Can You Offset Average Reviews And Get Into The 3-Pack By Targeting Optimized Listings With Press Release, Backlinks, Drive Stacks From MGYB?

By April


In episode 329 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if you can offset average reviews and get into the 3-pack by targeting optimized listings with press release, backlinks, drive stacks from MGYB.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, . . . Need your help with 2 quick questions (smile) . . . (1) I'm presuming that having lots of 4 and 5 star reviews still has a significant effect on getting a GMB listing into the 3-Pack, but if the business has just “”average”” quantity and quality reviews compared to their competitors, can you offset that deficiency and still get into the 3-Pack by targeting the “”optimized”” listing with Press Releases, Backlinks, RYS Google Drive Stack, Etc from MGYB? . . .

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Is There A Specific MGYB Done For You Service For Real Estate Leads?

By April


In Hump Day Hangouts episode 328, one participant asked if there is a specific MGYB done for you service for real estate leads.

The exact question was:

As second question if I could, any good real estate leads advice and best DONE FOR YOU services that can be best used specifically for local real estates leads with some context? Doing some app development so any good RE Api's being used can also help. APPRECIATE YOU ALL THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!

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What Is A Solid Local Business Directory To Find Business Contracts For Architects & Home Builders?

By April


In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 328, one viewer asked about a solid local business directory to find business contracts for architects and home builders.

The exact question was:

What is a solid local business directory to find business contacts like i.e. (business adjacent to real estate with contact information) – GOAL I want to find all architects and home builders by geography with some solid information that can be used for targeting (NOT SPAMMING)?

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Can You Automate Money Site Post Creation For Content Kingpin?

By April


In episode 328 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if you can automate money site post creation for content kingpin.

The exact question was:

3) is there automation for content kingpin for money site posts creation?

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Have You Experienced Getting Into The First Page Within 1-2 Months For Semi Easy Or Semi Tough Keywords?

By April

In episode 328 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the team has experienced getting into the first page within 1-2 months for semi-easy and semi-tough keywords.

The exact question was:

2) Have you ever experienced fast rankings on 1st page (lets say 1 month up until 2 months) on regular domain (non GSite) for easy or semi easy or semi tough keywords?

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Does Using GSuite Offer SEO Benefits Over Using Zoho Mail?

By April

In episode 328 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if using GSuite offer SEO benefits over using Zoho Mail.

The exact question was:

Hey Guys, When you comes to using Email provider, do you see any SEO or other benefit of using Gsuite vs i.e Zoho Mail? Zoho suite has huge number of apps that that makes life much easier for running a business with all tolls under 1 roof. I have been trying to integrate Gsuite mail with Zoho , but at this point I am not sure is worth my effort. Thank for the input…:)

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 332

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 332 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 332. You are in the right place. If you're not, don't know what to tell you hang tight. It's gonna get interesting. We're gonna go over some really good stuff here. We got a few announcements. We got a special guest joining us today. But first, want to say hello to everyone real quick. If you're watching live, give us a Hello. Let us know how you're doing today. If you check out the replay, you can always leave a comment on YouTube. We do check those out and appreciate them. So first of all, let's just go around Say hello to everybody. Let's see Chris, you're first on the list today. How are you doing, man? Oh, that's good news. Yeah, I'm doing super good here. Super excited. had a couple of very long nights this week. But yeah, man, the cash registers ringing, and love it, man. Nice. Nice. All right, good stuff going on. How about you? How are things down? So good, man. Good. Things are getting chillier down here. But I'm excited. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited. That's so cool. Marco, is it? What's the weather like? It was chilly are here too. It was almost seven yesterday. It got that low. More.

I can't help it. You. Look, it's been over a year, man. It's been over a year, I'm still in, in T-shirt, shorts. Flip flops, it is what it is man. The way if this is the life you want to live, or if you want to live in the fucking cell in an igloo, in Alaska, close to the North Pole. Whatever life it is that you want to live. Whatever it is that you choose, you got to work for it, you got to hunt for it, it's like hoping that you hit the lottery isn't the way to go. And at the very least, you have to go and scratch that motherfucker or guess the number, you have to take some action even to hit the lottery, right? So you'll take action to do that. But where the real money is, I'm not talking about real money. You won't take the action, you just want to maybe that'll work and maybe one day you want to guess and second-guessing you have no idea? Well, we've set the step-by-step method. We not only do that we give you mindset, but we also help you with that. We're constantly on your look, you got to do it got to take steps, you got to do the dude, that's the only way you got to work for it. And then you know, we give you a way to go and get it done for you.

And you so we've set up the whole process. We set up the path we have the training, you want to do local, we have the way for you to do local, you want to do global, we have the way for you to do global, you want to do affiliate, go to an affiliate, affiliate, eCommerce, whatever it is you want to do, we haven't it's all set off. But we can't all for you. You have to take some action, you have to go and invest at least the sweat equity to make the shit happen. And with that, I'm gonna say what's up se

Hi, everybody. Syndication Academy guide.

Our syndication trainer, guide, instructor, whatever, the instructor you name it, she's the one that's going to be helping people all the way through the process. She's going to be on Facebook answering questions, she's going to be doing update webinars, she's I mean, we've set it up so that you can totally take your brand and your entity. And she said yesterday that consolidate the entity and the brand into one overall system that shows Google everything under your brand and entity. So this is the way to do it. This is the way to claim it. Let me stop talking and say what's up and see. Hi, Marco, thank you for the introduction. And thank you everybody again for the opportunity and for helping me to come to this point where I am actually going to be training other people for something that I just started to train myself a couple of months ago. And so yeah, I cannot thank you enough for that. fixing it. So you guys can see my T-shirt.

Yeah, we just need to get one of those so that we can all represent his as well as he is because my shirt is all faded. You can barely read it.

Well, it's probably like why better older maybe? Yeah, that's good. I'll take that.

So hey, well, I was gonna jump in for a minute, just say. Yeah, so we're really excited about launching syndication Academy threes has been kind of in the lab, I guess studying and experimenting and building out networks. And also, we have a list of over 300 additional properties that we're going to be that she is going to be providing instruction for on how to expand your entity footprint. A lot of these problems

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These aren't things that you can syndicate to through IFTTT, but it's about expanding that entity or brand footprint, which is incredibly powerful and important now, and a lot of these different sites, she's going to be going in and figuring out the best way to squeeze as much power out of them as possible and including interlinking and all that other stuff. And so it's, it's, we've got, like two years' worth of updates on the books for this. So it's, it's, it's great, guys, I'm really excited about launching this relaunching this, and now we have a dedicated instructor for it. You know, there's she's gonna be in the group answering questions. And obviously, if there's something that she can't answer, she'll tag one of us well, and we'll be happy to jump in and answer it. But I'm really excited about relaunching this, for now, the third iteration of syndication Academy.

I saw the update video that she did. And I'm we're not going to say which website it is, we're going to leave that for the first update webinar when it's announced, but its part of it is already recorded the website, it's already in, it's powerful. It's a semantic hub, as she mentioned, in the training, and like it was a test by fire because I told SES go check it out, see what you can do. And from the training that she had done, of course, the beginning the advanced because one thing builds on another in our syndication Academy training.

And so from the training, she was able to go in there and just completely manipulate the website that I gave her to do semantic hub with do follow links, and it's just fantastic for SEO when she was able to take full advantage of the website, which I expected no less, which is why I didn't give her any instructions other than to see what you can do. And guys, you just have to see it. And so from that, you'll be able to see exactly what she will be doing with all of the other websites that we have for her to go and look into so that they can become part either of your symmetric hub or your footprint on the web, but they won't all necessarily interconnect the same way. But we do it wherever we can. It's just it's just great. It's great training.

She'll be on Facebook, which is great. We haven't done that before. So she's she will be supporting the Facebook group. And you know, the updates are coming as you said, it's about two years' worth of updates that we already have to look forward to. So it's just fantastic.

Yeah, awesome. Well, yeah, guys, I wanted to also just say real quick, I know we can talk about this for quite some time, but if anyone's got questions already put the link in below. There is sort of a deadline on this in the sense that we definitely have a special offer for you. If you're wanting to join syndication Academy or if you joined previously you were a member before you're gonna want to get in now we are doing a special launch price you can check it out it's at syndication dot Academy or if you're watching live you can check out the link below but the price is going to be going up and we do have some pretty kick-ass bonuses if I do say so myself but you can find out more about those at syndication dot Academy. So was there anything else we want to touch on? Let people know about either syndication Academy, the training the community, anything else before we dive into questions today?

Like we can get into it. All right. Let's do it. Good. All right. I'm gonna grab the screen.

Guys confirm you're seeing it.


What GMB Location Should You Target If You Have A Vacation Rental Catering To International Customers?

Sweet. Alright, so I believe the first question is this one.

So what do you recommend? If say you have a vacation rental in Yosemite National Park, where people come from all over the world? What city country state? What City County state country? Would you target and GMB location service area?

That's a good question. Um, I mean, if it's a vacation rental home, technically, I would probably target the whole state. I don't know because it that's the thing. It would be a service area business is what you're trying you're asking about, but it has an actual address. Right. So my question would be you have a GMB set up for a vacation rental property with the address showing or is it? Are you trying to set it up as a service area business because it's kind of a weird one?

I would think that you would have if you were running that vacation rental as a business right, then it would have it so a GMB what the street address which is like a storefront business, which doesn't necessarily warrant a service area.

And if you don't have the street address published, then it would be a service area business but that would be weird. Because you would have a vacation rental home that nobody could get driving directions to. So I don't know. How would you target? a vacation rental? A GMB Marco, Airbnb.

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That I mean that's it's totally I would target it. It's how most people I know now, especially with the pandemic and with things the way they are, that's how I see. I mean, just a whole ton of people looking for rentals or for vacation. But the other thing would be no, you don't want to create a service area. Right. Service Area GMB, because that would just wait a minute how this is so interesting. It could be both really hang on. But you can do both. This is one of those where you can probably do both. There are those instances where if you look, for example, the restaurant right restaurant, which delivers, they're allowed to have bolts, it could be one of those categories where you can do both. So do both the service area and the address. And then you're good to go. Because you don't want to pigeon yourself to like Yosemite National Park, you want to be able to appear in other places. I mean, you go to directories, again, Airbnb, anywhere you can to promote your vacation rental. And I would venture to say that that the Airbnb, even though I do have a property in there, and I haven't really tested that the algorithm was just the same but works through activity, relevance, trust, and authority. Right? And from reviews for people who have rented from because we get reviews of the place or the places that we rent. And like I asked for the reviews, like if I get really funky people who leave my place a mess. I'll list it, the dirty motherfucker, they fucked up my boys. Not in those words. But yeah, I do. And so I think with all of that activity, relevance, trust, and authority, check and see what this is going to have to be a test for me, man, I'm gonna have to take one of my rental properties. One of my Airbnb is SEO it to death and see if I can make it appear. Number one for rentals, a vacation rental, Costa Rica, when people are searching Airbnb, this is a good thing. But totally try to see if you can, if you can do both. Now make it if it's legit, you should be able to get the pin. And if you get suspended for wherever for whatever reason, we're trying to do both. This is one of those where you can contact Google with the paperwork and say, act really silly, really dumb raised, you don't know what's going on? Hey, you know, I was just trying to let people know that I have a vacation rental. And Google the Google rep will help you out.

Yeah, I think this is really interesting. I'm curious what you guys think about this because I immediately also started thinking Airbnb, when you look on Airbnb, it doesn't tell you the address, right for safety. They don't just give you the street address, but it is at least down to the city town, something like that. So I'm wondering too if he doesn't have his own standalone alone website, that that's where he could do more of a broad-based depending on what you're able to do at the GMB that he creates a website for this rental, that then targets the broader word of Yosemite rental, which I guarantee you is what people are looking for, like Yosemite area or something like that, where it's much broader instead of one of the tiny little towns that are outside of actual Park. Well, not now you just said create an SEO shield, which comes with a G site and drives stack and you can target location, then right as you go inside or the service, Yosemite vacation rental or and the related keywords that he wants to go after? Or the supporting entities, if you want to call it that. But yeah, I mean, the SEO shield, your Airbnb can be your money site. I don't see why you can't because you're just pushing a listing in Airbnb, and how would you do that? Well, you just push power into it, and see how it reacts. But man, I can almost guarantee because I see I see people reacting to the stars and I see people looking and you can track the people that look at your rental rentals, all these other things in the backend of Airbnb, man, I can almost guarantee that that the algorithm and Airbnb, they all work the same way that they're all Amazon, whatever it is that you're looking at activity, relevance, trust, and authority. I mean, I'm almost 100% that you can do this with either Airbnb as your money site, or the G site as your money site, or even the business site that you get for free inside the GMB ecosystem that you can use that Airbnb shield coming 2021 oh man that's not a bad idea. There you go.

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How Many RYS Properties Can Rank Main Websites And GMBs?

There we go. All right, next is Hi I'm new anything asking foolish Please forgive me how many RYS sites can rank main websites Jimmy's, etc. Can you show websites that are GMB ranking with our site's ranking proof? I mean, you only need one now. It's what you do with it. So you know we talk about building an entity or an SEO shield around your primary asset which would be usually a self-hosted website.

Doesn't have to be, that's usually or typically what it is. And then we build the SEO shield around that which includes one drive stack, the entity drive stack, at least, the initial one is just, it's modeled after the brand, then the G site, and the syndication network, Id page, all of that stuff. And it's so it's one kind of unit of the SEO shield. And then from there, you can expand the drive stack and the G site using the RYS Expansion service for different categories on it. For example, if you have different categories on the site, and you're trying to target different products, or different services, or different locations, or all of those, then you would just continually expand your G site and your drive stack. And that's how we would do it. So it's not a number, like the number of G sites and drive stacks. It's what you do with the one that was built for your entity. And I think that was a really simple way to answer that. But I think the question was asking, like, the quantity and instead of the quality and really it should be about the quality, not the quantity, it's only we only suggest one for any one entity or any one brand. And then we just continually expand that based upon the needs of the project itself. Somebody else won't take a stab at that. Yeah, well, it depends on what he's trying to do. If he's trying to push local he doesn't want to rank his website, especially if you get hardly any action in in in SERPs, right in organic. You look, if you're looking for maps, you're going to be pushing power to your GMB Yes, you should also push power to the website. But the website should be putting power back into everything that should be going into the GMB. I like the way I'm reading this is how many online sites can help. The main website or the GMB rank. It only takes one trip. One t site, not our white site. But let's see what is Google site or a T site one with as Bradley said expansion pages. Once you get the main entity delivered, your branded g site delivered, then you can extend into services or all locations, whatever it is that you're doing. Now, if you want to see an example branding, I mean, we can just go in and look at DC plumber because that's being pushed by a dc, dc plumber, and plumber in DC plumber.

That's those two right there. Yeah, but mouseover where it says website There it is number one. And then that's the self-hosted website. This is the G site. They got two map listings. Yeah, but mouseover, the DC plumber LLC the website? Well, that's it. That's a G site. That's the G site right there, which is also ranked number one in organic. Above who above Yelp man who says you can't be beaten, Yelp man. Oh, absolutely. You can be Yelp.

And then plumber in DC is the second asset for the same project that has a money site. And this has a self-hosted website, but it's for the same brand. So there you go. There's proof right there. The plumber in DC that there's a few of them where it's the entity.


Okay, ranking roto rooter, you know, you name it that these things work man up, but what can we say our shit works, he would just have to figure out that what we say is true. And the way to figure it out is as I said, in the beginning, you have to take some kind of action that we can't do for you.

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So next is rugs. There's a lot of questions here. I'm gonna try to roll through these.

By the way, guys, if you're new here, just we ask that you only post you know, one or two questions at a time, and then come back and post additional questions so that we can get to all it's just more fair to everybody. If we got to answer 18 questions for one person then that stops the ability for us to answer other people's questions. So it's okay you didn't know you're new but we have a few people here that come every week and ask multiple questions and we even kind of poke fun at them every week.

BB I'm talking directly to you.

anyway, but uh seriously no. It's cool I'll run through these really quick I knew guy here interested in the done for you products if that will save time not having to go through the training don't have to tune in nowadays to get an answer or answer here. I mean, it's always awesome if you can attend live that way in case one of us can't interpret your question or we need additional details before we can give you a proper answer then you can clarify by chatting in the chatbox essentially. But you don't have to. You can always post your questions ahead of time and then watch the replay and provided that we got to the question provided we don't have to answer 18 questions from one person. We'll get to your question eventually. And then you can catch the answer on the replay. All right.

Are There Any Requirements As To The Website We Want To Rank To Make It A Good Fit For DFY Products?

So, questions. Are there any requirements as to the website, we want to rank to make this a good fit? Small blog, we'll be adding to an e-commerce site. Our URLs might shift a bit later for more SEO-friendly. No, I mean, no, because you can, you can use a WordPress site or pretty much anything that you want, you can use the G site from the drive stack, or the SEO shield, excuse me, as your primary website. If you're just doing GMB stuff doesn't sound like you are but if you are just doing GMB stuff, you could always just use the GMB website as your primary website. Or once again, the G site, self-hosted sites doesn't matter. You choose what target it is. Now, if you have the ability to manipulate the on-page SEO, right, so opt to be able to optimize the site itself, then that's going to give you a leg up, right. What I mean by that is, you know, a lot of like e-commerce sites, I know and I don't do any commerce sites, but we know that some of them are very difficult to optimize for SEO, they're very limited in what you can do. So if you're going to be doing a lot of stuff like WordPress is always a good website builder, or platform to use because it gives you so much functionality and so much ability to optimize. So it doesn't really matter what type of site it is, there are certainly benefits to having some sort of some sites built on certain platforms over others. But it really shouldn't matter. Now, before I move on, do you want to comment on that Marco?

Yeah, the only thing I would say is to make sure that you can work on the on-site SEO, right? Because that'll help make sure that you can add schema because that would help. Not it would it will help to have schema and proper SEO on the website to be able to silo it correctly to be able to interlink everything correctly.

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Is The MGYB DFY Single And Multi-tier A DFY Replacement For Buying The Syndication Academy Training?

So the second question is the done for you $75 single. So that's the single-tier syndication network. And the $276, multi-tier has done for your replacement for buying the syndication Academy training at $97? Well, first, yes, the done for you is a replacement for the training. So if you don't want to go through all the training, and you know, I completely understand that then the done for you services are so you don't have to go through the training, you just buy the networks. And we'll do them for you the same way that we teach you how to build them in the training. But you can save yourself a bunch of hours and just buy them from us. And what I do recommend though, is if you're going to be using syndication networks, in your business, or for clients or for your projects, whatever, that it does make sense to get an understanding of how they work and why they work. And by going through the training, you will gain that understanding. That said, it's currently right now for syndication Academy v3, which we launched today, you can get it for a lot less than the sticker price that you listed here. I don't know for how long, it'll stay that way. But it is that way right now. So if you're interested in learning about it, so that you can understand how they work, why they work, and how they kind of like all those pieces fit together, then I recommend getting the training. But if you don't have time for that, or no desire to learn all that which I can understand that, then just buy them from mg y B, and you'll save yourself a ton of time and you'll still get the benefit from them. Yeah, I'm going to disagree just a little bit. With it being a replacement, I would say that our dia fly is more of the foundation of the training because our DFY products don't include the updates a straight will be doing. That's true. And so the done for you, which everyone should get is actually intended for you to get started for you to not have to spend so much time pushing through the training and trying to put everything together. Because that can take that well. It's up to you on how long that takes SC I think it was about six weeks or so I mean, you can answer for yourself how long it took you to basically go through the training and start understanding it. But I would just say that it's a foundation and yes, by all means, get a done for you so that you can see what yours should look like and so that you know what it is that you need to do with all of the other websites that you include in your done for you. A syndication, syndication network once you get it delivered because you can always expand on it. That's what our training is all about the new training.

So you want to comment real quick on the timeline it took you to really understand it.

So, okay, yeah, well, if you're starting from zero like I was, you are going to need a couple of weeks to actually get into it. Maybe if you're smarter than I am. If that takes you less, but you definitely would need some foundation to start actually going step by step to build up your knowledge about it and how it is actually functioning. After that, after the first few weeks that you get into the process, the logic of syndication networks, then you can, you can maybe even skip the rest of training and go directly to down for your network because you have, you will have already the understanding of the basis of it, what is actually happening and how it is working. But I think I would agree with Marco on that, probably the training is still necessary, even if you would get it down for your network, not only for the updates but also for the very understanding of what is happening on your ready done on your done network was the ones that you will purchase. Sorry for the mistakes on English again. No, no, no worries. And that was great. Thank you for that. And so you know, and I agree with that as well. I mean, here's the thing, we maybe don't, don't hold us to this, but we may very well be adding the expansion, entity footprint expanding from the properties that we're going to be adding for syndication Academy version three. So that might be something that we add into mgib for done for you, where you can go in and buy additional properties and we up you know, go out and build them out and optimize them for you interlink them and all that. But that's not something that's going to be available right away. We are trying to do that. But it's not something that's going to be available right away.

So I do agree with that. Having an understanding of how they work does help because for example, if you have, you know, things break down its automation, right and so IFTTT, sometimes things break down. And it's if you don't understand how everything works, then it's difficult to troubleshoot and fix. Right. And so again, even if, even if nothing else, having that foundation is really important, in my opinion, if you're going to be using these in your business or for your projects. Okay, I'm gonna move on guys that cool? Yep. All right. Next, is the multi-tier one that much better? It depends, it depends on what you're doing. I've been recommending for many years now to stick with a single-tier branded network if you're doing website syndication or blog syndication.

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You know, if it's from a self-hosted site, especially that you just stick with the single-tier branded network. And that's because it's just so much easier to maintain and manage. A multi-tiered syndication network can add more power. But there's also depending on what the use is for, there's also some things that you have to consider additional steps. So for example, if you're doing blog syndication only, and you're using multi-tiered networks, then it's really important that you're mixing additional content sources, to your second-tier networks, so that it's not 100% only your content being published to your branded network and into the three persona-based networks that are the second tier networks, because that leaves a footprint not in a good way, not an entity footprint that leaves a content footprint that is clearly for SEO manipulation or for manipulating Google. And that is not something that you want to do, you don't want to draw attention to yourself in that respect. Now, if you're using a YouTube channel as your syndication trigger, or your primary asset, so a lot of people that do video, SEO, and video marketing, and stuff, a two-tiered syndication network is beautiful, it's great. It's better than a single-tier network, for sure. Because you don't leave any, you may leave footprints, but it doesn't matter. Because when you're syndicating YouTube content, you're acting as a publisher for Google, and Google just doesn't care. So you can have as many damn networks tied to that one YouTube channel as you want, whether they're single-tier multi-tier, or even beyond two-tier, which we have some students in the past that have like built out multiple tiers. I personally don't like to do that, because it's a management nightmare. If something breaks down.

Let me clarify what I mean by that. I don't like to build out multiple tiers, like, you know, beyond two tiers is what I'm saying. Because if something breaks down, sometimes it's very difficult to identify or locate where it is, where that where the breakdown is. But I have for YouTube stuff. I don't do a whole lot of video SEO stuff anymore, because I use YouTube ads, Google ads for YouTube for that for driving traffic for video stuff. But when I was doing a lot of videos, SEO stuff, I mean, I would stack literally, if I was going to start a new channel, what I would always do is for two-tiered networks right out of the gate. And I know that seems expensive, but it was very, very powerful, because I would end up having essentially, was it 16 networks, 16 syndication networks tied to YouTube channel, and that just provides massive power. But again, there are no footprint issues with that. So when you're dealing with blog syndication, it's really critical and we have training specifically even, there's even free training for how to get the best use out of two-tiered networks or multi-tiered networks. When you're doing blog syndication, and our knowledge base on our YouTube channel and everywhere else, there's free training on how to like where you're supposed to add additional content sources to need Your second-tier networks with other relevant content from other sources? If that makes sense. So again, my suggestion is, depending on what your use is going to be for a single-tier network is, is what I would recommend for blog syndication unless you know what you're doing. And you can make sure that you're monitoring the multi-tiered networks for blog syndication. Does anybody want to comment on that? Yeah, I'm also gonna say that done for you, is not a replacement for education. No. Meaning that you have to educate yourself about what's going on on the web right now.

And what the approaches, it's our entity-based SEO, we totally focus on the entity. Well, how do you do that? Well, it's something we discuss in the heavy hitter club. And we totally go with it. As a matter of fact, I just started an iframe series, we just got done doing a how-to connect everything together series, we've done prior entity series. So everything that we build on, we're what we're doing. e-commerce, work studies, local case studies, local case studies. So all of these things are so that people know what it is that they need to do with their project. So you have your project. Now you know how and why. So now's the time to go and order your SEO shield. Because you know, that's foundational, you can't skip that. I don't care who's teaching you going get, you have to understand that the focus has to be your brand, as an entity on the web. And the approach to that, well, that's only taught in our paid groups. So it's one or the other. Yeah, you do go either you go train yourself, go through the training syndication Academy, our ys Academy, the rest of the academies in our pros, local GMB, Pro, local PR Pro, we have all of the training that you need so that you can train your own VA? Or are you going to educate yourself, so that you can learn where all of these things come into play? rather than you know, well? Is it a single or a multi-tier? Am I going to need a done for you drive stalking the site? Well, that's all part of our SEO shield, go to the SEO shield comm and start your training there your education, start your education on these things. So that at least you're familiar with our foundational principles.

Agreed. So the next one was What does MGYB even stand for? It stands for make Google your bitch as right.

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Is One Time Google Drive DFY Service Faster And Complete Replacement For RYS Training Subscription?

As right moving on, also interested in if one time Google Drive stack one time done for you services faster, and mostly complete replacement for our bias training and subscription. Thanks again. Yeah, if you want to go through hours and hours of training, so that you understand why it works, how it works, how to build it, and all of that stuff, then yes, go get the training. But it's a lot to go through. And I'm not trying to discourage anybody from it, I'm just saying you have to figure out what the best use of your time is, here's something that we always recommend. If you're busy as a business owner, then what you should do is buy the done for you stuff. But if you want to have a really good understanding or have you know, be able to squeeze more power out of it, because you understand it and fix things when things break down, if they break down and all of that, then have somebody on your team or hire a virtual assistant and put them through the training course so that you have somebody in house, or at least a team member that can handle that stuff for you that can learn these methods and stuff. I mean, again, as a business owner, guys, if you are you know, you shouldn't really be getting down into the nitty-gritty, the tech, the technical weeds, so to speak, because you probably should be focusing on higher-level stuff in earning revenue, generating sales, that kind of stuff. But you know, some people, they just really want to know all that stuff, and they want to be technicians. And if that's your case, then do that go through the training. But if you want to operate your business and do what business owners do and work on growing your business, then you should probably hire somebody or have somebody that you already like an or you know an employee that you already have a virtual assistant or hire somebody and put them through the training. So that now you have somebody in house or on your team that can manage those kinds of builds and things like that for you. Does that make sense? Does anybody want that? Yeah, this is a fantastic question. Because it speaks to the way that we decided to go with our training. Were in Semantic Mastery. The main focus is business building, how to keep your funnel full of clients, how to Oh, ABC, always be closing. Always get in front of that next person to bring them in. Now if you're doing that, who is going to have time for education and training? You don't so what we set up as the heavy heavy hitter club so that either your partner or someone that you hire to train can go into the heavy hitter club to apply the technical SEO side of the business so that you can focus on what you do best. Or if you're the technical guy, then you should be the one focus on the technical aspects. Your partner should be the one focus on business growth, getting in front of those clients selling whatever it is that you guys do. So it isn't just Okay, so So what do I do here? You, you, you.

And I forget who it is that I'm talking to.

You can't do it all yourself. Because you will become the cog in the wheel, you'll become the Gollum in the works.

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You are going, you have limited time, you have very limited time, 24 hours in a day, you got to sleep you got to eat, you got to spend time, family, friends, whatever, and work time. And if you decide to do it all yourself, you are going to run yourself to the ground in no time with all of us here have done it. We've run ourselves into the ground where we just ran out of time. And then we realized, but man, if I just hired some people, quality people applying what we didn't I mean, one of our training is some add a message just for that higher quality VA who can help you? Well, that's when we realized that that then the potential for growth becomes exponential because we have people in place who can help us with the growth, duplication.

What MGYB Products Are Perfect For Having Long Term Assets To Diversify SEO Client?

Our next question, looking at looking to diversify from client SEO, what are some things I can do online, leveraging my SEO experience and MGYB that would be long-term assets and not something risky? Like spam, GM B's Thanks, guys as always, well, I mean, right off the bat, I think of affiliate stuff, right, because our methods still work for affiliate marketing, just very few of us do that, right? Like I just stick strictly with local, I haven't done any affiliate marketing in two or three years, at least.

Because I just stick with local and lead gen. But, you know, that immediately comes Top of Mind, something else you could do is, you know, building assets that I mean if you don't want to deal with clients, but you understand SEO, and you know how to build strong, powerful web assets and forget GMBs because as you said, you don't want to deal with spam dma's, then, you know, you could always build sites that you could use to sell guest posts on. Right, if they're generating traffic. And they're sites that have some authority, and they're ranking and they're generating traffic, then you could sell guest posts, you could do link building, you could do I mean all kinds of stuff. That wouldn't necessarily be like client stuff, but you could be selling, you know, access to some of the web assets that you build. Those are just two things that I would do right off the top of my head. But I happen to like local SEO and lead gen. So that's my area of expertise. Margo, what do you say, I there's so many things that you can get into selling whatever product you don't even have to create the products or services you can become an affiliate and sell somebody else's product or service that Amazon is built on other people's selling their shit. And then other people coming into their website putting their products in there. And then selling their shit in Amazon Amazon is like the, I don't know, the mall for the world that I see. I see them everywhere. And everyone is looking to take down the king, of course, because they did it so well. So if you focus on that, and what they did, you don't have to become Amazon, you can just take one small chunk from Amazon Amazon one piece, one private store with one product, one thing, one thing and start on that even if it only makes you 100 bucks a month. Well now you know, you know that if you do that 10 times, well, that's 1000 a month and maybe 10x it again, plus 10k a month. And you just build on that something doesn't have to make you a million, like right off the bat. But the way to get to a million dollars is $1 at a time. And whether you're making it $10 per sale, $20 per sale, $100 per sale, however, you're making it once you're doing it. And once you have the process, which is what we say create the system, let the process take over. And then you lather rinse, repeat. Once you know that process, then it's just building on it. So now you say you making you do something and it makes you $1,000 a month again, TEDx, that's $10,000 a month, and it's lit. It sounds simple. And I don't mean for it to sound like it's Oh, it's easy, and I'm gonna do it tomorrow. You have to do the work. You have to go set it up. You have to wreck it. You have to sell the product and you have to make sure that deliveries in place that you that you're talking to the customer, make sure they're happy. All of these other things come into play. But all it takes is one idea. One thing one time. Create a system, create the process, lather, rinse repeat.

Yeah, you know, as I said, something else is if, again, besides just selling guest posts, remember, if you've if you can build assets that generate traffic, that is one way to monetize them. But another way is ad revenue.

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If you got a lot of traffic coming to a site, you can always make money from ad revenue. I'm building a site right now. That's one of the ways that I'm going to monetize it eventually to as a national site, which is rare for me. But it's something that I'm doing that it's going to take some time before I even bother with that. But it will, it will end up being another great really good source of revenue because the traffic will be such that it will get you know, generate some good revenue from ads. So that's just another thing that you can do. So e-commerce is absolutely one that you could do I I have no desire to do any of that. But there's, you know, SEO and you know how to rank stuff you can absolutely make money that way too. So

What Are Your Thoughts On EMD And Mini Satellite Websites?

Alright, moving on. Roger Dodger has several questions. We're gonna roll through these he says what are your thoughts on the EMD and mini satellite websites? Can they still be helpful? Not as a PBN, but to send relevant traffic? Well, yeah, I mean, again, it goes back to what I the previous question and our comments about it. The same thing is, you know, here's the thing like I don't like, I don't use PB ns anymore, I haven't for a long time. But if I was going to, like, build my own PB ns, what I would do is focus on building websites that do generate their own traffic and rank in and of themselves. In other words, and we have some people that had been in our mastermind that were doing that. And, you know, that's kind of like what RSS masher technology is for, really, it's Damon Nelson's tool, which he calls master sites now, which is using like auto blogging, through RSS feeds other people's content and that kind of thing to populate sites that end up generating your own traffic so that he can end up selling, you know, affiliate offers to promote affiliate offers or opt-ins and things like that for list building, and also add advertising revenue from those types of sites. Well, those types of sites are perfect for satellite sites, or they're not PB ends in the traditional sense, because these are real, genuine sites, generating their own revenue, their own traffic, they have their own audiences, right, their own followers and all of that stuff. But at the same time, if you have assets like that, then they could be incredibly powerful for SEO, as well, because you can use leverage those sites to power up other sites that you want to rank and generate traffic to. So there's definitely a strategy for that. Now, it requires, in my opinion, requires a lot of effort to build those kinds of sites and get them to those points, which is why typically, I just don't bother with that for local projects, because we have the semantic mastery methods using the SEO shield. And going in, as Marco always says to the belly of the beast, Google and using Google's own assets to be able to provide as much power as we need to get the results that we want. But there is certainly a strategy for that kind of stuff. And man, you can crush it if you know how to build sites that generate their own traffic and rank and create an audience and all that kind of stuff. I mean, you can make money from those sites, as well as use those sites to power up other assets that you're trying to monetize as well. Any comments on that? Yeah, I've tried those RSS sites and RSS feeds and creating content from all of that. And from what I've seen, from all the testing, from having created literally 1000s of drive stacks and ci sites, both deify for myself, for clients for projects for whatever, I haven't seen anything that pushes the power that g sites and drive stacks to you see it because they rank and they rank fairly easily. And sometimes with just putting it up the drive second g site, sometimes it takes more work sometimes it takes expansion that's why we created our expansion stacks and inner pages. But that's what I use. I mean, whatever use you can make of a PBN have an expired domain of whatever, g site and Dr. site that's what I do.

I mean, you can go ahead and try it and see what will how it works for you. It can benefit you. But I'm going to say just from doing it over and over again. And from all the success that people have with it. Because we have people I mean we have people literally going into the most difficult niches and winning it's such a such as badly it's because I don't like second place. I like to win. But we have people winning talk in the Dallas Fort Worth area I can tell you right now, more in the lawyer niche we have several people who are in, in real estate, I mean you name it we have people literally in every niche that you can think of and not only competing, we just got a great testimonial in our Facebook group, right, the mastermind Facebook group from Greg dreamer number one, we got another one from Len Landry Koch, who started out in HDHO Hump Day hangouts asking questions in here. And he ended up in the heavy hitter. He just told us lawyers in Canada in a major city in Canada, and it's just on and on and on and on. And on that, we get all of these people telling us this shit works. So if our shit works, why wouldn't we use our own shit for ourselves and for everything that we do? And why beat make-believe it? Amen.

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Is It Good To Have An Org Schema Sitewide Or Just The Homepage?

Alright, so is it good to have organized organizations schema sitewide is just the homepage? if you read the best practices, it should be on the homepage or the about page, I always just put it on the homepage just to be clear organization schema, but it says the homepage or the about page or the contact page, or something like that. But it's technically not supposed to be site-wide. And for many years, that's what are several years I did it that way. But what happens if you put it site-wide, then if you're trying to mark up other pieces of content, like an article markup, for example, for a blog poster or something like that, then if you have two different types of schema on that page that aren't connected properly, then it ends up ambiguouating the main entity of the page. So that's why it's not wise to put organization schema site-wide if you plan on doing any sort of another markup on the site.

So the short answer, just put it on the homepage. If you have if it's for a local project and you have separate locations, then you can put the location scheme local business schema on each one of the location pages. If you understand how to connect schema or connected data items, or connected schema, nested schema, there are several different versions that work, you know, and you can just google search some of that you'll find help files on what that means. If you understand how to do that, then that's how you can have an organization schema on the homepage. And then when you connect local business schema to like local location pages or article schema for a blog post, for example or something like that, then it will actually end up pooling or calling the organization schema into that markup for those interior pages or inner pages. But you have to understand how to connect those. And personally, I don't know how to do it manually, I just I've used and I've used an app called schema app calm. It's pricey. But if you only got it for one, one site, it's like 30 bucks a month. So it's not that bad. If you've got to use it for multiple sites, then it can get pricey. But I like that app because it will automatically create all the nested schema types for each different page. It connects them the way that it's supposed to, without me having to learn how to do all that shit. Because it can get really, really complicated if you don't know. And if you make a mistake with any of you know, coding out the schema, then it will invalidate it, which makes it basically useless. So, you know, check that out. But I would recommend that you just put it on the homepage for organization schema anybody else and heavy hitter club. I mean, we set up templates, Rob, especially for just killer schema where we do the query, then we teach, we show you how to do the call me one, we don't just tell you, we literally show you step by step, how to set up the schema, how to do all the cost, how to make sure that your schema validates, we will show you a hack how to get Google in there, looking at your schema and then how to get Google back in there to recrawl your schema. And on the second time around on the second go-around Google actually will crawl most of your website going through all of the different schemas how since everything is calling to each other, the bot will actually go at the code level throughout your website, which is just a fantastic way of getting Google to look at your entire entity on the website and seeing how you're relating everything about your entity not only to each other but to everything else that's on the web. That's in the heavy hitter club. Yeah, yeah. And it's crazy because Rob and POFU Live is one that woke me up to like, the different levels of schema that I was just, I just had ignored because I really hadn't thought that I needed it. And it just really opened up my eyes to like the possibilities. And I got to give it to Rob and I give him so many props, because he built out all those like spreadsheets to code schema, like the templates, as you just mentioned. And God what I mean, I don't have the patience for that shit. And you know, God bless him for doing it. Because that's why that's the only reason I use a schema app. It's just because I don't have the patience for that. But he's done, created some really cool templates and all of that. So I agree to go to the heavy hitter club if you want to learn more about schema for sure.

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Can You Combine Multiple iFrames Inside Each Other To Build More Power?

Alright, the next question is and this is the last one from Roger, he says can we combine multiple iframes inside each other to build more power? Yeah, that's an iframe stat. That's kind of what our idx pages are as an MGB. It's really just an iframe stack.

Just on an ID page really does that's, that's exactly what it is it creates like that mirror in mirror-like that. Never-ending, almost like inception. Do you know what I mean? Like it's that picture and picture that just keeps going on and on and on and on. It's that's kind of what we accomplished with the idx pages in our iframe stacks within the idx pages. So when it comes to training, yeah, the original training in our way s Academy is based on iframes, and iframe stacks, and how iframes work, man. I mean, you're talking about something that we came up with. Dr. Gary Kerwin and I started in 2014. But we turned it over to Bradley in early 2015. So yeah, this as a matter of fact, what you're asking, is exactly what I covered in our first iframe, the iframe series webinar that we just the series that we just started. On Monday in the head, again, the heavy hitter club, is exactly what you're asking, we show how to build more power stacking iframe.

What Is The Best Plugin To Help With Setting Up Schema?

There we go. So, Chris, David says, What is the best plugin to help with setting up schema? Well, it's a, you know, I use SEO ultimate pro for most of my sites now and have been for a while, which is Geoffrey Smith, plugin, which is really good because it has the schema modules. And so you can add schema on a post or page-level basis. And basically, there's a drop-down, you can select which type of schema, and then it brings up essentially a form that you fill out right there in the WordPress editor. And it will mark up those pages and the elements of the pages and all of that. So that's a great plugin for schema stuff. I've found out as I mentioned, before, that I still like, like to use the schema to generate schema for my projects, just because it connects everything. And you know, the way that it should be done? And is a learning curve to that app, though there is no question. So you know, it again, it's, it depends. If you're just doing it for one site, then yes, game apps great, because it's like 30 bucks a month. But if you're going to be doing it for a whole bunch of sites, then you're going to need the higher-level plans. And that can get rather expensive. Whereas something like the SEO ultimate pro plugin will allow you to mark up, you know, elements on pages and or pages and entire pages and such without having that kind of higher cost to it. But those are the only two that I've ever used was besides just manually or creating schema from a third-party app, and then adding it to pages. But I don't like to do that anymore, since I have a schema app. But that's just how I do it. So what would you suggest Marco? Are there any other plugins besides what I mentioned? Now, because I only use SEO ultimate. I use the templates in the heavy hitter club and then the code inserter plus module in the SEO ultimate plugin. And that's being updated. By the way, just so you guys know, the SEO Ultimate plugin? Yeah, I saw Jeffrey posted about that. He said, great big updates coming out. So yeah, it's come to 234 weeks, I'm not sure. But it's coming, it's gonna be great. But it's great already. And you can control the insertion of the schema on a per-page and per post basis so that you can control where your schema is going to go. Right. So if you have video in a certain place, you can go ahead and wrap that video and schema call on it from you got to learn how to do all that either you use the app, or you come to the heavy hitter, get the templates, get the training, and understand the power that you can deliver through schema. I mean, there's tons of power in there. If you give you simply follow just a few quick rules. And it's really simple from then on. Yeah, Mark is right. What's cool about the SEO ultimate pro plugin is on a page basis at the bottom where the widget is for the schema stuff. It allows you to append replace, add to like it so it's or amend I guess it's got several different options, which is cool. And that's how you can actually do the connected schema or connected data items. As we were mentioning before, the plugin will do that. So it's cool. All right.

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What Is The Best Way To Create An RSS Feed From GMB Posts?

The next question is Hello guys. What's the best way to create an RSS feed from my GMB posts? I would like to syndicate them and embed them on my G site. Is it possible? I couldn't find any tools for that? Okay. Yeah, but let me give you Okay, a lot. Several of the GMB posts to schedulers will produce an RSS feed from the GMB posts. You have to. It's not something that you can do natively from Google that I'm aware of. But if you add your GMB is to a post scheduler that provides an RSS output as an option or a function or as a feature, I guess, of that particular post scheduler, then yes, you can do it however, I've tested that across. I've used two different post schedulers for that which I'm not using either one of those anymore. But I've tested doing the GMB posts syndication from the GMB RSS feeds from those schedulers. And they just, they're not good for syndicating. And the reason I say that is because there's no way to specify a title, a post title, and then the body of the post. So essentially, the post title becomes the text in the GMB post. Like there's no way to separate what like a title from the body of the text body of the GMB posts because it's all just post body if that makes sense. So when you go to syndicate a GMB post it, it basically pulls in the tax I guess it's truncated at some point, but it brings in just all the text from the GMB posts up to a point. So there's no way to specify like a title, even putting line breaks in and you know, trying to put line breaks into the GMB. It doesn't, it doesn't matter, we'll disregard that and pull in all the text. So you end up with these really long, funky titles on the syndication network properties, which look spammy as shit. And so I stopped doing it because I realized that I was gonna end up killing my syndication networks, for spam, PR, you know, for spam, they get terminated for spam because of the way that they looked when they were syndicated. So I don't recommend that.

As far as the like, again, the post schedulers, you got to be careful with what post schedulers you're using. Some of them can cause problems. And I just I'm trying to stay away from those right now. We're doing things more manually, or if I'm using post schedulers Now I'm using the social media app schedulers that only connect to the API, the Google My Business API for posting purposes. And that's it like it won't allow you to access any of the other details of the GMB. All it allows is posting and posting alone. And that those are what I'm, you know, I'm testing two right now one's called fan booster calm. I like it. But there's a monthly expense with it that I'm not crazy about. And there are some limitations to it. And then there's another one that I just started testing, which has an easy app Sumo deal right now that is actually really good. It's called easy clout. If you go to App Sumo, and you look up easy clout, they have an app Sumo deal there right now. And that's actually a pretty good platform. And it's you can buy a lifetime. account to that right now. And I've actually talked to their developer about it because they have limited plans, like they don't have any agency plans for the easy cloud. But the developer told me because I asked them explicitly would, am I able to just get multiple plans if I want to run this as you know, as an agency, and he said, I don't see why there'd be any problem with that. So you might want to look into that. I don't know that that produces an RSS feed from the GMB because I haven't looked for the very reason that I just mentioned is that those GMB posts from the RSS feed just don't display properly when syndicated if makes sense. Any comments on that? No, no, that was cool.

Is Content Curation Through RSS Still Viable In 2021?

Okay, we're almost out of time. Guys. We're gonna run through a couple more if we can. rug says Gabrielle says thanks. You're welcome. Is content curation through RSS still viable as it seems many blogs don't have RSS links? If so, do you rely on it? Do you really I guess, use some workarounds? Or on other social listening tools to find trending content? How do you do? How do you rely on curated content versus internally written? Do you have up-to-date training on this? Yeah, that's the same train. I mean, yeah, it's caught. It's a content kingpin in our curation training. It's nothing's changed. I mean, my, in fact, in content kingpin, I talked about Feedly as a way to collect your RSS feeds and organize content that you want to use for curating. Well, my blogger to this day is using Feedly. Now they have Feedly Pro, which has an AI function called Leo that's built into it, which is freaking awesome. Because once you put enough content into Feedly, and you tell it like this is good content, this is good content. This isn't so good. You're training the bot, the AI, which they call Leo, and Leo will start to identify content for you and actually add it to your Feedly pro account automatically. So and again, you can even do that from sites that don't have RSS feeds with Feedly Pro. So again, content kingpin just because it's older training doesn't mean that we have to redo it all just so that it's all nice and shiny and pretty. It's the same concept, nothing has changed period. My bloggers, still we still use curated content for all of my clients, period.

Any other comments?

Nope. So but yes, I mean, again, guys. Yeah, it's harder to it's getting harder to find RSS feeds from sites but there are tools like I said, like Feedly Pro, which you can just add the website URL.

And it will actually go pull in, especially when if you have the pro account with the Leo AI function or feature, it will actually pull content in. But once it learns what content it is that you want, it'll start pulling that content in for you and populating your own they're called content boards in Feedly. But it's just a great way to organize content makes it super efficient to curate content.

Alright, BB, I'm sorry, buddy. We didn't get to yours today. There are a few other questions in here that we just didn't get to because it's 5 pm. So thanks, everybody for being here. Se thank you for joining us today, even though you didn't get much of a chance to talk. Bye, everyone.

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Is There A Way To Bulk Mirror Location Pages From The Money Site To The GSite With The Same URL Structure?

By April


In episode 328 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if there is a way to bulk mirror location pages from the money site to the Gsite with the same URL structure.

The exact question was:

Is there a way we can bulk mirror location pages from the money site into the gsite with the same url structure rather than manually creating all the pages in

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Can You Continue Buying More Links And Point Them Back To Existing Links In The SEO Shields To Create Tiered Links?

By April


In the 328th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if you can continue buying more links and point them back to existing links in the SEO shields to create tiered links.

The exact question was:

once i receive by back links can i continue to buy some and point them at the previous back links to create tiered links?

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