevancy using other people's content. That's the point. That's the whole point of curating content, guys.

What Should You Do With A Side Business Website?

Alright, Fit'z up. Good day, gents. Thanks for this forum to get real-world answers that work. You're welcome, Fitz. As always he says I have a client that wants to know what to do with the side business website. The market has atrophied because of COVID but he expects the market to come back. How can he mothball his site to weather these times but not lose rankings and have to work twice as hard when things bounce back? How would he sell the leads? How would he sell the leads to some online platforms that would benefit from customers like his but they are in different markets? I'm not sure about the second part of that question. As far as how to mothball his site, I like that term. You know, in SEO, one of the best things that you can do because typically once something ranks and you know using that method, it sticks for years and years and years. We're running out of time, but I could show the Virginia SEO agency, g site that that keyword still ranking some of the other keywords dropped a couple of spots, it took five years for them to move it all down at all. But I specifically targeted Virginia SEO agency with that particular keyword in one press release blast a few weeks ago when I noticed that the G site for you know for for for those different terms that I usually use as an example started to slip a little bit after five years are not budging. So I targeted Virginia SEO agency with an anchor text link with that keyword Virginia SEO agency with press releases and it brought that keyword back to number one. So that's what I'm saying is if you use the SEO shield, you've powered up that site, it's ranking well the entity is strong I'm sure Marco will comment on this, then it takes a lot to move it guys. So that's what I would do. I can't really answer the second part of your question because I'm not sure what you mean.

But Marco, do you want to take a stab at that?

Yeah, I don't understand that second part there. How could he sell the leads to an online platform that would benefit from customers like is but in a different market? I mean, you can sell it online. platforms that handle different leads from different niches right? There are those ring partner being one of them, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you're not gonna get paid much but at least someone will be handling those leads and potentially make money leaving something in mothballs and untouched if everyone else so this is where all things being equal if everyone else is leaving there's mothballed and untouched, that there's a reason for his website rankings to move. But if there's someone actively engaging the niche, then it's likely that you will drop I mean, it took five years for Virginia SEO agency to drop but that was getting other signals that we're getting people to come in. So this is this was ranking it was ranked number one it was getting people to come in and contact Bradley they did actually fill out the contact form. That's a very important signal and it would get these on a steady on a stage. basis. Now what people have done is like the people like clutch SEO and a few others. They've also been at this and they've been at this really hard and they've been coming at this keyword for years for you to try to take Bradley. Bradley hasn't been doing any work to it notice. None. And these guys are just 14. So it just goes to show that if you mothball it, eventually, activity, relevance trust, and authority is going to come in and take over and the activity part of it is going to take you down because there is none. With your project. That's the only thing I would warn against. But definitely do everything else that's available to you and stick it there as hard as possible. It gets mothballed. Fine. The people are still coming in and you're selling the leads. I mean that that's all that you can do. Right. I don't see anything else that I can recommend regarding this.

Yeah, I was just looking to see if that I did one press release. I don't know three weeks ago now maybe a month ago. Now spend a plate to push that and I use that Virginia SEO agency has keyword anchor I wouldn't recommend doing that to a money site guys, but this was to a G site. So all the press releases got published had Virginia SEO anchor text link pointing back to the G site. And that pushed it boom right back up to number one. And that that press release isn't even showing in the news, you know, Google News anymore. So that's interesting, but it's still pushing that keyword back to number one with one press release. So yeah, but and again, as Marco said I hadn't touched that in five years hadn't done a damn thing to it and that's honest to God's truth. And then it started to slip a few weeks ago finally after five years and I pushed that one keyword backup with one press release, believe it or not, again, that's a Google site, I wouldn't recommend doing that to your money site.

Without it at work. When Bradley and I talked about this, I told him do it do a PR stack. And and and go after the terms like Virginia SEO, SEO, Virginia, and push it all backup. Don't just do one. Yeah, we haven't accounted for that. Let's get a Press advantage to push it up or get ready to build links to it.

Yeah, no, I do it. It doesn't work. What would you do that?

Alright, so I got a couple more questions I'd like to get through these next three really quick because and we've only got a few minutes left but two of them are really related to press release stuff that we've been talking about a lot today for some reason, and whatever you want to try whatever you do, don't click on that bottom link.

Okay. Yeah, you're gonna see my fat face.

That's two Bradley's ago.

Yeah, that was a long time ago, man. A lot bigger than anyways, go that you guys have a good laugh from that.

Do You Link The Same Money Site Page or Post You're Trying To Rank More Than Once?

Anyways, Nathan says do you link to money site page posts that you're trying to rank on every press release? You do? Do you ever link to the same money site page post, you're trying to rank more than once? Yeah, but typically, again, if you go back to what I was talking about earlier, and go watch this webinar that we did. It's on our YouTube channel, guys. It's free. Go watch Press Release SEO and PR stacking, just go search for it, you'll find it. Watch that. Okay, because that is the method that I use, which we'll say is a perfect segue into the question down hereby to Shar, he says Bradley, you may have answered this post, but just make sure it's okay to point multiple press releases at your blog on the money site. For example, if I write four blog posts every month, can I do a press release for each blog post that is also linking to that blog post? I'm worried at what point does it become spammy? That is exactly what I'm talking about. Okay, so remember guys, with the syndication networks, the strategy that we talked about is content marketing from your blog, right? That so you publish content that's the route and within, you know, place it within silos, so you publish posts within silos, and then your internal linking within every single post supporting article that you're going to publish within a silo. You're going to be linking back up to your top of silo right your silo landing page, or daisy-chaining to the next, the previous post in your in the silo, whatever. However, your internal Linking within your silo. The point is, you're probably publishing a press release with an internal link to what you're trying to rank on your site. Right. So it's an inter it's an internal page or post on your site that you're trying to rank. So each post that you publish is going to contain a link to that, then that's going to syndicate out across your syndication network. Okay. Then I publish. Again, my blog is not like some of my clients get, you know, three posts per week, but they're only paying for one press release per week. So one of those blog posts per week, we'll get a public press release that is essentially promoting or highlighting showcasing the blog, one of the blog posts. Does that make sense? And the press release links to the blog post. So the blog post URL, does that make sense? So my point is, you're pushing power from the press releases to the blog post. The blog post contains the link back up to the page that I'm trying to rank so you're pushing juice in from the press releases to a blog post, which is one press release. That's published for one blog post. So the next time you publish a blog post, it's a different URL. It's a different deep link on your site that you're linking to from the press release. Do I sometimes link to the same page perhaps with more than one press release?

Yeah, but not often, because I like the deep linking strategy that I just described. And again, it's, you can see exactly what I'm talking about in that webinar there. And that just tends to work really well again, because guys, think about this. If you're siloing blog posts together. You can also publish a GMB post if it's for a local project that is linking to the blog post right and just grab a snippet of content from your blog post and use that as the text for your GMB posts use the same featured image, right so you're mirroring your blog post silo structure in your GMB posts. Then you do the same thing with press releases, publish a press release for every blog post, or for as many as you can afford. That makes sense, however aggressive you want to be. And the press release writers are going to write about the blog post, they're going to link to the blog post if that's the target URL you provide. I also like to usually provide another tier-one entity asset URL. But you can also remember you can, you can tear that. My point is guys think about this. If you're stacking, you're doing a silo linking and stacking your content and your silos on your blog. You can mirror that in your GMB posts. You can also mirror that in press releases, right. So if you're linking from the press release to the blog post that the press releases highlighting, you can also link back to the previous press release and that same silo again, that's a press release silo. So you're mirroring the same sort of structure in your blog. GMB, by the way, you don't have to have a GMB. I'm just saying for doing local, you can also do it there. You should also do it there and also in your press releases. So that way, you're not hammering the same URL over and over and over again, you're hammering the same URL over and over and over again from your blog with an internal link, which I would recommend varying the types of links within your blog post write different keywords. ads, naked URLs, all that kind of stuff. But you're pushing links into different parts of your site through the press releases and or the GMB posts. And then you're siloing those press releases as well. Does that make sense? Okay, guys get that again, just go watch this webinar. And it will make perfect sense to you. And it's super, super powerful guys. And that's a free webinar.

Okay. And if everything is linked correctly, and the way that it's supposed to juice is going to flow anyway. And that's the one thing that I know Nathan is in our mastermind. So he knows exactly what I'm talking about. Everything is interlinked the way that it's supposed to, to accrue PageRank to accrue ranking score, that you don't need to insert, press releases or any other type of link building into the same page time after time after time. You can build it in other places, and everything from that link building will benefit everything in that stream will benefit from it if you've done it the way that you're taught. And if you Go and do it your way that's up to you, but we teach you the right way.

How Do You Set The Images In A Google Image Search Carousel?

Alright, so the last one, it's five o'clock, so I got to wrap it up guys, but I want to answer Jonathan's cuz I kind of skipped over it. Jonathan says image SEO question. I have a search query. I have a search query that has a first and last name with the only SERP feature being an image carousel. How would you go about getting the images you want to show in the carousel? Thank you. Okay, well, I've been able to comment, first of all, optimize the images. So alt text, meta metadata, and stuff that you can optimize the images that you want. Also, make sure that you can build links to images, guys think about that. There's a number of ways that you can do that. So you can build links directly to your images. Now, I wouldn't buy spam links to like the image URL hosted on your money site. But if you can publish that same image in one of your entity assets, and then hammer that, you know, image file URL on that in one of your entity assets, with backlinks that'll help it to rank as well. And I'm sure Marco has got a few tricks to help you with that too.

No, no, it's not trick tricks. We just see it from the SEO shield. Because we're mirroring everything we're including the same images. When that gets links into it, it powers everything up. Land solutions network has a bunch of its own images in the image carousel. When you look at the brand. We do a brand search for Nat solutions that were good has it the image carousel, it has the video carousel doing it and if there's a cheap GMB, adding images in the GMB will benefit, right from the link building everything else that you do to the GMB if you're stacking your posts the way that you're supposed to. If you're interlinking, the post the way that it's that is taught in local GMB Pro, then all of that is going to benefit from everything that you do. The whole point is that you do it correctly from the start. So you're not cutting off the link juice at any point in the process.

And here's what one trick, and then we're gonna wrap it up guys, we can close it down. But if you're using press releases, we've talked a lot about press releases today. So I feel like it's only fitting that I bring this up. Again, through mygb, it's going to be distributed through Press Advantage, you're going to it's going to be first published on the Press Advantage domain through the organization page that will set up for if you don't already have it if you have your own subscription, and you'll know what I'm talking about, you get an organization page, publish a press release, include an image in the press release, because that's super powerful in itself, press release images often will rank in those image carousels, okay, because they're republished on so many media sites, make sure that the file name is optimized when you upload it to breast advantage or give it submit it to us. Then if you have your own Press Advantage subscription, you can add your own image, you know, all tags to it, which again, you can squeeze keywords like the name, in this case, the first and last name, that kind of stuff. Then once it's been published, if you look at the HTML code of the press release that's been published on the Press Advantage domain. You get the image file URL. Now you can take that and you can hammer that with backlinks. And that'll help that to rank in the carousel I know because I've done it. So anyway, you can also, by the way, if it's if it was for a local project, you can do something similar with images that are hosted on Yelp, for example, you can hammer and also Google Google Maps. If you upload images to a Google Maps profile, GMB profile when you go to view that in maps, you can extract the URL of that image from the address bar of your browser, and you can hammer that with links and that will help that to rank as well. So I think I gave away a lot there. Alright. Thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Thanks, Marco for sticking around.

Bye, everyone.

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 292

By April


Click on the video above to watch Episode 292 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Hey, we're live. Hey everybody. Welcome to Hump Day hangouts where we talk about how close we are to Episode 300. But we're not there yet. We're at Episode 292. Today is the 17th of June 2020. We got everybody here. We got a bunch of questions to go through. And we got a couple of quick announcements real quick. As usual, we're going to take a minute Say hello to everybody and then we'll jump into it. So if you are here to get your digital marketing SEO questions answered, you're in the right place. And we're going to get to that in just a second. So I'm going to start

we'll go counterclockwise today, Bradley, how are you doing? What's uh, how's life going for you in Virginia today? Good. It's gonna be a monsoon for like the next five days though. And I just had my daughter this was supposed to be our vacation week, like family vacation week, but because everything you know COVID-19 our travel plans to meet up with family and everything were canceled. So it's kind of a staycation. So I had my daughter from Friday until today and it was nice having her around and

Fortunately, she's gone now. So it's like, you know, I'm going to experience empty nest syndrome for the next few days. But it was nice man. It was a good five days to spend with her. And so I'm refreshed and ready to ready to bang out some work now. So sounds good. Well, hopefully, you're ready to answer some questions. But before we get to dive into that, Hernan, how are you doing today?

Whoops, I was doing I'm doing good, man. I'm just wondering about that thing that you have on the back. That little shiny metal thing? I don't know.

Man, can you show me? Yeah, let me Gosh, I just it's just been sitting back there in the back collecting me. Let's see, what do we got? We got my name and her dog's name and I think it says Semantic Mastery and something about click funnels and the two comma club award So yeah, I thought Whoo. Good job, guys. It's like a million bro.

Yeah. So I'm good, man. I'm excited. I'm excited.

Good, sounds really good. Yeah. Marco. How about yourself besides the flexing? Are you blinded by the light? Nice?

blind. I can't help it. I can't help it. I can't help it. I just have so to get my arms to stretch Marco's doing the 100 pushups a day challenge and I'm also feeling that so I need to do some stretching.

I actually I felt bad yesterday so I'm not that an extra 50 because I couldn't do the hundred in one shot because I tried the 5050 and then to punish myself I did another 50, for not being it so I'm going to get to 100 quicker than I would otherwise and I just keep punishing myself I'll go and do

four sets of 50 today oh my goodness keep punishing myself. Well does anyone not with this post on?

Oh God, because if I can do this shit cuz I got a bone spur my neck

and I got three compressed this in my lower back

So the pain that I go through just to do that, I don't. I don't even want to think about it because I've never dropped again. Right? But if I can do it, guys, come on, do the challenge. Tell them I don't tell them what it is. Yeah, for those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook, that's probably good for you, but you might not see my post. So actually, my wife was like, I'm gonna do 100 squats a day and I'm gonna see if people want to, you know, join me I was like, Alright, like, tag me in that. I'll do 100 pushups a day if you do 100 squats a day. So we got a handful of people I know Marco is doing it. Rob's doing it. We got some other people doing I think Scott Walker, who was a hump day Hangout, enthusiastic, Semantic Mastery subscriber is doing was it crutches or some sort of ab workout? We got people doing all sorts of stuff. So you're not too late. We just started if you want to make it up or start the 30 days now just pick something and do it. So yeah.

Good stuff. Well, Chris, how are you doing today? Yeah, doing good. I will not join your 30 Day Challenge. I prefer to hit the gym and as well as bulk up on cherries, raspberries strawberries, because like it's harvesting season for all those things here. Gotcha. Yeah. Jerry, so I was like, bulk up like Yeah, but that's like the bulking up you usually do.

That's too sweet for me. Like it wasn't like the calories and one of those beneficiaries like, Man, you can eat a really good steak instead. Fair enough. Well or drink a really good beer.

That's what I prefer. That's a really good beer to be equal to A Ben and Jerry's. And Jerry's packs a punch man that's got some calories, maybe like a triple IPA or something. Oh, yeah. Imperial IPA, something like that. Yeah. Well, while we're on the subject of beer for those of you who are interested or have heard about kofu Live, just wanted to put this out there tickets. The new tickets are not for sale yet. They will be going up shortly and there will be an opportunity for you to join us for a happy hour, as well as an opportunity to do a virtual beer tasting with real beer shipped directly to your door.

This Stuff Works
Apparently my door didn't like being caught like that. So keep your eyes and ears tuned for that one. As soon as we get that setup, we're working with a company that's going to do a virtual tour for VIP ticket holders as well as shipping beer and some snacks directly to your door. So it's gonna be some good stuff.

When we were discussing what to do for the VIP event, Adam put on the list. No virtual beer tasting and I was like you had me at that was like, it's decided I had a pretty weak follow-up. The next one was like a virtual museum tour and, like booths.

Stage, we're gonna have some more information about that, you guys, but we're really excited. We're going to be able to continue with poker live, obviously, it's gonna be Boku virtual live. We're still gonna have time for q&a. We're still gonna have some personal interaction in there, as well as case studies and we're lining up the guests.

Right now, and we're getting really excited about telling you guys some more about that. So keep your eyes and ears open for that. mg y v.co. If you haven't been there yet, right after Hump Day Hangouts, go over to empty y v.co. Check out all the done for you services available. There are waves, drive stacks, SEO, shield, syndication, networks, link building all sorts of good stuff. And speaking of the SEO shield, we have a real short flash sale going on. Let me pull it up, I'll put it on the page for everyone. But there's a 25% off sale going on all the SEO shield versions you can get and you just have to use the coupon code vegies 25. Because today is eat your veggies day. So we figured we'd be nice and instead of giving you or veggies or making eat your veggies worse, they give you a discount on the ICF scope. So other than that, I think that's about it for today, guys, is there anything else we need to let them know about?

I don't think so. I'm good. All right. Let's do it. Alright, grab the screen and we'll get right into it. We got a bunch of good questions already. So

Let's do it.

Is There A Fast Way of Removing 404 Pages From Google's Index?

Okay, you guys are seeing my screen, correct? Yeah. All right. So it looks like we're gonna start with Chef. He says, Is there a way to speed up Google removing 404 pages from his index? The only way I know how to do it is to run the URLs, the four or four URLs through an indexer or to submit the through and I haven't tried that in a while. But to submit them to search console, it just gets Google to come to crawl them again. Well, the four or four error URLs, you mean if they're indexed? I don't know. Actually, I don't know that. If you were trying to reach set up redirects and things like that instead, then you have been crawled the old URL if it's redirected. So for example, if you've got a WordPress site, it's through a bunch of four or four errors for some reason or another. And use something like you know, a redirect plugin that redirects all four or four pages back to like the home page, for example, then you could submit a list of those four or four URLs to have to recrawl or send them through a link indexer and if gets the Googlebot to come to crawl them. And it redirects back to, you know, a target URL. So it basically tells Google This is no longer a 404 error. That makes sense. But that was if you were using some sort of redirect plugin, does anybody have any idea how to get the Google cache to update faster? No, it's gonna clear whenever it clears. I mean, that's just the way it is. Yeah, there are things that you could do to get Google to crawl your website or try to recrawl the website. But I mean that you do that through search console.

Should We Send Links To The ID Page Loop Page?

So the next question, should we send links to our ID page loop page? So yes, your ID page? Absolutely. Uh, we, you know, I certainly do, you can use embeds and or link building to that.

Do You Have Plan Of Combining SEO Power Shield With The RYS + Twitter SEO Profile + Multitier Tier Syndication Network?

So next is number one, do you plan to have an SEO power shield ultimate that combines the 347 packages of RYS Twitter SEO profile plus the 276 multi-tier syndication network? Not that I'm aware of. I mean, you could piece those together if you wanted to, you could order a to a two-tiered syndication network and then just add that into your build your when you submit your target URL list for the SEO PowerShell build. So you could do it that way. I don't, I don't know if there's enough of a demand for that, because you're the first person that's asked for it. For us to create a separate package for it. Maybe if we had enough demand for it. What do you think?

No, I think I mean, we usually take care of people's right to support and ask what you want, and maybe, you know, we'll include a coupon or something. Yeah.

I mean, we already do. Yeah, it's a lesson but we're not going to create an entirely new product for one person. But we can't work with this one of requests, and see if we can put it together for how or how we would put it together or if even, but we can take a look.

This Stuff Works

What Is The Team Building Service In The Dashboard?

So the second part or second question is what's the team-building service that I saw on the dashboard occasionally when we go into hiring, you know when we have to hire a virtual assistant for a new position or to add to our existing team or whatever. Then we go through our hiring process where we use hiring funnels in the same process that we teach in outsource kingpin that, you know, it's the same process that we teach in that product on how to set up hiring funnels and all that kind of stuff. for hiring virtual assistants, it kind of automates about 90% of the hiring process. And only at you end up with only the candidates that at the to the interview process, only candidates that are highly qualified, right, that have proven to have to be able to follow directions and to do everything that you instructed them to do. So it works really, really well. So when we have to hire, we run the same exact system and we usually end up with multiple qualified candidates for the position, but we usually only end up needing one or two at a time. So we have additional qualified cameras that are available for others to hire, since they already went through our application process, and proved to be worthy if that makes sense. So sometimes when we have an overflow, we offer that, you know, the pre-qualified or screen pre-screen candidates for others to hire. But it's not all that it just depends on you know, whether we have that available or not. So sometimes it's available sometimes it's not. It's a good question. It's, it's not available right now. That's correct.

Is It Safe To Use The Link Building Service To A Bunch Of MGYB Shortened Links That Redirect To The Money Site?

Okay, so Matthews up, he says, Is it safe to order mgyb link building to a bunch of mgyb.co shortened links, which redirect to the money site pages. Now, what is the best g site instead? that yes, you if you're linking if you're building links to redirect URLs that link to your money site, that just redirect to your money site, you're essentially building links directly to your money site. That's not what we teach. So that's what the drive stack in the to shield for is for the G site, the syndication network, all your tier one, entity assets, your ID, ID, page, looper, your ID page, all of those things are stuff that you can use as targets, but not your money site directly. A redirect is still if the destination of the redirect is your money site, then it's essentially building links directly to your money site. And we do not recommend that. We build all those for you in the dry second t site. we shorten everything with our shortener. And we will include that in the spreadsheet, right that gets that also gets iframe By the way, on the G site. So you'll have all that you don't even have to do all that you can just get all that from us. Like I don't know why you'd go through all that trouble unless you have the redirect, right that the monthly redirect service which we do offer, in which case you would go and use all those redirects, but you still point them to something other than your money site because under no circumstances that we recommend link building to your money site right.

What Is The Ideal Number of Posts To The GMB Post Per Week?

Okay, so Jeff is up. Jeff says, Hey guys, thanks as always for delivering great information on a regular basis. You're welcome, Jeff. He says, with regards to GMB posting, what are the numbers shown with regards to the number of posts per week as posting daily shown to increase views, calls, etc versus posting once or twice a week? Thanks and have a great week. It depends on the industry. And its short answer is yes, more equals better, typically, and almost every project or campaign that manages more GMB posts leads to better results. So but you know, there I guess there can be a point of diminishing return. Right? And that I don't know what that is, because I know that more equals better to the extent that I've tried it. For most clients, you know, if they're open seven days a week, then we do we post at least once a day, so you know, one post per day, seven days a week. Some clients are only open Monday through Friday, so we just post Monday through Friday, but some clients we post to twice a day, Monday through Friday, you know, so it just it really depends on what the client is paying for how aggressive they want to be what their budget is. But I found that more equals better. But that's probably not always the case in every situation. But you know, what do you say Marco? And this is really interesting. And it's totally it depends. Because I have a client who just like I can't produce the content because it's legal. And the client is like, it's almost like pulling teeth to get them to give me like the content the for the post. So they only do so we only ended up doing like two or three per month. Now, that one has almost 700 posts views, like as of today, even though we're only doing like two or three per month, which is ridiculous.

You shouldn't get you shouldn't be getting that kind of action in the legal niche. And I have another one in the luxury niche who posts regularly and I mean, sometimes during the weekend two or three times because that's the busiest time. And that one is that like 1000 views for the posts for the week, I'm talking about the week. So it's interesting how old posts if you set this up correctly if you silo them if you do everything that we teach you to do, even the old posts will get views because I'm seeing thousands of views on the attorneys post the old ones. And I'm also seeing thousands of views on this other client in this luxury niche, and they're not related, the posting is in no way related. The only thing that's related in any of this is the way that we do it the way that we stack them and loop them. And then the way that we shoot press releases into them, but that that again, that's a local GMB pro method right? where we teach, we teach the stack, we teach the PR stacking, we teach the link building into all of this, how to do the videos and then the images and make sure that they're relevant. Make sure that they come from the place that and I have a client that's really good about posting images from

They're and about the product that he does. I'll go back to this luxury niche. He's really good about all that. And it gets just tons of action. But here you go, one guy's barely posting, the other guy's posting as often as possible. And they're both getting fantastic results. And the only thing that I can attribute that to is the fact that they're silo, and the fact that they're stacked, and the fact that they're looped, and so is everything behind it.

There you go.

Will It Be Easy To Create A Silo Using Deep Keyword Package?

So the next question is from Ben jam, or Benjamin or, Ben, I'm gonna call him Ben. He says, Hey, guys, for some reason, I have always been baffled by siloing a site. After watching a few tutorial videos, you created Bradley in the SM YouTube channel. It seems breathtakingly simple. Already, yeah, you know, silos can be overcomplicated very easily, especially using the complex silo structure and that's what you know, I've talked about many times, it's why I prefer to try to use the simple silo structure, which is just a category and post hierarchy, so there are only two levels of depth to any type of, you know, to the category structure that within the site. You know, a complex silo structure has three levels, right, because you have a parent page, parent category, child page subcategory, then you have posted, and it can, it can create some very tricky situations, especially with local projects where you are trying to duplicate locations for like, for example for like a service area business, okay, so a service area business that has, you know, the same two services, but they cover multiple locations to try to build the location silos into topical silos is difficult if you're using the traditional silo method, you know, with categories and the complex silo structure or vice versa building topical silos or service-based silos within location silos. Again, it creates some very tricky things that happened with the URL structure was slugs, because of dupa. You know, having duplicate slugs, it's so anyways, my point in telling you all of that is that I prefer to use the simple silo method as much as possible. Because it is much again, just as the name connotes. It's, it's simple, it's a lot easier to manage, it's easier to build and it's easier to manage. So it subsequently when you add additional silos, or what you call like a bolt-on silo, it's, it's also a lot easier to manage when you have a simple silo structure. So yes, it can be incredibly complicated, or it can be incredibly simple. It really depends on how you lay it out up front, which I think is very important. So to carry on, he says, so to us, he says, I ordered a deep keyword package, as I mentioned, it had keywords listed in the report by silo Yeah, they're suggested silos.

So to use that to create content for my authority site with silo architecture is it now simply a matter of creating the category pages for the silo keywords and posts for the solution keywords in each silo then linking them all together as described in the video. I think I may have been over complicating this, is it that simple? Yes, it really is, uh, you know, the suggested silos again, you could still go through there and clean out things that aren't 100% relevant to your project, there's going to be stuff in there. Because we, you know, we cast kind of a wide net with all the tools that are used and everything to create those keyword reports for you. So obviously, you're gonna have to go through there and really clean it down and narrow it down to just your most relevant keyword phrases, as well as you know, the long tails and everything else. But really comes down to that if you understand how to set up the structure, and then how to link so remember a silo, you're going to be adding depth to it, right? So the more supporting articles you post within a particular silo, that's more depth to it with would be additional categories, right? So there's width and depth. So a solid site can be as little as one silo, with a ton of depth to it, right? You just keep adding content to whatever

Your top-level market keyword is you keep adding supporting content, right writing content that's relevant, that has long targeting longer tail phrases. Or you can even combine and target multiple types of similarly related phrases per supporting article, you can do it that way as well. But then linking them together with proper internal linking, which, again, we talked a lot about that kind of stuff in the mastermind, as well as our ys Academy. But it's very important to understand how to also link properly internal linking from within the silos so that you're not creating dead points or points where you have a loss of link equity or loss of link juice. And that happens if you don't know how to do it correctly. But the short answer is yes. It's as simple as that create your top-level categories, your top-level keywords, then start taking the supporting keywords and start adding content within those categories. You place the post within those categories, then you daisy chain them together or whatever your internal linking strategy is going to be within that silo. And that's pretty much it for the on-page part of it. Any comments, guys? Yeah, this guy has seen the light Benjamin Thank you It is that simple if you want to make it that simple, or it can get really complicated if you want to make it complicated, nobody knows your niche, or nobody should know your niche better than you. What we're giving you is what we suggest you do. And then we also give you other apps like categories, subcategories, and then supporting keywords. But you have to go in there go into the questions in essence and see what we did in there, what we gave you back, look into power suggest pro look into a SEMrush and see what was done in there because there may be some things in there that you can use for supporting for or just to add additional as Bradley mentioned depth and breadth to your silo if that's what you want. There's so much information in there like that. I don't think there's any way that you can use it all or you have years of information actually when you get that back how you set that up is up to you and just so you don't go back and reuse any of the long tails, just mark it off in red because it's given to you in a spreadsheet when you use it, kill it right it's in red Oh strike through it so that you can just go back through all of the others and pick out what you want your people to write about. Tell them you should have ah, by the way, doing all of this or hire someone, you tell them what it is that you want them to write about to focus on that on that keyword and all of those keywords under that but make it all conversational so that it all flows and so that the bot comes in and gets a better understanding of your data use the ultimate SEO, ultimate SEO Pro Plugin. If sorry, SEO ultimate pro plugin to do all the interlinking we showed not we but Jeffrey Smith did a fantastic job of coming in into the first heavy hitter club webinar and showing how you actually do all of that how you create the semantic relationships and how you tie it all together in your unstructured data so that you give your unstructured data, some kind of structure for the back because you creating all of these semantic relationships. So it's not only in the content that you're producing, but you're relating them to one another through your interlinking, which is really, really important so that it all flows. Now, another thing about this is and I'll just give a quick example, guys, those of you in the personal injury attorney niche, what you should be targeting is civil law. That's the market level category, because any anything that's a personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, you name it, it's all civil law. And so personal injury is part of civil law. If you go after the top, then it makes it easier to rank for personal injury. Now, of course, it's hyper-competitive. But if you're going one, one, market above everyone else, it makes it easier for the long tails to come up.

I'm hoping that that makes sense to everyone, you're going to do all of your research for criminal law, you're going to fill a website with all of that information. Now, yes, it's a lot of work. But when you do all of that, and you create the semantic relationships, you're interlinking, you're using the plugin the way that you're supposed to, you're using that deep-link jargon, not the way that it's supposed to be used the tags, and everything else that Jeffrey Smith teaches, because he has extensive teaching for that plugin, guys, it makes it dead simple to start ranking, but like I'm not gonna say immediately, but much, much more quickly than you would otherwise. Then then you bring in the rest of the teaching, then you bring in that SEO power shield to add all of the relevance into it, then you do your structured data. So now what you're getting is a two for one, you're getting your unstructured data, giving it some structure, and then you're bringing in the structured data to like seal it for about on exactly what it is that your website is about. Now, I just found it really complicated.

But it all goes back to how you set up your initial structure. And if you keep it simple, then everything else is going to flow much more, much more simply than it would otherwise because you can really confuse yourself once you start branching out into the structure data and how to create the parent and child relationships, organization, location and all of the different things that you can do when it comes to structured data. But I think this is great and thank you. Yes, the keyword research in mg y v.to. Go pick it up because I don't think there's anyone doing anything better than we are.

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What Are Your Recommendations For Link Indexing Services?

Sweet. That was a great question. By the way, so Jackson's up he says, Hey guys, currently looking to purchase an indexing service for all link building and found a couple so far link pipe pipeline, it looks good, but can't find much information about it. Everything seems out of date. What do you guys recommend for indexing? I recommend Dedia from India. Yeah. There is a bit of an issue that it's on our list for MGYB's Link indexing services limited in that you can only submit 300 URLs at a time it is something that will be updated at some point. It's not at the top of our priority list though. So as much as I want to tell you guys to go by link indexing credits from MGB, it is a bit of a pain in the ass because you have to own it, you can only submit 300 at a time. Just being 100% transparent with you guys. Okay, that is the service that I would recommend. And why because Dedia runs all the link building like the link indexing services if we submit links to him, he runs them through multiple link indexing services, so much so that he gets a really high rate 50 to 60% indexing rate, which is hard to do. But he uses multiple indexing services. So the short answer if you're going to get your own subscriptions, so that you don't have to submit 300 batches of 300 URLs at a time, which I don't even I don't do because it's just too time-consuming and to manual would be to in the free group on Facebook is posted post that same question. And we'll get ready to chime in. And he can recommend which one or two services he recommends is the best for link indexing. Because he's the go-to guy for that kind of stuff. Anytime I have anything that needs to be done, I can just send it to him or ask him a question regarding something like that. And he'll have the best answer because that is his business. So anybody else wants to comment on that? No, I wouldn't recommend anything else. Other than the link indexing service and MDB because that's what I use. Yeah, I go, I go to daddy. I mean, I don't go anywhere else because he gets the results that we need.

I haven't used a link indexing service in years because we have a dead Yeah. Yeah.

I agree. So but again, you know, as if you're submitting, you know, thousands and thousands of URLs then until we have it to where you can submit a spreadsheet or a text file or something like that. Then I could understand wanting to have your own indexing subscription, it's likely that you're going to need a couple of them because no one service does an incredibly good job. But Daddy, I can tell you in the group, which, which he suggests are the best services to use if you're going to have your own subscription. So I would recommend posting in there and I'm sure he will be happy to share that.

Is There A Way To Make A Google Drive Folder Public?

Okay, next question is Hey, guys, the option to make this comes up almost every week. We probably need an FAQ for these guys. We're knowledge base something for this also. Anyways, Hey, guys, the option to make public folder has been removed from the G Suite accounts. I tried from two different domains with G Suite accounts and the option is not there anymore. Is there any other way to make folders public? Marco, you want to comment on that?

Yeah, there are other ways that we've shared in the heavy hitter club and I'm the way I'm not going to it. We made that webinar public. It now went into the heavy hitter club archives. It's not going to be public knowledge and then the other way that we do it is through MGYB because we have a proprietary way in which we can make them public. I mean, then that's all I'm going to add about that. Yes, Google has been taking away the ability to make, has taken away the public selection in the folders, the way that it's taught, in our way as Academy reloaded. But there are other ways and we're actually testing out another way. I was just talking to Justin, the is VA, the original ISP yesterday, on something new that we're going to try. And if that works, well, then we'll make that public because Google makes it.

cool. And just saying guys, no, again, full transparency, I'm actually testing with Microsoft OneDrive, which is like its version of Google Drive. Because you can still make things public there. And you can grab the embed code for sheets and, you know, different files. And so I just literally started testing that last week. So I don't have any results yet but just an alternative. And also just another potential asset is to use Microsoft OneDrive because you're still getting high authority. You're getting files and, you know, file types on a high authority domain, Microsoft domain, right? Essentially, it's Microsoft owned in that domain. So I'm testing with that, too. That might be something again, I don't have any results. I just started testing with the last week, but I figured it was worth a shot. So yeah, we've tested that also, it has a whole lot of limitations. And it's getting out of the Google ecosystem. That's true.

Does The Exceed Maximum Execution Error In Google Apps Script Matter?

Unknown Speaker 30:33
So the next question is from DC SEO, he says, Thanks for clearing out my short links question last week. Appreciate it. I've noticed that I'm getting failures for Google X Apps Script with the exceeded maximum execution time error message does this matter? That's a question for you Marco. Yes, of course, it doesn't matter. You should set the script to run at longer intervals. I have it set for eight hours. Try to set it for every three days.

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Something like that you don't need the script to build every two, three, or four hours, because it rebuilt the entire website that and that's why it times out.

Yeah, especially if you've got I mentioned this, I think last week, but I had one of the more recent drive stacks that I had built, I had submitted a because it was my client gave me a Google Photos folder with a bunch of original photos that they had taken from job sites. So I just submitted that with the order. And so the builders because I submitted it, built, you know, brought all those photos into the Google Photos folder for the drive stack build. And so when the ever whenever the script would run to rebuild the site, it would try to rebuild all of those image files, too. And so it was constantly timing out. And I realized then it was, you know, it was just it was one of the things that I discovered by submitting too many images that that's very resource-heavy. And so it was timing out so I don't you know, I just don't submit as many images but as Marco said, you go in and change the interval from when it runs. So

Does Having A Truncated URL An Issue With Ranking Service Pages?

wills up. Well, what's up? Well, he says, Hey, gents, I have a site structure question you may be able to help me with. I have a local site that has its own sub-menu pages have a parent menu. So services, okay, not showing the full URL path. See, let me read that, again. I have a local site that has its sub-menu pages off a parent menu, okay. not showing the full URL path. In fact, it removes the services part and only shows the truncated path instead of showing the full path. Okay. Is that an issue with ranking services pages? No, not at all.

Because again, we'll you know, you can even go back to the two videos that one of the earlier questions was talking about where I was explaining silo structure, simple and complex silo structure. And that's just the difference between a physical and a virtual silo is what you see in the URL. Okay? So like if you're, if we're talking WordPress terms, if in WordPress, you look at your permalink structure, and you have category slash post name, right, that would show what we call a physical silo structure. Because every URL like for example, if you're at the post level, if you're in a simple silo, you're going to have domain comm slash whatever the category slug is slash, the post URL, right, the post slug. So that's going to show the actual hierarchy or the silo structure within the URL, that's physical silo structure. But if you change the permalink structure to just post name, the hierarchy still exists, right? The silo structure still exists is still part of the taxonomy. Google can see all of that, but the URL itself would just be domain comm slash post slug, does that make sense? And even on a complex silo structure, which has, again, parent category or top-level category, subcategory, so that would be domain.com/category/subcategory/post, right? You see all that if you have it is with the category slash post name permalink structure. That's a physical silo. But you can accomplish the same sort of benefit from a virtual silo still has the same hierarchy, the same silo structure, but you just use the permalink or excuse me, the post name permalink structure, which way that I prefer it. Now I used to always use the full physical silo. I used to like that because I like to see it in the URL, but I actually prefer a shorter more succinct URL now. And it also masks some of those strange things that happen when you're using a complex silo structure and you have some odd slug issues from categories being duplicated in other silos and that kind of stuff. So I like to use just the permalink or excuse me, the post name permalink structure, which is a virtual silo structure. Another thing you could do, just because this is an old article, I think it was published in what 2010 What is it Bruce clay silo architecture right? architecture can I spell that right? Let's see if I got it right

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is that it there? I think it is the marbles, no I don't yeah that's it right there. So go look at Bruce clay comm slash SEO slash silo or go search Bruce clay silo architecture and it'll be the very first link and take a look and read this I think this article was published in I don't know 2010 or something like that there might be a date in here somewhere it looks like it's he's got it on an updated site now from the last time I looked at it, but the interface looks different. But read through this article, it'll really be explained to you and drive home. what the difference is between virtual and physical silos, it really makes no difference. They're all effective. It's just a matter of how you stack the content, right? You set silos and your keyword themes within the silos, add build relevancy, and then what we teach inside the mastermind is heavy hitter club which is the interlinking the way that you properly interlink within a silo to squeeze the most power out of it. Okay, that's a really good question. Any comments on that?

No, that was fine. That's fine. That's a great article guy takes the time to read through it. This is something that you know, we kind of was one of the foundations for what we learned for silo architecture was right here in this article here. Okay, he has a couple of those, by the way.

When you do a search for it, yeah, it looks like there's several of them. Yeah, yeah, you read all of those because they'll give you insight into what a proper silence should look like. And go to semantic mastery comm slash camp, SEO boot camp, right so semantic mastery comm SEO boot camp and, and you'll see, you know, for four, you'll get the half price on Jeffrey Smith SEO Bootcamp, which is the best silo architecture, training, and such On-page training that we've we've come across like it's just amazing what he's able to do with zero or little to no backlinks at all with just on-page structure. It's amazing what he's able to do. So if you really want to do a deep dive in it besides reading through all these articles is go check out SEO Bootcamp from Jeffrey Smith.

Does The SEO Power Shield Include The Creation Of The RYS And Syndication Package?

Alright, so next question is Hey, guys, thanks for your time. As always a few questions I'm interested in buying the SEO power shield from one of my main money sites don't include the creation of the RYS and syndication packages. And that's why I brought this up. Because here's the SEO shield page on the MGYB store and I just scroll down to the bottom and it says SEO power shield and this is what it includes the syndication network, our ys stack with G site and the IDX page loop. So yes, it does include those as it shows right here on the order page. Just go check it out at MGYB.co store, click through to the SEO shields, product page and you can scroll down and see what each different level includes okay?

Just so people know, or just to remind them, we're currently running a 25% off coupon. Adam posted the coupon, it's bedsheets 25 to get you 25% off and SEO. So there you go. And that is a perfect segway to the second question he has, which says, may I buy it now using a special discount and submit all the info. So you can start in two to three weeks? Yes. Make sure that you submit the information within 30 days, or else we will refund the money, refund your account. Because if what happens is people buy a bunch of stuff. And then they don't submit for months at a time and it just clogs up everything because we don't know when those orders are going to come through. It's hard for our building, Build Team to plan. So I believe we have a policy that you have to submit the order details within 30 days or it's automatically refunded, am I correct in that? Absolutely. up to 30 days you get it refunded and you have to buy again you miss out on the coupon code. So there you go. But yes, if within two to three weeks, you're good

Does It Affect Your Delivery If The Site's Content Is In Spanish?

Okay, number three, does it affect your delivery if the site's content is in another language? Spanish? No, we won't build it in another the drive stack g site, you know, all of that is going to be in English. So but it doesn't it that's not going to affect our build. Um, and I know Hernan were you about to comment looks like you're about to comment. Yeah, and I was about to say that pretty simply if the drive stack is in English, but your money site is in Spanish, you should be good. Like we have had good results with people buying stuff from MGB with you know, and with the content on their websites in another language, not only Spanish, but some other languages and the tier-one are the stuff that we point links to and the brand new properties and everything is in English and still helps you to rank so so yeah.

I would add all that if if he's planning to do a lot of marketing in social media, for example.

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I don't know, let's say any of the ones that were a Blogger or anything like that, and he's syndicating and the content is going to be in Spanish, then he should take the time to go in there. And like, do the description and everything else in Spanish just for the people that he's expecting to come in. Because people who are coming into reading Spanish, and the contents in English, you're missing out on potential customers, clients, or whatever it is, maybe traffic to your website. So you don't want to confuse the people that way. It will not confuse the bot. Right. Google, Google Translate is getting really, really good at translation. So that's not a problem.

Yeah, that's come a long way over the years. Oh, it's getting really good. Yeah, it's come a long way. That's for sure.

All right, bb's up and bb. I guess I saw that this was posted seven days ago, too. So this must have been at the tail end of last week's webinar. So I'm glad you re-posted this. So the questions are first

Should You Separate A Full-Text Feed And A Summary Or Excerpt Feed?

The first one is I syndicated the blog RSS feed with full-text posts to the brand new properties. But if I want to create a super feed, which will syndicate to RSS directories, should I use separate additional feed which contains summary expert items instead of the full text. So there will be two RSS feeds. Essentially one that's a full-text feed on one's an excerpt feed. I don't think it matters for directories and aggregators, because typically they don't publish the content anyways, like in other words, you can submit an RSS feed. And if it goes into like an RSS directory, which could be like essentially found by people that we're searching for particular feeds and things like that, it's usually just a link to the feed. Right? What it does also is usually it just grabs the URLs out of the feed, and that's what like it keeps in its database, essentially not the full-text post of the feed. So and again, I don't work for all the different directories so I don't know but I know in the past, looking at aggregators and directories that had like search databases for feeds and things like that, it would just link to the feeds. If you click through to the feed on their platform, because it usually creates a new Feed URL from that, you know, part of their domain, then it usually is just like a, like a feed index page. In other words, it just shows the titles, which the titles of the posts are the anchor texts that link to the link of the post, it doesn't useless. So in other words, it usually truncates or strips any of the text from the pages or the posts that were syndicated or part of the feed itself. That makes sense, however, that said, yeah, if you wanted to do that, if you had that option to be able to create separate feeds, one being full text and one being an episode feed, just submit the XRP that's really all that matters. But again, if you don't have that ability to create two different types of feeds, I don't think it matters for aggregators or directories. Okay. Number two, does the attribution links, should we do follow or nofollow?

You got to think about that, which is what we talked about at the beginning of I did about a 10 minute tutorial at the beginning of last week's Hump Day hangout specifically about attribution links for with it for RSS feeds for when you're syndicating content. So think about how what it is that you're trying to accomplish and what you have in your attribution links. So for example, if you're just linking back to the post URL, and not always linking within the attribution link back to the blog or the root domain, like in other words, there were two different types of attribution, like codes that, you know, can be varied in multiple ways. But there are really two types of categories, two main categories of attribution links, one that only links back to the post itself, right, so the syndicated post itself, and then the other one where you can include a link that that's always going to be linked back to say, for example, the root domain of the blog or to the blog page, so domain slash domain.com, slash blog, or if it's on a subdomain, blog.domain.com, whatever, you understand what I'm saying.

Here's the thing if you're syndicating like, let's just keep it simple.

Right, if the concept is going to be the same at scale, too, but what I'm saying is to keep it simple is boil it down to just a single tier branded syndication network. And let's just think about three blog properties that we consistently syndicate to. So blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, right? If you are linking syndicating to a branded syndication network, every post from your blog that contains a link back typically, it's going to be the title of the post is going to be the anchor text that links to the post URL as the ad and the attribution text. Right. So but if you're also including, so the post title was originally published on your blog, right, whatever that brand name is, and now you're linking that your blog, right is like, let's say that was the title is the brand name your blog, right? If you're linking back with that as the anchor text, always back to the homepage, then I would recommend that you would nofollow that part of it. Right because that is going to be duplicate.

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With every single post that you publish, so I wouldn't recommend that that be followed the post title being the anchor text linking back to the post URL. In this instance, in this example that I'm explaining, you're only going to have three anchor text URLs per post, because that post is going to be syndicated one time to the network, and it's going to get three anchor texts you are, uh, you know, anchor text links with the post name or title, if you code it that way as the anchor text linking back to that post. But each one of those posts would if you have the second type, which includes a link back to like the domain name, for example, you could do a naked URL, you could do a brand name, I typically just do naked URL or brand anchors if linking back to the homepage or to the blog page, for example. But remember, every single post that you do is going to contain the link back with that same anchor text. So in that case, I would recommend no following that link, but keeping the post URL and title as the anchor text as follow. Does that make sense? So you just got to think about what you're syndicating to, and what is going to be, if there's going to be something that's going to be repeated over and over and over and over again, I would recommend no following that so that you don't over-optimize a particular keyword, an anchor text. But for something that's only one time it gets syndicated, it's gonna have that one batch of anchor texts for the primary target URL, which is typically the post URL, then that should be okay to be the default. Does that make sense? Anybody want to try to explain that and maybe a different, different way.

I would say be careful with the anchor text, right? You know you don't want to over-optimize, especially with links. You're linking back to wherever it is that you're linking on that post. Or you can add, you know, attribution to if it's coming into your index page, wherever it is that it's going. If you're getting a ton of links within an exact match, then you can incur a penalty. Because it's coming back exactly to the website, dude, you don't want to do that. So you nofollow. You tell Google don't penalize me because look, I'm nofollow.

Now to avoid all of this, if you're going to that extreme, then you can do generic stick with generic more info read more here, more naked URL, that kind of thing. They'll do exactly the naked URL. And you won't get into that type of problem.

And so just to point this out again, remember guys, you can go to our channel. And you can go to videos. In fact, actually six days ago right there, let's just go back to the home screen. So just go to our channel page guys. And right there was last week's Hump Day Hangout, and we probably I believe, we should have chopped that I didn't look to see which, you know, clips were made from last week's episode, but that one should have in one of them, which is the attribution link cut out from that from the hump day hangout last week so that's last week something hanging out right there click through to that watch that the first 15 minutes or so, where I go over very specifically attribution links in RSS feeds. Okay, because that'll give you a much better understanding of why you know when to use what and why. Okay.

Right next. soon as this stupid zoom menu bar clears Okay, there we go. Alright, so next is Joe. He says will we see some proper push-ups from you all at POFU? Well, it's gonna be virtual this time because we're not going to be alive in a room but yeah, that would be fun with it. Yeah, this is good. If it's virtual, I can probably crank out someone's arm push-ups. Yeah, here you go. There you go.

Is It Still Safe To Use Full Brand's Keyword Names With The SEO Shield?

Okay, Austin dawn. What's up Austin, he says are Austin dawn I should say. Bradley. As you know I work in the We Buy Houses niche and have several clients across the country, many of them have partial or fully MDS example cash for house when branding with SEO power shields, is it still safe to use these types of cool brand keyword names? With the shields? Yeah, and here's the only reason why. I would say yeah, only because, you know, if that's why I assume that they have the exact match keyword domains, right, but they have a brand, right? So typically, there's going to be a brand behind that they're just using that because it's, you know, easy to remember. And there's used to be some significant SEO benefit from it, they're likely still is but it can also cause some problems. So with the SEO power shield, remember, we're going to create the keyword plus brand Association. That's the primary objective of the tier one branded drive step, right, which is to create that whatever the top-level keyword is to start to create that brand associated with that keyword. So having that as part of the stack build plus whatever the company name is I don't think would be a problem. I mean, I've done it with my own, you know, alpha land Realty. I, you know, again, I'm using a branded domain alpha land dot realty as opposed to a, you know, exact match keyword domain. But I don't think that would be a problem. I haven't tested that specifically, but I don't think that would be a problem. Marco, should that be okay? It's okay. And where we run into problems is when they ask us for the inner stats, right? So the add on a stack so that you have buy houses Maryland, Maryland we buy houses we get that type of thing. That's when we can run into a whole lot of problems. So you're going to have to look at this from the start. Don, maybe we can talk more about this in the webinar. We don't really have that much time to delve into this one question right now, but it's just a thing of how but ugly, do you want that URL, that's probably going to because I mean that that's the idea when you get that inner page, and that inner staff, you want to be able to bless that so that it provides so much power that it ranks the inner page, the companion, or mirror theme or inner page on the website. But it also ranks the the the G site inner page, how butt ugly. Do you want that to look to people? And when your client goes to look, I mean, you get that how Why is it Why in the world would you do this? It's really ugly to see that. So that's why we try to focus on people brand.

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I know that exact match domains still work. But Google is busy at killing that. And you guys know when Google gets anal about something, they usually accomplish it PBN. Like they did away with TV, I was a massacre. Now people are still calling PBS. But what they're now calling PBN and what PBS used to be. It's two different things. So you got a whole bunch of idiots saying PBS still work? Well, no, the fuck they don't. What you're doing now with expired domains still works. But a traditional PBN will get picked up by Google. And it'll get it they get the index. Remember when they did when we did the XYZ domains and we did the mass paid bills on the XYZ, how many of those got killed? It was really simple to pick them out, right? So that's what we tell people if Google is busy out there with exact match domains and trying to pick them out and trying to pick up the spamming, especially in local those that try to step keywords into the titles into the descriptions into the URL, why would you do that? Why would you not focus on something up? Now I understand you have clients that have exact match domains. So you're going to have to find a way to work this into the structure that we're teaching and how you do this again, as I said,

Maybe during the next heavy-hitter club webinar, you asked this question and we can get deeper into it and we can give suggestions on how you would do this. It'll give me time to think this out because you know we are in like an in a similar niche with Sunland, Virginia, and

Bradley's Alpha Land Realty and my last solutions network. And so you gotta find a way to fit all of this in well tell me people get a brand, get the soul on the idea of branding of brand and creating a brand that's going to last because if Google comes up and they start targeting end, especially spammy ones that really stuck keywords in there. I mean, it's a done deal. It's over.

yeah, and so that I just brought this up to just kind of demonstrate what I was talking about. So like for this was the keyword that I started optimizing for first with my brand for alpha land realty was selling fast and turns out that wasn't the optimal keyword. It's not the keyword that drives the most traffic to my site. And I discovered that when I started running search ads, over time, it clearly came that that wasn't the primary keyword to be targeting. But that's the one I started with. And But you see, I built a brand around it, right? So alpha land, Realty, alpha land Realty. So the drive stack and everything was built for alpha land realty sell land fast in Virginia. But all so you know, I didn't. And I've never seen mirrored I don't have a siloed site. This is a single page landing page, guys. But I have a, you know, FAQ schema, which by the way, that's how you get this additional real estate here. Because that's those are FAQs that are on it's just FAQ schema. So I just have questions and answers on the landing page. But then I added those in structured data, FAQ structured data, and added that in HTML, this site header right. And so that now has it was funny when Google first started to crawl it. It was popping up in the press advantage. You know, propping up underneath oppressive managed PR, then it started popping up onto the G site. And now it's ultimately it's found its way to the landing page itself, which is good because it's right at the top now and it's all that additional real estate. What I'm trying to get at was I started targeting this keyword, so that there's not like an expansion in the drive stack. None of that I never had to do that. It's a single-page website. So, but all I did was the target, we buy land and some of the copy on the site. And you can see we buy land Virginia, even though that and it was also in the title tag as a secondary keyword in the title tag. And now I'm number one for that as well. Right even though I really never did any additional SEO on that. And then there are some other keywords in there, for example, sell my land, Virginia that I've never really done any optimization for at all. But there's been some Association made through searches, you know, again, I'm paying for ads, by the way, I pay for ads and people click through those ads for a keyword like this and it creates relevancy between that search and my dumb my

My landing page. So my landing page even though I sell my land, Virginia is not a keyword that I'm actually targeting on the page. It's still ranking organically and what number three, even though I've never really done any optimization for that keyword specifically, my point is it starts that's why I think it's important and we've been teaching this for years is to focus more on brand than on a particular keyword and then build start to create that association with your primary keyword in the brand. And then from there, once that association has been made, it becomes so much easier to start associations, associating route related keywords to the brand as well. So that's why we always recommend with this SEO shield, the primary objective is to create whatever your top-level keyword is determine what your very most important keyword is, and build the drive stack or you know, to have it built with the brand plus that keyword. Once you've started to create that association, then you can start going after the other related keywords in your industry. And it will become that much easier to associate them because the primary keywords already been made. And it's relevant. It's related. Does that make sense? And sometimes, again, just naturally over time, you'll start to rank for additional keywords that you may not even intentionally optimize for. Because Google understands the relationships between those queries. So search queries, that make sense. So was that a pretty decent explanation? Marco? That was fine.

All right, guys. Ah, that was perfect timing because we just wrapped up with the last question. So thanks, everybody, for being here. We will see you guys next week. Thanks, guys. Bye, everyone. Hey, guys.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 291

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 291 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 10th of June 2020. got everybody here, we're gonna say hi real quick and get the introductions out of the way and then start answering your questions because we got a lot of questions on what the deal was this week everybody brought their the good stuff. So we're gonna get into it today. So, Bradley, we'll start with you man. How are you doing today?

Good happy to be here been working on process development for the last two days straight to entire days and feel like my eyes are crossed, but I've gotten a lot of it done. So I'm so close to having all my onboarding stuff for a client you know, new clients and entity asset setup, and all that the process is almost a hundred percent complete. I've put it off for years. But I've been working on it for like the last six or seven weeks and it's almost done. So super excited about that. I'll be sharing this with the mastermind members tomorrow too. So just let you guys know that we are going to be there. In other words, otherwise happy to be here. Good stuff right Marco How about you man?

I'm good, man. still warm and sunny in Costa Rica nothing changes Groundhog Day you seeing it everywhere you see the exact same thing I think might be a What do you call it a screen a white screen that I put behind me right with all that light and this is fake this is really a mink coat right with Fern lining and it's all fake none of this is really good shit.

Just a green screen but you made white and sunny Yeah, yeah.

Well, Hey, how you doing man? Are you nice and warm? Are you freezing? Now actually today was it was a pretty good day. The last week or so was rainy and foggy and shitty, but you know, today's it's pretty good. I'm excited to be here also working on processes, you know, trying to build you know, getting to build another agency. as well, so you know, working on processes training people, and working on that. So I feel I feel you, Bradley. But you know, it is what it is like you do once you put in the work and then you get somebody repeating it over and over and over again. So that's why you put in the work so that you can multiply that. So it's been it's good, man. It's good. Everything's good, man. Yeah. All right. Last but not least, Chris, how you doing today, man? Doing well here. And yeah, it's raining here for a change.

I think it's like, I don't know. Well, it almost feels like it's the first time it's a very long time. And it's actually probably raining here.

But yeah, since it goes here. Nice, nice. Well, before we get into it, I wanted to let everyone know, we're going to be releasing some more information about POFU live 2020. It's still going to be the last weekend of September and it is going to be virtual. We'll be having some updates shortly towards the end of the month, I believe and we'll be able to answer all the questions. You'll be able to grab your tickets. To that, we're going to be reaching out. We had a few people last year who just hopped on right away. We'll be reaching out to you to get with you about that. So, the other thing I wanted to touch on, we've had a few more people joining to x your agency. And for those of you who don't know about this, if you're an agency owner or consultant, if you want to get more clients want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team. If you want to do that than 2xyouragency is really the place for you to go just go over there, check it out, I'm not gonna bore you to death. You're all capable of reading and watching the video on the page. But there is a ton of training Bradley did the bulk of that training. I know Hernan did some and I may be leaving people out. But it's just an incredible amount of content following the three pillars as far as what you can do to do exactly that and get more clients for your revenue and scale your team. And also, version four of the battle plan came out not too long ago if you somehow missed out on that. You can go grab that battleplan.semanticmastery.com and certainly not least is the mastermind Bradley mentioned that real quick that he's going to be sharing all this with the mastermind if you want to find out more about that just head over to mastermind.semanticmastery.com. And I'm gonna sneeze my brains oh man has the worst trying to talk and then having to sneeze all of a sudden. Alright, got that passed. So let's get into it. I wanted to tell people to real quick before we do that, sorry. If you haven't been over to mgyb.co yet, head over there for your done for you services. I was reminded because we were talking today about creating some more training, talking to people about worrying less SEO about you know, not caring what the algorithm is doing. If you head over there, there are best practice webinars which are great. I think most of them were created in the last few months. Go over there. If you have questions or you just want to find out more about you know, how does this stuff work? What should I do? be doing with it, things like that, just go over to mgyb.co. And there's a lot of great free training over there as well as the dumper Youth Services. Cool. All right, guys, anything else we need to cover before we dive into it?

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Yes, I've got something I want to cover about syndication network applets and RSS attribution links. So it's cool if you guys want to go ahead and grab the screen get into that.

Go for it.

Okay, standby.

Alright, I don't know if it was a support ticket or what but it was brought to my attention that I guess some done for you syndication network buyers didn't if you're not using an RSS plugin that creates an attribution link whenever you syndicate content. So in other words, if you're using an RSS trigger to trigger your syndication networks in our training, and we've always talked about how we use our an RSS attribution that's coated in through a plugin. Originally, it was using the Yoast plugin, which we no longer recommend. Marco calls it the toast plugin. So we haven't recommended that for many years because it's full of bloated code and they update it. It's just a mess. We don't ever recommend using Yoast. We developed our own. Well, Chris did our crispy or developed our own RSS plugin. There's a free version that goes with Syndication Academy, you guys can get it if you're part of any one of our groups. There's also a pro version that is free as long as you're in the mastermind that does have a whole lot of other functionality to it besides just the attribution. But I guess some people hadn't didn't realize that if you're not using a plugin to insert an attribution link into the feed items. So for those of you that don't know what the hell I'm even talking about, what is an attribution like okay, well, let me show you an example. This is a blog post on blogger for myself. Land realty project. And you can see that down here at the bottom it says see we buy land and Bluefield, VA post originally published on the alpha land realty blog. Well, this was a post that was published to this blogger blog via an RSS feed through IFTTT. Okay. So if we were to go take a look at the actual RSS feed Well, in this case, I haven't hardcoded into an applet which is what I'm going to talk about today with you guys. Because I'm not using our own RSS plugin for this and I don't use Yoast, Marco. Also, you mentioned there was a plugin what's it called?

Simple attribution. It's really good really light and works fantastically well. Right here.

Okay. I haven't used this but Marco pointed this out. So there are a couple of things that I want to point out here guys and attribution. Like what that is is whenever you are republishing content, you're supposed to cite the source give out attribution to the original publisher to the original author, right. And so that's just best practice. And so when we're syndicating content, our own content to our own branded network, one of the ways that you get a link back, and also to be proper about it is to you to add the attribution link. And there's a couple of ways you can do it. You can use a plugin. Again, use our plugin, or you can use this simple attribution if you're using WordPress.

If you're not using WordPress, or you don't want to use one of these plugins, you can hard code into the syndication applet inside of IFTTT and attribution link and I'm going to share with you guys some example codes. There are two different versions of them. Well, there are multiple versions of each, but there are two basic categories of attribution links. And so what that does is every time you publish a post, it's going to automatically insert this type of attribution link down here at the bottom, okay? And so that's giving credit to the original source. So if I click that. And this one I don't have target equals blank in there. So it's going to open in the same window, but you can see that it's going to pull up the original post the same post that we just saw on blogger. It's just it's giving a link back to the original source. Okay, now for my alpha land realty project. I'm not using an RSS plugin, so it's hardcoded into IFTTT. Let me give you an example. This is the RSS to blogger applet, okay? So if we go into settings, you're going to see right there is my Feed URL. And right here is the body or the applet body. So that's the entry content. Then I put a break tag, then published first here, and you can see it's just a href equals enter URL and then enter and then the anchor text, in this case, would be enter URL as well, that's how I have it. I've updated it since that post was published because you can see what this looks like here. So what I wanted to share with you guys was just how to do that and we can give you some examples real quick.

Let's go back. Take a look at some of the other applets. We'll take a look at RSS to WordPress. Take a look at the settings there. The same thing we've got, these are short, I've got short attribution links here, which just link back to the original post. You can also have a combination of an attribution link that links to the original post, plus links back to either the homepage or the blog page or whatever you want. Where else would this be useful? Well think about like if you've got a press advantage account. Or if you're buying press releases from MGB and you get an organization page, you get an RSS feed for your organization page, a media room page, essentially, where you can go in and set up applets. And I encourage you to do so set up applets for your sending branded syndication networks using the press advantage RSS feed. And the same thing, you go into the applets and code your attribution in and then link back to the the the original press release published on the press advantage domain.

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Let me grab the right one here. And I was blowing this up so you guys can see it, you can hard code a link back into the original to the press advantage organization page itself or the media room page, okay, or on a blog, if you're hard coding it into IFTTT to link back to your primary website, you can link either to the home page or to the blog page or whatever you really you want to. Okay, so let me zoom in on this just a little bit so you guys can see the code and I'm going to share this in the chatbox. And we're going to put this in a knowledge base or something as well. But this is with the link to home or blog page or to like a press advantage for any source, okay, that you're going to be syndicating content from the RSS feed. You can type code in this type of stuff. These are what's called ingredients and the applet most of you should know this. And then these with the square brackets, those are what you would replace those are basically tokens, you would replace that with your own website URL. And you can see that you can swap this out this is not you don't have to just use these you can change wording you can add target equals blank. You can add strategically nofollow tags to, for example, linking back to the homepage. Why would that be? If you're going to use one of these applets? Where does it say with link to homepage or blog page? Why would you want to possibly code in a nofollow link? Think about it. Okay, so here's why I would tell you to, you know, and that was a rhetorical question, but I'm going to answer it for you. If you're syndicating content from your blog consistently to your branded network, right over and over and over again, you're syndicating content. Well, each time you syndicate and let's just use the three blogs in a standard syndication network. The three web two Dotto blog properties, okay, so it's Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, right? If you have if you're using one of these types of formats up here, where you're linking back to the original post, but then also linking back to the homepage, or to the blog, row page, you know, blog index page or whatever. Then if you're, if you're doing I don't know, let's just use an example two posts per week. That's eight posts per month.

Well, you could see over time, how having the same URL with the same anchor text all do follow back to the homepage of the blog page, that remember, every single post you publish would include a link back to whatever you however you have it coded here, right. And that's what I'm talking about is back to either the homepage or the blog page or whatever it is the original content, the post URL, that's only going to get three anchor text links back. Well, some of the other properties, but I'm just talking about the web to auto blog accounts right now, you're only going to get three anchor text, you link back to that post URL for each publication, right. So each blog post that's published, it's only going to receive three-link backs with a hundred percent title anchor text match, okay? So that's perfectly fine. But if you're going to continually post over and over and over again, which you likely are you should be, then you don't want to constantly hit the same keyword unless it's a brand or an anchor a naked URL. anchor, right with dofollow links. So that's why I'm saying if you're gonna, that's why the way that I have coded here was to make it very simple for you guys, you can see that my anchor text in any one of these top three versions is going to be either brand or website URL, which means naked URL. So naked URL anchor text for the URL that it's linking to. Why? Because you don't want to cause a problem. And so that's why, if you want to use keywords, you can but I would recommend for the link back to the homepage of the blog page or a category page, whatever it is that you're linking back to that you would add a nofollow tag. If you're going to be using keywords, it's okay to use the brand. It's okay to use a naked URL. But if you're going to be using keywords, I would recommend to also include a rel equals nofollow attribute into the code the HTML code, if that makes sense. Okay. However, to if you don't want to do that, you could just use the simple ones down here which is linked to the original post only, and like it said you guys, you can change this around. You can see, in this case, its entry URL using the entry title as the anchor text. In this case, its entry URL using the naked URL as the anchor text. Okay, so it just depends, you guys can swap, move things around, swap stuff out, you can change the wording slightly, all of that, it's perfectly fine. It's just really important that you guys understand. If you're not adding, if you don't have an attribution coded into your RSS feed through a plugin, okay, then this is something that you could use instead is actually code them into the applet which is what I've actually been doing because I'm not using plugins anymore for it for most of my sites I just haven't coded in the are up to the syndication applet. Okay. So does anybody want to comment on that?

No, okay. No, no, this is it just to make it clear that this is just best practice. When you get a syndication network, you should have either a plugin on the WordPress website which creates the attribution either the Semantic Mastery plugin or some other plugin, whatever the plugin of your choice could be, would be. And in our, in this case, we're recommending simple attribution so that you could do that our plugin but Semantic Mastery plugin allows spinning and a whole lot of other things that just add, you can add relevance, you can change the way that it links back to the post, or whatever it is that you're linking to. So you have a lot more leeway in what you can do with our Semantic Mastery plugin. Unfortunately, the one that has or fortunately whatever you want to see that the one that has the most functionality is of course only available if you're a member of the semantic mastery mastermind. Otherwise, if you don't have that plugin, and if you're not creating the attribution when the RSS feed goes out, when you do your post, through that plugin, what you have to do is go into IFTTT into your applets and hardcoded the way that you just showed using either brand or native You could also go something generic, you could go with a generic anchor more info more here and things like that, that's perfectly good. If you're going to be doing a keyword as you said, it should be nofollow, or you can actually go in it and this is a lot of work you want to VA doing it is actually going in and for that one post that's going to post change it to, to anchor, let it go out and then change it back to keyword anchor, whatever it is do follow. But then you have to change everything back to make sure that you don't keep getting that keyword over and over and over again with a do follow link from all of your properties all over the place, which just doesn't make sense. So I just wanna I just want people to be clear what it is that they have to do. You have to have a plugin, or you have to have this hard code in the applet it's one or the other.

Yeah, and see that's why I recommend like I said, Guys, if you're going to use these top ones where there's every post is going to have a link back to The homepage or a blog page, then I recommend that you are using a brand anchor or naked URLs and URL anchors so that you don't have to worry about going back in and editing the applets to change it up every so often. If you don't want to do that, as I said, you could just go with the original, the entry URL, right, which is the actual blog post URL, or whatever syndicated content URL it is, and that you can do it that way too. So you don't have to worry about accruing too many of a particular type of anchor. That makes sense. Okay. So that's it, I just wanted to point out here's another example. This is one of the newer posts. And you can see this is the this is actually going to Press Advantage. So this is one from the press. This is it was a news release or a press release from press advantage through that alpha land realty account. And if you take a look at it, if I click on that, it's going to go directly to the press advantage post, press or excuse me, press release. Okay. And then if you'll see if I come back and click through the alpha land Realty, I'm using brand anchors there that clicks through to the media room page. See that? So again, that's just an example of Tumblr. And then lastly, there's the example of WordPress, here's one from last year. And you can take a look down here at the bottom, you can see it says, that's the title of the post. If I click that, it's going to take me to the original post on my alpha land realty blog. And if I click through, you can see in this case, I put a naked URL to the blog, which is the homepage because the blog is on a subdomain. And so the blog is the homepage basically, of alpha land Realty. If that makes sense. So you can see I just use a naked URL there, okay, with a naked URL anchor. Right? So I just wanted to kind of point that out. Because I guess it was brought up somebody realized that they were syndicating content with no attribution. And so I wanted to make sure everybody had an understanding of you know, where you can add attribution if you don't already have that inserted into your RSS feeds via a plugin, okay. And like I said, you should be, you know, if you were syndicating content without attribution If you've been following best practices with publishing content that always includes an internal link to one of your pages on your site, whatever it is you're trying to promote, you're still getting the SEO benefit. We always recommend having an attribution link. Because if you know, especially because I like having the title of the post is the anchor text linking back to the post URL itself, it just adds a bunch of diversity of different types of anchors that are coming that are accruing or building up over time for your site in general, right. Does that make sense? Because the title of the blog post becomes, at least the way that I have my applets coded, the title of blog posts becomes the anchor text, and so that adds a lot of diversity over time, if that makes sense. Okay, so anyway, I just wanted to cover that. Hopefully, that makes sense. Let me reset all this stuff, and then we'll get to questions.

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Would The T1 RYS Stack Nitro Link Building Combination Enough To Power An Affiliate Site?

Okay, so we'll start with Benjamin. He says, Hey, guys, I'm building a content site currently in a competitive niche primary keyword 75,000. A month for Google to monetize with affiliate sales. There is new curated content going on to the site each day, my plan was to get a tier-one network set up around the money site, then have an RYS stack above that pointing to the properties in tier one. Then throw the kitchen sink at dry stack via the night your link building package. Would you say this is the optimum configuration for these three elements? Or am I overthinking it, Ben? No, Ben, that's I mean, that's, that's right. Get the syndication network. In fact, you, the best thing to do is just order the SEO power shield. Because you're going to have it's pretty much everything combined. And so you get the syndication network first, and then they build the syndication network properties into the drive stack. Then you get the drive stack and ID page, all of that the G site. And then you can once you have all of that delivered. In fact, you don't even have to wait if you wanted to. You could start building links to the syndication network, as soon as you have that delivered which that gets delivered first. Or you could wait until everything is delivered and build links to all It so all of the URLs from the syndication network, the drive stack files and folders, the G site, that kind of stuff. Or you could like I said, do two different link builder gigs, one link building gig for the syndication network, because you're gonna get that first anyways. Wow. And then you know, takes another two weeks or whatever for the drive stack the G site to be completed. And you could order another link building gig for that. So it really just depends how, how you want to, you know, kind of sequence the things, but if you buy an SEO power shield, it's going to be the bundle, it just saves you kind of puts everything together and it helps our team because our team knows the process in which sequence to deliver them. That's what I would recommend. Any comments.

SEO power shield with link building included, but that's SOP right? Yeah, he's in a difficult niche, you got to hit it. Once it's delivered to see what happens to see how much more you're going to need. I was looking at the second part of this question, and I'm seeing, like, there's no way to answer Yeah, that's going to be enough. Nobody can tell you what's going to be in stuff in your niche. It's just you get the SEO Power Shield back, you hit it with the link building, you hit it with the embeds. Do some press releases, of course, and link building and embed, and then see what happens. Once that's done once the dust clears in 21 days wait it out, and you need data you need, you need to see what damage all of that did how it is that you're managing to come up in that niche. Once you have that information that you know, whether you need to extend your drive sec, which you probably will and something that's very competitive. I'm gonna say maybe I'm not gonna say probably you might need it. If you do we have that available then it then it's the same procedure, the same process, right? You have the drive stack you extend it, you do the money site, inner page, link building embeds, maybe a press release, and see how that does to push up the top market level category and so on and so on and so on until you get the desired results. I mean, there's no one cure-all for everything, if we could do that, then I wouldn't be here.

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Probably for a long time ago, for a long time we had, especially when syndication Academy was new, we would have members, you know, people come on the hump day Hangouts, and almost every week we get this question, how many networks will it take to rank? Or how many posts? will it take to rank for whatever keyword and people would you know? And we would always say, it depends, right? We can't answer that. It always depends. It takes as many as it takes, that was our answer as many as it takes, how many networks will it take to rank? Or how many posts will it take to rank? We would always say as many as it takes because there's no way that we can answer that. Again, I always try to do the least amount of work to get results. So I don't usually come out of it depends. Again, it depends on the project and what the budget is and all that other kind of stuff. Sometimes I'll come out of the gate with you know, Nitro, you know, Nitro kit, link building package, but for a lot of the local projects that I work on, you know, I that's not that's unnecessary, it's overkill, especially if I'm going to be staging you know, cycling through link building and embed gigs over the course of a few months, then there's really no need to come out right up front, you know, all guns blazing, because I'm going to make up for it, and you know, by doing multiple gigs over time, and so I like doing it that way. Because that way I'm not, you know, blowing my load so to speak, you know, like, spending a whole bunch of money upfront where and where might have not needed that if that makes sense. I like to kind of reserve keep things in reserve for when needed and kind of watch and monitor how much the needle moves with things that I do and then I can start to determine Okay, this is more competitive than I thought it was. So maybe I have to go a little bit more aggressive on link building or whatever. And that's just the way that I do it. I know a lot of people like to come out as you know, all guns blazing, like throw Everything that happened something right up front, but what I don't like about that is, you know, if you don't need as much, then you're kind of wasting time or money for that matter. That could be reserved or money that you could keep is profit instead, you know, so, but it's really up to you how you want to approach that.

How Do You Use The ID Page?

Alright ends up he says, I got my first SEO shield order back I understand the syndication network and posting and press releases. I understand the drive stacking. I'm still lost on the ID page though, what do I do with it? Do I submit it to Google Search Console? Yes, I recommend doing that. So if you uploaded it, you know, if you have the drive, excuse me, the ID page, and an Amazon s3 bucket. The way that you can add that to your search console is you can upload you can go to add it you have to add it as a URL. You can't do like a domain prefix and search console with it because you don't own the Amazon domain. But you can add it as a URL. Right. So you add you go to add the URL and search console and it'll tell you that it needs verification. And if you're just submitting the Amazon s3 URL, then you can download the HTML file and upload it to the same bucket. Right, the same Amazon bucket that you have the HTML page hosted in or saved in, okay, and then then you go back and click Verify, and it'll verify it just like that. And so I always recommend, you know, whatever account, the G site, and drive stack were built under, is typically where I end up submitting the ID page into the search console there. It doesn't matter if you have a branded asset, you know, like a G Suite account or something like that. You can always add it there, too. It doesn't matter to the same search console account that's attached to your G Suite account. I'm just saying, for my processes, we typically just add it to the search console account of the G site and drive stack owner, so to speak. But yes, you can do that. Do I never touch it, you there are, you know, there are things you can do to add additional stuff on there. I don't know how much I can share here specifically because some of that stuff is reserved for the mastermind and or our wife's only, or perhaps a heavy hitter club now, but you can add additional things into it.

You know, just think about other assets that would make sense to embed, it makes sense to embed in there, you know what I mean? So for example, you could possibly take your blog role page and embed that into it so that if you're blogging consistently on your money site, now you've got dynamic content, updating your ID page, because you've embedded your blog index page into the ID page, does that make sense? So that way, it is being updated every time you publish a post, it's going to automatically update the ID page through the embed, right. So there will be like new content on the page. So that's just one example of some of the things that you can do, you can add additional assets in there that are branded, you can update the H, the JSON LD structured data code to add more same as attributes. You know, there's a ton of stuff that you can do to it. Beyond that, you can leave it alone, that's perfectly fine. But you can always squeeze more power out of it, you just got to think about what type of assets would make sense to embed in there are things that you could do to dynamically update it, like I just mentioned, RSS feeds, or there's a ton of stuff that you can do to an ID page. Okay. But you can leave it just the way that it is and get results from that too. But you can always squeeze more power out is what I'm saying. Each property that gets iframe into that @ID page is a perfect place for link building and for embed ones and link building. So you also can you can consider that as an asset. All of those URLs are assets for you to hammer when link not hammering in, in the garbage, spam, which will work anyway. But if you keep your link profile clean, if you use better links, web two dot o is the way that we do it in web 2.0 contextual you'll get better results and it just looks better.

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So remember, also, if you don't already have structured data on your primary web asset, then you know, add it and make sure that you're using you're pointing the ID page, you know, designating the ID page to the URL of your ID. page. So it makes sense. So for example, if you if or if you are if you already had structured data on your primary website, but you didn't have an ID page field, or if like most people, do, they just duplicated the URL of the home, you know, the homepage of the primary domain as the ID page. Now, you should go up and go now that you have a, you know, a published ID page, an actual ID page, go back through and edit your structured data code to include that URL as the ID page as opposed to just the homepage of your website, you know, so that there are a few things that you can do with it. That might be something actually that we could. I know we talked about last week about doing an MGYB update webinar that might be something we can include And that is just a little bit more on how to squeeze more out of a 90 page. Maybe we can add that to the notes. I'm moving on.

Okay, there are several questions here. I don't know that we're going to get through all these. We'll try just for everybody's etiquette for others, is try not to post 18 questions in one question, guys. It's not fair to everybody else, because it takes up too much time. post a question or two is okay. And then wait till some other people post and then you can post more questions that way. We're giving other people a chance. There's a lot of questions squeezed into this. All right. So we'll get through a couple of them. And if and we're going to move on and we'll come back if we can if we have time.

Does Having A GMB Based In The U.S. Limits A Global Affiliate Site's Traffic Due To GeoTargeting?

The first one is if I have a global affiliate site that targets all English speaking people around the world as the offers could be delivered globally with the primary focus on the US and UK. Is it possible that if I create a US GMA, that would then get my traffic to the US and even To the US area of the GMB in a similar way that geo-targeting and search console does? I don't mean, the GMB when only. Again, I don't. I'm not sure I understand the question in that. If you have a GMB, you're limited for the GMB and to where it will rank them in maps. Does that make sense? But having a GMB tied to a global domain isn't going to affect at least as far as I know, I've never tested it. But as far as I know, it doesn't seem to me like it would make doesn't seem logical that it would limit the website's exposure by having it tied to a GMB in the US. The maps ranking itself for the GMB would be limited to its immediate area, which is normal for all GMB's now, but I can't imagine that causing any issues. Marco, have you tested any of that or have any experience with that?

Well, the Land Solutions Network has a corporate as a corporate entity right in Pennsylvania. That's We decided we decided to set that up. Just to give it a corporate presence, get a GMB it to kind of show you know that it's a local company, but it's it's spread out. And it's but that but then that's also geo-targeting the US. So it's a service-based business, targeting the USA, it has a surface area, as long as you don't say, you know, like, I don't know how you would do that if you have a global entity and why you would pigeonhole it into a GMB. Yeah. Well, you were you're required to either show your address or to set a service area and you can't set the globe as a service area unless you deliver goods and services to the person right at their location is that well, that's the idea behind the service-based business. Right? So you'd have to look at that. I don't know why you'd want to do that. Why don't you just because you're not here's the thing where people get Confused about doing local, it's natural, and it looks really good. And you have to have a GMB or else you're not going to rank in the three-pack. And that's where the most action takes place in most niches locally. People going to their cell phones, and they look, look up whatever service it is that they're looking for, and they get a map pack, but they get ads and a map pack, or something along those lines. If you don't want that to happen. And if your niche doesn't trigger a map pack, then why would you want to be involved in that in the first place? There are other ways to verify and validate that entity that doesn't involve a GMB. We just did it with Land Solutions Network, because I knew we'd be targeting the US and I knew how we would be targeting the other states and cities in the US, right. So I knew what was going to happen already and how that was going to happen. But if I were going globally, I wouldn't have done that I would have never said my geolocation to the US. I probably would have gotten a GMB, I would have looked for another way, running ads in Google and YouTube, getting that credit card on file going into G Suite. Right as the company land solutions network doing all of the things that a company does when they want to work within Google when they want to run ads, which would be worldwide, not just to one particular geolocation, it just makes no sense.

Yeah, so I agree that you know, there's if you don't force a GMB just because you think you need it. If there's a specific reason that you want to have a GMB or that you need to have a GMB in the US then so be it. But as Marco said, there are other ways to solidify or validate the entity more in Google's eyes. Like he mentioned running Google ads, right? Having a credit card on file, running some ads, you could run YouTube ads, or display ads very inexpensively with even $1 a day budget, right? So even less, but it's just that Google can recognize you're a real person. It's not a spam account. You're paying money. Same thing with G Suite. G suites a great way to validate an entity, which at the basic level, it's $6 a month per user for the G Suite account. And then also, you could just you could upgrade, like Google Drive for that account and do pay so you get additional storage, right? That's another way to get it on file. So there's a number of different ways to validate it besides having the GMB unless of course, you need it.

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Is It Okay To Use A Generic Description In A U.S.-Based GMB Even If You Are Physically Located In Europe?

Which brings me to question number two of this if I'm physically located in Europe, but I need a US GMB and the health niche. Is it possible this could happen if the description is more generic and not so much health-related? And if the name is more generic? Well, again, I'm not 100% Sure. Why do you need if you're located in Europe? Excuse me? I'm not sure why you need a GMB in the US. So it doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. I'm not sure what the point of that would be. So I'm sorry, I can't answer that.

Is The ID Page Useful Even If You Don't Have A GMB?

Number three does the ID page loop Make sense? If you don't have a GMB? Yes, it does. Because although I do The ID @ID page, stuff that we started with, you know, I guess it was in 2018. February 2018. I think we were originally it was originally tied to just local business structure data. But it's beyond that now. Marco, you can talk a little bit Miley do local, but you can talk a little bit about that more an ID page is just a reference area for an entity. It's telling the Googlebot to go there all of the entity information that will help to validate that entity is that in this location, and that's what we use the ID page for. Is that correct?

Yeah, everything on the web has a node. Okay, everything connected to the web. So even if you have a smart refrigerator, smart range, smartphone or smart TV, whatever smart device you have, that's going to have a note. And the question now is, how do we identify that node for the bot to understand what this connection is to whatever it is that we're doing? What's happened, what how that's being done. Now it's a local is how it started. But now you have an organization, Mm hmm. She can add you can have an @ID for your organization. And that what that does is is I and identifies the organization know where all of your organizational information resides. And so that that's how we do it. That's how we targeted but you can have multiple @IDs, like here, you can have a web page and idea of a product @ID, you're just naming the node for the product, the website, the web page, just whatever you're identifying it for about these are identifiers, and how those two nodes get connected. Well, that's the URL. I don't know that it's a hyperlink. They connected through a way for each one to talk to one another. Well, that's HTTPS. And the way that the word the worldwide web is inter matched right interlinked, so that everything is identified and can The through an IP, or however it is that that that that connection is is made. Now, as far as the question is concerned, does an @ID page loop makes sense? It makes sense because it's an entity that we named it and the @ID loop, originally, but what we were doing is we were creating an entity loop. We were sending Google hopping from one place to another that contains nothing but our entities' information and everything related to our entity. And we were just echoing it over and over and over and over again, we were able to track the bot in that echo. It sounds like an echo chamber, right? Or the endless mirror, where it just bounces back and forth, back and forth. And we've seen it happen, we can see it. We can see the button. They're going back and forth going back and forth through the iPhones. We can see it reading the information on the iPhone, this is these are the things that we've proven. So is it Yes, of course, it makes sense. It makes total sense because of not You're not and you're not identifying your entity properly for the Bob. Thank you was a thorough answer.

How Important Are The Short Links On The GSite Of The SEO Shield?

So DC SEOs up? What's up, man? He says on the G site of the shield, there are a number of short links that have MGYB in them. How important are they because I want to sell my clients the shield without them actually being able to figure it out where and who it was created by and how much it costs because I will be adding my own margin onto it. I've considered not telling them that they'll end up with a G site, but almost everyone I deal with here in the UK has been burnt by another SEO Company, which is true everywhere, not just in the UK, but been. So I want to be as transparent as possible on a slightly different note if a client doesn't want to publish the GMB site. Okay, well, let me answer the first question and we'll come back to that second part. We run all the URLs through the MGB shortener because it gives you another target URL for link building purposes and because of all the link building that's been done to the drive stacks g sites that we've built over the years now. The mgyb.co shortener is incredibly powerful. So you actually siphon power from that into your stack by having those shortened links there. That said, there are a couple of things I don't know that you could I don't manage the, you know MGYB Build Team at all that Marco and Rob do that really? So I don't know if you could request to have one built without the shortened links. I guess it's possible maybe Marco can answer that or Rob I know he's usually lurking, listening to us and he comments in slack but something else you could do is when it's delivered if you wanted to hide that from or you know not to reveal that the mgyb.co shortened links to the client, you could just go into the drive stack and delete those from you know the sheets and things like that if you wanted, obviously, it would be more time-efficient, more efficient if you just ordered the stack and requested did not have those included. Is that something thing that could be done, Marco?

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No. And I'll tell you why. The MTB shortener adds so much power to everything that if they even rank and leave it, they'll index. So a mind map that's really hard to index right now will index through the MGYB shortener. So why would we want to interfere with all of the power? And if I were to tell my guys to do that, then you would have to, we would have to give it to you with the warning. We can't be sure how this is going to work. Yeah, because we don't do them that way. Now, if you just share your screen for a second and just go to HTTPS, mgyb.co to the shortener.

Oops, I got the wrong fucking type. Maybe I could get it right. That's all the person is going to see just another shortener, just another URL shortener, they don't have to figure anything out. I mean, if they want to look at your it's something, it's a service that actually you can set you're paying for the pricing is right there. And you're using it, just to provide short links and to be able to customize, you can actually go and pay for getting into the service. So you can customize the links for the client. But this is the way I'm customizing your link so that they look better. So they look nicer. So they're more attractive for the person to click on. They don't have to figure out everything that you're doing. They can just from going here. This is just our shortener, it's no, no different than Bitly, or any other shortener out there.

And I'd like to comment and say what Marco said is true. I agree that also delivering a drive stack without those URLs would be like, going into a fight with one arm tied behind your back, right, because you're losing the benefit that you gain from having the MGYB SEO links because of the power that's been accrued to it over time. So that's number one.

Number two, again, if you know my rebuttal to say that you're worried about the client seeing, you know, going to mgyb.co, and looking at the store and seeing what drives tax costs and everything else, what your client have any idea what the hell to do, how to order what to do with them or anything else without you know, I mean, it's like 99% chance that they wouldn't have a damn clue as to what to do. Even if they did find the store, they wouldn't have any idea how any of those things would benefit them. Because as it stands right now, it's still basically a store that is for SEO professionals and marketing professionals. Not for the layman, right? The average business person or a business owner. So you're getting paid for understanding how to put all of these things together and make it work and produce results. Right. That's your expertise. I remember reading somewhere, somebody said you know when you have a plumber that's got 10 years of experience to come out and fix a leaking pipe, right? And he comes out and fixes it in 30 minutes and charges you $150 or $200, you know the service call plus whatever $200? Or are you paying for $200? You know, like, it takes 30 minutes. So what would that be $400 an hour effectively, or so? Are you only paying for that 30 minutes? No, you're paying for 10 years of experience that that plumber has accrued. And that's why they're able to fix it so efficiently. I don't know if that's an analogy that makes sense to you. It does to me. But you know, you're they're paying a markup because you're the one that's putting it together and making sure that they're going to get results from it. Whereas even if they went and found our store, it's likely they would have no idea what the hell they were looking at, or what the hell to do with it, even if they did purchase it, you know what I mean? So I wouldn't and trust me if they ordered it and then got into the order where they had to submit the order details. They'd be lost probably because they don't understand half the terminology that you know We requested the order. So I wouldn't worry about that at all. You should always Mohammed, I think he's got a question in here. He's been following us for a long time. And he had, you know, Mohammed, I'm not picking on you. But he's gotten to a lot of situations with clients about that kind of stuff, you know, where too much has been revealed or to ask too many questions and blah, blah, blah. And remember, you're getting paid for your expertise, for knowledge that you've accrued through time and effort. And so you deserve to be paid for that and manage the build, manage, you know, the, what's done with it afterward and everything else. So any comments on that?

Yeah, this is where I'd like to add that if he's taken the person through the conversation in the right way. What he's done is he's told this person, I'm going to get your results how I get results, is my business-like, I don't you're not going to tell this business owner how to run their business because you probably don't know how to you don't care to know how all you need to know is as Jordan Fowler one of our mastermind Member says, Well, you have to know is Google. And all you have to tell that client is Look, I, you know, your business, I know Google, and I'm going to get you results, and you're going to pay me for results. You're not paying me for the hour, the why. Now, if you want to pay me for the hour or the Y, that's consultation, and that's 1500 dollars an hour, I'd be happy to take you into structure into an instructional model, minimum five hours a month, and during the course of 12 to 18 months, I can take you through everything so that you can go and get results. Or rather than do that, why don't you just pay me my monthly, and let me get your results so that we know you don't have to go through those at through that Crash Course of 18 months of learning so that you can start the process of doing what it is that I already do and that I have 17 years of experience doing. So, guys, it's that conversate you got to have that conversation with the client and you have to school the client in the right mode, yes, they've been burned, they've been burned because there's, they're forced to sign contracts. And they're promised the moon, and that the moon is made of cheese and all this shit, where all you have to do is tell them, hey, look, man, I'm gonna get you results, I'm going to need 90 days, I can probably get your results sooner. But I don't want to make any promises because I don't control Google. But what I do know is that within 90 days, we're going to start to see results. At the end of those 90 days, we'll sit down and revisit the fee. So that gives that even gives you an opportunity to increase your feet because you're gonna rock this guy's world. If you do the things that we do in the way that we do them. The guy is going to be blown out of his mind. I mean, his head is going to explode from the results you're going to get. But the conversation has to be there. If he's focusing on how you're getting results, and why and why are you doing this? And how are you doing it? Dude, you got to pay me for my knowledge. I'm not gonna give you my knowledge for 2500 bucks a month. There's just no way.

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Can You Use The Primary URL From The Money Site As Rel=Canonical If A Client Doesn't Want To Publish Their GMB Site?

Yeah, she says on a slightly different note. If a client doesn't want to publish their GMB site, can I use the primary URL from the money site is the REL=canonical? Yeah, I mean, if that's fine, the only reason why we had set it up originally to point to the GMB website if it's for the local project is that some of our customers at MGYB or members in the mastermind or whatever, if you have the REL=canonical pointing to the money site, if you're doing a backlink analysis through like majestic or a href, or something like that, you can often see some of the links that are being built to the G site through the REL=canonical, like in other words, so you can see some of the link building that's being done by you know if you're using link building analysis tools or link analysis tools. I don't care. I honestly don't care because as long as I'm getting results, it really shouldn't matter. Some of our customers or members have didn't want that. So that's why we defaulted it to point the REL equals canonical to the GMB website if have a GMB site, you know, a GMB location associated with the drive stack built, but it's not necessary like you can like, it just depends if you're worried about clients looking at link building analysis, you know, Link analysis, reports and such like that and you don't want them to see the types of links that are being built, then yeah, I would point it to something else. It could be the, you know, not the primary website, but you could even point it to like the GMB map instead of the GMB website, for example, but again, I don't care. Personally, I even just ordered them through the MGYB now just like you guys, do, I swear, I ordered my drive stacks just like you guys do. And then when I get them back, I typically when I'm uploading my ID page because I upload it to my own Amazon site, or whatever, then I usually do the REL=canonical back to the money site. So it's just an edit that I make before I upload it. It's entirely up to you. Is there any other comments you want to make on that Adam or Marco before I move on.

I don't see why they wouldn't want the GMB published. Like I don't see why that's a showcase. It's a showcase for your post. It's more URLs to spam to link built to the link below to four iframe, there's just so much that you can get from that. And then not only that, when they see just how much how many visits come through, and how much actually comes through the posts on the GMB like that whole ecosystem. I was just looking at one and today's what Wednesday and I've already had 838 post views for the week, and it's only Wednesday. I'm about to post that as an update in the heavy hitter club. But it's ridiculous for the client to even consider not publishing the money site, especially since it's done by Google on auto and they interlink everything and they give you all the love that's necessary for you to just hammer.

It's another branded asset too. I totally I agree, I don't understand why you wouldn't want to. I mean, you guys, you understand you can't control clients, sometimes clients demand things that just make no sense, they defy logic. And that's fine. You have to work within those parameters at times or fire them as a client. But I agree 100% with Marco, there's no reason why, like, and we've had that common question come up in Hump Day Hangouts, or like, you know, my client doesn't want the G site ranking. Why not? Why the hell wouldn't you want a G site ranking, right? Like it pushes a competitor off the page, and if you iframe your money site page into the top of the G site, then they're gonna see the original page. I mean, you know, the money site anyways, what difference does it make and but some people just, they're just finicky like that, but I totally agree. It's another asset takes up more real estate, you can do a lot with it. So it seems silly not to, in my opinion. But the short answer is yes, you can canonicalize the ID page to you know, another tier-one asset I would recommend it being a Google asset like the GMB map URL for example or something like that.

Should We Use The Press Release When Requesting For Link Building Services?

Okay, g site whatever fits is up. What's up, Fitz. He's here almost every week. Good day, gents. Thanks for the forum to ask questions and get real-world actual answers. Marco thank you for the charity work you do for these kids. Love how Fitz promotes your charity for you, man. It's awesome. He's a good man for that. He says, Thanks, Fitz. Yeah, please post the charity link again so others can help with a quick 1020 or $100 to help these kids out oh road needs good people to even help even if it is with only a few dollars today. My question is on Hump Day. We hear about limiting the links to only one link so that we can concentrate the power is that for press releases or when requesting link building? Oh, that's a great question fit. So if that wasn't clear before that was within press releases now. Marco might have a slightly different methodology than I do. For press releases. I typically like to use most press releases if the kind of one-off press releases. I just usually like to With two links like and again, if you go look, I'm talking when I've talked about it, it's mainly for press releases.

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Because for example, you can add three press or three links into a press release. But you're splitting the power of the link equity coming from that press release, every time you add an additional URL like another outbound link, right, so you can concentrate the power into one specific URL if you need to. However, if you go to the MGYB.co store or domain and you look at them or you go to our YouTube channel, or you go to Google and search for press releases silos, or PR silo stalking or whatever, you'll see the webinar that we did, right I the way that I do it, I'm usually linking with three links per press release now and it's because the way for local projects that I do it or that my team does it, is we publish a blog post and we publish a corresponding GMB post that links to the blog post. Okay, and then we publish a press release and The press release will link to either the blog post URL directly, or to the GMB post URL. Does that make sense that's promoting, that's linked to the blog post URL. And then we link back to the tier one. A tier one entity asset could be the home page, it could be a category page or, you know, top-level silo page. It could be Facebook page, you know, LinkedIn company page, the drive stack, primary folder, the G site, whatever, anyone of the primary tier one entity assets. So that's link number two, right? first, the link is going to link to the blog post that the press releases promoting, right because we that's what we publish or not for, like, if I'm doing three blog posts per week, then if the clients only paying for one blog post, or excuse me, one press release per week, then one of those blog posts is going to get a press release that is promoting the blog post and the blog post the press releases either gonna link directly to the blog post URL or to the GMB post URL that is linking directly to the blog post URL, then we link to it. Another tier-one entity asset, any one of them. I've talked about this before, but my bloggers have a client workbook, which is a Google Sheet for every client. And there's a target URLs column that has all of the primary tier one entity assets that we want to power up, and they just go down and each time they publish another press release, blog post, whatever, they select another target URL, and they link to that. So that would be link number two, and then the third link is a link back to a previous press release in the same silo. Right, because we do press release silo, we theme mirror everything right, we mirror the blog post silo structure into the GMB or excuse me, the Google site, this into the GMB posts and now, even in the press releases, so everything is themed there. That's why it's called mirroring, right. And again, that was originally coined by the network Empire. So I usually if it's a one-off, press release, I'm usually linking two to two outbound URLs. If it is a within a silo which most content is now then it's going to look To like I said, the original post URL or the GMB, the corresponding GMB post URL, another tier-one entity asset, just cycle through target URL list. And then the third is going to be linking to the previous press release in that same silo, that's just the way that I do it. Any comments on that?

Yeah, I wasn't referring to either one of those scenarios when I talked about the one link method, which was strictly for the drive stack extension. And the G site inner page extension targeting a money site inner page, that's when we use that one link method to concentrate the power as close to one to one as possible. instead of dividing it, like you just mentioned, in a press release the way that you'd be dividing, dividing is either two by two or by three, right? We want a one to one transfer from the G site over to the money site, an inner page from the extension to the inner page. So I'd go back and watch those webinars fates. I know that you have access to those. And that's what we were mainly talking about it although you can do that one lick method however way you want to do it. Guess what you have to understand is how you're transferring PageRank ranking score and power.

Can We Use Dedhia's Link Building Services To A Money Site?

Alright, so we're almost out of time I'd like to get through these next two if we can. So let's get to them Jigglypuff says, Hey guys, I just cut the battle plan and really enjoying the content you guys share. Well, thank you. Can the link building by Dedhia offer through MGYB be used on a money site? No. We don't recommend that. You know that we always recommend using the tier one entity assets is the link building targets. That's what our link building services were. were developed specifically to power up the tier one entity assets, not the money site. That's why we call it an SEO shield because it acts as an SEO firewall that protects the money site, right you're basically building a cocoon a shield around your money site using high authority entity assets that you can now power those up. And ultimately, the link equity flows through to the money site, but it gets cleaned or laundered through those entity assets. So we do not recommend that now if you want link diversity to your money site press releases, that's a fantastic way like that press releases are an awesome way to add length diversity to your money site, because you can link directly to your money site. And I would recommend that you change it. I primarily use naked URLs when linking to the money site, but you can do some generic stuff or some brand anchors and things like that so that you get linked diversity as well as anchor diversity back to your money site, but I would use press releases for that. Any comments on that?

No, no, no, never to the money site. We don't recommend that. That's why we have the SEO power shield as you said, it provides a shield and it amplifies the power. So why would you do anything except go through the SEO Power shield? That's right.

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So that's why it's important to build those assets first and then you can hammer the shit out of those assets with the link building and embed gigs or embed plus link building gigs. So that link building is getting done to the embed pages, right? So there's a number of things you can do to power those assets up without them directly linking directly to your money site through those through daddy's link building service if that makes sense. So there you go.

Next question, and we're going to wrap it up guys because we're at the five o'clock mark and unfortunately, dammit, Mohammed, I answered your question. I commented below cult of copy. That's a great resource for copywriting and Facebook. They've also got a marketplace where you can hire copywriters and all kinds of stuff. So go look at the cult of a copy.

Can You Order More Than One ID Page DFY Service To The Same Domain?

Anyways, this last question, can you order more than one ID page done for you service to the same domain but pointing to different money site URL? Or should you only have one ID page for each money site? If you understand that's what we were talking about earlier. an ID page is supposed to be basically a resource To say this is where it helps to validate an entity, right? So a money site, the right should really only have one ID page, the way that I do it for local, okay, because remember that everything I do is local. But you can have multiple ID pages for a brand. If there's in my case for local if there are multiple locations, right? So there can be like, for example, I'm working on a tree service project now sharing that in the mastermind. That as an as got multiple locations, and so they're the homepage of the website, the primary domain, the root domain is essentially got Corporation organization, Corporation structured data, right? So markup that has an ID page, that Id page is just brand and keywords. So there's not any location optimization for the ID page, right? Because it's an ID page for the overall entity, the brand itself, right, and I'm using Corporation markup which is a subset of organization markup, okay. So I've got an ID page that links to the or that the money site links to or references the ID page for the brand plus keyword Association, but no location optimization. But then I've got multiple locations, that is branded plus location name appended to it. And each one of those locations has its own ID page that's optimized for that specific location. Does that make sense? So you can have multiple ID pages. If you're having, you know, again, depending on what it is you're trying to validate that just if you understand what we're talking about with what an entity is, then it'll click you know, you'll get you you understand what the ID page is for it's, it's a resource that you're telling Google through the structured data code, hey, all of the entity information can be validated here. And so on that page is where you have all the iframes structured data, you know, tier one, entity assets, all of that stuff is listed or housed within that Id page, because you're telling Google reference that page to validate this entity and all the data within. That makes sense. So if you understand that, then you there are times where you can have multiple ID pages and marketing you might be able to explain a little bit more clearly than me. I don't know if that was clear or not.

You can have multiple @ID it Alright, so you got a parent. And this parent has four children it doesn't matter where those children are. So now you have the field organization Corporation, as you said, and you're going to have in our locations now as the parent, you can talk about your children because they're your children. And you can do this in the schema in the JSON LD. Rob showed this in the heavy hitter club in our MC or we could go Wednesday, in our mastermind I didn't in the webinar that we had, he showed he showed how you can reference the children and how the children can each reference the parents. And what you have to be careful is that you make sure these children don't Become orphaned, where you confuse the but you have to make sure that this parent is claiming the right children because it starts claiming other children, then you're gonna have to pay child support. Everybody's gonna get confused. They don't know who's dedhia, who's mohamed, you have to make this clear to them but if you guys if you confuse the bot you excuse the language I know they're supposed to be pgl give a shit. You are screwed if you don't reference everything correctly. Rather than doing all of that why don't you just concentrate on your entity, which is what it should be? It's an entity loop your ID is an entity loop is everything about your company about your business?

There you go.

Okay, we got to wrap up or come to the heavy hitter club and learn how to do it.

There you go. So thanks, everybody for being here. Tom. See you guys next week.

See guys, Bye, everyone. Bye.

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