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By April

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Hernan: Oh man, we're laughing I never no one will ever know. What's up, everybody? Welcome to Hump Day hangout Episode 280 for the 25th of March 2020 Welcome everybody that you guys are having an amazing day. And before we go into what we have in store for you guys today. I want to say hello to everyone and I want to go in order so Adam. What's up, man?

Adam: Hey, not much. Thanks for Hernan's taking over and doing the heavy lifting here to get us started while I tried to take over for Bradley. It's actually more complicated than you think to get this stuff going. So it's like oh my god, there are three screens. This is all gonna fall apart but it looks like we're live. We're working. So anyway, I can't complain. Things are going pretty well here for me in the Bay Area. I was about to say going well, but you know, with everything that's going on. I know there are some people around here who are having a tough time and you know, it's interesting. I feel like I've actually been busier over the last couple of weeks than over like the last three months. So anyway, just a little personal insight but overall. I can't complain, man things are good. Thanks for asking.

Hernan: Awesome and you know, Bradley does it with one screen. You know, he does it with one monitor. What's up Marco? How are you doing, man?

Marco: You can see what's going on. You can see how I'm doing right? It doesn't change. It doesn't. It's Groundhog Day. It's bright. It's sunny. It's beautiful in Costa Rica. Yes, we're inside, but I can still take a step outside. And it's sunny and it's more beautiful. And I can go and play with the kids like, everything's good, man. Everything's good.

By the way, 280 trivia the US had had a cannon in the 50s that shoot like, like 20 miles. It had an effect on rain. It was a 280-millimeter cannon called the atomic cannon atomic. And by the way, just I don't know why 280 just brought that up some of the stuff that we learned in the friggin military. It sticks with you.

Hernan: That's awesome. That's it.. What's up, Chris?

Chris: yo groundhogs are back in the cave, unfortunately here. We are back at freezing temperatures, but I'm fine and it's sunny outside, usually during the day. And yeah, I'm still praying for a better internet connection. Like, everybody's fucking watching Netflix here apparently. How are you doing?

Hernan: I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Actually, that's global. You know, I have a couple of friends that they work in a couple of mainframes around the world and you know, managing connections switches and all that stuff. And you know, the servers are definitely you know, overloaded around the world. So it's not, you know, it's like everywhere. So anyway, I'm doing great, we're healthy, we're good. We're inside but you know, doing to do and try to help people with the Hangout, which by the way, if you're new to Hump Day Hangout, welcome. If you've been around for a while, welcome as well the main point of this forum this space is to help you guys as many questions as possible when it comes to a digital agency and growing your digital agency SEO, pretty much whatever you need to grow your digital agency if you really want to take it to the next level we have a program for that. It's called 2xyouragency or double your agency. The promise of that program is that we will help you get more clients and getting more free time so go 2xyouragency.com.

If you want a step by step methodology to rank your website, whether it's a new website or a niche website or a YouTube video, why not you need to get a copy of the Battle Plan it's really inexpensive right now. So go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com. We also have a slew of done for you services in case that you're a business owner that needs more free time so that you can focus on building your agency and not trying to do everything yourself. So go to mgyb.co to actually get that fulfill. And last but not least, if you want to come to hang out on a really high-level mastermind of people, digital agency owners that are trying to make it better. And we'll try to help them as much as possible. You know, you should consider joining the mastermind by going to mastermind.semanticmastery.com. So did I do it right?

Marco: Following up on that my ask Marco anything webinar is tomorrow afternoon at the usual time 330 Eastern. So if you're not in the mastermind, you should come to ask me anything I'll answer whatever I can if I can't answer that, if one of my other partners can ask for it. They each have their own webinars that they do. So we're offering five times the value because you get a webinar from each one of us now, instead of just one every other week. One, two, if you are in the mastermind, go to the Facebook group. On the event page, you're going to see everyone's mastermind webinar listed in there. Just follow the instructions for whoever's doing the webinar. I'm doing it differently than my other partners. I always like to be different tests, different stuff. So with that, see you all tomorrow and let's get to questions.

Sounds good. Go. What's driving? Who's sharing the screen?

Yeah, I didn't even think about it, man. We're totally lost without Bradley. Just kidding. Yeah, let's do this. I'll share my screen. All right,

Marco: I'm gonna stop my video because as you know, too much sun is bad for you guys. There we go.

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How Would You Rebrand A GMB Page With The Same Address And Phone Number As The Old One?

Adam: Let's see, it looks like the first question for today was Fitz. So let's say my clients switched real estate brands. Should they kill the old GMB or ask Google to change the name? They created another GMB for the new brand name. They are still at the same address, same phone number. The other GMB was not optimized. Okay, so, switch brands. Still at the same address and created a new GMB. So I'll let you guys handle this one man, GMB is outside of my area of expertise.

Marco: That's an entity fuckup in the making. Plain and simple, plain and simple. You have two different brands at the same address, right? The same address. Probably sharing the same entity information. He's saying the same address and same phone number. So two out of the three data points are the same. Definitely entities. Just kill one or the other or just, you know, call, you can call the Google rep and have them help you on this. This is legitimate. There's an orphan system in the same place. They just changed the name. Because when you start messing with stuff as I know, Bradley has had some success, changing stuff. I just tried to do something the other day, very simple, and it got suspended. Fortunately, we have a suspension reversal service in mgyb.co, which works really well because I was the original person who tried it out.

So at any rate, just so you avoid all of those issues, you can just call Google and have the Google rep help you through. Some of this is what I did. I'm an idiot, that's your client, of course. I mean, idiot, I was trying to see if I could change the name and I just didn't know what to do.  Act really ignorant. I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Flogged me with 10 wet noodles, but please help me out. And that usually gets you a lot of assistance. Because you know, business, especially now, right with, with all of the stuff that's going on. I think they're going to go out of their way to be really helpful, except that with GMB, like, they're really cutting back on the stuff that they're allowing. They're really cutting back on it. That could be one of the reasons why I got an algorithmic suspension, the other day gamma, I'm almost 100% positive that it's algorithmic, they don't have enough people to keep up with the GMB demand.

So I mean, that's what I would recommend, totally. If you want to try eliminating one and optimizing the other. Please remember that any changes that you make can get your suspension right now. And as a matter of fact, we were just talking in chat with Rob with the guy who does the suspension lifting. And they're on hold, even though they aren't lifted in the GMB sits on pending, until they'll come back full strength and we don't know when that's going to be guys. This is a really touchy moment to be fucking around with things that are really really important to the business. But what you have right now Fits that that that is totally totally entity ambiguity. And I can't tell you how bad that is and how difficult it is to then go and get rid of the ambiguity because I've had to do it.

Does YouTube Count A View If Someone Is Watching An Embedded Video On A Website?

Cool. All right. Well, good stuff. Next question. I'm going to go if it looks like Mike. So Mike Hello, superstars. Thanks, Mike. I want to embed a video from my youtube channel on my website. Okay, sounds good so far. Does every time someone watching the video on my site, YouTube countered that view, even if I set it to autoplay inside my website, and if you can please share a few tips about the website embedded general. Thanks a lot.

So yeah, I mean, you can see this. I mean, I'll start this off and let you guys chime in. But Mike, you can see this in your Analytics, right? If you go into YouTube, you see that they even break it down by you know, YouTube views. I forget the exact terminology, but I think they even have an embed view. Don't they? Or am I mixing that up?

Hernan: Yeah, embedded views. Yep.

Adam: Yep. So yeah, every time someone's watching from your site that's going to show up or if it's embedded in other places, you know, that which Yeah, actually more. If you want to talk a little bit about embeds, I mean, I can tie this directly back to MGYB services, but there may be something else here we want to, we want to tell them about.

Marco: Yeah, I mean, we have an embed service right in MGYB where you can get your video. And what it does and how we compare it is that you become a publisher for YouTube instead of just being a consumer or a user. And then you go out and you publish a video via video into the networks. So it really helps now the other part of this. Can you share tips about the website embed in general that I mean, there are no tips you take the iframe code, and you iframe it into your website, that's what an embedded and there are tons of YouTube tutorials on how to do that. I mean, do you just go into how to embed a YouTube video on a website and hundreds if not thousands are going to pop up. So that's the simplest thing. But it does count as a view. I agree totally.

Adam: cool. All right. Anybody else wants to chime in?

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Hernan: I do something similar to Facebook video as well. I know that whenever you embed a video on a page, you will also get those views counted toward that video. So I think that they're operating under the same logic. And the benefits of that is that then if you create, let's say, an audience of people that view your video, because you want to run ads to them, they also count towards and it will be put in those audiences as well, whether on Facebook or YouTube, so I think that counts towards that.

Marco: Well, it's the code right, what you're doing through an iframe is that you're displaying the YouTube page, where that video sits on your page. That's all it is. So what you're doing is, it's de facto YouTube on your page. So anything that happens on that page, of course, it gets counted in YouTube because it's part of YouTube to stop party will have your website that's why it's iframe on your website. The same thing with with with Facebook, it's iframe code and so it works on the same principle.

How Do You Best Utilize SEO Power Shields?

Adam: all right well next question dark biz I kind of want to say that's like a Darth business like something out of Star Wars But anyways, maybe it's something else. Question is I recently had a few SEO power shields from MGYB delivered and hopefully we'll need to order another four to five in the coming weeks great. Is there some material that shows me how to best utilize all of this is a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure how to make this work like you guys do. Many of my clients are local, so naturally, they want to rank in multiple cities would be great to know how to use the shield to accomplish this. I can think of a lot of the training that's available at mgyb.co. If you go there and check out the webinars that are available for free. But Marco, what else do you think?

We should be pointing to when he said he recently had it just updated Sorry, I lost it. He recently had a few SEO power shield delivered. And so how to best utilize it? Well, we tell you what did your link building with that because that's what you're going to need. If that's not enough to push your client where you want your client to be, then the next step is you order press releases you do a press release back that that's in a press release. Local PR Pro, excuse me how to stack press releases. And if that's not enough, then you link build into your press release stacks, and you continue your link building shouldn't stop it should be part of your monthly maintenance. It should be something that you build your client for. I call it the link building cycle. So you order the stack or the SEO shield with link building, and then Dadea knows exactly what to do. Then you start. Okay, so where do I go now? Well, you're gonna have to start looking at your Analytics and at your Search Console, start looking at where the traffic is coming from the start looking at where other opportunities are to do these juicy keywords that you might be ranking for a second, third page. You might need to expand the drive stack right with inner politics that that's part of my charity webinar series that we've discussed it. I mean, often so. Our YouTube channel is youtube.com/semanticmastery, use the channel search function. Bradley showed how to use it last week or the week before and you search for everything there. You start using the free resources. The Battle Plan is also a great place to get ideas on what to do, as you said, the webinars in MGYB.co and we've just done tons of public webinars. But if you want the real deal, I mean, it's the mastermind. The mastermind is the place where you can take you and guide you step by step on what you should be doing and how and why. Because there is a method to the badness that there is a reason why this all gets done, that there's something that we're trying to accomplish and all of this, and that's building the best entity in the niche because that's what's winning the fight right now. That's what winning the SEO fight is whoever has the best entity and the best entity and keyword relationship.

Adam: All right, with the follow up with that, Marco, is there something we can tell him he's saying to you know, his clients are local, and they want to rank in multiple cities would be great to know how to use a shield to accomplish this. I'm not sure how.

Marco: Again, you'd go by it by expanding the website into location. Now, it's not going to rank in the three-pack. This is Local, so there's probably a three-pack involved. You're not going to reckon in the three-pack. Because then what you're going to have to do is you need a three-pack in these multiple, it'd be a GMB in these multiple locations, or you're going to have to push so much power from that one GMB that you associate the new location with what's called the business central, simply meaning where that business sits geographically, and then where Google displays it in a radius. Right? So you're gonna need to extend that radius somehow and how you create that association with all of these different locations. I mean, it's not something that that you just do. It's something simple that you need to do it is as a matter of fact as part of Local GMB Pro. Another one of our courses, which you get a great discount if you join our mastermind. I mean, I can't emphasize enough then when you get to this point.

When you have clients, multiple, multiple clients, and you're gonna need multiple power shield. So you need, you need to know how to put all of this together, you need to be in the mastermind because that's where you can ask us questions. That's where you can talk to me directly and say, Okay, now what do I do? And we take you, we take you through a webinar, and you come and ask the question in my ask Marco anything webinar tomorrow, and I'm going to guide you right through it. And I'm gonna tell you exactly what it is that you need to do, and why. We can't do it in a free forum like this. I mean, this is a very complicated question. That seems simple, but it's very complicated. And yes, it seems overwhelming. But that's why we tell you to come with us so that we can guide you through the process. So that we can take you through we will hold you by the hand that we have to and carry you all the way through.

How Long Will The SEO Shield Get You Out Of The Sandbox On A New Domain?

Good stuff. All right, the next question, this one is going to get complicated and all I got to comment on at first but let's dive in. So first of all, appreciate this. Hi, guys just want to tell you that you are the go-to for making sense of the SEO expletive say shit. Oh, yeah, sorry, let me go ahead and reshare it. I'm trying to split it up. So we're not just focused on the questions. All right, so question first, how long will the shield I assume means that SEO shield gets you out of the sandbox for general? global national, local on an entirely new domain? I'm not sure I understand the question. I feel like the intent here is how quickly would the shield get you out of the sandbox to which I guess mine would be I wouldn't. I wouldn't know particularly and be something that I don't think you could say it would just be the normal amount of time Marco. Is there something I'm missing there?

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Yeah, he wants to know how long it takes to get out of the sandbox. He wants to know general, global, national, local each one on. It's all we don't know. I mean, Google is Google. They're the ones who know. What we do know is that once we start doing everything that we do, which includes running ads, right, ads for branding, which is again, another course that we have available, like I'm gonna have to say it again, available in our mastermind, to our mastermind members, right? So ads for the brand, this all comes together so that when Google sees this all they come crawling, and yes, you usually get 10 bucks. But if you do it right, the way that we tell you from the start, your onpage is tight. Your entity is right when you start pushing through the SEO shield, doing your press releases, running your ads, doing everything the way that we say do. It all comes together so that there is no sandbox, so to speak. When that happens, we can't tell you. I've seen it happened in a matter of a week 10 days. I've also seen it happen in a matter of six weeks. Land Solutions that work as a matter of fact was never sandboxed. Woods one of our cases that it was never sample, I started ranking for different terms almost right away. So that there's really no rhyme or reason to what Google does. Other than they're the ones who know. We know how to force things through and how long it takes. It's going to depend on how much you do to force it through and to force Google to recognize your entity as the best entity in the space.

Adam: Make sense. All right, let's hop into the second part. So he's asking next.

How Would You Use Three More Tier Rings To An Existing YouTube Syndication Network?

So let's say that you have a YouTube syndication so I assume starting with a YouTube channel with a single branded tier one syndication network, and then you have three rings and tier two to attach to that, so multi-tier syndication network. And let's say you were given the ability to add three more rings to where would you prefer adding these? Would you put another three rings on tier two, so that instead of having three rings and a tier two, you'd have six? Or would you put another three rings on tier three or another three rings on tier three syndicated from each single? Okay, I can condense this now. So would you just add them as additional tier twos? Would you attach one to one to tier two? Or would you stack them all on one, tier two and keep building that way? I guess is their preferred way of doing this. I personally haven't built out anything to be beyond tier two. I'm just using a multi-tier syndication network. So does anyone else have an input on this?

Marco: Daisy chain the tier twos. A very simple answer that I mean, there's no need to go into anything out No. All of the other things. I'd have to speculate on how and why. And you know, I don't like to do that I hate theory. I only know things that I've tried and the way that we've tried it, and the way that we've had success, and I know it's the way that Bradley's done it also is you just daisy chain a whole bunch of tier twos with the different syndication points right WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. I call them fanboys. Right at tier two, they're all fanboys of the brand. The brand stays the brand. It's a single brand, you wouldn't want to daisy chain anything on that branded network unless it's another property, another tier one property. Once you're a tier two, you just daisy chain them and you can do as many as you want, especially for YouTube, where as far as we know, and Bradley says there's a lot there are no footprint issues.

Sounds good. All right.

How Would You Silo A Business With one Primary Service & 5 Sub-services?

Let's go into the next one. Next one's from Marty. Marty says, Hey, I'm a local small business owner right on. I'm currently doing my own SEO because I'm tired of spending thousands of dollars and not seeing any results. And for now, I'm enjoying the challenge that is Seo cool. My website is currently structured with a service silo and a location silo. I offer one primary service and five sub-services. Should I be building out pages on my location pages for each sub-service? Or can I link them back to the sub-service page in the service silo? I'm not concerned about the amount of work to build out the pages but curious if the amount of work would be equal to the benefit I could potentially see in rankings. And then we got a good follow up question here for you after that, Marco.

Marco: Ah, yes, I see it. Good stuff, man. This is like riding in Bradley's wheelhouse because I'm not really a local guy. Yeah, unless it's GMB, right? I bet you're setting up your one primary service and five sub-services related to that service. Building locator pages for each sub-service? But wouldn't you be offering the primary service and then the sub-services in each location? Why would you split that up? Either I'm not understanding the question, or I don't see the logic.

Adam: Yeah, you can clear that up. Yeah. Marty, if you're listening, if you're live, if you can offer us a little because I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like you know, are you going to basically duplicate but just kind of doing it two different ways. But if we're misunderstanding that, by all means, give us clarification and we can pass this along to Bradley when he gets back so we can see what he would have to say about this as well.

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Marco: as far as my drink of choice. If we're talking about alcohol, I love rum. But it has to be really good rum. I have a bottle of 30-year-old age rum. It's Costa Rican. As a matter of fact, it's in Costa Rica maker. But there's another one in Nicaragua. That makes some just some excellent rum. Now it gets pricey when you start drinking that good stuff. And it's not meant to you don't throw that back. that's meant to be sipped. And you don't mix that with Coca Cola, or any other couple you guys do it. Coffee, which is my next favorite drink right? You guys should have coffee with garbage and it tastes like nothing like coffee tastes like. Coffee is delicious. You just black you need to add a little bit sugar, add a little bit of sugar and enjoy it, man. It's nothing like a good cup of coffee. But as far as does drink, man, rum. I'll drink a half an ounce and a half every five or six months. I'm not a drinker, but when I do, that's it. The 30-year-old rum.

Adam: Nice. Solid. All right, well. Let's uh, we're got this a reminder to get your questions and we got it just a couple of more, but I'm going to expand this. Let's go around real quick. I know. You don't drink much, but what's your favorite drink?

Hernan: I do like rum. I do run on Coke though. But, but so that's that. And then we have another thing called for men here in Argentina, which is like bitter type stuff. But that's basically what I have when it happens like once a year or something like that. So I gotcha. I'm not a drinker.

Adam: All right, Chris, how about you? Are you drinking these days in Austria and if so, what's your favorite?

Chris: No not drinking. Favorite drink is probably water or likes some nice tea. I know boring but it is what it is. But unlike me, my brother actually started home brewing. He's like cranking out like some good stuff from what I hear.

Adam: Cool. Yeah, my go-to would probably still be an IPA. So a really good IPA or double IPA. So, alright, now that we got the important information out of the way, we'll get back to the questions here. So Jordan says, Hey, everybody, keep your chin up. You got this keep throwing punches. Remember rocky Bell bow look like he was in trouble and see what happened there. Yeah, good. Good reminder, Jordan.

Should We Be Worried If Google Picks Up With IFTTT Syndication And RYS?

All right, so BB says should we be afraid if Google picks up to pick up with the IFTTT syndications and RYS? What about big competitors like Yelp or other big ones? What are the consequences of that timeframe? I'm not 100% sure what the exact question is here guys, do you? Do you know?

Chris: He probably hasn't understood like, the concept of syndication networks and RYS.

Marco: Exactly. That's exactly what I was going to go we practice entity-based, worry less SEO. If we were afraid of Google picking up any of our stuff, we wouldn't call it worry-less SEO. Dude, the last time I worried about a Google update was like when the first Panda came out when the first Penguin and all that. And not that I was afraid and just I saw it just messing with everybody and as SEO is over until it wasn't until we figured out what it was that we needed to do with that. Around the time when Brandi developed his IFTTT strategy and it started working really well. We developed other strategies, we started working with subdomains, those things who are worried about Google killing us with all that stuff, but the way we do things now, man, the whole point behind this, and then why we're calling it the SEO shield. And why we're calling it entity-based, worry less SEO is because we talk and code directly to the bot. And we fill the bot with so many variables regarding up our entity now.

I wish Robert here so that he gives you this, this explanation much better than I can. But Google is nothing but a relational database. And what it's doing is it's going out and collecting information first of all about the different niches. Let's call it a plumber, and I will go with the example of the DC plumber, and plumber in DC. Google goes out and finds all of the information it can first of all about plumbers, then if it's local, DC is, of course, a city. It's not just the capital of the US, lots of people there, lots of competition. And what it does, then it relates to information that it has about a plumber with the entities that are created, brands, right the brands and how well you've created the entity and how well you've structured your data in a way that it can compare with all of the other entities that it has in its database so that it can serve real business, real-time so that you can serve real-time that query.

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So if you're looking for an emergency plumber in DC, they don't want you turning up someone who is 100 miles away. They want you to if there's someone around the corner, they want to turn that up for you. Because that's the guy that you want to come to your house, the guy who can help you at the time when you need it most. So that so what we try to do is we try to fill Google with the var and we do it in a loop so that it gets it over and over and over and over again. In the structured data, where there are no penalties for structured data. Not that we know how you can spam your JSON-LD on your website, but the way that we've structured it, it's just looping the bot so that whenever it comes across our entity information anywhere else, it just it goes to another place and another place and it's all our entity information. And so we become the entity for that space. This is why DC plumbers working the way it was the way it is. This is why the Land Solutions network is working the way it is. This is why everything that we work in and I wish I could show you guys some results like a personal injury attorney in New York City, personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, California. I wish I could show you some of that stuff tell you the lawyer. I'll tell you the niche. I wish I could tell you the lawyer and like the calls are ridiculous. As a matter of fact, you have some of those images for some of the clients and the ridiculous numbers that you can produce, working the way that we weren't. But again, it's all entity-based, worry less SEO, so that you go and you claim your footprint, of course through your structured data through your sameAs through branding, all of your different profiles, so that it's all part of the brand returning Google here I am. This is all for me. This is how I and I do it better than anybody else when I do it like this.

And then when you do that, it becomes, again, entity-based, worry less SEO. I can't tell you when the last time I worried about a penalty, I just don't worry about I just go and do what I'm supposed to do. Everything that we give people, right and MGYB all of the parts and services, they're the same ones that I use. As a matter of fact, I just used it yesterday to send out a press release. I linked up with Dadea use it.

The syndication that will mean the power shield is in the land solutions network. I mean, if it were not there if I were telling you guys, okay, you have to go this and you have to go do that. And you go look at the land solutions, a case study, and you don't find any of it and then you know that I'm for the shit and I'm feeding you just a line of crap. But you'll go and you find it and you can. You can go ahead and reverse engineer the Google site and the drive stack and the press releases. As a matter of fact, if you go and take a look at sell and fast, and you click on the new step, you'll probably find the first two results in Google News are my two press releases. And so one from yesterday and another press release service that I'm trying out. Our shit worked on me, and I don't know what else to tell you. Our shit work. And it works because we test and we test it ourselves. We test on everything that we do before we decide to give it to you. We test it ourselves, our clients, our projects, and then we go and give it to you. So there you go. I don't know if you guys have anything to add to that, but no, as far as I know, and as of right now, and for the last five years, absolutely no consequences except making a whole lot of money for myself and for my clients.

Adam: Nice. Does anybody want to add to that?

Hernan: No, I think Marco sums it up beautifully. The main point is that you are you're building a business right? If you're worried about an algorithmic penalty or whatever, then your business is shaking so you know the stuff it's like long term. You know, our approach has always been long term so that's actually helping me helping a lot of business owners of the past couple of years. So we'll keep on doing that.

Adam: Cool. All right. Well, it's not a question but Jordan apparently likes to use coffee to warm the creamer which is not my jam. I'm on Marco's side on that.

Marco: Oh, dude. Oh, kill coffee. Ever.

Adam: You're never asked you to send coffee from Costa Rica. Just send it to me. Don't waste it on.

Marco: Yeah, I was just about to say don't ever ask me to send you Costa Rican coffee. Because I'd hate to see it wasted on creamer.

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Does Google Look At Referral Sites And URLs to Determine Backlinks?

All right. Well, let's get into this one. BBs got another question he was gonna save. But since we got the time we can get to this. It says Google look at referral or referring sites and URLs to determine if there is a link there once visited the link, just Google look at referring sites and URLs to determine if there is a link. Once visited the link to anyone else, like does it follow links is how I'm reading it, which would be yeah, I would imagine that's right.

Marco: Alright, so this goes with the distance graph algorithm. Google will go and look at a link on a referral site. It'll look at everything that the referral site is linking to. Also, and then on your website, since that website is linking to yours, it will not only look at your website, it will go out and look at all of the websites that your site is linking to, in an effort to determine whether your website deserves to be a seat site or a seed set or to see how far you are from a seed site or a seed set. And that simply referring to trusted and authoritative websites in the niche, not trust and authority like the third party, like these custom metrics, right? These vanity metrics, and Majestic and Moz, and whatever. Not that kind of trust, not that type of authority. What Google deems is trusted and authoritative in the niche. And once you get in there, which is, again, one of the things that we really go hard at making our project, a seat site, and everything attached to it part of a seat set. So yes, it looks but it looks at everything. And it looks both ways, both at the link source, at the link destination and everything that's attached to the link source and the link destination and everything that's happening to those. So when Google says we're getting away from links, links don't count or any other SEO that saying backlinks don't matter. They're full of shit.

Does Creating Backlink To A Citation Page Push SEO Value?

Adam: I'm not gonna follow up on that. I think he says all. All right, Marco. So second part with this though he says What does a backlink to a page with a citation do? Does it help push SEO value?

To what does a backlink to a page with a citation? Yes, it has SEO value. It's your citation. It's your name, address, and phone number. It doesn't matter in this case, it doesn't matter if it's nofollow or dofollow this is what citations are. This is places where your business your brand is named with the address and the phone number and enough of these. If you're local, especially in hyperlocal citation site, I mean they are magic. These are these are these are fabulous. So yes, they help with SEO value. But without getting too much into the weeds. It depends on what you mean by SEO value because there's a lot of ways to push SEO value.

Can You Promote Apps On The Google SERP Using Semantic Mastery Methods?

Gotcha. All right. And then as follow up, and this kind of an interesting question is can you promote apps on the Google results with our methods? And then how would you actually promote? Or rather, can you promote or get SEO results from the app stores themselves? So it sounds like you're just asking like if he has an app, could you use some of these methods to get results and maybe rank an app organically?

Marco: If there are people looking for your app organically? The Yes, absolutely. You can get results that our methods are it works with anything, we've tried it on anything and everything and they work and we have people it's not just us it's not just the Semantic Mastery team, right? We have everyone in Semantic Mastery in the mastermind and in our free Facebook group and in Syndication Academy.

Jordan is a member of syndication was a member. That's where he started. Then he came into our Semantic Mastery mastermind. He's also a member of my mini mastermind. But I mean that that's one of the things. That's why he started out. Right. And he's getting fantastic results. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to as far as the App Store itself. Like, I don't do apps. I should because they're in high demand right now. I just don't so I have no idea how the app stores themselves work. Other than that, I go to Google Play, and I look for the app that I eat, and I download it. So I have no idea or if anyone cares to chime in. If you know, I mean, please do but this is just way out of anything that I've ever done.

Adam: Yeah, well, I think it's an interesting question. And I'm willing to say hey, we're now past the point of where our Chris and Hernan chime in if they have the experience. I have no experience actually doing this. So we're saying we have not done this. But could you do something like using us to shield us in our white stack or do something else that you think would provide some results and point at basically at the app store? At sorry, at an app on the app store?

Hernan: Mmm, that's such a good question. I think that if you start to like the path as to how the clients are coming your way. It's kind of clear to everyone because your app is solving an issue, right? Your app is solving a problem. It's like going after a specific demographic. And all of that are keywords that you can run for, you know, and even if it's like that you cannot directly influence the app ranking on Google or the app store because it's a little bit of a different algorithm. You can play by the same rules.

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In terms of Hey, put together a WordPress blog, start blogging, do the SEO sheld. Do everything and the call to action on all of your pages will be just to download the app. And that will definitely help the on the App Store. Because the App Store is basically based off of downloads and reviews and comments and all of that. So the SEO aspect of things, if you think about like, for instance, apps like headspace, or apps like Spotify, they're, they're going after every possible source of traffic, including SEO. So if you're looking about if you're searching, you know, like different meditation techniques and all of that, then there's a high chance that you will come across a headspace.com article, and they're running in an app, so you can download the app from the App Store. So that's the approach that I would take not necessarily to get the app rank on Google. I don't know if that's possible, but we know that articles rank so you can actually get that route so that you can get traffic downloading the app. And then you know retargeting to download the app and all of that.

Marco: Well, now this brings up something really interesting because like, how do you find an app? Aren't you usually on your mobile device and you're visiting something, and maybe you're looking at the mobile site, but they say, hey, download the app. And so it's a lot simpler to have the app than it is to keep going to the website or just whatever because you just have the app. Netflix and all of these different things, they've come up with them with an app, but how did they promote it in the first place? Well, they had it on their website for their visitors. They made it convenient for their visitors to say, if your mobile, here's something lighter, that will give you a lot of value. And so with that in mind, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to go into the mobile algorithm like mobile-first and totally rank it all for the app on your website. Have a link over to Playstore (android) and over to iOS store. So other than that, I think that's what you would do what you would need to do, right? The website with a mention of your app, whatever the app is because there has to be a niche for that thing, whatever that thing is, whatever that app is going to do it. First of all, it has to deal with a problem. It has to solve a problem. It can't just be because. If I'm bored, I might download a game but I'm gonna look for the game first. I don't generally go to the App Store to look for a game many people do, or if I want something, I just whatever, I'm gonna go to my phone look for it. And if there's an app, and then I'm going to go and download the app. I probably trust the website that I'm in. So that's how I'm seeing it. Although I'm gonna tell you again, what you're getting from me, which I don't generally do is just theory, because it's not something that I've tested. It's not something that I try. And it's not something that I have any kind of expert knowledge on. So don't take it as if I'm giving you this really cool expert advice because I'm not.

Chris: All right. Let me chime in on the whole thing because I actually have experience with those things.

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Cool. So question number one, can you promote apps on the Google SERPs with your methods? Yes, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both have desktop links that you can pretty much rank and you can: number one, link them, link to them from your homepage or like to a website that you create. And number two, you can create, even like a drive stack, etc. and link to those things and use all kinds of other methods like press releases, etc. and use those things.

Personally, I would do the route that I create a dedicated website, we're actually showcasing the app and actually, maybe even do an info product or something like that as well. Obviously, it depends on what kind of app it is exactly. And promote my website and then move it over from that website to the Play Store or Apple App Store. That's throughout what I would go because like there are always changes in the App Store, etc. and you never know like one day they might change the URL and stuff. So yeah, good to be able to change those apps.

Number two: how to promote an app on the app store's themselves, number one, their advertisements. And number two, like you, can run Facebook advertisements, Google ads, etc. Those are all available also display advertisements, etc. Number two, the app stores themselves, how do you rank? so if you're a developer, number one, you have a tirely of description, you have keywords that you can put in there and the vehicles similar to how they work on a website. Basically optimized keywords like your titles and descriptions, etc. with your keywords.

Number two, the main ranking factor will be how often it's going to be viewed and actually even higher than that, how often it's downloaded. And they also track if you if a user downloads it and immediately uninstalls etc. So this the good old methods that we used to fake the App Store ranking that history.

Yeah, one more thing if you're going to promote the apps in the app stores and stuff themselves the methods any good coder can integrate the Facebook pixel or YouTube pixel, etc and also Analytics they recommended actually that you do that and you also get like the conversions and you can promote them with the purchase pixel for example in Facebook's and with YouTube, etc. I highly recommend going that route. I hope that helps.

Marco: You could just outline the course on how to promote apps and how to how to get them ranked. What are you waiting for? Go record it and sell it.

Chris: Yeah, well if there's more demand in our audience, um, let us know.

Adam: Sounds good guys. All right. Aaron's got he's just asking for MGYB sports a little bit behind them respond to. As far as we know, everything's up to speed. But I would say make sure you give at least 24 hours. If you submit, you know, help desk ticket to, you know, we can't guarantee that we're going to turn it around in an hour or two. And sometimes we get emails from people, you know, saying why you never responded. And it turns out, they submitted a question 30 minutes ago, so I'm not saying that to you. But please give us at least 24 hours if it hasn't been that by all means, you know, you can post something in the group and say, Hey, I need some help, you know, and we'll certainly respond. You know, occasionally, mistakes happen, although we try to minimize them. So just let us know if we can help you.

Other than that, we'll, it looks like that's the last question. I'm not seeing anything else. We did have one question for you guys, for everyone watching right now, as well as people watching down the line. If you can tell us what your single biggest issue is, for those of you who either haven't started an agency or who are looking now and saying, hey, I want to either start an agency or wants to start consulting want to start doing this, either, you know, some form digital marketing. What's your single biggest issue to getting started, or to start to grow, if you can just let us know, pop it on the page here, if you're watching the replay, put it on the YouTube comments. We'd really love to know, appreciate the feedback, and it helps us you know, develop better training as well as answering questions via Hump Day Hangouts and other avenues. So I think on our end, that will do it for days.

Marco: Hang on. Yeah, he's saying four days. No way. Yeah, I'm gonna say, if he can, what's the best way for him to get a hold of us? I was gonna support it at mgyb.co. And I don't know if he's using his regular email. If he's using another email. Ah, but I should go look at the ticket. Just write to [email protected] and you should get a response.

Adam: Karen's got the direct line. So how about we'll hop into that right after this and make sure that it's not in the meantime, Karen if you can send in another ticket. Just say, Hey, it's me from Hump Day Hangouts, something like that so we can see make sure it's coming in. Yes, I can go look in the quality group and see what's going on. Awesome. All right, everybody. Well, thanks, guys for being here, and we'll see everybody next week. See ya. Cheers.

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What Are Your Thoughts On Magic PR?

By April


In the 276th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the team's thoughts on Magic PR.

The exact question was:

Hey all, great show as always! I wanted to ask if you have heard of Magic PR? I have heard good things in FB groups and some of the Skype groups. I just wanted to hear your opinion on their service or if you have used them?

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How Should We Handle The COVID-19 Situation In The Months Ahead As Digital Marketers?

By April


In episode 279 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked how to handle the covid-19 situation in the months ahead as digital marketers.

The exact question was:

2) How should we handle the COVID-19 situation in the months ahead? While I haven't lost anyone yet, I have a feeling clients will be more inclined to stop as lockdowns get worse. And prospecting could get harder too. I'm kinda lost on the best course of action so I'd love to know how the SM crew is planning for it.

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Does Having A Branded Syndication Network & RYS Stack Help In Ranking Videos?

By April

In episode 276 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if having a branded syndication network and RYS stack help in ranking videos.

The exact question was:

2) Does a branded syndication (only branded – without 2nd tier) & RYS stack will rank videos? Or it is better to do tiered syndications for that?

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How To Rank A Long Tail Keyword?

By April

In episode 276 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to rank a long tail keyword.

The exact question was:

Hi: 1) how to rank a keyword and a long tail version of it? I would like to do it with long form content but it doesn't help even thought it suppose to be in the same post.

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Does The RYS Need Syndication Networks?

By April

In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 275, one viewer asked if the RYS need syndication networks.

The exact question was:

2) Is the RYS needs syndication? If yes than do you need also a 2nd tier? and if yes to that than how many rings?

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Should You Buy A Separate SEO Shield For A YouTube Channel?

By April

In episode 275 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if one should buy a separate SEO shield for a YouTube channel.

The exact question was:

Hey guys the SEO shield comes with a syndication network that I use for my money site, but if I want one for my YouTube channel for the same brand, I just buy a separate MGYB order right? If I buy the YT network at the same time as the Shield does MGYB make both at once?

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What Is The Difference Between RSS Authority Sniper And RSS Masher?

By April


In episode 275 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the difference between RSS Authority Sniper and RSS Masher.

The exact question was:

What is the difference between rss authority sniper and rssmasher?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 279

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 279 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



All right, outstanding Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 279, the one where we're all inside for some reason, but we'll get into that a little bit. Want to say hi to everybody? First of all, if you're watching us for the first time, thanks for checking us out. Thanks for asking your questions, we really do appreciate it. We're gonna do things a little bit differently. Today, we're going to have a little bit of a presentation. That's just going to take up the first part, and then we're going to move in and we're going to definitely have some time to answer questions. So with that said, though, want to say hello guys real quick. got everybody here. So I'm going to start on the left and start with Bradley, how are you doing today?

Bradley: I'm good, man. Glad to be here. With all this craziness going on, which is what we're going to talk about a little bit prior to our normal question answering. So but you know, so far safe, feel healthy. So I guess that's a good thing.

Adam: That definitely a good thing. So Chris, how about you?

Chris: I'm doing excellent. I never felt better.

Adam: Good deal. Hernan, how are you feeling yourself?

Hernan: oops muted. I'm good, man. I realized that that thing that they call quarantine is like my lifestyle 20%. So, for self-quarantine, so that's why you know, I'm not noticing it. So I hope that you guys are saying, I'm really good.

Adam: Marco, how are you doing it?

Marco: Looks like I was mudra um, how do you think I'm doing? Do you see that Groundhog Day, man? 360. I sold it, son, off guns out. Just sunshine over there. So yeah, over there or over there.

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Adam: Well, I want to say real quick before we get into things. We're gonna be talking about a few different areas. But if you're an agency owner or a consultant, you want to get more clients you want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team. You owe it to yourself to check out 2xyouragency.com and if you're looking to more get repeatable processes for everything from new websites, age domains YouTube channels dealing with the SEO and digital marketing around those, check out the Battle Planet, battleplan.semanticmastery.com and for anyone we always advise This is getting things done whether it's hiring a VA, whether it's finding done for you services and you can find our done for you services, all the stuff we recommend and that we built ourselves like syndication networks, RYS drive stacks, which there's a sale going on right now. And if you're a subscriber at mgyb.co, you're getting some fantastic deals, SEO shield, link building, press releases and a lot more coming but go check out that stuff.

Now today we want to do things a little bit differently. Obviously, there's a lot going around and going on with the coronavirus. You know a lot of the future is uncertain. There are things going on, I think between us all. I came in late to our company meeting yesterday but I know there was talk of people losing clients I hopped on a call today had a client who said, “Hey, Adam, we'll be in touch.” But it looks like you know, we're not going to be able to continue for a lot longer have that tough conversation with them. But we want to cover some of these questions because it's happening to us. I'm sure it's happening to you. And we had a conversation yesterday for prime. I don't know, what do you got 15-20 minutes during our normal corporate meeting, talking about, well, what should we tell people about? Where are we going to focus? What are we going to do as we go through this time, and we want to kind of share that with you, guys. So what we're going to do here is take about four or five minutes apiece, talk through some areas that we think are really important, where you can get either the most bang for your buck or the most value for your time during what is probably going to be a bumpy time for a lot of people. So with that said, Bradley, do you want to kind of kick things off here?

Bradley: Sure. Let me start my timer so I can keep myself within the five minutes allotted. Alright, so yeah, so you know, I've had a couple of clients call I have a preschool client owns three locations that called and said that he was you know, kind I shot it tried, they're still open, but they're, they're actually ended up spending about half an hour with him today helping them get set up with Zoom and YouTube. So because they're going to try to teach them in a Montessori Preschool. So they're going to try to teach the Montessori curriculum to their students remotely so that they can still charge their customers. So he originally called to try to cancel services or suspend services for a period of time, but I ended up like having a chat with them. And you know, then he got back to me. That was yesterday. He got back to me today and said, Hey, listen, I think we're going to give this a shot. So I produced a tutorial video to show him how to integrate Zoom to live stream into YouTube so that he can manage questions and answers for the classes that they're going to teach to the preschool students and the parents through YouTube community chat as opposed to like Zoom. And anyway, long story short, we work something out. And I think there's a lot of creative ways to retain talent right now or to even potentially open up new avenues of business that you might not have otherwise ever thought of. So I think there's some benefit to that. However, there are certainly going to be some people that are, they're just going to have clients are going to flat out, freak out and just say, you know, like, we don't have the revenue, we need to suspend services.

And I know a lot of us consultants and agency owners are going to experience you know, are going to feel that you're going to feel that. And we know that we've had some people contact us at support and say that they'd like to suspend or pause their membership subscription services to our memberships and such. Here's what I think guys, we're digital marketers. And yes, we are going to be, for the most part, we will experience with will feel some of this. But right now is not the time to take your foot off the gas. In fact, right now is a really good opportunity to work on building your business, because, as I've talked about many, many times before, something I never really did was over the years was really put a lot of effort into building Big Bamboo Marketing, my agency brand. I didn't really need to because you know, I had several good clients and make good money from my agency, got Semantic Mastery to have other businesses that were generating revenue. So I never made an inactive, proactively tried to grow my brand and my authority for my own agency. Well, right now is a great opportunity to do that, guys, if you're going to have more time because all of your external activities have been completely shut down by the government. So you can't go anywhere. You can't do anything yourself quarantine, or, you know, stuck in your house. And if you've got clients that are suspending services, pausing services, whatever, what better time than to devote energy and attention to your own business, so that when all of this passes, which it too shall pass, you are in a much stronger position for your own agency. And instead of building always other people's companies, build your own company.

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And so I'm taking this opportunity to do just that. And so we're in the middle of the 2xyouragency training or Double Your Agency training. And today, I just finished the week nine training. So we've got three weeks left 10, 11, 12. Yeah, three weeks left. And I think right now is a perfect opportunity for you guys. Like for any anybody that hasn't purchased 2xyouragency to get it. It's super inexpensive, 12 damn weeks of training, and every single week is a lot of training. Trust me, we do, as I said, just completed nine weeks guys. And if you start going through this, now you have the time and you start consuming the course isn't going to help your business. You have to implement take action on what you learn. And so the course is 12 weeks. Imagine how much work goes into it. But I promise you if you go through and start implementing this and building your own brand, that you're going to come out of this stronger and much better off than you were going into it Trust me. And so I think I'm almost out of time.

My suggestion to you is to build your own brand. So that you can probably that you've neglected for all of you've neglected I know I have. And so I'm using this opportunity right now to do things like developing processes for some of the most complex tasks that I never even attempted to build standard operating procedures for because I didn't want to devote the time to do it. Well, now I'm devoting the time to do it because that's going to remove me from the process which is going to eliminate a bottleneck in my business right from some of this stuff. The same thing goes with when it comes to marketing and branding for your own business. Again, I would get referrals. So I didn't do a lot of intentional marketing for clients for my own agency. Right now is a great opportunity for you to take time to develop marketing, collateral training, materials that you can use for marketing collateral, like all of these, there goes my timer, all these different things that you can do to start positioning yourself so much better so that when this does pass, you'll be in a much better position somehow.

Time. I'm gonna pass it on.

Who's next? Go, Chris.

Chris: All right. So I was thinking about this oil approached it. So like, I will give you an analogy here. Number one. Imagine you're an alien who lands on planet earth and sometimes October and you figure things out. I know like the beginning of December, you know, our economy works and stuff and how people are working and things. But the thing is, then December comes and we all know what in December is the Christmas holidays. So as aliens, you probably never experienced Christmas before and everybody's winding down work. everything stops. Everybody's staying at home. People are celebrating and stuff, but there's literally no work being done. And the alien is wondering why all the businesses did like what happened. And I kind of see it the same way as it's in my opinion. People are making everything up in their heads right now. Because compared to last week, it's just like a few news like that reflectively and you have to stay home and that's we're all doing most of us doing online business stuff.

There's literally serious change, you know like some people freak out some here about shutdowns. As Bradley said, some cancel the subscription, they feel like some potential future disaster and stuff. But right now, it's exactly the same thing as last week. It was an exception that you got to stay at home. Nothing else changed. So now what can we do about the whole thing? So number one, we know it's all playing out in our head. It's all psychology right now. And so, to actually move ahead and get a good place, we always get asked yourself, certainly month out certain questions. So one of the questions I definitely would ask myself and I already asked myself this is so instantly weeks from now everything is like back to normal. It's just an assumption, right? So if in three weeks from now everything will be back to normal, where do I want to be?

And that's one of the very important questions that I will definitely answer and like think about it. And the second one is like focus on what you can do in those streaks like and not what you can do or like what might happen actually make sure to turn off 90% of social media and news I just give you an example you on social media. I see all the time supermarkets like empty nothing their reality is I mean, I might be lucky because I'm in Austria, realities supermarkets here I actually overstock to get everything and actually was at the supermarket yesterday. I got like really good foods 50% off just because it's expiring tomorrow. Well differencing anyways back to the focus here and one other thing because like I kind of like have German roots for me one thing is like the work actually curious to worry so if you're very boring and like a fear and stuff, they do the work because the moment you start working it you will not be able to worry about things because like to do you can do both at the same time. Now what really can you do if you're part of semantic mastery or he results so actually remember, like about one and a half years or something like that they go actually wrote the PDF, and that's focusing on affiliate products. And as many of you might be working with clients and stuff and two might cancel on things with you. The next best thing is obviously do affiliate offers especially info products and stuff, people will still buy those like, just thinking about that like backyard miracle, which is like how to grow your own foods and stuff or like how to be your own, create your own water or prepper stuff, or even just do things for your own brand. And I pretty much wrote a report about that where I did in 45 days, I made $349 from started from scratch. And all I did was one ranked one page and put in four hours of work. Now imagine if I put in four hours of work and made 49 bucks within 45 days, obviously, like it was a newer strategy at that time for me and I just had to implement it. But like, imagine how often you can replicate that within those three weeks, those four hours. It's ridiculous. You can even like calendar, like spend lots of time with your family. But I definitely encourage you to check it out. And I will also like give you one freebie, if you're in the Facebook group I also like posted PDF today again. And so you can check it out and actually read through. So that's my special treat for you guys today. That's it for math.

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Adam: good stuff, Marco.

Marco: Hey, what I have is just coming from experience right? The experience of being alive almost 57 years right? and seeing how cyclical in nature all of these things are right the market bus bear markets and then the bull markets and then this happened then tragedy happened. I can go to 911 I can go to other things. So that you know Europe, Europe, Europe, while you're going up, you should be planning for that come down, right. So if you were in in for example, in business coin, and it was going up and up and up and up and up and up. You should have given yourself a safety valve for when it came up because it is nothing eternal goes up. Okay, what goes with that? So what goes up must come down. So, since it's since it's cyclical, as Bradley said, and this too shall pass, I've seen it time and again, but that doesn't do you any good right now, if you have a panicky client doesn't do you any good. If you're thinking about, okay, how the fuck am I going to get to next month or maybe the next month? Maybe you have a two month cushion? Well, what you can do is, if you have all your eggs in one basket, if all you're doing is clients, as Chris said, there's so many opportunities right now think of all these people who are self quarantine and who have absolutely nothing to do what are they going to be doing.

Take again. You can only watch so many uh Netflix dramas or HBO or whatever, they're gonna be consuming YouTube video they're gonna be consuming social media. No Chris said stay away from the stupidity. They're away from the stupidity but they're gonna be there and and what's happening right now and her Nan mentioned this is the ads that actually the price is dropping because people are cutting back but that's panic mode that we have to be sensible right we have to be sensible and think. I'm going to give you a perfect example of why opinion is nothing but fucking opinion. We had a guy who bought Local GMB Pro.

He writes back to us is after going through the course, I have determined Now listen to this. I have determined that since Press Releases purge, right from from the site where, where they get displayed. PR stacking won't work. That's it. It is such flawed logic that I had to really sit back and say, Oh my god, how in the hell can you form an opinion on something that you're just thinking won't work? This is what's actually happening. People are forming opinions on what they're hearing from others, rather than relying on what the experts are saying. None of us here are experts about this virus. I'm not even gonna discuss that. Now they are the experts in this shit. It's Semantic Mastery. It's us. Because not only did we develop the courses, we use them, we rank we make money, time and time again. I'm showing him the heavy hitter cup I'm showing in our free group I've shown in here images and I'm gonna drop one in here. That that's ridiculous what's happening right now.

Now I will admit that her calls have slowed a bit because since people are home more than they're not getting into that many accidents but that will change when people get frantic when the when they're allowed out. Trust me. We want to be there at number one because it's gonna be a whole lot of accidents happen with people just freaking out. Oh my god I can go out. I can go out. But you have to plan for it. You have to be ready for it. You have to, you have to expect it. And this is the time to go into study and expand to to explore other areas go into affiliate, go and sell products and go in and work on your brand. As Bradley said, work on it, develop it. So you know why? Because SEOs are panicky, and a bunch of them are going to drop, trust me. A lot of them, they these people that are charging $250 a month, they're not gonna last off. They're gonna they're not gonna be there. So what happens is anytime that this tragedy unfortunately, a lot of people, the hurt is called. And it's a good thing, it's a good thing for those of you who know what the fuck you're actually doing. Because if you know what you're actually doing, you can go you can show, this is what I do. And this is how I'm gonna help you. But you have to get in front of these people, right? You have to have, as Bradley said, your pipeline has to be full. You have to be talking to people, you have to be planning for it. So in two, three months down the line, when this all goes away, you can do it virtually like we're doing right now. You don't have to go and meet with the person close and be ready for that one on one meeting where you can come and get that check. So just the so when people see tragedy, where people see misery, I see opportunity. It's wide open. And it's those people who think outside the box and who really plan for it, and who actually apply what we give you because we give you so much. It's like turnkey. That's all you have to do. Take the action, turn the key, go and do in whatever it is that you want to do. And you're going to be successful and you can make money while you're waiting for the other money to come back. So it's not a complete loss. Don't look at it that way. Nothing is 100% it's done. It's all worth dislike it just like nothing is 100% success. That's what I have to say about it.

This Stuff Works
Oh, yours, Adam. Thanks. Yeah, having fun dealing with the slower internet. I don't know if anyone else has noticed that may just be the area I'm in man. This is that's gonna be the killer thing. But real quick, guys, I want to talk about putting my timer on. So I don't go over. Now. Just kidding. I want to talk about working the system, right. It's a great title for a book written by Sam carpenter. And I have something that I think is really important. It's been critically important in my life and it's given me some credit results. And I'm gonna go into details, there's little, literally three things you can ask yourself and start doing on a regular basis now that you probably have a little bit more time on your hands. And this is going to result in a lot more money for you as well as a ton of time. And I know Bradley has incorporated some of this. He knows what I'm going to talk about it.

May I interrupt for one second?

Yeah, I just you could have done the recording of the first video for the 2xyouragency training that I recorded today because it's all about automate, delegate or eliminate and I talked about as like my partner, Adam, was the one that ingrains this into me and here's what it is. You were featured today, buddy? Yeah, well, this is good because I'm going to everyone the quick Do It Yourself version. If you want to find out more definitely come join 2xyouragency.com. But what I was talking about was, you know the importance of the process. I want to talk about why it's important because sometimes the context really doesn't matter. Because I could sit here and tell you how important. It's been to me and that you should do it as well. But you know, if you don't understand kind of the larger idea of why processes are important, then maybe you know, it's not a big deal. It just seems like something maybe you should be doing.

I gave a talk back in 2018. At the first POFU Live. And I shared some numbers. And I said, You know, I went back and looked at what I've done in the processes I've implemented over the previous 18 months and just gathering up the data and looked at it. And I said, you know, what, I if I sat down like I had been doing every week for 30 minutes, I spent 30 minutes of my time, and sometimes it's hard, right? You know, I've got either on board, or maybe I don't want to do it, or I've got client demands, or I got this or that sometimes, you know, I do want to do it. But I sit down, I forced myself to spend the 30 minutes and I look at things that I can get off the plate things I can delegate things that I can automate. And if all I do is free up five minutes, every week out of that, you know, it doesn't seem like much what's five minutes here and there, but you start adding that stuff and you get kind of what we're seeing with Kronos, you get an exponential result. And over time, that's huge in one year, you can free up the equivalent of five full days, I'm not talking about like five, you know, six-hour days, I'm talking about 5-24 hour days, like it's crazy. And then the amount of opportunity you have available in that, whether you want to do nothing with it and just say, hey, I'd like to free up some time so that I don't have all this crap in my head, or Hey, maybe I'd like to have a couple of extra weeks to work on a project. So that sort of an idea is appealing to you, then this is something you definitely want to try to incorporate into your workflow. Now I talked about it real quick about you know, doing this once a week. You can do it once a month you can do it once a quarter this works on different scales. But it's that you do it I really want you to take this information and you've got to put it into work into practice like Bradley was saying, you can come into your agency and learn and watch all those cool videos that you know the training him and her not have done but if you don't do anything with it, it doesn't matter. Just like what I'm going to share with you.

This Stuff Works
You can hear it and say that's neat. But if you just do it once and never do it again, it doesn't matter, and it's not going to help you. So please, if you want to do this, you want to see these types of results, whether it's what I'm talking about what Bradley's talking about Chris, Marco, Hernan, please take action. You know, even if it's just one of us, he listened to start doing it. So here it is really simple. There are three things and I literally do this, I get my butt out of this room, I go somewhere else. And to the point of yesterday, it was my day to do it. I went out on my little balcony because I can't go to the frickin coffee shop because it's closed, but I got my coffee, went out of the kitchen and went outside and did this. So the first one is to identify my big win areas, where am I getting the best results? And how can I get more results like that? And this isn't some grand thing, like, you know, I closed $100,000 deal this week, you know, that hasn't happened. I don't do that. But maybe it's a win with a client. Maybe it is, you know, filling my pipeline. It's these little things that add up. So don't overburden yourself. Don't overthink it. Just say what's given me the best results in the last time frame whether a week, a month, 90 days? And how can I get more like that? and answer it, write it down. Don't just think about it, write it down. Right. The second question is, what is one thing that you can delegate, delete, or automate? And this is what I lead this off with. And talking about that. And you know, if it's just one thing a week ago, it doesn't matter if it takes you five minutes every week. Just get that off your plate and start doing this every single week. And last but not least, this is similar to the second one, but it's slightly different. You'll come up with different answers. What hasn't been working well for you or your business? And how can you get rid of it, do it and half the time or delegate it and I put into it and half the time because sometimes it's just got to get done. And you may not want to do it, but you can't automate it, you can't hand it off if you can't just find out a way to get it done fast. So you got more time. So I really implore you guys to take this time now. Hopefully, you've got a little bit more time on your hands but it's me now is more important than ever. My countdown timer was out loud. That's awful. But put this into use you guys carve out some time, make it available to yourself and stick to it and do something like that set a timer, set an alert, set a calendar event, do whatever you got to do so that you can reap the benefits out of this and make it a non-negotiable. You do it every week, week in week out, month in month out whatever your timeframe is. And the last thing I want to say is if you guys have ever been to a BSI (Business Networking International) meeting, and that the ring that bell doesn't matter if you're in mid-sentence, sit your ass down and shut up.

Adam: Pretty close. Alright, Hernan wraps it up for us.

Hernan: Yes, I'm going to wrap it up real quick. I just want to lead in saying that. I learned this from being part of, you know, a big, big agency last year and it is a saying that goes proximities power. And I say it because last year I was working I was part of you know, I was working with regard on hand to hand had the honor you know, working with him now working with you know, one of the some of the thought leaders in our industry and I had the privilege. They have seen how they operate in these times and why they are where they are, right? The first thing that some of these guys started saying is, guys, this is the time to double down. Like this is the time to double down hard. It's not just the technical feature. I'm in the business manager all day, every day on Facebook, and I'm seeing the CPMs dropping CPM, the cost per thousand impressions. So basically what Facebook is charging us to run our ads, it's like going down. A lot of politicians aren't running campaigns anymore. That's a lot of money that's not going into the platforms, a lot of events were postponed. So that means that's not advertising dollars that are going into the platform. So that goes for Facebook and YouTube and Google as well. So the CPMs are going down you're we're getting better placement, we're getting better reach. And but it's that's the technical side of things, right? You can see that you cannot see that what I'm seeing is that these guys are doubling down. And what double down means it's up to you, as long as you do it. Like for us.

These guys are for us we are selling, you know, we're selling digital services, digital products, you might think, well, it's easy for you to say, but we just talked about a school, you know, that are trying to pivot into the digital space. Because now they see the opportunity. I was talking to a client, a chiropractor. He's been you know, I've been running these ads for the past year or so the guy's crushing it, but now he's clinics are suffering. And I told him, listen to it. This is not the time to chicken out. This is the time to double down. That means that hey, let's sell your Echo your products, your creams, your lotions, let's sell them online. Let's put a Shopify store Let's sell them online to all of the clients. Obviously, we are planning over the past couple of days. Let's sell online classes like stretching, self-massage, that type of stuff, and charge five bucks a month and that is something that we put together today. He's already making money, right? So the point is this the point is that always proximity is power seeing how other people operate. It's really, really beneficial and seeing how other business owners and digital marketing owners operate. It's crazy beneficial. I started joking saying, hey, and 24 seven quarantine, that's not a joke. I'm eight hours, nine hours, 10 hours in front of the computer. And the only way that I can get to see a glimpse of how these people operate is by communicating with them. So if you are willing to stay out and take out and go out of your little bubble when you're watching social media, you're watching the news and you're getting all of these trash feet in your head, and you want to actually grow your business. There are basically two options that we have here. You know, the gods talked about too, it's your agency.

I'm a big fan of the mastermind because the mastermind is where the real good at it that the goods are delivered because you not only you can see what these guys are developing, but you get to see how other high-level digital marketers are operating and guess what if you get five people telling you Hey, it's time to double down, you get one people saying, Hey, no, I'm going to step away. And guess what you're going to double down as well. So you get that positive influence. That's number one. If you're not ready to go to the mastermind, that's fine. Go ahead and get into a 2xyouragency. That's the best next thing. Next thing that you can do. Because of that, you will learn a how to brand yourself so that you're never worried about leads on the upside. On the downside, it doesn't really matter. The reason why I'm telling you this, I've been branding. I've been doing some self-branding stuff. I got four clients over the past three days, you know, so if you're starting right now to brand yourself, that's fine. But you need to start at some point. And then you will get all of the processes to get your agency from where it's at right now, to double it. We're not saying hey, yeah, you're going to become a millionaire, you're going 2xyouragency which is saying, Hey, listen, if you follow these principles, there's a high chance that you will increase your revenues or you can increase your livelihood without having to work more. So that's my take on it. And I hope that you guys are safe. And I hope that you know, you thrive on this on these times.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, one way. You might think. Like Chris said something in the Slack or in our corporate meeting notes yesterday that I thought was really like I love that statement, Chris, that you typed out and said, work is the antidote for worry. And think about that, guys. I know it's kind of nerve-wracking right now with all the shit going on, and all the media and the news and blah, blah, blah, and it's scary. It's turbulent times there's no question. But instead of sitting around worrying and not get anything done, worry sucks, right? It sucks. So instead, work, right, put your nose down, go to work and get some stuff done. And like I said, right now is a really good opportunity to work on building your own brand and positioning yourself as everyone here is pretty much mentioned today. More and more people right now because they're home or they're not at work. They're on social media, they're on YouTube. So don't you think it's a really good opportunity for you to position yourself by producing videos that share your expertise, right? So if you're following what we've been teaching 2xyouragency if you're trying to niche down to a particular business vertical start producing videos, educational videos, treat like in my case Tree Service SEO, Tree Service lead generation, how to grow a tree business, how to sell tree work like these are all questions. I've already done the keyword research for, developing marketing materials to bring clients into my agency very specific clients into my agency. Well now's a really good time because I haven't had the time to produce that stuff before to produce that stuff and get it out on the web while people are at home consuming this stuff. That's my point and remember, these assets aren't just going to be valuable in the next coming weeks. Once they're out there. Those are little assets little nets that can bring like casting a net out there each one of them can bring clients to you years down the road. I've got videos that I produced two and a half years ago that were shitty videos talking about Tree Service lead generation that to this day are still producing leads for me so right now guys put Get your ass to work.

And work is the antidote to worry and I owe that one to Chris. That was a good one, Chris. Definitely. I think during this like, I want to share some good news that like this works so far keep talking about keeping your pipeline full. You know, it's good news for me, but I mean, anyone who's following this right. I've left the date in there on purpose March 17. Right, today's the 18th that was yesterday, I just had a new client. This is their very first invoice and they wanted to kick things off right now. So things are, you know, I'm also having conversations with other clients but by following this and I've really listened to the stuff Bradley's talked about, and obviously I have a little bit tighter connection. I've been listening to him for years but following these ideas about prospecting and putting a lot of them over time into place results and things like this, where I am personally literally in the shelter in place roles. We aren't supposed to be going outside but I'm signing on new clients and having tough times with others but I'm not in that pinch because I keep filling the pipeline. So anyway.

Okay, well hopefully you guys got some value. You out of that we're going to jump into questions for the time remaining. Let me grab the screen very quickly. I just want to point out just to prove to Adam that I wasn't lying. Look at that. That's the first part of the lesson from today's week. And what's interesting is I talked about the three questions that you ask Adam, because I think that's great. But I really was pushing out of this one, like, what can you automate delegate or eliminate from your business? And so the whole training this week, and now to 2xyouragency was really about this, like, where do you start? What do you outsource? Or what do you? What do you create SOPs for standard operating procedures for first? And then how do you create standard operating procedures and I share that and blah, blah, blah. So over the next, by the way, this was the first week of growth, this is the last section week nine, week nine through 12 is the third section of the 2xyouragency training. And it's about growth. So this is the first week of growth, scaling, and growth. We got three more weeks now. Next week is going to be entirely about outsourcing. So I encourage you guys to pick this up, go through and implement it while you have the time. Okay.

How Do You Setup Lead Gen Sites To Dominate In The Major Cities Of A County?

All right. So it looks like Patrick Smith was the first one up. He says a question on Hump Day Hangout. For today I'm working on a client who wants to dominate most of their major cities in a particular county and wants me to build lead gen sites for him would you recommend I build one big site with location pages and separate GMB's for each location with lead gen brand name of the location? My plan was to build the site established jammies order citations order SEO shield, order, link, package order, follow up our ys stacks, Link packages for specific locations. Yeah, I mean, that's, that's you can do that, in fact, in the mastermind, started in a tree service. Yeah, Patrick, I thought I'd seen you. I thought you'd said Tree Service. I'm seeing that your second question. It's interesting, but because of the 2xyouragency stuff. And I was just talking about this, um, I am actively soliciting or prospecting for Tree Service clients right now. And so I'm working on a lot of that, like developing processes for client onboarding and setup and things like those things that I've always done myself and I want to remove myself so that I can start onboarding more clients without me being the bottleneck. And so I'm developing the processes for that, but on my to-do list is to start developing some of this marketing collateral. And anyway, the reason I'm bringing this up is that in the mastermind I just landed another Tree Service client last week, or two weeks ago, but I met with him last week in person, he's a local guy, and, and I'm starting a project and I quoted him on a reduced rate if he would allow me to use his project because it's a brand new project, brand new website, everything if he would allow me to use that as a case study in the mastermind too because I told him that, you know, I teach this stuff too. And he agreed, so I have the green light to start a brand new lead generation project for a client, new client, in the tree service industry, and it's a service area based business, and I'm going to be sharing that 100% entirely inside the mastermind. So in everything, everything about it, so you guys, anybody that wants to see how that's done and how I do it and how I build location silos using tags and all of that kind of stuff, you have to join a mastermind for it, but that's coming. So with that said, I'm doing something very similar Patrick to what it is that you're talking about in that I have several GMB assets in his service area right now that I need to reallocate to another Tree Service contractor anyways, because I lost one of my Tree Service contractors for not because they just dropped me but for another reason. Anyways, I've got lead gen assets that needed to be rebranded or need to be serviced. So I started rebranding. In fact, by the way, I'm not telling anybody to go out and do this, but I rebranded three GMB assets.

This Stuff Works
In the last week, changed the phone numbers changed the web addresses. They're still alive, they did not get suspended. So knock on wood. I'm not saying everybody should do that. But fortunately, I was able to get all three of them updated and I had no issues. But so what I'm doing is I'm building brand name plus location similar to what you're saying for the three locations that are there. Now he had his own GMB setup with the brand name, but it was a brand name only, so there was no location modifier. And so I'm rebranding the lead gen assets first. So brand name plus city modifier location modifier. And then I'm building a lead generation website that will be using location pages. So there's the brand that will be associated with his primary GMB, which is only the brand name. But then the other location-based ones are have the location name appended to the brand. So the GMB name is the brand plus location and then I want to have location pages with each optimized for its own specific location, those become their own silos too, right? There are topical silos. And then there are location silos, which are, the way I do it now is handled through tags, the location silos. And again, that's all covered in the mastermind. So that's exactly what I'm doing. So what you're talking about with your plan, there is very, very similar to what I'm doing. But I would encourage you, Patrick, right now would be a really good time because you're in a similar industry too or the same industry, it sounds like to come to join the mastermind and you can watch in real-time as I build out a project and see the results that I'm able to achieve with it.

So I think that's a solid plan right there. Again, associate the primary SEO shield which is brand plus primary keyword Association in my the way that I would do it Marco might have a different opinion. But the way that I do that is I always associate for multi-location businesses or businesses with a large surface area, the SEO shield, I always associate the primary keyword to forget the location modifier. So in this case, it would be like two service right would be the primary keyword or tree trimming and tree removal or something like that is going to be the primary keyword associated with the brand for the SEO shield then each individual location is going to get its own location shield. Right? And that's too because each location is brand plus location name. So each individual GMB essentially will get its own location-based shield, which will essentially be subfolders within the primary brand folder if that makes sense. And so I think what you got right there is almost identical to what it is that I'm going to be doing in the mastermind for my next project. So I think that's a good plan. Marco, do you have any comments on that to move on?

Marco: No, that's fine.

How Do You Optimize Unverified Map Pins For A Tree Service Business?

Bradley: Okay, so next one forgave the second question, but last year, I set up an unverified map pin for a tree service, or unverified map pins for a Tree Service I'm working with, with the intention of verifying them by phone but that method stopped working before I was able to follow through on not 10 to 15 optimized map pins pointing to him with variations of his name and Tree Search Care company removal? Would you recommend me best boost? How would you recommend me best boost these locations? rankings? Well, here's a problem that I see with that though. Okay? If you have very variations of his brand name, so for example, Brad's tree care, Brad's tree removal, Brad's Tree Service Bradstreet company, well that would cause entity and valuation. I know Marco has a comment on this. So that unless every single location is going to be treated as a unique brand, a unique entity, thus having a unique name, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do it the way that you have it. I would abandon those pins. If you can't edit them, those maps listings that are unverified, whatever unclaimed pins. If you can't edit them, I would probably abandon them only because if you're trying to associate his brand with those locations in some way, you're going to actually ambiguous the brand and hurt the overall, like his primary brand, if that's not what you're doing, and you're going to treat each one of them as independent unique brands or entities, then yeah, you could get away with that. But if they're very closely named because remember, Google thinks of tree removal and tree trimming and Tree Service and tree cutting, all of those are synonyms, synonyms, right? Google thinks of them as LSI, right, like similar keywords or close variants. And the problem is, if you have very close variants of a brand name, it's going to cause entity and big ambiguation, which will cause all of them to perform poorly. So Marco, what do you say?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yes, I say the same thing. I don't see how you can get around, not ambiguous at the entity unless you're going to treat each one as a separate entity. And then how do you avoid getting filtered do I mean you could if you push a lot of power and treat each one as a separate entity, although the names would be close as long as the address and the phone number are different, but can you imagine you'd have to do an SEO shield for each one of those press releases for each one link building for each one embeds for each one so that you could boost all of them to the point where they're producing. Now if he were to do all of this and just bring it under one umbrella, right, you could push a whole lot more power and get a lot better results with a lot less work like I like a lot less work and a lot more money. I love that I like easy that this is over complicating it was simple then if you could verify the GMB and just work within the GMB to push it up within the radius. But that's not how it's working. Now, it's a little bit different. And I just see issues unless you do a really good job of creating each entity and separating the entities and that's a hell of a lot of work for again. Now I always say this right? You have to look at the work that you have to do. And the return on your investment it whether it's time, whether it's time and money, is it worth the effort to go through all of that is the money that's going to come back to you worth the effort that you're going to put into it?

Yeah, because remember, like in your previous question, you were talking about how it was the brand name with a unique location modifier appended to it, but that's the same brand across all locations. So the point is you can create, you're powering up the entity and it's the same entity just with unique locations. Right. So as Marco said, you push a shit ton of power into the entity, the primary location or drive stack, which is going to be the SEO shield, which is going to be the brand name plus service, or you know, plus keyword association, which in this case would be service, right. So you push all the power into there, you power up that entity and then you can create subfolders for every single location which would be like a location, right, that is going to benefit immediately from being placed within that entities folder because they're part of the entity. So there is, the moment that they're built essentially, and you know, recognized by Google, it's going to be benefiting from all of the entities, authority that's been built within that entity is my point. When you have when you treat each individual one as its own standalone entity, now you've got to push that same sort of authority and the power into every single location, because you're not going to be able to benefit from any subsequent location by just plugging it into something that's already been built up. So it's an enormous amount of work. And not only that, but as I said, you can actually evaluate the primary entity that way, if there are close variants of the name and unless you push enough power to each one, it could actually cause ambiguity, or filter, even pigeon filtering issues if they're too close in proximity to each other. So I would caution against working on GMBs that were named like that, that you don't have access to change if you could edit those GMBs to where you could do what you said in your first question, which was, have the brand name consistent across every location and then just append a location modifier to it, then at least you could still power push that same brand if that makes sense. And you'd have a much better, much better results with a lot less effort. So that's a really good question though.

Do You Recommend Creating Bitly Short Links On A Money Site?

All right, we've got about 15 minutes left, Mike says hello, I hope everyone as well question please about regular URL versus Bitly URL, want to add a link to my YouTube channel from my website to my YouTube, okay, by using social icon button, for example, I want to use Bitly instead of long and ugly YouTube URL. And also in general, do you recommend create Bitly links for External links or money sites? Thanks. Okay. No, here's why. Bitly is great. If you just want to share links, not for SEO purposes, I use Bitly all the time and like process docs and you know, things like that. So like standard operating procedures and training docs and things like that, because it's easy. I've got the little Bitly browser, Chrome extension, it makes it super easy to make pretty like pretty short links. But I don't use Bitly for SEO. Why? Because for years, this has been a known thing, you could Google it, you'll find articles about it. Bitly will arbitrarily turn a 301 redirect, which is a PageRank passing three redirects into a 302 redirect, which is a non-PageRank passing redirect link. In other words, it will not pass link equity. And they just, there's no rhyme or reason that I've ever been able to determine or anybody else that I know, they just arbitrarily will create a 302 redirect out of some of the Bitly links, and it absolutely kills any SEO value to that link. So what I would recommend is that you don't use Bitly instead, why don't you go to mgyb.com our store and I think it's mgyb.co/s. I already posted it in the chat.

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Well, for everybody's benefit. I'm gonna pull it up here so they can see it mg y b, SEO s right there. That's the user, I might still be logged in. Okay, I'm not. This is the URL shortener from MGYB, which has been powered up for years. For what, two years now, I guess. And it's super powerful. In fact, a lot of my drive stack links, actually rank as mgyb.co short URLs, as opposed to the long ugly folder or file URLs from the drive stack because we shorten everything through mg y b shortener before. Well, we short we also shorten everything through the shortener and add those to the drive stack delivery sheets, so that you have both versions of the URL, the long ugly one, and the short one, you build links to all of them and so the mgyb.co domain has been built up from that, which can help you there are other URL shorteners out there, guys, I've talked about this before. By the way, you can order different levels of subscriptions for this but you can use ours and benefit from the SEO value that it has accrued over time.

Just so you know, like I've mentioned in the past for clients and stuff, a lot of the times, I will install something like Pretty Links Pro, which is a plugin on their domain so that I can create redirects using a branded domain. Or in some cases, like, for example, Semantic Mastery. For like training staff, we have a domain that I've done the same thing installed pretty links on it's SM short dot link stands for Semantic Mastery short link, right? So it's SM short dot link. That's our link shortener for like training and stuff that I do. And that's just us through Pretty Links. So those are things that you have more control over. I don't recommend Bitly. But if you want to pretty something up just to make it look better, you can use a plugin like that or if you want just pure SEO value, I would highly recommend you go get a subscription to the MGYB link shortener because it is freakin powerful. It's not just pure SEO value, because if you get into one of the paid levels, you have complete control over your URL to the point where you can stretch out the destination. If at some point, you get a shitty client sitting client stops pain, you can stop transferring all that juice. Just by flipping out the MGYB shortened things, which you control on under the paid option. You can track your mix, you can see where people are clicking from on you.

I don't even know all of the benefits that our shortener had, because it has so many and I'm the one who had the programmer install it in the first place. And like I'm still coming across just all of these different things that we can do with the shortener and it is in the plans for people to be able to add their own domain in there so that they can benefit from the SEO. That's still to come. All right, but don't I wouldn't worry so much because it's prevalent, the use of shortness is prominent all across the internet and there are tons of them that there's I bet you'd say there are hundreds of them. There's 10 or 15, that that that you could choose from that are pretty powerful. But I've yet to see a short link rank. Since what was Google, the Google shortener went away, but ours do our rank, and it's because of all the power that we're pushing into it. So it's an SEO benefit. And it's just total control to the point where I'm pretty sure you can even add a tracking pixel to the link. I mean, it's ridiculous to the number of things that you do if you get into one of the paid levels. If not, you're welcome to use it for free.

Yeah, but what's really cool is thinking about that. When you see an mgyb.co, shortened drive stack or file link, drive file link that is indexed, and it shows the mgyb.co. Instead of the Google URL. Think about that, guys. It's showing the redirect URL as opposed to the destination URL, which is crazy. That just goes to show you is pretty powerful. So I would recommend you use that as well.

Review Snippet Error In Google Search Console

Fitz's up. He says a good day. Thank you for giving us a chance to get our questions answered here. You're welcome. Fitz is always he says, I noticed that my blogs have been giving me an error in Search Console that says review snippet error and items do not support reviews. Could that be a problem with schema? I don't know. Because I haven't done much with reviews schema, but I think didn't. I thought I saw Jordan answer that down here somewhere. Yes, he did.

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Yeah. Okay. So he's asking, did you add? Did you have an aggregate review in your schema? And maybe that's it. So I can't really answer the question, because I don't know. Marco, do you have any comments for him?

Marco: No. I agree with Jordan. If he has an aggregate review schema, it could cause a problem. Because Google said don't do that. Google said that. And Google said don't add stars. Right. And that's what we're talking about. That's self-promotion. This is a bunch of shit, but it's one of the things that you have to abide by. That's probably what's breaking it for without knowing more, I can't really tell you what the problem is.

Yeah. So that might also be a good question to post in the group, fits because then we could get some comments, maybe some others that have more experience with that. It's not something I've done a lot with. I've bought it in the past, but we've gotten over it was just by buying a plugin that did it. For example, like with Google. There's a Google reviews plugin there they have, there's a company that makes a plugin for Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and I think Facebook reviews, and you can get all three of them, whatever. And so I got tired of fighting and trying to get the shit to work. So I just would buy the damn plugin the premium, plug it in and it would start to work. So I don't know exactly what to tell you. But maybe that'd be a good question to start a thread in the Facebook group.

How Long Should You Wait Before Powering Up The SEO Shield With MGYB Services?

Mohammed, it says, Hey, guys, after getting complete SEO shield, how long do I wait before starting to power it up with very MGYB services? Is it the standard three weeks? No, I mean, the moment you get it as far as I'm concerned with the drive stack stuff and everything SEO shield stuff, you can start hammering away as soon as you get it marked. Do you recommend any wait time? No, no. In fact, he should order the link building package with the SEO shield. So that it the SEO shield gets turned over to Deadia and then Dadia hammers it, and then it gets turned over to you, Mohammed.

How Should We Handle The COVID-19 Situation In The Months Ahead As Digital Marketers?

Okay, so the next question was, we did we just covered that when we started. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I think we, uh, yeah, Mohammed, again, I just, you know, one of the things you could mention to some of your clients is maybe giving them a reduced rate for lesser services, but some of the things that you feel are critical to keeping their positioning, you know, maintain their positioning as much as possible so that they don't lose traction. That's something else you could do. For example, you know, if you got a client paying you, I don't know 1500 dollars a month, you could tell them you know, I can do at some bare minimum services which will help prevent the loss of, you know, a lot of what we've done or at least slow it down for 500 a month or 750 a month, I'm just giving you some examples here of some things that you could possibly do. And mean that, for example, like my preschool client, we haven't been doing GMB posts because he hired an in house social media person to do that a while ago, um, but we do, you know, a lot of other things, press releases and things like that. So I told my preschool client today that, you know, if he needs to suspend services that I would recommend that they, you know, increase their GMB posting considerably to help compensate for some of the other stuff that's not going to be done if that's the case, although like I said, we're going to try doing some online preschool classes for his members so that to keep their tuition going, which means he'll keep paying me to I'm going to see how that goes. So over the next week, anyway, those are just some ideas, Mohammed.

Alright, we've only got a couple more minutes guys. We'll try to get through this one before.

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Do You Have A Way To Update Published Tier 1 (Branded) Posts When Initial Post Gets Updated?

bb12 says Hey guys, do you have a way to update publish tier one branded posts when initial posts get updated? No, you just republish them, unless you manually go out to the web to syndicate, you know, the syndication sites, and manually edit every one of the posts. Remember, if it gets, let's just use the three blogs, for example, right? So blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, if you publish a post, it gets gonna get re syndicated to those three blog locations. If you then edit the post or update the post on the blog, you have to manually go to each of those three locations and make that same edit on each blog. So that is an enormous amount of work. don't recommend you better off just changing the post and then republishing it changing the publication date to like now, so that when you click publish our changes the draft and then change the publication date to now so that when you click publish it reinserted into the feed, and will trigger a re-syndication. As long as it wasn't just published on the web 2.0s.

A week ago or whatever, so it's like duplicate posts side by side on the same blog, then I wouldn't worry about it. In fact, you can even use plugins like the RSS plugin for Semantic Mastery as a mastermind member. It's only in that premium version or something like republish old posts, which is a WordPress plugin. I'm just going to show it to you really quick republish old posts, WordPress, this plugin right here. It's free. They have a paid version, the pro version, I think it's like 20 bucks that give you like a ton of additional features, scheduling options, all kinds of stuff. But this right here will take posts and repo guys, this is good to do. Even if it's not because you updated a post, right? This is good to do. If you have a blog with a ton of content on it. Sometimes you can like it makes sense to republish posts that were published a year ago if they're still relevant. If they're topical type posts, they're not time-sensitive posts in it, it makes sense to republish them to give them another push. And this is a way that you can automate that right here. Right. So again, this is a free plugin, but you can also buy a paid version of it that has a little bit more features.

Should You Index Backlinks?

Okay, so that was that question. Should you index backlinks? If yes, then how very simply go to mgyb.co. Go to the store, scroll down to where's link indexing? There it is. There it is right there. Now, there is one drawback that Rob is fully aware of, in that for this right now, you have to submit 300 URLs at a time, which sucks. It's an issue that is on our to-do list to get resolved. But right now that you have to only submit 300 URLs at a time, which really doesn't make sense when it comes to big link building orders. But if you're just trying to get certain links indexed, then you can paste them in here. 300 at a time, and that's something that is going to be updated. It's just not done yet. Okay? But that's a really good thing. Indexing service. I think Dadea gets 50 to 60% on the average index, even spam links, is that right? Correct. Okay, so there you go. Another way to index backlinks is if you have the ability to submit directly to the Search Console, you can do that. It's very tedious and slow and time-consuming to do.

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Why Is A Subdomain Blog Better Than A Blog In A Subdirectory?

Last question, and then we got to wrap it up. Can you please explain why a blog on a subdomain is better than a blog and a subdirectory? It's not that it's better it in the past, the reason why I would always do blogs on subdomains for like multi-location local businesses, for example, or a blog on a subdomain, as opposed to in a subdirectory. So like blog.domain.com, as opposed to it being in a subdirectory. So like, for example, if you have an e-commerce site that doesn't have a blog functionality, and you want a WordPress blog, you could install it on a subdomain, right so blog dot whatever the domain is, or in a subdirectory.

If it was in a subdirectory, then it would be slash blog right domain comm slash blog and it would be a separate WordPress installation in that directory, but it would appear as if it was like an internal page blog like on the domain, they serve the same functionality. The only difference is in Google's eyes. If it's in a subdirectory, it's part of the root domain. So if you were to be content marketing from the blog, and you were to caught catch a penalty for something, then it would affect the root domain. And it would negatively affect the domain, it could penalize the entire domain. So all of the pages and stuff from the main site could be penalized from that. Even though it was from the blog, the blog was the one that caught the penalty, and it was in a subdirectory.

On the other side of that, if it weren't a subdomain and the blog work to catch a penalty, it would isolate that penalty to the subdomain, not to the root domain. So it's just a way to protect it's a way to mitigate risk. In the past, I used to always build all like multi-location sites. So for example, if I had a Tree Service client, primary location, I build that primary website on a root domain and for each city that we would expand into if we had a separate GMB location for each city, we would create a separate WordPress installation. So it would be like Cole pepper dot Bradstreet service. com Fredericksburg Bradstreet service com, each one would have its own standalone WordPress installation for the reasons I just mentioned, in case any one of them were to catch a penalty would only ice isolate to that one particular subdomain, as opposed to taking all of the locations down because they were in inner pages. I don't do that anymore for two reasons. One, it's an as you really grow the footprint, it can create an enormous amount of additional work updating WordPress sites and all that kind of stuff.

Number two. I haven't caught a penalty in years and it's because of what we teach with the SEO shield and entity-based SEO. We don't really do much at all to the on-page itself or build anything directly to the money site. So the likelihood of catching a penalty is slim to none. And so, therefore, I'm building things on inner pages. Now, again, I talked about this in the mastermind, that I'm starting another lead gen project, and the mastermind is going to be for teaching opportunity. And I'm going to be talking, I'm going to be building everything on inner pages so that I don't have a bunch of sites to manage. And so that's something that you can learn in the mastermind anyway. So we were mitigating danger, right, we're mitigating against the possibility because we used to do some dirty shit subdomain. I mean, let's be honest. That's the reason why we would go into subdomain because we were doing some dirty stuff. Yeah. That says, We stopped doing all that and we realize why to wait, wait a minute, we can protect ourselves. We can still do all the dirty shit that we do. But protect ourselves if we just take it off-site. So that onsite, the root domain and everything that's within that root domain and folders or whatever, it remains pristine, it never gets touched. It builds backlinks naturally. It just looks as natural as any other website on the web, so there's no reason for it to even lift a red flag. So, since we're doing that, there's really no reason for subdomains, you can go into folders and you can go to you can go categories, even right locations, you can go services, there are so many different ways now that you could do it. And you're powering up your entire domain by doing it this way, you're adding more relevance, you're adding more trust, you're adding more have more authority. And eventually, you'll add more activity because you'll attract more traffic, you'll get more love from Google. But the only reason why we're doing it doing that is that we knew that what we were doing we were not supposed to be doing to the subdomain. And we knew that that the possibility of a penalty was really really high. Now, we haven't worried about penalties since we instituted the SEO what we're now calling the SEO shield or entity-based, worriless SEO. Yep. Now

It's changed my strategy to so and fortunately and I'm glad because it is it's much easier to manage now as I love it. It's our cheat code because, you know, again, we just build the SEO to power that up and it's it just works repeatedly.

So anyways guys, don't panic. Go, go put the effort and time into your business while you have it right now position yourself so that when you come out of it when we all come out of this, you're in a much, much better position, you'll be stronger than your competitors. And I had encouraged you to do that. Think about the positive that can come out of this focus dwell on that and not the negative or the worry or the uncertainty. And then once again to repeat Chris because it was such a wise statement. He says work is the antidote for worry, and I believe that so. See you guys next week. Thanks, everybody, everyone. Here we go. Bye, everyone.

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