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Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the first day of September 2021. And this is Episode 355. You're looking to get your questions answered, you're in the right place. If you're watching us live, thanks for being here. And for getting the replay. That's cool, too, we get it, you can always just come hang out and spend 24 seven with us, we get it. We're sad, but it's okay, we get it. So we got a lot of great questions already today. If you've got any more, make sure that you ask them. And again, if you're checking out the replay, just know you can always go to semantic mastery.com slash HD questions and ask your questions there. One of the benefits that we're being live is that, you know, if we need clarifications, or if your question isn't clear, there's a follow up part to that, that we can always get to that and if you're not live, can't do that. So anyways, with that said, let's say hello to everyone real quick. And then a couple quick announcements, and then we'll jump into getting your questions answered. So Marco, we're looking nice and sunny up there. How you doing, man, this beautiful weather is getting cooler. We're at two today.

So we'll go over down to 80. As we head on to the end of the year, then we'll be back up into full summer. Costa Rica is beautiful man because it was beautiful. One thing I want to mention, yeah, any of you coming on here for the first time, or even even people who repeat, do not post your URL. Live. This is a public forum. The only thing that you have to do to get in here is sign up with an email. And you can access the URL. Do not post any client or any personal cell unless you don't mind getting spammed because there are idiots out here who who make it a point to spammy just because they can't. So please don't please, please give us an example. And you can always not use your URL, but use the example URL and let that example URL get spammed just a word of warning for people. Otherwise it's beautiful. I'm ready for Hump Day Hangout. Love Hump Day Hangouts. Let's go. Nice. All right. Well, Chris, how about you How you doing today? Doing good. Just coming here.

Like it's a good day. Let's go that way. Lots of busy work and stuff. Lots of things happening. And Glad to be here.

Whoops, still figuring out after a few years how to work the mute button. So thank you doing today, man. I'm good man. Busy as can be but good. Glad to be here. Ready to rock and roll though. We're getting like, flooded from all the rain from that hurricane Ida or whatever the hell it was. And like we're way on the east coast. But there's remnants of it. And we've been getting like massive amounts of rain the day.

But other than that things are good. Having floated away yet.

That's good, man. That's good. Real quick. Just wanted to say everyone of course again, thanks for watching. If you got any comments, questions, go ahead and pop them in. If you're watching the replay, you can always ask your questions ahead of time was what we ask people do if they can't join us live at semantic mastery comm slash HD questions.

Last but not least, just want to make more notes. We are lining up a couple additional speakers, I mean, talking to two different people for po foo live. So in addition to what we've already announced all the speakers there, you can find out all about that, and hopefully live.com find out the rundown there, We're now entering the under 30 days to go until po foo live 2021. So if you haven't gone to check that out, please do. We've still got VIP tickets available so we can fit some more people in there. We've got the main tickets available. And really looking forward to that. That's the last weekend in September. The VIP day is the 24th on a Friday, and then we've got Saturday and Sunday really jam packed with presentations. So really looking forward to that and all the great info we're going to be covering there. So hopefully live.com is the place to go for that. And then we've had several people in the last week joining our mastermind you find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery comm it's been really good to find out more about these people what they're doing, what their goals are, and how that lines up with growing, they're growing their agencies and not only getting access to us but getting access to other people who are doing the same thing, right? That's it's really important to have a peer group surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction and want to improve and want to grow. So I forget maybe you guys can help me out here. What's the is this some famous business or just leadership thing you are the result of the five people you spend your time with or something like that. I mean, there's like variations upon variations of this, but I'm a big believer of that you are who you spend your time around. And so I think that if you're looking to grow, then the mastermind is definitely a good place for you to be if you want to grow an agency

Chris, you're looking very serious. Do you? Do you know the quote I'm talking about? Is it like five people, eight people, I feel like I'm flailing here is is it a thing?

Well, the five or 10 people closest to you, I pretty much like, it's usually on the income level, that's where they usually like, compared to, like, usually, they're like, the five people next to you like what their income is like, is also like, you're in their proximity as well on the income level.

But like, obviously, the pinch.

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Those are, in my opinion applies for like, how motivated you are, what sports you're doing and stuff, because everybody is building his own environment, right. And it's really like, like attracts like, and like, you basically surround yourself with like other people like minded and like who are close to you. And also, like, if you ever want to, like reach a higher level or like, push yourself further ahead. And the easiest way is like, obviously to surround yourself with people who are like, already have done what you want to achieve. So like, we've been there or like, on the same path as you, obviously.

That's what masterminds are all about. Exactly. You see birds of a feather flock together, right? Yep. Yeah, no, I'll save that maybe for a mastermind webinar getting kind of circular here, but I'll have to I'll, I've told some people about this, but maybe I'll tell the mastermind about how I quit a job as an engineer. And a lot of that had to be with who I spend my time around. And so you know, realizing how important that is, and the positive and very negative effects that can have on your life is very real. So anyways, Anyways, guys, that's the high level stuff I wanted to cover today. Is there anything else we need to go over?

We got a mastermind webinar coming up tomorrow with me and I got a lot of stuff from the recovering. Got a lot of new members, like he said in the last week, we've had several, four or five new members come in. And they were asking specifically about GMB training. So I'm gonna be doing some of that tomorrow for the mastermind webinar. Oh, nice. Bradley, that reminds me to I think I'm gonna be talking on Friday on my other mastermind webinar. And Walton, a couple other people have been asking me about some project management stuff. So I'm gonna be talking, I think I'll just show lift up the skirts, if you will, on my clickup and how I manage clients in there. So make sure your panties were looking okay. On this webinar, for better or worse. So we're looking up skirts on Friday. That's cool.

All right. Let me grab the screen, guys to see my screen, right.

What To Do When The Security Update Banner Isn't Showing In Google Drive?

We are now. Okay. So looks like the first question is from Tori says, Hey, guys, what do I do when the security update banner isn't showing. So he's talking about the security update for Google Drive files.

Just wait till it comes back as far as I know, is that right? Is nothing that we know, we don't control Google, Google Google gave it then they took it away. So what can we do other than wait, they gave the suggestion in, in a webmaster forum or blog post or whatever, for that site search of excuse me, that's a drive operator, right search. And it does pull up some files, but then you don't have the ability really, to change whether you opt-in or out of the security update. And the most important thing here for us is being able to opt-out of the security update. If we have Dr files and we have folders and stacks that we don't want to be part of that security up because the security update will kill you in public settings. And it just won't show that it'll be useless.

I just did an update yesterday, an update video in the free heavy hitter Facebook group about this because I had done a previous one where I showed the banner, then Google takes it away. So I had to do another one showing it looks the banners taken away.

And I mean, what can we do other than to complain to Google that we can't manipulate more than we already can. That's not gonna work.

Yeah, there's some interesting stuff going on with Google right now. Because, you know, I saw that post try us Academy group today. And then also, I just set up another Google workspace account today with a domain that I purchased through Google domains, and or domains dot google, whatever. Anyway, um, usually when you do that when you buy a domain through Google domains, and then you aren't throughout the checkout process, you check the box to set up a workspace account on it within and I've set up dozens of these over the last year and like, they're usually the Gmail account, and everything on the new workspace account is ready to go within minutes. And it's been like three hours since I set this one up earlier today. And I still can't access Gmail or anything. I even contacted Google support, chat on the support chat and ask them and they're like, yeah, it can take up to 24 hours to propagate and I've never experienced that. And I've

Literally set up dozens of these accounts in that exact same manner. And so it's I think they're just some interesting stuff going on behind the scenes at Google right now. So it is what it is. Yeah.

What Service Do You Use To Generate Your Review Videos?

Okay, SEO Pro says what service do you use to generate your review videos such as this one, that's David Sprague's rep videos. Strategic marketer, I think is the name of his company. Now, David Sprague rep videos, you have to probably, I don't know, if they have a public sign up, you know, the sales page for that or not. But you could probably contact their support, and they'll send you a way to sign up for it. But yeah, it's a great service, it's like 100 bucks a month. And you get like, I think 25 video credits per month, and it's really, really good for pumping out review videos really quick, it's, it's almost all I mean, you can actually, you can pretty much set it up. Once you set it up, it can automate, you can put you to create basically a schedule that you want them to produce the videos, and it'll automatically upload it to YouTube and Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, and a couple of other locations if you choose to. So it's a good service, I like it. As I said, it's 100 bucks a month, David sprags rep videos. Sorry, I don't have a link for you. But as I said, you might have to even contact their support if you can't find a public purchase link for that.

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But I know in the past, I've contacted their support to get the link to send to other people that have asked a similar question as you, and they've always given it to me. So I would just suggest you check it out, contact their support.

Is It Worthy To Order Some GMB & Local Keywords In MGYB Without Radical Changes To The Site's Structure?

Next is mo says for an E-list, the website URL eco cleaning NYC company, I want to redo sites architecture for service areas like there's an A list another website, but is it worth to do? Or better just order to you some keywords? Without radical changes to site structure? what keywords Can you recommend? If we go with the service area pages? what keywords Can you recommend if we go with the current site structure?

Well, to be honest, Mo, this is a type of question that we would have to start clicking through and trying to analyze. And that's not what this forum or setting is for. That's what our mastermind is for, you know, where we can audit and analyze and provide suggestions, you know, by kind of auditing an existing website and giving you suggestions and a forum like this, or we're supposed to be answering questions, you know, we can take a lot of time clicking through and trying to analyze and a lot of time that is difficult to do in real-time as well. Something like this is typically a type of question that we would want to look at ahead of time, which again, that's what the mastermind is for, or one of our paid groups. So has anybody had a chance to take a look at this one? in particular? No, no, we got I mean, that, that he's getting into consultation if I have to go to his website, look at the structure, look at what he's doing. Look at the keyword sets and see how he siloing see the changes that he can make.

I'm gonna spend an hour on it. And I get 1500 for that hour, at the very least. Yeah, and like I said, I don't have any problem analyzing, you know, in providing suggestions and such. But it that has to be in one of the pay groups only because it's not fair for us to start clicking through and trying to analyze this site and only an hour, which we only got 40-45 minutes left now anyways, again, that's what the paid settings are for. So no, I'm not trying to disregard your question at all. But like, honestly, that's this is not really the forum for that. Yeah, let's, uh, let's be clear, too. I want to definitely go check out the groups if that's what you're looking for. I know, but also for you and anyone else watching? If you have a very specific question that we can answer, just kind of get that here. That's what we need, right? We need something specific, not a, hey, what should I do to get results type of a question. So you can break this down? And we're happy to answer it. But you got to explain that. So we can do it here. Because it's not fair to everyone else to have to go and do all this other stuff. Yeah, I mean, the short answer is, you know, if we have to audit a site to provide suggestions, that's something that should be in a paid, because as Marco said, that's more of a consultative thing, which we provide in our groups, as long as the consultation can be, you know, available to the other members in the groups, if that makes sense. Otherwise, it's a private one-on-one consultation that's a whole nother thing entirely. So, again, if you want to clarify or create a, you know, post your question below with a more specific type of, you know, something that we can comment on, that's fine. But we're not going to actually go through click through and take a look at your site right now or the site structure and all that not in this setting. That's not what this is for. So appreciate that. If there is a way that is alright, brute force is alive and well in 2021 and going into 2022. So alive and well, you can still use brute force. So if you don't want to make mad changes to the current website, you can still brute force it into submission.

It just takes a whole lot more. Yeah, it just takes a whole lot more. So without being more specific, you could do that if but telling you which you should go with and which set of keywords that, again is something that we only deal with to deal with. And in the papers, I mean, in the heavier I would even be willing to go and look at your website. If you are one in one of the paid groups and then they give you guidance on what it is that you need to do. I'm not going to spend an hour on it, but I will give you guidance. But like Bradley said as Adam said, this is not the forum for it. And this is more for the benefit of everybody else also coming in. We'd love to ask the general questions marketing, SEO whatever you got. This is very specific. Yeah.

KENNETH cut says Where's Hernan I haven't seen in a minute. Hernan has parted from Semantic Mastery a couple of months ago now he wanted to go full time into growing his Facebook ads agency. So he, you know, it pains me to say so because Hernan was a founding member just like the rest of us and he was like the class clown on the group. He was always a lot of fun always brought levity to the group like a lot of jokes and stuff like that. And I miss interacting with him on a regular basis. But yeah, he parted ways with us. So appreciate you asking about that. Anyway, I want to comment on that.

No, he will be giving a talk on POFU Live though so right. Um, yeah. If you're just dying for some Hernan, and you're not involved in his ad stuff, then kind of an email Hernan fix? Yeah.

That's awesome.

We wish him the best for sure.

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Is It Correct To Assume That All Other Links Linked From The Money Site Will Benefit From The SEO Power Shield?

Henry says the question for the money site that has entered in the data for the SEO power shield, for example, domain.com. Is it correct to assume that all of the links linked from that site will benefit from this SEO power showed like the blog? A folder or forum dot? Well, no, it? If it's on a subdirectory, which you're calling a folder, then yes, it will benefit from it. But if it's your subdomains will not because your subdomains are considered separate websites entirely by Google. Right. So unless you specifically put your subdomain URLs in the additional URLs field for, you know, pushing power to from your drive stack, which you can do that you if you have a subdomain that you want to include, then put that subdomain URL in the additional URLs field. But if you're talking about from the primary domain, no, it won't be subdirectories will because they're considered part of the route. But the subdomains will not. But as I mentioned, if you have subdomains you can put those in the additional URLs field, and they will get built into the stack. Is there anything else you want to comment on Marco for that?

No, I mean, that that's fine, it'll benefit. If it's a subdomain, if you put a link from the home page to this URL, or somewhere on the website that you're powering up to the subdomain. You can't get power in Twitter if you added to the DR site, but now you're splitting up the power that you're using into two different into a subdomain and the root domain, you have to be careful how it is that you focus, you can always do an inner page for the subdomain. We do that we do drive expansions and G site expansion is one of those that could be focused on the subdomain to push power. That's the way that you could do this. Yeah, totally agree.

How Many Keywords From The Deep Keyword Research Report Would Be An Optimal Number To Be Uploaded For The SEO Power Shield?

Okay, next, he says from the deep keyword research report, how many keywords from that report would be an optimal number to be uploaded for the SEO power shield built out? And how many keywords Can I include for the additional keywords file upload, which will be for product reviews to have an optimal amount, I don't want to dilute potential SEO juice? Well, the beautiful thing about the drive stacks and part of what we do with that is to try to put as many keywords in there even in Margot's I want to, you know, kind of brought this to my attention as I used to take the keyword reports. And I would go through and eliminate what I thought were nonrelevant because like, you know, if they're the informational type of queries, as opposed to a transactional or commercial type of queries and things like that, or if they weren't really relevant for like a commercial intent, then I would eliminate them from the keyword set, which I think makes sense when you're talking about using, you know, anchor text for link building and things like that. But when you're talking about inserting the keywords into the metadata of the files in Drive stacks, then it's better to have them all there. Because if they were pulled into the keyword report, to begin with, they are relevant, even if they're not 100% relevant to what your commercial intent is that you're trying to promote. They're still relevant to that, that topic, right, or that keyword or that set. And so it's important to put those in there. And what's interesting is if you do that, like if you include all of them. Obviously, if they're blatantly not relevant, they shouldn't be there. But they shouldn't, they shouldn't have been pulled into the keyword report. If that was the case, my point is, when you have the drive stack, and all of that embedded into the metadata of those files, you'll see exponential growth in impressions in Search Console because of that. So that's, you know, again, a lot of times I would spend a lot of time going through those keyword reports and deleting or eliminating, and I still do that, because I like to have a clean list of keywords that I use for like link building and anchor text and stuff like that. But as far as the drive stack, submitting those keywords with the drive stack order to be built into the files, and the folders and such, what is it's good to do that still. What I like to do though, is take that kind of cleaner list that I've gone through and cleaned, and make that the top of the list like in other words, the whatever, like, let's say, you end up with 100. And I'm just pulling this number out on the air. But let's say you end up with 100 really, truly relevant keywords that you want, but those at the top of the list, and then all the other ones at the bottom so that those are more used more frequently in the build, at least that's been my experience. How do you want to address that, Marco, that's exactly what the keyword research is all about our deep keyword research, the brand that we do on the D site is everything that we can find relating to this entity, this thing on the web, that whatever your service, or whatever or product or whatever it is that you do product, what affiliate whatever it is that you're doing everything that's related to it, we want that, we want that in that drive stack, we want that on the site, we want to create all of that relevant so so you submit that if we were doing the entire keyword research gig, that spreadsheet, you would submit that file upload is exactly what you would upload to get all of those keywords in it doesn't matter their commercial, noncommercial, doesn't matter. The intent doesn't matter if they're just supporting or related, they're relevant.

And what we're trying to create is all of the relevant possible for the bot, we're trying to create the best entity in the niche because that's who wins the game right now, you have the best entity, you can actually compete against anybody. Like there is no one who's off-limits unless as I said, somebody will try to go and take on the Amazon brand. with Amazon, you can't do that. You don't have a trillion dollars to spend, don't do that. You can take a vertical from Amazon and go into that and find a niche down something that you like to do in that vertical somewhere, and start there and work your way up into that. And it's just millions of dollars there. There are literally millions of dollars in those verticals. And there are there's too many to try to think about. There are so many things about it's a trillion-dollar company, how many millions are there available to you, that you can get a piece of. So that's how you start breaking this down. But to start with, to start with an upload that that keyword research spreadsheet that we give you.

That's one of the keys to getting started and to have us create all of that relevance from the start. So that when you link build all of that relevance filters through you go

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What Is The Best Way To Season GMB Verified Accounts To Keep Them Active?

race layer says I have a lot of GMB verified accounts 4200 of the race. Holy crap, you and I should become best friends. 4200 GMBs That's amazing. Yeah, that's fucking impressive, to be honest with you. Anyways, what is the best way to season them? To keep them active software suggestions or spreadsheets? You know, that's a tough one. Because with 4200 any software that you would use is going to be really expensive to keep them season to keep activity occurring on all of those. Now, I can tell you I just started this week testing this right here and I like it a lot, but there are some real limitations.

One up app.io I just Well, shit. It's gonna log me into my account, probably I think it is. But it's not what I wanted.

Let me go into another go over here. Let me just show you. This is like a GMB post scheduler one up app that I, Oh, and actually this is really it's a really good one. The reason I started testing with this one, there are a couple reasons. One is the easy cloud software that I've been using they there was some sort of a change and that the GMB post scheduler is not working right now. And apparently, they had some sort of theft occur at their office or some shit and there they said it was going to be a couple of weeks before they could get it fixed. And that's kind of what happens sometimes when you buy appsumo deals. So I hope to god that they continued, you know, they fix it and they continue development on that because they

I bought a lot of codes for that. Anyways, and I've been using it a lot, but so I needed something in the interim. So I heard about the one-up app A while back. So I started testing with this one just this week. And let's see, where's their pricing? I just want to show this to you because they do have an unlimited, but look at the price for unlimited $1,000 a month.

So $1,000 a month to be able to an nk this says it only actually will only allow you to connect 1000 social accounts. And would you say you had 4200? So yeah, so I don't know. I don't I don't know. I'm not sure that I've ever heard of any that will integrate with that many locations. So I don't know what to tell you. Other than you know, I really don't know what to tell you. Do you have any suggestions? markup? 4200? I have? Absolutely, because I'm trying to figure out how I would do it since I do manager. And with several 100. It's a nightmare. Yeah, I can't I can't imagine 4200. Although, if, as I always say come to one of the paid groups, we can figure it out right there says or you need to manage over 1000 social accounts contact for a custom plan. So you know, if you got 4200 GMB's, you've probably got some investment capital. So maybe, perhaps contact one up at customer support and find out what they can do for you. Because I actually really, really liked this there. There are some limitations to this that I don't like guys just so you know. Like, for example, one of the reasons that I was attracted to this was because it has automated posts from RSS feeds. So here's an example. I've not found any other apps that would do this. Well, this one does. Actually, it does it quite well. It gives you a lot of different options for how the content is fed through an RSS feed to whatever social accounts you're posting to, specifically for GMB's though, because that's why I joined it was specifically for GMB posting. You can take like the press advantage organization or RSS feed, for example, and feed automatic posts to GMB so that it links back to every press release that's published from that organization. So that's great. You could do it with the blog, you RSS. So if you're if you got a money site, and you're blogging regularly, you can automatically you can set up an automated post to GMB. And it's really interesting how it works because you can have one particular URL that every post that it produces from the RSS feed always links back to that one URL, or it can link back to the post URL itself, which is what I would prefer to do. The drawback is, though, to look at their limitations on RSS feeds for each one of their account levels, even if they're $100 a month, the account-level ad only allows seven feeds, which doesn't make sense. If you got the ability to add 100 social accounts, essentially, you could have 100 clients, but you only get seven feeds. So I contacted their support just a couple of days ago and asked them specifically like, Is there any way to increase that limitation? Because it just seems ridiculous. And I literally said that like this is this, this limitation doesn't make any sense. And they came back and said, yeah, we can do $3 per additional $3 per month per additional feed, which it's it's reasonable, I guess.

But you know, I thought that was a little interesting. But again, that's really expensive. That's what I was looking at, like the unlimited RSS feed, while I'm not paying $1,000 a month for that, I can tell you that. So, but if you have 4200 accounts, contact for a custom plan, and maybe they'll be able to work it out. There are probably others that might be able to accommodate you as well. I just don't know of any. Stay away from dirty API's. Yes. And do join one of the paid groups. Rather than being here. join one of the papers where we have a lot of coders, a lot of people who are in the know, who can probably do some custom stuff for you, rather than trying to fit what it is that you're trying to do into something that may not work. You can you could I mean this is totally worth if this were me, I have 4200 dm GMB, somebody tells me Look, I'll bid you I'll build your custom software is going to be 30k like I'm right there because it's nothing compared to the benefit. I'm not gonna do a cost-benefit analysis. I'm gonna dump 30k in this because it's on 4200 DMS if I only make 100 on each I paid for it the first month and that's only 100 bucks you can split and not do anything and make 100 bucks on each cell. So that's something to think about.

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What Are The Best Practices For Site URL Structure & Keyword Placement Of Top Silo Pages?

He says for top for the top silo pages in regards to site URL structure and keyword placement in the URL. Can you comment on best practices for using WordPress, for example, should it be domain slash slash slash and that gets used in the nav menu or dropped down under the blog and all blog posts relating to the top of silo keyword get that one category sign for the best SEO now my suggestion use post name permalink settings only doesn't matter what your category hierarchy is like, well, first of all, keep it simple. I found that like, Guys, if there's one takeaway from today is keep your site architecture as simple as possible, like seriously, because you can overcomplicate it very, very quickly. And it becomes a nightmare to manage. Plus, it becomes much more difficult to direct link equity through the site, when you overcomplicate site structure, so you want to keep your site structure as simple as possible. Number one, number two, is to use the post name only URL structure, that's what I recommend, you can still look Google likes to sync domains like or URLs, right, so and there's really no need to show what is called the physical silo structure, right, which is where it shows in the URL like the hierarchy of how the content is stacked or the taxonomy structure of the actual URL. That's when it all shows which would be like custom post name structure permalinks, Puck custom permalink with like, category slash post name in WordPress settings, but again, we probably what, three, four years ago, switched to just doing the post name permalink structure. And it just it's a lot better, I think because it's more it's a shorter URL. Google likes that. I think it's it's better for users to for the most part. And like I said, you also want to keep your site structure as simple as possible. And like, I don't like that, because look, you're, you're talking about the top of silo keyword is three directories deep. And that's, that's not good for SEO because then any supporting articles beyond that because you're saying top of silo keyword. And I don't know how, I mean, supporting articles would be four levels deep at that point. Like, I don't even understand what that and again, I'm not trying to pick on you, but I don't know why there would be a blog, in the URL to begin with. Right, because a blog, like, typically, you're going to typically it's going to be the domain, comm slash whatever category is, and then slash your posts. And that's in a simple silo structure. If you're doing a complex silo where you're using categories and subcategories, then you might have domain comm slash top-level category, slash subcategory slash post. But again, you think how quickly those URLs become way over complicated and super long. And it's also easy to over-optimize URLs that way. So it's better to just, First of all, keep a simple sort of structure. So top-level category slash posts. That's it. Now if you need to use a complex silo, see top-level category child categories and impose which in some cases that's necessary, then still, I would recommend that you just use the post name permalink structure, because then it's just domain.com slash post slug, right. And so you avoid over-optimizing the URL, which is really easy to do nowadays. Does that make sense? So I don't know, Marco, what do you say?

No, absolutely. people ignore the distance graph algorithm. And that's where Google talks about the ranking score. It was the original 2015. And then it was updated to 2017 2018. Well, I would say 2018, because that's when Google dropped the PageRank patent. I'm not saying that Google stopped accruing PageRank. They dropped it and incorporated it into the distance graph algorithm and the ranking score algorithm. And why nobody talks about this is beyond me. I don't hear people talking, talking about the why. And the why is that when you have a blog, and when you have a category, and you have top silo keyword, what you're giving Google signal, the signal is that the tough silo keyword is not important. Because it's three hops away from your most important page on the website, which is my domain com and two hops away from your next most important page, which is like these are the signals that you're sending Google category if you're going to do a complex, you got to move the category over to make sure Google understands that it's the next highest page on your website is the category right then go from there, but you're still two hops, two hops away from from the main site, you're still going to have to link from that or pushing up power to that category so that Google understands the importance of that category page and understand that it's even more important than your homepage, Stubbs ranking that keyword on the home page, brings it to the category now everything attached to the category page becomes the next important people don't understand why their blog posts stop performing. And it's because you're using this type of category. Yeah, remember who told you way too deep? Yeah, it is. And that's what I'm saying. And again, that goes back to what I was saying about over complicating a site build, which can be done really easily In fact, you know, I talked about using tags for location silos but that can you can actually really fuck up the in in rank, right like the internal link sculpting or link equity sculpting of a site if you have too many tags to like it.

And I found that out kind of the hard way, but because I was experimenting with some different configurations, and I found it easier, just First of all, keep the site structure as simple as possible. If you can just use simple silos and get away with that, which is like for at least for local, like 90% of the time, that's more than sufficient. And I found that to be just way better, you can get so much better being able to direct link equity throughout the site the way that you want. So you can push power to specific pages so much easier, when it only has, you know, a small amount of entry and exit points on any given page. If that makes sense. If you start adding a lot of tags, or you add too many categories, and subcategories and all that it can really dilute the power throughout each and each individual silo and kind of spread your rank or your internal link equity out to too thin across too many other pages. And so it's much better just to consolidate all that stuff, if you can, or if you haven't started to build yet start to build in a simple using a simple structure right off the bat so that you avoid having to do it all later, which is kind of like I said, some of the projects that I was testing some different methods on using more tags, then fewer tags, I found over time did it just it became more complex than it needed to be. And I ended up having to go back and rework the site structure in order to to get to perform the way that I wanted it to. So, you know, I've evolved my opinion on that has evolved in the last few months. So yeah, well, this is straight from the Google algorithm is that is that even opinion or theory or theory or whatever? It's the direct math. This is how it works. More hops away you are, the more signals you're sending Google that it's less important, the closer you are to a trusted authoritative source, which in this case, it starts out with your homepage, then the signal that you're sending Google that is more trusted and authoritative. Although when it first goes out, it's what we use to go PageRank one. And in the next PR cycle, it'll go to zero unless it's linked to an important page to a trusted authoritative source. So imagine, then you link from that blog post, which cycled and went to zero. And you link to that. Well, what do you link it to? Nothing from nothing leads? Nothing? Yeah, the math just doesn't work. So you're pushing all of these posts, and I see people all over the place? Well, I have 20,000 posts, and I'm not ranking for anything. Nobody told you to pay attention to the right to the ranking score algorithm. And to understand the math behind the ranking score algorithm. That's where it's at. Yeah.

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So can it says more questions? When you say content for SEO last week? How are you getting full entity from software? What software? Well, first of all, full ADD TO YOU MEAN entities? How do you identify the named entities within the content? Right? That's what I think that's what you're asking. There are dozens of tools out there, they're pop, they're a dime a dozen popping up. Now. Now there's, there are only a few really good ones that I've tested so far. There's a lot of them popping up now, though, all over the place. Ai tools are like the hot fucking thing right now. So they're popping up everywhere. But what I found is, you know, first of all, it's best to try to go with one of the tools that have some history, right, because they're continually being developed and things like that, you know, what I want to caution you about, because I'm going to point one out here in a minute as an app Sumo deal, what I want to caution you of is spending money on lifetime deals and things like that that don't, sometimes they don't get fully developed, or they just go away some of those apps or those services go away. So sometimes, depending on what it is that you want to you know you're trying to do, it's better to go with a tool that might have a monthly subscription, because it's being developed, and it's being developed well, and they've got the capital to continue development because they have monthly subscribers. So I just want to point that out first, because there are a couple of tools that I'm using while I'm using multiple tools for this. And so I know Marco has to, but more recently, I'm going to talk about two in particular one that I've been using for months that is really good, which is surfer SEO. This is a really good one. And it integrates with Jarvis or conversion use formerly conversion AI. So an AI writing assistant tool, integrates you have to have two separate subscriptions, but they integrate very, very well. And so that's a really good combination to use. Those aren't the only tools that I use, but they're really good tools to use. And again, they both come with monthly subscriptions. Again, this is surfer SEO. If you don't you don't need an AI writing assistant, but if you wanted one, Jarvis is a good tool because it integrates directly with this. Okay, that said outranking is a tool that I've been using more recently. And they have an app Sumo deal. I bought a lifetime deal before they were on appsumo and they just launched us on appsumo. A little while ago. They've, in fact, when I bought the lifetime deal several months ago like it was pretty much an unusable tool. But I saw the roadmap, what they were planning for development. And I said, you know what this looks like there's a lot of potentials. So I paid for the lifetime deal many months ago. And they've really, really, really developed this one out, this is a great, great tool, guys. They do have some add ons. Once you even with the app Sumo deal. Once you buy it, there's some add ons that I think are necessary to make the tool fully, you know, functional. So don't get it twisted, if you buy the lifetime deal, you're likely going to need especially if you're producing a lot of content, you're likely going to need to upgrade or put, you know, subscribe to one of the add ons to give it the full functionality that you're going to need. But this is a really good tool, guys, I think this is one of my favorites. Now I've been using this for the last three, three weeks or so. And it does about 70% of all the heavy lifting.

I still do use other tools. But this tool does really, really well for about 70% of everything that I needed to do to produce really well-tuned content or at least the outline. So I again, that's what I just I know Marco will comment on these as well. But these are two tools that I can suggest are really, really good for optimizing for entities named entities. There are also some other ones that are a little bit more advanced. But I'm not going to bring those up right now. Because if you're just getting started, and if you have to ask what is a named entity, then then you'll want to stick with a tool that's a little bit easier to use. I think this one is more like strictly SEO content. And surfer SEO is more for like more general type content. Obviously, there's SEO stuff. And there's a lot of SEO, baked into this, so to speak. But I think this is more for pure SEOs. And this one is more for more general uses to help optimize content. So that's my opinion, Marco, what do you say?

Serve as a fantastic piece. It's great. It's great. So it's conversion. But then the phrase is also a really, really good to inlinks quill bar, we're just testing the software that you're suggesting.

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We picked that up a couple of weeks ago. And that's being tested by my VA. So all I do is I get the software, they know the processes, they know what to do, they go and test it. And then they write a report on what the tool is about the features and how it can be improved or whether it can be implemented into what we use, you know, we use Word tool we use. I think I mentioned quill. But there are a couple of others that we use that that no, I will not mention, because I mean Jordan, as far as one of them, he asked for it not to be mentioned. And then the other one is because I happen to pick up on that and started using it and had my VA go and use it and see how it could be applied. And how she just came back with a very detailed report on how it can be incorporated into what we're doing. So that's what I'm expecting. With the new software that's being tested out. But the main thing to get from others, we're using seven, now it's going to be a piece of software, I don't know if this other one is going to fit into the flow of what we do. But you can't rely on two or three pieces of software. Because what you'll start seeing is that you'll get entity suggestions, different entity suggestions from the different software. Yep. The key is to train someone on how to incorporate all of this, these different pieces like inlinks will give you fantastic suggestions, it'll give you FAQ, it'll give you just a whole bunch of references to Wikipedia, it's going to give you a lot of things that do that the others won't. And so the idea here is to then create a process which Jordan created the initial process on how you incorporate all of these different pieces. So that you're you're sculpting it because I don't know of any other way to describe it. You're sculpting the entity into the best entity possible for that page, the main entity, as well as the named entity and if there is one, and I treat a named entity a little bit differently than anybody what else what I treat, as a named entity is is different. As a matter of fact, Dixon Jones did one of the charity webinars that he did was on entities and he talked about named entities. So you're welcome to give my charity, a donation and I'll hook you up with the charity webinars. They're coming up again, we also by the way, but yeah, I mean, like I said I just actually last or two weeks ago for my mastermind webinar, I demoed phrase and outranking and surfer and Jarvis and those four tools and my conclusion was that if I had to only choose one, right now, it would probably be outranking. But I still use all I use all three of these tools plus enlist Marco just said plus quill bought inlinks, I think is, I don't think anybody like if you're doing if you're new to this kind of stuff, and you got to ask what an entity is, I don't know that inlinks is probably the best. It's got some really powerful features, but I think it's a little bit more advanced. I think this is one of the simplest to use.

And it's got some really great features in here too. As I said, it integrates with Jarvis, which is great. If you want to use an AI writing assistant like this, the combination between Jarvis and the server is hard to beat. There's no question. But like this one does it? You know, as I said, I even tasked my blogger to do the same is said, you know, here try all these different tools. And yeah, and she really likes this one as well. As I said, I think we produce about 70% of the workflow now is done and outranking. And then we kind of fine-tune it a little bit with mainly with Jarvis to kind of flesh out the outlines out a little bit more. And then I do the final tune using end links. So that's just kind of how our workflow is. So anyway, that was a good question. Yeah.

Is The Google Core Vitals Update Attacking Any Particular Type Of Backlink Methods?

RV says I wanted to ask about optimization, given the Google Core Vital updates, as I've seen a few posts elsewhere, saying that Google has shifted SEO again, Google's always shifting their algorithm. Always. In particular, I wanted to ask, is the update attacking any particular type of backlink method? I don't know. The Google core vitals update, I thought the core vitals update was more about like on-page factors than off-page, am I right in that assumption that was user experience PageSpeed, and a whole lot of other things that turned out to be nothing, because

I mean, the art of ART. Still, to this day, Trumps anything that Google is going to throw at, you focus on the art of art, the pillars activity, relevance, trust, and authority, trust and authority are together because they go hand in hand, you can't have trust, if you don't have authority, you can't have authority if you don't have trust. So art says we focus on that, it doesn't matter what Google does, because you're sending more positive signals than what Google is adjusting for, especially since we focused on entities for activity, relevance, trust, and authority. So everything starts with that brand, how the brand and entity are related. All of the keywords, which are sub-entities are related entities or what's relevant for that main entity. We focus on that. And again, we sculpt, and we not only sculpt the content, but we also sculpt the schema. So it's a custom scheme, not just software. Although we have built software that does what Rob teaches in his course, in his schema tech course, our schematic architecture, we're building the software that does exactly what he teaches to customize the schema exactly the right way, because, in our test, we've shown that only schema, in and of itself will move the needle. A lot of people say it doesn't, we've proven that it does, we've shown that if you only apply custom schema, the correct way, it moves the needle absent everything else.

So what it's all of these things, you can't do just one thing, like if you focus on content only, it's gonna take you a year and a half, two years before Google even takes an interest in your policy pounded with content over and over again, you do like like this guy, try to I don't know how to pronounce his name. But he's just the way that he approaches entities with his content is fantastic. And I have yet to see anyone approach content that way. Unless you got a mind like that, where you're processing content that way, then you have to have an all-encompassing or holistic, as you mentioned, approach to all of his orders, it just it's not going to work. There's no way that it can all work now unless you just brute force it. So that's the other option. It's to hammer it, but then how much risk versus how much reward how much rewarded? How well rewarded Are you going to be if you brute force it, and if you risk everything by root by brute-forcing, rather concentrate all of your energy into doing it correctly working on all of the pillars the right way. So that if anything happens in any of the three pillars, the other two will make up for it because there'll be producing infinite power infinite ranking score power. Think about that. Think about that for a second. that's available in the not in the free groups. Come to the dark side. And we'll show you how.

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Does Google Change Preferences For Content Or Other Website Criteria For Ranking Including Voice Search?

Yeah, so the next question was, does Google as a result of the update, have some change preferences for content or other website criteria for ranking? Well, yeah, like one thing I can mention is, you know, stop optimizing for keywords and optimize for the topics right like you should be optimizing for topics, not for keywords, right? Like essentially that that that's the whole point. You know, that's one of the big ones of the biggest takeaways of some of the more recent algorithm updates and everything is the Semantic Web. Right? So we topic and that's what we talked about named entities, tuning entity tune to content and all of that kind of stuff, because you should be optimizing for the entire topic, and not just for keywords anymore. That would be one thing I would say. And another one that is easier to rank for optimized is easier ranking for optimized Voice Search. Well, that's becoming more and more critical. And there's I've actually experienced that through some, just by accident, because some of my clients I've added just more recently, I've just started using Yext power listings, I use as a reseller through SemRush, so it's like 20 bucks a month or whatever. But it's essentially the same services, yes, power listings, and they have several voice search engines that the yes power listing submits to. And I even had one of my Tree Service clients contact me probably five or six weeks ago now and said that, Hey, man, what am I you know, I just had a lead come through from the GMB, and when I asked them how they heard from us. And they said that they went all they did was picked up their phone and said, his company name into Google. And it immediately called like, it didn't even pull up the search, they just they said to call and the name. And it went in as they've never had any interaction with his company before. But it literally just called that company, which was really, really cool. And that has to do with the voice search. So that is becoming more and more important. But if you optimize your content properly, and you mark it up correctly, it will you know, it will account for that, like in other words, it will help to appear or help the entity to essentially be found within Voice Search. And when people ask voice search like Alexa would be one of them, Google, Google assistants, and others there's several of those now, I don't really use any of them. But as I said, I thought it was really interesting to have my client called me and mentioned that, he was like, Man, that's really cool. And I was like, Yeah, well, that's what I told him. I was like, you know, that's kind of a newer service that I just started using, which I didn't tell him those Yes, power listings. But that's essentially what it was. So that's what my suggestion would be. Do you want to comment on that before I move on to the demo for the Voice Search man schema for voice search? Yep. works fantastically well.

Would De-Indexing An Old Website Help In Ranking For The Same Content For A Different Domain?

Yeah. And if you're doing local, like I said, there are some, power listings are one of them that will submit to like all the different assistants and voice whatever they're called Alexa being one of them. Google Assistant is another ad, he says, unfortunately, I'm in the middle of legal battles with my business partner and will be dissolving my business, I'm going to be forced to shut the primary domain down. However, I can legally use all content from the site. And I scooped up a new and better exact match domain to relaunch with a new company, I want to clear the way for me to rank again, using all the same content on the new domain. With the indexing of the original website help, I will be using the same exact content again on the new domain and the current site will be shut down. If the current site shut down. I don't think it will matter.

Because Google will eventually reindex, the new one. So I don't think that it'll matter. I understand the new domain will lack authority links, etc. And I will have to build it all up. Again, if you were in my shoes, are there any other tricks outside of D indexing the original site? That might help clear the way for me to rank? Well, yeah, I mean, like in Search Console, you can, you can tell a site, like a site moving right, I forget what the exact terminology is, but you can if the original site is going to be shut down, but it was in Search Console, there's a way to migrate the site to change a dress. I think that's what it's called. But you can just it but you know, again, that if the other domain has to because of the legal battle has to be like, you know, not registered or not used at all, then yeah, I mean, as far as, as far as I know, it would just be all move all the content to the new domain. However, if it's just that that old domain cannot be live anymore, then I would do the website address change function in Search Console. Once all the new content has been migrated to the URL, all the contents have been migrated to the new domain because that's basically telling Google, hey, we changed the website from this domain to this domain. And it takes some time. It doesn't happen overnight. But Google will start to push, like all of the data and everything over to the new domain, if that makes sense. So it really depends on what the situation is with the domain itself. If you can do that. That's what I would suggest. I've done that for clients that change domains, and it worked. Well. What do you say, Marco?

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I'm wondering if he can, like redirect. The old domain says he's going to be using the same exact content, like do a page-by-page redirect 301 redirect rather than just moving via address, because then that'll keep all of the link building and everything else intact. And that will take over minus more or less 15% of the original power, which is what's making it Right, right, the original activity, relevance, trust, and authority. So if you can push that over, I don't talk to you, I don't know, doesn't sound like it's a clean break. Yeah. But if you can just have it redirected for three months, six months, and then just push a ton of power to that 301 through all of those 301 URLs to the new domain, or into a power shield over to the new domain, then you're good to go. And just link building will make up for any link loss and will actually boost it up a little bit more.

Yeah, and even when you do a website address change in Search Console, you should still 301 redirect your the old domain to the new like that, you should still do that regardless, but I'm just saying you can literally tell Google, hey, we're changing the website address of this website. And that's, that's a good way to do it. So.

Would You Use SameAs Schema On A Directory Site For Client Listing Pages?

Okay, Padre Mack, we've only got a couple of minutes left. So he says on a directory site, would you use the same schema for client listing pages referencing their money site, etc? If you're talking about if you're building a directory site, and you're linking to client pages, for example, can you and you can add schema to the directory page, right? So the directory page for the client, then yes, if you want to inject schema into that, which you absolutely should I'm building a directory. And that's what I do. I still use local business schema on the directory pages, right? I just changed some of the same as and things like that, too. But yeah, I use I add structured data to my directory site for clients for anybody paying for I use a directory for prospecting if so obviously, the only time that it gets schema is if it's a client or somebody that's responded and you know, purchased something from me or whatever. So, but yeah, you can absolutely do that.

I would add the same asset to the client site, not the other way around. Because it's your client site. So you the listing on the directory is the same as, or a part of the main entity, which is the client site, not the other way around? So be careful with that. Yeah, well, what I'm saying is on the directory site, I put same as schema, which will also link over Well, no, because I even on the directory site, I still put the URL of the client site as their money site, not not the directory page, right, the directory page is the same as so. Right, just Just be careful how you're doing that schema. That's all that matters. I'm sorry, what we do on tier one brand, and another things that belong to the entity to the main site is we put the same mass on the organization, the organization, those are the same as the organization, not necessarily the organization, and you don't want to claim that the directory, the directory has the parent of the main site. Be very careful how you do that. Right. Right. I understand that.

So Henry says questions of filter place. So this must be from the keyword question earlier, he says, So filter, place my tops, top keywords, one in the first 100 top, I guess top keywords in the first 100 and submit all other keywords in the report tabs labeled silos, keyword intent categories. Oh, he does have a deep keyword research cake. Yeah, let's submit the spreadsheet.

Maybe the G trends list should like keywords be grouped before uploading.

So alright, so he's gonna have a place where he can list up to 200 or more than if I forget exactly how we put your most important ones there, but then upload that entire spreadsheet.


If you have additional questions about what Henry just posted in the Facebook group, the free Facebook group, and we'll try to get that answered for you. If that's not real clear, five o'clock, guys. We're going to shut it down. And thank everybody for being here. We'll see you guys

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Do Subfolders Matter In Drive Stack?

By April

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In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 346, one viewer asked if subfolders matter in Drive stack.

The exact question was:

In Drive Stack > Sheets, would you create a subfolder with topic keyword to add more sheets to, or just dump/add sheets in the existing sheets folder? Do subfolders matter in Drive Stack? Or should a themed folder be equal to “”sheets”” folder level?

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Do You Offer A Co-Syndication Service For A Syndication Network From Other Provider?

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In Hump Day Hangouts episode 346, one participant asked if Semantic Mastery offers a co-syndication service for a syndication network from other provider.

The exact question was:

Thank you – IFTTT Network setup for YouTube channel was built somewhere else. How do I get rid of it as if it never existed to start over from scratch using your DFY services? And do you also offer that co-syndication service for blog + youtube triggering, if needed still, using your SEO Power Shield?

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Do You Have A GMB Training That Works With The Latest Updates?

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In episode 346 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if Semantic Mastery offers a GMB training that works with the latest updates.

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Do you have a GMB training that works with the last updates? Bradley needs to create a mgyb training, great tips!

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Do You Provide A Checklist For Those Who Want To Rank A New Branded WordPress Website With Blog & YouTube Channel?

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In episode 346 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the team provides a checklist for those who want to rank a new branded WordPress website with blog and YouTube channel.

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3.) Lastly, is there a checklist available with all the things that need to be done for someone wanting to rank a new branded wordpress website with blog + the youtube channel?

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Do You Check The Structure Of A Wordpress Site & Third Party IFTTT Network While Processing Syndication Network Orders In MGYB?

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In episode 346 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if the team checks the structure of a WordPress site and third-party IFTTT network while processing syndication network orders in MGYB.

The exact question was:

Side Note: I currently have a IFTTT Network setup only for the YouTube Channel that uses three rings + my branded ring, which I am not 100% sure was done correctly. Seems like it was, but would be great to have this checked. 2.) Do you do this while the order I place is being processed? Not sure if you do this too, but it would also be great if my wordpress site structure can be looked at by someone on your team to see if I should redo anything, before I start pumping out content on it.

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What Are The First 3 MGYB Services You Recommend To Rank A Digital Marketing YouTube Channel And Website?

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In episode 346 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked about the first 3 MGYB services that the team recommends to rank a digital marketing YouTube channel and website.

The exact question was:

First, thank you for having HDHO every Wednesday! SOME BACKGROUND: I am building a new brand in the Digital Marketing niche providing education on the various subtopics. Branded YouTube Channel + Branded Website with Blog using WordPress… Just started to build the site now, and there are a few videos already uploaded to YouTube. I want to save time by investing in paying for your DFY services with the ultimate goal of getting the most seo benefit out of using your services. I will learn that stuff later. The goal is to -eventually- have both the site and youtube channel rank for competitive keywords like digital marketing, email marketing, and so on. QUESTIONS: 1.) What are the first 3 services that you recommend I order from the MGYB Store, in order please, so that I can begin to budget for them?

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What Is The Best Way To Using Keyword Heavy Backlinks?

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In episode 346 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best way to using keyword heavy backlinks.

The exact question was:

I bought a lot of links (which I shouldn't have) which are keyword heavy (like 2000 links).. what is the best way to deal with them? Google tanked my site 30-40 positions. Will a press release help dilute these anchor text profile? This is a client site. We have a lot of G stacks done already from another service. Wondering which MGYB products I can order that will help me out of the mess here!

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 354

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Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 354. Today's the 25th of August 2021. And we have got a lot for you guys today. Got a lot of questions throughout the week. So appreciate people dropping their questions on the page. If you're new you can of course always head to semantic mastery comm slash HD questions, ask your questions there. And we do say you should join us live because one is just more fun, too. If we need some clarifications, you can provide that we can really answer your question as best as possible. But we also get that sometimes you can't make it live whether you got a client call you got work, whatever it is family stuff, so you can always ask your questions at semantic mastery comm slash HD questions and then check out the replay on YouTube. Just go to YouTube, look up Semantic Mastery. Boom, hit subscribe, and you'll get notified when the new episode is out. So with that said, let's say hello to everyone, and then we're gonna jump into the questions after some short announcements. So Chris, how are you doing today? Doing good, super happy here. Glad to be here.

Started harvesting my chilies about that in like 30 plants or something like that. So quite exciting. Very nice. Yeah. Super good. Good stuff. Well, Marco, are you drinking or lifting weights? What's going on over there? Right, right. It's my father's day present for my kids. I can do both. Both. I fill it up with beer next time.

Yeah, right. Like I'll finish right. I like that though. That's good. You know, as the day goes on, hopefully though, the weight gets less because you're drinking more water. Yeah. That's cool, man. How are you doing today? I harvest my peppers from the aisle in the supermarket where the peppers are kept, man.

I want to see Chris's when they're done, man. They're just a cheat sheet. Man. That's not good enough for me.

Anyway, back at home back from the people that were when you live in paradise. Where do you go on vacation? Well, it depends. We could go up to the mountain cabin where we often go or we can go to the hot springs because there are volcanoes. Throughout Costa Rica, we have seen that are either dormant or active. The dormant ones are liable to go at any time there are three there that are active. So we got hot springs all over where we can go or we can do what we did which is head out for like 10 days to then hang out at the beach. Even in the rainy season. Like you catch these beautiful mornings and beautiful afternoons or late afternoons and sunset and the water temperature man listen like taking a warm bath 8586 degrees. Like we if for you guys who serve, you don't need a wetsuit to serve and go Sorry, go on either side. But here actually the Pacific is a bit warmer than the Caribbean if I remember right so that's what we have to look at. We have national parks nature preserves we have jungle we have you if you like adventure, you go zip line, you go trip trail run this trails that you can go to up the mountain where you can get to the crater of the volcano running. I don't know if you want Hell Yeah, lots of shit to do. So that's what you have to look forward to. Or you can just go to a five-star hotel, if that's your thing. It depends on what your thing is.

That's what living here is the most of the time I'm, I'm in my office grinding trying to figure out how I'm going to mess and manipulate mess with and manipulate Google to give people what's working because they're paying for information that's up to date. They don't want to know, listen, what's being fed out there by so-called experts is ridiculous where people are paying for, especially on the lower end where they turn and burn, turn and burn, where you're paying, I don't know two 300 bucks for whatever it is that they offer. And you're actually not paying for anything except for saying, Yeah, I got this SEO company that's doing whatever, I don't know what but they're doing something.

We want people to have up-to-date information like what's working right now. Surprisingly, it's the same thing that was working when Semantic Mastery started a little bit differently. We have to apply it differently. We went through iterations syndication Academy, oh is Academy but we never stopped syndication, Academy stacking, entity stacking, we brought that on, then it became the SEO SEO but the foundational principles are overall their tier one branded, spread the footprint. let Google know who you are, what your company is all about. It's how we do it. Now how we announced ourselves that's different is how we write content that's different and how it all comes together is different. It's things that we can't give away here. I wish I could. There's a question coming up where I wish I could take a look. This is all you need to do and and and you have a nuclear bomb ready to go on.

But I can't you gotta come over to the dark side you got to come over to Semantic Mastery the mastermind gotta come join the Heavy Hitter Club and get with the really good stuff is not going to add on to that you heard it from Marco. So Bradley, what's going on with you man you got like a maybe weightlifting like an Olympic bar that's actually a water bottle or something. Why do you say that? Oh no, I was just talking about Marcos weights with his water bottle there. No, have you ever seen the commercial for the shake weights ever seen?

Well, I'm glad you didn't pull one out from under your desk or something? Well, I know. But I mean, and by the way, if you're doing this shake, the right thing like it can be misconstrued as so many different activities.

This Stuff Works
But it's ridiculous. And that was like a big infomercial that went around and people were buying it. They're like it it's fun and but now I'm it's been really busy working. I almost was almost late for today's Hump Day hangout just because I was tied up with it. Now you get into a flow when you just lose track of time. And that's been happening a lot lately. So things are good.

It's got a lot of stuff cooking. So glad to be dead release flesh, something in your face like they show themselves.

We will be moving right along.

I did want to say real quick, I got a couple of announcements and things going on over here. So POFU Live, we're getting ready to confirm another speaker to so I highly suggest going over grab your ticket. If you haven't yet. We're starting a 30-day countdown, VIP day is on September 24, we're going to have our VIP kind of guided beer tasting event, virtual, but if you're in the US, we will be able to ship you alcohol, we can't do that internationally. And then we will have the guided tour. And then we'll have some hangout time to get to know each other hang out with everybody. And then September 25 26, hitting it hard with presentations. Alright. And then if you do attend, POFU Live, you do get access as part of this to the recordings. Alright, so that's another little bit of icing on top of that cake. Um, let me see, as far as POFU Live goes, I'm gonna leave it at that and just say go check it out, pofulive.com, we're going to be making some updates and the price is going to be jumping up again, as we move closer to the date. We'd like to reward people who help us by getting the tickets early, so we can plan accordingly. So help us out help yourself, grab a ticket and do that. And pofulive.com.

Let me see, check my notes real quick.

Guys, we got anything else I'm just cruising through I have a bunch of random notes.

But I think that is it. Alright guys, anything else you want to cover? I just want to remind people that we are restructuring MGYB.

And although the MGYB brand might change, that doesn't mean that we're going to stop providing services, or that if you've purchased that we are not going to fulfill your order. We are going to fulfill all of the orders, we've made a commitment to you. I gave people my word that we are going to do this and I am a person of my word. We are going to fulfill all of our commitments. And then at some point, we will announce exactly what's going to take place. But nothing about your order is going to change. Yeah.

Sounds good. I want to go Yeah, that we'll talk offline. But yeah, I think that's good to say that, you know, we have talked to people. And the email we had sent out that of course, things were changing. And but like Marco said in those emails, too, you know, any orders that are in are 100% guaranteed to be fulfilled stuff you've already ordered. It's fine. Nothing's disappearing, nothing like that. Not looking at how we can do this in a better way. And Marco, I'm sure you can give some updates here in September. You know, I just mentioned that because the email did go out. I see a lot of questions everywhere. I see support tickets come in at people and people are just wondering, so I want to I wanted that out there that no, because I don't want them to think that the same thing is gonna happen that happened with search space, that it just disappeared and their things went nowhere. No.

Semantic Mastery, MGYB and it we are going to fulfill all of the orders.

So cool.

All right, guys, let's uh, let's hop into the questions. Yeah, I just have one more thing is a magic page plugin. I finally I was frustrated as hell with that for several weeks and I finally got it resolved thanks to Darrell Ledyard from mass page dot mass dot page. Mass page tools, whatever.

This Stuff Works
They're all helped me on Monday. He jumped on a zoom call with me We spent almost an hour together and that we resolved the issues definitely found a couple of bugs that needed to be resolved. But we did. And I was able to get my first magic page site deployed this week. Woohoo. And it's awesome. Because already the the the first page that it published is ranking number 11 for the search term, which is it's not a small area either. So it's looking promising, I think I picked a good niche to try with my first magic page site. And it's interesting because I just met with one of my three contractors yesterday and he asked me if I could start generating excavating leads for a guest contractor buddy of his. And I was like, oh, man, that'd be perfect to use for the magic page stuff like just as some additional test site. So the reason I'm telling you guys this is because we have that group going, it's gotten pretty big, actually, there's about 18 of us in that build with Bradley group that meets again, tomorrow, we meet every two weeks, I'm finally making some good progress on that. And I'm looking forward to doing a lot more of these types of site builds to see what I can do with them. It's been several years since I've done magic word, you know, mass page type stuff. But I think there is definitely a use for it. And that's what I'm anxious to try to get more of these sites built now that I'm starting to get a feel for that. So if anybody's interested in that, the only way that you can join it is you have to be a mastermind member, or Heavy Hitter Club member paying member you have to be able to prove that or you buy the plugin mass magic page plugin through the Semantic Mastery link. And then you can join as well. And it's a meeting an accountability group that we meet every two weeks, I say it's accountability group. But really, it's too big to really hold everybody accountable. A lot of people just showing up just as they can try to glean some information from that group. And that's fine are my typical standard accountability groups, you have to show up, you have to participate. If you don't you get booted. But I guess this one's kind of like, you know, I was hoping to learn from some of the other members that have had more experience with magic page plugin or mass page tools altogether. And so far, I've gotten a little bit of help from some of the members but you know, it is what it is if I got to fumble my way through it like I do everything else I will.

Hey, real quick. Do you mind if I share my screen? Bradley? Yeah, sure. I'm gonna share real quick, this is something Marco originally turned us on to what's the word tune, plugin. And then yesterday, I forget how I came across it. So word tune lets you highlight and kind of rewrite sentences or expands the contract. It's a really fun AI tool. But I found out they had a reading. So we deal a lot with content and creation. I thought this was nice. I know, for myself, I do a ton of reading. Sometimes it's nice to get a quick summary. So you can import using, you can import I think PDFs, you can import just raw text, or you can just throw a URL at it. And it'll give you summaries on the side. So figured this might be good. Anyone watching this is doing stuff online, the amount of information we have to consume can be kind of incredible. So this has been a really nice help. That's awesome. I got something else I'll share along with that those lines that I think you guys will really appreciate. Also,

let me grab the screen because we're gonna get into questions. Anyways, let me share this real quick. And then we'll get into those questions, I promise. So on top of what you just showed, it's interesting, Adam, that you kind of discovered that because I was looking to do some link building, and also test on some different kind of like, local type news sites and publish stuff. And I was trying to figure out a way to without having to go draft a fresh article using like, you know, outranking or witches I've been using a lot lately, or Jarvis or something like that. So I thought about it, you know, like the press advantage press releases that we've been reselling at MGYB. Or if we've also promoted press advantage subscriptions, which, you know, we've always recommended if you do a lot of it, they're great. They're fantastic. They're like roughly seven 800 words or what the press releases are, they're well written. And so I just thought about it yesterday. And I was like, you know, what, why am I always drafting new content for link-building purposes when I'm always publishing press releases, so I got a shit ton of really good content. And so like, good, you know, well-written articles. So quill bot, which I've been using a lot, it does something similar what word tune does, if you have a premium account, you can do all kinds, they just added a few new functions out like new functionality to it as well. But you can take a press advantage press release, one has been published. And you can stick it in here and then you put it on shorten. And it will rephrase. And but shorten it so it condenses it, but it rephrases everything too, and I've run it through Copyscape. I did about five of these already. And I've run them through Copyscape and they pass 100% and it's beautiful because you can repurpose content very, very quickly for either link building or for publishing, you know, in other places or blog posts or whatever. And again, that's just repurposing content that you're already paying for whether you have your own press Havana subscription or you're buying one-off press releases from MGYB you can take those, stick them into something like word Tim, which now just showed or quill bot, or any of those kinds of rephrasing type tools. And I like this because it is just likes what word team does, it will shorten it and kind of just pull out the main points of each paragraph. So you end up with a short, nice article that was well written. That was summarized well, and it gets the point across. And it's a very, very easy way to repurpose content that you've already paid for. So check it out. I think it's pretty cool.

This Stuff Works
Okay. Any comments on that, guys? Before I move on? That's a cool tool. I came across that yesterday as well. I forgot I'd seen it a few weeks ago or months ago. And it was Yeah, equally impressive, kind of in its own way. Yeah, I found I've been using quite a lot lately. And there it does, occasionally. You still have to proofread what the output is. Because sometimes it will, it will do some strange things. But it's for the most part, it's very, very efficient. And I like Googlebot better than using Jarvis for rephrasing because Jarvis will only rephrase so much at a time. Whereas cobalt with the premium subscription, which is very inexpensive. You can do up to 10,000 characters at once, which is crazy. So yeah, just to give people a quick frame of reference, for those of you who are like, I don't want to pay five bucks a month for these tools to rewrite some stuff. So I've got access to the open AI beta, the GPT, three bought, and my trial was over and I wanted to spin around and test some stuff. So I had a Python script that would get a PDF, download it to convert it into just the raw text, and then feed it into the GPT. Three bought and summarize it back. I think I did one document alone though. It's like 30 pages. And that was like three or four bucks, I blew through like 10 or $12 in like 30 minutes just playing around. So these tools exist is pretty awesome for the price you pay. Yeah, you're darn right, we showed quill bought in syndication Academy. And before that, we showed quill bot in the Heavy Hitter Club. And we showed exactly what to do with entity tune content. So that you go and you get the entity, not just any content. And not just surfer not just conversion, not just Jarvis entity to content, you have to get that content just right. Or else you're missing the point. I mean, you just go pay for an article rewriter.

That misses the point if the art if it's well written. And if it's tuned for the entities, then you take that and we showed how to use quill bot to keep that but continue rewriting the content over and over and over again, again, keeping an eye on what it is that you have to edit because sometimes you get back things that don't make sense. So it's just a fantastic tool for entity tune content. And now what you have is you have entity tune content for all your tier one branded properties, you could venture out into tier two, in some of the more powerful ones and rework those, it works really well the further that you go out with great content that's tuned for the bar. I totally agree. And like I said, I've been treating all tier-one content now as money site content, tuning it. And it doesn't take much guys the methods we've been teaching with the SEO, SEO, and everything else. And again, like I mentioned this before and in the mastermind to talk about this a lot because I've been doing a lot of backlink analysis and stuff for local organic ranking sites, you know, for local search terms. And, you know, 80% of the sites that I do backlink analysis on are on page one there, they're competing with the directory sites, but the local business websites that are ranked about 80% of them that I look at have literally less than 10 backlinks per page that the ranking page has less than 10 backlinks No shit. So with what we teach, and with the syndication Academy, or syndication networks, the SEO Well, all of the SEO show properties, the idx page Press Advantage, then our you know, again, publishing content that gets syndicated to our networks, those give us all those tier one links that we need to where you just just have to get your anchor text ratios, or at least what I've been doing. Once you get your anchor text ratios, right, then you can just power up those tier one assets, those tier one, you know, links that are coming back to your site. Well, first of all, tune the content on those tier one links. That's what I've been talking about. And then from that, you can backlink build to those and like Marco just said, you can repurpose a lot of the content that you're producing for tier one links by just using rephrasing tools. You can mix and match them, you can mash them together, you can rephrase them, and things like that, again, it's important to keep the entities intact, which is what Marco just mentioned. And there's ways to do that with the tools too. But then you've got all your content if you're developing content for tier one links anyways, repurpose that that can then be used for tier two, LinkedIn, it's better than just like scraped content that's been run through a spinner. That makes sense. So you know, we're getting better and better at using these AI tools. It's making it easier for us to get better results if that makes sense. So

This Stuff Works
Anyway, we're 20 minutes in and we haven't answered question one yet.

Do I Need To Reorder A New SEO Shield If You Changed The Domain And Brand Name Of Your Site?

Thank you get to it. So I think we should okay I think we start with I am more business, or I am whatever this guy. I ordered SEO from you. Roussel referred me to this chat to ask this question I changed my domain and brand name. What I need to reorder an SEO shield to rebrand or what I need to order a brand new SEO shield for the new brand. If I order a new SEO shield for the new brand, is there anything I can do with the old shield to help the new brand? Okay, my answer may be different from Marco's but I would say order a new one. And yes, because it's probably more work to go in and edit everything in the existing shield than it would be to just create a new one.

So it's better in my opinion, what I would do is I would order a new one, and then I would take the old one. And I would have especially if you've got redirects, and everything set up from your original brand name to your new one like your original domain to the new one is, I would probably keep the other one maybe just set it to unlisted. But I would probably keep the other one because you can still push power through the domain redirects from your original domain over to your new one if you've got redirect set up. So I don't see the reason for killing it entirely. But I would set it to unlisted so that you're not ambiguous getting the entity so to speak. But that's that's that's kind of how I would do it. Michael, what would you do? What if he changed the domain, the domain URL, then it's a simple 301, from the old domain to the new, you can still push power to the old because that's going to the old domain, all of the power will go there. And from there, it'll 301 to the new domain, make sure that you adjust the old, she'll make sure that that you change that to reflect we've rebranded we're now known as so make make that connection, right and place that link in there with a contextual right, it has to be contextual, where you're saying exactly what it is because we can't get schema into that now in the schema in the new website claim it claim it is but what what is it isn't it's an aka is an also known as schema, alternate name, alternate name, claim the alternate name in the new schema in the new site. And now you can push power to that's what becomes a satellite push power to that power that out blast the crap out of it. And I mean, blast the crap out of because it can withstand it. And then you're rinsing it anyway, through the new through or through the three or one you can even you could have even three or one to the new g site, which is connecting to the new domain so that Google cleans everything up for you. And if you were in one of our paid groups, I could give you even more. I'm limited in what I can give you here, join our pay groups and come ask me what to do. And I will tell you exactly how to get the most out of it. Because you can get a whole lot so much out of it. This is one of the questions that I was looking at. And there's another one coming up.

That it's just all you have to do sit and think for a little bit. Okay, not now, what do I need to do? I need Google to get Google to recognize my new brand. I cannot ambiguous to I need to claim the old brand with the new one. I don't need to do away with it. I just need for Google to understand that it's part of the same thing that is just another name that it used to be. Recognize that and their schema for it. That's it right here.

This Stuff Works
So there you go. I mean, it seems like they get me excited. They get me thinking, Oh, and I could do this. And I could do that. And I could 301 here and then push there. And there's so many things and so much power that you can introduce every step of the way. But again, to give you everything. Now you got to pay me for that I can't give it away for free.

Is There A Way To Get A PDF Of The Press Release Article With iFrames Intact?

Victor says looking to make some more press releases for a project, which will include some embedded iframes. Is there a way to get a PDF of the press release article with iframes? intact? No, not on a PDF?

Because a PDF is not a web property, right? It's a document. So if not, would I be able to grab an HTML page and upload it into my drive stack? Yeah, you can host an HTML HTML page in Google Drive. Can't you Marco? I think I've done it before. Oh, not anymore. Not anymore. No. Okay. Oh, no. Oh, we used to do some nasty stuff. But no one will take that away. I knew we used to be able to do that. And then he says I know the ID page bucket can have HTML, but not sure about Google Drive would love her input on this one. Okay, so apparently, and it's been I remember, we used to be able to do that. But if we can't add HTML to drive anymore then that's fine. But you have your ID page so you can.

First of all, I frame your press advantage organization page in there, right? Because that every time you publish a new press release, it updates that page. It's like the, you know, like a blog index page, essentially. So, you know, you're going to be pushing juice back to all of your press releases through the organization page that's iframed into your ID page. And then I saw your follow up question is, what are some of the other properties that other than the GMB and Google-owned domains that we can embed into our G sites where you can embed your syndication network properties, WordPress, Tumblr blogger, which makes sense because remember, especially on the home, the homepage URL for those profiles, every time you publish a blog, post it update, so it's like adding dynamic content to your IDX page or your G sites? Both you can embed them into both is what I'm saying. So anything that doesn't have an iframe breaker, you can embed, right any site that doesn't have an iframe bakery breaker you can embed. So I would suggest using your IDX pages kind of your iframe hub as your primary iframe hub. That's pretty much what it's for. You want to comment on that, Marco?

Yeah, I mean, the G site should be your iframe hub. So you could take that s3 bucket where you're right framing everything, you stack that on the G site, right? Because then you're going to blast, guys, when I tell you to blast, it can withstand just about anything, blast a G site page with all those iframes and leave it nothing but iframes. When you do stacks on a GS, I don't watch the magic happen.

It's but you tell people, this is what you need to do. I was just talking to my mini mastermind last night about this, you give people a step-by-step process that's been proven over time. And people will only have acid if they do it at all. When we say blasted. I don't mean you go get 100 links, because that's not that's when it's all said and done. By the time it's made all the jumps, you pushing, basically, basically next to nothing to the destination, unless you make it through iframes, which, which created an exponential process and in the PageRank and ranking score that you're building up. So it exponentiated the power that you're pushing through. The moment that you lead up, though, you go through a throttling process, or it just loses power over time, we've seen that it's actually up to 15% that you can lose at every hop. And you can lose all that overtime to where it goes to nothing. And then when you try to link build into it, you're not doing anything because your link building into nothing. And you can't get anything from nothing except nothing. Unless it's the Big Bang. And I'm not going to get into that.

This Stuff Works
But here it is. Follow the process, it doesn't mean you go get a Fiverr gig and you never do anything. Again, it might work for a while we saw it we saw it with the very first one that used Virginia SEO, we saw that and over time, it lasted for like five years at number one, and then it lost some power because we never did anything with it. Over time, it's going to lose all of that power that you put into it. So you have to put some more into it. Unless the traffic and the signals that you're getting into it make up for any of the link loss over time, its link atrophy. It's introduced by Google on purpose so that you can not create exponential PageRank and ranking scores. That's why they did it. So you have to make up for that how you make up for that. I can't tell you again, come to one of the paid groups and find out what's really going on.

Is It Okay To Hammer A GMB Listing With Backlinks To Boost Its Ranking?

Gordon's up what's up, Gordon, he says, Hey, guys, wishing you continued great health and wealth. I have a quick question but before asking it a couple of weeks ago you were answering a question about linking to a GMB listing to boost its ranking but you forgot to mention whether or not it was okay to hammer the listing the whole bunch of backlinks or whether best to just use a Google RYS Drive stack. Can you please comment? I'll ask my question. My actual question is below. Yeah, I mean, you can. I try not to you can hammer GMB websites, for example, map URLs, the G site all of it because it's all Google. Right. And so I know you can hammer away at those.

More Lately, I've been treating them as almost as if their money sites because I want to be able to manipulate the anchor text ratios better than doing bulk links, where it's harder to be really, really surgical, I guess, with anchor texts when you're doing bulk links. So I've been for some of the newer assets that I've set up. I've been treating the GMB website and the GMB map URL to see ID equals URL as their money pages like in other words, very strategic link building with very specific anchor texts. And then I power up the tier one links that's what we were just talking about.

So I've got lots of assets out there right now where I just freakin hammered the GMB websites, and not so much the GMB URLs, map URLs, although I just started recently doing a little bit more testing with just smashing it and see ID equals URL, that map URL. I don't have any data for that yet, though. So I mean, can you get away with just hammering Google properties? Yeah. You know, Marco, I'm sure it's gonna comment on this. You can, you can just smash them. But like I said, specifically, I'm doing some testing with treating them more like tier-one or excuse me, like money site properties to see what I can do with that as well. But yes, typically, you can just hammer away. Go ahead, Marco.

Alright, so I talked about a case study and in the Heavy Hitter Club. It was a client who came in and he needed some entity work. And part of that entity work was literally mashing, the GMB and the post and everything involved in that GMB. Again, it's things that I'm like, I'm not gonna interview you can get tons of power out of the GMB. I mean tons and tons of power in the GMB and since so much power cruising that you can push that over to other places. But you have to understand how once you understand how you can just mash it. And I'm talking about millions of tiered links, not just a couple of 100, not just a couple of 100,000. But millions. And not only took it like I said that this guy went from between 80 and 90,000 a year to like 450k, but we're also talking about 1.6 million or more a year, from 90k a year. That's because I had the green light to do what I needed to do, to get that suffered to produce the way you needed to. So once I get the green light, and if you have the budget for it, or if you're in one of our groups where I share it, and tell you and show you because I show people, this is how it was done. This is one of the websites that we treated as a case study. And I look, this is exactly what happened. This is how it went from 80 to a year 80 to 90 to 1.6 million a year. Think about that. Think about how many, how many X's that is thinking about that. So all of that is available. Now. If you want to keep that pristine, then all you have to do is take a step out, right? One of the ways that Brad is doing it is a great way how Bradley is doing it as well. You can just iframe it takes that an iframe, there's s3, there are all kinds of places you can get an iPhone gig from from from MGYB.

This Stuff Works
You can do one of them. Do you think you've been with us long enough? Gordon, can I see you here all the time asking these questions, come over to the dark side. So I can give you more. Because there's so much more here than that. And all it is is thinking a little bit and saying okay, this is what I need to do. If I teach people to think I even do that. Not what to think but how to think I don't want I don't want to teach people what to think of course I don't want anyone thinking like me. But how and my approach is if then else, and this is perfect. If I want to keep my GMB pristine and clean, then I cannot link bill straight to it.

If that's the scenario, then if I cannot build to my GMB that is then that means I link build one tear out how Bradley's doing it or you take it one tear out, which isn't really one tear out of you understand iframes and blast the hell out of that iframe gig, which is again, tiered link building couple of 100,000.

Yeah, to backlinks to that iframe, and you're going to see a happy party. I guarantee it. It's a happy party, that iframe protects everything. And is going to be protected by the Google domain by Google. us. It's not a subdomain, but that Google property because it's business.google.com. Right? And then the business side is off somewhere else. But it's all intertwined. And you can iframe that map. Hello, and everything you can I find that knowledge panel, and everything lives on that knowledge panel, including your latest post content.

I can't give you more I wish I could literally be in the paid groups.

And is that not an exception? We also teach SEO and Semantic Mastery and then the Heavy Hitter. We give you the keys to the fucking kingdom. It's up to you guys who are there to use it. We've recently had someone know people say that dog dogs don't index anymore. Yeah. full of shit. They're full of shit. No, Hang on. Hang on.

Someone's just got a featured snippet with a G doc. Yeah, it's an RYS group. Yeah. So I mean, I wish I could show it, it's someone else's property. I'm not at liberty to mention what he's doing or how he's doing it. But think about that you can get a featured snippet. With a G Doc, how much power is there in Drive stacks, when you can do that? And if you do it the right way, but you have to follow the rules that we've set, you have to set that we have to follow the processes and systems. It's about 10 years and more or more in the making. For me, it's 18 plus years, Bradley's over a decade. Adam is coming up there, Chris has been added for I mean, you're talking about combined, what 40 years that has gone into this. Tell him to give give you guys a system and a process to get this done the right way. Now you can go follow anybody else. And you could do what anybody else says. And that's fine, as long as you get results. But when you don't come back and see me and wouldn't come over to the doc site, we keep telling you this.

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Yeah. And so here's a follow up or what his actual question as he says, if a business directory like Yelp, Angie, Yellow Pages, etc, shows up close to the top of the search results for a local search term and a mid-range competitive area and niche can use backlinks pointed at a specific business listing profile on that directory page to push that listing to show in the spot instead of just a general directory page. And if so, should you hammer with backlinks? Or should you use very limited backlinks just like Google r y S Drive stack and maybe a couple of others. And by the way, when running locally targeted YouTube ads, linking to that listing be very beneficial for the same purpose. That's something I've not tried, Gordon.

As usual. Thank you very much. And again, for your help. Okay, first of all, yes. Alright. Let me rephrase all these years ago, I used to do exactly what you're asking about with Yelp. And the way I would do it was just because that was, again, several years ago when, like domain authority manipulation was the way, like if you could manipulate domain authority, when we knew lots of ways to do it, you could rank plain as day. I mean, just as easy as that. Like, if you could manipulate domain authority and know-how to do it. You could rank anything. Like, those were the good old days, if you remember, Marco, it was crazy how easy it was to rank stuff if you knew how to manipulate domain authority. And so that was actually how I would use to do exactly what you're asking about with Yelp listings is if a Yelp directory index page would show up, like, you know, the top Tree Service contractors in Fairfax, Virginia, for example, which is nothing other than another search results page like in other words, Google ranks a Yelp search results page, which I always thought was the dumbest thing in the world. Why would you go from one search engine to click through a result that is now that nothing other than just another search engine result? It's just a Yelp search engine result? I always thought that was the dumbest thing. But that is still what's going on today. Like 860, roughly 60% of all page one organic rankings for local search terms in the industries. I'm in our directory sites, and they're mostly index pages, not individual profiles or company listings. So with Yelp, yes, I used to do exactly what you're talking about when it would be a Yelp index page, I would take the listing, as long as the listing was part of that same index page like in other words, within that same category, then you could just hammer that with backlinks. And we would use just spam links that he has service from an mg y be the link building service essentially, where you would hammer that you have that with not strategic links, but just kitchen sink spam. And you would just push the domain authority up, or excuse me, the page authority up for that particular listing. And that would end up getting it to overtime. And sometimes it would happen quicker than others. Depending on how much page authority you could push to that page that the individual listing, I mean, the company profile, then it would end up popping in in place of where the Yelp index page was. But it took a lot of power to push to do that, but it was able to be done. So let me just give you now I haven't tested that in years. It's been several years since I've done that. So I don't know if it still works. I'm assuming it does. But at that second part of your question where you say wood, adding wood sending locally, local traffic, right, so local IP clicks to that particular listing, and we'll just keep going with Yelp as the example. Would that get it to outrank the Index page, the category page essentially, I don't know I've not tested that. But that sounds like a really good thing to test, which I might even actually end up doing. Now that you mentioned that so let me just give you an example. Real quick. If I say, Tree Service, let's just use Fairfax VA because I mentioned that son of a bitch. I don't know why that I keep hearing my camera taking still shots. Don't know why. Anyways, my webcam.

Alright, we'll take this, we'll see if Kelly's gonna act right here is Yelp. Okay. So if we go here in the Yelp and we're just going to select one, let's just take. Well, that's the number one ranking organic ranking website anyway. So let's just go with strictly your big Steve's tree care. That sounds like a good one.

Alright, so from here, you've got that URL that you could push links to right. But that's only one of dozens of URLs on this page that you could build links to? Okay, so a number of them that you could also build links to? And we've talked about this, you know, over the years, we've shown this a few times. But if you scroll down, you're going to see unless it's changed, which maybe it has, there should be the href the href. Lang or what do they call it? The language, the different language URLs, and it may have changed? It looks like it might have remembered when they used to have all the language URLs on here. I don't see them now. It used to be a long list of them. So that may have changed. But you can go into don't do a Ctrl F a trend. href Lang Yeah. Ctrl F? And

was it Li n? Yeah. And then g Are ya see it, it's no fun in it. language. It's not fun. And it's so they must have stripped those out, which was essentially like, paper, just all, they would all redirect to the same canonicalize, essentially, to the same URL. But anyway, it looks like they stripped those out. But that was a that was those were great link-building targets. But you can also just go through the page source, and you can find other URLs within the page source to just you right-click copy link address, put it into a notepad file. And then you can just build links to those right. Then the other things that you can do are, for example, photos and videos, you click into photos and videos. And if you take a look at the address bar, that's a unique URL for this page, change to the next image, there's another URL for this page. Does that make sense? To you go through when you extract all of the URLs from the images, extract URLs from the reviews, if there are reviews on the page, you extract, which there are down here. So like you could, you know, extract the reviews from there, the URLs, everything that you can find within this page, that is part of this page URL here. So in other words, as long as the beginning part of the URL is this, then anything else that comes beyond that, that you can extract from this page becomes link-building targets. And so you can like just smash the shit out of it is what I'm saying, and get a and push the page authority of the particular page. And that's, again, that's the metric that I would use back in the day. I haven't done this in several years. But that was really the trick. If you could push the page authority above the domain authority or get it close anyways, then it would often if you could push the page authority above the page authority of the direct the Index page, which would be this page, then it would typically outrank or pop into the place where it was ranked in the search results like in other words, this individual listing would show up here as opposed to where was it Yelp here? Now, again, I haven't done that in years. But I think doing what we just talked about with links and everything. And then maybe adding some local clicks through either Google ads or a CT spam tool that's been built correctly. might help. So what do you think? Can you scroll to the bottom of that page? Sure. This one, yeah. To the footer languages. Can you search for language?

Where do you see like, oh, here on the right, right here? Yeah, maybe that's it?

Because I think they move languages to a subdomain.

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Now, it looks like they're changing the actual extension, the domain extension. Okay, so this is dot d. But there you go, because I believe they all canonicalize to the US version, don't they? I believe you would have to do a Ctrl. f canonical. Yeah, let's do a quick page source.

Right there.

And if it canonicalizes is and you're good to go.

Traffic removed canonical links on page united pages, no canonical, that's one of 10 matches. So I just have to keep looking to find it. But yeah, if you go back typically the way it used to be they would list all of those language URLs and they would all essentially were canonicalize. Back to the main Yeah, right there has canonical and it's right there. Slash is like Steve's tree care Lorton. So right, there's your canonical. So yeah, again, that would be it.

If you just go through here, and you only have to do this once, guys, because you can figure out what you're, you do this one time, and then you'll know what the URL structure is like if you extract each one of these URLs, then now you have a template that you'll know like because essentially, it's just yelp. in this case D, or Yelp dot, whatever the other country domains extensions are. So you build that out one time and then all you have to do is take the slug, so after the dot domain extension, then the first forward slash and beyond it like that right there, that slug could just be appended to all those different language domains, essentially. And those all become individual link-building targets. Yeah, you can create a template one time is what I'm saying. Go ahead or, or and this is bigger while you're there. Can you search DC plumber?

Where it just in Google Mimi, yeah, search Google DC plumber.

I love doing this live.

Okay, and what is the second or third in organic?

Well, we got Yelp as the Yeah, Yelp is the Index page, the category page. And then underneath that, it looks like there's an individual listing a bullet upwards as DC plumber LLC. Yes. That's a Google site. That's the site, right one, you got a number one. Number one. Now imagine that we're outranking Yelp and Angie's List and anybody we managed to outrank push enough power man, telling you this for years pushing up power, you can outrank anybody, organically any maps, look at it, look at it. Yeah, don't let me tell you, let me show you. This is what happens, how it's done is only shared in the paid groups, man. So again, Gordon, come over to the dark side.

Come over it's time and you keep asking these questions. And we have to go around. We can't give you everything that we give people, or how we showed how we did this EPC plumber in the paid groups. We were showing other case studies in the pay groups we can't show you here. So what we have to do is give you all of these things that we've shared before, but we can't really share the how is only shared on the inside. Come on the incitement.

Would Running Locally Targeted YouTube Ads Linking To That Listing Be Beneficial?

Very good. That was a great question. By the way, Gordon. Anyway, um, I'd like to actually test sending local traffic to a listing though just even without links, and just see if I can get it to pop just by sending traffic. You know, again, like Google display ads, Display Network ads are great for that. There's man, but Google Display Network ads, guys, they have an automated bidding strategy called maximize clicks. And you can set your budget to whatever your budget is like. I mean, I get results with literally a $2 a day budget, which is 60 bucks a month. But if you set your campaign to maximize clicks, which your bidding strategy to maximize clicks, you can't do it with YouTube. But you can do it with display ads. You can get I mean, literally four and five-cent display ad clicks. So you can set your geographic targeting to you know, one to three miles, something real tight around that area that you're trying to get it to pop for. And then you can buy it for $2 a day. I mean, you could go last. But if you want quicker results, you send more traffic, right? So for like $2 a day, 60 bucks a month. I mean, it's just a great way it helps maps ranking all kinds of stuff, guys. It's crazy. So there's a good question.

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Is It A Good Idea To Create HTML Mirrors Of All Our Location Pages With The Money Site Iframed In For The S3 Buckets?

Gary says Is it a good idea to create HTML mirrors of all of our location pages with the money site? iframed in the s3 buckets? Yeah, every location page should have its own ID page, right? It should have its own schema, its own local business schema, or a subset of local business schema. It should have an ID page should have its own location landing page. its own GMB. So yeah, you should have a separate idx page for every single one of your locations. And you add your own separate local business schema on it and everything else. That's pretty standard SLP standard operating procedure exactly right.

Or is only the standard ID page enough. Now the standard ID page should be your organization, right? Like that should be for the brand, the main entity, the main brand page, which would be like, you know, again, like if you've got multi location site, whatever the root domain is, typically, if it has a specific location associated with the main like, you know, the brand itself, then that would have that. Typically I just do organization schema on that. And then each every location has its own separate location page with its own local business schema, its own ID page, and everything else. So that's how I do it. Comments on that one? No, I mean, that's perfect.

What Is The Best Way To Order An SEO Shield For A Business That Is Set For Relocation In 6 Months?

Steven says I am going to order an SEO show but we'll be moving my business location in approximately six months. What is the best way to do this?

What will avoid making the most changes? Thanks. That's a good question, Marco. I'm gonna hand that one to you.

Ah, the best way to do it is to wait unless you want to do everything over. Yeah, I was if you're doing citations, whatever it is that you're doing, you're gonna have to go change everything. And if you are, but you're going to be wasting six months, yeah, you can just take the advice that I gave the previous guy, go ahead and build it out, build out all that power, then transfer the power.


Yeah, that one's a tough one. Because I don't know. Personally, what I would do on that either I might, I might just go with more traditional like content and link building methods until the brand changed or whatever, and then set all that up? I don't know. That's tough because you will end up having some rework to do. There's no question if you do it now. It's a business location. Yeah, not the name, but the location. So you would have to still go and edit everything for the location. I mean, you're still gonna have to do if you're doing citations, you're going to have to go change the citations because the business location will be different. I'd wait. I wouldn't do citations, though. For sure. I might do the drive stack, still the SEO shield. But I would absolutely not do citations. If I knew for sure that I was going to be changing locations, physical locations in six months, I would absolutely not do citations, guys. We can rank GMBs. Without citations. We've done it dozens and dozens of times. If you have a valid business address, and absolutely build citations, I think you should, but you don't need to and still get results. If you're in a really competitive area. You might need to but for a lot of stuff. You don't need citations to rank. I think they're just they're helpful.

So, yeah, I mean, it depends. Do you want to wait six months? And is that six months going to make your breaking? If it is don't wait? Or if in six months? Are is reordering an SEO shield a new one? for the new address? Is that going to make or break you which it shouldn't? Steven, you've been around this for years, I see I see you ordering from MGYB. And I do keep track of other people who order from and he is one of them. Stephen did and then don't wait, go do it. When the time comes for you to move location, make the location switch and just push the power over. If you need to know how to do it, again, come to one of the big groups and I'll tell you exactly what you need to do.

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What's The Most Efficient Way To Power Up A YouTube Channel To Help Boost Ranking Videos Across The Channel?

Hugo says what's the most efficient way to power up an entire YouTube channel to help boost ranking videos across the channel? collectively? Is it possible to embed the entire channel or the playlist you can embed the channel but you can't embed playlists. I used to be able to they used to have like the share for playlists where it would give you the embed code. But I think YouTube stripped that out a couple of years ago. But you can still create an embed code from a playlist. I don't have that code, right offhand. There's something that you have to manipulate the regular YouTube embed code with the playlist ID in order for it to work. And then there's, again, just go to YouTube and search that like how do you embed a YouTube playlist, right you'll find videos where people will show you how to do it or just go to Google and search it you'll probably find some blog posts somewhere that somebody shows how to do it. That's how I figured it out once they took the ability to share, play or embed playlists away from the share button, I mean, but yeah, you just manipulate the normal embed code with the playlist ID. And then there's also another snippet of code in that embed code where it designates which video is showing on any embed as the first video of the as the top facing video of the playlist. In other words, if you remember years ago, and I don't know that you would know this, but years ago when they used to be able to just click the Share button on playlists and it would give you the embed code. You could like let's say there were 10 videos, you could tell which video you wanted it to be on at the top of the playlist. In other words, what was the embed showing, right and then that the playlist menu would be off to the right of the embedded playlist, the video when you would you know hover over the video your cursor over the video the menu would pop out from the right side of it? And you could select you know it would show like all the videos in the playlist and you could select just by clicking on it which one you wanted to watch. But that was very important to be able to determine or select and choose which video you want from the playlist to be showing in the embed, right so like as essentially the first video of the playlist or whatever was actually showing. And the reason why was because we used to mirror our YouTube videos into our blogs for syndication stuff. And we taught this in syndication Academy where you would if you were also creating YouTube videos or vice versa, you were all if you were creating YouTube videos and you wanted to power them up with blog posts, you could basically optimize a blog post the same that you know with for the same keyword that you optimize the YouTube video for or vice versa, either way, it would work, right. And then you would take the playlist and create the same silo from your YouTube videos that you mirrored into your WordPress sites, or you're sending your syndication network properties. And then you would take the embed code for each blog post. So let's say again, you had 10, blog posts and a silo 10 videos in the silo, each, it was a one-to-one ratio, right? You'd have one blog post optimized for the same keyword term as one YouTube video. And then you would take that playlist URL or embed code and you would embed and blog posts number one with the playlist and video number one same term. That would be showing blog number blog post number two, whatever was whatever keyword that was optimized for, you would have the embed code for the playlist with video number two, same keyword showing first. So that way you were powering up not only the entire individual keywords, but you end up powering up the entire silo, which is what we teach right interlinking throughout the silo, do the same thing with the playlist. So yes, you can do it with a playlist. Again, you just go to Google or YouTube or both and search. How do you embed a playlist? And then you might have to do a little bit further digging to figure out how to manipulate which video shows up. I know there's a way to do it because I did it. But it's been like two or three years since I've done it. So any comments on that? No, I did this. There's a generator. I dropped that in in the chat and a little Google forum. It's in, it's in slack.

So it's a free youtube embed code generator. And you can embed codes from playlists here too. I'm pretty sure that you can drop the playlist in there a little sweaty, the code even better. Yeah, I've got a text file somewhere where I save that code specifically, I just it would take me too long to find it right now. So

anyway, we're almost out of time, guys. Sorry, a couple of these questions went a little bit longer. The next one says Hey, guys hope that we post this in here. By the way, we probably need to drop that link on the page Marco if you don't mind. All right.

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Are There Any Benefits Of Backlinking Image Attachments To The Website?

We're gonna run out of time, guys. Sorry. Hugo says what's no wrong way? Next one? Oh, and Hey, guys, hope you're keeping safe. Are there any benefits to backlinking image attachments on our websites?

I have other sync sites linking to my image instead of the actual page? Is there a way I can harness this to help push rankings? And can I iframe images of the money site with MGYB marker? That's a question for you. Yes, of course. MGYB get an embed gig. And then you'll push it to his network. I mean, yes, and images. Yes, yes, yes, yes, there are tons of things that you can do. When people are backlinking to your images, the number one thing hotlink your image to wherever you want the juice to go.

It's just thinking about where you want the power to flow on an image, there's a way to link the image, we usually do it wrong, because we keep it in the Media Gallery. And we don't have that image going anywhere. Make that image go wherever you want the power to go. And think about it. Think about all of the images that are getting linked to, or there are being embedded elsewhere. With your source code in there. With your URL in there. And how much power you can move around by simply changing where it's linking to. And, and for everything else that I have in mind, I'm going to tell you, again, come to one of the paid groups. And I can tell you exactly how to move power around the way that you want it, make it cycle around and come back more powerful than when it started out. But the only way that I can share this is in one of the free groups that are not going to do it for free.

There you go.

How Can You 301 A G Site If You Don't Have Acces To The Backend?

Guys, we only got a nuff. Time to roll through a couple of comments real quick. Looks like we're almost done there. We're gonna miss a couple of questions, guys. Sorry about that. But it is what it is. Uh, Ken says thanks for letting me know what's going on. I lost credits with SerpSpace. I was wondering what would happen with MGYB Yeah, those guys cut and run and just left everybody high and dry syrup space and we apologize for that. There's nothing we could do about it. They fucked us real good, too. So that's why we want we will never do that to you guys. I promise you that. Marco's given his word as well. That's that's not how we roll.

Apparently, they did, though. And it was more than just us that they did it too and you guys it happened to multiple other people in the industry as well. So anyway, Dan says, Hey, guys, how can you three I want to decide if you don't have access to the back end? I don't know that you can. No, you can't you can't 301 a g site somewhere else you can 301 to a G site and then link from that g site wherever you want the power to go. Yes. Come on us use this. And so if you want to 301 something to the G site, how are you going to get the power from the G site over to where you wanted to go. The foundation of our academy is iframes. It's a it's a foundational web principle as I work so damn well, still working, still working today, popping Google Docs and in the rich snippets imagine that a Google Doc but doesn't work.

Chris says do you share this in the RYS of which I am a member? I don't know what it is that you're asking about which specific question that we were we dealt with our wife, go ask in the group, it's an it has to be RYS Academy reloaded group. RYS Academy reloaded group if you're in that group, I will answer any question I'm still supporting that group to this day.

So go ask the question and I'll answer it.

Who the hell is Bradley Lane?

Did you see that where he posted some banner the guy at least tried to give credit even though it was very piss poor attempt? Do you know what I mean? Like at least he tried because most of the time you see people that they just spew shit out like it was their own like like it was their intellectual property that they developed it you know, when it's true and it's funny because like even on legit, which is you know, they're people selling drive stacks over there and Google stacks and like they changed the name but it's the same fucking thing. And syndication networks and they stole our fucking graphics. And they're using our graph on their sales pages to sell knockoff versions of our methods. It is funny, it's like we used to take send takedown notices like DMCA stuff and all that kind of stuff. But it just got overwhelming because it's just this is the nature of the industry that we're in. This is precisely why I don't plan on doing any like big courses if you want to learn shit from us come to one of our paid groups, because the course is just you know, sit just gets pirated so quick.

Anyway, studies case studies, we share case studies and show over the shoulder. how it's done.

Thanks, everybody for being here. We will see you guys next week. Bye, everybody.

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How Do You Get The URL To The Root Folder That Contains All Subfolders In The Drive Stacks?

By April

YouTube video


In the 346th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to get the URL to the root folder that contains all subfolders in the Drive stacks.

The exact question was:

How can we get the url to the root folder in our drive stacks the highest level folder with all the subfolders inside it?? Also is it a wise idea to linkbuild to this url??

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