Should I Buy PBN Links To Improve The Rankings Of A Website With Good Content And 4-Tier Syndication Networks?

By April

In episode 204 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if she should buy PBN links to improve the rankings of her website, which already has good content and 4-tier syndication networks but is not performing well.

The exact question was:

hi guys – Q: i heard a lot recently about creating a good content is the key to bring ranking and traffic so I'm writing content for my website, I did the RSS feed as trigger to 4 tier syndication, I have more than 30 articles and optimized good with Yoast and good interlinking structure and alt tags- did also google stacking with google properties I still can't see the needle moving up in the search engines..i build YT channel for linking to the website , i have links from reddit and yt , weebly ,twitter, wp and etc . should i buy pbn links ? if yes then point them to my money site or to tier 2 links such as wp and others.. any other tips would be great I'm really frustrating – its more then a year now and no major kw in top 50 at all

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Should You Add A Full Post To The Homepage On PBN Sites?

By April

In episode 138 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if it is okay to add a full post to the homepage of a PBN site.

The exact question was:

About PBN links: should I add FULL POST in home page (and because of that MANY outbound links on home) or add a EXCERPT on home with the MS link on it (so MS link still show on homepage) and cut the article to show most of the authority links only on post page? If I create a really relevant article, curated, with have 3-5 authority links * 8 posts on home = 24-40 outbound links… What is the best way to do it?

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Is It Okay To Use PBN Links Directly To A Money Site Or Should A Tier 1 Syndication Network Be Used As A Buffer?

By April

In episode 135 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if it is okay to use PBN links directly to a money site or whether a buffer site is necessary.

The exact question was:

Better using my PBN links directly to MS or using my Syndication Tier 1 as a buffer? That way I can also link from the same post to 2-3 propreties and it all converts in power to MS. And maybe to RYS propreties, I'm just not really sold to it yet (maybe because I never tried…).

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 13

By April


Streamed Live: Jan 28 2015 –



3:00 – How do you get paid with a syndication network? How do you get paid for video SEO?

7:00 – Best practices for combining PBN links and IFTTT network tier links?

10:00 – Are there ways to pump the Page Authority of the IFTTT properties?

12:00 – Are you using high DA for buffers for any of this?

14:00 – Looking to rank a couple local pages for my company, what else can I do to optimize?

21:00 – Does SEO Centro look at metadata of images too?

22:00 – Does SKYFALL update affect the IFTTT SEO training and use?

25:00 – What happens if you no longer have a proxy past 30 days and need to log in to an account?

28:00 – Can you abbreviate the website name / title to lower the overall optimization?

31:00 – Can you do a one time payment for proxies or do you have to pay month to month?

32:00 – Is there a way to create trigger for other video sharing sites (besides YouTube) like DailyMotion, Vimeo?

36:00 – Does Pro Vimeo account allow you to target commercial terms with videos?


35:00 – Info about Hydravid, new product being tested. At the time it was not working well (may be fixed in the future)